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# 155

the FAMILY issue

Keeping it in the family Familes that work and play together

Social Setting

Food for the family at Seaton Place Social

Street Angels

Meet a team of tiny dancers





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edito #155 [FAMILY] Jersey’s premium lifestyle magazine | no. 155 | September 2018 | the


£ priceless


# 155

the FAMILY issue

Keeping it in the family Familes that work and play together

Social Setting

Food for the family at Seaton Place Social

Street Angels

Meet a team of tiny dancers




hen I was 18 I couldn’t really see a life beyond 25. I don’t mean that in James Dean way, it’s just that life beyond seemed so mature that I simply couldn’t rationalise it at that point. The window of life that was to contain university and then a few years of work seemed as though it would last until the end of time. Architecture was avoided as a degree subject as the requisite extra three years seemed like a whole life lost to education. It’s strange how those perceptions of time are relative. In my head I’ve not really matured beyond 25. The year I came to Jersey. In reality, life has been flying by. Sure, I’ve done a fair bit of travelling, taken a few holidays, started a little business, got married and had a couple of kids. I know that’s a load of life ticks but I just still don’t really feel I’ve got into the swing of things, yet somehow I’m already ‘the big’ 40. By the time my Mum was my age she was out of the woods - I was already at Uni. I have a one year old and a seven year old to contend with. And a dog to walk. I am properly in the thick of family life. I guess that’s the double edged sword of living it up in your twenties?

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The happy smiling face on our cover this month is a clear departure from the norm to reflect this edition’s ‘family’ theme. As much as I’m eternally 25 in my head, we do recognise that our audience and readers, like me, have had some life fly by since we started this little project 14 years ago. This month’s shoot is a reflection of that. We had a great response to our callout for a family that would like a shoot with lovely family lifestyle photographer Gisela Olsson. Thank you to everyone who took the time to send in photos! The Bartlett family stepped up to the task and, furnished with a selection of clothes from de Gruchy and The Potting Shed, headed to the dunes for a great afternoon of smiles (pg64). It’s funny to imagine, when you’re looking at a person who can’t eat without getting it all over their face, that you might one day end up in business with your little bundle of joy. We got so many responses to our search for families who work together that we’re thinking of making it a monthly feature. Meet our first batch this month (pg14). We also meet the husband and wife team who are keeping it in the family at the cafe that carries their name as we meet Drew and Ella Locke (pg94). Food blogger Laura Dauny of theislandplate also recommends her top five family friendly picks this month (pg76). If you’re looking for somewhere to grow your family, Imogen went to see a great Barn in St Saviour for our property profile (pg80). If that’s as far out of your price range as it is mine, why not head over to Our sister magazine’s (family, get it?) property portal has had a complete six month rebuild. It’s now firing on all cylinders as people check out historic transaction dates; the best source of open viewings on the market and the cleanest platform for finding Jersey property from multiple agents at once. It’s now, definitively, THE place to find a place in Jersey; our baby and the best place to find a place for yours. Happy hunting. BD






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Modern life flies past, and there are more things than ever to cross off your list before the Grim Reaper catches up with you. Young (and not so young) people today have a greater range of life choices than any other generation, but most will close as many doors as they open. The younger generation worries about careers, education and travel, but easily the biggest decision relates to whether or not to start a family and what you might need to sacrifice to achieve that. It may seem as though you have plenty of time to decide, but depending on how you spend your youth, those fertile decades could wither away like a bunch of grapes in the back of the fridge. If you’re young and feeling indecisive read on, because if there’s one area where you can absolutely rely on older people, it’s in telling you what to do

about having kids - whether you asked for that advice or not. We looked about until we found two middle-aged ladies with an opinion (approximately three minutes), and put them either side of some bulletproof glass borrowed from the gorilla house at Durrell. In the pink dungeon we have Sharon ‘Pampers’ Parker, who lists her occupation

Life goals: Is your life incomplete if you don’t have kids? Sharon: I can’t imagine life without my little angels, who fill the world with joy from around 5AM each morning til well after midnight. I’m sure my downstairs neighbours feel the same way. My kids are endlessly entertaining and teach me something new every day - which I immediately share to the social media accounts I set up so that other people could experience the unique wonders of my offspring. Yes, I could have had a career, or gone back to university, but I’m CEO of this family and have earned my degree in the University of Life. Other people have hobbies or interests, but in the 40 minutes I spend alone with my husband each day all he wants to hear about is what funny/intelligent/charming things our brood have done in the twelve hours he’s been in the office. I expect if you don’t have them your life is nothing but emptiness and regret - all the sleep and spare money is worth nothing compared to the pleasure I’ve had from wiping bottoms and watching cartoons since 1998.

as “Proud Mummy” and has spent the last twenty years raising six children, blogging about them and running the PTA with a hand of steel. In the isolation cage we have Kelly Jones, successful career lady and pet parent. She sleeps for eight hours a night and goes on holiday every other month.

pictures of Kelly to Mumsnet so that pram-pushing vigilantes can keep an eye on her. Kelly: My sister has three of them, and although they’re nice enough in small doses I prefer talking to my cats because I already know what they want out of the exchange and I am not required to feign an interest in Minecraft after a long week in the office. I prefer spending time with other childless adults, who have a range of conversational topics that exceeds nappy contents and the cast of characters in Paw Patrol. I find children to be noisy, destructive and dirty, and I wish they were either banned from public places or subject to similar rules as dogs. Keep them on a lead, pick up after them and don’t let them on my furniture.

“I prefer talking to my cats because I already know what they want out of the exchange and I am not required to feign an interest in Minecraft after a long week in the office”

Kelly: My life is great, thank you very much. If anything I don’t have any room in my life for children; with my fantastic career which pays for all my holidays, parties, dinner dates, shoes, hobbies - and cats. I think my cats get more ‘likes’ than your kids, Sharon, and they are every bit as loving and entertaining as human children, with the bonus that they don’t care who looks after them when I’m on holiday as long as the Whiskas keeps coming. I once put them in the cattery for three weeks when I was in Bali with the girls, and unlike real children they didn’t grow up to write bad poetry about what a neglectful parent I am. One of them did pee in the laundry basket. I admit the cats won’t look after me when I’m old, but you can’t guarantee that from human children either - just ask my mother.

Companionship: Are children nice to be around? Sharon: Children are the wisest, funniest, sweetest people in this world, and my little ones are the wisest, funniest and sweetest amongst them. Let me show you this clip of Barnaby talking about the plot of his favourite Harry Potter novel - isn’t it fifteen minutes of pure adorableness? Yes, they have tantrums, but whenever I’m amongst adults I see plenty of behaviour that should end up on the naughty step. It’s not my fault that some people are so neurotic that they can’t ignore a baby with an upset tummy - she always gets a bit colicky if she has to fly for longer than seven hours or if I bring her to the cinema. To be perfectly honest, anybody who isn’t made instantly happier by the sound of children is a deeply sad individual and, in fact, very suspicious to me. You can’t be too safe - I’ll be uploading


Humanity: Is it necessary for society that we keep having children?

Sharon: Children are our future! The only reason I care about society at all is so that my children, and their children’s children, have a world that can support them. People talk about overpopulation, but I’ve got room in my heart for at least two more kids and they’ll only take up the space freed up by deluded singletons like Kelly. I’m not worried about the planet running out of resources because as well as being charming and talented all my children are geniuses. If anything I would change society so that children are even more important, by making it illegal not to cater to them in restaurants and banning any entertainment that excludes the under fives. Kelly: I suppose it’s reasonable that some people get to have children, but I’m in favour of restricting the privilege to those parents who don’t let their little darlings ruin things for those of us who enjoy the absence of shrieking. I’d treat breeding like getting a driver’s licence - you would lose points for letting them wail in public, touch things in shops or a long list of antisocial behaviour that I wouldn’t have space to list if this magazine were twice as long. As for the parents - if you post more than one baby picture a day to social media you’d face a Parish Hall enquiry, and if you can’t demonstrate a topic of dinner party conversation that doesn’t revolve around child-rearing you are forced to sweep the roads at weekends. We all win in this scenario - I get to enjoy a lie-in, people like Sharon get to learn that not everybody finds their offspring fascinating, and the children who do avoid my wrath will grow up into model members of society, like me.




Colleague relationships can be complicated enough - but what happens when you throw a family member into the mix? Working with members of your family has the potential to be a very trying and challenging situation, but it can also bring an element to business that no manner of team-building activities can produce.

Jane & Nathalie Nathalie Jane


Based in St Aubin, Nathalie Jane was established in May this year with the purpose of bringing high quality, stylish and easy to wear clothing and accessories to local customers and visiting tourists in Jersey. Where did the inspiration come from to open Nathalie Jane? JANE: I’d been selling clothes from Danish labels Friendtex and Once from home for about a year, and had found they were drawing a keen following amongst friends in Jersey who kept coming back for more! As the clothes became increasingly popular, I drew on my daughter Nathalie’s first-hand knowledge and experience of the retail industry to help expand my little business. NATHALIE: I was working for online fashion brand ASOS in London at the time and was keen to lend a hand to support my Mum’s new venture. Following a stint of travelling, I took a break from London to return home to Jersey to soak up the island life. A Sunday morning coffee in St Aubin’s quickly turned into the start of a new adventure for us when, by chance, we saw that a retail space was available in the perfect location. It was an opportunity not to miss!   What is it that you love the most about working together? NATHALIE: We have a shared belief in good quality products and the importance of creating


a friendly, approachable environment in our small boutique. It works well because we both bring something different to the table. JANE: Nathalie has great artistic flair and loves putting together different displays and getting creative, whilst I keep an eye on the business side of things! We both love interacting with our customers, with the approach that every customer is an individual who will have their own style and their own ideas about what catches their eye or makes them feel their best. What are your hopes for the future in running your business together? JANE: The business has gone from strength to strength since its opening in May. We have already learnt a lot and look forward to continuing to develop our shop so that it’s fresh and relevant, but never compromising on the quality and ethos of the brands we sell. NATHALIE: It’s exciting to explore new opportunities for adding new products, particularly as we enter a new season. Any excuse for a few ‘research trips’ to our favourite European markets in the search of products with that little something special, is an added bonus!



Allan & Ben BoxinBusiness


Boxinbusiness is a specialised state of the art boxing gym based at Fort Regent, where they run non-contact boxing fitness sessions for men and women of all ages and abilities. Founded by father and son team, Allan & Ben, their aim is to get people fit and teach them new skills; all at the same time as enjoying their training. What first established you to set up Boxinbusiness? BEN: After 16 years of being a competitive boxer and seeing the benefits boxing has both physically and mentally, I really wanted to offer the same type of training to everyone. ALLAN: Boxing training and boxing gyms can be quite intimidating for people, but at Boxinbusiness we try to make boxing accessible to everyone, keeping the training levels high whilst making it fun and enjoyable. What’s it like working so closely together? ALLAN: We love working alongside each other and couldn’t think of better duo.

Like any partnership, we have our little disagreements but we soon get over them and go back to being best friends. We definitely play the roles of ‘good cop, bad cop’ - Ben being the good cop! BEN: With my fitness experience along with my Dad’s passion, drive and wicked sense of humour, we feel we’re a great team. What do your clients say about you as a father and son team? BEN: Our clients think the relationship we have it pretty cool, and they can see how much we love what we’re doing - “if you find something you enjoy, you will probably be good at it”.

“With my fitness experience along with my Dad’s passion, drive and wicked sense of humour, we feel we’re a great team.”




Paul & Beth Cambrette Care


Cambrette Care is a high-quality community care provider, providing care packages that enable islanders to enjoy living life in their own home for as long as they wish. The business is run by husband and wife team, Paul & Beth, who have not only recently celebrated Cambrette Care’s 10 year anniversary, but also their own Silver Wedding Anniversary and both of their 50th birthdays. What first motivated you to establish a business together? PAUL: I met a friend who during a “what are you both doing at the moment” conversation said he had the perfect business for us for sale. We were curious but sceptical to start with, but it quickly became clear that we had the ideal skill mix to make it happen. BETH: With my background in nursing and experience as a regulator, paired with Paul’s administrative experience, we were confident we could make it work. For myself, having worked as a regulator, I had always thought that I would enjoy the challenge of providing excellent care in the community. We cancelled a dream holiday to Mexico and started work just after my 40th birthday. We didn’t realize it might take 3 years before we had another holiday! What is it like working together as Husband and Wife? PAUL: The opportunity to work together was something of a gift. As parents, we never missed a prize giving, a performance or a teacher meeting.

BETH: There were challenges to start with we worked from our dining room at home. Once we established our office in town we were able to define more boundaries, for example, no discussing work in the bathroom in the morning, let alone the bedroom!    What do you think is the key to success in running a business with your spouse? PAUL: The key to working with your spouse is recognising each other’s strengths and delegating the work to those strengths. Obviously, we don’t talk about the weaknesses as that would be counterproductive!  BETH: We know we have challenges ahead, the LTCB is now established, the independent Care Commission for adults is in place and the Regulation of Care Law is to be enacted at the end of this year. We can’t wait to meet these challenges and to continue enabling our clients to keep enjoying life in their own home.  

“The key to working with your spouse is recognising each other’s strengths and delegating the work to those strengths.”




Anna & Tom JT


Anna and Tom Hughes met at Jersey Telecom in the year 2000. They both started work within a few months of each other in the same department. Fast-forward 18 years and they are happily married with two beautiful children, and are living proof that it is possible to share the workplace with your spouse! What is it like working at the same company as your spouse? ANNA: We met at work and were married within a few short years. We have seen a lot of change over the years, in ourselves, in technology and in JT. Working together means we have a very strong contextual understanding of each other’s work load, we understand the direction the company is going in and pressures each other may face. TOM: We’re in a lucky position that we have very different skill sets and different drivers that just so happen to work very well together. We can provide support and advice, talking something through with full knowledge and insight. However, I can’t always get away with saying I’m in a meeting - Anna knows better! What do you love most about working together? ANNA: Aside from the reassurance that you don’t have to babysit your partner at staff parties? After 18 years of living and working together, with a couple of amazing children thrown into the mix, we’ve learned a lot about each other. The key to working with your partner isn’t that different from learning to work with your partner in a marriage - there’s a lot of give and take.

TOM: We’ve supported each other through many department transitions over the years. It’s good to know that your favourite person and best friend is there and has your back … most of the time! We have an employer that is wholly supportive of a work-life balance and allows us, and the many other families within JT, to manage our work days with a degree of flexibility - I suppose that’s why we have never felt a need to move elsewhere. What is the key to success and happiness for a couple sharing the workplace? ANNA: You need to limit the time you talk about work at home - that’s key for all couples, but more so for those that work together. Life is all about balance, and you need to learn when to close the door on your work. Not working in the same office also helps! TOM: I agree with Anna - just because you spend all day together doesn’t necessarily mean you should sprint off in opposite directions once its five o’clock. We do lots of activities together, but also have a lot of separate hobbies and friend groups, which is important for us as individuals and makes sure I don’t just talk about full-fibre broadband!

“The key to working with your partner isn’t that different from learning to work with your partner in a marriage - there’s a lot of give and take.”




Keeping active when summer comes to an end WORDS Leroy Wallace ILLUSTRATION Tasha Reis



The weather outside has been so nice for so long that I worry about how I’ll adjust when normal British service is resumed. It’s temporarily drizzling as I write this, but I’m merely taking the opportunity to wash my beach towel, clean sand out of the car and rub after-sun into the overcooked bits of my suntan. I view the rain an an unexpected bonus - less time watering the garden equals more time swimming as soon as it dries out again. Inside, the TV is covered with cobwebs, the sweaters are being eaten by moths and I stopped going to the gym because it’s been too hot for me to eat lunch since the start of June. How will I cope when the skies return to grey? At the back of my mind I know the heatwave can’t last forever, so I’ve begun stockpiling the things I’m going to do when it isn’t so nice to be outside, and when it starts becoming actively unpleasant again. In the rare years where we’ve had a proper summer I’ve tended to think of this in terms of hibernation, of retreat into a warm cave, but in 2018 I’ve had so much fun staying busy that I have vowed to keep it up throughout the less hospitable months. I could summarise my plan with “try not to veg in front of the TV non-stop until March”, but any lack of detail is dangerous when cold and darkness could arrive and bury my halfformed plans under an avalanche of sleet. If we want to carry summer’s joy into the dank and miserable months we’re better off coming up with a detailed plan of action - by ordering some sensible seasonal clothing, sketching out ways to entertain ourselves, and by ensuring we have the motivation to make it to another summer more or less intact.

Winter strategy 1: Remaining active indoors

With the exception of a brief guilty burst in January, gyms and sports centres tend to be less busy in the winter months. For the vain amongst us this might be because chunky woollen knits hide a multitude of sins, but it could also be that the oppressive darkness tricks our metabolism into behaving like a winter bear, afraid to waste calories on sweat. This works if you’re a bear, or an Icelandic goatherd in 700AD, but in the modern world few of us need to conserve calories. We’re better off transforming them, not just into healthy bodies but also endorphins - the happy chemicals that help me get through winter without weeping in the supermarket or setting fire to my workplace. Exercise is fun to do when it’s warm outside, but when winter rolls around it becomes essential to maintain your mood as well as your appearance. It isn’t necessary to switch your summer exercise regime entirely to the indoors - I feel a lot better if I combine my visits to the sports centre with


wintry outdoor activities, regardless of how foul the weather is. The value isn’t just in the vitamin D, but in reminding myself that I won’t let an hour’s rain defeat me, even if I will let it remind me I’m lucky to be able to get back indoors when I’m done. This also highlights another winter coping strategy, which is to stay loving the outdoors even when it doesn’t love you back. Even in a British winter it doesn’t rain all the time, so prepare to treat those dry, bright days like an unexpected bonus and a reason to take a walk in our “refreshing” off-season environment.

Winter strategy 2: stay social

A further downside to winter in a beach community is that it is easier to let yourself become socially isolated when the sun goes

we all got bored of in the 80s. If you Google “board games buyer’s guide” you’ll find some good lists of new games, from multihour strategy behemoths to funny card games that the whole family can enjoy.

Winter strategy 3: Start a hobby or creative project

Perhaps the best way to recast bad weather as a positive opportunity is in taking up a hobby, or learning a new skill. I put off doing anything new when it’s hot, but I also like to fantasise that months of howling winds and miserable rain are like the training montage in a kung-fu film - where I emerge into next spring a more rounded and somehow impressive individual. For time-starved working adults it can seem like learning anything new is unachievable,

“At the back of my mind I know the heatwave can’t last forever, so I’ve begun stockpiling the things I’m going to do when it isn’t so nice to be outside, and when it starts becoming actively unpleasant again.” away. Technically you could still arrange to meet your friends for a barbecue or quick dip in the sea after work, but for most people this is about as enticing as a soggy duffel coat once the clocks go back. Jersey’s all-purpose solution to the winter blues is to meet people indoors to drink alcohol, but although there’s value in the warming effect of the booze, and in like-minded commiseration, excessive alcohol consumption is one of our biggest problems. Our sauce-soaked culture also excludes people who don’t drink, or are merely trying to cut down. My solution has been to plan the type of social events that allow people to drink if they want to, but are still accessible to people who don’t. These could involve book groups, getting together to screen a film, or arranging potluck dinners. I also rediscovered board games, which are a cheap way to spend an evening with friends or family and are more accessible to newcomers than modern video games. I’d advise swerving Monopoly if you want to exit winter on good terms with your nearest and dearest, but there are countless non-awful games out there to enjoy beyond the same five titles

especially when you’re tired and cold, but if you record the amount of time you spend doing non-essential passive activities you’ll be surprised about what you can achieve. Last winter I had two seasons of a glossy TV show lined up to watch over a few weeks, and instead I decided to spend the time doing an online course for Adobe Photoshop. I’m not a quick learner, but in the 20 hours I didn’t spend watching TV I picked up a new skill that I’m happy to put on my CV, and I’m now Photoshopping for fun on my evenings off. You could spend just one evening a week on a cooking class, learning to sing, or brushing up on your GCSE French. It’s true that we’re spoiled with modern TV, but I’m of the opinion that you stop appreciating it if you just lurch from one box set to another every night. If you spend one evening a week on a new hobby, and another ploughing through all those books you promised to read once it stopped being so hot, then big-budget telly goes back to being something of a treat. Who knows, you might even set a resolution to treat yourself next summer by staying inside and watching TV if we get hit by another heatwave.



Just random things to amuse you.

WORDS Daco Fernandes

You think your family is weird?

Your family is weird. You’re in it, for starters. To be fair though, some families are likely to be a lot weirder than yours.

Aren’t families just the best?

Any small place in the world tends to be known for its familyoriented lifestyle. Small communities are known for their increased family cohesion. Many have argued that some of our western parishes contain families that know each other all too well. It is heard that, all over our island, there are groups of people, who not only happen to smell of wet crisps, but they also have the forwardthinking fashion sense to combine evening wear with sportswear. (think: Tuxedo jacket with white Hi-Tecs). You might be thinking that this is a bit unfair. I think you're just jealous because your family isn’t close enough to be able to sit around together to feast on small dogs. All you can do is go to ElTico for a lovely lunch before taking your dog for a drag along the five-mile. Families are great, aren’t they? When you are a child, you look up to your family - they are your teachers and, often, they are your guiding light, you are solely dependant on them (if you don’t think so - ask your parents). In your teens and into your twenties - your family becomes a nuisance: continually badgering you about what you're up to, where you’ve been, where are you going, and why don’t you call anymore? Didn’t you know aunty Trish’s dog had a biopsy? Why don’t you care about anything?In later life, the tables will be turned. You suddenly realise you need them again. Why has no-one called me? I hope Alfredo calls me from Uni? I wish I had enough guts to tell my wife that we should have just named him Frodo, He would really appreciate it right now. Who’s going to clean up after me? Why don’t they love me? I can’t wait to put the dog down; I can’t afford another biopsy… especially after that massive weekend at the bowls club annual summer tea party.

Take the Phelps’ Family: Deemed America’s most hated family, the Phelps’ family make up a large proportion of the infamous Westboro Baptist church. Well known for picketing funerals, they also hate Gay, Jewish, Catholic, the military & the White House. It’d probably be shorter to list who they don’t hate; the Old Testamentstyle God and…that’s kind of it, actually. Often waving placards that display slogans such as: “God blew up the shuttle”, “Planes crash God laughs” & “Thank God for dead soldiers”… I can’t help but feel slightly perturbed by them as a unit. The slogan that has always got me is the one that says - “God hates fags”. Now… I understand that there is a strong correlation between smoking and chronic diseases of the respiratory system, but I don’t ever recall it transcribed in the Holy Book. I think it’s a bit much to suggest that, God, the creator of the universe, isn’t a fan of sneaking a quick pack of ten down the back of the bike shed. He invented them, for Christ's sake. Maybe God is a bit like those hippies who refuse to eat anything that isn’t organic but yet refuse to accept that the high strength, genetically modified weed that is grown from carefully selected strains, that they’re smoking isn’t actually, natural. Hypocrisy is in abundance in lots of families - be thankful that you're just an idiot like the rest of us.

It takes two to tango, but it takes a hell of a lot more people to make a family work together for its own greater good. Be kind to each other, as you never know when it’s your turn to deal with all the crap.


My dad died when we couldn't remember his blood type. As he died, he kept insisting that we "be positive," but it's hard without him.

I wonder what my parents did to fight boredom before the internet. I asked my 17 brothers and sisters, and they didn't know either.

"Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream”. George W. Bush. It is a shame that senatorial candidate, Ocean Stevie, never got his chance to fire out some beautiful quotes from the Bailiffs chairwe can still dream though of such a future.





square-metre viewing gallery forms part of plans for new airport


year anniversary of the 10k Jayson Lee run celebrated last month

25,400 pound cost for planning enquiry into Tamba Park planning application



nautical mile Round Britain and Ireland sailing race won by local sailor BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS

Asian hornets found nesting in roof of local property


pounds raised for charity by minisuperhero youngster who completed a minitriathlon






Street Angels Jersey is a street dance and graffiti club based at Centre Point Trust, offering children a fun and exciting place to express themselves by learning exciting dance moves and routines, as well as understanding the fundamentals of graffiti. What started as a small group of 8 children dancing and 6 learning graffiti, has since grown to a group of over 60, with classes available for children from aged 6 to 15. Street Angels have performed at Jersey Live, Folklore, The Weekender, Dance World Cup and have been involved in charity workshops for Brighter Futures. They recently spray painted the playground at Clos Des Roncier for Andium Homes. Since its inception in 2016, they have raised over £5000 for Centre Point trust Children’s Charity.

Founder and Dance Teacher, Grahame Fitchett, is passionate about offering exciting opportunities for his students: “Being from a little island, our dance group don’t often get to experience things that other groups may do being in the UK. We have a group of incredible children that deserve to showcase their talents and have the opportunity to compete against others, so we would like to fundraise to allow the children to attend a once in a lifetime trip - to compete in the UK Street Dance Challenge.”

The UK Street Dance Challenge is a huge dance competition held twice a year, where visitors attend workshops with some very talented dancers and compete against other children in different events including singles, doubles, triples and group dances. “I would love to be able to put as many forward as possible to dance against others and experience something they may never get the chance to experience again; all the while flying the flag for Jersey.”

To donate, please visit: Website Instagram @streetangelsjsy Facebook @streetangelsjsy






Guinness World Record attempt for Headway Jersey

Bloodwise hosts Gala Opera Dinner

Bloodwise Jersey (formerly Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research) will be hosting the annual Diva Opera dinner on 9 November 2018 at the Hotel L’Horizon. The black-tie event, now in its 26th year, features the world-renowned Diva Opera Company performing popular arias and songs from the musical theatre. The Company have been Britain’s leading proponents of chamber opera for over 20 years and have performed all over the world, with some of the greatest names in the business, such as Dame Kiri te Kanawa and Jose Carreras. The event offers a fantastic opportunity to see world-class singers in an intimate and atmospheric setting. Entry includes a champagne reception, three course dinner and coffee. There is also a silent raffle with fantastic prizes. All funds raised from the evening support Bloodwise Jersey, a branch of the UK registered charity. Originally founded in 1960, Bloodwise was for many years known as Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. The name was changed in 2015 to reflect the fact that the organisation aims to battle all blood cancers. There are over 130 varieties of blood cancer, accounting for the third highest rate of mortality of all cancers. The mission of the charity is to stop people dying from these cancers, to make patients’ lives better, and to stop blood cancer happening in the first place. Primarily this is done by funding research and currently there are over 160 projects across the UK. Perhaps the best known of these locally is the Annual Kids’ Triathlon held at Les Quennevais in June. Now in its 6th year, this event has grown from 200 entrants to over 500 in 2018 and is kindly sponsored by Vistra Trust. Next year’s event has already been scheduled for 8th June 2019, and there will be the opportunity to obtain a discounted entry fee by booking early. Keep an eye on for more details.

More information is available at or else please contact

Thirty years of Refuge

It is perhaps incredible to believe that the first women’s refuge in the world wasn’t founded until 1971. It was titled ‘Chiswick Women’s Aid’ and was meant only to remove women and their children from violence. They offered ‘tea, sympathy and a safe place to stay’. Unsurprisingly the response was overwhelming, and refuges began to spring up world-wide. Jersey joined this movement in 1988 with the support of Soroptimists International of Jersey. The ambition for the Women’s Refuge was to provide a safe place for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. Driven by Barbara Waites, the Head of Family Nursing, and Rozelle Sutherland, MBE, President of the Soroptimists, they battled their way to securing rented accommodation from the States with the help of Deputy Corrie Stein. Now, the Refuge is the only independent domestic


Headway is organising the Guinness World Record attempt to create a human map of Jersey and, in doing so, to make the largest ever human image of a country. Headway hopes to attract at least 5000 people to the Guinness World Record event at the Royal Jersey Showground on 23 September to help smash the Myanmar record and to enjoy a fun day out with friends and the whole family. The event will include live music, great food and activities for all ages. Gates will open from 10am to 4pm with the record attempt starting at 2pm. The current world record was set earlier this year in Myanmar, South East Asia, where 3466 people formed a map of their country. Headway Jersey hopes the record breaking attempt will increase awareness and muchneeded funding for the work it does for those with brain injuries, including accidental injury or trauma caused by tumours, stroke, haemorrhage and encephalitis. Ashburton Investments are sponsoring the attempt, launching their involvement with Headway Jersey as a charity of choice for the year ahead. To participate in breaking the Headway Jersey Guinness World Record attempt, get to the Royal Jersey Showground on 23 September. 

Register at www.race-nation. com/HeadwayRecordBreaker

violence charity in Jersey, providing a 24-hour, confidential service, which offers practical and emotional support to women and children suffering from abuse. This includes outreach workers who provide support in the community and who run courses for women and children. They work with the police and other agencies, going into schools to discuss domestic violence. The refuge are marking this milestone with a fundraising ball next month.

Jersey Women’s Refuge Annual Ball, Saturday 6th October, Grand Jersey’s Grand Suite. 7.00pm Black tie. £70.00 available from B&B: Available at £115 per night based on 2 people. Contact reservations on 722301


Oi growth supports Acorn in opening of integral new reuse centre

Creative agency Oi is supporting local charity Jersey Employment Trust (hereafter JET) in their invaluable social enterprise to open a 1,700 ft new Acorn Reuse Centre in Trinity, benefiting disadvantaged islanders, the environment and the Jersey community. Oi’s Jersey office on the first floor of Liberty Wharf underwent a refurbishment recently to allow for more staff as the agency continues to grow. It has donated nine large wooden desks to JET to fit out their new Reuse Centre, which will play an integral part in the island’s ongoing household waste management strategy. As a trading company of JET, Acorn will utilise the donated desks, originally made from wood from the former abattoir on the Liberty Wharf site, in the new storage workshop and for people with a disability or long-term health condition to make items available for sale. The Acorn Reuse Centre is the most ambitious social enterprise project ever undertaken in Jersey. Peter Grange, Chief Executive Officer at Oi, stressed the importance of supporting environmentally friendly, local initiatives.

RBC in the Super League

Super League Triathlon (SLT) has announced Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) as the new title sponsor for the Championship event in Jersey this season. Taking place on 28-30 September, the newly titled RBC Super League Jersey event will see the biggest names in triathlon go head-tohead for victory in the season-long quest to be crowned Super League Triathlon Champion. To mark the start of the SLT season, RBC will host the RBC Race for the Kids event – an occasion that brings the local community together with RBC employees, their families and friends, to raise money for Mind Jersey. This will be the second time that Super League Triathlon visits Jersey, after a highly successful pilot weekend on the Island last year. SLT has committed to a five-year Jersey plan in order to create a legacy on the Island for the sport of triathlon, encouraging people of all ages to get involved, and hopefully creating superstars of the future. This commitment is part of a wider SLT ambition across the full Championship Series this year and seasons to come. Beyond the professional-level racing that will see the likes of the Brownlee brothers, Flora Duffy, Richard Murray and Katie Zaferes take on a series of challenging formats, RBC Super League Jersey will also host a variety of Age Group races and a notto-be-missed festival JT fanzone.

Two way Street

Samphire have teamed up with Beresford Street Kitchen to sponsor an apprentice. Georgie Cottini, fundraising manager says, “We are delighted that Samphire have chosen to support BSK and because of their substantial donation we now have the funding to promote traines to apprentices.  This means we can put them on an employment contract and offer them the next level of skills and training needed to have the opportunity to move to open employment. “Kate Stephan, Events and Marketing Manager at Samphire told us ““Samphire may be synonymous with great food and service, but we are also renowned for our support in the local community, promoting opportunities and nurturing our local talent.  We look forward to working with BSK in the future.”Georgie added “Beresford Street Kitchen employs 45 staff with learning difficulties and Autism with another  25 on the waiting list. Without the support of companies like Samphire, we would not be able to give these guys the opportunity to maximize their potential, join the workforce and be recognised for their skills. We are really looking forward to working with Samphire and their team in the future”.

Rolling Stonehage

Stonehage Fleming made a formal presentation to the Jersey Sports Association for the Disabled (JSAD) of 3 new sports wheelchairs that they helped to fund in partnership with the Lady Taverners Charity. Attached is a picture of the occasion with Lauren Syddall, Senior Associate, representing them (back right). The JSAD were extremely grateful for these essential additions to their stock and will help the organisation in giving access to various disabled sporting activities for the island. They will also be used in the Jersey Wheelchair Basketball Outreach Programme later in the year (November), which Stonehage Fleming will also be supporting. Outreach 2018 event is a weeklong programme whereby 8-10 Jersey schools are visited and 20+ students at each school are introduced to, and given training in, wheelchair basketball. This is part of the schools’ curriculum in diversity/inclusivity.





Reward yourself and help Jersey Hospice Care all at the same time.

On September 22nd, one of the most sought after new watches of the moment is being auctioned for Jersey Hospice Care thanks to Hettich Jewellers and you could have the chance to own it. The charity auction is raising funds for the expansion of their services to include children and young people with life-limiting illnesses and Hettich are delighted to be supporting this important local cause by donating the brand new Rolex GMT-Master II. The iconic Rolex ‘Pepsi’ watch - named because its bright red and blue bezel looked like the Pepsi branding - was originally launched in 1954 and swiftly became the watch to be seen wearing. From the wrist of Pussy Galore in ‘Goldfinger’ (played by Honor Blackman) to Dizzy Gillespie, Pablo Picasso, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, this iconic Rolex has become a real part of history. The highly sought-after model has just been re-released in an original stainless steel design, the GMT-Master II with a vintagestyle Jubilee bracelet. The Rolex GMT also has the facility to display a second time

zone, enabling you to see two time zones at the same time. The iconic watches will be available through Hettich Jewellers, Rolex’s only approved retailer in Jersey, from £5,800. But if you want to own one, you’ll have to move fast - although they’ve just been released into the retail market, there’s already a waiting list and some watches have been reportedly changing hands for more than £20,000. Now thanks to Hettich Jewellers, you could secure your own Rolex GMT-Master II and give to a fantastic local charity all at the same time. Hettich has exclusively reserved a brand new Rolex GMT-Master II to be auctioned for Jersey Hospice Care at the Jersey Hospice Ball on 22nd September, with all the proceeds going to support the charity’s valuable work. Will you be the lucky bidder and leave with a brand new Rolex on your wrist? Advance bids are being taken right now at Hettich Jewellers, with bidding also possible on the night.

Jeffrey Chinn, Director of Hettich said: ‘Jersey Hospice Care has been there to support so many local families through the years. But few realise just how much it costs to provide a service like this. Jersey Hospice Care needs £16,200 a day to run. That’s every day of the year. Without wholehearted support and the work of more than 400 volunteers and a team of 100 staff, day after day, Jersey Hospice Care’s vital network of services and support just wouldn’t exist. We’re delighted to be playing our part to ensure the work of Jersey Hospice Care can continue, and we hope the lucky bidder will enjoy wearing their new Rolex GMT-Master II knowing that their purchase has supported a charity at the heart of the island.’ The Rolex GMT-Master II will be available to view at Hettich until the morning of September 22nd. Hettich are proud to be the only official retailer of Rolex in Jersey, and delighted to be donating this exclusive watch to support Jersey Hospice Care, an organisation that plays such an important role in the lives of local families every single day.

To find out more about the Rolex GMT-Master II and see the watch for yourself, contact the Hettich team to book a viewing appointment and register your bids. Hettich Jewellers, 1 King Street, St Helier. Tel: 01534 734491 or

Jersey’s Greatest Coffee Morning

Having had over 180 registrations for 2017, Macmillan Jersey is aiming to make this year’s Jersey’s Greatest Coffee Morning ‘the best year ever’ by encouraging as many businesses, groups and individuals as possible to sign up for the annual event. “We were overwhelmed by the support we received last year, which generated over £44,000 for the charity, but we feel there are even more places that could or would like to hold an event for us”, said Michelle Parker, Macmillan Jersey’s Fundraising Coordinator and Events Manager. This year’s main event date is Friday 28th September, but you can hold your coffee morning on any day during September. And it doesn’t even have to be a coffee morning; you may prefer juice and health treats. The idea is more about getting people together! The team at Macmillan Jersey is also encouraging you to ‘go green’ for the month by holding dress down days or decorating your windows in green, in support of the charity. If you’d like to hold your own event for 2018 and support the work of Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey, please register through the Jersey website to ensure all the funds raised stay in the Island to provide the local service.





Pre-nuptial agreements, once the preserve of the rich and famous, are becoming increasingly more popular. But are they something that every engaged couple should think about?  Possibly.  It is certainly worth seeking advice on. Just as we are advised to make a will, to plan for retirement and to think about various other insurance policies along the way, a pre-nuptial agreement is something that may well be appropriate in certain sets of circumstances, to both protect and to provide in the case of a marriage breakdown.  Such agreements tend to be used where there is pre-acquired wealth, trust assets, inheritance prospects or in cases of re-marriage.     While it is most unlikely that one would enter into a marriage expecting that it will end, sadly divorce is not uncommon, and such agreements could be viewed as taking prudent steps to avoid a potentially messy, costly and stressful battle should the marriage end, and to manage expectations before tying the knot. Certainly, pre-nuptial agreements are starting to lose the negative reputation  they perhaps once had and they are being viewed more and more as a suitable way to plan ahead, so far as possible, just in case.    There are various pitfalls that one may encounter in trying to negotiate and sign a pre-nuptial agreement, which could then affect its validity.  Before signing a pre-nuptial agreement, both parties will need to take independent

legal advice and understand the other’s financial position. There must be no pressure on a party to sign the agreement and timing is key.  A draft agreement is not something that should be presented to a future spouse the day before the wedding! However, a pre-nuptial agreement is not a one-stop solution.  It cannot prevent a party

agreement to ensure fairness then the Court will make them. The Court will ensure that the needs of any children of the marriage and the parties are met in the first instance.  Any change of circumstances since the signing of the pre-nuptial agreement will also be relevant.

“Certainly, pre-nuptial agreements are starting to lose the negative reputation they perhaps once had and they are being viewed more and more as a suitable way to plan ahead so far as possible, just in case.” from issuing Court proceedings for financial relief and it will not be automatically binding on a Court.  Rather, it is one aspect that will be considered by a Court in its broad discretion in determining an appropriate settlement, with the Court having regard to all the circumstances of a case.  The Court will make orders bearing in mind fairness.  It will not simply “rubber stamp” an agreement if its effect will be one of financial hardship to a party or a child.  If amendments need to be made to an

For a short marriage where no children have been born, parties can expect the Court to pay more heed to any pre-nuptial agreement than a long marriage and one in which there are children. It is therefore crucial to seek the assistance of a specialist family lawyer who can explain the procedure in detail and provide comprehensive and sound advice about the proposed agreement, whilst appreciating the sensitivities involved.

Advocate Emma Wakeling

Head of Family Law BCR Law Tel 01534 760860




CHILDREN IN DIVORCE WORDS Advocate Claire Davies  

Most parents going through a divorce want to protect their children, and are prepared to make sacrifices for them. After all, children are more precious to their parents than any financial asset could ever be. Inevitably parents have to think about the needs – emotional and financial - of the family as a whole. We all hope that we will protect our children and shield them from the consequences of divorce but the reality is that life inevitably changes for everyone when families separate. What issues do parents have to resolve which directly affect their children? All separating parents will need to sort out financial arrangements. On divorce the needs of children are the first consideration. The priority is often to ensure that family members are appropriately housed and have a reasonable standard of living. This is often easier said than done when money has to support two households. Parents will need to resolve how much child support should be paid. Similarly, all parents have to discuss living arrangements for their

children: some children divide their time fairly equally between households, some live with one parent and spend time with the other. It can be hard to agree what

can be particularly difficult and the answer will depend on what is in the best interests of the child, whose wishes and feelings may be important. In Jersey, where many

“If one parent wishes to leave the Island some families will struggle to agree which country their children should live in following their separation. ” arrangements are practical and which will work best. If one parent wishes to leave the Island some families will struggle to agree which country their children should live in following their separation. These disputes

children are privately educated, some families struggle to agree arrangements for their children’s education. It is important that your decisions are sound and work in the long term, so make sure you obtain specialist advice.

Contact details:

Call 489589 Email



Whatever you’re looking for in a property, find it on the new, improved Places.

Multi agent listings, easy open viewings, local mortgage calculators, property sales trasaction history, and curated results for fast and fun property hunting. Jersey’s Property Portal.



SOCIAL MEDIA AND FAMILY BREAKDOWN – TIPS AND TRAPS WORDS Advocate Rose Colley, Family Law Partner, Viberts

There is no doubt that social media in all its various forms now plays a huge part in our lives today. However, those who are involved in a relationship breakdown need to be extremely careful of their use of it before, during and even after any court proceedings. A recent survey in the UK showed that one in seven people had considered divorce because of social media. This is clearly a worrying trend. Once the relationship actually breaks down everyone needs to be even more careful about using social media. It is essential to be well informed about what you should and should not do on your social media accounts. If you are not careful then information can easily be obtained from these accounts and be used against you in family proceedings.

Top 10 tips • If you would not say something to your mother or your grandmother to their face, then don’t post it • Remember that anything that you post will be there forever even if you delete it and can be archived or printed • Do not engage in angry conversations on social media (or over text) as these exchanges may well be used against you. Even if you are receiving nasty comments from your partner remain calm and remember it is always better not to say anything in return no matter how tempting it is


• Possibly the most important tip is don’t ever post on social media after you have had a drink as you will almost certainly regret it in the morning

• Do, however make sure that you save conversations, messages and comments if you feel they may be useful as these might be helpful to your case

• If you are still tempted to respond on social media then sleep on the points you wish to make. In the harsh light of day you may be feeling more careful and less emotional

• Do keep all of your accounts separate and make sure that there is no possibility of your partner accessing your private information

• Be really careful about what photographs you post. This particularly applies to

• Whatever you do, don’t share details of your relationship breakdown online even with close friends or family members.

“A recent survey in the UK showed that one in seven people had considered divorce because of social media. This is clearly a worrying trend.” holiday snaps. These may be used as evidence of an affair, evidence that you are cohabiting or even evidence that you have more resources than you have disclosed • Beware of giving out any information about what you are spending your money on as this can be used to show that you have spare funds that should be going towards your partner or children

The best advice from a family lawyer with regard to social media is stay off it all together, but this is almost certainly unrealistic in this digital age. A more realistic approach is to remember to pause and think before you post, as once you post something online it is there forever, and it may one day come back to haunt you.


What’s On.


What’s On. The official visitor guide to Jersey


A Sporting Autumn With the Super League Triathlon.

Seasonal Shopping We map out some retail choices.

This selection of events is taken from What’s On. Published quarterly, it’s the essential guide for visitors to the Island. If you have people coming to stay or you’re hosting AirBnBers, make sure you grab one from our transit hubs or Visit Jersey at Jersey Bus Station for them to keep as their companion for visits to Jersey. They’re packed with local information and fresh each season. Look out for the Autumn edition now. If you ever want listings in What’s On, register and upload details to Visit Jersey’s ‘Mylistings’ portal.




6:00 > 18:00

Breca Jersey Swimrun

Breca Jersey will be returning for its third year in 2018. The course has incredible ocean swims across the island’s iconic bays. Teams will race around the island in a battle against Jersey’s relentless 40ft tides. Being some of the highest in the world, the tides present an ever-changing course and a unique challenge in the world of swimrun. Gorey Castle, St Martin JE3 6ET n/a £40.00

0044 7843 273237

13 SEP

19:30 > 22:30

James Blunt at Fort Regent

James Blunt is to play his first show in Jersey. Fresh off a world tour, the multi-platinum album selling artist is set to play Fort Regent in support of his new album ‘The Afterlove’. After an explosive 2017 return that included releasing his fifth studio album The Afterlove and an extensive world tour, Britain’s Twitter all-star James Blunt is set to entertain. Fort Regent Leisure Centre, Mount Bingham JE2 4UX n/a £20 - £40

0044 1534 449600



9:00 > 15:00

Islands ‘Genuine Jersey’ Market St. Aubin

This regular artisans’ market takes place in the pretty harbour village of St. Aubin in front of the parish hall. There will be local wares on display, including goods from producers and craft workers. All goods sold by Genuine Jersey Members will have been crafted, brewed, baked or processed by the stall holder. Parish Hall,St. Aubin JE3 8BS 12a, 14, 15 Free of charge

0044 7797 780383


13 SEP

12:00 > 17:00

The skies above Jersey have enjoyed an annual air display for over 62 years, delighting and attracting many tens of thousands of local residents and visitors to enjoy one of the most eagerly anticipated events in Jersey’s summer programme of activities. Coupled with the fact that it is also arguably one of the finest free air shows in Europe. Visible from around St Aubin’s Bay Free of charge

0044 1534 859000


in partnership with

Things to do

Places to see

Events & Maps



Food & Drink

14 SEP (UNTIL 16/9)

27 SEP

12:45 > 13:45

Hawksford Castle Chase

The Hawksford Castle Chase is a two-person relay event like no other! Each relay member will be racing from the shore line on the beach in front of the Castle out to Elizabeth Castle and back. Your entry fee and all the money you fundraise from the event goes to support Jersey Heritage Elizabeth Castle restoration fund. Elizabeth Castle, St Aubin’s Bay JE3 3NU n/a Price to be advised

0044 1534 723 971



Jersey Beer & Cider Festival

27 SEP (UNTIL 30/9)

17:00 > 19:00

Jersey Surf Film Festival

Imagine taking a trip around all the very best pubs and bars, not only in Jersey and the Channel Islands but across Britain. We will have more then a selection of fantastic brews on offer and will host over 50 real ales and craft beers plus the full range of Thatchers ciders, a gin bar, wines and prosecco with street food and live music too. People’s Par,Westmount Road JE2 3QA £10 - £20

The Jersey Surf Film Festival is a not-for-profit organisation. The Festival will celebrate Jersey’s surfing heritage, the National Park and the sea. The aim is to bring the community together to celebrate and to protect the precious environment. With screenings of iconic films, this is the perfect chance to spend time with family and friends. Grande Route des Mielles, St Ouen JE3 7FN 12a, 22 Price to be advised

0044 1534 611895

0044 7797 846155


International Air Display 2018

Catch Jersey’s best seasonal food.



Jersey’s Big Five

14 SEP (UNTIL 16/9)


9:00 > 18:00

UBS 20th Jersey Regatta

The UBS Jersey Regatta, provides fun and thrills for all sailors, keen racers and novices alike, both local and visiting. All classes race in the beautiful arena of St. Aubin’s Bay and in Jersey’s coastal waters. Ashore, a lively social programme complements racing, ensuring a warm and memorable welcome from the Clubs. Regatta Office, St Helier YC, South Pier JE2 3NB 12a, 14, 15, 12 Price to be advised

0044 1534 732229

28 SEP (UNTIL 30/9)

9:00 > 17:00

Super League Triathlon Jersey 2018

50 of the world’s leading male and female triathletes, including 25 Olympians from around the world, will compete in Jersey for the Super League Triathlon crown in September 2018. In 2017, Jersey hosted Super League Triathlon’s inaugural event. More than 10,000 enthusiastic spectators watched the event, which ran around St. Helier’s marina. Elizabeth Marina, St. Helier JE1 1HB Price to be advised

0044 1534 849779







Juice Your Cancer Book Launch

This brilliant book launch was organised by

as well as proceeds from book pre-sales.


the author, Agnieszka Mastalerz, known as

The amount will be split amongst three


Agi Masta. She bravely shared her personal

charities: Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey,

story about her battle with cancer to inspire

Londoloza Trust and HGiving. The event

others. There were amazing raffle prices

was sponsored by UK company Business

including jewellery from Jack Harvey

Mastery Live. The book Juice Your Cancer is

London which resulted in a fantastic ÂŁ1,580

available now from:

being raised from the generous donations,




Jersey Junior Lawyers  Association summer party CAREY OLSEN OFFICE THURSDAY 16 AUGUST



The Island’s future legal leaders assembled last month as the courtyard at Carey Olsen’s Esplanade office played host to the JJLA’s summer party. Carey Olsen associate and JJLA committee member Rebecca Steens commented: “We currently have 90 members of the JJLA across the island but the committee knows there are many other lawyers who could

benefit from being part of the JJLA. As someone who was new to Jersey a couple of years ago, I’ve really valued being part of the JJLA and the wider networking and educational opportunities it offers.” The event was one of several social and educational events in 2018 the JJLA will be arranging for members.

Island Fever Events organised a hugely enjoyable “Glorious Goodwood Garden Party” afternoon on the L’Horizon Terrace in support of Beresford Street Kitchen and Lady Taverners. A delicious BBQ was had and drinks flowed as guests soaked up the atmosphere. The Lady Taverners

play an integral part in improving the lives of children with learning disabilities and are currently raising money for a state of the art minibus for Mont a Labbe school, whilst Beresford Street Kitchen provide training and employment for adults with learning disabilities and autism.



Surface or Space Exhibition Launch CCASM


Battle of the Banks CLUB SOULGENIC 15TH JUNE


CCASM welcomed almost 200 guests to the preview of their summer exhibition. The exhibition predominantly focused on two young English abstract painters, Emily Thomas and Daniel Porter who have both recently moved to Jersey and established professional working studios,

augmented by paintings from some of the most interesting and highly collectible British abstract painters alive today including William Tillyer, Keith Coventry and Tom Hammick.

Jersey’s first boutique wellness facility, Club Soulgenic, held Battle of the Banks to raise money for the British Heart Foundation and Jersey Cheshire Home. In the search for the ‘Fittest Business in Jersey’, the challenge was simple; burn as many calories as possible between a team of three. All teams were invited into the club everyday of the week in the run up to the Jersey Prosperity Challenge

where Club Soulgenic had their own team of trainers competing. By the end of the week the Accuro Owls came out on top with an amazing 8,313 calories, closely followed by the teams from C5 and Canaccord. The whole event and all teams included showed amazing comradery, sportsmanship and enthusiasm. Next year will only be bigger and better!




WORDS Lydia Lamy PHOTOGRAPHS Ollie Jones

Gloria didn’t have the best start to life. Born in Spain, she was used as a breeding dog where she had numerous litters of puppies from a very young age. When the wonderful people at the Company of Dogs found her, she had been tied up and left for dead. When the team knocked on the door of the property to ask why she was in such a bad state, the farmer said that she had killed a sheep. Her punishment was to be starved. Later they learnt that Gloria’s legs had been also been broken and left to heal on their own, which must have been agony for her and has left her with a wonky leg. She was nursed back to health by The Company of Dogs and brought to Jersey where she joined the Lamy family. Still nervous and sad in nature, Gloria slowly began to find her confidence and learnt to enjoy the sorts of things that all dogs should enjoy like walks, cuddles and regular healthy meals. Three years after becoming a Lamy, Gloria met her best friend, George. When George was a baby, Gloria kept a close eye on him and was always upset to hear him cry. Now with George aged 2 and half, the cheeky pair have regular play dates. Gloria (often called ‘Doria’ by George) can regularly be found with him wrapped around her, and George will occasionally appear with an unusual hairstyle courtesy of Gloria and her tongue.


Gloria and George’s favourite time of day is the morning. Early morning to be exact. George wakes up full of beans and Gloria regularly ‘sings’ with excitement that a new day is here and so is she. Their favourite pastime is a good stroll on the beach. George loves to walk Gloria, but she often forgets that she has George attached to her and sometimes sends George flying through the puddles with her. For a dog that has been so awfully treated by humans, Gloria is the most gentle and affectionate dog you’ll ever meet. Like the character Nana in the story Peter Pan, she is always watching over her family (especially the youngest one). On a walk with all the family, she can regularly be seen checking that everyone is still following her, stopping to chivvy us on if our pace is not quite as she would like. Gloria and George’s friendship is a beautiful and unique one and continually brings a smile to everyone they meet. Gloria is teaching George how to treat, and respect animals and George is giving Gloria the unconditional love she so deserves.

Gloria Age: 7 Favourite food: Smoked salmon Favourite toy: Prefers a good bed Happiest when: Being fed, walked, or in one of her many comfy beds Best friend: George

George Age: 2 and a half Favourite food: Chocolate Favourite toy: Toy cars (especially fast ones) Happiest when: Eating Best friend: Gloria





Words and photography | Rod Bryans


ew routes and direct flights from Jersey mean easy access for islanders looking for a city break to cleanse the mind, catch up on culture and refresh the batteries. If you’re looking for a rich taste of the best that Scotland has to offer then Edinburgh is a great destination. A direct short flight, a cheap bus ride and you are in the heart of Scotland’s historic capital. It has a comfortable quality that is hard to define but the open friendliness of the locals and the high density of visitors keeps the city vibrant, alive and welcoming.

The castle on its high vantage point offers a constant reminder of where you are situated. The Old Town, where we were staying in a renovated poorhouse close to Greyfriars, traces its history from medieval times, through the reformation and the Georgian period and is reflected in the distinctive architecture that surrounds you. Tall buildings with small windows and small hidden alleyways that drop through the town make you realise that the fantasy of Hogwarts wasn’t that difficult to imagine. At night the ghosts of murdering grave robbers Burke and Hare feel ever present.




> whales and towering dinosaurs. Every box is ticked from Robert the Bruce to Irn Bru and Oor Wullie. The Scottish National Portrait Gallery was another find, tucked away behind a Georgian Square. Greeted by a doorman resplendent in his specially-commissioned tartan trews you wander into a high atrium below which revered poet Robbie Burns statue resides. Quiet as a tomb the silence is pervasive and heralds a deep reverence for the art this small gallery holds. The gallery’s library houses not just an aged collection of books but a selection of eerie death masks, frozen faces that peer out blankly. As you traverse the city you find the food culture is always offering fresh produce from the surrounding hills and seas. Speyside salmon, the redoubtable Haggis, the tooth aching tablet and the ever present whiskey are to be found everywhere. Edinburgh has always welcomed different cultures whilst retaining its own haughty charm. So many different food choices are available and so little disappoints. Like any university city it thrums with life. Everyone is catered for in some respect. The festival is widely known but away from those few heady weeks there is so much more to see and explore no matter what the weather.

Indeed the Elephant House Cafe is renowned for JK Rowling’s admission of inhabiting the place whilst writing the Harry Potter novels. The small cafe has lost none of its charm and you sense everyone sitting in it looks out to gaze upon the same view that JK would have wistfully viewed as the small wizard’s story took shape. In the distance you can glimpse the crenelations of Edinburgh Castle. “Writing and cafes are strongly linked in my brain,” Rowling told The Telegraph in 1997. “I still write in longhand; I like physically shuffling around with papers; and you don’t have to break off and go in the kitchen to make coffee.” There are plenty of cafes that lay claim to the Potter legend having been penned at their tables. Not far away is Greyfriars where the original name of Voldemort, Thomas Riddle, is still to be found gracing a tombstone and the wee statue of the famous dog sniffs the chill evening air. The National Museum of Scotland is everything you would wish a museum to be like. You enter what appears to be a dour Victorian building and it suddenly bursts open into a light airy space populated with eclectic collections. Stare into the eyes of Dolly the first cloned sheep or marvel at the immensity of the suspended >

For a city so richly steeped in history it presents a modern hit of colourful culture second only to London. Holyrood Palace, the Queens official Scottish home, sits in close proximity to the controversial Scottish Parliament building. They’re both well worth a visit. For most Scots, Edinburgh has always retained a sniffy quality which belies a friendly warmth and honesty. Edinburgh is somewhere to have all your senses engaged, to relax, to linger and to simply enjoy. YOU CAN GET TO EDINBURGH THROUGH SOUTHAMPTON WITH BLUE ISLANDS / FLYBE. AT TIME OF PRINT A LONG WEEKEND IN SEPTEMBER WILL COST £191 FOR A THURSDAY TO MONDAY BREAK. TRAVEL TIME OF 3HR 10 MINUTES.





School holidays are over, new shoes and pencil cases have been purchased and the new term will soon be in full swing, which means only one thing... It’s time to start planning next year’s adventures! For the Family Issue I’ve looked at 3 of the best options for an unforgettable trip with the kids.

WORDS Rebecca Evans

ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISES 7 days trapped on a boat with a hoard of energetic children. Sounds great right? Cruises may once have had a reputation for appealing to the ‘newly wed or nearly dead’, but in recent years, eager to capture the lucrative family market, the major cruise companies are changing the game. Royal Caribbean launch the world’s largest cruise liner ‘Symphony of the Seas’ later this year, sailing from Miami around the Caribbean, and the mind-blowing range of on-board activities have been designed to appeal to families. From ‘Ultimate Abyss’, the tallest slide at sea, to an on-board water park, laser tag, ice rink, climbing wall, full size basketball court, flow-rider and a thrilling zip-line that whizzes passengers across the central boardwalk, 9 decks below. If that’s all a bit too energetic for a relaxing holiday, there’s also an escape room, arcade, regular cookery and craft classes, mini-golf course, open air cinema and traditional carousel on board. Just enough to keep everyone busy between shore excursions. The fun continues into the cabins, with split level family suites, each featuring an internal slide, air-hockey and table tennis. From May 2019 Symphony of the Seas will call at Coco Cay, a private Bahamian Island owned by Royal Caribbean and currently in the process of being turned into a vast water and adventure park. Think Pinocchio’s Pleasure Island, but without the risk of being turned into a Donkey.




WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT, ORLANDO Ask any small child where they’d like to go on holiday, and chances are that ‘Disneyland’ will be mentioned at some point. Yep, the spiritual home of Mickey Mouse is the destination of dreams for most kids. Made up of 4 theme parks and 2 water parks, along with over 25 on-site hotels,  Walt Disney World Resort covers approximately 43 square miles, making it very slightly smaller than Jersey, and attracts over 20 million visitors per year. Now a cynic might say that Disney World is nothing more than a money-making machine designed to prise dollars from the pockets of parents; but I’m confident that that cynic hasn’t visited and experienced the magic that seems to emanate from every corner of each park. So committed are Disney to keeping that magic alive that employees (or cast members as they are known) move around the resort out of sight via a maze of underground tunnels; heaven forbid that the spell is broken by Buzz Lightyear being spotted strolling through the wild west in Frontierland, or Cinderella getting papped gossiping with Aladdin. Each park has its own perfectly themed personality, from a glimpse into the future at EPCOT - or at least the future that the designers envisaged when it opened back in 1982 - to an African safari in Animal Kingdom. There are lovingly recreated backdrops and characters from everyone’s favourite animated movies in the Magic Kingdom. Visitors are transported between the parks on a well-oiled and frequent system of boats, monorails and buses.

firework and light displays that tie it all together and offer an immersive package for every member of the family to enjoy. Yes, the queues are long, the food can be described as mediocre and the opportunity/ insistence to buy souvenirs can get a little tiring. However, all of that fades into the background when little (and big) faces light up at the sight of their favourite character, or squeal with delight as they whirl through the east Australian current in search of Nemo on Crush’s Coaster or swoop over London in a Galleon on Peter Pan’s Flight. There’s no denying that Disney World is an expensive holiday, but anyone would be hard pressed to leave without feeling that it’s worth every penny.

“Now a cynic might say that Disney World is nothing more than a money-making machine designed to prise dollars from the pockets of parents; but I’m confident that that cynic hasn’t visited and experienced the magic that seems to emanate from every corner of each park.”

Whilst the rides, from the gentle boat trip around the globe in It’s a Small World, to the heart-stopping free-fall of Tower of Terror, are the stars of the show, it’s the spectacular live shows, extravagant parades and nightly






THE PERFECT BREAK Discover some of Jersey’s hidden gems this autumn and book a weekend adventure in a Heritage Holiday Let.

LAPLAND No December would be complete without a visit to Father Christmas in order to pass on that all important list and sworn oath that we’ve been good all year. But whilst a fairy-light and tinsel bedecked shed-turned-grotto is all well and good, it can be difficult to explain to curious minds exactly why the Man himself has taken up residence at the local Garden Centre, when he has so much work to be getting on with at the North Pole. A trip to Lapland will set all difficult questions to rest, whilst at the same time offering an unforgettable family holiday quite unlike anything else. With an approximate 3.5 hour flight time, it’s possible to make this trip in a (very long) day from the UK, but most companies offer 1, 2 or 3 night options too. Depart a damp and probably dreary Britain, and arrive in a veritable winter wonderland of snowy forests and frozen lakes, interspersed with the frequent opportunity to drink hot chocolate by a roaring log fire.

With 13 historic properties located in picturesque locations throughout Jersey, there is something to suit everyone. The self-catering accommodation is fully furnished with all home comforts accommodating from four to 12 guests, whereas the coastal towers are rustic hideaways with stunning views of Jersey’s coastline, sleeping up to 30 people. If you’re looking for a peaceful location away from it all, La Crête Fort overlooking Bouley Bay is the ideal escape to your very own remote fortress. Sleeping up to five people, it’s an ideal hideaway for a family weekend. With cliff paths right on the doorstep, there’s no better place to explore Jersey’s stunning north coast. For exclusive family fun Hamptonne Country Life Museum has two apartments sleeping six and four people. When staying at the apartments guests are able to enjoy the entire grounds of Hamptonne including the children’s play area and beautiful apple orchard which is the perfect spot for an evening picnic. How about staying in your own castle for a weekend? Elizabeth Castle can accommodate up to six guests in its self-catering holiday apartment. Cut off by the tide, this apartment offers guests the chance to escape onto their very own island for the weekend. After the castle is closed to visitors, guests have the whole castle to themselves to explore.

Of course the main attraction is a personal audience with Old Saint Nick himself, and perhaps a few of his elves, but a whole host of other festive activities are available, including, but not limited to, reindeer drawn sleigh rides, husky sledding, snowmobile adventures and for those staying a night or two, the potential to spot the Northern Lights. The temperature as you can imagine is a little crisp, commonly falling to -20 degrees celsius, but cosy thermal suits are available to borrow or rent from practically every tour operator. A once in lifetime trip for any family, if you’re going this year, please remember to tell Santa how good I’ve been.

ount code GALLERY2018 to get Book your stay online and use disc , Elizabeth Castle Apartment, Fort e Crêt La 25% off your booking at at Hamptonne. Terms and Cider Barn and Stable Apartment een 28 September 2018 betw s king boo conditions apply. Valid on be used in conjunction with any – 20 December 2018. Offer cannot subject to availability. are s other discount. Booking

You can find out more information on these properties and other Heritage accommodation on Images: Hamptonne, Cider Barn (Lounge) | Hamptonne La Crete Fort, view from bedroom.






Culture News MUSIC

Natalie Clein

Arts Centre, 25th September, £17 + British cellist Natalie Clein has built a distinguished career, regularly performing at major venues and with orchestras worldwide. Her playing has been praised for its “astonishing range of colours and wide variety of expressive styles” (Gramophone Magazine).

The Jersey Festival of Words

26th - 30th September, various locations The Jersey Festival of Words will be returning to the island from the 26th - 30th September 2018. With a range of best-selling novelists and poets already confirmed, including Peter James, Joanna Trollope and Lemn Sissay, the five-day literary event aims to promote a love of the written and spoken word across the community in a variety of styles and settings. Events will be taking place at the Jersey Opera House, the Jersey Arts Centre and the Jersey Library, and Tickets for individual events can be purchased directly from event venues via their online booking systems, or from the ticket office on the night of the event. The full programme can be found at



NYX Trio

Arts Centre, 19th September, £14.45 + Latvian chamber music ensemble NYX Trio was formed in 2011 by two members of the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra – violinist Tatjana Ostrovska and flutist Anete Toca. Since then, together with pianist Ieva Sarja, they have performed in various venues across Europe. One of the artistic priorities of NYX Trio is to introduce new audiences to classical music by bringing a new approach to the classical concert format – such as textual introduction to performed music with emphasis on interesting facts from composer’s lives that audience members can relate to; mixing different genres of performing arts – music and theatre or poetry; performing in unusual venues such as parks and art galleries. NYX Trio aim to popularise Latvian culture – from rich folklore traditions to music of contemporary composers.


Fox Judge’s Exhibition 2018

Arts Centre, 17th September - 13th October, FREE This year’s Fox Judge is Jake Atree, a painter who is based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Jake Attree is a figurative artist in the sense that everything he paints is based on something he has observed and almost certainly drawn. No matter how far the paintings may depart from the subject that inspired them, they nevertheless are rooted in and dependent upon these initial observations. Attree is represented in London by Messum’s of Cork Street. He has shown widely in the UK over the past 25 years and has also exhibited work in America, Holland and Germany.

Her performances have taken Natalie Clein to orchestras including the Philharmonia, Hallé, Bournemouth Symphony, City of Birmingham Symphony, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Montreal Symphony, Ochestre National de Lyon, New Zealand Symphony and Orquestra Filarmonica de Buenos Aires. She has performed with conductors including Sir Mark Elder, Sir Roger Norrington, Gennady Rozhdestvensky, Leonard Slatkin, Stephane Deneve and Heinrich Schiff. A keen recital and chamber performer, she has performed Bach’s Complete Cello Suites in London, Southampton and Oxford; and has curated a series of four concerts for BBC Radio 3 at LSO St Lukes. A double Second Prize winner at the Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition in 2011 and at the 13th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in 2009, Yeol Eum Son’s graceful interpretations, crystalline touch and versatile, thrilling performances have caught the attention of audiences worldwide.


Entre Nous: Claude Cahun and Clare Rae

CCA Galleries, 10th - 28th September, FREE Photographs by the French artist Claude Cahun (1894-1954) and Australian contemporary artist Clare Rae in an exhibition that reflects the dialogue between the 2 artist’s work, created 70 years apart. Prints by both artists, as well as a photobook, Never Standing On Two Feet will be for sale throughout the exhibition. JERSEY’S STYLE MAGAZINE


G4 Live Tour 2018

Jersey Opera House, 13th - 14th September, £27.50 + The UK’s No.1 classical vocal harmony quartet are back with another exhilarating tour – G4 LIVE! Having exploded into the industry and the public’s hearts back in 2004 on the first series of the X-Factor, G4 continue to blow people away, year after year, with their unique style and impactful harmonic vocals, which are incomparable with any other. They have to be heard live to truly appreciate the power and passion of their voices! Enjoy their classic hits of Bohemian Rhapsody, My Way, Nessun Dorma and Creep plus recent heart-stopping tracks from their latest G4 LOVE SONGS album as they and their live band leave audiences screaming for more night after night. VIP tickets include a pre-show Meet & Greet with G4 at 6pm, where you’ll be served a glass of wine and have the chance to meet the guys up-close and take photos & autographs.


RSC Live: The Merry Wives of Windsor

Jersey Opera House, 12th September, £12 - £13.50 Down on his luck in the suburbs, John Falstaff plans to hustle his way to a comfortable retirement by seducing the wives of two wealthy men. Unknown to him, it’s the women of Windsor who really pull the strings, orchestrating Falstaff’s comeuppance amidst a theatrical smorgasbord of petty rivalries, jealousies and over-inflated egos. For a fat Englishman, a Welshman and a Frenchman, the only way is Windsor…




Super reads. WORDS Paul Bisson

Okay so I’ll admit that there was the odd furrowed brow at Jersey Festival of Words HQ upon learning that a second bird would be perching with us upon the final weekend of September. And yet as we ran, swam and cycled home from that first meeting it had already occurred to us that the island’s fourth book festival could happily sing side by side with the Super League Triathlon, providing - as we do every year - a smorgasbord of literary delights for visitors, locals and competitors (no Speedos please, see t+c’s).   A quick glance at our festival programme revealed that it was already brimming with events perfectly matched to those with an interest in fitness and wellbeing, as though the whole deal had already been silently sanctioned by some higher, lycrawearing power.   Okay, so we had our usual clutch of top-notch writers booked to appear; international bestsellers like Peter James, whose latest novel Absolute Proof sees a journalist receiving evidence of God’s existence (see paragraph above), the hugely popular Joanna Trolloppe and acclaimed poet Lemn Sissay. Renowned novelists like Lucy Adlington, Tor Udall and Rupert Thomson. We had those.   We had our Santander International Schools Programme, providing free Opera House author events to over two thousand local children; our JEP/Rathbones writing competition and newly launched local poetry contest; our rich array of events from local talents such as Simon Crowcroft, Paul Darroch and blogger Emma Critchley.   Yes, we had everything that you’ve come to expect from Jersey Festival of Words; sixty fantastic events spread over five days across an array of local venues (this year including Pizza Projekt, Club Soulgenic and The Lido, Havre des Pas).   Book signings. Workshops. A Jerriais song project. The works. But get this: we also had a fitness and PMA theme (Positive Mental Attitude, do keep up) running through this year’s festival, ready to click like a perfectly-filed jigsaw

piece into the SLT’s schedule. Writers like Telegraph columnist and London marathon runner Bryony Gordon, appearing to discuss her latest book Eat, Drink, Run! The amazing Alexandra Helminsley, whose book Leap In is a celebration of sea swimming, and who will be discussing the joys of open water with Libby Page, author of The Lido…at (drum roll, smash) The Lido. Then there’s celebrity trainer Faisal Abdalla, who will be running fitness sessions at Club Soulgenic and signing his new book The PMA Method, positivity guru Andrew Cope’s presentation on the lifetransforming Art of Being Brilliant, plus advice and observations from blogger Clare Pooley (aka SoberMummy) on life after alcohol as served up in her newly-published work The Sober Diaries.

“Yes, we had everything that you’ve come to expect from Jersey Festival of Words; sixty fantastic events spread over five days across an array of local venues” Should all of the above have left you with a hunger then we’ve got that covered too, with MasterChef winner Saliha Ahmed on hand to discuss the delights of Indo-Persian cuisine.   Phew, I hear you exclaiming. Better start the warm-ups now. And indeed you had. Why not head over to our website at and get your thinking caps on (over your swim caps, if necessary).   We’ll see you on September 26, ready, set and…

PICTURED TOP TO BOTTOM: Clare Pooley, Bryony Gordon, Faisal Abdulla, Saliha Ahmed, Peter James





Beauty News

MEET THE EXPERT Heard the buzz about the latest local product?

Helen Papworth Business Owner of The Aurora Lifestyle

What do you do?

I help people to change their mindset about becoming a healthier version of themselves through the physical, mental and emotional activities of Pilates, Sports and Indian Head Massage, Personal Training and Sports Specific Equipilates (fitness for horse riders).

How did you get to this?

I always knew as a child that this was the industry I wanted to work in. The thought of being able to help improve people’s health, fitness and movement really drove me to where I am now. With this in mind I’ve studied for over 15 year, learning all about the human body and how it functions. My passion for horses and show jumping also made me want to bring something unique to Jersey, this is where I discovered Equipilates.

What is Equipilates?

Equipilates is movement and alignment therapy for horse riders developed by Lindsay Wilcox-Reid. It’s multi-faceted approach improves postural alignment, partnership and performance. It helps riders to ‘fine tune’ their body into a more efficient, more effective, more flexible, more balanced, more elegant, functionally stronger and yet also more relaxed version of themselves.

What the best bit about my job?

Knowing that I have made a difference to a person’s life. It makes me feel proud and happy to know that I helped them on their journey to becoming a healthier version of themselves.

Who do you think would benefit from this?

I would say it benefits everyone as we all live different lifestyles. We still put stress on ourselves every day whether it is just doing the gardening, being a mum, sat at a desk all day, physical labour work or even sporty/athletic people. We all need to give our bodies TLC and make sure we function and move correctly to prevent future injuries and remain healthy.

The just-launched Jersey Honey Naturals collection places locally cultivated Jersey honey at the core of each product. Independent tests carried out by the company have shown Jersey honey to exhibit particularly powerful antimicrobial properties, while being a great source of nutrients. Their hair and skincare products will increase the demand for Jersey’s honey significantly, on and off island, raising the profile and capability of local bee conservation. Bees face unprecedented threats to their survival from sources such as climate change, pesticides, and most recently the emergence of the Asian hornet to Jersey’s shores. With this launch, Jersey Honey becomes a leading proponent of a local campaign backing the bearers of nature’s ‘great golden gift’, at a time which could scarcely be more needed. Jersey Honey’s Managing Director Shaun Gell said “Honey truly is one of nature’s greatest gifts to us, with incredible benefits for health, hair and skin. Yet the bond we share with nature is fragile, and bee populations are perhaps its greatest barometer. Simply put, when the bees are dying, something is wrong, and we need to listen. With Jersey Honey, we’re doing exactly that.” Visit to help support this fantastic local company.

What is your top tip for De-stressing?

Ensure that you put some time aside for yourself to do some mindfulness, switch your mind off even if it’s for just 10 minutes a day. Make sure you live a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, eat regularly with healthy foods and organise your day (no rushing around like a lunatic as we sometimes all do - you just need to break that bad habit).  For more information or to get in contact with Helen visit:



Get set for the...

Health Living Festival The Healthy Living Festival was originally the Festival of Arts & Crafts/National Crafts Fair, that has been coming to Jersey for the last 30 years and was originally held at Fort Regent and the Royal Jersey Showground at Trinity. The Event is now totally Health, Wellbeing & Environment focused and brings to Jersey both new Exhibitors and old favourites from the UK, who will be showcasing their products and services at the Radisson Hotel on the Waterfront.

4 x 2m








1PM - 9PM 10AM - 6PM 10AM - 6PM 10AM - 5PM

This year they have introduced WorkshopsCONTACT: in the Noirmont Room at the IAN BARNES Radisson next TELEPHONE 07797 718to 719 Reception on Saturday EMAIL WEB and Sunday and have everything from Meditation, Relaxation & Empowerment classes for Children, Parents & Families to an Introduction to American Style Flutes.

28 10

33 29


















20 & 21





















There is also a Free Draw to win an LG Smart TV. Complete a Card on entry into the show and place in the box or come and collect an entry form at their Pop Up Stand in Brook Street (between Jack Wills and Hamons) between 11am - 4pm on Wednesday September 5th and also talk to some of our Exhibitors.

Friday 14th September 1pm - 9pm Saturday 15th September 10:00am - 6pm Sunday 16th September 10:00am - 6pm Monday 17th September 10:00am - 5pm Check out a full schedule on their website at

ERT TO A DV 0 0 1 1 1 8 CALL




DO SOMETHING INCREDIBLE The Laser Centre was established in 1997 by founder Julie Naidu and is home to a wide range of cosmetic treatments - laser treatments for hair removal, tattoo removal, sun spot and red vein removal, injection to unsightly leg veins, medical skin peels and recently having great success with laser of fungal nail infections. Wrinkle relaxing injections and dermal fillers for wrinkles, lips and skin smoothing is still one of their most sought after treatments, which Julie safely performs in the medical centre alongside her two colleagues, Elizabeth Butler and Kathrin Baumert, on a daily basis. With years of cosmetic surgery experience, Julie is constantly updating her knowledge and introducing new dynamic treatments into The Laser Centre. A frequent participant at IMCAS Paris (International Master Course on Ageing Skin), she regularly introduces researched and successful treatments into Jersey. Her latest comes in the form of the Plasma Pen: the most in-vogue skin lifting, tightening and rejuvenation device available on the market. The Plasma Pen is the beauty world’s most advanced and non-invasive skin lifting device used to significantly tighten loose skin and reduce lines and wrinkles. It converts electrical energy by mixing oxygen and nitrogen producing an arc of plasma which is discharged into the skin, forcing immediate contraction of the skin tissue and stimulating collagen production.

The next generation in non-surgical treatment for all areas of the face, eyes and neck, the Plasma Pen’s ‘fibroblasting’ technique is a highly versatile procedure, making it the most advanced and sought-after device for wrinkle smoothing, eyelid tightening and eyelid hood reduction. Not only dramatically effective in reversing the signs of ageing, the Plasma Pen is able to treat, repair, lift and rejuvenate any area of the skin to spectacularly improve and brighten skin tone, laxity and texture, significantly tighten loose skin and dramatically reduce, inflate and plump lines and wrinkles.

“The Plasma Pen is the key to beautiful, new and rejuvenated skin. I’ve tried and tested it myself and experienced incredible results that I cannot wait to share with my clients” - Julie

For further information on this amazing ‘NEW YOU’ treatment, call 888272 or email


Thanks to its ingenious, ground-breaking and lightweight design; Plasma Pen is a next-generation treatment able to treat practically any area of the skin with incredible precision. With results typically lasting 3 years or more, it delivers truly stunning, long-lasting and natural looking results which delight thousands of customers around the world.

The Laser Centre

Island Medical Centre, 14 Gloucester Street, St Helier





MUMMA BEAR ESSENTIALS Running around after your little terrors can be seriously stressful, so between the tidying / washing / sorting / screaming / feeding / cleaning (etc...etc...) find five precious minutes to pamper yourself, and since you don’t have much time, make up for that by using some seriously luxurious stuff to sooth away the stresses of motherhood. You deserve it. You are amazing.

Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser Available from deGruchy

Available from Voisins

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil Available from deGruchy

Wash off the day (baby food and snot) with this deliciously addictive-ssmelling cleanser that leaves skin soothed and blissfully soft. This is a real wonder product and well worth a try. 

During the nine month stretch your skin can get very dry and more easily damaged, so keep things in tip top condition with this powerful hydrating gel.

Makes those rare alone moments in the bath all the more pampering with one of the amazing Aromatherapy Associates bath oils, we like the rich intoxicating scent of their ‘deep relax’ to lull your worries away.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask

Sisley White Ginger Contouring Oil For Legs

Tom Ford Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer & Foundation

Available from deGruchy

Turn the little sleep you get into true ‘beauty sleep’. This indulgent formula provides outstanding lifting and firming overnight, leaving you fresh-faced in the morning and ready to tackle the day. 


Jo Malone London Vitamin E Gel

Available from Voisins

Being on your feet all day whilst carrying everything you might ever need to placate your child, as well as your child itself, can really take its toll on your poor old legs. This wonderfully soothing and zingy oil smells incredible, it’s the perfect ‘pick me up’.

Available from deGruchy

‘Full coverage’ is what we like to read. Being a mum can sometimes call for a heavy duty concealer to make you look and feel human again. Banish dark circles and blemishes in an instant with this light and luxurious foundation. 




Brand News


OF T T N MOME Little Wildling produces beautifully simple and stylish heirloom clothing designed to be passed down and re-loved! Pieces are created using buttery-soft linens and 100% cottons with stunning Liberty of London prints. Owner and Designer Natasha Blasco is a local mumma of two. She is inspired by nature, textures and shapes, and hand-makes each piece at her home studio in St Brelade.

To find out more or to buy some of her stunning creations head to www.  Check out her Instagram little_wildling for updates and sneak peaks of her new autumn / winter collection. 

Shop Smart

Easy Peasy brings affordable kids clothing to 13 Beresford Street for your boys and girls. Launched as a concept by two Jersey mums, they offer more choice in children’s clothing at affordable prices - for everyday situations like preschool, hitting the beach, relaxing at home or even just a trip down to the shops. Washable, easycare and easy-wear, they like to keep things Easy Peasy!

Luxury for little ones

Children’s wear brand Kissy Kissy is renowned for its use of Peruvian Pima cotton - the world’s finest and softest fabric that is cool and gentle on baby’s skin. The lovely Potting Shed boutique at Ransoms stocks stunning pieces from this wonderful brand. Handily open every day, they’re there ready for you to grab a last minute gift for the sweet little one in your life. Kissy Kissy’s gorgeous ‘coming home from the hospital’ outfits are heartbreakingly cute and oh-so-soft. Make sure you pop in and take a look next time you are out east. 

The shop sells clothes for kids age 2 – 14, with a range of brightly coloured, funky and fresh children’s basics. With prices starting at £8 for a tee, shorts from £8, hoodies from £10, £6 for UV sunglasses as well as ‘pocket money’ toys. Pictured; Red t-shirt £8, Red Harem Pants £8.

Cute & Cool

Silver Stitch is a locally produced lifestyle brand lovingly catering for some of Jersey’s newest islanders. Their baby and toddler clothing and nursery items are handcrafted for comfort, durability and of course with style in mind. Natural materials and colours compliment outdoor living and accommodate youngsters curiosity and freedom to explore. Creator Jessica Silver also takes commissions to offer a personalised look which you won’t see duplicated in any park or at the beach. The brand grew from what Jessica describes as a lack of availability for affordable, stylish yet, ethical kids clothing.

You can find Silver Stitch collections for sale at The Harbour Gallery and Little Star in Liberty Wharf or you can buy direct from the Silver Stitch Facebook or Instagram pages.





Fashion and lifestyle blogger Laura Morel of Nineby5 rounds up the best buys on the Island for this month.

There’s something comforting about this September in the fashion world. Apart from it being the busiest and most exciting month of the year, it feels like we’re finally ready for the new season, having enjoyed one of Jersey’s best summers in years. While our heads may not be quite in winter wear, now is the time to shop new collections for those transition pieces that will gently ease you into cooler months and last well into the new year.

Whilst there’s still a little life left in this summer yet, I don’t feel too guilty about adding another sun dress to my growing collection. Especially when it is this classic midi length dress from Monsoon. This is the perfect shape for me and was so popular in their summer collection, that they’ve brought out a gingham version for autumn. An easy wear that can be restyled with some boots and a blazer once the weather turns.   If you loved the yellow which flooded our high streets this summer, then you’ll be thrilled to discover that the the tone continues into the new season collections. Not as bright or acid as the summer’s offering, instead expect more rich and earthy tones such as mustard and ochre. This sweatshirt from Marks and Spencer is a great example and has a fab 80’s feel to it with batwing sleeves.   Prints are set to be bigger than ever this autumn, worn head to toe, clashing, or in bright hues. Snakeskin, leopard, or zebra, if

you’re dressing like an animal you’re bound to be bang on trend. These leopard print mules from Kurt Geiger are the perfect way to dip your toe into the trend and are selling out fast from Voisins. I’m also a fan of this midi pleated skirt from Topshop in tiger print, which would work for the office or an evening look. For a more european take on fashion, try dressing like a french girl this winter, with some amazing Parisian inspiration from Renaissance Boutique. I picked up this Edward Archour top with large puffball

structured sleeves which offers a great silhouette. Check out their full range to be truly chic in St Helier! On the accessories front, shell-embellished necklaces are all the rage, thanks mostly to the popularity of jewellery giant WALD Berlin (google it, you’ll thank me). If your budget doesn’t stretch as far as this luxury brand don’t worry, Jersey has plenty of local jewellery designers that use our shores as inspiration for their collections. I snapped up a couple of shell pendant chains from Victoria Liddell Jewellery who creates a range of delicate silver pieces available at the Harbour Gallery.    

Follow Laura’s style journey on BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS


Olivia wears:

Long Sleeve Stripey Dress, Hatley, The Potting Shed at Ransoms, £32.99 Navy Heart Zipper Hoodie, Hatley, The Potting Shed at Ransoms, £30.99 Legging And Shoes Models Own.

Theo wears:

Navy Trousers, Hatley, The Potting Shed at Ransoms, £30.99 Grey Forest Animals Tee, The Potting Shed at Ransoms, £18.99 Shoes Models Own



PHOTOGRAPHY Gisela Ollson MODELS Ollie, Melissa, Olivia & Theo

This month we chose family over fashion, recruiting the Bartletts from the scores of responses we had for the opportunity for a shoot with family lifestyle photographer Gisela Ollson. After a visit to de Gruchy and The Potting Shed at Ransoms to enhance their outfits, Ollie, Melissa, Olivia and Theo hit the dunes for an autumnal afternoon and miles of smiles.




Ollie wears:

Barbour B.Intl Duke Wax Jacket (TR) £179 Gant O2 Wool Cashmere Crew Dark Grey Melange £121.50 Trousers Gant

Melissa wears:

Mint Velvet Biker Skinny Jeans £62 Green Coat With Cream Woven Details, Oasis, £67.50 Grey Happy Jumper, Oasis, £29.00




Theo wears:

Navy Trousers, Hatley, The Potting Shed at Ransoms, £30.99 Blue Robot Long Sleeve Tee, Hatley, The Potting Shed at Ransoms, £18.99 Shoes Models Own

Olivia wears:

Grey Metallic Heart Leggings, Hatley, The Potting Shed at Ransoms, £16.99 Navy Elephant Long Sleeve Tee, Hatley, The Potting Shed at Ransoms, £18.99 Shoes Models Own




Theo Wears:

Navy Trousers, Hatley, The Potting Shed at Ransoms, £30.99 Blue Robot Long Sleeve Tee, Hatley, The Potting Shed at Ransoms, £18.99 Grey Dinosaur Zipper Hoodie, Hatley, The Potting Shed at Ransoms, £30.99 Shoes Models Own




Olivia wears:

Grey Metallic Heart Leggings, Hatley, The Potting Shed at Ransoms, £16.99 Navy Elephant Long Sleeve Tee, Hatley, The Potting Shed at Ransoms, £18.99 Pink Faux Fur Gillet, Hatley, The Potting Shed at Ransoms, £50.99 Shoes Models Own

Ollie wears:

Gant T-shirt: The Original ss -shirt £36 Barbour B.Intl Duke Wax Jacket (TR) £179 Trousers and Boots; Ollie’s own.


Melissa wears:

Mint Velvet Biker Skinny Jeans £62.00 Coat Mint Velvet Grey £170




Print - it’s the fashion trend of the summer and it’s everywhere! Florals to animal print, polka dots and stripes - we’ve shopped the high street for patterns to liven up any outfit.

1. Polka Dot Crop Trousers, New Look, £19.99 2. Set Russian Disco Trousers, Manna Boutique, £165 3. Mint Velvet Audrey Print Shirt Dress, deGruchy, £107 4. River Island Wide Twist Headband, Voisins, £10 5. River Island Red Stripe Midi Dress, Voisins, £55 6. Ronnie Flare Heels, Topshop, £49 7. Miss Selfridge Rose Top & Joggers, Voisins, Top £28, Joggers £32 8. Red Leopard Print Skirt, Topshop, £32



1. Tiger Print Shirt, Topman, £30 2. Ted Baker Geometric Shirt, deGruchy, £89 3. Mint Green Polka Dot Tie Set, New Look, £9.99 4. Floral Paisley Shirt, Topman, £30 5. River Island Leopard Print Shirt, Voisins, £25 6. Boardies Palmtopia Print Swim Shorts, Roulette, £50 7. Albam Stripe T-Shirt, Roulette, £50 8. Burgundy Vertical Stripe T-Shirt, New Look, £9.99





Style Stalker

Aiden Camara, 3 He may be young but Aiden certainly knows how to dress himself and what looks cool! Aiden is a massive football fan and loves his favourite football t-shirt. His monochrome look is completed with some cool sunnies to top off a very stylish outfit.


As the school holidays come to a close, its time to pack away the bermuda shorts and pick up the school uniform once again. The hottest summer we’ve had in years may shortly be over, but here’s our homage to those long sunny days which were filled with adventure and where for seven short weeks, kids ruled Jersey with their epic street style.

Dylan Neagle,9 Jayden Errais, 9 Here are a set of boys who are still happy to still let their mums buy their clothes, as long as it includes superheroes and sportswear! This is the second time they’d been stopped to talk to the media, cementing their status as celebrities of St Helier.

Nina Lopes, 9

Mila Clarke, 5

Nina is very on trend with her floral playsuit, complete with exposed shoulders. Us adults may have adopted the playsuit over recent years, but our fashion inspiration came from this child swear classic. Nina makes the one piece look both practical and beautiful.

Mila is the epitome of sugary sweetness in this ensemble. Her rainbow tutu, glitter sandals and pom-pom headband, show that this is a girl who takes her fashion very seriously. Mila adds the icing to the cake with with a coordinating Unicorn handbag.

Eve Furniss, 8

Katie Andrews, 9

Eve is known by her family as Katie is over on holiday with her something of a fashion magpie, family and standing out from the combining pieces that her crowd with her very polished outfit mother would never have thought choice. Her unusual patterned to match. On a soggy day, Eve’s playsuit has a skirt overlay and off outfit pops with neon pink the shoulder top, which matches dungarees. She is sporting this her beaded sandals perfectly. A summer’s trend of clashing prints huge bow completes her up-do, with spots and stripes, keeping to making her ready for the catwalk the same colour palette. Style way or the beach. past her years!

Madison Brenkley, 6 & Tilly Hackett, 6 Madison wears a necklace she made herself, sharing best friends bracelets with Tilly and having more stashed away to give to other friends. Tilly’s co-ordinating powder blue linen outfit looks great next to Madison’s beautiful floral romper with a white sparkly bag.

Katie Hollis, 9 How many of us remember wearing demin hot pants over our tights in our youth? Katie brings a fresh take on the retro trend with star printed leggings. Her silver metallic sandals add some sparkle to add outfit with a hot pink jumper, giving it a pop of colour.



Jersey’s most established, full of flavour, organic, home grown eating guide. Our 20,000 annual editions have been satisfying the hunger and thirst of visitors and locals alike for ten years. Don’t settle for less.

Jersey’s foodie annual

Jersey’s foodie annual | Tenth Edition

| 2018


SEATON PLACE SOCIAL Not every refurbishment opportunity in Jersey will deliver the desired results. There can be mishaps, unplanned expenses or just buoyant financial struggles, but these things aside, when the finished result is standing in front of you, you’ll know immediately whether it was worth the investment. I can tell you that from the moment you enter the newly finished ‘Seaton Place Social’ you’ll understand that it was worth the outlay. Seaton Place Social has done a lot more than throw a new coat of paint on what was ‘Squires’ Pub. It has risen from the ashes like a triumphant Phoenix showing nothing of its former self. This bright, modern industrial ‘bar-cum-restaurant’ has appeared at the perfect time, just as Jersey’s nightlife was almost beginning to stagnate. As you walk in, you’re met with a warm environment, there are friends, co-workers all smiling and chatting around the newly restored bar. It feels new but inexplicably familiar. The décor ranges from brutalist concrete pillars, a Victorian-style tiled bar and rugged solid wood floors. There are seating booths, which give a relaxed, almost American-diner experience and there are other tables pairing wonderful dark leather benches with factory-style chairs. Each table has a double power socket featuring USB ports straight into the wall for those business lunches that you didn’t charge your laptop for. From the copper salt and pepper shakers to the pots of lavender which adorn each table, it becomes clear that a huge attention to detail has been put into almost every aspect of this interior. With a cocktail list that doesn’t just feature the same old drinks as everywhere else in Jersey, and a gin menu to match, all made by skilled hands, you’ll likely be back at 5:30 to try them out! As this is a ‘Liberation Group’ property, you can be sure of the group wide seasonal menus, but there are a few other surprises


in store. A pizza oven sits at the far end of the bar serving an excellent selection of flat-bread pizzas with toppings to suit any palate as well as a semi-open kitchen where you can see head chef Mihai doing his best work. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is regular pub food though, this chef is far more than hired gun, his influence on the menu is strong and the food is all the better for it! With food ranging from Tapas to Korean and Mediterranean to Italian you’d be hard pressed to find something you don’t want to eat. With Mihai behind the scenes it only makes sense that the front of house atmosphere matches the quality of what’s

“With food ranging from Tapas to Korean and Mediterranean to Italian you’d be hard pressed to find something you don’t want to eat” being produced, and that is where assistant manager Kieran comes in. A personable member of staff who can’t do enough for you is exactly what this foodie pub deserves. Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a drink, the ‘Seaton Place Social’ has your back, and don’t forget they are also taking bookings for Christmas parties, pick up a menu now! Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the wonderful food, the great service and the well thought-out design all whilst experiencing a new piece of Jersey’s social history. JERSEY’S STYLE MAGAZINE


Feast for 5: family friendly food stops. Food blogger Laura Dauny of theislandplate recommends her top 5 family friendly picks for this month.  

Family meals can take many guises and different types of family need different things from a restaurant. No single eatery can cater for picky eaters, boisterous toddlers, sulky teenagers, unadventurous older relatives, beloved pets and major family celebrations, but my 5 family picks should have something for families of all shapes and sizes.


Deep fried anything is a hit with kids of all ages so a trip to Seafish’s St Helier or St Aubin premises is ideal for the hungry masses. The funky bright interiors make for a relaxed atmosphere, so there is no need to sacrifice style. Little ones are well catered for with a special menu priced at £6.95 featuring many of their favourite treats. The full menu features a whole host of fishy treats and a smaller selection of meat dishes and even gluten-free options. What’s more, diners can choose from battered, crumbed and grilled fish as well as other seafood specials so you are bound to find something for even the pickiest or health conscious of eaters (as long as they aren’t vegan). Seafish also do takeaway so if you are at the St Aubin’s branch and the weather is smiling on you, you could enjoy a classic British treat of fish & chips on the beach and let the little darlings run wild on the sand.

The Portelet Inn

Judging by my nephew’s love of a soft play area The Portelet Inn is probably most kids pick for a family outing. For them the star of the show is undoubtedly Pirate Pete’s indoor adventure playground, complete with slide and ball pit, and the outdoor galleon ship. They can run themselves ragged in relative safety giving you the chance to catch your breath for a few minutes in Mamma’s Kitchen. The menu of pub favourites and pizza offers a wide enough choice to satisfy most hungry bellies, as well as a special kids menu and even a lobster menu for those who can’t resist the seaside setting.

Colleen’s Café

Ransoms Tearoom

It’s an oldie but a goodie; there is a reason that this island classic has been a hit with all ages for so long. It’s ever-evolving menu is a crowd-pleaser covering breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner with dishes for every taste and craving. It’s an especially good spot if someone in your party requires gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan choices as they will, frankly, be spoilt for choice rather than a Hobson’s choice of predictable unimaginative dishes. Ransoms is particularly famous for its gargantuan selection of cakes making it a perfect place for a family catch-up over tea, or even a pitstop for some takeaway treats for home. The restaurant is big enough to accommodate prams and a small children’s play area allows toddlers to blow off some steam with the added bonus of a visit to the pet store in the garden centre to check out some scaly and furry critters. The family fur babies are also welcome inside and out so there is no reason to leave Fido at home in a sulk on your next family outing.

Another family classic but this one comes with a beach on your doorstep which is made for a post-lunch walk or for the kiddy-winks and their furry friends to blow the cobwebs away. A menu of café staples means you certainly won’t go hungry and it’s open 7 days a week so you can have a seaside escape whenever you need it. With a special menu for kids and a wide selection of family favourites. You will have a hard time choosing what to eat and with a great selection of ice cream your dessert is all sorted.

No. 10 Restaurant & Bar

No. 10 may not be an obvious option for a family favourite but stay with me. We have all been to a big family celebration where chairs are scarce and the stress of cooking has turned your usually zen-loving aunt into a dragon. Instead of dealing with that minefield, why not let No. 10 take the lead and book their private basement dining room? With total privacy the family can let their hair down and celebrate in style allowing the fun to come first and with an ever-changing seasonal menu of fresh local produce you are sure to fill your stomachs with something delicious to boot.

Follow The Island Plate’s food journey on





Gemma Bartlett

Bryony and Charles Le Boutillier

Wild Health

La Crémière

Gemma owns Wild Health - Food & Lifestyle company. She believes in eating natural, real, whole foods for health and wellbeing and loves inspiring people to try new foods and to make more conscious choices. She works from a catering trailer at outdoor events serving tasty meals with naturally gluten-free, raw and vegan options. Using organic and wild ingredients in the dishes and lots of delicious local vegetables. Gemma also makes crisps from fresh Jersey kale, which are airdried in a dehydrator at 40c to maintain the nutrient and enzyme levels. They are seasoned with Celtic grey sea salt which contains all 82 trace minerals needed for optimum health, and vitamin B rich nutritional yeast flakes. They can be eaten straight from the pack like crisps, used as a salad or soup topper or make a great garnish for meat or fish dishes. They are incredibly tasty and insanely moreish! The trailer can be found in St Helier town centre every Thursday, aswell as at outdoor events. She can also provide birthday cakes, canapés, buffet-style party food and office treats. Instagram: wildhealthjsy


Bryony and her family run the Woodlands Farm dairy herd supplying Jersey Dairy. At the La Crémière kitchen at Woodlands Farm. Bryony produces artisan food using their world-class Jersey dairy ingredients, creating the ultimate good-mood foods! Their first product is La Crémière Salted Caramel Sauce, which has a sublime taste and colour that could only come from Jersey’s famous breed of cow. Each jar of caramel is handmade using their own artisanal recipe and even includes Jersey sea salt. Due to customer demand, particularly from visitors who want to take a piece of Jersey home with them, La Crémière has also released a range of 100 ml pots. The flavours are: Jersey Salted Caramel, Espresso Salted Caramel and Rosemary Salted Caramel. La Crémière salted caramel sauce is sold at local markets and in outlets all over the island including: La Belle Gourmand, The Gallery Cafe & Deli, The Fresh Fish Company, Midland Stores, Gorey Village Fruit Shop, Ransoms Garden Centre, Homegrown, Rondel’s Farm Shop, Woodside Farm Shop, Woodlands Farm Butchers, Jersey Airport, Classic Herd Farm Shop, Durrell and it is also available on for UK addresses and in Selfridges in London!


JERSEY’S SPECIALIST PR O PE R TY M A G A ZIN E & POR TAL | ISSUE #197 | September 1st 2018

#197 WWW. P LAC E S. J E

We feature properties from these great agents and homebuilders



WORDS Imogen Pickering


ituated in a peaceful and rural location in the depths of St Saviour, The Barn is a newly constructed and extended 5 bedroom farmhouse conversion, offering luxurious accommodation finished to a contemporary specification. Accessed through a set of electric wooden gates, this property offers the ideal setting for a family home, with its open plan layout set amongst highly private and tranquil surroundings.


As adults, most of us will have fond memories of playing in an (what seemed to be at the time, but probably wasn’t) enormous garden, where our young imaginations could run wild in nature’s playground. On arriving at The Barn, it was difficult to avoid those childhood memories that came flooding back at the sight of the outdoor space this property has to offer. Adjacent to the gravel courtyard, with parking for up to 15 cars, a large pond that




is filled by a stream running through the garden is host to a flock of ducks. An array of tall mature trees and plants encompass the pond, as well as the rest of the garden, adding to the high degree of privacy and serenity. A vast lawned area leads the way to the top of the garden, where the two agricultural fields and meadow belonging to the property are located. In the centre of the lawned area sits a quaint, grey wooden outbuilding, complete with its own porch. As soon as I came across it, I imagined the area lit up with outdoor lighting and being used for summertime entertaining alfresco. Alternatively, the space would make a perfect child’s wendy house, outdoor snug or unique guest accommodation. The outdoor area at The Barn is not only ideal for the imagination of small children and family entertaining, it is also the perfect setting for those who enjoy growing their own fruit and vegetables. Behind what used to be an old granite bake house, which now provides a garage block with a large single garage and carport, there is a ‘secret’ garden, comprising a large allotment area with its own gated access.

“The outdoor area at The Barn is not only ideal for the imagination of small children and family entertaining, it is also the perfect setting for those who enjoy growing their own fruit and vegetables.” My admiration for what this property has to offer doesn’t end in the garden. As you walk through the front door of the house, complete with original 1825 date stone above the door, the first impression you have is that of utmost style. A beautiful, grey-patterned tiled floor decorates the entrance hall, setting the scene for the level of sophistication to expect throughout the rest of the property. To the right, through a pair of glass panelled double doors, an enormous living area leads through to another smaller room - perfect for a house study or children’s playroom. Directly in front of the entrance hall, the property’s kitchen and main living area astound visitors with its vaulted ceiling and glass partition walls, allowing for copious amounts of natural light to fill the room, with breathtaking views of the garden from every angle. Four sets of bi-folding doors allow you to virtually remove an entire wall in the house and open it onto the garden, where a patioed area overlooks the lawns and pond. CONTINUED...





The kitchen itself comprises a modern country-style area built into the wall, with wooden fitted cupboards, painted a tasteful pale blue, and high specification appliances, including a built-in coffee machine. A large island with a white marble countertop sits directly in front of the kitchen appliances and a large walk-in pantry is hidden behind, with more storage than you could ever need - perfect for those feeding big families. A set of steps from the far end of this area lead up to one of the property’s five double bedrooms. Ideal for a teenagers bedroom or guest accommodation, this room has its own entrance from the back garden, as well as a snug across the way, making the perfect hideaway from the rest of the house. The remaining four double bedrooms are accessed via a separate staircase towards the front of the property. Each with their own ensuite, fitted illuminating wardrobes and views over the garden or courtyard,


each bedroom offers luxury sleeping quarters for every member of the family. The most impressive of the bedrooms, however, is undeniably the master bedroom. As soon as you walk through the door, you are met with a ceiling-high window overlooking the garden, with a breathtaking direct view over the pond. My initial thoughts towards the rather modest sized space for a master bedroom were soon squashed when opening the door to the ensuite. As large as the bedroom itself, the luxury bathroom is home to dual sinks, a bathtub and an enormous rainfall shower - it’s as if you’re visiting a luxury spa every time you step foot inside. The Barn is the ideal property for those looking for a family home finished to contemporary standards. Perfect for hosting family members of all ages, without compromising on style, this property has it all - luxurious and sought after living for the whole family.

The Barn La Rue Du Ponterrin

£2,950,000 Savills

T: 01534 722227 • 5 bedrooms • 5 bathrooms • 5 reception rooms • Magical and peaceful setting • Large landscaped gardens • Extensive natural pond and stream • 2 agricultural fields • Additional small walled garden • Detached granite garage • Additional courtyard parking • Approx 5,000 sq ft




Finishing Touches What is it about having something with your name on that makes it 10x more exciting? We don’t know, but we like it. Whether it’s a personalised gift or a feature for your home, spell it out with this month’s top picks for homeware.


Wire Initial Ornament Next £6

A6 Lightbox Paperchase £12

Mr & Mrs Alphabet Mugs Clinton Cards £4.99 each

Light Up Letter Voisins £9.75

White Jasmine Monogram Candle Next £5

Personalised Unicorn Initial Creative Keepsakes £12+

Marble Initial Print The Memory Mix £8

Alphabet Letter Mugs M&S £5 each



Best Rates - Pick of the Bunch

(% loan to property value/price)

After months of deliberation and much media comment, the Bank of England finally increased Base Rate to 0.75% at the beginning of August, a rise of 0.25%. For the past two years, The Mortgage Shop has encouraged clients to lock into a fixed rate, with the vast majority choosing a fiveyear option, whilst a number have fixed for seven or even ten years. This precaution has paid off and will continue to offer security when rates increase further, as is now being predicted. Those of our clients who preferred to stay with a variable rate, or a shorter term fixed rate, generally did so either because they thought that the gamble was worth it, or

because they were looking for short term funding and wanted to avoid the payment of large penalties that can apply to longer-term fixed rates. The mixed messages that are being sent out by the Bank of England and the media suggest that there will be further rate increases to come at the end of this year and in the lead up to Brexit. Although, there is also a warning that adverse economic conditions at some time in the future, could result in the upward trend being reversed.

PROPERTY IN JERSEY Despite it being full on summer holiday season, there is no let-up in the demand for mortgage funding, to help sustain the local property market. A lesson that many prospective purchasers are being cruelly taught, is that they should not go away from a viewing thinking that the property that they have just fallen in love with will still be on the market in a week’s time, because it is highly likely that it won’t! The Mortgage Shop handles dozens of appointments every week, offering free advice on what potential purchasers can sensibly borrow. With lenders offering income multiples that range from 4.5 up to 7 times’

60% Tracker 60% 2 Year Fixed 60% 5 Year Fixed 60% 10 Year Fixed 85% Tracker 85% 3 Year Fixed 85% 5 Year Fixed 90% Tracker 90% 5 Year Fixed 95% 2 Year Fixed 95% 5 Year Fixed 100% 5 Year Fixed 60% BTL 2 Year Fixed 60% BTL 5 Year Fixed 60% Interest Only Var.

1.19% 1.54% 1.89% 2.49% 1.62% 2.14% 2.09% 1.79% 2.39% 3.49% 3.89% 4.74% 1.69% 2.49% 2.49%

Rates correct as at 6 August 2018 BTL = Buy to let mortgage

gross income, there are a lot of options from which to choose. The simple message to anybody thinking of buying in the current vibrant market, is to do their research before they even start to view properties. It is surprising how many of our clients arrive in our offices with a complete misconception of how much they can borrow – sadly some are disappointed, although many discover that they can in fact achieve a much higher level of borrowing which gives them access to a completely different part of the market. The joy of seeing the faces of our clients who thought that they could only afford a two-bedroom flat, to then discover that they can in fact buy a house, is tangible and very rewarding for our mortgage team.

To be added to our monthly bulletin list please send your request to: Visit to find out more.

Tel: 789830

Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loan secured on it.




Interior News 4


1 2 7




Summer is soon to be leaving us, so it’s time to make the most of the remaining warmer nights. Dining alfresco with friends and outdoor entertaining is what summer’s all about, and with end of season sales in full swing, there’s never been a better time to introduce some last minute additions to your outdoor space. 1 PORAK WOODEN 2 SEATER BAR B&Q, £220

If you love entertaining, this bar is a great addition to your outdoor space without having to add another table. Made from sustainably sourced acacia wood, it complements B&Q’s Denia range and finishes off your entertainment space nicely. The stools add to that real authentic bar feel without having to leave the house, making for an easy (and rather cheap) night out for all.


This Soron rattan 4 seater coffee set is perfect for relaxing in the garden with friends. If you’re looking to create the perfect outdoor relaxation area, the Soron is ideal. Easy to maintain and clean, the comfy cushions will enable you to bask in the sunlight for as long as you please. The set comes complete with coffee table, sofa and 2 armchairs with cushions. 3 LA HACIENDA ARLINGTON CLAY CHIMENEA, B&Q, £30

Soaking up the atmosphere of a real fire is a pleasure to be enjoyed whether entertaining friends and family or relaxing and unwinding alone in the garden. Bring a touch of warmth and light to your garden this summer with this gorgeous Chimenea. Perfect for keeping warm after the sun goes down or just creating a cosy, inviting atmosphere.



Dine on a patio or in the kitchen with the luxurious Cora dining set. The elegant Cora Dining set is a versatile, indoor and outdoor furniture collection, with a blend of styles and materials. Cora tables use durable acacia hardwood in smoke white. The chunky table top and legs offer a rustic aesthetic to any room or garden. Cora chairs use acacia wood in the legs with a handwoven synthetic wicker back for added style. Sit on the Cora benches for a more informal dinner party feel. 5 LARGE ROUND FIRE PIT DUNELM, £59

Keep warm outdoors for longer with Dunelm’s extensive range of fire pits. Made from durable steel with a high temperature black paint finish, this fire pit will make a lovely addition to your outdoor space and comes complete with mesh lid, log grate and safety tool.


The Conical Cast Iron Chiminea is a magnificent outdoor heater best suited for large patios, perfect for creating a main focal point to outdoor gatherings and holds an immense fire for maximum warmth. Tall and elegant, the chimenea has a large internal capacity for burning charcoal or logs, and can also double us as a barbecue

thanks to the grill section, usable when the flue is removed, supplying you with a fantastic outdoor heating system and barbecue in one.


Built from stainless steel and featuring nonstick aluminium grill plates, this indoor and outdoor electric grill from Tower is easy to set up, operate and clean. This grill is ideal for camping, caravanning, garden parties and other social events and can be used both indoor and outdoor. Its adjustable thermostat and power-on indicator allow for effective and precise grilling, whilst its ridged plates help give each item the authentic grilled look. 8 CRETE HANGING 2 SEAT HANGING CHAIR, RANSOMS GARDEN CENTRE, £399

Freely swinging hanging chair perfect for a sunny spot in the garden or conservatory. This stylish and modern swing seats comes complete with a powder coated iron frame and wicker seat holding which is weatherproof and virtually maintenance free. Perfect to laze away the evenings in your garden this summer.



Here are some of the latest family-friendly instructions from these great agents...

Perfect for teenagers or second gen. families

£627,500 Five bedroom property on a great bus route

Fantastic family home situated in a popular development, built only 6 years ago. Ideally located with easy access into town and principal schools yet only a short stroll to green lanes, country walks with only a short drive into Gorey. Briefly comprising; garage and bedroom suite on the ground floor, perfect for a teenager or 2nd generation. The first floor has open plan living with sitting area, dining area, high spec kitchen and separate utility, 2 double bedrooms and bathroom on the second floor and another double bedroom on the third floor. The property has a balcony from the main living space, ideal for el fresco eating overlooking the enclosed south-facing garden. LEARN MORE:

01534 877977

A sociable space for the whole family



Located in the western parish of St Peter, within a two minute drive to the village community with it’s excellent amenities and primary school, it is also a five minute drive to the glorious bay of St Ouen. This detached property, is situated in a small private close, and was built in the mid-eighties, having recently undergone complete refurbishment by its current owners, they have created a stunning modern family home. The dining area, a recent extension, is open plan from the kitchen, filled with plenty of natural light and inclusive of a sonos sound system, it provides a great sociable space for the family to dine and entertain guests. Ample storage is provided with under-stairs cupboard, spacious fully floored loft and a second loft accessed from the garage. LEARN MORE:


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Five bedroom house in St Peter. Located in St Peter’s Village, this fabulous high specification family home was constructed just five years ago and benefits from five double bedrooms, each with en suite bath / shower rooms and two of these with walk in wardrobes. On the bus route between La Greve de Lecq and St Helier, within close walking distance of the village shops and a short drive to St Ouen’s Bay. The garden is southwest-facing, mainly laid to lawn with patio al fresco areas.

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Beachside living perfect for families


Craigellachie is set overlooking the stunning sandy beach at Greve de Lecq on Jersey’s North West coast. The beach is an absolute gem; the broad expanse of soft sand giving way to the sea makes it perfect for young families and keen surfers alike. You’ll find some of the finest walks in Jersey along the north coast. A great place to cook and dine al-fresco whilst enjoying the views and talking to guests. The dining room and drawing room flow well together providing a fabulous space with big picture windows, a superb area for relaxing with the most wonderful panoramic views over the beach and sea.


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workplaces. Looking for a new home for your business? See commercial properties from multiple agents all in one place with the island’s dedicated property portal, rebuilt from the ground up. Jersey’s property portal





Brooks Macdonald grows funds

Data; it’s BIG.

50% of business leaders are looking to increase their spending in business intelligence and data this year, and 28% of those think that data will have the biggest impact on their businesses. That’s what clients and industry leaders heard from C5 Alliance recently at a ‘Future of C5: Data’ event. In 2017, nearly 81% of executives said that they had seen measurable returns from their data investment, with the top returns realised from finding new avenues for innovation and from launching new products and services driven from analysing their data. The event comes following the successful acquisition of C5 by BDO Jersey earlier this year, which now sees the unified firm providing strategy, consulting, digital, technology and managed services.

The Channel Islands subsidiary of independent investment manager Brooks Macdonald saw double digit growth in the value of funds it manages and a strong surge in net new business over the past twelve months, according to figures published by the Group. Figures announced by Brooks Macdonald as part of its Trading Update for the financial year ended 30 June 2018 show that the value of discretionary Funds Under Management (FUM) in the firm’s International division, which includes the firm’s Guernsey and Jersey offices, grew by 10.7% over the year, and by 4.4% over the quarter, to stand at £1.7 billion. In addition, the Update also shows that Brooks Macdonald’s Channel Islands business reported annual growth in net new business of 6.4%, up from 1.3% the previous year. Meanwhile, the Brooks Macdonald Group as a whole added considerably to its discretionary FUM over the past twelve months to end the financial year at a record level of £12.4 billion, an increase of 18.7% over the year and 6.5% over the quarter.

Skipton launches market-leading Fixed Rate Saving Accounts

Skipton International has once again proved that it is on the side of the saver by launching two Fixed Rate Savings Accounts offering attractive returns. Available from today, one Fixed Rate Bond will mature on 2 August 2021 and the other on 2 September 2019. Both offer annual interest and the three-year bond pays a gross annual interest of2.00% AER while the one-year bond pays 1.60% AER. Simply put, if a saver invests £10,000 in the three-year fixed rate bond, it will grow to £10,612 over the period if all interest is reinvested in the account. Equally, the same amount invested in the one-year fixed rate bond will be worth £10,160 at maturity. Jim Coupe, Managing Director of Skipton International, said: “At Skipton, we pride ourselves on being dynamic and giving the best possible deals. We’re also proud that our offshore savings products remain some of the most competitive on the market and these new bonds demonstrate our commitment to continually offer our customers a range of options’.

First Names’ give staff the best view in the house.

First Names Group’s Jersey team is settling in as the newest residents of landmark waterfront office development, Gaspé House. This milestone office move represents the international financial services group’s biggest relocation to date – bringing just shy of 300 ‘First Names’ together under one roof for the first time. Previously, the Group’s Jersey operations had been split across three separate offices, spanning the Esplanade and both ends of Castle Street. The state-of-the-art ‘Grade A’ office space seats all of the Group’s Jersey-based First Names in an acre of space across two wings, East and West. It includes a large client suite area featuring seven meeting rooms, four front-facing, as well as ten internal meeting rooms and various breakout areas. The glass-walled southwest corner of the office is home to a sizeable staff café, offering unrivalled bay views and sunshine.




BDO > C5 > ALX

BDO in Jersey, together with their technology business, C5 Alliance Group, are pleased to announce the acquisition of the training company, ALX Training. The acquisition adds to C5’s strong existing portfolio of IT client services, with ALX Training’s expertise in delivering technology-focused workplace skills, including software and application learning. It will also enhance C5’s offering to clients, providing a complete end-to-end solution: working together, ALX will provide training solutions to support the new technologies C5 has implemented for clients. The purchase follows the successful acquisition of C5 by BDO in Jersey earlier this year, with the unified firm providing strategy, consulting, digital, technology and managed services. ALX Training employs 6 staff and was founded in 2009 by Jersey-based Alex Morel, who is a qualified Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor and Microsoft Certified Trainer, with 20 years of teaching experience. In 2016, Alex won the IoD Director of the Year for a Small Business. To date ALX Training has delivered lessons across the Channel Islands, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, South Africa, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the UK.

Ashburton Investments shortlisted for a hat-trick of industry awards

Ashburton Investments is delighted to announce it has been shortlisted for three top investment industry awards in different categories. Shortlisted as a finalist in the prestigious STEP Private Client Awards 2018 for Investment Team of the Year, Ashburton Investments’ Portfolio Management Services Team is proud to be acknowledged for industry excellence in the application of its core investment strategy. Also shortlisted for the International Fund and Product Awards (IFC) 2018 in the Best International Discretionary Fund Manager category and in the Citywealth IFC Awards 2018 for Investment Management Company of the Year – Channel Islands for the second consecutive year, Ashburton Investments, with its multi-asset heritage, specialist expertise across equity and portfolio management services and enhanced research capabilities, is delighted to be acknowledged as an industry leader in a very competitive market.


New categories for 2018 Sure Customer Service Awards

This year’s Sure Customer Service Awards have a number of new award categories for which individuals, teams and businesses can be nominated. The awards are in their eighth year and recognise excellent customer service across a variety of sectors in the Channel Islands. The new categories for 2018 are more specific in order to attract nominations from even more industries across the islands. At time of print there have been over 1,000 online nominations with many more thousands on paper. The 2018 categories are: aspiring star, self-employed, best team, best individual employee, best service in travel and accommodation, best service from leisure and tourism, best service in food and drink, best retail service, best service from professional and personal services, best service through digital innovation and the people’s choice. One overall winner is then selected from the 11 category winners for the overall customer service award. Sure’s chief customer officer, Charlotte Dunsterville, said: “It’s important to highlight excellent customer service and recognise those who truly go above and beyond for customers. “Introducing new categories this year will hopefully identify people from businesses and sectors we’ve not received votes for in the past, particularly with the categories specifically for leisure and tourism and travel and accommodation.” This year’s awards also have a new digital platform for people to nominate individuals, teams and businesses online. Nominations already received include a retail assistant who has been described as going “above and beyond” as well as being “incredibly knowledgeable in the product and industry”. The nomination went on to say that “he makes you feel like you are special and a friend. Polite, impeccably turned out and conscientious.” The Sure Customer Service Awards are open for nominations online at until Friday 31 August with the Guernsey awards taking place at the Duke of Richmond hotel on Thursday 27 September and the Jersey awards on Thursday 4 October at the Radisson Blu Hotel.




With their big smiles and Instagram-friendly appearance, Ella and Drew Locke look like the perfect Millennial couple. Just over three years after meeting, the PE teacher and professional rugby player have changed careers, travelled around Australia, got married, and set up a business combining their passions.




Locke’s is Jersey’s first speciality coffee and brunch café – a concept that seems to be going down well, hitting the zeitgeist by being appearing just as demand for cooler cafes takes off. Set in National Trust buildings beside the new Premier Inn, Locke’s brings hip to a historic setting. “Drew played rugby for Jersey when I met him.” Ella said. “He only had two weeks left on the Island, before leaving to play for Gloucester, so the relationship moved fast. When I asked him, on our first date, what he planned to do after he stopped playing rugby he talked about his passions for coffee and hospitality. I was already doing a food blog and had studied nutrition, so we quickly realised we had a similar dream and that it was something we wanted to work on together.”

“It was a gamble leaving professional jobs and going on the minimum wage.” Ella added, “But what we learnt meant it was a risk worth taking. We needed to know if the reality matched the dream, and this helped make the challenges we faced more manageable.” Since the couple decided to open in Jersey the Island has seen an explosion of trendy coffee shops, with the likes of Cargo, Shuga, and Dandy’s second store. However, the Lockes regard competition as positive, and Drew also enjoys the variety of coffee different establishments offer. “The growth of coffee bars such as Dandy and Cargo show there is increased demand in Jersey for this kind of place.” Ella said. “A little competition makes everyone raise their stan-

“People don’t just want to shop, they want to stop somewhere for coffee, have lunch, or do other things at the same time and make it a social experience. Jersey does that really well, in fact, we have so many great places to eat and drink close to the shops we do it a lot better than many towns in the UK.” When injury meant the end of Drew’s rugby career, the couple moved to London. Ella began working with the Deliciously Ella company, setting up and managing their delis, while Drew trained as a barista in Flotsam and Jetsam, an award-winning Antipodean-style café near their home in Wandsworth. “After rugby training we would drink coffee and I began experimenting with different beans, brewed in different ways.” Drew said. “I was interested in coffee and wanted to open a café one day, but injury brought that forward. “We saw a gap in the market in Jersey for a brunch-style place. We didn’t know how well one would work here, but they were popular in London and in Australia where they began. We researched places in Australia during our travels and brought lots of ideas back.” While looking for premises, the couple ran a coffee cart in Queen Street. “It was a great way of testing the market,” Drew said. “It was a bit cold and lonely during the winter, but I’d do it all again for what we learnt. The best way to learn is being in the right environment. My parents were in hospitality – my dad ran a pub – and working in the café in London, and then running the coffee cart gave me invaluable experience.”


dards and become more innovative which is a good thing for Jersey and it can benefit all of us individually by giving us a challenge and making us think outside the box.” There is a photo on Locke’s Stories Instagram page of the owners celebrating their second wedding anniversary. Dressed in leopard print and florals, the couple look a bit like a blonde version of healthy-eating guru Ella Mills and her husband – in a recent photo for a UK newspaper, the food blogger wore a leopard print dress too! However, despite what Jersey’s Ella learnt in London, the vision for Locke’s is very much tailored to what Islanders want.

friends and family and that means it needs to have a wide appeal. “Working at Deliciously Ella was great. I got to do a lot and experience a lot of different roles within a short space of time. Most importantly I learned about managing people. Your staff are one of the most important parts of your business and you need to value them.” This is a sentiment shared by Drew. “Getting staff was the biggest challenge we faced”, he said. “It was a real worry and we had to scale back what we wanted to do, but the longer we’ve been open, the more people we have attracted. It was really a blessing as we’ve been able to ease into things. “Hospitality is hard work, but the industry needs young people with fresh ideas to take it forward. We’ve been so involved with the business from the start that it now reflects us and our personalities. We’re on site all the time and that makes it easier to maintain control, but we couldn’t do any of this without a great team.” Working with your husband or wife may bring other challenges. “You quickly learn it’s important to both have autonomy in areas of the business you are most passionate about.” Ella said. “Drew’s expertise is around coffee, while I focus on creating the spaces. We both look after the food concepts and have an amazing kitchen staff. As a husband and wife working together it can be intense and it has its challenges so it’s very important to communicate properly.” “You can’t bottle things up.” Drew added. “Honesty is the most important thing – not just with the people you work with, but with yourself.”

“We had a clear vision about what we wanted Locke’s to be and that makes it more straightforward.” Ella said. “The focus is local produce and we change the menu four times a year to reflect the seasons. We have a great relationship with local producers and support other young businesses such as Anville Farm and Three Oaks Vineries. “Food at Deliciously Ella is dairy and gluten free. We wanted food at Locke’s to be inclusive, as the café is, with something for everyone. The menu is small but there’s still always a vegan choice and something gluten-free. It’s about coming to share great food with





New EMEA Co-heads at SANNE.

SANNE is pleased to announce that Stephanie Hopkins and Stephen McKenna have been appointed as Co-Heads of SANNE’s Private Debt & Capital Markets business for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (“EMEA”) region. Stephanie and Stephen will be responsible for the strategic direction, management and delivery of SANNE’s Private Debt & Capital Markets business with specific focus on the continued development of the division to ensure that clients receive the highest levels of service and technical expertise across all jurisdictions. Their focus will also continue to be on delivering strong growth through organic initiatives while continuing to drive best practise throughout day-to-day activities. Stephanie and Stephen will lead the Private Debt & Capital Markets business who service more than 120 clients and manage more than 900 structures.

Change at BDO Greenlight team

Change management specialist BDO Greenlight, part of one of the largest professional service firms in the Channel Islands, has added three new consultants to its growing team. Kushal Chheda, Dawn Barkhuizen and Kate Gosson bring with them expertise in a number of fields, including accounting, data protection, banking technology and change management. Dawn, a qualified chartered accountant by trade, is an example of how the BDO Group, can offer its people the opportunity to transition between the core services of audit and assurance, tax, advisory, business services and outsourcing, technology services and change management. Dawn joins BDO Greenlight from the risk advisory practice where she has been working on internal audit and data regulation engagements.

Collas Crill Jersey Property team grows

Collas Crill has strengthened its Jersey property team with the appointment of two associates. Experienced associates Alison Le Breton and Alexandra Bassford have both joined Collas Crill, cementing the firm’s place as one of the largest commercial and residential property offerings on the island. Alison is a solicitor of England and Wales, experienced in Jersey property law and conveyancing, specialising in residential conveyancing, freehold/flying freehold purchases and sales, equity agreements, mortgages and re-financing. Her role includes drafting contracts/agreements, title researches and boundary checks, site visits, advising on and witnessing loan security documents, meeting and advising clients and attending Court. Alexandra is also experienced in all areas of Jersey property law including commercial and residential purchases, sales and leases, share transfer purchases, equity agreements, mortgages and financing, among others. Her client base ranges from high net worth clients to first time buyers. Most recently Alexandra was involved in the new Development in St Clement consisting of 45 units. Alexandra is a Solicitor of the Royal Court of Jersey and is taking her Oath of Advocacy later this year. She is also a member of The Law Society of Jersey.


Kate brings with her 15 years of change management experience working with organisations in Europe and her native Australia, where she ran her own consultancy firm. Kate has proficiency with using both Lean and Agile methodologies in a wide variety of industries. Kushal is a business analyst and project manager with eight years’ experience in both Jersey and India developing, delivering and supporting applications and projects within the banking, wealth management and trust administration sectors.





Startup Corner: The Aurora Lifestyle

Gregory is one to watch 

Collas Crill associate Gregory Haddow has been included in the Private Client Global Elite - Ones to Watch 2018 listing. Compiled by Legal Week and The American Lawyer, the list aims to identify the trusts and private client rising star lawyers with an international reach.

Helen Papworth loves seeing people follow and achieve their dreams in their chosen sport, activity or general daily accomplishments. She’s set up her new business, The Aurora Lifestyle, to help people do just that. ‘I want to help people manage their daily activities in a more effortless way, making it a place to not only relieve stress and improve movement, but give motivation and inspire them for their journey to a healthier lifestyle’ she told us ‘Giving people confidence with the way they look and feel about themselves whether it be improving posture and movement with Pilates, releasing those aches and pains makes me proud and puts a huge smile on my face’. In her spare time Helen enjoys show jumping, skiing, gymnastics, Latin dancing and general fitness. Contact Helen on 07797771846 or visit

This accolade comes hot on the heels of Gregory’s recent listing by eprivateclient as one of the Channel Islands’ Top 35 Under 35 private client practitioners. Gregory, who qualified as a solicitor last year following the completion of his training contract with Collas Crill, sits in the firm’s trust and fiduciary team. He specialises in providing advice in relation to non-contentious trust and foundation matters.

Siobhan Riley in Legal 500 Hall of Fame

Carey Olsen partner Siobhan Riley has been named in the inaugural Legal 500 Hall of Fame, one of four partners to be recognised in the Channel Islands. The legal industry researcher has launched its Hall of Fame to highlight ‘law firm partners who are at the pinnacle of the profession’ and to recognise individuals who receive ‘constant praise by their clients for continued excellence’. Ms Riley is head of the Jersey trusts and private wealth practice and her ‘wonderful expertise makes her easy to discuss matters with’, according to Legal 500.

Peter Bertram joins Pinel Advocates

Pinel Advocates has added senior property lawyer, Advocate Peter Bertram, to its property team. Advocate Bertram has extensive commercial and residential property experience, having been a Partner and Head of Property at two large Jersey law firms.  He will lead the development of Pinel Advocates’ commercial and residential property offering. Pinel Advocates has also developed a bespoke online conveyancing portal, to provide a direct connection between the firm, buyers, sellers and agents.  Using the portal, clients will be able to see the progress of their conveyances at any time and will receive emails and text messages updating them as to progress. As with corporate and commercial matters, Pinel Advocates will provide very competitive fixed fee arrangements, whilst still maintaining the quality of service for which it has become known. Advocate Bertram added “I am excited to be joining such a young and dynamic team, which already has within its ranks some considerable property law expertise”.




This month our usual corporate career profiles make way for the real-life action men amongst us. We are showcasing the opportunities that are available to those who would prefer to save their suit for special occasions and spend their work days out and about or in the thick of it. Over the coming pages we meet a cross section of people who form a close work-family and whose job roles and careers are based within the States’ Growth, Housing and Environment department. Welding? Fixing cars? Climbing massive trees? Why not see if there’s something here that would be better suited to you than an office-based job.

Photography Robbie Dark

& Tom Dance, 30 4 Matt Le Brun, 2 ers v

ri Tree Climber/D




What’s the coolest thing about your job: Both: Looking after the trees, we don’t just

cut them down, we learn about them and care for them. If new equipment is available that makes our job easier, our employer is always open to letting us try it out.

s, 30


Dilk s e m a J

killed Multi S cal ni Mecha an ici Techn

Favourite tool or machine you get to use? Matt: The Telehandler - it can pick up anything Tom: The climbing gadgets! We use a Spider Jack 3

What’s the most interesting job you’ve done?

Matt: Last year we dismantled a 90ft, 184 year old lime tree at Grainville Tom: We rope rigged a tree in Horward Davis park, it was over a church so we had to protect both the tree and the structure.

You guys are a close team, what qualities keep you all together?

We haven’t worked together that long but we have such similar interests and we trust each other – it’s so important in this job, especially if either of us were injured or in danger – we practice our rescues every few weeks and we know we’ve got each other’s backs.

What would you say to someone considering doing your job?

Matt: If you love trees, this is a job you can be proud of. I couldn’t ask for a better job. But if you’re scared of heights, don’t even think about it! Tom: It’s not for everyone, you’ve got to be confident working at these heights. It’s mind over matter every day to get the job done well and safely.

Have you ever had any serious injuries?

Both: Luckily no, just blisters. But we’ve seen some!

What do you do on a normal day?

Every day is different which keeps it interesting. We’re not always in the workshop which I love, we are always out and about working on machinery.

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

Knowing that when there’s no bad news, it means we’re doing a good job to keep all Jersey’s infrastructure running efficiently!

What’s the most interesting job you’ve done? Servicing the steam turbine at the EFW - it produces electricity to run the EFW, keeping us greener!

What would you say to someone considering doing your job?

It’s great - there’s always new developments in technology, machinery and our processes which means there’s always opportunities to train or learn more!




chnician echanical Te

M Multi-skilled 3 ck Hinton, 2 Ja

What’s the coolest thing about your job? It feels rewarding to offer a

public service that you can see the benefits of every day, knowing everything that goes on in the background.

Favourite tool or machine you get to use? I love the new Boko

milling machine. It’s so efficient and functions in ways a standard milling machine doesn’t.

Phil Dodd, 35

What’s the coolest thing about your job? Seeing an apprentice grow

What’s the most interesting job you’ve been on? The rotor replacement at the Energy from Waste incinerator. This was a big job with heavy lifting – one component weighed 4 tonnes!

What would you say to someone considering doing your job?

If you’re a hands-on person who gets satisfaction from fixing things or making them from scratch, this is an ideal job. I’m a good problem solver and this helps too!


Dan Du

Support Services Manager

ance Da y Techn

pays, 27

What’s the most interesting job you’ve done? Erecting the weather


from the day they start to working alongside team mates when they are confident, fully-fledged technicians

You seem like a close team, what qualities keep you all together?

The guys respect how important their role is to keep Jersey running and we all work well together and have a laugh.

What opportunities are there for training and career progression: We are committed to investing in our people and supporting them. I feel really lucky that my employees want to better themselves and are always interested in training and progression!

What would you say to someone considering working with you: No

two days are the same – if you enjoy technical, industrial engineering then you will get a lot of satisfaction from working here!

station at the Ecrehous

What’s the coolest thing about your job? Being trusted to get the job

done well. I love putting ideas forward and seeing the benefits when we make any improvements or modifications

Favourite tool or machine you get you use? Voltage Indicator - it saves me having to use my fingers to prove an electrical circuit is dead!

You seem like a close team, what qualities keep you all together?

When we’re all working together on a repair everyone can add value because we all have different skills




What’s the coolest thing about your job? It’s definitely being a part of

the family and getting involved with such a huge range of different jobs each day.

Favourite tool or machine?

A welding plant - I get to put to use all the skills I learnt at college.

You seem like a close team, what qualities you all together? We’re all

ice Technician

Mechanical Apprent Brandan Allchin 19

really dedicated and everyone helps each other.

What would I say to someone considering doing your job? This

beats sitting in an office all day – do it!

Multi-Skilled Electrical

Stephen John Bentley, 23




Technician Apprentice Vehicle




nel, 22

es Lawrence Slatter-Bu

What do you do on a normal day

Every day is so different, there is no such thing as a normal day!

What’s the coolest thing about your job

We are responsible for 600 over vehicles, ranging from lawnmowers or trucks to all the emergency services.

Favourite tool or machine you get you use?

I love the tech that we use to run diagnostics for the vehicles from. It’s a great piece of kit.

You seem like a close team, what qualities keep you all together? We all love fixing things and there’s great banter

between us.

What would you say to someone considering doing your job?

Sign up tomorrow! There is nowhere else on the island that offers such a diverse apprenticeship in this industry.

What do you do on a normal day?

Both: A variety of jobs across the island from maintenance of pumping stations, telemetry systems and general installation work.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

Stephen: You never know what you’ll be doing when you walk in each morning. Working closely with Richard is a great way for me to cement what I’ve learned too.

What's the most interesting job you've done?

Richard: We love problem-solving, so any of the control board work is really satisfying, it can include re-wiring or soldering

You seem like a close team, what qualities keep you all together?

Both: We’re like family - everyone likes to have a laugh and there’s never a dull moment.

Interested in a new role?

Check for the latest positions available.




ROBERTS GARAGES PURCHASE PETROLEUM DISTRIBUTORS JERSEY (PDJ) AND BRINGS IN A NEW MANAGEMENT TEAM Trading since 1969, Petroleum Distributors Jersey (PDJ) is predominantly an oil heating business. PDJ also provides Boiler Maintenance Services, offering a one stop shop for all heating solutions. In addition to offering competitive prices for domestic and commercial oil, PDJ has always prided itself on its exceptional customer service, teamed with the new management now in place will take the businesses forward Pan-Island.  Since the buy-out in December 2017, PDJ is now spearheaded by a new dynamic local team headed up by Honey Whiteman, Finance Director, Roberts Garages and now General Manager, PDJ reporting in to Ricky Davey, Managing Director, Roberts Garages. Roberts Garages, celebrating their 60th anniversary this year driving Jersey forward for 60 years! ‘I am very much looking forward to managing such a diverse and interesting business as PDJ and aim to continue to not only meet but exceed the need of all our clients,’ commented Honey Whiteman,

General Manager, PDJ. ‘Knowing I have a very motivated and capable team to support me in taking the business forward ensures our clients will continue to enjoy the exceptional levels of customer service and the competitive fuel prices that they have come to expect from PDJ.’ Recently promoted to Distribution Manager Dave Bradley is an integral part of the team. ‘It is about good team work and the efficient co-ordination of delivery vehicles, and trust in our experienced team of drivers. It is this combination which delivers PDJ’s successful approach and its close relationship with every one of its customers.’  Ian Blandin, Forecourt Service Manager, has many years’ experience, and is an expert in engineering and maintenance of pumps. There is no one in the Island that can offer

the experience Ian has and this is why he attracts the business of most fuel related sites in the island. With 20 years in the business, Mick Jegou, Boiler Maintenance Manager, co-ordinates a team of 10 OFTEC qualified engineers who can deal with routine servicing to problem boilers. Mick explains, ‘It is most important to maintain a safe and efficient boiler which should be serviced once a year.’ The fact this experienced team can be booked on a ‘rolling year’ and provide a service to the total satisfaction of the customer, makes PDJ the best company to use for this important annual service. To mark this new phase in the company’s development, the business has recruited a new member of the team, Phil The Tank! Phil, will be used to help communicate PDJ’s unique approach to delivering service excellence. PDJ is Jersey’s premium link to the world’s largest fuel and lubricant supplier. PDJ is an unbranded Esso distributor and supplier of ExxonMobil products.

PICTURED LEFT TO RIGHT: Mick Jegou, Boiler Maintenance Manager | Ricky Davey, Managing Director, Roberts Garages | Honey Whiteman, General Manager PDJ, Finance Director, Roberts Garages | Phil the Tank | Ian Blandin, Forecourt Service Manager | Dave Bradley, Distribution Manager




2018 J95111













WORDS Rebecca Evans

Fed up of having all of your best tech commandeered by the kids? It’s time to wave goodbye to sticky fingerprints on your iPad and clear your phone of Paw Patrol apps. For this month’s Family Issue I’ve researched pint sized versions of the most kiddie-coveted gadgets.



Featuring a large colour touch screen, easy to grip shockproof shape and enough memory for around 800 pictures (with potential to add another 32GB of external storage via micro SDHC card slot) this perfect first camera offers a 3 megapixel rotating lens and a flash. Lots of fun editing apps are included to add special effects, filters and sounds, before sharing the finished product with family and friends via Wi-Fi or the supplied USB cable.

The inbuilt Monster Detector game uses augmented reality to encourage physical activity and exploration, whilst a motion sensor and pedometer measure movement. Fun features include a voice recorder and learning apps, including Time Master, for those still learning to tell the time. Dual cameras capture video and photos, which can be edited with cool effects, and used to personalise the choice of 3D analogue clock faces.

3 interactive games are included that incorporate your favourite pictures, along with a speaker and microphone, plus carry strap.

The built in battery is rechargeable, and charger is supplied.

Got a budding Ansel Adams in the family? Or perhaps a keen selfie taker and connoisseur of a comedy dog-ear filter? Save your own camera roll and memory from being clogged up with their handiwork with the Kurio Snap.

Emulating Mum & Dad’s Garmin or Fitbit, the Vtech Kidizoom is a multi-function smart-watch, designed specifically for kids. Splash proof, chunky and durable, it features a bright and colourful 1.4 inch touchscreen display perfect for navigation by little fingers.

The Vtech Kidizoom DX2 is £49.99 from

The Kurio Snap is £79.99 from Boots.





Dialling home from a payphone when you need a lift, having to chat awkwardly to your crush’s parents when you called their house, and not being contactable in a hundred different ways, 24/7. These are all things that today’s children will never know. We all managed pretty well without mobile phones until the late 90s at least, but things have changed since then. It’s a delicate balance to make sure kids are safe and keeping in touch when they’re out and about, but at the same time protect them from the darker sides of social media pressures and the less savoury parts of the Interweb. The STK Monqi phone puts parental minds at rest. The ideal starter handset for children who might just be too young for unfettered access to Wi-Fi, this one can be connected to a Parent’s phone using the associated app, and allows Mum or Dad full access to observe, control and approve all activity from contacts to calls, internet use to app downloads. Time limits can be set to restrict use of certain apps and even the phone itself, ruling out the potential for scrolling through Facebook after lights out or in the classroom. The exclusive ‘Jungle Store’ offers over 700 apps and games, none of which include in-app purchases or pop-up ads. With an easy Android operating system and dual cameras, this is a great solution for keeping everyone happy. The STK Monqi is £149.99 from


It’s no real surprise that flying a drone seems appealing to children. After all, they’re not so many steps away from flying a remote control helicopter; they definitely have that ‘toy’ appeal. But for the Dad whose pride and joy is his all mod cons, all singing all dancing, full HD, 2000m range drone, a toy it is definitely NOT. So let the kids have their own fun (at least indoors) with an Infrared Remote Control Drone. It won’t take impressive aerial videos, nor can you fly it far out to sea, but you can chase your little Sister with it, so that’s something. Tilt and swerve left to right, increase and decrease altitude and control speed from the comfy and easy to use handset. The drone itself is quick to charge via the supplied USB, whilst the handset requires 4 x AA batteries.


Ever looked for your iPad to check a few emails or watch a movie and found it at best, jamsmeared and out of battery, or at worst sporting a shattered screen? The Kindle Fire 8 is a tablet designed just for kids; it comes complete with a drop-proof case in a choice of 3 bright colours, and a year’s subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited, allowing access to thousands of age-appropriate games, videos and books. It’s also possible to add Parent approved content from outside sources such as Netflix and Youtube. More than one child in the family? Profiles can be created for each, with fully customisable filters meaning nothing slips through to be seen by eyes it shouldn’t be. Time limits and restrictions for usage can be applied, the web browser uses a range of filters ensuring only child-friendly websites are accessible, and educational targets can be put in place, preventing games from being accessed until reading goals, for example, are reached.

Infrared Control RC Drone is £19.99 from

Not sounding tempting enough already? The 2 year worry-free guarantee includes a noquestions asked replacement service should your little darlings manage to break it. You can’t really say fairer than that!

The Entertainer

The Kindle Fire 8 is £129.99 from




WANT SOME FREE BEATS WITH YOUR MAC? Calling all fledgling uni students ready to embrace the next chapter having spent the summer soaking up the festival scenes & partying with pals you promise to visit once settled into your new uni dwellings. By now you must have just about finished packing your Jersey memorabilia before hitching your ride to the big old mainland. But ask yourself this… are you really ready?  Have you got your MacBook or iPad?  No?  Have you got your Free pair of Beats Headphones? No?? Then get down to iQ on Beresford Street along with your student ID, pronto! 

That’s right, iQ are offering FREE Beats headphones to uni students and teachers when you buy a new Mac or iPad! #BeatsOniQ

To celebrate, the friendly team of iQ Apple Experts have crafted a list of new term essentials to help with that workhard : play-hard lifestyle you’ll be adopting, if not already!


VISUALS & MUSICAL CREATIVITY: For creative degrees or creative hobbies… #JustGetCreative 

THE BASICS: Tools to boost productivity & make you the champ of lecture efficiency. 

Adobe Suite - Depending on your course you will likely get access to this through uni. Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign are industry programmes you need to get under your belt if a future in graphics is your thing; whilst Final Cut Pro & Motion at your services for video production that is sharp and original. 

(all available to utilise with your iPad, MacBook & Beats)

Awesome Note 2 - All-in-one organiser integrated with a dynamic & creative note & schedule management system that fits with an onthe-go lifestyle. iCloud Drive - Apple’s virtual storage solution enabling you to upload documents, photos, music & games and also to share them with other students at the click of an Air Drop. Slack - Technically more for businesses, but this App enables teams to easily communicate & collaborate over multiple projects seamlessly in one place.  Scanner App - Great for scanning in any docs and converting to PDF and JPEG with no issues.  Google Docs, Scholar & Books - From smart editing & styling tools to digital catalogues of literary resources. Google is well worth a check-out.  GREY MATTER:  For expanding knowledge & getting those essay references on point.  Reddit - an online bulletin board giving you access to thousands of discussions on thousands of topics.  Ted Talks - From health or technology to animal psychology TED Talks has a stage with a mic and a plethora of speakers with something to say about it.

Pro Create - This exclusive iPad sketching, painting and illustration app comes with 136 incredible brushes, an advanced layer system, and is powered by Silica M, the fastest 64-bit painting engine on iOS. Rekordbox - Whether you want to rock the block, bring down the house or scratch like a master, rekordbox has everything you need to manage your tracks and take your show on the road. DOWN-TIME: You’ve worked hard. Now for some well earned respite. Boiler Room - Looking for a ready-made party of live DJ sessions from around the world? Download this app and enjoy… Zombies Run - For that fun and terrifying kind of fitness where you think you’re being chased by Zombies… #RunOfYourLife  Headspace –  This great little app helps you relax with guided meditations and mindfulness techniques that bring calm, wellness and balance to your life.  iTunes & Apple Music -  Stream 45 million songs, ad-free on Apple Music whilst accessing Music, Podcasts, TV Shows and Audio books through iTunes.

Brought to you by iQ’s team of Apple Experts - Jerv, Rhys, Maz, Josh, Kai & Caroline, in celebration of iQ’s Back to School #BeatsOnUs offer.

Want to know more about how you can get a Free pair of Beats when you buy an iPad or Mac? Visit the team at their Beresford Street store or visit







xt Generation Xperia XZ2 – Sony’s Superb Ne The next stage in Sony’s Xperia XZ smartphone journey goes a lot further than the quiet evolution we see from most device manufacturers. In fact, with the XZ2, Sony is edging towards smartphone revolution – relatively speaking! The first thing you’ll notice about the XZ2 is its rounded glass back. Created with supertough Gorilla Glass 5, it not only gives you extra protection but it adds an ergonomic element that was missing from earlier Xperia models, which were renowned for their severely straight looks.

Two versions - one great phone

Understanding that one handset can’t tick all the boxes, the team at Sony has created two XZ2s defined by the size of their screens. The first comes in at a whopping 5.7 inches. The second, the XZ2 Compact, fits its 5-inch screen into a wider range of pockets but keeps the vast majority of specs that make the larger, standard model come alive. Powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 Mobile Platform, Sony’s fastest ever chipset, and built on Android 8.0 Oreo, the XZ2 has all the strength it needs to deliver incredible pictures and outstanding 4K HDR movies using the 19MP Motion Eye™ main camera.

The wireless speaker comes free

It’s not only the image-making hardware that makes the XZ2 stand out from the crowd. For a truly unique and exciting way to capture memories, the 3D Creator application gives even greater flexibility for 3D scanning, letting you create 3D scans of yourself and friends using the front camera. Now, you really can bring your selfies to life. The XZ2 also shoots 120fps standard slow motion, so you can switch between modes to make incredibly dramatic videos from the most innocuous of passing moments. Importantly, the XZ2 is as tough as it is versatile. Water-resistant to IP 65/68 standards and with fast-charging (wireless on the larger version), you can be sure your new phone will be ready whenever you need it to be.

You can check out the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact in the Sure store today and if you move fast, you’ll also pick up a wireless Sony SRS-XB21 speaker worth over £100, for free.


A for Awesome… Samsung have just unveiled their newest affordable handset, the Galaxy A6 2018. Fitted with a beautiful 5.6-inch AMOLED screen that features vivid resolution and stunning contrast ratio experience, this smartphone is guaranteed to give you the reliability and quality of a premium Samsung smartphone at a price that won’t break the bank. Face Recognition will allow you to unlock the Galaxy phone instantly by simply holding it to your face. This technology grants mobile access for you alone to ensure your personal data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.  With its compact size, the Galaxy A6 fits comfortably in one hand and can easily be stored into your pocket. The Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 is now available in Black, Gold, and Lavender, at JT from £11 P/M


INTERVIEW BY Imogen Pickering PHOTOGRAPH Danny Evans





At 14 years old, Charlotte Neal is a force to be reckoned with. Part of the Power 2 Podium training group, comprising the first ever female Olympic Weightlifters in Jersey, Charlotte is the club’s only junior member. Having just celebrated her fourteenth birthday, she has made the decision to challenge female stereotypes, become a role model for other children and an advocate of female strength. In awe of her passion and determination at such a young age, I caught up with Charlotte to find out more. Charlotte, please tell me - how does a 14 year old girl get into Olympic Weightlifting?!

I was very lucky to have the chance to start weightlifting. I had never considered it until I did some research, and I found out that Zoe Smith, an Olympic record holder for weightlifting, was a gymnast. I had been doing gymnastics since I was 5, so I applied to trial for the Power 2 Podium group here in Jersey. Shortly after applying, I fractured my foot doing gymnastics and was really upset because I thought I wouldn’t have been able to go to the trial with a boot on. I still went to see what it was about and really enjoyed it, and was very excited when I find out that I had made it onto the programme even on one foot! In April, it was time to start training and meet the team and the coaches for the first time - everyone was so friendly. Since then, things have gotten better and better - I’ve fallen in love with the sport, I’ve been hitting personal bests, and there’s even been talk of competitions.

Why do you think it’s so important that we see a change in society’s view of female strength?

What are your future goals and aspirations for your Olympic Weightlifting career?

My biggest goal at the moment is going to the Commonwealth Games in 2022, which is the main goal for all of the lifters on the Power 2 Podium Program. To get there, I have smaller goals in mind first - like going to my first competition at Crystal Palace to qualify for British Youth Championships on September 15th-16th and have fun at my first few competitions. I’m also hoping that one day I’ll be able to go to the Olympics, as I’ve dreamed about going since I was a child but knew I would never get there with gymnastics. After that, I will see where weightlifting takes me. The aim this year is to go to 10 competitions with 5 off-island, and next year, attend one international competition.

“I think that society needs to stop thinking that for females to lift weights they need to look like bodybuilders, rather than just being strong and powerful. I hope that I will inspire people to try new sports no matter their age or gender.”

I believe that society should view female strength the same way they view male strength. Even though men are born slightly stronger, I think it’s more about the hard work and determination to get stronger rather than what is given to you. I know that women can be just as strong as men if they have the desire and willingness to do so. Female fitness is not just about cardio and male fitness is not just about weights - anyone can do anything if they really want to. I think that society needs to stop thinking that for females to lift weights they need to look like bodybuilders, rather than just being strong and powerful. I hope that I will inspire people to try new sports no matter their age or gender.

How does a young girl become strong enough to do Olympic weightlifting? Having done gymnastics for 9 years, especially the conditioning side of it, has made me strong and given me the upper body strength I need to be able to lift the weight. It has also helped me a lot when it


comes to flexibility - being able to get into a deep squat quickly and under the bar quickly enough. Everything you do can help build your strength - even things like playing around on paddle boards, kayaks and slacklines can help with balance.

You were recently assessed by a top UK Weightlifting coach, who commented that you were the most talented lifter in the UK for your age category - what did that mean to you?

I didn’t even realise that the coach had said this which is quite amazing because I only started 5 months ago! I’m very happy he did because when looking at the other competitors in my age category, everyone looks really good. I thought I was doing okay, but not that good! This has made me want to work even harder and prove that I am a good weightlifter. I am so glad that I have this incredible team of girls and coaches from Jersey Sport Foundation who are so kind, have helped me to achieve so many of my goals already, who support me and help me whenever I need. I can’t wait for the next four years and to share this amazing experience with this wonderful team of people.



RBC Super League Jersey

Over the weekend of September 28th, Jersey will be welcoming the return of Super League Triathlon for the second time. Sponsored by the Royal Bank of Canada, the newly titled RBC Super League Jersey event will see the biggest names in triathlon go head-tohead for victory in the season-long quest to be crowned Super League Triathlon Champion. As Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, retired World Champion triathlete, Chris McCormack, tells us how this year’s event will be bigger and better, with focus on spectators, mass participation and changing the dynamics of the sport. What made you establish Super League Triathlon Jersey?

There has long been a misconception around triathlon - that it’s too hard, unattainable and only top athletes can do it. I believe that with the right exposure, it can become a mainstream sport. It’s healthy, everyone can do it, it just needed to be packaged differently. The strongest triathlon market at the moment is the UK and the Jersey event presented itself when a friend of mine who lives here suggested it. It was perfect. This is a globally televised series, so you want you focus on the vision that goes out and open the eyes of watchers to a destination they probably wouldn’t have heard of. Unique, warm and spectacularly beautiful - Jersey ticked all the boxes.

What’s different about Jersey to other locations?

It feels like a holiday destination, yet it’s so close to one of the biggest cities in the world being London - we saw that as a distinct advantage. We saw the uniqueness, history and beauty of the place as a global TV product and knew it was a destination we could tell a story around. Jersey also has

such an engaged community, great young athletes, and some really driven people who want to do great things within sport, so it ticked every box. For me, out of all of our races we have coming up, it’s my favourite destination to come to because the people are so friendly - they really supported us when they didn’t really know what it was. I really have an affinity to the place.

What will be different this year?

Last year was about professional racing and showing the entertainment factor as a spectator. This year, it’s also about promoting the sport as something that everyone can get involved in. We’re going to have the RBC Race For Kids, the JT Fanzone, Age Group races, the Corporate Mix, as well as food stalls and entertainment. We wanted to create a festival around the event and we want Jersey to feel as if this is theirs.

How do people get involved?

Jersey has a very active community and we wanted to cater for everybody, so we’ve created a range of highly accessible races to cater for all abilities. Information and registration for the races can be found via our website.

Which athletes are already confirmed for Jersey?

Beyond the professional-level racing that will see the likes of the Brownlee brothers, Flora Duffy, Richard Murray and Vicky Holland take on a series of challenging formats, we have a relegation system in place so that we don’t just have the established elite. A lot of young and hungry athletes will also have their chance to compete, so although the event has big names, it will be fueled with a wave of new and hungry talent.




THERE REALLY IS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE AT ACTIVE! There is so much choice with Active - fitness classes are held every day in all 3 centres with over 120 classes a week. To keep their customers motivated, new classes are continually added to the Active timetable such as STRONG by Zumba, not to be confused with a Zumba dance fitness class. This high intensity interval training (HIIT) class doesn’t involve dance but every move is synced to a beat and is aimed at those who want to be really pushed to their limits. Classes are currently held at Les Quennevais and Springfield centres instructed by Claudia Morena. BODYPUMP, held at Fort Regent, is suitable for all levels of fitness for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit fast, burning up to 600 calories in one 60 minute class. Essential techniques for beginners are taught prior to each class. BODYPUMP is all about light weights and lots of repetition to tone and sculpt your body. Suitable for ages 16 and over - one of their regulars is in her 70s and loving it! For those short on time a 45 minute class, BODYPUMP Express is at 6.45 am Wednesday and Friday, perfect for people who like to exercise early. BoxFit is a fun, high energy boxing circuit class using bag work and floor exercises to improve fitness, tone and strength. This combat class is available to all ages from 14 plus, great for any younger people wanting to exercise. Classes are held at Fort Regent.

pain or even some stress related symptoms. Classes are suitable for all ages and abilities and are currently held at Fort Regent and Les Quennevais centres.

There are a number of Active membership options and monthly passes to suit everyone from students through to senior citizens and classes are so easy to book and manage using the Active Jersey App.

Have you thought about working out in the pool? It’s particularly beneficial for people with joint or back problems or recovering from injury. Have fun and get fit in the water, you don’t even need to know how to swim. Classes held at Les Quennevais pool are suitable for beginners through to advanced. Already a very inclusive sports facility, Active are delighted to have recently introduced autism-friendly swimming sessions at Les Quennevais pool from 2pm -3pm on the first Sunday of each month. Going to a swimming pool can be quite difficult for autistic people and others with sensory differences so this will provide an environment conducive to their needs.

Get Fit, Get Active!

We all know the importance of keeping fit and healthy, regular exercise can reduce the risk of major illness, help with stress and depression, boosting your mood and self esteem.

If you prefer a class that focuses on stretching, strengthening and relaxing the mind and body you might like to try Ambient Stretch with Lisa Troy. Training the body to become supple and strong can often help alleviate ailments such as back

For more information about Active and the classes they offer, visit
























Manna is a relaxed laid back store that stocks the hard to find fresh designer labels that have been selected for their individuality and fashion forward design including: By Malene Birger, American American Retro, Ba &Sh, American Vintage, 360, Ganni, Velvet and new for 2012: By Zoe, Stop Staring! And Bastyan.


Tel: 619985 7 West’s Centre


Rio conveniently situated in the heart of St Helier, this dynamic salon has something for everyone, quality hairdressing and beauty services in modern contemporary surroundings. A great retail shop for all your hair/skin cleansing and conditioning needs, our knowledgeable staff have the answers.

RIO • HAIR • BEAUTY Tel 734458 55 Halkett Place, St Helier

Luminosity Laser

Nestled in a quirky tattoo parlour within central St Helier offering Laser Tattoo removal, IPL Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation and Acne treatments in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.Owner Olivia Wintour is a friendly, fully qualified and registered Laser Tattoo Removal and IPL technician. Free consultations and patch tests available. Sanctum Tattoo Studio, 102 Halkett Pl. Laser Instagram: Luminositylaser Tel: 07829 852 773 Email:


Rivoli Jewellers

Situated in the heart of King Street, Rivoli Jewellers stocks a wide selection of wedding rings. Whether you are looking for a plain or diamond set ring, in platinum or gold, Rivoli will have the perfect ring for you. A shape to fit service is also available to ensure that your engagement ring fits perfectly against your wedding ring.

Rivoli Jewellers 41/43 King Street, St Helier Tel: 01534 601930

Move Yoga & Pilates

YOGA; Vinyasa Flow, Pre Natal Yoga, Post Natal Yoga With Baby, Children’s Yoga, MOGA (Mens Yoga) PILATES; Mat Pilates, Pre Natal Pilates , Post Natal Pilates With Baby PRIVATE, GROUP, CORPORATE CLASSES AT home, work or at the studio. Synchronising movement of the body with the breath, to cultivate wellbeing, strength, length, stability and mobility. W: F: Move Yoga & Pilates T: 077977 95827 E: A: 70 Stopford Road, St. Helier

Paul LeVerdier Professional Sports Therapist

Paul has been one of Jerseys top Sports Therapists for over 20 years working with professional sports people, club athletes, the Jersey Island Games Team and people from all walks of life. He is part of the team at the Jersey Sports Medical Centre.

You can contact Paul on:

07700 748748

Acclaimed Painting & Decorating Taking pride in your property

“Gary has decorated all the rooms in our old granite cottage and, on each occasion, has done an excellent job. He is extremely thorough, knowledgeable and is a lovely person to have in your home! He works quickly and is tidy ensuring minimum disruption to the household where possible. I cannot recommend him highly enough” - Mrs M, St Ouen. Gary 07797 753173

The Club Spa

Restful Resolutions Spa Day: Rasul mud experience for two, Stress Busting Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, Fresh Essence Facial, Full use of spa facilities for the day, One course Spa lunch in Bohemia Bar, Glass of Procecco £95 per person The Club Spa Green Street, St. Helier, JE2 4UH 01534 876 500 e-mail

iQ, your local Apple experts now with iPhone!

The only Apple Authorised Service Provider for iPhone and everything Apple. Pop in today for iPhone, iPad and all Apple computers. Training, home callouts and full tech support available.

10-14 Beresford Street St Helier, JE2 4WN Tel: 01534 769320



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Phone Doctor

Phone Doctor’s highly experienced team are there to help. They offer repairs and training for all devices, laptops, consoles, phone unlocking, one to one repairs and consultations, all repairs carry a 4 month guarantee too. All their services are available in house, at your home or office and late night every Thursday. For more information visit their website Tel: 811999 Mon - Fri 8.30am to 5.30pm, open late on Thurs. Saturday 9am to 5pm

business travel

hardware sport

Pilates Your Body Pilates Your Body is a new boutique Reformer Pilates studio located in town. We have 6 Balanced Body Studio Reformers with towers for small group classes and one to one or two to one private sessions. These reformers can be transformed for Mat Classes also. A warm and friendly environment to focus entirely on yourself. Safe, effective core strengthening, toning, muscle awareness and alignment for the whole body. No membership required.

Email: 07543 253665


JB offer all aspects of ground works including; drainage, excavation, landscaping, slab formation, concrete foundations, brick paving & concrete works. We offer reliable, efficient and affordable machinery hire using the most up to date equipment. For free estimates and competitive rates, call James to discuss your requirements. JB Groundworks Ltd 01534 482108 07797 818032

The Aurora Lifestyle

@Smile... Calm, Caring & Gentle Dental Care

Helen Papworth 07797771846

Unique opportunity, personal helicopter pilot, driver, ex-golf professional, estate manager, chaperone, PA, experienced in hospitality. A courteous, well mannered, well travelled, warm personality, mature, loyal gentleman seeks discerning client.

Complete groundwork solutions

Book online on or on the app MINDOBODY/PilatesYourBody 07700777786

We help people manage their daily activities in a more effortless way, making it a place to not only relieve stress and improve movement, but give motivation and inspire them for their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Improve posture and movement with Pilates, release aches and pains through massage, create the perfect silhouette you’ve always visualised through personal training, or improving the partnership and performance with your horse through Equipilates.

Exclusive Man Friday


We offer great care from our team of expert clinicians together with the use of the latest equipment and techniques. We are considered one of the leading dental practices in Jersey offering a full range of treatments from Cosmetic makeovers, Specialist Orthodontics and General care. Your dental needs will always be affordable with many payment options available to give you the great smile you deserve. Open 6 days a week with early and late evening appointments. @smile dental clinic 14 Gloucester street (OPPOSITE THE OPERA HOUSE) CALL 745467 FB: smilejsy

In its 25th year Bonita is one of the most beautiful salons on the Island.

Jersey Brace Clinic

Bonita Hair and Beauty Tel 720081 / Facebook: Bonita Hair and Beauty Instagram: Bonitahairandbeauty Email:

@smile dental clinic

Set in the picturesque grounds of Les Ormes Lodge and Leisure Club, Bonita is the perfect place to relax and be pampered. We have a wide range of hair and beauty services and treatments on offer in our state of the art salon. We are stockists for L’Oreal, Wella, Paul Mitchell, TIGI Professional, Kerastraight Brazilian Blowdry and Aftercare, GHD Hairdriers and Straightners.

Enjoy straight teeth with orthodontic treatment by our Specialist Orthodontist and Dental surgeons who can offer a full range of treatment options at great affordable prices. From Invisalign to all types of modern orthodontic treatments, we can offer you any option to suit. We offer great painless treatment, fantastic cost effective solutions within your budget and there’s no waiting list for treatment. Open 6 days a week with early and late opening times. 14 Gloucester street (OPPOSITE THE OPERA HOUSE) CALL 745467





For our ‘Family’ edition, we thought we would put it to the younger generation to have their say. We asked parents to ask their little ones “What is something I always say to you?” and these are the results…

Armelle & Emelyne (age 10) Emelyne: “I believe in you”

Caren & Isla (age 7) “I’m doing work, you need to go and play”

Eliza & Isabelle (age 4) “You love me and I will always be your baby, even when I’m 100!”

Tanya & Missie (age 5) “Tidy your room... always sounding like a parrot”

Claire, Charlie (age 6) & Jack (age 4) Charlie: “I love you” Jack: “Are you listening, Jack?”

Michelle, Jude (age 2) & Taylor (age 5)

Jude: “I’m naughty” and “Good boy Jude” Taylor: “Please may you stop that” and “Well done Taylor”

Sarah & Marc (age 4) “Well that’s Karma” - when he hurts himself after I tell him not to do something!


Summer, Faith (age 4) & Ethan (age 2)

Faith: “That my cheeks are so squishy to kiss and that I’m yummy” Ethan - just blew a raspberry at me.


Gallery #155 - The FAMILY Issue