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W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E




This month we asked our contributors ‘what do you love right now?’


Georgina is a multimedia journalist who has a particular interest in children’s news. Staying on the rock for now, she hopes to focus her talents on all things local. She talks housewives and wandering this month.

Any spare time I have, I make drum and bass mixes with my decks - mainly as my Dad keeps asking for new workout mixes.



After two years in local broadcasting, I’m currently working as a freelance writer and journalist in London. This month I found out how Jersey musicians have overcome the creative halt of COVID-19 after nearly a year of ‘normal’ life being on hold.


Is a Jersey/French photographer working between Jersey, London, Paris and Dubai. Currently landlocked in Jersey… ‘which is great’! While in Jersey, he’s shooting graphic portraits of local personalities in his new studio, influenced by the bold portraiture of Platon vs the fashion and audacious style of Helmut Newton.

A ‘wild at heart with a passion for capturing adventure, lifestyle and people’. This month we profile his “Madhatter Meets…” project, working with other small businesses and creative minds to promote one another ‘

This month we shot a beauty test shoot with some local and very talented friends. We had an amazing day and now super happy to show it off in Gallery.

Working on a few personal projects to keep building my portfolio. They give me the freedom to create what I want and show the work I enjoy to shoot’.



Imogen Malpas Georgina Barnes Lucy Sanderson Russ Atkinson Jenna Springthorpe Grace Ryan

eBay, it's been the best part of the pandemic. I've found the most extraordinary clothes for a STEAL.

Like the rest of the world, I’m loving Bridgerton and have just discovered I can make an unreal apple crumble. I’m turning into a pensioner as we speak and I love it.


The rundown.

is a freelance journalist based in London. She's currently busy editing her new ‘zine, HOW 2 B BAD, and bookmarking recipes she knows she'll never actually make.

My life revolves around my amazing daughter, Ava and we’ve just moved into a stunning new apartment… Aside from that, my life is filled with lots of work (I love what I do). Lately I’ve been returning to my roots. I’ve really missed writing for Gallery, so it’s a joy to be back in these pages! This edition I’ve taken a look at what love is, hooked up with some mini horses, clucked about with some chickens, met some cool beans and vicariously dipped my toe in the sea (brr)… Oh, and I chatted to some inspiring young Chess players who are due to teach me how to kick a** on the chess board, move over Queen’s Gambit.

Right now I’m loving life in general, to be honest! Summed up in a oner, lockdown has given me the opportunity to relish family time, read a lot, write a lot and cook a lot. What’s not to love?


Danny Evans Oliver Doran Elise Kleis Ollie Jones Danny Richardson James Logue Gabriella Street


is a fashion photographer, currently living in Jersey trying to save money and doing freelance work. My goal is to build a portfolio before hopefully moving to the UK to pursue a career in fashion. This month she took the helm for our underwear shoot.

The new series Bridgeton on Netflix I’m hooked. I am reliving my gossip girl fantasy.



is a local artist and freelances as a graphic designer and illustrator. She is and has always been influenced by her surroundings, so she is always on the lookout for new inspiration.

Using this extra time we all have, to explore different styles of illustration and testing out new techniques. I recently got some fancy gouache paint, so it's been fun to experiment with that!


A Jersey-native with a passion for creativity in any form. Despite having visited over 40 countries in 5 years, Jersey remains his favourite place on Earth. This month he provided shots to accompnay Georgina’s walking feature.

Buying vegetables I’ve never tried before from the market and learning how to cook with them!


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Taking it slow.


W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E


It’s not the start to the year we were hoping for, is it? I asked Santa for an end to a global pandemic for Christmas. I guess I was aiming high. You’d imagine with a production facility located somewhere with sub-zero temperatures and a reputation for incomprehesively fast global distribution, Santa was the man to lead the vaccine rollout to save humity from a repeat of 2020.


adly, it seems that Christmas gift distribution took priority and we’re having to rely on our governments to get the elderly to vacination centres so they can get jabbed and we can all go back to normal. Maybe. It’s quickly becoming apparent that the plan is to take it slow, as Covid’s plan for economic and social destruction rolls on, and on, reality hitting as we entered January and the year soon became very ‘2020’ in nature. We’re now four weeks in and our shops are getting knocked back week-on-week, all PPE’d up and raring to go, only to be told to stand down. It turns out that when a courier company that visits a high proportion of businesses does a Covid Gone Wild, it has an adverse affect on the wider industries they serve. What a beast. The reality for many businesses is that there is a harsh new reality; 2021 could very much resemble 2020. For now. Our theme this edition is ‘Love’; it’s Valentine’s Day this month (albeit one where your meal for two will be a take-away) and we also have our our lovely Bridal Bible supplement in this issue. Kudos to the brides and grooms who defied the limitiations of lockdowns and were able to complete their nuptuals in 2020. If things calm down by the summer, the wedding season is going to be, as the outgoing president of the US would say, ‘uge’. We just have to wait a while, stay in a bit more, vaccinate a little and keep relaxed. Starting 2020 is like starting a new relationship, having just come out of a bad one; we need to take it slow. Keep that mental focus you built up during lockdown #1, concentrate on maintaining your walking regime, finish that Rosetta Stone course, treat yourself to a Reef and Beef from the Salty Dog (so good) or a Bohemia@home and help those around you. Kids going through school at the moment think this is a new reality. It’s not. It will pass. Their generation is going to have to clean up the economic and social welfare legacy of Covid-19 so helping them stay focused and positive cannot be overlooked. I’ve heard stories of school-leavers being completely lost and confused, wondering what hope they have. It’s not only the old who are vulnerable, so take care of your loved ones, both old and young.



W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E


Cover Image Photographer Oliver Marshall Doran Art Direction & Concept Allan R Henry Esq Hair Yasmin Bisson and Chantal De Vos @ Blades Hair & Beauty Makeup Danielle Davey Model Lia Martinovic










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Lucy chats to a group of salty sea pups to discuss all things sea swimming, including one man’s plans to swim across the Channel

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Gallery’s annual guide to getting hitched, with everything you’ll need to know to ensure your big day goes smoothly

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W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E














in the time of coronavirus WORDS Grace Ryan

It’s February 2021 and spring is around the corner, but for single people there’s a good chance that nothing has exploded into bloom since march of last year. Unless you are irresponsible, impressionable, or merely very horny for the Hermes man, it has been extremely difficult to meet anybody new during a pandemic.

The offer of “fancy coming back to my place?” is less enticing when you’re standing 2 metres apart in a freezing pub car park, and there’s also the risk that you might wake up next to a hungover stranger in the morning only to check your phone and realise that you’ve received a text message telling you to shelter in place for the next four weeks. You can’t even get coffee because early risers have already done a run on Waitrose and two mums have been arrested for brawling in the loo-paper aisle.

Now, I respect that some people are into masks, and for them the pandemic has probably been a bit of an adventure, but I’m old-fashioned. I like to go to the cinema (closed), the fairground (unable to complete travel paperwork as none of them have legal ID) or a fancy restaurant (now serving you steak in an aluminium box) so my love life has had less events in the last year than a basement nightclub. Much like them I’m hoping to celebrate being open for business again soon - with drinks promotions, sweat dripping from the ceiling and perhaps a happy hour on quiet Tuesdays. In the meantime, I’ve bashed out a little frustration with this summary of the romantic opportunities that have existed since March 2020.








It wasn’t that long ago that a computer window full of webcams was something you’d urgently need to close down whilst trying to locate a dodgy stream of the latest Marvel movie. Now YOU are that dodgy stream, both all day in “the office” and well into the evening if you’re trying to maintain some human contact outside glaring at the neighbours because one of them coughed on you through the hedge. It’s difficult enough trying to conduct a conversation about spreadsheets when people keep freezing up but it puts a serious dampener on any attempts to negotiate a romance. The effect is like trying to make flirtatious chit-chat with a malfunctioning robot, as you can never tell whether somebody is not laughing at your lockdown jokes because they’re too morbid, or because their connection has died. There’s also that issue of the potential outcome of any erotic connection over the webcam - even in speed dating it’s broadly acceptable that somebody might impress you enough in ten minutes for you to take them home. After a Zoom date? I’m not sure they can print the answer in a family magazine, but I will say that I really hope you aren’t using a connection provided by your employer.


For lovers of a more adventurous disposition, it simply might not be possible to forswear all physical contact for the indefinite duration of this pandemic. Despite best intentions, they will feel powerful urges coming upon them as they gaze out upon the full moon from their empty bedrooms. There’s nothing mystical about it though - some people are so irredeemably horny that even in a zombie apocalypse they’d be out in the fields and car parks, howling like upspayed housecats in heat. If you are reading this and think that the sordid rustles of a home counties layby could never occur in a tiny island, you’ve clearly never gone rambling through some of our secluded car parks at night. I would certainly never imply that people would do anything illegal in pursuit of pleasure, so I’m going to assume that Jersey’s pandemic doggers were all puffed up in plastic hazmat suits like a bunch of kinky nocturnal Tellytubbies, and that everybody’s postwatershed content was fully protected behind the kind of plastic seal that is impossible to remove from a badlypackaged supermarket ready meal.

“I’m going to assume that Jersey’s pandemic EXILE ON LOVE ISLAND: SEARCHING doggers were all puffed up in plastic hazmat suits FOR EROTIC QUARANTINE solutions I have listed so far will be acceptable for like a bunch of kinky nocturnal Tellytubbies, The some, but are really just different forms of compromise. For and that everybody’s post-watershed content some lovers compromise is impossible - they must live as blood pumping through their veins as they inhale was fully protected behind the kind of plastic humans, the pheromone-rich sweat of other mammals. If this is seal that is impossible to remove from a badly- you, then the only solution is to leave lockdown and head a place where humans are free to get it on in whatever packaged supermarket ready meal.” to way comes naturally to them. This does present a further MY COLLAR IS AS STIFF AS MY UPPER LIP: LOVE, VICTORIAN-STYLE

If you have a much higher tolerance for frustration, or perhaps a religious belief that normalises chaste encounters with the opposite sex, then you could always try courting in the fashion of a couple from the late 1800s. You can arrange to meet somebody in a rose garden with the stipulation that you will stay two yards away from each other at all times. This condition will be enforced by an embittered maiden aunt who will regulate proceedings like a tennis umpire, armed with a riding crop or perhaps a fire extinguisher full of cold water. Now that I think about it, a riding crop might actually make matters worse if the temperatures rise, which they will undoubtedly do as you’ll both be wearing multiple layers of uncomfortable linen undergarments. In order to preclude the remote possibility of innuendo the only acceptable topics of conversation are the progress of the virus in the colonies, and whether it is better to cure yourself by drinking mercury or to take an ice bath followed by flogging. Do bear in mind that this was a generation so repressed that they scratched the nude bits out of Egyptian temples and could be sexually provoked by an especially curvaceous table leg. Personally I’m more of a Prince Albert than a Queen Victoria, if you catch my drift.

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E

problem in that these places are either those that think the virus is not real, or those who have maintained a hermetic border control. The first are places like the Southern States of the USA, where spitting tobacco and kissing cousins are viewed by many as a patriotic duty. Coincidentally they now have more virus than my Nan’s laptop, which leaves you the option of claiming erotic asylum in New Zealand or, perhaps more realistically, canoeing to Guernsey and throwing yourself on the romantic mercy of the neighbours. Could it be so bad? They might put you in quarantine for a couple of weeks, but then you’ll be released onto the streets of St Peter Port like an untamed beast roaming the fertile savannahs of Africa. At this point the metaphor breaks down, as if anywhere resembles the colourful safari lands of Africa it probably isn’t St Peter Port on a Friday night, but at least you can go on the lash at both of their nightclubs and mouth-kiss somebody who is wearing a fashionable outfit from 2017. If you do this, please think of your friends at home in Jersey and send me a very saucy postcard.



Each month we feature some of Jersey’s creators and let them share their creative visions and handmade goods with you lot, our island consumers. If you like what you see, check out and hunt them down to support our local industries!



Photography: Danny Evans

Tea is something which you’d more commonly associate with far warmer climes than ours but in November 2020 Jersey Fine Tea company started to retail locally grown tea. Established in 2017 the estate now has six acres of Camellia Sinensis tea bushes with plans to plant more. When it comes to tea Alicia Gentili is as enthusiastic as they come and has worked across many sectors in the tea industry. Why did you start growing tea on the island?

Where can people buy your products from?

How is it possible to grow tea on the island?

Tea plants are actually quite hardy and resilient. As long as the roots don’t freeze they tend to thrive, and our varied climate encourages the plants to produce fantastic characteristics.

“As long as the roots don’t freeze they tend to thrive, and our varied climate encourages the plants to produce fantastic characteristics.”

Can you tell us which teas you have in your range?

How do you take your tea?

In 2015, as agricultural diversity and low-input crops were being encouraged by the Government of Jersey, I heard about tea-growing operations in the UK. Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water, and as a long-term, sustainable crop it seemed like a good idea to give growing it a shot!

Right now we offer a wok-fired green (which is a typical Chinese style), a black and a white tea. I am always experimenting and hopefully soon would like to widen into roasted teas, oolongs and steamed greens.


Dunell’s, Cooper&Co and directly from

The tea I drink depends on my mood and the time of day but I tend to enjoy most Japanese senchas and Yunnan black teas which are drunk straight up, without milk!


L’OFFICE DU JÈRRIAIS L'Office du Jèrriais is the body responsible for the teaching and promotion of Jersey’s native language, they are available for free translations and advice regarding the Jersey language. It comprises the Jèrriais Teaching Service, based at the Education Department, and the Jèrriais Promotion Officer, based at Jersey Museum. Where can people learn Jerriais?

We offer lessons in a number of the island’s primary and secondary schools. For adults, we offer lunchtime lessons at Jersey Library and the Société Jersiaise, when they’re open of course! We also offer online lessons www. and evening classes.

Is there an easy phrase that you could teach us? À bétôt - means goodbye. Comment qu’tu’es? (com-onk-tway) which means how are you? Mangnifique (mon-yif-ik) means great!

Is there something interesting about Jerriais that people might not know? Jèrriais has been around for longer than English or French and has existed in some form in Jersey for over a thousand years.

How many Jerriais speakers are there on the island? In a 2012 survey 27% of people said they could recognise some common words spoken in Jèrriais’.

Can you explain to us about the books you’re all holding?

L'Office du Jèrriais works alongside Le Don Balleine publications trust to offer a variety of texts and resources for every age group. There is a wide range of publications to cover many interests, including picture books for younger learners and dictionaries, phrase books and academic texts for older enthusiasts. Jèrriais books can be purchased from the bookshop at La Société Jersiaise and online from

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E



Lucy Amelina |

Danny Richardson

Grab your trunks and dip n’ dunk! We caught up with local photographer and avid sea swimmer, Danny Richardson to get the lowdown on the current sea swim craze… Jersey’s shores have seen a huge rise in eager swimmers taking to the water, come rain or shine. Lockdown seemed to spur the popularity in sea swimming; the gyms were closed and normal work-out regimes had to be tweaked and reimagined. When you live on an island, using the sea and shores for exercise and activity is a bit of a no-brainer. By all accounts, it seems like sea swimming is a little bit addictive! When the summer wound down and the colder weather set in, it’s not just the die-hard swimmers bobbing around in the icy Channel… Pretty much anyone and everyone has been braving the cold water; a whole host of dippers, dunkers, swimmers and divers are still heading to the beach and getting in the sea… Brrr! Whether it’s the challenge of swimming to work out, or the simple enjoyment of immersing in salty water, the wild and wonderful water around our island is proving to be a tonic - it’s vitamin sea and apparently its very good for the soul. Danny Richardson has been capturing islanders (and their furry friends) as they take to the water and now he’s part of a group of swimmers who are embarking on a challenge to swim the 35km distance, from Dover to Calais in order to raise money for the JSPCA.


So Danny, what made you get involved with sea swimming and documenting the popular pastime?

“Initially it was my group of artist friends now known as 'The Salty Sea Pups' - Jason Butler, Will Bertram, Ben Robertson and Sam Carney who sparked my interest. They regularly set themselves mental and physical challenges and the latest one that arose was sea swimming. It started fairly spontaneously in the summer and they have carried it on throughout winter. I used to swim competitively when I was younger, so part of me was confident that I could rise to the challenge… another part of me was nervously excited by the challenge of the extreme cold and rawness of the sea.” Many swimmers are finding the experience of nature and the great outdoors to be just the ticket to combating stress and anxiety as well as getting a stretch and some fitness… “There’s a wildness to the sea and the cold that I find aweinspiring. It is so vast that on one hand it has the ability to make you feel incredibility small yet on the other, it also makes you feel at one with nature and the earth itself… we do not come into this world… we come out of it. Having spent so much of my younger days in a pool the water feels like a natural habitat to me - although the beauty of the sea is that conditions are ever changing so no swim is the same.


“ Having spent so much of my younger days in a pool the water feels like a natural habitat to me - although the beauty of the sea is that conditions are ever changing so no swim is the same.” I've recently been reading and following the incredible life story of ex-Navy Seal David Goggins, whose book 'Can't Hurt Me' is an absolute must read (the audiobook is arguably even better) and his mentality was something that I felt I needed to try to incorporate into my own daily practice. This past year has been tough for everyone and I felt as though I needed to install some much needed discipline and routine into my life to help me deal with what life throws at us all. He speaks of doing something everyday that you don't like doing... to callous your mind... and to find comfort in the uncomfortable... this is how we grow and that's certainly something that I felt that I needed to do.” Whilst sea swimming is indeed something that anyone can do, there are certain things to consider - after all, the sea itself and the cold temperatures can be hazardous if you don’t take care when going in.

What advice would you and your swim buddies give to would-be sea swimmers?

As someone who has only recently started sea swimming I'm sure there are many people in a better position to offer advice - I'd also reiterate that I'm in a bit of a unique position in that I used to swim at a national level when I was younger so, while I'm well aware of the power of the sea, I am probably much more comfortable in water than the average person CONTINUED...

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E



CONTINUED... that being said, there are some basic guidelines that newcomers should adhere to and these can be found at but if I was to recommend a few things they’d be the following… 1. Check the tides and weather forecast - the more novice you are the better/safer the conditions you’ll need. 2. Be aware that it can be dangerous to start sea swimming in winter as the extreme cold can be a huge shock to the system. 3. If you do decide to take the plunge, don’t go alone, wear a hat, gloves and booties to retain heat and don’t spend more than 10 minutes in the water. 4. Make sure you have plenty of warm clothes to get into once you are out - along with a warm drink… the 20-30 mins after you’ve got out can be the most dangerous period as your body temperature will continue to reduce (known as the After Drop).

Aside from the beautiful ‘behind the scenes’ images you’ve been taking, what’s the plan for the Dover swimming challenge? “After seeing some of my pictures on Facebook, I was contacted by Andy Truscott - a swimming friend from my younger days who was now involved in Swim Smart. Having swum the English Channel by himself he was now putting together a relay team of 6 individuals to swim across the 35km distance from Dover to Calais in order to raise money for the JSPCA.

This type of challenge is not for the fainthearted and nor is it cheap. Thankfully I have been sponsored by Building Renovations Ltd who have covered my entrance fee, but we ( the rest of the team and I) will be looking for further sponsorship from both businesses and the general public to help raise money for this worthy charity. As well as covering the 35km distance, there is the possibility that we will have to swim at night, through jellyfish blooms and through the busiest shipping lane in the world!” We commend anyone who’s taking the plunge and dipping in the chilly Channel, but a 35km swim is definitely note-worthy, and what a fantastic cause too. If you’d like to sponsor Danny and his team, head over to his Facebook page or email him at All the very best Danny! And, in the wise words of Dory, ‘just keep swimming’!



WORDS Lucy Amelina

“If it’s true that there are as many minds as there are heads, then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts.” Lucy Amelina goes all ‘Anna Karenina’, inspired by Tolstoy’s words and asking the question, ‘what is love?’ It’s 2021, the world has turned trillions of times and we still find ourselves pondering what love is; what it means and why can’t some societies just be cool about it? Love is so sacred, so innate that it’s almost beyond fathoming, but for the purpose of addressing the question of what it is, I think it’s important to open up the floor. I’m not going to sit here and tell you what love is, as it could very well be different for you than it is for me. One thing’s for darn sure though, when you get love right, it feels f*cking amazing. This is the reason that I personally feel that love should never be judged, and furthermore, all kinds of love should be recognised. Like we say, ‘Love is Love. It kind of reminds me of the sweet old comic book strip, ‘Love is…’ by Kim Casali - she summed it up in a pertinently never-ending stream of little illustrations and different captions displaying an array of ‘loves’. Love is… just for you. Love is… counting your blessings. Love is… a turning point in your life. Love is… the ultimate gift. Love is… day-dreaming together. Love is… you get the picture… So, when it comes to who we love; boys who kiss girls who kiss girls who kiss boys who kiss boys who kiss more boys… Really, what does it matter? If those boys and/or girls wanna kiss, let ’em. (*Social distancing rules needn’t apply as this is very much hypothetical and that last bit is also a vandalised sentence rendition of a really cool Blur song - sorry about that). But in the remit of love, real love, there’s emotion and feeling and wonder and experience that is utterly personal to the people concerned. Relationships can ebb and flow and shrink and grow and frankly, that’s the course of love, right? It’s an inspiring thought though, when you’re young; to fall in love and be happy with another human being. For some, figuring out their views on love can take a hundred sharp turns and a whole heap of baggage and confusion before their courage

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E

and character is allowed to step forward into their truth about how and who they love. Massive salute to those people. Love is ever-changing in our personal quest and the pursuit of happiness. Albeit some of us may link up and stay beside ‘the one’ from the very start and indeed, marry their puppy-love high-school sweet-heart and go on to make beautiful babies and have a house and a dog and a white picket fence. No, really though, that does actually happen and massive high-fives to those lovers. For the most part, love presents a journey of discovery; it can flood our whole soul with everything light and bright and beautiful and it can also feel like the darkest, most fraught tide of feelings, weighing its heavy worth on shoulders that just wanna pair of arms round them.

“I bought some tea and biscuits, we drank and chatted, dropping crumbs and steering through a pigeon English natter with hand signals... and he cried, and I did too…” Love isn’t straight, or gay, or bi, or this or that or whatever. Love is a beautiful element of being human (or if you’re an elephant, chimpanzee, dolphin or other mammal reading this, it applies to you too, hunnies)… Love is a physical feeling; an energy and a privilege. Imagine not being able to feel it? Imagine having never experienced love? It beggars belief and my heart breaks for people who omit it or can’t grasp it or fail to share it with another. From the moment we are born it’s the first thing we intrinsically need and search for. At that very moment we burst into the world, we don’t understand what judgement is, or even what food is (and sure, we need that too), but the first thing we do is cry and then feel reassured by the love we feel as we’re wrapped up warm lyand held in someone’s arms. From this point in time, we little humans look for love everyday. We can almost always recall our very first love. For me, that’s a night at Youth Club, when a friend asked a friend if they’d ask me if I’d ‘go out with’ a surf god who was (as far as I was concerned) way too handsome for me. As the soundtrack of Madness (the band, not the malady) rang through my ears, there it was - ‘it must be love, love, luvvvvv…’ Boom, I was in love. Cue rose-tinted glasses and that doe-eyed, Mowgli moment from Jungle Book where he scoops up the water jug and follows the wiggling bottom of the woman

he loves… First loves hit hard and hopefully the experience leaves a lifelong positive foundation for more of the same - I’m so thankful that mine did. Maybe it’s not what love is and moreover, what love means. I don’t mean to say that we all need a partner to have love. In fact, that couldn’t be further from my truth. I believe that love derives from all manner of relationships and experiences we have. Oh my days, I’ve felt love for people I’ve barely known. For instance, I felt insurmountable love for an old man I met briefly on Brighton Pier five years ago, he was literally on his knees, begging and looking defeated. I bought some tea and biscuits, we drank and chatted, dropping crumbs and steering through a pigeon-English natter with hand signals… and he cried, and I did too… I felt so much love in my heart for that half an hour and have thought about that gentleman almost every day since, because my inherent love for another human being was true. Love resonates in all its wonderful ways with all kinds of people all throughout our life; it’s an important thing to recognise it in all its assorted awesomeness. In the arena of partnerships, love has meant the world to me and also veered down the abyss of ‘ick’ (*girls, you know what I mean. In terms of relationships, some of my most favourite memories come from sharing love with another person. I have also left love behind, missed out on it, disregarded it, aimed it at the wrong people and so on. One thing’s for sure, in my remit of love, I aim to do it wholeheartedly, unashamedly and completely honestly. My daughter, my parents, my friends, my work, my creativity - they mean love for me. So, maybe it’s time to simply stop defining love, sack the labels and the need to make it fit… because basically, there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts… With love,

Lucy Amelina



Since lockdown began, many people discovered a new found love for walking. Out of 230 people, 212 said their walking habits had increased due to Covid, with only 28 saying theirs had stayed the same. On our little island of Jersey, it is so easy to explore the range of terrain by foot.

Georgina Barnes |

James Logue

Jersey is immersed in never-ending natural coastlines, tranquil valleys and timeless heritage sites. Divided into twelve parishes, each place has something unique and cultural to discover.


When asking the public their favourite places to walk, I was met by an array of suggestions ranging from the wooded valleys to our variety of beaches. Who knew there were so many new routes to discover? Favourites include St Aubin's to Noirmont, Grève de Lecq to PlÊmont, Le Braye to L'etacq - just to name a few. The remarkable thing about our island is that it is ingrained in local history, making each walk almost a historical tour. Strolls around Jersey can take you on a historical journey through the occupation, ghost tales and local legends. Strolling along the North Coast one day, I learnt about the 'Paternosters'; a group of rocks situated a mile off the North Coast by the mini race track. According to an urban

legend, a shipwreck devastated the lives of many women and children. Apparently their cries can still be heard when the wind blows by, with superstitious sailors saying the Lord's prayer when passing. However, there are many other positive legends you can discover when exploring Jersey! For the many who live in town and can't make it to a scenic escape, St Helier offers many beautiful walks and the option to discover stories of the past. Walking along by the Marina, the lighthouse memorial can be admired as it honours the 21 islanders who died in Nazi prisons and camps after breaking German Occupation Laws. Even strolling around the back lanes of the main town, many roads are still occupied by Victorian and Georgian town houses and monuments. One man who rediscovered his love for Jersey during lockdown is local bean James Logue. Working from home like many, the only exciting escape from his computer was going outside and taking photos. Although his day job is marketing, James illustrates life through the lens:


"I love making records through photos of what I love. It's just easier to capture a story with a photo. It's a good motivation to go out and do things you otherwise wouldn't and it's an avenue to explore new things." Whether you're walking down a country lane and see some comically placed upside down boots on a tree stump (spotted in St Lawrence), or enjoying the unspoilt stretch of beach along St Ouen's, there is always something to take a picture of. Islanders have loved taking to social media to post their array of fantastic photos and share them with their friends. However, James says there's a difference between taking photos for 'fun' and taking photos for a 'passion'.

“For the many who live in town and can't make it to a scenic escape, St Helier offers many beautiful walks and the option to discover stories of the past.� "The thing that's different from the average person taking photos on their phone is that I take a lot of pleasure from going through the photos after, zooming in, editing and cropping them. I'll take one hundred photos and only keep one of them.

"A lot of people in Jersey don't really look around at what they have, so what I'm trying to tell them through my photos is that anywhere you look there is something beautiful, even right outside your door. There is so much diversity in condensed areas and I want to remind people what's already there."

"I'll try and always bring my camera with me when I go for a walk, and I'll take loads of photos and hope that one of them is good. I've discovered loads of places in Jersey just from walking and taking photos."

The wrath of the pandemic may have caused misery in many aspects, but it made locals love their island. Many found a new appreciation for the picturesque beaches and the quantit of greenery our 9 by 5 mile island has to offer. Enjoying the fresh air whilst taking a much needed break from reality helped many islanders appreciate the simpler things in life.

James says his favourite place to photograph is a 'secret' location around Portelet bay because of the blend of cliffs and beach, but he says everywhere is idyllic to photograph on a good day:

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E

Tag us in your wonderful walks with the hashtag #walkswithgallery. Happy walking!




The National Trust hedge their bets The Trust has just added 20,000 hedging plants and trees; a further 10 miles of hedgerow in Jersey, in the eastern parishes from Trinity through St Martin to Grouville. The work has continued from the areas reached in 2019 in order to restore the landscape and provide habitat in the form of native hedging species. They worked steadily, linking up the existing hedging and trees with new corridors to take care of all types of wildlife that will benefit in the future as a result. The funding of this part of the work, including trees, materials, and labour was met by the Countryside Enhancement Scheme, supported by the Environment Department, whilst the Roy Overland Charitable Trust has generously covered project management costs. The Trust is also enormously grateful to The Jersey Royal Company for their ongoing support and commitment to this project. The start of the year in 2021 will see the work resume with another 4,500 hedging whips being planted. A fund has been kept separate from donations by the National Trust’s Members as well as the general public. People are still being invited to help the Trust’s campaign to care for countryside by donating £5.00 per metre of planting, details of which can be found on the Trust’s website. Another initiative that will be carried out in the New Year is to carry out replacement planting for hedging plants and trees that did not survive the summer. The Trust has committed to care for the newly planted whips for at least 2 years as maintenance is vital to ensure the success of the planting.

Trees raise £42,000 for Hospice The team at Jersey Hospice Care were stoked with the support they have received from Islanders over Christmas and New Year as over 2,400 people signed up to the Christmas tree collection service and helped raised over £42,000 for the charity. A team of more than 60 Hospice Volunteers took to a fleet of vans and gave up their time to collect trees from households and businesses around the Island this year. As trees were collected, they were dropped off to two chippers to be turned into chippings that were then delivered to La Collette to be recycled. The two chippers were a new addition to the event, kindly supplied free of charge by CI Tree Services and Campbells Logs and Services.

Durrell run the internet. Durrell’s first-ever Virtual Durrell Dasher has raised an incredible £11,000 for the charity’s work saving species from extinction. Throughout December, runners across the island and further afield took to the roads to run or walk 6K, with many embracing the Christmas theme by completing the distance in festive fancy dress. Special prizes have been awarded to Cat Davies, the highest individual fundraiser, and the Dawdling Dodos for the highest fundraiser team. Prizes for the best-dressed Dashers were given to Ben Videgrain for completing the 6K run in a Christmas elf outfit, and to Alison, Ashley, Neil, and Paulina for their Christmas tree costumes.


LGL support Les Amis LGL Group have pledged their support to Les Amis as it partners with the island’s learning disability charity to make a difference to the lives of its residents and service users. The Jersey office of the global corporate, fund and family office solutions business have selected Les Amis as their long term chosen charity, committing to a programme of voluntary work and internal fundraising initiatives in aid of the charity. The company will be helping Les Amis plan and carry out the makeover of a residential home garden area at Somers House, as well as planning a virtual online afternoon tea to continue raising money for the charity under the current restrictive circumstances.

In addition to the team of volunteers, many of whom were supported by their employers who lent them company vans for the weekend collections, a number of local businesses partnered with Hospice to ensure the success of the event. In addition to being the sponsors, Mitchell Building Contractors provided hard hats and hi-vis jackets for all volunteers, Webreality provided the registration website, Integrated Skills provided all of the route mapping, Falles, 4Hire and Jersey Van Sales provided vans free of charge, the Co-op provided refreshments for volunteers, and La Collette Green Waste site opened over the weekend to support the event. The support of the community – individuals and businesses – is very much appreciated by the whole team at Hospice. With many regular fundraising events still being cancelled and postponed due to COVID-19, the record-breaking success of the tree collection service was a great start for Jersey Hospice Care heading into 2021. LIFE & ST YLE IN JERSEY

A powerful way to explore, create and learn.

Students love learning with iPad because it’s portable, powerful and easy to use. Discover iPad at iQ Liberty Wharf today from £290.



Seeing the numbers of COVID cases flash up on the news last year was a moment I’m sure none of us will forget. “It won’t get here, we’re too small” I thought. Fast forward ten months and here we are, back where 2020 started. It feels a little like deja-vu right now, but with Jersey’s cases appearing to drop and the vaccination acting as this year's beacon of hope, people are attempting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But for creatives, these past few months have brought on a whole new host of challenges to overcome. With live gigs canceled and no idea when the likes of festivals would be back on the cards, local musicians were put in a position they could have never prepared for. “When all my live shows were cancelled due to COVID-19 I didn’t know how I was supposed to continue on my musical journey.” says Rich Allo , a local musician who says making music benefits his mental health. “But if anything, the pandemic has taught me that there’s always a way to keep your passion alive no matter how tough times get.” It seems this time has presented everyone with similar obstacles. For me, feeling somewhat out of control of my future has been difficult to navigate. What we expected to be a short term issue has now caused all plans to change. Rebecca Lewis, who goes by Le Montais , moved back to Jersey last year. “When I first got back last March, I resigned myself to the fact that this would probably be a break in my musical career” she says. “But actually, since being back in Jersey, I’ve been able to achieve things I would have only dreamed of, such as writing and producing the entirety of my upcoming EP.” Positive takes on the past year give a lot of hope and go to show that sometimes, space and time is all we need to create the things we’ve always wanted. However, that’s not always the case. “Everyone said to me “you must be writing so much with all this free time” but for me 2020 was the year of a music block” says Phoebe Over, a local singer and songwriter. “However, I got a keyboard for Christmas and suddenly I’ve been able to fall in love with writing songs and playing again. I’m excited to try new styles and hope to release some new music soon.” I relate to that feeling of hitting a wall despite all your free time. That mind blank, lack of


motivation and inability to harness the time into something creative felt crippling. Some people were able to see this pause on life as a positive thing, a chance to ‘make the most of’ and suddenly the competition seemed to be everywhere. It’s easy on a little island like ours to become consumed with what other people are doing and comparing yourself, but Jersey indie musician Monty Taft has learnt to take a different approach. “It’s pushed me to really work on creating consistent content and collaborate with the local talent that we have on island.” he says “We have so many experts of their craft right here with us and it felt good to work with them.”

“I relate to that feeling of hitting a wall despite all your free time. That mind blank, lack of motivation and inability to harness the time into something creative felt crippling.” It seems the most unexpected situations birth the most unexpected outcomes for a lot of people. The highs and lows of the past year have created outcomes none of us could have expected. “The last twelve months have been emotionally consuming,” says Jared Crespel , a local singer and songwriter. “The real challenge was getting past that in order to carry on writing, but the isolation has led to me writing an EP which will be released this year. That’s something I never thought I’d be able to do.” Overcoming that struggle of not knowing what the future holds it seems has been a wake-up call for many of us and the music industry is no exception. At a time in which we all need a little hope, it’s nice to know that even if the world temporarily stops, the music will keep on playing.





Search for the artist on Spotify where you see this icon. Other music streaming services are available, of course.



Skipton Big Ideas


Sound of Colour

Roaming Soundtrack

The A Word; Exploring art with words

A TASTE OF 2021 By their own admission, ArtHouse Jersey would be lying if they said, much like every organisation on our fair isle, they weren't thrown by the arrival of COVID19. But despite the very obvious challenges, the arts charity have managed to remain positive and look for opportunities. Recognising that islanders need art and creativity in their lives, ArtHouse Jersey has tried to navigate the restrictions and put together a largely pandemic-proof programme for the year ahead. Their recent brochure ArtHouse Jersey: A taste of 2021 outlines their plans to deliver arts-for-all in Jersey; a riot of vibrancy, inclusion, innovation, quality and dare we say... a little fun. Here are a few highlights; Skipton Big Ideas is a mammoth interdisciplinary exhibition inviting local and international artists, architects & designers to collaborate in creating three-dimensional art; Sound of Colour, an audiovisual collaboration culminating in a spectacular music and projection extravaganza; and Roaming Soundtrack, a bespoke listening project curated by DJ & festival honcho Rob Da Bank launches in the Spring, where Jersey’s nature and specially commissioned music combine. ArtHouse Jersey exists to serve the local community and throughout the year will be working with schools through The Genesis Education Programme, connecting with the elderly through Cake & Cabaret and offering our inclusive performing arts project, Mavericks. Their work with Paper Dialogues continues to tour the world and closer to home they’ll be showcasing some of the most exciting local artists at our HQ at Greve de Lecq Barracks over the year.

February 2021 sees the launch of an exciting new blog and podcast series for the Island's arts organisation ArtHouse Jersey. The A Word invites insights from artists, creators and decision makers who make the arts happen, right here in Jersey and around the world. The podcast makes an impressive start with Carrie Cooper interviewing Deputy Kirsten Morel, the assistant minister responsible for arts and culture in the Island, about his new role and his hopes for the future of Jersey’s arts and creative sector. To listen and read more be sure to visit the blog and podcast pages on and don’t forget to subscribe to the ‘The A Word; Exploring art with words’ on Spotify today.

Their crystal ball is a little smudged right now, so do be sure to subscribe to their newsletter and keep checking in on their website and social media channels for all the latest news and developments on these fantastic projects. Here’s to 2021!

To read ‘ArtHouse Jersey: A taste of 2021’ in full pick one up from Bean Around the World coffee shop on Halkett Place or view and download it over at W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E



PRODUCTION & WORDS Jenna Wilkinson PHOTOGRAPHY Ollie Jones CLOTHES Available from Madhatter Surf Shop



Rosie Evans is 22 years old, born in Jersey, and working as a metal works painter at Rylance Iron Works. She has grown up in an extremely creative family, all of whom share the same love for art, music and board sports. Growing up, Rosie and her two brothers would be entertained by their Mum, from walking and exploring the great outdoors to drawing and painting or making music, while their dad would get them in the ocean, surfing as much as he could, so it’s obvious where Rosie gets her creative streak and passion for life!


W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E



Meet Jasmin Taylor! She is 20 years old and currently working in the radiology department at our local hospital here in Jersey. We met up at the beginning of October to have a chat and take some stunning images of her doing her thing. As well as clearly being a talented skater (even if it has only been a matter on months since she started!) Jasmin is also rather crafty, making dream catchers for her friends, mostly as gifts for when they venture off to study or travel.




We sat down and spoke to Sally Welburn about her gorgeous new-found skill and small business. Sally is 26 and from North Devon, but she moved to Jersey last summer to work as a primary school teacher. During Lockdown she used her passion for surfing to ignite a creative spark and make some incredibly gorgeous boardbags!


W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E



Epic location, epic produce and an epic woman, this meet up was a real treat for us! We headed over to the super-cool Nina Blake’s tomato farm to find out a little more about what they do up there and what tasty treats they make with their gorgeous, organic veg! If you are a part of the surfing community, then you will already know that the whole Blake family are surfing legends over here!




Introducing Laetitia Green, or better known to her friends as, Tish. Jersey born, 20 years old, and between two jobs, this girl still finds time to fit her skateboarding and creative passion in. Tish took up skateboarding during lockdown, after a friend gifted her an old deck; off to the skate park they went and she acquired an instant love for the sport and group of the new friends to support her and, well, the rest is history.


W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E



How would you like to meet some cool Jersey people? Beans who inspire and add a bit of extra shine to other peoples’ lives. Local folk who go out of their way for their community and bring happiness, support and help to others. Basically, beans who are doing cool things!

2020 certainly saw our community pull together in a great deal of ways, from neighbours shopping for one another to lots of us supporting local businesses. But what of the people doing unique and special things to make the world a better place? These are a few of the cool beans we’ve come across and in our opinion, they deserve a pat on the back and a page in our mag. Give it up for these beautiful humans, otherwise known as Gallery’s, ’Cool Beans’… Lucy Amelina |

Danny Evans

Alcindo and Joe Refugee aiders ‘Compassion isn’t Limited’

These two intrepid aid workers decided they couldn’t sit back and do nothing for the refugees based in Northern France last Christmas. It all began with a Facebook message and Compassion for Refugees, a community drive to collect clothing and necessary items for people who are surviving in camps with literally next to nothing, was born. The drive went splendidly (so much so, that plenty of excess clothing went to local charities) and the trip to France enabled Alcindo and Joe to see first-hand, just how dire the situation is across the water. Since their return they have started to make plans for an ongoing charity; a non-profit aptly named, ‘Compassion isn’t Limited’. We chatted to Joe to find out a bit more. “We’re starting a not for profit called Compassion isn’t Limited; it’s gonna be like a rainy-day fund for the world in the sense that it won’t be limited to any specific cause or area and it won’t be limited to any particular time of year either. Charity is an all year round thing, it’s not seasonal and let’s face it, people are in real need all the time. The not-for-profit will be funded by donations and fund-raising events. Whilst we can’t operate events right now, we have a Go Fund

Me link that people can donate to. Our aim is to also help individuals, which has been made more apparent after meeting people on our last trip to France. For instance, we’re currently trying to raise money to support a family in Gaza whose house is in disrepair and ice-cold. The children sleep on the floor and the wife has tumours; we want to buy a water-heater, beds, kitchen cupboards etc to help make an unbearable existence bearable. We are also in touch with another refugee we worked with - he made it to the UK in a leaky boat and we’d like to get him some clothes as he arrived with just one set of clothes and is currently in York. Alcindo and I will be going to help another refugee charity after the Covid crisis, I don’t know where yet. Maybe Serbia or Bosnia, or maybe France again. If anyone wants to join they can email us at We’re on Facebook too.’

Compassion Isn’t Limited Go Fund Me link



W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E





Lara Manning Finni’s Ark

Lara loves animals, that’s a fact. With her passion and drive in maintaining her sanctuary for farm animals, Lara is a cool bean indeed. Working a day job to keep up with the costs in providing for her many beloved animals, it’s literally a non-stop set up for Lara and she wouldn’t have it any other way. We asked Lara to come and see us and tell us a bit about Finni’s Ark - we got a chance to meet a few of her furry and feathered friends and our fave photographer, Danny Evans got to capture a couple of horses in his studio - that has to be a first! There were a few side glances as the two mini ponies trotted down Don Road and the chickens were clucking hilarious! Lara’s tireless pursuit of caring for farm animals also brings much joy to the wider community. She organises visits to care homes and schools and people are welcome to visit her and the animals up on the farm. “I’ve grown up in an animal-loving family so we’ve always taken in all sorts of animals since I was born, but I set up Finni’s Ark as a licensed sanctuary in 2019 after realising there weren’t really any options for livestock and poultry over here. All of the animals have big personalities and it’s hard to say who has the most character. It doesn’t take long for them to come out of their shell once they’ve arrived at Finni’s Ark! For example, Boris the pig has only been with us a few months but his confidence has grown over that time and we now know

what he likes/dislikes etc. We have lots of funny moments, like when Bernard the turkey decided to join some joggers and my dad had to chase him up the road…! When the covid crisis settles down a bit and we’re able, we hope to do some volunteer days, whereby local companies can come and lend a hand on the farm - there’s always lots to do! We also hope to do some educational type visits for anyone who might like to learn more about a specific type of animal. We currently do visits to schools and residential homes for therapy or educational purposes, but not so much at the moment with things in the air and many places closed. Anyone who would like any further information or to arrange visits (both those at the sanctuary and away from the sanctuary are by appointment only) can contact us via our Facebook page, email or telephone. Can people do anything to help Finni’s Ark, aside from volunteer their time? “We have a Just Giving page and an Amazon wishlist, but quite a few of the products on it can also be purchased from our local animal feed suppliers. The sanctuary is predominantly self-funded so we’re always grateful for any support we get as costs for the care of animals is huge… Any donation is always so very gratefully received.”

“We currently do visits to schools and residential homes for therapy or educational purposes, but not so much at the moment with things in the air and many places closed.”

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E



Brad De La Cloche The Lockdown Cuppa

Brad is a maestro with an eclectic and enthusiastic ethos for music and if you’ve yet to tune in to The Lockdown Cuppa, then you’re in for a treat indeed! Brad’s radio show is bursting with brilliant music; all genres, all decades - there’s literally something for everyone in his show. When the clubs and bars closed and DJs started spinning tunes via links on social media, Brad decided to put his passion out there for all to share, and it’s gone down a storm. The Lockdown Cuppa is a heady mix of old and new music, all narrated and presented with verve and vivaciousness by Brad. It’s highly entertaining and lovingly put together. “I started The Lockdown Cuppa for something to do during lockdown really. I’ve always loved a wide range of artists and genres and having a chance to create my own radio show was a great way to give some music back to the island of Jersey. My brother runs the BLKOUT events and I’m passionate about gigs and live shows, so yeah, it’s nice to be a part of giving something back to music lovers on the island. was already up and running and Marc Mitchell kindly gave me a slot in which I can play anything I like. People drop me massages on Facebook for requests and I’m always happy to oblige and give shout-outs to people on air. The most important thing for me isn’t how many people tune in for each show, but it means so much when they do.” What can people expect from The Lockdown Cuppa? “Great music. It’s what it’s all about. So put the kettle on, tune in and GET IT DRUNK. You can find the show on the Facebook page and I’m on air every Sunday at 7pm. Thank you for listening!”

“Great music. It’s what it’s all about… so, put the kettle on, tune in and GET IT DRUNK”



W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E







Imogen Malpas |

Gabriella Street

Fed up of long walks on the beach? All Zoomed out? Physically nauseous at the sight of the Netflix logo? You, dear reader, are not alone. This year, Valentine’s Day is going to look a little different for all of us.

Anyone in a long-distance relationship will be well acquainted with the joys of enforced distance and scheduled phone calls, but 2020 introduced that excitement to all of us. It might be tempting to cocoon yourself in a large duvet for the rest of February or, indeed, the year, but should you feel like emerging, there are options a-plenty to celebrate Valentine’s in 2021. First up, gifts. You’re probably busy filling your Amazon cart as we speak, but here are some slower options for the eco-warrior in your life: Emily Claire Jewellery is a local carbon-neutral silversmith producing extraordinary, unique pieces that even I can afford after having spent all of my money on takeout. Ranging from delicate silver hoops and rings to bold, beaded necklaces, Emily has something for everyone: and that something is crafted from recycled silver, ethically sourced gems and sustainable freshwater pearls. The Loving Suds, run by a Jersey couple, offers vegan and plastic-free shampoo, soap and scrubs. Their foot scrubs are shaped like little feet, which is pretty much the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

For the adults in the room: pleasure doesn’t have to be guilty. Leaf+, VeganToys and Blush produce adult toys that are animal-friendly, gentle on the environment and won’t break the bank, including the world’s first biodegradable vibrator which can be commercially composted when its time has come.

Better yet, spend some quality time with your sweetheart even if it’s with a whole bunch of strangers. You could... Take a virtual yoga class together. Even if you’ve never tried yoga before, it’ll help you destress as well as introducing you to great stretches you can use whenever you feel tense from staring at your screen for twelve hours straight. Bonus points for making each other laugh so hard you both fall over. In the same vein: for one night only, try out each other’s interests. Surprise your partner by suggesting a night of their favourite movies or games, even if they’re not your thing. You might discover something new about yourself, even if it’s just that you really really hate The Notebook. It’s hard to go wrong with an online cocktail class. Whether or not you drink,

you can unleash your inner bartender on your unsuspecting kitchen and hopefully make something that’s drinkable in the process.

Looking for something a little outside of your comfort zone? Why not try life drawing? A personal favourite, Brixton Life Drawing, runs online events every few days with a percentage of profits going to different charities each month. It’s Valentine’s Day, someone should be naked.


Kota produces candles, diffusers and scents made with sustainable, vegan materials. Kota’s founder is a trained parfumier - so you know the smells won’t disappoint - and you need only to check their Instagram to be instantly seduced by their sleek, elegant designs. It’s a win-win-win.

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E



CONTINUED... If you’re lucky enough to bask in the glory of your partner’s presence this year, but are required to bask at a reasonable distance, here’s some outdoorsfriendly things to try: Rent electric bikes together (Island eBikes and Aaron’s Bikes are open and offering cycles for hire). It’ll be a profound bonding experience as you sail up hills waving modestly to passing cars nobody needs to know they’re electric.

For the ultimate in romance, go stargazing. Bundle yourselves in blankets, head to a quiet spot away from bright lights, and knowledgeably point out all the constellations to your awestruck partner, who will never suspect that you’re reading them off the interactive augmented-reality star chart on your phone (StarWalk, SkyView and StarChart are all available on iOS and Android). Did you know there are hundreds of geocaches in Jersey? I didn’t. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, geocaching is a slightly old-school but still very enjoyable outdoor treasure hunt, where you use your phone’s GPS to locate secret boxes stashed all over the countryside. At six feet apart from your lover, finding one is probably the most satisfaction you’re going to get. Find yourself at home with the apple of your eye but tragically unable to go out and spend hundreds of pounds on a mediocre-tasting meal in a crowded restaurant with poor service and tacky table decorations? We commiserate. The following plans, however, might make up for it: Remember in Friends, when Chandler and Joey battle Monica and Rachel about how well they know each other? That’s the idea here: design a trivia night to see who really knows the other better. Warning: not suitable for all couples, as dramatic scenes may ensue. What country has your partner always dreamed of visiting? Take them there for free (well, relatively), by cooking a feast of that country’s cuisine. If they’re not the culturally adventurous type - or should you need to follow along with someone a little more experienced - Migrateful, a cookery and language initiative, offers cookalong Zoom classes taught by refugees. Or, if cooking really isn’t your thing, has got your back. If you’re in the mood to plan ahead, you and your partner can sit down and write out some things you’ve always wanted to try - PG or otherwise - and put them in a jar. When the day comes, you’ll have a personalised Lucky Dip of activities to try. There are some great karaoke microphones on the market right now. Who needs a pub when you can serenade your partner with all the best ABBA classics from the comfort of your living room? Plus, if you’re avoiding Amazon, you can snag one off eBay for a tenner.


“ Bundle yourselves in blankets, head to a quiet spot away from bright lights, and knowledgeably point out all the constellations to your awestruck partner, who will never suspect that you’re reading them off the interactive augmented-reality star chart on your phone” For singles, as well as queer people, Valentine’s Day can feel like a big F-you from the universe. Confronted with endless images of happily posing heterosexuals, it’s hard not to feel some weird version of forcibly-induced FOMO. That’s why it’s a great time to remind yourself of all the ways your life is full enough without adding ‘constantly clearing up your kid’s sh*t’ to the list. Starting with my favourite option, just blow the whole thing off. Please don’t let

a capitalist holiday designed to sell all the leftover card stock from Christmas make you feel bad about yourself. It’s 2021, aren’t we past that yet?

For anyone sobbing ‘but I just want to feel special’ into the page, it’s unofficially Galentine’s Day on 13th February. The only rules are 1) bring your friends and ideally 2) drink something bubbly. Bro-entine’s Day may not have the same ring to it, but that’s no excuse not to round up the lads. Especially for the LGBT+ Valentine’sfriendly crowd, the wonderful Queer Culture Club are hosting an astrology-themed night of conversation, Look To The Stars. Find free tickets via their platform on OutSavvy. If all else fails, run a bath, light some candles and relax. After all, Saint Valentine was literally beheaded, so all things considered... it could definitely be worse.


2021-2022 / G A L L E R Y ’ S A -Z W E D D I N G S U P P L E M E N T




Cassidy & Alex Mason, coming out of St Peter La Rocque Chapel in August 2020 COVER IMAGE

Welcome to gallery’s 2021 Bridal Bible So you’re getting married! Eek, wahoo and good luck (you may need it!)

It is our mission to inspire you with new ideas and help with the practicalities of planning a wedding in Jersey. Some of you may have had some bumps in the road with your weddings cancelled from last year - at least it’ll make a good anecdote in years to come. And in the end love will conquer. The next twenty-four pages are full to the brim with expert advice, top tips and a whole plethora of prettiness that you can incorporate into your big day. From beauty basics to finding the dress, we’ve tracked down the best people to help guide you through this fantastic time. Our handy A-Z format means that everything is laid out as easy to absorb bite-size information. We’ve tried to make this guide useful for all ages, so if you’re being swept off your feet at 16 or have only just met Mr Right at 81 then there should still be something in here for you. Make sure you check out the wonderful local weddings from the lucky few who managed to tie the knot in 2020 and we’ve also included lots of dresses to swoon over. Our wedding checklist is one of the best in the business, so, as long as you’ve checked off all those boxes, then you are ready to tie the knot. Enjoy your planning and try and refrain from being too much of a bridezilla, although this is your moment, so milk it!

Team Gallery



Andy Le Gresley Becky Lee Danny Evans Paul Wright StudioM Natalie Mayer Sophie Darwin Max Burnett Studio M PRETTY BRIDAL DRAWINGS


Ceri Baker Chris Rogers (Love Wine) Decia De Jesus (Kiss & Make Up) Ffion (Bella Fiori) Andy Le Gresley (Photographer) Matt Barnes (The Gorey Wine Cellar) Kayleigh (Oasis Hair) Paul Wright (Paul Wright Photography) Becky Kinross (film)




We met up with two beautiful, local brides who have one thing in common; the oh-so-talented Anna Trigg and her brilliant bridal wear.

Amazing Anna


"Working with Anna to create the dress of dreams was like a dream itself. We spent time talking and looking at lots of different styles and fabrics that would work best for the ideas we had and time of year I was getting married. How it would sit, look in photos and feel. It was so much fun designing my dress with Anna, we giggled a lot… and I cried with delight when my dress started to come together. It was perfect in every way. Anna is a complete genius and I am forever grateful that she agreed to create a bespoke dress for the best day of my life." Photography by Sophie Darwin

Elianne Jones

“My experience with Anna was more than just buying a dress. Her wealth of knowledge, talent and passion shine through in every single dress she has. Popping into the shop for a fitting is like visiting a friend, she welcomes you with open arms and makes you feel comfortable and beautiful from start to finish. I asked Anna to make some matching sleeves for my dress and I know she intricately sewed on each individual lace flower with such ease. I will forever treasure my wedding dress and I would recommend every bride visit her. She will work with you every step of the way, going beyond your expectations to give you exactly what you dreamed of. Thank you Anna, you really are amazing.” Photography by Daisy Barnard.

Anna is an amazing lady and I would recommend all brides to be to go to see her. To book an appointment call 877304 or visit for more information. Anna Trigg Haute Couture annatrigg_hc

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Rebecca’s Bouquet


Photograph by Max Burnett

We met up with the wonderful Ffion, Owner of Bella Fiori Florist, to find out more about the process of how her clients choose the most important flowers of the day, the bouquet.

Rebecca almost had to postpone due to covid 19 but proceeded with their day, just on a smaller scale. We created an oversized shower bouquet in rich coral, burgundy and blush pink to complement her dress, which was pale blush. Rebecca was truly over the moon with her flowers, with many lovely comments from her guests. The flowers included were, Americano and Sweet Avalanche roses, Astilbe, Astrantia, Miss Piggy Roses, Lysianthus, Berried and dyed burgundy Eucalyptus.

Alex’s Bouquet

Photograph by Georgina Piper

Alex chose corals, hot pinks, magenta and soft pinks with some peach accents for her florals. She knew wanted to include peonies and the rest we went through together to pick flowers that complemented the peonies, the colour scheme, and the relaxed feel she wanted for her wedding. We included Astilbe, Stock, Peonies in different tones of coral and hot pink, Roses, Lysianthus and Spray Roses with Trailing Jasmine, soft Ruscus and Eucalyptus for different textures in the foliage for that slight trial. There were gold accessories within the marquee, so we added some trailing gold ribbon to the bouquet and the plan was to bind the stems with offcuts from her wedding dress, but on the day we just added a special locket with photos of loved ones inside. Alex popped in the evening before to collect some items and she was so emotional over her flowers and loved them so much. Each time I have seen her since, she still beams over her flowers.

Frankie’s Bouquet

Photograph by Sophie Darwin

I have known Frankie for a long time, so this bouquet was extra, extra special. Frankie’s vision was for a bouquet that was loose, oversized, natural and rustic in design. She loved the idea that it would be in keeping with her family’s farm where the wedding took place, so we went for very natural burnt orange to burgundy hues. She trusted me to do what I thought, based on a couple of inspiration pictures and flowers I had shown her in the shop. There were Roses in orange and champagne tones, with Pampas Grass, Cocosmia, Spray Roses, Amaranthus, Wax Flower and Ascelpia with mixed berried, Cinerea Eucalyptus and Olive leaves. Frankie was so excited on the morning and burst through the door to see her flowers. A very happy bride and a very happy Florist.

Jen’s Bouquet

Photograph by Melissa Rodrigues

Unfortunately, Jen and Howard’s wedding had to be postponed in 2020 due to COVID-19, but they went ahead with a small ceremony at their chosen venue. Jen opted to have bright vibrant flowers for this ceremony. This was a tighter, but still natural design with small amounts of eucalyptus foliage, Daisies, China Asters, Delphiniums, spray roses, Dill, Asclepia, Flowering Mint with Scabious and Lysianthus in hot pinks, purples, blues, a hint of orange, which made for a really scented, bold, summery bouquet. Jen loved her bouquet and said it made her so excited for her next bouquet, which she’ll have at their big celebration with family and friends this year.


Ca ptur e th e momen t

A fantastic way to get some great photos is to have a Jersey Party Booth at your wedding, with simple touch screen technology it will also entertain guest of all ages! Pictures are instantly printed so that your guests can have a lovely keepsake reminding them of the fun they had at your wedding, and you’ll also get to see all the digital versions.



Wedding stationary sets the whole tone of the wedding and it doesn’t just stop at the invites, your designer will be able to create stunning table plans and orders of services as well as a whole host of pretty extras. We’ve got lots of talented people to choose from here in Jersey, so get googling. Image showcasing Paper Vows bespoke stationery designs / Image of a wedding invite by Maisie Moo Designs



The Rise of the Mini-Moon In light of the current circumstances, it is of no surprise that many newlyweds are opting for a honeymoon at home (or mini-moon). Even before the pandemic the mini-moon craze was becoming increasingly popular, particularly for those couples who are restricted on budget or time. With its unique location overlooking the golden sands of St Ouen’s Bay and the crystal blue Atlantic Ocean, The Atlantic Hotel offers a wedding venue and honeymoon retreat all in one. The moment you approach the driveway of this magnificent hotel, even Jersey residents will feel as though they’re on holiday.

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E

Couples who are planning their forthcoming nuptials can choose the perfect spot for their civil ceremony in the stunning grounds and, with luxury dining overseen by Executive Chef Will Holland, the wedding breakfast promises to be a truly memorable occasion. Once the celebrations have drawn to a close the mini-moon can begin. One of the hotel’s Ocean View bedrooms or private suites will provide a truly romantic escape for newlyweds to relax and unwind as they start their journey together.





Films Abou t Lo ve Quite often having a wedding videographer capture your day is seen as a luxury. However in these times of uncertainty, restricted travel and restricted numbers a wedding film has become equally as important as wedding photographs. Not only does a wedding film act as a portal back to your day for you to relive, but it also acts as a window for your absent loved ones to be able to experience and share your wedding day joy. No matter how small your ceremony and celebration becomes, a wedding film ensures your day can reach all of your nearest and dearest regardless of where they may be.


Get Gorgeous With lip enhancement becoming more popular by the minute, more women than ever are helping themselves to a Kylie Jenner worthy pout. The wonderful team at The Laser Centre can give you a fuller, soft and natural looking pout for your wedding photos and of course that all important first kiss! Try this treatment ahead of time to make sure that you will like the way you look on your wedding day. It’s always best to take a conservative approach and start small, you can increase your dosage next time if you decide you want a more dramatic look. Lip fillers normally last between 4 and 7 months, so keep that in mind as you’re planning your timeline.

Becky Kinross is a wedding videographer and owner of ‘Films About Love’, creating just that; films full of love, laughter and everything in between. Becky offers genuine Super 8 film footage as an add on to the ‘Films About Love’ Signature Package to create an emotive and nostalgic look. Making you feel at ease in front of the camera is what Becky does best, capturing those special moments without you even knowing and making you laugh at just the right time, in just the right light, to make you look and feel awesome. To learn more visit




Hair We teamed up with the wonderful Kayleigh from Oasis Hair Salon to bring you some of the hottest bridal hair trends out there. Dacy

"I gave Dacy a blunt length, combined with soft layers to create a striking 'bang on trend' look. The waves were created by heating the hair around the brush and using twisting techniques. Once set, I finished off the look with Label M Texturising Spray and Hairspray. This is the perfect look for the more natural bride"


"With some disco diva inspiration, I started with a tight curl throughout before bringing out the fullness with a soft brush to gently loosen those curls. For the party part of your wedding you can add some cool tones glitter through the parting, for a real wow-factor look!"


"Classic styles are so beautiful for long hair. First I made loose curls before slightly back-combing them to create a somewhat messy, but in control style. This laid-back chic is what a lot of brides are looking for." Call Oasis Hair Salon on 728200 to book in for your wedding preening. Hair: Kayleigh at Oasis Hair Salon Make Up: Jennifer Carr Photos: Nienke B Photography

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E





Imagine it and they’ll create it

As the name suggests, Vibert Marquees are a local, family run business. They pride themselves on holding family values at the heart of their approach and value the importance of communication. A friendly, experienced professional team provide a first class service and they tell us ‘no question or request is too big or small’, offering a personal service where no detail is overlooked. This year they enter their 38th year in business and, with that heritage, it’s easy to see why so many choose to use their services on the island. The firm

work closely with a portfolio of venues island wide from picturesque gardens, sweeping country views and locations with outstanding sea views. Their product range includes the largest selection of marquee styles on the island, the most recent addition for 2019 is the magnificent 'Will’s Tent'. They pride themselves on strong feedback, with one recent client stating, “From the first meeting to the final clear up Nigel, Georgina and their staff were professional, friendly and incredibly helpful and left no stone unturned in their attention to detail. They make a great team. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Vibert Marquees for a wedding or any other celebration.” No matter what the location or atmosphere you’re looking for with your event, Vibert Marquees literally have you covered. Get in touch to meet up for a no-obligation conversation!

Whether you wish to hold your entire ceremony at the fully wedding licensed hotel or simply a stunning reception, the sparkling marina provides the idyllic backdrop. Exceeding expectations, the venue, views and staff combine to make your day as special as it should be. The exquisite Le Hocq Suite, residing on the top floor of the hotel, offers the wow factor with panoramic views over Elizabeth Castle. The perfect romantic setting for intimate ceremonies and receptions for up to 80 guests, Le Hocq is flanked by two luxury bedroom suites which can accommodate the bride and groom and other VIP guests.


In addition to this, the hotel’s south-facing Waterfront Terrace is ideal for chilled welcome drinks and a beautiful setting for stunning photos. Adjoining the restaurant, the modern glass-fronted Elizabeth Room accommodates up to 80 guests for private dining and benefits from a private terrace area with uninterrupted views of the marina. For larger ceremonies and receptions the Rocco Suite can cater for up to 250 friends and family who wish to celebrate the big day.

Just right

Call their team on 01534 720511 or email


Sophie Darwin Photography

As a wedding venue The Royal Yacht has it all! Every aspect of your big day is covered; from the pre-wedding build up, getting ready in the luxurious penthouse, to the ceremony and the wedding breakfast. The highly experienced team are full of ideas and are on hand to make your day unforgettable and one that you will cherish forever. From small intimate weddings to big celebrations, The Royal Yacht offers a free wedding planning service. No idea is too big or too small, everything is taken care of, so that you can enjoy your special day.

Boasting enviable views over the sun-kissed Elizabeth Marina, Elizabeth Castle and St Aubin’s Bay coupled with their Yes I Can service, the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, Jersey has something for you.

Their Executive Chef delivers a medley of indulgent menus in their suggested wedding packages. For couples with their own proposals the chef can offer creative suggestions to suit your theme or tradition. With 195 luxuriously-appointed bedrooms and suites, a state of the art health suite, a first class restaurant and cocktail bar, guests can take advantage of the views, service and amenities on your big day. For civil ceremonies and intimate dinners, chic receptions and sparkling parties, their sole aim is making the perfect day for you. All you have to do is arrive on time. Let them be your Something Blu... Call 01534 671172 to speak to their wedding coordinator.


It’s all in the detail Whether you're looking to hold a wedding for 80 or 280 guests Vibert Marquees is second to none. We stock a variety of beautifully crafted, high quality marquees and are here to advise you every step of the way, nothing is too much trouble for our professional and experienced team. Let us create your perfect wedding day. Get in touch today on 482970 or visit our website



T (01534) 482970 E W


I believe all women are pretty without makeup, but with the right make-up can be pretty powerful.


Lookin’ good Make-Up Artist Decia De Jesus, Director of the brilliant Kiss & Make-up is one of the best in the business at bridal make up. We chatted to her about what she loves about her job. “I am really thankful to have a career that I love so dearly. It’s not just the artistic aspect of the job that I love, it’s my clients. When I can transform how someone sees themselves and make them feel beautiful. I love making women feel good about themselves, for me this is what my career is all about. I have a passion for clean beauty and creating polished bridal looks. I really love to enhance natural beauty and my belief is that less is more when it comes to makeup. I like to think of it as an extension of who you are, the best version of yourself.”

Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. Makeup is the finishing touch. Lipstick is more than just a colour, it holds a beautiful smile.


Mar vellous Marqu ees

Whether you would like them to create your bespoke reception marquee at one of their many beautiful and exclusive island wide venues or you’re simply looking for a scenic ceremony location, their team are there to ensure that every client is dealt with in a professional and enthusiastic manner every step of the way. They genuinely care about your big day almost as much as you do! They also hire out a wide variety of different props, furniture, lighting, dance floors and decorations which can be found on their website.

Studio M.

Natalie Mayer


The Marquee Solutions team understand now more than ever that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life to both yourselves and your family. Which is why their friendly team will work closely with you from the first initial meeting to the day itself and together with their experience and vision they can turn your dream wedding into a reality.

Studio M.

look t to keep a Don’t forge the ation about rm fo in r fo out ons rquee Soluti se brilliant Ma ca dding show e w g in m o upc spring! event in the




Nice touch Little gifts on the day for those who deserve them are a wonderful touch that will be treasured and enjoyed. We asked the lovely Matt Barnes, Owner of The Gorey Wine Cellar, to come up with some great gift ideas for key members of the bridal party:




A bride to gift her groom that they can drink at their 5 year anniversary "For the first year anniversary it's ideal to drink a bottle of the same wine that they enjoyed on their wedding day, but for a great commemorative wine I'd suggest a vintage Champagne such as Champagne Le Brun de Neuville Grand Vintage 2008, £42.50, or a nice red wine such as a Barolo del Comune di Barolo 2015, £41.40, or a Bordeaux such as Chateau Grand Mayne St Emilion Grand Cru Classé 2014, £44.50.”


Ohh la la Wedding night lingerie £20.90



A bottle that the groom could give to his new in-laws: "He would need to find out what kind of wine they like; if it was me I would probably go for something to impress my mother-in-law (!) for example: a Sancerre Florès 2019 by Vincent Pinard, £20.90, or a Tokara Director’s Reserve White 2017, £24.90, or if budget allows, a Jean Marc Boillot Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru Les Referts 2018, £58.00."


It’s such an easy win and great fun to go shopping for with your maid of honour. Even if you’re not particularly a ‘sexy lingerie’ type of girl, if you were ever going to be, then your wedding night is the night! Make sure it’s white, make sure it’s exciting. Done. Pictured are from M&S, but deGruchy and Voisins also have great options as well.


A bottle for the Ushers: "Either something special such as a Brunello di Montalcino Casisano 2015, £46.50, or from Argentina a Agostino Familia Malbec Blend 2015, £26.80.”

A bottle for the Bestman: “Any of the above would be appropriate, otherwise some very special wine glasses would be a great gift, for example a box of two Zalto (hand-blown crystal) Bordeaux glasses at £31 each.”

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E




ph y Pho togra

Andy Le Gresley photographed Cassidy and Alex Mason’s gorgeous wedding in August 2020 and this is what he had to say when we caught up with him about it: “Cassidy & Alex’s summer 2020 wedding was such a joy to capture. Obviously weddings are a bit different at the moment - they are smaller and more intimate but still so incredibly beautiful. Cassidy & Alex’s wedding was the perfect example of this.

Cassidy was over the moon when she saw her images. This is how she described her experience with Andy Le Gresley Photography:

“I honestly cannot recommend Andy highly enough. From a personable side he is so lovely to work with and on the day he has such a wonderful calming presence, which is just what you need. When we received the photos for the first time we were just blown away. The images themselves were absolutely stunning but somehow Andy had managed to perfectly capture the whole feel of the day too. From the tiny details in the decor to the absolute love and joy we all felt, it was right there in these stunning pictures. While he didn’t seem visible on the day, he just captured everything we had hoped for and so much more. Words don’t do it justice!”




Contact Andy on 07797 787128 or visit to view more of his work.

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E





Quirky & Cute

How gorgeous are these bell tents? Absolutely ideal for a place to entertain your younger guests, chuck an iPad in there, some sticker books and toys, and voilà your own little crèche that will look beautiful in the wedding photos. Also they can be used to host guests - beautifully decorated, with the option of an iron bed and sprung mattress. Well worth checking out. or @jerseybelltents on insta

2020 was the year nobody could have predicted but even though times have changed, many engagement and wedding ring styles stand the test of time and 2021 sees the classics and bespoke designs leading the way. Deb Macklin, Rivoli Jewellers explains. The Halo ring features a centre stone surrounded by smaller diamonds. These diamonds not only enhance the centre stone but they are a stunning addition to the design. Halo designs works around pretty much any shape centre diamond with pear, oval and emerald cut centres increasingly popular. Bespoke wedding rings work best with halo rings as the shape of the wedding ring can be tailored to your specific engagement ring.

One of these is the classic Solitaire - simple and timeless – the solitaire diamond is the star of the show that is never going to go out of fashion. Available to suit all budgets, solitaire rings come in multiple sizes, shapes and metals, yellow gold is becoming increasing popular again. Solitaires are a really versatile option that will sit well with a simple plain wedding ring or a diamond set one. You could also mix your coloured metals. Why not try a yellow or rose gold wedding ring with a white gold engagement ring? Who says they have to match!

Trilogy engagement rings represent past, present and future. Whilst most rings feature three diamonds, a variety of gemstones such as sapphires and rubies can be set as the centre stone or side stones. These rings are perfect for couples who have been together a long time! To ensure the perfect fit for your wedding ring make sure your engagement ring is “wedfit”, this means that your wedding ring will sit seamlessly against your engagement ring and look as though they were made for each other.

Designing your own engagement ring is maybe the most romantic of gestures. At Rivoli we are able to work with your ideas and designs using supplied diamond(s) or sourcing them for you. Elements of a sentimental piece of jewellery can be used in designs to give your ring new sentimental value. Rivoli Jewellers, 41/43 King Street, St Helier




Three perfect venues for your big day

Choosing the right venue for your big day can be one of the most time-consuming parts of wedding planning. That’s why Seymour Hotels would like to propose three perfect venues, all with their own unique style to suit all budgets and occasions.

The Greenhills Country House Hotel

This four star country house hotel oozes with rural charm. Licensed for Civil Ceremonies and with beautiful gardens, Greenhills makes the perfect setting for your special day. For more information on planning your wedding call Carmelita on 01534 481 042 or email

The Pomme d’Or Hotel

With its central town location and superb state of the art facilities, the hotel caters for small, intimate weddings or large elaborate celebrations. It is also licensed to host Civil Ceremonies. For more information on planning your wedding, please call 01534 751372 or email

The Merton Hotel

The Merton Hotel offers a wide choice of rooms, including your own private nightclub or for something really different, there’s The Aquadome. For more information on planning your wedding, call one of the team today on 01534 724231 or email

The Seymour Group have created a unique wedding package whereby a Civil Ceremony is held in the beautiful surroundings of Greenhills, followed by an evening celebration at the elegant and centrally located Pomme d’Or Hotel. To discuss this package please contact either one of the teams at The Greenhills or Pomme d'Or hotels who will be happy to discuss your exact requirements.



One of the sweetest details of a wedding is the bridesmaid dresses. They get to be a princess for a day and this is a memory they’re going to treasure their whole lives. Make it extra special for them with a bespoke bridesmaid dress. These pretty ones are created here in Jersey by Lisa The Dressmaker who has over 25 years experience in creating truly magical dresses. Check her out on facebook lisathedressmaker

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E






c he Uniqu e tou

All About Love is an event styling business developed by Hannah Hearne and Lucy Stephenson. Passionate about beautiful things and creative thinking, they aim to make the ordinary extraordinary and your most special days even more spectacular. Following a personal consultation, the All About Love team will come up with a design scheme to suit you and your budget that can include everything from room décor, table styling and favours, to table plans, outdoor areas and signage. They will then work with you and your suppliers every step of the way to bring your vision to life.

Get in touch today via email or check out

WORDS Chris Rogers, Love Wine



PERFECT FOR BIG WEDDINGS Incredible taste and an amazing price Sparkling Jansz Premium NV Brut, £17.95

Tasmania’s cool climate has made it a favourite with southern hemisphere wine makers in recent years. Secondary fermentation in the bottle, and an ageing on yeast lees for three years helps Jansz create a complex fizz with delightful aromas of honeysuckle, citrus, and nougat, with a hint of strawberry from the Pinot Noir. A well-balanced, creamy palate ensures this fizz hits the spot.


The toasts on your wedding day will be where some of the most important and memorable words of your life are spoken. It’s traditional to mark the toast with a clinking of glasses, so make sure your champagne is as perfect as the speech it’s honouring! One of our top tips is to always make sure you buy a few extra bottles to keep for special occasions in the future, so you can mark your life’s celebratory milestones together with your own wedding champagne. CHEERS TO THE MERRY COUPLE Fizz, Pop, Woo! Vazart Coquart Blancs de Blancs Extra Brut Grand Cru NV, £29.95

Extra brut is the driest type of champagne as it doesn’t contain any extra sugar, ensuring fine levels of acid for an ultra refreshing fizz. The crystalized lemon and sweet almond notes develop into a lively creamy palate with elegant grapefruit and mineral flavours. Vazart Coquart is located in Chouilly, in the Côte des Blancs. Blanc de Blancs only uses Chardonnay grapes.

SPLASH OUT FOR YOUR BIG DAY The wow factor Duval Leroy Femme Vintage 2000, £89

With its yellow, gold colour and fine bubbles, Femme Vintage is an outstanding example of this excellent vintage. The notes are complex; of brioche, vanilla and wood, offset by mandarin and lemon. Made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, from prize Duval Leroy vineyards across Chouilly, Chetillon, and Oger, vinified separately in oak barrels to create a highly elegant champagne.


W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E




Weddings These lucky couples had love conquer the coronavirus - and went ahead with two very special, magical 2020 weddings. We got in touch with them to get you guy some tips, hints and inspiration for your 2021/2022 weddings.

John & Eimear Pallot

Which church did you use?

We chose St.Matthieu’s Catholic Church in St.Peter for our marriage ceremony. It is a beautiful church inside and out and very close to our home.

What did you do for your reception?

We had our reception in a marquee at John’s parents family home. Marquee Solutions provided everything from the marquee structure to the flooring, lighting, toilets, tables and chairs, bar etc... the list goes on! We dealt with several members of the team and found them all incredibly helpful and nothing was too much of a problem for them. Our main contact was Polly and she provided expert advice and ideas on layout and styling of the marquee and was able to adapt anything to fit our budget. When government guidance was constantly changing in the lead up to the wedding, Marquee Solutions went above and beyond to help us and ensure we had our special day.

Who was your Photographer?

We had Ollie Jones and Becky Lee from Studio M as our photographers. They were both such great fun on the day and we couldn’t be happier with the photos.


Where did you get your dress?

My dress was from Anna Trigg. I couldn’t find the dress I had in my mind for our winter wedding and so, with Anna’s help, I chose a Louise Bentley dress to use as a base and Anna made a bespoke lace long sleeve bodice to create my dream dress. The advice and service I received from Anna was outstanding from day one, despite restrictions and not always being able to meet in person. Her talent is amazing and I will always be grateful for everything she did for me.

Where did you get your Flowers?

We had Ffi from Bella Ffiori as our florist and we also had Brenda Le Moignan and friends to do the church flowers which were beautiful. I’m not much a flower person and Ffi was so helpful and gave great advice and guidance. I showed her ideas I’d seen on Pinterest for bouquets, table layout and marquee décor and what she created was everything we'd hoped for and more! The marquee and bouquets were stunning and we really couldn’t be happier with her as our florist.

“Obviously it’s really difficult to reduce your guest list but everyone will completely understand and the most important thing and what it’s all about is you getting married!”



What were your favourite personal touches on the day?

Probably our favourite personal touch of the day was our first dance. Unknown to our guests (even our families!) we had our first dance choreographed by Dragos of Step by Step Dance School, a salsa to Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”. It was great to see the reaction on our guests faces after weeks of practising in secret!

What did you love most about your wedding day?

We absolutely loved every minute from start to finish; from getting ready in the morning, to saying our vows at the church, to greeting all of our guests and seeing them all so happy for us as well as the incredible food by Jersey Kitchen, it was all amazing! We loved the intimacy of the day and being able to spend time with each of our guests which we appreciate must be difficult at a larger wedding. It was so rewarding to see how it had all come together after the months of hard work, stress (covid related!) and planning.

Any tips or recommendations for Jersey Brides?

We would say to not be put off by restrictions that might be in place, you will still have the most amazing day and it will be so special. Obviously it's really difficult to reduce your guest list but everyone will completely understand and the most important thing and what it’s all about is you getting married! The wedding fayres are great to make contact with suppliers and Pinterest is brilliant for ideas and inspiration on pretty much every aspect of a wedding. We would highly recommend (if you do have to reduce numbers, or for guests that aren’t able to travel) having your ceremony live-streamed so guests are able to celebrate with you in this way. We used JP Le Blond from and it was one of the best decisions we made.

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E





Philip & Sophie Le Maistre

Which Church did you use?

Holy Trinity Church. This is the Church we and our families attend. Both of our maternal grandmas sing in their wonderful choir, although unfortunately they weren't allowed to sing during our wedding in the end, due to COVID restrictions. Being married at Trinity Church by Canon Geoff Houghton was one thing we easily agreed on!

What did you do for your reception?

We had to scale down the reception a lot, cutting down numbers from our initial planned 180 guests, to 35 guests. We stuck with our plan of having the reception in a marquee at Sophie's Grandma's house. Harpers did the catering for a lovely sit down meal; they were so helpful throughout and made the stress surrounding all the uncertainty re numbers etc that much easier to manage. The marquee, furnishings, interior lighting and toilets were all provided by Marquee Solutions. John, Polly and Michelle were so helpful throughout, they happily changed everything around when our guest list had to be cut down substantially. Polly was great at giving advice regarding design of the marquee and layout and we are so appreciative for all their help throughout.



We used Paul Wright, he was amazing, nothing was too much trouble in the lead up to and during our day itself. He has done such an incredible job of getting some really natural pictures, which is exactly what we wanted. We would highly recommend him.

Where did you get your dress?

I bought my dress in the end from The Bridal Dressing Rooms in Portsmouth, as I was working in the UK at the time and I really wanted a Kenneth Winston dress, of which this shop was a main stockist. Caroline from the Bridal Boutique also stocked Kenneth Winston, in small quantities, so she kindly agreed to keep my dress at the Bridal Boutique and sorted all the fittings. I also bought the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses through Caroline, as well as hiring the suits for the men. Again, she was so helpful and kind in the lead up to our wedding.

Where did you get your Flowers? Flowers by Design did such an amazing job of all the flowers (and at a fraction of the cost of other quotes we received); the church and marquee looked incredible and my bouquet was simply gorgeous! The arch outside the church, which was created mostly by my Granny (who is a member of Flowers by Design) and Phil's Auntie, was breathtaking. Brenda, Pat and all the team worked so hard and we are so appreciative for their help.



What were your favourite personal touches on the day?

I made the save the dates, invites and wedding stationary by hand, as we had a long engagement, so that gave me plenty of time! Phil and his groomsmen travelled to Trinity Church from Grouville in a convoy of seven John Deere tractors, which was a huge surprise, and made quite an impression! When we walked out of the church, through a surprise pitchfork 'guard of honour' we saw so many of our initially-planned wedding guests who had still come to support us! We were not allowed live music, so the band and DJ did not perform. Instead Phil's brother, sister, groomsmen and auntie organised some brilliant games for us, including a 'Phil and Sophie themed blockbusters'! It made it extra personal, and we all absolutely loved the games. Another farmingrelated surprise was a hay bale 'Mr and Mrs' display that Phil and his groomsmen created.

What did you love most about your wedding day?

It was such a relaxed day. Although COVID meant the lead up to our wedding was more stressful that it would have been, the fact it ended up being such an intimate event made it so enjoyable for everyone. We were able to properly chat to each guest at the wedding, which would not have been possible with our original numbers.

Any tips or recommendations for Jersey Brides?

Even though with COVID your plans may have to completely change, we are so glad that we went ahead and got married when we did. We had a better day than we ever imagined possible and, just think; having a smaller wedding gives you an excuse to have a big party at a later date!



Our top tip is to practice the kiss! Too long and slobbery is weird, too short is awkward.

Remember to enjoy it. This is your big moment, this is you at your happiest. Relax, laugh, smile and savour it.

The Kiss!

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E

Your day







Your wedding time line checklist 12 months+ before your wedding

Plan your engagement party. Discuss your budget with your parents or look up tips on saving for a wedding. Think about themes and colours for your wedding. Start your guest list. Choose wedding rings. Meet with and book your wedding officiant or clergyman. Select a date and reserve your ceremony and reception site. Check availability of places to stay for guests. Hire a wedding consultant if you’re using one. Choose bridesmaids, groomsmen and ushers. Meet photographers, florists, caterers and entertainment.

10 months to go

Order your wedding dress and accessories. Get a Pinterest account and search for lots of inspiration. Plan your honeymoon (book any jabs you need and check passport dates!) Arrange wedding transport. If you’re planning on making anything start doing it now. Order your invitations and plan your order of service. Buy bridesmaid dresses. Book wedding night hotel. Arrange venue decor.

6 months to go

Organise a hen party / stag do. Finalise all details with your photographers, florists, caterers and entertainment. Send out your invites. Purchase any presents for your parents and attendees. Select groom’s tuxedo and book your hire or buy attire for groomsmen. Write your vows. Order wedding favours for your guests. Choose outfits for Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom. Check marriage licence requirements. Start thinking about your favourite music for the party. Purchase wedding lingerie.

1 month to go

Plan a surprise, present or note for your partner for when they are getting ready without you on the morning of your wedding. Meet with your hairdresser and make up artist for a consultation. Book manicure, pedicure and spa treatment to relax. Break in your shoes. Buy a guest book.

1 week to go

Give final guest count to reception venue and caterer. Start packing for your honeymoon. Make sure everything fits! Send you wedding announcement to the JEP. Write any cheques required for the wedding day. Arrange for wedding gifts to be transported to your home.

1 day to go

As Frankie says... RELAX. Have fun with your friends and family who have come over early. Start getting snap happy. Ensure your overnight bag is packed and delivered to your hotel. Speak to your attendants - check everyone knows what they need to do and when.

After the wedding Make a gift list and send out your thank you notes. Make sure everything is sorted out for your name change. Send wedding cake to anyone who couldn’t make the wedding.




Bella Fiori Florist

Flowers will set the whole tone and feel of your wedding, so it’s important to find the right style for you. We will go through all of your ideas and can help with suggestions and designs to suit your theme. Helping you through every element of choosing your decor, from flowers to prop hire. Book a consultation today with our experienced team.

01534 528080

Films About Love

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Capturing that day on video gives you the opportunity to relive it together and share it with those that were unable to be there. With a heartfelt, relaxed and natural approach, Becky creates a film that captures your day and the love you have for one another, whilst making you feel at ease in front of the camera.

Jersey Kitchen

Tony & Helen Sargeant run the phenomenally successful Jersey Kitchen, renowned for its amazing food and friendly staff. Personal service and attention to detail are their hallmarks and they will oversee every aspect of your wedding from an initial informal meeting to personalised menu planning and complimentary wedding tasting right through to ensuring that everything runs seamlessly for you on the big day.

Kiss & Make-up

Make-up shouldn’t be a mask to hide behind; but rather a tool to enhance your best features, revealing your natural beauty. This is especially true for brides and this is the philosophy that makeup artist Decia swears by. A consultation with Decia will expose her keen eye for detail as she works with you to create that signature look for your big day.

Becky Kinross // Videographer

Email: Website: Mobile: +44 (0)7797 716 716


Oasis Hair Salon

The Ommaroo Hotel

Martin: 07700 808448 Office: 01534 880825 01534 728 200 T: 01534 723493 E:

L.J.Events can create a truly special and individual day for you, we offer entertainment sourcing and management - local and UK - plus creative lighting solutions to enhance the venue and grounds; full sound-systems for speeches, bands and DJs; we have a stock of dance floors, bars, LED cubes, props, plus an LED video-wall. We will guide you through all aspects of your wedding and tailor it to suit your budget.

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E

We are a boutique salon where clients can enjoy a one to one service in a unique and relaxing atmosphere. Specialist in wedding hair, colouring, cutting and the brilliant Great Lengths hair extensions. Every bride on her wedding day shows a true reflection of herself through her hair. Contact Kayleigh at Oasis Hair Salon to arrange your consultation and start preparing for your special day.

T: 07797 832851 E: W:

Let the experienced event team at the Ommaroo Hotel help you host your dream wedding. Licensed to hold Civil ceremonies, the Ommaroo offers a range of event spaces for 20 to 160 guests. A large enclosed garden features an event marquee with bar. Our beach terrace and easy beach access for photography, coupled with free onsite parking, make this St Helier location a great choice. Plus, ask about guest accommodation offers!




Choose your ring with Jersey’s Award-winning Wedding Jewellers. Our team at Rivoli were thrilled to receive this prestigious award, especially in the bridal category. Working with couples from the engagement ring purchase through to wedding and eternity rings is a privilege.

Whether we are designing the jewellery for a happy couple or finding the perfect fit, our customers are a pleasure to serve. National recognition at the UK Jewellery Awards is simply fantastic and we enjoyed flying the flag for Jersey!

Join us at the St Brelade’s Bay Hotel Wedding Fayre on Sunday 15th March 2020 and at our in-store events that run throughout the year. For more information see

41/43 King Street St Helier

01534 601930


Photography credit; left to right Hedi Green, Danny Evans, Hedi Green, Kate Taylor, Ashley Cairney

Georgina Barnes shares her take on the latest local reality TV sensation...

For the first time in our island’s history, Jersey has been graced by the reality TV gods and given its own show, 'The Real Housewives of Jersey'. Set on our beautiful island during the summer, the series follows seven glamorous women, all independent in their own right. When the episodes dropped after Christmas, opinions were divided by many: "Brilliant for showing off Jersey's landmarks"; "Adds to the common misconception of Jersey being a playground for the rich"; "Content is marmite"; "Posh twats sucking themselves off to boost their stupidly large egos". Let's break it down. Firstly, we have to talk about how amazing they've made Jersey look. They showcased local talent, such as the use of drone shots from BAM Perspectives, and the use of Jersey camera operators such as Ollie Voak and Steve Hervieu. Shots are immersed in culture, such as showcasing our town and unspoilt beaches - even Gallery magazine had a feature! What was clear from the get-go was these are ladies of leisure; they enjoy the finer, higher quality things in life. They didn't show what really happens after a night out of drinking at Vittoria: ending up at Turkish for your chips, cheese and gravy. What we see on the television is how the ‘other half’ live here. Yes, it may not represent the majority of locals on our island, but that's not the point: reality television is here to entertain us - and that's exactly what it did. It was a binge-watchable series from the beginning, with even my 56-year-old father (not their intended demographic) joining to watch. Their tag-lines had me howling, with my personal favourite being "don't hate me because I'm naughty, hate me because I'm cute". Now let's focus on the 'stars' themselves.

her quirky fashion sense. Although her husband’s art is definitely a niche, there was no denying the amazing piece he made for Tessa's birthday involving her breast cancer diagnosis. Hedi Green definitely gave us that 'cool mum' vibe: big into legalising weed, adrenaline junkie, down with the kids, but most importantly her high scale of decorum. Many islanders probably already recognised Margaret Thompson due to the unmissable billboard of herself in the airport, but the size of it definitely matched her giant personality. Envious of her beautiful house, but also her positive outlook on life and not judging people too quickly. Gracing the cover of Gallery, we saw gorgeous Mia Ledbury causing drama - just for being open and honest! Don't worry hun, on an island so small everyone is ‘looking out for snakes’ and those who just chat shit behind your back. Jane made her

“This woman does not have a bad bone in her body - I couldn't get enough of her! Being the life of the party with her infectious personality and outrageous outfits, I can't wait to see more.”

Throughout the series, it was obvious the women became more comfortable with the cameras being on them, so much so it's almost like they forgot they were being filmed. We got to see nip slips, hear x-rated chats about sex talk/ acts, bananas, and let's not mention 'graveyard-gate'. It was definitely a family affair, from the children who wanted to be in the spotlight vs the ones who definitely didn't. I was particularly happy to see Ashley Cairney, Jersey born and bred, bringing that local flair to the show. With her vibrant personality and being so open about her health struggles, it was refreshing from the usual filter these types of shows bring. Among her was 'big fish' Tessa Hartmann, well known for her involvement in the fashion industry and

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E

personality trait about her marital affairs, when I think her actual personality was very bubbly and charismatic. If there's a series two, I think I'd prefer to see more of that (although, who doesn't love to watch the build-up to a wedding). And finally, saving the best 'till last: Kate Taylor. A huge character described as 'queen of the series' by many (including myself). This woman does not have a bad bone in her body - I couldn't get enough of her! Being the life of the party with her infectious personality and outrageous outfits, I can't wait to see more. At the end of the day, we have to remember these shows are made to focus on drama, no matter how 'mountain out of a molehill' style some of the situations were. We got to end 2020, a truly miserable year, with some classic reality tv binge watching. This series, in my opinion, will always outweigh the negatives with its positives. Love it or hate it, these ladies are here to stay.



The Glam hawk a take on the mohawk ‘THE GLAM SQUAD’ CONCEPT Glamorous versatile and timeless healthy hair. Artistic license to create flawless looks for all.


Channelling Lauren Bacall the Lauren Photographer Oliver Marshall Doran Art Direction & Concept Allan R Henry Esq Hair Yasmin Bisson and Chantal De Vos @ Blades Hair & Beauty Makeup Danielle Davey Models Carmen Kirchner & Lia Martinovic Special thanks to Katherine James Jewellery for providing the jewels -

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E




Channelling Bianca Jagger. the Bianca



Variation on The Lauren voluminous and healthy Hair

Channelling Susie Quatro rock chick look with a touch of glamour The Suzie


Flawless make up with an edgy colour pallete W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E




Beauty news

Acupuncture & Massage - a safe, natural support for women’s health and pregnancy. WORDS Lorna Jackson 1ST BSc (Hons) MBAcC

Thinking of starting a family?

Traditional acupuncture believes that the health of both parents at the time of conception helps determine the health of the child. Focus is placed upon raising your general health levels and any problems you may have with a view to helping produce healthy pregnancies and babies. Research increasingly shows that stress or anxiety does have an impact upon our health and fertility and trying to conceive can place a great deal of emotional stress on both partners month to month.

Early Pregnancy Assessment – Treatments to support your medical care.

Following your initial consultation treatments are designed to support you and your baby through the different stages of pregnancy. Health Point Clinic works to assist in preventing common pregnancy ailments such as nausea, fatigue and back pain as well as maintaining your general wellbeing. Acupuncture, acupressure and massage may

play a very useful role supporting fertility treatment, during each stage of pregnancy and to support you physically and emotionally throughout your journey.

shoulder pain from the breast/bottle feeding slump is managed, with a focus to calming the nervous system as you settle into your new routine.

First trimester - Acupuncture focuses on calming the mind and alleviating nausea.

Treatments available – Acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese cupping, Tuina (Chinese massage), deep tissue/Swedish massage, reflexology.

Second trimester - We continue to support you through minor pregnancy ailments such as lower back pain/symphysis pubis dysfunction.

Third trimester - Many women benefit from pre-birth acupuncture to prepare them for childbirth and build energy reserves for the post-natal period. Pregnancy acupressure - These techniques can be used through the later stages of pregnancy and during labour with partner support.

Post-natal care – focuses on the mother or

birthing parent during their healing process. The pelvis is checked, tension headaches or

For more information visit

Mother's Day Gift Inspo

Sunday 22nd March, put it in your diary! It's time to spoil all the wonderful mummas out there.



Well your mum is the boss, so the this is a very fitting present! The C.E.O. Glow is a Vitamin C and Turmeric glow-giving face oil that recharges radiance. We’re loving everything that this brand is producing, it’s very current and cool, making it an ideal gift for the ‘harder to buy for’ mothers out there. Infused with advanced Vitamin C and golden turmeric this oil leaves the skin instantly vibrant.



TONIC MOISTURISING BALM £32 approx | Voisins

A wonderful treat for winter skin, this refreshing body balm, with a firming blend of Ginseng and Apple Seed Oil, will soothe dryness, improve vitality and promote the appearance of toned, supple-looking skin. Just what mums need! It’s like a spa treatment at home.



Everyone’s hands have taken a battering with the increased washing. But older skin is especially vulnerable to having its oils stripped, leaving sore, dried-out skin. This silky-soft serum is the best of the best, and will restore hydration and strengthen the delicate skin, leaving younger looking smooth skin, ready to take on all the tasks that being a mum brings.



Brand News Valentine’s Day

With the international day of lurve coming up we popped in to deGruchy to check out some pretty lingerie sets which are sure to get pulses racing... Fantasie Illusion Navy Full Cup Bra UK price £41.99, deGruchy price £37.79 Fantasie Illusion Navy High Waist Pants UK price £13.00, deGruchy price £11.70

Who we're loving... Triumph Amoretti Bra Blush UK price £38.00, deGruchy price £34.20 Triumph Amoretti Lace Blush UK price £22.00, deGruchy price £19.80

New Brand Alert

Triumph Amoretti Bra Black UK price £38.00, deGruchy price £34.20 Triumph Amoretti Lace Black UK price £22.00, deGruchy price £19.80

Emily Rose & B is a fashion brand hailing from Guernsey, established by a lovely young couple, Emily and Ben. All items are designed and sketched by Emily who aims to create slow, affordable, feminine fashion for a younger more adventurous audience. Pictured are two 70s inspired pieces, a mint green fun and flattering playsuit, £45, and pink corduroy skirt suit £70.

Check them out at

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E

All Hail the legendary British designer, Jessica Russell Flint. She adorns her vibrant luxury sleepwear with pretty hand illustrated prints. And we love it! So cool, so pretty. Jessica transforms the ordinary into designs like you've never seen before. Mixing British Heritage inspired themes with contemporary colours and boldness, the whole ethos behind the brand is to make the most of life, to embrace colour, and to think outside the box. Pictured are The Drawn Like a Daisy Long Slip is £175.50 and her Lettered Silk Eye Patches, £32.50.

Jessica Russell Flint is available from Voisins




Anna Messervy-Evans

A UNIQUE JERSEY FORMULA After two decades in the luxury beauty industry, Anna Messervy-Evans draws on her career and experience, to develop a product for the forward thinking US brand, Volition Beauty. Anna, 41, who lives in Jersey, has created an idea for a nourishing body balm stick with multi-tasking plant-based ingredients including Atlantic Sea Kelp. Her idea is the first British and European product concept to be adopted by the company based in San Francisco. Having previously worked at Chanel UK headquarters and Lancome head office, followed by postgraduate study in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science, and an internship at global fragrance giant Quest-Givaudan in Netherlands, Anna has built up a wealth and breadth of knowledge. For the last 5 years, she has also run her own small batch skincare business. With family and outdoor sports at the


heart of her life, along with an interest in modern and Eastern medicine, she is well placed in the industry to create all-round products that have a unique combination of luxury, functionality and health - for everyone. Launching in the UK this year, Volition Beauty is a forward-thinking global beauty brand. Instead of creating and selling beauty products, they search for real women innovators to formulate ideas, only making those that customers support. When the list is full, Sea Kelp Body Balm will be made and sold in the UK from March. Anna hopes the product will signal hope and renewal for everyone using it. A donation from profit will go to United Nations. We caught up with her to learn more about vegan skincare >>



What is vegan skincare about and why is it good? Largely, as beauty consumers, we are all becoming more aware of what we put on our skin. With better understanding comes increasing attraction to products that are clean and completely free from animal derived ingredients. Historically, beauty products contained many animal ingredients, particularly those used in fragrance and scented pomades, some of which were cruelly harvested such as musk and civet. Following that, the same molecules were synthesised to be identical to the ones found in nature, but made in a laboratory. There was a kick back against that too. Natural was desired above all. Now there is a drive for pure and plant based products. Tried and tested alternative ingredients - and also new plant based discoveries enabling technological advances in clean beauty - are ensuring the vegan skincare market is modern and consistently high quality. Vegan products also have important association with being cruelty free, not tested on animals. Which ingredients in vegan skincare products? Any cosmetic ingredient that is plant derived, or from the earth, rather than from an animal, is vegan. For example, beeswax which comes from bee hives often as surplus to the honey making industry, is considered vegetarian but not vegan. Whereas plant alternatives such as candelilla wax, caranuba wax, or soy wax used in replacement, will render a product suitable for vegans. Other common - and wonderful - ingredients include sweet almond, shea, flax, moringa, jojoba, aloe, cocoa, rosehip, wheatgerm vitamin E, calendula, borage, arnica, corn, algae, essential oils and fruit extracts. It’s well worth diving into this world of luxurious botanical healthy skincare ; there are some truly sublime ones out there. As with all ingredients, it is important that the provenance of the ingredient is good - it should be ethically sourced and environmentally conscious. For me, organic, cruelty free and fair trade covers the bases good for the environment, good to people, to animals and good to customer's skin.

Where can you buy good vegan products? There are three options here - luxury, high street and grocery store - at three different price points. Since this is written in a time when shops are closed, here are my favourite brands that you can buy online. For a great selection of higher end products - the Jersey founded beauty retailer stocks Australian wonder brand Inika, plus Skyn Iceland, REN and UK’s Beauty Kitchen, which is a certified B concept brand - the ultimate in ethical trading. Not forgetting men, there is a full range of Bulldog skincare from shaving to moisturiser, which is all natural and vegan, at really great prices. For family soaps, shampoo and washes, Dr Bronner is a classic, with Castille soap being a best seller. Feelunique also sell a world favourite cult brand, Aesop. Choosing one product to celebrate Veganuary is nigh on impossible but for a Winter face saving moisturiser, Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream, £44.65 for 120ml, is excellent. Other luxury brands include Herbivore, Vintner’s Daughter and Pai. Independent brands Tata Harper and Sunday Riley also offer wonderful vegan facial oils. When it comes to anti ageing, or ageing well as it's preferably known, there are breakthrough ingredients such as bakuchiol - which are used in replacement of retinol. Retinol causes some confusion because there are two sources, one is an animal derived - a group called retinoids - and one is synthetic. To be sure that you’re using the one that’s right for you, check the ingredients list, or use a certified vegan products such as the AgeWell Collection by Arbonne. Prices start at £34 and are available from Sarah Langan Jersey. When I asked some young glamorous vegan friends which products they used, they came up with a host of excellent mid priced high street products such as MiaFlora Organic Rosehip Oil £19.99 for 30 ml from Holland & Barrett online, Tropic skincare and Superdrug’s popular range called Naturally Radiant.

If products say they are vegan but seem unusually cheap, keep an eye out for ingredients that are petroleum based such as petrolatum and paraffinum liquidum. It comes from crude oil drawn out of the ground, often polluting the surrounding area. These ingredients do not have any long term benefit on the skin either. Is there anything else I should know? You can make your own balms and oils very simply, often with kitchen cupboard ingredients like sunflower oil, olive oil, and coconut butter combined with bathroom cabinet oils like lavender, tea tree and mandarin. Anything you would consider eating, you could consider putting on your skin. You can even squash avocados for face masks, grate orange peel for skin renewal packs or exfoliate arms and legs with sugar and honey. There's great exploration to be had in a home spa. Be sure to clean and sterilise everything before you blend so that bacteria is excluded from your final product. There are step by step guides and easy recipes available on Jersey's from this weekend. If you're searching the web or have a book of traditional recipes, you can replace beeswax with candelilla or soy. Use a little less candelilla than beeswax as candelilla is hard, use a litte more soy than the recipe since soy is soft. Again make sure the provenance of the ingredients is sustainable and ethical. If you like the idea of handmade ethical products but would prefer an expert to do it for you, LUSH cosmetics offers a myriad of them with brilliantly soured ingredients and fun names. Ultraplant cleanser, £12.50 is a hero product here, containing seven ingredients. It's certified vegan with sustainable packaging as an added bonus and is available from Then, of course, there’s Volition. They make 100% Vegan skincare. To be ahead of the game you can even tell the company what you want them to make. Currently their product with an open waitlist is Sea Kelp Body Balm. Lastly support your skin from the inside by living and eating well. Vegetables, water, exercise and sleep go a long way in a good skincare routine. That topped with the wonderful products being made will see you glow through Febraury and March, not just Veganuary.

If you can, also take care not to buy products that are overly packaged. While they look pretty on the shelf and we all love buying them from time to time, they are a waste of the world’s resources and can indirectly affect animals by cutting trees and invading their habitat. In this instance, less is more.

The product Anna has helped develop W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E












W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E








W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E




Culinary Cult Legends introducing some of Jersey’s finest chefs Lucy Sanderson |

Ollie Jones, M Studio

IT HAS TO BE SAID THAT ONE OF THE FEW JOYS OF LOCKDOWN HAS GOT TO BE THE OPPORTUNITY FOR FOOD… OR RATHER, THE OPPORTUNITY FOR EATING. NO, WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT BANANA BREAD RECIPES, WE’RE TALKING SUPERB COOKING BY SUBLIME CHEFS. The island’s crop of first class cooks is something quite remarkable; they come in all shapes and sizes when it comes to their personality, style and flair, their food and of course plate presentation… For a place that’s only nine miles by five, we have more

culinary wizardry per square mile than we could hope for. So, to kick start proceedings, we want to showcase some of the island’s most esteemed cooks as we tip our big white puffy hat to the culinary cult legends

that make Jersey a foodies’ favourite. Cooking up creative culinary masterpieces is an incredible, edible art form and we salute these top class kitchen geniuses as they offer up world class menus, full of vibrancy and deliciousness…

Matt Gordon - Dandy KNOWN BY MANY AS THE GUY WHO MAKES THE MOST INSANELY GOOD BREADS, MATT GORDON HAS RECENTLY NABBED THE CROWN FOR BEST ARTISANAL BAKER ON THE ROCK. ASIDE FROM HIS RISING BREAD-MAKING REPUTATION (SORRY, PUN TOTALLY INTENDED), MATT IS A MASTERCHEF, NEW KID ON THE BLOCK AND YOU’D DO WELL TO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR HIM. From his days at Doran’s, Sirocco’s, The Green Olive and a couple of Michelin star restaurants off-island, Matt has now found his niche and is utterly immersed in creating fine daytime cuisine for the funky little coffee house, Dandy. He also lends his expertise to the guys at Pinpoint Nutrition, whipping up wholesome, nutrient dense dishes for clean eaters. “I was lucky enough to have grown up in a family where both parents trained as chefs so I’ve always been surrounded by great food and the culture of hosting, along with all of the positive social attributions that come with it. From eating well and loving food, of course I enrolled at Highlands to turn it into a career.


Cooking contributes to a lifelong learning and I love that I can either take it back to basics with my passion for making the best bread… Or I can create a plate of meticulously prepared and interestingly presented food. It all depends on mood and who I’m cooking for. Influences come from all over the place; I am an avid collector of recipe books (much to my wife’s dismay). I watch endless streams of cookery shows and videos online and basically soak up as much as I can… The drive to increase my knowledge is purely selfmotivated, and my interest spikes when I read about the anecdotal stories hidden within… Stories surrounding food that I can relate to. I’ve always wanted to do what I do.



I’m now focussed on baking, but I also love foraging and finding out more about really seasonal and sustainable produce that’s right on our doorstep. Jersey is brimming with brilliant things to cook and serve. As well as the produce, its the producers and the suppliers who are superstars, opening up the world of wonderful food of Jersey, for us chefs to get creative. The fact is, even with the simplest ingredients, you can create so many different things. Like

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E

my current interest in baking bread, that’s just three of the most basic ingredients; flour, salt and water - there are endless possibilities! That’s what I love about cooking, limitless learning, doing and experiences… and they all taste brilliant! It excites me, it motivates me and it drives me to discover new concoctions all the time - and this, this is definitely not to my wife’s dismay. The mountains of recipe books might do her head in, but she forgives me, because I make great food!”







James Knox Boothman - La Bouche WELL, THIS FORMIDABLE CHEF FROM LA BOUCHE WAS BORN WITH A NAME DESTINED FOR GREATNESS (‘KNOX BOOTHMAN’ JUST SOUNDS KICK ASS AND FAMOUS, RIGHT?). HAVING RETURNED FROM LONDON, JAMES OPENED UP THE QUIRKY LITTLE CENTRAL MARKET EATERY A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO AND SINCE THEN, HE AND HIS WIFE, MELANIE HAVE BEEN CARVING OUT A NAME FOR THEMSELVES ON THE ISLANDS’ FOOD AGENDA. YOU REALLY HAVEN’T HAD BRUNCH UNLESS YOU’VE HAD IT AT LA BOUCHE. Making their own jams, chutneys, calvados-infused mulled wine, damson gin, coffee blends and a whole basket of other delicious things, James weaves lashings of creativity into his menu; he makes food the way Banksy makes art. He’s a renegade with a message, a mission and a more skills and confidence than you can shake a stick at.

the game. Chefs that are worshipped by chefs. Chefs that have changed the city's dining scene from once-forgotten neighbourhoods of London to become the hippest postcodes in the world and have now, sadly, become the victim of commercial capitalism and over-design. They move on!

I've learnt how to balance spices from a chef who ran away to live in Marrakesh in her early teens. How to make salads and hedgerow jams from a chef who devotes her free time to growing thousands of varieties of herbs and leafs in a greenhouse at the end of her garden. How to make bread from a chef who builds a wood burning oven from earth in the garden of every house he rents. Butchery from a chef, the son of a pig farmer raised in a cabin on the hills of Stuttgart. I believe in learning through life “A CAREER IN THE KITCHEN experience and inspiration.

“A career in the kitchen is like eating a meal. It chews you up, swallows you whole, extracts every nutrient from you and then shits you out the other end. The middle bit, however, is incredibly pleasurable. The digestion. The learning. The Flavour. Savouring. Watching the others around you moan with enjoyment or wretch with disgust and discomfort. For me, cooking is about heart and soul. Its therapeutic but can make you angry. It can be mundane and then suddenly deliver the most magical moments of your life. Every ingredient that crosses our palms carries with it an energy, our job is to preserve and shine that energy and present it to our patrons to absorb.


I know it sounds really clichéd but the customers really are the most important part of a restaurant. Their energy can lift a room, create the 'buzz' and likewise a disgruntled one can ruin everybody else’s day! Which is why it is imperative to keep them happy at all costs! I love the fact that you never know who is coming through the door next. It’s what the restaurateur breathes for. We are privileged to get to meet and learn from so many wonderful souls. Towards the end of the summer, in our first year of being open at La Bouche, John Cleese walked in (surprisingly sensibly). We are huge Python fans and what a better way to spend an afternoon than chatting and laughing with him.

One of our chefs was so star struck that he tripped over himself leaving and ended up in a pile on the was all very Fawlty Towers! We've spent most of our lives working in cult restaurants in London. I've learned from some of the best chefs in

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E

Jersey is the perfect arena for practising these values. The abundance of produce on offer to us lucky ones is enough to turn other chef's eyes green. Working with some of the finest growers in the world growing, rearing and catching some of the finest ingredients, then having the luxury of cooking them fresh daily and with the seasons, leaves us in a very privileged position, both as cooks and diners. We must make sure that we don't forget how lucky we all are to be here and support our local suppliers and producers. Take none of it for granted or we risk losing so much. Likewise we must inspire the next generation to do the same. There really is nothing better for the human condition than to fuel it with what the land around you provides. At La Bouche we will continue doing just that (with a pinch of salt or two)! I once cooked for one of the Great Train robbers in Soho and he said to me after his meal; 'Enjoy every plate of food as if it's your last and every glass of wine as if it's your first. Where I'm going, I'll be needing a few more drinks!’”




David Parish - Cheffins THIS TRUE FORM LONDON GEEZER IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN A REAL GRAFTER. DAVID PARISH HAS CERTAINLY EARNED HIS STRIPES OVER THE PAST THIRTY PLUS YEARS, HONING HIS SKILLS AS A FANTASTIC CHEF AND RESTAURANT OWNER AND PASSING ON HIS KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE TO CHEFS UNDER HIS COMMAND IN THE KITCHEN. THERE’S NOTHING CONTRIVED OR PUFFED-UP ABOUT THIS RENOWNED CHEF DE PATRON, HE’S STRAIGHT-TALKING, HUMBLE, HARD-WORKING AND HIS COOKING IS AS HONEST AS IT GETS. With his innovative and thoughtful menus, David adds class and flair to his dishes. He puts a lot down to his non-smoking stance and superb palette, which adds to his natural aptitude to masterfully marry flavours and ingredients. David makes classic food look and taste spectacular and it’s really no wonder that the island literally loves local; loves Cheffins.

Jersey opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me, it was here that I started my own place and been able to grow Cheffins… which happens to be my middle name; David Cheffin Parish - looks like cooking was always on the cards for me. Cheffin by name and Cheffing by nature: being a chef is just something that I’ve just always done. It’s bloody hard work, really long hours and a lot of the time, pays pennies… But when all’s said and done, cooking has been one of the great loves of my life…

“I kind of gravitated toward cooking. Back in the day, it was the class with the most girls (I ended up being in a class of 25 kids, 24 of them were ladies)… I had a head start with Creating Cheffins was to take a lot of my classmates wanting “I KIND OF GRAVITATED inspiration from a diverse range of to do my homework for me, so TOWARD COOKING. BACK styles and countries, my repertoire of course, I loved it. Fast forward is something of a flip book of a few years and I’d spent time IN THE DAY, IT WAS THE snippets of all these places, people working and travelling all around CLASS WITH THE MOST and produce. When it comes to Europe, with my experiences GIRLS (I ENDED UP BEING this island, I’m a great fan of the spanning different countries, IN A CLASS OF 25 KIDS, 24 produce; for me it’s a treat to grab styles of kitchens and cooking the freshest fish or be able to and a chance for my confidence OF THEM WERE LADIES)… feature literally the most seasonal to root down and grow with time I HAD A HEAD START WITH produce across the entire menu. and hard work. The bottom line A LOT OF MY CLASSMATES We are incredibly lucky here, eh? is, when I started working in When I worked in London for the industry I was covering the WANTING TO DO MY instance, we didn’t really have whole spectrum; from bar to floor, HOMEWORK FOR ME, SO ‘seasonal’ - what’s the point when kitchen to reception and beyond. OF COURSE, I LOVED IT. you can get your hands on anything I worked where I was needed and all year round? With Jersey, its got to learn a great deal about different - the abundance of top the whole aspect of running a class suppliers and the fantastic scope of produce from the restaurant, or a hotel for that matter. sea to the shore, the field to the farm means you really can I’m not much of a glitz and glam kind of chef, I don’t do let nature take the lead on what you serve to your customers pretentiousness or pointless ostentation (although that - I just love it because when I cook, all my flavours are true. definitely has its place in the world of cooking, it’s just not my style). I have worked in some prestigious places, they Creating real honest food that people want to eat is my had the stars and the accolade and all that jazz. But for me, modus operandi. Times have changed dramatically, not my fondest memories and most important times in terms just for food and foodies, but for me personally as a chef. of what I learnt and how I felt come from places off the I’ve done the fast-paced, high stress, all day and nighters beaten track; places that had menus that sang with superb and lived life in the fast lane but now, as a bit of a veteran quality without the pomp and fancy. I loved working in in the kitchen, I prefer to do things my way. That’s not to Crete, in Rhodes and Athens (to name but a few), learning say I work less hours (chance would be a fine thing!). As far from some fine cooks and masterful chefs using the most as I’m concerned, I cook what’s great to eat; classic dishes, incredible ingredients. They didn’t look for acclaim or flavoursome ingredients; put together in my own style. It’s trophies, just happy customers and smiling staff. To me, honest food. I’m an honest chef. I try to make food relatable that’s what my job is all about… Sincere, authentic cooking and never boring at the same time, you know? Things that everyone likes to eat. It’s simple really.” from the heart.




W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E





Are you in the mood for love?

If little keepsakes and trinkets are your thing, then hanging something like this around the house to surprise your valentine could be just the ticket!

Heart with writing

Planning to enjoy that nice bottle of rouge you’ve been saving for a special occasion this Valentine’s day? Give it some time to breathe with a decanter from Love Wine.

If you’ve been together forever and take your Netflix without the chill, why not treat yourselves to a huge new telly to get cosy in front of? Flowers are so ten years ago...

£10 from Jersey Oak

£12.50 each from M&S Home

Metal light up letter

Zalto Denk Axium decanter

Samsung UE75TU8000 75” TV

Turn the lights down low and set the mood to... Well, turn the main lights off, anyway, and just turn this statement floor lamp on for a bit of mood lighting instead.

For more affordable mood lighting, why not opt for one of these heart shaped candle holders? Just like dogs and Christmas, a candle isn’t just for Valentine’s day, after all...

Walking is all the rage at the moment, because there isn’t a lot else we can all do together. Why not pop the kettle on, tog up and brave the outdoors for a romantic stroll?

Now with Alexa built-in, you can ask this Sonos to play a bit of bedroom music to get you in the mood... Or ask it to tell you a bedtime story. Your choice.

Akron floor lamp

Heart candle holder (oiled)

Thermos Thermocafe 0.5l

Sonos One with voice control

£151.99 from Romerils


Here’s one way to light up your home and have a little fun at the same time - get your initials, spell your pet names for each other there’s a world of possibilities!

£12 from Jersey Oak

£71.43 (ex. tax) from Love Wine

£10.99 from Voisins

£899 from the Powerhouse

£175 from Fortuna




Beautiful belongings need the right insurance. At Jersey Mutual, we’ve got you covered.

Jersey Mutual has been helping islanders with a personal approach to home and contents insurance since 1869. We understand the value of your home and what is in it. As a Mutual, we also put all our energy into stabilising premiums and providing the best possible service. If you have a property and its contents to insure, talk to real people. Talk to us.

The home of home insurance

Call us on 01534 734246 quoting ‘GALLERY’. Or call in and see us, we’re just opposite Bean Around the World. Jersey Mutual Insurance Society is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E

Learn more about us at @GALLERYMAGAZINE


WORDS Russ Atkinson

Housed within the former St Matthew’s Convent in St Mary, this incredibly spacious period apartment effortlessly mixes understated, clean modern lines with classic touches, reminding you that while it may have a distinctive air of modernity to it, the building you’re inside was originally constructed in 1884. One of just seven apartments in a development spanning two distinct buildings, this one is known as ‘Matthew’ - read on to get to know him better.




et over two floors with sunlight streaming through his plentiful windows and doubleheight ceilings throughout to boot, Matthew certainly has some presence. Originally part of the building constructed for the Sisters of St André as a home and a seat of learning, St Matthew’s Convent later became home to Beaulieu Convent School before the school was moved to its current site on Wellington Road. It is immediately apparent that the interior details of this apartment have been pored over extensively to bring everything together in such harmony - with wide flooring planks arranged in a herringbone fashion in the livingroom like an oversized, contemporary take on classic parquet against wooden panelling, ceiling roses and coving leading to that dramatic, inset ceiling, for example. Muted tones against crisp, white highlights in the form of architraves and skirtings are the order of the day throughout, with additional highlights increasing the airy feel further still in the form of gloss white kitchen units and a stunning gloss white island taking centre stage in the kitchen, with a contrasting recessed gloss black side that echoes the darker units that surround the oven. Periodlook wall mounted radiators complete the look, again effortlessly blending old with new.

“Originally part of the building constructed for the Sisters of St André as a home and a seat of learning, St Matthew’s Convent later became home to Beaulieu Convent School before the school was moved to its current site on Wellington Road.” A WC and the entrance hall round off the ground floor, with a staircase from the entrance hall leading to the floor below, which, believe it or not, has an even more generous footprint than the one above. Both of the incredibly generously-sized bedrooms are situated on the lower ground floor and each has its own ensuite bathroom, which is ideal for both affording guests a suitable amount of privacy and avoiding an inevitably disorderly queue forming during the morning rush, should both bedrooms be permanently inhabited. Both bedrooms have ample storage space built in, sizable enough to swallow up even the most extensive of wardrobes, especially when it comes to the master bedroom, which includes its own separate dressing room en route to the ensuite. Granite steps lead up to beautiful, recessed arched doorways lying opposite the CONTINUED...

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E



CONTINUED... foot of the bed in both rooms, with matching windows running level with the tops of the doors, reminding you of the building’s history. Between the steps leading up to each set of doors is a staged seating area, which is equal parts useful and decorative. The lower ground floor is also home to a goodsized utility room, an airing cupboard and extra storage space for all of the household items that don’t have any place being on display. In addition to the generouslyproportioned interior space, this property also features a store and two allocated parking spaces outside, as well as visitor parking being available. Located in St Mary, but on the border of three parishes, this exclusive development is just a stone’s throw from the north coast’s cliffpaths and would be an ideal home for those seeking out a spacious, relaxing environment with easy access to rural walking routes and dramatic vistas.

St Matthew’s Convent, St Mary 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Qualified Priced at £1,500,000 Viewings: Wilsons

01534 877977



Market Review In January each year, we all tend to look at the next chapter in the book of our lives with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, although emotions this January have probably been dampened by the never-ending media coverage of two key uncertainties – Covid throughout the year and then, at the last moment Brexit. Last year’s extraordinary events have given the world a warning that we should expect nothing and should be grateful for our lives and if we are lucky, our livelihood as well. LOOKING BETTER

The mist surrounding these two issues appears to have suddenly cleared, so giving us the opportunity to start making plans for the future. It is suggested that the UK economy post Brexit, will start to flourish again this year, although the impact on markets is unlikely to be felt immediately.


It is predicted that in the first part of the New Year, the economy will not show any signs of recovery, which is understandable, as the UK starts to acknowledge new procedures post Brexit. Once in place however, there will be scope for a recovery with a much greater level of activity, and it is at this stage that we might start to see significantly higher inflation that in turn, will signal an increase in Bank of England’s Base Rate and therefore higher mortgage rates.


Whilst activity in the Jersey property market slowed in late November and during December, there are already signs that it will revive in January, to follow the pattern of recent years. Great news for anybody selling, but an ever-increasing challenge for buyers who have to find the minimum 10% or 15% deposit required by lenders.


Whilst the property market in the UK is driven by different pressures, it is interesting to see that in November 2020, homebuyers borrowed more than £22b during that month, which is the highest level of lending by banks and building societies ever recorded. This information is not available in Jersey, although the same trend seems to have been followed, since the lifting of the March Lockdown.

Based upon our experience last year, we anticipate that our activities at The Mortgage Shop for this year will centre around four key areas:

There has been no change in the interest rates that are currently available, with the two stars of the month being the 60% tracker at 0.94% and the 90% five year fixed at 2.09%

60% Tracker


60% 2 year Fixed


60% 5 year Fixed


60% 7 year Fixed


75% 2 year Tracker


85% 2 year Tracker


85% 2 year Fixed


85% 5 year Fixed


90% 2 year Tracker


90% 2 year Fixed


90% 5 year Fixed


60% BTL 2 year Fixed


60% BTL 5 year Fixed


Rates correct as at 05/01/2021

BTL = Buy to let mortgage

four years ago has increased in value, so giving them a deposit of sufficient size to enable them to trade up to a significantly larger property, probably with an extra bedroom or two which can be used as a home office.


Best Rates

Well remunerated members of the finance, legal and administrative sectors will sustain the property market by either becoming homeowners for the first time or by trading up to a larger property – this group will be the mainstay of the market for this year. Home movers will also make their presence felt as they discover how much their purchase from three or

Existing home-owners will convert, modify or extend their current properties to accommodate expanding families or to create a home office.

Owners who are happily settled in their ‘’forever home’’ will re-mortgage from their existing mortgage providers to benefit from the potential huge savings that the current low interest rates can offer.

To be added to our monthly bulletin list please send your request to: Visit to find out more.

Tel: 789830


Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loan secured on it. Registered with The Jersey Financial Services Commission.


Eleanor excels

A local law student, Eleanor Witterick, has been recognised as one of the best performing students worldwide by the University of London for her exceptional performance in Tort Law. Eleanor is studying for her Graduate Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB) from University of London with the Institute of Law, the Island’s leading offshore centre for legal research and learning. The Institute is a recognised teaching centre of the University of London and provides tuition for the university’s LLB Law Degree, Certificate of Higher Education and the Graduate LLB. The University of London awarded Eleanor a Certificate of Excellence earlier this month to recognise that she was one of the top three performing students internationally in last summer’s Tort examinations. Eleanor, who also works as a conveyancer at Carey Olsen, said, “I am delighted to receive the award. It is a great testament to the excellent teaching and support offered at the Institute of Law”.

Sue Fox recognised for Diversity Sue Fox, CEO, HSBC Channel Islands and Isle of Man has been recognised in 11th position in the ‘OUTstanding 50 Ally Executives List’ as part of the OUTstanding Role Models 2020 for the fourth year, a prestigious global list of business leaders who act as advocates and allies for diversity and inclusion within and outside their businesses. Sue was also on the HERoes Women Executive Role Models list in 2018 and 2020. Sue is the executive sponsor of HSBC Channel Islands and Isle of Man’s “D+I (Diversity and Inclusion) Allies” group. Within this, a group of self-nominated employees puts on events, training and writes articles to overcome taboos and give colleagues deeper insights, and highlights bias and discrimination (conscious or unconscious). In 2020, Sue also ran a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion employee webinar where LGBT+ colleagues shared their lived experience and she emphasised her inclusive work ethic and values, also challenging conscious and unconscious bias. This is in addition to her ongoing efforts to advocate the importance of diversity and inclusion in all her communications in the Bank. In the community, HSBC supported the Channel Islands PRIDE annual celebrations in September 2020, sponsoring the Family Zone. The Guernsey Pride Parade was one of the only physical parades to take place in Europe last year. In Jersey, the Bank’s HQ was lit up in rainbow colours again to represent the Bank’s support for Pride. HSBC also partnered with The Diversity Network in Jersey to jointly sponsor the D+I Champion award within the Pride of Jersey awards for the second year running after initiating this new category in 2019.


Gemma moves forward

Gemma Aubert has recently been promoted into the role of Company Administrator at Forward Group, a Trust Company on the Island, whose core values focus on its people, their development, retention and wellbeing. Gemma has made a real impact and features in the Jersey Finance ‘Faces of the Future’ campaign. Initially she worked for sister company GS Accountants and moved over to Forward Group whilst undertaking qualifications in Offshore Administration. Her excellent communication skills and relationship building skills has helped support the business and been integral to her development. Previously she held roles in home improvement, retail and was integral in the global expansion of local brand Baby-Hub.

Cara to Suntera

Suntera Global has announced that Cara Pyper has been appointed as their Global Head of Marketing. Cara has over twenty years’ experience in marketing. Prior to joining Suntera Global, Cara was Senior Manager – Business Development and Marketing for the JTC Group where she was responsible for the creation and management of marketing and business development programmes, specifically for the funds and corporate division within Jersey and twelve other jurisdictions. In her new role, Cara will be based at Suntera’s Jersey office from where she will lead the rapidly expanding marketing team and be responsible for developing, implementing and leading the Group’s global marketing strategies to deliver enhanced brand coverage and market penetration.



Career Choices Each month, we’ll be featuring a profile from our current Direction magazine to give you some insight into local career options.

Sophie Darwin

S O PH IE D AR WIN PH OTOGRAP HY Self-employed I’m a wedding and family photographer and also a mum of two young children, so most days are a juggle between running my business and being mum. I definitely don’t work a typical 9am to 5pm job. If I’m not photographing a wedding then most days are filled managing my mailbox, social media posts, editing, changing nappies and then escaping the house for golden hour family portrait sessions. This job is pretty seasonal, but I quite like the fast paced nature of the summer wedding season and then taking a step back in the winter months to re-evaluate my goals and business plan. How did you get your job? I have always had an interest in photography and was constantly photographing my friends and their kids. After shadowing a local wedding photographer for a summer, I realised that photography was something that I wanted to continue but never dreamed it would become a career, I’m still pinching myself now. I worked really hard alongside a marketing role to build my business until it become apparent that I could make it work. Making the decision to quit my marketing job was scary, but those skills have still been really useful in helping to build my own business. What motivates you in this role? Creating and capturing emotive images and memories for people to have in years to come is what motivates me. Losing my mum when I was still at university has been a huge drive behind me wanting to capture memories for other people because I felt I had very few images of us together. Capturing real emotions and connections give me a real buzz and being given the responsibility to do this on such significant moments in a person’s life is a real honour.

Are there any future skills you will need to learn for your role? I’m learning every day, developing editing skills, developing my style and constantly pushing myself outside my comfort zone. What are the three most important skills required for your role? Creativity. Marketing. Organisation. What advice would you give someone interested in a career in your profession? You don’t need to study photography to make a career out of it. Passion, enthusiasm and a basic camera that can shoot in manual is the best place to start. Then photograph anything and everything to get used to your camera and find out what you enjoy photographing the most and then start to share your favourite images to get your work out there.

FUN FAC T Apparently, the left side of our faces looks better in photos than the right side. A study showed that the left side of our face exhibits a greater intensity of emotion. Because of this, we perceive it as being more attractive.

The official annual careers publication for Skills Jersey

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E



Grace Njau

Country Finance Manager at Standard Chartered Jersey What made you choose Standard Chartered?

Standard Chartered Jersey is one the Island’s most well-established institutions, with a presence spanning over 40 years. In addition, the people who interviewed me played a key role in my decision to join the bank. They had worked there for at least 20 years and were still very passionate, and spoke highly about the organisation. Standard Chartered is also the title sponsor of the annual Jersey Marathon and the bank strongly encourages employees to volunteer and participate in the community spirit. This opportunity has enabled me to interact with elite marathon runners and to get a few running tips!

What sort of professional training do you take?

I did my accountancy training and undergraduate degree in Kenya. After qualifying as an Accountant, I joined Ernst & Young in Nairobi as a Junior Auditor. Most of my clients were in manufacturing and agricultural sectors, and a handful in financial services. In order to gain more experience in financial services, I moved to Ernst & Young Jersey, where I was involved in audits of various real estate and private equity fund structures.

What do you do on an average day?

I work in a small team that has six different nationalities represented. My main role is doing regulatory reporting for the bank, adhering to strict monthly and quarterly deadlines. I also do various general ledger reconciliations, regulatory projects and provide support to the Chief Financial Officer. In the past year, I have been involved in managing Standard Chartered Jersey’s community donations, which has enabled us to support local charities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is your next step?

To continue growing and developing my knowledge and experiences within the bank towards a senior leadership role in the future. To deploy my many years of experience gained from a ‘Big Four’ audit firm (Ernst & Young) and from having worked in retail for a Swiss luxury goods group (Richemont) prior to joining Standard Chartered Jersey.

Age? 41 Uni attended? Alliance Manchester Business School, UK, and University of Nairobi, Kenya. Course Undertaken? MBA and BCom (Hons) Finance. What did you want to be when you were 8? Flight attendant. Favourite way to relax? Walking and listening to audio books. Favourite place to eat in Jersey? El Tico and Crab Shack. What’s your favourite possession? My pairs of trainers that have seen me through a marathon and half marathons.

What advice would you give yourself as a graduate considering the experience you have now?

To keep calm as it is never as bad as it looks. To take more risks and put myself forward and not limit myself because of my gender or ethnic background. To always keep learning and developing in whichever role I am.


Standard Chartered in Jersey offers a wide range of offshore products and services; which include Private and Priority Banking Services; Credit; Investment Opportunities and Treasury Solutions underpinned by the support of a qualified team of Relationship Managers and Client Advisors. Jersey is well known as one of the most developed and mature offshore financial centres in the world, and Standard Chartered is one of Jersey’s most well-established institutions, with a presence spanning over 40 years. Website: Address: 15 Castle Street, St Helier, Jersey JE4 8PT Tel: +44 (0) 1534 704000


If you’re interested in a career at Standard Chartered Jersey, visit the careers website and get in touch with any questions to;

“Do you want to join one of the world’s most dynamic and exciting international banks? We offer many job opportunities to take your career to the next level. Please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.” Karolina Zabicka, Resourcing Specialist




A Year to Celebrate After the difficult and challenging year we’ve all had, it may feel strange to read this headline.

The start of a new year often brings with it an opportunity to reflect, as well as plan for the future. It’s no different for our Island’s finance industry. Looking back, Jersey proved to be forward-thinking, innovative, and resilient, and the collective Island-wide response to the challenges of 2020 has been remarkable for a small community. This year, the finance industry has a significant event to celebrate - its 60th anniversary. To mark this milestone, we at Jersey Finance are launching a yearlong campaign focussed on making a positive impact, locally. The slogan for our 60th anniversary campaign is ‘Together we Shine’. It’s a reflection of our belief that collaboration and working together is critical to our shared success. Our campaign will help to make a difference to worthy local causes and reflects the industry’s ongoing commitment to the future prosperity of our Island community.

Cause for celebration

Along with our Member firms, we have partnered with a range of local organisations to celebrate Jersey’s financial heritage through supporting community events and initiatives during this year and beyond. We’ve launched a fundraising goal of £60,000, which we hope to reach by the end of the year with support from the


finance industry, the local community and our partners. Proceeds from our year-long fundraising campaign will all be donated to the Association of Jersey Charities (AJC), and incidentally, the AJC also celebrates a milestone this year; its 50th anniversary! In July, we’ll be inviting the finance industry to sponsor and buy tickets to a charity ball where, once again, all proceeds will go to the AJC.

“Looking back, Jersey proved to be forwardthinking, innovative, and resilient, and the collective Island-wide response to the challenges of 2020 has been remarkable for a small community.” This Spring, Islanders can expect to receive the JT Phone Directory, which will feature an exclusive 60th anniversary design on the front cover. And in the Autumn, you’ll be able to purchase special edition stamps with Jersey Post, each representing a particular decade in Jersey’s financial heritage.

Get involved: Anyone can donate towards our £60,000 fundraising target and we’re inviting local finance firms to run their own fundraising initiatives too. To donate or if you want to keep track of the money raised, visit our dedicated web page. Visitors to our web page will also discover a potted version of Jersey’s financial heritage in our timeline, which starts in the 1800s and ends in 2020. To highlight key moments in our finance industry’s history, our 60th anniversary film series will feature intimate interviews with notable industry legends, speaking about the pivotal moments that have influenced the leading centre we know today. Films will be released throughout the year and will all be made available on the Jersey Finance website. History enthusiasts may also enjoy subscribing to Jersey Heard on their chosen podcast platform, to listen to a series of podcasts with local historian, Doug Ford. A long-read article entitled ‘Celebrating a 60-year Milestone’ is also available on our website if you’d like to discover more about key events in Jersey’s journey to becoming a world-leading international finance centre. Throughout the year, we’ll be working with more local partners and businesses to develop a wide range of events, special promotions and activities Islanders can enjoy. Keep up to date on our 60th anniversary plans by following ‘Jersey Finance’ on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Looking to the future, we’re excited about making a positive impact and contributing to the future prosperity of our Island and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating this major milestone in Jersey’s history. LIFE & ST YLE IN JERSEY


Joe goes to War Jersey War Tunnels has announced the appointment of Joe Carnegie as Chief Operating Officer. The former Army Officer has been appointed to the newly created role in which he will be responsible for the future strategic direction of the attraction as well as managing the overall running of the site. Jersey War Tunnels offers a unique and emotive experience of Jersey’s occupation by the Nazi forces and regularly tops visitor polls. Gregor Allan, Heather Bestwick and Charles Clarke

New NEDs for Rathbones Rathbone Investment Management International is delighted to announce the appointment of two Non-Executive Directors to the Jersey Board. Charles Clarke has joined as Non-Executive Chairman, replacing the recently retired Gregor Allan who had been with Rathbones for over 15 years in various non-executive positions. Heather Bestwick has also joined the Board as a Non-Executive Director. Charles, a Chartered Accountant, had a career with KPMG spanning almost 30 years. He worked in both London and Asia before relocating to Jersey to focus on financial sector audit work. He became Senior Partner, also leading the sale of the fiduciary business and the grouping of KPMG firms in offshore jurisdictions. For the past 15 years Charles has acted as a serial independent NED across a variety of companies, including SG Kleinwort Hambros, Phoenix Group, Ports of Jersey, Aberdeen Asian Income Fund and Thomas & Dessain, from where he runs a Corporate Governance consultancy advising Boards of their composition, effectiveness and remuneration. Heather brings a wealth of experience across the investment industry including private equity, real estate and hedge funds for several major industry names. A lawyer by profession, Heather spent more than a decade with Walkers, in Cayman and latterly as Managing Partner of the Jersey office, following 8 years with Norton Rose in London and Greece. More recently she spent three years with Jersey Finance in the role of Deputy CEO, working with the finance industry, government and the regulator to maintain and enhance Jersey’s financial services offering.


Joe absolutely winning our ‘who can stand in front of the biggest logo’ competition

Mr Carnegie has previously held senior appointments with Government and worked as a leadership and business change consultant. Discussing his new position he said, “Whilst this is an incredibly difficult time for our sector, I am delighted to have been appointed to such an interesting and demanding role as part of the team responsible for an icon of the Jersey Tourism market. Looking to the future, the Board has taken the bold decision to invest in building back better and I am very much looking forward to developing and enhancing what is already a world class attraction for visitors, along with forging strategic partnerships with other elements of the visitor economy for the wider benefit of our island.”

Remarkable Observations Local creative gurus The Observatory have been recognised for their work on a new brand and webiste for an online, on-demand child psychology service, The Little Psychology Co, the brainchild of Jersey-based Child and Educational Psychologist, Dr Samantha WeldBlundell. Designed and developed by the team at The Observatory, the trailblazer on-demand platform has been named one of the five winners of Elementor’s 2020 Global Showcase. The Observatory worked with Sam from the ideation stages, helping bring clarity to the vision and develop a visual identity, voice and digital experience that would be as welcoming, honest and approachable as the service itself. The Observatory’s design-led approach was highly praised by Elementor, the world’s leading website builder platform for professionals on WordPress with more than 5 million active developers. The winning site design for The Little Psychology Co. used soft, welcoming colours, hand-drawn illustrations by talented Jersey illustrator Abi Overland and a friendly tone of voice, designed to create a safe, positive place for parents. Subtle micro animations and parallax transitions created an intuitively responsive and modern UX, with crossfading colours to ensure the site felt less formal and more immersive, reflecting the modern proposition of the brand.

The Observatory’s Ben Hickingbotham



WOMEN IN BUSINESS For our Fabulous Feminine Edition of gallery we've profiled some fantastic high flyers, all trail blazers in their individual industries. From Entrepreneurs and bosses to award winners and leading ladies shaking things up in traditionally male dominated roles. This is a collection of wonderful, ambitious women that we're very proud to showcase...

Stacy Withe Director, Funds & Institutional at IQ-EQ Jersey Career path so far...

I began my career in the finance industry in 1993 and have worked for various trust companies since then, with the last 15 years primarily focused on corporate and institutional clients. I joined IQ-EQ in 2017 and, when we integrated our corporate and funds teams in Jersey last year, I became a director of the Funds & Institutional business.

What do you do day to day?

I lead a team of 10 who administer a variety of structures that mainly hold real estate located across the globe. This includes a mix of student accommodation, retirement villages, retail outlets and offices. I have a great team; everyone gets on extremely well and we have a fantastic, appreciative client base, which makes the days go really quickly. Aside from client work, I also get involved in the operational side of the business, working on policies and procedures and data collation for smoother processes, which involves closely working with our compliance team.

Which female do you find inspirational?

I was lucky enough to have female bosses for my first two jobs, both of whom were extremely ambitious and great mentors. They taught me what good leadership looks like, and I always try to build my own team like they did theirs.

Best bit of your job?

My job is so varied it will depend on the day. Taking team members on asset tours (when we can travel) is one of the best things as it really helps people understand the financials behind each asset – and its always a good day out!

Hardest bit of your job?

Public speaking! I may be extremely confident in small groups, but presentations to large groups is something I will never get used to.

Do you think there are any benefits to being a female in your industry?

I have never felt an advantage or disadvantage to being a female.

What would you say is your greatest professional accomplishment to date?

I became a director of a regulated trust company in my early 30s. I had my first child when I was very young and didn’t finish my A levels, so to be made a board member at 31 was definitely a huge achievement.

Do you have any work goals for 2021?

Last year was an extremely busy one for our Funds & Institutional business, with the integration, implementation of new systems and lots of new hires. This year will see several new senior hires in our Jersey office, which will really strengthen our offering. In addition, we have a great business pipeline for 2021, so I am looking forward to meeting lots of new colleagues, clients and advisors.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your industry? Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Lorraine Wheeler Director, Private Wealth at IQ-EQ Jersey Career path so far...

I began in the fiduciary sector in 1986 in a bank-owned trust company based in the UK. Over the years, I worked for various bank-owned and independent trust companies in the UK, Bermuda and Switzerland before moving to Jersey in 2002.

What do you do day to day?

I lead a team of eight and there is a real mix of experience and skills. As a team, we look after assets held in trusts and companies. I still find it as interesting today as I did when I started out. You never know what is going to transpire throughout the day and every day is completely different – it really is. The assets we look after range from residential and commercial property, through operating businesses, to luxury assets such as aircraft, yachts and artwork to name but a few. Our duty is to look after these assets as if they were our own. For instance, we may be involved with the purchase of property, ensuring the valuation is fair, dealing with lawyers, tax advisors and our clients to ensure that everyone is on the same page. We also need to make sure there is suitable insurance in place, that property managers with the requisite skills are appointed and, when delegating our powers in this way, that the delegates provide sufficient reporting to enable us to carry out our fiduciary duties. We have to ensure that all of our structures have financial statements prepared; that tax returns and annual returns are up to date in the relevant jurisdictions and that governance in those structures is strong.

Which female do you find inspirational?

This may sound a strange choice – Beyoncé! A fierce Christian, she uses her public profile to promote her faith rather than being afraid to speak up. As a Methodist local preacher myself, I admire her courage.

Best bit of your job?

I love working with people, whether clients, colleagues or advisors. I relish building rapport and gaining trust, which is very important in our industry! I am also very passionate about learning and development. Whilst I may have had 34 years in the industry, there are still surprises. I do not believe that you can sit back and declare that your studying days are over because you know it all. Legislation and regulation never sit still and neither should we!

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E

Hardest bit of your job?

Managing my inbox… It seems to be a constant battle!

Do you think there are any benefits to being a female in your industry?

I would say no. Being a female has never hindered me or my career progression, but equally there are no added benefits to being a female in this industry. You are respected for your skills and experience and I would say gender plays no part.

What would you say is your greatest professional accomplishment to date?

I currently President of the Jersey Association of Trust Companies (JATCo), which represents trust companies across the island. I have also previously chaired the Jersey branch of STEP, the industry association that represents individual practitioners, and I am the first person to have held both roles, which is an honour.

Do you have any work goals for 2021?

I am studying for my Institute of Directors exams and am on track to finish the Certificate and Diploma level by April to achieve Chartered Director status. These studies have assisted me greatly and I am already practising the skills I’ve learned, particularly around the reviewing of financial and non-financial information. As I am not a qualified accountant, I had always found this area of my work the most challenging but I am pleased to say that I now feel much more comfortable in this area.




MEET THE TEAM For our fabulous feminine edition of gallery we met up with the team at Miranda Villiers, Executive Virtual Assistants, to find out more about their crack team of great girls. Miranda Child-Villiers, Founder, Miranda Villiers Ltd

How did it all get going?

I started the company in 2017 when I moved from London to South Africa. I did not have a work visa, was quickly running out of money and wanted to stay there, I thought about what I was really good at (organising people, background as PA and HR at Deutsche Bank in London) and so started working as a Virtual Assistance (VA) for companies in London through an agency. I then set up my own business, with my own clients, and continued it when I moved back to Jersey in 2018.

What do you offer?

Executive Assistance, Personal Assistance, Proof-reading and Editing, Event Management, Social Media Management, HR Assistance and Research.

What does a typical day look like?

No typical day! I have 6 clients on the go, all who need different things at different times; diary management, travel booking, powerpoints created, lunch ordering, hair appointments booked, blog articles proof-read and edited, Instagram posts created, etc. 90% of which I do from my phone!

Hardest bit of the job?

Managing so many varying personalities and different ways of doing things. This is the real skill in being virtual – that you need to feel, and your client needs to feel, you are part of the team and company, whilst in some instances having never met you. Two of my clients I have been working with for over 2 years and I still have never met them (in fact, on Zoom the other day one of my clients announced she was over 6 ft, and I am only 5 ft, so actually I am pleased I haven’t met her as it would be awkward trying to give her a hug).


You could be having three conversation on the go at the same time with three very different people, in three very different industries – but you need to be and act as they need you to in order for them to have full faith in what you’re doing. You are there solely to make their life easier, and gaining this level of trust from someone who has never met you is hard – but I’ve learnt to master it.

What do you enjoy most about it?

The flexibility, and an element of the above with regards to the different people and industries. I am part of so many different ventures and countries – coding kits for children and incredibly exciting educational technology being launched in LA; a new government backed initiative on Lawtech in London; managing the social media for an international school in Singapore; high-end property development and interior design here in Jersey; a private equity company here in Jersey; and then alongside these business ventures I also act as a private PA, helping with the life admin and day to day personal life of certain individuals.

Plans for 2021?

I've recently brought in Emma and Charlotte and it has been life changing for me – I can bounce ideas off them, and also means I don’t have to say no to new clients as there are more helping hands. 2021 for me is all about building my client base and finding new and exciting people to work with.

What their clients say: "Miranda is amazing, it is not possible to overstate her impact, professionalism and productivity. Nor how delightful it is to work with her. For me, Miranda's support is core to each successful week." Jennifer Swallow, LawtechUK

"If there is one person I absolutely enjoy collaborating with, it's Miranda (without a shadow of a doubt). She'd highly dependable, an astute self-learner, and a very honest and positive person to work with. If there's a challenging project that involves a lot of moving parts, Miranda is the type to roll up her sleeves and get cracking at it with exceptional precision! She is a solopreneur's secret weapon." Rohan Chandrashekhar, Buzzvalue

CONTACT 07797 776 014



Danny Evans

Emma Camm, Executive Assistant specialising in Digital Marketing

What did you want to be when you were 8? Emma Bunton from Spice Girls

Best book you read this year? I am currently reading ‘The Liars’ by Naomi Joy.

What would you wear to fancy dress? 80’s - blue eyeshadow, crimped hair and metallic shoulder pads.

Fave thing to do in Jersey? Prior to covid, I would hit the carboots and charity shops every weekend in search of a bargain! I spend a lot of time outdoors with my boys, exploring our favourites; either St Ouen’s or Gorey, and always with a coffee pitstop! Best bit about isolation? Mastering the act of

slowing down and enjoying what’s right in front of you. I will forever be grateful for the extra time we gained as a fresh family of four and seeing the bond grow between our sons.

Best Bit about your job? Working with such

a variety of people. I love getting to know my clients on a personal level, understanding their needs and then providing input where I feel I’m adding value to their business.

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E

Miranda Child-Villiers Founder

Charlotte Bayliss Freelance Personal Assistant

What did you want to be when you were 8? A chef.

What did you want to be when you were 8? A Vet or a Fire Fighter

Best book you read this year?

Best book you read this year and why? It’s

Fleishman Is In Trouble by Taffy Brodesser-Akner. Totally gripped me! And very funny and insightful on relationships and how 2 people can see the same situation so differently.

What would you wear to fancy dress? I’d go as Link from Zelda as I love him, and I love Zelda, and I still have my handmade costume from Uni

Fave thing to do in Jersey? Right now I would take anything to go out for brunch with friends… Best bit about isolation? Spending time with my son and watching him learn how to talk (he’s 18 months).

a bit geeky but I loved Gillian Higgins ‘How your horse moves’.

What would you wear to fancy dress? My trusty hotdog or banana outfit!

Fave thing to do in Jersey? Spending time

in the water, surfing when there are waves and paddleboarding when it is flat. I also love horse riding on the beaches and cliffpaths, you can’t beat it!

Best bit about isolation? Being able to spend time with my husband and enjoy finishing off the house we have been renovating. The slower pace of life was wonderful when the weather was good in the summer.

Best Bit about your job? I love having the flexibility to manage my own time and I enjoy the challenge of new projects.




RELATIVE VALUES We met up with the terrific twosome, Toni and Gemma, Co-Directors at Park. These ladies have been leading figures in the world of recruitment here in Jersey for over a decade. Toni returned from world travels to an advert for a job to train in recruitment. Seventeen years later and she is still there and loving it. Her passion is finding people jobs that make them happy to get up to every morning. Gemma came to Park, looking to change

career after 4 years living in Melbourne, Australia and after 10 years she's still going strong, having helped hundreds of people find their ideal job. We found out what makes them tick...

Danny Evans




GEMMA My wedding ring

TONI Favourite possession

My rings

Baby Blue

Favourite colour


Gorillas- love them, real gentle giants

Favourite animal

I am not a great animal lover, I prefer humans.

Bryony Gordon – Funny, refreshing, witty and honest – a real ambassador for women and how to navigate the modern world.

Favourite female author

It’s a toss-up between freshly ground coffee and clean washing (ideally drinking a fresh coffee when all the washing is done!)

Favourite smell

JK Rowling for Harry Potter passion. They appeal to all ages and can be read and watched again and again. They are a firm family favourite, a comfort food.

Fresh bread/baking

A nice breakfast out with my husband and boy, spending time on the beach, meeting up with best friends having a decent glass of something sparkling

Favourite way to spend a weekend

Active with good company, food and drink! Saturday starts with Park run followed by good coffee/brekky, beach and meetups with pals, the evening would involve champagne/large gins, delicious food and good laughs.

Really does depend on my mood, but I guess I would never, ever say no to chocolate! I’m a pure sweettoothed girl

Favourite food

I love variety but am currently enjoying greek souvlaki, flat breads, dips, salad

Favourite inspirational female

My Mum. Strong, fit, clever. Still smashing out Zumba sessions with me, super active, looking amazing, great chef, impressive on a quiz team and a massive support as Grandma!

It’s too hard to choose! People are inspirational to me in many different ways and I draw upon every quality/quirk and ambition that these people in my life offer. At the moment I would say sleep – with a toddler in the house anything past 7am is considered a “lie in”

Favourite pastime

Home Alone – A firm family, festive fave that never fails to make us laugh and get us into the Crimbo Spirit

Favourite film

Wizard of Oz

Favourite quote from a female

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” - Maya Angelou

Favourite song

Totally depends on my mood I like a large range of music, today I’ll go for Turn your lights down low, by one of my all time favourites, Bob Marley.

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain” - Dolly Parton

Depends on the day but anything by Florence and the Machine and the Killers always make me sing aloud and brings back happy memories Adele – for being so utterly down to earth (does anyone else have a better laugh in showbiz?) and for that belting voice! Travel (back when that was a thing….) clothes/ make up and champagne cocktails I have loads but my husband would kill me if I didn’t say our wedding spent in southern Spain, time spent with our most favourite people, blazing sunshine, laughter/tears/dancing and happiness all rolled up into the most perfect week.

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E

Favourite female to have dinner with

Favourite thing to splurge on

Favourite memory

Good coffee, fresh air, friends. Running, boxing, weights. Travel.

I’ll bring back my Nanan and her sister Millie who I named my daughter after. I would love Millie to enjoy some of the tales I heard as a child.

Perfume, candles/burners, big earrings. It is impossible to have one. My wedding/birth of Millie but today as the rain hammers down and we are all trapped I would like to be at the Italian beach restaurant at sunset in Barbados with friends and family laughing with a large glass of icy white in my hand




INSPIRING INVESTORS Rathbone Investment Management International Limited

Catherine Taylor Chief Operations Officer (COO) Describe your career path...

After graduating in Scotland with an International Business & Modern Languages degree I started my career as an accountant, training and qualifying as an ACA with Deloitte in Jersey. My early career progress was in banking, with accounting positions at RBSI and HSBC. At HSBC I started to specialise in investment management, with my first executive board appointment at HSBC Asset Management International Limited as Finance Director at the age of 30. After my first maternity break, I moved to DPZ Capital Limited, where I was Chief Financial Officer. Following their acquisition by Brooks Macdonald International, I broadened my responsibilities into operations, which ultimately led to me applying for the role of COO at Rathbones in Jersey where I have been privileged to help drive a significant period of growth over the past five years, highlighted by assets under management doubling to over £2bn.

What do you think are the three most important skills to succeed in your career area?

Not so much skills, more character traits – a brass neck, thick skin and huge amounts of self-confidence and belief. Whilst there has been a huge change in the male/female balance in asset management, when I started out there is no denying it was very male dominated, and as a female trying to succeed it’s as much about having the right attitude and mentality as having the technical or academic background.

Is your job 9-5?

I don’t think I’ve done a 9 to 5 job since I was a supermarket checkout assistant in school holidays! Over the last 10-months that’s been even more the case as ‘working from home’ requires a different type of flexibility. With two young children I was one of many juggling a full-time job alongside home-schooling. 9 to 5 was more like an early morning shift followed by various interrupted slots lasting no more than 15 minutes, then a night shift when the kids went to bed! Definitely the most challenging time in my life, as I’m sure other working mums will agree.

Do you think there is a benefit to being a female in your industry?

Yes, the male dominance means there is a gap for “female emotional intelligence” as a unique quality.

Is there a female who inspires you in business?

Leah Ronayne Investment Manager Describe your career path...

I studied history at Cardiff University, but as I’d been lucky enough to have summer internships at RBC Wealth Management I had the chance to see the vast career opportunities this area offered. I secured a place on the RBC Graduate Programme in 2014, which was a fantastic introduction to private wealth and included a placement within investments – and I soon realised this was the area that I really loved. After the graduate scheme I moved to UBS as a Junior Client Advisor where I hit the ground running, looking after a huge variety of private clients and arranging execution-only equity, FX and options trades, as well as more general client queries. But then the best opportunity came in 2017 when I met Jonathan Giles, MD at Rathbones – I’ve never looked back! Joining Rathbones as an Assistant Investment Manager I completed the CISI Level 7 exams to become a Chartered Wealth Manager in 2019. I was promoted to Investment Manager last December, which was an amazing reward.

What do you think are the three most important skills to succeed in your career area?

The ability to listen; it can be tempting to feel as though you need to always contribute in meetings or debates, but actually learning from those around you is the best way to progress. Emotional intelligence is such a strength; having the ability to understand client’s needs and identify any concerns they have – after all, money can be an emotive topic, so it’s a skill to be a professional but personable advisor. Being resilient; this can be a tough and fast-paced area with the potential to make mistakes that cost real money! It’s also still rather male-dominated which, for a female, can feel a bit tougher and I think you need to be even more confident in your own abilities no matter how bad a day you’ve had. But on that subject I’m delighted to say that there’s an equal split between men and women at Rathbones in Jersey.

Is there a phrase you live by?

Nope! But I am a huge fan of Headspace, I try and do a daily 10-minute meditation as it actually resets you completely. So powerful.

Is there a female who inspires you in business?

My aunt Ann-Marie, who is an MD at a global bank. She entered the finance world in the 1980s, when it was far more difficult to be taken seriously as a woman. She worked so hard to reach the top, whilst having two children and facing constant doubt from her male counterparts – but achieved her success in a way that wasn’t trying to be like a man, but by being a genuine person and talented in her field. I’m very lucky to have her as a real-life role model, and I think from a very young age I realised if she could do it, so could I.

Quite a few. Karren Brady for succeeding in a maledominated industry; Michelle Mone for overcoming poverty to becoming a peer in the House of Lords; Susan Allen CEO, Retail & Business Banking, Santander UK, for juggling family and business life.




Danny Evans PICTURED LEFT TO RIGHT Aimee, Catherine & Leah of Rathbone Investment Management International Limited

Aimee Barker Assistant Investment Manager Describe your career path...

I joined Rathbones in 2017 after completing my International Financial Services degree with the Jersey International Business School. I had worked part time in a local trust company while studying, but realised I wanted to work in investments when studying the funds, portfolio management and wealth management subjects on my course. I joined Rathbones as a graduate trainee and having sat my investment exams I am now an Assistant Investment Manager but working towards an Investment Manager promotion. Fingers crossed.

What do you love most about working in your career area?

Variety! Our offering to clients is bespoke, and the investment managers are also the relationship managers. This means that we are always available to our clients when they call whether they’re wanting a full portfolio and market

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E

update or are just ringing because they want to have a chat. That’s what I love about the variety of clients we have too, through working closely with my investment directors I get exposure to my team’s private clients as well as having contact with trustees and financial advisors of all positions and ages. There is always something to learn in this job, and I genuinely mean it when I say I learn something new every day.

Career highlights so far?

In the three years I’ve been at Rathbones I have sat my Investment Advice Diploma and my Private Client Investment Advice and Management exam and was then promoted to Assistant Investment Manager in July 2019. I am now a member of our local Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) team and also sit on our local Diversity and Inclusion committee. Both the ESG team and D&I committee are areas that I am really passionate about, and I’m fortunate to work for a company that is embracing these changes. To cap the year, I was nominated and won the 2020 Jersey Finance Rising Star Award for Investment Management; just to receive the nomination and be shortlisted was an honour but to win is something I am very proud of and I’m grateful to my manager for putting me forward for this recognition.




OGIER: A WORKPLACE THAT SUPPORTS THE WHOLE PERSON At Ogier our global Diversity & Inclusion initiative includes a specific commitment to increasing gender equality at a senior level, and we also believe strongly in building a flexible workplace that benefits the future and progression of all our employees, regardless of gender. This includes giving people the flexibility to better balance their work and home life. Find out more about our approach at

Q&A with head of wills and probate at Ogier, Victoria Grogan Tell us about your career journey

My journey is probably not the usual route a Jersey Advocate would take! I did a law degree in Northampton and chose law simply because I had no idea what else to do, had a lawyer cousin, and thought it might be interesting. After graduating, I had no desire to pursue a training contract or do my LPC but a couple of years later ended up working for the law society. A complete whim brought me to Jersey in 2006 and I was offered three jobs in my first week, one of which was in wills and probate, an area I have worked in ever since. I qualified as a Jersey solicitor seven years ago, and after three years in practice, got sworn in as a Jersey Advocate. I joined Ogier three years ago as counsel, and was recently promoted to head of wills and probate.

What does a standard day look like?

Aside from my morning caffeine and biscuit consumption and a team catch-up call, no day is ever the same and rarely go as planned. I can be doing anything from drafting wills and advising on mental capacity, to administering multi-million pound estates, arranging for local or foreign properties to be sold or cleared, and meeting with clients (sometimes in their back garden or through windows now due to COVID). Some of my personal favourites included trying to break into a secret locked room in an estate property, speaking to the police about a WW2 gun from the occupation that had been found on top of a wardrobe and investigating how one gets buried at sea!


What career achievement are you proudest of and why?

I took part in the IOD work shadow scheme six years ago and it makes me really proud to see that my shadow is now working for a city law firm as a paralegal. I really enjoy mentoring bursary students and trainees – maybe I should have been a career advisor!

How has Ogier supported you in your career?

Ogier is very encouraging of personal development and they acknowledge that there is not one career path that fits all. For myself personally, I have been incredibly grateful in the way that the board has managed this last year – in acknowledging that I (and others) had no choice but to work flexibly during lockdown due to juggling work and parenting commitments, and not letting this impact the available opportunities.

What advice would you give to women who are starting out in their careers?

Don’t be held back by self-doubt or by the perception that you can't do everything – why not? Our gender has nothing to do with the career we want or what we are capable of. Your career is in your own hands so find work that you enjoy and go for it!




Julie is Owner and Director of The Laser Centre, Jersey’s longest established Aesthetic, nonsurgical and Laser Clinic, providing treatments of the highest standard since 1997. As a trained nurse, she became an Operating Theatre Sister specialising in Cosmetic Surgery, generating a lifelong interest in the positive enhancement of physical and mental well being that such procedures can give. How did it all start?

I set up The Laser Centre with Mr Donald Mc Neill, a world renowned Plastic Surgeon and past President of the British Association Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. He was my biggest influence in business development, and apart from the recommended BTEC University Laser training courses myself and my staff completed, I was also uniquely privileged to have ‘one to one’ working clinics with him, which helped improve on my expertise and build the experience I have today.

What do you offer?

We offer treatments to help with all areas of aesthetics from wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers and hydrafacials to laser tattoo removal and medical skin peels, as well as a whole host of other amazing procedures; you'll find a list on our website.

“Being qualified nurses, and also having a Doctor on board as a Director, I believe makes clients feel safe, as in such an ‘unregulated business’ as Lasers and Aesthetics, why would you take any risks when having medical and cosmetic treatments on your face or body?”

What one thing have you learned as a small business owner that has served you well over the years?

One of the important things I have learnt, and passed on to my staff, is to make our clients feel comfortable, safe, and confident that they are being treated by medical professionals. We treat everyone as an individual, and tailor their treatments to suit. Being qualified nurses, and also having a Doctor on board as a Director, I believe makes clients feel safe, as in such an ‘unregulated business’ as Lasers and Aesthetics, why would you take any risks when having medical and cosmetic treatments on your face or body?

What is the number one business goal you plan to accomplish over the next year?

2021 and beyond will become our different 'normal'. This year I intend to concentrate on preparing us for returning to a more comfortable way of life, and I'm looking at the latest treatments entering the aesthetic market to improve skin, especially as so many people have suffered skin complaints with the ongoing mask wearing!

Best business advice?

The best advice I was ever given, and still maintain, is to 'work safely, competently, and always listen to clients wishes and needs'. When a client comes for their appointment, they often have an idea of what they want to achieve. It is only experience and expertise from constantly keeping updated with medical practices that mean we can deliver them a successful result.

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RESILIENT REPRESENTATION Claire Kingham - English Solicitor

I practice employment law and discrimination law, representing both employees and employers. I deal with inheritance disputes, draft wills and advise on succession related matters. I also advise on capacity related issues and prepare lasting powers of attorney. All of this means that I have been extremely busy since the COVID-19 crisis unfolded in early 2020. What would you say is your greatest professional accomplishment to date?

That is easy. I gave birth to my son in the second week of my two year Legal Practice Course. My son’s father lived in the UK. Every 3 weeks for 2 years I took a flight to Gatwick for a weekend of tuition at the College of Law, Guildford, with baby in tow. I took 11 weeks maternity leave after which I returned to full time employment. My greatest achievement in that time was undoubtedly managing to bond very well with my little baby, whilst running the household, holding down a full time high pressured job, undertaking my solicitor’s training and studying for my Legal Practice Course. I believe that I achieved this because I have learned how to be resilient. Resilience has allowed me to adapt well to changing circumstances and to overcome any obstacle in my way, no matter how difficult it may have seemed at the time. That skill has helped me enormously both professionally and personally.

“Resilience has allowed me to adapt well to changing circumstances and to overcome any obstacle in my way, no matter how difficult it may have seemed at the time.” Careers Path so far?

I qualified as an English Solicitor in 2010 having undertaken my LLB at Nottingham Trent University and my Legal Practice Course at the College of Law, Guildford. Subsequently I completed a PGC in Employment Law at the University of Surrey. I have worked in law for almost all of my adult life. I have chosen my areas of specialism because they allow me to deal with issues at the heart of peoples’ lives, which I find very rewarding. Recently, and with a view to giving something back, I was fortunate enough to be selected as an independent member of the Jersey Employment Forum, which is a non-political consultative body that makes recommendations to the Minister of Social Security on the minimum wage and matters relating to employment law, as and when required to do so by the Minister.


What do you think are the benefits of being a female in the industry?

Law has traditionally been a man’s world but this is changing at a very fast pace. There are now more women than men qualifying as English Solicitors. At Benest & Syvret we have two partners, Philip Syvret and Nina Benest and we have therefore an excellent male/female balance. Aside from that we currently have four qualified lawyers, three of whom are women with a fourth joining us shortly. Every organisation will of course benefit from having a mix of genders, each bringing their own unique qualities and abilities to the table.

Which female has inspired you?

Throughout my career I have met various people that I have admired immensely and who have undoubtedly inspired me. Our female partner at Benest & Syvret, Nina Benest, is a truly inspirational person. Nina is a sharp and skilful litigator, who has the ability to cut to the chase very quickly. She is highly focused and as cool as a cucumber. Our values of professional integrity, hard work, client focus and technical excellence are aligned. Nina leads by example. She believes that to perform at their best people need to feel appreciated, valued and safe. Nina’s planning of our COVID-19 response was a perfect example of that. You never train for operating a business in a pandemic and come March 2020, panic could so easily have taken hold, which would have been a disaster. We needed a calm, focused, coordinated response that provided reassurance to everyone that it would all be ok, we would be safe and our livelihoods would be safe. I believe that every member of staff at Benest & Syvret would agree that Nina delivered very well on this agenda.

What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our readers?

Associate with people who share your values and beliefs. Never make assumptions about another person’s motive, be openminded. 01534 875875




W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E




###WFH? STILL W FH WF H?? As a handful of fireworks took to the skies and muted bells rang out at midnight on the 1st January to mark the beginning of a new year, the excitement of a new year and a fresh start was probably less intense than usual for most as the realisation that not a lot has changed since last year. So without further ado - here are some more gadgets that might come in handy if you’re still stuck at home all day and all night long.


As we currently seem to be experiencing a case of ‘same ****, different year’, your home loos are probably all getting a bit more use than they might have previously done as you and your kids yo-yo between working and studying from home and spending time at work or school. Most people don’t seem fazed by using them, but personally, I’ve always found toilet brushes a bit grim in practise when they’re placed back in their holder and left to fester with an optional bit of bleach sploshed in for peace of mind. This is where the Good Papa smart toilet brush comes into its own. With one-touch operation, the head spins at 300rpm to scrub your toilet more effectively and with less splashback from the stiff bristles we’re used to on manually-operated brushes. These bristles are also spaced further apart to reduce the risk of, you know, stuff getting stuck between them. But wait, there’s more! A UV sterilising lamp illuminates after you’ve finished using it to effectively disinfect the brush while safely stored away. Charging is taken care of via USB, and one charge equates to roughly three months of use. Subject to how clean you like to keep your toilets, of course.



Without the need to physically move to get the latest office gossip, collect things from the printer or make multiple trips to the kitchen for teamaking and sanity preservation purposes, working from home might result in you taking less steps. If you haven’t already become obsessed with your step-count and don’t like to wear a brightlycoloured rubbery item on your wrist, nor wish to end up reading emails on a tiny, wristmounted screen, this analogue-faced watch might be the ticket. It clocks up your steps as a percentage of your daily goal in the crescent to the left as the day passes, and directly adjacent, in red, is an inactivity monitor that builds with every 15 minutes of inactivity until you spend a couple of minutes walking to reset it. It’ll also monitor your sleep and synchronises with the Garmin Connect app on both Android and iOS devices so that you can keep track of your data. What’s more, there’s a choice of gold and steel-coloured bezels depending on your preference, water resistance up to 5 metres and a battery life of up to one year.






Picture the scene; the kids are back at school (hurrah!) but your home is still your office and you’ve either been wearing headphones on and off all day to take calls or to listen to music while not disturbing your nearest and dearest, or simply taking full advantage of the fact that you can currently get away with working to music. Wearing headphones all day is no fun though. It’s lunchtime, take a break and relax. Anywhere. With this wireless speaker. Or if you’re feeling really daring, connect to it during working hours. Looking more like a fancy candle than a speaker, believe it or not it also features a ‘candlelight mode’ where it illuminates to create an atmosphere beyond the music. It’s fully dimmable as well as having a flicker option for an even more candle-like feel. But why exactly does it look like a candle, you may ask? The glass tube acts as the speaker in conjunction with three actuators vibrating it from beneath, achieving crisp, high-resolution sound in all directions - rather than just in an arc around the front of a more traditional speaker cone. Using glass, as well as some clever technological trickery inside the speaker base, helps to produce clear low-end notes, well-balanced middles and crisp high tones. Connect via Bluetooth, call up your favourite playlist and enjoy up to eight hours of high quality music from any angle. Bliss.



As more and more household items become adapted for IoT (that’s Internet of Things, if you were wondering) use you may be unsurprised to learn of this particular smart device; the Brava Smart Oven. Easily linked to your mobile device via their app, you can keep an eye on how your food is cooking thanks to two 5MP cameras inside the oven. Yes, inside, which is handy because there’s no glass on the door. Using different zones inside the oven, you can prepare a meal to one of their recipes in the app, put it all in and let the oven do the rest after a few button presses. There’s even a temperature probe to insert into meat so that the oven can constantly monitor its cooking progress and adjust accordingly. Additionally, there are ten different cooking modes, including; sear, toast, bake, air fry and dehydrate - opening up a world of cooking options and inspiring confidence if you’re the kind of home cook who usually ends up eating very crispy, blackened dishes.


W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E




WORDS Russ Atkinson

This article began as a reaction to Jersey’s Sustainable Transport Policy but quickly morphed into what could’ve been considered a rant, so I’ve reined things in a bit and have decided to focus on low-carbon motoring instead, for two reasons (other than not wanting this to be a mere a rant, that is). Firstly, not everybody is in a position to buy a new car, let alone an electric one - which, living in Jersey where our electricity is predominantly derived from renewable and nuclear sources and has a ‘carbon intensity’ 90% lower than that of the UK’s energy - is about as low carbon as you can get when it comes to driving. And secondly, in light of searching for the next best thing I was very, very surprised at what I discovered. You see, there are actually a handful of petrol and diesel-engined cars available secondhand that emit less than 100g/km of CO2. Why is this round figure of 100g/km so magical? That’s because it’s the threshold beneath which road tax in the UK becomes zero.


I get it. In an attempt to dissuade people from using less environmentally friendly vehicles, they’ll probably try to make it more expensive. There’s a major flaw with this in my eyes though, which is that if you’re driving a £100k plus Range Rover, a bit of road tax and spending more on fuel is a merely drop in the ocean when it comes to your outgoings. But if you’re part of a low income family who don’t have time to walk or cycle your kids home from school because you have to get to your second job in good time, that ‘polluting’ car that’s probably between 10 and 15 years old is indispensable and costly enough already. I’m leaving that line of enquiry there to avoid the potential for this becoming the aforementioned potential rant, as there are myriad considerations to be made (I don’t envy

Granted, the way that these figures are applied in Jersey are slightly stricter, in that VED (vehicle emissions duty) is only zero on vehicles emitting half that figure, at 50g/km, but there’s method in my madness when trying to piece this together, I promise.

“But if you’re part of a low income family who don’t have time to walk or cycle your kids home from school because you have to get to your second job in good time, that ‘polluting’ car that’s proabably between 10 and 15 years old is indispensible, and costly enough already.”

However, there are no purely petrol or diesel driven cars that meet the sub-50g/km criteria. None. Zero. There aren’t even any that qualify as a ‘ULEV’, or ultra low emmissions vehicle, where the benchmark is set at less than 75g/km, and my aim was to find the lowest emmissions vehicles available that aren’t hybrid or electric, as they’re too expensive for many people.

those who’ve been putting the policy together one bit), but ultimately low emmissions translates to good fuel economy, and, in the event that road tax is reintroduced at some stage in the future (despite it having been abolished locally years ago in favour of extra duty on fuel - which is surely the fairest way to go about things) you’re going to want to be driving something that ideally squeezes in just beneath that magical figure of 100g/km, just in case.

Why is this even relevant? I’ll admit, it’s all based on a hunch, but having scanned through Jersey’s Sustainable Transport Policy (it isn’t a brief document, if you haven’t seen it already), one thing that stood out was the government’s intention to avoid using public funds to pay for the initiatives they’re hoping to implement. On the face of it, this is a great idea. But, reading between the lines it probably means something most motorists will be less than thrilled about; taxation, or at least increased fuel duty.

Regardless of what road the government choose to go down, here’s what you might want to look out for if you’re thinking of updating your car to something a bit more frugal but aren’t in a position to buy new. Sadly, there are no absolute bargains to be had to suit the tightest of budgets, so if you’re hoping to snap up a low-emmissions daily driver you’ll still need to spend at least £2,000, but what you see on the page opposite still represents a huge saving compared to buying new. Of course, you don’t get the warranty and tempting finance deals, but it’s up to you to decide what best suits your budget and requirements.


BIGGER CARS If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably realised a trend in the lower priced, low emmissions cars to the left - they’re all small hatchbacks. Having a small aerodynamic footprint helps in the quest to keep emmissions low, but what if you just need more space? Fear not, Skoda and Nissan, to mention just two manufacturers, have managed to get their Octavia Estate and Qashqai, respectively, down to 99g/km. Check carefully though, as the newer Skodas creep above the 100g/km mark and some wheel and tyre combinations on the Qashqai also nudge the figure a little further north.

Toyota iQ

If you can find the 1 litre model you’ll be onto a winner at 99g/km, although the 1.4 isn’t too far behind at 104g/km and better still, there was one for sale locally on for £2,995 at the time of writing.

Vauxhall Corsa

Look for something along the lines of a 2010 Corsa 1.3 CDTi ecoFLEX and you’ll be under 100g/km. Surprisingly, a lot of the vehicles with the lowest emmissions seem to be diesels, despite diesels having been vilified for years for being the peskiest producers of particulants.

If you’ve done your research and can’t find what you’re looking for locally, the other advantage of keeping an eye on emmissions data is that it’ll save you a packet when it comes to importing a vehicle. Check the website for information about vehicle excise duty and registration fees.

Ford Fiesta

Another diesel option sneaking into the running at 98g/km is the snappily-named Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi ECOnetic. Some of these are knocking on ten years old now so there are definitely bargains out there to be had, especially if you’re not scared of handling maintenance yourself.

Skoda Octavia estate 1.6 diesel (99g/km) GreenLine (90g/km)

Renault Clio 1.5 dCi eco2

The last in this little line-up of diesel hatchbacks is of the same era as the Fiesta above, and like both the Fiesta and the Corsa there’s an ‘eco’ in the name. And when it comes to figures alone, Nicole’s weapon of choice wins hands-down at 94g/km. Génial, papa!

Nissan Qashqai 1.5 dCi (99g/km)



WORDS Lucy Amelina PHOTOGRAPHS Oliver Doran

If you’ve been immersed in Netflix lately, you’ll have likely heard of The Queen’s Gambit, a series whose protagonist reaches chess-master heights despite all sorts of perils and pitfalls. A female chess prodigy who, to all intents and purposes, had a pretty rough start in life. The wonder of her imagination and will, along with gumption and determination, make for a beautiful narrative, conveying strength and stamina as she ups her game (figuratively and literally); the story unfolds alongside her mastery of the game of chess. With the series taking the world by storm, chess has seen a huge rise in popularity. Coupled with the fact that online games of all descriptions are super-accessible (and most of the globe has been on lockdown for vast periods) and you have the perfect form for chess players of any age, level or ability to get involved. In Jersey, chess has a popular following and for this article, we’d like to tell you about the youth team who have basically been handing out check-mates like smarties. We had the chance to catch up with Paul Wojciechowski and a few of the young chess players who have been gathering wins and obliterating obstacles across the board. Paul Wojciechowski, Treasurer of the Jersey Chess Club is super-proud of the recent success, and the youth team as a whole… and we can totally see why. “We started our youth training 10 years ago and are seeing the success of those efforts. Several juniors have played in the British championships for their age category over the past few years. Jem Gurner played this year in the British on-line championships and 26 juniors were invited to play for Jersey in the first Celtic Online Youth Championships.


This is the first time our juniors have been invited to play against teams from Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Several juniors have played in online International events and played over the board in the senior team in InterInsulars against Guernsey, some winning against their older opponents. Jem Gurner played in the Island team in the Small Nations Tournament held in San Marino in 2019 and he has also recently won the Island Championships and is the current Jersey Champion! Our juniors are lucky to be given the chance to play in international tournaments and represent their Island. Getting the e- mail and call from The organiser of the Celtic Nations tournament was a great moment for me as they recognised the strength of our juniors. But it’s not all about the big tournaments and winning. I also get great satisfaction when the juniors I coach solve some of the more complex positions over the board, or you can see how much they enjoy playing. After all chess is meant to be fun. I have to say that none of this would have happened without the time and effort put in by certain members of the club and the sponsorship we currently receive from FIDE (The world chess Association) Grant Thornton and SaSo strategic partners.”



Introducing Jem Gurner, (17) the current Island Champion… When we met Jem, he was totting up his online game stats, predominantly wins of course. We overheard the number of games he’d played; six thousand five hundred. And that was on one site alone! Jem, you see, likes the fastpaced games of chess, where the players have to react with purpose and skill within a ten minute time frame. Yep, that’s right, ten-minutes to wrap a game of chess… Jem is something of a ninja at it. He’s also a highly intelligent mathematician, budding statical analyst, tech genius and well, anything else he sets his mind on to be honest.

“Lockdown has changed things a lot in terms of being able to access competitions that we probably couldn’t have otherwise attended. I’ve had the opportunity to practice and compete against some brilliant Russian players which raises my game and confidence. I have trophies from many Jersey junior tournaments and was at the time the youngest Jersey player to represent the Island in the inter insular, back when I was 10. The most recent trophy I earned and of which I am the most proud is the trophy for Jersey Chess Champion. In the 2019-20 league I achieved 10 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss against Jersey’s strongest players. Having started competing with adults in the 2nd division 8 years ago I was delighted that through my practice and dedication I was able to win the 1st division last year. I’m inspired by the teaching of Grandmaster Simon Williams, popularly known as ‘the GingerGM’. The first openings I learnt were from his DVDs and online

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E

videos. Whilst showing moves he is also very entertaining, which I think is the main reason I enjoy his work. I am also a fan of Tiger Hillarp-Persson. I have met him in the Jersey International Tournament and he has provided excellent coaching on some of my games. I now play his opening, ‘the Tigers Modern’ and frequently look at his games to try to emulate the plans he goes for in various positions. In terms of how the game helps me outside of playing; chess aids my ability to solve problems and think logically, which is definitely helpful in my school work. Chess has also helped me find a new group of friends of all ages who I wouldn’t have met otherwise.”




Introducing Gus Weber (9) The UK Chess Challenge online Megafinal winner, he coolly came first out of a staggering 247 entrants; a spectacular young player with the presence of someone way beyond his years. Gus’ face lit up whilst talking to us about chess. “I started playing chess when I was four years old with my Mummy and Poppa, Daddy doesn’t really play. My Poppa used to play without his Queen so that I’d have a chance. As I got better, he needed to play with his Queen again! I love playing against my Mummy and my sister - because I love to beat them! My sporting hero is GM Andrew Tang, who is best known for playing very fast bullet chess online and streaming whilst playing. I love watching him play! He also has the world’s fastest brain. I also like watching world champion Magnus Carlson. I love the fact chess is such a difficult game to master. The hardest thing is trying to work out what the opponent will be doing lots of moves ahead.

I used to love the UK competitions, because we would have a weekend away with Mummy and Daddy, and stay in the Premier Inn! Now, all the matches are online, but I like that too. Because some people live stream, sometimes I still see the people I play. At school, my favourite subject is maths and I think chess has helped me with that. Not many of my school friends play, so at school in break times, I usually play football. Through chess, I have made friends with Jem, and other older boys. Everyone is very nice, and gives advice and help with how I can play better. I like to play quickly - Paul and Graham say I play too quickly, but I hope that speed puts my opponents off their moves, so they can’t think. Some people prefer slow chess matches. I definitely like the fast games!”




Yasmin Forbes (12) is three-time Hampshire Girls Champion in the U8, U9 and U10; something of a silent assassin on the chess board. Yasmin is one cool chess queen; this young JCG student is a player to be wary of, that’s for sure. With her extremely modest demeanour and highly intelligent conversation, Yasmin casually dropped into our chat that her Great Uncle was a famous chess Grand Master - the game is definitely in her genes. What a joy to see some girl power from a young lady with wit, grace and prodigious skills. “My dad originally got me into chess, he kind of played a lot when he was growing up. Aside from my dad, I really look up to Magnus Carslon, he’s a good chess player and speaks lots of different languages. Judit Polgar is also very inspiring - I love her story that her big

W W W.G A L L E R Y. J E

sister was better than her but she took up chess and ended up being the best player ever! I think chess helps you think ahead and think about the consequences of your actions. It’s definitely great for making friends too, I made my best friends through playing chess, including my two very best friends. As maths is one of my favourite subjects, I know that doing chess notation helps with maths coordinates. I normally love playing chess face to face, but most recently we have been playing online for practice and our competitions. It’s good as you’re always guaranteed a game online. I do really enjoy competing and am proud of my trophies, of all of them, I’m most proud of my first one; it was a huge gold trophy which was almost as big as me!” We asked Yasmin if she’d share any of her chess secrets with us and in clever form, she responded with ‘I can’t tell you that as it wouldn’t be a secret anymore!’ - good point, Yasmin… we’ll take you and the rest of the team up on those chess lessons though!





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