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Jersey’s Style Magazine | Vol 7 No 7 | April 2011 | the pirate issue

£ priceless Because Piracy Matters

# 73 ‘pirates’ featuring:

boat buyer guide Time to cash in that inheritance

pirate myths

Yo ho ho and a few misconceptions

meet the commodores Think boats, not Lionel Ritchie

download the booty

Dr Wendell on why piracy could save Jersey

juicy spring water





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ohnny Depp is an enigma of modern acting. His unique ability to truly embody and enliven a character has made him one of the most impressive and dynamic actors of his generation. From Cry Baby through Edward Scissorhands, Donnie Brasco, Fear&Loathing to Chocolat and Blow, the performances have been incredible. I wasn’t that mad on Sweeney Todd but he gave Gene Wilder a run for his money as Willy Wonka and his Mad hatter was, well, pretty mad.

Cover Credits Tessa wears: Antoni & Alison Silk Dress Eclectic, Rope Belts from £55, Gold Necklace & Earrings Stylist’s Own.

refreshing the parts other Jersey media fail to reach. Gallery is published eleven times a year as a fresh yet discerning guide to all that happens on the Island and beyond, not too arty farty superior or too serious, written by the people of Jersey for people everywhere.

We get to put this little logo on because we love the Earth, save the whales and all that. Disco.

As an island community we have a seafaring history to uphold. The British navy may -"3$!($*!5($3"$K4$32($>"554$L".()$*-4$:")($!/3$62"91$13"==,-.$/1F$N2,1$:"-32$6($ 5""+$*3$2"6$>()1(4$'"/50$!($,%$6($*55"6(0$"/)1(5A(1$*$5,335($:")($=,)*3,'$(1'*=,1:7$I($ 5""+$*3$'"::"-$=,)*3($:4321C$'2*3$3"$32($<"::"0")(1$"%$"/)$4*'23$'5/!1C$=)"="1($ =,)*'4$*1$>()1(491$-(6$'")($,-0/13)4$*-0$5""+$*3$62*391$*!"/3$,%$4"/9)($5""+,-.$3"$*00$ 3"$32,1$?/::()91$-*/3,'*5$6*)0)"!(7$L/11$,-A(13,.*3(1$1":($-*/3,'*5$.*0.(31$*-0$6($ review appropriate vessels for todays modern marine marauder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vast ye bilge rats... BD


Gallery 73 pirate

There is, however, one character that has plagued his recent career in my opinion. A persona drawn from the depths of his impromptu acting talent that has entertained !"#$"%&'($!)(*+,-.$*/0,(-'(1$%")$(,.23$4(*)1$*-0$13,55$12"61$-"$1,.-$"%$*!*3,-.7$89:$ 3*5+,-.$*!"/3$;<*=3*,-9$>*'+$?=*))"67$@A(-$32($-*:($!"32()1$:(7$B(1C$32($0)/-+C$ '*:=$*-0$0)(*05"'+(0$5"A*!5($)"./($,1$6*3'2*!5(C$2(91$%/--4$*-0$*$6*5+,-.$*0A()3$ %")$./45,-()7$D(91$E/13$-"3$:/'2$"%$*$=,)*3($32"/.2$,1$2(FG$H3$5(*13$-"3$,-$32($3)/($ sense of the word as I imagine. Pirates should be brutal, evil, the scourge of the seas. I2()(91$32($*1=,)*3,"-$,-$J(==91$15/)),-.$K*,5,-.$2*-0(0$16*..()F$?2"6$:($*$L@HM$ =,)*3(G





We’re not big on blowing our own trumpet...

but... we do want to say a big thank you to all you lot; clients, readers, contributors and everyone who picks up Gallery, Places and Appetite for helping Gallery/sixbynine as Jersey’s award winning publishers, snagging the

‘Best Small Business’ award at the 2010 Jersey Enterprise Awards.

Congratulations to all the winners...

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Jersey Overseas Aid Commission Condor Ferries Community Award:

Le Squez Youth Club Indigo Lighthouse Entrepreneur Award:

Richard Whatmore Jersey Electricity Environmental Award:

Ogier & Camerons Jersey Telecom Business of the Year Award:










contents 16 Y((3$32($<"::"0")1

26 ?3)(114$>(114`$N2*,5*-0

64 ["*3$?2"(1

74 T*12,"-$12""3$V$H!*-0"-$?2,=

90 Gallery next top model

98 What a rum lot

Upfront features W(61$,-$W/:!()1$ M,13,-.1$ Y((3$32($<"::"0")(1$ ["*3$!/4()1$./,0($ U,)*3($Y4321$ [().()*'$12*55$)(3/)-$ Y($]$Y4$U(3$ <"::/-,34$ <2*-.,-.$"%$32($./*)0$

Fashion QX QS QZ Q\ XX XS XZ X\ ^_

U*=()$D"/1($U)"E('3$(#2,!,3,"-$ U(!!5($["/3,P/(91$T,)13$[,)320*4$ M,!()*3,"-$Y/1,'$T(13,A*5$M*/-'2$ <2,55,$M"/-.($M*/-'2$U*)34$

^Z ^\ S_ SX

I2*31$'""+,-.$ What a rum lot W,'($[/-1$$ B"$2"$2"$*-0$*$!"335($"%$)/:$


76 c\


\^ \S e_

Y"3"),-.$V$O),.,-*5$=,)*3($:*3(),*5$ d*0.(31$V$["*3,-.$!""34$ d*0.(31$V$J"6-$6,32$=,)*'4$ d*0.(31$V$U2"-($2":($

eX 96 e\ Q__

Places SS Sa SZ a_ aX aS aZ a\

J/-U5/-0(),-9$ 8-3(),")$W(61$


Business O-54$=,)*'4$'*-$1*A($"/)$('"-":4$ N2($=)"&31$"%$=,)*'4$ O-$32($1"%*$ Y"A()1$]$12*+()1$






Culture Y4$-*:($,1777$ @A(-3$"%$32($:"-32$ M*13$<2*-'($3"$!/4$$ ?(5%$U")3)*,3$ M(33()1$%)":$M"-0"-$ b=5"*0$ T,5:`$?')(*:$S$ T/-C$T/-C$T/-$

J(5",33($ ?*--($d)"/=$ fUYd$ D?[<$




Gradu8 Z_ ZX ZS

Beauty Beauty News U)"0/'3$3(13$

?/=()$:*:*$ d*55()491$-(#3$3"=$:"0(5$ Y*-,:""$

Travel ?3)(114$>(11`$N2*,5*-0$

[)*-0$-(61$ N)(-0$-(61$ ["*3$?2"(1$



Music O),.,-*5$:*3(),*5$


The End U*=*)*gg,$ J,)('3")4$ ["*)0":$






Cut through the media clutter. sixbynine publish specialist titles for the foodie, style and property markets. Don’t throw away your marketing budget on budget media, present your business in the right way in award winning print and online with Gallery, Places and Appetite. Jersey’s Style Magazine | Vol 7 No 4 | Winter Edition 2010

£ priceless

Jersey’s specialist property magazine | volume 1 no 34 | March 14th 2011

because there’s nothing like bricks and mortar

Jersey’s dedicated property magazine

Leading while others wallow...


# 70 ‘First Class’

Homes for you aspiring Hestons, Jamies, Gordon or Delias. pg12

house price statistics How much should you believe them? The JEAA comment. pg 22



South India the right way.

What should you know about the new residential tennancy law? pg 14

Bergerac is back

Jersey’s premier celebrity export returns

modern classic

First class lounges

We profile a farmhouse with a modern touch pg 18

The top ten ‘must wait in’ destinations.

The jet set Fly your own way

image: The beauty of Bulthaup kitchens. Now shipping to Jersey.

This month featuring property and advice from... EDGE COX PEEL WILSON


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and then your dinner....

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666736,33()7'":R gallerymag

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News in numbers

3(*:1$3""+$=*)3$,-$32,1$4(*)91$ ?6,:*)*32"-$j$*$)('")0$-/:!()

votes in favour of e-gambling versus four against could net the island millions

hospitalised following Trinity U"13$O%&'($'*)$')*12

6((+1$0(0,'*3(0$3"$ 1=((0$'2('+1$*%3()$ spate of road accidents


percent of the total tax received !4$32($?3*3(1$,1$=()1"-*5$3*#C$ '":=*)(0$3"$SXi$,-$32($4(*)$X___


0*41$=()$6((+$0(5,A(),(1$%)":$ >()1(4$U"13$*1$?*3/)0*4$0(5,Aeries are scrapped

in wages have been paid to Magistrate-designate Ian <2),13:*1$1,-'($2,1$"%&'($6*1$)*,0(0$,-$'"--('3,"-$ with fraud offences over two years ago

5"'*5$%/5&5:(-3$E"!1$*)($*3$),1+$%"55"6,-.$ 3*5+$"%$*$hHN$5""=2"5($!(,-.$'5"1(0





H5*-$?3)*-.$1((:1$*$-"):*5C$"!(0,(-3$Qc$4(*)$"50$ with a passion for horses. Then one night he blinds 1,#$2")1(1$6,32$*$2""%$=,'+7$D,1$5,%($1((:1$)"/3,-(C$2,1$ family loving, his pursuits harmless, and yet he has been =5*'(0$/-0()$=14'2,*3),'$1/)A(,55*-'($j$*-$/-)(1="-1,A($ =*3,(-3$62"$,1$6"+(-$(*'2$-,.23$!4$3()),!5($-,.23:*)(17$ N2($:"13$12"'+,-.$=5*4$"%$,31$3,:(C$@P//1$/1(1$*-$ act of violence to explore faith, insanity and how the :*3(),*5,1:$"%$:"0()-$5,%($'*-$0(13)"4$2/:*-,3491$ capacity for pain and passion. Directed by Daniel Austin. U5*4$!4$U(3()$?'2*%%()7$[4$*))*-.(:(-3$6,32$?*:/(5$ T)(-'2$M307$<"-3*,-1$-/0,347$?/,3*!5($%")$QZ$4(*)1$k £7.65 - £12.00 // 20:00-00:00 // craig@ !"#$%&"'("&)*+$,&'-.+&/



>()1(4$>*gg$X_QQ$!"*131$*$3"3*5$"%$1,#$5,A($!*-01C$%"/)$ 0,%%()(-3$A(-/(1$*-0$"A()$Qc$2"/)1$"%$5,A($E*gg$"A()$ ^$0*417$H)3,131$,-'5/0($N2($d,!1"-$[)"32()1C$Y(5"04$ Players, Tom Macleod with Azzedine, Blam Quartet, M,-5(4$I(,)$*-0$[),*-$I2,3(7$@A()4$(A(-,-.$32()($6,55$!($ 5,A($E*gg$*3$N2($Y*4%*,)$D"3(5$*-0$*$?/-0*4$[)/-'2$3"$ 32($)(5*#,-.$1"/-01$"%$5,A($E*gg7$N2($%(13,A,3,(1$'"-3,-/($ around the town as three different pub and bar venues lN2($U"13$D")-C$<"'+$]$["335($*-0$J,#$W(/%m$6,55$E",-$ 3".(32()$3"$')(*3($32($nM,!()*3,"-$H5($*-0$d)"51'2$>*gg$ N)*,5o$:*+,-.$32,1$(A(-3$32($:"13$/-,P/($"''*1,"-$"-$ 32($>()1(4$>*gg$<*5(-0*)$,-$X_QQ7 01231,"45&$#647748,+9#$-4&'4-16#41$48%#401231,"45&$#64 :#+#($,&'4774;",+#-4"1'<#43"&/4=>?4@4=A?


3,0(1$,-$32($6")50$lS_%3m7$J,1'"A()$32,1$6,50$*-0$)(:"3($ place for yourself. The area is full of wildlife with a rich maritime history and is an internationally designated L*:1*)$6(35*-01$1,3(7$ pc7Xa$V$pQS7a_$RR$_ccec$\a^_^^




This series of nine hole stableford open competitions is *A*,5*!5($3"$!"32$.(-35(:(-$*-0$5*04$."5%()17$<5/!1$]$ trollies available for hire. Every Thursday. =>A.V?47744C.??@4U?.??47744CCCCII4774,'3&X S%#1$61')-P#"-#2.+&/



When you want to hear gospel greats, who better to .,A($4"/$*$1/=()!$(A(-,-.$32*-$N2($M"-0"-$<"::/-,34$ d"1=(5$<2",)7$L(3/)-,-.$3"$?3$>*:(1C$32,1$2,.254$1"/.23V after group promise concerts that are full of songs and spirituals to soothe the mind, heal the spirit and uplift the soul. The evening will include favourites such as Oh D*==4$J*4$*-0$D,1$@4($,1$O-$32($?=*))"6$%)":$?,13()$ H'3C$H:*g,-.$d)*'(C$D*55(5/E*2$*-0$:*-4C$:*-4$:")(7 E$4W1/#-4774L)*6$B4=>C4774E$*)#'$4=>>4774C(/



N2,1$6,55$!($;*$%/-V&55(0$(A(-,-.$6,32$/=1C$0"6-1C$5*/.2()$*-0$3(*)19$6,32$*$A*),(34$"%$Y/1,'*5$N2(*3)($-/:!()1$ performed by artists from both Jersey and the mainland. H55$=)"'((01$6,55$!($(P/*554$0,13),!/3(0$3"$<*-'()$ L(1(*)'2$>()1(4$*-0$D/-3,-.3"-91$J,1(*1($H11"',*3,"-7$ J,)('3(0$!4$H0*:$L"":$*-0$?'"33$M,A,-.13"-($*-0$ :/1,'*554$0,)('3(0$!4$W,'+$M*)+,-C$32()($6,55$!($*$)*-.($ "%$4"/-.$=()%"):()1$,-'5/0,-.$>*4$D/3'2,-1"-C$<2*)5,($ <")06(55$*-0$H:4$L(*0()7$?"$."$*5"-.$*-0$1/==")3$ them as well as the charities your money will be going 3"6*)01G$$ W#"-#24L"$-4H#'$"#4774E1$*")124J$%K4>JBY?4774E*')124 >?$%K4>ABY?4Z4>JBY?4774L)*6$-B4=>V4774E$*)#'$-4Z4ML;-B4 =>U.V?4774H1664$%#4W#"-#24L"$-4H#'$"#4F&[4M3!+#4&'4 ?>VYA4I??AAA


[)"61($32($'"55('3*!5($,3(:1$*-0$/-,P/($.,%31$%)":$ Qe__1$3"$32($Qec_1C$,-'5/0,-.$H)3$J('"C$H)3$W"/A(*/C$ 13/0,"$'()*:,'1C$=),-31C$!""+1C$A,-3*.($T)(-'2$5,-(-$*-0$ '5"32,-.C$'"/-3)4$%/)-,3/)(C$'/12,"-1C$%*!),'C$E(6(55()4C$ copper, silver and glassware. >?B??4@4>CB??4774D"##4774E$4F"#61)#G-4;1",-%4516644 H1664?IIJI4IAACAC43&"4/&"#4)#$1,6-





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



I*5+$"-$32($1(*V!(07$@#=5")($*$5/-*)V5,+($6")50$*-0$ ')"11$./55,(1C1*-0$!*)1$*-0$)"'+$=""51$3"$?(4:"/)$ N"6()7$J,1'"A()$>()1(491$A()4$"6-$6,50()-(11$*)(*$ ,-$32($'":=*-4$"%$5"'*5$./,0(1$lH1$1((-$"-$[[<$ <"/-3)4&5(m7$L(A(5$,-$32($13,55-(11$*-0$(#=*-1($"%$*-$ area that is covered twice a day by some of the highest

X_Q_7$<"-0/'3")1$%")$32($(A(-,-.$6,55$!($W,'+$<*!"3$ *-0$D/.2$M,-'q7$$N2($>()1(4$815*-0$?,-.()1$6,55$!($ E",-(0$!4$?"5",131$[*)-*!4$L(*$l[*),3"-(m$*-0$h,A,(--($ D*11(55$l?"=)*-"m$*-0$*''":=*-,(0$!4$Y*5'"5:$ Whittell on the organ.



“The people of Daggerhorn have long maintained a 3)/'($6,32$32($6()(6"5%$32*3$13*5+1$32(,)$6""017$@A()4$ :"-32$32(4$1*'),&'($*-$*-,:*5$,-$32($2"=($32*3$32($6"5%$ 6,55$0(=*)3$6,32$,31$32,)13$%")$!5""0$P/(-'2(07$O-($"%$ J*..()2")-91$,-2*!,3*-31$,1$h*5(),($lH:*-0*$?(4%),(0mC$*$ young girl who is in love with the brooding woodcutter Peter, even though she has been promised to the wealthy Henry. Her plans to run away with Peter are 12*33()(0$62(-$32($6"5%$+,551$2()$"50()$1,13()7$?/00(-54$ (A()432,-.$2*1$'2*-.(07$T*:(0$6()(6"5%$2/-3()$ T*32()$?"5":"-$,1$1(-3$%")C$!/3$,::(0,*3(54$6*)-1$32($ 3"6-1%"5+$32*3$32($6"5%$'"/50$!($5/)+,-.$6,32,-$*-4$"-($ "%$32(:7$H1$3(-1,"-1$),1(C$h*5(),($&-01$2()1(5%$*3$32($ '(-3)($"%$?"5":"-91$2/-3C$*-0$0,1'"A()1$32*3$32($6"5%$ :*4$!($'5"1()$32*-$12($(A()$1/1=('3(07$B"/$12"/50$ 1(($,3$!('*/1(`$H:*-0*$?(4%),(0$,1$=()%('354$'*13$*1$ 32($2()",-($,-$32,1$."32,'$%*!5($%)":$;N6,5,.239$0,)('3")$ <*32(),-($D*)06,'+(7 W#"-#24H,'#S&"6)4



<"-'()3$*3$?3$Y*)+91$<2/)'27$N2($'"-'()3$6,55$'"-1,13$ "%$d*!),(5$T*/)q91$L(P/,(:C$62,'2$6,55$!($'":!,-(0$ 6,32$f*)5$>(-+,-19$6")+C$d5"),*7$$N2,1$5*33()$6")+$6*1$ =)(:,()(0$*3$32($L"4*5$H5!()3$D*55$,-$M"-0"-$,-$>/54$



N"$13*)3$32($5"-.$6((+(-0$"%%$,-$1345($>()1(4$U(*)5$*)($ 2"13,-.$32(,)$&)13$(A()$;U*:=()$*-0$U(*)51$J*497$I,32$ local beauty therapists offering special pamper day prices on a wide range of treatments, the day is sure to .,A($4"/$32($5,335($!,3$"%$NM<$4"/9A($!((-$5""+,-.$%")7$ H1$6(55$*1$32,1C$32()($6,55$!($32($&)13$(A()$;U,'+$*$U(*)5$ U*)349$"-$d""0$T),0*47$B"/)$5,335($"-(1$*)($,-A,3(0$3"$E",-$ the Pearl party team where they can create their own =,('($"%$E(6(55()4$!4$=,'+,-.$*$)(*5$=(*)5$%)":$32($"413()$ 3*-+1$*-0$32(-$'2""1,-.$32(,)$"6-$1(33,-.7$ M(#'4>?1/4\4A4(/4774W#"-#24;#1"64\4E$4M*#'4774;,+94 2&*"4&S'4(#1"64\4E(#+,164;",+#4=>Y.V?



8%#4,-61')G-461"<#-$4]1-$#"4]<<4-+1O#'<#"4%*'$.48%#"#4 S,66416-&4N#414N&*'+24+1-$6#41')431+#4(1,'$,'<.4019#4 -*"#42&*4+%#+94&*$4$%#4'#S4H13#4D,"#T241')4$%#4Q*""#664 "#$1,64#[(#",#'+#. >?1/@A(/4774Q*""#664774SSS.)*""#66.&"<4774C^????



After a very successful opening event in November last 4(*)$62,'2$)*,1(0$"A()$pXC___$%")$>()1(4$D"1=,'($*-0$ 6*1$*$1(55$"/3C$32($3(*:$!(2,-0$O50$?+""5$L(/-,"-$2*A($ decided to do it all over again. If you came to the last "-(C$4"/$+-"6$62*3$3"$(#=('3C$,%$4"/$0,0-93C$32(-$4"/9)($ in for a treat. Head down to the Jersey Bowl Quazar )"":C$*-0$5,13(-$3"$32($!(*31$"%$J*A($?:,32C$D*--*2$ >*'P/(1$*-0$N"-4$?*%($62,513$32(4$=5*4$*-$"50$1'2""5$ house set, up to date remixes and some forgotten .(:17$I,32$J>$?=,:$"-$1')*3'2$*-0$(%%('31$*-0$I,55$ b0"2$"-$=()'/11,"-7$M*1()1C$5,.23,-.C$0('")$*-0$%/55$%*3$ '2/-+4$1"/-0$1413(:$1/==5,(0$!4$T"):/5*$?"/-0$]$ M,.237 _,/,$#)4$,+9#$-4774=>?4Z4"#$*"'4+&1+%4$,+9#$-4=VK4 1O1,61N6#43"&/4`%,$#4_1N#64"#+&")-4Z4H1"&N4774L664 ("&+##)-4<&4$&4W#"-#245&-(,+#



N2($^V0*4$12"6$3*+(1$=5*'($),.23$,-$32($:*),3,:($2(*)3$ "%$?3$D(5,()7$T(*3/),-.$="6()$*-0$1*,5C$1,0($!4$1,0(C$,3$ *51"$"%%()1$32($!(13$"%$>()1(4$V$2,13")4C$%""0C$0),-+$*-0$ entertainment. >?1/4@4I(/4774D"##4774E$45#6,#"401",'14774H1664?>VYA4 AAIAV43&"4/&"#4)#$1,6-4







Meet the Commodores…. Real pirates were hard to track down for Gallery’s Pirate issue, so in their absence, the Commodores of the Royal Channel Island Yacht Club and the St Helier Yacht Club gamely stepped up to the… er plank. "/90$32,-+C$!(,-.$<"::"0")(1$*3$(,32()$(-0$"%$?3$H/!,-91$ Bay, it would be cutlasses at low tide, but in fact the yacht '5/!1$*)($'5"1(54$E",-(0C$*-0$'"55*!")*3($"-$:*-4$=)"E('31C$%)":$ )(.*33*1$3"$3)*,-,-.7$d*55()4$'*/.23$/=$6,32$J*A,0$M*-.5",1C$?3$ D(5,()$B*'23$<5/!91$<"::"0")($l"-$32($5(%3m$*-0$L"0-(4$I*55()C$ <"::"0")($"%$32($L"4*5$<2*--(5$815*-0$B*'23$<5/!$l"-$32($ ),.23m$3"$&-0$"/3$:")($*!"/3$5,%($"-$*-$"'(*-$6*A(7

A real centre of sailing activity on the island, the yacht clubs count an impressive membership, more than 3,500 members at the St Helier Yacht Club – one of the largest in UK waters, and 2,000 at St Aubin. What do you put it down to? :`$M,A,-.$"-$*-$,15*-0C$32($1(*$2*1$*$.)(*3$*33)*'3,"-7$$?*,5,-.91$ *$5"A(54$6*4$"%$E/:=,-.$"%%$32($,15*-07$$8391$A()4$1"',*!5($3""7$$ I($3)4$*-0$:*+($1*,5,-.$:")($A,1,!5($3"$32($=/!5,'$*1$6(55C$1"$ one regatta race starts from the end of Gorey pier instead of "/3$*3$1(*C$62,5($32($"32()1$*)($2(50$,-$?3$H/!,-91$!*4$62()($ 4"/$'*-$1(($32($)*',-.$.",-.$"-C$32($13*)31$*-0$32($&-,12(17$ U("=5($)(*554$(-E"4$32*37 DL There are so many different boats available from dayboats to potter round the bay in, to high performance motor boats. N2*391$32($!(*/34$"%$1*,5,-.$*1$*$1=")3$j$,3$*==(*51$3"$=("=5($,-$ 0,%%()(-3$6*41C$62(32()$4"/9)($2(*0,-.$,-3"$32($!*4$3"$'*3'2$ :*'+()(5$")$1*,5,-.$*)"/-0$32($6")507$$8391$*55$"/3$32()(7$ Both clubs have a very active junior membership. Can you tell us about it? :`$H3$32($L"4*5$<2*--(5$815*-0$B*'23$<5/!C$6($2*A($32)(($ 5*4()1$"%$<*0(31C$*-0$32(4$'*-$13*)3$62(-$32(49)($c$,-$32($5,335($ Optimist dinghys and then progress up to the larger Wayfarer 0,-.241$*-0$QSV%""3$D"!,($J)*.""-1$%")$32($3((-*.()17$O-($"%$ "/)$:(:!()1C$Qa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includes a multipurpose function room for meetings, lectures *-0$)('(=3,"-17$$8391$!((-$:/'2$*0:,)(0$!4$:*-4$,-'5/0,-.$ 1(-,")$LBH$'"*'2(1$*-0$,1$*$)(*5$*11(3$3"$32($'5/!$*-0$6,55$ )(*554$2(5=$3"$3*+($/1$%")6*)07 What’s your earliest seafaring memory? :`$8$6*1$32)(($4(*)1$"50$62(-$8$&)13$6(-3$3"$1(*$*-0$8$-(A()$ )(*554$5""+(0$!*'+7$$T)":$32($:":(-3$8$6(-3$"/3C$,3$6*1$"-($!,.$ adventure. I loved it and used to sail any sort of boat I could. Y4$=*)(-31$0,0-93$0"$:/'2$1*,5,-.C$!/3$5"'*51$0"6-$2()($,-$?3$ H/!,-$2(5=(0$:($.(3$13*)3(07$8$32,-+$:4$:"32()$6*1$.5*0$3"$.(3$ :($"/3$"%$2()$2*,)G DL$H1$*$'2,50$"%$\C$8$2*A($A,A,0$:(:"),(1$"%$&-,12,-.$*$)*'($,-$ 32($)(.*33*$%)":$?3$D(5,()$3"$d")(4$V$$8$32,-+$6($6()($32($&)13$ boat in. I was a cadet member here but did most of my early 0,-.24$1*,5,-.$,-$T)*-'($")$*3$1'2""5$"-$<2(6$h*55(4$5*+($,-$ ?":()1(3$62,'2$6*1$%)((g,-.$'"507$$I(90$&55$"/)$1*,5!*.1$6,32$ 1-"6$*-0$32(-$2*A($1-"6!*55$&.231$"/3$,-$32($6*3()7

What’s involved in being Commodore at the yacht clubs? DL$<"::"0")(1$)(=)(1(-3$32($=/!5,'$%*'($"%$32($'5/!$"A()$*$ 36"$4(*)$3(-/)(C$"%&',*3,-.$*3$A*),"/1$%/-'3,"-17$D"13,-.$A,1,3,-.$ 4*'231:(-$*-0$'5/!1$*)($32($%/-$1,0($"%$32,-.1C$32(-$32()(91$32($ executive role, strategic direction of the club, and coordinating the rest of the committees. What would you say to people who’d like to sail, but don’t know how to get involved? DL$?":($=("=5($,:*.($32*3$1*,5,-.$,1$(5,3,137$8391$*$'"::"-$ :,1'"-'(=3,"-C$!/3$,391$-(A()$!((-$3)/($5"'*5547$$?*,5,-.91$*$ broad church and has such a wide appeal. Our clubhouse ,1$&55(0$6,32$=("=5($%)":$*55$6*5+1$"%$5,%(C$%)":$&12():(-$*-0$ =("=5($"-$32(,)$6*4$3"$6")+$2*A,-.$!)(*+%*13C$3"$32($1(-,")$ members meeting for morning coffee to put the world to rights, *-0$="13V)*'($4*'231:(-$E"12,-.$*!"/3$32($:,#(0$%")3/-(1$"%$ )*',-.$*-0$62"$6)*==(0$32(,)$1=,--*+()$*)"/-0$32(,)$%")(13*47 :`$8391$"=(-$3"$(A()4"-(7$$H-4"-($'*-$!/4$*$!"*3C$=/3$,3$,-$32($ 6*3()$*-0$3*+($,3$"/3$3"$1(*7$$N2()(91$-"$0),A,-.$5,'(-'(7$$[/3$ it has the potential to be a dangerous sport, you have to be *6*)($"%$32($),1+1$*-0$32(-$*'3$*''")0,-.547$ What’s essential knowledge for anyone learning how to sail? DL$H-$LBH$L*0,"$<"/)1(7$8391$*55$A()4$6(55$+,33,-.$4"/)$!"*3$ "/3$6,32$32($(11(-3,*5$1*%(34$+,3C$!/3$,391$+-"6,-.$2"6$3"$/1($ ,3$(%%('3,A(54$32*391$32($:"13$A,3*57$$I(9A($E/13$13*)3(0$*$?(*$ ?/)A,A*5$'"/)1($'"A(),-.$K*)(1$*-0$5,%()*%3$/1($3"$.,A($=("=5($ =)*'3,'*5$(#=(),(-'(7$$N2($&)13$3,:($4"/$1(($*$5,%()*%3$,-K*3(0$ 12"/50-93$!($,-$*-$(:().(-'4$1,3/*3,"-7$ Who make better sailors – men or women? DL$89:$2(1,3*-3$3"$*0:,3$,3C$!/3$,391$:4$(#=(),(-'($32*3$5*04$ 2(5:1$3(-0$3"$!($*1$1+,55(0C$,%$-"3$!(33()C$32*-$:*5($2(5:1$,-$ .(-()*57$I"/50-93$4"/$*.)(($L"0-(4F :`$B(1r$32(4$'"-'(-3)*3($!(33()C$6,32"/3$.(33,-.$0,13)*'3(0$ *-0$5""+,-.$*3$"32()$32,-.1G What’s on the calendar at the Yacht Clubs? :`$N2($1(*1"-91$E/13$13*)3(0$6,32$32($?=),-.$L(.*33*C$,391$*$ 36"V0*4$(A(-3$1=)(*0$"A()$32($6((+(-0$*-0$6($.(3$!"*31$ %)":$!"32$'5/!1$E",-$/17$N2(-$,3$."(1$"-$3"$A*),"/1$)*'(1C$ 32($<"::"0")(91$</=$3"$?3$Y*5"$62,'2$,1$"-$d""0$T),0*4C$ %"55"6(0$!4$*$?3$D(5,()$)*'($3"$J*)3:"/32$"-$32($Z32$Y*47 DL$?*,5,-.91$*$A()4$1"',*!5($1=")3C$*-0$32()(91$*56*41$=5(-34$ .",-.$"-$*3$"/)$36"$'5/!2"/1(1C$%)":$[/)-19$W,.23$3"$!,-."$ and plenty of evening functions. It really brings together the community and appeals to a wide range of interests. And lastly, why is it the Royal Channel Island Yacht Club? :`$s/((-$h,'3"),*$.*A($32($4*'23$'5/!$,31$;L"4*59$0(1,.-*3,"-$ ,-$Q\ZXC$1"$6(9)($=5*--,-.$=5(-34$"%$%(13,A,3,(1$%")$32($Qa_32$ *--,A()1*)4$,-$X_QX7$$[/3$E/13$2"6$"50$32($"),.,-*5$>()1(4$B*'23$ *-0$L"6,-.$<5/!$)(*554$,1C$6($13,55$0"-93$+-"6G



SSS."+,2+.P# SSS.-%2+.P#



LAND A’HOY Words by Nathan Robson

I can’t say I bumped into a browsing pirate at the London Boat Show when I last went, but there is a good chance if I did, they would be looking at all things fast! (Does that make me a pirate too, then?). In the distant past, most pirates capturing ships quickly sunk or sold them if they were of no use, but one definite today is pirates will always need to either catch-up with a target ASAP, or get out of there ASAP. And 2011 has them spoilt for choice.

Let’s start off small Kawasaki Ultra 300X PWC, £9,000 E&/#$%,'<4-/16641')4-#",&*-624',((2


?3*)3,-.$6,32$1":(32,-.$1:*55$V$32,1$6"/50$!($=()%('3$%")$*$ =,)*3($6*-3,-.$3"$K(($%)":$5*).($="6()%/5$A(11(51C$")$3"$1-(*+$ /=$"-$32($/-1/1=('3,-.7$N2($UI<$,1$*$)*32()$-(6$+,0$"-$32($ !5"'+$2()(C$*-0$1":(32,-.$:*4!($(A(-$[5*'+!(*)0$6"/50$2*A($ '"-1,0()(0$!*'+$,-$32($0*4$.,A(-$32($'2*-'(7$I,32$*$12*55"6$ draft, and sublime performance, there are plenty of reasons that :*+($32($-(6$Qa__''$f*6*1*+,$!*00(13V"%V32($!/-'2$*$:/13$ 2*A($%")$X_QQ7$I,32$32($*!,5,34$3"$2,0($,-$12*55"6$6*3()1$,-$?3$ H/!,-$")$'":($"/3$!5*g,-.$%)":$!(2,-0$32($)"'+1$*3$[(*/=")3$ [*4C$32,1$5,:($.)((-$6*3()$)"'+(3$&31$32($1:*55$!,55$=()%('3547


With three-hundred horsepower, the Ultra is the undisputed 2")1(="6()$+,-.$,-$32($UI<$:*)+(3C$*-0$6,32$3"=$1=((0$ 5,:,3(0$3"$Zc$:=2$3"$*==(*1($32($b?$<"*13$d/*)01$")$3"$.(3$ *6*4$%)":$D*)!"/)$Y*13()$M($<")-/C$32()($,1$5,335($0"/!3$32($ ')*%3$6,55$0"$(A(-$!(33()$,-$@/)"=(7$I,32$&A(V="1,3,"-$*0E/13*!5($ handlebars it would suit the smallest or largest of pirates, and 6,32$1(*3,-.$%")$32)((C$&)13$:*3($*-0$P/*)3()$:*13()$'*-$'":($ *5"-.$%")$32($'*=3/)($l")$(1'*=(m$3""7

Maybe a bit bigger? XSR Interceptor, ÂŁ1,000,000 E&/#$%,'<4a*,+94@4"#16624a*,+9.

I,32$*$-*:($5,+($32,1C$,3$2*1$3"$!($3*+(-$,-3"$'"-1,0()*3,"-7 N2,1$>*:(1$["-0$?345($Q^V:(3)($[),3,12V0(1,.-(0$A(11(5$ '*-$3)*A(5$*3$*$13*..(),-.$\a$+-"31$lec:=2m$)(=5*',-.$32($ '5*11,'$;8$1(($-"$12,=19$6,32$;:4$A,1,"-91$*$!5/)$'*=9-9$6,32$ immediate effect. There is no doubt the Interceptor would easily be able to "A()2*/5$,--"'(-3$!"*31$,-$32($<*),!!(*-C$*-0$6"/50$'*/1($ 3"3*5$'2*"1$"%%$32($'"*13$"%$?":*5,*$.,A(-$2*5%$*$'2*-'(7$ Impressively, when the vessel comes within range a retractable heavy machine gun emerges from the forward hull and can be 5"'+(0$"-$32($3*).(3$/1,-.$*$)(:"3($'"-3)"55(0$1413(:$%)":$32($ '"'+=,3$=()%('37$I,32$QZ$1(*31$/=$%")$.)*!1$"-!"*)0C$(A(-$32($ '""+$*-0$'*)=(-3()$'"/50$E",-$32($*0A(-3/)(7 8-$%*'3C$32($36,13$3"$32($t?L$8-3()'(=3")$6*1$32*3$,3$6*1$*'3/*554 0(1,.-(0$3"$:*+($5,%($0,%&'/53$%")$5,+(1$"%$=,)*3(1C$,::,.)*-31$ *-0$0)/.$1:/..5()17$D*,5(0$*1$32($6")5091$:"13$*0A*-'(0$ =()%"):*-'($*-0$=/)1/,3$A(11(5$32($t?L$=5*41$*$1,.-,&'*-3$ )"5($,-$'"-P/(),-.$3"0*491$6*3()!")-($32)(*31C$1"$)(13$*11/)(0C$ !/3$,%$*$=,)*3($(A()$."3$2"50$"%$"-($"%$32(1(C$6(90$!($,-$!,.$ 3)"/!5(G

Biggest and baddest of the bunch! Silver Zwei, POA E&/#$%,'<4N,<K4-&/#$%,'<431-$.

b1/*554C$,391$"-($")$32($"32()C$!/3$-"3$1,-'($32($5*/-'2$"%$32($ c^7aV:(3)($?,5A()$u6(,$V$32($%*13(13$'"-A(-3,"-*554V="6()(0$ :"3")$4*'23$,-$32($6")507$T")$32($&)13$3,:($12(91$*51"$/=$%")$ 1*5(C$!/3$*1$*-4$=,)*3(91$*''"/-3*-3$6,55$3(55$4"/$V$'*=3/),-.$ :*+(1$:")($&-*-',*5$1(-1(7$[/,53$%)":$*5/:,-,/:C$12($'*-$ )(*'2$1=((01$"%$/=$3"$Xc$+-"31$*-0$2*1$*$13*..(),-.$SCa__$ nautical mile coverage demonstrated by an exceptional record!)(*+,-.$\$0*4$A"4*.($"%$SC___WY$%)":$J/!*,$3"$?,-.*=")($ *3$*-$*A()*.($X_7Q$+-"31$l=()%('3$1=((0$*==*)(-354$%")$=,)*3(1$ 3"$1'*-$32($6*3()1m7$W"3$"-54$,1$12($1/)=),1,-.54$P/,'+C$32()($,1$ *''"::"0*3,"-$,-$*!/-0*-'($%")$/=$3"$X_$=,)*3(1$l")$./(131m$ *))*-.(0$"A()$e$'*!,-1$,-'5/0,-.$*$5*).($"6-()91$1/,3($6,32$ =),A*3($5"/-.($*-0$A()*-0*$0('+$l=()%('3$%")$&33,-.$*$%(6$ '*--"-1m7$I,32$*-$"=(-V*,)$',-(:*C$E*'/gg,$"-$32($1/-0('+C$ not forgetting a large sunpad which converts to a dance K"")$'":=5(3($6,32$0,1'"$%(*3/)(1C$=,)*3(1$2*A($-(A()$2*0$,3$ so good.



D*A($1":($%/-$*-0$'2('+$"/3$32($$5*-./*.($ 1(33,-.$"-$%*'(!""+$V$@-.5,12$U,)*3(G

Pirate Facts Today, the words “Pirate” or “Piracy” are spelled with an “i”. In the Golden Age of Piracy, spelling was a haphazard kind of thing, and the word was often spelled with a “y”. So there was a time when the word Pirate was spelled Pyrate, Pyrat, or Pirat.

Shiver Me Timbers  8-3()-*3,"-*5$N*5+$M,+($*$U,)*3($J*4$,1$*$ =)"0,'$2"5,0*4$')(*3(0$,-$Qeea$!4$>"2-$ [*/)$*-0$Y*)+$?/::()1C$%)":$O)(."-$,-$ 32($b7?7H7$62"$=)"'5*,:(0$32(Qe32$"%$ ?(=3(:!()$(*'2$4(*)$*1$32($0*4$62(-$ (A()4"-($,-$32($6")50$12"/50$3*5+$5,+($*$ =,)*3(7$T")$(#*:=5(C$*-$"!1()A()$"%$32,1$ holiday would greet friends not with “Hello,” !/3$6,32$nH2"4C$:*3(4Go$N2($2"5,0*4C$*-0$,31$ observance, springs from a romanticized view of the Golden Age of Piracy. U,)*3(1$1="+($*$5*-./*.($1"$%/55$"%$3('2-,'*5$ E*)."-$*1$3"$!($-(*)54$,-'":=)(2(-1,!5($3"$ *$5*-05/!!()$l*$5*-0$5"A()m$%")$(#*:=5(C$%(6$ '"/50$%"55"6$32(1($,-13)/'3,"-1` Lift the skin up, and put into the bunt the slack of the clews (not too taut), the leech and foot-rope, and body of the sail; being careful not to let it get forward under or hang down abaft. Then haul your bunt well up on the yard, smoothing the skin and bringing it down well abaft, and make fast the bunt gasket round the mast, and the jigger, if there be one, to the tie.

Pirates believed that wearing pierced earrings would improve their eyesight. Although pirate lingo is rich and complicated here are some basic words anyone can :*13()C$3)4$32(:$"/3$"-$32($Qe32$?(=3(:!()G$

Ahoy! “Hello!”

Avast!    Stop and give attention!

Aye! “Why yes, I agree most heartily with  everything you just said or did.”

Aye aye!  “I’ll get right to it, as soon as my  break is over.”


nL(0$M(.1o$d)(*A(1$6*1$*$?'"33,12$ !/''*-(()$*'3,A($,-$32($<*),!!(*-$*-0$ 32($I(13$8-0,(1$0/),-.$32($QZc_17$D,1$ -,'+-*:($'*:($%)":$32($3():$L(05(.1$ used to refer to the class of poor whites that lived on colonial Barbados.


Pirates would take over island ports and make them a safe haven for pirates. Almost all pirates stole their ships because they couldn’t buy ships in case they got caught and sent to jail. Once they had taken over a ship they had to convert it for pirate life, this usually meant making more room for sailors to live on board and strengthening the decks to hold the weight of the heavy cannons. Ships sailing on their own often sailed close to warships or joined other convoys of ships to protect themselves from pirates. Pirates could only attack one ship at a time, so if the sailors traveled in groups there was less chance of their boat being the one that was attacked. Pirate Captains would change out of !"#$%&#'(#)*$+#,&-.*"/&012!"#*&$3&!"#%#& was a chance they might be captured. This way they could pretend they were only one of the crew, and not somebody important and hopefully escape.

Pirate Stories

L(0$M(.1$d)(*A(19$.)(*3(13$1/''(11$ was his capture of the Island of Margarita. H%3()$'*=3/),-.$32($?=*-,12$T5((3C$2($ turned the guns of their warships against the forts which he then stormed and was rewarded with a huge booty of pearls and ."507$D($0,0-93$1*'+$32($3"6-$")$)*=($*-0$ 3")3/)($32($?=*-,*)017$d)(*A(1$32(-$)(3,)(0$ to the life of a planter in the island of Nevis. One of his former victims turned him in for 32($!"/-34$"-$2,1$2(*07$D($6*1$P/,'+54$ tried and sentenced to be hanged. When 32($.)(*3$(*)32P/*+($'*:($32*3$0(13)"4(0$ 32($3"6-$,-$QZ\_$2($6*1$"-($"%$32($%(6$ survivors. Greaves then turned pirate hunter, retired to a plantation and died of old age.

Pirates believed that having women on board their ship was bad luck. They also believed that whistling on a ship would cause the weather to turn stormy (as in ‘to whistle up a storm’).

Pirates probably didn’t have talking parrots. Although pirates have been around since the 15th century, most pirating happened between 1690 and 1720.

Rrrrrrr Har,  Me Hearties! N2,1$'":=/3()$+(4!"*)0$2*1$!((-$0(1,.-(0$ especially for pirates.The designer, Bobby [*+()C$2*1$3*+(-$,-3"$*''"/-3$32*3$:"13$ =,)*3(1$'*--"3$)(*0$*-0$2*1$1/!1(P/(-354$ 0(1,.-(0$32($:,-,:*5,13,'$1345($+(4!"*)0G$ N(*'2$*$=,)*3($32($(11(-3,*51$"%$;-*A,.*3,"-9$ 6,32$32($2(5=$"%$32($;1=*'(9C$32($;(-3()9C$*-0$ 32($;12,%39$*-0$6,32$32($*55$,:=")3*-3$;L9$*-0$ ;HA*139$62*3$:")($6"/50$*$=,)*3($-((0F

On the Caribbean island of 4!&5"26.*&/27&8$11&9):&.&(1.0#&0.11#:& ‘Black Beard’s Castle’. It is believed that this is where the famous pirate spent many hours looking out for approaching ships. They drank bombo or bumboo, a mixture of rum, water, sugar, and nutmeg. Rumfustian was another popular drink that blended raw eggs with sugar, sherry, gin, and beer. Pirates also enjoyed beer, sherry, brandy, and port.

Ocean Bound



eneteau has been designing and building boats since 1884. Beneteau offer a fantastic variety of ranges and models, whether you prefer a sailing boat or a power boat, there is something for everyone. Beneteau pride themselves on offering new yachting solutions, they say “we must never lose sight of the need for innovation to serve quality”. Using this philosophy, they have created aspirational boats of all shapes and sizes over the years.

?"/32$U,()$Y*),-($6,55$!($12"6'*1,-.$[(-(3(*/$!"*31$*3$32($>()1(4$ ["*3$?2"6C$^_$H=),5$VX$Y*4$X_QQ7$Y*+($*-$*%3()-""-$"%$,3C$2(*0$0"6-$ to the boat show where you can expect to see a fascinating mix of both exciting, luxurious and practical powerboats and sailing yachts, with a lively maritime festival feel all free of charge.

N2($!)*-0$-(6$?6,%3$N)*65()$SS$,1$1((-$*1$*$14:!"5$"%$(1'*=,1:$*-0$ '":!,-(0$6,32$*55$32($*33),!/3(1$32*3$:*0($32($?6,%3$N)*65()$)*-.($32($ !(-'2:*)+$%")$%*:,5,(1$*-0$'"/=5(1$62"$6()($=*11,"-*3($*!"/3$!"*3,-.C$32($-(6$?6,%3$N)*65()$SS$,1$*55$*!"/3$1=*'(C$5,.23$*-0$'":%")3C$ :*+,-.$,3$32($=()%('3$!"*3$%")$5(,1/)(54$6((+(-0$1*,5,-.$3),=17$ N2($H-3*)(1$^_$%(*3/)(1$*55$32($*33)*'3,A($P/*5,3,(1$"-$62,'2$32($H-3*)(1$)(=/3*3,"-$2*1$!((-$!/,53C$:*+,-.$,3$1*%($*-0$'":%")3*!5($3"$5,A($ aboard. Beneteau say that “from day-boat to setting out on a cruise, *-$H-3*)(1$'*-$%/5&55$4"/)$-((01$(-32/1,*13,'*554C$'"-3,-/*554$*-0$ reliably” This elegant boat is both spacious and fun to be on and has even won recognition for the shape of its hull, which is designed to 3*+($32($6(*32()$*-0$."$32)"/.2$32($1(*1C$%/)32()$32*-$(A()7 N2($!)*-0$-(6$?6,%3$N)*65()$SS

!"#$%#&'#($)*+,$-"*.$./00$,+1#$20+3#$45&/67$,"#$8&',$ 9+($)+61$:*0/4+($.##1#64;$<=$>2&/0$?@$9+($@=AA$ +64$-*5,"$B/#&$9+&/6#$."*$+&#$)#6#,#+5C'$4#+0#&'$ D+'#4$/6$%#&'#(;$./00$D#$'"*.3+'/67$+$E+6,+',/3$&+67#$ *E$A=$)#6#,#+5$D*+,'$&+67/67$E&*F$@=G$,*$HIGJ$B0#+'#$ 3*F#$+64$2/31$52$+$D&*3"5&#$E*&$,"/'$*&$+6($*,"#&$ )#6#,#+5$E&*F$*5&$KLM$D*+,$'+0#'$*E83#$0*3+,#4$/6$ ,"#$-*5,"$B/#&$9+&/6#$N"+640#&($-"*2J Phone: 01534 711008



Roger the cabin boy: five myths about pirates I spent years dreaming of adventure on the high seas, and so I’ve never quite got over my office job and the crushing realisation that The Goonies wasn’t based on a true story; there’s still a part of me that expects to see a gem-encrusted galleon set sail from one of the caves on Plemont bay. I don’t know where exactly it would sail to, as even ghost pirates would probably find Sark a bit weird, and the terrible exchange rate means that the crew would be lucky to trade their gold for more than a croque monsieur and a packet of bangers by the time they got to St Malo.

Despite this, I continue to nurture the belief that there’s a hidden passage under the wreckage of Pontin’s Holiday Village, winding through a gauntlet of deadly traps to the local equivalent of One Eyed Willie, entombed with his treasure beneath a pile of crushed asbestos and festering mattresses.

The lovable rogues of the Arabian Gulf


The romantic myth of the pirate dies hard, so it’s for this reason that I recently spent my life savings on a yachting holiday in the Indian Ocean, hoping to make contact with those dashing buccaneers who’ve brought piracy back into the 21st century: the jolly pirates of Somalia!


Let me tell you right now, it’s not how it looks on the brochure. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but needless to say 6/&%#+$#8&2)&5%$(;:+$*2%&8$11&)2!&<#&9+#& stars. There was certainly enough looting and plundering, but it’s hard to enjoy sea shanties and the adventure of the open ocean when you’re tied up in the hold of a rusting oil tanker, waiting for the British Embassy to leave enough cash with local 9*"#%6#)&!2&#)*7%#&!".!&/27&.%#)=!&3#:&!2& the sharks. I did come back with scurvy, but that’s more to do with the quality of their cooking than anything else. Somebody call Captain Birdseye, because the Somalian pirates aren’t going to be appearing on Masterchef any time soon. I may not have returned with a swearing parrot and a map to hidden treasure, but I’ll happily take this opportunity to uncover a few pirate myths. It will give me something !2&:2&8"$1*!&>&9)$*"&0.%+$)?&6/*#13&.&)#8&1#?@

Pirate myth #1: Pirates are jolly

Pirates spend months at sea, so try and work out how long it would be before you got bored with climbing up and down rigging and shouting “yo ho ho!” at passing seabirds. Unless you’re the captain or his cabin boy, you’re also sleeping in a crowded deck with a bunch of unwashed, lonely sailors who exist on a diet of salted beef, stale biscuits and rum. At best the life of a pirate is like being on a very cheap cruise holiday, a decidedly un-jolly (and probably very smelly) cross between the Big Brother house, an American prison and a backpackers hostel in Eastern Europe.

Pirate Myth #2: Pirate captains are lovable rogues

Imagine living with your boss for months at a time, then imagine that your boss got to be the boss because he’s the best at stealing from the government, battling other pirates and making sure that you don’t cut his throat whilst he’s asleep. Picture an episode of The Apprentice where Alan Sugar is allowed to keelhaul people for weeks on end because he 0.)=!&9):&.)/&<22!/&!2&*!#.1,&.):&!"#)&!#11& me that you wouldn’t be slipping poison into his grog after it was your turn to get barnacle bottom. Whilst it is possible that your cap’n might have a silly accent like a Hollywood pirate, the appeal of this would probably 8#.%&!"$)&.3!#%&.&3#8&:./*&.):&!"#&9%*!& time you were tied to the mast and whipped for trying to do his accent yourself. If you really want to work for someone with an impenetrable accent, there’s plenty of farmers in St Ouen who won’t expect you to dodge cannonballs for a living.

The children of the Eighties were faced with some complicated career choices, but it didn’t take me long to decide that I was better suited towards life as a pirate. Out of the alternatives, ninja training looked like too much work and everybody knows that wizards, Transformers and He-Man aren’t real. Words: Will Lakeman | Illustration: Andrea Jones Pirate Myth #3: Swashbuckling

Pirate Myth #4: X marks the spot

Pirate Myth #5: Pirates have a moral code

If murdering and robbing was in my job description, I don’t know if I’d despatch my enemies by prancing about in the middle of a sea battle like Dogtanian. Swinging on ropes is deadly enough when it’s just me in St Catherine’s woods, so swooping about like a salty Spiderman <#!8##)&!82&0.))2)<.11A9%$)?&?.11#2)*& would doubtless end in tears.

The life of a pirate is like a clumsy midget: bloody and short. Ever aware of this, it’s unlikely that a hardworking sea-bandit would leave his gold to gather interest under a remote pile of sand. Pirates don’t need 12)?A!#%6&9).)0$.1&6.).?#6#)!,&<#0.7*#& there’s not much chance of retiring to the Algarve when you’re a wanted man from here to the Caribbean. Even taking into .0027)!&!"#&:$39071!/&23&0.%+$)?&.&:#0#)!& treasure map with a rusted hook, it’s more than likely that a pirate would gamble away anything he couldn’t immediately convert into eyepatches, ship repairs or parrot food.

I don’t even know where this one comes from, but I’d wager that it’s somewhere in the second Pirates of The Caribbean movie – probably one of the bits I slept through whilst I was waiting for Orlando Bloom to get gruesomely eaten by the Kraken.

I also don’t expect there’s a washing machine on that galleon, so even if you wanted to look the part you’d spend a lot of your time scrubbing blood, brains and parrot droppings 3%26&!"2*#&%73-/&*"$%!*&!".!&.18./*& look so stylish on Johnny Depp. Somalian pirates don’t waste time twirling their moustaches and waving swords at people, because it’s easier just to shoot at them with an AK47 or a rocket launcher. Your opponents might not hear your bloodthirsty oaths 2+#%&!"#&?7)9%#,& but you also don’t have to worry about getting tangled up in the rigging.

Furthermore, it won’t just be timbers that are shivering if Captain Pugwash loses the !%#.*7%#&6.(&.3!#%&.&3#8&!22&6.)/&-.?2)*& of rum. Even the dirtiest deck-swabber deserves his share of the plunder, and any pirate who can’t recall where the wages are buried is going to end up with a mutiny on his hands quicker than you can say “Dead Man’s Pension Plan.”

If there’s one person you can safely assume doesn’t have a moral code or some kind of silly “pirate council”, it’s a 91!"/,&%76A:%$)B$)?&*.$12%&%7))$)?&3%26&!"#& law because he steals gold for a living. History reveals that pirate ships often functioned as a loose form of democracy, but you can say the same thing about Sark, and I wouldn’t fancy being taken prisoner by that motley crew of scrofulous rogues. No, pirates are amoral, vicious scoundrels, and if you want to be a pirate that should be part of the appeal. If you want to be in a gang that larks around on boats and has a moral code, I suggest you join the Sea Scouts.



Bergerac shall return [4$"/)$12"6!,g$'")(1="-0(-3`$Will Lakeman

Bergerac: 24 Unfolding in real time, audiences will be on 32($(0.($"%$32(,)$1(*31$*1$32(4$6*3'2$?=(',*5$ Agent Jim Bergerac struggle to save Jersey %)":$*$=5"3$!4$d)"/A,55($?(=*)*3,131$3"$!5"6$ /=$32($[*335($"%$T5"6()17$$N2($*'3,"-$!(.,-1$ ,-$>()1(491$2,.2V3('2$<"/-3()VN())"),1:$ b-,3$l*$5(*+4$=")3*'*!,-$*3$L"/.($["/,55"-mC$ but shifts to an abandoned nightclub at the I*3()%)"-3$*1$>,:$3),(1$3"$0,1'"A()$62"91$32($ :"5($,-$2,1$/-,3C$624$2($'*-93$&-0$*$=*)+,-.$ 1=*'($,-$?3$H/!,-$*-0$62(32()$32($3())"),13$ plot is connected to the unsolved disappear*-'($"%$U/%&-91$Y*.,'$<*.(7 N2($(=,1"0($1(3$!(36((-$\$*-0$e*:$,1$*$ little boring, because it mostly consists of [().()*'$13/'+$,-$32($/-0()=*11C$5,13(-,-.$ 3"$!)(*+%*13$-(61$*-0$*'',0(-3*554$1=,55,-.$*$ chai latte into his crotch.


4"/$*1+$:(C$W"(5$@0:"-01$12"/50$2*A($!((-$=5*'(0$ "-$3),*5$%")$<),-+54$["33":$6*)$'),:(1C$[(A()54$D,551$ e_XQ_$12"/50$13,55$!($,-$)(2*!C$*-0$8$0"-93$32,-+$32($ environment can afford the amount of hairspray that would be needed for the proposed reboot of Dallas. H%3()$*$'2,502""0$1=(-3$2,0,-.$!(2,-0$32($1"%*C$8$0"$32,-+$,391$ great that Doctor Who was given a new reincarnation, but my =()1"-*5$"=,-,"-$,1$32*3$<":($J*-',-.$12"/50$2*A($!((-$5(%3$ 3"$:"/50()$,-$32($(*)324$')4=3$"%$Nh$2,13")47$N2($:"-(4$*-0$ 3('2-"5".4$/1(0$3"$)(*-,:*3($[)/',(91$'2,-$*-0$3"/=(($'"/50$ have been used for nobler aims, not least returning the heroic >,:$[().()*'$3"$"/)$Nh$1')((-17


Our island is lonely without him. Midsomer Murders is alright, !/3$8$32,-+$6($'*-$*55$*.)(($32*3$32($6")50$l")$*3$5(*13$>()1(4m$ would be a better place if criminals still trembled in fear of the :*A(),'+$'"==()$6,32$32($'5*11,'$'*)$*-0$32($*11")3:(-3$"%$ 1345,12$5(*32()$E*'+(317$$f,01$3"0*4$6"/50$=)"!*!54$2*A($:")($ respect for law and order if they had to worry about police cars that drive into the tunnel and then suddenly emerge in Trinity, and the island has never found somebody so well-suited to being the guest of honour at Parish fĂŞtes.


Y4$!),(%$0*55,*-'($6,32$32($,0,"3$5*-3()-$32,1$6((+$2*1$12"6-$:($ 32*3$0*43,:($Nh$,1$)/--,-.$=(),5"/154$5"6$"%$[().()*'$(=,1"0(1C$ so we need to act fast if we are to spare the unemployed from an"32()$2(5=,-.$"%$J,*.-"1,1$Y/)0()7$89A($'":($/=$6,32$&A($6*41$3"$ 0)*.$[().()*'$,-3"$32($XQ13$'(-3/)4C$1"$8$=)"="1($32*3$6($,-A*0($ [[<$2(*0P/*)3()1$*-0$13*5+$32($2(*01$"%$=)".)*::,-.$/-3,5$32(4$ 1(($1(-1(7$L(V"=(-$32($[/)(*/$0(1$@3)*-.()1$*-0$.,A($,3$*$5,'+$"%$ =*,-3$,%$4"/$-((0$3"$V$E/13$0"-93$:(11$6,32$32($32(:($3/-(7$$

CSI St Lawrence >",-$32($3(*:$,-$>()1(491$13*3(V of-the-art forensic crime lab, led by charismatic investigator Jim Bergerac, a man on a mission to use cutting-edge technology 3"$/-'"A()$32($'/5=),31$62"9A($ !((-$K4V3,==,-.$"50$3(5(A,1,"-1$ in the Parish recycling centres.

8-$(=,1"0($"-(C$>,:$32,-+1$2(91$ found a lead when he discovers a microscopic sample of mys3(),"/1$&!)(1$13/'+$3"$*$:,5+$ carton, but is thwarted when he )(*5,1(1$32*3$c_i$"%$,15*-0()1$ now buy their underpants from W(6$M""+7$$T(*3/)(1$*$'*:("$ *==(*)*-'($%)":$[*)-(4$<)"g,()$*1$32($:413(),"/1$2*'+()$ 62"$12"61$>,:$2"6$3"$E*,5!)(*+$ his iPhone.

I watch television so infrequently that I still think of Channel 5 as “the new one,” so I was a bit surprised when flipping through the digital wasteland recently to notice all the ancient telly that seems to have been brought back from the dead. So here’s the case for a long overdue return to our monitors of Jersey’s finest constable. Baywatch: St Ouen T(*3/),-.$*-$*55V13*)$'*13$ of unemployed Australian 5,%(./*)01C$[*46*3'2$?3$O/(-$ will showcase the glamour and danger of what is /-0"/!3(054$>()1(491$:"13$ 1*-04$=*),127$$L/..(0$=5*4boy Jim Bergerac will have his 2*-01$%/55$*1$2($E/..5(1$*$0*4$ E"!$13*),-.$*3$2*5%V-*+(0$.,)51$ through his binoculars with

a nocturnal second career running a private detective agency. ?3$O/(-$:*4$!($15((=4C$!/3$ Jim and his crew of ex-Miss [*335(1$6"-93$2*A($3,:($3"$3"=$ up their tans as they deal with runaway labradors, speeding 3((-*.()1$*-0$32($12"'+,-.$ increase in the price of a fried !)(*+%*137$

Life On La Mare Slip After being hit by a car when ')"11,-.$?3$<5(:(-391$'"*13$ road, Detective Jim Bergerac *6*+(-1$3"$&-0$2,:1(5%$ '*3*=/53(0$36(-34$4(*)1$!*'+$ ,-$3,:(C$6")+,-.$,-$*-$"50V fashioned police department under the command of tough '"==()$J<8$d(-($D/-37

The Wire: Jersey D[O91$2*)0V2,33,-.$(#="1($"%$0)/.1$ and corruption in inner-city Baltimore is )(5"'*3(0$3"$?3$>"2-91$A,55*.(7$$T"55"6$ streetwise centenier Jimmy McBergerac as he tries to clean up the Parish with the help of six broccoli farmers and crusading ="5,3,',*-$N"::4$J"1$?*-3"17

M,%($"-$M*$Y*)($?5,=$(#=5")(1$ 32($'5*12$"%$>,:91$:"0()-$*33,3/0($3"$="5,',-.$6,32$32($+,-0$ "%$-"V-"-1(-1(C$\_1$'),:(V busting tactics that have 1/''(11%/554$&55(0$DYU$

M*$Y"4($6,32$'"-A,'3(0$'"6$ thieves, tobacco smugglers and people who use marine 0,(1(5$,-$32(,)$M*-0$L"A()17 Whose way will prove to be the best when it comes to recover,-.$*$:,11,-.$3)*'3")F$<*-$ >,:$(A()$.(3$!*'+$3"$*$%/3/)($ 62()($0),-+$0),A,-.$,1$*.*,-13$ 32($5*6F$I,55$J<8$D/-3$.(3$ planning permission to build a conservatory in the green g"-(F$H55$32(1($P/(13,"-1$*-0$ more might be answered in M,%($O-$M*$Y*)($?5,=7$

?2"6,-.$!"32$1,0(1$"%$32($13")4C$A,(6()1$ 6,55$*51"$1(($?3$>"2-$%)":$32($=()1=('tive of the mean streets, as their preconceptions of the parish underworld are '2*55(-.(0$!4$*$5""+$,-1,0($32($'"))/=3$ 6")50$"%$0)/.$+,-.=,-$<2*)5,($D/-.()%")0C$ 2,1$Y*'2,*A(55,*-$5,(/3(-*-3$?3),-.()$M($ ?/(/)$*-0$'2*),1:*3,'$13,'+V/=$:*-$O:*)$ Mourant. U*)(-3*5$6*)-,-.`$'"-3*,-1$-/0,34C$ A,"5(-'($*-0$1'(-(1$"%$[)(0*$0),-+,-.7



Breed: J((`$D/:*-$ Bruce`$<2,-(1($?2*)$U(, Age : J((`$W"-($"%$4"/)$!((16*# Bruce`$$X$*-0$*$2*5%C$^,127$8$6*1$)(1'/(0$ %)":$32($H-,:*5$?2(53()$1"$-"$"-($)(*554$ +-"61G


Dee&Bruce (booboo)

Likes: J((`$D":($'""+,-.$*-0$)(0$6,-( Bruce`$</005(1C$!(554$)/!1$*-0$,'(V')(*: Hates: J((`$>()1(4$6,-3()1$ Bruce`$U/114'*31$*-0$="5,'(:(-$ If animal / human: J((`$$[)/'(C$8391$*$0".91$5,%(G Bruce`$[)/'($M(( Wants: J((`$H$5,335($?3*%%4$")$T)(-'2$[/55$N()),()$ sister for Bruce Bruce`$N"$!($*0")(0G Interesting facts: J((`$8$."3$5"13$,-$U()/$%")$^$0*41G Bruce`$89A($."3$*$!5*'+$3"-./($*-0$89A($2*0$ a face lift... Well everyone in Jersey has 2*0$*$5,335($1":(32,-.$0"-(C$),.23F Most impressive thing ever done: J((`$777%"/-0$:4$6*4$2":($,-$U()/ [)/'(`$@*3(-$*$!5"'+$"%$'2((1($,-$"-($ second.

In a new series Dierdre Shirreffs checks out a theme friendly animal each month....



With their scavenging ways seagulls are the pirates of the bird world. They are successful because they are opportunistic and adaptable, just as happy on isolated cliffs or in the middle of towns and cities.


If you look up the index of a bird book /27&.%#&7)1$B#1/&!2&9):&*#.?711&1$*!#:&C& there is no such species. We tend to use it as a blanket term for any one of several species of gull. The gull we commonly see in Jersey is the herring gull – a large white and grey bird with pink legs and pale beady eyes which give it a rather evil look. The name is misleading because although they do eat herrings, they will eat almost anything, including prawns, crabs, the chicks of other birds and the rubbish left out by humans. Mussels and other

*"#119*"&.%#&:%2((#:&3%26&?%#.!&"#$?"!*& to break their shells and allow the gulls to %#.0"&!"#&-#*"/&$)*$:#*@&5"#/&8$11&0".*#& other birds in order to steal their food and many a visitor to Greve de Lecq has been unfortunate to lose an ice cream to a dive-bombing gull. They usually live in large colonies, nesting on cliffs, although some have moved $)1.):&!2&%22*!&2)&-.!&%223*,&8"#%#&!"#$%& noise and mess can be a nuisance. Usually three eggs are laid. The chicks peck at the red spot on their parents’ bills to solicit regurgitated food. The young birds are speckled brown and take several years to develop adult plumage. Because they are large and so have few predators they are very long-lived – living to 30 years is not unusual and one bird was recorded at 49 years.

No, it’s not quicksand... H-4"-($A,1,3,-.$d)(A($J($M('P$!(*'2$ last month would have had a big surprise. No, actually a small one... ?/--4C$32($:,-*3/)($T*5*!(55*$2")1($ 6*1$13)(3'2,-.$2,1$5(.17$N2($*Y*,g,-G$ Barnyard resident was undergoing 2,1$*--/*5$+((=$&3$'*:=*,.-$62,'2$ '"-1,131$"%$*$1(),(1$"%$5"-.$6*5+1$*)"/-0$ neighbouring countryside and beaches. ?/--491$(#()',1($)"/3,-($,1$=*)3$"%$*-$ ongoing programme to ensure the health *-0$6(5%*)($"%$32($*-,:*51$,-$32($U*)+$ 0/),-.$I,-3()$3,:(7$?*:$6*1$%")3/-*3($ 3"$!/:=$,-3"$M*)*$M(6,1$lQQm$*-0$@::*$ M(6,1$lSm$62,513$"-$32($!(*'27$N2($.,)51$ 2(5=(0$3"$(-1/)($?/--4$+(=3$32($!(*'2$ '5(*-$*-0$3,04G

Ahoy there! '2,50)(-91$*'3,A,3,(1$*-0$'":=(3,3,"-1C$13*551$ from a variety of local and non-local traders *-0$*1$4"/90$(#=('3$*$=5(32")*$"%$!"*317$

The event, which is sponsored by leading .5"!*5$6(*532$:*-*.()$*-0$32($bf91$5*).(13C$ Barclays Wealth, is now in its fourth year *-0$,1$&):54$(13*!5,12(0$*1$"-($"%$>()1(491$ =)(:,()$3"/),1:$(A(-317$8-$X_Q_$32($?2"6$ was a resounding success with visitor -/:!()1$"A()$^_C___$*-0$:*),-($3)*0()1$ reporting buoyant sales.

Many boats will be open to the public ,-'5/0,-.$*$A*),(34$"%$6")+,-.$A(11(51$ 1/'2$*1$N2($J/+($"%$W"):*-04$3/.C$DY?$ ?(A()-$*-0$DY?$L*,0()C$62,'2$*)($1*,5,-.$ in especially for the Barclays Wealth Jersey ["*3$?2"67$N2($ceV:(3)($L,A()$<5*11$ O%%12")($U*3)"5$h(11(5C$DY?$?(A()-C$6(,.21$ *$="6()%/5$QCZcc$3"--(1$*-0$,1$0(=5"4(0$ =),:*),54$3"$/-0()3*+($32($A,3*5$E"!$"%$ &12(),(1$=)"3('3,"-$*-0$,1$32($6,--()$"%$ 32($X_Q_$>()1(4$</=7$N2($:*),-*$6,55$*51"$ feature a mix of aspirational and practical powerboats and sailing yachts to buy or to admire. There will also be demonstrations !4$=)"%(11,"-*5$6*+($!"*)0()1$62"$6,55$6"6$ the crowds with their over water acrobatic %(*31G

The three-day Barclays Wealth Jersey Boat ?2"6$,1$32($=()%('3$(#'/1($%")$815*-0()1$3"$ 0,=$32(,)$3"(1$,-$*55$32*391$-*/3,'*57$$83$6,55$!($ a family fun event with a maritime festival *3:"1=2()($%(*3/),-.$*$&12():*-91$A,55*.(C$ an outdoor and active arena, live music,

<)*%31C$"-V5*-0$*'3,A,3,(1C$5,A($13*.($ (-3()3*,-:(-3$*-0$3*134$5"'*5$%""0$*-0$0),-+$ will all be available for those who prefer to +((=$32(,)$%((3$0)4$*-0$5*=$/=$32($%(13,A*5$ atmosphere, while living the dream of life on the ocean waves.

N2($[*)'5*41$I(*532$>()1(4$["*3$?2"6C$ 62,'2$"=(-1$3"$32($=/!5,'$"A()$32($&)13$ [*-+$D"5,0*4$,-$Y*4$l?*3/)0*4$^_32$H=),5$j$ Y"-0*4$X-0$Y*4mC$=)":,1(1$3"$!($32($!(13$ ["*3$?2"6$3"$0*3(7

H-0$,%$*55$32*3$,1-93$(-"/.2C$N2($[*)'5*41$ I(*532$>()1(4$["*3$?2"6$3(*:$,1$*51"$ hosting an entertainment extravaganza on 32($(A(-,-.$"%$?*3/)0*4$^_32$H=),5$j$32($ ?3*3(1$3/.C$J/+($"%$W"):*-04C$6,55$!($ 3)*-1%"):(0$,-3"$*$K"*3,-.$',-(:*G$$U5*4,-.$ '5*11,'$1,5(-3$&5:C$H)"/-0$<*=($D")-C$ accompanied by renowned cellist, Gerard 5($T(/A)(C$32,1$SaV:,-/3($(=,'$6,55$!($1/)($ to stir even the least nautical amongst us. <*==(0$"%%$6,32$%*!/5"/1$&)(6")+1C$32($ evening promises to be one to remember. Updates about latest features and events 6,55$!($="13(0$"-$6667E()1(4!"*312"67'": T")$32"1($62"$6"/50$5,+($3"$!""+$&)13$'5*11$ accommodation for visiting friends or family, 624$-"3$3*+($*0A*-3*.($"%$*-$(#'5/1,A($ ["*3$?2"6$"%%()$"%$%"/)$-,.231$%")$32($=),'($ "%$32)(($*3$"-($"%$32($-,-($vM/#/)4$>()1(4$ D"3(51v7$$T")$%/)32()$,-%"):*3,"-$=5(*1($A,1,3$ 66675/#/)4E()1(42"3(517'":7



floating cinema, Royal Navy vessels, exclusive yachts and fireworks â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the Barclays Wealth Jersey Boat Show 2011 has it all!



community Applicants sought for £600 Jersey Clipper Bursary

BBC re-jiggs its schedules T)":$32($!(.,--,-.$"%$32,1$:"-32C$4"/955$ hear a familiar voice across the airwaves *1$Y/))*4$W")3"-$)(E",-1$[[<$L*0,"$ >()1(4$3"$=)(1(-3$32($?*3/)0*4$:")-,-.$ 12"6$%)":$H=),5$X-0C$Q_*:$/-3,5$Q=:7$$

Applicants of all ages are invited to apply %")$32($X_QQ$>()1(4$<5,==()$[/)1*)4$j$ *$pZ__$'*12$*6*)0$*,:(0$*3$%/)32(),-.$ maritime endeavour.

n89:$32),55(0$3"$!($!*'+$*3$32($[[<7$8$ 1/1=('3$,391$:4$1=,),3/*5$2":($*1$,391$ 62()($8$13*)3(0$!)"*0'*13,-.$,-$Qe\S7o

The award is designed to assist an Island resident to achieve a particular nautical ambition. This could be a trip on a tall ship, =*)3,',=*3,"-$,-$*$6*3()1=")31$'":=(3,3,"-$j$ anything with a maritime theme.

Picture courtesy of Kandidprints

N2($X_Q_$6,--()$6*1$QcV4(*)V"50$J*-,(5$ I,55,*:1C$*$L"4*5$B*'23,-.$H11"',*3,"-$ J,-.24$?*,5,-.$8-13)/'3")C$62"$/1(0$32($ *6*)0$3"$.*,-$%/)32()$LBH$P/*5,&'*3,"-17$ H==5,'*3,"-1$12"/50$!($-"$:")($32*-$X__$ words in length and should be e-mailed 3"$=E-(61w1/=()7-(37/+$!(%")($32($ 0(*05,-($62,'2$,1$32($(-0$"%$H=),5$X_QQ7$

A Walk on the Dunes This Easter why not let the kids use up some excess energy with a long walk on the sand dunes at St Ouen’s Bay where there is always plenty to see? The best and most extensive sand dune systems tend to be on the west coast of Britain because of the prevailing westerly winds which blow the sand onshore and Jersey is no exception.


?3$O/(-91$[*4$2*1$*$A*),(34$"%$'"*13*5$ 2*!,3*31$*-0$,1$5,13(0$*1$*$??8$l?,3($"%$ ?=(',*5$8-3()(13m7$N2($1*-0$0/-($1413(:$ *3$32($1"/32$(-0$"=="1,3($M($[)*4($,1$ =*)3,'/5*)54$,:=")3*-3C$!(,-.$"-($"%$32($Q_$ 5*).(13$,-$[),3*,-7N2,1$0/-($1413(:$,1$^___$ j$S___$4(*)1$"50$*-0$32()($,1$(A,0(-'($ that Neolithic man lived here.


8%$4"/$6*-3$3"$6*5+$"A()$M(1$[5*-'2(1$ [*-P/(1C$32($!(13$'*)$=*)+$,1$M*$<*)),()(7$ H1$4"/$6*5+$,-3"$32($0/-(1$32($0":,-*-3$ species is marram grass, a large species 6,32$.)(4$.)((-$1=,+4$5(*A(17$Y*))*:$ grass is essential for the formation of sand dunes because its long roots and horizontal rhizomes bind the sand together. Once the marram has stabilised the sand other plant species can colonise the dune. OA()$S__$1=(',(1$"%$=5*-31$*)($%"/-0$2()(7$ B"/$6,55$-"3,'($1:*55$!/12(1$"%$!/)-(3$ )"1(7$N2,1$)"1($2*1$')(*:4V62,3($K"6()1$ *-0$32($=),'+5,(13$13(:$"%$*-4$)"1(7$M*3()$ ,-$32($4(*)$32($K"6()1$6,55$=)"0/'($)"/-0$

I,32$:")($32*-$XQ$4(*)1$"%$[[<$)*0,"$ presenting under his, er headphones, Y/))*491$:"A($!*'+$3"$[[<$L*0,"$ Jersey is one in a number of changes to the station over the past few months. h(3()*-$!)"*0'*13()$L".()$[*)*$,1$ !*'+$%")$32($(*)54$:")-,-.$!)(*+%*13$ 12"6$15"3$*-0$<*)),($<""=()$*-0$?*)*$ U*5:()$=)(1(-3$*$6((+0*4Q_*:VQ=:$ programme which they describe as n5,+($M""1($I":(-$!/3$%")$*$>()1(4$ audience”.

Funding issues give ACET Jersey a headache

=/)=5(V!5*'+$)"1($2,=17$N2,1$0,13,-./,12(1$ the burnet rose from all other wild roses which have red hips.

M"'*5$'2*),34$H8J?$<*)(C$@0/'*3,"-$*-0$ N)*,-,-.$lH<@Nm$>()1(4$'"/50$!($%")'(0$ 3"$12/3$0"6-$,31$D8h$=)(A(-3,"-$=)"grammes and care services for those 5,A,-.$6,32$D8h$,-$>()1(4$*-0$32(,)$%*:,5,(1$ 0/($3"$*$5*'+$"%$%/-0,-.7$

M,'2(-$1=(',(1$*)($'"::"-$"-$32($0/-(1$ particularly the false reindeer moss. This is a grey many- branched lichen, less than X':$2,.2$62,'2$,1$*$'5"1($)(5*3,A($"%$32($ true reindeer moss, the main food plant of reindeer in the Arctic.

Unless additional money is found, the award winning charity will only be able to operate its care and educational services until the end of May at which time two full time members of staff would face redundancy.

Because the shell sand is rich in calcium many species of snail live in the dunes and you will see many empty shells even ,%$4"/$0"-93$1="3$5,A,-.$1-*,517$N2(4$2*A($3"$ be adapted to life in a dry habitat, hiding from the sun and emerging to feed after a shower.

nD8h$*-0$"32()$!5""0$!")-($A,)/1(1$*)($ preventable diseases which pose a sig-,&'*-3$32)(*3$3"$=/!5,'$2(*532$,-$>()1(47$ 6($2*A($3"$&-0$*$1"/)'($"%$-(6$%/-0,-.$ /).(-3547o$<2*,):*-$[)/'($I,55,-.$1*,07$$

OA()2(*0$*$+(13)(5$:*4$2"A()$:"3,"-5(11$ scanning the ground for the small mammals such as mice and shrews 62,'2$:*+($/=$,31$0,(37$I2(-$,3$1="31$ one it watches it for a few minutes before plummeting down with half closed wings to pounce on it.

D*/35,(/$?'2""5$*)($'/))(-354$,-$32($ process of organising an International Aid U)"E('3$3"$Y")"''"C$62,'2$6,55$,-A"5A($ 2(5=,-.$3"$!/,50$*$1=")31$&(50$*-0$1'2""5$ for local children.

One of our rarest and most special animals, the green lizard, is also found here. It is a beautiful bright emerald green and yellow which affords it perfect '*:"/K*.($,-$32($$/-0().)"6327$

Hautlieu Fundraising Book Sale

They are going to fundraise by holding a !""+$1*5($62,'2$6,55$!($2(50$"-$?*3/)0*4$ ^_32$H=),5$X_QQ$%)":$e*:$3"$QQ`^_*:7$ They would be extremely grateful if you 2*0$*-4$!""+1$3"$0"-*3($3"$32(:$j$E/13$ 0)"=$4"/)$/-6*-3(0$!""+1$*3$D*/35,(/$ ?'2""591$)('(=3,"-7

40th Swimarathon raises £146,000 Jersey’s swimmers have shattered previous records by raising a staggering £146,000 at the 2011 Lions Club of Jersey Swimarathon.


"$'(5(!)*3($32($S_32$(A(-3C$32($:"-(4$)*,1(0$6,55$!($ 1=5,3$!(36((-$"A()$S_$815*-0$'2*),3,(17$;@*'2$4(*)$ we are overwhelmed by the commitment Islanders show ,-$1/==")3,-.$32($?6,:*)*32"-$*-0$X_QQ$2*1C$"-'($*.*,-C$ (#'((0(0$*55$"/)$(#=('3*3,"-1C9$1*,0$M,"-$<*)5$D"6*)32C$ U)(1,0(-3$"%$32($M,"-1$<5/!$"%$>()1(47$;N2*-+1$3"$32($SCQXX$ 16,::()1$62"$3""+$=*)3$6($*)($*!5($3"$=*11$"-$*$1,.-,&'*-3$ 1/:$3"$*$!)"*0$1=('3)/:$"%$0(1()A,-.$>()1(4$'2*),3,(179 Mr Howarth said that each year the amount raised by Islanders was given an additional boost with a lap donation %)":$32($(A(-3$1="-1")1$L[<$I(*532$Y*-*.(:(-37$N2,1$4(*)$ 32($'":=*-4$2*1$*00(0$S_$=(-'($%")$(*'2$5*=$16/:$3"$32($ %/-0V)*,1,-.$="37$;L[<$I(*532$Y*-*.(:(-3$2*1$1="-1")(0$ 32($(A(-3$%")$&A($4(*)1$-"6$*-0$,31$1/==")3C$!"32$32($&-*-',*5$ 2(5=$*-0$32($6,55,-.-(11$"%$32(,)$13*%%$3"$3*+($=*)3C$,1$,-')(0,!54$ A*5/*!5($3"$/1C9$1*,0$Y)$D"6*)327 X_QQ$*51"$:*)+(0$32($&%32$*-0$&-*5$?6,:*)*32"-$%")$D,1$ @#'(55(-'4C$32($M,(/3(-*-3Vd"A()-")C$M,(/3(-*-3Vd(-()*5$ H-0)(6$L,0.6*4C$*-0$2,1$6,%($h*5(),(7$N2(,)$(%%")31$*5"-($32,1$ 4(*)$)*,1(0$pXeC___$*-0$,-$32($5*13$&A($4(*)1$32(4$2*A($)*,1(0$ pQ^SC___C9$1*,0$Y)$D"6*)327

SPRING INTO SUM MER AT PEBBLE 3(*:$%)":$32($H,)=")3$T,)($?()A,'($6,55$!($3*+,-.$=*)3$,-$ 32,1$4(*)19$^$U(*+1$<2*55(-.(7$N2($*,:$"%$32($(A(-3$,1$3"$ '5,:!$32($32)(($5*).(13$:"/-3*,-1$,-$?'"35*-0C$@-.5*-0$*-0$ I*5(1$,-$/-0()$XS$2"/)17$U)"'((01$)*,1(0$!4$32($(A(-3$6,55$!($ 1=5,3$!(36((-$32($T,)(&.23()19$<2*),34$*-0$Y*':,55*-$<*-'()$ ?/==")3$>()1(47 N2($(A(-3$,1$1'2(0/5(0$%")$32($X^)0$*-0$XS32$"%$>/-($*-0$ is a test of both physical and mental endurance as well as -*A,.*3,"-*5$1+,5517$<"-1,13,-.$"%$a$H,)=")3$T,)(&.23()1$'*))4,-.$ "/3$32($'5,:!,-.$*-0$6*5+,-.$1('3,"-1$*1$6(55$*1$36"$0),A()1$ from outside the service, the team members will be funding themselves but any support or sponsorship would be greatly appreciated. To sponsor the team or offer any support please contact (,32()$32($3(*:$5(*0()C$T,)(&.23()$<2),1$s/()(($!4$(:*,5,-.$ P/()((7'wE()1(4*,)=")37'":$")$<2,(%$T,)($O%&'()$H-04$Y/--1$ "-$:/--17*wE()1(4*,)=")37'":

Bored of the same old High Street brands? Pebble is a stylish and relaxed boutique offering something different to the High Street with refreshing new brands, but at pleasantly affordable prices.

5 Market Street, St Helier {Opposite Lidos Wine Bar}



01534 769333



Changing of the guard Jersey’s lifeguards hit the headlines earlier this year, when it was revealed the States were changing the beach lifeguard system, in place on the island for 50 years, as part of an island-wide spending review. From the beginning of the season, the RNLI charity, who provide a lifeguard service on more than 160 of the busiest beaches in the UK including the surfer hotspots Fistral and Perranporth in Cornwall and Croyde in North Devon, will expand their service to include Jersey. It’s caused controversy in some quarters, and to find out exactly what the RNLI will be bringing to our beaches, Gallery caught up with Simon Crayfourd, RNLI’s Lifeguard Manager who’s been over the island setting up the system. Have you been surprised by some of the negative reactions to the news? Whenever there’s change, there’s always an element of uncertainty. Now that we’ve been able to outline what’s happening in the service and the support network we bring with us, a lot of those fears have been put to one side, and everyone can see it for what it is – a great opportunity to improve on what was already a very good lifeguard service. Even though there were negative comments earlier in the year, it actually showed that lifeguards are a massively important part of Jersey and that’s a good thing. After all, that’s why 8#&?2!&$)!2&1$3#?7.%:$)?&$)&!"#&9%*!&(1.0#& because we saw it as such a necessary part of the beach environment What’s the RNLI going to bring to the beach lifeguard system? When we employ lifeguards, they have to ".+#&!"#$%&D#.0"&E$3#?7.%:&F7.1$90.!$2)& which is an internationally recognized standard, then we take them through specialized training – from casualty care to powercraft training, and then through !"#&*#.*2)&8#&".+#&2)?2$)?&9!)#**& checks to ensure they’re still meeting the high standard we expect from our guards. You’ll also see more links with the lifeboat stations and the lifeguards, so there’ll be a more joined up approach towards keeping people safe on the beach and in the water.


Are you bringing in a team of new lifeguards?


A proportion of the applicants have been returning Jersey lifeguards, so they’ll bring local knowledge and will be able to support the newer members. Lifeguards are lifeguards and they will travel to work regardless of who’s running the service, because they’re passionate about the beach environment and the job they do. We’re working to introduce lifeguard training courses for local people, so we can start establishing some lifeguarding expertise within the Jersey community. It’s not just a ‘RNLI’ service or a States

service, it’s a service for the community and the people that come to the island so it’s important for people to feel they’re part of this. What differences are we going to see on our beaches? There’ll be no real change to the service you see on the beaches, other than it’ll be a RNLI-run service. We’ll be equipping the beaches with the same number of lifeguards and patrol vehicles as last year, and we’ll be mirroring the season dates, so St Ouen and St Brelade will have lifeguards from the 28th May, at Greve de Lecq it’ll be the 2nd July. What would you say to people who are worried about the changes to the lifeguard service? The service that has been run out here has been a very strong service that’s well respected around the world. It’s our intention to only further strengthen !".!&*#%+$0#@&G%26&F7.1$90.!$2)&1#+#1&!2& experience, you won’t notice any change, if anything you’ll see a more proactive lifeguard service, a lot more community engagement work with schools to provide beach safety information and training as well as noticeable support from the UK RNLI. You will see a service that feeds out through the community and doesn’t just stop at the back of the beach.


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the fastest route to the city.

Blue Islands now fly direct into the heart of London; City Airport. no baggage charges . no card charges . free ticket changes . complimentary hot & cold drinks . Jersey lounge access for all.




Two backpacks and a pair of trainers…..



words | Jessica Stannier Illustration | collaboration by Ben Robertson & Oliver Nightingale

We have been in this salon all day now %")$32($.)*-0$3"3*5$"%$1,#$="/-017$T*',*51C$ massages, manicures, pedicures, hair dye and much needed waxing. An absolute bargain. N"$=/3$,3$:,5054$6($2*0$*$5,335($12"'+$'":,-.$ 2()($%)":$.)((-C$)*,-4C$:"/-3*,-"/1$?),$ M*-+*$3"$32($2(*)3$"%$[*-.+"+$<,347$O-$"/)$ &)13$-,.23$2()($6($!(%),(-0(0$*$.)"/=$"%$ teenage street dancers, the youngest of whom was about the age of my little brother, 9. These guys were actually amazing, and would dance in clubs and the street !),-.,-.$,-$32($=/-3()17$83$0(&-,3(54$6")+(0G$ We saw the most beautiful women who turned out to be ladyboys (with the best "-(1$4"/$'*-$-(A()$)(*554$3(55m$*-0$6()($ invited to the notorious ping pong shows ld"".5($,3m7$[*-.+"+$,1$*-$,-')(0,!5($',34C$*-0$ 1":(62()($32*3$4"/$12"/50$0(&-,3(54$1=(-0$ a few days, but it wears out your wallet pretty fast so we moved on before we lost all our money. When you arrive in Thailand, especially the islands, there is guarenteed to be some 13/--,-.$5"'*5$3*5(-37$N2,-+$f"+"/:$%)":$ J,1-(491$U"'*2"-3*17$M"-.$0*)+$2*,)C$ '*)*:(5$1+,-C$=/)($62,3($3((32$l32(4$0"-93$ '2(6$3"!*''"$2()(m$*-0$.(-()*554$'"A()(0$ in traditional bamboo tattoos. And even ,%$4"/9)($-"3$*$%*-$"%$3*33""1C$4"/$6,55$!($ "-$32(1($./417$8$./(11$:*4!($32*391$624$ 8$(-0(0$/=$1,33,-.$,-$*$P/,)+4$2,==,($12"=C$ .(33,-.$)(=(*3(054$13*!!(0$!4$*-$,-+V0,==(0$ !*:!""$13,'+7$W"6$32*3$6*1$1":($-(61$ 3"$!)(*+$3"$:4$=*)(-317$H-46*4C$*=*)3$%)":$ the beautiful men and beaches, Thailand has become a very touristy place. Although ,3$,1$-,'($-"3$3"$!($13*)(0$*3$%")$"-'($l5,+($ 6($6()($,-$8-0,*$*-0$?),mC$62,3($=("=5($"A()$ here actually outnumber the locals. We did a survey one day, and it turned out in every Q_$=("=5(C$"-54$32)(($6()($N2*,7$8391$')*g47$83$ 6")+1$36"$6*41$32"/.2C$,%$4"/$5,+($3"$=*)34C$ Thailand is your place. If you have never been fortunate enough to 2*A($*33(-0(0$")$2(*)0$"%$f"2$U2*-.*-91$ T/55$Y""-$=*)34C$32(-$4"/$*)($:,11,-.$

"/37$83$,1$*-$(#=(),(-'($5,+($-"$"32()7$T")34$ thousand people, one beach, everyone covered head to toe in neon body paint, dancing until the sun comes up. This one strip of bay hosts the monthly (and half :"-3254m$'"::/-*5$!,-.(C$1(55,-.$!/'+(31$ l5,3()*554m$"%$*5'"2"5$*''":=*-,(0$6,32$L(0$ [/55$12"31$l62,'2$*)($-"6$,55(.*5$,-$32($bfm7$ ?+,==,-.$)"=(1$*)($1(3$*5,.23$*-0$"-54$32($ !)*A(13$l")$0)/-+(13m$*33(:=3$3"$!(*3$32(:C$ many leaving the party with huge burns wherever the rope decided to wrap itself *)"/-0$32(:7$$N2($&)($32(:($,1$'"-3,-/(0$ with throwers, dancers, and a huge slide which goes through a massive burning ring "%$&)(7$H5"-.$32($!*4$32()($,1$*$!*)$%")$(A()4$ =()1"-C$(*'2$2*1$*$/-,P/($*3:"1=2()($*-0$ =5*41$*$0,%%()(-3$+,-0$"%$:/1,'7$ After Phangan we went to Koh Tao 62()($>"$."3$2()1(5%$P/*5,&(0$*1$*$0,A()G$ Unfortunately for me I have dodgy ears 62,'2$0"-93$*55"6$:($3"$(P/*5,1(C$2(-'($ 8$'*-93$."$1'/!*$0,A,-.7$[/3$6($0,0$32,1$ amazing boat tour in Koh Phi Phi where we 6()($3*+(-$*6*4$%)":$*55$32($16*):1$"%$ people, and dropped on the most beautiful )((%1$62()($6($16*:$6,32$12*)+1C$*-0$ 12"*51$"%$&12$V$8$6*-3(0$3"$.)"6$.,551$*-0$ E/13$5,A($32()($,3$6*1$1"$!(*/3,%/57$I($A,1,3(0$ M("-*)0"$*3$;N2($[(*'29C$1*6$32($3*5+,-.$ :"-+(41$"-$Y"-+(4$815*-0$*-0$=5*4(0$ =,)*3(1$6,32$"/)$+*4*+1$V$"/)$./,0(1$6()($ fantastic so we had a whole load of fun. After seeing all the islands, partying to our hearts content and swimming with plenty "%$&12,(1C$6($0(',0(0$3"$2(*0$/=$-")32$3"$ <2*-.$Y*,$3"$0"$1":($3)(++,-.7$I($."3$ "/)1(5A(1$"-3"$*$3"/)$62()($6($3)(++(0$ 32)"/.2$32($E/-.5($%")$32)(($2"/)1$l/=2,55$ :*4$8$E/13$*00m$*-0$32(-$13*4(0$6,32$*$ tribe overnight. This was a really great 3"/)$(A(-$32"/.2$32($3),!($6*1$)(*554$E/13$ a bamboo dorm made for tourists. We 1*6$32($13)*-.($5"-.$-('+$3),!($6,32$*-0$ 6,32"/3$32(,)$-('+5*'(1C$*-0$32(-$6(-3$ home to stay up to sing songs around our '*:=&)(7$8$32"/.23$32*3$(5(=2*-31$6"/50-93$ !($*!5($3"$'5,:!$/=$)"'+1C$*-0$32)"/.2$ 3,-4$=*321$,-$32($E/-.5($!/3$,3$3/)-1$"/3$32*3$ 32(4$*'3/*554$0"-93$3*+($/=$:/'2$:")($ room than us foot-wise despite their size. I +-"6$32,1$!('*/1($32($(5(=2*-31$$6($)"0($ 5,3()*554$3""+$/1$/=$*$:"/-3*,-$*-0$0"6-$ *$'5,%%$%*'(7$8$6*1$'":=5(3(54$3()),&(07$I($ whitewater rafted down to the bottom of the mountain, and were so completely and /33()54$2"=(5(11$l32()($6()($a$.,)51m$32*3$

our guide actually evacuated the raft and 16*:$*6*4$%)":$/1G$83$)(*554$6*1$*$2,5*)"/1$ trip, something that I would recommend to anyone. After all of this exercise of course 6($-((0(0$4(3$*-"32()$:*11*.(G All around Thailand there are massage and beauty parlours on every street, and I can tell you these girls can do a mean 6*#7$H%3()$:"-321$,-$8-0,*$*-0$?),$M*-+*$ "%$!(,-.$6*#(0$6,32$E(*-1$l5,3()*554$'/3$ /=$3)"/1()1mC$-(61=*=()C$!(0$12((31$ and generally anything that can vaguely )(1(:!5($*$6*#$13),=C$,3$6*1$*$3"3*5$12"'+$ 3"$T8WHMMB$.(3$1":("-($62"$+-"61$62*3$ they are doing. Bliss. The massage and beauty parlours are -"3$E/13$%")$32($3"/),131C$%")$5"'*51$,3$,1$*$ completely normal thing to get massaged (A()4$0*47$H-0$*$N2*,$:*11*.($,1$/-5,+($ *-4$"32()7$;H$%/55$!"04$'5,'+9$"-($"%$32($.,)51$ described it as before she stood on my !*'+7$["-(1$4"/$0,0-93$(A(-$+-"6$4"/$2*0$ 6,55$'5,'+7$[/3$!(6*)(C$5"31$"%$32(1($.,)51$*)($ used to a certain type of massage, so if it 5""+1$*$5,335($1((04C$*-0$32*3$,1-93$32($13)((3$ 4"/$6*-3$3"$."$/=C$32(-$3*+($*$)*,-$'2('+G$ After spending so much money on mainly 0),-+,-.C$!/3$*51"$:*11*.(1C$%""0$*-0$ *''"::"0*3,"-$l-('(11,3,(1m$6($*)($-"6$ 2(*0,-.$3"$h,(3-*:$3"$.(3$*$E"!7$8$6*1$ told by a friend never to mention the J or W-word when travelling, but the time has '":($3"$!)(*+$32($)/5(C$!,3($32($!/55(3C$*-0$ .(3$1":($6")+G$ L(:(:!()$3"$=,'+$/=$32($-(#3$d*55()4$3"$ )(*0$*!"/3$h,(3-*:$*-0$<*:!"0,*G

Want to know more about Jessy’s trip? Log onto for all the updates as they happen and don’t forget to check out next month’s travel section for more.


Six Thai women flit around us, talking between themselves as they plaster our faces with yet another funny coloured ointment. Yes we are in Bangkok. Yes we are hungover. Yes we are getting facials.



GoandDonate has now been running for almost two years and during that time has donated on behalf of the general public booking their travel through the GoandDonate web site, substantial sums to local clubs, charities, schools and community projects.

A weekend in the city I’d never really considered London City airport. Gatwick and Heathrow have long reigned and sheer weight of use and popularity have meant that the masses perhaps overlooked a stirring in the East.


I mean London, not China obviously. Although I’d keep an eye on Jim Jong Ill if I were you. The Eastern boroughs of London, !"#$%&'#()*+,'#")-#")-!$'./#0%,'#1'"-2!3'.#%".#4).'2"!&'.# %2)*".#56!-%73'7.&/#82!$9#:%"'/#50)2'.!-$0#%".#;%22!"1.)"#-)# create a buzzy and vibrant new centre for progressive London. All Saints, Fabric, Malmaison et al have appeared as the East begins to give the West End a run for its money. In addition, ‘Canary’ Wharf has been more like a Phoenix as the former derelict London docklands have grown to be a hub for London business. Add to each of these areas a great big white dome and what’s not to like?!


5)#<0(#-0'"#%2'#<'#%77#&-!77#=(!"1#!"-)#-0'#>%2#?'&-#&*@*2@&#)># London and commuting across? City Airport is slap bang in the heart of the East, just look above. If you’re planning on heading to London for business or pleasure it’s time to ask yourself; ‘Is this express train really just costing more and taking longer?’ 87*'#A&7%".&#%2'#")<#=(!"1#.!2'$-#!"-)#B!-(#C!26)2-#>2)4#D'2&'(/# carving a good half hour off the travel time to get to some of London’s more popular destinations. Add to that free ticket changes, no credit card charges, complimentary drinks and snacks and lounge use for all passengers and then ask why ()*+2'#=(!"1#-)#%"(#)-0'2#%!26)2-#>)2#()*2#:)".)"#-2!6E

Almost a year ago a shopping site was added alongside the travel community website and users are now able to buy all their favourite items through GoandDonate online. Overall we have now over eight hundred major travel companies and retailers on the site, from Flybe to Avis, Virgin Airlines to Thomson Holidays. The retail site is linked in to Amazon, Next, John Lewis, The White Company and many many more well known brand names. It is so simple, log on and register, identify your favourite good cause and then choose the area you want to browse. Once you have completed your online transaction, the merchant lets us know and we reserve 80% of the commission earned to be paid quarterly to your chosen good cause. We will always let you know what your transaction has raised. It really is so simple, just one step more than you would normally take for your internet travel bookings and internet shopping but giving so much to your island without it costing you one single penny extra! There is no downside only a potential upside for the charities and community groups on the island.


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Self Portrait preview

Berni Gallery, Jersey Arts Centre : 21/03/11

N2($>()1(4$H)31$<(-3)($'2"1($Z$5"'*5$*)3,131$ V$Y*33$T*55(C$M,1*$Y*'J"-*50C$f(A,-$U*55"3C$ d*!),(55($L*0,./(3C$H5,1"-$L,'2*)01$*-0$ f*)(-$M($L"4$D*)),1$V$%")$32,1$-(6$(#',3,-.$ (#2,!,3,"-$?(5%$U")3)*,37$N2($(#2,!,3,"-$

.*A($32($*)3,131$5(11$32*-$^_$2"/)1$3"$=/3$ "-$*$12"6$62()($32(4$6")+(0$"-$1,3($*3$ the gallery and produced everything from scratch. There were a few last minute touches as people arrived and as time was

running out. The exhibition preview had a )(*5$!/gg$*1$32,1$(#',3,-.$(#2,!,3,"-$"%$6")+$ 6*1$)(A(*5(0$%")$32($&)13$3,:($*-0$*)3,13$ and musician Kevin Pallot performed his :/1,'$5,A($3"$+,'+$13*)3$32($-,.237$


Paper House Project exhibition St Brelades College: 12/02/11

N2($U*=()$D"/1($U)"E('3$6*1$*$6((+(-0$ *)3$(#2,!,3,"-$"%$32($6")+$"%$:")($32*-$32,)34$ *)3,1317$N2($*)3,131$,-A"5A(0$3""+$"A()$?3$ [)(5*0(91$<"55(.($*-0$3)*-1%"):(0$,3$%)":$ *$1'2""5$,-3"$*$13*.($%")$32(,)$6")+7$M"'*5$

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*)3,131$>"*--*$[)"6-$*-0$M"/,1($@A*-1$=/3$ together this exciting event that showcased *$:,#$"%$6")+1$%)":$!"32$(13*!5,12(0$*-0$/=$ and coming local artists with a mix of media from paintings and drawings to sculpture

*-0$,-13*55*3,"-7$N2()($6*1$*51"$*$;="=$/=9$ N(*)"":$6,32$0),-+1$*-0$5,A($:/1,'$62,'2$ added to the buzz of this popular event.

LAURA ASHLEY TOWN SHOP | 45 HALKETT PLACE | ST HELIER Open Monday to Saturday 9:30 - 5:30pm and late night on Thursdays until 6:30pm


FA S H I O N OtRo E5 p m OSpTe n H TuEe sLdIa E y R t o STa tO u rW d a yN9 . 3S0T am and late night until 6.30pm on Thursdays


OPENING 01534 865965 M O N D AY 2 8 T H M A R C H

H O M E S T O R E A T C A R R E F O U R S E L O U S | S T L AW R E N C E Homestore Open: Tuesday to Saturday 9.30am to 5.00pm, late night Thursday until 6.30pm



Pebble Boutiqueâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s First Birthday Pebble 5 Market Street : 25/02/11

D*==4$[,)320*4$U(!!5(G$O/)$%*A"/),3($)(5*#(0V '2,'$!"/3,P/($'(5(!)*3(0$32(,)$Q13$!,)320*4$ in style last month with a lovely get together %")$32(,)$%),(-01$*-0$'5,(-317$<5*)($<")),.*-C$ U(!!5($["/3,P/(91$"6-()C$'"::(-3(0$nI(9)($ 1"$=5(*1(0$6,32$2"6$"/)$&)13$4(*)$2*1$."-(C$

,391$!((-$1/'2$*$.)(*3$1/''(11C$32($!)*-01$ 2*A($6")+(0$)(*554$6(55$*-0$6(9A($13*4(0$ true to our mission of offering something different at reasonable prices. With new bits *)),A,-.$6((+54$6($*)($+((=,-.$32,-.1$%)(12$*55$ the time and as a result we have some truly

5"A(54$'/13":()17$f())4$l62"91$)(1="-1,!5($ for the amazing window displays, and who is fantastic at helping customers with styling 3""m$*-0$8$*)($5"A,-.$(A()4$:,-/3($"%$,3Go Pop in and see their new stunning new pieces when you are next passing.


Ellis Re Launch Party Ellis Collections: 03/03/11

N2($(A()$="=/5*)$@55,1$<"55('3,"-1$2*1$2*0$ *$6"-0()%/5$:*+($"A()$,-$3,:($3"$12"6'*1($ 32(,)$-(6$?=),-.$?/::()$'5"32,-.7$I($ popped along to their champagne re5*/-'2$=*)34$3"$2*A($*$1-(*+$=)(A,(6$"%$*55$

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the gorgeous new collections, and see the beautiful new changes to the shop itself. Ellis </55(-C$O6-()$'"::(-3(0$n8$6*1$1"$=5(*1(0$ 6,32$32($-(6$12"=$&3C$,3$5""+(0$=()%('3$"-$ the night and it was the ideal opportunity to

show it off to lots of our clients and friends. The evening went really well and I was thrilled 6,32$2"6$6(55$32($-(6$?=),-.$*-0$?/::()$ '"55('3,"-1$6(-3$0"6-$6,32$(A()4"-(Go

Blush Bar & Brasserie 36 King Street (on the corner of King Street and New Street) Tel: 759420     E­Mail:

A chic town centre bar & brasserie that serves great fusion food at reasonable prices.


Lunch, 12­3pm Mon­Thurs, 12­5pm Fri & Sat Dinner, 6­9pm Wed & Thurs, 6­9.30pm Fri & Sat



Liberation Music Festival Launch Chateau Vermont: 19/03/11

N2($M,!()*3,"-$Y/1,'$T(13,A*5$,1$*$6((+(-0$ -"3$3"$!($:,11(0$32,1$1/::()7$N2($%(13,A*591$ 32(:($,1$3*+(-$%)":$32($M,!()*3,"-$"%$>()1(4$ as well as exploring artistic freedom and the power of music to liberate the spirit. In X_QQ$6($*51"$)(:(:!()$"32()$-*3,"-1$62"$

also suffered as a result of war including the ca32$*--,A()1*)4$"%$32($?=*-,12$<,A,5$I*)$ *-0$32($0(*32$"%$32($="(3$M")'*$62"1($5,%($ 6*1$3)*.,'*554$'/3$12")3$,-$32($&.23,-.7$N2($ 5*/-'2$6*1$2(50$*3$<2*3(*/$h():"-3C$32($ home of the Jersey Academy of Music, so the

5"'*3,"-$'"/50-93$2*A($!((-$*-4$!(33()7$I")50V )(-"6-(0$'5*),-(33,13$Y,'2*(5$<"55,-1$=5*4(0$*$ number of pieces to get everyone excited for the festival and to simply show the standard of music you can expect at the festival. Trust /1$+((=$32($Z32Ve32$Y*4$TL@@G$


By Invitation Only The Royal Yacht: 12/03/11

N2($32,)0$>()1(4$;[4$8-A,3*3,"-$O-549$5/-'2("-$ 6*1$2(50$"-$?*3/)0*4$QX32$Y*)'2$*-0$,3$6*1$ another amazing luncheon raising money %")$>()1(4$N((-*.($<*-'()$N)/13$*-0$>()1(4$ D"1=,'($<*)(7$N2($3,'+(31C$)*%K(C$:()'2*-0,1($

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*-0$0"-*3,"-1$)*,1(0$*-$,-')(0,!5($pcC^_^7XX$ 62,'2$6,55$!($0,A,0(0$a_Ra_$!(36((-$32($ 36"$'2*),3,(17$H$!,.$32*-+$4"/$3"$(A()4"-($ 62"$0"-*3(0$)*%K($=),g(1C$:"-(4$*-0$32(,)$ 3,:($*1$,3$2*1$*55$2(5=(0$3"6*)01$:*+,-.$32($

5/-'2$*$1/''(117$N2($5/-'2$3*+(1$=5*'($(A()4$ 1('"-0$?*3/)0*4$,-$Y*)'2$1"$3"$&-0$"/3$*!"/3$ attending the next lunch contact Emma Nash "-$(::*w!,"E()1(4$")$A,1,3$6667!,"E()1(47 '"7/+




Chilli Lounge Launch Party Havana Club : 3/03/11

N2,-+,-.$"%$*$-(6$*-0$(#',3,-.$=5*'($3"$."$%")$ *$0),-+$")$36"$*%3()$6")+$")$*3$32($6((+(-0F$ I(55$5""+$-"$%/)32()$!('*/1($32($-(6$<2,55,$ M"/-.($2*1$-"6$"=(-(0$%")$!/1,-(11$,-$32($

D*A*-*$<5/!7$I,32$*-$(#3(-1,A($)*-.($"%$ '"'+3*,51$*-0$12"31$,391$0(&-,3(54$*$0(13,-*3,"-$ 3"$2(*0$3"$,%$4"/9)($"-$*$-,.23$"/37$$N2($ interiors are very plush which complements

32($)(13$"%$32($!*)91$0('")$*-0$32($0*-'($K"")$ is set higher than the bar which is ideal, so you can choose whether you want to dance or chat by the bar.


Teenage Cancer Trust Fashion Show The Royal Yacht: 10/03/11

N2,1$(A(-3$6*1$2(50$,-$32($<(5(13,*5$D*55$"%$ 32($L"4*5$B*'23$6,32$32($-,.23$!(,-.$,-$*,0$ "%$N((-*.($<*-'()$N)/137$N2($'5"32(1$6()($ +,-054$!"))"6(0$%)":$L"/5(33($*-0$@55,1$ <5"32,-.$*-0$,3$6*1$5"A(54$3"$1(($*$1(5('3,"-$"%$

Get paparazzi at your events. Get paparazzi at your events.


clothing that was suitable for both teenagers and also the older woman. The compere for the evening was Kate Taylor, who did a 6"-0()%/5$E"!$*-0$2*0$:/53,=5($"/3&3$'2*-.(1$ as well as managing to model for the Ellis

'"55('3,"-1$3""C$*55$62,513$32($>@U$?3)((3$ N*5+()1$".5(0$/1$*3$*-4$'2*-'(7$83$6*1$.)(*3$3"$ 1(($5"31$"%$"/)$%"):()$d*55()4$:"0(51$:*+,-.$ 32($'5"32(1$5""+$*1$.""0$*1$32(4$'"/507$

travel events

culture fashion beauty appetite home business hardware sport







Hidden Treasures - Modern Masters

<HMM8Wd$TOL$HLN8?N? Get involved this June with Open ?3/0,"1$X_QQ$*-0$!($*$=*)3$"%$ >()1(491$5*).($'"::/-,34$"%$*)3,131C$ 62,513$=)":"3,-.$4"/$*-0$4"/)$6")+7$ Open studios celebrates the wealth "%$3*5(-3(0$*)3,131$*-0$:*+()1$,-$32($ island and is a great opportunity for people to visit your studio and see where it all happens. N2($(A(-3$*1+1$*)3,131$3"$"=(-$32(,)$ 13/0,"$0"")1$"-$T),0*4$Qc32$>/-($ /-3,5$?/-0*4$XZ32$>/-($X_QQ$62()($ A,1,3")1$'*-$'":($*-0$!/4$6")+$ directly from you. H51"$5*/-'2,-.$O=(-$?3/0,"1$6,55$!($ *-$(#2,!,3,"-$"%$6")+$*3$I(,.2!),0.($ Place that will show one piece from each artist and give people a taster "%$62*391$3"$'":(7$N2,1$.)(*3$'(-3)*5$ base will also allow islanders to ,0(-3,%4$*)3,1319$6")+$*-0$,0(-3,%4$32($ studios they wish to visit. IHWN$NO$d@N$8WhOMh@JF N2(-$A,1,3$6667*)317E($*-0$0"6-5"*0$ the application form on the site and )(3/)-$!4$="13$")$(:*,5$3"$,-%"w*)317 E($!4$32($10th April 2011. JOW9N$DHh@$H$?NbJ8OF ?"$:*-4$*)3,131$0"-93$2*A($*$13/0,"$ *-0$6")+$%)":$2":(7$J"-93$5(3$32*3$ stop you getting inolved - why not "=(-$4"/)$2":(F$

An exciting collection of work that explores some of the key art movements and styles of the twentieth century will be on show at the Jersey Museum including paintings, drawings and sculpture from some of our 20th century all time greats. The exhibition will show artistic giants such as Pablo Picasso, Fernand Léger, Roy Lichtenstein and Henry Moore. This is a rare chance to see some of the great Modern Masters and their world-class examples of modern art. The exhibition will also be showing the work of Matisse, Degas, Twombly, Ryman, Pissarro, Hockney, Calder, Rauschenberg, Miró, Spencer, Cocteau and Derain. An incredible line up of renowned modern artistic greats.. This vibrant collection follows two highly successful exhibitions of paintings from private collections - Hidden Treasures in 1992 and Hidden Treasures of the Landscape in 1994. Hidden Treasures - Modern Masters is a collection brought together from private collections on the island. The exhibition has been made possible through the generosity of lenders Anne Best and Elizabeth Buxton. Jersey Heritage said how they are grateful both to the lenders for sharing their collection and making this possible and to their sponsors Moore Stephens for supporting the exhibition. The exhibition is open to the public from Saturday 2 April and will run until the end of 2011. Barreau Le Maistre Art Gallery, Jersey Museum, The Weighbridge, St Helier 2nd April 2011 - 31 December 2011 633313

$6667*)317E( $(:*,5`$,-%"w*)317E( $ZQcaXQ


O=(-$?3/0,"1$2*1$!((-$+,-054$ 1/==")3(0$!4$D?[<$U),A*3($[*-+7$



showing this month Midnight Tango

Friday 01st and Saturday 02nd April SOLD OUT!!Staring BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing’s Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace.

The Jersey Green Room Club Presents

The King and I

Thursday 07th - Sunday 17th April The King and I is the story of Anna Leonowens who takes up the position of teacher to the King of Siam’s children, and her struggle to change the mind of a King and reform a country.


The Met: Live in HD

Potter throws a sale American ceramic artist Theresa L"!,-1"-$,1$=*'+,-.$/=$*-0$:"A,-.$3"$ Y,11"/),$*%3()$"A()$X\$4(*)1$5,A,-.$"-$32($ island. H532"/.2$6(955$!($1*0$3"$1(($32,1$2,.254$ talented ceramicist leave us for a new *0A(-3/)($V$,391$*51"$:/1,'$3"$:4$(*)1$ to hear about her closing down sale 62()($4"/955$!($*!5($3"$=/)'2*1($*55$ 2()$!(*/3,%/5$6")+$*3$*$)(0/'(0$=),'(7$ N2()(1*$2*1$3"50$:($;(A()4$="3$:/13$."G9


N2()(1*91$'"55('3,"-$,-'5/0(1$*-$('5('3,'$ range of ceramics from your practical /3,5,3*),*-V6*)($3"$1'/5=3/)*5$6")+$*-0$ &-($*)3$=,('(1$,-'5/0,-.$2()$%*1',-*3,-.$ 5,32".)*=2,'$3('2-,P/($%")$3)*-1%()),-.$ ,:*.(1$"-3"$32)"6-$%"):17$?"$32()(91$ something for everyone - whether you


6*-3$!(*/3,%/5$!"651$:*+,-.$0,-,-.$32*3$ (#3)*$!,3$1=(',*5$")$*$"-(V"%%$&-($*)3$ piece. Y*+($1/)($4"/$0"-93$:,11$N2()(1*91$ studio-fest for the last chance to buy 1":($"%$2()$6")+7$ Theresa invites you to her studio from 32($Qa32$3"$32($Qc32$H=),57$>",-$2()$%")$*$ 0),-+$"-$32($=)(A,(67$ The Pottery at Belvedere Terrace 7 Belvedere Terrace M*$L"/3($J($?3$H/!,-C$?3$D(5,() $U)(A,(6`$T),$Qa$H=),5C$$^=:$V$c=: $?*3$QZ$H=),5C$Q_*:$V$a=: $?/-$Qc$H=),5C$Q_*:$V$a=:

Capriccio (Richard Strauss)

Saturday 23rd April On the Opening Night of the 2008 – 09 season, Renee Fleming dazzled audiences when she sang the final scene of Strauss’s wise and worldly meditation on art and life. Now she performs the entire work, in which the composer explores the essence of opera itself. Joseph Kaiser and Sarah Connolly also star, and Andrew Davis conducts. Sung in German with English subtitles

The Met: Live in HD

Il Trovatore (Giuseppe Verdi)

Saturday 30th April David McVicar’s stirring production of Verdi’s intense drama premiered in the 2008 -09 season. James Levine leads this revival, starring four extraordinary singers – Sondra Radvanovsky, Dolora Zajick, Marcelo Alverez, and Dmitri Hvorostovsky – in what might be the composer’s most melodically rich store. Sung in Italian with English subtitles

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our new season - call the Box Office on 01534 511115 or go to our website

SunBear gallery


12 local designer-makers head to Harrogate N6(5A($"%$>()1(491$5"'*5$0(1,.-()V:*+()1$6,55$!($(#2,!,3,-.$32(,)$6")+$*3$32($[),3,12$ <)*%3$N)*0($T*,)$l[<NTm$,-$D*))".*3($32,1$:"-327$L(=)(1(-3,-.$1":($"%$"/)$,15*-091$ 3*5(-3$6,55$!($M,1*$M($[)"'P$6,32$2()$(#P/,1,3($1,5A()$E(6(55()4$0(1,.-1$*-0$M,1*$ Y*'J"-*50$6,32$2()$'"5"/)%/554$')*%3(0$3(#3,5(1$6")+7$ >()1(491$A,!)*-3$'"-3(:=")*)4$')*%3$*-0$0(1,.-$,-0/13)4$6,55$!($6(55$)(=)(1(-3(0$*3$ 32($[<NT$6,32$*$6,0($)*-.($"%$2,.2$P/*5,34$*-0$2*-0:*0($=,('(1$%)":$E(6(55()4C$ 2":($%/)-,12,-.1$*-0$3"41$3"$/-,P/($3(#3,5($=,'3/)(1C$!*.1$*-0$0('")*3,"-17$O32()$ (#2,!,3")1$12"6,-.$"%%$32(,)$3*5(-31$6,55$!($[(A()5(4$?=('+C$[,*-'*$U*0,0*)C$<2),13,-($ I,32*:C$W*-(33($L(.*-C$[(*'2$D/3$[(*01$!4$M(15(4$0($d)/'24C$>()1(4$O*+$!4$ ?,:"-$[(556""0C$[(5(*%$>(6(55()4$!4$>"*--*$d*)(C$U2"(-,#$H)3$*-0$J(1,.-$!4$ >(*--,($f(*)-1C$Y,-(33($>(6(55()4$!4$<*32(),-($T*)-"-$*-0$>*-($>*:(17 8391$.)(*3$3"$1(($"/)$5"'*5$3*5(-3$1=)(*0,-.$32(,)$6,-.1$*-0$.(33,-.$32(,)$6")+$12"6-$ "%%$"/)$>()1(4$6*3()17$N2($0(1,.-()V:*+()1$32*3$*33(-0(0$32($%*,)$5*13$4(*)$2*0$.)(*3$ 1/''(11$,-'5/0,-.$")0()1$%)":$.*55(),(1C$:/1(/:1$*-0$!"/3,P/($12"=1$*1$6(55$*1$ generating many leads with many more including the National Trust and magazines 1/'2$*1$<"/-3)4$D":(1$*-0$8-3(),")17$Y*-4$6()($,-A,3(0$*-0$2*A($1,-'($3*+(-$=*)3$ ,-$"32()$12"61$*-0$(#2,!,3,"-1$,-'5/0,-.$32($<"/-3)4$M,A,-.$Y*.*g,-($%*,)17 N2($[),3,12$<)*%3$N)*0($T*,)$!),-.1$3".(32()$"A()$a__$0(1,.-()V:*+()1$,-'5/0,-.$ *)3,131C$0(1,.-()1C$1'/5=3")1C$E(6(55()4$:*+()1$*-0$%/)-,3/)($0(1,.-()1$,-$*$.)(*3$ opportunity to showcase their latest creations to the top trade buyers in the country. I,32$*-$(#',3,-.$5,-($/=C$89:$1/)($,3$6,55$!($*-"32()$1/''(11%/5$4(*)$%")$"/)$5"'*5$ 0(1,.-()V:*+()17$ N2,1$.)(*3$,-,3,*3,A($2*1$!((-$+,-054$1/==")3(0$!4$>()1(4$@-3()=),1($*-0$ >()1(4$U)"0/'3$U)":"3,"-$M,:,3(07$M"'*5$!/1,-(11(1$,-3()(13(0$,-$3*+,-.$ =*)3$,-$%/3/)($"%%V,15*-0$(A(-31$*)($*1+(0$3"$.(3$,-$3"/'2$6,32$>()1(4$ Enterprise. Jersey Enterprise (-3()=),1(w."A7E( $SS\QS_

Tim Le Breuilly runs gallery in Edinburgh T")$32($=*13$4(*)$>()1(4$!")-$*)3,13$ N,:$M($[)(/,554$'"V,-,3,*3(0$*-$*)3,13$ run gallery in Edinburgh called ?/-[(*)7$N2($.*55()4$2*1$12"6-$ internationally acclaimed artists alongside artists local to Edinburgh and Glasgow. The gallery heavily supported the @0,-!/).2$;%)(($-",1(9$1'(-($6,32$ gigs during the exhibitions ranging %)":$T)(($>*gg$-""05,-.1$3"$2(*A4$ drones from improvisers with analogue synths, much to the delight "%$32($-(,.2!"/)1G H1$6(55$*1$)/--,-.$?/-!/)13$N,:$ has had several other succeses *%3()$.)*0/*3(0$%)":$?5*0($?'2""5$ "%$T,-($H)3$,-$X__X7$D($2*1$1,-'($ been shortlisted for the John Moores painting prize and has exhibited internationally. Tim is also with studio '"55('3,A($;?/=()$<5/!79 L,.23$-"6$N,:$,1$=)(=*),-.$%")$ some upcoming shows. He recently 2*0$*$6")+$1(5('3(0$%")$*$12"6$,-$ M,A()=""5$*3$32($L"4*5$?3*-0*)0$*-0$ 2*1$*$32)(($:*-$12"6$'"-&):(0$%")$ later this year at Briggait Gallery in Glasgow. N,:$)('(-354$'*:($!*'+$3"$32($ ,15*-0$*-0$(#2,!,3(0$;?:*55$6")+19C$ *$'"55('3,"-$"%$2,1$'/))(-3$6")+$*3$ 32($>()1(4$H)31$<(-3)(91$!*)$.*55()47$ His exhibition of smaller paintings offered a intimate insight into his studio practice.

Small Works


Opportunity for writers! H%3()$32($.)(*3$1/''(11$"%$5*13$4(*)91$=)"E('3C$32($?=(*)=",-3$ W(6$U5*41$U)"E('3$,1$!*'+7$83$5*/-'2(0$5*13$:"-32$6,32$*$1(),(1$ "%$6")+12"=1$%")$5"'*5$6),3()1$*-0$*'3")1$6,32$>*:(1$d),(A(C$ <"VH)3,13,'$J,)('3")$"%$*6*)0$6,--,-.$-(6V6),3,-.$32(*3)($ company Paines Plough which resulted in four locally written one-act plays. [/3$32,1$,1$E/13$32($!(.,--,-.$"%$32,1$,--"A*3,A($=)"E('37$815*-0$ 6),3()1$*)($-"6$!(,-.$*1+(0$3"$1/!:,3$"-(V*'3$=5*417$N2($=5*41$ 1/!:,33(0$6,55$!($12")35,13(0$5"'*554$*-0$32($3"=$Q_$6,55$."$"-$ 3"$32($bf$%")$*$=)"%(11,"-*5$./(13$E/0.($3"$1(5('3$32($&-*5$%"/)7$ N2($E/0.($6,55$32(-$6")+$,-0,A,0/*554$6,32$32($%"/)$6,--,-.$6),3ers on their pieces prior to production.

Jersey Folklore and Superstitions M"'*5$*/32")$d,5(1$[",1$)('(-354$2*0$36"$!""+1$=/!5,12(0$"-$ >()1(4$T"5+5")($*-0$?/=()13,3,"-17$N2($*,:$"%$d,5(191$!""+1$*)($ to bring all the previously published and non-published material "-$>()1(4$%"5+3*5(1$*-0$1/=()13,3,"-1$3".(32()$,-$"-($=/!5,'*tion and to expand on this information as well as place it in a context by comparing it with similar traditions from the Gulf of ?3$Y*5"$ld/()-1(4C$W"):*-04$*-0$[),33*-4m7$d,5(1$*51"$."(1$ on to compare with traditions from Europe and examples of mythologies worldwide. ;>()1(4$T"5+5")($*-0$?/=()13,3,"-19$,1$*$.)(*3$6*4$%")$5"'*5$ )(*0()1$3"$.*,-$*-$"A()A,(6$"%$32($,15*-091$3)*0,3,"-1$*-0$,31$ 1,.-,&'*-'($6,32,-$@/)"=(C$*1$6(55$*1$.,A,-.$*-$,-1,.23$,-3"$%"5+$ tradition such as fairy-lore, witchcraft, domestic superstition and the roles and origins of spectral animals and other beings. D,1$!""+1$*)($*A*,5*!5($"-$H:*g"-$")$%)":$32($H/32")D"/1($ 6(!1,3(`$6667*/32")2"/1(7'"7/+


H1$6(55$*1$*/32"),-.$32($!""+C$d,5(1$*51"$,55/13)*3(0$,37$D($ )('(-354$(#2,!,3(0$*$1(5('3,"-$"%$2,1$(3'2,-.1$"-$5"'*5$%"5+5")($ themes at the Bean Around the world coffee shop.

T"/)$./(13$0,)('3")1$1"/)'(0$32)"/.2$O50$h,'$W(6$h",'(1$ *-0$*$1(5('3,"-$"%$>()1(491$5(*0,-.$*'3")1$6,55$)(2(*)1($*-0$ produce the plays ahead of a celebratory gala performance at 32($>()1(4$H)31$<(-3)($"-$?*3/)0*4$^_32$>/547$>"2-$J*A(4$%)":$ ?=(*)=",-3$'"::(-3(0$nN2($?=(*)=",-3$W(6$U5*41$U)"E('3$ ,1$*3$32($'/33,-.$(0.($"%$'/53/)*5$*'3,A,34$,-$>()1(4$*-0$,1$P/,3($ /-,P/($,-$,31$*==)"*'2$3"$.,A,-.$'":=5(3($-(6'":()1$3"$32($ performing arts, and those who already have some experience, *-$"==")3/-,34$3"$6")+$6,32$1":($"%$32($!(13$0,)('3")1$,-$32($ country.” ?"$6),3()1C$.(3$6),3,-.G$D()(91$62*3$4"/$-((0$3"$+-"6` x$@-3()$*1$:*-4$=5*41$*1$4"/$5,+(C$"-$*-4$3"=,' x$U5*41$12"/50$!($*!"/3$X_$:,-/3(1$5"-.7 x$U5*41$6,55$!($)(2(*)1(0$,-$"-($6((+$1"$32)(($=*.($:"-"5"./(1$*)($!(13$*A",0(0G x$N2()($6,55$!($-"$1(31C$E/13$!*1,'$=)"=1C$1"$=()%"):*-'(1$6,55$ have to set the scene. x$N2()($6,55$!($*$5,:,3(0$-/:!()$"%$*'3")1$1"$-"$')"60$1'(-(1$%")$ X__G x$<5"1,-.$0*3($%")$1/!:,11,"-1`$N/(10*4$^)0$Y*47 >()1(4$H)31$N)/13$<"V")0,-*3")C$N":$J,-.5($1*,0`$n8$6"/50$13)(11$ that this opportunity is open to all so if you feel that you have *-$,0(*$32(-$=/3$,3$0"6-$"-$=*=()$*-0$1/!:,3$,37$N2($6")+12"=$ is a great opportunity for writers and actors of all ranges to 0(A(5"=$32(,)$1+,551$*-0$1((+$32($*0A,'($%)":$"-($"%$32($:"13$ promising playwrights and directors in the country.” N2,1$(#',3,-.$=)"E('3$2*1$!((-$=/3$3".(32()$!4$32($>()1(4$H)31$ N)/13C$6,32$1/==")3$%)":$O50$h,'$W(6$h",'(1$*-0$32($>()1(4$ H)31$<(-3)(7$H'3")1$6*-3,-.$3"$.(3$,-A"5A(0$'*-$(:*,5$-(6=5*41w*)317E($*-0$(#=)(11$32(,)$,-3()(13$*1$6(55$*1$-"3,-.$32(,)$ age and experience. H==5,'*3,"-$%"):1$*)($*A*,5*!5($%)":$32($>()1(4$H)31$<(-3)(C$>()1(4$O=()*$D"/1(C$>()1(4$M,!)*)4$*-0$%)":$32($>()1(4$H)31$N)/13$ 6(!1,3(7$J"-93$0(5*4$V$.(3$*$%"):$*-0$13*)3$6),3,-.$4"/)$=5*47 $6667*)317E($$ $-(6=5*41w*)317E(


Uneek2you event Uneek2you is a new personalised greetings card company which features designs from the unique collections held by Jersey Heritage, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Jersey Tourism as well as work from local and UK artists and photographers, recent graduates and other talented students.

Art at the Bean The Bean Around The World Coffee Shop offers a relaxing informal space for local and visiting artists to showcase their work. Being a busy and popular coffee shop it attracts lots people from all different sectors of the community. The first exhibition was in February and featured paintings of animal portraits by Tracey Anfray. Following this was an exhibition of etchings by Giles Bois. With more exhibitions to follow, make sure to check out the artwork on show next time you’re having a coffee. Note for artists: If you’d like to exhibit you can call in at the coffee shop or get in touch with the owner David Stokes.

The exhibition of work takes on different formats including posters, cards, canvases and banners as well as photobooks and calendars which showcase designs and merchandise available through the website. Items you puchase at the exhibition or online help support our local creatives as well as raising money for Durrell and Jersey Heritage. $D*)!"/)$d*55()4C$?3$H/!,$Q$V$QQ$H=),5 $O=(-$(A()4$0*4$Q_7^_*:$V$a7^_=: $6667/-((+X4"/7'":

$J*A,0$?3"+(1$ $:*,513"+(1w4*2""7'"7/+

Where they work...

MYSPACE Peter John Thomson PJ is currently artist in residence at Highlands College where he’s able to work on his own practice as well as working with and teaching students at the college. PJ’s main passion comes from printing and surface pattern. He uses different printing techniques from relief, block and mono to printing with silk screens and stencils. He also use inks, dyes, foils, acrylics, pencil and a secret ingredient of glitter to build up beautiful layers and rich surfaces. His current collection of work has been inspired by his love affair with Jersey and he’s currently working around the Jersey Lilly and Lillie Langtry for an upcoming exhibition. $D,.5*-01$<"55(.( $=(3()E"2-32":1"-w2"3:*,57'"7/+

Self Portrait - 6 artists work non-stop to reveal a show T)":$*-$(:=34$.*55()4$3"$*-$(-3,)($(#2,!,3,"-$,-$ 5(11$32*-$^_$2"/)17$?,#$*)3,131$6()($.,A(-$*$3,:($ '"-13)*,-3$*-0$6")+(0$"-1,3($*3$32($[()-,$d*55()4$ 3"$=/3$"-$*$12"67$?(($2"6$32($*)3,131$."3$"-$ ,-$32,1$/-,P/($*-0$'2*55(-.,-.$(#=(),(-'(7$N2($ (#2,!,3,"-$"%$6")+$!4$Y*33$T*55(C$M,1*$Y*'J"-*50C$ f(A,-$U*55"3C$d*!),(55($L*0,./(3C$H5,1"-$L,'2*)01$ *-0$f*)(-$M($L"4$D*)),1$(#=5")(1$32(,)$,0(-3,3,(1$ as artists and can be seen on show at the Jersey H)31$<(-3)($/-3,5$QZ32$H=),57$ This was a great opportunity for the artists not only to bond with each other but also to be experimental and push themselves to the limit. The artists were all really positive about their experience and although it was

*-$(#2*/13,-.$=)"E('3C$,3$6*1$*51"$*$%/-$*-0$ rewarding one that gave them the chance to .(3$3"$+-"6$32($"32()$*)3,1317$83$6*1$.)(*3$3"$ see how supportive of each other the artists were. By the time the exhibition preview *)),A(0$32($*)3,131$2*0$!(./-$3"$%((5$5,+($32($ gallery was home. $[()-,$d*55()4C$>()1(4$H)31$<(-3)( $XQ$Y*)'2$V$QZ$H=),5 $c__S__

AWA R D S 2 01 1





This months MUST hear, see, eat, buy in the country’s capital... Compiled by Nina Hervé

Local In London

Phil‘Grizzly’Adams Although not born in Jersey, Phil Adams is very much a local. After all, he lived in the island long enough to gain his housing qualifications! Since his departure from Seedee Jons in 2005 and with his sub:ject nights behind him, Phil has been living in London and has continued to work within the music industry. After completing a course at the SAE institute in Electronic Music Production he soon started working at the multi-award winning record shop, Rough Trade East and continues to DJ regularly. I caught up with Phil over the shop counter to see what he’s been up to over the years… WHAT’S YOUR ROLE AT ROUGH TRADE EAST? I’m the in-store manager, which basically means I look after the in-store events at Rough Trade East. This ranges from booking the bands, liaising with the labels/artists on stage plans, load-in times and the spec side of things also making sure the event runs smoothly on the night. It’s quite a hectic job but really fulfilling. We usually have around three bands play in a week which means I’ve probably worked on well over 300 in-store events – Jeez, that’s quite surprising! A lot of them just seem to melt into one big instore but of course we have a lot of really memorable ones too. Radiohead, The Breeders, Blur, Billy Bragg, Moby (memorable in it’s own strange way), Jarvis Cocker, Spiritualized & Roots Manuva. We also have had artists that you wouldn’t expect to play here like Marianne Faithfull and The Pretenders.


AND YOU STILL DJ REGULARLY DON’T YOU? I HEARD THAT YOU PLAYED AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL LAST YEAR – HOW DID THAT COME ABOUT? We were approached to curate a night at the Royal Albert Hall in conjunction with a night called Hush. We booked Factory Floor, O Children and Becoming Real, we also DJed too. It was a good night with a really good turn out. I still DJ quite a lot under the Rough Trade banner including regular nights at The Big Chill Bar (Rough Trade’s neighbours) & the Old Blue Last also festivals such as ATP & Supersonic. I’m also heading back home to Sheffield for a Rough Trade curated night in conjunction with the Sensoria Music & Film


Festival. We booked Baltic Fleet to play live and I’m playing too, I’m really looking forward to that. As well as DJing out and about in pubs and gigs I’ve done a little bit of radio DJ work too. I’ve just stated getting involved with Rough Trade’s Counter Culture Show on Resonance FM, which I really enjoy - it makes quite a nice change. I HEAR YOU’VE GOT QUITE A BIG GIG COMING UP IN CONJUNCTION WITH ART MAGAZINE LE GUN? CAN YOU TELL US A BIT ABOUT THAT? I live with Robert Greene (Jersey boy) and Alex Wright who cofounded Le Gun Magazine. They have an exhibition lined up to celebrate the release of Issue 5 and asked Rough Trade if we were interested in curating a night for them. We jumped at the chance to get involved. The venue is The Red Gallery in Shoreditch, which has a large underground warehouse space. The space is amazing, perfect for an event like this. We’ve booked Caribou, Kutmah, Cloaks, Action Beat and Factory Floor who are playing live. There’ll also be really good visuals from Bare Bones & PureA that will link the whole music/art collaboration together nicely. It promises to be a great night and I can’t wait for it although I’m DJing the following night in Dijon, France (ouch). You can hear Phil DJ at the Le Gun & Rough Trade Warehouse Party at RED Gallery on Friday 8th April. Tickets available now at Rough Trade East. For more information check out

Must See

Must Buy

Must Eat

Close Eyes To Exit’ Le Gun Exhibition, Red Gallery, Rivington St, London

Paul A Young, Fine Chocolates, Camden Passage, London

Poppies Of Spitalfields, Hanbury Street, London

After a hiatus back from adventures in Europe, Le Gun launches itself with the fifth issue of the magazine celebrating with an exhibition entitled ‘Close Eyes To Exit’. Alongside work by Le Gun’s many weird and wonderful international contributors, the main attraction of the exhibition is ‘The Unknown Room’ a bizarre life-size drawing on the third dimension based on the contents of George Melly’s briefcase! The black and white installation is filled with pictures showing scenes of the city of Legundon, James Ensor’s Belgium, an outlandish interzone and an ancient lost civilization.

As one of London’s most talented chocolatiers, Paul Young fashions chocolate creations that serve to delight and impress as well as satisfy cravings. As Easter is fast approaching, Paul’s famous and not-tobe-missed salted caramel eggs can be found on the shop counter once again. In previous years he has collaborated with jeweler Kirt Holmes creating a large bar of etched chocolate with half an egg set onto it decorated with 24-carat gold leaf. Inside the egg was an exclusive Kirt Holmes necklace. These were limited to only 50 eggs but made a very special Easter gift, some say too good to eat!

Poppies of Spitalfields, the 50s-style fish and chips shop specializing in old-fashioned East End hospitality and home-cooked charm, opened recently with much anticipation from the locals in the Shoreditch area. The 68 year-old owner, known as Pat ‘Pop’ Newland, began his fish and chip career aged 14 in Phil’s on the Roman Road and hasn’t left the area in over 35 years. He promises that chips will be peeled and hand-cut on site, while sustainable fish will be delivered daily from Billingsgate Market. If you don’t want sit in you can always get your grub to go served in Poppies newspaper.

For more information check out…

For more information check out…

On display from 2nd April – 18th April, for more information

natural culture

A Walk on the Dunes This Easter why not let the kids use up some excess energy with a long walk on the sand dunes at St Ouen’s Bay where there is always plenty to see? The best and most extensive sand dune systems tend to be on the west coast of Britain because of the prevailing westerly winds which blow the sand onshore and Jersey is no exception. St Ouen’s Bay has a variety of coastal habitats and is listed as a SSI (Site of Special Interest). The sand dune system at the south end opposite Le Braye is particularly important, being one of the 10 largest in Britain. It is known as Les Blanches Banques (the white banks) for obvious reasons and leads inland and upwards towards Les Quennevais. This dune system is 3000 – 4000 years old and there is evidence that Neolithic man lived here. An old legend from the 15th century blames the wrath of God for covering the area with sand and making it like a desert. If you want to walk over Les Blanches Banques , the best car park is La Carriere. As you walk into the dunes the dominant species is marram grass, a large species with grey green spiky leaves. Marram

grass is essential for the formation of sand dunes because its long roots and horizontal rhizomes bind the sand together. Also if the leaves get buried by blown sand,it responds by growing upwards and sideways, so incorporating the new sand to make a higher mound. The leaves of marram grass are adapted to survive the drying winds by rolling inward to reduce water loss.

to five brown bands running round the shell.

Once the marram has stabilised the sand other plant species can colonise the dune. Over 400 species of plants are found here. You will notice small bushes of burnet rose. This rose has creamy-white flowers and the prickliest stem of any rose. If you are walking with a small dog check its fur as these spiny stems get entangled and can be very painful. Later in the year the flowers will produce round purple-black rose hips. This distinguishes the burnet rose from all other wild roses which have red hips.

Overhead a kestrel may hover motionless scanning the ground for the small mammals such as mice and shrews which make up its diet. When it spots one it watches it for a few minutes before plummeting down with half closed wings to pounce on it. It tends to drop in stages like a lift.

Lichen species are common on the dunes particularly the false reindeer moss. This is a grey many- branched lichen, less than 2cm high which is a close relative of the true reindeer moss, the main food plant of reindeer in the Arctic.

Droppings and burrows show that rabbits are common on the dunes. Their grazing helps to manage the area by keeping the large plants down so that the smaller plants can survive. Your best chance of seeing a rabbit is in the early morning or evening when they come out to feed.

One of our rarest and most special animals, the green lizard, is also found here. It is a beautiful bright emerald green and yellow which affords it perfect camouflage in the undergrowth. They are cold-blooded and need to warm themselves by basking in the sun. It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit the dunes you will always see something to interest you in this special place.

Because the shell sand is rich in calcium many species of snail live in the dunes and you will see many empty shells even if you don’t spot living snails. They have to be adapted to life in a dry habitat, hiding from the sun and emerging to feed after a shower. Look out for banded snails with up

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I was born in Scotland but have lived all over the UK, thanks first to my doctor Dad and later my banker husband. Most of my childhood was spent in Sandhurst, Berkshire, near the famous RMA. After school I went to University in my home town of Aberdeen to study Botany and Ecology, gaining a B.Sc. and a Ph.D. . Worked as a lecturer there and in Manchester, also teaching biology and chemistry in schools when we lived in towns without universities. I am married to Peter with two teenage daughters. Inspired by Bergerac on TV we moved to Jersey 19 years ago – for a three year stint – but loved it and stayed!



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Picture Editor: Gary Kelly

Photographer: John Liot





We got these shots through on one single email this month and were a little bit '"-%/1(0777$I(955$5(3$4"/$E/0.($%")$4"/)1(5%$G



Scream 4 Director: Wes Craven Writer: Kevin Williamson Starring: Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Emma Roberts

words | Steve Lawrence I2*391$4"/)$%*A"/),3($1'*)4$:"A,(F 8-$QeeZ$,391$=)"!*!54$%*,)$3"$1*4$32($2"))")$.(-)($6*1$,-$0('5,-(7$D"))")$,'"-1$5,+($ >*1"-$*-0$Y,'2*(5$Y4()1$6()($5""+,-.$3,)(0$*-0$I(1$<)*A(-$2*0$(%%('3,A(54$2*0$ 32($&-*5$6")0$"-$T)(004$f)/(.()$6,32$32($/-0())*3(0$W(6$W,.23:*)($l1(($,3$*1$*$ '":=*-,"-$3"$?')(*:m7$I2*3$2"))")$&5:1$-((0(0$6*1$*$12"3$,-$32($*):$*-0$32*391$ (#*'354$62*3$32(4$."3$62(-$f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lN2($(#'(55(-3$?')(*:$X$*-0$-"3$1"$.)(*3$?')(*:$^m$*-0$,:,3*3")1$lI,55,*:1"-$ *51"$=(--(0$8$f-"6$I2*3$B"/$J,0$M*13$?/::()m7$8)"-,'*554$,3$(A(-$.*A($*$-(6$5(*1($ "%$5,%($3"$1":($"%$32($&5:1$,3$6(-3$3"$1/'2$=*,-1$3"$)(%()(-'($,-'5/0,-.$32($13)*-.(54$ 3,35(0$:(11$D*55"6((-$DX_7$B(3C$,-$32($(*)54$4(*)1$"%$32($36(-34V&)13$'(-3/)4$32($ 15*12()$&5:$6*1$"-'($*.*,-$,-$0('5,-($*-0$*$-(6$!)((0$"%$2"))")$6,32$,31$"6-$1(3$"%$ )/5(1$6*1$)(*04$3"$3*+($,31$=5*'(7 ;8%$4"/$6*-3$4"/)$&5:1$3"$!('":($*$1/''(11%/5$%)*-'2,1(C$-(A()C$(A()$/-0()$*-4$ ',)'/:13*-'(1$*11/:($32($+,55()$,1$0(*079

The Top 5 Movie Pirates 8391$=,)*3($:"-32$2()($*3$d*55()4$62,'2$0"(1-93$E/13$:(*-$8955$!($ 0),-+,-.$)/:C$!/)4,-.$3)(*1/)($*-0$(*3,-.$*$'5"'+$3"$1(($,%$U(3()$ U*-$6*1$)(*5,13,'7$W"$89A($."-($32($62"5($-,-($4*)01$*-0$'":($/=$ 6,32$:4$5,13$"%$3"=$&A($:"A,($=,)*3(17


>*'+$?=*))"6$lU,)*3(1$"%$32($<*),!!(*-m N2($,0(*$"%$*0*=3,-.$*$32(:($=*)+$),0($6*1$5*/.2(0$*3$!4$:*-4$ ,-$32($&5:$'"::/-,347$N2(1($=("=5($"!A,"/154$0,0-93$'"/-3$"-$ Johnny Depp creating one of the most memorable characters ,-$:"0()-$',-(:*7$T)((62((5,-.$*)"/-0$5,+($*$:*-,*'$)"'+$ 13*)C$?=*))"6$,1$!*0$(-"/.2$3"$),.2354$!($'*55(0$*$=,)*3($62,513$ simultaneously endearing enough to have us root for him. The 1(P/(51$:,.23$!($*$:(11$13")4V6,1($!/3$J(==$'*-93$2(5=$!/3$"6-$ 32($1')((-7$D"=(%/554$32,1$1/::()91$%"/)32$U,)*3(1$6,55$5(*)-$%)":$ 32(1($*-0$+((=$?=*))"6$%)"-3$*-0$'(-3)(7$


<*=3*,-$?2*+(1=(*)($lL"!()3$ J($W,)"m$ The legendary actor may have made a few suspect career choices ,-$2,1$5*33()$4(*)1$!/3$32,1$,1-93$"-($"%$ 32(:7$U5*4,-.$*.*,-13$34=($2,1$?2*+(1=(*)($ is fearsome on the surface but soft and A/5-()*!5($!(-(*327$d*,:*-91$6")50$,1$&55(0$6,32$ amazing characters but even amongst ghosts, 6,3'2(1$*-0$%*55(-$13*)1$?2*+(1=(*)($,1$*$ stand out character.

N2($Y/==(31$lY/==(3$N)(*1/)($815*-0m 8391$*$%*'3$32*3$*55$'5*11,'$6")+1$"%$5,3()*3/)($'*-$!($,:=)"A(0$!4$ *00,-.$Y/==(31$l?(($Y/==(31$<2),13:*1$<*)"5m7$L"!()3$M"/,1$ ?3(A(-1"-91$'5*11,'$,1$*0*=3(0$6,32$6,3C$2/:"/)$*-0$1":($3)/54$ .)(*3$1"-.17$N,:$</))4$:*-*.(1$3"$2"50$2,1$"6-$*1$M"-.$>"2-$ ?,5A()$*1$0"(1$[,554$<"--"554$*1$[,554$["-(17$8391$+,-0$"%$6(,)0$62(-$ 4"/$)(*5,1($>,:$D*6+,-1$,1$=5*4(0$!4$[),3,12$'":(04$13*)$f(A,-$ Bishop. <*=3*,-$D""+$lU(3()$U*-m M,+($1"$:*-4$32,-.1$,-$:4$5,%($62*3$(#*'354$'"-13,3/3(1$*$=,)*3($ 6*1$0(&-(0$!4$J,1-(4$,-$32($'5*11,'$U(3()$U*-7$N2()($2*A($"%$ '"/)1($!((-$-/:()"/1$3*+(1$"-$32($)"5($!/3$32($:*-,'$,-1*-,34$"%$ 32($2""+V2*-0(0C$16")0V6,(50,-.C$')"'"0,5(V"!1(11(0$*-,:*3(0$ version is the pinnacle for me. The ultimate pirate villain. ?3(A($32($U,)*3($lJ"0.(!*55m D($:,.23$-"3$3('2-,'*554$!($*$=,)*3($!/3$0"-93$ let him hear you say that. The red headed :"0()-$0*4$=,)*3($*001$*$1/))(*5$K"/),12$3"$ 32,1$'/53$%*A"/),3($&5:7$8-$*$6(,)0$6*4$2($*51"$*'31$*1$ 32($2(*)3$"%$32($=,('(7$O-54$62(-$h*/.2-91$U(3($M*$T5(/)$ )(*5,1(1$62*3$2,1$'4-,',1:$2*1$0"-($3"$?3(A($l)(0/',-.$2,:$ 3"$?3(A($32($W"):*5$d/4m$0"(1$2($)(3/)-$3"$32($&-*5$:*3'27$ Bonus points for the fact the actor features in the greatest television show of all time Arrested Development as Pastor h(*57$


Y*+($-"$:,13*+($j$?')(*:$,1$-"6$*$%)*-'2,1($*-0$-"$:*33()$ 62*3$4"/$0"$3"$32(:$l>*1"-$N*+(1$Y*-2*33*-7$B(*2$:*3(C$1"$ 0,0$N2($Y/==(31m$%)*-'2,1(1$0"-93$0,(7$D"6(A()C$32($3)(-0$%")$ '"-3,-/,-.$1(P/(51$2*1$1/!1,0(0$1":(62*3$,-$)('(-3$4(*)17$ Instead studios have preferred to hit the reset button and 13*)3$%)":$1')*3'27$@A(-$<)*A(-$2,:1(5%$2*1$."3$,-$"-$32($*'3$ 2(5=,-.$=(-$32($A()4$0('(-3$D,551$D*A($@4(1$X7$@#=('3$?')(*:$ to examine why people have become scared of originality - to *1+$62()($%(*)$'":(1$%)":$62(-$4"/9A($1((-$,3$*55$!(%")(7$83$ *==*)(-354$3""+$*$2/.($(%%")3$3"$.(3$W(A($<*:=!(55$3"$)(=),1($ 2()$)"5($*1$?,0-(47$?2($,1$E",-(0$!4$*$2"13$"%$2"3$4"/-.$13*)1$ ,-'5/0,-.$D*40(-$U*-(33,()(C$L")4$</5+,-$*-0$@::*$L"!()31$ l0*/.23()$"%$@),'C$-,('($"%$>/5,*m$=5*4,-.$2()$-,('(7$N2($P/(13,"-$ will be if these old hands can survive playing by these new )/5(1$")$,%$32(4955$!($1*'),&'(0$3"$:*+($6*4$%")$l5,3()*554m$-(6$ blood. Plot details are sparse but the trailers suggest this tension between new and old could be at the centre of things.

S$6,55$-"3$"-54$"%%()$*$0,%%()(-3$+,-0$"%$2"))")$(#=(),(-'($!/3$2*1$ 32($"==")3/-,34$3"$0('"-13)/'3$32(1($&5:17$$ The movie industry is cyclical. Whilst enduring the densely =5"33(0$*-0$'"-1,13(-354$3(=,0$?*6`$N2($T,-*5$<2*=3()$8$ '"/50-93$2(5=$!/3$2"=($32*3$32,1$:"13$)('(-3$'4'5($6*1$'":,-.$ 3"$*-$(-07$?')(*:$)(0(&-(0$32($2"))")$g(,3.(,13$*-0$8$2*A($ 2,.2$2"=(1$32*3$?')(*:$S$'"/50$0"$32($1*:(7$N2($3)*,5()$ 1*41$32($)/5(1$2*A($'2*-.(0y$62*3$:*+(1$*$.)(*3$2"))")$&5:$ 2*1-937$M/'+,54$32()($*)($%(6$32*3$+-"6$:")($*!"/3$32,1$32*-$ I,55,*:1"-$*-0$<)*A(-7$

The other recent horror trend is of course the rise of the torture 2"))")$34=,&(0$!4$32($?*6$%)*-'2,1(7$N2(1($&5:1$62,'2$,-,3,*554$ =)"A,0(0$*-$(#',3,-.$*53()-*3,A($3"$32($13*5+$*-0$15*12$2*A($ -"6$!('":($5,335($:")($32*-$%)*:,-.$1(P/(-'(1$%")$(5*!")*3($ death traps and increasing amounts of gore. With the release of N2($D/:*-$<(-3,=(0($*-0$H$?()!,*-$T,5:$,3$)(*554$,1$0,%&'/53$3"$ =5*'($*$5,:,3$"-$62*3$6,55$12"'+$32($:"0()-$2"))")$%*-7$?')(*:$

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W"):*554$32($)(:*+($"%$'5*11,'$J/05(4$Y"")($A(2,'5($H)32/)$6"/50$ %*55$,-3"$32($'*3(.")4$"%$;=",-35(11$)(:*+(1$3"$*A",09$!/3$89A($!((-$ ,-3),./(0$!4$62*3$89A($1((-$"%$32,1$-(6$A()1,"-7$L/11(55$[)*-0$ 3*+(1$"-$Y"")(91$,'"-,'$)"5($6,32$D(5(-$Y,))(-$=)"A,0,-.$*$36,13$ "-$>"2-$d,(5./091$"),.,-*5$!/35()$.(-0()V)(A()1(0$*1$32($-*--4$ 62"$!(5,(A(1$,-$2,:7$>*1"-$I,-()$0,)('31$2,1$&)13$%(*3/)($*%3()$ ),1,-.$3"$=)":,-(-'($"-$Nh91$Y"0()-$T*:,547$Y"13$(#',3,-.54$32($ 1'),=3$'":(1$%)":$32($=(-$"%$U(3()$[*4-2*:$62"955$!($+-"6-$3"$ British comedy fans as one of the writers behind Bruno, Borat, 89:$H5*-$U*)3),0.($*-0$[)*11$@4(7$N2($,:=")3*-3$32,-.$6,32$32,1$ )(:*+($,1$0,13,-./,12,-.$[)*-091$H)32/)$%)":$Y"")(91$"),.,-*57$N2($ -(6$H)32/)$"6-1$32($!*3:"!,5($*-0$!*31/,3$%)":$32($N,:$[/)3"-91$ [*3:*-$j$.""0$(-"/.2$%")$:(7$ B"/$'*-$*51"$2(*)$[)*-0$=)"A,0($32($A",'($%")$32,1$:"-3291$D"=7$ Y,#,-.$<d8$6,32$2/:*-$*'3")1$32,1$,1$32($13")4$"%$*-$@*13()$

[/--4$62"$0)(*:1$"%$!(,-.$*$0)/::()7$83$5""+1$15,.2354$:")($ 1"=2,13,'*3(0$32*-$32($=*,-%/5$<2,=:/-+1$*-0$2*1$*$0('(-3$ 2/:*-$'*13$,-'5/0,-.$>*:(1$Y*)10(-$*-0$f*5(4$</"'"7$N2($+,01$ are actually a bit spoiled for choice with Mars Needs Moms (Or will ,3$!($Y/:1$"A()$2()(Fm$*-0$L,"$'":=(3,-.$6,32$D"=$%")$4"/)$5,335($ "-(91$*33(-3,"-7$Y":1$2*1$?,:"-$I(551$ld)(*3$.)*-01"-$"%$D7d7m$ at the helm as well as having the Disney factor. The trailers show an impressive attention to detail in the depiction of the alien world. L,"$,1$*$=*))"3$3""-$%)":$32($3(*:$!(2,-0$8'($H.(7$D"=(%/554$32($ '),:,-*554$/-%/--4$O)*-.($*0A()3$,1-93$*-4$,-0,'*3,"-$"%$P/*5,347$ H="55"$Q\$=)"A,0(1$*$-,'($1=,-$"-$32($%"/-0$%""3*.($1345($2"))")$ ="=/5*),g(0$!4$5"6$!/0.(3$!)(*+"/3$2,31$N2($[5*,)$I,3'2$U)"E('3$ *-0$U*)*-"):*5$H'3,A,347$<5*,:,-.$3"$!($!*1(0$"-$*-$*!*-0"-(0$ ="13VH="55"$Qc$:""-$:,11,"-$,3$=)":,1(1$3"$(#=5*,-$;624$6($-(A()$ 6(-3$!*'+79$83$5""+1$5,+($,3$'"/50$!($*$%/-$.(-)($:*12$/=$32"/.2$ 89:$-"3$1/)($,%$,3$'*-$'*=3/)($32($;,3$'"/50$2*==(-$3"$:(9$A,!($"%$32($ &5:1$8$=)(A,"/154$:(-3,"-(07$ T,-*554C$,%$4"/9)($*$N2($L"'+$'":=5(3,13$ld"0$2(5=$4"/m$")$32($+,-0$ "%$=()1"-$62"$32,-+1$>()(:4$<5*)+1"-$6"/50$!($*$'""5$./4$3"$ 2*-.$6,32$lW"3$(A(-$d"0$'*-$2(5=$4"/m$32(-$4"/$:,.23$!($(#',3(0$ *!"/3$32($)(5(*1($"%$T*13$T,A(7$N2(49A($0)"==(0$;32($%/),"/19$%)":$ 32($3,35($62,'2$8$./(11$'"/50$:(*-$(A()4"-(91$.",-.$3"$!($*$5"3$ :")($(*14$.",-.7$8$0"-93$)(*554$'*)($*1$,3$6*1$'5(*)$%)":$*!"/3$ &A($:,-/3(1$,-3"$32($0/55$1('"-0$"/3,-.$32*3$32,1$1(),(1$2*0$)/-$ ,31$'"/)1(7$J,0$4"/$+-"6$h,-$J,(1(5$6*1$"-'($,-$*-$,-13)/'3,"-*5$ !)(*+0*-'($A,0("F$8$32,-+$890$)*32()$6*3'2$32*37


I2*3$0"$4"/$.(3$62(-$4"/$'":!,-($M")0$"%$N2($L,-.1$6,32$ <2(('2$]$<2"-.F$H$5*g4$=,3'2$%")$62*3955$=)"!*!54$!($*$!*0$&5:7$ 890$)*32()$."$*-0$1(($B"/)$D,.2-(11$62,'2$1((1$32($3(*:$!(2,-0$ the excellent Eastbound & Down apply their own twisted vision to the sword and sorcery epic. Joining McBride and a number "%$32($12"691$"32()$13*)1$*)($>*:(1$T)*-'"$l)(/-,3,-.$6,32$2,1$ U,-(*==5($@#=)(11$0,)('3")$*-0$'"V13*)mC$W*3*5,($U")3:*-$*-0$ u""(4$J(1'2*-(57$N2"/.2$>/00$H=*3"6$,1-93$,-A"5A(0$32($3)*,5()$ =)":,1(1$32($+,-0$"%$')/0($2/:"/)$2,1$&5:1$2*A($!('":($%*:"/1$ %")$*5"-.$6,32$*$32")"/.254$:"0()-$3*+($"-$32($.(-)(7$N2()(91$*51"$ W*3*5,($U")3:*-$+,'+,-.$*55$1")31$"%$*11$,-$-"3$-('(11*),54$*$2/.($ *:"/-3$"%$'5"32,-.$,%$32*391$4"/)$32,-.$l83$,1$:,-(m7$




Fun,fun,fun.... words | Andrew McPhail


lack Friday is a term that’s been bandied around a lot throughout history. The term was used in 1869 during the FiskGould Scandal, a terrible financial crisis in the US, something, I think, that we all remember with a heaviness of heart. Yet despite the still raw wound of 1869, 2011 seems to be telling us that the term Black Friday would be more appropriately used to describe a specific song rather than event. That song, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed is Rebecca Black’s “Friday” (geddit?). I2*391$:"13$,-3()(13,-.$*!"/3$L(!(''*$[5*'+$,1$32*3$12($ '":(1$%)":$32($*5*):,-.54$5*).($H)+$Y/1,'$T*'3")47$$N2($:*,-$ purpose of which seems to welcome with open arms (and who 6"/50-93Fm$32($5*).($1/:1$"%$:"-(4$2*-0(0$"A()$!4$0"3,-.$ H:(),'*-$=*)(-31$2"=,-.$3"$3/)-$32(,)$+,0$,-3"$*$13*)7$$I2,5($ nT),0*4o$2*1$)('(,A(0$:"13$"%$32($*33(-3,"-C$,391$6(55$6")32$4"/)$ 3,:($3"$1((+$"/3$"32()$1(:,-*5$H)+$)(5(*1(1$%")$1"5(54$'":(0,'$ purposes.


H1$!*0$*1$H)+91$36((-V="=$%)*-+(-13(,-1$*)(C$32(4$-"3$"-54$ provide endless amount of meme-based fun, but also serve 3"$:*+($*55$"%$3"0*491$!),55,*-3$:/1,'$1"/-0$(A(-$!(33()7$$ U5*-(3$Y/91$T*534JM$2*1$0)"==(0$32($:*)A(5"/1$nB"/$?3*-0$ b-'()3*,-o$*$5/1',"/1$)('")0$62()($0*-'($K"")$&55()1$K"6$,-$ *-0$"/3$"%$!(*/3,%/5$*:!,(-3$-/:!()17$$b-5,+($:*-4$(-3,)($ *5!/:1$=)"0/'(0$!4$(5('3)"-,'$*)3,131C$32($3)*'+1$"-$nB"/$ ?3*-0$b-'()3*,-o$'":=5(:(-3$(*'2$"32()$*3$32($1*:($3,:($*1$ 12"6,-.$"%%$32($04-*:,'$:/1,'*5$*)1(-*5$*3$32($&-.()3,=1$"%$ J)(6$M/13:*-7


8391$-"3$E/13$T*534JM$62"$*==(*)1$3"$!($'":,-.$,-3"$2,1$"6-$ on recent releases. The Hessle Audio crew continues to build on an already immaculate reputation with each release, and ,391$=5*,-$3"$1(($62(-$5,13(-,-.$3"$32($5*3(13$,-13*55:(-3$"%$32($ T*!),'5,A($:,#$1(),(17$$<":=,5(0$!4$"-($"%$32($!)*,-1$!(2,-0$ 32($5*!(5C$L*:*0*-:*-$l62"$*51"$6")+1$/-0()$32($U(*)1"-$ ?"/-0$:"-,+()mC$32($2"/)V5"-.$:,#$(#=()354$!5(-01$1":($"%$ 32($:"13$*))(13,-.$3)*'+1$*)"/-07$$N/-(1$%)":$>"4$O)!,1"-C$32($ W,.23$?5/.1$5*!(5C$H00,1"-$d)""A($*-0$32($1(5('3")$2,:1(5%$ all feature in a mix that captures, at least for a moment, the burgeoning creativity in the electronic music scene. H%3()$32($-(6$)*A($!/!!5($*-0$,-(A,3*!5($0(K*3,"-C$*5:"13$ everyone reserved a soft spot in their musical heart for the well choreographed, chest-lit bunch that is Metronomy. Three years *-0$*$)(E,..(0$5,-(V/=$*%3()$32(,)$1('"-0$*5!/:$32($,-0,(V="=$ "/3&3$)(3/)-1$6,32$nN2($@-.5,12$L,A,()*o7$$J/($"/3$"-$[('*/1($ "-$H=),5$QQ32C$L,A,()*$1"/-01$5,+($32(,)$:"13$*''":=5,12(0$ 6")+$3"$0*3(7$$N2($0*4V.5"$K*12(1$*-0$2(53()V1+(53()$14-321$ lines of old may be used much more sparingly, but in their place appear slow-burning melodies that stay underneath your 1+,-$%")$:/'2$5"-.()7$$O-$nW,.231$O/3oC$32($=*'($6*1$:/'2$ :")($!)(*+-('+C$%*-3*13,'$!/3$%*13C$,3$1((:1$32*3$6,32$N2($ @-.5,12$L,A,()*C$Y(3)"-":4$2*A($"=3(0$3"$13),=$32,-.1$0"6-$ 15,.2354C$=/12,-.$32($2""+1$,-3"$32($1="35,.237$$N2($!"4V.,)5$ '*55!*'+$A"'*51$"-$32($!)((g4$n@A()432,-.$d"(1$Y4$I*4o$*-0$ the swaggering bass-line “The Bay” should prove too delightful to resist come the summer months. H$!*-0$32*391$3*+(-$(A()$5"-.()$32*-$Y(3)"-":4$3"$%((0$ "/)$(*)1$6,32$-(6$:*3(),*5$,1$W(6$B")+91$[*335(17$$H.*,-$5,+($ Metronomy, the band return with a new line-up after losing %)"-3$:*-$N4"-0*,$[)*#3"-$3"$2,1$"6-$1"5"$*:!,3,"-17$$X__c91$ “Mirrored” provided one of the most enthralling listens of the decade, from the instantly recognisable warbling vocals and military march drumbeat of “Atlas” to the frenetic maze of riffs "-$nN,Eo7$$W(6$1,-.5($n8'($<)(*:oC$32($&)13$3"$!($)(5(*1(0$"%%$ new record “Gloss Drop” (scheduled for a summer release on I*)=m$12"61$*$0(=*)3/)($,-$1345($%)":$32($'":=5(#$:(12$"%$ ,-13)/:(-31$"-$nY,))")(0o7$$I,32$f":=*+3$L('")019$Y*3,*1$ H./*4"$&55,-.$,-$%")$32($0(=*)3(0$[)*#3"-$"-$A"'*51C$n8'($ <)(*:o1$13/33(),-.$./,3*)1$*-0$('2",-.$A"'*51$12"6$32*3$ [*335(1$-"$5"-.()$2*A($3"$2*A($32($6")01$n*'P/,)(0$3*13(o$ placed before them. Even the ever-elusive Burial is deciding to come out with -(6$:*3(),*57$$L(-(6,-.$2,1$'"55*!")*3,"-$6,32$T"/)$N(3$32*3$ .*A($/1$32($13/--,-.$nY"32RI"5%$<5/!$,-$X__eC$32($0/"$2*A($ *00(0$N2":$B")+($,-3"$32($:,#$%")$-(6$)(5(*1($nY,))")R@."o7$$ D4=()0/!$*)($*51"$)(5(*1,-.$*$%)(12$'/3$"%$[/),*591$6")+$(-3,35(0$ n?3)((3$D*5"o7$$H$)(5(*1($3"$*6*,3$6,32$!*3(0$!)(*327

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We Love Pebble

French Fancy

Spring into Summer at Pebble Boutique.

Well hello there new collection for French Connection!

U(!!5($2*A($E/13$)('(,A(0$32(,)$!(*/3,%/5C$0,A()1($*-0$(#'5/1,A($ -(6$1(*1"-$'"55('3,"-17$N2(4$13"'+$'(5(!),34$%*A"),3(1$>((=()$ U((=()1$1/-.5*11(1$62,'2$"-54$13*)3$%)":$pXQC$*-0$,'"-,'$T)(-'2$ =/:=1$%)":$[(-1,:"-C$62,'2$*)($,0(*5$%")$6*5+,-.C$%(13,A*51C$!,+($ ),0(1$*-0$*-4$"32()$="3(-3,*5$?=),-.R?/::()$*'3,A,34G$

I($5,+($62*3$6($1((7$M"31$"%$5*,0$!*'+$=)(334$=),-31C$*-0$.,)54$ cuts; the whole collection has a wonderful Moroccan vibe. @*14$3"$6(*)C$3""$(*14$3"$!/4G D"#'+%4H&''#+$,&'4,-41O1,61N6#4*(-$1,"-4,'4R&,-,'-.4

Overall it is an essential destination for individuality, relaxed 12"==,-.$*-0$=5(*1*-354$*%%")0*!5($=),'(17$O6-()$<5*)($*-0$ the rest of the staff are always more than happy to help with *-4$=()1"-*5$1345,-.C$!/3$0"-93$6"))4$32(4$6"-93$="/-'($"-$4"/$ ,%$4"/9)($2*==,54$2*A,-.$*$P/,(3$!)"61(777$!('*/1($32(4$2*3($,3$ 62(-$32*3$2*==(-1$3""G$ We love their gorgeous feminine brands such as By Ti-Mo, and 32($!(*/3,%/5$?'*-0,-*A,*-$5*4(),-.$!)*-0$O#:"7$N2(4$2*A($ 6")+6(*)$32)"/.2$3"$(A(-,-.$6(*)$%)":$?"*+(0$8-$M/#/)4C$*-0$ T)(-'2$'2,'$%)":$32($!)*-01$1/'2$*1$?"$<2*)5"33(C$D*)3%")0$ and also their new slightly edgier brand Bruuns Bazaar, which 6*1$1(55,-.$5,+($2"3'*+(1$*3$32(,)$Q13$[,)320*4$U*)34$5*13$:"-327$ U(!!5($,1$32($=()%('3$=5*'($3"$=,'+$/=$6*)0)"!($13*=5(1$*-0$ *''(11"),(1$3"$(*1,54$/=0*3($4"/)$5""+7$N2(49)($%*:"/1$%")$ 32(,)$1'*)A(1$*-0$E(6(55()4$62,'2$32(4$1"/)'($%)":$*$A*),(34$"%$ 0,%%()(-3$=5*'(1$1"$32*3$32(4$'*-$=)"A,0($/-,P/(C$1,:=5($*-0$ effortless pieces. What is fantastic is that they have changed their ordering 1413(:$1"$32*3$32()($*)($*56*41$-(6$1345(1$*)),A,-.$(A()4$6((+$ *-0$32(4$0"-93$13"'+$:*-4$,-$32($1*:($1345(y$6($*55$+-"6$2"6$ ,:=")3*-3$,3$,1$l(1=(',*554$,-$>()1(4m$3"$!($*!5($3"$6(*)$1":(32,-.$/-,P/(G H51"$32(4$*)($5"A(54$3"$32($!"41$62"$13/:!5($,-$3"$3)4$*-0$&-0$ the special girls in their lives a great present. At the very least 32(4$'*-$6*5+$"/3$'5/3'2,-.$*$.,%3$A"/'2()$1"$32($5/'+4$5*04$,-$ P/(13,"-$'*-$="=$,-$*-0$.(3$2()1(5%$32($=()%('3$=)(1(-3$ ;#NN6#4,-41$4V401"9#$4E$"##$4c&((&-,$#4_,)&G-4S,'#4N1"dB4I^JYYY

Thank you Paul Smith Here’s to the boys that complain that there isn’t anywhere for them to shop. W(6$3"$J($d)/'24$32,1$4(*)$,1$32($5*/-'2$"%$32($U*/5$?:,32$ '"55('3,"-17$I($="==(0$0"6-$3"$2*A($*$1-(*+$=((+7$N2()($,1$ 1/'2$A*),*3,"-$%)":$U*/5$?:,32$>(*-1C$U?$!4$U*/5$?:,32$")$U*/5$ ?:,32$$M"-0"-$32*3$32()($,1$3)/54$1":(32,-.$%")$(A()4"-(7$ T")$1=),-.R1/::()$QQ9$32($5""+$"%$U*/5$?:,32$>(*-1$,1$*$'"55('3,"-$,-1=,)(0$!4$32($3)*A(51$"%$H:(),'*-$*/32")1$<*11,04C$[/)roughs and Ginsberg, who are widely credited with being the */32")1$"%$32($;[(*39$:"A(:(-3$,-$32($Qea_17$8-1=,)(0$!4$32(,)$ 1=,),3$"%$(#=5")*3,"-C$32($'"5"/)$=*5(33($"%$%*0(0$=,-+1C$!5/(1$ *-0$.)((-1$)(%()(-'(1$32($6(55V3)"00(-$6")50$"%$32($;[(*319$ punctuated with bolder summer colours. U?$!4$U*/5$?:,32$1((1$D*6*,,*-$K")*51C$*).45(1C$13),=(1C$1="31$ *-0$!5/))(0$0,.,3*5$=),-31$.)*'($12,)31$*-0$E()1(41C$62,513$12")3$ 6*12(0$!5*g()1$*-0$15,:$3)"/1()1$%(*3/)($,-$!),.23$!5"'+$'"5"/)17$


MO#"1664$%#4'#S4+&66#+$,&'-4,'4Q#4b"*+%241"#4#[+#66#'$43&"4$%&-#4S%&46,9#4 $%,'<-4$&4N#4146,$$6#4N,$4),33#"#'$.


Super stylish fitness fashion Laranja launches N2,1$:"-32$1((1$32($5*/-'2$"%$(#',3,-.$-(6$"-5,-($&3-(11$ %*12,"-$)(3*,5()$66675*)*-E*7'"7/+7$N2($%/-+4C$(*14$3"$ -*A,.*3($1,3($13"'+1$*-$(#'5/1,A($)*-.($"%$[)*g,5,*-$,-1=,)(0$ )(A"5/3,"-*)4$&3-(11$6(*)C$%(*3/),-.$5(*0,-.$!)*-01$1/'2$*1$ <<Y$?=")31C$<?$?=")31$*-0$N"(1"#7 M/'+4$"-5,-($12"==()1$-"6$2*A($*''(11$3"$%*-3*13,'$%*12,"-$ &3-(11$*-0$13*3(:(-3$6")+"/3$6(*)$1/'2$*1$32($(0.4$ ;H0),*-($D*)((:9$=*-317$U()%('3$%")$4".*$*-0$=,5*3(1C$")$ for simply chilling out these full length hareem trousers are ultra soft and comfortable, made from recycled bamboo *-0$0(1,.-(0$3"$K*33()C$32($:"0()-$1345,-.$2*1$*5)(*04$ :*0($32(1($*$&):$%*A"/),3($*3$M*)*-E*7$$H-"32()$=)"0/'3$"-$ M*)*-E*91$;:"13$6*-3(09$5,13$,1$32($").*-,'$'"33"-$N"(1"#7$ <":%")3*!5($*-0$=)*'3,'*5$%(*3/),-.$*$.),=$1"5(C$32(1($%((3$ 3)(*31$2*A($!((-$1=(',*554$0(1,.-(0$%")$13/0,"$6")+"/317$ N2($P/,)+4$-*:($;M*)*-E*9$3)*-15*3(1$*1$;")*-.(9$,-$[)*g,5C$*-0$ the vibrant vibe is perfect to describe this zesty new fashion &3-(11$)(3*,5()$"%%(),-.$*$%)(12$*==)"*'2$3"$&3-(11$%*12,"-$ =)"A,0,-.$2"3$5""+1$*-0$'""5$1345,-.7$$ M*)*-E*$,1$32($(#'5/1,A($bf$13"'+,13$%")$*$1(5('3$-/:!()$ "%$=)(:,/:$=*)3-()$!)*-01$,-'5/0,-.$<<Y$?=")31$*-0$<?$ ?=")31C$*-0$H=),5$X_QQ$6,55$2()*50$32($5*/-'2$"%$M*)*-E*91$"6-$ label range of ethical and technical clothing and accessories. All partner brands featured have been carefully selected to *5,.-$6,32$M*)*-E*91$:,11,"-$3"$=)"A,0($P/*5,34$3('2-,'*5$&3-(11$ %*12,"-7$N2($'"-3(:=")*)4$)(3*,5()91$*,:$,1$3"$2(5=$6":(-$ to wear their clothes with a smile, some attitude and a huge 2(5=,-.$"%$'"-&0(-'(7

N2($%*!),'1$/1(0$!4$M*)*-E*$ and their partners are not only "%$32($2,.2(13$P/*5,34$!/3$*)($ also the most technically advanced fabrics currently available, plus the on trend designs mean that there is absolutely no need to compromise on style. With the latest -(6$1(*1"-1$5""+1$ being added to the 1,3($)(./5*)54$M*)*-E*$ provides the perfect online hub for healthy, fashion conscious females.


The stylish ranges combine technical functionality with vibrant colours and (#',3,-.$0(1,.-17$M*)*-E*$2*1$!((-$ developed with the active female &3-(11$(-32/1,*13$,-$:,-07$N2($ 13),+,-.$5,-(1$%(*3/)(0$'":!,-($32)(($ 0,13,-'3$32(:(1C$;d4:C9$;?3/0,"9$*-0$ ;?3)((379$N2($2,.2$3('2$'5"32,-.$-"3$ "-54$5""+1$.""0$*-0$=()%"):1$6(55$ but also offers the perfect solution for those who desire fashionable everyday wear to match their active lifestyles.





Vitamin Water 8391$!((-$*$.""0$4(*)$%")$h,3*:,-$I*3()$*5)(*04$*-0$6(9)($"-54$,-$H=),5G$$I2,513$6($6()($*3$ M"-0"-$T*12,"-$6((+$5*13$:"-32$6($1=,(0$2/-0)(01$"%$!"335(1$!(,-.$'5/3'2(0$!4$:"0(51C$ =2"3".)*=2()1$*-0$'(5(!),3,(1$*5,+(7$>*,:($I,-13"-($,1$*$!,.$%*-C$*-0$*3$(A()4$12"6$12($2*0$ *$0,%%()(-3$K*A"/)(0$"-(C$6($1/1=('3(0$3"$:*3'2$2()$"/3&3G T")$*55$32($0,($2*)0$T*12,"-$I((+$=*)34$."()1$32(4$6()($*$!,.$2,3C$*1$1":($"%$32($K*A"/)1$ are meant to aid hangovers and help give energy, which is exactly what the fashion set -((0(0$*%3()$!/)-,-.$32($'*-05($*3$!"32$(-01G$$O-$32($1,0($"%$(*'2$!"335($,1$*$A()4$'"55"P/,*5$ 2/:")"/1$1'),=3$3(55,-.$4"/$*55$*!"/3$32($="1,3,A($(%%('31$0),-+,-.$,3$6"/50$!),-.$4"/7$8391$ 6")32$3)4,-.$*55$32($K*A"/)1$E/13$3"$)(*0$32(:G$


I2(-$32($[/)!())4$12"6$6*1$!(,-.$13)(*:(0$5,A($*3$N)*%*5.*)$?P/*)($h,3*:,-$I*3()$+,-054$ =)"A,0(0$0('+'2*,)1$*-0$'2,55(0$!"335(1$3"$32($.)*3(%/5$')"607$?/'2$*$'""5$!)*-0C$*-0$-"6$ available all around Jersey.


I2,'2$3)(-01$*)($4"/$:"13$5""+,-.$%")6*)0$ 3"$%")$?=),-.R?/::()F <"5"/)!5"'+,-.G$$8$5"A($32($A,!)*-3$'"5"/)1$ hitting the shops right now, the deep cobalt blues, corals, tangerines and acid yellows 32*3$'*-$:*+($*-$"/&3$="=C$62(32()$4"/$ wear them as an accent accessory or a !5"'+7$8-$32($1/::()$4"/$%((5$5,+($6(*),-.$ colour, and there are so many around to '2""1($%)":$*3$32($:":(-3C$,391$*$=()%('3$ opportunity to experiment with a few bold -(6$!),.2317$$N2*3$!(,-.$1*,0C$89:$13,55$ 5""+,-.$"/3$%")$32($=()%('3$5(*32()$!,+()$ E*'+(3$3"$32)"6$"A()$:4$12"/50()1$/-3,5$32($ 6(*32()$6*):1$/=$*$!,3$:")(G I2*3$:*0($4"/$.(3$,-3"$1345,-.F$ 89A($*56*41$!((-$%*1',-*3(0$!4$32($32"/.23$ 32*3$4"/)$'5"32(1$*%%('3$4"/)$:""07$$B"/$ move differently and feel differently about 4"/)1(5%$62(-$4"/9)($6(*),-.$1":(32,-.$

Fashion Festival

Sweet as...

With the Fashion Festival soon approaching we spoke to our very own Sarah Cillers who’ll be there to give style advice along with the other half of Quintessential Style, Joanna Duncan. With fashion shows, hair and make up demos, giveaways and much, much more to be expected, it’s an event that all should have planned in the fashion calendar. We asked Sarah a few questions aout the up and coming trends for Spring/Summer 2011.

T")$32"1($62"$:*4$-"3$+-"6$*!"/3$?6((3$ Pea and Willow you are seriously behind 6,32$32($3,:(1G$83$,1$*$12"=$32*3$1(551$4"/)$ unwanted designer pieces for you. Which :(*-1$4"/$'*-$*51"$=,'+$/=$32($:"13$ amazing designer pieces for a fraction of their original price. It is where your de1,.-()$.(:1$'*-$&-0$*$-(6$5"A,-.$2":(7$

32*3$4"/$+-"6$1/,31$4"/$*-0$4"/)$1345(7$$ 8$32,-+$,391$(*14$%")$*55$"%$/1$3"$.(3$13/'+$ in a bit of a style trap, perhaps our lives have moved on, but our clothes choices 2*A(-937$8391$(*14$3"$'2*-.($32*3C$*-0$,391$ always so rewarding when Joanna and I 5(*A($"/)$s/,-3(11(-3,*5$?345($'5,(-31$6,32$ a wardrobe full of clothes which suit them, and that they feel great in. I2*3$*)($4"/$:"13$5""+,-.$%")6*)0$3"$*3$ 32($?=),-.$?345($%*12,"-$%(13,A*5F$ 8$'*-93$6*,3$3"$6*3'2$32($%*12,"-$12"617$$ I love to see clothes being worn, rather 32*-$E/13$2*-.,-.$"-$*$)*,5C$*-0$8$$.(3$5"31$ "%$,-1=,)*3,"-$%)":$1((,-.$*$'*36*5+$5""+$ =/3$3".(32()7$$T")$:(C$32($1(')(3$"%$:*+,-.$*$.""0$"/3&3$.)(*3$,1$,-$32($0(3*,51$ V$13*3(:(-3$E(6(55()4C$*$.)(*3$1'*)%$")$*$ '"-3)*13,-.$!*.C$1"$8955$!($+((=,-.$*-$(4($ out for the latest accessories.

When people pass on their designer or A,-3*.($.""01$3"$?6((3$U(*$*-0$I,55"6C$ 32(4$.(3$a_$=()$'(-3$"%$32($1*5($=),'(7$ I($5"A($32*3$32(4$2*A($*$)(*554$P/,'+$ 13"'+$3/)-$"A()$1"$32*3$(A()4$6((+$4"/$ '*-$)/::*.($32)"/.2$*-0$&-0$1":(thingnew. I($="==(0$0"6-$3"$&-0$1":($3)(*1/)(1G$`$M/(55*$[*.$pX__C$<(5,-($<"*3$ pQQ_

Grand Tourers Turn White They were already distinguished by their size, noticeably more compact than those of the other Breitling for Bentley models, and suited to all wrists. With the new special all-white â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iceâ&#x20AC;? versions, 32($[(-35(4$dN$*-0$[(-35(4$dN$L*',-.$'2)"-".)*=21$-"6$*51"$ 0,1=5*4$*$5""+$32*3$,1$6(55$"%%$32($!(*3(-$3)*'+7$N2,1$"),.,-*5$*-0$ 1"=2,13,'*3(0$*==(*)*-'($%(*3/)(1$*-$8'($I2,3($0,*5$j$*-$(#'5/1,A($ [(-35(4$5,A()4$'"5"/)$j$3(*:(0$6,32$*$)/!!()$13)*=$,-$32($1*:($ shade.The faces of these exceptional sports models, enhanced !4$),::(0$'"/-3()1C$(A"+($32($0*12!"*)01$"%$32($&-(13$[(-35(4$ d)*-0$N"/)()17N2($!(g(5$6,32$,31$+-/)5(0$)*,1(0$:"3,%$,1$)(:,-,1cent of the characteristic control buttons of the prestigious British '*):*+()7$N2($!,0,)('3,"-*5$)"3*3,-.$!(g(5$ serves to activate the â&#x20AC;&#x153;variable tachometerâ&#x20AC;?, a world-exclusive Breitling feature. I2(-$/1(0$,-$'"-E/-'3,"-$6,32$32($ chronograph, this system enables the user to measure mean speed whatever the time elapsed, the distance covered or the speed reached. Bentley GT Ice and [(-35(4$dN$L*',-.$8'(`$.)*-0$ style follows its own road. HA*,5*!5($%)":$?3"33$]$I,5.)*11$ =),'(1$%)":$pSa^_


HlZZiEZVVcYL^aadl ^hWja\^c\l^i] ldcYZg[jak^ciV\Z VcYYZh^\cZg[Vh]^dc [dg[VgaZhhi]Vci]Z dg^\^cVaeg^XZ# >[ndjcZZYidXgZViZ ZmigVlVgYgdWZheVXZlZ VgZcdlVXXZei^c\eg^hi^cZ! \ZcianjhZYYZh^\cZg Xadi]^c\[dggZ"hVaZ#Jedci]Z hVaZd[ndjg\VgbZcihndj l^aaWZVWaZidXdaaZXiXVh] VcYndjg\VgbZcihl^aa\d idVcZladk^c\dlcZg#

;dgbdgZ^c[dgbVi^dceaZVhZXdciVXi/ %&*()+&.&.&

A Royal Occasion W"6$32*3$I,55,*:$2*1$="==(0$32($!,.$P/(13,"-$32($(A(-$!,..()$P/(13,"-$,1$ n62"$6,55$0(1,.-$32($0)(11Fo7 83$,1$'/))(-354$!(,-.$5(*+(0$32*3$H5(#*-0()$Y's/((-91$D(*0$J(1,.-()$?*)*2$ Burton could be designing one of the most iconic dresses of our generation, 2"6(A()$Y's/((-$*)($0(-4,-.$32,17$?"$32($:413()4$13,55$13*-017 Kate and her team of professional wedding planners will have spent hours going over designs and trying on different dresses; she also has the /-,P/($5/#/)4$"%$2*A,-.$32($M")0$<2*:!()5*,-91$"%&'($"-$1=((0$0,*5G T(6$6(00,-.1$6,55$!($*1$=)(13,.,"/1$*1$32*3$"%$f*3($Y,005(3"-91$3"$U),-'($ I,55,*:C$2"6(A()$,3$,1$-"3$E/13$32($)"4*5$'"/=5($62"$*)($3/)-,-.$3"$=)"%(1sionals to help organise their big day. Many couples are not able to com:,3$32($3,:($)(P/,)(0C$*-0$-((0$2(5=$6,32$0)(11$&33,-.1C$*-0$.(33,-.$*''(11$ to all the information about designs and types of dresses, so many girls would prefer to have the assistance of a professional during what can be a very emotional and stressful period.

The Old Sail Loft 4UZMJTIGSFODI boutique! -BEJFT NFOTDIJMESFOT fashion. Saint James #BSCPVS Mat De Misaine MPUTNPSF

exclusive to The Old Sail Loft


M"'*5$6(00,-.$=5*--()1C$<2,P/($ Events, can do a complete wedding planning service with the reassuring presence of a professional on the day, or simply *0A,'($*-0$./,0*-'(7$?"$4"/$3""$ '*-$%((5$5,+($*$U),-'(11$"-$4"/)$ !,.$0*4G

Open 7 days a week-including Bank Holidays BNQNt(PSFZ1JFSt



?(!*."$)(=)(1(-31$ authentic and 3,:(5(11$P/*5,347$ This design classic has a modern twist on the standard nautical colours and is one of my personal favorites. SEBAGO - Spinnaker, Grey/Pink, £75, available from Old Sail Loft

N2($!)*-0$?(!*."$ are nautical in their traditions but deliver a future of performance and ingenuity. This leather shoe adds a slight edge of practicality to a classic boat shoe.


SEBAGO - Sapphire Blue, £78, available from Old Sail Loft

64 64

This navy and white more feminine shoe cuts a little lower on 32($%""3C$:*+,-.$,3$ more wearable with 12")31C$1+,)31$*-0$ dresses. SEBAGO - Bala, Navy/ White, £76, available from Old Sail Loft

Walking on (or off) Water Just because you’re out at sea, and can’t slip or mark the deck, doesn’t mean you can’t look good, and bring a different colour of shoe for every day of the week!

SEBAGO - Schooner, Brown £89, available from Old Sail Loft

?,-'($32($&)13$ time out of the shoebox onto a !"*3C$0"'+1,0(1$ have been loved by sailors everywhere, and we love them E/13$*1$:/'2$3""G SEBAGO - White, £89, available from Old Sail Loft


J('+$12"(1$6()($ introduced in Qec_$*-0$,-13*-354$ became the icon of marine footwear. This manly design is suitable for the more rugged boat captain.

65 65









Tessa: Navy Blue FCUK Harem Pants, £69, Red FCUK Vest, £19, Navy & White, Giorgio Armani Blazer, £350, KG Navy & Suede KG Espadrilles £90, all Voisins. Gold Chain & Earrings Stylist’s Own. | Wayne: KG Striped Espadrilles £35, Voisins, Black Tassled scarf, All Saints, £50 Voisins, Platoon Charcoal Trousers, All Saints, £95, Voisins, Darwin S/S crew top, All Saints, £50, Voisins.



Gallery Fashion April 2011



Photography & Styling: Danny Evans Styling Assistant: Emma Long Hair & Make Up: Chantal Quiniou using M.A.C Models: Tessa & Wayne




Lolly's Laundry Thick Silk Shorts, £130, Charcoal & Cream Top, By Malene Birger, £90, Red Des Petits Hauts Cardigan, £115, All Manna, Red Fold Back Irregular Choice Shoes, £75.60 Eclectic, Silver Chain Necklace £55 and Thick Silver Bangle, Pebble, £69, Gold Hoop Earrings Stylists Own.



KG Striped Espadrilles £35, Voisins. Fareham T-Shirt, All Saints, £40, Voisins Oxford White Cornell Shirt, All Saints, £75, Voisins Prufrock Trousers, All Saints, £80, Voisins


White leather Vanilla Moon Wedges, High Heels & Hand Bags £89 Black Studded Temperley London Belt, Renaissance, £185. Tan studded Temperley London belt, Renaissance, £185. Long Pearl Necklace, Miss Chic, Shades of Time, Voisins, £62.65. Navy & White Nicole Farhi Dress, Nautilus £129




White Lace Trimmed Shirt, All Saints, Voisins, £75 White & Blue Jaeger Blazer, Sweet Pea & Willow, £50 Denim Harley shorts, All Saints, Voisins £55 KG Navy & Suede KG Espadrilles, Voisins, £90 Gold Chain, Stylist’s Own




Hudson Blue Mesh Shoes £55 Voisins Idaho Sand Chino, All Saints, £75 Voisins Fareham T-Shirt, All Saints, £40, Voisins Burch Grey Scarf, All Saints, £50, Voisins


FEATURELight Denim Shorts, Marc Cain, £115

Stretchy Red & Cream Top, Saint James, Old Sail Loft £46.90. Navy Blue Saint James blazer, Old Sail Loft £119. Denim and White Marc Cain Shoes, £419. Gold Chain Stylist’s Own. Gold Hoop Earrings Stylist’s Own.


Thick-knit navy cardigan, Paul Smith, Nautilus, £132 Navy silk dress, BZR, Pebble Boutique, £99 Sparkly twisted short necklace, Shades of Time, Voisins, £42, Long Chunky Necklace, Shades of Time, Voisins, £35


travel events fashion

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cut through the media clutter If you are a quality brand planning marketing in 2011, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t throw away your budget on throwaway media.

Gallery is the best quality and most picked up print media in Jersey * This divider banner page is available annually from just ÂŁ86 per week Get included in 2011. Call 811100 or visit Results of online consumer research. December 2010




Eyes like a baby N2($(4($:*4$!($32($6,-0"6$"%$32($1"/5C$!/3$32($0(5,'*3($1+,-$*)"/-0$ ,3$*51"$1()A(1$*1$*$.)(*3$)('")0V+((=()$"%$32($=*11,-.$4(*)17$N2($ 1+,-$*)"/-0$32($(4($,1$32($32,--(13$"-$32($!"04$*-0$2*1$%(6()$",5$ .5*-01$32*-$32($)(13$"%$32($%*'(C$:*+,-.$32($*)(*$:")($1/1'(=3,!5($ 3"$(-A,)"-:(-3*5$%*'3")1C$(.$bh$(#="1/)($62,'2C$'":!,-(0$6,32$ :('2*-,'*5$:"A(:(-31$1/'2$*1$1:,5,-.$*-0$1P/,-3,-.C$5(*0$3"$&-($ 5,-(1$*-0$6),-+5(17$J():*5".,'*91$-(6$Hd@$L(A()1*5$@4($<":=5(#$ offers protection against the multiple factors which contribute to the visible signs of ageing. By speeding up the cell turnover process, stimulating collagen =)"0/'3,"-$*-0$32,'+(-,-.$32($'(55$5*4()1$,-$32,1$*)(*C$1+,-$*==(*)1$ =5/:=()C$%/55()$*-0$1:""32()$6,32$%(6()$6),-+5(1$*-0$'"-1,13(-3$=,.mentation distribution. The complex delivers a highly active blend of retinol, peptides, vitamins and botanicals which fortify the supporting /-0()54,-.$3,11/(1$*-0$)(%)(12$32($)(1,5,(-'4$"%$1/)%*'($1+,-C$)(1/53,-.$ ,-$*$1:""32()C$:")($)(1="-1,A($1+,-$'"-0,3,"-$,-$32,1$%)*.,5($*)(*7$ Dermalogica’s new AGE Reversal Eye Complex £55.00 from Rio Hair and Beauty

Sisley triumph in InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2011 8-?345($[(13$[(*/34$[/41$,1$32($0(&-,3,A($ ./,0($3"$32($!(13$=)"0/'31$"-$32($:*)+(3C$ *1$A"3(0$%")$!4$*$=*-(5$"%$Q\_$3"=$!(*/34$ (#=()31$,-'5/0,-.$:*+($/=$*)3,131C$32()*=,131$ *-0$2*,)$1345,1317$?,15(4$)('(,A(0$32($:"13$ amount of awards for any single brand. Three of the stand out winners from the collection are; E,-6#24][("#--4D6&S#"4b#6401-94=^J.JV4S%,+%4 S&'4F#-$452)"1$,'<401-9.48%#,"4E*("#/f14 =AU>.IV4<&$4$%#41S1")43&"4$%#4F#-$4g,<%$4H"#1/4 1')43&"4$%#4-#O#'$%42#1"4"*'','<4$%#4E,-6#f14 b6&N164L'$,@L<#4=U>I.CA4(,+9#)4*(4$%#4F#-$4 L'$,@L<#,'<40&,-$*",-#".

Sisley: now at Voisins

Spring Clean your make up bag! Beauty products do go out of date. They normally start to smell slightly funny, or their texture changes. Mascaras are especially bad for this as they are in and out the whole time, and start 3"$."$'5/:=47$N2,1$E/13$6"-93$0"7$?3"=$1')*=,-.$32($0)(.1$"/3C$*-0$2(*0$3"$%((5/-,P/($*-0$ 3)(*3$4"/)1(5%$3"$$5"31$"%$-(6$5"A(54$=)"0/'317$W(6$:*+($/=$:*+(1$4"/$2*==4C$5"A(54$.5"114$ =*'+*.,-.$,1$(#',3,-.$*-0$E/13$"=(-(0$:*+($/=$%((51$1"$.""0G$lO-($"%$"/)$./,534$=5(*1/)(1$,1$ 32($E"4$6($.(3$%)":$0,==,-.$"/)$&-.()$,-3"$*$-(6$5,=$.5"11$")$(4(12*0"6Gm$H1$,%$4"/$5"3$)(*554$ needed an excuse anyway...$W(6$%*A"/),3(1$62,'2$*)($-"6$,-$13")(`$ 8%#4F1"#4]-+#'$*16-4D61S6#--401-+1"14=>U.IV4774E%,-#,)&4E%,//#",'<4:&*<#4_,(4E$,+94=4H1664774 $%#F16/4F&2G-4F6*-%4S,$%46,<%$4"#T#+$,'<4(1"$,+6#-4=>^.??4774E%,-#,)&4F"&'e#"4=4H16644444 4

All available from Feelunique Beauty Emporium in town

Trend Spot : Bright nails.


Be adventurous with your nails try something different this Easter...



fish spa



intotheblue H))))))$2(55"$32()($5*-0$5"A()17$T")$32,1$!(*/34$1(5('3,"-$6($2*A($'2"1(-$*$.5"),"/1$*))*4$"%$!5/($")$1(*V,-1=,)(0$=)"0/'317$ T)":$*:*g,-.54$240)*3,-.$')(*:1$3"$0(5,',"/154$1:(55,-.$)(5*#,-.$1*531C$32()($,1$1":(32,-.$%")$(A()4"-(7$ 1. Label.M Organic Moisturising Lemongrass Shampoo <5(*-1,-.$6,32$M*!(57:$12*:=""$/=1$32($%((5$.""0$%*'3")7$ Hair is hi-drenched naturally, leaving nothing but hair 1*3,1%*'3,"-7$@-),'2(0$6,32$2,.2$5(A(51$"%$'()3,&(0$").*-,'$ ,-.)(0,(-31C$,391$,'"-,'$2*,)$'*)(C$=)"%(11,"-*554$0(&-(07$ U()%('3$%")$*55$"%$4"/$*P/*$*()"!,'$5"A()1777$pQ^7ca

2.Estée Lauder Idealist N2,1$%*13V*'3,-.$1()/:$0(5,A()1$0)*:*3,'$1+,-$)(1/)%*',-.$ !(-(&31$:")($(%&',(-354$32*-$(A()$!(%")(7$I,32$80(*5,13C$4"/)$ 1+,-$'*-$5""+$*-0$%((5$5,+($4"/)$,0(*5$1+,-777$pSS

3.Dermalogica Hydro-Active Mineral Salts H$?(*$?*53$!"04$32()*=4$%")$*55V"A()$1+,-$="5,12,-.7$Y,-()*5$ ?*531$*-0$?(*6((0$.(-354$(#%"5,*3($1/)%*'($'(5517$W*3/)*5$ 1+,-V1:""32,-.$(-g4:(1$"%$U*=*,-$*-0$[)":(5*,-$0,11"5A($ *6*4$0/55,-.$0(!),1C$5(*A,-.$1+,-$6,32$*$-*3/)*5$.5"6$ *-0$*$1:""32$&-,12777$pS\

4.Jo Malone Blue Agava & Cacao Body Creme >"$Y*5"-(91$[5/($H.*A*$]$<*'*"$["04$<)z:($,1$32($ /53,:*3($1+,-$'*)($')(*:$32*3$6,55$)(E/A(-*3($*-0$5,.2354$ 1'(-3$4"/)$1+,-777$p$S\

5.Estée Lauder Slim Shape + N2,1$H-3,V<(55/5,3($.(5$,1$(A()4$.,)591$0)(*:$(1=(',*554$6,32$ !,+,-,$1(*1"-$%*13$*==)"*'2,-.7$d(3$-"3,'(*!54$32,--()$32,.21$ and banish the unwanted orange peel effect... pXc7a_

6. Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion B"/$:*4$-"3$+-"6$4"/9)($0(240)*3(0C$!/3$4"/)$1+,-$0"(17$ This triple performing facial emulsion hydrates, protects and comforts... pQe7a_

7. Caudalie Vine Body Butter H$5"A(54$32,'+$!*5:$62,'2$)(=*,)1$4"/)$0((=54$0)4$1+,-7$ N2($=)"3('3,A($240)"5,=,0,'$&5:$,1$)(13")(0C$)"/.2$ spots are smoothed, and feelings of tightness are instantly soothed... pQZ7Qa


8.Benefit California Kissin’ ?:,5($=)(334$6,32$32,1$:,-34V%)(12$5,=$12,-(G$I2"$-((01$*$ K*12$'*:()*$6,32$*$!),.23$1:,5($5,+($4"/)1F777$pQX7a_

9. Clinique Turn Around Body Smoothing Cream N2,1$')(*:$/-A(,51$1,5+,()C$:")($)(&-(0$1+,-7$<*-$)(0/'($ 0)4-(11$*-0$)"/.2$=*3'2(17$J(K*+(1$0)4$1+,-$*-0$(A(-1$ "/3$1+,-$3"-(7$80(*5$3"$+((=$"-$2*-0$62(-$4"/$13(=$ out of the sea.... pX_7a_

Turn to the back page to find the contact details of the stockists for all these great products.


Happy Shopping.

'"+2/67$52$E*&$'5FF#&O$ 4*6P,$E*&7#,$(*5&$#(#'Q

Diminish fine lines, reduce puffiness and tone tired eyes with the Dermalogica Revitalizing Eye Rescue Treatment


TEL 734458








ur Nautical Beauty Review this month is the totally natural organic fish pedicure in Liberty Wharf; coming Easter 2011 N2,1$P/,)+4$%""3$3)(*3:(-3$/1(1$d*))*$L/%*$&12C$62,'2$"),.,-*3($ %)":$*-$*)(*$"%$-*3/)*5$2"3$1=),-.1$,-$f*-.*5C$N/)+(4C$62()($ 32(4$2*A($!((-$/1(0$3"$3)(*3$1+,-$'"-0,3,"-1$%")$'(-3/),(17$ Although this is a relatively new treatment to Westerners it has 3*+(-$32($bf$!4$13"):7$ N2($32()*=4$13*)31$!4$'":=5(3,-.$*$1,:=5($2(*532$P/(13,"--*,)(C$ 32(-$1,3$!*'+C$)(5*#$*-0$,::()1($4"/)$%((3$,-$32($3*-+$*-0$32($ 5,335($&12$6,55$.(3$3"$6")+G$N2($1(-1*3,"-$,1$15,.2354$3,'+5,12$*3$&)13$ !/3$"-'($4"/$)(5*#$4"/$'*-$,:*.,-($32*3$4"/)$%((3$*)($1"*+,-.$ ,-$*$!*32$"%$'2*:=*.-($*-0$32($!/!!5(1$*)($+,11,-.$4"/)$3"(1GG$


N2($&12$2*A($3,-4$1/'3,"-$'/==(0$:"/321$6,32$-"$3((32$1"$,3$,1$ not painful. They are attracted to areas of the feet which have 2*)0C$0)4$")$K*+4$1+,-y$32(4$0"$-"3$3"/'2$2(*5324$1+,-7$I2,513$ 4"/$1,3$32(4$.(-354$1/'+$*-0$(#%"5,*3($32($0(*0$1+,-$%)":$4"/)$ %((3$5(*A,-.$32($1+,-$1,5+4$1:""327$83$,1$1*,0$32*3$32(4$)(5(*1($*$ special enzyme, which reputedly helps psoriasis and eczema, so this treatment could be great for anyone who suffers from 32(1($34=(1$"%$1+,-$'"-0,3,"-17$83$,1$*51"$!(5,(A(0$3"$13,:/5*3($ your acupressure points, boost circulation and enhance your :""0G$?"$32,1$,1$"-($"%$32"1($!),55,*-3$3)(*3:(-31$32*3$-"3$"-54$ :*+(1$4"/)$%((3$5""+$!(33()C$!/3$*51"$:*+(1$4"/$%((5$!(33()$3""7


N2($d*))*$L/%*$&12$*)($%(0$0*,54$"-$*$'":=5(:(-3*)4$%""0$ 3"$+((=$32(:$2*==4$*-0$2(*53247$N2(4$*)($A()4$*'3,A($5,335($ ')(*3/)(1$6,32$*$A()4$2,.2$:(3*!"5,1:7$H1$32()($*)($"A()$Q__$ &12$,-$(*'2$3*-+$32(4$6,55$-"3$*55$%((0$*3$32($1*:($3,:(7$I2(-$ 32(4$*)($%/55$32(4$)(13$*-0$"32()$&12$6,55$3*+($"A()7 83$6*1$*51"$.""0$3"$&-0$"/3$32*3$Y":"91$13*3($"%$32($*)3$ 1=*$3*-+1$*)($&33(0$6,32$,-0,A,0/*5$&53)*3,"-$1413(:1$*-0$/A$ 13(),5,g()1$+((=,-.$32($6*3()$'5(*-$*-0$%)(12$%")$32(,)$'5,(-31$*55$ day, every day.

N)(*3:(-31$'*-$5*13$%)":$Q_$j$Z_$:,-/3(1$1"$,3$,1$*$.)(*3$ 5/-'23,:($!""13$")$*$1,:=5($)(A,A()$32*3$4"/$'*-$&3$,-3"$*-4$ )"/3,-(`$12"==,-.C$=)(V0,--()C$2(-$-,.23$")$1"',*5$(A(-3$")$!(13$ "%$*55C$1,:=54$!('*/1($4"/$'*-G$U*)34$=*'+*.(1$6,55$!($"-$32($ website soon. MOMO also have some fabulous hand made natural products 3"$'":=5(:(-3$32(,)$.,%3$A"/'2()1C$62,'2$'"/50$:*+($ the perfect gift; especially for the girl in your life who has (A()432,-.G$$ ?/($?-"6C$YOYO91$"6-()C$(#=5*,-(0$32*3$,3$,1$*$%*:,54$A(-3/)($ 62,'2$12($6*1$"=(-,-.$6,32$2()$-,('($?*)*27$?2($1*,0C$nN2($ "=(-,-.$"%$YOYO$&12$1=*$,1$32($)(*5,g*3,"-$"%$*-$(#=(),(-'($ :4$2/1!*-0$*-0$8$2*0$62,5($A,1,3,-.$"/)$1"-$,-$<2,-*$,-$X__e7$ I($(#=(),(-'(0$*$%/55$!"04$1=*$,-$?*-4*C$D*,-*-C$*-0$8$2*A($ never seen my husband or son laugh so much in my life as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o N2($!(*/3,%/5$-(6$1=*$6,55$!($"=(-,-.$*3$b-,3$\C$M,!()34$I2*)%$$ ,-$H=),5$*-0$3"$'":=5,:(-3$32($&12$=(0,'/)(1$32(4$6,55$*51"$!($ offering foot massages along with a nail bar. O=(-,-.$@*13()$X_QQ7 h,1,3$:":"&121=*7'":$%")$/=0*3(1C$"=(-,-.$3,:(1$*-0$=),'(17$ If you register your interest on the website they will update you with opening offers. O)$'*55$?/($"-$\\_\e_$%")$:")($,-%"):*3,"-7$

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1point7 We’d titled our new family focused section ‘2point4’. We did so as that was the size of the nuclear family. Turns out that research carried out a few months ago has concluded that the new size of the average family in the UK is 1.7 children rather than 2.4. We’ve therefore changed the name!

Oops, last month we misprinted Freddy’s name and age! Sorry Freddy! Freddy Atkinson 15m


NiceAss! We want one... we need one... we have to have one.

Oooh...Whatever Next?! The new leg shaving, eyebrow plucking Monster High dolls from Mattel (the clever peeps who brought us Barbie) are causing outrage with parents.

The super cool stroller manufacturer Bugaboo has recently launched its latest arrival, the Bugaboo Donkey. Designed for a growing family... one + shopping, baby + toddler or twins this pram is yet another hit from the award winning Dutch company. Founder Max Barenbrug produced "$*&+#%/&9%*!&D7?.<22&.*&"$*&9).1& year project at the Eindhoven Design Academy 15 years ago. His original idea was to make a pram that a man would like. “It had to be tough, it had to be multifunctional, it had to be used

outdoors. You want this stroller like you want a car.” Barenbrug said. “Parents that buy this buy it for themselves.” The company’s big break came in 2002 when a Bugaboo stroller was featured in an episode of Sex and the City and after that everyone wanted one! Gwyneth, Stella McCartney, Sara Cox, Gwen 4!#3.)$&.):&D#)&;3-#0B&.%#&.11&3.)*@ Bugaboo prams are sold in Baby Drivers, West’s Centre, and with the 9%*!&<.!0"&.1%#.:/&*21:&27!&.):&)2&62%#& expected until later this year, race down to Baby Drivers to get your name on the list if you’re in the market.

Nautical Styles Looking forward to long sunny days spent on our stunning Jersey beaches? We are and it won’t be long! BabyBarn’s new ‘Beach’ section launches this month with cool items from swim nappies to towelling rompers and outdoor changing mats.

The new dolls, which feature four scantily dressed characters who wear heavy make-up and teeny skirts, all ".+#&2)1$)#&(%291#*&8"$0"&:#*0%$<#& their individual ‘characteristics’. H1.8:##)&I213=*&(%291#&*./*&JK/&".$%& is worthy of a shampoo commercial and that’s just what grows on my legs. L170B$)?&.):&*".+$)?&$*&:#9)$!#1/&.& full-time job but that’s a small price to pay for being scarily fabulous.” The dolls are aimed at tweens aged between 10 to 12 years old and also claim that their favourite activities $)017:#&M-$%!$)?&8$!"&<2/*=@&L.%#)!*& in the US have spoken out saying that these dolls are bad role models and sexualise young girls too early. However, Mattel believes that the dolls “celebrate imperfections and accepting the imperfections of others”. Would you let your little princess play with the new Monster High dolls? Available to buy from £7.39 at and selling out fast everywhere!





From 22nd July through to 4th September the Jersey Surf School will once again run its ever popular and brilliant Summer courses for budding little surfers. 5"#&4766#%&H.6(&H27%*#&$*&!"#&-.?*"$(& course running daily from 9am to 3pm (Mon to Fri) and provides the perfect opportunity for newbie surfers or advanced little dudes to *(#):&!$6#&(%.0!$0$)?&8$!"&F7.1$9#:&$)*!%70!2%*,& whilst learning about important beach and surf safety rules.

D22B$)?*&.%#&.1%#.:/&-22:$)?&$)&*2&$3&/27%& little one wants a place get in touch now via, info@ or 01534 484005.

Regularly voted best app, BabyBump Pregnancy Pro (Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Names) keeps soon-to-be parents informed about pregnancy progress and enables tracking and sharing the experience with friends and family. £2.39 from iTunes BabyCenter® My Pregnancy Today, the most comprehensive daily pregnancy app. Simply enter your baby’s due date and My Pregnancy Today turns your iPhone into an expert guide for your exact day of pregnancy. Free from iTunes The new Annabel’s Essential Guide to Feeding your Baby and Toddler app offers lots of essential nutritious advice, shopping lists and easy recipes. £4.99 at iTunes.


This Month’s Super Mama is

Leanda Jane Guy and the longest named children so far Renouard James Edward Guy-Le Maistre (3 ½ years old) Rodanthe Donelda Guy-Le Maistre (2 years old)

Profession? With a successful career in marketing and a passion for brand and communication, I co-founded My Favourite Jersey (now just before I had Renouard and have been developing it in between my two maternity visits. I have taken a back seat for the moment to be island-based whilst the children are so small. Fortunately we have an awesome team in London developing www.colourdna. com into the next BIG thing when it comes to online global social discovery! I blog at and am a member of British Mummy bloggers - www. - a mine of information for any mummy! Any organisation tips to get out of the house in the morning stressfree? I try to be uber organised with clothes and lunchboxes done the night before but not sure what happens during the time of 7am... ok 7.30 to 8.45! Those minutes just seem to disappear so we end up throwing clothes on, grabbing lunchboxes, bundling into car and being late for school! Advice – go to bed earlier and get up earlier!!! Never happens despite best intentions! September’s school start at 8.30am prompt is going to be a challenge!

We have also started going to church. The congregation at Ebenezer in Trinity has made us very welcome. Billy the minister has amazing creative ways of explaining really deep stuff to the little ones. He would give Mr Maker from CBeebies a run for his money!

Any advantages/disadvantages to being a Mummy on a rock? Advantages? Stating the obvious, Jersey is an amazing place to bring up little people. We are so lucky! Everywhere is a hop, skip and jump away, picnics on the beach, and fresh air (well when they are not digging up Gas Place…trust your nose not a man with a monitor is what I say!) Disadvantages? Lack of parental choice! Now for my personal rant… MMR vs single vaccines. No matter what your opinion on MMR, every parent should be able to 0"22*#@&&>&8.*&*"20B#:&!2&9):&27!&$!&8.*& not possible to have single vaccines locally. Whether you choose to believe the medical story or a friend who believes her child was affected by MMR, parents should be able to choose. I don’t think it is fair that local families have to go through all the upheaval and expense if they want the single vaccines. If you do want the option I can thoroughly recommend www.clarionhealth. com. We travelled to Bath (planes, trains and automobiles) and had our single jabs done there. For us, a costly double buggy nightmare but total peace of mind. Whilst on the subject, I do worry they are now talking about six in one jabs. I just don’t understand how you are told not to drink when you are pregnant but the same people are quite happy to inject your 12 month old with three and now potentially six vaccines. I know this is controversial but I just don’t agree with the recent Sunday Times article (Jan 2nd) relating to ‘otherwise intelligent women becoming unhinged’ when talking about this subject! I am not unhinged I just happen to have an opinion!

You promote Stem Cell/Cord Blood storage on your blog. Tell us more… I am a huge supporter and promoter of stem cell storage. There are many fascinating articles on how stem cells are really helping people from Parkinson’s and cancer sufferers to burns victims. For the full facts visit the Virgin Health Bank website at It is possible to save your baby’s stem cells locally. If a family wish to collect umbilical cord blood and the midwife or doctor is happy to assist the family the blood can be taken here in Jersey and the family can send it off to which ever company they have entered an agreement with. The family should alert the midwife to this as soon as she knows she wishes to collect the cord blood, preferably in pregnancy. If there is any emergency or urgent care needed by mother or baby the cord blood collection would obviously not be a priority.

One thing you won’t forget? Renouard singing solo at the nativity play ‘When Santa got stuck up the Chimney’ and his little sister joining in from the audience! A heart soaring moment!

One thing you can’t remember? My last lie in!

Funniest things your little ones have said? “It wasn’t me Mummy it was the Aliens. They are really naughty!”

Favourite books? Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy, The Gruffalo, Dinosaurs love Underpants and most recently George and The Dragon! Kiddie friendly places to eat in Jersey? Ransoms! We spend a lot of time at Ransoms!

opened a new kiddiwink clothes shop in Market Street) a good price range from brands such as No Added Sugar, a personal favourite!

Best local kiddie treat? Well according to my two it’s a trip to the Elephant Park and a car picnic after at The Burger Kiosk! Very healthy! We know how to treat ourselves!


Favourite local shop for little people? Beau Jeune (Auntie Gail just

Favourite activity with the little ones? Puddle jumping on Jardin Dolivet. Beach picnic (sorry can’t divulge location, have been sworn to secrecy!) portrait | Danny Evans







This page, left to right: Samuel: Black top, Nova Star £11.99; Green coat £72, Molo, available from Lulu & Mouse. Trousers model’s own. Millie: Checked dress, Tommy Hilfiger, £55, available from Axle Junior everything else model’s own.

Daniel: Grey top £5.95, available from Kidz Beez everything else model’s own. Ellie: Red scarf, Burberry, £42, Navy and white dress Mayoral £40, Navy Blazer Elle, £58, all available from Axle Junior. Tights model’s own.

Opposite: Jessica: Navy and white dress, FCUK, £11. Red FCUK coat, £55 available from Axle Junior. Shoes and hat model’s own.

Photography: Gisela Olsson Styling: Emma Long, Nicola Eastwood & Gisela Olsson A big thank you to all of the parents who helped in one way or another. Thanks also to St George’s Preparatory School for letting us use their grounds.







U N D E R T W E LV E !




This page, left to right: Lainey: Purple Nova Star jumper, £33.50, Denim skirt Nova Star £33.50 available from Lulu & Mouse. Tights and boots model’s own.

Reilley: (This page and opposite) Jeans, Hadley London, £16.95, Top, No Added Sugar, £32, Blazer, No Added Sugar, £110 available from Beaujeune. Boots model’s own.

Fifi: Purple Nova Star top (underneath) £11.99. Pink Nova Star dress £28.50. Apple coat by Toby Tiger £39.99 available from Lulu & Mouse. Tights and boots Model’s own.

Dylan: Skinny jeans, No Added Sugar £29, Striped hoodie, No Added Sugar, £65 available from Beaujeune. Boots, model’s own. Bonnie: Shorts & tights £18 part of set, available from Kidz Beez. Coat & boots Model’s own.










Clockwise from top left Finlay: Brown cardigan, Nui Organics, £80, available from Baby Barn. Everything else model’s own.

Antwone: Timberland jeans £42, Hugo Boss shirt £54, available from Axle Juniors, Sand Nui Organics, £80 available from Baby Barn. Shoes model’s own.

Alex: Timberland white parka £65, light blue polo, £35 available from Axle Junior.

Savannah: Dress Poppy Children £58, (tutu included) available from Baby Barn. Everything else model’s own.

Opposite Tigerlilly: Red Burberry coat, £129; Red Burberry shorts £58 available from Axle Junior. Boots model’s own.





We see you’re a graphic designer by profession. Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Manimoo Whilst searching for a unique and creative gift on www., our 2point4 curator Nicola Eastwood stumbled across local business Manimoo and was so excited that she wanted to hear more from owner Joanne Holmes. Married to James, with one gorgeous son Elliot and a new baby on the way (any minute) Joanne is a busy lady combining her day job at Scott Graphic and her passion, Manimoo.

Hi Jo, why did Manimoo first come about?


>&8.*&*!%7??1$)?&!2&9):&7)$F7#&.%!82%B&!2& decorate my little boy’s new bedroom. I was looking for something funky with a bit of (#%*2).1$!/@&N).<1#&!2&9):&.)/!"$)?&2%$?$).1&>& decided to create pieces myself. Then after several requests from friends and family to design something for them it prompted me to think about whether I should turn this into more than a just hobby. And so Manimoo was born.


Last year I tested the water with Manimoo at The BabyBarn Show, which proved to be a great success. It was the ideal showcase for Manimoo and also a good exercise in testing the local market. The feedback was great with lots of interest from the adults as well as children.

I’ve had a lifetime love of colour and originality and love anything arty or creative. I started out by Studying Graphic Design and Illustration at John Moores University in Liverpool about 100 years ago (well it feels like that!) then came to Jersey to begin my career as a Graphic Designer. I have spent the last 18 plus years working for Design and Advertising agencies both here and in Australia. I now work at Scott Graphic with Jackie Scott who founded the company 5 years ago. Every day is different, working on anything from branding to large international press campaigns. Juggling a busy career as a Graphic Designer, being a mum and designing for Manimoo certainly brings its challenges and keeps me busy. But it also means that I can combine all the things that I love, so it’s very rewarding.

Who is Manimoo aimed at? Manimoo is aimed at style-savvy parents or anyone looking for a personalised gift that can be treasured for years to come. Decorating a child’s bedroom or baby’s nursery should be fun and Manimoo makes it that little bit easier to add a splash of colour or originality. Not to mention the fact that seeing their name incorporated into the design is guaranteed to make your little ones smile!

What’s the favourite piece you’ve created so far? G.+27%$!#&:#*$?)*&.%#&:#9)$!#1/&!"2*#&!".!& I have created for my son Elliot, as he is :#9)$!#1/&6/&<#*!&O.):&82%*!P&0%$!$0@&Q#&.18./*& lets me know what he wants and loves to see !"#&9)$*"#:&($#0#&(7!&7(&2)!2&"$*&<#:%226& wall with his name on it. He also thinks it’s pretty cool that Mummy made them (and it’s not that easy to impress a 7 year old!).

Most popular design? Lilli And Friends, which was inspired by my cousin’s daughter Lilli, has proved to be very popular with proud new parents or grandparents. All the characters can be colour coordinated to suit your style or decor and you can also incorporate important details, the baby’s name, time, date or place 23&<$%!"@&>&".+#&.1*2&R7*!&$)!%2:70#:&!"#&9%*!& design in a new range ‘Not Just for the Kids’. The vintage inspired Mr & Mrs artwork is proving to be very popular with people either looking for a unique wedding gift or wanting to mark their anniversary or that special day they met.

Congratulations on being accepted onto the award winning online marketplace notonthehighstreet website. How does that work? I was accepted onto Notonthehighstreet. com in January this year. 94% of applications to join the site are turned away to ensure that only the highest quality is sold on the site. I am so thrilled because notonthehighstreet is one of the most high (%291#&#A0266#%0#&<7*$)#**#*&$)&!"#&NS& and has experienced explosive growth *$)0#&!"#&026(.)/&8.*&327):#:&.162*!&9+#& years ago. brings together over 1,800 independent small UK businesses that combined sell over 35,000 products through a single checkout. Each small business is carefully chosen by for its innovative, well-made products to inspire shoppers looking for style, originality and quality, <7!&8"2&)#+#%&*##6&!2&9):&$!&2)&!"#&"$?"& street. Thousands of items are available to buy from a choice of departments: home & garden, women, men, baby & child, gifts and wedding.

What does it mean for your business? Being accepted by notonthehighstreet means that my artwork can reach a much bigger audience than I would ever have been able to do. It has opened numerous doors for Manimoo already. With highquality press contacts, the website achieves phenomenal coverage for their partners across a wide range of media including magazines, newspapers, online and television. It also gives me access to a great network of like-minded people to share ideas and information with.

So what are your future plans? I am constantly coming up with inspiration for new ideas so my product range is ever expanding and am working on introducing a new line of designs at the moment. I hope that my artwork is loved wherever it may 9):&.&"26#&.):&!".!&$!&$*&#)R2/#:&.*&670"& as I’ve enjoyed creating it. manimoo

Ahoy there me hearties! Fancy a pirate vessel of your very own? Why not get creative and recycle at the same time! All you’ll need is a small milk carton, a lolly stick or straw, a bit of card, some paint and a speck of imagination to decorate it as you wish. They won’t last forever on the high seas (or in a bucket!) but long enough for plenty of fun. Grandpa Pig optional! Tips for Crafty Kids from Doodle Bugs, arts and crafts sessions for pre-schoolers (


What’s cookin’ me hearties…

Welcome to your pirate special Food News, which this month rounds up everything from posh popcorn to brand new rum bars. Ahoy matey!

Pasta la vista, baby

A rum affair

When it comes to Genuine Jersey products, it’s time to start thinking outside the (vegetable) box. With puddings, pottery and now pasta getting a Genuine Jersey stamp of approval, ‘buying local’ is getting easier, and tastier. As from last month, La Cantina has <##)& .((%2+#:& .*& !"#& 9%*!& #+#%& %#*!.7%.)!& to produce a Genuine Jersey product. And with all La Cantina-produced natural fresh pasta and gnocchi products now carrying the Genuine Jersey stamp, going out for an ‘Italian’ means supporting local Jersey industries. Marcus Calvani from La Cantina said, ‘We are incredibly pleased to be part of such a great organisation full of prestigious local companies. We are the only company in the island to make fresh pasta every day and to be recognised for it is an honour”.

When we were scouting for piratey haunts for this month’s Pirate issue, we thought ($%.!#*& $)& )##:& 23& .& 0.33#$)#& 9'& 6$?"!& #):& 7(& .!& >6.=*& H.%%$<#.)& H233##& D.%@& &;3!#%& all, there are pirate pictures on the toilet doors, and rum shots in the Calypso latte. Well, rum syrup actually. But all that’s about to change. From this month, the coffee bar will turn into a rum bar in !"#&#+#)$)?*,&*2&/27%&H.%$<<#.)&91!#%& could taste… a bit more Caribbean-y with a good slosh of the real stuff. And even if you’re not a rum fan, the Caribbean food and laid-back vibe will make Ima’s a great hangout. Don’t miss the Levi Roots and the Jerk Chicken!

Sorry folks! Last month we mistakenly printed in our ‘Kids are Alright’ feature that both Café Delicia at Jersey Goldsmiths and Cafejac didn’t have a kids’ menu. They’ve asked us to point out that they do, and that it’s Delici-ous!

Pass the… popcorn In terms of snacks, popcorn’s been a bit edged out by the likes of Pringles and Kettle crisps. But it could be time to revisit it, especially as there are gourmet brands popping up all over the place (see what we did there?). Following the lead of the US who’ve been producing popcorn that’s a world away from Butterkist for years, posh nosh brand Tyrrell’s have brought out a ‘Sweet & Salty Proper Popcorn’ that’s guaranteed to add a bit of class to your home cinema nights. Getting rave reviews from foodies for its tastebud<.3-$)?&*8##!&.):&*.1!/&6$',&/27&0.)&)28& pick up a pack for yourself at Waitrose.

Ima’s Caribbean Coffee (and Rum) Bar, open 8am-9pm Mon-Sat

Not everyone’s a pirate This month’s Food News comes to you courtesy of Alex Harrison and Wade Le Marquand, two Victoria College students who rescued our writer’s laptop from the side of a road after she’d left it balanced on the bonnet of her car and then driven halfway across the island... Using sixth-form initiative and the wonders of modern technology, they managed to return it – incredibly still working, that’s Macs for you - before she’d even realised what she’d done. Without their quick thinking, most of this month’s food section would have ended up in a ditch somewhere in St Martin. So a huge thank you to Alex and Wade, along with a burger feast at Gourmet Burger Kitchen (you can read about their exploits in this month’s restaurant feature).

We’re Lovin’ it. Brand new coffee shop The Lovin’ Spoonful is opening where the old Eastern pub used to be on Snow Hill. It’s set to be a rustic Shaker-style café serving coffees, sandwiches, salads and their speciality hot salt beef sandwich with mustard mayo and pickle on %/#@&&;*&8#11&.*&!"#&0.*7.1&M(711&7(&.&<.%&*!221=&*#!&7(&:28)*!.$%*,&7(*!.$%*&8$11&<#&.&9%*!& -22%&127)?#&8"#%#&/27&0.)&!.B#&/27%&0233##&O2%&?1.**&23&8$)#,&!"#/=%#&1$0#)*#:P&32%&27!& 23&2390#&6##!$)?*&.):&0.*7.1&17)0"#*&C&.11&8$!"&8$A9&.00#**&*2&/27&0.)&B##(&$)&!270"& even if you’re out at lunch. The Lovin’ Spoonful (opening early April), Snow Hill, St Helier


Sommelier success for the Atlantic


The team at Jersey’s Atlantic Hotel are celebrating the news that Sergio dos 4.)!2*&".*&6.:#&$!&!"%27?"&!2&!"#&%#?$2).1&9).1*&23&!"#&;0.:#6/&23&G22:&.):& Wine Service’s prestigious Sommelier of the Year Competition 2011. 5"#&TUVV&%#?$2).1&9).1*&8$11&!.B#&(1.0#&.!&!"#&Q2!#1&:7&W$),&57)<%$:?#& Wells on Monday 11 April and Sergio, who last year placed eighth in the country, will again compete against the very best in the industry with the aim of doing even better this year. The Atlantic Hotel’s Owner and Managing Director, Patrick Burke commented, ‘This achievement is testament to Sergio’s hard work and dedication and accolades such as this can only serve to enhance Jersey’s growing reputation in the restaurant world.’





Foodie people! Got something we should know about? From restaurant openings and new menus to the places you rate or slate, drop us a line at

Pie-rating words | Wendy Balderson

Chips, peas and pies, glorious pies were the order of the day at St Mary’s Country Pub recently when islanders gathered to get good old fashioned homemade pies firmly back on the menu. VX&($#*&8#%#&#)!#%#:&32%&Y#%*#/=*&9%*!&4128& Food Pie competition. Sumptuous and golden, baking hot pies were produced and entrants and onlookers alike were asked to taste and judge for themselves who makes the best pies in Jersey! As the pies were devoured and washed down with great swigs of Liberation Ale, it was truly a pie-tastic night. Mouth watering sweet and savoury pies were enjoyed amid lively pie debate. Good humored banter between contesters gave the evening a slightly quirky and surreal #:?#&<7!&2)#&:#9)$!#1/&0#1#<%.!$)?&"2)#*!& home grown food. Luscious and oozing with only the best Jersey produce, the

pies were wolfed down and judged on how they looked and tasted. The overall winner was Alison Vautier for her moist, succulent Jersey Beef and Liberation Ale pie. The evening was the brain child of Rod Bryans, who introduced the “Think Twice, Buy Local” scheme to the island. Rod, a passionate supporter of local producers and a pretty nifty cook himself was delighted with the evening’s success not just for the passion and love contestants had poured into their pies, but for celebrating Jersey’s amazing producers of quality food. For Rod, Slow Food is about sharing good food in good company and savouring the moment. ‘Slow Food is the opposite of fast food,’ he explained. ‘‘We have fantastic local producers here in Jersey but it’s about us, the consumer, calling the shots” said Rod. (from top) 2nd Place, 1st Place Beef & Liberation Ale Pie, Chairman Julia Quenault presenting the Slow Food Trophy to Alison Vautier

Pirates Welcome Here


Whether ye be a Jolly Roger or an ol’seadog, if ye be takin’ a break from all that swashbucklin’ an’ lookin’ fer somewhere to spend them doubloons, we reckon we’ve found yer the pick of the island’s pirate restaurants. Yo ho ho!


Hungry Man

The Old Smugglers Inn

Nelson’s Eye

We reckon hungry pirates would storm the sea wall at Rozel for one of their famous made-while-you-wait burgers. You don’t have to go as far as that, although a stroll along the cliffs would help you walk off that Double-Decker Health Wrecker…

According to local lore, this is where pirates used to stop and sup a few pints of ale as they dragged in their ill-gotten gains. These days, you can still swig a real ale or two with the old seadogs at the bar and swap swashbuckling tales.

Ahoy me hearties! Pirates will feel right at home in this waterside eatery which is designed to look a bit like the inside of Nelson’s ship. With plenty of timbers to shiver while you’re having your steak, you can indulge your admiral fantasies to your heart’s content.

Bonne Nuit Café

The Salty Dog

With Asian pirates being the most fearsome to sail the high seas, the only thing to calm them down would be a big bowl of Thai Fisherman’s soup from Boom and the team at Bonne Nuit. Plenty of space to park the galleon as well.

Pirates looking to spend some of their pieces o’eight might want to spruce themselves up and head to the Salty Dog in St Aubins for a fusion feast of the highest order. Pirate ships can be moored in the harbour, just watch your step when you’re walking the plank back on board…

Pirate Pete’s at Portelet Inn Here’s where you’d send your little pirates off to learn the tricks of the trade. After an hour or so plunderin’ the playzone and terrorizin’ the other kids, they’ll be ready for their pirate menu. The scallywags!


Because Jersey food is about more than potatoes....

Jersey’s foodie annual Pick up your copy of Appetite, the only Jersey foodie annual worth hanging on to. The third edition is out in April and free to pick up at foodie retaliers and quality restaurants.


Look out for us at the Jersey Food Festival in May and keep up to date online at




what a rum lot...

98 98

Last month in the interests of pirate research we collected a gaggle of Gallery friends and family for rum testing. We bought all the varieties we could carry from the shelves of the newly refurbished Victor Hugo Wines (and added one or two from the back of our cupboards) and set about some professional research in a completely professional manner. Arrr... Alcohol was both a God send and J(A,591$3"):(-3$"-$!"*)0$-*A*5$*-0$ =,)*3($A(11(517$N2*-+1$3"$<*=3*,-$[,554$ ["-(1$,-$32($!""+$N)(*1/)($815*-0C$32($ alcoholic beverage most associated with pirates is rum. Of course, rum has a long association with the British and American navies because both navies

2*0$5,P/")$)*3,"-1$*-0$32*3$5,P/")$6*1$ /1/*554$)/:7$$$L/:$,1$*$0,13,55(0$*5'"2"5,'$ beverage made from fermented molasses. At one time it was all the rage ,-$32($<"5"-,(1$*1$6(55$*1$32($<*),!!(*-$ because of its inexpensive means of production. Because water had a tendency to go bad onboard ships due to bacterial growth, rum or other spirits were 1":(3,:(1$*00(0$3"$+,55$32($3*13(7$H$ 0)*:$l*$1:*55$*:"/-3m$"%$)/:$6*1$"%3(-$ *00(0$3"$*$1*,5")91$6*3()$)*3,"-$3"$+,55$ the taste of the rancid water. This was called grog. This also explained coffee *-0$3(*7$O%$'"/)1($32,1$6*1$-"3$E/13$ something that happened aboard a ship. It also happened anywhere water tasted bad. L/:$6*1$32($0"6-%*55$"%$:*-4$=,)*3($ ')(617$b-5,+($:,5,3*)4$*-0$:()'2*-3$ 12,=1$62()($1":($+,-0$"%$*/32"),34$ measured out the rum being consumed, a democratically run pirate ship, with ,31$6(*+(-(0$'"0($"%$0,1',=5,-(C$ sometimes led to a complete disregard

for sobriety. There are several accounts of pirate ships easily being boarded !('*/1($32($')(6$6()($3""$0)/-+$3"$ &.237$$O-($"%$32($!(13$+-"6-$(#*:=5(1$ was the capture of Anne Bonney, Mary L((0C$*-0$<*5,'"$>*'+$L*'+2*:7$@A(-$ [*)32"5":(6$L"!()31C$32($3((V3"3*5$ pirate was unable to stop his crew %)":$0),-+,-.7$$83$12"/50$!($-"3(0$32*3$ L"4*5$W*A4$L/:$6*1$*$2,.2$P/*5,34$)/:$ and remained so until it was no longer issued as a ration in the British Navy. O-$*$1,0($-"3(C$62()(*1$32($L"4*5$W*A4$ 2*0$)/:C$D()$Y*E(13491$H):4$2*0$.,-7$ M(.(-0$2*1$,3C$32($H):4$,-$8-0,*$2*0$ a problem with malaria and the cure %")$32($0,1(*1(C$P/,-,-($3*13(0$)(*554$ !*07$N"$.(3$32($1"50,()1$3"$3*+($32(,)$ :(0,',-(C$,3$6*1$:,#(0$6,32$32($5,P/")$ ration. Thus gin & tonic was born. Well.... the Army are lightweights. Who 6*-31$3"$!($6"/-0(0$"-$32($!*335(&(50$ with malaria when you could be in the <*),!!(*-$6,32$1":($6(-'2(1$*-0$ '2(131$"%$."50$"%$*55$A*),(3,(17$8391$*$ =,)*3(91$5,%($%")$/1777

Starting with Pusser’s Rum was a bad idea. Nothing could be strong by comparison








Captain Morgan







[h8C$N),-,0*0C$ Guyana






[h8C$N),-,0*0C$ Guyana





;/-'"::"-$ 13)(-.329


;T")$0,1'),:,nating rum 0),-+()19

















n<*)*:(5C$ 5,P/"),'(C$ cola-ish”

With four anchors on the bottle, it was the only one 6,32$*$'")+7

nM,.23C$ almondy, a straight 0),-+()o$ ?')/-'2(1$/=$ face... “Not as good as Malibu”

n?"%3C$(*14$ 0),-+,-.o$

Tastes nothing 5,+($32($'5/!$ of the same name.

nM,+($%(13,A($ dentistry”



percentage navy or pirate? neat (tasting notes straight from our tasters)

“Brown burnt alcohol”

nN*13(1$5,+($ burning” n?3"=1$4"/$ breathing” nM,+($0",-.$ solvents” “A little bit painful”

Havana Club

;H-(E"$ @1=(',*59


“I had three sips and it was OK”


Mount Gay

Morgans Spiced


;I*)01$"%%$ ;U()%('3(0$!4$ ;[5(-0(0$6,32$ 32($6,'+(0(13$ 3)*0,3,"-9 mellow spices 6,-3()$'2,559 of cassia & A*-,55*9

n?:(551$5,+($ antiseptic” nN*13(1$5,+($*$ holiday”


N2($&)13$1,=$ <)(*:4C$."(1$ 6*1$&-($ down easy. but on lip?:(551$ 5,'+,-.C$,3$6*1$ delicious. stronger than Inoffensive. expected. The only one to get “Bit of a rum &-,12(07 T")0$@1'")37$ A boring rum. “Pour it all Y*4!($8$E/13$ over yourself, whether you 0"-93$5,+($ 0),-+$,3$")$-"3o$ rum...”

;N2($?=,),3$"%$ H/13),*9


The ideal molotov '"'+3*,5 n8$:,.23$E/13$ have a little cry”



Nice Buns


e’re demanding when it comes to restaurants. For a place to make it onto that list of favourite restaurants we keep in our head, it has to fill some serious criteria. Smart enough to make going there special, but not so smart that we feel we don’t fit in. It needs to be open whenever we want to eat – no ‘Closed’ signs when we turn up hungry. Service needs to be attentive but not too attentive, and food, well it’s got to be better than anything you’d make at home, but not too fussy or fiddly. See what I mean? Restaurants have a tough job trying to keep us all happy.

So thank goodness for GBK. Open all day every day, serving burgers that have been given a gourmet twist (the clue’s in the name…) in a swish, contemporary restaurant. It’s a winner. And to find out how good it really is, Gallery sent two burger connoisseurs to try it out for themselves. Over to Wade and Alex…


“Even though it was pretty early on a Friday evening when we arrived, GBK was packed full of people, from the after work crowd popping in for an early dinner, to families with kids and a few larger parties celebrating birthdays. The casual, easy dining of GBK seems to suit a wide range of people, and the fact that food is served all day makes it easy for people just to turn up when they feel hungry. We think it would be ideal for all sorts of occasions from a lads’ night out to a different take on a family Sunday lunch, because they’re open all weekend.”


So what about the food? Burgers are one of the nation’s favourite foods after all, but just how hard can it be? Burger, bun, bit of salad, done. Right? Not according to the GBK team, who go to extraordinary lengths to make sure your burger’s the best out there. Made with Aberdeen Angus beef, and nothing else, the minute you bite into a Gourmet burger you’re going to taste the difference. Add the buns, made by artisan bakers and the fresh ingredients and sauces that make every burger special, and you’ve got a mouthful of delicious gourmet burger goodness. What did our taste testers think? “The Habanero burger was a spice-filled, mouth-igniting, face-sweating burger, absolutely delicious but certainly one to sort the men from the boys. The ‘hot and spicy’ sauce certainly is, and mozzarella gives an interesting contrast to your fiery mouthfuls. Our other choice, the Avocado Bacon burger was much tamer – a brilliant combination of

flavours that really worked well with the burger. We’ll definitely be having that one again. The 100% Angus beef and the top quality ingredients really come through in the taste of the burger, and justify enjoying something you might normally think is unhealthy.” It doesn’t just have to be about the beef either. Take along a non-carnivore, and they’ll have the pick of some imaginative meat-free burgers, everything from puy lentil burgers with a hint of green curry to handmade falafel burgers with houmous, cucumber raita and sweet chilli sauce. Many burgers come in a smaller size for the not-so-hungry, and GBK can do a bun-free burger with extra salad if you’re low-carbing. And with chicken, lamb and chorizo burgers also on the menu, along with a ‘build your own burger’ section and a whole range of salads, you’ll need some time to think over your options. Alex and Wade’s top tip? “Get some sauces to dip your chips in while you’re choosing which burger to go for. The homemade dipping sauces are made fresh every day, and are perfect with chips. The ‘tri-taster’ dipping plate lets you choose three sauces, from garlic mayo, blue cheese, satay, chilli, smoked chilli mayo, barbeque and our favourite sour cream and sweet chilli.” There are plenty of other grazing options while you check out the menu and catch up with your friends, everything from olives, nuts and fries to Cajun chicken, halloumi bites and special ‘slaws and salads. Kids are catered for at GBK with their own special Junior set menu at £6.25, and if you fancy trying something different to drink, there’s definitely an antipodean slant to the drinks menu, with everything from the Kiwi favourite L&P Lemon & Paeroa, and Mac’s Gold beer to wines from the Southern hemisphere, Chile, South Africa and New Zealand – all chosen to match your burger

perfectly. Dessert options are chalked up on the restaurant’s blackboards… that’s if you have any space left! GBK got a resounding thumbs-up from our guest reviewers. Their verdict? “Although more expensive than your typical burger, GBK offers a burger that’s truly delicious, and they go the extra mile to make sure your burger is jam-packed with nutrients. With their innovative recipes and burger fillings a trip to GBK will not disappoint.”

Gourmet Burger Kitchen 75/77 Halkett Place St Helier Tel: 519199 Opening times: 11am till late (last orders at 10pm) every day. Open late on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Open on Sundays. Follow GBK Jersey on Facebook or Twitter (@gbkjersey)

What’s behind the label? words | Martin Flageul

Another addition to our wine list year comes with an interesting history. Sometimes a wine is discovered because of the attractive label which draws you to it, sometimes the shape of the bottle shape and occasionally because of its strange sounding name. Well Ampélomeryx certainly caught my eye when I saw the name and also the unusual animal portrayed on the label, so I had to try it! I was not disappointed. This wine has a powerful, aromatic expression of white peach and dry apricot on the nose. The touch of vanilla is a sign of controlled ageing in oak barriques. On the palate, the first attractive taste is dominated by the structure and fatness of the Chardonnay, and the finish, by the freshness and elegance of Petit Manseng. A wonderful off-dry wine, remarkably well balanced. It is very much a food wine and is a delight with roast pork or roast chicken and complements smoked meats very well too. It can also be served with shellfish such as crab, lobster and scallops. Ampélomeryx should be drunk within two to four years following the vintage and is best served at between 10-14°C. Why was it named Ampélomeryx? The fossil of this extinct animal, half stag, half giraffe, was discovered on an extraordinary paleontological site at Montreal in France by the Natural History Museum team of Toulouse. It had the body of a stag and frequented the region some 17 million years ago. The climate in Gascony at this time was sub-tropical. With this species, only the male is represented with two large canine fangs, some “ossicones” on the front and a horn at the back of the head. During the mating season, the males confronted each other head to head. Ampélomeryx signifies: A ruminant of the vineyard, in homage to the viticultural terroir which today brings prosperity to Montreal. Through this wine, Domaine de Pellehaut is the Museum’s partner and supports their research in Ampélomeryx Domaine de Pellehaut has been owned by successive generations of the same family for over 300 years and the passion and dedication lives on with Mathieu and Martin Beraut who continue to win awards and acclaim for their wines throughout the world. Apart from Ampélomeryx, the family also produce exceptionally good red, white and rose wines at Domaine de Pellehaut under the Harmonie label. At £8.65 per bottle these are exceptional value expressing the quality that is now available from the Cotes de Gascogne region of France.

Victor Hugo Wines. Longueville Road St Saviour Tel 764044


Domaine de Pellehaut Ampélomeryx 2009 £8.65 per bottle inclusive of GST



Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum A’right me beauty? When you be finished with all that there grog-guzzlin’, and before you’re three sheets to the wind, get yerself trying out some of th’ideas from this rum lot.

Chefspeak “What to do with that there leftover bottle o’rum”

Pirate’s Pain Killer 2oz dark rum 1oz cream of coconut 4oz pineapple juice 1oz orange juice “It’s my favourite cocktail” (Marcus Calvani, La Cantina)

Canecutter 30 ml Bundaberg dark rum 30 ml Kahlua coffee liqueur fill with Coca-Cola ice Ice first, then add Bundaberg Rum, Kahlua and fill with Coca Cola.

...marinate some rum n’chilli pork marinate pork loin in some rum and then bake it in the oven with a little chilli, sugar, garlic & orange juice. Marcus Calvani, La Cantina

Chocolate Pirate 1 ½ shots of rum 1 shot of Kahlua coffee liqueur 1 shot of milk 2 scoops Jersey chocolate ice cream “This is a fun boozy cocktail which uses the pairing of chocolate and rum to its best” (Peter Brewer, Randalls)

Caribbean Smuggler 3/4 oz dark rum 1/2 oz triple sec 1 oz orange juice 1 oz margarita mix 1/2 oz simple syrup 3 oz lemon-lime soda Pour the dark rum, triple sec, orange juice, margarita mix and simple syrup into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Shake well, and strain into a hurricane glass almost filled with ice cubes. Top with lemon-lime soda, and stir briefly. Garnish with a lime wheel and an orange flag, and serve. It’ll put a pucker on yer face, ready fer the kissin’!

…make rum rice pudding Make rice pudding using Asian sticky black rice and coconut milk - use palm sugar if you can. Finish the rice pudding with a big dollop of vanilla ice cream and a grilled banana, then pour a good splash of dark rum over the dish. Yum yum yum and a bottle of rum... Danny Moisin, Danny’s Restaurant … make a stew fit for a pirate Chop up a chicken (not a parrot, or Jack Sparrow) into pieces (of eight), season and brown in a pan with a little oil. Add a good glass of dark rum, some honey over the chicken pieces, dust with garlic and your favourite spices (cinnamon, ground coriander and nutmeg are nice). Add some chopped pineapple and chopped chillies, or chilli powder and roast until the chicken is cooked and the sauce is sticky (about 35 mins). Serve on deck with rice. There you go – a pirate stew that’ll keep the scurvy away. Murray Norton, Murray’s


…tart up a pineapple tarte tatin Cook the pineapples in caramel, and add a good splash of Bacardi. It really helps keep that pineapple flavour alive. Shaun Rankin, Bohemia



…create a flambéd caramel & coconut dessert Melt brown sugar and Jersey butter to make a caramel, add some slices of pineapple and a decent splash of Bacardi, flambé it and serve it with coconut icecream. Delicious. Emma Carlton, Sweet Inspirations

… bake bbq bananas Wrap bananas in foil with butter, brown sugar and dark rum, place on the side of the BBQ while you’re cooking the rest of the food and then just before serving, open the foil, pour in more rum and flambé, then serve with vanilla icecream. Marcus Calvani, La Cantina

Dark & Stormy 2 Shots Havana Club Rum (available from Waitrose) 1 shot freshly squeezed lime juice ½ shot sugar syrup Fever-Tree Ginger Beer Lime wedges, for garnishing Shake the first 3 ingredients with ice, strain into an ice-filled tall glass. add ginger beer, stir and garnish. ‘Lime and ginger beer add a refreshing element to this cocktail’, Herchelle Perez Terrado, Waitrose Spirits Buyer Mariner’s Mohito Place sprigs of mint in a Collins (highball) glass and mix with 2 tsps sugar 3cl limejuice 4cl Havana Club Rum top up with soda water then garnish with a sprig of mint. “Drinking water turned green and slimy on long voyage. Rum was sometimes added to make it acceptable, along with sugar and limejuice to mask the foul tasting water. Was this the forerunner of my favourite cocktail Mojito?”, Martin Flageul, Victor Hugo Wines & Spirits

For dozens more pirate cocktails, get yerself onto

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DunPlunderin’ Every pirate needs a break from sailing the seven seas now and again, and for this month’s Pirate issue, we’ve found two properties above Flicquet Bay that would keep any seafarer happy, whether they’re looking for an impressive country house with a clear view of the horizon or a cosy fisherman’s cabin to retire to with a few barrels of rum.

FlicquetHouse Sweeping sea views, plenty of room to bury your treasure and a pretty bay to moor your man’o war. If you were a pirate captain, looking for an island base to stash your pieces of eight for a while, we think you’d fall for Flicquet House.


A six-bedroom country house with an indoor pool, huge conservatory, tennis court and gardens stretch,-.$/=$,-3"$32($'5,%%1C$T5,'P/(3$D"/1($,1$*$5"'*5$5*-0:*)+$%")$,31$,:=)(11,A($1(*$A,13*1$*-0$1=)*65,-.$.*)dens.


J),A($0"6-$32($'"/-3)4$5*-(1$3"$1('5/0(0$T5,'P/(3$[*4C$ *-0$T5,'P/(3$D"/1($,1$"-$32($5(%3C$E/13$!(%")($4"/$)(*'2$ 32($1(*7$N2()(91$*$.)*-,3($*)'26*4$62,'2$"=(-1$"/3$3"$*$ .)*A(5$=*)+,-.$*)(*$%")$2*5%$*$0"g(-$'*)1$*3$32($%)"-3$"%$ 32($2"/1(C$*-0$,-$3)/($=,)*3(V1345(C$*$K*.="5($62()($4"/$ '"/50$2",13$32($>"554$L".()7$$H$=*,)$"%$'*--"-1$l6($32,-+$ 32(49)($)(=5,'*1C$!/3$4"/$-(A()$+-"6rm$./*)0$32($%)"-3$ door. The house has been designed to ensure that all 32($)"":1$3*+($*0A*-3*.($"%$32($13/--,-.$1(*$A,(61C$1"$ ,391$*$5"-.$*-0$5(*-$2"/1($32*3$13)(3'2(1$*5"-.$32($'5,%%7$$ I*5+$32)"/.2$32($%)"-3$0"")C$=*13$32"1($'*--"-1C$*-0$ 32()(91$*$2*556*4$6,32$*-$,:=)(11,A($0)*6,-.$)"":$3"$ 32($5(%3C$*-0$*$5*).($+,3'2(-$*-0$0,-,-.$)"":$6,32$A,(61$ "/3$ 3"$ 1(*$ 3"$ 32($ ),.237$ $ $ N2()(91$ *51"$ *$ '5"*+)"":C$ *$

bathroom, utility room, double garage and large store)"":C$*-0$*$1(=*)*3($13/0,"$K*3$6,32$,31$"6-$*''(117$$ b=13*,)1$ 32()(91$ *$ 1('"-0$ )('(=3,"-$ )"":C$ 62,'2$ would be perfect as an informal family room, and the =)"=()3491$ 1,#$ !(0)"":1C$ 36"$ "%$ 62,'2$ *)($ (-1/,3(7$$ N2()(91$*51"$*$./(13$1/,3(C$*$13/04$)"":$62,'2$'"/50$ !($ /1(0$ *1$ *-$ "%&'(C$ *-0$ *''(11$ 3"$ 32($ =""5$ )"":$ with its large indoor swimming pool surrounded by .5*11$6,-0"61$5""+,-.$13)*,.23$"/3$3"$1(*7$$H3$32($%*)$ (-0$"%$32($=)"=()34C$32()(91$*$'"-1()A*3")4$*)(*$"A()5""+,-.$32($1(*$*-0$32($3(--,1$'"/)37$ I,32$-(*)54$*-$*')($"%$5*-0C$T5,'P/(3$D"/1($,1$)(*04$ to be turned into a statement family home that reK('31$,31$:*.-,&'(-3$=),:($5"'*3,"-7$$U)"=()34$*.(-3$ >*:(1$J($M*$<5"'2($%)":$@0.($<"#$U((5$]$I,51"-$ 1*41$,391$*$n"-'($,-$*$5,%(3,:($"==")3/-,34$3"$"6-$1/'2$ *$13/--,-.$1="3$"-$>()1(491$'"*135,-(o7$$ D6,+a*#$45&*-#K4;ML ^4N#)"&&/A4N1$%"&&/h')&&"4(&&6K4$#'',-4+&*"$41')4+&'-#"O1$&"2 Q&*N6#4<1"1<#41')4(1"9,'<43&"4-#O#"164+1"H&'$1+$4W1/#-4Q#4_14H6&+%#41$4])<#4H&[4;##64 Z4`,6-&'43&"4/&"#4)#$1,6-







If you’re hanging up that peg leg and taking a break from sailing the seven seas, pirate captains looking to retire (with or without Cap’n Flint the parrot), would love the cottage right next to Flicquet House. Also for sale, it’s recently been completely refurbished to create a cosy, contemporary bolthole, with the same magnificent sea views as Flicquet House.


O),.,-*554$ *$ &12():*-91$ '"33*.(C$ *-0$ )/:"/)$ 2*1$ ,3C$ 2":($ 3"$ 32($ ?3$ <*32(),-(91$ 5,.232"/1($ +((=()C$ T5,'P/(3$ <"33*.($ 2*1$ !((-$ !(*/3,%/554$ )(13")(0$ ,-1,0($ *-0$"/37$$T(*3/),-.$=5(-34$"%$-*3/)*5$"*+$6")+(0$"-$ !4$T)(-'2$')*%31:(-C$,-'5/0,-.$*$1"5,0$"*+$13*,)'*1(C$ '*1(:(-3$6,-0"6$12/33()1C$2*-0')*%3(0$!""+'*1(1$ *-0$*$'/13":$!/,53$+,3'2(-C$32($"6-()1$2*A($'()3*,-54$ =*,0$*33(-3,"-$3"$32($0(3*,517$$N2($"=(-$=5*-$+,3'2(-$ living room is a mix of contemporary country style, %)":$ 32($ 5,A,-.$ *)(*$ 6,32$ ,31$ "),.,-*5$ &)(=5*'($ *-0$ 6""0!/)-,-.$13"A(C$3"$32($/=V3"V32(V:,-/3($+,3'2(-$ 6,32$ ,31$ H:(),'*-V1345($ 5*)0()$ %),0.(C$ L*-.(:*13()$ "A(-$*-0$36,-$0,126*12()17$$$?3(=1$%)":$32($.)"/-0$ K"")$ 5(*0$ 0"6-$ 3"$ *$ 13/04C$ !(*/3,%/554$ ="1,3,"-(0$ 6,32$*$6,-0"6$5""+,-.$"/3$3"$1(*C$*-0$'/13":V!/,53$ !""+'*1(1$ 3"$ 2"/1($ *55$ 32"1($ 3)(*1/)($ :*=1$ b=-

13*,)1C$32()($*)($36"$!(0)"":$1/,3(1$6,32$(#P/,1,3(54$ &-,12(0$'/13":V!/,53$6*)0)"!(1$*-0$13")*.($*)(*17$$ There are stunning sea views from every room in the 2"/1(C$!/3$,391$62(-$4"/$13(=$"/31,0($32($2"/1(C$"-3"$ the garden terrace with its cliff top views that you can )(*554$*==)(',*3($32($13/--,-.$5"'*3,"-7$$8391$*$=()%('3$ peaceful spot to sit in the fresh sea air and watch 32($3,0($'":($,-7$$T)":$32($.*)0(-$3())*'(C$6,-0,-.$ pathways and steps lead down the cliff right to the 1(*6*55$*-0$32($)"'+1$"%$T5,'P/(3$[*4C$*-$,0(*5$)"/3($ for unloading those barrels of rum and contraband. T5,'P/(3$<"33*.($6"/50$:*+($32($=()%('3$=,)*3($2,0(away, with plenty of secret spots to bury treasure, *-0$ (A(-$ *$ 5"A(1(*3$ 2*5%6*4$ 0"6-$ 32($ '5,%%$ 6*5+$ where you can sit amongst the daffodils and watch your ship come in. D6,+a*#$4H&$$1<#4 =>KYV?K???4 M(#'4(61'46,O,'<4"&&/41')49,$+%#' U4N#)"&&/4-*,$#E$*)2 ;1"9,'<43&"4-#O#"164+1"H&'$1+$4W1/#-4Q#4_14H6&+%#41$4])<#4H&[4;##64 Z4`,6-&'43&"4/&"#4)#$1,6-

There are stunning sea views from every room in the house





sTraditional Cod House sConvenient for Schools s'REAT0OOL Entertainment Room s,ARGE-ATURE'ARDENS

35 3






34 36 37





34 31





34 3







35 36 3



3 ! , % 3 s , % 4 4 ) . ' 3 s 6 ! , 5 !4 ) / . 3 s 0 2 / 0 % 24 9 - ! . ! ' % - % . 4

3 37 35








Interiornews Spring Cleaning

Designers Guild at Romerils Spruce up your home this spring, head down to the new look showroom at Romerils where they have the stunning and inspirational new Designers Guild ranges in. T)":$5/#/),"/1$%*!),'1C$(#',3,-.$ wallpaper designs and furniture, to sumptuous bed linen, towels and accessories, the Designers Guild range encompasses everything you could possibly need to create a bright and !(*/3,%/5$5""+,-.$2":(7 The exciting new Miami collection was inspired by the architecture, colours and 1/!3)"=,'*5$K")*$"%$1"/32()-$T5"),0*$*-0$ 32($T5"),0*$f(41$,-$32($Qea_17$J(1,.-()1$ Guild have interpreted this inspiration to create graphic style designs and bold exuberant prints that you can really have fun with when decorating your home. The delightful Around the World '2,50)(-91$'"55('3,"-$,1$6"-0()%/554$%/-7$ 855/13)*3,"-1$)*-.($%)":$E"554$%*):$*-,:*51$ and travel maps to dolls houses and =)(334$K")*51C$'()3*,-$3"$*==(*5$3"$.,)51$ and boys of all ages. L":(),519$(#=(),(-'(0$*-0$ +-"65(0.(*!5($0(1,.-()1$U),1',55*$T()),()$ *-0$W(,5$L(-"/%$*)($!"32$"-$2*-0$,-$32($ showroom to advise you, ably assisted !4$f())4$?2*)=($*-0$*)($*51"$*A*,5*!5($%")$ 2"/1($A,1,31$3"$2(5=$4"/$')(*3($*$/-,P/($ 5""+$*-0$3/)-$4"/)$0)(*:1$,-3"$)(*5,347$

A good workman never blames his tools... and an even better workman knows where he put his tools! Architecture, innovation and precision are all characteristics of the Bulthaup brand which is renowned worldwide. Their attention to detail, the delivery of P/*5,34$*-0$32($'/33,-.$(0.($0(1,.-1$ bring simple yet perfect solutions to our 5,%(1345($-((01$6,32,-$32($+,3'2(-7$ N2($[/532*/=$!X$+,3'2(-$6")+12"=$ ,1$*$/-,P/($'":!,-*3,"-$"%$*$+,3'2(-$ 6")+!(-'2C$*$+,3'2(-$3""5$'*!,-(3$ *-0$*$+,3'2(-$*==5,*-'($2"/1,-.$ cabinet. The tool cabinet is based on 32($=),-',=5($32*3$*$'*)=(-3()91$$3""51$ and materials must always be well organised and close to hand.

Make some space


<"-,13"-$N6"3"-($[""+'*1($pSea$ *-0$<"-,13"-$J,1=5*4$<*!,-(3$6,32$ 0),-+$'":=*)3:(-3$pQXQ_ d(3$1")3(0$32,1$?=),-.$$6,32$1":($ !(*/3,%/5$?2*+()V1345($%/)-,3/)(C$ created from ivory painted Gumwood solids and a blend "%$H:(),'*-$O*+$A(-(()17$N2,1$ )*-.($"%$%/)-,3/)($%)":$<"-,13"-$ is perfect for providing hidden storage and for displaying your treasured pieces and everyday household goods in style. LO1,61N6#43"&/4_#4b1661,-45&/#4 D*"',-%,'<-4E%&S"&&/4&'4F1$%4 E$"##$.SSS.6#<1661,-3*"',$*"#.+&.*9


The designers started by stripping a '"-A(-3,"-*5$+,3'2(-$*-0$5*,0$"/3$,391$ '"-3(-31$"-$32($K"")$3"$2(5=$=5*-$%")$ this multi - layered storage unit, resulting in cabinets that are perfectly designed with different storage compartments. The beauty is that when they are closed, 32(4$5""+$(5(.*-3$*-0$:"0()-$*-0$62(-$ opened with their fold out doors, they reveal their exceptional functional storage '*=*!,5,3,(17$B"/$)(*554$'*-$2*A($32($%"):$ and function you need and desire in a '"-3(:=")*)4$+,3'2(-7$N2($[/532*/=$!X$ tool cabinet is ideal for getting organised in 4"/)$+,3'2(-$1=*'($32,1$?=),-.7$ T")$:")($,-%"):*3,"-$A,1,3$6667!/532*/=V 6,-'2(13()7'"7/+$")$'*55$32($[/532*/=$ I,-'2(13()$3(*:$"-$_QeZX$\S_e___$ 62"$*)($6")+,-.$*5"-.1,0($L(.(-'4$ Installations to cater for Jersey residents.




Nauticalnews Clara Jelley looks at the latest interior trends and what is available to buy locally. This month we are feature products with a nautical theme.

E*"3G-4i( N2,1$%/-+4$1,.-$6,55$5""+$'""5$2*-.,-.$"%%$ the end of the bed or on a bedroom door of any little surfer dude. E*"34j'G4Q,O#4E,<'4=>^.U?K48%#4`%,$# H&/(1'241$4R&,-,'-4Q#(1"$/#'$4E$&"#

_,3#G-414N#1+% D*-.$4"/)$'2,50)(-91$'"*31$/=$,-$1345(C$32,1$ beach hut hanger will cheer up any hallway. F#1+%45*$45&&9-4=UA.JJK4 8%#4b&&-#N#""24F*-%

E,$$,'<4&'4$%#4)&+94&3414N124 N2(1($%*!/5"/1$-*/3,'*5$1345($'/12,"-1$*)($%)":$Y"53(#C$32(4$*)($6(55$:*0($*-0$6,55$5""+$ stunning grouped together on any plain sofa in fabric or leather. E#6#+$,&'4&340&6$#[4H*-%,&'- 3"&/4=YV.??K40&"$&'4Z40&"$&'

E#14R,#S4 H$&-($=*,)$"%$-,'+(5$*-0$!)*11$!,-"'/5*)1C$ originally from a Japanese battle ship circa QeSQRSXC$6,32$*$5*3()$=2"3".)*=2,'$13*-0$ *-0$:"/-3,-.7$?3)*,.23$32)"/.2$A,1,"-$*-0$ X_RQX_$:*.-,&'*3,"-7$

8"#1-*"#48"&O#4 This chest is ideal for providing extra storage, it will even double up as an unusual 5"6$5(A(5$'"%%(($3*!5(C$="=$1":($!""+1$*-0$ a treasured accessory such as a bowl on top to really style it up.

F,'&+*61"-4=;ML Q1O,)45,+94h'$#",&"-


L664LN&1")44 N2,1$'2/-+4$6""0(-$3*!5($5""+1$.)(*3$ teamed with a combination of the bench and dining chairs. Gather your family *)"/-0$,3$%")$*$)(5*#,-.$?/-0*4$5/-'27 _1"<#4),','<4$1N6#4=CJJ.??K4N#'+%4=YCJ.??4 1')4),','<4+%1,"-4=UUV.??4#1+%K4D"&e#'4 3*"',$*"#41$45&/#/19#"

E#14&34Q"#1/This witty seahorse design is very cute, add one in with other cushions to create interest on a sofa or bed with a nautical theme. E#1%&"-#4+*-%,&'4=UY.IVK4_1*"14L-%6#241$4 Q1O,)45,+94h'$#",&"-

E%,(4L%&24 N2,1$!"*3$=,'3/)($!4$<)*,.$H1+(6$,1$)(*554$ %/-+4$*-0$32($0,13)(11(0$6""0(-$%)*:($6,55$ complement any seaside retreat.







Bathing Beauties It’s our Nautical issue, and there’s no better excuse to showcase some great baths! Sottini N2(,)$?(')(3$?6,)5$<"55('3,"-$,-'5/0(1$32,1$!(*/3,%/5$'")-()$!*32$ 62,'2$,1$=()%('3$%")$&33,-.$*55$32($+,01$,-C$")$%")$&55,-.$6,32$5/#/),"/1$!/!!5($!*32$*-0$3/'+,-.$,-3"$*$.""0$!""+7$[,.$!*321$*)($ bliss, they instantly up the indulgence factor, and therefore your feel good factor. The dynamic shape of the bath is inspired by 32($.)*A,3*3,"-*5$16,)5$"%$32($6*3()$*1$,3$0)*,-1$*6*47$?"33,-,91$ 2(*0$J(1,.-()$,1$L"!,-$M(A,(-C$*$L"4*5$J(1,.-()$%")$8-0/13)4C$ 62"$,1$5"-.$*'+-"65(0.(0$*1$*-$(#=()3$,-$32($0(1,.-$"%$!*32)"":$'()*:,'17$D($')(*3(0$32(1($=,('(1$3"$!($;%/-'3,"-*5C$*%%")0*!5($*-0$!(*/3,%/59$*-0$"-($"%$2,1$:*,-$*,:1$62(-$')(*3,-.$ 32(1($=,('(1$6*1$3"$;*'2,(A($*$1345($32*3$(-1/)(1$"/)$=)"0/'31$ *)($5"-.V5*13,-.97 LO1,61N6#41$4;#'$1<&'

Roca, BeCool Range H$0"/!5($(-0(0$!*327$I2*3$*$%*-3*13,'$,0(*7$8$%((5$)(5*#(0$E/13$ 5""+,-.$*3$,37$T")$32"1($"%$4"/$62"$5"A($-"32,-.$:")($32*-$3"$ 5*4$!*'+$1"*+,-.$*6*4$32($13)(11(1$"%$32($0*4$2*A,-.$*$.""0$ natter with your partner. Buying this will not only get you a fan3*13,'$!*32C$!/3$,3$6,55$*51"$.(3$4"/$2"/)1$"%$P/*5,34$3,:(7$ Available at On Tapp

Fired Earth [*321$2*A($!('":($*$!,3$"%$*$1=(',*5,34$%")$T,)(0$@*)327$[,.C$ 0((=C$=)"=()$1,g(0C$%)((13*-0,-.$3/!17$N2(4$%((5$32*3$;12"6ers are wonderful of course as a great start to a busy day, but 62(-$,391$"A()C$62*3$'"/50$!($:")($)(5*#,-.$32*-$32($5/#/)4$"%$*$ .""0C$5"-.C$2"3$1"*+9$*-0$6($*.)((G$$N2($>/)*$[*32$,1$*$5*).(C$ '"::"0,"/1$!*32$!/3$-"3$,-$32($3)*0,3,"-*5$1345(7$83$,1$5,+($*$ piece of modern art and good old fashioned luxury. LO1,1N6#41$4Q1O,)45,+94h'$#",&"-

Pura N2($T4"),$%)((13*-0,-.$!*32$,1$:"0()-$*-0$,391$1,-./5*)$1345($ :(*-1$,3$6,55$:*+($*$!"50$13*3(:(-3$,-$*-4$!*32)"":7$83$2*1$*$ =()%('3$3,:(5(11$5""+$*-0$0/($3"$,31$1,:=5,',34$,3$6,55$1,3$6(55$,-$ any bathroom. LO1,61N6#41$4;#'$1<&'


William Holland


N2,1$!*32$,1$*$</=)"1*$[*3(*/$!*32$6,32$*$3,-$,-3(),")$!/3$,3$ '*-$2*A($*-$,-3(),")$&-,12$"%$-,'+(5C$!)/12(0$-,'+(5C$(-*:(5$,-$ a variety of colours and silver. If you are deciding on a William Holland bath they will try and send you a miniature version "%$32($!*32$4"/$5,+(C$1"$4"/$'*-$1(($2"6$,3$6"/50$&3$,-$6,32$ 4"/)$'"5"/)$1'2(:(7$83$,1$6(55$6")32$'2('+,-.$"/3$32($6(!1,3($ because it is full of great interiors ideas, and features some *:*g,-.$!"/3,P/($2"3(51$62"$/1($32,1$)*-.($"%$!*323/!17$ LO1,61N6#4&'6,'#4SSS.S,66,1/%&661').+&/

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Only piracy can save our economy

Gather round, ye scurvy dogs of St Helier, and listen close. Quiet your gobs whilst By Sea Captain Wendell Stamps an old man shares the wisdom of a life spent on the high seas, for I am the dread pirate Sawtooth Stamps, feared by men from here to the blood-soaked streets of St Peter Port. You may have heard that Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve burned the yacht club to the ground, jumped the queue at the Hungry Man, and beaten an octopus to death with my own wooden leg, but I am here to tell the thieving scoundrels of the Channel Isles of a tale far more terrible than these: I am here to talk of the dreaded taxman of old London town!


e has his eye on us, by the powers, and will not stop his meddling till a salty pirate can no longer :*+($2,1$5,A,-.$!4$13(*5,-.$."50C$1:/..5,-.$)/:$")$ (#=5",3,-.$*-$(#',1($5""=2"5($,-$")0()$3"$:*,5$"/3$3*#V%)(($JhJ1$ and contact lenses. H4(C$P/*+($,%$4($:/13C$%")$4($*)($),.23$3"$!($*%)*,0G$[5*'+$'5"/01$ .*32()$*!"A($32($=""=V0('+C$13)"-.$'/))(-31$:"A($0((=$ !(5"6C$*-0$5(13$"/)$('"-":4$(-0$/=$,-$J*A4$>"-(191$5"'+()$ 6($:/13$1(3$1*,5$"-$32($:")-,-.$3,0($%")$=,('(1$"%$(,.23$3"$&55$ >()1(491$'"%%()1C$*-0$32"1($"%$-"-V0":,',5(0$12*)(2"50()1$"%$ UK-based trading entities. d,A($*$12"/3$,%$4(9)($6,32$:(C$!('*/1($8955$1,-+$32,1$.*55("-$6,32$ *55$2*-01$*!"*)0$!(%")($8$5(3$32"1($!,5.(V1/'+,-.$=(),6,.1$"%$32($ @/)"=(*-$b-,"-$3"/'2$"-($:,1()*!5($2*-0%/5$"%$:4$2"*)0(0$."50G

Splice the mainbrace I24C$,3$3,'+5(1$32($!)*'+,12$'2*:!()1$"%$:4$2(*)3$3"$)('(,A($ 1/'2$*$%*,)$6(5'":($%)":$4"/$%(55"617$$8391$*-$/-'"::"-$ pleasure for a bearded rascal such as myself to address the


=)"1=()"/1$5")01$"%$>()1(491$<2*:!()$"%$<"::()'(C$!/3$*$6,1($ :*-$"-'($1*,0$32*3$,3$"-54$3*+(1$*$'"50$6,-0$"%%$d,!)*53*)$%")$ 36"$13)*-.()1$3"$12*)($32($1*:($2*::"'+7 N2()(91$-*/.23$!/3$*$1,-.5($!*)$"%$6,)(5(11$)('(=3,"-$,-$:4$ '*!,-C$!/3$89A($*$!(554$%/55$"%$)/:$*-0$89:$)(*04$3"$5(*0$4"/$ gentlemen on a merry dance if it will help us dodge the clutches of those lily-livered English swine. L*32()$32*-$'"6()$5,+($*$62,==(0$'*!,-V!"4$;%")($32($="#4$ demands of the EU tax code, let us point the compass to a %/3/)($,-$62,'2$6($2",13$32($K*.$%")$>()1(491$3)*0,3,"-*5$,-0/13),(17$ b-5(11$32($&'+5($!*)"-1$"%$I(13&(50$0(A(5"=$*$="6()%/5$32,)13$ %")$(*)324$',0()$")$3":*3"(1$.)"6-$,-$?3$>"2-$6(9)($3*5+,-.$*!"/3$ *$)(3/)-$3"$=,)*'4C$")$89:$32($!*13*)0$1"-$"%$*$./--()91$/-'5(7 B"/$:*4$2*A($32($-"3,"-$32*3$89:$!,*1(0C$62*3$6,32$32($=(3$ :"-+(4$*-0$(4(=*3'2$*-0$*55C$!/3$*1$3)/32$!($3"50$,391$)(*554$ -"3$32*3$:/'2$"%$*$13)(3'27$$N2($:*),-*$,1$*5)(*04$*VE*-.5($6,32$ !"*31$!"/.23$6,32$,55V."33(-$.*,-1C$"/)$:,-,:/:V6*.($E"!1$ *33)*'3$6*46*)0$13)*-.()1$%)":$T,%($3"$d0*-1+C$*-0$*$1,:=5($


Dinan draws tourists by the thousands with their mediaeval %(13,A*5C$1"$62"91$3"$1*4$32*3$>()1(4$'"/50-93$0"$32($1*:($ 6,32$*$4(*)V)"/-0$0,1=5*4$"%$+((52*/5,-.C$=5*-+V6*5+,-.$*-0$ 14=2,5,3,'$'*!,-$!"41F$$89A($1/==(0$*5($*3$32($I*3()1=5*12$ 3*A()-$"-$*$?/-0*4$*%3()-""-C$*-0$8955$6*.()$32*3$:"13$"%$32"1($ 0)(*05"'+(0$2,==,(1$'"/50$=*11$*1$*$')(6$"%$!/''*-(()1$,%$6($ were to start handing out cutlasses.

St Helier: hive of scum and villainy B"/$0"-93$-((0$3"$!($1=4,-.$%)":$32($')"691$-(13$3"$1(($32($ :*-4$6*41$32*3$>()1(4$*5)(*04$)(1(:!5(1$*$=,)*3(91$5*,)7$O/)$ *,)$,1$1*534C$"/)$3"6-$,1$*6*12$6,32$A":,3C$*-0$6(9)($)/5(0$"A()$ !4$*$1P/*!!5,-.$.*-.$"%$0)/-+(-C$,55,3()*3($)"./(17$$8-0((0C$"/)$ %*,)$815($,1$*51"$=*'+(0$6,32$2,00(-$3)(*1/)(C$*532"/.2$,391$-"3$ 1"$:/'2$;t$:*)+1$32($1="39$*1$;32,1$(5*!")*3(54V'"-13)/'3(0$ '":=*-4$13)/'3/)($:*)+1$62()($*-$,-3()-*3,"-*5$!/1,-(11$ 0,0-93$6*-3$3"$=*4$32(,)$3*#(197 >/13$3*+($*-$(4(%/5$"%$62*3$*$:"0()-$*==)"*'2$3"$3)*0,3,"-*5$ =,)*'4$2*1$0"-($%")$'"/-3),(1$5,+($?":*5,*$j$3(-$4(*)1$ ago they were barely on the international business map, *-0$-"6$32(49)($32($!,3$32*3$ says “here be dragons”,

*-0$-(A()$"/3$"%$32($-(61V12((317$$?":*5,*$j$32($5,335($.*55("-$ 6,32$!,.$'*--"-1G$$83$6*):1$:($3"$32($!"33":$"%$:4$)((+,-.C$ barnacle-encrusted breeches.

Download the booty B"/9A($=)"!*!54$2(*)0$"%$*$6(!1,3($-*:(0$U,)*3($[*4C$*$=5*'($ %")$'")1*,)1$62"$1/)%$;="-$32($'2"==4$6*3()1$"%$32($,-3()-(3$ )*32()$32*-$32($1(A(-$1(*17$$L/:"/)$2*1$,3$32*3$32(1($!"50$ .(-35(:(-$"%$%")3/-($6,55$1""-$!($5""+,-.$%")$*$%),(-054$2*)!"/)$ ,-$62,'2$3"$0"'+$32(,)$5*65(11$%),.*3($"%$'"=4),.23$,-%),-.(:(-3C$ *-0$3"$1(55$32($h,*.)*C$.(-/,-($L"5(#$6*3'2(1$*-0$')(0,3$)(=*,)$ 1()A,'(1$32*3$13),+($3())")$,-3"$32($2(*)3$"%$32($f,-.91$-*A47$$b1$ >()1(4$%"5+$*)($-"3$3""$=)"/0$3"$1*%(./*)0$32($!/55,"-$"%$H%),'*-$ 0,'3*3")1$*-0$32($')/(55(13$12(,+1$"%$H)*!4C$1"$62"91$3"$1*4$ that we should turn our noses up at an MPEG of The Hangover &5:(0$6,32$*$'*:'")0()$,-$N2*,5*-0F Why, I have heard tales that the fair wenches of Pirate Bay are online now, ready to chat with single buccaneers from your *)(*C$1"$624$0"$6($-"3$6(5'":($32(:$3"$"/)$1*-04$12")(1F$

All we need is to give those cheating blaggards from Jersey N(5('":$*$3,'+5($6,32$32($'*3$"$-,-($3*,51C$*-0$32(-$=()2*=1$6($ can greet our new visitors with a broadband service that still %/-'3,"-1$,%$4"/$5,A($"/31,0($32($6*551$"%$?3$D(5,()$3"6-7

Jersey: The Amsterdam of the British Isles As well as murder and cross-dressing, I have earned a )(=/3*3,"-$%")$!"50-(11C$1"$5(3$:($1*4$3"$(-0$:4$3*5+$32*3$ perhaps we cannot go too far in our embrace of the sweet bounties offered by a lawless life in the midst of the English <2*--(57$$8%$6($*)($3"$)(.*,-$32($12,-4$'",-$"%$32($3"/),13C$8$ =)"="1($32*3$6($1(,g($*$5(*%$%)":$32($!""+$"%$32($D"55*-0,12$ %"5+C$*-0$'*13$*1,0($"/)$"50V%*12,"-(0$5*61$3"$=():,3$!"32$ prostitution and the sale of strongly-cultivated hemp plant. T"5+$%)":$2()($3"$Y*11*'2/1(331$!*4$*)($+((-$3"$A"4*.($3"$32($ =")3$',34$"%$H:13()0*:C$62()($*$%""5,12$A,1,3")$:*4$1P/*-0()$ 32($'"-3(-31$"%$2,1$."50V=/)1($,-$32($=/)'2*1($"%$1:"+(V5(*%C$ 32($'":=*-4$"%$!*604$6":(-$"%$32($-,.23$*-0$*$A,1,3$3"$&-($ museums of toilet droppings and the male genitalia. With a little polish the village of Gorey would be *-$*0(P/*3($A(-/($ for these ribald

(-3()3*,-:(-31C$*-0$*-$,-K/#$"%$5""1($ wenches would ease the pressure "-$32($"A()6")+(0$:*0*:1$62"$=54$ 32($I(,.2!),0.($*)(*7$$H$1*,5")$:*4$'*A")3$5,+($*$6,50$:"-+(4$ after too much rum, but surely the worst excesses of the hemp 1:"+()$*)($*$0(1,)($3"$%(*13$"-$'2"'"5*3($*-0$32($1(*$12*-3,(1$ "%$<*=3*,-$L"!()3$Y*)5(4C$)(=)"0/'(0$;="-$*-$*'"/13,'$./,3*)7

Dead men tell no tales U)"13,3/3(1C$2(:=V1:"+()1C$12*)()1$"%$32($(=,1"0(1$"%$ T*:,54$d/4y$32(4$:*4$!($A,55*,-1$"-($*-0$*55$!/3$8$1*4$6($ should welcome them to our humble island home, and tax 32(,)$(#'(11(1$3"$%/-0$"/)$"6-7$$8%$32($!5*'+$%)(,.23()$"%$ ,-3()-*3,"-*5$&-*-'($12*55$!($1'*)(0$*!)"*0$!4$32($.)*1=,-.$ *):$"%$32($3*#:*-C$32(-$5(3$/1$=)"&3$%)":$"32()$%"):1$"%$A,'($ and dishonesty. d"01=((0$%"/5$!*-+()1C$&-0$*$-(6$=5*'($3"$=/)'2*1($4"/)$ "A()V=),'(0$1*-06,'2(1$*-0$*''/)1(0$:,5+4$'"%%((C$%")$*3$5(*13$ 6,32$*$A,55*.($%/55$"%$)((%()$*-0$2*)5"31$32($:")-,-.$3)*%&'$12*55$ not be as bad. Unfurl the sails and hoist them to the yardarm, %")$32($!5""032,)134$:(-$"%$>()1(4$12*55$&-0$-(6$6*41$3"$(*)-$ 32(,)$1,-%/5$."50G


%())4$E"/)-(4$3"$32($'"-3,-(-3$,-A"5A(1$2(5=5(11$=*11(-.()1$ !(,-.$K(('(0$"%$32(,)$1*A,-.1$!4$/-1')/=/5"/1$!*-0,317$



The Profits of Piracy words | Kirsten Morel

There’s something about pirates. Whether it’s stories of Blackbeard’s revelry or Henry Morgan’s rise through society, pirates are, at least in the public imagination, not all bad.


'"/)1(C$,391$(*14$3"$5""+$*3$32($ past with a sense of nostalgia, even if it is for murderous, thieving A,55*,-1C$!/3$32($3)/32$,1$32*3$(A(-$3"0*491$ pirates have their fans.


N*+($?":*5,*C$2":($3"$32,1$'(-3/)491$ most notorious pirates. As a country with no functioning government, billions of 0"55*)1$"%$'*)."$K"*3,-.$=*13$,31$!(*'2(1$ (A()4$0*4$(-$)"/3($3"$32($?/(g$<*-*5$ and an economy that almost completely "=()*3(1$,-$32($12*0"61C$?":*5,*-1$ were bound to develop an interest in 32($!/''*-(()91$3)*0(7$B(1C$32($=,)*3(1$ *)($)/325(11$*-0$/-0()13*-0*!54$A,5,&(0$ in the West but you can be pretty sure 32*3$32(${^_$:,55,"-$32(4$!),-.$,-3"$32($ ?":*5,$('"-":4$(A()4$4(*)$,1$6(5'":(0$ with open arms by the villagers and 3"6-1=("=5($62"$0"$!(-(&37

What 32(4$0"-93$ understand or care about is the full cost of piracy to the world. Although ?":*5,*$,1$32($:"13$2,.2$ =)"&5($=,)*3,-.$'"/-3)4C$,3$,1-93$32($:"13$ =)"5,&'C$32*3$*''"5*0($%*551$3"$8-0"-(1,*C$ with Nigeria not far behind. Together, according to the Australian government, =,)*'4$'"131$32($6")50$!(36((-${Q^$ !,55,"-$*-0${QZ$!,55,"-$(A()4$4(*)7 But piracy is not all about adventure "-$32($2,.2$1(*1C$8-$32($XQ13$'(-3/)4C$ perhaps the most common form "%$=,)*'4$,1$32($;12*),-.9$"%$:"A,(1C$ software and music on the Net. Much to the frustration of the industries '"-'()-(0C$32()(91$2*)054$*-$"-5,-($ ,-0,A,0/*5$62"$2*1-93$!(-(&3(0$,-$1":($ way from the purchase of unlicensed digital goods. Those of us who remember copying music onto tapes as +,01$6"-93$2*A($1((-$:/'2$0,%%()(-'($ between that and downloading a 3)*'+$/1,-.$&5($12*),-.$1"%36*)(7$T")$ publishers though, the difference was '5(*)$j$32($:*.-,3/0($"%$32($1,3/*3,"-7$ No longer was piracy restricted to spotty teenagers getting excited about the 5*3(13$U*/5*$H!0/5$1,-.5(C$,3$6*1$3*+,-.$ place on an enormous scale, at a rate 32*3$'"/50-93$!($,.-")(07 The music industry estimates 32*3$*--/*554C${QX7a$!,55,"-$,1$ lost through piracy whilst the guys in the software industry have managed 3"$6")+$"/3$32*3$*-$ /-!(5,(A*!5(${aQ$!,55,"-$ is lost annually through piracy. Of course, industry estimates are bound to sound scary but even with some moderation factored in, the economic costs of digital piracy dwarf those of the 3)*0,3,"-*5$:*),3,:($+,-07 I2*391$,-3()(13,-.$*!"/3$ digital piracy is the fact that virtually anyone with online access 2*1$=)"!*!54$+-"6,-.54$3*+(-$=*)3$,-$


it, which brings /1$!*'+$3"$32*3$ same point whilst pirates are A,5,&(0$!4$1":(C$32(4$ are loved by others. Henry Morgan was an excellent example of this, the man 62"$3()),&(0$U*-*:*$,-$32($5*3($Qc32$ century was a privateer for the King of @-.5*-0$j$"-($:*-91$=,)*3($,1$*-"32()$ :*-91$=),A*3(()7$[4$32($(-0$"%$2,1$=,)*3,-.$ 0*41C$Y").*-$2(50$1,.-,&'*-3$="5,3,'*5$ ,-K/(-'($,-$32($<*),!!(*-$*1$M,(/3(-*-3$ Governor of the West Indies and even 2*0$*$+-,.232""0$3"$2,1$-*:(7$83$0"(1-93$ 3*+($:/'2$3"$,:*.,-($32*3$3"$?":*5,1C$ the pirates on their beaches, scourge of 32($6")5091$3)*-1=")3$,-%)*13)/'3/)(C$*)($ also local heroes, bringing cash into an ('"-":,'$0(1()37$O-($:*-91$=,)*3($,1$ *-"32()91$2()"C$,3$)(*554$0"(1$0(=(-0$"-$ your point of view. T,-*554C$*%3()$:*-4$4(*)1$"%$6*,5,-.$*-0$ +,'+,-.$*!"/3C$32,1$:(11*.($:,.23$E/13$ be getting through to the entertainment industry. If nothing on earth is going to stop people downloading free music and &5:1C$32(-$624$!"32()$3)4,-.F$8-13(*0$"%$ )*.,-.$"-$*!"/3$=,)*'4$*-0$:*+,-.$/1$ *55$"/3$3"$!($:,-,V[5*'+!(*)01C$32($5,335($ =,('($"%$E"4$32*3$,1$?="3,%4$2*1$2(5=(0$ the industry see through its anger to the possibility of a new world where music '*-$!($%)(($*-0$=/!5,12()1$'*-$13,55$:*+($ 32(,)$:"-(47$H55$,3$2*1$3*+(-$,1$*$0,%%()(-3$ A,(6$"%$32,-.1C$*$0,%%()(-3$3*+($"-$32($ 6*4$('"-":,'1$6")+17 O%$'"/)1(C$?":*5,*$,1$0((=54$),005(0$6,32$ =)"!5(:1$32*3$6,55$3*+($0('*0(1$3"$1"5A($ but if governments and industries want 3"$!),-.$*-$(-0$3"$=,)*'4$"%%$32($'"/-3)491$ 12")(1C$32(-$32(4955$2*A($3"$5""+$*3$32,-.1$ *$!,3$0,%%()(-3547$I2,513$32()(91$')/12,-.$ poverty in the country, piracy will seem 5,+($*$6(55V=*,0C$(A(-$.5*:")"/1$6*4$ 3"$:*+($*$5,A,-.$62,'2$-"$-/:!()$"%$ warships will stop. Instead of focusing on stopping the pirates at sea, the only way to beat them and put those billions "%$0"55*)1$!*'+$,-3"$32($="'+(31$"%$ industry will be to beat them on shore by providing alternative opportunities. At the end of the day few of us want to !($=,)*3(1$!/3$62(32()$6($5,+($,3$")$-"3C$ all of us are.


Local Company Revitalise Lending Market J(--4$M*-($*-0$<)*,.$J(:=13()$"%$T/3/)($d)"/=$2*A($12*+(-$ /=$32($5"'*5$&-*-'($*)(-*7$D()($32(4$(#=5*,-$32($'/))(-3$:*)+(3$ *-0$32(,)$)"5($,-$>()1(4$&-*-'(7

“Today, buried under mountains of bad debt, many banks have all but frozen lending and become like menacing beggars.” N2()($6,55$-"$0"/!3$'":($*$3,:($62(-$4"/955$-((0$32($1()A,'(1$ "%$*$5(-0,-.$=)"A,0()7$I2(32()$4"/9)($.(33,-.$:*)),(0C$=/)'2*1,-.$4"/)$&)13$=)"=()34C$13*)3,-.$4"/)$"6-$!/1,-(11$")$!/4,-.$*$ '*)$V$*$5"*-$,1$"%3(-$32($*-16()7$D"6(A()C$2,.2$13)((3$!*-+1$*)($ -"3$4"/)$"-54$=")3$"%$'*55$*-0$*$5"'*5$&-*-'($'":=*-4$:*4$!($ more suited to your individual needs.

Local Market H3$T/3/)($d)"/=$6($2*A($%"'/1(0$"/)$!/1,-(11$"-$:((3,-.$32($-((01$"%$32($5"'*5$:*)+(37$I($/-0()13*-0$32($/-,P/($ '"-13)*,-31$"-$<2*--(5$815*-0$!/1,-(11(1$*-0$6($3/)-$*)"/-0$ )(P/(131$,-$*$:*33()$"%$0*41$)*32()$32*-$:"-3217$U()2*=1$(A(-$ more importantly, the decisions are made on island by us, not &(50(0$"/3$3"$*$2(*0$"%&'($*!)"*07

£15 Million Advanced I2(-$6($1(3$/=$T/3/)($d)"/=$,-$X__e$32($'5(*),-.$!*-+1$6()($ -"3$:*+,-.$,3$(*14$%")$,-0,A,0/*51$3"$!"))"6$:"-(47$8%$4"/$6()($ 5/'+4$(-"/.2$3"$!($(5,.,!5($%")$*$5"*-$32(-$32($=)"'(11$"%3(-$ 3""+$*$5"-.$3,:($3"$'"-'5/0(7$N2,1$')(*3(0$*$.*=$,-$32($5(-0,-.$ :*)+(3$%")$*$-(6$'":=*-4$3"$,11/($5"*-1$*-0$:*+($&-*-'($ *A*,5*!5($3"$,-0,A,0/*517$T/3/)($d)"/=$-"6$=)"/054$1/==")3$5"cal businesses by offering loans and short-term mortgages. In X_Q_$6($*0A*-'(0$"A()$pQa$:,55,"-$3"$'/13":()17$

‘Factoring’ N2($1()A,'(1$6($"%%()$,-$32($<2*--(5$815*-01$2*A($*51"$ (#=*-0(0$3"$:((3$'/))(-3$:*)+(3$'"-0,3,"-17$8-$X_Q_$6($ 5*/-'2(0$T/3/)($8-A",'($T,-*-'($3"$"%%()$%*'3"),-.$*-0$.,A($*$ )('(11,"-V!/13,-.$1"5/3,"-$3"$5"'*5$'":=*-,(17$;T*'3"),-.9$2*1$ !((-$=)":,-(-3$,-$32($bf$%")$*$-/:!()$"%$4(*)1$!/3$,391$3*+(-$ /-3,5$-"6$%")$32($&-*-',*5$1()A,'($3"$!($"%%()(0$,-$32($<2*--(5$ 815*-017$T*'3"),-.$,1$*$&-*-',*5$3)*-1*'3,"-$32*3$(-*!5(1$*$!/1,-(11$3"$2*A($*$2(*5324$*-0$0(=(-0*!5($'*12$K"67$H$!/1,-(11$ 1(551$,31$*''"/-31$)('(,A*!5($l,7(7C$,-A",'(1m$3"$*$32,)0$=*)34$ l'*55(0$*$%*'3")m$,-$(#'2*-.($%")$,::(0,*3($:"-(4$6,32$62,'2$ 3"$&-*-'($'"-3,-/(0$!/1,-(117 T,-*-',*5$5(-0()1$2*A($2*0$3"$5(*)-$3"$*0*=3$3"$32($'2*-.,-.$('"-":,'$'5,:*3($5,+($(A()4"-($(51(7$?":($2*A($1,:=54$ reduced lending but we believe we have found more innovative ways to drive through the recession. 8%$4"/$6*-3$3"$:*+($,:=)"A(:(-31$3"$4"/)$!/1,-(11$&-*-'(C$ 5""+$,-3"$=)"=()34$=/)'2*1(C$")$-((0$*$=()1"-*5$5"*-$32(-$="=$ ,-3"$32($T/3/)($d)"/=$"%&'(1C$0)"=$/1$*-$(:*,5$")$E/13$=,'+$/=$ the phone.


D&"4/&"#4,'3&"/1$,&'4O,-,$4$%#4S#N-,$#4SSS.3*$*"#.P#4&"4 (%&'#4?>VYA4AJYJYY.



a blank

canvas for your business


he units on the first floor of 4 Wharf Street are filling up fast as more and more businesses take advantage of all that 4 Wharf Street has to offer. The first floor is a stylish and modern environment with vivid Jersey scenes on the walls that create a high impact environment >>

@*'2$/-,3$,1$*$!5*-+$'*-A*1$3"$:*+($ your own. All suites come furnished with *$0(1+C$"%&'($'2*,)C$0)*6()$/-,31$*-0$ six electrical plug points. Additional facilities include individual mail boxes to (-1/)($=),A*'4C$*$+,3'2(-$32*3$1()A(1$*55$ the suites, showers, phone system that allows for individual phone numbers, a !"*)0)"":C$*,)$'"-0,3,"-,-.C$<<Nh$*-0$ %)(($"-5,-($6,V&$*''(117$

S$I2*)%$?3)((3$,1$0(1,.-(0$3"$2(5=$ !/1,-(11(1$32),A($*-0$2*1$XS$2"/)$ *''(11$1"$32*3$32()(91$-"$5,:,3*3,"-$ "-$32($-/:!()$"%$2"/)1$4"/9)($*!5($3"$ 6")+7$H$'"13$(%%('3,A($1(')(3*),*5$1()A,'($ is available for when you are away "-$!/1,-(11C$"-$2"5,0*4$")$E/13$-((0$ assistance answering calls.

S$I2*)%$?3)((3$2*1$K(#,!5($5(*1,-.$3():17$ H$32)(($:"-32$-"3,'($,1$*55$32*3$,1$)(P/,)(0$ to end the lease. A self contained suite '"131$%)":$"-54$p^ca$*$:"-32$*-0$ there are no service charges as heating, lighting and water are all included in the lease. With so much of the cost included ,-$32($5(*1($,391$-(A()$!((-$(*1,()$%")$*$ new business to get up and running.



e continue in our series of meeting some of the new tenants on the recently opened first floor of 4 Wharf Street. This month we spoke to Myles Le Basse of Happy Traveller.

Details Self contained suites from only £375 and office shares from £225

No service charge Heating, lighting and water are all included in the lease. Cleaning service supplied in common areas. Ideal for start-ups Make the step from home to town and get closer to your clients. Privacy is important To ensure privacy each unit has been sound proofed, and each unit is provided with its own mailbox. 24 hour access Flexible working hours. Meeting room Available to all tenants. Fee applies. Secretarial services A cost effective solution for when you are away on business, on holiday or need assistance answering calls. Kitchen and shower facilities Servicing all suites. Phone system Allowing for individual phone numbers. Air conditioned First floor equipped with air conditioning. Wi Fi access Free online access.


Give us a brief description of what you do.


We mainly sell travelling toiletry =*'+1$62,'2$,-'5/0($12*:=""C$ shower gel, soap, toothpaste, shaving cream, toothbrush & razor. Each of the items are made in Italy and come in !"335(1$62,'2$*)($/-0()$Q__:57

How many people are in the team?

The concept is to save families or business people having to decant the contents of their bathrooms prior to going on a holiday or business trip. Without a doubt this will speed /=$32($3,:($,3$3*+(1$3"$.(3$%)":$ the airport departures hall and onto your plane. Not much we '*-$0"$*!"/3$2*A,-.$3"$3*+($ 4"/)$12"(1$"%%$32"/.277771"))4G$ The =*'+1$'*-$!($0(5,A()(0$ anywhere in the world and come in clear plastic zip bags.

There is a real mix of businesses within the complex from accountants to website 0(A(5"=()1C$:*)+(3,-.R=)$ people to yoga instructors..... *-0$8$32,-+$32()($,1$"-($=()1"-$ 62"$E/13$5""+1$*%3()$=("=5(91$ %((3$3""G

The best part is that there is "-($&#(0$=),'($62,'2$,-'5/0(1$ =*'+*.,-.C$="13$*-0$')(0,3R 0(!,3$'*)0$'2*).(17$pe7__777"-($ =),'(777732*391$,3G$

How long ago since you moved into 4 Wharf Street? We moved in last Autumn lX_Q_m

How are you finding it so far? learn more on



8391$*!1"5/3(54$!),55,*-3G$N2($ facilities are great, with a nice central location (and only a 13"-(91$32)"6$%)":$32($U"13$

</))(-354$E/13$:($*-0$:4$ business partner.

Do you find having a large variety of other businesses so close by convenient?

It is very convenient and whilst 6($2*A(-93$:(3$(A()4"-($4(3$ 6(9A($'()3*,-54$2*0$1":($/1(%/5$ meetings and general chats with people who are in the same area of business as us.

What would you say to 1":("-($32,-+,-.$"%$:"A,-.$,-F$ Go %")$,3G$>/13$.,A($?=(-'()$ *$'*55C$5,+($6($0,07$8391$A()4$ competitively priced and the !(-(&31$62,'2$'":($6,32$ 2*A,-.$*$0(0,'*3(0$"%&'($ %")$4"/)$-(6$!/1,-(1191$*)($ '()3*,-54$6")32$3*+,-.$32*3$&)13$ 13(=G$d""0$5/'+G


Flexible leasing terms Flexible leasing. A three month notice is all that is required to end the lease. Three months deposit plus one month’s rent in advance.



Jersey Entrepreneurs on the sofa

Knadel > Paul Branch, Stuart Richford & Jensen Nixon So, tell us what inspired you to get this off the ground? U[`$D*A,-.$1/''(11%/554$)/-$32($<2*--(5$815*-01R8"Y$*):$"%$*-$,-3()-*3,"-*5$ advisory management consulting business l/-0()$32($<?N8Y$32(-$Y")1($!)*-01m$%")$ :")($32*-$Q_$4(*)1$,3$6*1$'5(*)$32*3$32()($,1$ *$:*)+(3$,-$32($,15*-01$%")$*$1=(',*5,13$'"-1/53*-'4$%"'/1(0$"-$32($&-*-',*5$1()A,'(1$ ,-0/13)47$$?"C$62(-$Y")1($6*1$*'P/,)(0$ !4$*$5*).($b?$'"-1/53,-.$&):$62"$'5"1(0$ 32($>()1(4$"%&'($S$:"-321$5*3()C$,3$6*1$*$ chance to create my own business with %"):()$'"55(*./(1$,-$>()1(4RM"-0"-7 ?L`$89A($*56*41$6*-3(0$3"$6")+$%")$:41(5%7$ T")$:($,3$6*1$*$'*1($"%$&-0,-.$32($),.23$"=portunity and team. When Morse was be,-.$*'P/,)(0$,3$6*1$'5(*)$32*3$32($"%%12")($ :*)+(31$0,0$-"3$&3$6,32$*'P/,)()91$13)*3(.47$ Knowing that we were already running a 1/''(11%/5$=)*'3,'($=)"A,0(0$32($1=*)+$%")$ the initial discussions.

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learnt since starting the business?


Paul Branch

Jensen Nixon










8$13*)3(0$6")+$*3$Q\$*-0$8$"!tained a degree from the University of Manchester and an MBA %)":$M"-0"-$[/1,-(11$?'2""5


Y[HlW"33,-.2*:m$$[?'$lD"-1m$ U)"%(11,"-*5$<":=/3()$?3/0,(1$ l?"/32*:=3"-m

First job


?2(5%V&55,-.$,-$:4$.)*-0=*)(-31$ 12"=$,-$?3$U(3()$

?*5(1$*11,13*-3$%")$Tt$f(554$:(-91$ clothes shop in Dublin´s Grafton ?3)((3$l*.(0$Q^m$"-$?*3/)0*41$ and in school holidays


Y,31/!,12,$<"53$62,'2$:4$6,%($ won in a competition 6 years ago

Y,31/!,12,$$?=*'(6*."-$V$ QX_C___$:,5(1$13,55$.",-.$13)"-.




[(*/3,%/5$@P/*3,"-1C$N2($@A($ ?3")4$*-0$J*4$"%$32($Y*3'2

</))(-354$)(*0,-.$>d$[*55*)0$nN2($ <)*12o



Bob Marley



M("-7$N2($&)13$:"A,($U*/5*$*-0$8$ saw at the cinema together

American Beauty



My laptop


I,,C$U?^$*-0$3,-+(),-.$*)"/-0$ 6,32$:4$M"3/1

Last holiday







L"6,-.$*-0$1=(-0,-.$P/*5,34$ time with my family and friends

Marital Status

Married to Paula, with two 0*/.23()1C$M/'4VH--($lZm$*-0$ <*32(),-($l^m

Married to Jennifer, with three Married to Helena, with two .)"6-V/=$'2,50)(-y$<"55(33(C$M/+($ 0*/.23()1$*-0$"-($1"-rd(-(A*$ *-0$L"1( lQSm$M"5*$lam$*-0$H#(5$lZm

U[`$N"$)(:(:!()$3"$2*A($*$2"5,0*4G ?L`$[(,-.$0,1',=5,-(0$,-$:*+,-.$'"::,3ments to ensure that I get to spend time P/*5,34$3,:($6,32$%*:,54$*-0$%),(-017 >W`$H1$32($-(6$!"4C$8$*:$13,55$5(*)-,-.

What are your plans for the future? U[`N"$!/,50$32($>()1(4$3(*:C$"=(-$*$ d/()-1(4$"%&'(C$32(-$=()2*=1$3"$(#=*-0$ 3"$"32()$1=(',*5,13$O%%12")($E/),10,'3,"-1$ 32*3$32($5*).()$'"-1/53,-.$&):1$*)($%*,5,-.$3"$ service effectively. ?L`$I(9)($6")+,-.$"-$*$'"/=5($"%$(#',3,-.$ =)"E('31$62,'2C$/-%")3/-*3(54C$6(9)($-"3$*55"6(0$3"$0,1'/11$4(37$?/''(11$,-$32(1($6,55$ provide us with the momentum needed to )(')/,3$R$0(=5"4$:")($13*%%7$O-'($32($>()1(4$ !/1,-(11$2*1$,31$'),3,'*5$:*11$6(955$5""+$3"$ "32()$E/),10,'3,"-17


What advice would you give to would be entrepreneurs? U[`$N"$0"$4"/)$2":(6")+$,-$:*+,-.$1/)($ 4"/$+-"6$%")$'()3*,-$32($+(4$'),3(),*$4"/)$ customers use in deciding whether to buy 4"/)$1()A,'(1R=)"0/'31$")$-"3G ?L`$N"$(-1/)($32*3$4"/$1/))"/-0$4"/)1(5%$ with exceptional people. Not only does this (-1/)($32*3$32($6")+$)(P/,)(0$3"$!/,50$*$1/'cessful business is shared but also the level "%$04-*:,1:$')(*3(0$(-1/)(1$32*3$4"/9)($ *56*41$5(*)-,-.$*-0$+((=,-.$4"/)1(5%$12*)=7 >W`$[($=*11,"-*3($6,32$62*3$4"/$0"C$4"/$ start a business to change any or all parts


of your life. To attain this change, you need to develop or uncover an intense, personal passion to change the way things are and to live life to the fullest. ?/''(11$'":(1$(*1,54$,%$4"/$5"A($62*3$ 4"/$0"7$$T"'/1$"-$4"/)$13)(-.321C$5(391$ face it; you cannot be everything to everybody. Each of us has our own strengths *-0$6(*+-(11(17$N"$!($(%%('3,A(C$4"/$ need to identify your strengths and con'(-3)*3($"-$32(:7$H-0777$6")+$2*)0G

About the business f-*0(5$,1$*$1=(',*5,13$&-*-',*5$1()A,'(1$'"-1/5tancy that complements its business services with a technology capability. We provide our '5,(-31$6,32$A*5/(0$+-"65(0.($!4$=)"A,0,-.$1"/-0$ advice complemented by a cost-effective delivery model. We believe this blend provides our clients with the ability to enhance their businesses for 32($!(-(&3$"%$32(,)$13*+(2"50()17 T)":$"/)$>()1(4$")$M"-0"-$"%&'(1C$"/)$3(*:$"%$ very experienced industry practitioners typically 6")+$5"'*554$6,32$32($5(*0,-.$T/-0$H0:,-,13)*3")1C$N)/13$<":=*-,(1C$H11(3$Y*-*.()1C$I(*532$ Y*-*.()1$")$?"%36*)($h(-0")1$*1$6(55$*1$6,32$ 5(*0,-.$&):1$*')"11$32($@/)"=(*-$&-*-',*5$ 1()A,'(1$:*)+(37


The workplace detective â&#x20AC;&#x201C; monitoring electronic communications at work words | Simon Hurry

M(11$6(55$+-"6-$,1$32*3$%")$*$-/:!()$"%$ years, breaches of email and internet policies have actually been behind the largest number of gross misconduct dismissals. Electronic communication in the 6")+=5*'($,1$-"6$6(55$(-3)(-'2(0C$6,32$ 1":($"%&'(1$!('":,-.$n=*=()5(11o$!4$ operating almost entirely electronically. While e-mail and the internet bring *$:/53,3/0($"%$!(-(&31C$32(,)$(A()V increasing use has led to a pandemic of policy breaches which can have 0,1*13)"/1$'"-1(P/(-'(1$%")$*-$ employee. The monitoring of electronic communications by an employer has long been accompanied by an argument that it breaches privacy and 0*3*$=)"3('3,"-$=),-',=5(17$?"$62*3$,1$ 32($="1,3,"-F N2($J*3*$U)"3('3,"-$l>()1(4m$M*6$'*:($ ,-3"$%")'($,-$X__a7$83$1(31$"/3$32($)/5(1$ for processing personal information and applies to many paper records as well as those held on computer. N2($5*6$"=()*3(1$,-$'"-E/-'3,"-$ 6,32$32($L(./5*3,"-$"%$8-A(13,.*3")4$ U"6()1$l>()1(4m$M*6$X__a$3"$=)"A,0($*$ %)*:(6")+$'"-'()-,-.$32($:"-,3"),-.$ of electronic communications. The 5*6$)(P/,)(1$0*3*$'"-3)"55()1$l*-$ (:=5"4()C$%")$(#*:=5(m$3"$'":=54$6,32$ the rules of good information-handling =)*'3,'(C$+-"6-$*1$32($0*3*$=)"3('3,"-$ =),-',=5(17$N2($=),-',=5(1$)(P/,)($32*3$ personal data is processed fairly and lawfully, is accurate and relevant and ,1$1/!E('3$3"$*==)"=),*3($1('/),347$ The demands of the employer must be tempered with the rights of the employee. The critical issue concerning the monitoring of electronic '"::/-,'*3,"-1$*3$6")+$,1$32*3$"%$ -"3,&'*3,"-7$N2($(:=5"4(($:/13$!($ made aware, ideally by a document which they must sign, that monitoring will occur and the nature, extent and reasons for it. The employer should :*+($,3$'5(*)$32*3$32()($,1$*$.(-/,-($

!/1,-(11$)(*1"-$3"$E/13,%4$:"-,3"),-.$ and that the procedures in place are *==)"=),*3($l*-0$-"3$(#'(11,A(m$3"$ achieve that purpose. Monitoring for the purposes of the interests and )(=/3*3,"-$"%$32($!/1,-(11$*)($5,+(54$ to be a legitimate activity. In the event that an employee misuses electronic (P/,=:(-3C$32($(:=5"4()91$0,1',=5,-*)4$ )/5(1$*-0$/1*.($="5,',(1$12"/50$:*+($ it absolutely clear that such misuse will not be tolerated. T*,)$(:=5"4:(-3$=),-',=5(1$."A()-$-"3$ only how intrusive an employer can be in collecting information, but also what may be done with such information once obtained. Where information is obtained in a particularly intrusive 6*4C$32()($,1$*$),1+$32*3$32($(:=5"4()91$ actions will fundamentally undermine 32($)(5*3,"-12,=$"%$3)/13$*-0$'"-&0(-'($ that it has with its employees. Best practice is to ensure the employee is fully aware of the situation concerning the monitoring of electronic communications and that he or she consents to it, so that any disciplinary action using the information gathered cannot be considered a surprise to the employee.

Anti-Money Laundering

e-Learning for Trust & Corporate Service Providers The programme has been updated for X_QQ$*-0$)(%()1$3"$32($)(P/,)(:(-31$"%$ 32($Y"-(4$M*/-0(),-.$O)0()$*-0$32($ >T?<$H-3,VY"-(4$M*/-0(),-.$d/,0*-'(7 Key Features x$>/),10,'3,"-$?=(',&'$lbfC$>()1(4C$ d/()-1(4C$8OYC$M/#(:!"/).C$?,-.*=")(C$ D"-.$f"-.$A()1,"-m x$D,.254$L(5(A*-3$lA*),"/1$/=0*3(0$N)/13$ ]$<")=")*3($[/1,-(11$1=(',&'$'*1($ 13/0,(1m x$T/55$N(13,-.$T/-'3,"-*5,34 x$M(*)-()$Y*-*.(:(-3$?413(:$%")$T/55$ Auditability x$<"13V(%%('3,A(

It follows that a properly constructed electronic communication policy is essential for an employer. Getting it 6)"-.$'*-$)(1/53$,-$1,.-,&'*-3$*0A()1($ '"-1(P/(-'(1C$-"3$5(*13$"%$62,'2$ carries potential criminal liability and a severe damage to reputation. 3`$kSS$l_m$Qa^S$Z_Qc^S %$$kSS$l_m$Qa^S$Z_Qc_Q 1,:"-72/))4w'),55'*-*A*-$'":

A free web-based trial demo can be arranged by contacting Rainee Rice at or by phoning on 816333

Jersey International [/1,-(11$?'2""5

QXRQ^$ <*5(0"-,*$U5*'( The Weighbridge ?3$D(5,()$ >@X$^Wd


@:=5"4((1$+-"6$32*3$!*0$!(2*A,"/)$*3$ 6")+$j$%")$(#*:=5($13(*5,-.$")$&.23,-.$ - can result in disciplinary action and, potentially, immediate dismissal.



CIM Exam Success at Advertising International

Sure appoints new Head of Sales

Three account managers at Advertising International, an award winning, locally owned advertising agency, have *700#**3711/&F7.1$9#:&$)&!"#&H".%!#%#:& Institute of Marketing (CIM) Professional H#%!$90.!#&$)&K.%B#!$)?@&&

Gavin Price has been promoted to Head of Sales at Sure in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Bermuda. In his new role, Gavin will lead Sure Cable & Wireless’ business sales strategy across the offshore islands as well as having responsibility for the :#+#12(6#)!&.):&6.$)!#).)0#&23&!"#&9%6=*& key client relationships.

Over the past 12 months, Sally Le Cornu, Lucy Robertson and Georgina Bull have completed and passed two examinations and two coursework assignments to .0"$#+#&!"#&F7.1$90.!$2)@&5"#&H>K&027%*#& provides a practical insight into the principles and application of marketing and the skills and knowledge to devise and execute marketing activities.

Gavin has enjoyed an excellent career in Sales and Marketing with Cable & Wireless, ".+$)?&R2$)#:&!"#&9%6&$)&TUUV&.*&.)& Account Manager, before being promoted to Account Director in 2007 and having responsibility for maintaining relationships with key clients.

Managing Director Jon Allo said “ Sally, Lucy and Georgina have done very well to successfully complete the course whilst still 371911$)?&!"#$%&%#?71.%&:./A!2A:./&R2<@&;11&27%& .0027)!&6.).?#%*&.%#&)28&H>K&F7.1$9#:&& and, in addition to our other on-going training modules, it ensures that our clients get the best possible advice and service for their marketing, design, advertising, printing and internet projects”.

Living in Jersey, Gavin’s new role will see him spending more time in Guernsey, the Isle of Man and Bermuda as he oversees !"#&$6(1#6#)!.!$2)&23&!"#&9%6=*&<7*$)#**& sales strategy. “It’s a huge compliment to be chosen to lead our business sales teams,” said Gavin Price, “I’m really looking forward to leading the teams which I have been a part of for the past ten years and hope I’ll be able to help them achieve even greater success in the future.”


When not working, Gavin enjoys scuba diving, 5-a-side football and walking, he’s particularly proud of having completed the ITEX round-island walk in Jersey but is unsure whether he’ll look to complete the same feat in Guernsey.

BromleySanders specialise in the recruitment of personnel at  !""#"$%$"&#'()#*+$#,-!-./!"#&$)%/.$&#/-01&*)23#41)#!5!)$-$&&#('# $67"(2$)&8#)$91/)$6$-*&:#/-;+(1&$#<-(5"$0=$#!-0#$>7$)/$-.$#!""(5&# 1&#*(#6!*.+#7)('$&&/(-!"#&</""&#5/*+#*+$#)/=+*#$67"(2$)3 We offer candidates and client companies unparalleled personal  &$)%/.$:#.(-,0$-*/!"/*2:#!-0#*+$#6(&*#$*+/.!"#7)('$&&/(-!"#&*!-0!)0&3 !"#$%&'%()%*+%,'+-./+,/%'+%0123445 > Quality service  > Quality candidates  > Quality clients  > Quality


Henley Offshore Financial Services Appoints Director Fee Morris has been appointed a Director of Henley Offshore Financial Services Ltd with overall responsibility for the running 23&!"#&9).)0$.1&.:+$*2%/&.%6,&Q#)1#/& Financial. As a subsidiary of The Mortgage Shop, Henley Financial offers specialist pension advice to Islanders and one of Fee’s aims in her new role is to encourage people of all ages and incomes to take an active interest in their pensions. In Jersey, retirement planning is particularly important as the traditional pension companies have left the Island, resulting in the misconception that there are now no pensions available. This is not the case. “So many people have pensions which they don’t really understand. Henley Financial provides client annual reviews as a minimum and this ensures clients are far better informed on their retirement plans and options”. “I am very keen to ensure that people 7):#%*!.):&!".!&9).)0$.1&*#%+$0#*&.%#&)2!& R7*!&32%&!"#&.3-7#)!Z@ Henley Financial is now in its fourth year of offering Retirement Annuity Trust Schemes which are an ideal solution to most people’s retirement planning. Fee lives in St Lawrence with her husband, D.%%$#@&I"#)&)2!&233#%$)?&9).)0$.1&.:+$0#& *"#&#)R2/*&(1./$)?&*F7.*",&9*"$)?,&*07<.& diving, kayaking and stand-up boarding.

?(3#@#A$&*8&#B$-*)$ C*#D$"/$):#E$)&$2#EFG#@CH H#IJKL@#MKN@II  F#IJKL@#MKN@IJ  E#$-91/)/$&OP)(6"$2&!-0$)&3Q$  W#5553P)(6"$2&!-0$)&3Q$


A newly appointed head and niche huntress 8$!"&2+#%&VU&/#.%*&23&#'(#%$#)0#&$)&9).)0$.1& services was amazed when she didn’t need to leave her beloved Jersey for her next career move. “It was amazing,” she said with a huge smile on her face, “an email came in a few days ago from a company I’d never really noticed before, while I was at home with my laptop checking through my emails. What stood out for me was they’d seen my (%291#&.):&8.)!#:&!2&6##!&6#&*!%.$?"!.8./,& so I clicked through to their NicheHunters 026(.)/&(%291#&.):&8.*&$6(%#**#:@&>& asked a couple of questions to get a better picture of the job they wanted me for and the company as a whole. Their response was almost instant. We set up an interview the very next day with all the key people present and I was offered the job a couple of hours later. It was all so simple and hassle-free. This would never have happened if it weren’t 32%&6/&(%291#&.!&[$0"#Q7)!#%*&2)&!"#&8#<@Z

Optimus Recruitment appoint another Finance Specialist

Hawksford International appoints new head of marketing in Jersey

Boutique Financial Recruitment Specialists Optimus, are delighted to announce the appointment of Mark Rumbold as a Senior Recruitment Consultant to their team.

HAWKSFORD International has appointed Matthew Morel as head of marketing in Jersey.

K.%B&".*&V\&/#.%*&9).)0#&$):7*!%/& experience, most recently as Corporate Services Director at Dominion Corporate Group and prior to that was a Director at Deutsche Bank. Mark commented: “It’s an exciting time to be joining Optimus. The business is going through a period of growth with real momentum in terms of increasing our (%291#@&>&.6&#)R2/$)?&82%B$)?&8$!"&!"#&!#.6,& ensuring that Optimus continues to offer a superior service.”

Her new employers are delighted, “It’s all happened rather quickly and we are delighted to have secured someone of this calibre without going to the expense of engaging in a costly headhunt and waiting for months without any luck. Not being a tier 1 organisation, we’d never normally get to see people like this in the course of a recruitment drive. And the last thing we #'(#0!#:&8.*&9):$)?&"#%&8"$1#&*7%9)?&!"#&8#<@

The 32-year-old Jersey-man will be responsible for brand and marketing communications strategy, public relations and market research and client insight objectives. Matthew has a BA in Marketing from the University of Derby and holds a professional postgraduate diploma, is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has been a chartered marketer since 2007. A keen sportsman, Matthew has represented Jersey in volleyball in three Island Games including; Aland in 2009, Rhodes in 2007 and Shetland in 2005. In June he will be competing as a member of Jersey’s volleyball team in the Island Games in the Isle of Wight. Matthew is also .&L;]>&F7.1$9#:&:$+$)?&$)*!%70!2%@&

Qualification success for Jenny McIvor Y#))/&K0>+2%,&.)&^'#07!$+#&.!&^%)*!&_&`27)?&H".))#1&>*1.):*,&".*&%#0#)!1/&F7.1$9#:&.*& .&H#%!$9#:&G%.7:&^'.6$)#%@&&5"#&F7.1$90.!$2)&$*&.8.%:#:&</&!"#&;**20$.!$2)&23&H#%!$9#:& G%.7:&^'.6$)#%*,&!"#&82%1:=*&1.%?#*!&.)!$A3%.7:&2%?.)$*.!$2)@&&5"#&0#%!$90.!$2)&.1128*& Miss McIvor to combine her existing accounting knowledge with skills in investigation and litigation support. Miss McIvor is part of Ernst & Young Channel Islands’ Advisory practice expanding the team’s Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services (FIDS) credentials. The FIDS team assists local and international clients with various aspects of fraud prevention, fraud investigation, dispute resolution and litigation support.


Jersey girl surfs into dream job



BusinessNews Jersey remains as the leading offshore centre in the latest GFCI Jersey holds its position as the highest )*3(0$"%%12")($,-3()-*3,"-*5$&-*-'($'(-3)($ and is very close to achieving wider global *6*)(-(11$62,'2$6"/50$5(*0$3"$;.5"!*5$ 1=(',*5,139$13*3/1C$*''")0,-.$3"$32($5*3(13$ d5"!*5$T,-*-',*5$<(-3)(1$8-0(#$ldT<8m$ )(5(*1(0$"-$Y"-0*4$XQ13$Y*)'2C$X_QQ7 OA()*55$>()1(4$,1$=5*'(0$X^)0$,-$32($ '":=(3,3,A($)*-+,-.1C$*2(*0$"%$d/()-1(4$ ,-$Xc32C$32($815($"%$Y*-$l^a-0mC$<*4:*-$ 815*-01$l^\32m$*-0$Y*53*$lae32m7$ Whilst the ratings of all offshore centres 2*A($0('5,-(0$,-$32($5*3(13$)*-+,-.1C$>()1(4$ 2*1$"-54$%*55(-$"-($=5*'($j$,-$'":=*),1"-$

to other offshore centres Jersey has fared well. This decline can largely be attributed to the increased scrutiny that offshore centres have experienced recently due to 32($&-*-',*5$'),1,1C$62,'2$32"1($"-12")($ E/),10,'3,"-1$1/))"/-0,-.$>()1(4$,-$32($ )*-+,-.1C$1/'2$*1$N*,=(,C$U*),1C$h*-'"/A()$ *-0$I*12,-.3"-$J7<7C$2*A($-"3$!((-$ 1/!E('3$3"7$ N2($)(=")3$-"3(0$32*3$!"32$<2*--(5$815*-01$ l>()1(4$*-0$d/()-1(4m$*)($32($"-54$"%%12")($ '(-3)(1$3"$*'2,(A($*$)*3,-.$"A()$Z__7$N2(4$ were also recognised as one of the top 3(-$'(-3)(1$62,'2$*)($5,+(54$3"$!('":($ :")($1,.-,&'*-3$*5"-.1,0($5*).()$'(-3)(1$ 1/'2$*1$D"-.$f"-.C$?2*-.2*,C$[(,E,-.$*-0$ ?,-.*=")(C$*-0$*)($:"13$5,+(54$3"$"=(-$ "%&'(1$"A()$32($-(#3$%(6$4(*)17$$

Cary Olsen No 1 Offshore award <*)(4$O51(-$2*1$!((-$)*-+(0$*1$32($ -/:!()$"-($"%%12")($5*6$&):$!4$32($3"3*5$ -/:!()$"%$H8Y$*-0$M"-0"-$13"'+$:*)+(3$ '5,(-31$32($&):$*0A,1(1$,-$32($=)(13,.,"/1$ D(:1'"33$<")=")*3($L*-+,-.1$d/,0($%")$ T(!)/*)4$X_QQ7 <*)(4$O51(-$1,31$*:"-.$32($3"=$<,34$&):1$ coming in ninth overall for the number of 13"'+$:*)+(3$'5,(-31$6,32$*$3"3*5$"%$Zc$j$ *-$,-')(*1($"%$36"$1,-'($32($5*13$P/*)3()$ lW"A(:!()$X_Q_m7$N2($<2*--(5$815*-01$ 5*6$&):$,1$*51"$="1,3,"-(0$,-$1('"-0$=5*'($ !*1(0$"-$:*)+(3$'*=,3*5,1*3,"-$"%$H8YV 5,13(0$'5,(-31$*-0$)*-+(0$&%32$"A()*55$%")$32($ -/:!()$"%$H8Y$'5,(-31$,3$*0A,1(1$l^\m7$$ <*)(4$O51(-$'2*,):*-$>"2-$f(55(2()$1*,0`$ “These latest independent statistics from D(:1'"33$)('".-,1($32($<2*--(5$815*-01$*1$ *$5(*0,-.$E/),10,'3,"-$%")$32($(13*!5,12:(-3$ "%$'":=*-,(1$5,13,-.$"-$32($M"-0"-$?3"'+$ @#'2*-.(91$lM?@m$Y*,-$Y*)+(3$*-0$H8Y7$$ I($*)($0(5,.23(0$3"$!($)*-+(0$*5"-.1,0($ 5(*0,-.$M"-0"-$&):1$*-0$32,1$)(*%&):1$ <*)(4$O51(-91$="1,3,"-$*1$32($"%%12")($5(.*5$ =)"A,0()$"%$'2",'($%")$32,1$34=($"%$6")+7o Hemscott is a comprehensive listing of the leading providers of professional services to all UK and Irish companies listed on the M?@$*-0$H8Y7

Radisson Blu team help form the face of British Tourism Week 2011 N2($3(*:$*3$32($L*0,11"-$[5/$I*3()%)"-3$ D"3(5$,1$32,1$6((+$'(5(!)*3,-.$*$-(6$%"/-0$ '(5(!)*3")4$13*3/17$T"/)$"%$32($?3$D(5,()$ 2"3(591$+(4$(:=5"4((1$*)($%(*3/)(0$"-$*$ poster produced by the British Tourism I((+$@#('/3,A($<"/-',5$3"$=)":"3($32($ X_QQ$,-0/13)4$(A(-37$ Earlier this year tourism related businesses were offered the opportunity to submit photographs of staff members to be '"-1,0()(0$*1$=*)3$"%$;32($%*'($"%$[),3,12$ N"/),1:$I((+$X_QQ9$*-0$*1$1/'2$!($ included on materials produced to promote 32($(A(-37$N2($6")+%")'($"%$32($L*0,11"-$ Blu is obviously particularly photogenic as the full colour poster produced includes M40,*$?:,32C$J,)('3")$"%$?*5(1$*-0$ Y*)+(3,-.$=,'3/)(0$6,32$8N$]$D"/1(+((=,-.$ Manager Daniel Grigoras welcoming visitors at Jersey Airport.


Institute of Directors launch 2011 Awards to find top Directors in Jersey


N2($>()1(4$!)*-'2$"%$32($8-13,3/3($"%$J,)('3")1$l8"Jm$2*1$5*/-'2(0$32($X_QQ$1(*)'2$3"$&-0$ 32($3"=$(#('/3,A($*-0$-"-V(#('/3,A($0,)('3")1$,-$>()1(491$=),A*3(C$=/!5,'$*-0$A"5/-3*)4$ sectors. >()1(4$2*1$*$2,.2$'*5,!)($"%$,-0,A,0/*51$,-$,31$!"*)0)"":1$*-0$32($8"J$,1$+((-$3"$)('".-,1($ 32(,)$*'2,(A(:(-31C$62(32()$:(:!()1$")$-"37$N2($0(&-,3,"-$"%$;J,)('3")9$%")$32($8"J$ includes anyone that has the responsibilities of a Director but does not necessarily carry 32*3$1=(',&'$3,35($(7.7$U*)3-()C$YJC$<2,(%$@#('/3,A($")$U)(1,0(-37 N2($'*3(.")4$3,35(1$*)(`$@:().,-.$J,)('3")$H6*)0y$@13*!5,12(0$J,)('3")$H6*)0y$T(:*5($ J,)('3")$H6*)0y$U/!5,'RW"3$%")$U)"&3$?('3")$J,)('3")$H6*)0y$W"-V@#('/3,A($J,)('3")$ Award & Global Director Award. Entries are invited from both IOD members and non IOD :(:!()17$<"-3*'3$f,)13(-$D,..,-1$%")$:")($,-%"):*3,"-$"-$ZQa\\Z7

How Jersey Works H$%*):()C$-*:(0$Y*)+C$6*1$"A()1((,-.$ 2,1$2()0$,-$*$)(:"3($'"3($,-$u,"-$62(-$ suddenly a brand-new BMW advanced toward him out of a cloud of dust. The driver, a young man in a Brioni suit, d/'',$12"(1C$L*4[*-$1/-.5*11(1$*-0$B?M$ 3,(C$5(*-(0$"/3$32($6,-0"6$*-0$*1+(0$32($ farmer, “If I tell you exactly how many cows and calves you have in your herd, will you .,A($:($*$'*5%Fo$ Y*)+$5""+1$*3$32($:*-C$"!A,"/154$*$4/==,(C$ 32(-$5""+1$*3$2,1$=(*'(%/554$.)*g,-.$2()0$ *-0$'*5:54$*-16()1C$n?/)(C$I24$-"3Fo$ N2($4/==,($=*)+1$2,1$'*)C$62,=1$"/3$2,1$ -"3(!""+$'":=/3()C$'"--('31$,3$3"$2,1$ ,U2"-(C$*-0$1/)%1$3"$*$WH?H$=*.($"-$32($ 8-3()-(3$62()($2($'*551$/=$*$dU?$1*3(55,3($ 3"$.(3$*-$(#*'3$&#$"-$2,1$5"'*3,"-C$62,'2$2($ 32(-$%((01$3"$*-"32()$WH?H$1*3(55,3($32*3$ scans the area in an ultra-high-resolution photo. The young man then opens the digital photo in Adobe Photoshop and exports it to an image processing facility in Hamburg, Germany. Within seconds, he receives an email on his iPhone that the image has been processed and the data stored. D($32(-$*''(11(1$*-$Y?V?sM$0*3*!*1($ 32)"/.2$*-$OJ[<$'"--('3(0$@#'(5$ spreadsheet with email on his iPhone and, after a few minutes, receives a response. T,-*554C$2($=),-31$"/3$*$%/55V'"5")C$Qa_V=*.($ )(=")3$"-$2,1$D,V3('2C$:,-,*3/),g(0$M*1()>(3$ =),-3()C$3/)-1$3"$32($%*):()$*-0$1*41C$nB"/$ 2*A($(#*'354$QCa\Z$'"61$*-0$'*5A(17o$ nN2*391$),.237$I(55C$8$./(11$4"/$'*-$3*+($"-($ "%$:4$'*5A(1Co$1*41$Y*)+7$ He watches the young man select one of 32($*-,:*51$*-0$5""+1$"-$6,32$*:/1(:(-3$ *1$32($4"/-.$:*-$13/%%1$,3$,-3"$32($3)/-+$"%$ his car. N2(-$Y*)+$1*41$3"$32($4"/-.$:*-C$nD(4C$,%$ I can tell you exactly what your business is, 6,55$4"/$.,A($:($!*'+$:4$'*5%Fo$ N2($4"/-.$:*-$32,-+1$*!"/3$,3$%")$*$1('"-0$ *-0$32(-$1*41C$nO+*4C$624$-"3Fo$ nB"/9)($*$d"A()-:(-3$Y,-,13()oC$1*41$Y*)+7$ nI"6G$N2*3v1$'"))('3Co$1*41$32($4/==,(C$ n!/3$2"6$0,0$4"/$./(11$32*3Fo$ nW"$./(11,-.$)(P/,)(07o$*-16()(0$32($ %*):()7$nB"/$12"6(0$/=$2()($(A(-$32"/.2$ nobody called you; you want to get paid for *-$*-16()$8$*5)(*04$+-(6C$3"$*$P/(13,"-$8$ -(A()$*1+(07$B"/$/1(0$:,55,"-1$"%$="/-01$ 6")32$"%$(P/,=:(-3$3)4,-.$3"$12"6$:($2"6$ much smarter you are than I am; and you 0"-v3$+-"6$*$32,-.$*!"/3$2"6$6")+,-.$ =("=5($:*+($*$5,A,-.$j$")$*!"/3$'"61C$%")$ that matter. This is a herd of sheep... Now .,A($:($!*'+$:4$0".7


Say it with Chocolates... D"3(5$<2"'"5*3$,1$*$"-(V13"=V12"=$ %")$<")=")*3($[)*-0,-.$3*134$32,-.17$ 8%$4"/$*)($6"-0(),-.$2"6$3"$5(3$4"/)$'5,(-31$+-"6$4"/$5"A($32(:$ this Easter then brand­up some of Hotel Chocolat’s stunning  Easter Egg range. (We really, really hope we are your clients if you  are going to do this).  Good ideas to personalise the chocolate is to make stickers with  your logo or message on and then the team at Hotel Chocolat will  pop these on your chosen items for you. Or you could buy their  little packs of C2"'$T"/)1$*-0$32(4$6,55$)(V),!!"-$32(:$6,32$4"/)$ own branded ribbon - a perfect luxury corporate gift. N2()($*)($0,1'"/-31$*A*,5*!5($%")$!/5+$!/4,-.`$X7ai$"%%$=/)'2*1(1$ !(36((-$pa__$V$pQC___$*-0$ai$"%%$%")$=/)'2*1(1$"A()$pQC___7 D"3(5$<2"'"5*3$*)($"=(-$3"$*-4$,0(*1$*1$6(55y$E/13$*1+$%")$M"/,1($,-$ 32(,)$M,!()34$I2*)%$12"=7$8%$6($(-'"/)*.($:")($=("=5($3"$0"$32,1$ 32(-$6(955$)(*=$32($!(-(&317

Island to host prestigious red ensign group conference

d"A()-:(-3$0(5(.*3(1$%)":$*1$%*)$*&(50$*1$32($T*5+5*-0$815*-01C$ [():/0*$*-0$32($[),3,12$h,).,-$815*-01$6,55$!($0(1'(-0,-.$"-$32($ Island in May for the three-day conference. N2($%/55$=)".)*::($6,55$%(*3/)($.5"!*5$,11/(1$1/'2$*1$32($),1+$ "%$=,)*'4$"-$32($2,.2$1(*1$*-0$32($'*)),*.($"%$&)(*):1$*!"*)0$ registered vessels. The agenda will also include items closer to home, including a proposal from the Jersey delegation that the <*3(.")4$X$L(.,13()1C$62,'2$'*-$'/))(-354$)(.,13()$=),A*3($')*%3$ /=$3"$S__$3"-1$*-0$'"::()',*5$')*%3$/=$3"$Qa_C$!($=():,33(0$3"$ register certain commercial craft (such as larger charter vessels *-0$1/==")3$A(11(51$%")$6,-0$%*):1$*-0$",5$),.1m$/=$3"$S__$3"-17$ 83$2*1$!((-$QQ$4(*)1$1,-'($32($'"-%()(-'($6*1$5*13$2(50$,-$32($ 815*-07$?="-1")12,=$"==")3/-,3,(1$(#,13$%")$5"'*5$'":=*-,(1$ involved in the maritime registration sector. Any company ,-3()(13(0$,-$32,1$12"/50$'"-3*'3$J(!!,($U"0.()$"-$SS\QX\7


N2($*--/*5$L(0$@-1,.-$d)"/=$<"-%()(-'(C$62,'2$!),-.1$3".(32()$ 32($Q^$<)"6-$J(=(-0(-',(1$*-0$bf$OA()1(*1$N()),3"),(1$(-3,35(0$ 3"$)(.,13()$A(11(51$/-0()$32($%*:"/1$[),3,12$K*.C$,1$3*+,-.$=5*'($,-$ Jersey this year.






8NN@L f$]$NI O O [ @ TH< ent

ecruitm Select R ’ on our a fan of Become ok by clicking ‘like tails of our e bo on Face you will receive d positions. d e Page an fessional financ ro oo newest p aily! www.faceb d Updated itmentjersey ru selectrec


8<@L Urge O%&' nt need fo ()1$6 r 3"$E",,32$= ambitio comp $*$04-*:),A*3($'5,( us Trust a n y. Th ,'C$32),A -3$(#=( be st ),( ,e P/*5, udying to desired .$N)/13$ -'($ &'*3," a ward s a p pplicants -7 rofes siona will l

Fund Administrator

Fund Accountant Great opportunity for a private equity fund accountant to be part of a growing Funds business. Previous funds experience is essential and a professional accounting qualification is desired.

Commercial – Accountant

Manager – Accountant Due to growth, our respected client is 1((+,-.$3"$)(')/,3$*$<5,(-3$H''"/-3*-3$ Manager to be responsible for managing *-0$"A()1((,-.$32($'":=5(3,"-$"%$<5,(-3$ !""++((=,-.$*-0$*''"/-3,-.$1()A,'(1$"%$ 32($T,):7$$$$H==5,'*-31$:/13$2*A($=)(A,"/1$ *''"/-3,-.$*-0$1/=()A,1")4$R$:*-*.(:(-3$ experience preferable within a fund environment.

Accounts Assistant



A wealth management company is 1((+,-.$3"$)(')/,3$*$T/-0$H0:,-,13)*3")$3"$ =)"A,0($32($=),A*3($(P/,34$0(=*)3:(-3$6,32$ administration, compliance and accounting assistance. Whilst funds experience would !($*0A*-3*.("/1C$'*-0,0*3(1$6,32$X$4(*)1$ (#=(),(-'($6,32,-$32($&-*-',*5$1()A,'(1$ industry with good communication and *-*543,'*5$1+,551$6"/50$!($'"-1,0()(07

A fast growing commercial business is 1((+,-.$3"$)(')/,3$*-$H''"/-3*-3$3"$*11,13$ with reliable, timely and accurate delivery "%$<":=*-4$d)"/=$&-*-',*5$)(=")3,-.$(7.7$ =)"&3$*-0$5"11C$!*5*-'($12((3C$E"/)-*51$*-0$ +(4$=()%"):*-'($,-0,'*3")17$


Gallery brings you the pick of the job market from Jersey’s leading agencies.

An experienced Accounts Assistant is )(P/,)(0$!4$*$5"'*5$3)*0,-.$!/1,-(11$3"$ *11,13$32(,)$T,-*-'($3(*:$6,32$,-3()-*5$ *''"/-3,-.$:*33()17$$$8%$4"/$2*A($a$ years residency as well as previous !""++((=,-.$*-0$*''"/-31$*11,13*-'($ (#=(),(-'($'"-3*'3$/1$3"0*47$$$?/==")3$ and encouragement for professional *''"/-3,-.$P/*5,&'*3,"-1$l<HN$")$ 1,:,5*)m$6,55$!($=)"A,0(07

Legal Counsel A Legal qualification and at least 4 years experience working within the Finance Industry is required for this exciting new position. The successful candidate will be proficient in drafting and negotiating agreements, performing legal research and instructing and overseeing work performed by external legal counsel.

Fund Officer Our client is looking for individuals with 2 or more years relevant experience, holding or working towards a Table 5 qualification with a good understanding of due diligence procedures and the regulatory environment and an understanding of book-keeping and accounts

HR Advisor The ideal candidate will have worked within an HR function and be able to demonstrate a good understanding of HR administration. If you have experience managing administration to a high quality and pace, coupled with good knowledge of powerpoint and excel, this could be an exciting opportunity for you!

Senior Accountant New role for a qualified accountant (ACA/ ACCA or similar). The successful candidate will be responsible for providing accounting, bookkeeping and back office services.


ALYST The successfu l candidate wi ll be responsible fo r supplying th e business with quality Ad -hoc and sche duled Managemen t Information as well as creating besp oke MI Repo rts to suppor business decis t ions.

New Accounts Specialist N2,1$)"5($6,55$%"'/1$"-$32($fB<$*-0$ compliance surrounding the opening of new accounts (covering personal, private *-0$'")=")*3($!/1,-(11$5,-(1m7

Senior Administrator – Private clients N2($?(-,")$H0:,-,13)*3")$6,55$!($ responsible for servicing existing clients to *$2,.2$13*-0*)07$XV^$4(*)1$(#=(),(-'($,1$ essential as well as a relevant professional P/*5,&'*3,"-7

Accountant – Financial Reporting The role will involve the preparation "%$13*3/3")4$&-*-',*5$13*3(:(-31$l,-$ accordance with the relevant GAAP i.e. 8TL?C$bf$")$b?$dHHUmC$,-3(),:$]$P/*)3()54$ *''"/-31$*-0R")$!(1="+($&-*-',*5$ reporting to entities administered by the organisation.

Compliance Administrator N2($<":=5,*-'($H0:,-,13)*3")$6,55$*11,13$ with monitoring and developing the controls in place within the Group to ensure compliance with all relevant statutory and )(./5*3")4$)(P/,)(:(-317

HR Manager I(55$)(=/3(0C$%*13$.)"6,-.$&0/',*)4$ !/1,-(11$1((+1$DL$Y*-*.()$3"$*'3$*1$*$ trusted advisor providing expert generalist DL$="5,'4$*0A,'($*-0$1/==")3$3"$:*-*.()17

Corporate Trust Officer I($*)($5""+,-.$%")$'*-0,0*3(1$6,32$.""0$ *55$)"/-0$'")=")*3($(#=(),(-'($3"$E",-$32($ growing department of this well reputed organisation.


Select Recruitment 2nd Floor, York Chambers, York Street, St Helier, JE2 3RQ


Optimus 17 Queen Street, St Helier, JE2 4WD


Park 29 HIll Street St Helier, JE2 4UA

Our first Gradu8 of the 2010/11 academic year looks at some bright young things whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve recently made the jump to working life and asks them about their roles and what they get up to >

gradu8 [ careers special ]




gradu8 [ careers special ]




What made you choose Deloitte: 8$'2"1($"-($"%$32($!,.$%"/)$&):1$0/($3"$32(,)$)(=/3*3,"-C$'":=(3,3,A($ 1*5*)4$ *-0$ "==")3/-,34$ 3"$ *'2,(A($ %/)32()$ P/*5,&'*3,"-1$ 3"$ !""13$ :4$ future, but I chose Deloitte for the initial impression I received at the interview. Before I even began my career at Deloitte I felt welcomed *-0$=*)3$"%$32($'"::/-,347$$H00,3,"-*554$32($,0(*$"%$6")+,-.$,-$A*),"/1$ environments both on the island and abroad was highly appealing.

What professional training do I take: 8$*:$'/))(-354$13/04,-.$3"6*)01$!('":,-.$*$<2*)3()(0$H''"/-3*-3$6,32$ 32($8-13,3/3($"%$<2*)3()(0$H''"/-3*-31$,-$@-.5*-0$*-0$I*5(17$83$,-A"5A(1$ Qa$:"0/5(1$*-0$Sa_$0*41$"%$3('2-,'*5$3)*,-,-.$*1$6(55$*1$=)"%(11,"-*5$ development and structured training in ethics. Being a prestigious and 6(55$)('".-,1(0$P/*5,&'*3,"-$,3$,1$!"32$,-3(-1($*-0$0(:*-0,-.C$2"6(A()$ the doors of opportunities which it will "=(-$ ,-$ 32($ %/3/)($ 6,55$ 0(&-,3(54$ prove its worthiness over the time and effort invested.


What do I do on an average day: Within Deloitte there is no average day. Each new audit brings a variety "%$1/))"/-0,-.1C$%)(12$%*'(1$*-0$0,%%()(-3$3*1+1$'"-13*-354$+((=,-.$4"/$ (-.)"11(0$*-0$:"3,A*3(07$[(,-.$*-$*/0,3")$32($"!E('3,A($,1$3"$(-1/)($ 32($,-3(.),34$"%$&-*-',*5$0*3*C$,-$62,'2$1"$%*)$8$2*A($3(13(0$*-$*))*4$"%$ !*5*-'(1$%)":$=*4)"55C$&#(0$*11(31$*-0$(#=(-1(1$3"$'*12C$5"*-1$*-0$ (P/,347$$N2($"-54$32,-.$32*3$'*-$!($(#=('3(0$,-$:4$0*4$,1$*$1/==")3,A($ team.

What is the next step: Y4$-(#3$13(=$,1$3"$!('":($%/554$P/*5,&(0$62,513$.*,-,-.$:")($(#=(),(-'($ *-0$+-"65(0.($"%$32($,-0/13)47$D*A,-.$32($H<H$/-0()$:4$!(53$6,55$5(*0$ to opportunities in both the private and public sectors and will allow :($3"$:*+($*$A*),(34$"%$'2",'(1$*!"/3$:4$'*)(()$/="-$P/*5,&'*3,"-7$ D"6(A()C$ 6,32$ 32($ '"/)1($ 3*+,-.$ 32)(($ 4(*)1C$ :4$ %"'/1$ -"6$ ,1$ "-$ =*11,-.$32($(#*:1$*-0$*'2,(A,-.$*$&):$%""3,-.$*-0$/-0()13*-0,-.$,-$ >()1(4$&-*-'(7

What advice would I give myself as a 2010/11 graduate considering the experience I have now: 8%$8$6*1$3"$.,A($:41(5%$*0A,'($*1$*$X__eRQ_$.)*0/*3($8$6"/50$1*4`$!($ =)(=*)(07$[($=)(=*)(0$3"$6")+$2*)0()$*-0$%")$5"-.()7$[($=)(=*)(0$3"$ !($'"-%)"-3(0$6,32$0,%&'/53$1,3/*3,"-1$!"32$,-1,0($*-0$"/31,0($"%$6")+7$ [($=)(=*)(0$,-$4"/)$0*,54$*'3,A,3,(1$*-0$(-1/)($4"/$:*,-3*,-$*$6")+$5,%($ balance.

Employer info: Deloitte


?,-'($6($6*-3$3"$2(5=$4"/$%/5&5$4"/)$="3(-3,*5C$6($13)"-.54$(:=2*1,1($ career development and training. Deloitte employees are among the !(13$P/*5,&(0$&-*-'(C$3*#$*-0$*'3/*),*5$=)"%(11,"-*517$$I,32$QQC___$ (#'(=3,"-*5$=("=5($*')"11$32($bf$*-0$$?6,3g()5*-0C$J(5",33($2*1$32($ !)"*0(13$*-0$0((=(13$)*-.($"%$1+,551$"%$*-4$!/1,-(11$*0A,1")4$").*-,1*3,"-C$*-0$6($2*A($*$13)*,.23%")6*)0$."*5`$3"$!($)('".-,1(0$*1$32($ =)(V(:,-(-3$*-0$:"13$3)/13(0$=)"%(11,"-*5$1()A,'(1$&):C$%*:"/1$%")$ "/)$=("=5($*-0$)(1=('3(0$%")$32($(#'(=3,"-*5$P/*5,34$"%$"/)$6")+7$SSS. )#6&,$$#.+&.*97<"1)*1$#-


“ We want you to excel – to make the very best of yourself. To this end, we’ve designed a learning and development programme that’s second to none. We’ll give you all the support and encouragement you need to achieve professional qualifications in finance and tax, as well as sharpening your business and technology skills.“

interested? 8%$4"/$32,-+$4"/90$5,+($3"$=/)1/($*$'*)(()$*3$ Deloitte, get in contact with Honey on _Qa^S$\XSX\_$")$(:*,5$2'5*)+(w0(5",33(7'"7/+





gradu8 [ careers special ]



What made you choose the company you work for? H%3()$/-,A()1,34$8$+-(6$32*3$8$6*1-93$P/,3($)(*04$3"$(-0$:4$*'*0(:,'$ studies, so a position on a professional training programme was the -*3/)*5$ =)".)(11,"-7$ ?*--($ 3,'+(0$ *55$ 32($ !"#(1$ 62(-$ '2""1,-.$ *$ company that matched my ambition as it combined a well estab5,12(0$ =)"%(11,"-*5$ P/*5,&'*3,"-$ 1'2(:($ 6,32$ *$ %),(-054$ *-0$ *==)"*'2*!5($6")+,-.$(-A,)"-:(-3C$?*--($,1$32($=()%('3$=5*'($%")$:($ to complete my studies while obtaining the necessary experience to =)".)(11$6,32,-$:4$'*)(()7$8-$*00,3,"-C$?*--($,1$(#=*-0,-.C$!"32$,-$ terms of staff and geographical reach, ensuring it is an exciting place to be.

What sort of professional training do you take? </))(-354$8$*:$13/04,-.$3"6*)01$:4$8<?H$P/*5,&'*3,"-7$8$'2"1($8<?H$ "A()$"32()$=)"%(11,"-*5$P/*5,&'*3,"-1$!('*/1($"%$32($1'"=($*-0$A*),(34$"%%()(07$?3/04,-.$*$!)"*0$1/!E('3$!*1($-"3$"-54$2(5=1$:($3*'+5($ *$)*-.($"%$3"=,'1$32*3$*),1($0/),-.$:4$0*4V3"V0*4$3*1+1C$!/3$,3$*51"$


2(5=1$+((=$32,-.1$,-3()(13,-.7$@13*!5,12,-.$32($),.23$6")+$*-0$13/04$ !*5*-'($ '*-$ !($ '2*55(-.,-.$ *3$ &)13C$ !/3$ 2*A,-.$ *$ '":=*-4$ 0(0,cated to your success really does help.

What do you do on an average day? H-$ *A()*.($ 0*4$ ,1$ *-432,-.$ !/3$ *A()*.(7$ B"/$ -(A()$ P/,3($ +-"6$ 62*3$6")+$4"/955$!($'"-%)"-3(0$6,32$0/),-.$32($0*47$8$6")+$,-$=),vate wealth management so activities can range from dealing with '/13":()$ (-P/,),(1C$ !""++((=,-.$ *-0$ *''"/-31$ =)(=*)*3,"-$ 3"$ (-1/),-.$"/)$'/13":()19$%/-01$6")+$,-$32($:"13$(%&',(-3$="11,!5($ 6*47$N2,1$+((=1$4"/$"-$4"/)$3"(1$*-0$:(*-1$32*3$3,:($)(*554$0"(1$ vanish.

What is your next step? I,32$:")($32*3$2*5%$"%$:4$=)"%(11,"-*5$P/*5,&'*3,"-$'":=5(3(0C$:4$ (4(1$*)($&):54$%"'/1(0$"-$=*11,-.$:4$)(:*,-,-.$(#*:1$&)13$3,:($ *)"/-07$H%3()$P/*5,%4,-.$8$*,:$3"$%/)32()$:4$'*)(()$6,32,-$?*--(7

What advice would you give to a 2010/11 graduate considering the experience you have now? 8-$>()1(4$6($*)($%")3/-*3($32*3$32()($*)($13,55$*$5"3$"%$.)*0/*3($E"!1$ and it really is up to the individual to seize the initiative. Placing 4"/)$<h$6,32$1(A()*5$)(')/,3:(-3$*.(-',(1$'*-$!($*$.)(*3$6*4$3"$ 1(($62*3$="1,3,"-1$*)($*A*,5*!5(7$H%3()$32*3$,391$*!"/3$:*3'2,-.$32($ ),.23$'":=*-4$*-0$P/*5,&'*3,"-$3"$32($'*)(()$4"/90$5,+($3"$=/)1/(7

Employer info: Sanne Group


?*--($d)"/=$,1$*$04-*:,'$&-*-',*5$1()A,'(1$!/1,-(11$=)"A,0,-.$,-3()-*3,"-*5$ &0/',*)4$ 1()A,'(1$ 3"$ *$ 6")506,0($ '/13":()$ !*1(7$ N2)"/.2$ *$ 1=(',*5,13$ 0,A,1,"-*5$13)/'3/)($?*--($0(5,A()1$3*,5")(0C$=)"%(11,"-*5$&-*-',*5$*0:,-,13)*3,"-$ 1()A,'(1$32)"/.2$*$-(36")+$"%$,-3()-*3,"-*5$"%&'(17 D(*0P/*)3()(0$,-$>()1(4C$?*--($(-.*.(1$"A()$Q__$13*%%$6")506,0($*-0$"%%()1$ an exciting and challenging range of opportunities in the areas of fund admin,13)*3,"-C$13)/'3/)(0$&-*-'(C$)(*5$(13*3(C$'")=")*3(C$2/:*-$'*=,3*5$*-0$=),A*3($ wealth including a fully assisted three year professional training programme 5(*0,-.$3"$(,32()$*-$H<<HC$8<H@I$")$8<?H$P/*5,&'*3,"-7$T")$:")($,-%"):*3,"-$ A,1,3$"/)$6(!1,3(`$$66671*--(.)"/=7'":

“We place a great deal of emphasis on attracting the best local talent. Offering an exciting and challenging range of opportunities can attract graduates back to the Island as well as providing those wanting to embark on a career straight after A-levels with the opportunity to work towards attaining a professional qualification.”


8%$4"/$32,-+$4"/90$5,+($3"$=/)1/($*$'*)(()$ *3$?*--($d)"/=C$.(3$,-$'"-3*'3$6,32$ ?,|-$U2,55,=1$"-$$_Qa^S$cXXc\c$")$(:*,5$ 1,*-7=2,55,=1w1*--(.)"/=7'":







gradu8 [ careers special ]




What made you choose the company you work for? 8$ 2*0$ 32($ "==")3/-,34$ 3"$ 0"$ 1(A()*5$ !,31$ "%$ 6")+$ (#=(),(-'($ !"32$ !(%")($*-0$32)"/.2$/-,A()1,34$*-0$)(*554$(-E"4(0$,37$N2()($,1$*$.)(*3$ *3:"1=2()($ ,-$ 32($ "%&'($ *-0$ 32()(91$ =5(-34$ "%$ "==")3/-,34$ 3"$ .(3$ involved in the sport and social side as well. Being trained for another P/*5,&'*3,"-$ *%3()$ 4"/)$ 0(.)(($ *51"$ .,A(1$ 4"/$ 1":(32,-.$ 3"$ 6")+$ 3"6*)017$T,-*554C$32($=("=5($3"==(0$,3$"%%$*-0$:*0($,3$1":(62()($8$ 6*-3(0$3"$6")+7

What sort of professional training do you take? 89:$0",-.$H<HC$62,'2$,1$*$<2*)3()(0$H''"/-3*-'4$P/*5,&'*3,"-7$N2($ 3)*,-,-.$3*+(1$^$4(*)1$6,32$Qa$(#*:1$1=)(*0$"A()$32*3$3,:(7$I($*)($ taught by our training provider BPP alongside people from other &):1C$6,32$(*'2$(#*:$2*A,-.$*!"/3$*$6((+$"%$3/,3,"-7$N2($1/==")3C$ from both KPMG and BPP, in terms of time and materials provided, is fantastic and gives you every chance to do well.

What do you do on the average day? I,32$ 32($ A*),(34$ "%$ '5,(-31C$ 1/'2$ *1$ !*-+1$ *-0$ '2*),3,(1C$ '":(1$ *$ 2/.($ )*-.($ "%$ 6")+7$ N2($ !(13$ 6*4$ 3"$ .(3$ *-$ ,0(*$ ,1$ 6,32$ 6")+$ (#=(),(-'($!/3$,-$.(-()*5$4"/$'"/50$!($6")+,-.$"-$4"/)$"6-$")$6,32$ *$3(*:$"%$/=$3"$3(-$=("=5(7$I($6")+$!"32$,-$"/)$"%&'($*-0$"/3$*3$ '5,(-3$ 1,3(1C$ 62,'2$ :(*-1$ 4"/$ :((3$ *-0$ 3*5+$ 3"$ *$ 6,0($ A*),(34$ "%$ =("=5($62,'2$+((=1$32,-.1$,-3()(13,-.7

What is your next step? In the short term I have got three exams coming up in June which 8$ *:$ %"'/1,-.$ "-7$ M"-.$ 3():$ =5*-$ ,1$ 3"$ P/*5,%47$ H%3()$ 32*3C$ ,%$ 32($ "==")3/-,34$'":(1$/=C$8$6"/50$5,+($3"$0"$*-$"A()1(*1$1('"-0:(-3$ somewhere.

Employer info: KPMG


H$5(*0,-.$*''"/-3*-'4$=)*'3,'(C$6,32$"%&'(1$!*1(0$,-$>()1(4$*-0$ d/()-1(4C$fUYd$,-$32($<2*--(5$815*-01$,1$*$5"'*554$"6-(0$,-0(=(-0(-3$ :(:!()$&):$"%$32($fUYd$-(36")+C$*%&5,*3(0$6,32$fUYd$8-3()-*3,"-*57$ fUYd$=)"A,0(1$*/0,3C$3*#$*-0$&-*-',*5$*0A,1")4$1()A,'(1$32)"/.2$ talented professionals whose aim is to deliver the highest service and value to our clients.


fUYd91$.5"!*5$-(36")+$(-*!5(1$/1$3"$0)*6$"-$"/)$,-3()-*3,"-*5$)(1"/)'(1$*-0$1+,551$3"$:((3$"/)$'5,(-319$-((017$T/-0*:(-3*5$3"$fUYd91$ approach is our focus on industry sectors. Our vision is simple, to turn +-"65(0.($,-3"$A*5/($%")$32($!(-(&3$"%$"/)$'5,(-31C$=("=5($*-0$"/)$ '*=,3*5$:*)+(317

“KPMG offers great support, excellent training, early responsibility, competitive benefits and fascinating clients. These are just some of the factors that make us an employer of choice for both students and experienced professionals.”


8%$ 4"/$ 32,-+$ 4"/90$ 5,+($ 3"$ =/)1/($ *$ '*)(()$ *3$ KPMG, get in contact with Louise on 01534 608472$")$(:*,5$$<HL@@L?w+=:.7E()1(47E(


What advice would you give to yourself as a 2010 graduate considering the experience you have now? J"$4"/)$)(1(*)'2C$(*'2$&):$2*1$*$0,%%()(-3$(32"1$*-0$32(4$:,.23$-"3$ *55$!($*$:*3'2$%")$4"/7$$O32()$32*-$32*3$."$1+,,-.C$4"/$0"-93$.(3$:/'2$ '2*-'($6,32$32($!/14$1(*1"-G






gradu8 [ careers special ]



What made you choose the company you work for? T,-*-'($ ,1$ =)(A*5(-3$ ,-$ >()1(4$ *-0$ 8$ +-(6$ 32*3$ !*-+1$ -((0$ DL7$ 8$ *33(-0(0$32($'*)(()1$%*,)$*3$32($L*0,11"-$,-$?(=3(:!()$*-0$D?[<$ 2*0$*$13*55$32()($62,'2$'*/.23$:4$(4(7$D?[<$,1$1/'2$*$2"/1(2"50$ name which instantly grabbed my attention, plus for me, the global mobility opportunities it offers is a huge advantage as I want to travel and see the world.

What sort of professional training do you take? I have learnt so much since starting my career, and once I have settled in to my role, I want to explore professional training opportunities. D?[<$ *)($ )(*554$ (-32/1,*13,'$ *!"/3$ =)"%(11,"-*5$ 0(A(5"=:(-3$ 1"$ 62(-$8$*:$)(*04C$,391$.""0$3"$+-"6$32(4$6,55$1/==")3$:(7

What do you do on the average day? U*)3$"%$:4$)"5($,1$32($*0:,-,13)*3,"-$%")$32($DL$*-0$M(*)-,-.$3(*:17$ 83$ ,-'5/0(1y$ *))*-.,-.$ :((3,-.1$ *-0$ !""+,-.$ 0(5(.*3(1$ "-$ 3)*,-,-.$ '"/)1(1C$ 8$ :"-,3")$ 32($ "=()*3,"-*5$ ),1+$ ,-$ "/)$ 0(=*)3:(-3$ *-0$ 89:$ 32($'"V")0,-*3")$%")$32($6")+V(#=(),(-'($13/0(-31$62"$'":($,-$3"$ 32($!/1,-(11$%)":$N),0(-3$")$>()1(4$T,-*-'(7$8$*:$*51"$6")+,-.$"-$ 1":($5*).($"-.",-.$=)"E('31C$%")$(#*:=5(C$89:$)(A,(6,-.$32($!(-(&31$ =*'+*.($ 6($ "%%()$ "/)$ (:=5"4((1$ *-0$ 6")+,-.$ "-$ )(')/,3:(-3$ "%$ Graduate Talent.

What is your next step? 89:$ 13,55$ &-0,-.$ :4$ %((3$ 6,32,-$ 32($ '":=*-4$ *-0$ 8$ 6*-3$ 3"$ 13*4$ ,-$ DL$ %")$ -"6$ !/3$ (A(-3/*554$ 8$ 6,55$ '()3*,-54$ 5""+$ *3$ :4$ =)"%(11,"-*5$ development, travel opportunities and the chance to develop within "32()$0(=*)3:(-31$"%$D?[<7

Employer info: HSBC N2($6")5091$5"'*5$!*-+7$$$$$$$$$$$$$ D?[<$,1$"-($"%$32($5*).(13$*-0$:"13$3)/13(0$!*-+,-.$*-0$&-*-',*5$ services organisations in the world.


We can help you build the career you dream of. With a breadth of opportunities over a broad range of businesses, your prospects will be (#',3,-.$*-0$A*),(0C$E/13$*1$4"/90$(#=('3$%)":$*$:*E")$").*-,1*3,"-$6,32$ global representation.


“HSBC enables your personal and professional growth whoever you are and wherever your career may take you. We have fantastic opportunities for people to develop, progress, learn and succeed”


8%$4"/$32,-+$4"/90$5,+($3"$=/)1/($*$'*)(()$ *3$D?[<C$.(3$,-$'"-3*'3$6,32$Louise on


What advice would you give to yourself as a 2010/11 graduate considering the experience you have now? J"-93$ 0,1:,11$ *-4$ "==")3/-,3,(1$ !('*/1($ 32(4$ :*4$ -"3$ 1((:$ 5,+($ 4"/)$ ,0(*$ "%$ 32($ =()%('3$ =*32$ 3"$ 4"/)$ ,0(*5$ ."*57$ @A()432,-.$ 89A($ !((-$,-A"5A(0$,-$2*1$2(5=(0$:($*-0$*00(0$3"$:4$1+,55$!*1($,-$"-($ way or another. The exciting thing is, the more opportunities you explore, the more you learn about yourself as an individual and as a professional.

Tell us about your greatest achievement so far: 8-$W"A(:!()$D?[<$3""+$"-$&A($6")+V(#=(),(-'($13/0(-31$%")$32($ 36"$6((+$;M,%($,-$T,-*-'(9$=)".)*::(C$6")+,-.$6,32$>()1(4$T,-*-'($ 8$6*1$32($'"V")0,-*3")$%")$D?[<C$H3$32*3$=",-3$8$2*0$"-54$!((-$,-$32($ !/1,-(11$%")$1,#$6((+1$1"$,3$6*1$*$!,.$5(*)-,-.$'/)A($!/3$(A()432,-.$ 6")+(0$)(*554$6(55$*-0$6($2*0$1":($.)(*3$%((0!*'+7





GRADU8 [ careers special ]


everyone’s looking to cherry pick


If you’re looking for the best opportunities, don’t miss Gradu8, the tri-annual careers feature in the December, March and July editions of Gallery Magazine that profiles graduate opportunities from leading Channel Island Employers. Recruiters To get included in the next edition or next year’s annual careers guide please call 811100 or email

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sport hardware

THE NEW SAILING-TOUCH Featuring: Weather Function Tide Calculator Regatta Function Speed over Distance Compass Plus two alarms, two time zones, perpetual calendar and a back light


Rivoli Jewellers   41/43  King Street  St. Helier     601930 | |



Member of


Sponsors of the RCIYC Marquee at the Jersey Boat Show


While racing around the world, 100 miles off the coast of Australia we were hit by a massive wave. The hull was dented but far worse were the injuries to the crew. One had lost a finger and another broke all four limbs and underwent 23 operations over the next 4 years so pretty nasty!


138 138

Jersey sportsperson of the month

WillCarnegie Name: I,55$<*)-(.,( Age: ^c Sport: ?*,5,-. What do you do: Director of Jersey ?*,5,-.C$1+,==()(0$,-$[N$d5"!*5$ <2*55(-.(C$$T*13-(3$)*'(C$)"/-0$[),3*,-$ *-0$8)(5*-0C$'"/-35(11$<"6(1$6((+1$ and many coastal and offshore races "A()$32($5*13$QX$4(*)17 School attended:$?3$Y,'2*(591C$h,'3"),*$<"55(.( Favourite ice-cream flavour: $H-4$*1$5"-.$*1$,391$5"'*5G Favourite Animal: Mermaid

:--%F?G.H=0>-'% I=1%")'%('$%")'% J?-K%;#.>'%L 9:--%;#"<=>$0%?--% @?A"#0%?--%0.B'0% ?-C?10%.)%0$">DE M%2'#H0%?)<%>")<.$.")0%?;;-1

Favourite food:$Y"/5(1$%"55"6(0$!4$*$13(*+$*-0$*$!"335($"%$ Muscadet. What would you wear to a fancy dress party? Best has to be the 1/!:*),-($"/3&3$8$:*0($%")$*$%),(-091$S_32G Favourite song?$U/5=$j$*-432,-.$%)":$32($J,%%()(-3$<5*11$*5!/:C$ always with me on longer trips. Favourite sailing expression?$M*-0$*2"4G

!"#$%&'(')$%*%+$%,'-.'#%*%/'#0'1 2'-%345678

When did you start sailing?$N2()($,1$*$!5*'+$*-0$62,3($=2"3"$"%$ *$'*))4$'"3$3,(0$"-3"$32($1,0($"%$*$4*'2391$'"'+=,3$,-$32($c_1$j$ 32*391$:(G What is your worst sailing accident? While racing around the 6")50C$Q__$:,5(1$"%%$32($'"*13$"%$H/13)*5,*$6($6()($2,3$!4$*$:*11,A($ 6*A(7$$N2($2/55$6*1$0(-3(0$!/3$%*)$6")1($6()($32($,-E/),(1$3"$32($ ')(67$$O-($2*0$5"13$*$&-.()$*-0$*-"32()$!)"+($*55$%"/)$5,:!1$*-0$ /-0()6(-3$X^$"=()*3,"-1$"A()$32($-(#3$S$4(*)1$1"$=)(334$-*134G$ Where do you think is the best place to sail in the world? Is there *-462()($(51($"32()$32*-$2()(FG$$B"/$'*--"3$!(*3$1*,5,-.$3"$32($ Ecrehous on a beautiful day, round Island is another big favourite and the coastline of Brittany is outstanding.

How can people get into sailing in Jersey?$>()1(4?*,5,-.7'":$ offer racing opportunities for everyone whether experienced or not. I($*51"$"%%()$1*,5,-.$'"/)1(1$,-$=*)3-()12,=$6,32$LBH$8-13)/'3")$ U2,55$L"!,-1"-$62"$)/-1$=)1*,5E()1(47'":7$["32$?3$D(5,()$B*'23$ <5/!C$?3$<*32(),-(91$?*,5,-.$<5/!$*-0$32($L"4*5$<2*--(5$815*-0$ B*'23$<5/!$"%%()$0,-.24$*-0$1":($*0/53$1*,5,-.7$ What competitions have you done most recently? And how did you do?$$?=),-.$?(),(1$5"'*554$,-$X_Q_$j$6($'*:($32,)0$,-$32($K((37$$ I was particularly pleased with this as we were competing against experienced regular teams whereas our team were amateurs who in some cases had never sailed before. It proved what I have always believed; that with the right attitude and commitment you can get the results. This season we will be entering yachts in the !,..(13$5"'*5$)*'($j$32($<*)(4$O51(-$,-3()$815*-0$L*'($,-$>/-(C$*$ big favourite for all sailors with an excellent social event at the end.


Where and when was your favourite sailing moment?$$?((,-.$ H%),'*$"-$32($2"),g"-$*%3()$S_$0*41$,-$32($?"/32()-$O'(*-$)*',-.$ %)":$?40-(4C$6(90$1((-$-(,32()$5*-0$-")$"32()$!"*31$%")$:"13$"%$ this period so it was an emotional and exciting moment.



Surf’s up!


2($>()1(4$?/)%$?'2""5$,1$32($"-54$8-3()-*3,"-*5$?/)&-.$H11"',*3,"-$*==)"A(0$'(-3)($ ,-$>()1(47$M"'*3(0$,-$32($2(*)3$"%$?3$O/(-91$!*4C$-(#3$3"$32($I*3()1=5*127$N2($ >()1(4$?/)%$?'2""5$1,31$"-$32($0"")13(=$"%$32($<2*--(5$815*-01$:"13$'"-1,13(-3$1/)%$1="37$ Their local team of instructors are hugely passionate and dedicated to ensuring you receive the highest standards of coaching in a safe and friendly environment. All "%$32(,)$13*%%$*)($(#=(),(-'(0$*-0$*'')(0,3(0$,-13)/'3")1$*1$6(55$*1$P/*5,&(0$!(*'2$ 5,%(./*)017$?"$62(32()$4"/9)($*$1/)&-.$A,).,-$")$E/13$6*-3$1":($*0A,'($"-$4"/)$ 3('2-,P/($.,A($32(:$*$'*55$*-0$32(4$*)($:")($32*-$2*==4$3"$2(5=$4"/$"/3G$ <*55$S\S__a$")$A,1,3$6667E()1(41/)%1'2""57'"7/+7$

?3)(11$*-0$"!(1,34$3".(32()$6,32$2(*)3$ 0,1(*1($*)($*-0$6,55$!($32($:*E")$+,55()1$ "-$32($XQ13$'(-3/)47$831$3,:($%")$*55$"%$ us to do something about it.” Trudi has )('(-354$E",-(0$>()1(491$-(6(13$.4:C$ ["04L"#7$$

De stress

[*1(0$,-$?(*3"-$U5*'($l*3$32($1,0($"%$ 32($N"6-$D*55m$["04L"#$.4:$2*1$!((-$ lovingly converted from an old chapel 3"$*$2":($62()($32($5*3(13$.4:$(P/,=:(-3$'*-$!($%"/-07$b=13*,)1$4"/$6,55$&-0$ a naturally lit studio for all the classes 3".(32()$6,32$*$QcV1(*3()$1=,-$13/0,"$ which will soon be the most visual spin 13/0,"$,-$32($,15*-0G

J,0$4"/$+-"6$32*3$13)(11$5(A(51$2*A($2,3$ *$-(6$2,.2$,-$32($,15*-0F$$?,-'($32($13*)3$ "%$32($0"6-3/)-$,-$X__cC$32($-/:!()$"%$ 0*41$3*+(-$"%%$%")$13)(11$*-0$1,'+-(11$ 2*1$1"*)(0$!4$aQi7$D"6$'*-$(:=5"4ers and employees manage this startling ,-')(*1(F$O!(1,34$,1$!('":,-.$*$:")($ common concern particularly with chil0)(-$*-0$4"/-.()$*0/5317$?"$2"6$'*-$6($ 2(5=$"/)1(5A(1F

“I re-trained last year to become a Master Personal Trainer and to specialise in 6":(-$*-0$'2,50)(-91$2(*532$*-0$&3-(117$$ 8$*:$*56*41$5""+,-.$%")$"==")3/-,3,(1$ *-0$2*A($*5)(*04$E",-(0$%")'(1$6,32$M"*%$ 3"$=)"A,0($2(*5324$3*+(*6*4$5/-'2(1$ and smoothies. There is nothing worse 32*-$&-,12,-.$*$6")+"/3$*-0$.)*!!,-.$*$ '*5"),(V5*0(-$1*-06,'2$*1$,391$32($"-54$ 32,-.$5(%3$"-$32($12(5%Go

N)/0,$L"1'"/(3C$0,)('3")$"%$32($[(1="+($ d)"/=$j$N)*,-,-.C$@A(-31$*-0$T,3-(11C$ suggests that “We all owe ourselves a 0/34$3"$5""+$*%3()$"/)$!"04$*-0$:,-07$$

Join Trudi for Boxercise or for personal 3)*,-,-.$*3$["04L"#$"-$_cceccZeee^$")$ "%&'(w!"04)"#7E($")$A,1,3$6667!"04)"#7 E($%")$32($-(6$3,:(3*!5(7


The Inaugural Greenlight: Round The Rock Ultra Marathon announced


3$Z*:$"-$?*3/)0*4$H/./13$Z32$X_QQC$(-3)*-31$"%$d)((-5,.23`$L"/-0$N2($L"'+C$ 32($<2*--(5$815*-019$&)13$b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`$6667)"/-032()"'+7'"7/+


Struan Moore proves he is one to watch


"'*5$)*',-.$0),A()C$?3)/*-$Y"")(C$ 2*1$&):54$1('/)(0$2,:1(5%$*1$;"-($ 3"$6*3'29$*%3()$*$1/''(11%/5$36"$6((+1$ of important pre season test outings in preparation for his debut season in cars. ?3)/*-$,1$-"6$/-0"/!3(054$)(*04$%")$ whatever challenges the new season has to throw at him when it launches at the beginning of April at Brands Hatch. M*13$:"-32$?3)/*-$=*11(0$2,1$HLJ?$ )*',-.$5,'(-1($6,32$K4,-.$'"5"/)1C$*$ -('(11,34$%")$*-4$)*',-.$0),A()7$H3$QZ$ years of age and having only driven a car a handful of times, he passed the test with ease and impressed his instructor so much so that he only needed one day out of the two that 1":($0),A()1$)(P/,)(7$L,'2*)0$U(*'"'+C$ ?(-,")$L*'($8-13)/'3")$%")$H-.5(1(4$ L*'($<,)'/,3C$1*,0`$n?3)/*-$6*1$"-($ "%$32($:"13$'":=(3(-3$E/-,")$0),A()1$ that I have ever seen in my career. His 1+,55$*-0$*33,3/0($!(2,-0$32($62((5$2*1$ proven to me that he is a very promising talent in motorsport and is undoubtedly one to watch this season.” ?3)/*-$*51"$."3$!(2,-0$32($62((5$"%$2,1$ -(6$d,-(33*$dS_$'*)$%")$32($&)13$3,:($ since installation of a new gear box and )*'($34)(1$0/),-.$32($O%&',*5$d,-(33*$ N(13,-.$*3$?,5A()13"-($L*'($N)*'+$"-$ Y"-0*4$X\32$T(!)/*)47$$D($,:=)(11(0$ 2,1$-(6$<2*:=,"-12,=$6,--,-.$3(*:C$ D,551=((0C$'5"'+,-.$*$2,.2$-/:!()$"%$ miles in the car in what were considered 6(3$*-0$0,%&'/53$'"-0,3,"-17$ L,'2*)0$O55()(-12*6C$D,551=((0$N(*:$ U),-',=*5C$1*,0`$nI(9)($(#3)(:(54$=5(*1(0$ 3"$2*A($?3)/*-$"-$!"*)0$%")$2,1$&)13$ year in cars and he has demonstrated ,-$3(13,-.$32*3$2($2*1$32($-*3/)*5$1+,55$ and attitude to drive exceptionally well. He is a very exciting young prospect and having him as part of the team will put us in a healthy position to start the season with a big impact. Hillspeed had a fantastic year last year scooping the championship title, but our focus is solely on the future now and the new 1(*1"-$*2(*07$I,32$?3)/*-$0),A,-.$%")$ 32($3(*:$6($*)($'"-&0(-3$6($2*A($*$ A()4$13)"-.$5,-(V/=$*-0$5""+$%")6*)0$3"$ seeing how his racing career progresses ,-$X_QQ$*-0$!(4"-07o$$ ?3)/*-$-"6$5""+1$%")6*)0$3"$32($O%&',*5$ d,-(33*$Y(0,*$0*4$62,'2$3*+(1$=5*'($ "-$N2/)10*4$Qc32$Y*)'2$*3$?,5A()13"-($ !(%")($32($d,-(33*$>/-,")$?(),(1$13*)31$"-$ X-0$H=),5$X_Q_$*3$[)*-01$D*3'27$

travel events culture fashion beauty appetite home business sport



Original pirate material... They’re driving on China’s streets.


ook at the label on the tongue of your Nike shoes, the sticker on your camera, television or stereo and they’ll invariably all read the same thing. It’s even etched into the glass exterior of your iPhone. Made in China.


Is there nothing the undeniable global manufacturing superpower '*--"3$=)"0/'(C$,--"A*3,A($*-0$"),.,-*5$=)"0/'3$0(1,.-1$*1,0(F$ When German steel manufacturing giant Thyssen Krupp decided ,-$X__X$32*3$32(,)$J")3:/-0$13((5$:,55$6*1$-"$5"-.()$3/)-,-.$*$ =)"&3$32(4$6()($1/)=),1(0$62(-$*$<2,-(1($,-3()(13$"%%()(0$3"$ =/)'2*1($32($=5*-3$,-$,31$(-3,)(34C$1(-0,-.$"A()$Z__$<2,-(1($6")+()1$ 3"$=*,-13*+,-.54$-/:!()C$0,1:*-35($*-0$=*'+$(A()4$5*13$K"")C$ 6*55C$'(,5,-.C$&33,-.C$-/3$*-0$!"53$,-3"$'"-3*,-()1$3"$!($12,==(0$ "/3$*-0$)(V*11(:!5(0$,-$<2,-*$3"$:((3$32(,)$:*-/%*'3/),-.$*-0$ '"-13)/'3,"-$!"":91$0(:*-0$%")$13((5$*3$*$:()($%)*'3,"-$"%$32($'"13$ "%$=)"0/',-.$13((5$,-$d():*-47$N2($32),A,-.$:*)+(3$%")$'"/-3()%(,3$ goods also pays testament to their ability to reverse engineer almost anything, even to the point where it has been reported that a certain watch manufacturer cannot even distinguish between

32($)(*5$.(-/,-($*)3,'5($*-0$,31$T*)$@*13()-$'"/-3()=*)3$6,32"/3$ dismantling it in its entirety. <2,-(1($5*!"/)$,1$!"32$'2(*=$*-0$=5(-3,%/5$*-0$32(,)$'/))(-'4$,1$ ,-3(-3,"-*554$&#(0$*3$*$5(A(5$32*3$:*+(1$(#=")3$(3()-*554$=)"&3*!5(C$ but their focus has consistently been on manufacturing and not the expensive and creatively intensive yet very necessary research and development process. And this, is where their ballsy ability to counterfeit anything really comes into its own.

Geely GE & Hongqi HQD [(*),-.$:")($32*-$E/13$*$=*11,-.$)(1(:!5*-'($3"$L"551VL"4'(91$ K*.12,=$U2*-3":$5,:"/1,-(C$d((5491$/-*12*:(054$*/0*',"/1$ ,:,3*3,"-$6,55$1(3$4"/$!*'+$*-$(*14$pX__C___$5(11$32*-$,31$ Goodwood manufactured counterpart. Delivered. To Jersey. As :/'2$*1$4"/90$!($!*-+,-.$32($1*A,-.1C$8$6"/50-93$!*-+$"-$.(33,-.$ "-($=*13$Jh?$32"/.2$*1$32(4955$*5:"13$/-0"/!3(054$-"3$2*A($;@$ :*)+(09$2(*05*:=1C$")$1":($1/'2$"32()$3('2-,'*5,347$N2($D"-.P/,$ DsJC$5""+,-.$:")($5,+($*$'/3V*-0V12/3$32)(($'*)$=,5(V/=$,-A"5A,-.$ *$c_91$Y()'(0(1$X\_C$*$Y*4!*'2$a^$*-0$"%$'"/)1(C$32($U2*-3":$

Honda tuner MUGEN Euro will be unveiling a hot version of D"-0*91$)('(-354$)(5(*1(0$1=")3,-.$24!),0$32($<LVu$lJ),A(-$ ,-$32($>/54$X_Q_$,11/($"%$d*55()4m$*3$32,1$4(*)91$d""06""0$ T(13,A*5$O%$?=((07 O%%(),-.$;N4=(VL$5,+($=()%"):*-'(9$*-0$="11,!54$even !(33()$%/(5$('"-":4$*-0$<OX$(:,11,"-1$32*-$32($13*-0*)0$ <LVuC$Ybd@W91$5*3(13$:"3"),1(0$:*13()=,('($6,55$*51"$


!(-(&3$%)":$,:=)"A(:(-31$3"$32($!)*+(1C$1/1=(-1,"-$*-0$ !"046")+C$1=")3,-.$)(A,1(0$!/:=()1C$*$1=",5()$*-0$'*)!"-$ &!)($!"--(3$%")$.""0$:(*1/)(7$@1=(',*554$.""0$,%$4"/9)($ :(*1/),-.$32($Ybd@W$<LVu91$6(,.23C$62,'2$6,55$*51"$!($ A*1354$)(0/'(0$32*-+1$3"$5,.236(,.23$*55"4$62((517 N""$.""0$3"$!($3)/(F$O%$'"/)1($,3$,1C$*1$32(4$"-54$,-3(-0$3"$ ')(*3($*$"-(V"%%$(#*:=5(7$O-($%")$32($<2),13:*1$5,13$32(-7


Humber Hawk

Laibo SR-V W"$:(11,-.$*!"/3$2()(C$32($?LVh$5""+1$E/13$5,+($*$<LVh$6,32$!"04$ '"5"/)(0$=5*13,'$3),:$*-0$'5(*)$,-0,'*3")$!/5!17$N2(49A($-"3$(A(-$ %"/-0$*$A*),*3,"-$"%$-*:($!(&33,-.C$2*A,-.$E/:=(0$*$62"5($1,#3((-$ 5(33()1$"%$32($*5=2*!(3$%")$32($&)13$5(33()C$*-0$32(-$0(',0,-.$3"$),=$ 32($)(13$"%$32($:"0(5$-*:($13)*,.23$"%%$*-46*47$N2()(91$32*3$5*'+$"%$ ')(*3,A,34$12"6,-.$,31$'2((+4$5,335($)"/-0$%*'($*.*,-7

Dadi Shuttle ?=")3,-.$*$13*3($"%$32($*)3$3*=($'*11(33($=5*4()C$./35(11$S$'45,-0()$ ="6()=5*-3$=)"0/'3,-.$*$:,.234$Q__2=$*-0$;,:,3*3,"-$5(*32()$1(*319$ *A*,5*!5($3"$3,'+$"-$32($"=3,"-1$5,13C$62*391$-"3$3"$5,+($*!"/3$J*0,91$ 3*+($"-$N"4"3*91$A,)3/*554$/-13"==*!5($*-0$=)(334$6(55$!/55(3=)""%$ !(2(:"32C$32($.5"!*554$)(A()(0$M*-0')/,1()F

Chery QQ Not content with creating copies of luxury limousines and sought-

*%3()$"%%V)"*0()1C$<2,-*91$'*)!"-$'"=4$'/53/)($(A(-$(#3(-01$3"$ P/,3($%)*-+54$.2*1354C$.(),*3),'$12"==,-.$'*)17$N*V0*C$8$=)(1(-3$3"$ 4"/$32($<2()4$ssy$*$<2(A)"5(3$Y*3,g$,-$0,1./,1(7$I2,'2$,-$3/)-$,1$ *$J*(6""$Y*3,g$)(V!*0.(07$8391$5,+($32($*/3":"3,A($(P/,A*5(-3$"%$ <*-0,$?3*3"-91$;B"/$."3$32($5"A(9C$)(V:,#(0$*-0$)(V2*12(0$3"$0(*327

Hongqi HQE 8391$-"3$E/13$'"-3(:=")*)4$'*)1$(,32()C$*1$D"-.P,91$Ds@$."(1$3"$ prove. Admittedly the rear end is another Phantom clone, but the front arguably appears to have been cut straight off of either a D/:!()$D*6+$")$*-$H/13,-$Q^__7$<"=4),.23$(A,0(-354$,1-93$*-$,11/($ 62(-$4"/9)($'"=4,-.$-(*)V%")."33(-$'5*11,'17 [/3$3"$62*3$(#3(-3$,1$32,1$'5"-,-.$!(,-.$'*)),(0$"/3F$H)($32(1($ A(2,'5(1$:()($'"/-3()%(,31$&3$3"$%""5$-"!"04C$")$,-$32($%/3/)($6,55$ 6($!($5""+,-.$*3$=)(',1($'*)!"-$'"=,(1C$*1$6,32$32($(13((:(0$ timepieces mentioned earlier, indistinguishable from the genuine *)3,'5(F$[('*/1($(A(-$,%$32($1()A,'($'"131$(-0$/=$!(,-.$*$5,335($ 13((=C$.(33,-.$!(2,-0$32($62((5$"%$*$J[e$%")$32($=),'($"%$*-$Yta$ 1/)(54$'*-93$!($*55$32*3$!*0$*%3()$*557$<*-$,3F JERSEYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S STYLE MAGAZINE

bringing up the rear, however, almost unbelievably costs almost the 1*:($*1$32($.(-/,-($*)3,'5(7$>/13,&*!5(F$H5:"13$,-'"-'(,A*!547



Boating Booty


hether you’re an angler, a mariner of pleasure, sail a commercial boat, enjoy a water-based sport or an actual modern day pirate, this month’s round-up of nautical gadgets might float your boat.

Charts in your pocket


Memory map chart software enables 4"/$3"$:*+($4"/)$"6-$'/13":$'2*)31$3"$ help you navigate the seas around our 2/:!5($5,335($)"'+$,-$32($@-.5,12$<2*--(57$ <":=*3,!5($6,32$4"/)$U<C$-*/3,'*5$ dU?$1413(:1C$I,-0"61$=2"-(1$*-0$"%$ course that staple telecommunicative ,-13)/:(-3C$32($,U2"-(C$=*=()$:,.23$E/13$ have become a thing of the past.


Just in case your electronic marvels of modern technology do fail you though, why not arm yourself with some 6*3()=)""%$=*=()$3"$=),-3$4"/)$'2*)31$"-F$$ £42.92 from Southpier Marine Tel: 711000

Le Almanac ?"/32=,()$*51"$13"'+$*-0$'*-93$1=(*+$ 2,.254$"%$32($;[5"'$Y*),-($H5:*-*'9C$ which, as the name might suggest to the more observant readers out there, is a T)(-'2$=/!5,'*3,"-7$T*)$'2(*=()$32*-$*-4$ of its English counterparts and brimming with information, why not try one out for 1,g(F

Staying afloat Keeping your head above the surface when 4"/)$K"*3,-.$=),0($*-0$E"4$%*,51$4"/$:*4$-"3$ 1((:$6")32$,3$*3$32($3,:($!/3$:*+,-.$4"/)$ 6*4$!*'+$3"$12")($3"$&55$"/3$32($,-1/)*-'($ '5*,:$:,.23$E/13$.(3$4"/$!*'+$"/3$"-$32($ "'(*-$!5/($1""-()$32*-$4"/$32,-+7$ ?(*."91$O54:=,'$Q\_W$5,%(E*'+(3$,1$ 32($L"551VL"4'($"%$!/"4*-3$=()1"-*5$ 5,%(1*A,-.$(P/,=:(-37$?=")3,-.$*$!/,53$

in hood and crotch strap as well as an automatic light and other features, if 4"/9)($5""+,-.$3"$(P/,=$4"/)1(5%$6,32$ 32($!(13$'2*-'($"%$1/)A,A*5$62(-$4"/9)($ caught by surprise then these are well 6")32$*$5""+7 £79.99 from Southpier Marine, tel: 711000

Fly the flag f((=$/=$6,32$32($J*A4$>"-(1(1$*-0$K4$ 4"/)$,15*-091$5*3(13$1345($:*),3,:($K*.1$ complete with Jersey crest in a range of different sizes, shapes and materials. Available from Southpier Marine from between £51.20 to £58.91 in the style shown here, although other cheaper versions are also available.


Can you, canoe?

Full of hot air?

O)$+*4*+C$5(391$-"3$1=5,3$2*,)17$8)"-$?3")(1$ Y*),-($13"'+$32($="=/5*)$)*-.($"%$;O'(*-$ f*4*+19$32*3$'*-$!($%)(P/(-354$1((-$ locally, perched on the roofs of cars and A*-1$*5,+(C$*1$6(55$*1$!"!!,-.$,-$*-0$ around the caves and coasts of the island. I2(32()$4"/9)($32,-+,-.$"%$=*005,-.$%")$ =5(*1/)(C$K"*3,-.$%")$&12,(1$")$5""+,-.$ %")$*$-(6$%"):$"%$(#()',1($3"$3*+($"A()$ from the repetitive, sweaty and barely 2*-.,-.$"-$!4$32($1+,-$"%$,31$3((32$W(6$ B(*)91$)(1"5/3,"-$3"$."$3"$32($.4:$(A()4$ third Wednesday of the month, the sun is shining, the sea is warming up and the (#'/1(1$*)($)/--,-.$"/3$1"$32,-+$%*137

8%$4"/$5,+($32($,0(*$"%$+*4*+,-.$!/3$ 0"-93$5,+($32($,0(*$"%$5,%3,-.$*$=5*13,'$ behemoth onto the roof of your freshly A*5(3(0$'*)$")$6"/50$5,+($"-($")$36"$3"$ 5*/-'2$%)":$4"/)$!"*3$!/3$0"-93$2*A($32($ space onboard to stow them - fear not, !('*/1($32($H,)2(*0$,-K*3*!5($+*4*+$ might be the solution. Keep your options open for cave (#=5")*3,"-$62(-$32($!"*3$'*-93$P/,3($ .(3$'5"1($(-"/.2$")$3/'+$,3$,-$32($!""3$ "%$4"/)$'*)$%")$62(-$32($!(*'2$,1$E/13$ too boring. Be sure to watch out for very 12*)=$)"'+1$32"/.27

Available from Iron Stores Marine. Ocean Kayaks start from £379, and the Prowler Trident II angling kayak shown is £699.37

Available from Iron Stores Marine for £204.97 (one person, 11ft) or £266.77 (two person, 13ft).

8%$4"/$2*A($*$0('(-3$1,g(0$A(11(5C$4"/9)($ going to need a decent radio, and 6(9A($!((-$)('"::(-0(0$*$'2",'($"%$ <"!)*$&#(0$/-,3$*-0$2*-02(50$)*0,"17 N2($DD^Xa$,1$'":=*'3C$!"*131$*$ large screen and the ability to store an unlimited amount of channels as well as !(,-.$1/!:()1,!5(7$N2($Taa$1=")31$*-$ *0E/13*!5($!*'+5,.23$*-0$*51"$'":(1$6,32$ *$!)*'+(3$%")$(*14$:"/-3,-.7 Available from Iron Stores Marine at a price of £82.40 for the HH325 (handheld) and £110.19 for the F55 (fixed unit).

Did you know? N2*3$8)"-$?3")(1$Y*),-($*51"$13"'+$*$ 5*).($)*-.($"%$&12,-.$3*'+5($*3$32(,)$ <"::()',*5$[/,50,-.1$)(3*,5$"/35(3F$<*13$ *$32"/.23$%")$32(:$-(#3$3,:($4"/9)($*%3()$ 1":($-(6$+,37


10-4, breaker breaker



Down with Piracy Ever since the advent of broadband, and with broadband speeds seemingly doubling quicker than you can don a set of 3D specs, people have been downloading pirated films and music.

As technology improves though, the drop in quality is about as appealing to the viewer as a severe case of scurvy so why not take off your eye patches, stop helping to pay for Julian Assange’s legal fees and invest in the new home cinema treasure that is 3D telly and the surround sound system to match. Arrgh!

Panasonic TXP65VT20B HA*,5*!5($,-$1,g(1$%)":$*$)(1=('3*!5($S_o$*55$32($6*4$/=$3"$*$ .*).*-3/*-$Zao$*-0$6,32$*55$32($^J$.5*11(1$*-0$3)*-1:,33()$ 12*=(0$3),::,-.1$,-'5/0(0C$U*-*1"-,'$)(*554$2*A(-93$!((-$ :(11,-.$*)"/-0$62(-$,3$'":(1$3"$32($^J$3(5(A,1,"-7 U5*1:*C$)*32()$32*-$M<J$,1$/1(0$%")$%*13()$)(1="-1($3,:(1$ *-0$!(,-.$32($5*).(13$^J$3(5(A,1,"-$'/))(-354$*A*,5*!5($12"/50$ *,0$,-$4"/)$P/(13$%")$3"3*5$,::()1,"-$62(-$(-E"4,-.$32)((V 0,:(-1,"-*5$!)"*0'*1317$J"-93$1,3$3""$'5"1($32"/.2C$!('*/1($ :4$:/:$*56*41$/1(0$3"$6*)-$:($*!"/3$.(33,-.$1P/*)($(4(17 Available from Fortuna Euronics 46” £1719 / 65” £3850

BOSE 321 [O?@$"-54$:*+($*/0,"$(P/,=:(-3C$*-0$6,32$"-($%"'/1$4"/$ can expect them to be on top of their game and they certainly deliver. Having heard this system as demonstrated in the shop ,391$2*)0$3"$!(5,(A($32*3$1/'2$0(=32$"%$1"/-0$,1$'":,-.$"/3$"%$ E/13$36"$3,-4$1=(*+()1$*-0$*$1/!6""%()7$N2($'"-3)"5$/-,3$*51"$ P/*0)/=5(1$/=$*1$*$)*0,"C$<J$*-0$JhJ$=5*4()C$*-0$6"/50$ !($32($=()%('3$*''":=*-,:(-3$3"$32($^J$3(5(A,1,"-$!(5"6$3"$ further enhance your home cinema experience. Available from Fortuna Euronics £895


Samsung UE55C9000 At an almost impossibly thin 7.9mm, this 3,3*-,/:$aao$^J$M@J$Nh$:*4$-"3$!($32($ cheapest but is certainly impressive. Available from Fortuna Euronics £5599

H3$T")3/-*$@/)"-,'1C$SXo$U*-*1"-,'$*-0$?*:1/-.$^J$ 3(5(A,1,"-1$13*)3$*3$*)"/-0$pQQ__C$62,'2$,-'5/0(1$32($)(P/,1,3($ .5*11(1$*-0$*$^J$A,0("$=5*4()$1"$-"$-*134$12"'+1$32()(G N2(4$*51"$13"'+$?*:1/-.$a7Q$1/))"/-0$1"/-0$1413(:1$13*)3,-.$ %)":$*)"/-0$pQ^_$,-$=),'($,%$4"/)$6*55(3$,1-93$P/,3($%((5,-.$/=$


3"$%")+,-.$"/3$%")$*$[O?@$1413(:C$62,'2$'*-$!($1=(',&(0$/=$ 3"$',)'*$*$2(*5324$pS___$3"$,-'5/0($*$2(*01(3$32*3$1,31$*3"=$ your head and contains microphones to use during set up that balance the surround sound system so that no matter where 4"/)$%*A"/),3($1(*3$,1C$4"/955$*56*41$%((5$5,+($4"/9)($),.23$1:*'+$ bang in the epicentre of the action.


Sony Bravia HX803 I2()($!(33()$3"$13*)3$6,32$?"-491$"%%(),-.1$,-3"$32($^J$3(5(A,1,"-$ .*:($32*-$32,1C$32($Dt\_^F$N2($.5*11(1$*-0$3)*-1:,33()$*)(-93$ =)"A,0(0$6,32$32($3(5(A,1,"-$,31(5%$!/3$32,1$,1$)(K('3(0$,-$32($ rather competitive pricing. 8391$*51"$*A*,5*!5($*1$*$S_o$A()1,"-C$!/3$,%$4"/$%((5$5,+($1=5*12,-.$ "/3$(A(-$:")($624$-"3$3*+($*$5""+$*3$32(,)$Z_o$A*),*-3C$32($ Dte_^C$62,'2$'":(1$6,32$32($.5*11(1$*1$13*-0*)0F 8-'5/0,-.$*$T)((A,(6$3/-()$*-0$,-3()-(3$13)(*:,-.$'*=*!,5,3,(1C$ 32,1$M@J$3(5(A,1,"-$6"/50$:*+($*$.)(*3$,-3)"0/'3,"-$3"$32($ world of three-dimensional home viewing. Available from Fotosound 46” HX 803 3D TV £1236.97 3D glasses £86.97 each 3D transmitter £47.97

Bell&Ross BR01 Airborne I2(32()$4"/)$4*'23$1=")31$32($-"6$!(33()$+-"6-$!/3$ 5(11()$%(*)(0$>"554$L".()$")$32($5(11()$+-"6-$!/3$-"6$ ,-')(*1,-.54$%(*)(0$K*.$"%$?":*5,*C$4"/9)($.",-.$3"$6*-3$*$ )(5,*!5(C$'2/-+4$*-0$6*3()=)""%$3,:(=,('($3"$1/,37 ?2"/50$4"/$*'3/*554$!($*$'"-3(:=")*)4$?":*5,$=,)*3($ )(*0,-.$32,1$:"-3291$(0,3,"-$"%$d*55()4$89:$1/)($4"/$6"/50$ appreciate the incredible irony of owning a watch that was ,-1=,)(0$!4$32($b?$Y,5,3*)491$H,)!")-($/-,3$62"1($15".*-$ =)":,1(1$;J(*32$%)":$*!"A(97$f((=$4"/)$(4(1$=((5(07 8%$32($1+/55$*5"-($,1-93$P/,3($!5,-.$(-"/.2$%")$4"/C$(A(-$,%$,3$ 0"(1$.5"6$.)((-$,-$32($0*)+-(11C$32(4$:*0($36"$%/)32()$ A()1,"-1y$32($SQX$*-0$32($ZcX7$N2($-/:!()1$)(%()$3"$32($ *:"/-3$"%$0,*:"-01$32*3$(-')/13$32($%*'(C$0"-93$4"/$+-"67 As you might expect, exclusivity comes at a price running into the thousands, and unless you want one of the lesser, counterfeit electronic versions as available on a well +-"6-$"-5,-($*/'3,"-$6(!1,3($l0"-93$0"$,3C$=5(*1($0"-93$0"$ ,3Gm$4"/955$2*A($3"$&-0$*-$*/32"),1(0$0(*5()$32)"/.2$32(,)$ website who is still holding an example of these not so little .(:1$,-$13"'+$*1$32(49A($!((-$"/3$%")$*$62,5($-"6$*-0$-"$ more are planned.

Sony BDV-E670W 8-'5/0,-.$*$^JV)(*04$[5/V)*4$=5*4()$6,32$JhJ$/=1'*5,-.$ '*=*!,5,3,(1C$*$Q___$6*33$1/!V6""%()$*-0$,U"0$'"--('3,A,34$ 32,1$,1$32($!)*-0$5"4*5$'"-1/:()91$'2",'($3"$*''":=*-4$32($ 3(5(A,1,"-$*!"A(7$N2($1*3(55,3($1=(*+()1$*)($6,)(5(11$1"$,3$6"-93$ :*+($*$:(11$"%$4"/)$'"A,-.$62,'2$'*-$"-54$!($*$!"-/1G Available from Fotosound £499.97

H1$*$?"-4$0(*5()C$T"3"1"/-0$,1$*$A(),3*!5($3)(*1/)($3)"A($ of tech-tastic goodies, with more television options from 32($>*=*-(1($(5('3)"-,'1$.,*-3$32*-$4"/$'*-$12*+($*$!)*11$ 3(5(1'"=($*37$Y4$*0A,'($%")$*-4$3('2-"=2"!(1$"/3$32()(F$d(3$ ,-3"$3"6-C$3*+($*$5""+$*3$62*391$*A*,5*!5($"/3$32()($*-0$*1+$32($ 0(*5()1$32(:1(5A(1$V$32(4$)(*554$+-"6$32(,)$13/%%G

T")$32($*1=,),-.$=)"5(3*),*-$ pirate, why not consider =/)'2*1,-.$*$=,)*3($3"*13()F$ Not only does this contraption 2*A($*$1+/55$*-0$')"11V!"-(1$ emblazoned across its exterior, !/3$,3$*51"$!)*-01$*$1+/55$*-0$ cross-bones onto your toast, which is surely the perfect -"A(534$3"$'"-A,-'($4"/)$+,01$ 32*3$!)(*+%*13$3,:($,1$="11,!54$ the best meal time, every day. T")$,55/13)*3,A($=/)="1(1C$89A($ also included a toasted image "%$[*)*'+$O!*:*7$D(C$2"6(A()C$$ is not a pirate.


Pirate toaster



Phonehome Live The Neo Experience “A phone that lives with you”, is probably the best way to sum up the Sony Ericsson Experia Neo. The ergonomically designed 12*=(C$62,'2$:*+(1$,3$ feel incredibly comfortable in your hand, the Bravia powered screen that creates colours and contrasts as 4"/9A($-(A()$1((-$32(:$ before, as well as the =2"-(91$d)((-2(*)3}$ sustainable credentials all *00$/=$3"$:*+($32,1$:/'2$ more than an average smartphone. Using the Android operating system, which gives you access to the hundreds of thousands of apps in the H-0)",0$Y*)+(3C$?"-4$2*A($ ')(*3(0$*$=2"-($32*3$6")+1$ for business and for fun. 831$\$:(.*=,#(5$'*:()*$ comes complete with HD for video as well as smile and facial recognition and geo-tagging. The music ')(0(-3,*51$,-'5/0($3)*'+$ recognition and Bluetooth stereo to your headset 62,513$A,0("$=5*4!*'+$5""+1$ incredible on the screen.

If business is your game, 32(-$4"/955$*==)(',*3($32($ Y?$@#'2*-.($14-'2,-.C$ 6,V&$*-0$DJY8$1/==")3$1"$ 4"/$'*-$5,-+$0,)('354$3"$*$Nh$ or monitor and with Google Maps, you need never be lost again. The Neo is rounded off nicely with Timescape, a little masterpiece of an app that brings your texts, emails, N6,33()$*-0$T*'(!""+$%((01$ *55$3".(32()$,-$"-($=5*'(7$<5,'+$ "-$*$%),(-0C$2,3$32($;,-&-,349$ !/33"-$*-0$4"/955$1(($(A()4$ '"-A()1*3,"-$4"/9A($(A()$2*0$ with them. Timescape brings your friends to you however they choose to communicate. The Neo is available for free from the Sure Store when you choose the Smart 400 plan at £35 per month.

HTC Trophy Handset Only £397 Free On Blue 24 from Jersey Telecom

Behold, another new Windows Phone 7 handset for your '"-1,0()*3,"-G$I,32$32($,-0/13)4$13*-0*)0$a$:(.*=,#(5$ '*:()*$*-0$M@J$K*12$"-$!"*)0C$32()(91$*51"$cX_=$2,.2V 0(&-,3,"-$A,0("$)('")0,-.$*3$4"/)$&-.()3,=1$*1$6(55$*1$ containing a plethora of clever sensors to measure variables such as gravity, magnetic direction, proximity and ambient light. I,32$*$1"%3V3"/'2$&-,12$*==5,(0$3"$,31$(#3(),")C$,391$-"3$"-54$ 3*'3,5($!/3$*51"$6"-93$15,=$"/3$"%$4"/)$.)*1=$5,+($*$!*)$"%$1"*=C$ which is great if you usually confuse your telephone for household sanitary products. No more confusion there then. H$A,A,0C$^7\o$1')((-$*-0$QdDg$?-*=0)*."-$=)"'(11")$*)($ the perfect complement to your favourite mobile games and 32()($*)($*$A*13$-/:!()$"%$*==5,'*3,"-1$E/13$6*,3,-.$3"$%*55$3"$ 4"/)$&-.()3,=17

Blackberry 8520 Pink Handset Only £198 Free On Yellow 24 from Jersey Telecom This is an exclusive to the Channel Islands in this colour


8391$*$13*=5($"%$32($[5*'+!())4$)*-.(C$6,32$*$%/55$sI@LNB$ +(4!"*)0$*-0$3"/'2V1(-1,3,A($3)*'+=*0$*1$6(55$*1$%(*3/),-.$ =)*'3,'*554$/-5,:,3(0$=2"-(!""+$(-3),(1$*-0$&(501$*-0$6,32$*$ :,')"?J$15"3$3"$1/,3$'*)01$/=$3"$^Xd[$4"/9)($/-5,+(54$3"$)/-$ "/3$"%$13")*.($(,32()7$W"6$*A*,5*!5($,-$=,-+C$4"/$[5*'+!())4V ')*g(0$.,)5,($.,)51$l")$!"41m$2*0$!(33()$.(3$0"6-$3"$>NG


Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Coming Soon... release date April 1st Price TBA from Jersey Telecom

81$,3$*$1:*)3=2"-(F$81$,3$*$ 2*-02(50$.*:,-.$0(A,'(F$ I(55C$,%$4"/9)($,-3"$.*:,-.$ and also feel the need to remain connected in 3"0*491$,-%"):*3,"-$*-0$ communication-heavy world

4"/955$!($2*==4$3"$2(*)$32*3$,3$,1$ :"13$0(&-,3(54$!"32G I,32$*$a:=$'*:()*C$15,0($"/3$ d-pad, Playstation game content, *-0$So$:/53,$3"/'2$1')((-C$62*3$ :")($'"/50$4"/$*1+$%")F


New iQ store arriving soon


ince opening its doors way back in 2004, about the same time as Gallery in fact, iQ has been increasingly popular, riding in the wake of Appleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s global success.

D*A,-.$"/3.)"6-$32($5,335($'")-()$12"=$"-$[/))*)0$?3)((3C$ ,391$3,:($3"$/=$13,'+1C$(#=*-0$*-0$2(*0$%")$=*13/)(1$-(6C$ to a much bigger store where they can better support the growing Mac community and better display the latest great devices and designs from Apple. But this promises 3"$!($-"$:,-")$/=.)*0(y$,%$,s$,1$'/))(-354$*$Y*'[""+$32(-$ this new store is a top end MacPro crammed to the hilt with all the goodies. 8%$4"/9A($(A()$A,1,3(0$*-$H==5(13")(C$=()2*=1$L(.(-3$ ?3)((3$")$32($5*3(13$*-0$!,..(13$*3$<"A(-3$d*)0(-$4"/955$ have no doubt been impressed by the space and great services on offer such as personal training. Well the all new, bigger, better, faster, stronger iQ will have all of this. N,:$%)":$,s$3(551$/1777$nI(9A($*56*41$2*0$3)*,-,-.$*1$*-$ option but never had the space to really do it properly, the new location will not only allow us to run formal courses but also add something completely new into the mix "-($3"$"-($=()1"-*5$3)*,-,-.$62,'2$6,55$!($!),55,*-3Go$ This space alone sounds amazing, as Tim explained further, it will be a convivial meeting place, a place to grab *$'/==*C$/1($32($%)(($I,T,C$/-!"#$*$-(6$=/)'2*1($*-0$ )('(,A($/-5,:,3(0$,-13)/'3,"-$%")$32($'"13$"%$*-$p\_$*--/*5$ :(:!()12,=$%((y$E/13$5,+($32(4$0"$*3$32($H==5(13")(7$ I($'*-93$6*,3G$$

2011: Year of the iPad2? The release of the iPad stunned and wowed the masses last year, but can the second generation version of this hit tablet do it again this year? The latest version of this infamous anywhere computing device is fresh out of the box at iQ this month and boasts of itself, in a style imitating *$13)*-.($*:*5.*:*3,"-$"%$J*%3$U/-+$*-0$Y<$ D*::()y$;N2,--()C$M,.23()C$T*13()C$T*'(N,:(97

Now with two cameras, each mounted to the front *-0$)(*)$)(1=('3,A(54C$4"/$'*-$(-E"4$DJ$A,0("$ )('")0,-.$*-0$T*'(N,:($A,0("$'*55,-.$*55$%)":$32($ '":%")3$"%$4"/)$%*A"/),3($I,V&$")$^d$:"!,5($,-3()-(3$ enabled corner of the world - so choose your 6(*="-$6,1(54G HA*,5*!5($,-$13")*.($1,g(1$%)":$QZd[$3"$ ZSd[$32()(955$!($-"$12")3*.($"%$!,31$ and bytes for all of your precious digital memories.


^^i$32,--()$*-0$Qai$5,.23()C$,-$%*'3C$62,'2$,1$ 0(&-,3(54$-"3,'(*!5($%)":$32($:":(-3$4"/$.(3$4"/)$ :,331$"-$"-(C$*-0$*55$6,32$32($1*:($Q_V2"/)$!*33()4$ 5,%($6(9A($'":($3"$+-"6$*-0$5"A(7

Available now from iQ



By now you’ll have heard that Mike Skinner will be gracing the stage at Jersey Live ‘11. We’re praying we get some classic Streets tunes rocking the ground of Trinity but what’s over the page after ‘Turn the Page’ though? This month we thought we’d give you an exclusive of a couple of the lesser known acts to watch out for...


Original Material for all you pirates.


Jersey Live } The Class of 2011

For fans of: Devlin, Plan B, Example

For fans of: James Blake. The XX, Stevie Wonder....

For fans of: Jamaica, Devo, Daft Punk




Ed Sheeran

Jamie Woon

Pony Pony Run Run

(Main Stage, Sat 3rd September & Hospitality Stage, Sun 4th September) Young Ed Sheeran looks set to be one of the biggest stars of 2011, and with quite the Hollywood backstory to go with it. His success story began in 2010, after self%#1#.*$)?&*#+#%.1&^L*&.):&*23.A*7%9)?& around London, the 20 year-old travelled to LA and was spotted playing live by none other than Jamie Foxx, who invited him to record at his Hollywood mansion for the rest of his stay. Since then, he has won fans including Example, Goldie and even Elton John. After reaching number 2 in the iTunes chart with an independent release (an almost unheard-of achievement), No 5 Collaborations (featuring Wiley and Devlin amongst others), he was picked up by recording giant Atlantic and releases his debut album this summer. D1#):$)?&.027*!$0A321B&.):&"$(A"2(&$)-7ences with beatbox loops and samples, and a pure pop sensibility, young Sheeran 122B*&.&(#%3#0!&9!&32%&!"#&Y#%*#/&0%28:@

(SoBe Stage, Sat 3rd September) A graduate of the Brit-school whose alumni includes the likes of Adele, Amy Winehouse and Kate Nash, smoothgrooving soul man Jamie Woon has been categorised by some as being part of the ‘post-dubstep’ scene alongside fellow up-and-comer James Blake. As it was a remix by dubstep kingpin Burial, of Woon’s rework of Wayfaring Stranger, which brought the young Londoner to critical attention, it’s a label that he’ll have to be content with. But his style has much more range than that; with a :#9)$!#&1#.)$)?&!28.%:*&%)<&.):&37)B,& the lightest smattering of electronics, and soulful vocals pinning the whole thing together, he really is an intriguing addition to the Jersey Live line up. With critical plaudits coming out of his ears and festival gigs lined up all summer, this certainly looks like a big year for him.

(Main Stage, Sun 4th September) Jersey Live is developing something of a penchant for kooky Gallic electro-pop in recent years; 2009’s Naïve New Beaters and Curry & Coco, and last year’s performance by Parisians Jamaica are evidence of that and all were surprise festival highlights. This year, that trend continues with French yacht-rockers Pony Pony Run Run making their Jersey Live bow. Having supported the likes of Calvin Harris and Katy Perry, they’ll be more than at home on the Main Stage, and their disco-tinged, synth-laden guitar-pop is infused with just about the correct dosage of energy (that is, enough to dance like a loon, not so much that you mosh yourself into a bloody pulp) to get you in the mood for a Sunday evening topped off by the long-awaited appearance of Mr Plan B.


That’s just under six months, the Channel Islands’ biggest weekend of live music rolls into town for the eighth time, and for those that were there for Razorlight and The Thrills way back when, doesn’t it make you feel old? Jersey Live festival has grown monumentally since that one-day event in 2004 and the diversity on offer these days guarantees that there’ll be something for everyone. With the big names already announced – Madness and Plan B headlining the Main Stage, and Zane Lowe and French nutjob Mr Oizeau heading up procedings in the Dance Arena – the remaining slots are gradually being filled, and ahead of the big ticket sale launch on May 1st, Gallery is here to fill you in on some of the latest announcements.

Jersey Live tickets go on sale from Jersey Telecom & from May 1st. Get one early.... 151



gnore i e w d

e d a g i r b y t r a p e t a pir ul


ate the pir

ow co h e u s is

They say write about what you know, and being the fun-loving scallywags that Pirate Party Brigade are, these newcomers to the local live music scene do just that. Having formed at ‘one of the many beach parties of last year’, according to frontman Adam Montgomery, the 5-piece (Monty, Tommy, Matt, Phil and Ben) play sun-drenched folk, funk and hip-hop-infused rock, with song themes involving, somewhat inevitably, whiskey, partying, their love of the Watersplash, and the dreaded ‘Morning After.’ They describe their mission statement “to have fun, get merry and play music we enjoy.” Jersey, you have another party band to add to the ranks. Avast ye! And all that…




hoy bilge rats. Tell me, how did ye all :((3F Matt: Me and Tom have been jamming for about a year and a half now and met Monty in one of the booziest summers I’ve experienced! We all just sat down at a party together with a couple of guitars and went for it. After a few months playing properly we managed to rope Phil and Ben in, and went for it from there.


2*3$!*-01$2*A($4"/$=5*4(0$,-$!(%")(F Philippe: Jackson Moody Band and with Ali Moffat, The Reks, Zabu, and stood in for a number of others. I’m a bit of a bass whore; I love playing. Matt: When I was 16 I played in a band called Issue 17 – I know, I don’t know what

we were thinking either – then with a band called State of Mind before just doing more acoustic stuff with random people over the years


2*3$6"/50$4"/$0(1'),!($*1$4"/)$,-K/(-'(1F Monty: Tenacious D and Tim Minchin come to mind for their genius comedy elements down into their quality musical talent. But with regards to serious musical inspiration I always turn to Wagner from the X Factor for guidance. Philippe: My family – and bands like Sublime, The Doors, Alice Russell, Ben Harper, The Cat Empire, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Jamaram to name a few. Tom: Dave McPherson, Frank Turner and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Matt: Booze, good friends, having fun, plundering and pillaging oh and of course booze.


2*391$4"/)$.(-()*5$"=,-,"-$"%$32($>()sey music scene, and who else should >()1(4$%"5+1$!($'2('+,-.$"/3$5"'*554F Phillippe: Lloyd Yates Band, Ali Moffat, Benny the Moth, the Smooth Hounds, Rick Jones, Jersey Bob, Kevin Pinel, Paul Bisson – all local musicians that deserve a mention. Matt: I think it’s amazing the amount of talent we have on this tiny rock and my two favourite bands locally have to be Lizzard Channel and Bulletproof; so much energy and great songs.


2,1$4(*)C$32($<2*--(5$815*-01$6,55$2*A($ ?@h@W$%(13,A*517$J"$4"/$32,-+$32($=)(1ence of so many festivals has had a direct ,:=*'3$"-$32($5"'*5$:/1,'$1'(-(F Monty: I’ll do my best to go to all of them. Y#%*#/&$*&?%#.!&32%&1$+#&67*$0@&>&9%*!&:$*02+ered how much talent there was on this island at the amazing Jam sessions at the Watersplash open mic Sundays they used to have. Original live music has become abundant in

Jersey all year round and that can only be a good thing. Philippe: I love what Jersey Live does for the islands, bringing great talent here. I played at Sark Folk Festival and it is a great little holiday, Vale is great for new music. I did 6/&9%*!&a%.**%22!*&1.*!&/#.%&.):&".:&.&<.11,& couldn’t believe Bedouin Soundclash played and Branchage is putting the island on the map. I’d attend them all if I had the cash so if you have any free tickets please email us.


5*-1$%")$32($)(13$"%$X_QQF Tom: This summer’s going to be amazing, its a done deal, more beach parties than hot dinners! Matt: Gig as much as possible, have as much fun as possible and try to keep Phil from stripping – no promises.


"/9)($*$=,)*3($6*12(0$/=$"-$*$0(1()3$,15*-07$I2*3$3)*'+1$0"$4"/$6,12$4"/$2*0$ "-$32($,U"0$4"/$E/13$2*==(-$3"$2*A($"-$4"/F Monty: Anything by Robson and Jerome or Wagner Philippe: Alice Russell- A Fly in the Hand

Tom: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Wet Sand Matt: Authority Zero – Crashland Ben - Pirates have iPods? Cool! And a few of our own suggestions… Pete & the Pirates – Come to the Bar Peggy Sue & the Pirates – Yo Mama Johnny Kidd & the Pirates – Shake It All Over Pirate Video Company – Metonymy The Skeleton Crew Pirate Band – Fifteen Men on the Dead Man’s Chest

talking ‘bout Dub

A decade later and Benga, now age 24, is a leading light in the rising global dubstep movement alongside his childhood friend, Skream. Following his personal success and the ‘Magnetic Man’ collaboration with Skream, this year he drops his debut album proper for Tempa, provisionally entitled “Diary of an Afro Warrior,” after the mighty mane that sprouts from his head. “If I cut my afro off, I’d have to start again musically,” laughs Benga. Aside from the best haircut in dubstep, Benga has a lot to be happy about. At 15 he released his debut 12” “Skank/Dose” on one of dubstep’s founding imprints, Big Apple. ;_b#:&</&2)#&23&!"#&62*!&$)-7#)!$.1&]Y*&$)&:7<*!#(,&]Y&Q.!0".,&!"#&1.<#1&8.*&%7)&27!& of the Croydon shop of the same name, the hangout for much of the early pioneers and future stars such as Artwork, Horsepower, Hatcha, Chef, Plastician and Skream. ;3!#%&#.%1/&6#)!2%$)?&</&;%!"7%&3%26&;%!82%B,&D#)?.&%#9)#:&"$*&!%.:#& working for a professional studio, linked to the biggest labels in the world. He produced for grime MCs such as Crazy Titch and Ghetto, before concentrating his output on dubstep in 2005. Since then he’s had releases on electronic *!.<1#*&L1.)#!&K7&.):&Q2!-7*",&*#13& released his own CD and become a respected DJ in his own right, playing throughout Europe and Australasia. Now, all eyes are on Benga’s debut album proper for Tempa, not least because it contains this summer’s largest anthem in Aiya Napa and Malia. Co-produced with Coki Digital Mystikz, the tune “Night” is a hit not just with the dubstep heads, but with both grime and funky house crowd. With this between its pages, it sounds like the “Diary…” will be a must-read. THEOLOGY - THE SPLASH EASTER PARTY SPECIAL SUNDAY 24TH APRIL 2011 9.30pm - 2.30am TICKETS: £15 On Sale Now from: THE SPLASH / CAROB HEALTH STORE / WHITE LABEL DOOR: £20 Subject to availability.

February Play list Fri 1 6pm Rick Jones 11pm The Reminders Sat 2 Suzy’s Field Sun 3 Open Mic follow ed by Annette Mon 4 Frank Tausney Tues 5 Karaoke

Wed 6 Suzy’s Field Thurs 7 Comedy Nig ht / The Reasons Fri 8 Matt McManus 11pm The Reasons Sat 9 John Kimble Exp erience Sun 10 Open Mic fol lowed by The Reason s Mon 11 Frank Tausney Tues 12 Karaoke Wed 13 John Kimble Exp erience Thurs 14 Quiz Night followed by Four Fighters (UK Tribute to the Foo Fighters) Fri 15 6pm The Brights ide 11pm Four Fighters (UK Tribute to the Foo Fighters) Sat 16 The Sirens

Sun 17 Open Mic / Joh n Kimble Experience Mon 18 Jono Tues 19 Karaoke

Wed 20 The Reminde rs Thurs 21 Quiz Night / Suzy’s Field Fri 22 NO MUSIC … GOOD FRIDAY!! Sat 23 Take This Sun 24 Open Mic fol lowed by Take This Mon 25 Jono Tues 26 Karaoke

Wed 27 The Reasons Thurs 28 Quiz Night / The Reasons Fri 29 6pm Ali O’Keef fe 11pm John Kimble Experience Sat 30 Suzy’s Field Acts may be su bject to change




lsje randal


Ten years is a career and it’s no wonder Benga ‘needs Air’. At the ripe old age of 14 the afro-haired producer and 50% of ‘Magnetic Man’ went to his first club, Forward>> at London’s now defunct Velvet Rooms, the night widely acknowledged for founding the bassy UK garage hybrid, dubstep.

















paparazzi at Pure







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Interior Architecture, Design & Décor

don’t blame us! BoConcept furniture is modern in design and offers customisation to ensure your functional and aesthetic needs are catered for. Visit Beaumont Home Centre to see our versatile range of furniture. Open Monday - Friday, 9am-5.30pm Saturday 9.30am-12.30pm


Tel 734458 55 Halkett Place, St Helier





Stylish and relaxed boutique offering something different from the High Street but still at pleasantly affordable prices. Located in St Helier’s quaint Market Street, Pebble stocks beautiful clothes, shoes, jewellery and other accessories for women, from brands regularly seen on celebrities to new and exciting designs not seen anywhere else in Jersey. Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat 10-5.30pm Thurs 10- 2pm

Leading the way with interiors and home design, the new showrooms are full of inspiration. Product for every room in your home, including bespoke and affordable kitchens by Edwin of Loxley, tiles by Fired Earth, AGA and AGA cookshop. Rolf Benz, Hulsta, Curtains, Natural Flooring, Accessories…and so much more !

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Qpix Photography

Jersey Insight Classifieds

Chi Chi

For anything & everything – the biggest market place on the island. With more than 9,000 classified listings, Jersey Insight is the perfect way of buying and selling unwanted items at a fraction of the cost of new items. Have it – sell it! Want it – buy it! “There is loads of new stuff each week to look through, all at great prices” Sarah Thorogood, St Mary’s

Whether you want to soak up the sun with some spring shopping, or take the chill out of winter, skip merrily to our lovely boutique tucked away in the heart of St Aubins Village. Relax and enjoy the shopping experience that ChiChi has to offer, delight in taking a peek at our colourful and vibrant collections. Or if you just need a little bling to brighten up your day then be mesmerised by ChiChi’s ‘Enchanting Golden Tree’ full of gorgeous tempting jewellery for all occasions at great prices!

ChiChi Boutique La Neuve Route St Aubins Tel 490021 Follow ChiChi on Facebook & Twitter

Offering what you deserve...

Our professional stylists and team bring you leading branded products and services in a friendly relaxed atmosphere and luxury environment. Contact a member of our team today to book an appointment you won’t regret making.

Hair Central

Tel 630443 7 Market Street St. Helier


The directory is designed to allow advertisers a low cost, long term communication solution. It can be used to show an individual corporate presentation or to =)(1(-3$ ,-0,A,0/*5$ !)*-01$ 13"'+(0$ !4$ 4"/)$ !/1,-(117$ I(955$ !($ 3)4,-.$ to gather places that sell the nicest bits, bobs, stuff and desirable items for the home and office. ?"$ 6($ 32"/.23$ 6(90$ .,A($ 1(5('3$ businesses the ability to tell you all about their services in our monthly d*55()4$ 0,)('3")47$ I(9A($ (A(-$ categorised them and arranged them for easy perusal. If you see 1":(32,-.$4"/$5,+(C$.,A($32(:$*$'*55$ and and tell them you saw them in d*55()4G$I(955$5"A($4"/$%")(A()777

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Professional Sports Massage

Paul is one of Jersey’s top professional sports / remedial therapists and has been in practice for over 18 years. Having treated many professional and amateur athletes, Paul also extends his services to everyday people from all walks of life. As well as offering studio facilities, Paul can also provide a full massage treatment in your own home, fitting conveniently into your lifestyle and schedule. Paul Le Verdier LSSM Dip. Tel: 07700 748748


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B"/)$(-3)4$.,A(1$32($)(*0()$*$=)"%,5($"%$4"/)$!/1,-(11$")$*$:(11*.($*!"/3$*$ =*)3,'/5*)$!)*-0$4"/$13"'+$*5"-.$6,32$*$%/55$'"5"/)$,:*.($32*3$(=,3":,1(1$4"/)$ business and what you offer. The elements are shown on the example above.

What it costs

The directory is designed with small businesses in mind with inclusion from as 5,335($*1$pSS7$@*'2$*--/*5$!""+,-.$*51"$)('(,A(1$*$3),=5($1,g($(-3)4$*3$"-($=",-3$ 0/),-.$32(,)$!""+,-.7

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11 issues






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All annual directory packages will receive a triple feature placement for one issue of their package.

If your home doesn’t stand out... don’t blame us! BoConcept furniture is modern in design and offers customisation to ensure your functional and aesthetic needs are catered for. Visit Beaumont Home Centre to see our versatile range of furniture. Open Monday - Friday, 9am-5.30pm, Saturday 9.30am-12.30pm BoConcept Beaumont, St Peter. Tel: 822822 • Fax: 822823

don’t blame us! BoConcept furniture is modern in design and offers customisation to ensure your functional and aesthetic needs are catered for. Visit Beaumont Home Centre to see our versatile range of furniture. Open Monday - Friday, 9am-5.30pm, Saturday 9.30am12.30pm don’t blame us! BoConcept furniture is modern in design and offers customisation to ensure your functional and aesthetic needs are catered for. Visit Beaumont Home Centre to see our versatile range of furniture. Open Monday - Friday, 9am-

5.30pm, Saturday 9.30am-12.30pm BoConcept Beaumont, St Peter. Tel: 822822 • Fax: 822823


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I(9)($ *$ !,.$ !(5,(A()$ ,-$ (%%('3,A($ ;)(:,-0()9$ *0A()3,1,-.$ *3$ d*55()47$ T")$*$1:*55$!/1,-(11C$*$62"5($4(*)$ of communication means that customers have your details at all times.

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Professional Sports Massage

The largest contemporary art and craft gallery in the Channel Islands: exhibiting and selling work of over 800 local exhibitors. Stockists of art and craft materials, textile materials in the shop “Sew and Sew” and knitting yarns and accessories in “Knit Wits”. The Harbour Gallery is home to “Evolve” showcasing one off fashion designs from Jersey.

The Gooseberry Bush

Paul is one of Jersey’s top professional sports / remedial therapists and has been in practice for over 18 years. Having treated many professional and amateur athletes, Paul also extends his services to everyday people from all walks of life. As well as offering studio facilities, Paul can also provide a full massage treatment in your own home, fitting conveniently into your lifestyle and schedule.

Harbour Gallery Open 7 days a week 10.30am – 5.30pm Tel: 743044




Harbour Gallery

Paul Le Verdier LSSM Dip. Tel: 07700 748748

Want to be different? Then it has to be the Gooseberry Bush, with clothing shoes and accessories from companies such as Oska, Mais il est ou le Soleil, Lauren Videl and Ultimate Miks, and gifts and interiors from all over Europe - you won’t be disappointed... And for the new arrivals in your life we have organic babywear, wooden toys and loads of gorgeous gifts. For women who love life - their way. The Gooseberry Bush St. Aubins Inner Road Tel: 726224




Pain Relief (Bowen)

Pippa Barrow Lifecasting Studio

Book for the gentle Bowen Technique for sciatica, back and neck pain, sports injuries, asthma, knees, fibromyalgia, migraine, frozen shoulder and general pain relief. I hour session £40.

Time is fleeting... Remember your child’s early years with a fine-art quality lifecast. Three-dimentional sculptures that capture every tiny detail. Home-visits available to take the initial impression.

“Many complaints are treated in 3 sessions making Bowen easy on the wallet” Daily Telegraph. Taster sessions £15 for 30 minutes

Pippa Barrow 07797855003

tel: 07797 720828

10% off 1st hour session with this voucher.








Blush is a stylish bar and restaurant set in the heart of St Helier, the perfect place to enjoy fine food and cocktails with excellent service in comfortable surroundings. Our newly refurbished venue is perfect for a wide range of private and corporate events. Enjoy a light snack or sit-down meal and choose from a selection of healthy Asian and traditional dishes.

Manna is a relaxed laid back store that stocks the hard to find fresh designer labels that have been selected for their individuality and fashion forward design including: By Malene Birger, American Retro, Bllack Noir, Hoss Intropia, Rutzou, Patrizia Pepe, Handwritten, Ba&Sh, American Vintage. Velvet, Graham & Spencer as well as top end denim by True Religion and J Brand. New for A/W 2010 - Won Hundred and Lolly’s Laundry

Blush 36 King Street, St. Helier (01534) 759 420 Open Mon-Sat 11am till 11pm


Tel: 619985 7 West’s Centre

Providing competitive up-skilling solutions in a global market

JIBS has a reputation for excellence in meeting the Island’s learning and development needs for all sectors of the business community. 2 Degrees • 29 Professional Qualifications • 6 Certificated Awareness Programmes • CPD Plus • 35 Short Courses e-Learning • In-company Training Solutions tel: 816333 12/13 Caledonia Place, The Weighbridge, St Helier


Appetite Third Edition out this month

>()1(491$"-54$ specialist property portal


D(4$!(*/3,%/5G [)*-0$13"'+,131

Jersey’s annual foodie directory

Estate Agent Directory <2",'($U)"=()3,(1

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J"-93$%").(3$3"$3(55$32(:$4"/$1*6$32(:$ ,-$d*55()4G$$N2(4$:*4$.,A($4"/$1":(32,-.$(#3)*777$l*-0$,3$6,55$:*+($/1$1:,5($ *3$5(*13m7 EDGE COX PEEL WILSON

;((#!$!#&<#?.)&8"#)&8#&0271:)=!&9):& a local restaurant guide that would tell us when all our favourite places were open, and what was on the menu. So we decided to write one ourselves. The third edition of Appetite has all the key features you love about your food annual – easy to navigate sections, sample menus and clear contact details as well as a few extra tasty tidbits like our new pre-dinner drinks section and our Last Supper chef photoshoot.









Indigo Estates



ND Estates


yes, we know there’s the internet, but it’s just not the same! If you’re digital only check out the whole lot and more online at




Fancy winning a meal for 2 at a restaurant of your choice? Just going the foodie list at







!" Self-Service Property Sales




Get added to the list. Call 811100

Viva la..

‘Revolution’ Featuring: Motorbikes and mayhem

Have you got something that would put us in a spin (groan).



Get included. email 159




What would you do with a drunken sailor?





Neil / 42 / Gas Engineer

Claire / 25 / Personal Trainer & Waitress


Matt / 44 and a half... and a bit / Creative Director


Ward / 46 / Recruitment Consultant

Rachael / 32 / Works in a Restaurant


Andrea / 37 / Arts Student



Mara / 32 / Fund Dealer

Gallery 73 : April 2011 : The Pirate Issue  

April 2011 sees gallery go all 'arrr'

Gallery 73 : April 2011 : The Pirate Issue  

April 2011 sees gallery go all 'arrr'