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LAURA McKINLEY My fascination for glass as a creative medium stems from its capacity to constantly alter my initial thoughts and expectations. The spontaneity of the hot material demands instant visual judgments that give rise to shifts in ideas. These allow me to make tangible my explorations of volume, scale and the random interplay of forms. Serendipity and the unexpected often point the way to the next starting point for making. An element of inspiration for me is the Italian technique, Incalmo, the joining together, whilst still hot, of two separately blown glass bubbles to form one piece. When cold, the fluidity of these objects is interrupted by cutting to expose voids which enable the viewer to see both the internal and exterior spaces. The varying thickness of glass and polished angled surfaces create ever-changing effects of light and shadow, a characteristic that is exploited to create an environment of illusion. My work is an invitation to engage with the tranquil beauty of the incidental. 46

Laura Mckinley symbiosis blue blown & cut glass

GLASS 2015  

Gallery TEN presents 30 glass makers from the UK and beyond