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Spring 2012


Jersey’s First-Ever WellBeing Festival 15 days of Events and Promotional Offers Something for Everyone Music, dance, nutrition, fashion, sport and fitness, health and beauty, holistic treatments and much more



Beverley Le Cuirot | Founder of WellBeing World

I am delighted to welcome you to WellBeing World, our new magazine full of all kinds of wellbeing from our beautiful Island of Jersey. It also marks the start of Jersey’s first-ever WellBeing Festival. A 15-day celebration which we hope will be the first of many in the years ahead. Wellbeing means different things to different people although it all revolves around health, happiness and prosperity (in whatever form that takes for you). Our aim is therefore to bring you a full range of wellbeing products and services, offering something for everyone. Over the course of the Festival this will include the therapeutic powers of music, dance, nutrition, look good feel good fashion, sports and fitness, health and beauty, holistic treatments and much more to relax, energise, and generally enhance your wellbeing. We have invited internationally acclaimed musician, Robert Norton, to visit Jersey for the first time, along with holistic fitness instructor and wellbeing coach, Helen Allen, to come and share their magic with our talented local artists at a number of events during the Festival.


We also are delighted to welcome back to our shores one of the most respected lecturers on diet and nutrition in the UK; Professor Eric Llewellyn, a very popular speaker on modern day dietary and nutritional challenges which need to be heard. In addition to more than 30 individual wellbeing events being held during the Festival, our pivotal event is the WellBeing Fair, this year being held at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel. WellBeing World brings you all of the information you will need to guide you around the Fair, detailing the names of our Exhibitors and where you will find them. Our Members who are unable to attend the Fair are also listed. Add to that the many other events, Festival promotions, and articles on a wide variety of wellbeing topics, and we hope you enjoy the read. Feel free to contact us at any time – either at the Fair or by email to – you will also find us at and on Facebook at

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The WellBeing Festival is Coming to Town WellBeing Festival Events WellBeing Festival Promotions The Lido Wellness Centre Open Day Dance Your Way to Fitness – Zumba Sunday Fiesta


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Supplements Ageing Actively Seasonal Allergies Happiness Inspiration Look Good Feel Good Fashion Stress Skincare Oral Health The Triangle of WellBeing Get Away From it All Serenity and Elegance at the Beach Jersey: Spa Destination WellBeing At Work Brennan Healing Swimming Aura-Soma Colour Therapy Get Fit, Stay Fit Acupuncture Fertility and Pregnancy Sports Injuries Pet WellBeing Spring Clean Your Body: 5 Easy Ways Cricket The WellBeing Fair – Spring 2012 Book Review


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WellBeing World would like to thank all our contributors, members and advertisers, and Nicola Connolly for helping make our vision a reality. Disclaimer – Please note that WellBeing World Ltd is not responsible for the views and actions of individual exhibitors. All exhibitors are qualified to practice in their own fields of expertise. If in doubt, please consult with a medical practitioner before acting on health advice received



The WellBeing  Festival  is  C oming  t o  Town! With Happiness and Wellbeing on the United Nations agenda at their High-Level Meeting in New York on 2nd April 2012; and UK Prime Minister David Cameron requesting that Gross National Wellbeing be measured for the UK Government from April 2012; it is entirely fitting that April will also mark the first-ever WellBeing Festival to be held in Jersey. The festival is being organised by WellBeing World and its members and will be held at different locations around the Island from Sunday, 22nd April to Bank Holiday Monday, 7th May. Established last year to promote the Island’s wellbeing capability, WellBeing World represents around 50 local wellbeing service providers and is already starting to see the results of its aim to promote wellbeing in the community to people in need. It has also started to engage with local employers wishing to support the wellbeing of their employees.

In order to raise the awareness of wellbeing to new levels, the next focus for the WellBeing World team will be to stage Jersey’s firstever WellBeing Festival. It will offer something for everyone, and will include music, dance, nutrition, fashion, sport, beauty, holistic treatments and much more, to relax, energise, and generally make the recipient feel good.

Celebrated Wellbeing Leaders to attend Festival The 15-day festival will get off to an energetic start at the Zumba® Sunday Fiesta at the Hotel de


France on Sunday, 22nd April; this will include Lyna Mourcou, a leading Zumba® Jammer instructor from the UK and Joanna Veloso, one of the most famous Zumba® instructors in Portugal. Jersey’s WellBeing Festival will also include: Food and Nutrition Expert, Professor Eric Llewellyn who will deliver ‘Full of Goodness’, a Talk about the Causes of Modern Day Epidemics at the Pomme d’Or on Thursday, 26th April. Holistic fitness instructor and wellbeing coach, Helen Allen, who will lead a number of Creative Workshops incorporating Fusion Fitness, Intuitive Art and Vocal Play at the Jersey Opera House Studio on Saturday, 28th and Monday, 30th April.


THE WELLBEING FESTIVAL IS COMING TO TOWN Internationally acclaimed musician, Robert Norton, who will stage An ‘Evening of Music for Relaxation and Healing’ at the Opera House Studio on Tuesday, 1st May.

Professor Eric Llewellyn

Professor Llewellyn has dedicated his entire professional life to understanding the impact and importance of proper diet and nutrition. He has had a significant influence on the supplements industry, working tirelessly to help people understand the importance of educated choices when selecting supplements. He is one of the most respected lecturers on diet and nutrition in

the UK. His talk is free of charge to attend, although it is necessary to reserve your seat at enquiries@

Helen Allen

With more than 25 years’ experience in the wellbeing industry, Helen Allen draws on a carefully selected set of tools and techniques, which she uses herself, to help people live their life more joyfully; she has held retreats and workshops in Russia, Greece, South Africa, Israel and the UK. More information about the content and benefits of the workshops she will hold in Jersey during the WellBeing Festival can be found at:

Robert Norton

Robert Norton’s beautiful music has touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide; his gift for combining music and healing is described by Robert Holden, Ph.D, a leading psychologist and author of ‘Be Happy’, ‘Happiness Now’ and ‘Success Intelligence’, as “inspirational”. It is said that Robert Holden wrote his best selling books whilst listening to Robert Norton’s music. Anna Pasternak, bestselling author, also said of Robert’s music that it was “the most heart opening, deeply resonating sound I’ve ever heard.”

Something for Everyone

Music for the Soul

The WellBeing Fair will feature a wide range of displays and exhibitors including: Wellness Coaches; Image and Style Consultants; Life Counselling; Cognitive Hypnotherapy; Weight Loss; Health & Beauty Therapists; Organic Skincare; Hairdressers; Chiropractors; Nutrition; Complementary Therapies including Reflexology; Health Kinesiology; Aura Soma (Colour Therapy); Brennan Healing; Craniosacral Therapy; Japanese Cosmo Facial Lifting; Massage; Metamorphic Technique; Metaphysical Products; Sport and Fitness; Zumba®, Boxercise, Street Dancing; Yoga; Hotel Getaways, Retreats, Speciality Holidays, Exclusive Hotel Spas; Healthy House; Statement Furniture; and lots more. Visitors to the Fair will be able to experience the services with taster sessions and special offers; there will also be talks and a number of demonstrations throughout the day. Open to the Public from 10am to 6pm, entrance charge is £3, children under the age of 12 go free.

Support for Local Charities The fundraising activities of WellBeing World will also be formalised with the launch of the WellBeing World Charitable Trust at the WellBeing Charity Dinner being held at Grand Jersey on Friday, 27th April; all proceeds will be donated to bringing wellbeing to local charity, Brighter Futures. A Look Good Feel Good Spring Fashion Show for women of all sizes and all ages in aid of the Jersey Women’s Refuge, is also being organised by Up and Above and the Jersey Soroptimists. This will be held at the Radisson Blu with Afternoon Tea on Sunday, 29th April. The Festival Programme and more information about each of the individual events is available at


Music is known to affect the heartbeat, pulse rate and blood pressure; it also reduces muscle tension and improves body movement and coordination, and in addition to welcoming Robert Norton, the WellBeing Festival will incorporate different genres of music, including local musicians Bob Vincent, aka Jersey Bob; Naomi West; and the Ballaphonics; and local Drumming Group, Ashiki. The pivotal event of the Festival will be the one day WellBeing Fair at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel on Sunday, 29th April, at which all musicians will participate at different times throughout the day.



The Power  of  t he  Drum

Local drumming  group,  Ashiki Music can play a huge part in wellbeing. For example, if we’re having a bit of an “off day” and we hear one of our favourite tunes on the radio we instantly feel a little lift. Or, if we’re struggling in the gym or on a particularly difficult run and we skip to an upbeat dance tune on our iPod, we can find that little bit of extra energy we need. The sound and rhythm of the drumbeat has its own unique power in raising our consciousness and releasing stress. There is something about a good drumbeat that can help us to reconnect to the very essence of who we are.

This is all part of the healing process and the importance of music in our lives has been esteemed for thousands of years. The rhythm and pitch of music affect the limbic system – the centre of emotions in the brain – and can therefore make us feel anything from special, happy, energised or relaxed in a way that nothing else can. From William Shakespeare, who famously wrote, “If music be the food of love, play on.” to Jimi Hendrix, who described music as, “A safe kind of high,” music has touched so many different people in so many different ways and will continue to do so.

Ashiki means passion in Swahili and they are certainly passionate about the music. They perform infectious get up and dance African and Brazilian rhythms and play a huge variety of instruments from djembes, balafons, congas, douns-douns, flute as well as singing deep from their souls.  A multicultural band with members from all over the World, you’ll usually find them performing in Howard Davis Park on the long summer evenings.

Never underestimate the power of music – it can enrich your life and nourish your soul!




Well Being  Festival  Event  Line-up Your  guide  t o  t he  entire  festival 22

Week  O ne

Sunday, 22nd April – ZumbaŽ Sunday Fiesta Announcing the return of the biggest fitness party in Jersey – this year in aid of CLIC Sargent Cancer Care for Children. Be prepared to come and dance your socks off !

Tickets are £12 for adults and £5 for children, if you wish to buy a group of 10 or more tickets please contact Natalia regarding the price. We suggest you buy yours in advance as places are limited. Tickets available from: Ima’s Caribbean Coffee Bar, Halkett Street, St. Helier; White Label Records, La Colomberie, St Helier; and Passion For Holistic Health Hair & Beauty Hairdressers (Unisex), Flat 23, Les Quennevais Parade, St Brelade.

23 Monday, 23rd and Tuesday, 24th April

Festival Promotional Offers Throughout – Check the WellBeing Festival Promotions running throughout the Festival by selected WellBeing World service providers.

25 Wednesday, 25th April

An Evening of Energy & WellBeing at the Ommaroo Hotel. 6.30pm – 9.30pm R5 (#5))%5@5)15-"5'5.)5'#/'-"#*5 and how it works; including a demonstration and questions from the floor R5,)&5 5/-(5) 5.",-5&#(!5@5)5 explain her unique application of vibrational energy healing modalities and the benefits of tailoring these to individual needs using her intuitive abilities; how energy healing can support the process of release and return to health; and a demonstration of the latest Shambhala Meditation tools – plus questions R505(,1-5) 5,.%5ĝ,*#-5@5/,5 Soma (Colour Therapy); how the bottles release and support emotional and physical wellbeing; application of space clearing sprays, etc. – including a demonstration and questions R5,)(#5)/4&5) 5,)5&."5;5&&#(!5


– a Talk on the physical therapies; how they also support emotional healing; and an introduction to the breadth of treatments available from Facial Reflex, La Stone Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and much more R5**),./(#.35.)5'.5."5-*%,-8 Various incentives available for bookings made on the night plus a prize draw. Book your place now at

26 Thursday, 26th April – Tuesday, 1st May Janice Cooke Readings

We are delighted to confirm that Janice Cooke will be returning to Jersey for the WellBeing Fair and Festival to be held in April/May this year. In addition to her attendance at the WellBeing Fair at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel on Sunday, 29th April, Janice will be available for appointments at the Ommaroo Hotel in Havre des Pas, just 10 minutes’ walk from St Helier and with a large private car park behind the hotel. The cost for a 45 minute reading is £40, including a CD of your reading. If you would like to book a private appointment with Janice, please contact

26 Thursday, 26th April

Full of Goodness – Talk by Prof. Eric Llewellyn An Informative Evening with Professor Eric Llewellyn, one of the most respected lecturers on diet and nutrition in the UK, to be held at the Pomme d’Or Hotel on Thursday, 26th April at 7.30pm to 9pm. This is a free event sponsored by Jersey Foodstate and you are warmly invited. Please contact Andy Barnes at or call him on 01534 855 280 to reserve your place. VISIT US AT WWW.WELLBEING.JE


27 Friday, 27th April

Launch of KidRox Primary School Fitness Day Fitness is Life! with BodyRox at participating Primary Schools around the Island. For more information email or call 01534 618 300.

27 Friday, 27th April

WellBeing Charity Dinner – In Aid of Brighter Futures The WellBeing Charitable Trust will be officially celebrated at a Charity Dinner to be held in Victoria’s at Grand Jersey on Friday, 27th April. There will be lots of valuable prizes for auction, with Channel 103’s Peter Mac in the driving seat. All the proceeds raised during the evening will be donated by the WellBeing Charitable Trust to Brighter Futures for the provision of WellBeing services to their families in need. Music by Bob Vincent, Naomi West and the Ballaphonics. Ticket price is £40 for individual tickets – or a table of 10 for £350 (and a table of 12 for £420). To book your ticket email

28 Saturday, 28th April

Lido Wellness Centre Open Day The official launch of the newly established Lido Wellness Centre will take place at the Lido Medical Centre on Saturday, 28th April 2012, marked by an Open Day anytime between 9am and 5pm.

28 Saturday, 28th April

Free Nordic Walking Taster with Fiteez 10.30am – 11.15am - must be pre-booked – please contact Karen at

28 Saturday, 28th April

Feathers Healing at the Ommaroo Hotel Feathers Healing will be offering Taster Session Treatments at the Ommaroo Hotel from 10am to 4pm. Appointments must be pre-booked. Contact Carol at

28 Saturday, 28th April

Creative Workshops to Energise Your Life


Discover joyful ways to release stress and energise your body, mind and spirit. Celebrate your creative self with the joy of movement, based on the Nia technique, guided visualisation, intuitive art, vocal toning and percussion. Helen Allen has been facilitating these transformational workshops in the UK, Russia, Greece, South Africa and Israel since 2004. Finding Your Flow Creative Workshop including Fusion Fitness, Intuitive Art and Vocal Play with Helen Allen at the Jersey Opera House Studio – from 2pm to 6pm. Saturday, 28th April 2012 – 2pm to 6pm Fee: £18 advance booking / £23 on the day Where: Jersey Opera House Studio Visit website for booking details:

29 Sunday, 29th April

WellBeing Fair  –  Spring  2012 The WellBeing Fair will be held at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel on Sunday, 29th April 2012 – from 10am to 6pm. Admission £3, children under 12 free. A full programme of talks, workshops and demonstrations has been scheduled – something for all the family, young and old. Visit Demonstrations at the WellBeing Fair, will include: 10.30 am – 12 noon – KidRox – Fun & Fitness for Kids – Zumba®; Boxercise and Street Dancing with the team from BodyRox 12noon – 1pm – Robert Norton with Helen Allen Robert Norton’s beautiful music has touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide and is said to have the same effect as Shiatsu or Reiki. More information can be found at www. – book now for his Evening of Music for Relaxation and Healing at the Opera House Studio on Tuesday, 1st May 2012 at




With more than 25 years’ experience, Helen has held similar retreats and workshops in Russia, Greece, South Africa, Israel and the UK. More information about the content and benefits of the workshops Helen will hold in Jersey during the WellBeing Festival can be found at 1.30pm – 2pm – General Pain Relief Acupressure Techniques – a demonstration by Lorna Jackson of Health Point Clinic 2pm – 3pm – Women & WellBeing with BodyRox 5pm – 5.45pm – Ashiki African Drumming Band Ashiki means passion in Swahili and they are certainly passionate about the music. They perform infectious get up and dance African and Brazilian rhythms and play a huge variety of instruments from djembes, balafons, congas, douns-douns, flute as well as singing deep from their souls. 

29 Sunday, 29th April

3.30pm – 4.30pm – Look Good Feel Good Spring Fashion Show. Tickets £20 in aid of the Jersey Women’s Refuge. Includes Afternoon Tea, free entry to the WellBeing Fair (worth £3), and 5 Raffle Tickets (worth £5).)

Visit website for booking details: Nia Dance Class with Helen Allen at the Jersey Opera House Studio from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. Fee: £8 advance booking / £10 on the door Book now at

30 Monday, 30th April

Free Nordic Walking Taster with Fiteez 6.15pm – 7pm - must be pre-booked – please contact Karen at

1 Tuesday, 1st May

An Evening of Music and Relaxation for Relaxation and Healing with Robert Norton Bathe in live healing music from Robert Norton; the power of music to heal the mind and body is indisputable. Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm Fee: £12 advance booking / £14 on the door (£10 concessions) Where: Jersey Opera House Studio To book your ticket:

The Look Good Feel Good Spring Fashion Show is being organised by Vivien Aygun of Up and Above and the Jersey Soroptimists, in support of the Jersey Women’s Refuge. It will be held in the Restaurant at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel on Sunday, 29th April. For more information, please contact Vivien on 01534 758 808 or pop into Up and Above at 50 Don Street, St Helier.

Week Two

30 Monday, 30th April

Moving Forward with Helen Allen – 10am to 2pm and 7.30pm to 8.30pm Including Fusion Fitness, Intuitive Art and Vocal Play with Helen Allen at the Jersey Opera House Studio from 10am to 2pm. Fee: £18 advance booking / £23 on the day Where: Jersey Opera House Studio


2 Wednesday, 2nd May

Open Day at Health Point Clinic From 3pm to 8pm. Opportunity to try an acupuncture needle and to discuss any concerns. Pre-booked free 10 minute chat / consultation (drop-ins also welcome). 7pm – 7.30pm – Free Acupressure Class to Alleviate Headaches. Contact Lorna at tel: 01534 852 039 or 07829 999 084 or visit for more information.



2 Wednesday, 2nd May

Hormones & Wellness Workshop with Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill The Lido Wellness Centre, Suit 2.8, 2nd Floor Lido Medical Centre Discover if your hormones are out of balance – a light-hearted yet serious look at how hormones may be affecting you. 5pm – 7pm – free of charge to attend – please contact Alyssa at

3 Thursday, 3rd May

Free Nordic Walking Taster with Fiteez 6.15pm – 7pm - must be pre-booked – please contact Karen at

The Friday evening session will focus on the standing postures and Saturday morning will work through the floor postures. Both sessions will focus on alignment and breath. For more information and to book your place email or call 01534 618 300.

4 Friday 4th May

An Evening of Fine Dining and Mediumship with Tony Stockwell - L’Horizon Hotel & Spa A combination of Tony’s intense interactive teaching, laughter and relaxation in tranquil and luxurious surroundings is the perfect spiritual combination. £300 per person (inc accommodation based on 2 people sharing, subject to availability) or Attend the Demonstration on Friday night followed by a 3 course dinner for £80 per person Events-Offers/Tony-Stockwell-Workshop/

5 Saturday, 5th May

Tony Stockwell All Day Workshop – L’Horizon

4 Friday, 4th May

Launch of KidRox II Secondary School Fitness Day With BodyRox, including Aerobics, Body Conditioning, Zumba®, Boxercise and Street Dance – at participating Secondary Schools around the Island. For more information email or call 01534 618 300.

4/5 Friday, 4th and Saturday, 5th May

Hot BodyRox, Yoga Workshops with Nicky Vibert Friday, 4th May 2012 - 6pm – 8pm - and Saturday, 5th May 2012 at 9.30am – 11.30am Langford Sports Centre - £30 per workshop session or £50 for both sessions. Explore the postures of Hot Yoga in greater depth in this fun and informative workshop with Nicky Vibert. Ideal for new students to learn the basic fundamentals of the postures and for advanced students to deepen their practice.


Spend a day with Tony, who has over 23 years’ experience in mediumship for £102 per person, including lunch.

5 Saturday, 5th May

Learn to Nordic Walk Course 1 4 x consecutive Saturdays with Fiteez – starting on 5th May at 10.30am. £49 for 4 x 1 hour sessions. Pre-booking essential at

5 Saturday, 5th May

Open Day at Health Point Clinic From 2pm to 6pm. Opportunity to try an acupuncture needle and to discuss any concerns. Pre-booked free 10 minute chat / consultation (drop-ins also welcome). 3pm – 3.30pm – Free Acupressure Class for General Pain Relief. Contact Lorna at tel: 01534 852 039 or 07829 999 084 or visit for more information.



5 Saturday, 5th May

5pm – 7pm – the Benefits of Energy Healing and Meditation. £15 entry. Elaine McGoogan, a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner will be holding a workshop from 5pm – 7pm to: Learn more about energy healing and the benefits it can bring you. • Explore meditation. • Learn about our beautiful chakra system which forms part of our energy make up. All physical or emotional problems have an energetic aspect - our energy body is the template for our physical body so Healing, Health and Wellness begin in the energy body (also known as the aura) which surrounds and interpenetrates our body. Meditation helps us to relax and be more present in our body. It also reduces stress and muscle tension, decreases the heart rate and increases blood flow. The Chakra System helps us to relate to the world around us.

Participants also invited to write or create artwork along side. Donation bowl for the Jersey Arts Trust, suggested donation £3. For more information see Full Moon Orchestra Jersey on Facebook.

6/7 Sunday, 6th and Monday, 7th May

The Launch of The Loving Chair Company at Exquisite, Liberty Wharf – anytime between 10am and 6pm. The Loving Chair Company (TLC) is a new online interiors boutique, dedicated to designing beautiful fabrics and hand-crafted home furnishings for a cool and laid back style. Register with TLC at the Launch for your chance to win a free signature chair.

To register for this 2-hour session, email or visit for more information about Energy Healing.

Elaine McGoogan

5 Saturday, 5th May

Full Moon Orchestra Jersey – Improvised and Experimental Music For those of you with a musical instrument, voice or dance move, the Full Moon Orchestra is a spontaneous public event open to everyone. It is a monthly event held at Aquila Rd Methodist Church/Theatre on the Saturday closest to the Full Moon. Anyone can sign-up to be the conductor at the beginning of the session and each conductor leads the group for 10 minutes with their own way or system of conducting. Each rehearsal is also a performance open to the public, so you can mingle and join in with the orchestra as you please.


6 Sunday, 6th May

Feathers Healing at the Ommaroo Hotel. Feathers Healing will be offering Treatments and Taster Sessions at the Ommaroo Hotel from 10am to 4pm. Must be pre-booked. Please contact Carol at

6 Sunday, 6th May

A Lazy Sunday Bank Holiday Evening of Jazz and Dinner at the Ommaroo Hotel – from 6pm onwards. For more information or call 01534 723 493.



Forthcoming Events And it doesn’t stop there. Once the WellBeing Festival is over, there are many other events planned in Jersey’s WellBeing Calendar, including:

10 Thursday, 10th May

Learn to Nordic Walk Course 2 4 x consecutive Thursdays with Fiteez – starting on 10th May at 6pm. £49 for 4 x 1 hour sessions. Pre-booking essential at


Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th May

Arts In Mindfulness - Weekend Retreat. For more information www.artsinmindfulness. com – or contact Naomi on 07797 779 949.

18 Monday, 18th June

Save Your Life! – Hippocrates Health Centre Director to Speak in Jersey Following the WellBeing Fair in September 2011, Felicity Corbin-Wheeler has continued to deliver her ‘Get Well –Stay Well’ and ‘Delicious Detox’ courses successful in Jersey and also in Portugal. On Monday, 18th June 2012 she will welcome Dr Brian Clement, Director of the world famous Hippocrates Health Centre, West Palm Beach, Florida to Jersey as her Guest Speaker for a conference to be held at the Hotel de France. Tickets for £15 per person are available on Paypal now via her website at www. – or £20 on the door if seats are still available.


June (date to be confirmed )

Metamorphic Technique Workshop There will be a Metamorphic Technique workshop in early June, with a wonderful teacher called Sam Bloomfield. For more information please contact Jo Bower at

Pilates – courses starting soon!

Harmony Physiotherapy holds small group Physiotherapy Pilates classes at the tranquil Isis Centre and also at Les Quennevais Sports Centre Dance Studio. Run by Anne-marie Webb, Harmony Physiotherapy offers morning, afternoon and evening courses. Each class consists of one hour stretching and Pilates and 15 minutes of relaxation. Each course runs for five weeks and each client receives a handout with all the exercises. The classes are suitable for those with pain and dysfunction and also those who just wish to tone up or strengthen their spine. The nature of the class means those with chronic pain or fatigue syndromes can also participate. For information about the start of the next course, please contact Anne-marie. E: T: +44 (0) 7797 824 924


Well Being Festival  Promotional  O ffers It’s  not  just  about  t he  fair  itself,  you  know!

In addition to the many events being held as part of the WellBeing Festival, we also have a number of WellBeing World service providers who are offering special promotions to mark the Festival; these are either effective for the period of the Festival or may be booked during the Festival and effective for a set period afterwards. For more information about each of the promotions, please contact the service provider directly.

BodyRo x

Sign up BodyRo for a 12 month x g ym anytime membership durin WellBe ing Festi g the val and until th e up to receiv end of May 20 12, e a disc oun year me mbersh ted first £33 per ip of jus t month ( s aving £60 for the year you ). Simply bring a copy of t magazin his Seale St e to BodyRox at reet in S 6 ea to quali ton Place fy.

ting duces the Da o tr in y e rs Je Enhance LifDeetective & Buddies

rvices uch needed se deliver two m ly to on d ’s ou ey pr rs is Je Jersey ective, Enhance Life of Dating Det Jersey, es rm di fo e ud B th so in al d on the Island ing service, an new. ium matchmak least, for Islanders old and bespoke, prem e th y sa to e lif al an on tap soci n of ecial promotio l of May, a sp al d an il pr A nder of is offered. For the remai both services onths half price on ration and 3 m st gi re e ic pr lf ha s er . tive off d save £60.00 Dating Detec Pay £60.00 an half price, pay of p hi membership. rs be mem offers monthly ve £15.00. Buddies Jersey sa d an 00 5. £1 e. Sign up to on tap social lif an t an 10%. w d an her discount of ing for love d receive a furt 4.50 instead of If you are look an s th on m e y £9 r thre hip you will pa both services fo onths members or m e re th r fo , So ti tact Julie at da ore information. £210.00. Con rm fo 0 97 3 77 0 0770

pany ir Com a h C ving mpany air Co The Lo

Ch nce oving ur cha The L May for yo h it w er th ir. Regist nch 6th / 7 nature cha sig au e L e s r f it a at to win .com mpany chairco g n i v helo www.t


Lo ok out  f or  ot her  F pr omot ional  of fers  t est ival   t he  magazine  fr om hr oughout   Hote l  &  Spa,  G ran:  L’Hor izon   and  Trave lmakder  J. ersey   VISIT US AT WWW.WELLBEING.JE


Healin Fully Present Energy

, the WellBeing Festival During the period of n sio ses ter tas te a 30-minu come and experience of r ne tio cti pra a n, ga with Elaine McGoo ce (which is a form of Brennan Healing Scien h ng combined with hig hands on energy heali a u yo e . This will giv sense perception skills) t. fits of a full treatmen ne be l tia ten taste of the po ns 30-minute taster sessio Elaine will be offering : tes da on the following 2 pm to 6 pm Friday, 27 April from 1 pm to 5 pm m fro ril Ap Saturday, 28 to 6 pm at the am Sunday, 29 April – 10 son Blu Hotel) dis Ra the Wellbeing Fair (at 5 pm to 6 pm Friday, 4th May from pm to 3.30 pm 1 m Saturday, 5th May fro c, Lewis Street, The Kernowyon Clini r lie He St minutes 30 for 5 £1 st: Co or To book: E: elaine@full 722 617 34 15 (0) T: +44

Feathers ealing Spring Promotion: EnHer gy Therapy with Shambhala Med itation Tools

Feathers Healing ha s recently started wo rking with Shambhala m editations tools; th ese amazing sacred ge omancy tools tap in to some of the oldest shapes and symbols know n to man and provide a cond uit for uncondition al love and positive energ y. The use of the Sham bhala tools in a pr ivate meditation space or as part of a healing session can bring about a deepened sense of peace and calm and prov ide a platform for healing for the whole perso n; enhancing the in tuitive combination heali ng sessions already available at Feathers Healing. For this promotion , Carol will be offeri ng 10% off the normal £50 - £80 inclusive of th e use of meditation tools, fo r sessions booked du ring the WellBeing Festiva l and taken before the end of May 2012.

Meditation tools ar e also available for purchase – also with a 10% dis count to the end of May 2012. Call Carol on 0779 7 827 927 for furth er information.


Peter Mac: Cognitive


ng Cognitive ased to be able to bri Peter Mac is ver y ple first time. the for ir Fa WellBeing Hypnotherapy to the Peter has been itive Hypnotherapist, As Jersey ’s first Cogn past a huge get sey Jer of the island helping the people of s helped ha d nearly 4 years an variety of problems for ser ve. de y the t tha e the life hundreds of people liv lly help you glers and Peter can rea We are all fellow strug if you are d, an in pa d an xiety, fear, to get past phobia, an he etc can also the performing arts, involved with sports, ility. ab ur yo st of help you make the mo ber information gling to learn/remem Even if you are strug to learn’! w ‘ho u yo teach for an exam, Peter can llBeing Fair r first session at the We you for y pa d an k boo If you sion (normal you will pay £80 per ses past your on Sunday, 29th April you sions it takes to move price £95) for all the ses . ns) sio 4 ses problem (usually 3 or erapist, looks t Cognitive Hypnoth Peter Mac, Jersey ’s firs really deser ve. u yo life u help lead the for ward to helping yo or call on www.petermactherap on ati orm inf re mo r Fo 07797 727 747

Lido Wellness Centre Launch Saturday 28th April 2012 – Lido Wel lness Centre Launch (9am-5pm) As part of The WellBeing Festival, the Lido Wellness Centre will be opening its doors to the gen eral public between the hours of 9am to 5pm, offering the opp ortunity to meet with their experienced therapists to discuss any questions you may have. Book free taster sessions (a limited number will be available on the day) Free postural checks (as above) Free Health Talks Information packs and discounts Observe treatments in progress (for those of you who are unfamiliar) Audio-visual information Advice on posture and exercise

Sunday 29th April – Lido Wellness Centre will be represented at the WellBeing Fair on Stand nos: 22, 23, 24 and 25 at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel – 10am to 6pm For more information www.thelid or call 01534 789 367


The Cosmetic Den tal Group Sparkling Smiles fo r that Ring of Confidence - £75 off Zoom Profession al Tooth W hitening only at The Cosmeti c Dental Group! Statistics support the generally accept ed view that people are judged by their sm ile; that it induces confi dence and those of us who are blessed wi th an attractive sm ile are more successful in their life and their career. ‘There is no doubt th at having a healthy attractive smile is lin ked to an individual’s overall wellbeing. Pa tients come to us ini tially afraid to smile in ph otos and often spea k with their hand over their mouth such is their lack of confidence’ says D r Jon Sproson BDS Full Member of the Britis h Academy of Cosm etic Dentistry and part of the Smile Expert team at The Cosmetic Dent al Group based in Da vid Place, St Helier. ‘One of the simple st and quickest wa ys we can improve the ap pearance of your sm ile and your confidenc e is with our Zoom Professional Tooth W hitening system’

To celebrate our fir st year of being a me mber of WellBeing World we are delighted to offer £75 off Zoom tooth whitening for a lim ited period - we look for ward to looking aft er you. Call Kerr y or Aman da today on +44 (0) 1534 731 680 to book your appointment.

During the WellBeingt Festival Health Poin Clinic will offer the s: deal following discount w patient - 10% discount on ne ment. eat /tr ion consultat g patients stin exi for nt cou dis - 10% nd. frie a nd who recomme e vat pri on nt cou dis - 10% ant gn pre acupressure classes for vide pro d an e uc ind couples to help r. ou pain relief during lab please call For more information 039. Lorna on 01534 852



Vero Health and Wel

proved Lido Part of the new and im Touzel of Vero ica ron Wellness Centre, Ve is offering 10% off Health and Wellbeing ed during the festival all treatments if book of May 2012. en and taken by the d

in the Evening of She is also taking part at the Ommaroo ing Be ell Energy and W 25th April where Hotel on Wednesday, r treatments or fou of you could win one Ommaroo (dates an overnight stay at the turning up. ply permitting) , by sim

ellBeing Festival, there Held as part of the W y the Evening of Energ is no charge to attend & WellBeing. Book your place now at .com or to book directly feathersjersey@gmail her at verohealth@ with Veronica contact 534 767 331 01 or

Nartaka Therapie


Festival Promotion al Offer Eve is offering 10% off all one hour AU RASOMA® Colour Th erapy consultation s booked during the WellBe ing Festival to be tak en by the end of May 2012. Eve will also be off ering 30 minute consultations for th e discounted price of just £20 at the WellBe ing Fair. Reduced prices on AURA-SOMA® products will be als o be available if purchase d at the Fair.

For information on AURA-SOMA® or book an appointment, pleas e call Eve on 07797 756 515.

Feathers Healing Spring Promotion: Energy Therapy with Shambhala Meditation Tools Feathers Healing has recently started working with Shambhala meditation tools, these amazing sacred geomancy tools tap in to some of the oldest shapes and symbols known to man and provide a conduit for unconditional love and positive energy. The use of the Shambhala tools in a private meditation space or as part of a healing session can bring about a deepened sense of peace and calm and provide a platform for healing for the whole person. These tools enhance the intuitive combination healing sessions already available at Feathers Healing. For this promotion, Carol will be offering 10% off the normal £50 - £80 inclusive of the use of meditation tools, for sessions booked during the WellBeing Festival to be taken before the end of May 2012. Meditation tools are also available for purchase – also with a 10% discount to the end of May 2012.

Call Carol on 07797 827927 for further information


Why Supplement? Despite the wide variety and availability of food, nutritional deficit is evidenced by the physiological complaints we are suffering today. Linus Pauling (twice a Nobel Prize winner) was famous for saying, “you can trace every ailment, every disease to a mineral deficiency”. It is now common practice and big business to accompany the diet with supplements, but to what avail? The validity of dietary supplements is often challenged, due to frequently high dosage levels and apparent side effects. It has also been suggested that we can gain all our nutrition from our diet. Unfortunately, however wise a notion, our desperately over-farmed, under-nourished soil can no longer satisfy our needs. Sadly, farm soils today contain only 5 – 20% of nutrient levels of 100 years ago, and if the nutrients are not in the soil, they are not in the plant, and therefore not available to us.

To supplement this dietary shortfall, which ones should we take, and in what quantities?

We have not evolved to benefit from nutrients delivered in a chemical form – we must receive them in a food form. To absorb a nutrient, it must be within a food matrix. A plant converts an inorganic nutrient into a food by adding proteins, carbohydrates,


enzymes, etc., which deliver the nutrient to a receptor site in the body. Yet, in the manufacture of standard supplements, nutrients are provided in isolated form, unrecognisable by the body.

Foodstate: A Natural Model

This whole contrast hinges on the quality of the vitamins and minerals concerned. “Foodstate” is so successful in terms of efficiency, because it emulates food’s natural processes.

Foodstate Vitamins

The active vitamin is “fed” into the most suitable plant medium that allows its enzymes to digest it fully. For example, citrus pulp is used for the re-naturing of ascorbic acid into food Vitamin C. The vitamin is once again fully incorporated into a food matrix, emulating the exact nutrient form found in live food.


Schools doing  t heir  t hing  f or  t he  Environment Stop Press – The Enterprise Club at Le Rocquier School will be exhibiting their LRS Heart at the WellBeing Fair. The Enterprise Club provides students with the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge to design products that have commercial and practical applications. The proceeds from the sale of the LRS Heart will be reinvested to create other innovative products. Each handmade LRS Heart is crafted out of commercial waste. During its construction students learn how to correctly use tools and processes to shape and finish this unique piece of jewellery. Materials kindly donated by Staron UK Ltd and Somerville Fabrication Ltd.


Inorganic mineral substances cannot be manufactured within the body, but must be absorbed through the food chain, (normally the plant). Hence, the “Foodstate” process feeds the inorganic mineral into living plant cells, which absorb them, re-naturing them once again into a fully bonded food matrix. The vitamins and minerals are harvested, freeze dried and tabletted, under strict conditions, to ensure that neither heat nor pressure can interfere with their availability to our digestive processes, thus providing the body with an eminently bioavailable form of nutrient.

Low Dosage

Because Foodstate supplements are complete foods, we can considerably reduce the dosage. Also, ordinary supplements in isolated form can struggle to effectively interact together, for example, chemical Vitamin E and Iron cannot co- exist because they negate one another, yet are often found together in multi-vitamin/mineral products. In “Foodstate” form however, they co-exist perfectly well, as they do in live food.



Due to their bio-available status, and hence their low dosage requirements, there are no side effects to Foodstate products, and because they are more efficiently utilised, there is no risk of any detrimental mineral depositing, or symptoms of overdosing.


Through extensive research carried out to explore the efficacy of these divergent forms of supplementation, it has been determined that Foodstate supplements are absorbed, utilised and retained in the tissues in the same way as the nutrients in our food, and are therefore considerably more efficient and healthier than supplements that are not in a food form. Andy Barnes - 01534 855 280



Ageing Actively Dr Marie-Christine Dix | Back to Balance Chiropractic

Back to Balance Chiropractic and the Lido Wellness Centre encourages the people of Jersey to look after their backs now to prevent back and neck pain in later years. We are living in an era of significant population ageing and, with 2012 confirmed as the European Year for Active Ageing by the European Commission, it is time for the people of the Jersey to pay attention to the role our posture plays in keeping us fit and active into old age. To mark the start of Chiropractic Awareness Week (16th to 20th April), Back to Balance Chiropractic in conjunction with The Lido Wellness Centre unveils the results of consumer research that highlights the need for attention and action, no matter what age you may be. Amongst those living in the South West of the UK: • Over one in five (23%) of those aged 55 and over are most worried about becoming less active as they age. • 52% of over 55s admit that they are a lot less active than 20 years ago.


• 55% of over 55 year olds are currently suffering from back or neck pain with 79% of those complaining that they suffer daily and 32% stating they have endured some kind of back or neck complaint for more than 10 years. The research also explored how back and neck pain is impacting on people’s daily lives. The findings revealed that those suffering from back or neck pain, aged 55+ and living in the South West experienced difficulties with going to work (15%) and socialising with friends and family (12%) as a result – a clear concern for the workforce and social lives of those in the region. Dr Marie-Christine Dix (Doctor of Chiropractic) of The Lido Wellness Centre: “Remaining active as we age is important to our wellbeing and continued health. So, whilst our bodies start to slow down naturally, there are some simple everyday steps that can be taken to help preserve your back and posture into your older years.”

Marie-Christine recommends:

- Stay as active as you can within your physical limitations. Some exercises that may seem daunting or


only for the very fit may, in fact, be perfect in allowing you to maintain fitness and mobility if done at a ‘lower’ level. Adding just a few minutes of exercise or stretches to your daily routine could be of benefit.

walk to the shops instead of driving; try walking a little faster to boost the exercise benefit; take the stairs instead of an escalator or lift. Any additional exercise is better than none.

- Walking is a great way to stay active and the benefits underestimated. It is less strenuous on the joints than other forms of exercise but is weight bearing and so can help maintain bone density too.

- Keep fluid levels topped up; the body works better when well hydrated: Your muscles and joints will work more efficiently and fatigue less.

- A moving joint is likely to be less painful than a static joint, so even simple movement, stretches or gentle exercises could help relieve pain.

- Always consult your doctor before embarking on new exercises to make sure they are compatible with any known medical conditions or symptoms.

- Promoting core strength and positive posture by doing StraightenUpUK – a series of simple stretches and exercises is a great idea. More ideas at - Look to increase levels of activity in simple ways: For more information go to or




Seasonal Allergies:   Spring’s  Headache

Lorna Jackson | Health Point Clinic

Spring’s here! Longer days! Warmer air! Fresh flowers! For some… For others its itchy eyes! Runny nose! Muzzy headaches! Spring need not be so snotty. Nor associated with a seasonal bonfiresized pile of ahh-tissues or the groggy feeling of anti-histamines. There are many acupuncture points that work wonders for relieving springs sniffles. Ideally these should be employed before the symptoms begin. Now is the ideal time for acupuncture as not every flower has fully bloomed. Missed the preventative window? Acupuncture can also be used to eradicate seasonal symptoms, and it is not uncommon to feel immediate relief post treatment particularly regarding the typical muzzy head, itchy eyes and nasal drip.


Recent randomised controlled trials have found that acupuncture used as an adjunct to routine care for allergic rhinitis has clinically relevant and persistent benefits (Brinkhaus 2008) and is cost effective (Witt 2009). Such trials have also found that acupuncture is effective in the symptomatic treatment of perennial rhinitis (Xue 2007) and that active acupuncture is more effective than sham acupuncture in decreasing the symptom scores for persistent allergic rhinitis and increasing the symptom-free days (Ng 2004). Although not a substitute for acupuncture, acupressure can help to lessen and delay the severity of your symptoms, prolong the effects of your acupuncture treatment and also provide a handy on-the-spot remedy for unexpected allergy attacks.



You are aiming for three local points pressed symmetrically either side of the face. Everyone’s hand co-ordination differs, so aim for whatever feels most comfortable for you: 1) Large Intestine 20: Located just outside the nostril. Press the pinkie finger diagonally upward, as if you are aiming for your eye on the opposite side. 2) Stomach 2: Just below the eye you’ll feel a little indentation there, press the ring finger aiming down towards the mouth. 3) Bladder 2: This is the indentation at the inner end of the eyebrow; press the index finger upwards towards the top of the head.

the root cause or underlying imbalance of seasonal allergy symptoms. This point’s role is to help resolve Dampness. Dampness in the body creates fixed, heavy obstructions, and when Dampness accumulates, it can turn into Phlegm, which is not exactly but close enough to the phlegm we are all familiar with and afraid of during allergy season. Holding Spleen 5 at the same time as the facial points is a bit ambitious; however you can press Spleen 5 while doing anything seated that does not require the use of both hands. Spring is now no longer a time to stay indoors if you are a seasonal-allergy sufferer, so go on take a deep breath and smell the perfumed flowers of your newfound outdoor freedom.

4) Spleen 5: Located below and distal to (towards the toes) the medial malleolus (the prominent bone on the inner ankle). This is held on the left ankle. This is one of the many distal points that helps address




Jennifer Moore  

Weight Loss,  Health  and   Nutrition  C oach Love the body you are in and the life you live! When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received the personal attention you deserve? It’s rare for anyone to get an hour to work on their nutrition and goals with a trained professional. Jennifer helps her clients discover how easy, fun and delicious it is to: -lose weight and stop feeling bloated -eat healthier, without spending hours cooking -be free of emotional eating and cravings -love your body and have soaring body confidence -stop feeling tired -clear up health issues -live a life you love As a Weight Loss, Health and Nutrition Coach, she creates a supportive environment that will enable you to achieve all of your health goals. She has studied


all the major dietary theories and adopts practical lifestyle coaching methods to guide you in discovering which approach works best for you. Most approaches to nutrition dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins. Instead of creating lists of restrictions and good and bad foods, Jennifer coaches her clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline. No one diet works for everyone. She will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. She will also help you to make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your current and future health goals. Could one conversation change your life? Arrange a free initial consultation with Jennifer at the Lido Wellness Centre Open Day on Saturday, 28th April – or at the WellBeing Fair at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel on Sunday, 29th April.



A Centre  of  Well Being By  Dr  Marie  C hristine  Dix

A diverse and experienced range of health therapists have come together in Jersey’s newest wellbeing venture – The Lido Wellness Centre based at the Lido Medical Centre in St Helier. The Lido Wellness Centre has six individual treatment rooms providing a base for: Chiropractic care CranioSacral therapy Holistic Hormone Health Meditation Facial Reflexology Acupuncture Manual Lymphatic Drainage LaStone therapy Skin Aesthetics Remedial and Sports Massage Nutrition and Holistic Health Coaching Yoga All the therapists based there have a great deal of knowledge

and experience and work hard to support people back to wellness. The Centre will be open from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday and 9 am to 5pm on Saturdays and its primary focus is wellness through preventative care and addressing the root of health problems. The Centre is not just about providing a great environment for your treatment of choice as it will also be providing innovative workshops, courses and talks on wellbeing in its well-equipped seminar room. A list of events will be available on the website as places will need to be booked (www. and you can always phone for more information


789367. This programme will be started with the Back to Balance Chiropractic posture advice talk and free posture check as part of Chiropractic Awareness Week (Friday 13 April to Saturday 21 April), which has been a regular feature on the Back to Balance calendar. Come and meet the team at The Lido Wellness Centre on Saturday 28th April between 9 am and 5 pm or on Sunday 29th April at the WellBeing Fair. You can find assistance with your wellbeing goals: weight loss, reducing stress, overcoming pain and discomfort, helping you to look and feel good. Here’s to YOUR brighter future.



10 Ways  t o  Get  some  Happy: A  Happy  State  of  Mind

Happiness is very much a ‘matter of personal opinion’, subject to everything from the state of the weather to the contents of your bank account. Many people think that happiness is a ‘thing’ you can go and get (like success) but, as a wise man once said, ‘it’s not a thing if you can’t put it in a wheelbarrow and wheel it around’! Here are 10 simple tips to help improve your state of happiness. 1. Practice Mindfulness. Be in the moment, it really is the only moment you are alive. You are not alive last week, month, year ... nor are you alive next week, month year. So many people forget to live in the moment. Instead of worrying about your check-up tomorrow while you are having dinner with your family, focus on the here and now - the food, the company, the conversation.


2. Laugh Out Loud. Just looking forward to a happy, funny event can raise levels of your endorphins and other pleasure-inducing hormones and lower the production of stress hormones. Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, gathered 16 men together who all agreed that they thought a certain videotape was funny. When half were told three days in advance they would be watching it. They started experiencing biological changes straight away. When they actually watched the video, their levels of stress hormones dropped significantly, while their endorphin levels rose 27 percent and their growth hormone levels (indicating benefit to the immune system) rose 87 percent. So laugh yourself fitter and happier. 3. Go To Sleep. We have become an Island of sleep-deprived people. Having a daily nap or getting to bed an hour earlier can do more for your mood and outlook on life than VISIT US AT WWW.WELLBEING.JE

any number of bubble baths or massages (although they’re good too!). 4. De-Clutter. It’s nearly impossible to truly relax when every surface of your home is covered with papers, bills and magazines etc. your cupboards are bulging with you hardly know what, de-clutter your life and it will de-clutter your head. 5. Sniff n Shift. Studies show that the benefits of aromatherapy in relieving stress are real and measurable. One study exposed people to Rosemary and discovered that they had markedly lower anxiety levels, increased alertness, and they performed math computations faster. Adults exposed to Lavender showed an increase in the type of brain waves that suggest increased relaxation. So breathe your way to a relaxed, refreshed and for that matter, nicer smelling life!

6. Just Say No. It really is simple. Do less of the things you don’t like doing and more of the things that you do. Learn to say no to people sometimes and remember, nobody ever takes your power from you; you only ever give it away. 7. Make A List. There’s nothing like writing down your tasks to help you organise your thoughts and calm your anxiety. Try writing at the top ‘the only thing I have to do today ...’ and then treat each thing as if it really is. At a fundamental level it will help you to plough through your tasks with more vigour than you could ever imagine. 8. Volunteer. Helping others helps you to put your own problems into perspective and helping others increases your happiness. One study found that volunteer work enhanced all six aspects of wellbeing: happiness, life satisfaction, self-esteem, sense of control over life, physical

health, and depression. 9. Spend Time Alone. Although relationships are one of the best antidotes to stress, sometimes you need time alone to recharge and reflect. Spiritual self care is a must. Simply take half an hour a day to re charge your batteries. A cup of coffee, a walk in the park or reading a good book (which is nothing to do with work!) will help you feel so much better and far more able to cope with the stresses and strains of your day. 10. Count Your Blessings. People who pause each day to reflect on some positive aspect of their lives (their health, friends, family, freedom, education, etc.) experience a heightened sense of wellbeing. Peter Mac is a broadcaster and Cognitive Hypnotherapist who runs a successful practice in Jersey.


If she  can  do  it  I  can  do  it!  

The Power  of  t he  V icarious  Experience By Bea of BeaWellness

How inspiration can bring you closer to your goals… Vicarious Experiences are when you observe or hear about others achieving and overcoming similar goals and obstacles - and are able to identify with that person or story and feel those accomplishments as if they were your own. This type of experience can move us from one side of the fence to the other. And the great thing is that this kind of inspiration is ALL AROUND US. When thinking about your most important life goals, what people do you know of that have achieved similar goals in their lives? It could be a friend, someone you heard about, a coworker, someone famous…

Who is your role model in that area of your life? There is so much to be learned from the successes of others.

The more you can find someone to relate to that is doing what you want to be doing, the more likely it is that you will initiate and sustain that behaviour yourself. For example, one of my favourite


dance teachers finds inspiration in the world famous entertainer, Beyonce’s, life and achievements – so when faced with new and challenging situations and projects she asks herself, “What would Beyonce do?” It’s her way of tapping into her motivational stream – she then is able to draw on inner strengths, confidence and abilities that she might not have known were there before. Inspiration is all around us and tapping into it can be a real game changer in our lives.

What are some ways that you can start accessing this tool for yourself? Take a look around

you, in the office, in the gym, at your favorite classes and clubs. Who else that you know of is on a similar path. Share your stories with each other. Learn how you are each overcoming your obstacles and praise each other’s victories.

Do some research. The Internet is a very powerful information tool. Find stories of others who have overcome and succeeded in similar areas.

Read Biographies of people

who have achieved the kind of success you long for.

Pick up a self-development book by someone you admire

and are moved by. Motivational speakers usually have some of the most amazing and inspiring stories – some of my favourites are: Gabrielle Bernstein-“Spirit Junkie”, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Stephen Covey.

Join a club or support group of like-minded people. Build a

community of fans and supporters around you. And be a cheerleader for them as well. WellBeing World would be a good start – bursting with people just like us! Another important thing to remember is that you yourself can be a source of inspiration for others. Especially when you share your own story.

So, tell us some of your inspirational stories - from your own life experiences. You can comment on or email me privately at No victory is too small on the path to change. With love and gratitude, Bea



What best  describes  you? Casual, smart, classic, trendy, elegant, tomboy, ladylike, eccentric? Maybe you are a mixture of some of these or maybe it depends on how you feel when you wake up! However you describe yourself, everyday you get up and you look in your wardrobe, decide what to wear and get dressed. Is it an easy or a difficult task? How wonderful if everything you looked at in your wardrobe fitted, co-ordinated and was spot on for you whatever you were going to do that day. Up and Above is quite special, it doesn’t just sell clothes! Because so many of us don’t conform to what the media would have us believe is “normal”, and have tums and bums and boobies too, it is important to have honest advice when choosing clothes. Curves are the norm in this shop and the girls know all about proportion and style so you can feel totally confident when trying anything on that you will get good advice, if you need it.

But first … get everything out of the wardrobe, keep what’s hot, discard what’s not and then shop with an open mind. Try a few things on that may be out of your comfort zone; we all get in a rut and stick to what we know. At Up and Above you can try things on without feeling pressurised, the most important thing to the girls is that you are happy and that anything you may buy becomes one of your favourites! Clothes are functional but should be fun too, and above all they should make you Look Good and Feel Good!! Up and Above for fashion in sizes 14 to 26 is at No 50 Don Street. Telephone +44 (0) 1534 758 808.

‘Buy less and Buy right’ is the motto this year. Make a pledge that you will only buy what is gorgeous and you fall in love with, or items that are useful and will be the backbone of your wardrobe. Don’t leave it too late in the season to start looking for the items you will need.




WellBeing World takes a look at ways of dealing with stress...

Hormones on  all  levels By Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill, PhD, MSc, FRSPH, MIHPE

Hormones affect your sense of wellbeing and health profoundly on the physical, mental and emotional levels. They can make you angry, tearful, depressed, anxious, stressed, fat, thin, tired, moody, in love and so it goes on for women and men alike. Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers and they work as a network of related and dependent influences on your health and wellbeing. The hidden secret about hormones is that they can sabotage your efforts to lose weight; deal with stress or depression; or simply feel like you again with the energy and motivation you know was once a real part of your life. You may not realise that the stress you’ve been experiencing has an adverse affect on your metabolism (slowing it down) because stress affects thyroid hormone function. Stress may have caused you to gain weight around the middle because cortisol, the stress hormone, deposits fat around the middle and it will also cause drops in blood sugar causing you to reach for all the wrong foods as a biological urge – nothing to do with willpower when your body’s screaming out for energy RIGHT NOW! This is where a natural approach to balancing your hormones can make a profound difference to your health and wellbeing. A natural approach can help you to:


• lose weight; • find your mental and emotional resilience; • restore vigorous levels of mental and physical energy; • have a great approach to anti-ageing (did you know that the stress hormone cortisol breaks down tissues such as bone and skin?); • overcome some persistent health problems; • smooth the experience of menopause, andropause (male menopause), fertility and PMS, for example. Working with your hormones can be a very empowering process because when you can see and understand your health through advanced testing and analysis many things become clear: • why you reach for a beer or glass of wine after work; • why you can’t lose weight even though you’ve really done your best; • why you can’t sleep; • why you feel anxious and/or depressed; • why the smallest incident can upset you; • why you’re so tired all the time; • why you can’t stop craving crisps; • why exercise can be bad for you; • why you can’t remember …. Hormones not only directly affect your health and wellbeing, they impact the way you feel about yourself, which can be a major obstacle as you try, in vain, to make positive changes in your life only to be overcome by negative feelings. Don’t let hormones hijack your life, think about a natural approach that supports your aims of being well. VISIT US AT WWW.WELLBEING.JE



I B lame  Stress

By Lorna Jackson | Health Point Clinic

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects 10-20% (NHS UK) of the UK population at any one time causing embarrassment and discomfort to sufferers. Up to 12 million people in the UK are affected by IBS at some time in their lives. More women seek help but it is just as common in both sexes and commonly starts between 15-40 years old. Acupuncture has been found to be very effective in relieving the symptoms of IBS. IBS is a long-term and often debilitating condition that causes reoccurring pain or discomfort in the abdomen. Bloating, swelling, bouts of diarrhoea and/ or constipation and feeling sick are just some of the symptoms which can cause misery for sufferers. The exact cause of IBS is unknown; so many sufferers remain undiagnosed or struggle to manage their symptoms. Traditional acupuncture is a branch of Chinese medicine

that recognises the importance of healthy bowels for overall physical and emotional health. Acupuncture treatments for IBS have been researched, refined and developed in China for thousands of years and understands how emotional stress can combine with physical factors to stagnate the body’s vital energy, known as Qi, and result in the symptoms of IBS. Acupuncture moves stagnation and regulates the flow of Qi in order to restore normal bowel function so that your body can properly digest food and eliminate waste products. By alleviating energy blockages in the body, acupuncture relieves IBS symptoms by reducing pain, regulating muscular movement and strengthening the digestive tract, reducing anxiety and depression as well as decreasing stress. Acupuncturists look at the body as a whole and also provide dietary advice to ensure patients are well nourished and improve digestion.

Acupuncture can relieve stress, one of the main causes of IBS as well as reduce pain, bloating and nausea. By treating the underlying cause of the problem rather than just the symptoms, acupuncture can provide longer term relief for sufferers. To promote wellbeing international IBS awareness month (April 2012) aims to raise awareness and increase understanding of this very common condition.

Many who have suffered with IBS for years have found acupuncture to be a great relief.



Re-Energise Yourself! WellBeing World talks to Carol Le Quesne of Feathers Healing about Minimising Stress

Do you ever find yourself feeling rather frazzled, a little edgy, anxious or down? Is your ‘flow’ a little scrambled or blocked? These feelings are likely to be attributed to what is commonly referred to as STRESS and they derive from negative thought energy. When we have blocked or damaged energy flows and systems, we cannot achieve our full potential and subsequent stress can and does, rather often, manifest itself as a physical condition as well as emotional discord and unhappiness. Our innate flow of energy naturally moves us towards perfect health and wellbeing. When we are faced with difficulties in our life, we tend to hold onto unresolved issues, which can result in a blockage in our natural energy programme. Blockages such as these are remediable, but often hard to face alone. Using


her knowledge of metaphysical science, intuitive abilities and long time practice in the modalities of Reiki, Sekhem and Theta healing, as well as a number of energy clearing and balancing systems, Carol can support people on their journey to wellness, spiritualisation and harmony within themselves. WellBeing World spoke to Carol at her St. Saviour practice; she told us: “Energy healing can help release people from the negative emotional energy of their past, clean up their mental state and can help repair their entire energy

system. What that looks like in our day-to-day life is better health, more joy, clearer thought processes and a stronger spiritual connection. “Energy Therapy has the potential to empower our life force and vibrational tone so that we can become the powerful instrument that we are designed to be; attracting what is good and wanted into our lives. “Attitude and energy changes everything; by rebalancing our energy programme and investing time and energy into ourselves, we can change any unwanted pre-programmed attitudes, to enable thought processes of a more positive and healthy nature. “Gone are the days when people only rushed straight to the doctor, to pick up pills for ailments and issues that underpin poor



emotional and physical health, traditional medicine is also beginning to encompass holistic therapy. It is now recognised that people, not symptoms ought to be treated – treated with love, care and in a more wholesome way. By looking after oneself through natural Energy Healing, people can build strength and a positive outlook, therefore bringing about an entirety when it comes to health and wellbeing - from the inside out, and this process complements traditional medicine. “These days, people fill their lives with more and more excess; excess stress is a natural result and it

is imperative that we adapt to cope in order to fulfil our highest potential. Energy Healing gives our mind and body a chance to ‘regroup’, establish balance where chaos can sometimes take over. Investing in ourselves is what is needed to ensure our spirit, our family life, work life and our health is not damaged as we continue on in our busy daily routine.” So, invest in yourself and aim to regain your natural flow – it’s remarkable how much of a difference a little investment in yourself can really make.

Feeling Stressed,  anxious,  sleep  deprived,  nauseous? By Lorna Jackson | Health Point Clinic

Ac-you-press-this: Pericardium 6, the seasick band point, located between the wrist joint and elbow joint is 12 body inches. Pericardium 6 is located two body inches up from the wrist joint on the inside of the forearm between the two central tendons (palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis). WELLBEING FESTIVAL 22ND APRIL TO 7TH MAY 2012



Bliss Y oga  

Hatha Y oga  in  Svaroopa®  Style

An Evening of Fine Dining and Demonstration of Mediumship Followed by a One Day Workshop with Tony Stockwell

Gentle, slow-moving and loaded with piles of blankets and props, Svaroopa® Yoga seems deceptively easy. The release of the muscles surrounding the spine is profound. The Sanskrit word ‘Svaroopa’ means ‘the bliss of your own being’, as described by Svaroopa® Yoga founder Rama Berch (now Swami Nirmalananda). This gentle and relaxing form of Hatha yoga includes poses with a great deal of support and hands-on alignment from experienced instructors. Svaroopa® Yoga can help to relieve stress, tension, pain and depression but also helps to enhance the immune system, digestion and sleep. Beginners will enjoy this type of yoga because it is an easy, gentle and safe form of yoga.


The poses are suitable for any level of fitness and flexibility. More experienced yoga lovers will enjoy the complete release offered by Svaroopa® Yoga, as well as the bodily education in allowing an alignment that follows in the days beyond the first class. Svaroopa® Yoga unravels the deep-seated layers of tension in the body to create healing and personal transformation, giving an illuminative inner experience – which is the goal of all yoga. Contact Celina for more info

Tony Stockwell has been demonstrating mediumship for over 23 years and has worked all over the world. He teaches and lectures at the prestigious ‘College of Psychic Studies’ in London and is also an approved tutor of ‘The Arthur Findlay College’ - Stansted Hall, thought by many to be the home of British Spiritualism. During the first weekend of May, Tony Stockwell will be in Jersey, at the L’Horizon Hotel & Spa. On Friday 4th, Tony will be hosting a demonstration followed by a 3 course dinner. On Saturday 5th Tony will be holding a Day Workshop, including lunch. Both events promise a combination of Tony’s intense interactive teaching, laughter and relaxation in tranquil and luxurious surroundings is the perfect spiritual combination. For more information and to book your place see: http://www.handpickedhotels.



Upledger CranioSacral Therapy The Healing Power of a Gentle Touch CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a type of bodywork that can create dynamic improvements in your life. It helps to release tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. CranioSacral Therapy’s light touch techniques can release tensions to allow the entire body to relax and self-correct. By freeing the central nervous system to perform at its best, CST may reduce pain and stress and enhance your health and well-being. As it is so gentle, CST may be effective for all ages, from newborns to elders. CST helps relieve a full spectrum of pain, illness and dysfunction, including:

Stress and tension-related disorders, chronic neck and back pain, migranes and headaches, chronic fatigue, infant and childhood disorder, learning difficulties, brain and Spinal cord injuries, and many other conditions Julie Skelley is based in Jersey Lido Wellness Centre, Suite 2.8, Lido Medical Centre, St Saviours Road, St Helier T: 01534 789 367 M: 07797 742 347 E: W:


Choosing t he  Right   Skin  C are  Products Choosing a skin care product can be daunting. There are so many products on the market but Pevonia Botanica is a definitive choice for many, including a loyal celebrity clientele.

The Big Question… Natural, Organic and Green?

Who do Pevonia products work best for and why? Pevonia products work best for everybody from pre-teens to the most mature skin. All 300 Pevonia products are designed to meet the needs of specific skin types.

Pevonia Botanica is the only brand that took on the enormous challenge and financial burden of reformulating over 300 skincare and body-care formulas to be free of parabens.The ingredients are sourced from the best that nature has to offer.

Why Pevonia products over other skin care products?

What benefits will users of Pevonia products experience?

Pevonia Botanica’s high manufacturing process has the research, science and technology to create a product range that gives outstanding results. Many brands believe that you can fit all skins types and concerns into one category; that one single product is the answer and can be used by all age groups, ethnicities and both genders. This is not true. Pevonia has always used the finest earth and sea plant extracts, along with minerals and vitamins to create its formulas.


Pevonia products are as natural and organic as they come. Pevonia Botanica has been “green” for over 20 years, it is a philosophy the company continues to abide by.

Pevonia founder, Sylvie Hennessy’s philosophy has always been to restore and build a healthier skin. Pevonia users will experience all the benefits of a more nourished, balanced, hydrated, calmed and restored skin. To find out how Pevonia can help your skin, contact Sharon at The Beauty House on 01534 789 000 or visit


What i s  Acne? Acne is a genetic or hormonal condition affecting the skin and is often triggered during puberty.

What can I do to help myself?

Good skin care and hygiene is a must if you want to help keep breakouts under control. Remove excess oil and bacteria which triggers the condition, and avoid products that contain Mineral Oil, Sodium Lauryl Suphate, Fragrances, Alcohol and Lanolin. Professional facials are also worth trying.

Your home regime:

Cleanse your skin at least twice a day, and always after sports. Use a lotion with cotton wool to remove hard water bacteria and traces of cleanser. Apply your serum (medicine) Pat on your moisturiser gently. Finally, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Prevent pigmentation and premature ageing.

What can I do to seek help?

If you suffer with ongoing breakouts, you should seek help from a skincare specialist who may refer you to a dermatologist if the condition is severe. Stick to one brand of products both at home and in salon. This is very important otherwise you and your therapist are coming from different angles and may make things worse.

What sort of products should I use?

Some products contain ingredients which can aggravate the skin, these can include Mineral Oil, Sodium Lauryl Suphate, Fragrances, Alcohol and Lanolin. Products should also be 100% water soluble and non-comodogenic. Pevonia Botanica go to great lengths to ensure all of their products are as stated above.

What lifestyle changes should I make?

Keep your skin clean and treated with the correct products, reduce stress, caffeine, nicotine and salt. Eat less sweet food, chocolate and drink plenty of water – your body will thank you!

Is acne vulgaris the same as acne rosacea?

No, Acne Vulgaris is more common through puberty and is caused by over-active sebaceous oil, which leads to clogging and inflammation.

What i s  Rosacea? This skin condition is associated with women experiencing the menopause, though it can be also experienced at any age and also by men. Rosacea is common with fair-skinned people from northern Europe and is estimated to affect up to 1 in 10 people. It affects the face; in particular the cheeks, forehead and nose, leaving the skin with predominant redness, with broken veins and as the conditions worsens it becomes even more inflamed with spots and pustules known as Acne Rosacea.

What causes Rosacea?

The exact cause of Rosacea is unknown. Researchers believe hereditary, environment and hormonal factors are the probable causes. The following factors are thought to worsen the symptoms: Extreme temperatures – sun, opening an oven door, hot baths and cold temperatures when exposed without protection. Stress – needs to be addressed with relaxation techniques, if left untreated will add to the flare-ups. Food and beverages – spicy dishes, coffee and red wine. Hot flushes – associated with the menopause, fevers, colds and high blood pressure need to be kept under control as they can also cause the skin to flare up. Incorrect skincare routine – If using the wrong products the skin will be aggravated further. Acne Rosacea – referred to as the extreme condition of microcirculation problems.

Treatment of Rosacea

Seek advice early for better results. Your GP may recommend a dermatologist to diagnose the condition and may recommend a course of antibiotics and topical gels. Pevonia Botanica have designed a complete range of skin care products to successfully treat the symptoms and help keep the Rosacea under control. It is also beneficial to have a course of RS2 Treatment Facials to back up your homecare routine.


Good Oral  Health  links  to  Good  General  Health   WellBeing  W orld  investigates

The Smile Experts at The Cosmetic Dental Group of David Place in St. Helier, tell us they are passionate about preventative care to maintain excellent oral health. Yet their very name suggests their focus is on the appearance of the smile and so Beverley Le Cuirot decided to investigate their claim and asks the dentists, Jeremy Willetts, Jonathan Wood and Jon Sproson, about their philosophy and why they were so keen to be part of WellBeing Festival.

Why did you join WellBeing World? Jeremy Willetts –We know, as experienced professionals, that a person’s wellbeing and confidence are linked. We can help our patients’ confidence through having a healthy mouth as well as an attractive smile. We wish to work with other like-minded colleagues to provide a more holistic approach to benefit our patients. We already collaborate with other professionals such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, GPs and craniosacral therapists. Working with them, we can for instance help


with headaches, which are being caused by anomolies with their bite and jaw function. Releasing patients from pain is fundamental to their wellbeing. We also hope that WBW will provide us with an additional vehicle to our new website (launching soon!) to clarify our offering to prospective new patients – we want Jersey to know we are more than happy to see patients who do not have an interest in the appearance of their smile but are keen to preserve their existing teeth for life.

Why do you put so much emphasis on the prevention of gum disease when you are a cosmetic practice?

Jonathan Wood – As Full Members of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, it is gratifying to be sought after for the results from our cosmetic dentistry. Our first priority however, is achieving a healthy mouth for our patients. Eradicating dental disease such as gum disease, is fundamental and comes before any cosmetic improvements. Gum disease is the number 1 reason causing people to lose


their teeth and yet many of the new patients we see are not aware they may have a problem. All new patients receive a bespoke preventative programme of care with our hygiene therapists to set them on the right path. Eradicating disease and prevention of further problems means the bacteria from gum disease are no longer leaking into their system. There is evidence which links gum disease bacteria with coronary artery disease. The great news is we have the skills, knowledge and experience to halt gum disease if we catch it early enough.

This sounds ideal but doesn’t it all get rather expensive?

Jon Sproson – As a qualified practice assessor, quality standards are so important to me. At CDG we will not compromise on patients’ safety, comfort and dignity, nor the materials and techniques we use - but quality has a price. We do recognise however, that fear of big bills can put patients off from attending regularly – ironically attending regularly will minimise dental bills! Our solution to this dilemma is our Dental HealthPlan. This gives patients access to their essential preventative dental care through an affordable monthly payment. They receive a discount off all fees for any treatment they need or choose along with other benefits. We have found this to be extremely popular. If you have any further questions about anything in this interview or you wish to book an appointment with one of The Cosmetic Dental Group’s Smile Experts please contact them directly on 731680 or email


The Triangle  of  Well Being   By Nicola Miskin of Life Energy

To be fit and well the triangle of wellbeing needs to be an equilateral triangle. The three sides are made up of the wellbeing of our mind, the nutrition we feed ourselves with and the condition of our physical body. All three need to be in harmony to achieve optimum health and wellbeing. If one is out of balance it will have an knock on effect on the other sides. For example if we are stressed no matter how many super-foods we eat the stress will affect their absorption. We already know all this, but too often life is so busy or stressful we forget to take good care of our mind, body and wellbeing. So here are some things to ask yourself • Do I get stressed, worry about things, get angry or think negatively – never, sometimes, often, daily? • Am I exercising regularly – daily, several times a week, once a week, rarely? • What am I eating – is my food providing all the nutrients I need to be healthy or am I too often eating things I know are not good for me?


The Wellbeing of the Mind

“Anger” is one letter off “danger”. Be aware if you are stressed, worried, angry and look at ways to get help to reduce these. We all need help with these at different times of our lives. It may be as simple as giving yourself time for you. A break, a walk, yoga, meditation? Research shows that when the mind is in a state of complete relaxation in meditation the chemicals released in the body are healing. We can’t operate in a state of permanent stress “fight or flight” without causing damage to our physical body. As well as yoga, meditation, Pilates, ti chi complementary therapies such as kinesiology, reflexology, reiki, cranio sacral are all beneficial for stress and anxiety. All these natural ways have greater long term benefits than chemical drugs and needless to say no unpleasant side effects. Make the time and enjoy complementary

therapies – most only cost the same as one trip to the doctor!


It is so easy to slip out of the habit of exercising, too busy, too tired, too cold….! Look for easy ways to get exercise back into your life. It doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming. Walking is the easiest and cheapest exercise. Ask yourself if one or 2 car journeys a week could be swapped for walking. When you have walked to your destination not only will you feel good for the exercise, but you will feel so much more relaxed. Or make time to go for a brisk walk, as you get fitter walk faster and uphills. Check out any local exercise or yoga classes – many local halls offer these. Exercise: Helps control weight Combats health conditions and diseases Improves mood Boosts energy Promotes better sleep Can be fun!



Most people will say they eat fairly well, not too much junk food! So are you eating enough of all the nutrients you need? This can be difficult to assess. Also the media is all too often worrying us about a food that is good one minute and bad the next, then supplements that are good and then they are bad! Try and listen to your body. Be aware if certain foods have unpleasant side effects like headaches, bloating, spots or tiredness. If you are concerned about your diet speak to a nutritionist. If you really want to be healthy simple fresh home made food is always the best. Buy as much organic as you can, to avoid overloading on the chemicals from pesticides etc. Eat as much raw uncooked as you can – not only does cooking reduces the vitamin and mineral content, but it kills the enzymes in the food which help our bodies digest the food properly. Raw foodies say eat at least 80% of your food raw. Look at increasing how much raw food you eat and always try to have some raw on the

table with every meal. Eating something raw at the start of a meal will provide the digestive enzymes to digest the cooked food. Easy raw foods to have with each meal are vegetables or seeds or nuts try and always have some of these on the table. Make sure to eat fruits and vegetables in all the colours of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) so you’ll get a diverse range of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Look at how much acidic foods you are eating – these include meat, dairy, processed foods, simple carbohydrates (refined flour in pasta, cakes, biscuits, sugar and sugar drinks etc). A high acidic diet will promote most disease – heart disease, cancers, osteoporosis, dementia, gallstones, etc etc. You can check your pH level with litmus papers (available online for about £10 for a pack that will last a lifetime!). It is a good easy way to keep an eye on how good your diet is. If you have an acidic reading look at ways to improve it. Eating complex carbohydrates like fresh


fruit and veg and whole grains will bring down the acidity in your body as will reducing the amount of animal protein, dairy and highly refined and processed foods. Most of us eat far more protein than we need and this is usually in the form of animal protein. Animal proteins have an acidic effect in the body. Try eating vegetable protein at least few times a week, the health benefits are huge. Not only will this give a healthier more alkaline effect on the body but all vegetable based proteins have many vitamins and important minerals too. Try using beans, legumes, seeds and nuts instead of animal protein. Steer clear of ‘carb free’ diets. Our body cannot function properly without carbohydrates. These have been promoted all too often in the media as a fast weight loss, but it will have long term health effects. Simple carbohydrates such as refined flour, white pasta, pastry, cakes, biscuits, sugar and sugar drinks, yes can be avoided. But complex carbohydrates – whole grains, vegetables and fruit are vital for good health.



A Change  i s  as  Good  as  a  Rest! We all get to a point in our busy lives where we feel as if we need a holiday. Some of us simply crave two weeks of doing nothing but lying on a beach with several good books, however other adrenaline junkies seek an activity holiday that gives them an essential energy boost. Whatever your preferred pace is, a simple amount of exercise every day can work wonders. In fact, according to some sports dieticians, it’s possible to lose two pounds a week with a small amount of daily exercise on holiday. The perception is that people tend to overeat and drink whilst on holiday but being a bit adventurous with the local cuisine can work wonders. For example, tasting new dishes could expand your cooking repertoire and become the start of a healthier lifestyle. Holidays can also provide the perfect opportunity to catch up on the sleep we miss out on during the normal working week. Sleep deprivation through stress or work can cause poor mental performance, or even lead to premature ageing or illness. While we are asleep our bodies go through important processes -


from repair and renewal to energy restoration and, according to some scientists, deep sleep (rather than length of sleep) is the time when the brain recharges itself so we can function effectively during the day. Enjoyment is also something which holidays give us – perhaps more than when we’re flat out working and running our families. The old adage is that ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and there’s certainly some truth in that. If you’re having fun on holiday, you’re more likely to laugh and, according to recent research, a good belly laugh can strengthen the immune system by releasing endorphins, the body’s natural ‘feel-good’ chemicals. This, in turn, can help reduce the risk of disease - from heart conditions to allergic reactions and arthritis.

can reflect on what we enjoyed and why we feel so much better than when we went. Harnessing memories can be used as an effective relaxation aid to alter wave patterns in the brain - similar to meditation. For example, if we have a bit of a down day when we get back home, we can recall those memories from our holidays to make us feel good again. The reality is that, at some point, we all need to escape the humdrum and routine of life. Escapism is normal and without it there is no chance for reflection and no chance to look forward and make changes in our lives. So, why wait any longer? Why not contact Travelmaker to find out more about their exclusive 0% free finance offer, which is available on holiday bookings. Go on - your need to escape is as essential as your day to day routine – it’s all part of life’s rich tapestry!

When we return from our holidays fitter, happier and healthier we VISIT US AT WWW.WELLBEING.JE


Serenity and  Elegance   at  t he  Beach

Enjoying unsurpassed views of the beach and the sea at Havre des Pas and just a short walk to St Helier, the Ommaroo Hotel makes the perfect base for both the visitor and discerning businessman as well as families with children. Owned and run by the same family since the 1920’s, the Ommaroo Hotel is well known for its impressive Victorian white facade and fabulous location but more importantly its warm welcome and friendly staff.

Buckingham Palace and experienced first hand working at Balmoral and Windsor Castle. He has fond memories of Princess Diana chatting to the Pastry Chefs whilst she was eating a bowl of frosties sitting on the freezer in their kitchen!      

But We Bet You Didn’t Know …

Serenity and Elegance at the Beach

Since 2009 the hotel has undergone extensive modernisation and refurbishment works which include the complete refurbishment of the hotel restaurant and over half of its bedrooms and bathrooms. The hotel continues to be owned and run by the Grant family.   The newly-refurbished Restaurant, where guests and non residents are served a full English breakfast and in the evenings a three course Table d’ Hote menu plus coffee, can seat up to 160 people and is also available for weddings, parties and events depending on the Season.   Recently appointed Head Chef, Julian Nielson, has worked hard to transform the culinary offering introducing some new dishes, sourcing local ingredients where possible. Julian trained at

The hotel also has a private Beach terrace (for summer use) situated directly across from the hotel, with close access to the beach, a large Garden is located to the side of the hotel where guests and non residents may relax and unwind with a book and a glass of something cool, or enjoy a light snack or afternoon tea with friends.   For the business person or association the hotel can offer a wide range of conference facilities and packages for different numbers of delegates.   A large car park at the rear of the hotel, allows guests to hire or bring their own car at no extra charge and also offers a fabulous parking facility for functions and parties. The hotel is open to non-residents, for lunch and dinner bookings please call 01534 723 493.

The hotel takes its name from a Maori chief and the town named after him in New Zealand spelt ‘Oamaru’. The verandah style houses were typical of New Zealand and Australia in the latter half of the 19th century. The hotel was built in the 1880s as two private houses, soon after two more houses were added and were known as 1-4 Ommaroo Hotel. The four houses were combined in 1916 to form a hotel and sold by John Sinatt in 1922 to the Rowley/Palmer families. Various extensions were added in the 1930’s and 1950s. After the 2nd world war the adjoining properties known as Oakby 1 and 2 were bought. The grandson of Norman Palmer, Major Grant, bought out the Rowley family in the 1970’s and soon afterwards he bought out the rest of the family. 


The newly refurbished rooms are in the Club wing of the hotel, the style of these Club rooms is classic/ contemporary with an influence of the sea and the beach. The effect is quite simply one of serenity and elegance with cool shades of white, biscuit and blue married with white furniture and bedding and curtains in a Sanderson swallow fabric.   Interior Designer Louise Boardman was responsible for the design and project management of both this wing and the newly refurbished restaurant. Louise continues to provide style and colour advice and has recently helped transform the lounges with a new paint-scheme and is currently working on the Bar and function room, the latest area to be redecorated.



Jersey: Spa  Destination

The beautiful Island of Jersey is a perfect spa destination on the doorstep of Europe, enjoying luxury facilities, a myriad of wellbeing service providers, a wide range of hotels and restaurants, all surrounded by spectacular scenery, and many exciting outdoor activities to choose from. Grand Jersey and L’Horizon Hotel & Spa are just two examples of the facilities to be found in this Jewel of the Crown. Experience a spa retreat unlike any other – a full-body experience targeting wellness and relaxation. Enjoy the freshest, healthiest cuisine during a relaxing series of spa treatments, or end an exhilarating day of outdoor adventure with a rejuvenating spa experience. No matter your style or pleasure, it can be found here in Jersey. With versatile and dynamic facilities and amenities, each


hotel blends the outdoors with the indoors, offering guests the opportunity to become one with themselves and their natural surroundings. Guests are welcomed with unparalleled service by a team of spa professionals that offer a complete and well-rounded approach to wellness. Both hotels use the finest luxurious spa products and offer service which is second to none. L’Horizon Hotel & Spa – designed to create a sense of warmth, security, luxury and blissful relaxation. Clients are

cocooned in the spa for their own individual journey, allowing highly skilled therapists to carry out their roles and optimise the client experience. The large indoor swimming pool has uninterrupted views across St Brelade’s Bay, allowing guests to enjoy the scenery from within the comfort and luxury of the spa. There is also a jacuzzi, steam room and sauna to ensure the ultimate in relaxtion. There are a number of individual and group treatment rooms offering a range of treatments using the luxurious Elemis range. From facials to body wraps – there is something to tempt everyone. The spa offers a sense of privacy and sanctuary to help achieve wellbeing.


Spa at Grand Jersey was recognised as UK Residential Spa of the Year in the Professional Beauty Awards 2009 and in 2010 with judges pointing to the exceptional combination of decadent treatments and its devotion to sensory bliss. It offers the ultimate cocooned experience, with a range of VIP, twin and single treatment rooms, indoor heated pool and experience showers. Spa at Grand Jersey is a luxurious and indulgent experience, not to be missed. The Spa is a luxurious twofloor, 8,000 square foot space sensation, featuring state of the art treatment rooms (including two double bed suites) as well as a steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, heated indoor pool and indulgent sensory experience showers.

The Spa at Grand Jersey have also recently secured an exclusive deal with ESPA for two years. ESPA are a world renowned and highly respected complete spa company based in the South of England. They offer a combination of Spa inspired products, treatments and services that harness the best of aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy and phytotherapy and offer a complete range of over 85 products. As you plan your next luxury spa holiday – whether by yourself or with friends and family – look no further than Jersey.




Luxury B ootcamp  

The Five  Star   Bootcamp  Experience Boot Camp Jersey has teamed up with some of the Island’s most prestigious 4 and 5 star hotels, including WellBeing World members, Grand Jersey and L’Horizon Hotel & Spa. This six day tried and tested Luxury Bootcamp combines fitness with an expertly developed eating programme, which promises results by the end of the six days. The instructors are all ex-military PTI’s, Personal Trainers and experienced nutritionists, who guarantee they will push participants to their limits! They promise a fun and interesting week-long workout at various locations throughout the Island. From circuits on Jersey’s long sandy beaches, to cliff walking on the stunning coastal paths and attacking the assault course at their private training facility, Boot Camp Jersey offer a wide range of activities to keep the mind and body challenged. The hotels will provide calorie controlled, delicious healthy meals, to work in harmony with the daily fitness programmes to ensure that goals are achieved. All of the hotels offer spas and indoor pools so after a hard day working out, there is time to relax and chill out in their amazing facilities. The team are on-hand to provide support every step of the way to help people improve their fitness, whilst losing weight and changing their body shape. Luxury Bootcamp is the sophisticated way to achieve results and feel great.




Well Being at  Work Research shows that work related stress damages national output more than the strikes at the peak of industrial unrest in the 1970s.  The same research showed that as many as 13.5 million working days are lost each year in Britain through work related stress, and that each case may lead to as many as 30 days away from work. In Jersey, 18,000 days were lost to illness in 2010; more than 40% were stress related. Employee wellbeing is high on the HR agenda; stress and its cost to the business cannot be ignored. In times of economic difficulty it is imperative to contain costs, maintain levels of service, manage absence and retain talent. WellBeing At Work is a new resource established in Jersey to support HR professionals with their wellbeing initiatives. The CIPD Absence Management Report 2011 shows that those organisations with an employee wellbeing strategy in place were more likely to have reduced their absence over the past year.

WellBeing in Jersey

WellBeing World represents more than 50 wellbeing service providers, primarily local businesses. The list is steadily increasing, and includes; Executive

coaching and life counselling, Healthy work and home environments, Sport and fitness training, Nutrition, Complementary therapies and healing, Health and beauty, Wellness spas and speciality travel. Created by Beverley Le Cuirot, WellBeing World promotes wellbeing throughout the community; and in the workplace.

WellBeing At Work

High levels of psychological wellbeing amongst employees has shown to lead to lower absence levels; attraction and retention of talented people; and more satisfied customers, clients and service users. The WellBeing At Work approach involves an in-depth review of your work environment and practices, in association with specialists in appropriate fields of expertise. Add the unique blend of professional expertise by WellBeing World service providers and the experience gained by our Partners working with large and small companies, both internationally and locally, and the result is your own WellBeing At Work workout. This may be on a fully funded basis, or partially subsidised in partnership with your employees. For more information about the WellBeing At Work programmes please contact

Sponsoring V olunteers Employees from Deloitte will be ‘on duty’ at the WellBeing World Charity Dinner, and also at the Look Good Feel Good Spring Fashion Show to help WellBeing World behind the scenes with the room decorations and to sell raffle tickets to raise funds for Brighter Futures and the Jersey Women’s Refuge. This is all part of Deloitte’s local corporate social responsibility for which they will be giving all volunteers one day’s leave to help out. Thank you Deloitte, your help is greatly appreciated!




Lloyds T SB  

Investing in  Well being Lloyds TSB Offshore Ltd is a big sponsor of Colleague Wellbeing and takes its responsibilities to its employees very seriously, to ensure a healthy balance for all. There are a number of benefits, opportunities and services that are provided to colleagues which can be used to maximise the level of wellbeing that can be achieved. In order to build on the wellbeing philosophy Melanie Pearce, one of Lloyds TSB Offshore Ltd’s wellbeing ambassadors in Jersey, is preparing to promote wellbeing for a second year across the Channel Islands in the form of a Colleague Wellbeing Week. Melanie, who is part of the Offshore HR team, believes that health and wellbeing is essential for colleagues not only on a personal level for also for their business success. Our wellbeing philosophy concentrates on four main areas – health, work, finance and social. We believe that the satisfaction levels in each of these areas of our lives contribute to the general feeling of wellbeing.


Good general health enables us to have enough energy to get things done every day and enough physical stamina and resilience to be able to cope with what life throws at us.


Change at work has been a constant companion in recent economic times. Sometimes this level of change creates pressures for us that we need to be able to deal with effectively. We need to accept that work occupies much of our waking hours and that there are opportunities for us all to influence both our


environment and our own behaviour at work. We need to maximise these opportunities and take control of the things we can influence. Flexible working, resilience training, getting the right balance and workwise programmes are all things that we promote to support a healthy work life balance.


More money doesn’t necessarily mean better wellbeing. Wellbeing depends on being in control of the money we do have. There is a huge array of advice and support tools available to colleagues to help health check personal finances.


When we reflect on the most memorable moments and experiences in our lives, there is usually the presence of another person. We often underestimate the impact of our close relationships and social connections, particularly at work. We can bolster our sense of social wellbeing by proactively managing our involvement with others either within or outside of work. By providing diversity and volunteering networks to our colleagues we hope to build social support systems. Simon Prescott, Head of Corporate Banking and Jersey Island Director says, ‘‘Our Wellbeing Week due to take place in May is an excellent way for us to promote the importance of colleague wellbeing and the tools and support mechanisms that we have in place to aide this.’’ Overall, wellbeing can mean a variety of things to all people, so whether the day starts with an early morning cycle ride, a visit to the gym, spa or nail salon after work, you wish to end your day with a healthy fruit smoothie or meeting up with friends and family to share a meal, it is all about making that difference to your life to maintain a healthy balance!


Well being at  J T   As part of its ongoing Wellbeing programme, JT has introduced a number of great new initiatives which will further improve the wellbeing of its employees across the Channel Islands and in its global offices recently opened in Australia and the US. Already a keen believer in the benefits of employee wellbeing, JT has recently launched a wider flexible working initiative offering at least twelve new ways of working flexibly including career breaks, term-time working and compressed hours. JT have also started a dialogue with WellBeing World specifically with regard to its WellBeing At Work services. Through the WellBeing World network, JT will have access to a wide range of wellbeing service providers from nutrition experts to wellness coaches, chiropractors to beauty therapists, all of whom can help to boost the wellbeing of its employees. Andy Holmes, People & Environmental Risk Manager with JT told us, “We are hoping to work very closely with Beverley and her team in order to expand our ideas on how to strengthen employee engagement through such things as self-help, therapies and personal development. Employees with higher levels of wellbeing actually become more positive, focused, energetic, resilient and resourceful in the way they work. These wellbeing effects produce significant performance gains at many levels and that’s key for any business wanting to be successful.”

Andy Holmes


Cambridge Weight  P lan Obesity has a severe impact on the health of the workforce, increasing the risk of conditions such as type-2 diabetes, some cancers, and heart and liver disease. This effect on health increases business costs in sick pay and reduced productivity. In 1998 the department of health estimated that weight problems already cost the wider economy in the region of £16 billion, and that this will rise to £50 billion per year by 2050 if left unchecked. Cambridge Weight Plan is one of the world’s most successful weight loss programmes; for over 25 years Cambridge has helped people who struggle with weight loss to not only reach their goal weight but to maintain it. Accredited Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant, Jackie Black, is on hand to offer advice, support and encouragement throughout the weight loss journey; support is a key factor in losing weight and, more importantly, maintaining weight loss. As part of the support in making a difference in the health and well-being of others, Jackie at Cambridge Weight Plan can provide the following for your business: • Staff Talks • Question and Answer Sessions • Ongoing Support • Group Sessions • Sample products • Group Discount vouchers and incentives For more informatuion see



The Power  of  

Doing One  Thing  at  a  Time Why is it that between 25% and 50% of people report feeling overwhelmed or burned out at work? It’s not just the number of hours we’re working, but also the fact that we spend too many continuous hours juggling too many things at the same time. We’ve lost our boundaries. Technology has blurred them beyond recognition. Wherever we go, our work follows us, on our digital devices, ever insistent and intrusive. The biggest cost is to your productivity. If you’re always doing something, you’re relentlessly burning down your available reservoir of energy over the course of every day, so you have less available with every passing hour. The best way for an organisation to fuel higher productivity and more innovative thinking is to strongly encourage finite periods of absorbed focus, as well as shorter periods of real renewal. If you’re a manager, here are three policies worth considering: 1. Maintain meeting discipline. Schedule meetings for 45 minutes, rather than an hour or longer, so participants can stay focused, take time afterward to reflect on what’s been discussed, and recover before the next obligation. Start all meetings at a precise time, end at a precise time, and insist that all digital devices be turned off throughout the meeting. 2. Stop demanding or expecting instant responsiveness at every moment of the day. It forces your people into reactive mode, divides their attention, and makes it difficult for them to focus on their priorities. Let them turn off their email at certain times. If it’s urgent, you can call them — but that won’t happen very often.


3. Encourage renewal. Create at least one time during the day when you encourage your people to stop working and take a break. Offer a mid afternoon class in yoga, or meditation, organise a group walk or workout, or consider creating a renewal room where people can relax, or take a nap. It’s also up to individuals to set their own boundaries. Consider these three behaviours for yourself: 1. Do the most important thing first in the morning, preferably without interruption, for 60 to 90 minutes, with a clear start and stop time. If possible, work in a private space during this period and resist every impulse to distraction, knowing that you have a designated stopping point. The more absorbed you can get, the more productive you’ll be. When you’re done, take at least a few minutes to renew. 2. Establish regular, scheduled times to think more long term, creatively, or strategically. If you don’t, you’ll constantly succumb to the urgent. Also, find a different environment in which to do this activity — preferably one that’s relaxed and conducive to openended thinking. 3. Take real and regular holidays. Real means that when you’re off, you’re off, with no contact with work. Regular means several times a year if possible, even if some are only two or three days added to a weekend. The research strongly suggests that you’ll be far healthier if you take all of your holiday time, and more productive overall. In short, when you’re engaged at work, fully engage, for defined periods of time. When you’re relaxing, truly relax. Excerpt from the Harvard Business Review Blog


WellBeing Festival   to  Benefit  from   Leaf  Power Ban Ki-moon

Happiness and  Well being  on  t he  G lobal  Agenda Sustainable development must go beyond economic progress and include also happiness, wellbeing and prosperity. On Monday, 2nd April 2012 hundreds of representatives from governments, academia and civil society gathered at the UN headquarters to discuss the concept of gross national happiness centred on the belief that the wellbeing of a country’s people can and should be measured beyond traditional indicators. Organised by the government of Bhutan, the HighLevel Debate on Happiness and WellBeing follows last year’s Resolution by the General Assembly which asked countries to put people’s happiness at the core of growth and development. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon talked about how countries have advanced this new perspective in recent years, as well as the importance of establishing a Sustainable Development Index. “We need a new economic paradigm that recognises the parity between the three pillars of sustainable development,” he said. “Social, economic and environmental wellbeing are indivisible. Together they define gross global happiness.” The debate focused on such issues as wealth distribution and a better relationship with the environment. Speakers also examined the interplay between economic gains and their social and environmental costs. The meeting jump-started thinking on the creation of a new development model to be presented at Rio +20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development which will take place in Rio de Janerio, Brazil in June. WELLBEING FESTIVAL 22ND APRIL TO 7TH MAY 2012

As part of this year’s WellBeing Festival, Jersey Electricity has kindly loaned a new Nissan Leaf to WellBeing World Founder Beverley Le Cuirot so she can continue the theme of wellbeing by being kind to the environment. The Nissan Leaf has been dubbed ‘the world’s first affordable, zeroemission car.’ Unlike a hybrid vehicle, which uses both an electric motor and a gas engine to provide power, the Nissan Leaf is entirely electric. The Leaf is powered by an 80kW, or 107 horsepower electric motor, which draws its power from a 24kW lithium-ion battery that is built into the car’s chassis low down and at the center of gravity to greatly diminish body roll and improve handling. The vehicle is not yet available in the Island but Jersey Electricity is currently working to raise awareness of the concept. Brand Manager Ian Wilson told us, “Charging will primarily be done at home but we are looking to be able to provide our own infrastructure to enable drivers to re-charge their vehicles whilst away from the home.”



Brennan Healing  Science the  Founder  and  t he  School Brennan Healing Science is a form of energy healing which can bring a profound sense of wellbeing and relaxation, amongst many other benefits. It was founded by Dr Barbara Ann Brennan in 1982 best known for her book Hands of Light, used as a manual by healers all over the world. Barbara is a former NASA physicist who has been researching and exploring the realms of human consciousness and the Human Energy Field for more than 35 years and she features on the Watkins List of 100 most spiritually influential people still alive. There are two Brennan schools – in Miami and Austria – and for more than 30 years Barbara has been teaching and developing a 4-year curriculum specialising in hands on energy healing and personal transformation which has been enhanced and refined over the years thanks to Barbara and a team of highly specialised


and talented teachers. People of all ages and all walks of life come from all over the world to train at these schools, meeting 5 times a year - hundreds of people in one place at the one time with the same objective - to learn about themselves in order to better support their clients’ own healing journey. Each year of the school’s 4-year curriculum has a particular objective, each year building on the teaching of the previous year using grounded healing techniques, creative arts and personal process work. It’s a 4-year journey of self discovery, healing relationships, deepening spiritual connections and finally discovering what their unique expression as a healer is so that the healer can be present and open to support clients through their own journey of self-discovery – their journey to wholeness and wellness however that looks and feels to the client. For more information:



Did you know? Nearly 80% of all germs that cause illness are spread via our hands! Quash kills 99.9% of these germs on contact (including MRSA EColi and Salmonella) without the need for soap or water. Made from only 100% natural ingredients Quash is also full of vitamins and minerals, clinically proven to moisturise and help protect your skin from the visible signs of ageing. You won’t find any alcohol or nasty chemicals in Quash so you can trust it will be kind to your skin and the environment. Just two sprays for your peace of mind. Quash is being sold by Young Enterprise company, Jersey Juice, as part of their activities this year.

Fancy  a  Swim  t o   Bermuda  and  Back? The Jersey Amateur Swimming Association, supported by KPMG, is calling for budding swimmers to help them reach their target of swimming the equivalent distance from Jersey to Bermuda and back. They need as many people as possible to get involved and have set aside seven weeks to achieve this mammoth target. From Monday, 28th May to Sunday, 15th July 2012, 108,000 kilometres will be covered – a staggering 4,320,000 lengths of the pool! It’s easy to get involved – simply keep a record of your swimming during the seven week period and forward it to your club organiser at the end of your swim. Everyone who takes part is asked to make a small donation to the Association and all monies raised will go partly towards the cost of sending Jersey’s swimmers to competitions – in particular, Bermuda 2013, but also to the participants’ individual swimming clubs. Every swimmer who enters will receive either a swim hat or a water bottle. There will be weekends set aside during the seven week period for intensive swimming – 2nd/3rd June, 7th/8th July and 14th/15th July. For more information on this event or to receive a form on which to record your distances, please contact Paul du Feu on 01534 732 441, 07797 733 304 or

Find them at the Wellbeing Fair or contact them at




See your  Soul  in  C olour  

You are  t he  C olours  you  choose!   Colours make the world go round and  colour energy is all around us, we admire We are lucky to have not one but two AURASOMA® Practitioners at the WellBeing Fair this year; Eileen Holland and Eve Andrews.

AURA-SOMA® bottles contain an energetic frequency; they convey colours from across the spectrum. Colour and light are widely recognised as valuable forms of vibrational healing – promoting energy within the electromagnetic spectrum; indeed, this is why AURA-SOMA® is a remarkable tool of guidance, enabling you to reach a deeper and more enlightened understanding of who you are. It provides you with an appreciation of the gifts, talents and challenges that become the fabric, which weave you into you. You are the colours you choose!

Eve shared her thoughts with WellBeing World: Our day-to-day lives are wrought with stress and most of us don’t often stop to resolve issues, which can lie within our inner selves. AURA-SOMA® Colour Therapy offers a chance to do just that.

Eve uses her knowledge and experience of the AURA-SOMA® Colour Care System to translate your choices; each of the four bottles chosen from the spectrum reflect a certain aspect of you; where you are, and where you’re going on this path of life.

A dynamic tool for self-awareness and understanding of our potential, AURA-SOMA® is not a therapy in the traditional sense of the word, it is especially suited to anyone who wishes to discover more about themselves, their spirit – it works on the basis that you intrinsically know what is best for you.

Like a seed needing the right conditions to fulfill its full potential; germinate, grow and flourish – we are much the same. By investing time to work on your inner self, a journey of discovery and resolution gives you the chance to avoid obstacles on your path.

it, we choose it; we are drawn to it every day of our lives. AURA-SOMA® Colour Therapy works on the basis of the colours we are naturally attracted to.

By choosing four from the set of over one hundred beautiful, dual coloured bottles, a journey of discovery and enlightenment is at your fingertips. AURASOMA® bottles are filled with natural ingredients including herbs, essential oils and crystals. The diverse range of colours is therefore consistent with all things natural, given to us by Mother Earth; reflecting an array of aura colours. Hence the name, AURA-SOMA®: ‘Aura’ comes from the Latin meaning: akin to air, a slight breath, vapour or shimmer. ‘Soma’ is the ancient Greek word for “body”, while in ancient Sanskrit it designates a mysterious drink that transports the soul into a Divine ecstasy.


AURA-SOMA® is such a wonderful opportunity to begin your path of self-discovery and fulfillment at a fundamental level. Miracles can literally happen, because healing, resolution and enlightenment are a natural consequence when human beings do inner work. Plant the seed of natural enlightenment in the soil of your soul… grow and flourish; be a rainbow of colour and light. Eve Andrews is an accredited AURA-SOMA® Colour Care Consultant and a certified Specialist in The Journey – the two holistic, non-intrusive therapies promote positive change and self-awareness.


Ultimate Triathlon   Charity  Challenge  

in aid  of  Jersey  C heshire  Home After returning from their adventures in Iceland a small group of trekkers have been suffering from the “post trek blues” and have decided that a new challenge is required. They have therefore organised the “Ultimate Triathlon Challenge”, which is going to take place over the weekend of 19th/20th May 2012. At least three intrepid individuals namely Paul Coundley, Marc Burton and Dom Bosley (possibly supported by one or two others) plan to row, cycle and walk around the Island in one continuous 36 hour period. Starting at 6am on the Saturday morning the team will simulate rowing around the Island on machines at Weighbridge Place. They will then jump on bikes and cycle the official round-island route before walking the established 48 mile course on foot to finish sometime on the Sunday afternoon. This is an incredibly demanding physical feat that the brave souls involved are confident they can manage with support both vocal and financial from as many people as possible. It is their aim to raise a minimum of £25,000 to the benefit of the Home and its 25 residents as well as lifting the profile of this valuable Island establishment. The event has been kindly sponsored by The Garenne Group but will obviously benefit from other sponsorship and donated financial support. For information on how to make donations or to sponsor the event please contact Paul Coundley on 07797 754 645 or Antoinette Craig at the Jersey Cheshire Home on 01534 285 858 ext 1.


Get Fit,  Stay  Fit   For  Life

The promotion of fun and fitness from an early age has become a personal campaign for fitness consultant Trudi Roscouet of BodyRox gym in Seaton Place

SOME illuminating statistics: for every obese sixyear-old, there is a 35 per cent chance of it becoming an obese adult; an obese ten-year old has a 45% chance of becoming one; an obese 14-year-old has a 75% chance. The information comes from Trudi Roscouet, for many years a trainer for the finance industry, now a trainer in a different sense, fulfilling a long-held ambition to help people become healthier. Trudi is leading a campaign to promote fun and fitness at an early age and this campaign is achieving a ‘first’ in Jersey by bringing these elements into a gym environment. However, as she says, a parent’s life is stressful and crowded enough even just with managing the daily school run and existing after-school activities, without asking them in addition to bring their children to yet another location. So she has also taken her campaign into some of the local schools, and hosted sports days and healthy living weeks. This is now being developed into Fitness After School Clubs IN the schools and is being launched during the WellBeing Festival. Hoping to obtain a sponsor to ensure States schools are free is still the ongoing goal but for a small fee per hour, each student can have the chance to enjoy some of the very different fitness activities that are on offer. These can range from ZumbAtomic, Boxercise, BreakDance, core conditioning, aerobics, Yoga as well as circuits and other fun and games, so there is truly something for everyone! She said: ‘There is so much emphasis on traditional and team sports: football, cricket, netball and so on, and maybe the child might not care for any of these too much, and so is classed as ‘not sporty’. At such a


young age, the child will soon make that description their own opinion as well, and indeed become ‘nonsporty’ with the implications that has for their future levels of fitness. BodyRox is heading a campaign for 2012: ‘Get Fit, Stay Fit for Life’ and will be providing specialised tutors to develop various fitness skills and to educate primary and secondary school children in nutrition. Over the next months the owner of BodyRox, Sam O’Connor, will be looking for sponsors and affiliates to become partners to make this offering open to all schools within the Island. Already the gym has launched ZumbAtomic (children’s Zumba®) for students from 9 years old to teen on a Saturday morning. BodyRox gym opened in May 2010, and, despite the recession, which has not been kind to businesses in the personal fitness sector, it is currently thriving. “Perhaps,” said Trudi, “it is because it is a family-run business run for families – not just for children, not just for younger adults, but for anyone who wants to feel more fit and to experience the extra energy that comes from being fit.” During 2012 BodyRox has already launched Hot BodyRox, HotYoga at Langford Centre with Nicky Vibert; there are also plans to offer tailored prepregnancy and post natal classes by mid 2012 as well as pregnancy yoga and Running and Core Sessions to assist Relay teams for the Marathon. “We want to be more than just a gym, we want to help people – and to show everybody that the most important aspect of fitness is that it becomes FUN!” VISIT US AT WWW.WELLBEING.JE

What is  t he  Metamorphic  Technique?   The Metamorphic Technique is a simple tool that enables us to move from feelings of limitation towards accessing more of our potential. In short it helps us to help ourselves. 

What happens in a session?

The practitioner uses a light touch on the feet, hands and head. A safe, relaxing space is provided where you can ‘just be’. There is no need to take a case history. Some people may wish to talk, others enjoy taking time out.

How does it work?

Each of us has natural abilities that we can connect with, given the right environment. The practitioner provides that space. The technique offers a unique approach to handling personal issues, whether they are physical, mental or emotional. These matters will influence how we are able to respond to events in everyday life. Kindly provided by Maz Heaney of the Metamorphic Group

What is  ThetaHealing? ThetaHealing is a leading-edge personal development modality that takes you on a transformational journey of self-discovery and self healing, enabling you to change your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually using the Theta brainwave.


What is  Biodynamic                      Craniosacral  Therapy? Francesca Warner

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is an extremely gentle and effective body therapy which can help us connect to our innate health and wellbeing, to live with more vitality and less pain. In the early 1900s an osteopath named William Sutherland ‘discovered’ that a rhythmic motion was present within the body’s tissues and fluids - as if the cells themselves were involved in respiration in a rhythmic motion. With this finding he noticed how it was entirely possible for certain parts of his patients’ bodies to get ‘blocked’ or ‘stuck’ resulting in pain and symptoms. He noticed that by gently working with the body’s inherent capacity to seek balance and health, symptoms could be alleviated and vitality restored. Craniosacral Therapy uses this same framework. The practitioner uses skilled hands to feel the tissues and fluids of the body and is guided by the health inherent within the patient’s system. In this way the body can heal itself, facilitated by a practitioner who is ‘listening’ as changes occur. Physical pain, as well as mental, emotional and spiritual issues, can be effectively worked on and lasting changes can be made.


Craniosacral Therapy can help with bad backs, headaches, neck pain and whiplash. It can also aid trauma release and emotional disturbances, insomnia and stress patterns among many other symptoms. Feelings of stuckness and depression can be given a chance to shift, more space can be accessed within the body and this can be physically felt. Pregnant women who are experiencing aches and pains whilst their bodies adjust to creating and nurturing their unborn baby can benefit. Similarly new born babies and mums can seek treatment after a difficult birth or if the infant is finding it hard to settle. Children, teenagers, adults and the elderly are all welcome. Treatments usually last about 45-50 minutes and there is a brief case history taken. Patients lie (or sometimes sit) fully clothed on a treatment couch whilst the partitioner makes light contact with her hands. It is usually a relaxing, calming and even exhilarating experience. In essence - whatever age and whatever symptoms are being experienced craniosacral therapy works with the health in your system and assists healing at a very deep level. Francesca Warner BCST, RCST 07775 564 753



A Fertile  Ground  f or  C onception By Lorna Jackson

Research suggests that around one in six couples are likely to experience problems conceiving, with more turning to IVF and donor insemination as alternatives*. While infertility is often thought of as a female problem, only a third of cases can be linked solely to women. Fertility issues affect both male and female partners, and couples are increasingly turning to traditional acupuncture to help them conceive. In men traditional acupuncture treatment has been shown to influence the quality and quantity of male sperm, improving the motility and count. In women, it can regulate the menstrual cycle and promote ovulation by controlling hormonal imbalances, thus helping to increase the chance of natural conception. Not only can acupuncture have a positive impact on the patient’s mental and emotional state but it has a wide range of other benefits for both male and female partners. Individuals may experience increased energy, inner strength and vitality. When partners who are struggling to conceive both opt to have acupuncture, it can have a very positive effect, uniting them as a couple and helping to create a calmer, more relaxed state of mind. In addition, couples that have acupuncture treatment for a three to six month period may well find they can conceive naturally, negating the need for IVF treatment. If couples do chose to have IVF however, acupuncture works alongside it very effectively to increase the success rates.


Acupuncture has a lot to offer couples trying for a baby, whatever their diagnosis. Dealing with infertility can be extremely stressful and both parties can become tense and anxious. This can result in poor sleep or low libido, and a reluctance to keep trying because previous attempts have failed with every passing month, placing further pressure on couples. Getting pregnant is not the end of the story acupuncture is regularly used to treat women through the whole pregnancy. While some couples look to acupuncture for help with specific fertility issues or conditions, others may choose to have treatment to help maintain overall health and wellbeing. Regulating the flow of Qi, the body’s motivating energy can help boost energy levels as well as ward off illness. Traditional acupuncture is a tried and tested system of traditional Chinese medicine, which has been used in China and other eastern cultures for thousands of years to restore, promote and maintain good health. Its benefits are now widely acknowledged all over the world and in the past decade, traditional acupuncture has begun to feature more prominently in mainstream medicine in the UK. The NHS acknowledges the positive evidence that “acupuncture is an effective treatment for pain and discomfort during oocyte retrieval, a procedure used during IVF (NHS UK. 2010). * Fertility: HFEA Fertility Facts & Figures (2007) published (2009) found that one in six couples are likely to experience problems conceiving. Based on 2001 ONS population estimates.




What’s t he  point?

By Lorna Jackson

172 million days are lost each year in the UK to sickness, costing the economy over 13 billion*. Minor ailments such as colds and flu are the most common causes of short-term absence followed closely by muscular skeletal problems such as back pain.

In Jersey, a whopping 18,000 days were lost to illness in 2010. One answer to reducing sickness levels and improve general wellbeing is acupuncture. Motorists are advised to regularly check the oil and water levels, give the tyres a once over and top up the antifreeze in order to keep their cars running efficiently. Your body and your mind can also benefit from a quick tune up to help you look and feel your best. Acupuncture aims to improve overall wellbeing by identifying and treating the root cause of any problem, rather than specific symptoms. Addressing imbalances in the body will help return qi (the body’s energy) to an optimum level, improve overall wellbeing of the mind and body and prevent further illness. Acupuncturists look at the whole person and may also provide dietary and lifestyle advice alongside an acupuncture treatment.

What happens?

Treatments are tailored to an individual so will vary from person to person. If you have not had acupuncture before, a


number of different diagnostic processes are applied to get a better picture of your overall health. This includes taking a full medical history, reading your pulses or looking at your tongue. From this the practitioner will be able to form a diagnosis and treat the source of any underlying problems. By inserting fine needles in the channels of qi energy an acupuncturist aims to clear any blockages that are impeding the flow of energy, stimulating the body’s own healing response and helping it to restore its natural equilibrium. Acupuncture is based on Chinese medical principles that have been developed, researched and refined for over 2,500 years. Acupuncture is holistic, not focused on isolated symptoms. It regards pain and illness, whether physical or mental, to be a sign the whole body is out of balance. Stimulation of certain acupuncture points has been shown to affect areas of the brain that are known to reduce sensitivity to pain and stress, as well as promoting relaxation and deactivating the ‘analytical’ brain, which is

responsible for anxiety (Wu 1999).

Western Wellbeing

Both eastern and western medical modalities are integrating more and more, with the NHS acknowledging the positive evidence regarding acupuncture for conditions such as chronic back pain; dental pain, pain and discomfort during gastrointestinal endoscopy, headaches, nausea and vomiting after an operation, pain and discomfort during oocyte retrieval (a procedure used during IVF) as well as osteoarthritis of the knee (NHS UK. 2012). The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence guidelines on best practice now recommend that GPs offer a course of 10 sessions of acupuncture as a first line treatment for persistent, non-specific low back pain (NICE guideline 88). More importantly, many private health providers cover acupuncture treatment so do check the terms of your policy plan with them so that wellbeing need not feel a world away. *CBI Absence & Labour turnover


Pregnancy Acupuncture By Lorna Jackson

Acupuncture is very safe to have during pregnancy and is an effective option at a time when many women choose to avoid taking medicine for minor ailments. Many conditions, which routinely crop up during pregnancy would benefit from a natural solution. It is essential that you choose an acupuncturist that not only makes you feel comfortable, but who is trained and a member of a professional body such as the British Acupuncture Council. Acupuncture, when provided by a trained practitioner, can give relief for a range of pregnancy related conditions such as morning sickness, high/low blood pressure, anxiety, tiredness, constipation, tender breasts, migraine and other headaches, back ache, pelvic pain (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) and varicose veins. So how can acupuncture help?

Acupuncture can help turn breech babies

An adjunct technique to acupuncture called moxibustion has been used for many centuries to turn breech babies. A herb called moxa is ‘compacted’ into a cigar shaped stick, one end of which is lit and is slowly smoldered directly above an acupuncture point on the little toe.  Research is currently underway, but previous scientific studies have found promising results for the turning of breech babies; somewhere in the region of 80% success rate.

acupressure is used for pain relief helping to boost the mother’s energy if the labour is a long one. Acupuncture/acupressure can also be used to restart labour if it has slowed down or if contractions have stopped. The great thing about acupressure during labour is that it brings partner involvement to a process that can make some birth partners feel somewhat left on the sidelines or helpless.

After the birth

Acupuncture is used by new mothers to increase energy levels, to promote healing and to combat the ‘baby blues’. It also is very helpful in treating mastitis.

Acupuncture has also been proven to reduce pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy (2005, Institute for the health of Women and Children, Sahlgrenska Academy Gothernburg, Sweden) and 70% of women responded postively to treatment with acupuncture for depression during pregnancy. (2004, Stanford University) Dr Graham Archard, vice-chair of the Royal College of GPs, said “The use of acupuncture to treat pain during pregnancy certainly seems credible.” Credible, natural, wellbeing for both mother and child… why not give it a go?

So what is the research?

Acupuncture has been proven to reduce the symptoms of morning sickness, (2002, Adelaide University) and reduce the experience of pain in labour. A secondary outcome of acupuncture was a shorter delivery time (2002, Skilnand).

Acupuncture/Acupressure and labour

Acupuncture is used to induce labour in overdue pregnancies; it should only be used for induction when the mother has passed her due date and when written permission is provided by the patient’s obstetrician. During labour acupuncture and WELLBEING FESTIVAL 22ND APRIL TO 7TH MAY 2012



Sports Injuries:   Ouch-lympics  2012 By Lorna Jackson

As part of its 8,000-mile journey to London the Olympic torch will be coming to Jersey on Sunday 15th July! As with all big sporting events, the interest in sports during and after will greatly benefit the Island. However the increase in Sports also heralds the increase in Sports injuries. Sports injuries are common, and vary from minor toe injuries to major complex trauma. Usually only soft tissue is damaged such as sprains, strains and bruising, however there can also be fracturing of bone. A sprain is a partial or complete rupture of a ligament, a strain is a partial tear of muscles and a bruise is a rupture of tissue leading to a haematoma. Any soft-tissue injury can lead to a tenderness, swelling, haematoma, scarring, fibrosis and loss of function. In layman’s terms “ouch!” As an ex-dancer I fell into Acupuncture via an injury and was so impressed by my body’s response to the treatment that I decided to retrain as an acupuncturist. Acupuncture has become routine in the treatment of sports injuries with many sports players and organisations turning to acupuncture for effective relief. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Village became the first to offer athletes and officials of the games acupuncture treatment (Times News Group 2002). More recently John Bishop used acupuncture to help ease his shoulder pain alongside acutaping to help him get through his Sports Relief Challenge (cycling Paris to


Calais, rowing the English Channel then running the equivalent of 3 marathons to reach London). Long used for chronic pain relief, such as lower back pain, acupuncture not only helps provide instant relief from painful injuries, but can accelerate the healing process by reducing inflammation (Kavoussi 2007, Zijlstra 2003) improving muscle stiffness, joint mobility and increasing local microcirculation, which helps disperse swelling (Komori 2009). Acupuncture’s focus is placed at the root of the problem not just the symptoms of the injury itself. The consultation includes taking the athlete’s complete medical history into account, including past injuries as well as other health issues such as sleeping and eating patterns, alongside the strength of the other various body systems. The goal is to not only aid the healing process but provide energy, wellbeing and support to the athlete. Another important draw that acupuncture holds for athletes, bar alleviating injury, is that consistent treatments can improve performance and provide more energy. One study showed that auricular (ear) acupuncture enhanced elite basketball athletes’ recovery post strenuous exercise by improving heart rate, oxygen consumption and blood lactic acid (Am J Chin Med. 2011). This shows that acupuncture treatment can not only help support the body during training, it can also lend the body those bursts of energy that are so integral to a great performance. VISIT US AT WWW.WELLBEING.JE

Injured? Don’t pay the P.R.I.C.E? Follow these simple rules: P – Protection: Stop the activity immediately and protect the injured area from additional damage. R – Rest: Rest area to allow the tissues time to heal. I – Ice: Applying cold therapy (ice/ice pack wrapped in a thin towel) to an acute injury reduces swelling and pain. Ice is a vaso-constrictor. It causes the blood vessels to narrow and limits internal bleeding at the injury site. Apply cold to the affected area every two hours for no more than 20 minutes at a time. Allow the skin temperature to return to normal before icing again. You can ice an acute injury several times a day for up to three days. C – Compression: By quickly wrapping the injured body part with an elastic bandage or wrap, you help keep swelling to a minimum. If possible, it’s helpful to apply ice to the injured area, over the compression wrap to limit the swelling. E – Elevation: Elevating the injury reduces blood flow and swelling to the area.

Peter Mac

Cognitive Hypnotherapist HPD Dip C Hyp NLP Master Prac MNCH (Lic) Lastly, visit your Doctor for a proper diagnosis to rule out serious injury, contact your healthcare provider, if you have one, regarding the cover for your injury, and then contact your local acupuncturist and breathe a sigh of relief as your being will be well looked after.

• Struggling to lose weight? • Suffering with a phobia? • Low self esteem or confidence? I really can help you with these and many other problems Please call me for on 07797 727 747 or email in complete confidence or check out

Come with a past, leave with a future


Caring f or  Y our  Pets    W hile  You’re  Away You’ve waited all year for your holiday, that chance to visit with family and friends, or maybe just escape to somewhere exotic. But for your peace of mind and the wellbeing of your pet, you need to keep your pet happy and healthy whilst you are away! There are several different choices that can be made. You could put your pet in a kennel or cattery. You can have a friend or relative watch your pets. You can hire a professional pet sitter. Another option may even be to take your pet on holiday with you. The most important thing to remember is the welfare of your pet. You have to consider where and with whom they will feel most comfortable in your absence. Some animals handle change well and others have a hard time being taken out of their daily routine. The option you choose will also depend on how long you plan on being away. The ideal scenario is to have someone that you trust stay at your home with your pets when you are on holiday. There are also professional pet sitters who offer a variety of services. Pet sitters will take care of your pets according to your specifications. They may stay in your home whilst you are away, or may offer one or more daily visits to your home. They will care for your pets, take them on walks, feed them and groom them. Good pet-sitters will also water your plants, pick up your mail and open and close your curtains for you so that it does not appear that your house is empty. They may take your dog or cat into their homes and care for them in your absence, often in the company


of other pets - a good option if your pet dog or cat is sociable and would enjoy the companionship of other animals, but not so good if your pet is used to being king of his territory. Once you have decided this is the right person to look after your pet you should ask some basic questions. You want to know how often the sitter will visit or whether they could stay in the home. You also want to know what backup plans the person has in place in case they are not able to care for your pet. Make sure you leave an itinerary of your trip and phone numbers where you can be reached. Also make sure you put your vet’s number and emergency numbers and your pet insurance policy documents in a place that is easy to get to. Most pets are more comfortable in their own homes while their owners are away, and can become very stressed when put in a new environment. By planning ahead you will be able to find the best solution for your pet. That way you will be able to relax and enjoy your holiday and your pet will be happy too. One local company of professional pet sitters is Home Sweet Home. Phill and Pauline Cadby will take care of your pets as if they were their own. They will take care of your cats and small pets in their own home whilst you are away or unable to tend to them for any reason. And they will walk your dog whilst you are at work. Diabetic injections and pills can also be administered. Contact Phill or Pauline at or call them on 07797 738 454.



The Loving   Chair  C ompany

A Real  Labour  of  Love The Loving Chair Company is driven by the talent and vision of a three generation family team who together design fabrics and transform antique and vintage pieces of furniture into modern, statement pieces through a revival of traditional craft skill and old-fashioned personal service that puts the customer at the centre.

The family business was created by Grandma Celeste who started working as a milliner at the age of 13 and has now been in the industry for over 5 decades. Mum Alex grew up in this creative environment and was immersed in the family business, picking up her Mum’s craft at an early age. Daughter Brontey has been developing her artistic talent for fabric and textile design from the year dot and completes this very talented family team.

Every room needs a focal point to lift it out of the ordinary and add personality so The Loving Chair Company creates furnishings that are unlike any other, that are not only unique to the property but also to the owner’s personality and style.

Each piece is a one-off, with its own charming character and individuality that develops and emerges as it is brought back to life. The versatile designs allow the furniture to look equally at home in a modern interior as it would in a more traditional one. The Loving Chair Company lives up to its name so that its customers can learn to love their furniture again.

The latest digital printing technology enables the production of in-house TLC designed fabric to be showcased by carefully handselecting furniture with understated potential which is respectfully restored and upholstered.

For more information



Spring C lean  Your  B ody:  

5 easy  ways

By Jennifer Moore, Weight Loss, Health and Nutrition Coach

Spring is in the air! With the arrival of spring, we often get the itch to start spring cleaning our homes. Before you purge, scour and scrub your home, what about spring cleaning your body - the home of your soul?




Here are 5 easy ways you can start to spring clean your body: 1) Drink more water.

Staying hydrated is so important. Our body is made up of 75% water, we lose 3 quarts on a daily basis through natural elimination and so we need to make sure we are replenishing our body with sufficient water so it can function properly. Staying hydrated can prevent premature aging and help our skin look dewy and plump. There is no sense in applying expensive night creams and anti-wrinkle creams if you aren’t keeping your cells hydrated from the inside out. Drinking water also helps with weight loss, eliminates headaches and pain, and fatigue. Remember, water in the form of coffee, tea (except for herbal tea), juice etc. doesn’t count toward your daily intake. Those drinks do just the opposite and dehydrate you.

2) Eat more raw foods.

As the weather get warmer, trade in some of your warming, cooked winter vegetables for some local and seasonal raw vegetables, fruits, and sprouts. When eaten raw, they are full of all their vitamins, nutrients, minerals and enzymes, which can be lost in the cooking process. Raw foods are energising because they bring into the body their own supply of enzymes, so the body doesn’t have to pull from its own supply to process the food. If totally raw vegetables don’t appeal to you, steam them very lightly so they still have some crunch. Raw foods are alive- microorganisms can live on them, highly processed foods are dead foods, they take ages to go bad or spoil. If we eat dead, junk food, we start to feel like junk. If we eat living foods, we feel more alive!


3) Get outside.

After spending the winter indoors, it’s great to get outside and get some fresh air and vitamin D from the sun. Why not take your exercise routine outdoors. Or instead of going for a coffee or drink with a friend, meet and go for a walk - you get to catch up and exercise at the same time! Get the whole family involved. Go for a bike ride, take a walk in the woods, or run around in the park

4) Scrub a dub dub. Exfoliate your skin.

Get rid of the hardened dead skin from the winter and get silky soft skin that’s ready to be shown off in short sleeves and dresses. In addition to giving you silky skin, exfoliating and dry brushing are great for increasing circulation and activating the lymphatic system.

5) Eat lighter meals.

As the weather starts to get warmer, start moving away from the heavy, more fatty meals of winter. Try lightening up your meals with more fresh and local ingredients. Add fresh herbs, leafy green vegetables, and lighter sources of protein like fish or beans to your diet. Eating a light and early dinner, will allow your body to do the things it is supposed to do while you are sleeping like restore, repair and renew, so you can wake up feeling fresh, rather than spending the night digesting and waking up tired. Happy Spring!


Why we  t hink  C ricket  is  G ood  f or  Y ou ‘Cricket is a game that owes much of its unique appeal to the fact that it should be played, not only within its Laws but also within the Spirit of the Game. Any action which is seen to abuse this spirit causes injury to the game itself. The major responsibility for ensuring the spirit of fair play rests with the captain.’ (The Spirit of Cricket) Cricket, properly promoted and taught encourages the development of many personal qualities that are extremely valuable in life.

Locally, Jersey Cricket actively promotes the game with cricket enthusiasts from the age of 7, boys and girls, men and women.

Sportsmanship and general good behaviour, teamwork, respect for officials and opponents, leadership, coping with periods of success and adversity are among these qualities which, if encouraged, produce better people who understand and can cope better with life.

For more information contact Chris Minty at:

There is no quality promoted within cricket that one would NOT want to see in an individual. It also gets you out in the open air, promotes gentle (and at times more strenuous) exercise, and provides the all important camaraderie which supports one’s wellbeing – all of which is extremely beneficial.


June Bank Holiday Fun - All for a Good Cause Jersey Cricket and Farmers Cricket Club are supporting a women’s fun cricket tournament to support the Genesis Research Trust at Farmers Field, St Martin on Bank Holiday Monday, 4th June from 10.30am. Genesis Research Trust researches the causes and cures for conditions that affect the health of women and babies. It is uniquely based in

the building where the scientists carry out their research at the Wolfson and Weston Research Institute for Family Health, on the Hammersmith Campus of Imperial College London. For more information please see www. Help Jersey Cricket to help Genesis Research Trust to give everyone the chance of a healthy family. Teams of 8 are invited at £160 per team; no cricket experience is necessary. Refreshments will be available; and there will be a prize for the winning team and the best fancy dressed team. If you would like an enjoyable day with friends, lots of fun and all in a good cause, please contact Nikki at or Gemma at - places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment!



Socialising on  t he  Rock   with  Enhance  Life

Enhance Life Jersey was brought to life in June 2010 by owner Julie Madden. The name might sound a bit fluffy to some, however the company’s aims are very serious. Julie moved to the Island in 2003 with her husband to a ready made social life, good disposable income, in fact all the trappings of the “good life” that Jersey offers the fortunate. In 2007 sadly Julie’s marriage ended and within just a few short months, she found herself looking at Jersey from a very different position. During the following three years Julie experienced a “life journey” that as she quite openly admits she would not wish on her worst enemy. Loneliness, torturous isolation, financial hardship, homelessness and much more seemed to become normal every day existence. Julie describes herself as a fighter and a survivor, who always learns from life’s experiences. There was a silver lining, however, and as a result of this particularly dark period in her life, Enhance Life Jersey was borne. A much needed service, the company essentially aims to fill a void for clients, as the name suggests.

Dating Detective

Dating Detective, the Island’s first and only bespoke, confidential matchmaking service began in April 2010 and has enjoyed phenomenal success, helped in no small measure by Julie’s previous experience in the investigation world!! There are now 51 new relationships in Jersey as a result, and as the client base grows more matches are made on a weekly


basis. Dating Detective will soon be launching in Guernsey, and Julie expects to enjoy the same success there also.

Buddies Jersey

Buddies Jersey is in essence an “on tap social life”. Whether new to the Island or if you have lived in Jersey all your life, Buddies Jersey will provide you with always having something to do and other Buddies to socialise with. The service is for any Islander that wants to make the very best of their down time, try new interests, hobbies and activities, whilst making new friends along the way. After Julie’s marriage ended, she freely admits that trying to rebuild her social life was incredibly difficult. So if any reader for whatever reason finds themselves wishing to make the best of their down time, then Buddies Jersey should be seriously considered. Julie became a member of WellBeing World last year, exhibiting at our first WellBeing Fair in September 2011, at what was then the Jersey Pottery. She told us that this really helped to raise the profile of Dating Detective and introduced a variety of other exhibitors offering services that she can utilise and collaborate with to truly deliver and realise the passion she has for Enhance Life Jersey. Such alliances will help the company to make even greater changes to many Islanders’ lives. VISIT US AT WWW.WELLBEING.JE


Dance Your  Way  t o  Fitness Roll & Tone is pleased to announce the Zumba®Sunday Fiesta as the first event in the WellBeing Festival. This year’s Zumba®Sunday Fiesta will be in aid of the CLIC Sargent ( Jersey) Cares for Children and Teenagers with Cancer. The Zumba®Sunday Fiesta is taking place at the Hotel de France between 12:00 and 4:00 pm on Sunday 22nd April 2012, giving people a fun afternoon and a chance to dance their socks off ! Roll & Tone’s Nat will be joined by Lyna Mourcou, one of the leading Zumba® Jammer instructors in the United Kingdom, and Joanna Veloso, one of the most famous Zumba® instructors in Portugal and host of local Zumba® instructors. WELLBEING FESTIVAL 22ND APRIL TO 7TH MAY 2012

The afternoon will include a Masterclass with Lyna, Joanna, Nat and the other local instructors, Zumba® Toning and Zumbatomic® for Kids. There will also be an opportunity to try Bokwa® Fitness, which is an intense cardiovascular workout combined with South African war dance, Capoeira, Kickboxing and Steps, and Booiaka™ - a freestyle dance class which fuses many different styles of dance to create a unique way to burn calories. You don’t have to know how to dance. Just move your body and follow the lead. This energetic afternoon will provide a fantastic opportunity to raise money for an important charity, whilst getting fit and having fun! For more information contact Nat at:








Exhibiting Well Being  World  members

Well Being Fair  Exhibitors

At t he  Radisson  B lu  Hotel  on  Sunday,  29th  April Arts in Mindfulness Back to Balance Chiropractic BeaWellness Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching Before Meets After Body & Soul Jersey BodyRox BodyTalk Jersey Bonita Hair & Beauty Boot Camp Jersey Buddies Jersey Cambridge Weight Plan with Jackie Black Claire de Gruchy Health Kinesiology Dating Detective Developmental Educational Programmes Eileen Holland Aura-Soma Energising Your Life Enhance Life Jersey Feathers Healing Fiteez Fully Present Energy Healing Grand Jersey Hotel & Spa Health Point Clinic Janice Cooke


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Jennifer Moore: Weight Loss, Health & Nutrition Coach Jersey Foodstate Jersey Juice Julie Skelley Holistic Therapist Lido Wellness Centre Life Counselling Life Energy Life Practice Jersey Marilyn Melvin M.A.R. Metamorphic Technique Jersey Group Moving Forward Nartaka Therapies Neal’s Yard Jersey Consultant Peter Johns Chiropractor Peter Mac: Cognitive Hypnotherapist Robert Norton Roll & Tone Setareh Yurts Synergy Worldwide AV The Beauty House The Healthy House The Loving Chair Company Vero Health & Wellbeing Yogipedz

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Arts in Mindfulness

Naomi West is providing live relaxation music during the WellBeing Festival and at the WellBeing Fair. She is also the founder of Arts in Mindfulness which runs workshops and retreats on the Island. In these events the participant expands his/her creativity and potential through art, voice play, clay, music and movement. The retreats include mindfulness exploration, drawing on her extensive training in Core Process Psychotherapy and Integrative Arts in Therapy.

Come and meet Naomi on Stand no. 12. W: T: +44 (0) 7797 779 949

Body & Soul Jersey

Carly and Natalie are Holistic Therapists who pride themselves on customer care, ensuring that a visit to Body & Soul is the ultimate experience in WellBeing. From rebalancing marine facials to zen-spa pedicures, the team at Body & Soul will ensure you feel great from top to toe!

To find out more about the range of treatments they offer, visit them on Stand no. 31. E: T: +44 (0) 1534 727 202


Back to Balance Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a primary health care profession that specialises in the diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. It is a gentle safe technique that can be used on babies through to the elderly and is covered by most major health insurance providers. Back to Balance uses a number of techniques tailored to your individual goals, including massage, acupuncture, manipulation, and cranial techniques.

Meet Dr Marie-Christine Dix (Doctor of Chiropractic) and Dr Micheline Samuel (Doctor of Chiropractic) on Stand no. 24. W: T: +44 (0) 1534 789 367


Jersey’s newest gym, BodyRox offers a full range of classes and state of the art equipment, the BodyRox team welcomes everyone of all ages and all levels of fitness. New for 2012: Hot BodyRox, Hot Yoga – at Langford every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday; KidRox – After School Club designed for schools to promote Fun & Fitness for Kids aged 5-15 years; and PreNatal and Post Natal Fitness – classes designed specifically for pregnant/post natal ladies. Meet Trudi and the BodyRox team on Stand no. 33. W: T: Trudi +44 (0) 1534 618 300



BeaWellness Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching

What would your life be like if you had support in creating a healthier lifestyle, motivation and guidance to set and attain more fulfilling goals, and an increased ability to stick with these changes?

Talk with Beatriz Abella, Founder and Wellness Coach, at the WellBeing Fair to find out more – Stand no. 17. W: E:

Before Meets After

Want to look great? Lots in your wardrobe, but nothing to wear? Unsure what suits your body shape? Love to know what colour clothes or make up makes you look amazing? Getting to know your colours, shape and style will make you feel truly confident. Be yourself but better.

Meet Catherine at the WellBeing Fair and check out what suits you best – Stand no. 18. W: T: +44 (0) 7700 702 290

Hair and Beauty Salon at Les Ormes

BodyTalk Jersey

The language of health that addresses illnesses, injuries, fears, allergies, emotional problems, spiritual growth, and more. Heather North Lewis also specialises in Manual Lymph Drainage which helps boosts the immune system and cleanses the body.

Bonita Hair & Beauty

Located within the beautiful setting of Les Ormes Golf & Leisure Club, Bonita Hair & Beauty is now in its 20th year. Anita and her team of experienced stylists offer a wide range of services, including styling hair for weddings and special occasions. Healing Hands is the beauty side of the business which offers relaxing facials, massage and reflexology and specialises in manual lymph drainage.

Heather is offering 20 minute BodyTalk taster sessions for £15 and 15 minute Lymph Drainage for £10 at the Fair – see her on Stand no. 19.

Special gifts and treats are also available from Bonita’s stunning array of handbags, jewellery and decorative items. Visit Stand no. 29 to find out more.

E: T: Heather +44(0)1534 610 514

E: T: +44 (0) 1534 720 081




Boot Camp Jersey

Buddies Jersey

Why be miserable when getting fit and slim?

The service is for any Islander who wants to make the very best of their down time, try new interests, hobbies and activities, whilst making new friends along the way.

Hugh and Rachael from Boot Camp Jersey will tell you more at Stand no. 37.

Julie welcomes more Buddies to Stand no. 30 at the WellBeing Fair.

W: T: Hugh +44 (0) 1534 722 298

E: T: Julie +44 (0) 7700 773 970

Dating Detective

Developmental Educational Programmes

Speak confidentially with Julie at the Fair – she’s intuitive, perceptive, an amazing ‘secret keeper’ and a fabulous judge of character.

Claire de Gruchy is now a qualified NeuroDevelopmental Therapist and regularly gives talks to professional bodies in associated fields.

Have an informal chat with Julie on Stand no. 30.

Talk with Claire at the WellBeing Fair on Stand no. 02.

Boot Camp Jersey puts a twist on conventional boot camps with the ultimate in luxury combined with highly effective fitness training using little or no equipment. Morning and evening sessions are also available at Millbrook Playing Fields.

For people looking for love or romance in Jersey. Grab hold of life and give yourself a real chance of finding that special relationship. The Dating Detective is a good place to start, with minimum effort and maximum gain.

E: T: Julie +44 (0) 7700 773 970


Buddies Jersey is in essence an “on tap social life” to say the least. Whether new to the Island or if you have lived in Jersey all your life, Buddies Jersey will make sure you always have something to do and other Buddies to socialise with.

Developmental Education Programmes provides movement and specialised listening programmes to help children improve reading, writing, spelling, maths, concentration, under-achievement and behaviour.

W: T: +44 (0) 1534 485 158



Cambridge Weight Plan with Jackie Black

Award winning Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant, Jackie Black, has helped over 1,000 people to lose weight and has now set up a clinic above Liberation Station. The Cambridge Weight Plan offers a flexible programme with one-to-one support. You won’t have to discuss your issues or be weighed in front of other people in a group - you can discuss whatever you wish in private and total confidence.

Meet Jackie at Stand no. 27. W: T: +44 (0) 7700 774 545

Eileen Holland Aura-Soma

Eileen Holland is a qualified Aura-Soma Consultant & Teacher. Aura-Soma is a colour system at the heart of which is a beautiful range of over 100 dual coloured bottles. Choose your colours to reflect your being’s needs and achieve a path to deeper understanding.

Why not book in for a consultation with Eileen at the WellBeing Fair on Stand no. 40? E: T: +44 (0) 1534 619 167


Claire de Gruchy Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology (HK) is a gentle yet powerful complementary therapy that can be used alongside conventional medicine. HK works by restoring balance to your BioEnergy system helping you to gain an improved sense of wellbeing.

Claire de Gruchy can be found at the WellBeing Fair on Stand no. 02. W: T: +44 (0) 1534 485 158

Energising Your Life

Energising Your Life workshops provide insights into key issues in your life, enabling you to learn valuable tools for everyday healing. Releasing stress whilst having fun is just one of the benefits. With a fusion of Nia, guided visualisation, intuitive art, vocal toning, drums and percussion, you’ll find a safe space to be in your flow. Helen Allen, Holistic Fitness Instructor and Wellbeing Coach, has held workshops in Russia, Greece, South Africa, Israel and the UK. Robert Norton is an Inspirational musician whose healing music has touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Meet them both on Stand no. 41. W: T: 44 (0)20 8371 9333



Enhance Life Jersey

Enhance Life Jersey is proud to deliver two very much needed services on the Island, in the form of Dating Detective, Jersey’s only bespoke, premium matchmaking service and Buddies Jersey, an on tap social life to say the least, for Islanders old and new.

Feathers Healing

The culmination of a lifetime of intuitive and psychic activity, Feathers Healing has been introduced to Jersey by Carol Le Quesne, a qualified practitioner in Reiki, Sekhem, ThetaHealing and other modalities. The combination of hands-on-healing provided at Feathers also incorporates a number of meditation and sound healing tools which are tailored to individual needs, providing a unique experience to support and encourage healing on all levels.

Visit Stand no. 30 to find out more about how these services could help you.

Meet Carol and the Feathers Healing team at the WellBeing Fair at Stand no. 07.

E: T: Julie +44 (0) 7700 773 970

E: T: Carol +44 (0) 7797 827 927

Grand Jersey Hotel & Spa

Health Point Clinic

Recognised as the ‘UK Residential Spa of the Year’ in the Professional Beauty Awards 2009 and 2010, with judges pointing to the exceptional combination of decadent treatments and its devotion to sensory bliss. The Spa offers the ultimate cocooned experience, with a range of VIP, twin and single treatment rooms, indoor heated pool and experience showers.

See Jane and the team on Stand no. 35 for taster treatments, advice on your fitness and wellbeing and to see a range of their spa products. W: T: Jane +44 (0) 1534 722 301


Lorna Jackson is a qualified therapist; she uses Traditional Chinese Medicine which works to help maintain the body’s equilibrium. This health system includes acupuncture, acu-pressure, massage (Tui na) alongside nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations. Treatment is aimed at the root cause of the condition as well as easing the symptoms. What is the point? To simply achieve good health.

Find out more at Stand no. 28. W: T: +44 (0) 1534 852 039 / 07829 999 084




Fully Present Energy Healing

Offers Nordic Walking, Guided Walks, Running Training, 1:1 and Group Training for men and women. Fiteez Training is tailored to include the wonderful beaches, woods, parks and country lanes that Jersey has to offer.

Elaine McGoogan of Fully Present specialises in Brennan Healing Science, a holistic form of energy healing which merges High Sense Perception skills with hands-on healing to assist an individual in their personal journey to health and wellbeing.

Suitable for all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes. Fitness is fun with Fiteez!

Each treatment is unique to the individual but always with the intention to help that person experience their true self. Taster sessions of a 30 minute treatment for ÂŁ15 available at the WellBeing Fair.

Meet Karen and find out more at the WellBeing Fair on Stand no. 34.

Book with Elaine at Stand no. 03.

W: T: Karen +44 (0) 7797 721 315

Janice Cooke

Janice is a gifted medium, psychic and clairvoyant. She has her own way of delivering messages from spirit which she believes should contain elements of fun and sincerity. Janice follows a strict code of ethics.

W: T: +44 (0) 1534 722 617

Jennifer Moore: Weight Loss, Health and Nutrition Coach

Jennifer works with clients to lose weight, reduce bloating, eat healthier, reduce cravings and emotional eating, increase energy, clear up health issues, and feel healthy, happy and confident in their body. She is dedicated to helping clients upgrade their health and wellness in order to live as the best version of themselves.

See Janice at Stand no. 06 for a reading. It is important to remember that all readings are for guidance and entertainment purposes only. W: T: +44 (0) 7989 065 654


Stop by and see Jennifer on Stand no. 22 for a complimentary 30 min consultation. W: T: +44 (0) 7829 737 977



Jersey Foodstate

Nutrients presented in a healthy, natural way, just as they are with whole food, Jersey Foodstate exists to provide the highest quality vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements, as well as information and education about diet and nutrition.

Jersey Juice

Jersey Juice was incorporated as part of the 2011/2012 Young Enterprise scheme. One of the products they are selling is ‘Quash’, an all-natural, non-alcoholic hand sanitiser that not only kills 99.9% of all bacteria, but moisturises the hands too.

Meet Founder Andy Barnes at the WellBeing Fair on Stand no. 26.

15ml and 50ml sizes will be available for purchase at the WellBeing Fair on Stand no. 32.

W: T: +44 (0) 1534 855280

For trade enquiries please contact

Life Counselling

Life Energy

Life Counselling specialises in relationship problems, self-esteem issues, assertiveness, stress and anger management. Marianne Bougourd is a counsellor (member of BACP) who uses therapeutic tools to help change your outlook on life and reach your full potential.

See Marianne for a chat and a brochure at the WellBeing Fair on Stand no. 15. W: T: Marianne +44 (0) 1534 723 793


Nicola Miskin at Life Energy is a qualified Health Kinesiology practitioner. Health Kinesiology (HK) combines muscle testing with acupressure. A gentle, non-invasive holistic therapy that corrects imbalances in the body’s bioenergy system, HK can help increase energy levels and general wellbeing and can reduce stress and anxiety. Life-style, nutrition, exercise and sleep are also discussed. For more information, visit Nicola on Stand no. 04. W: T: +44 (0)1534 617 406



Julie Skelley Holistic Therapist

Lido Wellness Centre

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a type of bodywork that can create dynamic improvements in your life. It helps to release tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve wholebody health and performance. It can also be useful as a preventative therapy to help keep us in optimal health. Suitable for all ages, from newborns to elders.

With six individual treatment rooms, the Centre provides a base for a wide range of therapies, offering a vast array of knowledge and experience to support people back to wellness.

Julie specialises in CranioSacral Therapy.

A diverse and experienced range of health therapists have come together in Jersey’s newest wellbeing venture – The Lido Wellness Centre based at the Lido Medical Centre in St Helier.

The Centre is open from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday, and 9 am to 5pm on Saturdays. Experience a taster treatment at the WellBeing Fair at Stand no. 25.

To find out more come and meet the team on Stand nos. 22, 23, 24, and 25.

W: T: +44 (0) 7797 742347

W: T: +44 (0) 1534 789 367

Life Practice Jersey

Marilyn Melvin M.A.R.

Life Practice Jersey also offers specialised programmes for children and students.

She also uses The Metamorphic Technique to enable the individual’s transformation to full potential. Home visits by arrangement.

Lorraine Hocquard, CNHC and BAThH registered practitioner will be on Stand no. 08.

Visit Marilyn on Stand no. 09 for more information.

Would you like to live free of fear? Stress? Anxiety? Break bad habits? Build positive relationships? Take control of your life? If yes, you could benefit from a range of therapies including NLP, EFT and Hypnotherapy.

W: T: +44 (0) 1534 731 412


Marilyn is a full member of the Association of Reflexologists (M.A.R.). With over 16 years of experience in Reflexology, she utilises Precision Reflexology to balance the energy systems of the body and enhance healing on all levels.

E: T: +44 (0) 1534 877457



Metamorphic Technique Jersey Group

Moving Forward

The Jersey Group learnt the Technique from a special lady called Sylvia Briault, who sadly passed a few years ago; now the Butterfly Ladies want to continue her important legacy. The group are passionate about the Technique and wish to share it with others, having experienced the positive transformations and support it has brought to their own lives.

Fully confidential service with private consulting rooms. Esme Holley – Adv. Diploma Counselling. Cert. Drug & Alcohol Counselling Skills; Niki Perchard – Social Educationalist. Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Sometimes called the Butterfly Ladies after the butterflies which decorate their stand. The butterfly is both the symbol of The Metamorphic Association and of transformation.

Meet the Ladies for a chat on Stand no. 10. E:

Peter Johns Chiropractor Conveniently located at Regus above Liberation Station, Peter (Doctor of Chiropractic) uses a number of highly-effective manual therapy techniques to help improve biomechanics of the spine and extremities. He also provides guidance and planning in exercise, posture and lifestyle changes to promote self-reliance and long-term health.

Esme Holley and Niki Perchard offer a range of Therapeutic Services including Cognitive Behavioural Skills Training, Person-Centred Solution-Focus Therapy, Stress Management, Emotional Freedom Therapy (Tapping), and Relaxation Techniques.

Advance bookings taken for 10 minute taster sessions at the WellBeing Fair – Stand no. 11. E: T: +44 (0) 7797 782 724 / + 44 (0) 7797 798 091

Peter Mac: Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Peter trained at the Regent’s College in London to become Jersey’s first Cognitive Hypnotherapist and since then has helped hundreds of people overcome a huge variety of problems. We are all of us wearing a ‘mask’ to hide from the world how we really feel. Peter will help lift that mask so that you can start to be the ‘real you’. We are all fellow strugglers; struggle no more.

Meet Peter at the WellBeing Fair on Stand no. 42 to discuss your specific requirements.

Meet Peter and find out more at the WellBeing Fair on Stand no. 14.

Regus, Floor One Liberation Station T: +44 (0) 1534 719 717

W: T: +44 (0) 7797 727 747




Nartaka Therapies

Eve Andrews is an Accredited Journey Specialist and AURA-SOMA® Colour Care Consultant, and is qualified in Past Life Regression, Spirit Releasement Therapy and Indian Head Massage. She also holds an NVQ in childcare and education for special needs children. Having established Nartaka in 2003, Eve is constantly learning and gaining further qualifications in the fields of Colour Therapy and The Journey – enlightening herself and her clients on her own journey. Come along to Stand no. 05 for a chat with Eve. W: T: +44 (0) 7797 756 515

Robert Norton: Musician

Robert Norton’s beautiful music has touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide; his gift for combining music and healing is described by Robert Holden, Ph.D, a leading psychologist and author of ‘Be Happy’, ‘Happiness Now’ and ‘Success Intelligence’, as “inspirational”. Listen to his music at the WellBeing Fair from 12 noon to 1pm, and meet him on Stand no. 41.

Book for his Evening of Music for Relaxation and Healing at the Opera House Studio on Tuesday, 1st May 2012 at (Advance booking recommended).


Neal’s Yard Jersey

A unique range of organic facial and skin creams aromatherapy based gathered from 91% ‘homegrown’ organic sources limiting chemical ingredients. Neal’s Yard has a holistic health approach combining a skin treatment and a health treatment ‘all-in-one’, setting it apart from many other health and beauty products.

Try for yourself at the WellBeing Fair – Stand no. 20 – once tried never forgotten. E: T: Jane +44 (0) 1534 744 773

Roll & Tone

Natalia Warzecha (Nat) is the organiser of the Zumba Sunday Fiesta. Originally from Poland, Nat has been passionate about dance and fitness all her life, having always dreamed about sharing her passion with others. She is now a qualified IDTA teacher and is licensed to teach Zumba Basic, Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning, Zumba Aqua, and Bokwa Level 1. Nat believes that not only does the music allow you to lose yourself, it is an amazing way to lose weight. And good for the spirit too. Meet Nat at Stand no. 36 to find out more! E: T: +44 (0) 7829 857 140



Setareh Yurts

Beautiful, handmade, organic structures for celebrations, special occasions and events. Setareh Yurts provide a holistic blend of simple yet sustainable spaces that complement everything from weddings to yoga and meditation. Their unique interiors can be custom-designed and are naturally conducive to starry skies and healing breaths.

Synergy Worldwide AV

Caroline Delaney is the Jersey based, Synergy Distributor. The heart is a powerful muscle and very important organ in the body. Maintaining optimal heart health and supporting the cardiovascular system are critically important for long term Wellness. L-Arginine serves as stimulator for the production of Nitric Oxide. An important natural substance involved in the cardiovascular system, validated by 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

Come and see for yourself at Stand no. 38.

Find out more on Stand no. 16.

W: T: +44 (0) 7797 905 193

T: +44 (0) 1534 857 795 M: +44 (0) 7797 913 992 E:

The Loving Chair Company

Up and Above

For a special something that adds a personal touch to your décor, The Loving Chair Company creates furnishings unlike any other.

Find the Up and Above team at the Look Good Feel Good Spring Fashion Show in the Radisson Restaurant from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. Tickets £20 (to include £3 Fair entry and £5 worth of raffle tickets – all proceeds in aid of Jersey Women’s Refuge.

The Loving Chair Company is driven by the talent and vision of a three generation family team who together design fabrics and transform antique and vintage pieces of furniture into modern, statement pieces through a revival of traditional craft skill and old-fashioned personal service that puts the customer first.

Display on Stand no. 39. E: T: +44 (0) 1534 867 067 / M: +44 (0) 7797 739 039


Contemporary, stylish fashion collections for discerning women in sizes 14 to 26. The team at Up and Above has sourced the best fashion brands from Europe in both casual and occasion wear. Prices will surprise as everything is VAT and GST free.

50 Don Street, St Helier T: +44 (0) 1534 758 808



The Beauty House

The Beauty House, founded in 2004, is the exclusive stockist of Pevonia Botanica in Jersey. Set in rural St. Mary, The Beauty House offers a wide range of beauty treatments in a tranquil relaxing environment.   Sharon, a highly qualified and experienced therapist and skincare consultant, offers bespoke skin care regimes treating disorders such as sensitivity, acne and rosacea, as well as intimate hot waxing and semipermanent make-up. 

Come and meet Sharon to discuss your skin at the WellBeing Fair on Stand no. 01.

The Healthy House

The architectural practice of Jane Faulkner Architect offers strong focus on the home and contemporary living. Your environment impacts on your life and health; house design is therefore all important in creating the right environment for your optimal wellbeing. Talk with Jane at the Fair – on Stand no. 21 about her ‘Healthy House’ Design Clinics to consider ecological, energy saving and suitable design solutions for your home. W: T: Jane +44 (0) 1534 744 773

W: T: +44 (0) 1534 789 000

Vero Health & Wellbeing


She worked for five years as the first non-nurse providing treatment at Jersey Day Hospice, has worked at two local spas and has taught Massage in Schools at two local primary schools.

Having time, not having time, making time, there is always time to stretch. Pedram practices Sivananda yoga even in a suit and tie under an umbrella in the Royal Square!

Now based at the new Lido Wellness Centre, St Saviour’s Road, Veronica will tell you more on Stand no. 23.

Find out more from Pedram on Stand no. 38.

Veronica Touzel has 12 years’ experience as a fully qualified Complementary and Beauty Therapist specialising in Facial Reflex Therapy, Temprana Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, LaStone Therapy, Hydrotherm Massage.

E: T: +44 (0) 1534 767 331


Yoga is not an exclusive club. It is an exercise, a practice, a lifestyle open to anyone. You are not meant to adapt to yoga – yoga helps you adapt to the world. The aim is to help you find harmony and balance in all you do, whether in work or leisure.

E: T: +44 (0) 7797 905 193


Non-Exhibiting Well Being  World  members


Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill, PhD, MSc, FRSPH, MIHPE

An international Hormone & Holistic Health Specialist with clinics in Harley Street and the Lido Medical Centre, Jersey. Dr Alyssa specialises in advanced hormone testing and analysis with a comprehensive written report; and, providing a natural and sustainable approach to balancing hormones that will support your wellbeing aims.

W: T: Dr Alyssa +44 (0) 1534 522 151

De Gruchy’s Funeral Care

Ayush Wellness Spa at the Hotel de France

The Ayush Wellness Spa is a haven where time stops. ‘Ayush’ means a long healthy life, where the vision is pure and authentic, creating an environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle, enhancing both physical and emotional wellbeing.

W: T: Dr Prasanna Kerur +44 (0) 1534 614 171

Felicity Corbin Wheeler

Achieve peace of mind for you and your family by discussing a pre-paid funeral plan with the caring team at De Gruchy’s Funeral Care. Plans are individually tailored to your specific requirements and all future costs are covered.

Following the WellBeing Fair in September 2011, Felicity has delivered her ‘Get Well –Stay Well’ and ‘Delicious Detox’ courses successful in Jersey and Portugal and on 18th June 2012 she will welcome Dr Brian Clement from the Hippocrates Health Institute to Jersey – more about this in the Events section of this magazine.

W: T: Jerry and Nigel +44 (0) 1534 499 444

W: T: +44 (0) 7797 787 599




Bliss Yoga

Awaken your healing power to relieve tension in the deepest layers of your body. Svaroopa yoga is an easy, gentle and safe form of yoga. The poses are suitable for any level of fitness and flexibility. Celina’s Hatha yoga in Svaroopa style classes are at Grainville Indoor Bowling Stadium. Contact Celina for more information.

Bowen by Bryant Jersey

Tony Bryant M.C.S.P. specialises in Bowen Therapy, a non-invasive hands-on therapy, using gentle finger and thumb movements over muscle, ligament, tendon and fascia. Bowen Therapy can be effective to help relieve everyday stresses and revitalise the whole person.

E: T: Celina +44 (0) 7797 919 146

E: T: +44 (0) 7797 844 153

Footprints … To Health

Francesca Warner for Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Marie Daly is qualified in Reiki Energy Healing, Reflexology and Crystal Healing, an ancient art of the laying on of crystals and Gemstones on the chakra points on and/or around the body, infusing the aura and body with light and colour.

Safe, light touch, effective treatments helping you to live with more vitality and less pain. By working with the health in your body lasting changes can occur.

The crystals work through the principle of vibration and resonance restoring balance and harmony to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the body.

Francesca originates from Jersey and is back in the Island treating each month, please contact her for information or to make an appointment.

T: +44 (0) 1534 733 837 M: +44 (0) 7797 747 408

W: T: +44 (0) 7775 5647 753




Harmony Physiotherapy

Anne-marie Webb Senior 1 Physiotherapist BSC (Hons). MCSP. SRP runs Harmony Physiotherapy specialising in musculo-skeletal physiotherapy and small group Physiotherapy Pilates, and is covered by all major insurance companies. The Physiotherapy Studio is based at Les Quennevais Sports Centre. Physiotherapy Pilates classes are held at the tranquil Isis Centre and at Les Quennevais Sports Centre.

E: T: +44 (0) 7797 824 924

Home Sweet Home

For a sense of wellbeing and peace of mind for you and your pet. Home Sweet Home will care for your cats and small pets in their own home whilst you are away or unable to tend to them for any reason. They will also walk your dog whilst you are at work. Diabetic injections and pills also administered.

E: T: Phill and Pauline +44 (0) 7797 738 454

The Neroli Clinic The Cosmetic Dental Group

The Cosmetic Dental Group is passionate about preventative care for your oral health and wellbeing. At the forefront of the best and latest techniques, the CDG team takes pride in delivering personalised care for you and your family’s healthy, happy, beautiful smiles.

Dr Jeremy Willetts | Dr Jonathan Wood | Dr Jon Sproson practice at 9 David Place, St Helier W: T: +44 (0) 1534 731 680


The Neroli Clinic

A ‘holistic haven’ in the heart of St. Helier. The aim of the Neroli Clinic is to help patients relieve tension, understand emotional and physical blocks, and achieve balance and vitality in their lives. They work alongside traditional doctors using acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, reflexology and physiotherapy providing an integrated approach to health and wellbeing. Jane Fullerton MCSP HPC registered and Polly Ashton MBAcC Acupuncturist.

W: T: Jane +44 (0) 7797 741 954 T: Polly +44 (0) 1534 618 285



L’Horizon Hotel & Spa

Ommaroo Hotel lhorizon-spa T: +44 (0) 1534 494 433

W: T: Maritza da Silva, General Manager +44 (0) 1534 723 493

The Organic Shop


The aim at L’Horizon Hotel & Spa is to surround you in the height of luxury, with tranquil oceanviews, encouraging a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing. A whole range of treatments and therapies are available, including Lava Shell Massage and Elemis Spa.

The only organic shop in Jersey to boast 100% organic produce and products. As well as fresh produce they also stock cheese, eggs, cereals, teas, beauty, and household cleaning products. They also offer a fruit and veg box scheme with free delivery to your door.

The Ommaroo Hotel enjoys serene, unsurpassed sea views. With its new Club Wing and Restaurant, the Ommaroo is perfectly situated for the local resident, business community, tourist and business visitor alike, just 10 minutes’ walk from St Helier town centre.

Ann Marie Clarke of Therapybreaks practices at the Lido Medical Centre, Jersey. She provides psychotherapy, professional supervision and therapy breaks for individuals seeking to improve their experience of life and relationships.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30am to 5.00pm at 68 Stopford Road, St Helier.

E: T: + 44 (0) 1534 789 322


W: T: Ann Marie +44 (0) 7797 770 059


Travelmaker by Design

Specialists in luxury travel, tailor-made itineraries, specialist holidays and overseas weddings and honeymoons. They also offer an appointment service and home visits are available.

W: T: +44 (0) 1534 784 317

In need of your next dose of wellness already? Keep Sunday, 9th September 2012 free in your diary for the Autumn WellBeing Fair.


Be Happy    

Release t he  Power  of  Happiness  in  Y OU Scientifically tested and proven, Robert Holden’s training to improve wellbeing and mental health is finally available in this workbook of 50 principles and exercises to radically change a negative thought pattern to a positive mindset. Encapsulating Dr. Holden’s world famous techniques, this book shows you how to stop chasing happiness and start enjoying your life as it happens, create a happiness contract to undo mental and emotional blocks to happiness and success, learn to forgive old mistakes, accept the past cannot be changed and focus on being happy now, and use the power of happiness to bless your life and benefit others.

Key themes include: Defining true happiness: give up the pursuit of happiness out there and start following your joy The happiness contract: increase your natural capacity for prosperity and success The receiving meditation: discover how to be so happy that you almost feel guilty, but not quite! The forgiveness principle: give up all hopes for a better past and commit to living happily even after The gift of happiness: use the power of happiness to bless your life, let your relationships flourish, and help you be a truly loving presence in the world

Written with his trademark insight, compassion and humour, Dr. Holden guides you through a set of scientifically proven principles and exercises that have been hailed as ‘a genuine fast-track to happiness’.



What Others Said:

If you want to rediscover your inner contentment, this is well worth a read. (Natasha Harding The Sun) Proven techniques and amazing insights (Health & Fitness magazine) International happiness guru (Natural Health Magazine) Britain’s foremost expert on happiness (The Daily Mail) Dr Robert Holden ... reveals the path to a contented existence (You Magazine) Robert Holden is an expert in positive psychology. (Marie Claire) Robert Holden is the man known worldwide as the happiness guru. (The Sunday Times) ‘This happiness training not only changes the way you feel; it actually changes the way your brain functions.’ (Professor Richard Davidson, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

About the Author Robert Holden PhD is the Director of The Happiness Project and Success Intelligence. His innovative work on happiness and success has been featured on Oprah and in two major BBC-TV documentaries, The Happiness Formula and How to Be Happy, shown in 16 countries to more than 30 million television viewers. He is the author of the bestselling books Happiness NOW!, Success Intelligence and Shift Happens! He lives in London with his wife and daughter.


The P ursuit  of  Happiness:  

Toward an  Economy  of  Well-Being   (Brookings Focus Books)

Economists are increasingly using happiness surveys to study a host of questions, ranging from the happiness effects of health and marriage to the unhappiness effects of unemployment, divorce, and even commuting time. Carol Graham was a pioneer in the economic study of happiness, and she has been involved from the beginning in discussions about applying this approach to economic policymaking. In this straightforward and accessible book, Graham explores what we know about the determinants of happiness across and within countries of different development levels, including some counterintuitive and surprising relationships. She then raises the challenges posed by the use of these measures as comparative indicators. Foremost among these are the extent to which people can adapt to adversity and still report to be happy and the need for clarity on the definition of happiness.

Centuries ago, the study of happiness was of great interest to economists and philosophers such as Adam Smith and Jeremy Bentham. As the economics profession turned more toward quantitative methods, however, the approach fell out of fashion. Over a century later, economists are circling back, and research on happiness has entered the mainstream. There are a number of efforts underway to develop national level well-being measures. The objective is to develop metrics that can be compared within and across countries and ultimately used as complements to traditional income and GDP data. A definition of well-being that is broader than income could lead to improved understanding of poverty and the development process. But what are the components of such a metric, and should greater happiness become a specific policy goal? Should we be using happiness measures as a guide to development policies? These are the critical issues addressed in this book.

About the Author Carol Graham is a senior fellow in both Foreign Policy Studies and Global Economy and Development at the Brookings Institution, where she holds the Charles Robinson Chair in Foreign Policy. Her most recent book is Happiness around the World: The Paradox of Happy Peasants and Miserable Millionaires (Oxford University Press, 2010).



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Wellbeing World Spring Summer 2012  
Wellbeing World Spring Summer 2012  

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