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Honor Societies Welcome New Members Amelie La-Branche News Editor

When it comes to student involvement, Spanish River has its fair share of clubs and organizations. Among these organizations are the selective and specialized honor societies, able to match the interests of any student. One of such societies is Spanish River’s chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS), founded upon a commitment to service, both to the student body and community. “My hope for students is to realize that small acts of kindness and generosity help make our world and community a better place,” says Special Education Teacher and National Honor Society sponsor Angela Donnino. “Being involved with charity myself, I feel the benefit to students seeing their ‘good deeds’ in action is immeasurable.” National Honor Society members participate in a variety of volunteer activities, such as peer tutoring at both lunches (in the Media Center for first lunch and Room 1153D for second lunch), Toys for Tots and We Rock the Spectrum. “Last year during the pandemic, we partnered with Heart to Heart Outreach to provide to Senior Living Centers, as residents faced complete isolation,” adds Donnino. “We were able to provide puzzles, games, fuzzy socks, stuffed animals, and cards.” It is clear to see that students who wish to be members of the National Honor Society must commit to assisting others, a degree of selflessness at the core of NHS members. The NHS also looks for excellence in all areas of life, not just academics. “The National Honor Society is the most elite group of students on our

campus,” says Donnino. “Academics, community service, and discipline are all of the areas looked at for applicants to be considered.” Indeed, membership for the National Honor Society is available for juniors and seniors with at least a 3.5 GPA and 3.8 HPA, 50 logged community service hours, and no discipline referrals. The Science Honor Society, another organization within Spanish River, offers an outlet to showcase academic prowess through innovative, competitive events. “Everyone knows that, when a student is a member of the Science Honor Society, they have incredible achievements in the sciences,” says Biotechnology A c a d e m y Instructor and Science Honor Society Sponsor Mary Fish. In addition, the Science Honor Society provides an application for critical thinking beyond high school. The experimental reasoning needed for the sciences bestows its students with the vital skill of creative problemsolving. “Joining the Science Honor Society prepares students to apply their knowledge in the sciences and think ‘outside the box,’” adds Fish. For students interested in challenging themselves, the Science Honor Society stimulates the brightest minds through a multitude of competitions, tailored to various aspects of science. “The Science Honor Society, at this time, has 3 main competitive events - the Science Fair, Girls Who Code, Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), the Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering (SECME), and Science Olympiad,” says Fish. “Hopefully, we will be able to add more in the next few

years.” The Science Honor Society’s inventive environment is fueled by its members’ hunger for knowledge and passion for science, whether their interest lies in medicine, engineering, computer science, or the study of physical sciences. In fact, the Science Honor Society’s dedication to competition acts as a stepping stone for students who wish to pursue a career in science-related professions. “I have taught science for 32 years. I love science and I think it is the future,” Fish continues. “I believe that is the field where most of our students will work.” Furthering the basis of education, the Psychology Honor Society (PHS) provides its members with an in-depth understanding of psychology as a science, as well as awareness of mental health. “I would like the Psychology Honor Society to increase the awareness around campus of different psychological issues, as well as have the members meet with peers who have the same interests,” says Psychology and Sociology teacher and PHS sponsor Dana Morano. Besides enlightening its members to the various psychological stresses and disorders others, including fellow students, may endure, PHS also shapes its members to be more understanding and empathetic individuals. “The Psychology Honor Society prepares its members for life beyond high school, by emphasizing

responsibility (to themselves and others), fostering a love of life-long learning, and stressing the importance of empathy and c omp a s s i on for others who are struggling with mental health issues and brain disorders,” adds Morano. The PHS actively supports its cause with concrete action, as this honor society aims to spread awareness about mental health issues, as well as dementia and the loss of cognitive ability. “We will be involved in the Alzheimer’s walk again this year,” Morano notes. “I am hoping to eventually have Youth Mental Health First Aid train PHS members.” Apart from standing out on applications, participating in these societies allows students to give back to their community, while congregating with those who share similar interests, and perhaps preparing for a future career. W h a t e v e r students may be interested in, whether in service and leadership, psychology, or science disciplines, the door of opportunity for these honor societies is wide open, welcoming all those willing to work for a worthwhile cause.


A Message From the PTSA Spanish River High School’s PTSA supports critical academic needs, is an active voice on decisions that impact your child’s health, safety and quality of education, and builds a stronger, more inclusive school community. We invite you to join our PTSA because increasing our membership, even by one, makes a difference. Membership Options Teachers and Staff: $5 (car magnet) Level 1: $10 (car magnet) Level 2: $50 (car magnet and pen, bring receipt to the Shark Shop) Level 2: $100 (includes 1 item of your choice from the Shark Shop, bring receipt) Level 3: $250 (includes 2 items of your choice from the Shark Shop, bring receipt) Level 4: $500 (includes 3 items of your choice from the Shark Shop, bring receipt)

Spanish River PTSA Store




Mental Health Monday to Return to River News Editor

ologist Dr. Rose V sych ass P l ell oo h Sc

Mental health involves having positive relationships with others as well as yourself. It is the ability to manage and express emotions both positively and negatively. Mental Health Mondays are designed to connect mental health experts and advocates to the public to share useful information and advice. All around the world, people are suffering from mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. Luckily, information and resources can help cope with mental illness and allow those affected to seek help. It can be especially hard dealing with mental illness during extraneous activities like school and work. Keeping a positive mentality is crucial in staying healthy and happy. Mental Health Monday at Spanish

about mental health, others assume issues. we are talking about mental health Mental health issues are issues. These are two different states normal and manageable. Everyone of wellbeing. We address mental is affected in some way or another; health because it is important for elor however, prioritizing your mental Elisa C uns haz health is just as important as individuals to be aware of alth Co e e H l how they can become ta prioritizing your physical n the best they can health. There are always be mentally.” resources available to Mental improve your mental health health, you are not according to alone. the World In addition, Health Spanish River High Organization School has been is a state of taking extra steps to well-being, assist students in their while mental mental health, from health issues can having a psychologist on range from a wide campus and special weeks range of conditions such as: such as Hello Week. River has been anger, borderline personality disorder, aiming for healthy mindsets. Start and dysmorphic disorder. with Hello Week was from September “Resources will be provided 20th to September 24th. Hello Week during the Suite 360 presentations,” brought attention to social isolation, says Vassell. and it was designed to create a culture There will be a wide variety of connectedness between students of resources available for all students and their community. This program to access at any given time. helps students to recognize loneliness Having the opportunity to be and social isolation within their peers. able to discuss and learn about mental health is crucial in bringing awareness to students and breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health M e

Duru Boranalp

River High School is designed to help students recharge and reflect. The program helps students take a break from the stress of school and social pressures, and allows them to rest and take a break from all that is affecting them. Mental Health Monday is done once per year for a full day on November 29. “Mental Health Monday is when teachers at Spanish River High School throughout the day, explore various topics surrounding mental health issues with students. This is done once per year,” said school psychologist Rose Vassell. Instead of the program being eight weeks long like 2020, it has evolved into just one Monday to teach and discuss issues throughout the day on seven topics about mental health. “The idea of this program is to destigmatize and bring awareness to students about mental health so that they will be able to identify signs and symptoms of mental health issues in others and themselves.” Vassell continues to state, “Too often we talk

Dr.Keller Eases College Application Stress

Amelie La-Branche News Editor

Amidst the thousands of colleges and universities available to students, it is understandable to be overwhelmed by the college search process. In order to find the college that best suits a student, research is imperative, and existing tools can assist a student in finding a college experience that serves them for life. One of such opportunities is the arrival of college representatives at Spanish River. College admission representatives visited from October 4th to November 9th; among the schools scheduled were Florida schools, such as Florida Atlantic University, and out-of-state schools, such as Rice University. The main objective of these college representative visits was to bring students a wealth of information about specific colleges and universities. “Knowledge is power,” says College and Career Counselor Dr. Daniel Keller. “The college representatives give you insight to the happenings of a school on a greater scale than you would be able to find on your own.” College admission representatives can provide students with pertinent information, such as whether a college is test-optional, and what components of an application are most important to the college. These visits can also provide an intimate look into the

priorities of a college, its learning environment, student traditions, and values. “The rep visits are helpful because they connect a name to a face, and I get a more personalized experience with the school,” says senior Ioanna Copulos. For students who are undecided, attending multiple visits and comparing different aspects of colleges, such as climate, location, and distance from home, allows them to

“Ask about the type of student that typically flourishes there. Think about what is important to you (social scene, academic competitiveness, sports, job placement opportunities, study abroad, food, etc.) and ask about those topics,” Keller recommends. “Don’t ever be scared to ask the questions that pertain to you.” College visits are not the only opportunity available to students. The Palm Beach County School District’s College and Career Corner offers six

Dr. Keller the college advisor helping a student out with college counseling.

consider which schools they may be interested in. “I have many colleges in mind, but the college rep visits have broadened my list by allowing me to connect with colleges I have never even heard of,” says senior Jane Halpern. In order to take full advantage of these visits, students must be prepared to ask questions, especially those that pertain to their individual interests in the college.

featured topics and the No Limit! Virtual College Fair (which runs from October 11th to October 27th and offers a comprehensive overview of colleges). Though it does not provide the one-to-one experience of college representative visits, college fairs can also act as a valuable tool for students. “It’s like going to the mall. You can get everything you need at one time,” says Keller. “These virtual visits offer a huge selection of schools

all at once. There may be schools at the fair that are not scheduled to visit River.” College fairs allow students to begin their college search with a wide variety of options that they can later select from, once they have their most important factors in mind. All in all, the availability of these tools in the college search process serves one purpose: to allow students to choose a college that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. A student’s choice of college determines more than a degree. A college experience shapes a student’s character, introducing new ideas, perspectives, and interests that can evolve into careers; a “good college” is determined only by how well it fits the interests and needs of its students. “You get to pick which schools you are applying to. It should align with your needs, wants, and desires,” says Keller. “This is the first time you have the opportunity to choose where you go to school. The decision you make should be well researched.” Wherever the college search process may lead, a prepared student will find, among thousands of colleges, the one college that will shape them for the better.






Test Scores Do Not Define You, or Do They? Lyndsey Roth Editor in Chief

Junior year is known to be the most important and stressful experience when in high school. This is mostly due to the pressure of looking good for college, considering it’s the last year to get everything done before applying to colleges. However, no matter how many extracurricular activities, college level courses, and community service hours obtained, it all seems to come down to one thing: SAT/ACT scores. CollegeBoard says, “SAT scores help colleges compare students from different high schools.” “Your scores show your strengths and readiness for college work.” In the midst of the 2020-2021 school year and the COVID-19 pandemic, seniors applying to colleges were given the opportunity to choose whether or not

they would add their test scores to their college applications. Although some schools allow students to choose ‘test optional’, in my opinion, it still seems that a high SAT or ACT score would put applicants at an advantage in comparison to those that chose not to include their test scores. I think this way mostly because I am a junior and it is my last year to get everything looking perfect before applying to colleges. I am the type of student that currently looks like the average applicant, along with some extra factors that will luckily allow me to stand out. I have always been a bad test-taker, and I am anxiously waiting for the day I am instructed to submit my SAT and ACT scores. What if I get a below average score? What if I don’t get into my dream school? Although I currently believe test scores should not define how you look for college, it should be

known that acceptance rates are not completely based on how well you perform on your SAT and ACT scores. College counselor, Dr. Daniel Keller thinks otherwise, “The review process is far more than just a test score.” “You are more than a test score.” Dr. Keller is correct. You are more than a test score, but how would colleges see who you are beyond how you perform in school? “The applications are reviewed holistically,” said Keller. “This means everything is taken into consideration: your grades, the rigor of your schedule, test scores (if applicable), your essay(s), letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, etc.” In correspondence with how you perform on your SAT and ACT’s, choosing unique extracurricular activities will allow you to look better, or even

somewhat make up for your test scores-- if you were to be insecure about them. Overall, test scores are important, but they are not everything. Colleges that accept and deny you, do it for your best interest (they would not allow students to come on campus if they believed a student was unprepared for their curriculum). Simply allow yourself to do well and get involved in order to get accepted to where you’re meant to go. For more information on college and career tips, make an appointment with Dr. Keller:

Mental Health Matters...and so Do You Dominic D’Arelli Editor in Chief

In today’s society, mental health has been “normalized” as some might say, but there’s still a lot of stigma in regards to mental illnesses. I can agree that as a society we have grown to be much more accepting and understanding than we have been in the past, however this does not mean that we are perfect. As someone who has constantly battled with mental health throughout my life, I have heard it all. The numerous times my parents have told me I need a “good night’s sleep” and that “it’s all in my head” is unbelievable. Someone might argue that since they are in the older generation, it’s okay because our generation is more understanding; that is true in some aspects, but the learned stigmas have not yet been unlearned. My struggles with mental health are something I would like to share with others in hope that they will relate and feel less alone. At the start of 2021, I was placed in a 72-hr behavioral and

mental health facility, this was something I did not choose nor want to part-take in. While being in the facility, I realized how many people were much younger than me, and I shared many of the same experiences with them. At first, I refused the help they were offering and insisted on going home, but as I adjusted, I realized that being in there gave me a safe space to talk about whatever I wanted, and not have people who do not understand, constantly judging me for the way I coped with my struggles. My personal battle started with my earliest memories; I remember being a young child and having to perform these rituals to make myself feel right, I later found out this was OCD. The obsessive tendencies are something I still struggle with today, but they have become easier to deal with as I grow older. Conversely, my depression started to get severe when I entered middle school. A combination of the gender dysphoria I began to feel, and the major depression I was facing, was lethal; it became hard to get out of bed, eat, drink, and do many

everyday activities. The walls constantly seemed to be getting bigger the more diagnoses I got. It seemed to be one thing after another, depression, then OCD, then Bipolar, I felt like I was a walking behavioral experiment. As time went on, it reached a point where I could not handle it, that is when I was hospitalized. After the hospitalization, my mental health seemed to be getting better. I started new meds and was finally able to do daily activities, but it seemed too good to be true. I still struggle with gender dysphoria, being able to do regular activities and getting the motivation to do things. I am not going to be like everyone else and tell you that “it gets better”; I can’t say yet if it truly does get better, but the biggest step is accepting that you cannot simply make it go away. For me, I am still trying to accept that the illnesses I face are chemical imbalances in my brain, and that for right now, there is nothing I can do to further my journey of being trans. I hope in the future I can begin my transition and find healthy ways to cope with my

mental health. The only thing I have to say to anyone who is going through this is that you are not alone, I know that seems to be cheesy of me to say, but it is true. Knowing that you’re not alone is something that I know is extremely important. I would hope that if you ever feel like you are not enough, you can find the courage to reach out to a trusted friend or adult and get the help you deserve.




Should Freedom of Speech Have Limits?


Aiden Rubinstein Face-off Editor On December 15, 1791, the United States of America ratified the first ten amendments to the U.S constitution, which reaffirmed every American’s basic and essential rights. The first of those amendments, which is arguably the most important and well known, ensures all citizens the right to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, and the right to petition. These specific rights create the democratic environment we live in today. Although freedom of speech is an essential part of American democracy today, should it have certain limitations? Recent statistics measuring hate crimes in the U.S aimed towards certain genders, races, religions, sexualities, and more, have grown exponentially over the past few years. For example, roughly 5,500 hate crime offenses were reported in


Ana Perez Associate Editor

Ever since we’ve entered school we’ve been taught our country’s history. And one of the first things we learn is free speech. This is the freedom given by our constitution to speak freely and it is something many Americans consider an unalienable right. The government should never limit free speech or take it away. But unfortunately that is not always the case. Earlier in 2021 the Florida Senate passed a bill called HB 1, more commonly known as the “anti riot law.” HB 1 was passed in response to the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 to stop the so-called violence that occured during those protests even though the majority of BLM protests were peaceful. “There should be no limits to free speech against the government,” said junior Natasha Rattray. “If you’re going to call the government out for doing something wrong you shouldn’t be punished” Which is exactly what the HB 1 bill was doing: punishing those protesting. But the republican politicians that run the Florida legislature didn’t like that these

2019 whereas in 2020 that number grew to over 15,000. Freedom of speech must have certain restrictions in order to maintain peace throughout the nation. Without limitations, freedom of speech could be taken too far and thus be misused, such as how it is shown through hate crime statistics. For instance, if the first amendment offered complete freedom of speech, people could use it as they have been in order to disturb the peace by openly spreading hatred. All forms of persecution seem to harm communities around the world and can lead to a wide scale of nationwide or worldwide division. If hate crimes aren’t a limit of freedom of speech, the very human rights that all ten amendments fight for would be disrupted. “Freedom of speech must maintain certain regulations in order to maintain the peace that it advocates for,” said Joseph Santone. “Without certain limits on freedom of speech, the world we know around us wouldn’t be the same and in fact, would be worse.”

Cancel culture, which is similar to hate crimes, is also a reason for limiting freedom of speech. Cancel culture is a modern form of expressing one’s feelings, often through the use of social media platforms such as Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and more. Cancel culture often results in horrible repercussions, and can truly change one’s life. For example, in 2012, the President of Chick-Fil-A spoke out against gay marriage. Adam Smith, a young businessman in Arizona, was enraged by the presentation after witnessing how difficult it was for his brother-inlaw to come out. In response, Smith expressed his views to a ChickFil-A drive-through worker about why the business is homophobic, videotaping and later posting the whole experience. Little did Smith know that his video would blow up and cost him his career. Smith’s hardships continuously worsen, all because of this minor video. People, under their first amendment right, are more than allowed to criticize others for their acts, although to

what extent? Should people really have the right to openly destroy a man’s life, such as Smith’s over a small, insignificant mistake? “Overall, I see the cancel culture, the public shaming, as a negative symptom of where we’re at and how we engage with each other.”, said Smith. “There are much kinder, calmer, more humane ways to get people to see what their actions are and how they’re impacting others...” Although freedom of speech is protected under the first amendment, its need to possess certain limitations is urgent. Acts that seem to worsen society such as hate crimes or cancel culture should not be protected by the constitution. These gestures not only harm the world around us today, but also defeat the very purpose of America and the things it values.

protests were going against their own beliefs of “law and order” so they sought to punish them through fines and imprisonment and a very vague definition of what a riot is. The purpose of free speech is to give the people a voice. A voice that can speak out against corruption or injustice. Law HB 1 was unjust and thankfully it was blocked by a federal judge as of September 9th. Putting limitations on free speech leads to more corruption, not a safer society. Free speech is an important value not just at the government level but in our school as well. While as minors we do not have the full privileges of citizens, many teachers try to make sure students have a voice. “I make it a point for the kids to know that they can say anything in here and I’ll never get angry about it,” said U.S. history teacher Patick Abondondolo. “If a kid says something controversial unless it distracts from the lesson, I don’t stop them.” School is where we learn subjects but also life skills and learning to speak out is incredibly important. Most of what I’ve discussed about limits on free speech has been less controversial and more

universally accepted principles, such as speaking out, but in reality the issue with limits on free speech comes down to hate speech. According to the Miriam Webster dictionary, hate speech is defined as speech that is intended to insult, offend, or intimidate a person because of some trait (such as race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability). This is where people call for the government to impose consequences on people who abuse the freedom of speech to hurt others but as Americans our first instinct is for justice or rather to punish those who did something wrong. Which isn’t always the best long term solution. Many cases of hate speech particularly in cases involving public figures the motives aren’t malicious but rather the person just didn’t know why said speech (i.e. a slur) would be harmful. “When someone in the public eye says something wrong or derogatory, the way we handle it as a society is we take away their opportunities instead of using it as a way to teach why what they said was wrong,” said Abondondolo. “If I drop a derogatory name for a certain minority it should be an opportunity to teach the public why

is was wrong; reprimand them first but at least don’t take away their ability to make a living” We need to combat hate speech with education not limiting our own freedoms. “The only thing we should set limits on is people with terroristic intent, but with everyday citizens its just stupid.” said senior Melissa Babinecz When we start setting limits, even when legislators have good intentions, it can lead to corruption. Limits silence citizen’s voices which can lead to limiting dissent against the government which is the entire purpose of free speech. We need to shift our perspective. Pushing the government to punish rather than education is going to do more harm than good. Instead of extreme consequences for ignorance, let us educate the people. Education is the solution, not limiting free speech.


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What is Squid Game?

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Elle Borstelmann

due to his selfishness. Gi-Hun never took a life and promised himself he would never resort to such tactics in Squid Game: a brilliant Korean order to win. The two friends display Drama that captivated an unexpected two widely contrasting views on how audience, was seen by the eyes of to play the game as well as different almost all of America within less than tactics they used to try and win. two weeks of its release. With the At the end of the games, Gi-Hun creative delivery of such an intense has won but at what cost? He lost his show, it managed to leave a lasting beloved friends Sangwoo and Saeimpression on its audience by mixing Byeok as well as the lives of the other lovable and hateable characters with 455 players. Gi-Hun falls into deep an interesting despair and refuses plot containing to use any of the an abundance of prize money he thrill. accumulated due The main to the way that character, Seong he received it. Gi-Hun, owes His depression mass amounts of continued until money to debt he met the owner collectors and and creator of is struggling to the Squid Game. make ends meet. To his surprise, He stumbles upon the owner and a stranger who creator of the asks him to play twisted games a game of Ddjaki, was the old man a paper flipping who sacrificed challenge, for a Squid Games’ “Pink Soldiers” standing in a formation to address the players. himself for Gichance to win a large do reckless things in order to obtain it. Hun in the marble game. Squid Game sum of money. After this interaction, The second game featured dalgona managed to perfectly execute this mind he received an abnormal looking candy and the players had to carve blowing major plot twist that one of the business card which was his admission out the shapes perfectly out of the beloved players, thought to be the most to the Squid Game. Seong Gi-Hun honeycomb toffee candy. The third innocent, was the reason why the game is then taken away by a mysterious faceless person, and is brought to a game was a battle royale, in which existed in the first place. From this point on, Gi-Hun remote island to participate in the players fought each other to the death, and the fourth was a game of tug of remembers the promise he made to unknown upcoming events. This series keeps its viewers on war. During these two games, Gi-Hun his friend Sae-Byeok before she died their toes with violence, thrill, and had formed an alliance with many other and gives her brother money and a excitement but also sparks a discussion players and came to care deeply about home with Sangwoos mother. After the about ethics. When the players are them. The previous games delivered interaction, Gi-Hun makes the decision summoned to play their first game violence, suspense, and fear perfectly. to visit his daughter in America until ‘Red Light Green Light’, all the players However, the most memorable game he is on a subway and sees the stranger assume it’s a harmless, easy game was the marble game. The players playing Ddjaki with another person. Gifrom their childhood. Unfortunately, were paired in groups of two and could Hun is enraged and is now determined it becomes more complicated than just choose any game involving marbles. to end the Squid Game from partaking a simple game. If the players do not Both players were given ten marbles once more. The show leaves off on a abide by the rules of the game they are and the goal was to obtain all ten of suitable ending with a cliffhanger that their partners’ marbles. This game was points in the direction of a second met with their death. The players are shocked by the extremely heart wrenching as many season being made. Overall, Squid Game was a overwhelming amount of deaths that of the players chose their friend to be their partner. During this game, Gifascinating show to experience and left result from the game. Many of the Hun’s partner, the old man, sacrificed many thoughts as well as discussion of players become enraged because himself so Gi-Hun could continue morality with the viewer. Squid Game they were not made aware of the fatal truly deserves the heavy attention that conditions that the game would bring. moving forward in the game. As Gi-Hun entered the final game it is receiving and succeeds in being a It is a complicated situation for the of the Squid Game there became only well-written, entertaining show. players because they came to the game at their own will and signed a contract him and his childhood friend Sangwoo. PHOTOS COURTESY OF NETLFIX that forces them to keep playing the Both were incredibly desperate to games or they will be eliminated. win the Squid Game and make it out Fortunately, the maker of the game alive with the money. Sangwoo is the revealed a whopping cash prize of opposite of Gi-Hun as he lost himself $45.6 billion won that would be their over the course of the competition

Arts and Entertainment Editor

incentive to keep playing. As all players were in mass amounts of debt, they continued playing the games. Most of the players had no choice but to risk their lives for the chance to win the cash prize. It was interesting to see the amount of players that were so desperate for money and how they felt that their lives were meaningless without it. It is almost as if the message shown is that money can manipulate people and often they will

Galleon Staff T.V Show Favorites




Harry Styles Presents Love on Tour


London Bedell

Arts and Entertainment Editor Artists are finally back on the road after an extensive break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and students are thrilled to see their favorite singers play live again. Harry Styles, being one of these performers, kicked off his much anticipated “Love on Tour” in North America on September 4th. “Love on Tour” includes Styles performing his album: “Fine Line”, released in 2019, along with numerous songs from his 2017 debut album: “Harry Styles”. Following requests from the Department of Health, all attendees are required to wear a mask and provide proof of a full COVID- 19 vaccination or a negative test result 48 hours foregoing the show. Styles announced: “I also ask that you do your part by keeping your masks on while in the building and during the show.” “I’ve always found you can tell the most about a person from their eyes anyway.” Styles’ setlist for “Love on Tour” consists of all songs from “Fine Line” with the exception of “To Be

So Lonely’’, which he only performs at select shows. Four songs from his debut album are also included in the setlist, along with the chorus of

You Beautiful”, a track from Styles’ days in One Direction. Those who have followed Styles’ career path since his boy band times will surely enjoy this

Harry Styles at his “Love on Tour” show in Sunrise, Florida

his 2017 track “Two Ghosts” as an introduction to “Falling”, a song from his second album. A surprise to fans was his performance of “What Makes

performance. The encore for Styles’ show contains three hits from both of his albums: “Sign of the Times”, “Watermelon Sugar” and “Kiwi”.

Beginning from his time in One Direction, Styles has always carried an immaculate stage presence that fans adore. At “Love on Tour”, the energy was nothing apart from that; Styles, his band, and the crowd each held incredible energy levels all throughout the concert. “The concert had a great atmosphere. All the people I met were extremely nice and very energetic, especially when Harry came on stage,” Freshman Emma Feinstein says. “Everyone would be screaming the songs, dancing, and having a good time overall. He interacted with the fans multiple times and ran around the stage having a good time.” It appears that a concert experience with Harry Styles is like no other, as fans had a wonderful time coming together and dancing along to their favorite music with the lively performer. Harry Styles is one of the biggest sensations in the music industry today, selling out countless shows all across North America. PHOTO COURTESY OF DOMINIC D’ARELLI

Behind the Scenes of Squirrel Girl goes to College Toni Marie Sales Guest Writer

start with auditions, which are easy and where they will go), as well as enough to explain; once the cast is set ideas, musical ones, and others Some may think that certain chosen, the rehearsals begin. such behind the scenes things. extracurricular activities can be The first week of rehearsals begin By now, the cast have begun to simple, boring and overall a waste with a read through of the script, form friendships with each other, all of time, especially if they don’t whilst also getting to know the bonding over the shared experience immediately help with school, such fellow cast members. Everyone’s of performing and learning together. as a math club or a technology based one. However, these things aren’t as black and white as many may believe, and Spanish River’s Drama Club is a perfect example of this, working to strengthen community, social bonds, and performance as a whole, while also entertaining students. For 2021’s Fall season, the one-act play, “Squirrel Girl Goes to College”, is one of said productions. I myself worked in the production, acting as Assistant Stage Manager to junior Sophia Rocha, our Stage Manager. Regarding the experience of the play, she states, “I loved being in the show; the theatre troupe has a sense of family that no other sport or extracurricular activity has. I met my best friends doing this show, and I wouldn’t trade the experience I had for the world.” This Cast of Squirrel Girl Goes to College after the show statement is shared throughout the experience differs, but most find it One of our lead cast members, junior troupe, and is amplified through the to be incredibly comforting, as the Kaitlyn Harris (Dorreen Green), month-long process that it took to cast gets used to performing with speaks about this experience, “The put together the play. each other, even in a neutral setting. rehearsal process for this show was To understand how working in a While this is all going on, our so much fun! It was so exciting to production could bring forth these technical director and crew begin work with my friends and to meet feelings, explaining the process of to put together ideas for blocking new people through this show!” Of putting it together is needed. We (where the actors will be standing course, that doesn’t mean stressful

points don’t come up, for a variety of reasons; between time crunches, memorizing lines, and possible ‘drama in the drama club’, there are definitely points where things can get a tad hectic. However, things were always able to bounce back to positivity and union. Finally, we’re at the end of the rehearsal process. The opening show comes, and everything that we, (the cast and crew), have learned is put to the ultimate test.. And even with a few technical hiccups, we all manage to pull through. The show ends with applause, and all of us proud and knowing we did a job well done, happy to work together. Our Assistant Director, senior Kate Doherty, puts it as, “Being assistant director, let alone being on crew for the first time, was such a cool experience for me. I was able to expand my knowledge of technical theatre and got to lead the most wonderful, kind and passionate group of students at Spanish River.” We couldn’t have done this show without the help of everyone involved, and they all truly made it a grand experience.





Women’s Rights : Brooke Styka Editor in Chief

“Our bodies!” “Our choice!” “Our rights!”

In September of 2021, the state of Texas formally declared it a criminal offense to receive an abortion following the presence of a fetal heartbeat that can be detected as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. Rather than being a government enforced law, Texas issued the ban so that private citizens or institutions are now legally able to sue abortion providers or others that help an individual receive an abortion.Therefore, the abortion restrictions are no longer technically a state matter, prohibiting abortion providers from challenging the state against the law in court. While John Seago, member of Texas Right to Life -an anti-abortion organization that supported the bill- claims the aim of the law is to urge abortion providers to obey the restrictions rather than testing it in a court room, women nationwide fear that their rights are in jeopardy. While American citizens in favor of the Texas abortion law argue that life begins at conception, others perceive abortions as a form of healthcare that is necessary for specific situations. Abortion activists are currently working to challenge the law, as they believe it not only threatens Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court tuling that protects preganant women’s right to an abortion without government restriction, but basically serves as an outright abortion ban considering “‘It is extremely possible and very common for people to get to the six-week mark and not know they are pregnant,”’ according to Dr. Jennifer Villavicencio, head of the equity transformation program at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. However, the law still allows for abortions under extreme circumstances, such as if the mother was in danger as a result of the pregnancy. While pro-life advocates stress the value of the life of an unborn child, pro-choice patrons have been actively protesting for the right to make decisions pertaining to their bodies.

“Equal pay for equal work!” The gender wage gap present in the U.S. pertains to the disparities in wage earnings between men and women. According to a Pew Research Center, women earn 84% of men’s pay as of 2020. Unequal pay between genders dates back to the beginning of time, although it didn’t become a prominent political issue until the 1860s. Since then, the wage gap has narrowed, yet has served as a flaw in the journey for equal gender rights in the United States. Although it is recognized that initially women typically took on domestic responsibilities and weren’t involved in the revolutionary career paths prevalent today, women have pushed past their inferior stigma by holding leadership positions at various aspects of the workplace, whether it's in the government or an organization. As the distinctions between a woman’s role and man’s role in society increasingly and rapidly diminish, the occupational and vertical segregation that causes the differences in wage has become more and more irrational. Several strides have been made toward ensuring financial equality for women, including the Equal Pay Act, making it illegal for employers to pay women less for completing the same task as their male coworker, as well as Equal Pay Day, which reflects how far into the next financial year a woman must work to earn the same amount as a man did in the past year to shine light upon the debacle. Although some may argue that women’s labor force participation is subordinate to that of men’s, accounting for the wage distinction, many women note that their contribution to both America’s workforce and the economy is far too great to suffer underappreciation.




The Battle Continues “Education is not a privilege” According to the United Nations Children’s Fund organization, 129 million girls worldwide don’t have access to an education, contributing to about 51% of countries across the globe possessing a gender disparity in education. Limitations on women’s education are most prevalent in developing countries, more specifically in the region of Sub Saharan Africa. Aside from the reason of gender segregation, the poverty, child labor, child marriage, gender based violence, and cultural attitudes prominent in these underdeveloped nations have served as the primary factors in preventing women from seeking an education. Countless organizations have over the course of time been working tirelessly to tackle discriminatory gender norms and rid of barriers to girls’ education. UNICEF, for example, is a “United Nations agency responsible for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide” that invests in girls’ secondary education by providing the necessary funding to support schools and governments. UNICEF also focuses on ensuring national educational plans aren’t gender biased, while both encouraging professional development and addressing social and hygiene management in schools. Moreover, the GPE, or Global Partnership for Education is “the largest global fund solely dedicated to transforming education in lower-income countries…[that works] to deliver quality education so that every girl and boy can have hope, opportunity and agency.” Since 2002, the GPE has battled gender inequality in the classroom by, for instance, issuing grants for executing educational plans that advance gender uniformity and collecting sex-disaggregated data in order to encourage governments to establish informational systems that reveal educational disparities. Women throughout the world have long been fighting for the same educational opportunities as men, whether it was Frances Wright in the 1800s, or today Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan. However, the struggle for gender equality as a whole is becoming more and more recognized and is paving the way for revolutionary advancements in the future of society worldwide.

“Women make up more than twothirds of the world’s 796 million illiterate peo“At the current ple.” pace, women are not estimated to reach pay parity with men until 2059.”





Celebrating Native American Month with Native Americans practices is common. A manger scene is a part Features Editor of the Native American Christmas tradition to lay out special, unique objects that represent the birth of Jesus Spanish River High School in an exhibit. There are many unique welcomes people of all cultures, components that separate Native beliefs, and ethnicities. In November, American culture from other cultures, we are celebrating Native American such as the type of holidays and people and their culture. Native festivals they celebrate. For example, Americans were some of the very first celebrating on Christmas Eve. people to set foot into America before Many religious holidays have explorers discovered the mainland. similar themes and lessons to teach. There are more than 300 known Indigenous people cherish spiritualism Indian tribes worldwide. Native and nature like the sun, crops, and American, or indigenous, culture is weather. Many Native American tribes often known as Peyotism. have different customs and traditions Peyotism is a form of preserving from other tribes, like when the tradition in historical and cultural last day of the year is. Many festive practices. Native Americans feel the holidays that tribes take part in consist need to maintain the “old ways of of a lot of dancing; such as the one living” in their culture. This is shown held on Christmas Eve or Christmas through various holidays celebrated by Day. tribes, including European Christmas. Their dancing is very unique, They still adapt to new practices specific, and special. This remarkable such as decorating the Christmas way of celebration bonds families and Tree. Furthermore, preserving old friends. Many dances include people traditions, like having a manger scene

Jacqueline Levine

wearing bright, eye-catching colors/ patterns in their costumes. A diversity of symbols, colors, and styles is incorporated into elaborate, distinctive fashion and clothing. Native Americans are known for their feasts and each holiday, there is a plethora of different food dishes and recipes that are traditional during the primitive stages of Native American culture. Some Native American food dishes is acorn bread, pine nut catfish, and Pemmican. There are many powwow celebrations incorporated into Native American practices to celebrate their unique holidays. Powwows are celebrational ceremonies that include the enjoyment of feasts, dancing, and singing for Native Indian Americans. Native Americans having a variety of specific traditions and celebrations is solely based on their most cherished values. “So many of our customs and traditions come from the rich heritage of the many Native American

cultures that inhabited our land before the United States was established, explained U. S history teacher, Patrick T. Abbondandolo (Coach Abbey). “Foods, sports, entertainment, and culture all derive something from their customs and traditions. Thanksgiving, one the most widely celebrated familyoriented holidays on the calendar, was inspired by Native Americans and English settlers working and living together”, He continued. “We should never forget the contributions made by Native Americans and, as students and teachers, continue to share and learn about their background and history.” Native Americans continue to share and spread culture and religious traditions to future generations, creating a sense of belonging for Native Americans, as well as establishing strength in their community/culture. ART COURTESY OF ALLISON GREENBERG

Supporting students for over 35 years Boca Raton 561-241-1610



Sharks Swim Home For a Marvelous Week!


www Lyndsey Roth

Editor in Chief

The River Girls Cheer Team

Spirit Week Day 2: Patriotic Day

Homecoming: an annual tradition to welcome students back and overall create a wholesome entry back to school. School spirit is encouraged mostly by the Leadership program, whose job is to promote the school’s spirit week as well as plan out the events that occur in correspondence with the theme they propose. This year’s theme, MARVELous Homecoming Week, brought forth dress up days which follow the themes of the many classic Avengers movies. Students enjoy spirit week as it allows them to build suspense for the Friday pep-rally, where students will dress up in their grades designated color and cheer on our school sports teams and those involved in the production of this event. From Monday, October 18 through Friday, October 22, students were encouraged to take part in dressing up for the day’s designated theme and participating in the activities provided at lunch and after school. A Spanish River favorite, Powderpuff, was played on Wednesday, October 21. For those who may not know what Powderpuff is, each grade had a team of girls play flag football, and the boys cheer for them. The boys are instructed to make up a dance, and whatever grade is voted to be the best dance gets to perform in the pep rally. “Powderpuff gives me the chance to connect with people outside of my normal group of friends, and creating new friendships has grown my perspective of how large this school is and how great the people are in it,” said Junior Alex Rosenthal. “I would definitely recommend powderpuff to anyone wanting to have fun and meet new people!” Unfortunately, due to spacing issues, all grades were not allowed to join the seniors in their pep rally in the gym. Instead, underclassmen were allowed to watch via livestream, thanks to students in TV production. However, all grades seemed to stay spirited as they wore their designated colors on the day of the pep rally, and were excited to finally enjoy a homecoming that was more normal than they have had in a while, due to COVID-19. Ms. Spanish River, Mia Simon, said “It was really fun to see all of my classmates get excited to be at school and get really into school spirit after not having a pep rally for almost 2 years.” The pep rally included Spanish River’s cheer team, dance team, step team, fall sports teams, band, and Mr. and Ms. Spanish River’s dance as well as their leadership towards the event. Even though the The Class of 2022 Boys Powderpuff Dance

underclassmen were not able to join the fun in person, Spanish River hopes to welcome all as soon as they can.

Sharky The Shark at the Homecoming Game.

Homecoming Queen and King: Adam Davis and Maggie Vidmar. PHOTO COURTESY OF YEARBOOK AND LEADERSHIP




Palm Beach sees Historic Disversity Aiden Rubinstein Face-off Editor Throughout the 21st century, Florida’s demographics have changed immensely. A state’s demographics is its statistical data, which relates to its population and certain groups within it. Demographics give information about a place’s average population, what types of ethnicities it’s made up of, what percent of the population is male or female, among other factors. States collect this data through the use of a census survey, which is a survey sent out to individual households asking a few small questions, once every 10 years. Demographics are extremely important research as they show a broad understanding of what a community is made up of. Recent demographic data from the 2020 census shows how Florida’s population is changing more and more every day. For starters, Florida’s population has increased exceedingly. In 2010, Florida’s population was roughly 18.68 million people. In 2020, 10 years later, the population grew to about 21.5 million people. Palm Beach county also managed to follow a

similar trend. In 2010, Palm Beach which explains why the Hispanic county’s population was 1.3 million or Latino population has grown whereas now it’s 1.5 million. While so greatly. Palm Beach County this isn’t as dramatic a change as has followed a similar pattern in the states overall population the terms of diversity. Each year, its biggest difference is the population population grows and becomes has also changed in terms of its more diverse, which is a direction ethnic makeup. In 2010, Florida’s that will continue to be followed population consisted of roughly as a result of migration. As of 5 8 % now, Palm White, Beach is 2 2 % composed Hispanic of 1.5 or Latino, million 15% Black people, or African 52% of American, which are and 2% White, Asian. 17% Black M o r e or African recently American, in 2020, 2 3 . 5 % F l o r i d a’s Hispanic makeup is or Latino, Diverse Spanish River crowd cheers at the homecoming pep rally now 52% and 3% White, 27% Hispanic or Latino, Asian. 15% Black or African American, Cultural diversity in our and 3% Asian. The change in community is extremely important. demographics reflects how Florida For starters, having a diverse is becoming more and more diverse community allows for people to as the years go on. These changes have the opportunity to learn about are primarily caused by an increase other cultures and perspectives in immigration. Each year, several besides their own. Diverse cultures thousand people migrate to Florida, also contribute to many other primarily from Latin America; factors such as additional languages,

August 27th, 2021

August 12th, 2021

knowledge, and foods. For example, in Florida, Spanish is now one of the most widely spoken languages. Due to the fact that Hispanics and Latinos came to Florida and mixed their cultures and traditions with ours. Diversity in society also creates many new opportunities such as jobs. For example, the more diverse the population is, the more likely they are to have more diverse foods. That being said, the need for employees who can cook or manage these foods would increase. Diversity also calls for a more creative and innovative society. With a more diverse set of minds, businesses and corporations can thrive. Companies also use demographics in order to choose who and where to advertise their products and services to. For instance, a restaurant serving Mexican food may want to choose where to place their restaurant based around the Hispanic population. This would allow for the restaurant to optimize its amount of customers and profit. As the years have gone on, Florida’s demographics have changed for the better. The state has grown in population and become much more diverse, both of which benefit businesses, corporations, and everyday individuals, in a variety of ways. PHOTO COURTSEY OF LYNDSEY ROTH

September 1st, 2021



An anonymous 911 was placed stating that Gabby’s finance, Brain Laundrie, was seen harming Gabby. Police arrived and placed the couple in a 24-hr separation, Gabby stayed the night in the van and Brian went to spend the night in a hotel. Later police reports state that Gabby was the one that hit Brian. The fight was said to be due to the mental health battle that they had both been facing.

September 11th, 2021

Gabby’s mother received an out-of-character text from Gabby; the text reads, “Can you help Stan, I just keep getting his voicemails and missed calls.” Her mother told police that she found this very odd because Gabby never referred to her grandfather, Stan, by his first name.

The World Mourns Gabby Petito Dominic D’Arelli Editor in Chief


Brian was said to have returned home to SouthPort Florida, where both he and Gabby and his family lived. He was seen in the couple’s white van, but with no sign of Gabby.

October 20th, 2021

September 19th, 2021



On this day Gabby was officially reported as a missing person. Gabby’s mother had filed the report due to both the odd text and not hearing from her daughter since late August.


Human remains were found near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Investigators later identified the remains of Gabby Petito. On October 12, it was revealed that Gabby had died of strangulation. Forensic investigators also revealed that Gabby’s body had been sitting in that spot for at least 3-4 weeks prior to being discovered.

After a month of hearing nothing of Brian’s whereabouts, human remains were found in the last place Brian was said to have been seen, Carrollton Reserve in Florida. On October 21 the remains were identified to be those of Brian Laundrie.




Fashion Industry Striving To Survive Madeeha Naqvi Currents editor The textile industry of the United States has been displaced due to a delay in clothing imports from Vietnam. A deceleration of cloth production that is imported to the United States took place after Vietnam had entered its second large-scale shutdown because of the surge in COVID-19 cases. Several American companies and brands, therefore, have been acutely affected. Nike, the company rated to be the number one shoe brand, has more than half of its footwear manufacturing plants in Vietnam. Other well-liked brands such as Lululemon and Gap also have one third of their manufacturing plants in Vietnam. As claimed by a survey conducted by FashionUnited earlier this year, only 17 percent of the shipment has arrived on time, as opposed to 70 percent in 2019, and 38 percent in 2020. The arrival of goods on American land is not the end of the journey, delivering these goods to the public is yet another task in the proceeding . Customers who shop online, in particular, have been observing a prolonged delay in the shipment

of their items since the alreadydetained items have to be sent to multiple destinations within a certain time constraint. With the holiday season being right around the corner, the sky-rocketing demand for goods is also leading to a potential inflation as the price of goods is accelerating and the supply is notably decelerating. A Galleon survey conducted on October 15 showed that nearly 65% of people either experienced a delay in shipment or overpricing of their clothing items as opposed to when Vietnam was in a stable position. The light at the end of the tunnel is not foreseen yet, however, there are at least two or three weeks before Vietnam will re-open and stores in America can start selling more. Adidas, Nike, and other high-demanded brands, therefore, are considering replacing Vietnam with other countries like China as a safeguard to prevent undesirable economic vulnerability. Other obstacles, including the stayat-home orders, travel permit regulations, and inadequacy of basic needs for workers in Vietnam, are doing nothing but impeding the shipment, both domestically and internationally. The undersupply from Vietnam is followed by the

labor shortage in the United States, which is fueling the crisis. Millions of Americans have started to hunt for better economic opportunities since the pandemic had subsequently damaged it. According to published sources,nearly 3%, or 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August which further led to the unintended economic disintegration by contributing to the substantial delay in manufacturing and shipping sectors of the industry, as well as increased costs of goods. Not only does this incapacitate the U.S economy, but also the desires of individuals impassioned about shopping. Students also have heartfelt opinions about the issue . “ Christmas is a holiday about individuals showing their love toward others through desirable presents, this delay will sadly make it difficult for that to happen and the holiday might just lose its authenticity,” said sophomore Valerie Ojanezova. Although she received her Homecoming dress a month later than anticipated, Sophomore Jenna Balit has a rather thoughtful take on the issue. “ The delay teaches us to be patient, always be prepared for what’s coming next; these life skills matter more than anything because the

clothes will eventually lose their value,whereas, the fundamental morals will stick with us forever, ” Balit said. The emotional element of shopping is something that also must be considered. “Lack of fashion means a lack of enthusiasm and zeal for those impassioned about shopping because several individuals possess emotional reliability on shopping and consider it as a coping mechanism,” said Freshman Gia Sterling. Fashion might mean nothing to some, but to many this holiday season it will provide many challenges.


Oil Spills Over the Sea Allyson Greensberg

effects of coming in contact with industrial drilled oil. The drilling is becoming a danger The impact and effects of oil to the residents in the areas near production has been a long debated the offshore production and people topic dating back to the 20th are already filing complaints and century. In 1982, Congress passed lawsuits against oil companies, a moratorium on oil and natural gas leasing on California’s federal waters. Offshore oil production in California has not only been an ecological and environmental problem for years, but it has had some strong economic effects as well. As of recently, the effects and dangers of oil production have become more substantial and widely noticed after the leak from the Amplify Energy Pipeline reported Saturday October 2, 2021. This spill was not far from the shores of some of the most popular beaches in Huntington Beach, California. At especially Amplify. least 126,000 gallons of oil spilled “After the breach occurred and into the Pacific Ocean leaving the oil began to seep into the Pacific health of local residents along with Ocean, the surrounding areas the lives of sea birds, at risk as well became affected and the citizens as the economic damages that have who live in those areas were affected developed from this event. as well,” stated in resident Peter “Residents who encountered Moses Gutierrez Jr. ‘s lawsuit. the oil seek medical attention and From an economic standpoint, warned that contaminants from the this leak is extremely costly. spill could be absorbed through the Factor in the cost of clean up and skin or inhaled through aerosolized the cost of shutting down these vapors.” said Orange County health highly populated beaches, the officer Clayton Chau, who wrote an loss of revenue is substantial. The advisory on the direct and indirect

Sports Editor

government is a direct benefactor from the offshore oil and gas leases in California, with an average of $90 million annual revenue and an expected $240 billion in revenue this year alone. The presence of the leak has highlighted the danger of

oil operations in California and is threatening to put a complete end to it all together by Congress no longer allowing offshore drilling and the termination of leases with oil companies. The shutting down of offshore production will also have a direct impact on the gas prices in California that are already astronomical. Residents whose local businesses are in this area and on the beach are taking an economic hit as well. This leak took place at the start of fishing

season and is directly impacting commercial fisherman because the repairs and investigations will require closing of the entrances for fisher boats exactly where many are looking to go. “The first two weeks is when we catch the most,’” Josh Hernandez, a commercial fisherman, said. The LA Times article where Hernandez was quoted also said “that they make about 70% of their profit in the early part of the season. Last year in October, Hernandez sold about $80,000 worth of lobster.” Amplify took one of the biggest economic hits of all from this leak. “The company lost $35 million in the second quarter on revenues of $80.4 million,” stated in a recent New York Times article on the spillings. Some believe that offshore drilling, oil and gas production in California has become too dangerous and it is time for it to end. Whereas others are concerned with the economic impacts that a shutdown would cause. For the sake of public safety, it is up to Congress and the U.S. government to weigh the pros and cons of the economic as well as public safety impacts of oil production in California. PHOTO COURTESEY OF GREEEN PEACE

SPORTS 14 Spanish River’s Bowling Team Strikes Again! THE GALLEON NOVEMBER 2021

Lyndsey Roth Editor in Chief

Spanish River High School’s bowling team has had an unexpectedly outstanding season so far. As bowling does not seem to be a sport of skill, the team has spent most of their season perfecting their form as there are specific ways to hold and throw the ball in order to get a perfect strike. “I originally went to tryouts with

Ayla Hemle; county record holder

my friends, and it went terribly,” said Junior Ally Greenberg. “I

probably bowled a 60 or lower… and now my average is around a 110.” With the assistance of the team’s captains: Ayla Hemle and Reese Garcia, the players who have joined this team as beginners have made much improvement as the captains have taught them their winning techniques. “Bowling is typically an individual sport, so it is a big adjustment to make the transition to bowling as a part of a team.” said Ayla Hemle. As their homebase bowling alley is Bowlero Boca, they now travel to Greenacres Bowl to compete in the county tournament. Before this, Ayla Hemle set the highest scoring average (203.16) within her division. Hemle’s score defeated the previous record, set by Leann Lent, in 2013

(202.8). “I am beyond excited to be a Palm Beach County record holder in my sport,” said Hemle. “I hope to break a couple more records in my

Along with the diligent work this team has participated in, the team has practice every Wednesday, where they can mingle with one another as well as lead each other to victory. The bowling team overall works well together, and most importantly, they all understand that when there’s a bad throw, it’s just the luck of the lane! Expect more

Spanish River’s 2021-2022 bowling team

next two years at Spanish River.” They have had much success with their meets as they are currently 4th in the district. The boys team, led by Reese Garcia, has also had many achievements, for example, Garcia had a perfect game (with a score of 300), and his team is currently in 2nd place in the district’s South Conference standings.

accomplishments from both girl and boys bowling teams as their hard work and dedication have paid off so far.





Here is the “Tee” on the Boy’s Golf Team

Sophia DiFusco Sports Editor

Spanish River’s golf team is soaring into their 2021-2022 season! The team is the top in the state and plans to hold onto their rank and ultimately carry them to a championship victory. Superstars, Andrew Shavitz and Jay Brooks are leading their team to success. The boys plan to attack their season aggressively with the help of some of their most powerful members including Mu Sun. Through their work on the driving range and practice courses the boys are constantly progressing. Junior, Jay Brooks states his favorite club is his “driver” for the distance he can cover. A driver is the longest club and is

commonly used to tee off to cover long distances. Not to mention the notable “ding” noise a driver makes when coming in contact with a golf ball. Jay states, the driver’s ding is his favorite characteristic of the driver golf club. Additionally, the sportsmanship represented by the Spanish River Golf Team is invincible, often proving other teams timid. Junior, Andrew Shavitz states, “I’ve made so many new friends from the golf team- always great vibes out on the links.” Andrew’s ‘ keeping cool’ attitude is an asset to the team’s friendship. Being part of such a team is represented by the team’s classic white and blue. From rigorous academics to determination with their driver the

Member of the Boys Golf Team

boys golf team finds their balance. Junior, Paul Passarelli says, “I love being on the golf team at River. Competitions with other teams, especially with our bonded team, is extremely fun.” The Spanish River Golf team highlights players to assist in collegiate opportunities. For example, junior Jay Brooks has already committed to the University of Florida for his golfing abilities. Jay plans to grow further with his golf career at university. Other students from other Palm Beach County schools even transfer to Spanish River High School .to play on the golf team. To prepare for districts coming up in early November the team is focusing on strategy and stamina.

Junior, Jay Brooks

Spanish River Boys Golf Team accompanied by Coach McEnroe and school principal, Mrs. Castellano PHOTOS COURTESY OF STUDENTS, LINDSAY PORTMESS AND JAY BROOKS

The Life of a High School Athlete

Matthew Portmess Sports Editor

As a student who balances school and sports, it can often be difficult to manage it all at once. There are times where you stay up untill midnight just to get my work done. As well as not being able to do anything besides school work and sports, grades, and drop tremendously. Three to four hour practices then getting home at eight o’clock puts stress on students. Personally, I never really have downtime after getting home from practice, having work from all seven classes coming home to eat, shower and work. The required GPA for sports at Spanish River is 2.0, sometimes

students have no choice on deciding whether to commit to sports or school. Sometimes I want to hang out with friends or my family, but in all honesty I don’t have any free time. While all my friends go out to movies or basketball, I’m stuck home catching up on the five chapters of the book we’re reading in English class. Balancing both could cause severe stress and anxiety for many students. “No mom I can’t have my appointment schedule then I have practice. No sorry I can’t hang, I have practice.” Right after practice these sayings are heard a lot. As well as having little to no social life, your

diet is in complete change. No stuffing your face with donuts, most athletes stick to protein only meals to keep their energy up. Protein-based items are the main foods athletes eat during their time-in season to maintain their energy for practices and games. For breakfast I eat eggs, while for lunch and dinner I usually have varieties of chicken, beef, or fish. Games, meetings, and events are also a big part of being on a sports team. However, they are very fun, bonding on bus rides, and events are extremely enjoyable and you get to know your teammates better. For instance, after practice my friends on

the team and I usually go to a baseball game or a volleyball game. Nevertheless, I would never regret my decision on joining sports. That feeling of winning and making a great play is more than special. I have met so many of my closest friends , playing football for River this year. I definitely recommend it, so many new opportunities, while working your heart out day in and day out. No matter what sport you play, I assure you that you will enjoy it no matter the struggles and the pain here at Spanish River.

GALLEON SPORTS Celebrating Coach Jones on 35 Years in Education

Coach Jones started his teaching and coaching career at River in 1987, beginning as the coach for Girls Varsity Basketball and Boys JV Basketball. In 1996, he was Teacher of the Year and Boys Basketball Coach of the Year. Continuing his career at River, he began coaching the Boys Varsity Basketball team in 1994 and has coached them since. Jones led the Boys Basketball team to success in their 1995-1996, where they made River history and achieved the most wins in a single season. The team won the FHSAA Boys Basketball District Championship in 1996 and were in the final four in 2012 where he was crowned Coach of the Year.

Today Coach Jones is leading the Boys Varsity Basketball and the Girls Varsity Tennis team to victory. Coach Jones has always been very involved in the Physical Education department. Beginning in 1997, and still today, he is the Physical Education Instructor and Exceptional Student Education Instructor. He teaches our students Team Sports and Personal Fitness. “As I begin my 35th year in education, I have been able to inspire high school students and athletes to become the best people and players they are capable of.” says Jones. “Through teaching and coaching, I have been able to utilize various skills to impact students and athletes’ lives.”

“Coach Jones has always loved the exceptional students. even during the pandemic, he found out ways to get everyone up and moving,” says Angela Donnino. “He is one of a kind!”


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