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FORTUNA CELEBRATE 60 YEARS OF BUSINESS 2014 marks the 60th anniversary of St Helier based, familyowned Fortuna Electronics, which began trading in 1954, from the washhouse of the Dingle family home in Trinity. A few years on, and proprietor Bryan Dingle decided to open a ‘fully established’ store in Seaton place, selling and repairing radios.

Now under the ownership of the dedicated, hands-on duo, John and Mary, son and daughter of Bryan – 60 years on and the business is still going strong! In fact, Fortuna is dotingly described as ‘Jerseys favourite independent electrical retailer’ and the island’s longest established one at that.   Both a passion for the business and a continual high level of quality customer service has made Fortuna what it is today, so it’s little wonder that they’ve been successful for so long.   John said on contemplating his many years in the business ‘I think holding the customer at the heart of what we do is what’s kept us going. People don’t just want the product handed to them in a box anymore, so we show them what it does, and teach them how to get what they need from it, in addition we will hang the screen on the wall for our customers and even network an AV system through an entire house or business if that’s what they need. It’s quite a feat these days,’ he said ‘to stay in business for 60 years, and it has not been without its challenges, but I’m lucky to have a team of such dedicated staff to help Mary and I keep the family business thriving.’   Situated on Halkett Place, Fortuna employ an experienced team of in-store retail specialists, along with a 10-strong vehicle fleet of high-quality custom installation, repair and maintenance crews, all of which provide an extensive support service.  


As specialists in home entertainment, they supply the latest in audio-visual equipment and home appliances to the residents of Jersey, all whilst stocking a wide range of quality brands. In fact, Fortuna has just launched a digital signage company “Airblocks Jersey”. An asset to those wishing to showcase advertising in stores, on the streets and at public events via select TVs  

company in Jersey in the very near future. Asides from their many recent successes, Fortuna have some ‘diamond’ plans up their sleeves to celebrate their 60 year anniversary, some of which kicked off on 1st May with a set of special long term promotions including 60 month warranties on selected products, 60-day money off vouchers on all in-store purchases and 60

“I THINK HOLDING THE CUSTOMER AT THE HEART OF WHAT WE DO IS WHAT’S KEPT US GOING. PEOPLE DON’T JUST WANT THE PRODUCT HANDED TO THEM IN A BOX ANYMORE, SO WE SHOW THEM WHAT IT DOES, AND TEACH THEM HOW TO GET WHAT THEY NEED FROM IT” Along with this exciting venture, they are now the proud suppliers of the dedicated I.P TV, for use in any private or public place, including education, hotel, health and prison facilities. This particular system allows for the total control of a network of TV monitors in buildings, towns or cities, and many of today’s Airblocks products can be seen around the globe! Other feats include being at the forefront of an impressive project, which involved streaming video content throughout Ibiza and in every nightclub on the Island, as well as to all of the outside screens. The monitors, which were all controlled via Fortuna’s call centre based in Livingston, were used for both public information and advertising. Due to the success of this project, Fortuna plans to launch this

‘Dingle Deals’ offered exclusively through the brand new Fortuna website! Other celebratory events included the launch of the in-store ‘Wheel of Fortuna’ – which gave budding customers the chance to win money off purchases. Throughout the anniversary year, there’s lots more to come, including the likes of activities and special offers, all of which will be taking place in store. For those wishing to take part, simply sign up to Fortuna’s email newsletter via their website or visit www.fortunajersey. com for more information.

68-72 HALKETT PLACE 01534 732 549


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