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Fairytopia Liesje Reyskens

FAIRYTOPIA Liesje Reyskens On display until 4 Sept 2011

Picture on Cover: No title 2011 Lambda print - dibond 140 x 100 cm Edition 1/6

No title 2010 Lambda print - plexi 90 x 135 cm Edition 1/6

Liesje Reyskens (b. 1984) Studied photography at the Media and Design Academy in Genk, Belgium. She lives and works in Zonhoven, Belgium Liesje Reyskens’ sensational art photographs depict the adventurous, mysterious and slightly naive teenage girl-universe, which from the standard adult point of view seems too weird and totally out of reach. In a most original way and with a semi-realistic approach Reykens succeed in illustrating this absurd life of young girls as a fascinating, spectacular clash between reason and unreason, between play and seriousness. The young Belgian photographer has an amazing ability to dive deep into this awkward teen-world, characterized by dreams, insecurity and identity confusion and portray it with a mixture of realism and fantasy that fascinate as well as shock the viewer.

No title 2011 Lambda print - dibond 40 x 28 cm Edition 1/6

Reyskens’ courageous staging of her young models is characterized by an affected sparkle and idealism, which she cultivates so it nearly exceeds the line of the surreal. Paradoxically it is exactly this ‘smoothness’ and glossy expression, that provide a feeling of something being wrong and sincere. This feeling becomes more and more evident as longer you look at the pictures, and after a close inspection the youthful joy and lightness of the photos disappear in favour of an underlying darkness, which is reflected in the models’ petrified, expressionless and doll-like faces. Meanwhile, the sinister atmosphere never gets really morbid, but exist as an irritable undertone, that, despite the uncomfortable atmosphere, definitely has a humorous touch. Besides working with art photography Reyskens is occupied with fashion and advertising and when looking at her works in general it strikes one how there rarely seems to be a clear stylistic distinction between the various genres. Thus, her interest in fashion and beauty is reflected in the ‘postcard aesthetics’ and glamorous tone of her high-art photography. No title 2010 Lambda print - plexi 100 x 70 cm Edition 4/8

No title 2011 Lambda print - dibond 40 x 28 cm Edition 2/6

No title 2011 Lambda print - plexi 100 x 70 cm Edition 4/8

No title 2011 Lambda print - dibond 40 x 28 cm Edition 1/6

The artist’s thematic view of the conflictridden transition from girl to woman has several parallels in the worlds of literature; the most mention worthy would be Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ from 1865 and Vladimir Nabokov controversial novel ‘Lolita’ from 1955. Despite this fact, Reyskens succeeds in treating the subject in a new and original way and further more she seems to indicate a cautious criticism towards our contemporary beauty ideals and consumer culture. In any way her works surely deserve more than just aesthetic enjoyment

No title 2010 Lambda print - dibond 70 x 60 cm Edition 6/8

No title 2010 Lambda print - plexi 100 x 70 cm Edition 1/6


Name: Liesje Reyskens Based: Belgium Birth: 16/08/1984 Nationality: Belgian E- Mail: Website: DIPLOMAS 2007: Master of fine arts - photography, with distinction. (Media and design academy (KHLIM), Genk Belgium) PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2008 – 2011: Freelance photographer / artist

EXHIBITIONS 2006: De Velinx, Tongeren (BE) “Barok” 2007: De Velinx, Tongeren (BE) “ De tafel” 2007: Campus Library, Arenberg (BE)“ BE- Framed” 2007: VUB – Campus, Etterbeek (BE)“Out of Control” 2008: BOZAR, Palais des Beaux Arts , Brussels (BE) “Canvascollectie” 2008: Gallery Albus lux, Roosendaal (NL), “Liesje Reyskens: Glamour and innocence” 2009: Adabt Gallery, Antwerp (BE) “Eye 5” 2009: Ververs modern art Gallery, Amsterdam (NL) “Solo Liesje Reyskens” 2009: Stads bibliotheek Genk, “De schort voorbinden.” 2009-2010: Museum of Photography gallery, Antwerp (BE) 2010: Gallery Albus Lux, Roosendaal (NL), “Solo Liesje Reyskens” 2010: Gallery Albus Lux: Artantique: Utrecht (NL) 2010: BOZAR, Palais des Beaux Arts , Brussels (BE) “Canvascollectie 2010: Ververs modern art Gallery: C.A.R 2010, Essen (DE) 2010: Selbach Museum, Maaseik (BE), “Rappel 2010” 2010: Swing- it, Hasselt (BE) 2010: Gallery Van der planken, Antwerp (BE), “Solo Liesje Reyskens” 2010: Ververs modern art Gallery, Amsterdam (NL) “Fantastic photography – Fiat Lux, let there be light” 2011: Gallery Van Der Planken, Antwerp (BE), “21 years” 2011: Asap Gallery, Genk (BE), “Solo Liesje Reyskens” 2011: Art Karlsruhe (DE) @ Van Der Planken Gallery 2011: Art & Antique Fair s’ Hertogenbosch @ Brabanthallen s’ Hertogenbosch (NL) 2011: NOT A CAR, Los Angeles @ LA Art Association (Ververs gallery) 2011: Solo expositie: “Liesje Reyskens”: Albus lux gallery @ Roosendaal (NL)


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