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Jersey’s foodie annual | Ninth Edition | 2017

Jersey’s biggest eating guide A whopping 249 restaurants listed and profiled to help you choose the perfect place to eat


Jersey’s foodie annual | Ninth Edition | 2017

COVER DISH Jersey’s biggest eating guide


A whopping 249 restaurants listed and profiled to help you choose the perfect place to eat


Appetite is an independent, inclusive guide to eating in Jersey. Published annually, this is the 8th edition



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Appetite. Your versatile guide to Jersey food and drink

Welcome to the go-to guide for those looking to eat out (and in) on the island of Jersey. This, our ninth, is the biggest edition to date*; a comprehensive and inclusive guide to the island’s gastronomic offerings all categorised and presented in a simple to follow manner. This year we’ve also included a whole host of amazing features written by some local folks who know a thing or two about tasty eats and a new section focussing on island attractions that also have great eateries. It’s incredible that our little island has such a rich and varied selection of restaurants, beach cafés and food stops. Pick somewhere new and get out there! In a world of digital, Appetite is the only food guide to keep on your coffee table if you’re local or rucksack if you’re a Jersey visitor. Even though our website will provide a handy reference guide on your portable device, flicking is faster than clicking.

Bon Appetit! *we seem to say that every year but really, this one is massive!


THE MENU aMAIZIN! Adventure Park T: 482116 35 Jersey Lavender T: 742933 35 Café Firefly T: 860082 36 Jersey Pearl Café T: 867350 36 Mange Tout Café T: 860808 36 Ruff’s Kitchen Restaurant T: 761233 36 The Vineyard Café T: 481178 36 The Herb Garden Café T: 721983 36 1 2

El Tico Beach Cantina T: 482009 Faulkner Fisheries T: 483500 Le Braye T: 481395 The Terrace: L’Horizon T:743101 Sugareef T: 866844 Watersplash T: 482885 Wayside Café T: 743915 Big Verns T: 481705 Bonne Nuit T: 861656 Breakwater Café T: 851141 Café de Pas T: 765938 Colleens Café T: 481420 Crab Shack St Brelade T: 850855 Driftwood Café T: 852157 Gunsite Café T: 735806 Hungry Man T: 863227 Kismet Cabana T: 07700 809863 La Frigate Café T: 733488 Lookout Beach Café T: 616886 Mad Mary’s T: 07797 724964 Old Station Café T: 487889 Portelet Bay Café T: 728550 Seaside Café T: 482781 Thai Dicq Shack T: 730273 9 10 11 12 13 14 15


40 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 48 48 48 48 48 49 49 49 49 49 49 50 50 50 50 50

Timmy’s Hard Rocque Café Plemont Bay Café T: 408005 35 Don Street Deli T: 484846 36 Mange Tout T: 636857 37 Moo T: 618396

50 51

Bean Around The World T: 619977 Bernie’s Market Tea Stall T: 853420 Café Ubé T: 850844 Chordz Coffee House T: 735687 Classic Tea Room T: 498974 CocoRico T: 866607 Delish T: 510608 DLs T: 07700 348216 Flavour T: 07829 996622 Henleys T: 737517 Loaf T: 505956 Nude Food T: 853589 Old Bakehouse Café T: 724252 R Fresh T: 880384 St. Malo Creperie T: 734831 The Cornish Bakery T: 722271 The Works T: 872007 Upstairs at deGruchy T: 818835

54 56 58 59 59 59 59 59 59 60 60 60 60 60 60 62 62 62 62 62 62

56 Bean Around The World T: 619997 Big Maggies T: 729900 CaféJac T: 879482 Chordz Coffee House T: 735687 Coffee Republic T: 768222 Coopers & Co T: 733352 Costa Coffee T: 601900 Curiosity T: 510075

65 66 66 66 66 66 66 67

Café Ubé T: 850844 67 Dandy 67 Don St. Deli T: 484846 67 Flour T: 07700 709524 67 The Lovin’ Spoonful T: 759552 67 69 M&S Café T: 508700 70 La Belle Gourmande T: 888252

Café Firefly T: 860082 CafeJac T: 879482 Café Ouen T: 510274 Café 1837 T: 837121 Café Zephyr T: 720511 Crab Shack Gorey T: 850830 Hugo’s T: 724065 JBs Ping Pong T: 888115 Lacerta T: 861977 OH! Café Bar T: 511106 Pizza Express St Brelade T: 499049 Pizza Express St Helier T: 733291 Portelet Bay Café 2 Relish T: 618844 Roast T: 285008 Rocco’s Restaurant T: 484278 Seafish Café T: 510015 & 859230 Stanley’s Café T: 858825 TGI Friday’s T: 08446 928911 the Bar T: 789431 The Brasserie by Tiffin T: 818738 The Café Bar T: 880110 The Poplars Tea Room T: 742184 The Windmill Inn T: 860933

72 74 76 76 76 76 76 76 77 77 77 77 77 77 78 78 78 78 78 78 79 79 79 79 79 79

95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111

Greenhills T: 481042 Merchant House T: 510069 Salty Dog Bar & Bistro T: 742760 The Boat House T: 744226 Tides Restaurant & Bar T: 741226 Candlelight T: 611111 Dorans T: 734866 Highlands Academy T: 608560 La Bastille T: 874059 La Siesta T: 619334 Lazin Lizard T: 747740 Ransoms Restaurant T: 853668 Sangria T: 880442 The Waterfront T: 671100 Victoria’s T: 722301 The Terrace T: 722301 Wildfire T: 625555 Aromas T: 617824 Barros Tropical Bistro T: 619911 Bay Restaurant T: 746141 Beau Rivage T: 747127 Bella Italia T: 725478 Bellagio Restaurant T: 877966 Belvedere T: 724231 Bistro Rosa T: 729558 Bon Viveur Restaurant T: 741049 Bonetti’s T: 724231 Bracewell’s T: 747014 Café Poste T: 859696 Caffe Ristorante Italia T: 734892 Carribean Vibz T: 859405 Casa Mia T: 766014

82 84 86 88 90 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 104 105 105 105 105 105 105 106 106 106 106 106 107 107 107 107


Corbiere Phare T: 746127 Dolphin Restaurant T: 853370 Feast T: 611118 Funchal Paradise T: 630657 Garden View Restaurant T: 614000 Gradees T: 871985 Green Island T: 857787 Indigo’s T: 758024 La Cantina T: 724988 La Hacienda & Airmex T: 735914 La Taverne Restaurant T: 725190 Little Italy T: 720631 Mano’s Bistro T: 727729 Mark Jordan at the Beach T: 780180 Max Grill T: 724421 Mino’s T: 737397 Moitas T: 615161 Montana Club - The Savoy T: 727521 Murray’s T: 747936 Ommaroo Hotel T: 723493 Oyster Box T: 850888 Pedro’s T: 745567 Pizzeria Romana T: 618347 Quayside T: 877004 Roseville Bistro T: 874259 Seasons T: 873006 Seven Angels T: 735816 Terrace at the L’Horizon T: 743101 The Bass & Lobster T: 859590 The Cellar T: 720511 The Dolphin T: 853370 The Farm House T: 861697 The Grill T: 720511 The Green Olive T: 728198


107 107 108 108 108 108 108 108 109 109 109 109 109 109 110 110 110 110 110 110 111 111 111 111 111 111 112 112 112 112 112 113 113 113

The Harbour Room T: 880110 The Navigator T: 865800 The INN T: 722239 The Paper Fig T: 840678 The Retreat T: 744261 The Seascale Hotel T: 854395 The Tree House T: 741177 Tiffin T: 619314 173 174 175 176 177 178 179

Bohemia T: 876500 No.10 Restaurant T: 733223 Ormer T: 725100 La Chaire Restaurant T: 863354 Sumas T: 853291 Tassili T: 722301 The Grill: L’Horizon T: 743101

113 113 113 114 114 114 114 114 116 120 124 126 127 128 129

Atlantic Hotel: Ocean T:744101 Banjo T: 850890 La Capannina T: 743101 Longueville Manor T: 725501 Saffrons T: 614450 Sirocco T: 720511

130 130 130 130 130 130

Bohemia Bar T: 880588 Ce Soir T: 610422 Mimosa T: 877003 No.10 Bar T: 733233 Ormer Bar T: 725100

133 133 133 133 133

P.O.S.H Bar T: 720511 Project 52 T: 768876 The Blind Pig T: 610433 The Lounge T: 743101

134 134 134 134

The Terrace T: 722301 Waterfront Bar & Terrace T:671100

134 134

194 The Rozel T: 863438 Blush T: 759420 Chambers T: 735405 Cock & Bottle T: 722184 Five Oaks Eating House T: 726278 Hugo’s T: 724065 JB’s PingPongT: 888115

174 175 175 175 175 175 175

La Pulente T: 744487 Le Hocq Inn T: 854924 Le Moulin de Lecq T: 482818 Les Fontaines Tavern T: 862707 Old Court House T: 746433 Saint Laurent T: 630433

176 176 176 176 176 176

Seymour Inn T: 854558 So Bar T: 767447 St James’ Wine Bar T: 729000 St Mary’s Country Inn T: 482897 The Adelphi Lounge T: 514861 the Bar and Canteen T: 789431

177 177 177 177 177 177

The Goose T: 888273 The Halkett T: 732769 The Lamplighter T: 723119 The Old Smugglers Inn T: 741510 The Pembroke T: 855756

178 178 178 178 178

The Portelet T:741899 The Post Horn T: 872853 The Prince of Wales T: 482278

179 179 179

The Priory Inn T: 485307 The Sir George Carteret T: 485319 The Square T: 858220

179 179 179

The Tenby T: 741224 The Watersplash T: 482885 The White Horse T: 730423 Trinity Arms T: 864691 Victoria in the Valley T: 485498

180 180 180 180 180

229 230 231 232

Spice of Life T: 630303 Unawatuna T: 888430 Little Thai T: 608808 Thai Dicq Shack T: 730273 Bollywood Bytes T: 615639 Café Spice T: 737337 Indian Ocean T: 766117 Jaipur T: 880069 Jambo T: 745801 Lotus House T: 878328

188 190 191 191 192 192 192 192 192 192

Mahmoods T: 607091 Mandarin Room T: 638010 New Dynasty T: 887299 Off the Rails Cafe T: 07700 360165 Park House Thai T: 874196 Saffrons T: 614450

193 193 193 193 193 193

Siam Garden T:766776 Soy T: 720052 Spicy Bangkok T: 888744 Tamarind T: 766940 The Spice House T: 746600

194 194 194 194 194


JOHN GARTON Chief Executive, Genuine Jersey Products Association While some members are vital in helping preserve Jersey’s heritage and traditions, others are pushing the boundaries of change – developing new techniques in farming and food production, or exploring new markets

Finance may be the backbone of the Jersey economy, but agriculture is at its heart. The food we produce in the island is the foundation for so many things that we value, from our cuisine to our cultural identity, our tourist industry, and even the look of the Island itself. Genuine Jersey is a link between producers and consumers, connecting the people who grow, rear, or make the food we eat with the visitors and residents who choose it in Jersey’s restaurants and bars, pubs, cafes, and hotels, farm shops, and supermarkets. Over the past 16 years, Genuine Jersey has attracted membership from a wide range of areas – not just from food but also crafts, arts, and other businesses who support the organisation. While some members are vital in helping preserve Jersey’s heritage and traditions, others are pushing the boundaries of change – developing new techniques in farming and food production, or exploring new markets. They all contribute to making the Genuine Jersey Mark a byword for the best the island has to offer, ensuring businesses large and small are proud to be associated with our distinctive red logo.

Our 170+ members include both new businesses and businesses that have existed in Jersey for many years. As well as the help we can give promoting individual members, all members get the benefit of being part of a larger organisation that stands up for the interests of local produce, and local business. Members like this include Woodside Farm. Run by the Gallichan family, Woodside Farm has moved from a small-scale, dairy and arable grower, into one of the island’s largest producers of vegetables. The new packing house allows the farm to consolidate crops from smaller producers, to supply shops and restaurants around the island, and then transport produce on to Guernsey, the UK, and even to the US. Jersey Sea Salt is a new business that successfully combines traditional practices (salt making) with a modern twist (gorgeous packaging), to make our local salt an affordable luxury or a trendy gift for Jersey and international markets.

Liberation Brewery is another Genuine Jersey member with a long history, producing beer in Jersey for over 100 years. The award-winning ales, and public houses, offer a true taste of the island, while local brewing ensures the beers taste much fresher than imported products. Flour is a key ingredient for most cakes, and good ingredients are the driving force behind one of Jersey’s newest bakers. Founded by Kirstie Taylor, FLOUR is one of the latest cohorts of new food businesses to join Genuine Jersey. We are also delighted to welcome the Jersey Beekeepers’ Association to Genuine Jersey. Celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, the JBKA members will be able to start using the Genuine Jersey mark on their honey to help promote what is an increasingly rare product, reminding people how special real local honey is. Genuine local produce has never had such a buzz about it!


JERSEY BEEKEEPERS’ ASSOCIATION There have been times during the last century when honey has been abundant but over the last few years, it has been increasingly difficult for our apiarists to keep the island supplied with this top quality product.


While Jersey’s flowers delight us with their floral displays, they also delight Jersey’s honey bees by producing the sweet nectar that they turn into Jersey honey. It is our local beekeepers who bring that honey to our tables. Set up at the height of the First World War in 1917 the Jersey Beekeepers’ Association (JBKA) has been helping the island’s beekeepers maintain this ancient craft for the last 100 years. So as 2017 is a landmark year for them, they started this year’s events by becoming a recognised Jersey charity and joining Genuine Jersey. There are a number of events planned throughout the year for members and the general public which will be announced via their Facebook page “Jersey Beekeepers’ Association” and local media. There have been times during the last century when honey has been abundant but over the last few years, it has been increasingly difficult for our apiarists to keep the island supplied with this top quality product.

A spokesman for the Association said that “while we don’t struggle to sell our produce, we hope that joining Genuine Jersey will assist us in raising the awareness of the difficulties facing local honey bees and pollinators. Honey is becoming increasingly difficult to produce due to a number of factors including the Varroa mite, a parasitic mite which infests colonies, loss of habitat and inclement weather. We have recently had local sightings of the Asian Hornet which preys on honey bees and it is a question of time to see what impact this will have locally.”

of our existing members. We have a number of guest speakers visiting throughout the year who are experts in a range of honeybee topics relating to bees and pollination.” If you’d like to do your bit to encourage the bee population on the island you can plan pollinator-friendly plants in your garden, if you’re not sure what these are then simply look out for the bee symbol in garden centres and there are plentiful online resources for lists of pollinatorfriendly plants.

He went on to say that, “For our 100th year we are working on a number of projects. The association is liaising with the planning department to hopefully move forward with building a training apiary, to assist in teaching new beekeepers, as well as helping to improve and develop the skills


KIRSTIE TAYLOR Every cake we bake is one of a kind. We hand decorate our cakes and cupcakes for all occasions.


FLOUR is a local patisserie, handcrafting modern contemporary cakes and cupcakes. Kirstie Taylor is the brains behind the business and she offers a full range of freshly baked cupcakes every day including both Gluten Free and Vegan options. FLOUR also cater for special occasions including weddings, offering a bespoke cake design service as well as pre-designed celebration cakes. Tell us about what you do? Every cake we bake is one of a kind. We hand decorate our cakes and cupcakes for all occasions. Our widely popular contemporary cake designs use fresh flowers, lace, edible gold and silver leaf and fresh fruits. Where can we buy your products from? You can come and visit our little shop at 90 Central Market. Here, you will find our full selection of bakes as well as speciality hot drinks and refreshments. Come and have a look and we’re sure you’ll agree that they look great and taste even better!  You can also buy through our Facebook page or website. What’s the best part of your job? Designing new products, trying out new flavours and hearing such lovely feedback from customers.

Favourite product from your range? Today... Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cupcake, but we are constantly designing new flavours and my favourite always changes. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? Beef Wellington, it’s my favourite meal and if I could afford to make it every day I would.

The one gadget you can’t live without? My phone, can anyone live without them now? You’ve got visitors over to the island where would you take them for dinner? Banjo or The Square for fillet steak or La Siesta for Beef Wellington, I told you I love it!

The world’s ending at midday today, where are you going for breakfast? Tiffany’s ;) if the world is ending why not spend all your money at once. You’d have to pay me a million pounds to eat... Slugs! Although you would only have to pay me £1,000 to eat a food that I don’t like.


DAVID MILES Co-Owner, Bel Val Sea Salt We take Jersey sea water and evaporate it using only the sun to create Jersey Sea Salt. Our salt is made in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.


David Miles (pictured right) and Matthew Taylor create Jersey Sea Salt and are the most southerly solar salt producers in the British Isles. Being a small-scale artisan business, staying local means they can produce their sea salt in an environmentally friendly fashion, using low energy and low waste processes to turn local waters into salt crystals. Tell us about Jersey Sea Salt? We take Jersey sea water and evaporate it using only the sun to create Jersey Sea Salt. Our salt is made in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Favourite product from your range? Our salt and pepper infusion, we use it on almost everything. My personal favourite is using it on grilled mackerel, Jersey Royals and local salad, it’s a taste sensation.

Where can we buy your products from? Our salt is available in numerous artisan stores around the island such as; The Fresh Fish Company, La Belle Gourmande Delicatessen, Gorey Wine Cellar and Midland Stores, to name a few. Our website launched this spring too so our salt and the infusions are also available to purchase online.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? That’s easy, fish!

What’s the best part of your job? The variety, from collecting the water in the early hours and watching the sunrise, to harvesting the salt just at the right time (this bit is hugely satisfying) and also meeting retailers and customers.

The world’s ending at midday today, where are you going for breakfast? Sumas restaurant, with a table on the balcony overlooking Gorey harbour. The perfect way to start your last day on earth.

The one gadget you can’t live without? I’d happily live without any gadget’s. You’ve got visitors over to the island where would you take them for dinner? That’s a really tough one as there are so many beautiful restaurants and eateries on the island, however, if pushed it would have to be a toss up between Longueville Manor and the Atlantic Hotel.

You’d have to pay me a million pounds to eat… Slightly controversial but it’s Parmesan cheese.


PAUL HURLEY Head Brewer, Liberation Brewery The beer world is constantly evolving and being part of a team that is always looking for new flavours, whilst maintaining consistency in quality is very satisfying.


The Liberation Brewery, in various guises, has been a part of island life for over 140 years (situated on the Ann Street site) and since moving to a purpose built production unit at Longueville, and becoming part of the Liberation Group some nine years ago, has gone from strength to strength and in recent years has won innumerable Industry medals for its products. Tell us about Liberation Brewery? We take the best malt and choicest hops and using a mixture of experience and innovation, turn these raw materials into a great variety of beers, many of them award-winning.

Favourite product from your range? Liberation Ale. At 4% this beer is a perfect balance of maltiness and hop character that is very easy drinking and can be matched with so many different foods, especially local seafood.

Where can we buy your products? Our Liberation pubs, free trade outlets, hotels and our four different bottled beers are available from supermarkets.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? Cheese in all its varieties, but only if I could match it with different beers! The world’s ending at midday today, where are you going for breakfast? My house surrounded by family eating a full breakfast with all the works. I love eating breakfast out but nobody does it as well as my wife.  

What’s the best part of your job? New products. The beer world is constantly evolving and being part of a team that is always looking for new flavours, whilst maintaining consistency in quality is very satisfying.

You’d have to pay me a million pounds to eat... Tripe or caviar – never seen the fascination. The one gadget you can’t live without? Very predictable but my mobile phone – now so easy to keep in touch with people and news. Makes me laugh when I think of what we had to go through in the past to achieve what we can now do in seconds. You’ve got visitors over to the island where would you take them for dinner? The Old Court House, St Aubin – stunning views, fantastic food and great beer!


CHARLES GALLICHAN Woodside Farm daffodils travel a long way, right across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States of America. In fact, this ever-popular traditional Spring bloom, reaches Boston - via air out of Heathrow - in about the same amount of time it takes to get them on sale in Scotland.

Charles Gallichan is the fifth generation to hold the reigns at the family farm in Trinity, since his great-great-grandfather, also Charles, started out in 1887. Today, Woodside Farms, while remaining a traditional Jersey farm, grows and exports Jersey Royals, vegetables, and flowers. In the peak growing season, it employs up to 130 workers, with the size of the workforce dropping to 50 to 60 according to the natural growing cycle, indoors and outdoors. Tell us about what you do? I am a farmer growing a wide range of vegetables and flowers on our family farm in Trinity for both the local and export markets.

What’s the best part of your job? Being outside. The fresh air, great hidden views of Jersey that you get from a few quiet fields and watching things grow.

Where can we buy your products from? Here in Jersey at the best local food wholesalers and outlets across the island (which includes our farm shop).

Favourite product from your range and how do you use it? I love potatoes, they can be used in so many great ways.

And how far do they travel? Woodside Farm daffodils travel a long way, right across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States of America. In fact, this everpopular traditional Spring bloom, reaches Boston - via air out of Heathrow - in about the same amount of time it takes to get them on sale in Scotland. The American market is our second biggest customer after the large UK retail multiples.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? Fresh Jersey Royals.

You’d have to pay me a million pounds to eat... Squid….there’s just no need! The one gadget you can’t live without? Sadly, my mobile phone. I wish it was something more exciting. You’ve got visitors over to the island where would you take them for dinner? The balcony at Sumas, great food and an amazing view.

The world’s ending at midday today, where are you going for breakfast? A family field above St Catherines, sitting on a tractor mudguard. A simply stunning view.



Classic Herd

Colin Roche Watercress

Dawn’s Black Butter

David Miles, Bel Val Cave, Rue de Fliquet, St Martin

Darren & Julia Quenault, Manor Farm, La Route du Manoir, St Peter

Le Clos de Roncier, St Clement

Dawn Emmanuel, La Vielle Etable, Rue de la Patente, St Lawrence

Produce Jersey Sea Salt using nothing other that seawater and sun shine.

Make a full range of dairy products which are sold from their Farm Shop and larger supermarkets. They also rear and sell Jersey beef and pork. 07797 746 790 01534 852 868

Brooklands Farm 01534 485 692

Cookie Crew

Jon Hackett, Brooklands Farm, Longfield Avenue, St Brelade


Hand make, bake and ice a range of cookies using locally produced ingredients.

Jon reares pigs and produces pork products which are sold direct from his farm shop, from the the Co-op butchery counters and delis. 07797 714 567

Ceri’s Cakes Ceri Dickinson, La Pouquelay, St Helier

Bakes a wide range of delicious Cupcakes for all events from birthdays to christenings, weddings to corporate events. 01534 744 719


Watercress grown by Cloin is available in many of the Island’s supermarkets and restaurants.

John & Liliana Carter, Le Mont de Gouray, St Martin

Cocoapolis - Your State of Well Being. Authentic ‘hot cocoa’ with Genuine Jersey milk as well as natural & low-fat cocoa products. 07797 743 869

Cocorico Sebastien Perrais, Broad Street, St.Helier

Produces a range of macaroons available direct and from his café on Broad Street. 07700 703 919

Melanie Le Tarouilly, St Ouen 07700 342 627

Crabs Direct Les Burt, Sydney Crill Park, Pontac, St Clement

Local crab and lobster fisherman, sells direct from his fish van at Corbiere Car Boot Sale most Saturday’s from April through to September. 01534 853 034

Makes a traditional Black Butter using an old family recipe available direct.

01534 862 132

Daz’s Dough Darren Wallser, Rue du Causie, St Clement

Produces a delicious range of artisan breads daily – available from The Fresh Fish Co, on Victoria Pier, The Windmill Inn, Classic Herd Farm Shop, Relish, Woodside Farm Shop, and St Peters Indoor Market. 07797 922 809

Deborah’s Cakes Deborah Christie, La Tapera, Bagatelle Lane, St Saviour

Delicious homemade cakes and cupcakes and beautiful wooden trugs full of scrumptious brownies and cookies! 01534 509 019

Diane Best Le Pavillon, La Rue des Vaux de l’Eglise, St Martin

Farms sheep and sells lamb boxes direct from the farm. 01534 855 789

Didier & Christine Hellio Produce Manor Farm, La Route de Vinchelez, St Ouen

Grows a wide variety of seasonal vegetables, available from Co-op Grand Marché St Peter and their roadside stall. 01534 481 825

Dilly’s Cookies Dilly Percival, Tower Road, St Helier

Farm Fresh Organics & St Lawrence Growers Steven & Linda Carter, La Bienvenue Farm, La Grande Route de St Laurent, St Lawrence

Organic producers of a wide variety of vegetables and barn eggs available from own Farm Shop and local supermarkets. Partner in organic VegieBag home delivery scheme (Tel: 01534 865865). 01534 861 773

Fauvic Nurseries Stanley Payn, Holme-Grown, La Rue au Long, Grouville

Grows plants, bulbs, shrubs, herbs as well as fruit and vegetables, available from Holme-Grown Farm Shop, Grouville.

Produces a range of cookies, brownies and shortbread. 01534 858 826 01534 866 428

Field Farm

Douet Farm Louise & Laurence Agnes, Le Grand Clos, Rue es Picots, Trinity

Produce grass fed meat (lamb and beef) from animals kept on their farm in Trinity. Meat boxes available direct. 01534 856 200

Jenni Liddiard, Rue de la Golarde, St Lawrence

Farms sheep and sells lamb boxes direct from the farm along with her free range eggs. Also produces a delicious 100% Pure Cloudy Sparkling Apple Juice - available direct.


Goodlands Farm

90 Central Market, Beresford Street, St. Helier

Peter Houguez, La Route du Marais, St Ouen

A delicious range of cupcakes available daily including Vegan and Gluten Free. Bakes modern contemporary cakes for all occasions.

Growns and sells white carrots and Dunbar, Romaro, Desiree and Penton Dell main crop potatoes at his farm in St Ouen. 01534 877 501

Funchal Bakery Samuel Pinto, La Collette, St Helier

Bakes fresh bread daily, available from many local food stores and cafes. 07700 709 524

Fungi Delecti Jean Racjan & Family, Les Champs Du Chemin, Rue Des Platons, Trinity

The Racjan Family grow a variety of herbs, salad crops and vegetables as well as Shiitaki mushrooms and free range eggs which are available from their road side stall and in many of the Island’s top restaurants.

01534 481 120

Greengro Plants Sarah Johnson, Petit Alva, La Rue Du Petit L’Aleval, St Peter

Grows a range of plants and herbs as well as fruit and vegetables available from her road side stall. 01534 742 718

Hamptonne Farm Hens Jon Emmanuel, Hamptonne Farm, St Lawrence

Supplies free range eggs from flocks next to Hamptonne Farm Museum to Island supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and farm shops . 01534 861 589 07797 718 051 01534 863 591 01534 855 864


Happy Hens

Island’s Choice Bakery

Jersey Cupcakes

Jersey Turbot

Allan McCaffrey, La Ferme, La Grande Route des Sablons, Grouville

Joe Pinzari, Unit A, First Tower Business Park, La Route es Nouaux, St Helier

Victoria Hudson, Aquila Road, St Helier

David Cowburn, Clos de la Bretonnerie, Six Rues, St Lawrence

Free Range eggs sold in many retail outlets. 01534 860 897

Heritage Apple Press Hans Van Oordt, Field House, Rue du Feugerel, St John

Manages orchards of indigenous apple trees from which he produces a delicious ‘early’, ‘mid’ and ‘late’ season Heritage Apple Juices – available direct and from select retailers. 07797 712 243

Ian Syvret Fisherman Ian Syvret, Rue De L’Egglise, St John

Inshore north coast lobster and crab fisherman - supplies Waitrose Jersey stores. 07797 750 467

Bakes fresh bread daily, available from many local food stores and cafes. 01534 607 019

Izzy’s Kitchen Isabelle Jepson, St Helier

Produces an exclusive range of Chutneys, Jams and Cordials. Available direct. 01534 630 905

Jersey Bee Keepers Association Michael du Feu

Locally produced honey from their Members.

Jersey Cottage Treats Tom & Tracey Fallon, Rue des Friquettes, St Saviour

Bake amazing Christmas Cakes available direct. 01534 853264 07797 759 211


Makes delicious cup cakes, available direct and at many Island events along side The Coffee Car. 07797 763 325

Jersey Dairy Eamon Fenlon, La Route de la Trinite, Trinity

Produces a full range of dairy products including butter, ice cream, yogurt and cream available Island wide. 01534 818 500

Jersey Kitchen Tony Sargeant, Mont Sohier, St Saviour

Produces a range of locally cured meat products made using localy reared meat. 07797 716 716

Jersey Oyster Company

David farms turbot in a converted bunker at St Catherines, available direct. 01534 868 836

Jilly Sarah Cakes Jilly Nunes, St Johns Road, St Helier

Produces beautiful wedding and celebration cakes. 07797 774 999

Joe Freire Paeony Cottage, Les Charrieres Nicolle, St Lawrence

Grows outdoor strawberries, raspberries, anemones, asparagus, rhubarb and peonies, available from his farm stall, the central market and Island retailers. 07797 711 581

Chris Le Masurier, La Ferme, La Grande Route des Sablons, Grouville

Lakey’s Original

Very large producer of oysters for both export and the local market. Oyster beds can be seen to the north of Seymour Tower.

Makes a range of sauces, dressings, marinades and relishes, available direct. 01534 852 553

Ross Lake. Mont Cochon, St Helier 07797 861 110

Laurent Coenen - Free Range Eggs

La Caroline Farm

La Haule Farm

Richard Lee, Rue de la Caroline, St Peter

Andrew Lucas, Le Mont au Roux, St Brelade

Producer of Jersey Angus beef, available from good restaurants and butchery counters around the Island.

Grows a wide range of fruit, vegetables, salad crops and herbs for wholesaleand also available from La Haule Farm Shop. 07797 911 161 01534 483 486

La Barcelone Farm

La Chasse Produce

La Manche Smokehouse

Paul & JP Blake, La Rue de la Guilleaumerie, Maufant, St Saviour

Sam Lempriere & Matt Ryan, Roselands Farm, La Rue de Beauvoir, St Saviour

Glass house grown Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Courgettes, Chilli Peppers, Beans, Aubergines and Cucumbers available from Waitrose branches in Jersey.

Produce a range of smoked fish and meats available direct or from The Fresh Fish Co. shop at La Collette.

Charlie Le Feuvre

Potage Farm, Rue de la Hauteur, St Lawrence

Supplies free range eggs to local shops and restaurants and also farms sheep.

Colin Huelin, Le Mont de la Barcelone, St Mary

Grows Jersey Royal new potatoes and main crop potatoes. 07797 728 593

La Cantina

7 Peirson Road, Westpark, St. Helier

Fresh traditional and gluten free pasta and gnocchi products. Available for consumption or retail from the restaurant. 01534 724 988 01534 862 713

01534 745 199 07797 836 863

La Crémière

Anne Fenwick & Shelly Dodds, Union Road, Grouville

Produce a delicious and very popular Salted Caramel Sauce, available from many farm shops and delis. 07797 758 770

La Mare Wine Estate La Rue de la Hougue Mauger, St Mary

Producing a wide range of products including: wine, cider, spirits, liqueurs, chocolates, preserves, biscuits and more. For the full range visit the Estate Shop, Maison La Mare in King Street or 01534 481 178

La Robeline Cider Company Richard & Sarah Matlock, La Petite Robeline, La Rue des Bonnes Femmes, St Ouen

Produces Cider and Apple Brandy from locally grown apples, available direct and from Farm Shops, supermarkets and restaurants. 01534 487 883

Le Feuvre Farms Grows a range of vegetables and Jersey Royal new potatoes which are available from their many road site honest boxes or on-line at 07700 355 781

Liberation Brewery

Paul Hurley, Tregear House, Longueville Road, St Saviour

A large producer of award winning, locally brewed ales, widely available across the Island from all good pubs, restaurants and retailers.

01534 764 086


Lodge Farm

Pat-a-Cakes Jersey

Paul Houze, La Grande Route de St Martin, St Saviour

Jenna Johnson-Rayner, Elizabeth Villa, Elizabeth Street, St Saviour

Producer of Jersey Angus beef, available from good restaurants and butchery counters around the Island.

Bakes a delicious range of cakes and cup cakes, available direct. 01534 853 416

Minioti Natasha Dowse & Anna Boletta, La Rue Rouge Cul, St Lawrence

Produce a premium healthy sugar free probiotic ice cream with Jersey Dairy. 07797 795 851

Pallot’s Wonders David Pallot, La Rue de la Corbiere, St Brelade

Pallot’s Wonders, producer of traditional Jersey Wonders. Available from Mellow Yellow Crêperie, 2 Bank Place, St Aubins Village, St Brelade. 01534 747 908 07797 743 908

Peter Le Cuirot La Profonde Arene, Les Fonds de Longueville, Grouville

Grows award winning loose round tomatoes, courgettes and cucumbers in his glass houses. Available direct or from Davis Brothers Garage, Georgetown and The Fresh Fish Company shop on Victoria Pier. 07797 763 275

Pride of the North Fisheries Kevin Holden, Co-op Grande Marche, St Peter

Local fish, shellfish and scallop fisherman, sells direct from their counter at the Coop Grande Marche, St. Peter from 8am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and from their trailer at Lucas Farm Shop, La Haule Friday to Saturday 9am to 2pm. Jersey Fish Boxes available on line or delivered. 01534 732 917 07797 712 517

Rozel Farms Trevor Renouf, Le Gros Rocher, La Grande Route de Rozel, St Martin

Grows figs, main crop potatoes and Jersey Royal new potatoes.

01534 821 444

Sue’s Fudge Sue Le Gresley, St Saviour

Produces award winning range of fudges, available at several outlets on Island (see her website www. for details) or online. 01534 728 575


The Chilli Kitchen Lesley Garton, Belmont Farm, Oaklands Lane, St Helier

Produces a locally inspired preserves incl Great Taste award winning Twisted Sister Hot Tomato Relish. Available direct and from; Classic Herd & Holme-Grown Farm Shops, The Fresh Fish Co, The Spice House, AR Vitel Family Butchers and 01534 737 277

The Fresh Fish Company Vickie & Louis Jackson, Victoria Pier, St Helier

Produce fish and shellfish dishes, available along with other local seafood from the Fresh Fish Company retail outlet at La Collette and local restaurants. 01534 507 958

The Jersey Catch Josh Dearing, La Vallee de St Pierre, St Lawrence

Hand dived scallops as well as lobsters and crabs which can be ordered for home delivery. 07829 886 933

The Jersey Royal Distillery Company

The Salvation Army – Bread of Life Bakery

Sarah Matlock, La Rue des Bonnes Femmes, St Ouen

Captain Stephen J. Scoulding MSc MSyI DipHE, Minden Street, St Helier

Produces Vodka made from Jersey Royal new potatoes.

Bakes fresh bread daily, available from their in house café in Minden Street. 07797 729 037

The Little Jersey Biltong Company Mark Pinnick, Balmoral Avenue, St Clement

Makes a range of Biltong and Dry Wors, sells direct and at select pubs and MK’s in the central market. 07797 756 071

The Pink Panda Van Emily Walker, Corbiere, St Brelade

Jersey’s only producer of Bao buns - the famous Asian street food snack - available from the PPV at most major events or through private hire. 07829 757 513

Robert.Wareing-jones@ 01534 735 472

Three Oaks Vineries David Blake, Le Mont Sorsoleil, St Lawrence

Glass house grown tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, potatoes, courgettes and aubergines available from all local Co-op stores. Available from all Jersey CI Co-op stores. 01534 861 854

Twin Islands Kerwin Mohun, St Helier

Produces a really hot chilli pepper sauce from locally grown chillies using a family recipe. Available from CI Co-op and Farm Shops. 07797 772 250

Valley Foods

Woodlands Farm

La Solitude Farm, St Martin

Richard Le Boutillier, Woodlands Farm, Maupertuis Street, St Helier

Produces meat products from locally reared animals, available online and from butcher’s counters around the Island and ready meals made with locally sourced ingredients. 01534 866 542

Vers Les Monts Organic Farm Steve & Jacqui Jones, La Maison Coulon, La Rue de la Presse, St Peter

Sell organic eggs through Classic Herd Farm Shop, The Organic Shop and the Co-op. 01534 880 761

Vienna Bakery David Dodge, 10 La Rue Sinatt, Rue des Pres Trading Estate, St Saviour

Bakes fresh bread daily, available from many local food stores and their Central Market shop.

Grows a new potatoes which are available from The Spud Shack on the farm as well as The Fresh Fish Company on Victoria Pier. Is a principal supply of milk to Jersey Dairy and retails Jersey beef from his butchery on the farm. 01534 865 837

Woodlands Farm The Le Boutillier Family, Woodlands Farm, Maupertuis Street, St Helier

As well as the dairy herd which supplies Jersey Dairy, the Woodlands farm shop ‘The Potato Shack’ is open from April to September selling their famous Jersey Royals amongst many other homegrown goodies! Jersey beef is also available from the farm butchery. 07797 854 845 01534 280 123


recent years seasonality has become a buzzword in the food industry - you’ll often hear a chef speak about cooking with the seasons, changing their menus to reflect the produce that is available to them, sourcing local produce and working with local suppliers.

Eating food when it’s in season has huge benefits, it’s usually when the produce is not only at its cheapest but its freshest too, which means it’s also when its flavour is at its best. Over

We’re incredibly lucky here in Jersey to have a plethora of amazing fresh produce available on our doorsteps. More than 100 varieties of fruit, vegetables, salad leaves, herbs and organic crops are produced outdoors in fields protected by polytunnels and in glasshouses around our beautiful island. The varieties change throughout the year and are planted at different points so that we can enjoy the longest season possible.


One such chef is Joseph Baker, for whom it isn’t just a buzzword, seasonal produce constantly provides him with inspiration for dishes on his menu at No 10 Restaurant & Bar, Bond Street. He features in the most recent Visit Jersey ambassador video with local market trader Bill Davies and is a regular visitor to his stall Just William in the central market, where he gathers produce which has been grown by Bill and his daughter Grace on their farm in St Martin. Thanks to the clever design of the menus at No 10, and a printer tucked handily away under the counter, dishes can be added or taken away as soon as the availability of produce dictates which makes their menu truly seasonal.

We challenged Joseph to produce a dish using solely produce available to him on island during the month of March. Joseph explains "I wanted something that was, as far as possible, a simple reflection of the bounty available in Jersey at the beginning of spring. Therefore I wanted the dish to capture a spring-like sense of growth, vitality and optimism! That’s why everything on the plate was either raw or barely cooked, when vegetables are young and fresh they don't need to be tampered with. The simple spring salad really did reflect the best things I could curate from my independent local suppliers.

“That’s why everything on the plate was either raw or barely cooked, when vegetables are young and fresh they don’t need to be tampered with.”

You can see the brightly coloured rainbow chard, purple sprouting calabrese and different kales from Just William forming the basis of the salad. With the amazing courgette flowers from Three Oaks Vineries being the star of the dish. I stuffed these with a lemon scented ricotta made from local milk by the team at Classic Herd. This was served on a reduction of watercress from Colin Roche’s farm in St Clement and topped with shavings of truffle, which I have to admit isn’t from Jersey but I wanted to add a little touch of decadence." At No 10 Mediterranean influences combine with highly skilled cookery and fresh ingredients, presented beautifully and set in wonderful surroundings. A visit to No 10 Restaurant & Bar is a must and one we’re sure won’t disappoint, whether you choose to dine, enjoy a drink at the bar (where you can also eat), nip in for a quick lunch or settle in for an evening, there will always be delicious food and a friendly, relaxed welcome from the team.


We often get asked to feature the best places to go for breakfast whilst on island and although there are an abundance of amazing places we could recommend, instead we wanted to help you to build your own breakfast from locally sourced produce. Whether you’re self-catering, in an airbnb or just a local looking to feed your friends or yourself, here are just some of the places you can head to buy the ingredients to cook up your own belly busting feast. Also be sure to keep an eye out for any number of roadside stalls on your journey around the island, they’ll have ‘honesty boxes’ ready to take your cash in exchange for local produce. 30


Farmer Jon Hackett is a well-known character around the island. Many years ago he gave up his day job and became a full time farmer at Brooklands farm. He now boasts a menagerie of animals including rare breed saddleback, oxford sandy and black pigs. All of their products are hand made in-house in their purpose-built butchery and commercial kitchen, which guarantees that every products is as fresh as possible – straight from farm to the fork! Jon retails his sausages at a variety of shops and stores around the island or you can buy direct from his farm stall which is open on Friday and Saturday’s between 9am-2pm. Me and the Farmer - Brooklands Farm, Longfield Avenue, St Brelade


You can’t beat a fresh egg and those produced by free roaming hens here in Jersey have yolks so bright they’ll blow your mind. Fungi Delecti have a roadside stall with an honesty box selling both hen and duck eggs which have been laid on their farm in Trinity. It’s easy to miss the stall so look out for their distinctive wooden mushroom sign post on the road between Bonne Nuit and Bouley Bay. Fungi Delecti, La Source, Les Champs du Chemin, Rue des Platons, Trinity


Jenny Liddiard at Field Farm also sells fresh free-range eggs all year round at her farm gate, as well as ‘point of lay’ chickens and runner ducks of various breeds and colours. She also produces the most delightful pure cloudy sparkling apple juice – 100% pure juice, no added sugar or water just fizz! A fuity little addition to your breakfast perhaps. Field Farm, Rue de la Golarde, St Lawrence


Vienna Bakery is a traditional craft bakery - where it takes almost 24 hours to make a loaf of bread and you’ll find nearly 20 variations of a French stick. Their bakery at Rue Des Prés Trading Estate at Longueville, in the parish of St Saviour, is a hive of activity seven days a week producing the hundreds of products supplied to their shop in St Helier’s Victorian Central Market and supermarkets, corner shops, hotels, restaurants and pubs across the island.




Milk and butter

This is the island’s only independent dairy farm, which means you’ll be able to buy fresh milk, richly coloured butter, cream and yoghurts too. You’ll also find a well stocked farm shop which has all of your essentials for a self catering store cupboard, including a variety of meat cuts from their farm. They also sell milk and bread, so would make the perfect one stop shop for all your breakfast needs, but where’s the fun in that?!

The Blake family in Jersey have been growing tomatoes at Three Oaks Vineries Ltd for generations. Identifying a way of using up the surplus fruit Nina Blake set-up the Greenhouse Project making sauces and condiments. Currently she is using 100% surplus tomatoes sourced from the family farm and onions from Woodside Farm. You can buy her products from most farm shops and at Jersey Heritage sites too.



Classic Farm shop, Manor Farm, La Route du Manoir, St. Peter JE3 7DD

The Greenhouse Project Facebook:Thegreenhouseprojectjersey

Peter Le Curiot, La Profonde Arene, Les Fonds de Longueville, Grouville

Continental options

Peter Le Cuirot has been growing indoor tomatoes since 1973, which is quite an achievement in an industry which has suffered more than its share of hard knocks. The tomatoes produced each year by Peter are sold locally to wholesalers, hotels and selected food outlets including The Fresh Fish Company at La Collette and they are also available directly from his nursery in Grouville.

La Belle Gourmande in St Aubin is the perfect deli to stop off and stock up on all manner of cold meats, cheeses and the best of deli delights. If you head there early on a Saturday morning you may be lucky enough to pick up some of Rich Howells exceptional sourdough. This boutique baker operates on a subscription service so his loaves are limited but insanely tasty. La Belle Gourmande, Charing Cross, St Aubin



Whether it’s dinosaurs, wildlife, history, beaches or local produce sampling you’re interested in, there’s a destination to satisfy a variety of tastes here in Jersey. One of the very best things about a day out visiting attractions is being able to sample the food on site too.

Jersey’s newest attraction, Tamba Park, burst onto the scene in 2015 and has gone roaring from strength to strength since. Boasting, to name just a few, an incredible animatronic dinosaur park, a boating lake, an indoor play area and crazy golf. These are all complemented by Ruff’s Kitchen, which caters for all the family and, as their food is cooked to order using fresh ingredients with regular favourites and a specials board that changes weekly, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Or perhaps you’d like to while away an afternoon at the beautiful Jersey Lavender in the west of the island, Sprigs, their fantastic cafe offers a traditional afternoon tea complete with Genuine Jersey cream and homemade scones. Don’t forget the aMaizin! Adventure Park too, a great place to entertain youngsters and The Rangers Diner is a great pit stop to re-charge yours and the kids batteries too.






Call 01534 482116

Call 01534 742933

aMaizin! Adventure Park is a family attraction that supplies good quality, homemade food using local ingredients for great prices. Rangers Diner has a seasonal menu and makes all the food to order. You can visit Rangers Diner as part of your park experience or just pop in for something to eat if you don’t want to visit the park. Based in St Peter with ample free parking and adjacent to the Val De La Mare reservoir, great for those who enjoy walking!

Whether for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea, enjoy delicious homemade food in tranquil garden surroundings at the Lavender Farm Café. From full English breakfast, cakes, paninis and salads to a variety of our chef’s specials and unique lavender-flavoured creations, you will have plenty to tempt your appetite and satisfy your curiosity for the most fashionable herb around. Ever tried Lavender Jelly with your cheese? Lavender shortbread? Lavender Scones? Open throughout the day from Tuesday to Sunday with plenty of free parking plus, for that original gift idea (or little treat for yourself) grab some of these edible goodies in our shop next door. Located in the heart of St Brelade, if you’re out west pop by!




Café Firefly

Jersey Zoo





Jersey War Tunnels



Tamba Park

Mange Tout Café 860808

Ruffs Kitchen Restaurant 761233

With great food made from scratch every single day you’ll not want to miss out on a visit to this cafe before and after a visit inside the tunnels. With no less than 16 varieties of fresh, handmade cakes on offer daily and incredible savoury options too you’ll need plenty of time to enjoy your visit.

Once you’ve visited the park head for a bite to eat and choose from their extensive menu, including many vegetarian and gluten free options. They also have a separate menu for children and toddlers, so everyone is catered for!


The Vineyard Café

La Mare Wine Estate


Set in the beautiful grounds of La Mare Wine Estate, The Vineyard café is a bright and fresh restaurant with a large sunny terrace overlooking the lush, green vines and orchards. Spend a summer afternoon relaxing with friends and family in the serene St Mary countryside. La Mare Wine Estate, La Rue de la Hougue Mauger, St Mary | Open daily from April to the end of October. Sun-Fri 10.30- 4.30pm with hot food last orders at 4pm. Sat 10.30am to 2pm


Before your visit work up an appetite with a stroll along St. Ouen’s bay before sitting down to a well-earned breakfast, snack or hearty lunch from their great menu. Then you can browse the showroom to find a special something to remember your day. This popular café is a hit with locals and visitors alike. Jersey Pearl, Grande Route des Mielles, St Ouen | Open 7 days a week from 9.30am (last orders 3.30pm)

Jersey War Tunnels, Les Charrières Malorey, St Lawrence | Open 7 days a week 10am - 4.30pm until 26 November


Pearls and Jewellery

Jersey Pearl Café 867350

Where else in the island can you eat a delicious organic meal whilst surrounded by the calls of lemurs, flamingos and howler monkeys? If this isn’t enough to tempt you, many of Café Firefly’s ingredients are locally sourced and grown on-site at Durrell’s Organic Farm. Jersey Zoo, Trinity | Open Summer 9.30-6pm. Winter 9.30-5pm Breakfast menu daily until 11.30


Tamba Park, La Rue des Varvots, St Lawrence | Open Mon-Wed 10am - 6:30pm. Thurs - Sun 10am - 7pm Restaurant last orders 1 hour before closing There is an entry fee to access Tamba, payable on arrival.



Samarés Manor

The Herb Garden Café


After a stroll around the beautiful botanical gardens stop off at the café for a bite to eat. The dishes on their menu and specials board uses variety of organic produce, herbs, salad leaves, flowers and shoots grown throughout Samarés Manor gardens. Samarés Manor, La Grande Route de Saint-Clément, St Clement | Open 9.30am-5pm. There is an entry fee to access the gardens, payable on arrival.

The Food & Beverage Company with it all under one roof! Catering for up to 600 people

Niche Events have delivered over 500 Events in both Traditional & Glamorous venues including Private ones, were official caterers for the NatWest Island Games and are certain to offer you the confidence and experience you need on your event day. Trudy will meet with you to discuss your event in detail, liaise with you throughout offering you any advice you may need along the way, and will then arrive with her team of professionals to ensure your event runs the way you planned it together, from the moment your guests arrive until the last one leaves. Effortless on day management, sumptuous food & beverage offerings and a selection of service options pieced together with seamless flow. Our transparent pricing policy has always been a winner with all our clients. Event Management, Food, Bars & Entertainment Contacts. Preferred caterers at many venues including VIP Caterer for The Jersey Boat Show 2017, Jersey Race Club & Legend in the Park.

Niche Events,14 Mulcaster Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3NJ T: 01534 737733 M: 07797 729292 E:



EL Tico Beach Cantina Visit EL Tico and feel part of history. It’s Jersey’s original beach café, and possibly one of Britain’s original surf spots, hiring out boards for “surf riding” since 1948. Perched on the very edge of the beach and in the middle of one of the finest surf bays in Europe, EL Tico Beach Cantina and its in-house surf shop, The Surfyard, are a world class destination for fabulous food and everything surfing. The Cantina is a melting pot of food styles and influences from around the world, starting with great breakfast and proper Italian coffee, amazing Pad Thai, authentic curries, awesome Jersey beef burgers, Jersey crab linguine, traditional fish & chips and legendary ribs. Not forgetting a brilliant children’s menu, deserts and ice cream sundaes, including their world famous Malteser cheesecake or gluten-free chocolate brownies. The Surfyard is the only purpose built surf shop and school in the bay, which for 2017 has been extended and improved beyond recognition. Fantastic facilities, all new kit, qualified instructors and great shopping with brands like Patagonia, O’Neil, Protest, Reef, Billabong and C-Skins make The Surfyard the go-to surf spot. Tico’s, as it is affectionately known, gets very busy, but if you are prepared to wait for a table at peak times, you won’t be disappointed. Whether you are out for a swim, a surf, or simply a walk on the magnificent beach, time spent in the bay with great food, shared with friends and family is pretty special. So, after a busy day, sit back with wine in your hand, sand in your toes and a stunning sunset, it doesn’t get much better than this…


CANTINA OPENING HOURS Breakfast 9.00am to 11.30am daily. Lunch 12.15pm to 4pm daily Dinner 5pm to 9pm (high season) and 8.30pm on a Sun 5pm to 8.30pm (low season) 7.30pm on a Sun. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Groups of up to 14 can be accommodated in the ‘Boardroom’ with an incredible view of the bay Seating: inside 64, outside 60. No dress code. Children welcome and dogs outside Reservations

482009 Surfyard


St. Ouen’s Bay


Grazing Plate to share mini ribs, calamari and tempura king prawns £7.50pp Fish Finger Dippers, tartar & salsa dips £6.50 Mexican Pulled Pork Jack cheese, smoky chipotle chilli sauce, avocado salsa, salad, fries (hot sandwich) £11.95 Steaming Moules Thai chilli & coconut or roasted tomato & basil or classic marinière £9.95 Smoked Haddock & Potato Chowder soft poached egg, warm ciabatta £7.50 Cantina Sticky “World Famous” Sesame Ribs fries or rice, coleslaw £12.50 EL T’s Jungle Curry sweet chilli, basil, tamarind, peanuts, coconut, rice and naan bread £12.50

EL T’s Gourmet Burger Jersey beef, chipotle, Taleggio cheese, avocado salsa, rocket & tomato salad, fries £12.95 Hot Grilled Gambas lemon, garlic, pinch of chilli, salad, warm ciabatta £13.95 King Prawn Pad Thai noodles, beansprouts, bok choi, egg, peanuts, coriander (veg. available) £12.95 Local Crab Linguine sun-blush tomato, chilli flakes, parmesan, baby spinach £12.95 Young Ones Meals Three pasta dishes, burger, fish & chips, chicken goujons, moules & ribs £5.95 Plus daily specials, Cantina salads and a great selection of wine and beer.

Positioned beach side, right in the heart of the bay with stunning sea views, EL Tico is big on flavour, freshness and variety. Big tables and benches create a chilled friendly vibe with fabulous food to share with friends. Open all year, for breakfast, great coffee, lunch and supper, 7 days a week

(telephone 01534 484404)

For enquiries or to book the boardroom telephone 01534 482009 El Tico Beach Cantina St Ouen’s Bay Jersey JE3 7FN


Faulkner Fisheries Seafood BBQ at L’Etacq This wonderful secret spot is where all the locals in-the-know head on sunny afternoons, to enjoy the fantastic Faulkner Fisheries fresh seafood, barbecued in their legendary home-made garlic Jersey butter. You can soak up the sun and admire the jaw-dropping panoramic views of St Ouen’s Bay whilst you wine and dine. Their delicious char-grilled baby calamari with chilli, sea salt and olive oil is famous, and the king prawns and local grilled lobster are a must try! The whole feel of the place is very low key and relaxed, with the main focus being on their amazing food and the picture perfect setting. This is a truly unique, small scale, family run eatery that delights every time; from local crab meat sandwiches to oysters, daily specials and of course freshly dug Jersey Royal potatoes, their menu hits the nail on the head for superb casual seafood dining. There is a great atmosphere with tables full of dedicated locals and lucky tourists who’ve stumbled across this alfresco dining gem. You can also buy lovely fresh local fish and shellfish as well as stunning Fruits de Mer. If you want to get your fish fix all year round then you can have some simple hot dishes whatever the weather, these include cod, scampi and moules frites. Visit their website to check their seasonal opening times. See you there!


OPENING HOURS Spring/Summer/Autumn (call if you’re unsure): Monday - Saturday 12:00 - 3pm. Sunday & bank holidays (July & August): 12:00 - 2:30pm. Winter: Tuesday - Saturday 12-3pm. All times, weather permitting! ADDITIONAL INFORMATION No dress code. Children and dogs welcome. Plenty of outside seating.

Seafood BBQ, Northern end of St Ouen’s Bay 483500 Call


Le Braye A wonderful beach cafe / bistro in an amazing position on Jersey’s St Ouen’s Bay. Sitting alongside five miles of gorgeous sand and surf. You’ll find local, fresh food. Line caught fish, Jersey beef burgers, moules frites, Jersey crab sandwiches and carafes of fabulous Gascon wines. This is a family run business and the owners have combined their love of St Ouen’s bay, interior design, and in particular their love of good food to give new life to this well-loved iconic spot. Le Braye caters for hungry diners of all ages starting with fabulous cooked breakfasts, yummy lunches, cream teas, ice creams and relaxing dinners all freshly prepared each day. The interior has real style; a polished concrete floor with shells and pebbles strewn within leads to a beach sand wall with vintage pine cladding. Sand blasted tables and benches for big groups, or duck egg blue Lloyd Loom chairs for comfy Jersey cream teas . With a boules court and sandpit, all facing a breathtaking and beautiful view of Rocco tower and St Ouen’s bay there is plenty to entertain you. Why not eat by the woodburner after being windswept on the beach in winter, or take a seat and watch the sunset in the summer from the huge outdoor area. Great position, great food and great design, run by friendly people who love this spot.

OPENING HOURS Open 7 days a week. Summer: 9am to 9pm. Winter: 9am to 5pm ADDITIONAL INFORMATION No dress code. Children and dogs welcome. Group bookings on request. Seating 60 inside, 100 outside.



St Ouen’s Bay, JE3 8FN LeBrayeCafe



The Terrace: L’Horizon L’Horizon Beach Hotel & Spa’s al-fresco dining restaurant, The Terrace is the ideal place for dining out this summer. Enjoy exquisite contemporary British cuisine while taking in the breath-taking views of golden sand and crystal clear water of St Brelade’s Bay. With a dedicated outdoor kitchen, The Terrace menu offers a wide selection of dishes, from popular sandwiches with a twist through to fresh, local seafood and traditional afternoon tea. The team at L’Horizon pride themselves on delivering succulent food, great service and an exceptional experience for family and friends. Open from early May to late September, there is no better place to soak up the sun and enjoy uninterrupted views. Join us for great promotional offers and enjoy the al-fresco experience at L’Horizon Beach Hotel & Spa this summer. Receive 10% off your meal when you present this page on arrival*. OPENING HOURS 11am till dusk (May to September, weather permitting). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Price range £10 - £25. Dress code: Smart/Casual. Children welcome, no dogs allowed, except guide dogs. Parties: 80 max. Seating: 74


743101 *Not valid in conjunction with any other offers. Discount applies to food only. Terms and conditions apply.


L’Horizon Beach Hotel & Spa, La Route de la Baie, St Brelade



Watersplash Beach Bar & Diner Located at the heart of Jersey’s beautiful west-coast St.Ouens Bay facing the vast Atlantic Ocean The Watersplash has a unique ambience, stunning views and delicious food. Known locally as The Splash it has grown in reputation over the years, becoming one of the most popular venues in Jersey for locals and tourists alike. Serving delicious food all day their menu reflects the relaxed atmosphere of beach dining and everyone is always welcome. They provide a great selection of breakfasts, sandwiches, burgers, salads and so much more, don’t forget to look at their specials board which changes daily with the freshest local produce possible. Or… why not try the catch of the day in their fish and chip shop, open every evening! Relax, sit back and enjoy a bottle of wine or chilled pint whilst taking in the uninterrupted ever changing spectacular views of St Ouen’s Bay, including one of the best sunsets in the world (in our opinion!). The Watersplash has been synonymous with the surf life culture and was, back in 1966 chosen to host the World Surfing Championships. Why not give surfing a go yourself at the Splash Surf Centre next door! They look forward to hanging out with you soon!

OPENING HOURS See website for details Summer: 7 days a week Winter: 5 days a week (Wednesday – Sunday) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION No dress code. They have a great kids menu and dogs welcome in the al fresco area. Group bookings on request. Seating 60 inside, 100 outside.

La Grande Route Des Mielles, St. Peter, JE3 7FN 482885 watersplash.jersey Call



Wayside Café With its sun-bleached wooden tables and pictureperfect views of St Brelade’s Bay, Wayside Café could have come straight out of a Jersey Tourism advert. It’s a popular spot with locals, who head to the Wayside Café for the delicious seafood specials on the menu along with a whole range of classic beach café fare, coffees, juices and milkshakes as well as amazing homemade cakes and legendary freshly picked crab salads and sandwiches. Wayside couldn’t be any closer to St Brelade’s Bay Beach even if it tried, the perfect accompaniment to a stroll along the promenade, a dip in the ocean or a clamber over the headlands to the east or west. There are even water bowls available for the dogs to refresh themselves. Their alfresco dining area has an unrivalled view where you can sit in the sunshine and enjoy a light meal, ice cream or one of Maggie’s legendary homemade cakes, once you’ve seen them it’s difficult to resist... and why would you want to! Evening meals are made with fresh, simple ingredients, nothing too fussy but certainly yummy. You can sit inside or out, and if it gets a bit nippy they have blankets available so you can enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine or two. For convenience in the busy summer months Wayside also have their own car park for café guests.

OPENING HOURS Summer 9am- 9pm. Winter 9am - 5pm. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION No dress code, anything goes. Dogs and children welcome. Seating for 35 Inside and 100 outside.



Le Mont Sohier, St Brelade, JE3 8EA waysidejersey



By the seaside


Big Verns



Bonne Nuit

Big Verns features in most guides to Jersey as a ‘must-see’ for its superb position and great food. The hangover-friendly full breakfast will set you up for the day, and there’s a whole range of delicious lunch and supper options to enjoy while you soak up the stunning views. La Grande Route des Mielles, St Peter | Open Every day 8.30am-6pm in winter, until 9pm from April to October 90 inside, more outside Children welcome and dogs welcome outside


By the seaside

Breakwater Café




Les Charrieres de Bonne Nuit | Open Every Day 8:30am - 9pm welcome and dogs welcome outside


By the seaside

Colleens Café



A busy, relaxed and friendly beach cafe offering you a wide choice of delicious breakfasts, snacks, sandwiches, salads and good homemade meals, not forgetting their famous fish and chips and delicious homemade cakes all with a fantastic view of the beach at Greve de Lecq. Greve De Lecq | Open Mon-Thursday 8am-4.30pm Fri until 9pm Sat/sun 8am5pm Child friendly


By the seaside

Café de Pas


Children welcome and dogs



Bonne Nuit Beach Café is a relaxed style cafe with a Thai twist, either dine alongside the clanging of fishing boats in the harbour, admiring the beautiful scenery of the bay with distant views of the north coast or grab and go.

A beast out east, this cafe is at the start of the St Catherine breakwater. Surrounded by great walks and plenty of parking, it’s a great place to watch the fishing boats and look at the occasional sand sculpture / sand art makers, that sometimes base themselves around the corner. St Catherine’s Pier | Open 8am-5pm allowed outside.

By the seaside




This lovely little treasure down at Harve des Pas offers a suntrap location and tasty beachside food with influences from the northern and southern hemispheres served from a kiosk counter to their windcheater area and on the roof terrace, making them the perfect solution whatever the weather Havre des Pas, St Helier | Open Every day from 9am closing times vary during the season 30 Children and dogs welcome


By the seaside


Crab Shack St Brelade 850855 Just a few sandy paces from the beach is the informal Crab Shack where families can relax over a meal of fresh local seafood or homemade pasta. And for afterwards - the famous Spinnakers ice-cream parlour.

La Route de la Baie, St Brelade | Open every day for lunch and Tues-Sun for dinner in the summer. 100 inside and 60 outside Very family friendly


By the seaside

Driftwood Café



By the seaside East.

La Route de la Haule, Beaumont | Open 8am-5pm every day 36 inside, 44 outside Children welcome and dogs allowed outside




Rozel Harbour, Trinity | Open 10-2pm during the Winter and 9.30-4pm in the Summer 30-40 alfresco Children and dogs welcome By the seaside

La Fregate Café



Fancy having a cream tea in a building that looks like an upturned boat? You’re in luck. Head down to the front in St Helier and you’ll find La Fregate. With a great view of Elizabeth Castle, you’ll be happy regardless of what you order as you soak up the sunshine or enjoy the view from inside. Le Jardin de la Mer, St Helier | Open 7 days a week 9am-4pm

By the seaside

Kismet Cabana

A Jersey institution, right on the harbour at Rozel, Kate and her team serve up everything from crab sandwiches to Jersey cream teas, bacon rolls to tasty burgers, ready to eat at the alfresco tables outside. Everything’s homemade on the premises and tastes even better in the fresh air.



An old wartime bunker is the setting for the gunsite cafe. Placed in the centre of St Aubin’s bay, this gem attracts Hobie Cat fans and volleyballers along with anyone that crusies the bay, all keen to get a cake, breakfast treat or a tasty bite from their fantastic memu whilst soaking up the view.

Grand Route de la Cote, Archirondel, St Martin | Open 9.30am-5.30pm every day 40 inside, 40 outside Children welcome and dogs allowed outside

Hungry Man


Gunsite Café


Archirondel’s pretty pebbly beach is home to this popular beach café with its Martello Tower views. Great for breakfasts before a quick dip or a swift lunch in the sun when you’ve finished skimming stones.


By the seaside

South West

07700 809863

Tucked away with views across Ouaisne Bay, this cute cabana is a culinary celebration of beach culture and street food cuisine from around the world. From quality breakfasts, sandwiches and salads, to special dishes inspired by global flavours - they’ve a good vegetarian and vegan selection too. Ouaisne Car Park, La Rue Du Ouaisne, St Brleade, | Open Spring (Mar-May) & Winter (Oct) Mon-Thurs 9am-1pm. Fri-Sat 9am-8pm. Sun 9am-5pm. Summer (Jun-Sept)Tues-Sat 9am-8pm. Sun-Mon 9am-5pm


By the seaside

Lookout Beach Café



Homemade food is served every day at the casual tables of this brightly coloured St Aubin’s Bay cafe right next to the cycle track. Brilliantly located to overlook the stunning vista of the bay whilst enjoying your yummy food and a beer. Victoria Avenue, JE2 3LU | Open Mon-Tues 10.00-6.00 Wed-Sat 10.00-9.00 Sun 9.00-7.30 during the summer season 20 inside / 20 outside Children welcome. Dogs permitted outside



By the seaside


Mad Marys


Old Station Café

07797 724964

Perched at the end of a path below the Water’s Edge Hotel at Bouley Bay, Mad Mary’s is famous for hot chocolate, Bouley burgers and the larger than life character of the proprietor, Mary Tunney.

Bouley Bay, Trinity | Open seasonal opening hours


5 outside

By the seaside

Portelet Bay Café

All welcome

South West

By the seaside

Thai Dicq Shack



The one and only feet in the sand café, directly on the beach. Grab a table, bring a bottle or two and you could be on that dreamed of holiday in Thailand. BYO alcoholic refreshments, there is an off licence just next door, they can also supply you with drinking vessels and the use of a corkscrew! Dicq Road Slip, St Saviour | Open Summer 9am- 9pm. Winter 5pm - 9pm. Plenty of outside seating! All welcome Thai-Dicq-Shack



Victoria Avenue, Millbrook | Open Wed and Thurs 10am-9pm, Fri 10am-9:30pm, Sat 9am-9:30pm, Sun 9am-9pm.


By the seaside

Seaside Café



Greve de Lecq is one of the prettiest beaches on the island, providing a great location for everything from rockpooling to coasteering. A great location for a family day out with the seaside cafe at the top of the beach, offering beaschside food and a great selection of fudge to boot.

This family run cafe is located right on the beach at Portelet Bay, which means a fair few stairs. Offering diners an outstandingly beautiful spot to enjoy their very popular authentic wood fired pizzas from. They also offer seasonal fresh fish and salads, using locally sourced produce wherever possible.



This former train station sits on the cycle track at Bel Royal and offers cyclists and walkers the opportunity to take a welcome break as they stomp between town and St Aubin. Originally a BYO, they now serve drinks to accompany their daytime cafe menu and evening Thai menu.


Portelet Beach | Open Thurs-10am-4pm, Fri-Sat-10am-8pm, Sun 10am-4pm 30 and more on the beach! All welcome

By the seaside

La Mont de Ste Marie, Greve de Lecq, St Mary | Open 9am – 5.00pm everyday, (last orders 4.30pm) March to October.


By the seaside


Timmy’s Hard Rocque Café This little beach kiosk is run by local musician Timmy. He serves up quality beach food at a good price. Bacon rolls, burgers, monster burgers, fish finger rolls, sandwiches. tea, coffee, cakes and ice creams. With friendly staff, it’s a great location to sit back and relax.. La Rocque Harbour, Grouville | Open Weds-Sun 10am onwards (Times vary throughout the summer season) grab your food and sit on the beach or sea wall to enjoy the view



Plemont Beach Cafe is a family run business that is very popular with both locals & visitors. It has commanding views over Plemont Bay and the neighbouring islands. The cafe prides itself on supporting local genuine Jersey produce wherever possible. Serving breakfast, lunch & afternoon teas with their own homemade cakes, there’s plenty of seating either indoors or alfresco. The cafe is fully licensed offering a wide selection of beers & wines. It’s also available for evening private hire for that party by the sea.

La Route de Plemont, St Ouen OPEN: 9am-5pm every day

T: 482005

Cab companies Liberty Cabs 01534 767700 Luxicabs 01534 887000 Citicabs 01534 499999 Car collection services Prime Carback 01534 888830 Home James 01534 630700 DriveMyCar 01534 280006





20 31

17 28


24 18

16 14


9 11




27 26

13 15 25


19 30





Don Street Deli The delicatessen, designed by Michelin-starred chef Shaun Rankin, offers excellent fresh food items and luxury retail products. Whether it’s truffles, hampers or baked goods you’re looking for, Don Street Deli is the place to find delicious treasures. Locals flock to the deli for items cooked in the unique wood fired oven. Freshly baked flatbreads are the most popular choice - customers can choose from an array of toppings for personalised combinations. A healthy selection of salads is also available, alongside delicious deli sandwiches, a range of fresh fruit juices and gluten free delicacies. Alternatively, if you’re craving something sweet, you can find handmade cakes poised temptingly on the counter. Products have been carefully sourced from artisan producers, smallholders and local farmers. The retail range delivers everything from handmade biscuits and organic teas, to the finest truffle oils, preserves and condiments. There’s also a fine selection of speciality meats and cheeses – ideal for an impressive charcuterie or cheese board at home. Foodies will enjoy the ‘Home Dining’ service where special dishes, such as ‘Shaun Rankin’s Fillet of Scotch Beef Wellington with Red Wine Sauce’, can be made to order and cooked at home – perfect for impressing at a dinner party or for a special meal with the family. Don Street Deli also provides catering services for the corporate market with a boardroom service of fresh sandwiches, pastries and hot and cold options. High quality and exceptional service are the trademark of this central St Helier deli.


OPENING HOURS Monday - Friday: 8am – 5pm. Saturday: 9am – 5pm Sunday: CLOSED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION No dress code. Children welcome and dogs outside. Don Street Deli can be booked for product launches and tasting evenings. Inside seating with disabled access. 10 seats - breakfast bar format.

Order line


13 Don Street, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 4TQ



Cream of Cauliflower Soup

Fresh Waffles with smoked bacon & maple syrup

Aubergine & Chick Pea Salad with coriander and red chilli

Breakfast Flatbread with Smoked Bacon & Free Range Egg


Croque-Monsieur Porridge with ‘Very Berry’ compote

Chocolate & Hazelnut Meringues Double Chocolate Brownie Warmly Spiced Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting


Homemade Shortbread

Roast Beef Artisan Sandwich with little gem, gherkin and horseradish mayonnaise


Jersey Crab and Avocado Salad Sandwich Smoked Salmon Flatbread with rocket and crème fraîche Goat’s Cheese Flatbread with Tomato and Pesto Red Thai Chicken Soup

Golden Glow Elixir apple, lemon, fresh ginger and orange Wake Me Up Morning Juice carrot, apple, lemon and fresh ginger Detoxer pear, pineapple, orange and kale leaves


Mange Tout Mange Tout has operated from four locations across St Helier for over 20 years and this year they opened their fifth site at the Jersey War Tunnels. It’s a business built on a solid reputation for creating fresh, handmade and healthy food to go, with some of the tastiest sandwiches, salads with the finest coffee available locally. Fad diets and crazy eating plans come and go, but Mange Tout’s ethos, is simply to eat healthily, avoiding as many chemicals, flavourings and preservatives as possible. They want us to eat a balanced diet of un-processed, healthy, fresh food which doesn’t need sell by dates, as it is “made today, eaten today”. They don’t have centralised production kitchens, but make everything fresh in their shops on the day you buy it. They use traditionally baked and genuinely fresh bread, their soup is made from real vegetables, and their coffee comes directly from an award winning roaster in Milan. They also deliver breakfast and lunch trays for meetings, all over Town and a little further with notice. Just visit for more details and easy online ordering. They are also passionate about making sure they operate in the most ethical way, and ensure that their produce is as traceable as it can be, of the highest quality possible and environmentally friendly. Their packaging is mostly bio-degradable, or manufactured from recycled paper and this year, if you need a bag, they will be asking for a 5p donation to The Jersey Cheshire Home. It’s a double win, because they will use less bags, but the Cheshire Home will benefit directly with a clear donation for every bag ”sold”.

OPENING HOURS Monday - Friday: 7.30am-3.30pm ADDITIONAL INFORMATION No dress code. Office and outside catering available.

Order line

636857 56

17 Colomberie/ 39 New Street / 22 Sand Street / 14 Conway Street, St Helier War Tunnels, St Lawrence




For breakfast you can choose from: a selection of fruit and yogurt pots, handmade granola, real porridge, savoury croissant and fabulous Italian coffee

Chicken Avocado Pepper Boost with brown rice, corn and roast peppers


Herb Chicken Superfood with quinoa, feta, avocado, pine nuts, pommegranate and a yoghurt dressing

A huge range of freshly made sandwiches, rolls wraps and baguettes…

BBQ Chicken with beansprouts and chilli peanut brittle

Sweet Chilli Tuna with roast peppers and leaves

Roast Squash & Houmous Salad with toasted seeds

Smoked Chicken Club with mayo, sliced egg, avocado, tomato and herb cheese dressing

Curry Chicken Noodle with mango dressing

Toasted Parma Ham, Chicken, Parmesan, sun-blush tomato and chilli mayo


Vegan Bean Chipotle Wrap with frijoles, avocado and spring onion Lemon Tuna with cucumber, fresh chives and mixed leaves And lots more…. COLOMBERIE • NEW ST • CONWAY ST • SAND ST • WAR TUNNELS


Moo Moo have been keeping it real since 2012! Their aim has been to reinvent ‘fast’ food, using mostly wholesome, nutritionally dense, local, seasonal, organic produce that helps people glow from the inside out. The folks at Moo love what they do and are passionate that Moo is much more than a generic ‘sandwich shop’, it’s an experience, a movement and in a small way part of the global food revolution. They provide health conscious yet appetising food from healthy nutritious salads, wraps, Buddha bowls and hot options to raw/ cold-press juices, super green smoothies/bowls and a variety of wholesome healthy baked treats made in store daily from muffins, flapjacks, coconut bars and brownies to cakes and raw chocolate. They also make the most amazing bagels and can help you with your caffeine hit too thanks to their fresh organic coffee, or why not mix it up and try a beautiful beetroot maca latte. Moo is run by real people with real bodies, real issues and a real love for Tequila (although very occasionally!), they know that getting addicted to the good stuff is a lifestyle not a fad! At Moo they love nothing more than blowing peoples minds by showing them that wholesome, healthy food can be both ridiculously exciting and yummy too. When you visit Moo you’re going to get a massive feel good bang for your buck and it’s not just for hipsters and hippies but for every cell in every body!


OPENING HOURS Monday - Friday: 7.30am-3pm. Saturday: 8am-2.30pm. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Snack bar format with space for four to eat in or wait for take-out. No dress code. Children welcome and dogs outside.

Order line


47 New Street. St Helier. ilovemooo instagram/ilovemoojersey


Lunch on the go Coffee .


Bernie’s Market Tea Stall 853420 Racking up rave reviews from their regular customers this lovely tea stall serves more than just tea. With great food and excellent service on the menu this is a perfect place to stop in for a bite to eat whilst you’re out exploring the shops.

Lunch on the go


Central Market, Halkett Place, St Helier | Open Mon-Sat 8am-5pm hot food until 2.30pm (except on Thursdays when the market closes at 2pm) Children welcome



King Street, Colomberie and Liberation Station | Open Times vary at each location Various Children welcome and dogs in alfresco


Classic tea room

Farm Shop


Located at the Classic Farm Shop, this tea room sources many ingredients direct from the farm. A family run affair, the hospitality is genuine and fresh, just like the cream on their popular cream teas.

Manor Farm, La Route de Manoir, St Peter | Open Mon-Fri 9.30am till 4:30pm. Sat 9.30am- 4.30pm. Closed Sundays.

Lunch on the go

Chordz Coffee House

Sandwiches, salads, snacks and soup lovingly handmade in Jersey. Online delivery and cafés in St Helier. Their soups, casseroles and hot wraps change weekly and are available from Grab & Go cabinets to ensure you spend as little time queuing as possible.


Experience their hot paninis, wraps, salads and soups, delectable cakes, muffins and cookies, all of which are handmade at their very own bakery. They also have healthy & gluten free snack options. And you simply must try their award winning carrot cake!

Café Ubé



Bean Around the World 619977

73 Halkett Pl, St Helier | Open Mon-Fri: 6.45am- 9pm. Sat: 7am-7pm. Sun: 8am7pm. Bank Holidays: 8am-7pm. Various Children welcome and dogs in alfresco





A music-inspired café brimming with quirky artwork. You can choose from a variety of unusual hot drinks, including Macha Green Tea and London Fog Tea Lattes. Accompanied by juices, freshly made rolls, sandwiches, wraps, salads, Panini’s, soups, porridges and baked goods. Free WiFi. 3 West Centre | Open 8am-7pm Mon-Sat. Closed Sun 20+ inside and 6 alfresco Children and dogs welcome


Lunch on the go




With its enticing smells, sensational flavours and charming ambiance, CocoRico (on the site of the old Wimpy) oozes everything that is French cuisine. Owner Sebastien himself hails from Brittany and his philosophy is simple, good quality home cooking made with care and great ingredients. 33 Broad Street, St Helier | Open 7.30am-5pm Mon-Sat. Closed Sun 35 Children welcome. Available for private hire: parties (15 min, 40 max)



Lunch on the go





Lunch on the go


The Harbour Gallery, St Aubin | Open Everyday 9am-5pm 30 and quiet dogs welcome


World Food Cafe


Lunch on the go



Work hard and play hard. Lunch fits in somewhere in the middle. And that’s where Loaf comes in. Because they have made it easy for you to grab good, nutritious food that’s been made on the day you eat it.

2 Seaton Place | Open 7am-3pm Mon-Fri






07829 996622

9 Esplanade, St Helier | Open Mon- Fri 7.30am-3pm 12 inside and 20 outside, spring to autumn Children welcome and dogs in alfresco area.


07700 348216

With a menu that includes an excellent smashed avocado, tomato and egg on sourdough, DLs brings a slice of the sort of hipster deli you’d find in East London to St Aubin’s. Upstairs at the Harbour Gallery, this bright and airy cafe offers a great menu and impressive cake array.

Being extremely passionate about cooking means that all of the products at world food cafe Flavour, are made from quality, local and seasonal ingredients where possible. Everything is house made in their welcoming open plan kitchen.





A far cry from your average packaged sandwich bar, Delish offers a variety of freshly made fillings and toppings for tasty hand held snacking (in a variety of breads, of courses). Of course they also offer hot treats too, from a menu which changes daily. No 3 Bath Street | Open Mon-Fri 7am-3:30pm 8 outside welcome and dogs in alfresco



Near the St Helier town hall, this little cafe offers simple fayre, with sandwiches, pizzas, jackets and ciabattas. They also have a second outlet just outside M&S at Liberty Wharf, perfect for grabbing food at lunchtime. 16 York Street | Open Mon- Sat 9am-5pm in alfresco area.



Children welcome and dogs

Lunch on the go


Nude Food


You’ll often see us in this warm. friendly, customer-focused, well designed, tech savvy, clean eating cafe in the centre of town, that serves breakfast and brunch in the morning encouraging people to sit in. It ‘shifts up a gear’ at lunch time to service office workers ‘on the go’. 5 New Street, St Helier | Open Mon - Fri 7.30am to 3pm. Sat - 9.30am to 3pm. Closed Sun 14 inside Children and dogs welcome


Cab companies Liberty Cabs 01534 767700 Luxicabs 01534 887000 Citicabs 01534 499999 Car collection services Prime Carback 01534 888830 Home James 01534 630700



Out of town

Old Bakehouse Café





St. Malo Creperie

12 La Colomberie and 12a Charing Cross, St Helier | Open Mon – Fri: 07:30am – 3:30pm (Colomberie) Mon– Fri: 07:30am – 6:30pm (Charing Cross) Children welcome.




This stunning deli brings together farmers, fishermen, chefs and artisans to supply the finest local and international food and ingredients, all under one roof. The variety of delights on offer will have you salivating before you’ve even made it through the door. 2 Gorey Hill, St Martin | Open Seven days a week





Generations of Cornish workers can’t be wrong, can they?! This is the place to enjoy meaty goodness usually in the form of a pasty. Located centrally in Liberty Wharf, this café provides hearty lunches and great people watching in front of Liberation Square. 13a Liberty Wharf | Open Mon-Sat 8:30-5pm


The Works


The Cornish Bakery

St Malo Creperie adds an alternative location for those that enjoy their food folded and rolled from a hotplate. Not just about the crepes they also offer a varied menu which includes options which can be wrapped up and taken away. You can of course also enjoy one of their reasonably priced tipples too.



Having only opened their first story just a few months ago R Fresh already have a second shop in their repertoire. Gaining momentum in the grab and go sector and priding themselves on health, great tasting food.


37/38 The Parade | Open Mon-Fri 8am-8pm. Sat 10am-8pm, Sun- 10am-6pm Children welcome and dogs outside


R Fresh


Catering for everyone, from tradesmen to families, Mick and his team have mouthwatering breakfast options to suit any tastes. Whether you are an early riser or keen on your lie-ins, you won’t miss out - the breakfast menu is served all day, every day! Plenty of other great options too. Mont Cochon, St Helier JE2 3JA | Open 7 days a week. Mon - Fri 8am til 3 pm. Sat & Sun 9am til 4pm. Closed bank holidays. 30 with 40 alfresco Children and dogs welcome

Lunch on the go



Children welcome

Lunch Shopper

Upstairs at de Gruchy


The perfect place to take a few moments out of your shopping. Situated on the second floor of the department store it offers an extensive selection of hearty homemade quiches, a brand new salad bar, a great range of sandwiches and delicious soups as well as indulgent home- made cakes and pastries. 46-42 King Street | Open Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat 9:00am-4:30pm, Tues 9:30am-4:30pm, Sun Closed 150 Children Welcome


Beyond our shores you’ll probably see Starbucks on every corner but not In Jersey! Over here we have more independents than chains and those with a coffee addiction, or self employed folks hunting WiFi and solace, are well catered for on the streets of St Helier. The most familiar name to visitors will be Costa, who have several locations serving the global caffeine orientated goodies you know and love, plus those great tiffin slices. If you’d like something more local then well known grinder Coopers and Co offer up a cafe at Castle Quay on the waterfront and the Mange Tout and Jersey Pottery brands are visible across town too.


Another notable independent is Bean Around The World, a Jersey institution, that is the epicentre for the cafe surfers of Jersey and has been for 20 years. Despite Canadian heritage, you’ll find all walks of life converge on the corner of Burrard Street and Halkett Place They also roast their beans and produce their own blends, which can be purchased to take home.

If you’d like a slice of epicurean excellence with your flat white then head to Don Street Deli. This premium hideaway offers a window seat with all the trimmings at the home of Jersey’s finest quality food to go. Head to Chordz at Wests Centre (by the cows) for comfy sofas and people spotting opportunities a plenty. Or Dandy on Conway Street for All Press coffee, good conversation and banana bread to die for!


Bean Around the World This coffee house is like nowhere else in Jersey; with its welcoming staff, quirky decor, funky music, and of course, great coffee. Over the past 20 years ‘The Bean’ has gained something of a cult following amongst locals and is a must for any visiting coffee aficionado. Established in 1996, Bean Around the World imports all of its own coffee and roasts it right here in St. Helier. All of the water in their drinks is carbon filtered and their house coffees change origin regularly. But it’s not just about coffee; The Bean also serves fresh fruit smoothies, shakes, infusion teas and a whole lot more! Experience their hot paninis, wraps, salads and soups, delectable cakes, muffins and cookies, all of which are handmade at their very own bakery. They also have healthy & gluten free snack options. And you simply must try their award winning carrot cake! So, if you haven’t visited The Bean before, why not drop in and find out why it has become such a big part of island life.

OPENING HOURS Monday-Friday: 6.45am -9pm. Saturday: 7am-7pm. Sunday: 8am-7pm. Bank Holidays: 8am-7pm. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION As far as a dress code, anything goes. Dogs are welcome in their alfresco area, Guide dogs in the shop and kids are welcome as long as you don’t give them an espresso! Seating: 35 inside, 15 out.



73 Halkett Place, St. Helier BATWjersey




Coffee Break

Big Maggys



Situated under a bike shop, there is lots of cycling memorabilia around. The feel is contemporary and warm, with a comfy seating area, plenty of publications to flick through and lots of snacks and drinks to choose from. You’re also guaranteed good cycling based chat and can buy bikes too! 26 Burrard Street, St Helier | Open for coffee 7.30am-3pm Mon-Fri, Sat 8am1pm Open for biking 8.30am-6pm Mon-Fri, Sat by appointment only 20 approx


Jersey Arts Centre, Phillips Street | Open Mon-Fri 7am-11pm (kitchen closes at 8pm), Sat 7.30am-8pm (kitchen closes at 3pm) 68 inside and alfresco when the sun is shining Children welcome

A music-inspired café brimming with quirky artwork. Unusual hot drinks served include Macha Green Tea and London Fog Tea Lattes. Accompanied by juices, freshly made rolls, sandwiches, wraps, salads, panini’s, soups, porridges and baked goods. Free WiFi and great music are all part of the service.


Coopers & Co


For true coffee aficionados, Coopers customblend your coffee from one of their extensive ranges of coffee beans. From smoky Sumatrans to an exotic Ethopian, if you’re into your coffee, you’ll love this coffee bar. Cooper & Co also has coffee shops at Co-op Grand Marche and Castle Quay. 57 Halkett Place, Co-op Grand Marche & Castle Quay | Opening times vary at each location Varies Children welcome



A great central venue for caffeine-depleted shoppers. Their coffee beans, roasted in Milan, feature the distinctive flavour made popular across the world since 1995. And if you feel like lunch or a snack they serve a range of food too. 45 King Street | Open Mon-Sat 7.00am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm alfresco Children welcome


Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Republic


4 West Centre | Open 8am-7pm Mon-Sat. Closed Sun 20+ inside and 6 alfresco Children and dogs welcome


Turn up for breakfast - 8am onwards. You can get everything from a full English to banana waffles, and don’t miss the Saturday brunch where you can enjoy anything from eggs benedict to breakfast burritos. And did we mention the coffee? Made just the way you like it by a crack team of CaféJac baristas...


Coffee Break

Chordz Coffee House

Coffee Break

25 inside, 30

Coffee Break

Costa Coffee


Large and spacious, the three Costa Coffee shops are perfect to spend a while catching up with friends or just chilling out with a coffee, a sandwich or a cake. With their sofas, huge windows and relaxed atmosphere, they’re perfect people- watching spots. Bath Street, Liberty Wharf or Queen Street | Opening times vary at each store 7.30am-7.30pm Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm Sun (Bath St) 40 Children welcome



Coffee Break .


Café Ubé 850844


This living room-esque café with its sofas and books will serve you coffee, tea and snacks all day. There’s Wi-Fi with every food purchase and you can either take a seat in the sun on one of their outside tables or kickback on one of their comfy sofas inside. 14 Sand Street, St Helier | Open Mon-Fri 7am-7pm, Sat 8-6pm seats inside Children welcome and Dogs allowed outside.


Sofas and

Coffee Break .

Don St Deli 484846

Dandy is a specialty coffee shop in St. Helier, that offers All Press espresso-based drinks, as well as a selection of fine teas. Don’t be fooled by their diminutive size these guys punch well above their weight producing high quality beverages and an excellent and varied food offering too.

This premium coffee stop is part of Shaun Rankin’s Ormer restaurant. Offering a selecting of fresh deli options, flatbreads, rolls, sandwiches and hard to find branded goods for the epicureans, it also offers great in-window seating for a handful of diners. 11 Don Street, St Helier | Open Mon-Fri 8am–6pm. Sat 9am-6pm. Sun closed. 8 bar style seating Children welcome


Coffee Break .


07700 709524

This cute little shop in the central market stocks a full selection of freshly baked cupcakes as well as speciality hot drinks and refreshments. Head along and drool over their counter until you decide which to buy, we’re sure you’ll agree that they look great and taste even better! 90 Central Market, Beresford Street, St Helier | Open Mon-Sat 9.30am-5pm Thurs 9:30-2:00pm and closed Sunday

King Street, Liberation Station, Colomberie | Open Mon-Fri 7am-4.30pm Sat 8.15am-5pm Seats available for a quick lunch Children welcome


Conway House, 7-9 Conway Street, St Helier | Open Mon-Fri, 7am-3:15pm 6 Children welcome.


This little eatery on the high street is ideal for anyone who adores people watching, whether it be sat at one of the bars in the windows or from their overflow outdoor seating area. From here you can buy a variety of sandwiches, soups or salads. This is one of three outlets around town.


Coffee Break .

Coffee Break .

Coffee Break .

The Lovin Spoonful


A licensed coffee shop with a wonderful selection of homemade “delights” on offer. You can choose a comfy seat on either of the two floors to relax and enjoy the ambiance and free WiFi. Situated at the top end of town it is the ideal location to meet friends for coffee or host informal business meetings. Hill Street, St Helier | Open Mon-Fri: 7.15am-6pm. Sat: 8.30am-5pm Sunday: closed 35 Children welcome. Function hire available


Offering the best of Jersey’s food in iconic scenery and locations feast your eyes (and your bellies) on our winners in the beauty spots pageant. If you prefer your food with a view to go, we’ve served up a few top take out spots with the best in near by beauty to garnish. Relish Deli

Market Street, St Helier Friday- Saturday 8am - 8pm If you’re looking for a luxurious artisan experience, go no further for epicurean delights in the heart of St Helier. Charcuterie or seafood platters paired, by owner Florian, with the finest of wines and Champagnes. You’ll relish in all things delicious. Picnic: Sit outside in the dappled shade of olive trees and watch the busy streets bustle by or take a bench in the Royal Square, a popular town dwellers lunch spot.


The Works

Belle Gourmande

Portelet Bay Cafe

Open 10-5, Closed Mon-Weds in Winter Bus: 1 & 1A Tucked away at the bottom of Gorey hill is an extraordinary emporium of handmade delicacies on which to feast your eyes and bellies. Laden with local sausage rolls, traditional macaroons, homemade pies, pâtés and cakes alongside an exceptional array of farmhouse cheeses and meats, it’s the pedigree of picnic pick-ups in the east.

Tuesday-Saturday 9-5:30, Sunday 10-5:30 Bus: 12, 14 & 15 A treasure trove of treats blending traditional tastes of France with Genuine Jersey produce in the continental old harbour town. Eat in or pick your own indulgent deli delights to go, and wander the picturesque cobbled streets complete with baguette under arm.

Open April- September, 9:00-8:00pm Bus:12 Find a piece of peace in the tranquility of Portelet Bay. Set between two of Jersey’s most stunning conservation areas complete with a tomb tower built in 1808, it is outstanding in its beauty and history. Keeping it rustic and rural with authentic wood fired pizzas, fresh fish in the summer and the coldest of beers, you can enjoy in or takeaway for a bit of beach dining. Worth the visit for its views alone.

Gorey Harbour

Picnic: Stroll up the footpath and find a spot on the rolling greens beside Mont Orgueil Castle and picnic like royalty. For private dining, seek out the secret beach which basks in the shadows of the castle.

St Aubin’s Village

Picnic: Follow the pier to the often secluded Belle Cruex bay behind the Yacht Club. You won’t have to fight for picnic blanket space here. Find their listing on page 74.

Portelet Bay

Like a local: Prepare yourself for a whole day

out as there is no road access and parking is a fair walk away (plenty of stairs to work an appetite up!)


Faulkner Fisheries


Summer BBQ 12-4 Winter Fish & Chips 12-3 Bus: 12 & 12A It doesn’t get more Jersey than this family run fisheries in an old converted German bunker on the water’s edge at L’Etacq. In the summer they serve seafood from the very oceans you’re overlooking cooked fresh on a BBQ and finished with Jersey royals, crusty bread and homemade garlic butter. In winter months you can warm your cockles with proper battered fish and chips to go and wander the some 6km of beach to the other side of St Ouens Bay. Sea-riously good feasting for eyes and bellies. Find their listing on page 42.

Monday-Thursday 8:00-3:30pm Friday 8:00-7:45pm (dinner bookings) Bus: 9 Proper fry-ups, fantastic coffee and a great all round menu, Colleens is a true gem in Greve De Lecq’s crown. Their ice-cream shack hosts the best of Jerseys crème de la crème in the summer and the welcome will warm you during winter months.

L’Etacq, St Ouen


Greve De Lecq, St Mary

Like a local: The Cliff path walk across the

headland to/from Plemont Bay starts just behind the cafe.

La Braye Cafe

St Ouen’s Bay (Winter) Monday-Friday 9-3:30/5 on Weekends. Bus: 22 Nestled in between the sand dunes and St Ouens Bay this cozy beach cafe offer a varied full day menu. The perfect spot to recuperate after a day’s coastline exploring. A family run business, The Bakers (by name and most certainly by expertise) serve the finest of homemade cakes by warmth of a wood burning fire making it the perfect stop off in the winter months too. Like a local: Perfect for puppy lovers, this is

the only dog friendly cafe in the area. Find their listing on page 43



M&S Café Café culture in St Helier is a world in itself and the M&S Café within the King St store is a hot spot for coffee connoisseurs, smoothie supporters and pastry fiends. Whether you pop in for a quick pick-me-up or a leisurely lunch, this laid back cosmopolitan café is a great place to unwind whilst watching the world go by, check your emails, chat with friends or indulge in a traditional fish & chip supper. Brimming with natural light and plenty of seating, including benches with bar stools, and free WiFi , you can even knuckle down and get some work done. Alternatively, take a break from a busy day of shopping and refuel in a friendly, relaxing environment, ideally located in the heart of St Helier. If you’re in a rush, simply grab a takeaway coffee on the go! The M&S Café offer a loyalty coffee card, perfectly suited to caffeine enthusiasts, simply buy 10 coffees and you’ll receive your next one for free. Whatever the weather, you’ll find the M&S Café caters to all, offering everything from breakfast to brunch, to light lunches, early suppers and an array of fair trade organic teas and coffees. There’s even a kid’s menu, a variety of seasonal dishes comprising a selection of tasty snacks, delicious soups, mouthwatering sandwiches and delectable cakes – all served with a smile. Why not head on down to the King Street M&S today, drink in the atmosphere and of course, the great coffee.


OPENING HOURS Monday - Saturday 8am-5pm. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Plenty of seating, perfect for food or coffee with the kids. No dress code.



Marks & Spencer, 54-58 King Street, St Helier MarksandSpencerJersey



Seasonal Soup - £3.95

Toasted tea cake - £1.58

Selection of hot and cold sandwiches from £3.15

Smoked salmon and cream cheese toasted bagel - £4.50 LUNCHTIME FAVOURITES Beer battered cod & chunky chips served with mushy peas - £8.40 Handcrafted chicken and ham pie - £8.40 Macaroni cheese - £7.00 Tomato and basil Soup - £3.95

JACKET POTATOES Served with butter and a filling of your choice from £4.99 DRINKS A wide selection of teas, coffee, soft drinks and smoothies are available.


La Belle Gourmande A friendly boutique delicatessen and bistro in the heart of St Aubin, where they pride themselves on their friendly relaxed service and vibe, and takes its inspiration for simple and delicious food from their travels and local foodies alike. They change their wine offerings regularly so that you get to enjoy new and interesting wines, along with a range of gins and craft beers. The expanded bistro has upstairs seating to watch the world go by, and downstairs the eatery with cosy sofas creates an informal, relaxed space to spend time with friends. Chef Dean Giles showcases a kitchen menu that changes with the seasons and reflects the best of their artisan products and the array of seasonal food from local producers and suppliers. It is the perfect spot for supper clubs and for large parties with friends. In their newly opened dedicated delicatessen directly next door, you can choose from a counter crammed with delicious inspirations for food with friends and dinner parties. Selling exclusive artisan cheese and charcuterie from across Europe and a wide selection of fine foods, including local products, and boutique wines from France, Italy, Spain plus hand picked products from London markets, the range is the best you’ll find in the island. Food to go is freshly prepared for you and you can choose from a wide range of delicious food from terrines, flavoured butters, antipasti and patisserie. The outside terrace area offers extra outside seating to enjoy the beautiful harbour views and late sunshine in the evenings with a boutique glass of something special accompanied with tapas or sharing boards.


OPENING HOURS Tuesday - Thursday 9am-6pm. Friday & Saturday 9am - Late. Sunday 10am-6pm Closed Monday. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Dress Code: Anything goes. Kids and dogs most welcome. Private hire and outside catering available. Seating: 50 inside, 24 outside.



St Aubin, Jersey labellegourmande


Cab companies Liberty Cabs 01534 767700 Luxicabs 01534 887000 Citicabs 01534 499999 Car collection services Prime Carback 01534 888830 Home James 01534 630700



Casual Dining

Café Firefly

Jersey Zoo




Where else in the island can you eat a delicious organic meal whilst surrounded by the calls of lemurs, flamingos and howler monkeys? If this isn’t enough to tempt you, many of Café Firefly’s ingredients are locally sourced and grown on-site at Durrell’s Organic Farm.

Casual Dining

Café Ouen



Café Zephyr



This modern continental-style café with its large alfresco area is the place to sit and watch the world go by. Café Zephyr serves an extensive menu that runs all day - everything from morning brunch to afternoon tea or seafood tapas. They also have a large al fresco area where you can dine. The Royal Yacht, Weighbridge, St Helier | Open 9am-1am (last food orders 9.45pm) 60 Children welcome, dogs in alfresco area only


Casual Dining

Café 1837


La Route de Porte, St Ouen | Open Open everyday 9am-4:30pm (kitchen closes at 3pm) Closed on Mondays during the winter 60 Children welcome Casual Dining


From early English breakfasts to banana pancakes, they start it early at CaféJAC and don’t miss the Saturday brunch with eggs Benedict and even breakfast burritos. And did we mention the coffee? Made just the way you like it by a crack team of CaféJAC baristas...



Inside Voisins department store and perfect for a quick turnaround lunch, a children’s menu, delicious homemade cakes and pastries, ice cream sundaes and a wide range of teas and coffees, including speciality teas served in Hoddles.

If you’re lost in the wilds of the west, you’ll be glad to see Café Ouen. Standard cafe staples are what’s on offer with a few extras thrown in such as a breakfast of fried mushrooms and pancetta on foccacia or a lasagne with chorizo at lunch.



Jersey Arts Centre, Phillips Street | Open Mon-Fri 7am- 11pm (last orders for food at 8pm), Sat 7.30am-3pm 68 and 10 al fresco Children Welcome

Jersey Zoo, Trinity | Open Summer 9.30-6pm. Winter 9.30-5pm Breakfast menu daily until 11.30 Children encouraged!


Casual Dining

26-32 King Street, Voisins Department Store, St Helier | Open Mon-Sat 9:306pm 80 Children welcome


Casual Dining

Crab Shack Gorey



Relaxed and friendly, the Castle Green with its breathtaking views over Grouville Bay and Mont Orgueil Castle manages to bridge the gap between pub and restaurant, serving fresh fish specials along with pub classics and a great selection of wines. Excellent children’s menu available too. La Route de la Cote, St Martin | Open Tues-Sat lunch 12-2.30pm, dinner 6-8.30pm (9pm Fri & Sat). Sun 12-3pm. 65 Children welcome until 9pm


Casual Dining





Casual Dining



4 Wharf Street, St Helier | Open Mon-Thurs: 11:00 - 11pm. Fri-Sat: 10:00 - 1am Yes, they can dine on the child friendly sized full menu until 9pm. jbpingpong. com


Casual Dining



Don’t be a no-show - Come to OH! Cafébar, Jersey Opera House’s stylish eatery. Fully licensed, OH! Cafébar offers an extensive and reasonably priced menu. Serving food Monday to Saturday (and Sundays when shows are on), the atmosphere is relaxed and the staff friendly. Jersey Opera House, Gloucester Street, St Helier | Open Mon-Fri- 8am (Sat 9am) - late 60 Children guide dogs and welcome


Casual Dining


Pizza Express St Brelade 499049

Pizza Express St Helier

An incredibly popular destination for locals and visitors, this light and airy branch of Pizza Express is right on the beach at St Brelades with sweeping views of the bay. Perfect for a post-paddle pizza, it serves food all afternoon and there’s a few tables outside during the summer.

A tardis-like branch of this high quality chain. Get in early to get a table as, despite its size, it fills up fast. Great pizzas and trusted Italian staples along with some regional specialities such as our own Jersey garlic bread!

La Route de la Baie, St Brelades | Open from 11.30am-10pm every day (Fri-Sat 10-30pm) 120 inside, 30 alfresco Children welcome


Casual Dining

OH! Café Bar

Lacerta is situated at Les Ormes leisure resort, so after a swing with a golf club, a hit with the tennis ball or a rejuvenating yoga session Lacerta is a great place to refuel. The alfresco dining area is quiet and warm in the summer, perfect with a chilled beer! Its also a perfect place to host a party or function.



Whilst PingPong is in its name, it’s not the only thing that JB’s has to offer, in fact once you’ve eaten there you may well forget all about your game! Serving up an excellent menu of American inspired fare, made with many locally sourced Jersey ingredients, one visit isn’t enough to do it justice.


Les Ormes Leisure Village, Mont la Brune, St Ouen | Open Mon - Sat 9am till 9pm. Sunday 9am til 4pm. Full breakfast menu from 9am, 7 days a week. 160 Children welcome


JBs Ping Pong


Catch the sunshine and watch the world go by from the alfresco tables of this centrally located eatery. Having recently undergone a fabulous refurbishment Hugo’s has a varied menu and serves food all day, from morning lattes to business lunches and dinner, all within a fantastic and funky environment. 19-23 Halkett Street, St Helier | Open Mon - Thurs 10am-11pm. Fri & Sat 8.30am-11pm. Sun 10.30am - 11pm. 120 Accept children and guide dogs

Casual Dining


59 Halkett Place, St Helier | Open Every day 11.30-10pm (Fri-Sat till 11pm) 250 Children welcome



Casual Dining

Pizza & Sushi

Portelet Bay Cafe 2




The sister to Portelet Bay Cafe, PBC 2 is an authentic wood-fired pizza and Japanese sushi restaurant opposite the General Hospital. Serving incredible wood-fired pizza and sushi to eat in or take away. It’s all the good stuff from their sister restaurant, plus sushi and without the steps! 2 Elizabeth Place, St. Helier | Open Mon-Sat 11am - 2pm & 5pm - 9:30pm Closed Sundays 20 Children welcome


Casual Dining



Casual Dining

Seafish Café

Children welcome

Fish & Chips

510015 & 859230

Seafish has two sites in Jersey to choose from, so there are plenty of opportunities to eat at one of their great restaurants. Not only do their fish and chips look great but they also taste great, thanks to their use of sustainable cod, and all their fish is cooked to order in their special light crispy batter. Liberty Wharf, St Helier & Le Boulevard, St Aubin | Open St Helier: Mon-Sat: Lunch 12-2.30pm. Dinner 5-9pm (takeaway 9.30pm). Closed Sun - seasonal opening times. St Aubin: Mon-Sat: lunch 12-2.30pm dinner 5-9.30pm (10pm weekends). Children welcome (kids menu available)



22 Halkett Street, St Helier | Open Summer- Fri-Sat 8am-8pm 25 inside and 40 outside Children welcome and dogs outside


Casual Dining

Rocco’s Resaurant



Rocco’s serve a wide variety of classics; steak and chips, crispy battered cod, teriyaki stir fried chicken, rack of bbq sticky ribs, homemade lasagne, moules frites, chicken espetada, pork schnitzel, as well as delicious vegetarian alternatives like their lovely grilled goats cheese or flat field mushroom.

Casual café-style dining with an all-day menu of rotisserie chicken straight from the spit, homemade burgers, speciality milkshakes and breakfasts. Here you can eat perfectly roasted juicy rotisserie chicken straight from the spit, served with a choice of sides, salads and sauces. 25


An impressive delicatessen, this centrally located fine food vendor and restaurant is the sort of environment where you find yourself rationalising £4 being a good price for great chocolate. Plus they do amazing platters and themed food evenings, which include a fabulous bubbling cheese fondue.

Roast 285008

28 Sand Street, St Helier | Open 8am- 8pm everyday

Casual Dining

Les Mielles, St Ouen | Open Lunch & Dinner Mon - Sat from 12:00 - all day. Sun 12:00 - 6:00 (closed Tuesday) up to 100+ Children welcome (childrens menu available)


Casual Dining


Stanley’s Café 858825 A place for the local community to meet over a cup of coffee in the comfy zone or feast on a lobster in the cafe. Stanley’s tomato soup is always on the menu! All produce is sourced locally whenever possible. The play area for small children is popular with families & the cafe like the shop is open seven days a week. Holme Grown, La Rue Au Long, Grouville | Open every day 8-5pm Children welcome


Casual Dining

TGI Friday’s

American Diner


the Bar and Canteen

0844 6928911

The lively Bar Rock with its large screen sports and dance floor is a popular destination for parties thanks to its relaxed Tex Mex style menu and fun atmosphere.

La Rue De L’etau, St. Helier | Open Every day 12-10pm (Fri and Sat till 11pm) 150 Children welcome


Casual Dining

The Brasserie by Tiffin


Casual Dining

The Poplars Tea Room



On the way out to Corbeire lighthouse, the staff of this family run cafe are up early baking, ready to serve their soft sponges and scones to passing tea break lovers along with soups and salads made fresh.

The Poplars, La Moye, St Brelade | Open Mon-10am-5pm, Wed-Sun- 10am-5pm


The Waterfront Centre, Rue de L’Etau, St Helier | Open every day 11am-11pm. Food served: Mon-Sat 12-2.30pm & 5-9pm, Sun 1- 7pm 50 downstairs, 80 alfresco Children until 9pm


Casual Dining


The Café Bar

This relaxed venue offers the opportunity to choose from a cup of Illy Coffee or glass of Prosecco at the tasteful bar or a whole range of brasserie style meals. Open for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and snacks, this is a place to relax whilst shopping in Jersey’s main department store.



the Bar serves gastropub style food in a chic, contemporary environment. During the summer months, climb the stairs to their outdoor terrace and eat outside whilst soaking up the sunshine. A great place to grab food before or after a trip to the cinema.


de Gruchy, New street, St Helier | Open Mon-Sat 09.30am-6pm Closed Sundays 90 Children welcome

Casual Dining


Whatever the time of day, whatever your mood, you’ll feel at home in the Café Bar at The Pomme d’Or Hotel. Our menu takes you from breakfast, via coffee, lunch and afternoon tea, to dinner, late night snacks and drinks. The ideal place to watch the world go by. Pomme d’Or Hotel, Liberation Square, St Helier | Open 7am-10pm every day (last orders 10pm) 40 Children and guide dogs are welcome


Casual Dining

The Windmill Inn



A tea rooms and deli by day offering breakfast, brunch and an all day menu which includes afternoon tea. A wine bar by night offering a rustic cheese and charcuterie menu ranging from fondue and raclette, to sharing platters and fresh homemade pizza to eat in or take-away. The Windmill Inn, Les Chenolles, St Peter | Tea Room Open Tues-Sun 9am5.30pm. Wine Bar open Tues-Sat 5.30pm-11pm Sun 12-5pm.


quoted He was a bold man that first ate an oyster. Jonathan Swift Food is an important part of a balanced diet.

If music be the food of love, play on.

In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is strength, in water there is bacteria.

After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.

We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.

There is no love sincerer than the love of food.

Fran Lebowitz

David Auerbach

Anna Thomas

William Shakespeare

Oscar Wilde

George Bernard Shaw

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates

I will not eat oysters. I want my food dead. Not sick. Not wounded. Dead. Woody Allen

We may find in the long run that tinned food is a deadlier weapon than the machine-gun. George Orwell



Greenhills Country House Hotel The charming Greenhills Country House Hotel stands within delightful gardens, snuggled in a tranquil rural setting at the heart of the parish of St Peter. The main wing of the hotel dates back to 1674, a history reflected in the unique character and atmosphere of this beautiful country house. From the moment you step inside there’s something very special about visiting Greenhills. Your hosts, Joe and Carmelita are welcoming - unobtrusive but always charming and helpful. It’s what the hotel’s small, dedicated team are known for and why they’re happy to welcome so many guests back time after time. At The Greenhills restaurant you’ll dine on the very finest locally sourced produce, crafted into stunning menus by their talented chef Lukasz Pietrasz. Their herb garden adds flavour and vitality to their dishes, inspired by the seasons and famous Jersey produce. Each dish tells the story of our unique island home, from scallops handpicked from clear local waters to the sweetest Jersey Royal potatoes, plucked from the ground that very day. Their bar is fully stocked with a fine selection of local ales, mellow whiskies, a fantastic range of gin and an exceptional selection of wines for you to discover. Their barman would love to rustle up a delicious cocktail for you. Lunches, afternoon teas and lighter bites can be served in the lounge by the log fire, in their fantastic bar or al fresco on the terrace by the pool, surrounded by the beautiful gardens.


OPENING HOURS Breakfast: Monday - Friday 7.30am - 9.30am, Saturday and Sunday 8am - 10am. Lunch: 12.30 - 2pm daily. Afternoon Tea: 2pm - 5.30pm daily. Dinner: 7pm - 9.30pm daily. Light bites: 7.30am - 11pm daily. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Smart Casual. Parties, meetings, weddings, christenings and special occasions all catered for. Seating: 60 inside and 25 outside.



Le Mont de L’Ecole, St Peter’s Valley, JE3 7EL GreenhillsCountryHotel


Merchant House Come and enjoy a fantastic meal from our delicious menu featuring the best of British and dishes from around the world. Nestled in the centre of St Helier, just in front of the Jersey Museum and Tourist Information centre, The Merchant House Brasserie is perfect for a quick meal before a meeting or a show, or a relaxing lunch or dinner with friends and family. With our large, sunlit terrace and Garden Bar, you can while away the afternoons over a lazy lunch, a refreshing drink or one of our delicious homemade cakes. In the evenings, when the lights come down and the terrace comes alive, you can come in and sample some of the best produce that Jersey and Britain have to offer or relax and unwind over one of our cocktails, craft beers, ales or any one of our wines by the glass. Both our Lunch, Dinner & Express Menus feature a fantastic selection of light salads & snacks, local seafood and top quality produce so whether you’re in a rush or planning on staying a while, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste. We are also the perfect venue to host your party as the terrace, restaurant and Jersey Heritage rooms are available for private hire. We look forward to seeing you soon! The Merchant House Team.


OPENING HOURS Sunday – Monday: 10am – 5pm. Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 11pm. Food served all day (8.45pm last orders). See website for winter opening times. Reservations recommended. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Dress code: casual to smart casual. Children welcome (dogs on terrace only). Parties welcome (pre-orders over 10 people). Seating 45 inside and 85 outside. Reservations


Weighbridge Place, St Helier, JE2 3NF



Grilled Jersey Asparagus (V*) (GF) served with a soft poached hens egg, hollandaise sauce and Parma ham or Trinity wild mushrooms

Grilled, Aged 8oz Slaney Farm Sirloin Steak served with slow roast Provençal tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, homemade onion rings, red skin hand cut chips and a choice of sauce

Juniper Infused Duck Liver Pate served with golden beetroot, golden raisin chutney, grilled brioche and red wine poached pear Seared Jersey Scallops served with sticky fried pork belly, soy vegetable ceviche and a Yuzu dressing MAINS – ‘FROM THE SEA’ Oven Roast Monkfish Tail (GF) served with a chive and potato gnocchi, marsh samphire, fennel confit and a cockle cream sauce Pan Fried Fillet of Sea Bass served with a chicken & chorizo paella, seared squid and basil red pepper aioli ½ Grilled Jersey Lobster* (GF) served with chive and mint buttered new potatoes, mixed salad and garlic butter, aioli or Mary Rose sauce *subject to availability

Assiette of Pork (GF) slow roast pork belly, braised pigs cheek and grilled tenderloin served with summer cabbage, braised shallot, fondant potato, curly crackling, red wine jus and homemade apple sauce Crispy Courgette Fritters (V) Served with Indian spiced chickpeas and lentil dahl, marinated paneer cheese crumb and basil garlic toast DESSERTS Pear & Pistachio Tart Served with a pear sorbet & vanilla sauce Anglaise Coffee & Chocolate Gateau served with a cappuccino ice-cream and rum cream Selection of French & British Cheeses served with celery, grapes, chutney and biscuits GF - Gluten free. V - Vegetarian. V* - Vegetarian by request.


Salty Dog Bar & Bistro The Salty Dog Bar & Bistro is an institution, cherished by locals and sought out (or a lucky discovery) by visitors. Set in the picturesque harbour of St. Aubin’s Village The Salty Dog Bar & Bistro has had their home down on the bulwarks since 1998 and over that time have built up a great team who are enthusiastic ambassadors of not only the food they’re helping to create but also the food industry as a whole. They love their local “Genuine Jersey” produce and are always excited about the great flavours they have worked to create on their menu. It is because of this love and dedication that they have gained a reputation for providing the most incredible food and great service too! Classic dishes with a contemporary twist make up the eclectic menu with seasonal local produce featuring on the weekly specials menu. The atmosphere is stylishly informal, great music, relaxed atmosphere, al fresco harbour side dining in the summer, cosy in the winter. Its walls are adorned with the quirky art of local young artists available to purchase whilst you dine. Popular for relaxed business suppers, romantic dinners, family celebrations or simply just as a treat, “The Salty” as regulars’ call it, will touch your soul and invite you back for more. Reservations are a must, but if you’re in the village, you never know, you might just sneak a spot.


OPENING HOURS 7 nights a week all year. Lunch: Tuesday - Sunday in high season & Friday, Saturday & Sunday in winter. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Dress code is smart casual. Children are welcome, dogs OK on the patio. There is seating for 60 inside and 40 outside. If you’d like to hold a party, give them a call.



Le Boulevard, St Aubin’s Village saltydogbistro @saltydogbistro

APPETITE SELECTED DISHES / SAMPLE MENU Famous Salty Dog King Prawns “Pana” oyster sauce, garlic and black bean sauce, sizzling hot pan and lime squeeze £9.95 Tempura Sole Fillets Jersey crab, avocado, mango and chilli salsa £9.50 Crispy Aromatic Duck Salad beansprouts, sugar snaps, pineapple, toasted peanuts and sesame seeds, Teriyaki dressing £8.50 Salty’s Tasting Platter for Two or More chipotle chilli king prawns, mango, coriander & lime salsa, seared scallops, crispy pork belly and quince aioli, salt cod croquette & salsa verde, chargrilled Moroccan harissa chicken £9.50pp

Salty Dog “Reef & Beef” chargrilled Slaney’s prime Irish sirloin, seared scallops and king prawns, chilli, garlic, coriander butter sauce, rice or hand cut chunky chips £25.00 Salty Dog Sumptuous Surf & Turf Best for two or more but can be served individually. Half lobster, scallops, king prawns, beef fillet medallions, sweet chilli, garlic and coriander sauce jasmine rice, new potatoes or hand cut chunky chips £30.00pp -Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cheesecake with salted caramel £7.00


Gooey Jersey Black Butter & Banana Toffee Pudding homemade clotted cream ice cream £7.00

Buttered Brill Fillet Parmesan croquettes, mustard spinach, lemon and crab butter sauce £19.00

Homemade Doughnuts and Dips, Baileys chocolate, apple compote, vanilla custard £7.25

Sri Lankan Curry chicken, king prawn or both. Indian spiced pear chutney, basmati rice and naan bread £14.50

Rich Hot Chocolate Liquor Shot and Amaretti biscuit to dip (gf) £4.50


The Boat House The Boat House Restaurant, Bar and Café is in the heart of beautiful St Aubin with stunning vistas of St Aubin’s Bay and harbour. They are open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. The perfect place to catch the morning sun and enjoy a Boat House Breakfast served with piping hot freshly ground coffees or one of their wide selections of herbal or traditional teas. Get comfy in one of their spaces that suits your mood. Weather permitting, their large sun soaked terrace is ideal for al fresco dining or just that glass of something cold. The Main Deck is a more casual affair serving comforting favourites such as beer battered fish & chips, locally caught seafood or succulent steaks. The bar area offers a place to meet friends for a cold crisp bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, ice cold draught beers and ales whilst keeping an eye on the sports on one of their large screens.


Wander upstairs for cocktails and dine from a menu inspired by all the wonderful ingredients that the Channel Islands and our near neighbours have to offer. The smoking hot Josper grill and rotisserie oven add some truly salivating aromas and tastes to their freshly prepared dishes.

OPENING HOURS Monday – Sunday 9am – 11.00pm ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Dress code: Smart casual. They cater for private events and parties. Children are part of the family and are more than welcome. Dogs permitted on Main Deck terrace only.

The Boat House Restaurant is part of The Boat House Group, a family run hospitality group that has been established on Jersey for over a decade with a reputation for offering warm service, freshly prepared cuisine and creating memorable experiences. It’s the perfect place with a perfect space for any occasion.



1 North Quay, St.Aubin, JE3 8BS




American Breakfast pancakes with syrup, bacon, hash brown and choice of eggs

Hake potato terrine, spinach, pickled onions, seaweed, brown shrimp butter sauce.

Eggs Benedict poached eggs, toasted muffin, fresh hollandaise sauce and smoked ham STARTERS Jersey Hand Dived Scallops spanish chorizo, cauliflower purée, pickled cauliflower and crushed pistachios Moules a la crème or marinière Warm Goat’s Cheese Salad pistachio, hazelnuts, shallots, lambs lettuce, honey and orange dressing Jersey Lobster & Caviar artichoke, Royal Bay Jersey Oyster veloute, sea herbs

Beef 8oz Fillet 10oz Sirloin Chateaubriand (500g) served with watercress, roasted cherry tomatoes and field mushrooms steak sauces creamy peppercorn | red wine jus | café de Paris butter Half Roasted Rotisserie Chicken marinated in rosemary and garlic or piri piri sauce, served with mixed salad and chips Josper Grilled Bass Fillet maitake mushrooms, chive purée, leeks, roast beetroot, spinach crisps Pan Fried King Oyster Mushroom (v) quail eggs, roasted shallot, parsnip bon bons, roast leek and mushroom purée


Tides Restaurant & Bar Tides restaurant is an all year round favourite location for foodies. Here, all the elements conspire to create a deliciously refined yet distinctly fun & relaxed experience; with delicious cocktails, fine wines and creative modern British dishes to delight the senses. Let your mind flow with the tide and lose yourself in one of the Island’s best views overlooking the whole of St Aubin’s Bay. This is a place to dream and relax, a perfect romantic escape and calming setting to celebrate a delicious meal with friends and family. Head Chef Chris Witham prepares what he calls good honest food. It’s just that. Fresh, beautifully presented and very tasty with an ethos of celebrating the best produce that the area has to offer. Their head barman Andre will help you choose wines which perfectly complement your food and in the evening the bar is a buzz with cocktail lovers enjoying the atmosphere and the evening lights over the Bay. In the afternoons, you can relax over delicate finger sandwiches and freshly baked scones lavished with Jersey cream, overlooking boats tinkering in the harbour... that’s why so many love to indulge in their celebrated afternoon tea. There really is something for everyone at Tides.

OPENING HOURS Breakfast: 7.45am-9.45am (weekdays) 8am-10am (weekends) Lunch: 12:30pm-1.45pm (last sitting) Afternoon Tea: 2.30pm-5.30pm (last sitting) Dinner: 7pm-8.45pm (last sitting) Snacks: 12:00pm-8.45pm (last sitting) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Dress code: smart casual. Seating - up to 140 persons. Private hire is available – all events catered for. Children over 4 years old are welcome and dogs only on the terrace. Reservations

741226 90

Mont Du Boulevard, St Aubin




Seared Scallops (GF) slow roast pork belly, crisp green apple and coriander

Tides Fish & Chips cider battered haddock, creamed peas, tartare sauce and hand cut chips

Chicken Liver Parfait (GF*) hot toasted brioche, spiced pear & smoked confit chicken leg Asparagus 3 Ways (GF) (V*) charred grilled, king oyster and wild mushroom with hollandaise sauce SOMETHING MEATY Charred Pork Belly (GF) smoked garlic mash, sticky pork cheeks, pickled carrot & frisee salad Tides Short Rib Burger (GF*) beef tomato, cheddar cheese, roast onion marmalade and hand cut chips SOMETHING VEGGIE Baked Free Range Egg Cocotte (V) Jersey cream, socca, truffles and mixed seed wafers Aloo Tikki (VG) dal makhana and sweetcorn, bean, shallot, tomato and onion seed salad

Pan Fried King Prawns (GF) tuna sashimi, nori seaweed, wasabi and coriander Pan Fried Fillet of Seabass (GF) broad beans, garden peas, crisp pancetta and shallot beurre blanc SOMETHING SWEET White Chocolate Cheesecake pistachio sponge with rhubarb, rose petal coulis and raspberry sorbet Lemon Posset burnt lavender meringue and blueberries Banoffee Mille-Feuille popcorn, caramel tuile and peanut butter mousse GF - Gluten free. GF* - Gluten free by request. V - Vegetarian. V* - Vegetarian by request. VG - Vegan


Candlelight A local favourite… One of the few island restaurants that specialises in flambés. The charming Candlelight Restaurant is locally renowned and offers excellent quality of traditional and modern French cuisine. Baked whole sea-bass served from the waiter’s trolley and watch out for their flambé steaks!! The restaurant features authentic exposed oak beams from the original 17th century coach house and Jersey granite fireplaces. With flickering candles on the tables, this is an outstanding setting for a romantic dinner or a cosy get together with friends and family... Chateaubriand and Steak Diane re-invented. A definite must is their famous “Drunken Bullock”, finest steak, impaled on a sword and spectacularly flamed at your table. D’Artagnan, eat your heart out!!!

OPENING HOURS Dinner Tuesday to Sunday during the Summer & Friday to Sunday during the Winter. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The dress code is smart casual. Children are welcome. Parties can be catered for, just call and ask. Seating: 100.


611111 92

Revere Hotel, Kensington Place,


Dorans A warm welcome awaits you at Doran’s Bistro as soon as you enter this very stylish bistro. Step inside this well-known Jersey bistro in Kensington Place and discover a charming restaurant, where you will find stone flagged floors and real oak beams together with a menu of rustic modern inspired dishes, specially selected for their imaginative combinations of flavour and texture. Their head chef Kris is waiting to take your tastebuds on a journey, with such temptations as our home made and famous “Potted Bread” which is a must! A different flavour every day straight from the oven and served piping hot to your table. Doran’s has an extensive à la carte and seasonal menu, which can be enjoyed in their outside courtyard should the weather allow, as well as a large selection of wines from around the world. Their friendly team will make sure that your every need is looked after and that you thoroughly enjoy your meal. Doran’s is not just a restaurant but an experience!

OPENING HOURS 6pm - 9.45pm Monday - Saturday ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The dress code is smart casual. Children are welcome. Parties can be catered for, just call and ask. There is seating for 60, plus alfresco in the summer.



Kensington Place, St Helier



Highlands Academy Restaurant The Academy Restaurant is a unique and affordable fine-dining experience delivered by Culinary Arts students who plan, prepare and serve a mouthwatering 3-course meal, under the direction of experienced, industry-professional chefs. Guests can expect a fusion of traditional British and French classics, incorporating seasonal and local produce, with a modern twist. Menus reflect current industry trends, with excellent value for money. Vegetarian options and specific dietary requirements are available on request. Students are professionally trained in their fully functional kitchen, restaurant, bar and dedicated banqueting room, which are all available for private functions, business lunches and special events. Service is impeccable under the guidance of their professional Front of House Manager and a range of menus and a full bar list are available at very competitive prices. Located on the outskirts of town with plenty of parking, The Academy Restaurant is a hidden treasure where you can experience the culinary delights of Jersey’s rising chef stars. “What a fantastic lunch! Thank you so much. Everyone was extremely impressed and that does not happen very often!”


OPENING HOURS Tuesday & Wednesday lunchtimes 12pm, £12 for 3 courses, term-time only. Thursday dinner 6.30pm, £16 for 3 courses, term-time only. Advance bookings highly recommended. Walk-ins subject to availability ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Plenty of parking. Great for business lunches with the opportunity to continue your meeting at your leisure. Children welcome. No dogs allowed. Seats 50 and can be hired for privately catered events.

Academy Restaurant, Highlands College, Highlands Lane, St Saviour, JE1 1HL 608560 Reservations


La Bastille La Bastille is an authentic owner run brasserie situated in the heart of St Helier. A popular destination for both locals and tourists and having recently undergone an incredible refurbishment it’s the perfect spot whether you’re wanting a leisurely lunch, dinner or a quick drink. You can expect a menu full of fresh, quality dishes all at reasonable prices. With traditional brasserie fare sitting side by side with light bites and sharing plates, a perfect sociable dining experience whatever the occasion. Their ever changing specials menu will always feature a fresh fish dish, determined by the catch of the day. It’s not just about the food they also have an extensive wine list all brought to you straight from the vineyards, thanks to the new owners long-standing relationships. This means the list is both great quality and once again great value. Their back bar also boasts 18 different gins to choose fromand an extensive cocktail list too. The second stage of the recent development will see the arrival of a real ale and craft beer bar at the rear of the premesis. When the sun is shining you’ll be able to choose a seat on either of their sun-trap terraces, the perfect spot to watch the world go by whilst sipping on something refreshing.

OPENING HOURS Lunch: Monday - Saturday 12-2.30pm. Dinner: Monday, Wednesday - Saturday 6-9pm. Food served all day Friday & Saturday. Sunday closed. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION No dress code. Children welcome, dogs on the terrace. Parties of up to 60 can be catered for. Seating: 60 inside and 15 outside.



35 Queen Street, St Helier, JE2 4WD labastilleJersey



La Siesta Tapas & Bistro Situated in a convenient town based location just a short walk from Green Street car park, midway along La Colomberie, La Siesta is a fabulous restaurant that has been serving happy customers tapas and an a la carte menu. Since they opened their doors four years ago Vinni has been responsible for the creations enjoyed by diners in his role as head chef and co owner of La Siesta. On January 1st he became the sole owner of the restaurant and is looking forward to continuing to develop their reputation for great food, value and service and can’t wait to welcome customers new and old to see the changes he’s made to the dining room and additions to their wine list. La Siesta has a regularly changing specials board and their seasonaly changing main menu is full of fresh seafood dishes and those using ingredients sourced locally. Perhaps the most legendary dish on their menu is their incredible Beef Wellington, which you can see in the photo on this page. Fear not there are also a good variety of vegetarian dishes on the menu and they can cater for a gluten free diet too. Whilst Vinni is mainly kept busy during service he works closely with Annette his front of house manager, to make sure that all their diners enjoy a visit to their relaxed and friendly restaurant.

OPENING HOURS Tuesday - Saturday: 12:00- 2:30pm & 5:30pm-till late. Sunday 5.30 - till late. Monday: Closed. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Dress code: come as you are. Children are welcome. Dogs allowed in the al fresco area. Parties welcome and there is seating for 100.


619334 96

41, La Colomberie, St Helier


Lazin Lizard Lazin Lizard is a cosy little restaurant with a lot of personality nestled in the heart of St Aubin. As soon as you walk through the door you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed. The friendly team are on hand to make sure that your visit to the Lazin Lizard is enjoyable, whether this is your first or fiftieth visit. We recommend you start your meal with one of their legendary cocktails, something they’re very well known for amongst their regular clientele. They serve a relaxed menu which includes favourites such as sticky cola ribs, Cajun spiced squid, sizzling chili garlic prawns, teriyaki king prawns on sirloin steak to name just a few. If you’ve never tried Bunny chow, we recommend you order it immediately. This South African fast food dish consists of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry, another speciality of the Lazin Lizard. They also have a frequently changing specials board which allows the team in the kitchen to work with the very best of local ingredients all year round. They work with local wine merchants Dunnels to ensure their list is varied and reasonably priced and it includes not just one but two red and white house wine choices, all of which are excellent. Whether it’s dinner for two or a group of you looking for somewhere to celebrate a special occasion the Lazin Lizard is the perfect spot.

OPENING HOURS Tuesday - Sunday dinner 6pm - till late. Saturday & Sunday lunch 12 - 2pm ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Dress code: come as you are. Parties and group bookings welcome. There is seating for 42



Charing Cross, Mont les Vaux, St Brelade



Ransoms Restaurant Sarah Ransom, a qualified pâtissier, returned from New Zealand in 1990 to join the family business that David and Janet, her father and mother, established in 1966. Janet’s idea was to create a typical tearoom where you could order a simple cup of tea and a cake. Sarah however, had grander thoughts of opening a smart restaurant with waitress service. They amalgamated their ideas and today this successful combination marries ‘mothers on the go who pop in for coffee after the school run’ to ‘discerning diners who seek the freshest produce and seafood that Jersey has to offer’. Add a superb choice of the scrummiest home-made cakes and breads and you have a formula that keeps the customers coming back for more. To quote Sarah, “our menu is simple and fresh and all our dishes are cooked to order. From super-food salads to fish and chips, to Jersey beef burgers, fresh hand-dived scallops and crab and lobster salads in the summer, we try to cater for all tastes. We include several vegan and gluten-free choices on our à la carte and Sunday lunch menus. We are fully licensed and parking is free and easy.” Spend a great day out shopping in the garden centre and gift shop, top up your tan in the courtyard and dine in the restaurant. Ransoms - a family owned business which last year celebrated 50 years of trading!


OPENING HOURS Monday – Sunday 8.30am – 7pm, last hot food orders 6pm. Open for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and supper. Please note last orders for cooked breakfasts 11.45am Mon-Sat (12.30pm Sun). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Come as you are! Dogs and children are welcome. Parties welcome and there is seating for 80 inside and 60 outside.



Ransoms Garden Centre, Faldouet, St Martin, JE3 6UD


Sangria Sangria is a new tapas bar and restaurant in the heart of the Royal Square. You’ll be welcomed in to the cosy interior, tastefully decorated with reminders of Spain or take a seat outside on the lovely sunny terrace free from the hustle and bustle of the high street. The menu consists of firm Spanish favourites made with top quality ingredients imported from Spain and constantly changing specials. Everything on the menu is homemade, the atmosphere is friendly and casual, and you can call in for a quick coffee or a glass of wine with a pintxo (tapas) or two, or linger longer and enjoy an authentic Galician steak of cooked to order Paella. The perfect place to head with friends or equally as good for a romantic date - this character packed eatery has it all. Their dishes such as Gambas Pil Pil; hot gambas in olive oil with chilli paprika and garlic, and their spin on classic calamari rings; with a fresh homemade lemon and chorizo mayonnaise are already firm favourites with their fast growing customer base. This restaurant might be new, but due to their wonderful staff and incredible food it’s already become one of the hottest places in town.

OPENING HOURS Currently open Tuesday - Saturday for lunch 11:00-2:30 and dinner 6:00-9:00. However there will be longer opening hours in the summer months, and they’ll also be open on Mondays so best to call and check! ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Seating: 16 inside. Outside approx 30 in the heated covered terrace. Private hire available. Children welcome - it’s a very small inside so they can’t accommodate prams, but plenty of space outside. Dogs outside.

Weekends are particularly popular, so booking is essential.



Royal Square, St Helier sangriajsy



The Waterfront At the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, the newly refurbished Waterfront Restaurant, Bar and Terrace make up a stylish new space with a contemporary feel. Offering unique views of Elizabeth Marina and Castle and St Aubin’s Bay, along with unrivalled personal service, this really is the place to be. The Waterfront Bar and Terrace serve up a delicious light menu from 10:30 until 23:00. There’s even live music every weekend to keep you entertained! The alfresco south-facing terrace is the perfect spot to soak in the sunshine, next to the yachts, with parasols and heaters to keep you cosy into the early evening. The a la carte menu in the Restaurant features an eclectic menu, created using fresh local and seasonal produce, all served in a relaxed yet sophisticated environment. The generous three course choice Sunday lunch menu, served from 12:30 to 15:30 every week, is very popular with families and children under eight eat free. There is also live music afterwards in the Waterfront Bar and Terrace. Their delicious and varied menu is brought to you by Executive Chef Nadeem Akhter. Nadeem has been with the group for over 14 years. He has created fabulous dishes all over the world , working with the teams in Dubai and Moscow, the Middle East, UK and now brings his experience and fusion of international dishes to the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel Jersey..

OPENING HOURS Dinner every day 6:30-10pm. Sunday lunch 12:30 to 3.30 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The dress code is smart casual. Children are welcome and there is a children’s menu available. Parties can be held, with private dining up to 80 in the Elizabeth Room. The restaurant seats 80 people.


671100 100

Rue de L’Etau, St Helier



Offering creative seasonal and local menus in a relaxed, stylish and informal setting. Victoria’s is the perfect brasserie experience for breakfast and dinner every day. With a diverse menu of traditional classics and international influences, discreet service and the stunning setting, Victoria’s is the ideal place for a family occasion or dinner with friends. Open seven days a week for breakfast and dinner.

With unparalleled views across the majestic sweep of St Aubin’s Bay and Elizabeth Castle, the Terrace at Grand Jersey is a sun swept relaxed and comfortable space with style where you can enjoy the sunshine and a Summer inspired menu from galettes to salads and prosecco to local draft ale. Open during the Summer months, 10am until late, weather dependant.

Receive 20% off your meal when you present this page on arrival.


EATING ISLANDWIDE From the Dolan Groups humble beginnings in the 80’s when the family purchased the Somerville Hotel – a then crumbling 2* property above St Aubin’s Harbour - it’s no wonder why its four core values of quality, integrity, personality and value for money have elevated this family owned chain to one of the most loved groups in Jersey and the only 4* hotel & restaurant chain in the Channel Islands.

With 8 bars & restaurants in some of the best locations in the island and concepts ranging from quality comfort food at the Sands Café Bar to International casual dining at the Merchant House and Refined Modern British in Tides, it’s varied array of high quality dining and drinking establishments make it clear to see why the group is a favourite for a broad spectrum of locals and tourists alike. Tides – Its flagship Restaurant & Lounge bar – has been a regular hub for islanders for well over two decades thanks to its excellent reputation for great food, fantastic personal service, decadent cocktails and unbeatable views over St. Aubin’s bay. With new Head Chef Chris Witham and Group Exec Head Chef Phillipe Maratier behind the helm, an exciting wave of fresh new menus that shy away from the 5-course marathon format of old are taking pride of place in showcasing the best seasonal produce the area has to offer. As well as a full refurbishment planned for the 2017/18 season, this is showing that Tides will continue to be a favourite for many years to come. In the Merchant house, with the ethos of ‘Keep it simple, quality ingredients speak for themselves’, Head Chef Dan Teesdale has created a delicious menu complete with Brasserie favourites made to the highest standard. A must visit for anyone travelling to St Helier. Find out more at


Chris Witham

Phillipe Maratier

Dan Teesdale

Who’s been the most important culinary influence in your life? My mother was the one who peaked my interest in cooking from baking and cooking with her when I was younger.

Who’s been the most important culinary influence in your life? My first head chef and lecturer in France. He’s the one who really drove my passion in the early days and taught me the art of good food.

Who’s been the most important culinary influence in your life?: Not one person in particular but more the kitchen teams and kitchen atmosphere I’ve experienced over the years. I’m massively fond of Marco Pierre White and Tom Kerridge though. More substance over style!

Head Chef, Tides Restaurant

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten? As long as it is edible as a chef nothing should really be deemed as being weird, but maybe just appreciated for its difference.

Group Executive Head Chef

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten? Deep fried Lamb “Balls”. Not an experience that I’d like to re-visit!

What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without? In my kitchen, I couldn't live without butter, garlic, thyme and salt.

What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without? A good bottle of wine to compliment great food and the company of good friends

Are there any foods you just don’t like? There isn't a lot I won’t eat or don't like, but after working for years with smoked salmon I really don't have a big love for that. The way the smell stays with you is a little overbearing!

Are there any foods you just don’t like? Lamb balls…

Head Chef, Merchant House Brasserie

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten? As a chef nothing is weird! More a matter of flavour. What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without? Garlic & thyme. They sit well with almost everything and add that lovely savoury edge. Are there any foods you just don’t like? Raw celery without a doubt. I tried it again recently and I just don’t get it!



Wildfire Wildfire Tapas, Bars and Grill is modelled on the informal style of New York’s Grill Restaurants. Upstairs features the Wildfire Grill restaurant offering a wide range of different breeds and cuts of beef cooked over coal, as well as a selection of other meats and local fish. Their latest speciality is the Strip club, 6oz Angus fillet & 6oz New York strip (A bit of each) cooked to your liking served with our hand cut truffle chips, Cajun onion rings and your choice of mouthwatering sauce on the side. Head down and see their talented mixologists at their cocktail bars downstairs before you dine. You must try one of their Pornstar cocktails, Wildfire is now infamous for them!! The Cocktail & Tapas Bar Parties for groups are proving very popular, where guests are invited to make their own cocktails! They now have a new Gin Garden List on their menu featuring gin cocktails and a range of new gins and mixers together with some brand new cocktails.. Love Machine and Mango Collins are popular.


Downstairs at Fuegos Tapas you can relax and enjoy their small plates, tapas and deli lunch and dinner options, including our range of steaks from 6oz to 24oz served at cowhide booths and seating areas, soaking up the casual yet contemporary and informal dining and drinking atmosphere.

OPENING HOURS Ground Floor tapas - Open 12pm until close, 7 days a week. First Floor Steakhouse - 6pm to close, 7 days a week. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The dress code is smart casual. Children are welcome. Parties can be catered for, set menu options are available. The restaurant seats 200.

Wildfire is perfect for a meal with friends and if you are looking to organise a corporate event or party try their three course tapas and steak set menu options. At Wildfire there is always a special occasion and you are always guaranteed great staff and friendly service.



14 Mulcaster Street, St Helier, JE2 3NJ







Barros Tropical Bistro

Expect a warm welcome from this relaxed local favourite, where the proprietor is also the chef. On the menu at Aromas you’ll find home-cooked fresh recipes, designed to be as delicious as possible. Make sure you book in advance. 44 Kensington Place, St Helier | Open Mon-Sat 6-10pm 50 Children welcome early but no dogs allowed


Restaurant Coastal

Bay Restaurant

37 David Place, St Helier | Open Mon-Sat 6pm- last orders at 10pm Children welcome


Enjoy an appetising a la carte or table d’hote menu in the warmth of the beautiful Bay Restaurant at the St Brelade’s Bay hotel, complemented by stunning panoramic sea views. Or why not treat yourself to afternoon tea, which can be taken on the terrace in the glorious sunshine.



A long-established pizza / pasta restaurant, Bella Italia caters for everything from business lunches to family dinners. Their spaghetti with meatballs is a favourite, and every Tuesday night, Highlands students eat half-price. 10-12 York Street, St Helier | Open 9am-11.30pm every day 120 Child-friendly with baby changing and high-chairs




Beau Rivage


The bistro has fantastic views from every table over St Brelade’s Bay and serves good quality English, continental and seafood. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day during the summer season (April to October) and you can eat in the Bistro itself, in the Conservatory, or on the sun terrace. Beau Rivage Hotel, St Brelade’s Bay | Open Mon-Sat 11am-8pm, Sun 12-7pm 30

Restaurant Italian

Bella Italia


This friendly Portuguese restaurant on the outskirts of town is a big hit with locals who love the authentic espetadas, cataplanas and Bacalhau as well as other traditional favourites. Make sure you book ahead though, this popular restaurant gets very busy.


La Route de la Baie | Open Every day 12.30-2pm and 7-9pm stbreladesbayhotel.comthe-bay-restaurant.html

Restaurant Portuguese



Bellagio Restaurant



If you look at their website you’d think it was 1990 but they must be doing something right. This tucked away, Italian restaurant gets consistently good reviews on Tripadvisor without really shouting about it.

8 Charing Cross, St Helier | Open Lunch- Mon-Sat 12pm-2pm Dinner Mon-Sat 6pm-9pm Child friendly











22 Beresford St, Fish Market, St Helier | Open Mon - Sat lunch 12-2pm dinner 6-9.30pm 20 Children welcome





The ‘Bon Viv’ is an institution on St Aubin’s bulwark. Traditional to the last, the harbourside venue offers the perfect alfresco area to soak up the village and harbour scenery. It’s a menu that probably hasn’t changed in 30 years, yet probably hasn’t needed to with old classics and italian favourites.

Bonetti’s at The Merton Hotel offers an Italian-style menu using fresh and local produce wherever possible. You can enjoy your lunch or dinner in the light and airy atrium setting, or head to the terrace to dine Al Fresco: soak up the sun and enjoy the views of the Merton’s garden.




Merton Hotel, Belvedere Hill, St Saviour, JE4 9PG | Open Every Day 12:30 – 22:00 Children welcome



Tucked away on St Aubin’s cobbled high street, Bracewells is bijou with just 25 covers. The menu includes a variety of cuisines such as Italian, French, Japanese, English, Latin-American as well as Oriental and Thai influences so something for everyone. La rue du Croquet, St Abubin | Open Mon-Sat 11:30am-2pm 5:30-9:30pm max 25



Located in St Helier’s fish market this little gem is somewhat of a stealth venue, having dominated Tripadvisor for some time but falling under the radar for a lot of locals. Fish, as you’d imagine, is on the menu - all fresh from the fishmongers just feet away.

Bon Viveur Restaurant 741049

Le Boulevard, St Aubin | Open 8am - 9pm 70 / 24 outside Children welcome. Dogs on the bulwark.



Bistro Rosa


The Belvedere at the Merton Hotel serves hearty breakfasts, delicious buffet dinners and Sunday lunches. Make an evening of it and enjoy some of the best entertainment in Jersey. You’ll love their fantastic tribute nights, the glitz and glamour of variety acts, hilarious stand-up comedy, and much more. Merton Hotel, Belvedere Hill, St Saviour, JE4 9PG | Open Every day Children welcome



Cab companies Liberty Cabs 01534 767700 Luxicabs 01534 887000 Citicabs 01534 499999 Car collection services Prime Carback 01534 888830 Home James 01534 630700



Restaurant .

Café Poste

Caffe Ristorante Italia


Originally the village Post Office, Café Poste’s relaxed modern rustic style and eclectic menu make it a popular restaurant. With a wood-burning stove in winter, and a palm-shaded alfresco area in summer, it makes a great lunch stop or romantic dinner setting. Cafe Poste, Rue de la Ville es Renauds, Grouville | Open Wed-Sun 11.45am-2pm, dinner 6.30-9pm 34 Children welcome



Caribbean Vibz


Restaurant Coastal

Corbiere Phare


Picture postcard views from this fully licensed restaurant overlooking Corbiere Lighthouse. With everything from seafood specials to vegetarian meals and classic favourites on the menu, this restaurant is open for lunch and dinner with outside seating in the summer. Corbiere Phare, Rue de la Corbiere, St Brelade | Open Lunch 12-3pm. Dinner 6pm-9pm. Bar open 12am-11pm 120 Children welcome but no dogs


4-6 La Colomberie, St Helier | OpenTues-Sat 12-2pm. Dinner 5:30pm-10pm Sunday 9.30am - 10pm Mon- Closed Children welcome



Casa Mia

Watch the tide come in from the windows of this beachfront restaurant in the former ‘Nelson’s Eye’, right on the seafront at Havre des Pas. The team that brought you St Helier’s Carribean café have relocated to the beach for some irie food and entertainment.



Established in 1993 by Silvio Zammataro and Ugo Albertini and still run under the same partnership. Both partners have similar backgrounds having worked in 5 star Hotels in Switzerland and in Italy and after several years spent in these hotels, they decided to combine to offer their Italian feast here in Jersey.


Havre des Pas, St Helier | Open Mon-Sun 5.30pm 11.30pm Closed Tuesday 34 Children welcome




The popular Casa Mia specialises in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine from the contemporary to the traditional, serving fresh local fish, steak and their speciality Sunday lunch in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

57 Kensington Place, St Helier | Open Mon-Sat Lunch 12-2pm Dinner 5.45pm10.30pm 65 Children welcome


Restaurant Seafood

Dolphin Restaurant


The Dolphin Hotel on Gorey Pier serves a wide variety of Portuguese and continentalstyle fresh seafood, and shellfish specialities. There are tables outside for alfresco meals in the summer, and a lighter snack menu in the grill bar. Dolphin Hotel, Gorey Pier, St Martin | Open 12-2.15pm and 6.30-10pm every day. 70 Children welcome








Funchal Paradise

Right on the pier at Gorey, Feast’s outside tables are all sunshine and sea views and inside, there’s a modern retro interior with eclectic touches and an airy, welcoming feel. The food’s excellent - fresh, unfussy and modern and almost all the wines are under £25. 10-11 Gorey Pier, St Martin | Open Tues - Sun, lunch 12-2.30pm, dinner 6-11pm 40 inside, 30 outside Children welcome





Although Thai is now in every bay on the island, the strong love of Portuguese food is still very much alive in Jersey. Specialises in Portuguese cuisine, including espetadas, cataplanas and chicken piri piri, this space also have a good choice of English dishes, fresh fish and seafood. 68 Colomberie, St Helier | Open 7 days a week lunch & dinner until 10pm Children welcome





The contemporary and stylish Garden View restaurant and terrace at the Hotel de France is open every day from morning to late evening, serving everything from a morning or breakfast cappuccino, to a light Ayurvedic lunch, a leisurely afternoon tea or dinner if you’d prefer.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of town at this small, friendly restaurant which specialises in fish and seafood. Sit outside on the quiet patio for alfresco summer dining, and don’t miss the infamous signature dish prawns with black bean sauce.


Green Island


Colomberie Court, St Helier, JE2 4QB | Open Tues-Sat 12-2pm, 7-9.30pm Children welcome



This popular beach side restaurant is just at the top of the slipway at Green Island, with uninterrupted sea views from their alfresco terrace. The menu features tasty Mediterranean classics like crispy grilled sardines in garlic and lime or squid and chorizo, sprinkled with chilli. Green Island, St Clement | Open Lunch Tues-Sun 12-2.30pm. Dinner Tues-Sat 6.30-9.30pm 36 inside. Alfresco during the summer months Children welcome



Garden View Restaurant 614000

Hotel de France, St Saviours Road, St Saviour | Open 8am -10pm daily. Inside 80 Outside 50 Children welcome









Indigos at the Hotel Cristina is open to non residents and offers a good central location and view over the island from a high vantage point. One of the most popular dishes is the pan roasted Slaney farm rack of lamb with rosemary, garlic, sweet potato cake, kale cabbage, crispy parsnip and red wine jus. Hotel Cristina, Mont Felard | Open Every day 8am-10am and 6:30-8:30pm Children welcome.


Restaurant Italian

La Cantina


La Hacienda


As the island’s only Genuine Jersey restaurant member, since 2010, the menu at La Cantina is full of dishes using seasonal ingredients sourced from the finest local producers. Whilst pizza and pasta are the mainstay of most Italian restaurant menus, they are not the only things you’ll find here. 7 Pierson Road, West Park, St Helier | Open Lunch: Tues-Sat 12-2pm, dinner: MonSat 6pm-10.30pm 80 inside. 20 al fresco Children welcome. Dogs al fresco.


Restaurant Seafood

La Taverne Restaurant


9 Caledonia Pl, Weighbridge, St Helier| Food served Mon - Thurs 12-2pm & 6pm-8.30pm Fri & Sat 12-3pm & 6pm-9pm 30



Situated in the town centre, on the corner of the square at West Centre (near the cows), this warm and welcoming Portuguese restaurant does a mean espetada along with a varied Mediterranean menu including Italian and continental-style food. 5/6 West Centre, Bath Street, St Helier | Open Every day 6-10.30pm Children welcome


Restaurant Italian

Little Italy


Restaurant Mediterranean

Mano’s Bistro


For the complete Mexican experience then look no further than this delightful Cantina in the middle of The Weighbridge. Located above the very popular Air Mex Lounge Bar and entry is through the colourful and rustic tiled doorway which leads you up a curving staircase into the restaurant.

La Taverne Restaurant is one of Jersey’s longest established Italian and French cuisine restaurants. Offering a warm and friendly atmosphere, they have been serving clients with consistently good, traditional Italian and French food since 1982. 6 York Street, St Helier | Open Mon-Sat Lunch 12-2pm. Dinner 6.30-10pm

Restaurant Mexican


Run by proper Italians’ is the review people often give about this place. As opposed to restaurants run by robots, clearly. A solid but classic restaurant that won’t break the bank.

36 Kensington Place, St Helier | Open from 5:45pm -10pm Tues-Sun Children welcome




Mark Jordan at the Beach 780180 The clue’s in the name: one well known island chef and a beach side restaurant that serves casual, relaxed food with a superb sea view. It’s a winning combination for Mark Jordan at the Beach, which opened in 2011 with a bistro-style menu of honest, high quality food. La Plage, La Route de la Haule, St Peter | Open Tues-Sun in the winter and every day in the summer. Lunch 12-2.30pm, dinner 6-9.30pm 50 inside and 30 outside Children welcome





Mino’s 737397 A small family-run restaurant with a friendly atmosphere, Mino’s specialises in Italian and French cuisine. Most popular on the menu is the Steak Diane, as well as the delicious seafood dishes like crab and lobster thermidor.



66 Bath Street, St Helier | Open 12-10.15pm Mon-Sat but no dogs


23 Havre des Pas, St Helier | Open Mon-Fri 12-2pm and 5.30-9pm. Sat & Sun 123pm and 5.30-10pm 60 Children are welcome




Children welcome


Montana Club - Savoy


This family-run Portuguese restaurant at Havre des Pas specialises in espetadas and cataplanas as well as plenty of fresh fish and seafood. There are a few outside tables for alfresco dining in the summer.

Jazz Club


Plenty of good quality fresh food including local fish on the menu at this one rosette restaurant. The Montana Club’s young enthusiastic chef brings an innovative twist to traditional ingredients. Friday nights bring a great live Jazz night too. Rouge Bouillon, St Helier, JE2 3ZA | Open 6.30pm - 9pm every day Children welcome





Murrays 747936

Ommaroo Hotel

Occupying a prime spot in the popular harbour village of St Aubin Murray’s changed ownership in 2015. They offer a variety of food from pizzas and pastas to fish and chips and will continue to serve a selection of gluten free options.

This Harve des Pas based hotel is open daily to non residents for lunch, tea & coffee, afternoon tea and dinner. They offer a reasonable traditional menu with great views of the sea.

Norton House, La Neuve Route | Open 9.00am-9.30pm welcome



Max Grill is a popular Portuguese restaurant. Tania, your host, is originally from Portugal and offers a range of traditional Portugese cuisine including bacalhau a gomes sa, espatadas, piri piri and paella. Max Grill has an open friendly atmosphere and good service with a smile.




Max Grill 724421

46 Bath street | Open 1am - 1am, ( last orders 12.30am) 7 days a week. Takeaway available 50 children welcome





Havre Des Pas, St Helier | Open Every day 12-2.30pm and 7-8.30pm (Fri 6-8.30pm)



Restaurant Seafood

Oyster Box




Bright and airy with sweeping bay views through the picture windows, this sleek and sophisticated restaurant specialises in the best and most ethical seafood - local line-caught fish, hand-dived scallops, Jerseygrown fruit and vegetables and of course, plenty of oysters. La Route de la Baie, St Brelade’s Bay | Open Times vary during the seasons, check online for up to date info. Mon 6-9pm, Tues-Thurs 12-2.30pm and 6-9pm, Fri-Sat 12-2.30pm and 6-9.30pm, Sun 12-3pm and 6-9pm 90 inside, 60 outside Children welcome and dogs permitted outside


Restaurant Italian

Pizzeria Romana

Le Mont les Daux, St Aubin, JE3 8AF | Open Dinner 6-10pm every day Children welcome



Restaurant Seafood

Roseville Bistro


This popular restaurant has been in the same family for 40 years. Roseville Bistro, with its nautically-themed decor specialises in seafood and is just a few steps away from the seafront at Havre des Pas.

86 Roseville Street, St Helier | Open Every day 5pm-midnight welcome




Restaurant Seafood





Relaxed and friendly, Pedro’s has a reasonably-priced menu which focuses on fresh local produce. As well as plenty of seasonal specials, there’s fresh fish, steaks, vegetarian dishes and an extensive and reasonable wine list.

Step inside one of the oldest buildings in St Helier, and you’ll be treated to a real Italian experience. Watch your pizza being made in front of you - authentic Italian-style of course - and don’t miss out on the delicious pasta at this friendly restaurant. 17 Charing Cross, St Helier, JE2 3RP | Open every day 12-3pm and 6-11pm. Children welcome

Restaurant European


At first you might doubt the sanity of eating in a former abattoir. When you enter the complex however it becomes clear that they’ve added a lustrous polish to a landmark site. A great business lunch destination, Quayside offers quality food and a commanding view over the yachts in the marina. Liberty Wharf, St Helier | Open Tues-Sat 12-2pm and 6-9.30pm, Sun 12-5pm


Restaurant British



This contemporary hotel restaurant offers table d’hote and a la carte menus, and specialises in fresh local produce. Seasons has an AA rosette, awarded to ‘excellent restaurants ... where the food is prepared with care, understanding and skill, using goodquality ingredients.’ Royal Hotel, David Place, St Helier| Open 6.30-9pm every day welcome royalhoteljersey.comseasons-restaurant







Seven Angels






The Bass and Lobster

Sit on the gorgeous Terrace at L’Horizon Hotel & Spa and soak up the sunshine and views of stunning St Brelade’s bay. Open during the summer, this alfresco restaurant prepares all food fresh to order on their outside grill. L’Horizon Hotel & Spa, La Route de la Baie, St Brelade, JE3 8EF | Open 11am till dusk (May to September, weather permitting). 75 Children welcome, no dogs allowed, except guide dogs.




Offering a welcoming and cosy restaurant and bar with a large alfresco area in the heart of St John. A beautiful old farmhouse offering quality food in a cosy environment, perfect for couples, groups and family get-togethers and a great venue for private functions also. La Route Du Nord, St John | Open Mon – Sun 11am – 11pm 110 in the restaurant, 30 at the bar and 80 in the beer garden. Children (there’s a large play area) and guide dogs welcome.


Private Dining


This private space accommodates six people seated and pulls upon the creativity of the three other restaurants within the Royal Yacht Hotel by allowing guests to choose dishes from any of those menus. Perfect for that very special occassion. The Royal Yacht, Weighbridge, St Helier | Open Bookable in advance


The Farm House


The Cellar


Established in 2009, this popular local restaurant has been recognised throughout the island for providing fresh local produce. There is a guarantee that the title dishes, bass and lobster, are served daily and the chef has local hidden treasures ready for your latest dining experience. Gorey Coast Road, St Martin | Open Lunch Tues-Sat 12-2:30pm Dinner Tues-Sat 6-9pm 180 Children and guide dogs welcome


The Terrace: L’Horizon 743101


Offer delicious home-made meals in cosy surroundings, perfect for dinner with friends, formal luncheon or meetings outside the office. They offer up a pretty legendary Beef Wellington, amongst other dishes on their wholesome menu. 80 Bath Street | Open Mon-Sat 12.00-2.30pm,6-10pm.Sunday Seasonal. Children welcome




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Restaurant Coastal

The Grill


The Green Olive


The Grill offers perfectly cooked dishes with all the right accompaniments. An excellent glass of wine rounds off your meal in this relaxed grill which serves some of the best steaks in St Helier. There’s no need to book up, just turn up and make yourself at home. Royal Yacht Hotel, Weighbridge, St Helier | Open 11am-11pm every day (last orders 10pm) 20


Restaurant Seafood

The Harbour Room



Quality ingredients, enthusiastic and friendly staff, in a breathtaking location. The chef’s creations feature fresh local produce and everything is homemade. One of Jersey’s best loved Easty eateries, set adjacent to a sandy beach in the tranquil harbour within the bay of Rozel. La Brecque du Nord, Rozel Harbour | Open Tues-Sat Lunch 12pm-2pm Dinner 6pm-9pm Sunday 12pm-2.30pm 35 Children Welcome navigatorjersey. com


1 Anley Street, St Helier | Open Lunch and dinner Tues-Fri Sat dinner only. 45 Children welcome



The Muddy Duck


Restaurant Seafood

The Navigator

Modern British

Jersey man Paul Le Brocq and his wife Anna took ownership of The Green Olive restaurant on Anley Street in 2002 and since then has taken what was purely a vegetarian restaurant and transformed it into an establishment with a delicious menu that now incorporates all but red meats.



Family run restaurant set in the heart of St Aubins. All dishes made to order with local seasonal produce and a variety of great daily specials are available. There’s a large decked terrace for al fresco dining and a cosy granite style restaurant inside.

The Harbour Room at The Pomme d’Or Hotel is an elegant, relaxed restaurant, with magnificent views across Liberation Square to the marina. Famous in Jersey for its sumptuous Sunday carvery lunch & magnificent Friday seafood night. Pomme d’Or Hotel, Liberation Square, St Helier | Open Lunch 12-2pm, dinner 6.30-10pm. Sunday lunch 12-2.30pm 60 inside and 40 al fresco Children and dogs welcome outside


Le Boulevard, St Aubin’s Village | Open Tues–Sun Lunch 12.30-2.30pm Dinner Closed Mondays and Bank Holidays 60 Children and guide dogs welcome.






There is an extensive menu with choices to suit everyone and on Sundays you can enjoy our famous ‘Slunch’ all day until 8pm. With a beautiful modern look including banquette seating and unusual fun art, and delicious food prepared by a team of passionate chefs. Queens Road, St Helier | Open 12.30-1.45pm, 7-8.45pm (last orders) every day 80 Well-behaved children welcome but no dogs






The Paper Fig

The Retreat


A modern combination of French and British cuisine, using fresh, seasonal and local products. With authentic Breton influences the Paper Fig’s dishes are distinctive and full of flavour. The restaurant has a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, with a great view of Gorey harbour. Gorey Pier, St Martin | Open Lunch, Wed - Sat 12- 2:30pm, Sun 12-3pm Dinner, Wed - Sat 18:00 - 21:00


Hotel la Place, Route du Coin, La Haule, St Brelade | Open Every day 6.30-9pm. Sun lunch 12-3pm, 60 Children and guide dogs welcome






Tiffin has been a roaring success in Bristol since 2010 and now islanders have the opportunity to sample its fine cakes and eastern tea delights. The teahouse concept has been contemporarily expanded to make it a full blown restaurant; one with killer marina views. Castle Quay, The Waterfront, St Helier | Open 9am-11pm Daily Children welcome, dogs welcome outside



Family friendly


This stylish family bar and restaurant is just a stone’s throw from St Brelade’s Bay. You can enjoy delights from the menu in their spacious beer garden, or simply enjoy sipping on a glass of chilled wine or bottle of beer basking in what is the perfect sun trap. La Marquanderie Hill, St.Brelade | Open Mon – Sun 11am – 11pm Children (there’s a large play area) and guide dogs welcome.




The Tree House


A family restaurant with alfresco tables so you can sit outside on Gorey Pier. The Seascale serves everything from breakfast to lunch, afternoon teas and dinner - with the main focus of the menu Italian, French and Portuguese dishes. Gorey Pier, St Martin | Open 9-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm in the winter, open all day every day in the summer 45 Children welcome


Wooden beams line the ceiling of this light and airy restaurant, with alfresco tables around the wishing well in the courtyard. The menu is a blend of British and French influences with an emphasis on top quality local ingredients, and there’s an extensive wine list.

Restaurant Traditional

The Seascale hotel

Restaurant Hotel



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Bohemia Bohemia was responsible for starting Jersey’s Michelin star restaurant standard over the last decade. Under the guidance of Steve Smith, the tasting menu is statement dining at its best. Bohemia Restaurant has style in abundance, with chic surroundings and it enjoys vibrant energy from the popular bar. It breaks ranks with the traditions usually associated with Jersey, blending a relaxed yet sophisticated dining experience along with local island produce. Bohemia has won wide acclaim for showcasing the best the island has to offer, such as the John Dory, served with shrimp, cauliflower, pickled grape and sorrel. The Chef’s Table, right in the heart of the kitchen, allows six diners to see Chef Steve Smith at work and absorb the energy of the kitchen. The main dining room and private Bohemia rooms offer a variety of options for modern private dining. Bohemia Bar is a haven for cocktails with casual seating for fifty along with a full bar and cocktail list, and snacks available for lunch and dinner. Bohemia has held a Michelin Star since 2005. Bohemia is ranked as the highest scoring restaurant in the Channel Islands in the Good Food Guide 2016 & 2017 with a glowing score of seven. Bohemia was also named one of top 50 best restaurants in the UK in The Sunday Times Top 100 Food List 2016.

OPENING HOURS Monday-Thursday 10am-Midnight. Friday & Saturday 10am-1am. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Monday-Friday set lunch £24.95. Saturday set lunch £24.95. Classic Menu from £49. Tasting Menu £75. Dress code: smart/casual. Guide dogs only. The restaurant seats 66 people.


876500 116

Green Street, St Helier, JE2 4UH


Scallop caramelised cauliflower – caper & raisin – truffle Pressed Duck Confit & Foie Gras beetroot & hibiscus – sour dough Winter Vegetable Salad tarragon emulsion – pecan brittle Seared Foie Gras apple – blackberry & caramelised pecan -Braised Beef Cheek endive – broccoli – pear Sea Bass langoustine – sweetcorn – purslane – chanterelle

Turbot cauliflower & oyster – seaweed Lamb Loin & Braised Shoulder Jerusalem artichoke & black garlic -Pré-Dessert -Roast Pear sticky toffee cake – brown butter Coffee Mascarpone – Amaretto Mango Douglas Fir – blueberry Chocolate Mayhem

Afternoon Tea at Bohemia

One of the UK’s top fine dining establishments

Jersey’s most celebrated bar and restaurant, Michelin starred Bohemia, is renowned for its luxurious afternoon tea. Head Pastry Chef Ellen de Jager is the mastermind behind the chic desserts and pastries at both the fine dining restaurant and Bohemia’s Afternoon Tea Collection.


Each afternoon tea is served with traditional sandwiches and a delicate selection of cakes and fancies, which are created using locally sourced ingredients. Ellen and the team at Bohemia create their desserts around the seasons, so the menus change regularly.

“Each afternoon tea is served with traditional sandwiches and a delicate selection of cakes and fancies, which are created using locally sourced ingredients.” Lavish treats include a mini Pumpkin and Cinnamon Pie; a Blueberry & Arabian tea sphere with Lime and Vanilla; and Pistachio Olive Oil cake with a smooth Pistachio Mousse smothered in Guanaja Chocolate. For Ellen there is a big focus on textures in puddings, such as crunchy, smooth, sharp and creamy. Presentation plays a huge role in Ellen’s creations as she believes that the customer eating experience starts with the eyes. The colourful, intricate desserts are decorated with precision with candied fruits and chocolate shards, and filled with smooth, velvety centres.

Proof is in the pudding as the Michelin star restaurant was named as one of the top 10 places in the whole of the UK in which to eat pudding by the Sunday Times Food List. Each afternoon tea comes with plain and raisin scones with traditional Jersey Black Butter, Strawberry Jam and Clotted Cream. This is served with a selection of loose leaf teas and herbal infusions. Visitors to the island are lucky enough to sample a full afternoon tea from just £19.95 per person. Bohemia endeavours to offer a variety of local, fresh produce in all dishes and celebrates

seasonal fruits and vegetables. The majority of ingredients are locally sourced from the island of Jersey, while other ingredients are gathered from France. Bohemia is open for afternoon tea from Monday to Sunday, from 2.15pm until 5.30pm.

Bohemia Bar & Restaurant Green Street, St Helier, JE2 4UH Reservations

880588 119


No.10 Restaurant & Bar No. 10 serves high quality food and drink in a vibrant, relaxed and unfussy manner. The restaurant showcases genuinely seasonal cooking that represents the best products from the British Isles and Europe: they look for the best ingredients they can find and prepare them simply but with care and attention to detail. The 50-seat restaurant is a casual, relaxed space set over two floors of an iconic St Helier building on Bond Street. The warm, copper panelled basement bar is an excellent place for a pre/post-dinner drink, serving seasonally inspired cocktails, along with a great wine list, draught and craft beers. The ground floor restaurant is a clean, minimalist space that allows the food to shine. At this small, family run restaurant from Annie, Jolyon and Joseph Baker, a passion for good food, drink and company informs the way everything is done. There is an attention to detail in the design of the restaurant that all equates to a unique ambience with a timeless feel. Joe’s cooking reflects his time spent working in London, San Sebastian and Margaret River along with a deep connection to Jersey. Lunches focus on a regularly changing menu of small plates designed to share. Ideal for quick lunches. Dinner consists of a concise a la carte menu where Joe and the team’s food becomes slightly more complex and expressive. Plates are simple reflections of the ingredients they contain, most importantly full of flavour and with respect for the produce.

OPENING HOURS Monday - Saturday Lunch 12.30 - 2.30pm, dinner 6.3010pm Closed Sunday ADDITIONAL INFORMATION There is no dress code. Children are welcome but sadly dogs aren’t allowed. Seating for 50 people and bookings for private parties are welcome.


733223 120

Number 10 Bond St, St Helier Number-10-Restaurant-Bar


FIRST COURSES Gin & dill cured salmon apple, kohlrabi, pickled mustard seeds & horseradish / 10 Local scallops Yorkshire rhubarb, toasted oats & English mustard / 12 Warm local chancre crab pistachio mayonnaise, avocado, blood orange & samphire / 12 Raw beef bĂŠarnaise, watercress emulsion & cep ketchup / 11 Burrata & confit tree tomato lemon balm & extra virgin olive oil / 10

Homemade spinach & ricotta tortellini Jerusalem artichoke, chanterelle, Parmesan & spring truffle / 20 Iberico pork salsify, onion, celeriac, Jerusalem artichoke & granny smith apple / 23 Fillet of beef potato terrine, rainbow chard, radishes, warm garlic & horseradish buttermilk / 28 DESSERTS Jersey yoghurt mousse blood orange & Campari, wild fennel granita & black sesame / 8


70% chocolate salted caramel ice cream, yuzu & candied pecans / 8

Turbot stuffed courgette flower, purple sprouting broccoli, almonds, crab & lemon balm broth / 25

Almond cake & almond milk espuma Pedro Ximenez, pistachio ice cream & coffee buttermilk / 8

Roast cod hazelnut & dulse, smoked mussels, mustard & basil, violet artichokes & Roscoff onion / 21

Selection of cheeses quince paste & Millers Damsel’s biscuits / 8


Ormer Ormer has gained an excellent reputation for its food and boasts an exceptional bar, bustling terrace, Moroccan style roof garden and numerous private dining facilities. Luxury and relaxation combine at this central St Helier venue. Service comes with a smile and everything is of the highest standard. The crowd is trendy and eclectic combining business professionals, tourists and locals alike. It’s always a popular choice for special occasions with a sublime tasting menu and wine flight available every evening. It’s also a hot spot for groups who enjoy bar table service and grazing platters for sharing. Everyone enjoys the talents of the mixologists and oenophiles are kept more than content with a wine list that boasts over 200 wines and champagnes. Internationally renowned chef Shaun Rankin is at the helm, assisted by Head Chef Lee Smith and supported by Development Chef Josh Blayney. A multitude of dining options are available from breakfast, to set lunch, to business express lunch, à la carte and tasting menus. The restaurant has recently added a long and indulgent Saturday Brunch to its repertoire. Ormer is the perfect place to enjoy some of the finest local delicacies such as hand-dived scallops, locally reared pork and delicious local lobster. For more casual dining, there is a tempting bar and terrace menu. The second floor delivers a stunning private dining room and a bar suitable for special occasions and corporate hire. A real gem is the roof garden, an idyllic setting to unwind after work or bask in the sun with friends. Ormer has been decorated with awards since opening in 2013; everything from ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Food & Travel Awards, to the coveted Michelin star has been bestowed on the restaurant. Be sure to visit this stylish venue where you’ll always receive a warm welcome.


OPENING HOURS Monday-Friday: 9am–10pm. Saturday: 10–10pm. Sunday: CLOSED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 50 covers in the downstairs restaurant. 14 covers in the private dining room. 20 covers on the front terrace. 25 covers in the roof garden. Bespoke events can be arranged on request; the venue also holds a full wedding licence.



7 – 11 Don Street, St Helier




Jersey Lobster Ravioli, scallops, ginger, coriander, crab and tomato bisque, puffed black rice

Lemon Soufflé pistachio ice cream

Pigeon barbequed celeriac, apple and vanilla purée, pickled blackberries, celeriac consommé Heritage Beetroot salad, goats cheese, truffle honey, black olive sorbet -Mains Beef slow cooked fillet, tartare, potato cake, mushroom ketchup, winter truffle Turbot Pine nut crust, cauliflower salad, samphire, sea purslane Gnocchi Herbs, oyster mushrooms, parmesan, Jersey artichokes, smoked potato sauce

Vanilla Cheesecake cherry sorbet, pecan maple crumble Camembert Orange marmalade, pecan nuts, milk foam, salt caramel -Breakfast Available Monday – Friday 9am – 11am Brunch Available Saturday only 9:30am – 2:30pm Set Lunch 2 courses £22 3 courses £27 Express Lunch 1 course, 1 glass of wine, 1 hour £19 Tasting Menu 7-courses £80 Wine Flight £52


The restaurant is run by an exceptional team both front and back of house and has become a hotbed for nurturing new and upcoming talent. With renowned chef Shaun Rankin at the helm, the SR business has become a global affair with his brigade extending to new establishments in London and flying all around the world with him for private commissions. However, Jersey is where it all began and Ormer Jersey remains the flagship restaurant of the brand. It is here that chef Josh Blayney honed his skills and worked up the ranks to now become Development Chef – a prestigious and creative role.

Success in the restaurant business does not come down to one individual component; it is the synergy of all elements that can make it brilliant. This is the ethos running through the veins of Michelin-starred restaurant Ormer in St Helier. Pictured: Yukie & Josh


The restaurant also attracts great talent and last year welcomed award-winning Pastry Chef Yukie Kohara. Yukie has worked at prestigious venues including The Wolseley, Claridge’s Hotel in London and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Japan. She is now responsible for the creation of exquisite desserts for guests at Ormer Jersey and she designs handmade chocolates and macarons for the adjacent Don Street Deli. She is also the driving force behind Ormer’s new Pastry Masterclass, providing islanders and visitors with the opportunity to go behind the scenes in the Michelin-starred restaurant and develop their pastry skills.

Yukie Kohara

Josh Blayney

What has been the highlight of your career so far? The highlight for me is being able to work for Chef Shaun Rankin. He has given me a great opportunity to be in charge of the pastry section here at Ormer in Jersey. I feel extremely fortunate to have been awarded this challenge.

How would you describe what you do for a living? I am a development chef so every day is a school day and every day is different. I look at each day as an everevolving food progression with tasting and trying and perfecting.

Pastry Chef

Why the pastry section for you? My mother’s homemade cakes and sweets have always given me a feeling of comfort so that has inspired me to create the same feeling for others. I also like the aspect of artistic expression that can be achieved through working in pastry. What’s the kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without? An oven; I love the smell of baked cakes! What are your essential ingredients to always have in the kitchen? Herbs, chocolate and the excellent fresh dairy products available in Jersey. Who in the food world do you most admire? Pastry Chef Nicholas Patterson; I feel extremely fortunate to have met and worked for such a great Pastry Chef during the early stages of my career. I learnt all the essentials from him, not just in terms of skills but also the importance of dedication, passion and consistency. What dish are you most proud of in Ormer? I have put a lot of effort into designing new dishes that are exciting for Ormer’s diners. I am particularly proud of the items I have created for the set lunch menu that changes on a weekly basis. Delivering dishes that use fresh and seasonal ingredients gives me great pleasure.

Group Development Chef

Who’s been the culinary influence in your life? Pierre Gagnaire due to his style, his concept on flavours and the visual representation of food. I am also inspired by his vision towards food evolution and progression. As a Development Chef, you must try a lot of things, what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Probably Jerk Style Chicken Feet in the Caribbean. Do you try out dishes on your family and friends? No not really, the best time for developing dishes is in the kitchen bouncing ideas off the other chefs. Feedback from the team helps me to fine-tune flavours and perfect the final presentation of the dish. What are you working on right now? A conceptual starter using salmon, bourbon and smoked honey with a lime dressing. Describe yourself in three words? Creative, passionate and energetic.

What attributes do you need to have to do what you do? Curiosity and creativity; to have the curiosity not just in pastry but in everything that makes me feel excited and to have the creativity to express this.



La Chaire Restaurant Good food in a relaxed atmosphere has made ‘la chaire’ a favourite destination with diners for many years. Located in St Martin in the quaint fishing village of Rozel, the restaurant is a great spot for a romantic occasion, family celebration or relaxed dinner. High quality local produce, cooked creatively and well is at the heart of a good restaurant and that’s just what they do at La Chaire. There are so many great local growers and producers that they’re spoilt for choice. The oak panelled restaurant is open throughout the year for their A’ la Carte & Tasting menus which include dishes such as fresh local fish, steaks and Chateaubriand. In the summer months the conservatory and sun terrace are the perfect location for fresh local seafood, with crab, lobster and fruit de mer the firm favourites. A traditional Sunday lunch is also available every week and afternoon tea is served daily. La Chaire’s cocktail bar ‘Raymond’s’ offers a superb selection, all imaginatively created by our talented mixologist. If cocktails aren’t your thing they also have a great gin & tonic menu and selection of wines and beers. Every Friday and Saturday they serve complimentary canapes in the bar between 5 – 7pm.

OPENING HOURS Lunch April – December 12.30pm – 2.00pm Afternoon Tea Daily 1.00pm – 5.00pm Dinner 6.30 – 9.30pm last orders ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Dress code is smart casual. Guide dogs only in the oak panelled restaurant but welcome on the sun terrace (water bowls provided). Highchairs available. Parties: 60 max. Seating: 60 Reservations

863354 126

Chateau la Chaire, Rozel Bay, St Martin


Sumas If you’re looking for outstanding food served in stunning surroundings and we’re talking castle and sea views here then Sumas is the place to be. Thanks to the addition of a four season terrace, the view can now be enjoyed all year round. Mediterranean flair from Head Chef Patrice Bouffaut, it’s fine dining, but without any of the fuss or formality. From oysters grown just along the bay to fresh lobster caught behind the castle, Sumas showcases exceptional local and seasonal ingredients, all prepared simply to allow the fresh Jersey flavours to shine through. This chic little restaurant in the heart of Gorey, with its white walls, nautical inspired interior and motto of ‘Relax, Indulge, Enjoy’ is ideal whether you’re enjoying a long and lazy lunch out on the alfresco terrace, an intimate dinner or an island renowned weekend breakfast. So sit back and relax, Sumas has got casual chic down to a fine art. Their friendly team and laid back atmosphere will ensure you always feel at home. To keep updated with the latest Sumas news and events, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

OPENING HOURS Breakfast (Sat & Sun only) 9.30-11am, lunch 12.30-2.30pm, dinner 6-9.30pm. Sunday lunch served 12.30 - 3.30pm. Closed Sunday night. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The dress code is casual. Children are welcome and the restaurant seats 45 and they are happy to cater for parties. Set menu: £20 for 2 courses, £25 for 3 courses (subject to availability), and a la carte menu’s also.



Gorey Hill, Gorey Sumasrestaurant



Tassili Grand Jersey Hotel & Spa’s fine dining 3 AA Rosette restaurant offers an exclusive dining experience taking you on a journey of culinary discovery, exploring ingredients from the rich seas surrounding Jersey, to the mountains of the Pyrénées. Inspired by his French heritage and love of fresh Jersey produce head chef Nicolas Valmagna’s menus provide a breath of fresh air to the Jersey food scene. They feature a selection of infamous local ingredients including chancre crab, scallops, Jersey Royals and black butter along with some of his homegrown French favourites from the Pyrénées and Nantes region. Nicolas’s menu is certainly something for the food lovers radar. Combine the fabulous menu with the expertise of Tassili’s host and you have a food and wine match made in heaven! Tassili provides the perfect ambience for a fine dining experience; from an intimate romantic dinner for two to an exclusive party for up to 20 guests, Tassili are happy to cater for a variety of occasions. To sample Nicolas’s creations use the code TASS123 when making your booking to receive 20% off your meal*.

OPENING HOURS Tuesday – Saturday, 7pm till late. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 3 courses from £45, 7 course tasting menu from £62. Dress code – Smart. Children welcome; no dogs allowed, except guide dogs. Parties - max 20. Seating – 24.


The Esplanade, St Helier

722301 *Not valid in conjunction with any other offers. Discount applies to food only. Terms and conditions apply.



The Grill: L’Horizon L’Horizon Beach Hotel & Spa’s 2 AA Rosette restaurant benefits from a contemporary and stylish décor, creating an atmosphere of elegance and luxury in which to enjoy excellent cuisine and fantastic views across Jersey’s most beautiful bay. Whether it is line caught sea bass, Jersey lobster or tender scallops, The Grill’s daily menu is often inspired by the fisherman’s morning catch. Executive Chef, Andrew Soddy pushes the frontiers of British cooking and The Grill has developed a reputation locally and with visitors to the island for serving carefully prepared dishes with fresh, local produce. The À la carte menu changes seasonally to take advantage of the best the island has to offer. Come and sample Andrew’s creations and receive 10% off your meal when you present this page on arrival*. For a more casual experience at L’Horizon Beach Hotel & Spa visit the Terrace which offers one of the best vistas available when dining alfresco. Open during the summer months, weather permitting. All food is freshly prepared in the outside kitchen and grill.

OPENING HOURS Seven days a week 6.30pm till late. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Price range from £25-£35, 3-course table d’hôte £37. Dress code: Smart. Children accepted at early seatings; no dogs. Parties: 12 max. Seating: 42


743101 *Not valid in conjunction with any other offers. Discount applies to food only. Terms and conditions apply.

L’Horizon Beach Hotel & Spa, La Route de la Baie, St Brelade



Date night

Atlantic Hotel: Ocean

Michelin Star




A top notch Michelin-starred chef, teamed with the best of Jersey’s produce and all served in the beautiful setting of The Atlantic Hotel. Modern British cuisine meets classic styling and superb service at Ocean, which has retained a Michelin star since 2007. Le Mont de La Pulente, St Brelade | Open Lunch 12.30 - 2.30pm, dinner 6.3010pm 60 Children welcome, there’s a nursery menu and a half price Sunday lunch for children under 12. No dogs


Date night

La Capannina



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With its modern, fresh approach to real Eastern cooking, Saffrons is not your ordinary Indian restaurant. Linked closely to the hotel’s Ayurvedic spa, the restaurant mixes the Ayurvedic philosophy of balance in all things with the best local produce to come up with a delicious menu. Hotel de France, St Saviour’s Road, St Helier | Open Tues-Sat 6.30pm-9.30pm 36 Children can be catered for



8 Beresford Street, St Helier | Open Mon-Sat 12-2.30pm and 6-9.30pm (Fri- Sat 6-10pm) 120 Children welcome


Date night

Longueville Manor




Located in a restored former gentlemen’s club, Banjo’s dining room and brasserie is the perfect place to dine in style. From Jersey oysters to sushi, roast duck and BBQ grills. Meanwhile, the Banjo Bar, with its stunning atrium roof is available for drinks, cocktails, bar snacks and lighter meals.

Step back in time to a place that feels like it’s been serving silver service lunches for generations. The air is thick with the smell of decades of deals being closed over lunch, ]along with a tasty French/Italian aroma as waiters sweep past with silver trolleys covered in amazing cheeses. Be a Don for the day. 65-67 Halkett Place, St Helier | Open Mon-Sat 7pm-10pm 40 accepted at the management’s discretion

Date night



This beautiful three AA rosette restaurant is known for the best in fine dining. Winning accolades for its food and service over the years, the restaurant is popular not only with a loyal local customer following, but with travel writers and food critics alike. Longueville Road, St Saviour | Open 12.30-2pm, 7-10pm 65 plus 20 in the Oak Room Children are accepted in the restaurant


Date night




Found on the first floor of The Royal Yacht is this highly contemporary restaurant with an oceanic themed dining room and direct view of the chefs preparing delicious dishes. The restaurant is light and fresh with glass doors leading to a terrace that overlooks the glittering marina and beyond. The Royal Yacht Hotel, The Weighbridge | Open daily from 7-10pm Children welcome



Eat, Drink, Play with Tamba The Tamba Bar at the waterfront is a stylish new venue that boasts great music, great food and great service. With a huge outdoor, heated terrace, plenty of seating and three state of the art Sports Simulators, Tamba Bar is quickly becoming the place to be! Home of the former VIP section of Liquid nightclub has had a complete make-over bringing the venue right up to date with a stunning decor and a sky ceiling which makes the space feel light and welcoming. Heading up the food being served at the bar is renowned Head Chef Gael Maratier bringing his flair and quality dishes that has already made Tamba Park renowned for its high standard of food. Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been spent bringing over and installing three of the very latest, state of the art gaming simulators.

These revolutionary and accurate machines allow the chance to play sports including golf, rugby, football, shooting and many more. You can choose from a variety of different Simulator Room packages, which can be tailored to meet your needs. Whether you want to hire out the whole space for up to 40 people or a smaller group the team can work with you to design a package that works. They also have Sky sports on four widescreen TV's making Tamba Bar the perfect venue to watch all the big sporting action coming up.

If you’re looking for something to do with the kids, or are you just a big kid yourself then why not head next door to the Tamba Arcade. Not only will you have great fun playing and interacting with the state of the art modern arcade machines, you can also win tickets to exchange for prizes in their redemption shop. Stocked full of great prizes, you will always find something to take home with you! You can eat, drink and play at Tamba Bar, and then head next door to visit the Tamba Gaming Arcade the perfect combination for a visit to the Waterfront!

Tamba Bar Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 12:00 - 23:00 Sat & Sun 11:00 - 23:00

Tamba Gaming Arcade Opening Hours:

The Waterfront Centre, La Rue de L’Etau, JE2 3WF • T: 01534 761261


Mon - Thu 11:00 - 22:00 Fri 11:00 - 23:00 Sat 10:00 - 23:00 Sun 10:00 - 22:00


Drinks Premium

Bohemia Bar


Ce Soir


184 173

Drinks Premium

Champagne Lounge

10 Caledonia Place, Weighbridge, St Helier | Open 5pm-1am Wed-Sun


A glamorous Champagne lounge with unparalleled sea views. Its unique design provides several secluded areas for intimate gatherings, balanced with spacious open areas that showcase the fusion of the hotel’s original features with exquisite decor. Their speciality? Champagne cocktails of course.


Drinks Premium

No.10 Bar


Nestled below the excellent restaurant upstairs is this beautiful bar which sits just below street level. They have an excellent cocktail offering and fantastic gin selection all which come paired with their perfect botanical. You can also dine down here too. 10 Bond Street, St Helier | Open 11am-11pm every day



Drinks Nightclub



Grand Jersey, Esplanade | Open From 9.30am seven days a week until late 90


The Parisian cousin of the secretive Blind Pig (overleaf). It shares its decadent 168 ambient period in time; a bold and beautiful image of idealistic Paris and a confident showboat to The Blind Pig’s secret hideaway, Ce Soir is for those who share a mature mindset and Cocktail drinking in elegant surroundings.

With a swish cocktail list, soft sofas and delicious gourmet bar snacks whipped up by the Bohemia kitchen, it makes a great start to a glamorous night out. The roof terrace is ideal for summer drinks in the sun. With its own sound system and table service, it is also available for private events and parties. Green Street, St Helier, JE2 4UH | Open Sun -Thurs 11am-midnight, Fri & Sat 11am-1am. 60 Children welcome until 9pm

Drinks Premium


Stylish and chic there are white leather couches to lounge on in style, and a dance floor where you can strut your stuff into the early hours. The trained mixologists can whip up impressive cocktails for you and your friends, or pour you a chilled glass of champagne to enjoy in the sunshine outside. Mimosa, Liberty Wharf, St Helier| Open 11am til 2.30am.



Drinks Premium

Ormer Bar


The home of the premium barfly, the bar at the acclaimed Ormer restaurant mixes mean cocktails and gives city chic feel to your predinner drinks or cosy catchup. Upstairs there is a morrocan inspired roof garden for when the weather is kind. 7-11 Don Street, St Helier | Open Monday - Saturday 9am - 10pm






P.O.S.H Bar






The Blind Pig



12-14 Waterloo Lane, St Helier | Open Mon-Sat 11am-11pm


The Terrace



A wonderful place for a lunchtime escape or early evening drinks, The Terrace at Grand Jersey is a unique place to relax and be refreshed. This spacious area is perfect for entertaining and will make you feel comfortable whether you are having morning coffee or evening Champagne. Grand Jersey, Esplanade | Open May-September 11am - 8pm (weather permitting) seven days a week 90 children welcome



The Lounge




Space to relax and enjoy. Whatever the time of day or your mood, the lounge has something for you, whether it is a great cocktail, fine wine or traditional afternoon tea. In the evening, guests can enjoy a stylish area for entertaining pre or post dinner, accompanied by live piano music. L’Horizon La Route de la Baie, St Brelade | Open 10am - until late seven days a week 40 children welcome, no dogs




New on the scene this beautiful speakeasy is hidden away on a tiny cobbled street. Its collective of owners has created a space where you’ll instantly feel at home, whilst enjoying stellar cocktails in a super stylish environment. Perfect for pre dinner drinks or just drinks, until they close.

A clandestine speakeasy for those in the know. To find this secret den of prohibition chic, you‘ll need to locate an unmarked door in an alley or a secret door in the back of another establishment. Drink freshly made cocktails, some served in beautiful goblets and, if you’re a regular, keep your own bottles in a locker! The Blind Pig, Pier Road, St Helier | Open Tues-Sat 5pm-1am


Project 52


An indulgent and intimate champagne bar with a beautiful alfresco area serving a luxurious selection of champagnes, drinks and nibbles. On a warm summer’s evening, enjoy cocktails and watch the world go by whilst enjoying dinner, available from the Cafe Zephyr menu until 10pm. Royal Yacht Hotel, Weighbridge, St Helier | Open 11am-11pm every day





Waterfront Bar & Terrace 671100 Outside, the alfresco south-facing terrace is the perfect spot to sit and soak up the sunshine, next to the yachts. In the Martello Bar, spacious sofas set against floor to ceiling windows make the most of this bar’s amazing views and mean you can watch the sun set as you enjoy a few after-work drinks. Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, Rue de L’Etau, St Helier | Open 10am-1am every day, food available 10.30am-11pm inside tables and seats outside on the terrace radissonblu.comhotel-jersey

Beautifully Swedish Born in Sweden, Rek-order-lig (as it is pronounced) was the labour of love of Swedish married couple Anders & Helén a little over 20 years ago. Today, Rekorderlig Cider is a truly global brand sold in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, China, Hong Kong and Singapore along with the wonderful Channel Islands where it sees the highest sales per capita globally! Whether you are drinking a Rekorderlig in Jersey, New York, Melbourne or Capetown, every drop is still made in a sleepy Swedish town called Vimmerby, the same place it has been made for over two decades. The ciders use the spring water from one of Europe’s most accredited natural springs, also located in Vimmerby, which is combined with apples or pears to produce the fine range of cider products.

Perfect Serve

The Perfect Serve ritual starts with a cold glass or pitcher filled with ice to which the cider is added, then garnished with citrus and fresh fruits to balance the sweetness and overall flavour profile.

Start the Swedish Way

This summer Rekorderlig is inviting consumers to ‘Start the Swedish Way’ by enjoying their favourite moments with a perfect serve of Rekorderlig. Whether it is treating yourself to a nice brunch, an after work drink with friends or enjoying a picnic spread, Rekorderlig Cider is the perfect refreshment to any social occasion.

“Whether you are drinking a Rekorderlig in Jersey, New York, Melbourne or Capetown, every drop is still made in a sleepy Swedish town called Vimmerby, the same place it has been made for over two decades.” Rekorderlig Cider was born in Sweden but is loved worldwide. It is the perfect juxtaposition of progression and tradition, of dependability and innovation and of Sweden and now the rest of the world. Rekorderlig Cider - Beautifully Swedish.



Ce Soir at the Weighbridge gives you the very best of so many worlds, great cocktails, table service and a fantastic calibre of in house DJ’s playing banging tunes and it’s open until 1am. It’s the more public cousin to the Blind Pigs (Speakeasy) secret hideaway, which can be found down a back alley around a five minute walk away, ask the team to point you in the right direction.

Ce Soir


A visit to our fair isle wouldn’t be complete without at least one night where you don your glad rags and go out, out. Here’s our pick of just six of St Helier’s hotspots to get you started on your night out or close out the evening.

The bar at Ormer, is a sophisticated beauty. The perfect place to either enjoy drinks before dining in their restaurant or you are encouraged to drop in for a glass of something any time. Upstairs their roof garden provides the perfect oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the high street, where guests can sit and enjoy a drink when the weather is fine and enjoy wine by the glass or one of their excellent seasonally changing cocktails.

The Royal Yacht has a variety of different drinking options available to you, whether it be outside sipping wine in their large al fresco area, squirrelled away in the Cabin bar (the last remaining part of the original building) or dancing the night away in the Drift there is something for everyone. If you’re going big then consider ordering the Captain’s Chest, it comes complete with fireworks and very, very large straws. You can expect table service and booths can be booked in advance if you give them a call.

10 Caledonia Place, The Weighbridge, St Helier


7-11 Don Street, St Helier

The Weighbridge, St Helier

The Royal Yacht

01534 610422

01534 725100

01534 720511

Project 52 is the new cool kid on the block, it’s the one most people are raving about mainly because they’ve heard about it but are yet to be able to find the door that allows you entry into this beautiful little speakeasy. Well we’re here to let you into a little secret it’s discreetly located on the cobbled Waterloo Lane. Once you’ve found the location you need to look for the buzzer and ring for entry. Open seven days a week you can expect excellently blended cocktails, craft beers and a superb selection of gins and a nifty wine list too.

Project 52

Waterloo Lane, St Helier 01534 768876


WHAT’S COOKING? For this year’s chefs shoot we were granted access behind the scenes, visiting each of the chefs in their own kitchens and seeing for ourselves the hard work that’s involved in putting together the beautiful dishes served to diners throughout their fabulous restaurants.



STEVE SMITH Head Chef Bohemia

How would you describe what you do for a living? I cook excellent, simply prepared food. Who’s been the culinary influence in your life? Too many to mention, pretty much anyone who I have worked with, alongside or for, have had an influence. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Powdered seaweed with Nugatine Ice-cream… it’s the only thing I have ever failed to eat. Do you try out dishes on your family and friends? No. What’s the modern kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without? A good value juicing machine. What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without? Salt.

If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why? Sorry but you wouldn’t see me interviewing for a music reality show any time soon... but I do like Coldplay.

“I cook excellent, simply prepared food.” Who in the food world do you most admire? Raymond Blanc, Phil Howard and any chef who has managed to be at the top of their profession for 10 years or more. Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers? Haha, I’m happy with my current proportions, thank you!

Are there any foods you just don’t like? I’m not a massive fan of squid and octopus.


MARCIN CIECHOMSKI Executive chef La Chaire

How would you describe what you do for a living? I'm living the dream, cooking is my life. Who’s been the culinary influence in your life? My cousin Robert. He introduced me to the industry and helped me develop my skills. Thanks to him for that! What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Once in France in the Champagne region I tried a tripe sausage. Very smelly but apparently a delicacy. I'll probably think twice about doing it again though. Do you try out dishes on your family and friends? Always, although most of the time it’s my colleagues from work, but if it’s desserts it’s my wife. She'll always find a missing ingredient. What’s the modern kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without? There are a few gadgets but I think right now it'd be my dehydrator. What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without? Without a doubt, it would be vanilla, chocolate, and butter.

If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why? Definitely a better chef than a singer but if I had to choose a song it will be Hakuna Matata, simply because it is one of my son’s favourite songs and I sing it with him all the time.

“I’m living the dream, cooking is my life.” Who in the food world do you most admire? There are so many chefs I admire like the Roux family, Phil Howard from The Square or Michael Cain but If I had to choose it would be Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley and one of the most well-known pastry chefs, Antonio Bachour from St.Regis Miami. Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers? Definitely fingers as long as legs. Otherwise using the ladders in the kitchen would take forever and I definitely don’t have time for that.

Are there any foods you just don’t like? I eat everything, I'm always looking for new flavour combinations and ideas.



How would you describe what you do for a living? We both cook amazing food and make people smile. Who’s been the culinary influence in your life? Paulo: My mum and grandmother, both incredible cooks. Danny: Robert Dagostino, my old school teacher. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Paulo: Snails. Danny: An ormer. Do you try out dishes on your family and friends? Both: Yes, all the time. What’s the modern kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without? Paulo: water purifier. Danny: the rest of the Tico team.

If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why? Paulo: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2. Danny: Patience by Guns & Roses. Who in the food world do you most admire? Both: Damon Duffy, Paul Fletcher and Chris Lister – they’re all our heroes!

“We both cook amazing food and make people smile.” Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers? Both: Neither – what a weird question!

What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without? Paulo: salt and pepper. Danny: butter and green veg. Are there any foods you just don’t like? Paulo: badly cooked food. Danny: Turkish delight and marmite.


LUKASZ PIETRASZ Head Chef Greenhills Country House Hotel


How would you describe what you do for a living? Cooking is my passion. Working in a kitchen is like survival school. It’s manual labour and intellectual work. Being a chef is not only a job, it is a state of mind. I love what I do and that’s the most important thing. Who’s been the culinary influence in your life? My eldest brother. His passion for cooking has a huge influence on me. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Surströmming (pickled herring) from Sweden. A fermentation process of at least six months gives the lightly-salted fish a charismatically strong smell and somewhat acidic taste. Do you try out dishes on your family and friends? Yes, of course. I am always trying out dishes at home for my family and friends, but I also experiment a lot with my colleagues, as part of the Seymour Hotel Group we share many ideas and recipes and we learn from each other. What’s the modern kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without? Thermomix because it’s innovative and multifunctional. What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without? I love using herbs straight out of The Greenhills garden. The fresher the better!

Are there any foods you just don’t like? I am yet to find one! I love to discover new flavours and experiment with different foods. If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why? U2 - beautiful day. I’ve had a lot of practice singing this song in the kitchen!

“ Working in a kitchen is like survival school. It’s manual labour and intellectual work. Being a chef is not only a job, it is a state of mind.” Who in the food world do you most admire? All chefs that care about their kitchens and the food they serve, also because of their outstanding work and their constant devotion to this. Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers? I can’t image the food I serve looking very good if the dishes were prepared with fingers as long as my legs - So, I would have to choose legs as long as my fingers – with some very long stilts!


BEDE CORR Chef Lazin Lizard

How would you describe what you do for a living? I would say my job is mainly fun with a little stress thrown in for good measure. Who’s been the culinary influence in your life? One of the first and most important would have to be my grandma Bell Woodhouse, she was always making great cakes and let me help whenever I was at her house, my love of baking started there. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? It has to be a 19-day old duck foetus, it’s a local delicacy in the Philippines and I just had to try it. Do you try out dishes on your family and friends? I like to try new dishes out on my family, but I have to admit I like to be cooked for when I’m not working, it’s a real treat! What’s the modern kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without? There’s nothing that I couldn’t live without in the kitchen, a chef should always be able to adapt.

Are there any foods you just don’t like? I like just about everything but I really hate capers! If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why? “I did it my way” by Frank Sinatra, because that’s the way a-ha a-ha I like it.

“I would say my job is mainly fun with a little stress thrown in for good measure.” Who in the food world do you most admire? The other chefs in my kitchen, as they’re able to put up with me and my choice of music. Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers? If I had to choose one I’d say fingers as long as my legs, because I think it would get very uncomfortable having little legs.

What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without? I would have to say salt and pepper they go in almost everything, good seasoning is essential.


ANDREW SODDY Executive Chef L’Horizon

How would you describe what you do for a living? Exciting, fun and creative combined with being stressful, hard work and long hours Who’s been the culinary influence in your life? Marco Pierre White, Anton Mosimann and Willi Elsener. These three great chefs have given me so much insight and knowledge over the years. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Working around the world on cruise ships I‘ve seen and eaten some strange and maybe disgusting foods, but the weirdest must be monkey brains in Indonesia. Do you try out dishes on your family and friends? Yes, as my wife is vegetarian I get to create new dishes for us, trying to move away from the stereotypical dishes you find. What’s the modern kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without? My hands, closely followed by a Thermomix. It’s a great blender/ mixer that I use to blitz my purées and soups down to a silky texture. What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without? Ginger, I adore ginger and I’m growing it in the garden at home along with garlic and onions. These three items are a great base to a lot of my cooking.

Are there any foods you just don’t like? Not really, due to having to taste pretty much everything and anything. But and it’s a big but, sweetcorn nibs do nothing for me; they are plain, boring and remind me of my youth fishing on the canal in Cheshire for carp. If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why? Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, just sums up life as a chef.

“Working around the world on cruise ships I‘ve seen and eaten some strange and maybe disgusting foods, but the weirdest must be monkey brains in Indonesia.” Who in the food world do you most admire? Marco Pierre White, he is a great man, great chef and a great mentor. Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers? Well if my fingers were as long as my legs, I would just drop everything, plus trying to use my chef’s knife would be a disaster. If my legs were as long as my fingers, please don’t put things on the top shelf!


HUMBERTO DOS SANTOS Kitchen manager Mange Tout

How would you describe what you do for a living? I look after all the kitchens at Mange Tout, we’re like one big family which is why I’ve worked here for 20 years now. It’s more than just a living. Who’s been the culinary influence in your life? My wife… She makes and organises the best meals and parties for family and friends, they’re about both the food and the company. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Not eaten, but I have drunk Poncha a traditional Madeiran alcoholic drink made from sugar, honey, lemon rind and various juices. Let’s just say it can vary in both taste and strength... Do you try out dishes on your family and friends? I like to try out traditional dishes where I can but my wife is the boss of the kitchen at home. What’s the modern kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without? It may not be modern but I have a chef’s knife that comes everywhere with me.

Are there any foods you just don’t like? I always taste everything we produce but I’m not a great fan of cheese. If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why? I have absolutely no idea at all!

“I’ve worked here for 20 years now. It’s more than just a living.” Who in the food world do you most admire? It would have to be Abbie Hosegood. She and Andrew started Mange Tout 20 years ago and she taught me everything I know. Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers? Fingers as long as my legs, just imagine how useful that would be in a busy kitchen.

What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without? It would have to be salt and pepper.


NADEEM AKHTER Executive chef Radisson Hotel

How would you describe what you do for a living? Creating culinary experiences to tantalise the senses and give a WOW sensation to those tasting my dishes. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? I can’t put my finger on one taste or dish. Throughout the world there are dishes I have tried that are unique to different cultures, countries and customs and although they may seem weird it’s those that are the most delicious and you want to try again or recreate when home. Do you try out dishes on your family and friends? Yes regularly, they really enjoy trying new dishes and flavours with the influences of the countries I have visited and worked in and the new ingredients and produce I am lucky to be introduced to. What’s the modern kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without? I’d have two; my Vac Pac and Thermomix.

Are there any foods you just don’t like? Pork belly. It’s just not for me. If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why? No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley, a favourite of mine and a real iconic song from a great artist. Although ear plugs might be the order of the day if I am singing!

“Rice and chilies are the two ingredients I would not want to live without.” Who in the food world do you most admire? Raymond Blanc. Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers? I’ve never thought about it, both would be useful.

What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without? Rice and chilies are the two ingredients I would not want to live without. Versatile to the point of completely enhancing a dish and adding depth and texture, two of the most interesting ingredients.


STEFAN VALKOV Head Chef Ransoms Tearooms & Restaurant

How would you describe what you do for a living? Food is my passion – it has to be as I once served up meals for 360 tables in one day! Who’s been the culinary influence in your life? My older brother, Ivan. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Probably tempura frogs legs. Do you try out dishes on your family and friends? Yes, regularly – they are surprisingly complimentary too. What’s the modern kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without? My Vac Pac machine, I love it. What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without? I always try to source local produce, that way I’m more certain that I’m getting the freshest ingredients available. Are there any foods you just don’t like? Black pudding – but I admire people who do!

be my take on ‘Love is all around you’ by ‘The Troggs’ released in the 60’s and covered by Wet, Wet, Wet in the 90’s. I love the song and I’m old enough to remember it! Who in the food world do you most admire? Marco Pierre White – I’ve read his amazing life story and I’d love to meet him.

“Food is my passion – it has to be as I once served up meals for 360 tables in one day!” Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers? Fingers as long as my legs! I’d struggle in the kitchen with three-inch legs and I used to play football in the second division of the Bulgarian league so long fingers would have helped me in goal!

If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why? ‘Food is all around you’ – It would



How would you describe what you do for a living? Trying to make people happy by enjoying good food from my country - that makes me really proud!

Are there any foods you just don’t like? I don’t really have a western sweet tooth, so things like chocolate I can easily avoid.

Who’s been the culinary influence in your life? My mother has been the culinary influence in my life with her home cooking using local Thai produce, it’s amazing.

If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why? I would be a Thai song to remind me of my home upbringing.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? I have eaten cooked pig’s guts - but don’t worry it’s not something I would serve in the restaurant! Do you try out dishes on your family and friends? Thai people love to eat! So I am always trying and sharing new things with my friends here.

“I don’t really need modern gadgets! But the wok is essential and most important is the pestle and mortar for grinding the spices and herbs that bring out the genuine taste in our dishes.”

What’s the modern kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without? I don’t really need modern gadgets! But the wok is essential and most important is the pestle and mortar for grinding the spices and herbs that bring out the genuine taste in our dishes.

Who in the food world do you most admire? Growing up in Thailand we didn’t have chefs to idolise like here in Europe.

What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without? For me the most important ingredient is Thai Fish Sauce

Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers? I honestly have no idea!


ELSON CASTRO Head Chef The Boat House

How would you describe what you do for a living? I’d say it’s the best job in the world as I have the opportunity to be creative. Combining traditional and modern cuisine and making it as tasty as possible to make every customer happy. Who’s been the culinary influence in your life? It would be my mum, dad and David Cameron. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Sweetbreads. Do you try out dishes on your family and friends? My girlfriend, I think she has one of the best palates ever. What’s the modern kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without? My Thermomix, whilst it’s been around for years not it’s still one the best gadgets. What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without? Worcestershire sauce, garlic and shallots.

If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why? I’d not sing because I’m not a good singer but I would play Carl Cox All Night Long, because his music is all about good vibes.

“ I’d say it’s the best job in the world as I have the opportunity to be creative. ” Who in the food world do you most admire? Raymond Blanc and David Cameron (the chef not former prime minister!). Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers? Legs as long as my fingers I think.

Are there any foods you just don’t like? Goats Cheese.


BADITOIU ALEXANDRA Restaurant Manager The Candlelight

How would you describe what you do for a living? Supervising the bar and the restaurant. Training staff in the art of flambée, wine tasting, service techniques and identifying different types of customer needs. What’s your favourite dish on your menu at the Candlelight? The Drunken Bullock which is a prime quality rib eye steak, impaled on a sabre and flambéed in front of you. It the dish I am preparing in my photo. Have you ever had any disasters when flambeing? Thankfully no, however we have safety measures in place just in case. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Deep fried caramelised grasshoppers in Thailand. What’s your foodie guilty pleasure? Spicy chicken wings.

What’s your favourite smell? The smell of fresh lime leaves. If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why? Forever Young by Alphaville because I love life and I wish it to be as full as possible.

“My favourite dish of ours is The Drunken Bullock which is a prime quality rib eye steak, impaled on a sabre and flambéed in front of you.” Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers? I would prefer having fingers as long as legs.

Are there any foods you just don’t like? I don’t like lamb. Who would be your dream dinner guest? Bob Marley. He is my favourite singer/songwriter.


NICOLAS VALMAGNA Executive Chef Tassili


How would you describe what you do for a living? It’s my passion. I wake up every morning happy to go to work with my team.

If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why? Human by Rag’n’Bone Man.

Who’s been the culinary influence in your life? My grandmother and Paul Bocuse who is a French chef based in Lyon.

Who in the food world do you most admire? There are many and all for different reasons. JeanFrancois Piège and Alain Ducasse simply because they are great. Yannick Alléno for the food quality, Gordon Ramsay for his business mind, Raymond Blanc for his consistency and Paul Bocuse for his longevity. The list is endless as they all inspire me in some way.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? When I was in China I tried a grasshopper, ants, and scorpion interestingly, however funnily enough not my favourite. Do you try out dishes on your family and friends? Not really, my wife is vegetarian so it’s harder to find dishes that we both enjoy. What’s the modern kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without? A Pacojet, it means I can ‘micropuree’ fresh or frozen foods into light mousses, ice creams or soups! It also means I can make ice cream in just one minute! What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without? Like every French chef I couldn’t live without butter, bread and sea salt. Valrhona guanaja dark chocolate is something I could live without but it’s very nice to have.

“When I was in China I tried a grasshopper, ants, and scorpion interestingly, however funnily enough not my favourite.” Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers? Legs as long as my fingers because without my hands I am nothing in the kitchen.

Are there any foods you just don’t like? I am reasonably easy to please however, I am not a fan of baked beans.




How would you describe what you do for a living? I have a wonderful job – cooking great food for people makes me happy. It’s fantastic! Who’s been the culinary influence in your life? My mum, of course. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Frog, not sure I need say anything else. Do you try out dishes on your family and friends? Not often enough, as I have a young son which means time when I’m not working centres around him. What’s the modern kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without? The radio – cooking and music go together hand in hand, I’d be lost without the radio in our kitchen. What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without? Salt and chili. Good seasoning and the right balance of spice in our dishes are both really important,

Are there any foods you just don’t like? No – I love it all. If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why? The Macarena, it’s my theme tune! Who in the food world do you most admire? The head chef at the Salty Dog, Paul Fletcher – he rocks!

“Cooking and music go together hand in hand, I’d be lost without the radio in our kitchen.” Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers? Fingers as long as my legs, but I’m not sure why!


La Cantina


Many people these days adopt a gluten-free diet in the same way they might take up a new gym membership, because of the perceived health benefits. But there are over 1,000 registered celiacs in Jersey who are “gluten free because they have to be” and eating something containing gluten can have serious consequences for their immediate and long term health. A Jersey resident set up the “Gluten free friend” Instagram account in July 2016 in order to share the best, celiac-friendly, gluten-free experiences and delights from the places they have visited in Jersey and on their travels. The approach is “vigilant but adventurous” helping to share with celiacs and restaurateurs that gluten-free need not be fun-free. Here are just a few of the GFF recommendations;


33 Broad Street, St Helier T: 866607 Buckwheat does not contain wheat (let’s just clear that one up) therefore the galettes at Cocorico are GF. Score.  Celiacs can pretty much run amok with the most tantalising of salad options, baked potatoes, and those gorgeous galettes.  The puritanically French approach to the macarons means they are GF too, but back to those salads: wow.

West Park, 7-9 Pierson Road, St Helier T 724988 Finding good gluten free pizza is like the holy grail for celiacs. Some of the big chains promise lots and deliver bland substitutes.  La Cantina were one of the first restaurants to indicate GF items on their menus.  More importantly, their gluten free pizza is on another level of gorgeousness; the thin and crispy bases with your choice of Genuine Jersey toppings covered in gooey Italian mozzarella are to die for. There are a number of other GF items on the menu.  I just can’t stop ordering the pizza!


Green Street, St Helier T: 880588 Michelin-starred gluten free meal? Bohemia has it covered.  A basket of three different types of GF rolls arrives before dinner is served.  This NEVER happens to me anywhere else in the world.  Every Bohemia dish can be amended to cater for celiacs. The pescatarian tasting menu involves a crab and custard tart and a salt baked celeriac with quail egg, eel and morel; they were fabulous. Bohemia is high on my list of favourite gluten free experiences.  The restaurant team, specifically Dimitri, are brilliant and tell you how your dish was amended to be GF so you feel reassured and pretty special.

Rozel Bay Tearoom La Brecque du Nord, Trinity T: 867150 An incredible treat for celiacs and Marie at Rozel Bay bakes all of the GF cakes herself.  Her light-as-air Victoria sponge and seriously good scones are wonderful, but make haste as the GF cakes run out quickly on a Sunday afternoon.  Gluten free Scottish breakfast and sandwiches are also on the menu as is sitting on the little sun terrace in the summer.  They even bake gluten free cakes to order and deliver them.  I have “faked it” with the banoffee pie for many a dinner party.

La Belle Gourmande

St. Aubins T: 888252 My favourite place for brunch. A number of dishes can be altered to be GF, my particular favourite is the smashed avocado (although Instagram is quickly becoming avo-gram) with slow roasted tomato, feta and harissa oil on GF toast.   They also do GF chocolate fondues #justsaying. Some absolutely stunning GF items in the deli shop.


8 Caledonia Place, St Helier T: 888430 Nearly the entire menu is GF in this Sri Lankan restaurant. Think spicy marinated chicken with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and clove (“Kukul Mas”) beetroot vegetable curry and shredded coconut and green chilli salad. This restaurant has loads of vegan and veggie options too.

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INSIDER TIPS FOR VEGETARIANS... Once upon a time vegetarians had only a few bland dishes to choose from on most restaurant menus, but such limitations have all but disappeared in most eateries. Gone are the days when veggies had to endure yet another vegetable lasagne or over cooked mushroom risotto.

WORDS Selina Jones

Every veggie worth their chickpeas knows there is no need to compromise on taste with a well created vegetarian menu. Selina Jones has been a vegetarian for over 30 years and here are a few of her favourite places whose veggie offerings promise to rewire your thinking and there’s not a bland mung bean or rubbery piece of tofu in sight.

Best Brekkie out of town…. The Hungry Man, The clue is in the name, HUNGRY man.

Go hungry, the portions are generous. This casual little harbour-side cafe enjoys a legendary status amongst locals, it’s a wonderful place to sit and watch the world go by. For me they make the best veggie breakfast roll in Jersey, no rubbery tasteless veggie food here. If you have room try the mega hot chocolate marshmallow mountain - it’s magnificent! They also serve amazing veggie burgers and of course have a huge selection for meat eaters too, including locally caught crab sandwiches. They also have a fabulous selection of homemade cakes, all served with a friendly smile.

Rozel Bay


Coco Rico

A charming café which offers good honest home cooked French food, everything is lovingly freshly made that day. My personal favourite is their thin French tart, perfectly buttery and crisp pastry with a generous topping of goats cheese and mixed veg served with a choice of one of the lightly dressed salads on the side. If you have time then eat in, the mis-matched crockery, handpainted chairs and quirky interior add to the ambience if you need something delicious on the run they also do takeaway.

33 Broad Street, St Helier

Whatever the occasion, in town…

n… Whatever the occasion, out of tow

The Salty Dog

The Green Olive

Tucked away on a quiet lane in St Helier it offers excellent food in a friendly and intimate atmosphere, at very fair prices. Everything is lovingly made with inspiration drawn from the chef’s travels around the world. The menu is an exciting fusion of flavours, many dishes having a Mediterranean or Asian influence. The vegetarian dishes pack some serious punch in the flavour stakes, I can recommend the oven baked samosa bursting with Rendang curry, on a bed of spiced dhal and topped with a cooling cumin scented yoghurt. There is also a good selection of dishes made with locally caught fish and all but red meat if you happen to be dining with a non-veggie.

Set right in the centre of the picturesque harbour in St Aubins. The food is a wonderful mix of flavours, both traditional and exotic, with the emphasis on locally sourced produce and beautiful presentation. The full a la carte veggie menu has some inventive vegetarian choices, including some amazing curries from Thai to SriLankan. I would also recommend the grilled Halloumi kebab served with a delicious hazelnut and apple jam, make sure you save room for their gooey Jersey black butter and banana toffee pudding, pure indulgence and worth every calorie.

Le Boulevard, St. Aubin’s Village

1 Anley Street, St Helier




And now for something special…

Value for Veggies... Cafe Jac

For a substantial sized portion that’s great value for money and freshly cooked then head to the casual Café Jac at the Jersey Arts Centre. If you are watching your calories then try one of their great selection of colourful vibrant superfood salads or vitamin-packed fresh juices. Other favourites to tempt your taste buds include the veggie Nasi Goreng or Pad Thai. Their changing monthly specials always feature at least one delicious seasonal veggie option too. Enjoy breakfast or brunch here too, breakfast burritos, the veggie monty breakfast or a stack of homemade pancakes, choices... choices…

Phillips Street, St Helier

Get your LBD out and head to Banjo

It is a European-style grand brasserie, set in a restored former Victorian Gentleman’s club. With stylish décor, a cool ambiance and an amazing cocktail bar; I would suggest the passion fruit mojito, the perfect cocktail to start your evening. The everchanging menu usually offers at least three imaginative yet unpretentious veggie choices, the cauliflower and lentil curry with crispy cauliflower fritters, fragrant rice ,and mini poppadoms is seriously delicious and the portion sizes are generous and won’t leave you feeling hungry at the end of the night, you know what I mean! To end your night try the decadent dark chocolate bomb, as the hot chocolate sauce is poured over, the bomb tantalisingly melts, an unforgettable dessert.

8 Beresford Street, St Helier




The Rozel Pub & Dining Located just a short stroll from the beach and sea at Rozel in St Martin, The Rozel is a recently refurbished country pub with great ales, beers and wines served in a warm, cosy and welcoming atmosphere. The dining rooms are also newly refurbished and include a glass walled al fresco area leading to the garden, perfect for the warmer months. In the winter the glass wall rises to keep the area warm and cosy whilst retaining the feeling of being outside. The amazing food is all home cooked on the premises. Their menus focus on the more traditional pub fayre with a great emphasis on the local seafood and the daily specials board. It’s the only pub in Jersey with a recommendation from the Michelin Guide which assures you of their quality. Today the Rozel is everything a traditional pub should be; a wonderfully relaxing environment, with service the way it should be, friendly and knowledgeable. Call in for a pint of ale or a glass of wine with the locals and try your hand at a game of billiards.

OPENING HOURS The Bar 11am-11pm daily. LUNCH Mon–Sat 12–2.15pm Sun 12–3.30pm DINNER Mon-Thurs 6-9pm Fri & Sat 6-9.30pm Sun night closed ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Dress code – casual, no soiled clothing. Seats 60 in the bar & 60 in the restaurant. Available for private function hire - contact the manager for more details. Suitable for families. Dogs allowed in the bar & garden only (water bowls provided). Reservations

863438 174

La Vallee De Rozel, St Martin




Blush 759420


A chic and contemporary sanctuary at the heart of the town centre offering a relaxed environment to escape the everyday hustle and bustle of King Street.

Chambers is one of the island’s premier live music venues with live entertainment seven nights a week. Right in the heart of St Helier, it’s also the place to head if you’re planning to watch a big game, with Jersey’s largest screen and plenty of plasma tvs showing Sky Sports in HD.

36 King Street, St Helier | Open Mon-Tues 10-6pm, Wed-Sat 10am-11pm. Food served: Mon-Thurs 12-2.30pm, Fri & Sat 12-3pm, Wed-Sat 6-9pm. Closed Sun 40 inside. 16 outside.

Children welcome.


Situated right on the historic Royal Square, this quiet pub serves a varied menu of simple pub style food. Great for lunch-hour stops, the Cock & Bottle are experts in quick lunches, or you can sit on the quiet square and relax with a leisurely lunch or supper.



Catch the sunshine and watch the world go by from the alfresco tables of this centrally located eatery. Having recently undergone a fabulous refurbishment Hugo’s has a varied menu and serves food all day, from morning lattes to business lunches and dinner, all within a fantastic and funky environment. 19-23 Halkett Street, St Helier | Open Mon - Sat 8am-11pm, Sun 10am-11pm. Food Served: Mon-Sat 8.30am-9pm, Sun 10.30-9pm 120 Accept children and guide dogs.

It’s a varied menu at the Five Oaks Eating House - all sorts from continental classics like the famous chicken espetadas to eastern cuisine, and the relaxed atmosphere makes it a popular stop for the locals.

La Rue a la Dame, St Saviour | Open every day 10am-11.30pm. Food served: Mon-Sat 12-2.15pm & 6-8.45pm, Sun 12-4.15pm 65 Children and guide dogs welcome.




Five Oaks Eating House 726278


18 The Royal Square, St Helier | Open every day 10am-11.30pm. Food served: Mon-Thurs 12-3pm & 6-9pm, Fri & Sat 12-5pm 40 inside, 30 outside Children welcome until 7pm.


5 Mulcaster Street, St Helier | Open every day 11am-1am. Food served: Tue-Thurs 12-2.30pm & 6-9pm, Fri & Sat 12-2.30pm, Sun 12-6pm 150 Children welcome and dogs outside.



Cock & Bottle




JB’s PingPong


If you’re looking to pop out of the office for a light bite over lunch, or you’ve a little more time to work your way through a list of craft beers, wines and spirits that would make any aficionado weep with joy, JB’s has it covered. Of course you can also get yourselves booked in to play a few games of ping pong too! 4 Wharf Street, St Helier | Open Sun-Thurs 11am-11pm, Fri & Sat 11am-1am. Food served: Tue-Thurs 12-2pm & 5.30-9pm, Fri 12-2pm & 5-9pm, Sat 12-9pm, Sun 126pm 80 Children welcome-9pm, kids menu available.





La Pulente

Le Hocq Inn


Overlooking St Ouen’s bay, La Pulente pub is only a few steps from the beautiful beach. There’s a varied menu and specials board featuring traditional pub favourites with a heavy inclusion of local seafood and shellfish . In the winter, sit in front of the open log fire and in the summer, enjoy the sunset views. La Route de la Pulente, St Brelade | Open every day 11am-11pm. Food served: Mon-Fri 12-2pm & 6-8pm, Sat 12-2pm & 6-8.30pm, Sun 12-3pm 40 Children welcome in restaurant area, dogs in bar area only.


Le Moulin de Lecq

La Grande Route de la Cote, St. Clement | Open every day 10.30am-11.30pm. Food served: Mon-Sat 12-3pm & 6-9pm, Sun 12-2.30pm & 5-8pm 60 plus alfresco in the summer Children welcome until 9pm.



The Old Court House has moved on from being Bergerac’s former hangout to offer a highly polished pub and eatery with beautiful rooms to boot. Right on the harbour at St Aubin you can while away many an enjoyable hour watching the tide ebb and flow whilst enjoying your favourite tipple. Le Boulevard, St Aubin | Open every day 11am-11pm. Food served: 12-2.30pm & 6-9.30pm, Sun 12-4pm 80 upstairs 100 downstairs Children are welcome until 9pm, dogs allowed in bar area.



This is genuinely one of the “gems” of the north coast, a classic destination venue throughout the year. With a large alfresco patio, interior and exterior play areas for the children and a variety of dining and seating areas. La Rue du Nord, St John| Open every day 11am-11pm. Food Served: Mon-Thurs 12-2pm & 6-8pm, Fri & Sat 12-2pm & 6-8.30pm, Sun 12-2.30pm & 6-8pm 80 inside, 50 outside Children welcome and dogs in the bar.



Old Court House


Les Fontaines Tavern


This family pub dating from the 16th century used to be a working watermill - you can still see the waterwheel outside. Just a few yards from the beach, the Moulin de Lecq has an extensive menu, with inside and outside dining and an adventure playground for the kids. Le Mont de la Greve de Lecq, St Ouen | Open every day 11am-11pm. Food served: Mon-Sat 12-2pm & 6-9pm, Sun 12-3pm 100 Children are welcome and dogs allowed in the bar.


In a fabulous coastal setting, with some of the best views on the island, Le Hocq Inn, the most southerly pub in the British Isles, is a traditional Jersey pub and eatery with a modern twist, serving great food and drink both indoors and outdoors on the beautifully landscaped patio area.





Saint Laurent


A family friendly establishment serving good, honest food in the Noshery and Map Room. A lovely place to meet with friends and family in a pleasing and civil atmosphere. The Snug and the Map Room both boast wood burners and The courtyard offers a small suntrap for a quiet drink. La Grande Route de St Laurent, St Lawrence | Open Tues-Fri 11:00am - 11:00pm Lunch 12-2.30pm. Dinner 6-8.30pm. Sun 11am-9pm Lunch 12-3pm, no dinner. Mon bar only 4pm-10pm, no food service.




Seymour Inn

So Bar


The Seymour Inn isn’t your average pub. On the menu are local oysters served grilled, gratinée or au naturel, homemade beef burgers and fish and chips with beer batter everything’s reasonably-priced and served in a friendly welcoming atmosphere. They also serve breakfast too. La Rue Du Puits Mahaut, Grouville | Open Mon-Sat 10am-11pm, Sun 11am-11pm. Food Served: Mon-Sat 10am-2.15pm & 6-8.45pm, Sun 11-8.45pm 50 Children welcome until 9pm, dogs allowed in bar lounge if on a lead


St James’ Wine Bar

36 The Esplanade, St. Helier | Open Mon-Fri 12-11pm (closed Sat & Sun) Food served: Mon-Fri 12.30-2.30pm, Mon-Thurs 6-8.30pm. 70 Children welcome and dogs outside



The Adelphi Lounge


An imposing town pub occupying a corner site on The Parade. Good traditional pub food along with ‘service with a smile’ keeps this recently refurbished pub busy throughout the year with office staff and visitors alike. The Parade, St. Helier | Open every day 11am-11pm. Food served: Mon-Thurs 122.30pm & 5.30-8.30pm, Fri 12-2.30pm, Sat 5.30-8.30pm, Sun 12-8pm 50 Children welcome until 9pm


This delightful country inn is situated opposite the local church, which dates back to the 13th Century and is situated in the picturesque parish of St Mary’s.

La Rue des Buttes, St. Mary | Open 11am-11pm. Food served: Mon-Sat 12-2.30pm & 6-9pm, Sun 12-2.30pm & 5-8pm 40 Children welcome in restaurant area, dogs permitted in bar area only




St Mary’s Country Inn


The perfect spot for a quick lunch offering healthy, affordable and fresh food. For those on a limited time scale St James offers a 15 minute turn around from the time of placing your order to serving to your table.

James St, St Helier | Open 11am-11pm. Food served: Mon-Sat 12-4pm Children welcome


Specialising in Oriental fusion-style cuisine. Modern, spacious and comfortable, the So Bar attracts a variety of different people. When you head down to So Bar you will be able to see the chef ‘work his magic’ in the open concept kitchen.





the Bar


the Bar serves gastropub style food in a chic, contemporary environment. During the summer months, climb the stairs to their outdoor terrace and eat outside whilst soaking up the sunshine. A great place to grab food before or after a trip to the cinema too. The Waterfront Centre, Rue de L’Etau, St Helier | Open every day 11am-11pm. Food served: Mon-Sat 12-2.30pm & 5-9pm, Sun 1- 7pm 50 downstairs, 80 alfresco Children until 9pm




The Goose


Renowned for its fantastic food, The Goose is a local’s favourite. You can sit back and relax whilst enjoying great food, a glass of wine or real ale. With plenty of parking this relaxed, spacious pub is well-known for its good quality pub menu with daily changing specials.


La Route de la Haule, Beaumont | Open every day 11am-11pm. Lunch served: Tue-Sat 12-2.30pm. Dinner served Tues & Sat 6-9pm, Wed & Thurs 6-8pm, Friday 5-8pm, Sun 12-7pm. 145 Children are welcome until 9pm randalls-jersey.




The Halkett




The Pembroke 855756

Close to the beach at Ouaisne Bay, the Old Smugglers Inn is a real ale pub that prides itself on its comprehensive steak menu, as well as traditional pub classics like homemade sausages and red onion gravy or homemade steak and Guinness pie.



9 Mulcaster Street, St Helier | Open every day 11am-11pm. Food served: MonThurs & 6-8.30pm, Fri 11.30am-2.30pm, Sun 12-4pm. 25 Children welcme until 9pm, no dogs at food service


Le Mont du Ouaisne, St Brelade | Open every day 11am-11.30pm. Food served: Mon-Sat 12-2pm & 6-9pm, Sun 12-2pm 100 Children welcome until 9pm and dogs permitted in the bar


A traditional real ale pub serving eight different real ales and four real ciders daily. They also offer lunch and dinner options too. This is a very popular pub with locals and visitors alike. You’ll always get a friendly welcome from someone propping up the bar.


The Old Smugglers Inn

Car collection services Prime Carback 01534 888830 Home James 01534 630700 DriveMyCar 01534 280006

The Lamplighter


Well-priced food, a step up from the usual pub grub, served in a stylish, relaxed environment right in the centre of town. Popular with hungry town-workers, it had a makeover a few years ago and is newly chic with wallpaper in rich russet and ruby red colours, big screen TVs and huge artwork. Halkett Street, St Helier | Open Sun-Thurs 11am-11pm, Fri-Sat 11am-1am. Food served: Mon-Sat 12-2.30pm & 6-8.30pm, Sun 12-4pm 50 Children welcome until 9pm.

Cab companies Liberty Cabs 01534 767700 Luxicabs 01534 887000 Citicabs 01534 499999

The Pembroke has something for everyone. A public house with traditional character along with a modern restaurant makes it an ideal place to enjoy a drink or a delicious meal, situated just a stone’s throw away from the Royal Jersey Golf Course. Breakfast served at weekends. La Grande Route des Sablons, Gorey | Open Mon-Thurs 11am-11pm, Fri-Sun 9.30am-11pm. Food served: Mon-Sat 12-2.15pm & 5.30-8.30pm, Sun 12-8pm. 40

Children welcome and dogs welcome outside




The Portelet

The Post Horn


Overlooking the bay of Greve de Lecq, sit on the balcony at the Prince of Wales and watch the sea crash against the rocks as you enjoy your meal. The menu includes classics like steak & kidney, fish, seafood and vegetarian dishes as well as the specials of the day. La Route de Noirmont, St Brelade | Open every day 11am-11pm. Food served: Mon-Sat 12-2.30pm & 4.30-8.30pm, Sun 12-8pm 200 inside 160 outside Children welcome, dogs outside


Hue Street, St Helier | Open Mon-Sat 10am-11.30pm, Sun 11am-11.30pm. Food served: Mon-Sat 12-2.30pm, Mon-Thurs 6-8.30pm 40 Children are welcome until 9pm

Overlooking the bay of Greve de Lecq, sit on the balcony at the Prince of Wales and watch the sea crash against the rocks as you enjoy your meal. The menu includes classics like steak & kidney, fish, seafood and vegetarian dishes as well as the specials of the day.



After our recent renovation, experience a warm welcome and pleasant atmosphere, this friendly local pub has plenty to offer all visitors. The traditional pub menu with a large choice of classic “pub fare” to suit your budget and palate. La Grande Route de St Pierre, St. Peter | Open every day 11am-11pm. Food served: Mon-Sat 12-2.00pm & 6-8.45pm, Sun 12-2.45pm. 100 All welcome

The Priory Inn is the perfect place for friends and families to enjoy a taste of the real Jersey while relaxing at this wonderful venue. Refurbished in 2014 to include the very impressive “Little Devils” children’s play and party zone, you can sit back and relax while the youngsters are entertained. La Grande Rue, St. Mary | Open every day 11am-11pm. Food served: Mon-Thurs 12-2.30pm & 5-8pm, Fri 12-2.30 & 5-8.30pm, Sat 12-8.30pm, Sun 12-8pm. 60 Children welcome. Dogs allowed in lounge bar, on a lead.



The Sir George Carteret


The Priory Inn 485307


Greve de Lecq, St Ouen | Open every day 11-11pm. Food served: Mon- Sun 8-11am, 12-2.30pm & 6-8.30pm 100 Children welcome in the restaurant, dogs permitted in the bar


A warm welcome awaits you at The Post Horn, traditional furnishings and cosy corners with a real fire always roaring in the colder months and a fantastic private function room upstairs complete with its own bar.



The Prince of Wales



The Square 858220 Fronting both Liberation Square & Weighbridge Place “The Square”, with its relaxed urban, industrial feel is a unique space, as well as being the perfect location for eating, drinking and being entertained, right in the heart of St Helier. Expect to be delighted by great food and cocktails. 14-16 Weighbridge Place, St Helier | Open Wed-Sat 10am-1.00am & Sun-Tues 10am-11pm. Food served: Mon-Sun 12-10pm, short menu between 3-5pm 110 inside 40 outside Children welcome until 9pm





The Tenby

The Watersplash


The Tenby serves traditional and eclectic pub food with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients. The Tenby overlooks the pub harbour in the picturesque village of St Aubin and offers a menu with an emphasis on using fresh and local ingredients The Bulwarks, St. Aubin | Open every day 11am-11pm. Food served: Mon-Sat 122.30pm & 6–9pm, Sun 12-8pm. 80, plus 50 outside Children welcome until 9pm and dogs outside



This menu is beach inspired, offering everything from grilled local lobster with seasoned fries to the house special chargrilled skewers, not forgetting the mouth-watering rotisserie chicken with a choice of special sauces and delicious sides.

La Grande Route Des Mielles, St. Peter, Jersey, JE3 7FN | Open See website for details. Summer: 7 days a week. Winter: 5 days a week (Wed–Sun) Seating inside and out Children welcome


The Dicq, St. Saviour | Open every day 11am-11pm. Food served Mon-Sat 122.45pm & 5.30- 8.45pm, Sunday 12 – 4.45pm 60 All welcome



Trinity Arms


This traditional country pub focuses on good food - along with the normal pub classics, you’ll find steaks, homemade lasagne, roast of the day and steak pie on the menu along with vegetarian dishes, and a children’s menu.

La Rue es Picots, Trinity | Open every day Mon-Sun 11am-11pm. Food served: Mon-Sat 12-2pm & 6-8.30pm, Sun 12-3pm 60 Children welcome until 9pm and dogs permitted in the bar on a lead



Located at the heart of Jersey’s beautiful St Ouen’s Bay facing the Atlantic Ocean, the ‘splash has a unique ambience, stunning views and a prime surf location. The menu reflects the relaxed atmosphere of beach dining with a great selection of breakfasts, sandwiches, burgers, salads & specials.


The White Horse



Cab companies Liberty Cabs 01534 767700 Luxicabs 01534 887000 Citicabs 01534 499999 Car collection services Prime Carback 01534 888830 Home James 01534 630700 DriveMyCar 01534 280006 pub

Victoria in the Valley


Victoria in the Valley is everything a traditional pub should be - a relaxing environment with sun terraces in the summer and crackling log fires in the winter. On the menu - traditional British classics using the freshest produce, and seasonal ingredients so food tastes better. St Peter’s Valley, St Peter | Open Mon 3-11pm, Tues-Sun 12-11pm. Food served: Tues-Sat 12-2pm & 6-8.30pm, Sun 12-3.30pm 52 Children welcome until 9pm, dogs allowed in the bar

Did you know..?

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Cornflakes h av more genes e than people

Dry swallowing one teaspoon of sugar can commonly cure hiccups Every time you lick a stamp, you consume 1/10 of a calorie

The fear of cooking is known as Mageirocophobia and is a recognised phobia The tea bag was introduced in 1908 by Thomas Sullivan of New York

Orthorexia Nervosa sufferers are obsessed with eating healthy food


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Grape growing is the largest food industry in the world

In the United States, lettuce is the second most popular fresh vegetable

Pearls melt in vinegar

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London has more Indian restaurants than Mumbai or Delhi

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There are more than 60 species and 8000 varieties of grapes

The fear of vegetables is called Lachanophobia 181

Fantastic Far mshop Finds! Jersey is lucky enough to have some incredible farm shops spread across the whole island so that you can easily buy fresh local produce, flowers and artisan goods wherever you are based. Our farm shops are a treasure trove of tasty healthy food and you can guarantee to always be delighted with the additional finds you might pick up there from French Dijon mayonnaise to baked goods and stunning cakes, dinner ideas and even ice creams! ILLUSTRATIONS Rosie Evans

Classic Farm Shop

This family business is based on a love for the Jersey cow and has grown from a dairy farm, to having their own milk processing unit (where they bottle their milk and make cheeses, clotted cream, ice cream, yoghurt and other dairy products) , butchery (where they make their own legendary burgers, sausages and bacon) and farm shop. They also have a large herd of pigs, beef crosses (Jersey Angus and Jersey Belgian Blue), rare breed chickens for eggs and some Poulet De Bresse for the table. There is also a tea room on site which uses their produce.

nday to Open Mo 8.30 am Saturday pm 0 .3 to 5


Manor Farm La Route Du Manoir, St Peter, JE3 7DD W: T: 485692

Lucas Brothers

One of the original farm shops in jersey, this well established farm shop is being run by third generation Lucas Family. With a healthy selection of locally sourced and imported produce. Organic & gluten free products, fresh bread & dairy . Our experienced team of florist are on hand to make up flowers & fruit baskets from our florists department. Our farm shop at Liberty wharf stocks a smaller range of products , but now has its own juice bar , making fresh fruit & veggie juices, smoothies , fruit pots on site , also a range of healthy wraps, salads & sandwiches. You can order all this online at,, farm shop or


Homefield’s are extremely proud of their traditional farm shop. From asparagus to zucchinis, apricots to watermelon, they sell a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables focusing on seasonal Jersey produce when it’s available, as well as a variety of freshly baked bread, patisseries and cakes, free range eggs from local farms and many Jersey Dairy products. nday to Open Mo 8:30amy Saturda 5:30pm

La Grande Route De St Clement, St Clement, JE2 6QQ T: 852949


HEALTH KICK The superfood revolution of recent years catalysed a demand for not just healthier but sustainable, humane and chemical clear food options. So how to know the kings of the kale chips to the queens of the quinoa salad? Introducing, the health food heroes of St Helier. Nude Food

Tastes so naughty but made so nude 5 New Street • 7.30am-3pm Monday-Friday 9.30am -3pm Saturday

With an interior that is as creative, clean and fresh as their food, a trip to Nude won’t leave you feeling bare. In this uncomplicated whole food cafe you’ll get all the nutritional goodness you need in their varied, vegan-friendly menu (with loads of protein options too) without ever having to compromise on taste. Alongside a superfood salad bar, wholesome curries and the very best of burritos, they have accomplished the inconceivable and mastered a range of truly nude treats that taste oh so naughty. From homemade chocolate to superfood flapjacks and spirulina energy balls, even the most diehard of delicacies deviants will soar into health food heaven without the dreaded sugar low descent. All crafted without a trace of dairy, gluten or unnatural sweeteners in sight, unless requested, these guys are the masters of superfood in disguise.




47 New Street • 7am-3pm Monday-Friday 8am -2pm Saturday

9 Colomberie & 2 Broad Street • 8am-4.45pm MondaySaturday

Don’t let the stature of this little health food hub fool you, what it lacks in size it makes up for in character, creativity and serious flavour. If you like your food organic, your juice cold pressed and your rap gangster then go no further. Ready to grab chia pots, noodle salads, juices and organic coffee to go, it’s the lunch stop of the locals. Offering the most unique menu from algae and almond ‘mylk shakes’ to smoothie bowls topped with bee pollen, these nutrition mavericks were also the first to take the plunge into bone broth. Everything that’s served up is delicious, made with a lot of love and all the nutritional knowledge you could ask for by the passionate staff. The ethos at MOO doesn’t just emanate from their insanely ‘fresh to death’ food, the energy in this pick up place leaves you feeling king of the crop before you’ve even got the wheatgrass in you.

If it can be juiced, blended, shot, squeezed or pulped you’ll find it at Barannes health store and juice bar. With two stores in St Helier, they’ve got our streets well quenched with their delicious juices, new smoothie bowls and healthy snacks. As advocates of health beginning from the inside out, not only do they specialise in nutrifying juices but they’ll also serve up guidance on their extensive range of vitamins, minerals, herbal probiotics, gluten free and vegan friendly supplements on offer. Try out their ‘Flu shot’ and ‘Winter Reviver’ juice full of the good stuff to boost the immune system, stifle the sniffles and make juicing so much more than just crushing a carrot.

In the Moood for funky fresh and mostly organic?

Juicy News





R Fresh

9 Esplanade • 7.30am-3pm Monday-Friday

12 Colomberie • 7.30am-3.30pm Monday - Friday 12A Charring Cross • 7:30am – 6:30pm Monday - Friday

Flavour by name and always from nature. Bursting with vitality and sustenance, Flavour cafe brings a fusion of authentic international cuisine created with locally sourced, free range produce. Carefully designed to cater for the most particular dietary requirements, their fulfilling spice blended curries and soups are made 100% from scratch following their own original recipes with an international inspiration. An entirely homemade menu under the guidance of a nutritionist chef, you can avoid gluten, sugars, animal products and all preservatives in a menu of worldly delights changing daily. Mastery and a passion for fusion food however is always on the menu cultivating unique and consistently delicious dishes. You won’t find flavour anywhere else that’s quite like it.


They are indeed

The new sprouts aboard the healthy train, R Fresh offer all the best of breakfast goodies and salad pot regulars with a sunshine boulevard twist. Taking inspiration from the health food movement makers in Miami, they’re a foot forward into trending tastes and dietary demand. Their fortified waters are definitely a product of their originality; charcoal, cayenne pepper, lemon and aloe vera infused purified waters made in store to detoxify, balance ph levels and support a healthy gut. Not without its sweet edge you’ll find the squidgiest of beetroot brownies partnered well with a berry bliss smoothie to make a real meal out of lunchtime. With 85% of its packaging plant based and recyclable, it’s experimental, honest handmade fulfilling food with a conscience.



The Spice of Life Located in Sand Street, with convenient car parking directly opposite, this Thai restaurant offers a mix of modern decor with an Eastern influence. It is proudly owner-managed and uses fresh produce in addition to the essential Thai spices and sauces that give the food that fresh wholesome flavour. All dishes are cooked to each customers preference and any advised allergies can be catered for too. ​Why not accompany your meal ​with any one of their specially selected wines or why not try the cocktails!​​​ There ​is also a fully licensed bar, so you can pop in for drinks any time of the day. The same quality food is also available for office lunches or to take home in the evenings after work. This is a comfortable, smart, friendly venue offering well presented quality dishes . Customers will always receive a traditional warm Thai welcome from Joy and her staff and you can be assured that​there is fabulous food and drink available whatever your busy schedule!

OPENING HOURS Monday - Wednesday Midday until 9pm for last orders Thursday - Saturday Midday - 10pm for last orders. (Sundays closed). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Seating: inside 60. No dress code. Children welcome. Group parties up to 45 people.


630303 188

12 Sand Street, St Helier, JE2 3QF thespiceofliferestaurant

APPETITE SELECTED DISHES / SAMPLE MENU STARTERS Tempura King Prawn cooked with coconut milk and served with plum sauce. Crispy Chilli Beef deep fried beef and cooked in garlic, onion, spring onion, chilli slice and lime leaves Fish Cake red snapper with king prawns, cooked in red curry paste, green beans and lime leaves, served with sweet chilli sauce CHEF’S SPECIALS All dishes are served with Jasmine rice Monkfish & King Prawn Green Curry cooked in coconut milk with mixed peppers, green beans, onion, basil and lime leaves Scallop & King Prawn Red Curry cooked in coconut milk with mixed peppers, green beans, onion, basil and lime leaves Crab Meat Yellow Stir Fry cooked with egg, onion, celery and spring onion

King Prawns in Tamarind Sauce (nuts) fried king prawns topped with cashew nuts and coriander Monkfish Ginger Stir Fry deep fried monkfish, cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, green beans, mixed peppers and spring onions Seabass Fillet Chou Chee cooked with red curry paste, green beans, lime leaves and a drop of coconut milk Scallops with ginger cooked in fresh ginger, spring onions, green beans and mange tout, topped with coriander DESSERTS Choice of Sorbets Mango, lemon or raspberry Thai Pancake with vanilla ice cream Banana Fritter with vanilla ice cream


Unawatuna You can expect a warm welcome from Jersey’s only Sri Lankan restaurant. Unawatuna offers you a relaxed and informal dining experience in their Sri Lankan inspired environment in the heart of St Helier. Whilst Chef Sudu’s authentic recipies combine local Jersey produce with Sri Lankan specialities. Bringing a slice of Sri Lanka, and the cuisine he loves, to foodies around the island Sudu is armed with his mother’s hand blended curry powers, which she blends and then sends over to the island once a month. He learned the majority of his cooking skills at his mother’s side helping her to prepare family meals at home in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Since then he has developed these skills working alongside other chefs and on his own (with the occasional call to his mother for tips). Sri Lankan cuisine is a very healthy diet with the staple foods being rice and pulses. Many of the dishes were originally created for their health benefits and these foods are commonly used in Sri Lankan cooking to this day. The majority of Sri Lankan’s are Buddhist and a large percentage are vegetarians and therefore many Sri Lankan dishes are vegetable based. When preparing a meal for her family a Sri Lankan mother would ensure she served a balanced meal consisting of a selection of vegetarian dishes, (optional meat/fish dish) and rice. This is the way Sudus mother always prepared his meals and he recommends you choose your dishes from the menu in this way too.


OPENING HOURS Monday – Saturday 5pm – late. Closed Sunday. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Parties are easily catered for. Seating: inside 65 Dress code is smart casual. Children welcome and only guide dogs.



8 Caledonia Pl, St Helier JE2 3NG UnawatunaRestaurant



Little Thai

Thai Dicq Shack

This well established and ever popular restaurant continues to wow with its authentic Thai food, buzzy atmosphere and superlative service.

The big sister to its town based sibling the Dicq Shack was the first and still is the firm favourite after 15 years.

You’ll find all of the classic Thai dishes on the menu, along with daily specials. All of which you can have as mild or as hot as you want.

The one and only feet in the sand Cafe, directly on the beach. Grab a table, bring a bottle or two and you could be on that dreamed of holiday in Thailand.

Whether you choose to sit at the noodle bar with a view of your food being cooked in front of you, or in the more relaxed surroundings of the lively restaurant, you are guaranteed to enjoy your dining experience.

Relaxed and casual is the mood, watching the tide come and go. Great fun for a family meal or a get together with friends, and nothing is more romantic than a candlelit dinner for two under the stars. Sometimes only the real deal will do, which is why those in the know head to the Thai Dicq Shack. When the weather lets you down order a takeaway and bring Thailand into your own home.

OPENING HOURS Monday-Friday 12-3pm, Saturday 6pm – late. Closed Sunday. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Whilst Little Thai is suitable for children, it is a small restaurant so may not be suitable for pushchairs. They have a great express lunch menu which is served on weekdays only, be sure to ask if you’re in a rush.

OPENING HOURS Summer 9am- 9pm. Winter 5pm - 9pm. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Plenty of outside seating. No dress code, anything goes. Dogs and children welcome. BYO alcoholic refreshments, there is an off licence just next door, they can also supply you with drinking vessels and the use of a corkscrew, if you need one!



35 Hill Street, St Helier littlethaijsy



Dicq Road Slip, St Saviour Thai-Dicq-Shack



Asian Indian

Bollywood Bytes


Café Spice



Asian Indian

Indian Ocean

53 Kensington Place, St Helier | Open 12-2pm, 6-midnight every day Children welcome




Asian Chinese



Chinese with a view! If you’re out west, Jambo sits upstairs in the centre of St Brelade’s Bay, offering some serious special views to accompany your special fried rice.

La Route de la Baie, St. Brelades Bay | Open Every day 12-1.45pm and 6-11pm



Asian Indian




Intimate, entertaining, fun, amusing, in-theknow, attentive, charming, alluring, respected, loving, witty, wherever you dine, your choice of restaurant makes a statement about you...Jaipur- with delicious food, relaxed contemporary surroundings, quality service and attention to all details.

This contemporary Indian restaurant is just on the outskirts of town, close to many of the banks and offices so it caters for a lot of business lunches. Two of the most popular dishes on the menu are the Indian Ocean chicken special and the Handi chicken. 37 La Motte Street, St Helier | Open Lunch 12-2pm, dinner 6-11.30pm Older children welcome


Their vision is to offer a ‘sophisticated fine dining experience with effortlessly charming staff, great service and tantalising food’; somewhere to enjoy a reasonable indian meal with some bollywood inspired visuals.

Authentic Indian flavours in a modern setting. True to the restaurant’s name, it’s all about the special blends of spices and seasoning’s used to recreate the traditional flavours of India. Indian and Bangladesh Close to the Opera House so an ideal place to dine after or before a show. 2, Edward Place. The Parade, St Helier | Open Mon-Sun 12-2pm and 6pm onwards children welcome

Asian Indian

10 Esplanade, St Helier | Open Every day 12-2pm and 6-midnight


Asian Chinese

Lotus House


Jersey’s longest running Chinese Restaurant, established in 1972. A firm favourite with many locals you can eat in or take away your chinese delights from this First Tower based restaurant.

La Route De St Aubin, First Tower | Open Everyday 5.30-11pm


Asian Indian



Mandarin Room



Asian Chinese

New Dynasty

Gloucester Street, St Helier | Open 12-2pm, 6-11pm every day (closes at 10.30pm on Sunday) 70 Children welcome


Set on the cycle track between St Aubin and Corbiere, this great little cafe sits next to the kids favourite, the elephant park, and serves food all daya nd an evening thai menu. Great for killing all the birds with one stone. Park, dog walk, cycle, snack, dinner. Boom. La Petite Route des Mielles | Open Mon-Wed 9am-6pm Thurs-Sun 9am-9pm For Thai Cuisine

4 La Rue de Croquet, St Aubin | Open 5pm-11pm every day 50 Children welcome

Asian Thai

Park House Thai


Hot Hot Hot! Aranya cries as she asks how spicy you’d like your pad thai. Park House is an unassuming and reliable Thai restaurant that feels homely and welcoming.

1 Colomberie Parade, La Colomberie, St Helier | Open Thai menu available for lunch every day and Fri-Sun 5.30-8.45pm 28 inside 12 outside Children welcome, dogs welcome in outside seating area

Asian Thai

Off the Rails Cafe 07700 360165


This traditional Chinese restaurant, right in the heart of St Aubin’s village serves a mix of authentic Chinese and Malaysian dishes along with a few Thai classic recipes.



The chic Mandarin Room with its modern décor serves delicious Chinese, Peking and Schezuan cuisine, made from fresh local ingredients. The gourmet dim sum is always very popular, along with the tasty crispy Mongolian lamb.

Located in Jersey’s peripheral cheapside, Mahmoods is the place to go for a clandestine biryani. Their chef has been on TV and they’re raved about on Tripadvisor for serving a halal friendly menu, so look past the outside and give it a go. 6 Cheapside, St Helier | Open Sun-Thurs 5.30pm - 11.00pm Fri & Sat 5.30pm 11.30pm

Asian Chinese


Asian Indian



With its modern, fresh approach to real Eastern cooking, Saffrons is not your ordinary Indian restaurant. Linked closely to the hotel’s Ayurvedic spa, the restaurant mixes the Ayurvedic philosophy of balance in all things with the best local produce to come up with a delicious menu. Hotel de France, St Saviour’s Road, St Helier | Open Tues-Sat 6.30pm-9.30pm 36 Children can be catered for




Asian Thai

Siam Garden



Don’t let the location at the back of St Helier’s homage to a micro mall put you off. Siam garden in a great thai eat in and take away that doesn’t busy up as quickly as some of its counterparts.

6 Parade Arcade, St Helier | Open Mon-Fri Lunch 12-2 Dinner 6-10 Sat 6-10pm Sun 6-9pm


8-10 West’s Centre, St Helier | Open Mon–Thurs 11am–3pm and 6pm–9pm Fri–Sat 11am–12am Children welcome Sunday: Closed


If it’s authentic Thai cuisine you’re after, then you simply have to visit us in Colomberie Precinct. Take Away is also available with FREE island wide delivery.



Based in the heart of St. Aubin, The Spice House Bar and Restaurant fuses Indian flavours with the best local Jersey produce. A stand out feature in the restaurant is the authentic Indian door frames and the lantern style lighting which really sets The Spice House apart. La Neuve Route, St.Aubin | Open Mon – Sun 5.30pm – late (closed Tuesdays). 70 Children welcome takeaway:



Getting rave reviews from diners for its contemporary style restaurant, friendly service and fantastic food, those in the know have been going there since it opened. With dishes all cooked onsite by the team of Indian chefs. 8 Waterloo Street, St Helier | Open Lunch 12-2pm, Dinner 6-11.30pm every day

Asian Indian

The Spice House

Asian Indian



1 La Colomberie Court, St Helier | Open Every day 12-11pm


Formerly the Atlantique seafood bar, this town centre eatery has stuck with the fishy theme but this time inspired by their love of Asian food. Their menu is a seafood and modern Japanese Fusion. Taking great pride in sourcing all their fish and seafood from our local Fish Market whenever possible.

Asian Thai

Spicy Bangkok

Asian Japanese


Cab companies Liberty Cabs 01534 767700 Luxicabs 01534 887000 Citicabs 01534 499999 Car collection services Prime Carback 01534 888830 Home James 01534 630700 DriveMyCar 01534 280006



Pizza Quarter Pizza............................................................................... 728872 Open open 4-11pm deliveries: 6 - 11pm £12 min order Bel Royal, St Lawrence A unique pizza experience for the people of St Lawrence / Grouville and beyond.

Try the...Shore Thing - spicy and delicious

Diamond Chinese Restaurant Chinese........... 871600/720427 Open 6-9.30pm (cash or credit card payments only) all over 63 Halkett Place, St Helier Close to town - Diamond is perfect for those working-late office suppers

Try the...Crispy duck with pancakes

Open 5-11pm every evening islandwide 4 David Place, St Helier A traditional Chinese takeaway with a wide and varied menu

Try the...Special Chow Mein

Open 6-10.30pm every day Not to St Ouens, St Brelades Gloucester Street, St Helier Not your ordinary Chinese takeaway, this serves delicious freshly-prepared food

Try the...No 10: Smoked shredded chicken with garlic and chilli Chinese/Malaysian..................................887299/887020 High Street, St Aubin

Try the...Malaysian Boneless Ribs with Fresh Chilli and Crunchy Garlic

Simon’s Chinese Takeaway Chinese ������������������������������������������ 626911 Open 5.30-11pm every day Snow Hill, 43 Hill Street, St Helier Authentic Chinese and Malaysian dishes

Try the...Malaysian Daging Pedas - the very hot Chilli and Garlic Beef

Golden Bowl Takeaway Chinese............................618883/728259 Open every evening 5-10.30pm islandwide 39 Trinity Road, St Helier Perfect when you need a quick Chinese food fix

Try the...King prawn with ginger and spring onions

Jambo Chinese............................................................................................ 745801 Open 6-10.30pm St Helier is the furthest east they’ll deliver La Route de la Baie, St Brelade Great for Westies, get your noodles in record time from Jambo

Try the...Spare ribs with Peking Sauce


Oriental Dragon Chinese/Malaysian.............................. 858811/858812 Open 5-10.45pm St Helier is the furthest west they’d deliver The place to go for Chinese food fans out east

La Rue Hilgrove, Gorey

Try the...Beef in black bean sauce

Mandarin Room Chinese/Peking/Schezuan �������������������������������������� 638010

Open 5-11pm every day Not to St Martin or Gorey Perfect for tasty Malaysian dishes

Open 6-11pm every island-wide La Route de St Aubin, First Tower, St Helier Prompt delivery and a varied Chinese menu

Try the...Lotus House Aromatic Duck

Good Friend Chinese Takeaway Chinese.. 733593/722423

New Dynasty

Lotus House Chinese......................................................737038/878328

Tandoori Nights Chinese/Indian/Pizza/Chip shop ���������������������������� 788855 Open 5-12.30pm islandwide A varied menu - Asian to chip shop - delivered quickly

Try the...No 267, Medium spicy king prawns with onions and potatoes

A Taste of India Indian...................................................768318/768319 Open 5.30-10pm islandwide Brixton House, la Route de St Aubin, First Tower JE2 3LL A real Indian restaurant, and great for hot and spicy food.

Try the...No 4: the Chicken Shashlik

Café Spice

Indian/Bangladeshi......................................... 737377/738337

Open 6-midnight every day islandwide 53 Kensington Place, St Helier A modern twist to traditional Indian and Bangladeshi recipes

Try the...Syleti Singla - medium spicy chicken

Indian Ocean Indian............................................................766117/766118 Open 6-11.30 every day islandwide 37 La Motte Street, St Helier Traditional Indian dishes and some mouth-watering specials

Try the...Handi Chicken (coconut, coriander, green chilli)

Spice House Indian............................................................................. 746600 Wed/Thu 6pm-10pm Fri/Sat 6pm-11pm Sun 6pm-11pm islandwide Le Neuve Route, St Aubin The spice house mIx it up with spice and flavour with great effect.

Try the... Tandoori Platter


Cab companies Liberty Cabs 01534 767700 Luxicabs 01534 887000 Citicabs 01534 499999 Car collection services Prime Carback 01534 888830 Home James 01534 630700


La Cantina Fresh Italian

.............................................. .............................724988

Lunch Tues-Sat 12-2pm, Dinner Mon-Sat 6 -10.30pm islandwide Use their online ordering system at

Pierson Rd

Try the... sourdough pizzas & fresh homemade pasta

The Viceroy

Indian...................................................... 876984/767359

Open 5.30-11.30pm (for deliveries order before 10pm) islandwide A classic Indian with plenty of hot and spicy specials

76 Bath Street, St Helier

Pizza Express


Open midday-10pm pick up only 59-61 Halkett Place, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 4WG Phone to order, and your Sloppy Giuseppe’s only a quick drive away

Try the...American Hot & garlic doughballs

Try the...Lamb Nagga - Madras strength curry with a kick

Seafish Cafe

Dicq Shack Thai...................................................................................... 730273

Open open until 9.30pm (10.30 Fri/Sat). pickup only Liberty Wharf, St Helier/Boulevard St Aubin The latest addition to Jersey’s Fish frying landscape; premium fish, chips and more

Open 5-9pm, summer noon - 9pm Only to St Clements, St Helier, Grouville and St Saviour - MonThurs only The Dicq Slip, St Saviour Super-spicy delicious Thai food from a unique place.

Fish & Chips............................................... 510015/859230

Try the...Calamari and some mushy peas...

Try the...The Dicq Shack’s famous Pad Thai

Hectors Fish & Chips Fish & Chips ������������������������������������������������� 285961

Siam Garden Thai.................................................................................. 766766

Open midday-10pm Mon-Sat pick up only 1 Dumaresq Street, St Helier JE2 3RL A great fish n’ chippie just on the edge of town...

Open every evening 5-10pm 6 Parade Gardens, St Helier Tucked away reliable Thai that due to its size often has space when others are full.

Try the...Cod & chips

Try the...Tom Yum Soup. Hot and Delicious

Park House Thai Thai/Chinese.............................................................874196

Jaipur Indian Takeaway Indian �������������������������������������������������� 880069

Open 5-10pm pickup only Colomberie Parade, St Helier, JE2 4QA Run by a Thai family, this takeaway serves amazing food with limitless personality

Open 6-midnight every day islandwide A good selection of Indian classics

20 Esplanade, St Helier

Try the...Spare ribs Thai style and Jungle curry

Try the...Jaipur’s Chicken Tikka Masala

Big J Chip Shop............................................................................................. 285961

Mahmood’s Tandoori Night Indian ������������������������������������������ 607091

Open 7am - midnight (Mon-Thurs), 1am (Fri/Sat/Sun) pick up only 26 Sand Street, St Helier, Perfect for late-night munchies, they also do good rotisserie-style roast chicken

Open 6-10pm every day islandwide 6 Cheapside, St Helier A good range of specials and all the Indian classics

Try the...Chicken or King Prawn Jalfrazi

Robin Hood Indian/Chinese/Pizza/Chip shop............... 788888/788884 Open 5-12.30pm islandwide Everything from pizzas to burgers, as quick as you like

Try the...Beef with green peppers and black bean sauce

Hot Stuff Pizza


Open 6-midnight every day Not to St Ouen’s/St Mary and St Brelade’s Stopford Road, St Helier Pizza’s hard to beat - especially when it arrives at your door, piping hot.

Try the...Hollywood - pepperoni, ham, mushrooms and onions



Try the...Burger Deluxe and cheesy chips

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A changing cast of individual characters over time gives the Central Market in St Helier part of its charm - they all know each other and many of their regular customers too which all adds to the friendly banter. It can be chilly in winter, despite the addition of some windbreaks along the railings, so the stallholders wrap up well - hats and mittens are in evidence, and no doubt there are hidden thermal layers too!

by its hard-working fishmongers. Both the Beresford and Central Markets have cafĂŠs and fast, fresh food counters, and naturally, there are a number of pubs, wine bars and restaurants in the vicinity.

The more modern Beresford Market (or Fish Market as it is more commonly known) is justly popular for its high-quality produce and the atmosphere generated

We asked these market traders:

Market Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday 07:30 - 17:30 (but closes at 14:00 on Thursdays)


What would you have to be paid a million pounds to eat?

Artur Bobak, 35 Counter Manager, Fish market


Jamie Price, 28 Fishmonger, Fish Market


‘It has to Bus h ak’ Ste be

hin, Sea Urc gonads


Cristina Alameda, 23 Bloomers Bakery, assistant


John Meyer, 44 Chef, MCK

Emma Dootsan, 38 Leonidas, Manager


Kirsty Garcia, 25 Cupcake expert, Flour

Graham Carvar, 56 Fishmonger, Fish Market

Tartar Sauce

Paco Lora, 46 Owner, Casa Paco





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