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THE GALLEON Spanish River’s Award Winning, Student-Run Newspaper


December 2020 - Issue 3

River Celebrates Teacher of the Year Winners Louise Wyler News Editor

Every year, there has been a tradition at Spanish River to honor the staff for all of their hard work and dedication, every teacher votes for a Teacher of the Year, which is then split into various categories. This year, Spanish River had three winners: Rachel Ostrow won Teacher of the Year, Ira Sollod

won Administrator of the Year, and Kendra McClure won Administrative Assistant of the Year. Each teacher was extremely grateful for the recognition they received. Mrs. Ostrow has been a teacher at Spanish River for eight years as of this month. She is honored to be named Teacher of the Year, and she truly enjoys working with the students and faculty. “This school year has been a challenge for so many, and so many teachers have done incredible and innovative things

in their classrooms to Ira Sollod rise to the challenge of hybrid teaching,” said ● Enjoys all sports, the beach, bike riding and the outdoors Ostrow. “I am honored ● Has coached basketball and softball that my peers felt I was students,” said Sollod. deserving of this award.” Mrs. McClure had been a teacher When asked about receiving other for a while when she lived in Indiana awards in the past, Ostrow mentioned and was working towards becoming a that she was also named Mentor secretary or treasurer for her old school. Teacher of the Year a few years back. She was thrilled to be offered a similar She says that this is due to the fact position at River upon her move. She has been working in Rachel Ostrow the front office since ● Originally from New Jersey and grew up in South Florida. 2018 and thoroughly ● Attended FAU and UF, earning her BA and MS degrees. enjoys her job. She is ● Enjoys traveling and binge watching her favorite show: incredibly touched Stranger Things by the recognition she has received. that she gets to work with new faculty “I feel honored that so many would members on campus each year. think so highly of me,” said McClure. Mr. Sollod grew up in Southern “The first thing I did was share the California and taught there for nine news with my husband, Matthew. I years before moving across the country refer to myself as a customer service to South Kendra McClure Florida. ● Originally from Dayton, Ohio where she regularly travels to visit her Prior to family. t e a c h i n g ● Her family consists of her, her husband and her two children. at Spanish ● She is involved in the Women’s Bible Study group at her church and River, Mr. a neighborhood book club. S o l l o d ● She enjoys spending time with family and relaxing by the pool. taught at Boca High for four years. He moved provider and winning this award on to River in 2000 and has been the inspires me to continue doing my best Assistant Principal since then. for all my customers: administration, “I am honored to win this award staff, faculty, students, and parents.” and am lucky to work with such a great McClure also mentioned that she Administrative team, faculty staff and had won another award earlier on in

Rapid Testing Comes to River Ana Perez News Editor

After Thanksgiving Break, rapid COVID-19 antigen testing became available for students and staff at schools in Palm Beach County. School nurses have rapid antigen tests available to test students and staff as needed. Parents or guardians must fill out a consent form to keep on file so that if a nurse or doctor determines the symptoms the student is exhibiting merit a test the nurse can efficiently give the test to the students. First, the nurse will take a nasal swab, place it on a thin card, and then wait for approximately 15 minutes. If a child is exhibiting symptoms, however, it is strongly advised they should stay home. In the case that a student tests positive, everyone who has been in contact with the student will be notified. Parents can find the consent form on the district website. Spanish River’s school nurse Diane Vasic is the person that Spanish River students or staff will see to possibly get a test. “I spend most of my day following up with students who have reported being exposed to someone with Covid or who @Galleon_News

have tested positive themselves,” said Nurse Diane Vasic. “For each student, I need to contact them and complete a screening process to identify which if any symptoms they are experiencing; have they been tested, the results of their test, obtaining a hard copy of their test result. I also have to notify my supervisor and the Department of Health of any positive test results. I am still available to deal with other student health care issues, but students are strongly urged to avoid the clinic if possible because of possible Covid students in the clinic. If necessary, I can see a student in another area if necessary. Also any student who could have a Covid related symptom must be screened by me, whether they have been exposed or not. That includes most students’ common complaints like headache, stomach ache, nausea, abdominal cramps, so that means almost anyone coming to the clinic will end up being screened for Covid and likely sent home. My advice is to think twice right now before

asking to come to the nurse, but no one will be turned away. The test does not allow the student to remain in class if the test result is negative. Anyone with Covid symptoms will be sent home for the 14 quarantine period unless their doctor provides them with an alternate diagnosis (in writing). Sore throat, headache, fatigue (more than teenage normal), body aches, diarrhea, vomiting or nausea, chills, runny nose: any TWO or more of these symptoms will send a student home.” The sooner s c h o o l officials know who is positive, the sooner they can trace contact and make sure students and staff possibly exposed can stay home, which limits the spread of the virus. “It is a good idea since some students do not wear their masks correctly anyway and do not always follow social distancing guidelines. So knowing that people have it is a good idea,” says junior Kat Woods. Some see the benefit of having testing in schools for those that may not have


her life. This award was called an Irene Ryan Award, which she received for her performance as Puck in Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. This tradition of awarding the very best at River has allowed the school to recognize hard working members of the staff and let them know that they are greatly appreciated on campus.


the ability to have it done at home. The tests are free. “We can find students who have [COVID-19] and it will make students and teachers feel better because we can get the information faster,” says Math teacher Perri Spence. “For me, it is good without the long wait and the process of having to make a doctor’s appointment. And it’s a lot better for students who don’t have health insurance who can have that security.” The government granted emergency approval of these tests for people with symptoms as cases are increasing in the county, according to Superintendent Donald E Fennoy, Ed.D. “The District will continue to remain vigilant and will soon embark on a major initiative together with the Palm Beach County Health Care District and the Florida Department of Health, intended to keep students and staff even safer,” he said in a letter posted on the school district website. The rapid tests, however, could yield false negatives or positives and require further testing. While these tests might not be perfect, they are a step in the right direction toward making schools as safe as possible. PHOTO COURTESY OF GOOGLE IMAGES





River Welcomes New Teacher: Ms. Gray What classes do you teach at River?

I teach 9th and 12th grade AICE English General Paper. What classes have you taught in the past and where? I’ve taught several levels of Language Arts (7th ELA, AP Lit, AICE GP, IB Film Studies). I’ve taught at Forest Hill Community High School, Atlantic Community High School, Palm Beach State College and Omni Middle. What made you want to become a teacher? I wanted to become a teacher because I love sharing my passion for words and I love connecting with students. Where did you go to school? I went to Florida Atlantic University. Have you always lived in Florida? I have always lived in Florida. In fact, I am a second-generation Native Floridian. Why teach at Spanish River and what do you think so far? I wanted to come to Spanish River because of its reputation for excellence. Also, I just kinda wanted to stalk my Omni kids. I love it here! What’s it like to be a new teacher during the middle of a pandemic? Being new and trying to make it work during a pandemic definitely presents its challenges. It can feel a little overwhelming at times. But, the faculty and staff here are so supportive and nice. Ms. Castellano gives us candy regularly, so that helps. And my students have been phenomenal in making me feel welcome here instead of being suspicious of “the new lady”. Do you have any advice for students taking your class or in general? Advice for students: Always read the directions at least twice! Learn to communicate with your teachers and advocate for yourself, but also be willing to take responsibility for what you do (or don’t do) and say. Be kind! Is there anything you would like me to know that I didn’t ask? Outside of school I am a huge pop culture nerd and love TV, movies, and video games. PHOTO COURTESY OF CHRISTINA GRAY

PATHFINDER NOMINEES Academic Excellence Julia Horn

Computer Science Adi Kumar

Literature Paulina Villasenor

Art Maya Fuchs

Drama Leah Davidowitz

Mathematics Alex Gaynor

Science Abdel Kareem Hilo

Business Alexa Haber

Communications Brayant Polanco

Community Invovlement Pierre Louis

Foreign Language Nishah Jaferi

Forensics/Speech Savannah Garrett

Music/Insturmental Shea Whitacre

Music/Vocal Reach for Excellence Anastasia Thomas Jonathan Beres

Sports Tyler Jones

History/Political Science Jack Bershad

Tech Voc Agricultural Madelyn Wertheim




Should the Electoral College Be Abolished?

No, To Guard Against Tyranny

Yes, To Expand American Democracy

Amelie La-Branche

Nashki Joseph

Guest Writer

The selection of the president is, to put it lightly, a momentous event. The commander-in-chief will lead the nation and uphold the ideals that have defined America since its birth. The Electoral College, the only method mentioned in the Constitution to elect a president, is an institution many Americans see as unnecessarily complicated and undemocratic. However, the Electoral College was designed meticulously for good reason, and it is a critical safeguard against tyranny and a mechanism crafted for this constitutional democracy. The Electoral College must be preserved as the guardian of federalism, one of this nation’s fundamental principles, and as a means to stabilize and legitimize elections. First and foremost, the United States is a union of states, and federalism allows an equitable distribution of power between the central government and the state governments. Federalism is the foundation of this democracy. The founding fathers were able to draft the Constitution with this principle in mind, and the unity created by it is present in all institutions created by the Constitution, including the Electoral College. In the current system, each state is given electoral power based on its congressional representation: two senators for each state plus the number of representatives that that state has in Congress (which is proportional to population). This allows all states to hold electoral power in choosing a president. If elections were based on popular vote, there would no longer be fair representation of the states. Instead of seeking the support of the larger section of American electorates, presidential candidates would focus their time and money solely on the states with the largest urban populations and the most highly concentrated media markets, such as New York and California, while failing to address the more rural states, such as Iowa and North Dakota. “Tyranny of the majority,” a fear the founding fathers took into account when drafting the Constitution, would arise, as larger states would unilaterally dictate policies that affect smaller states, which have different needs. The Electoral College forces candidates to address all states Despite arguments from critics, the Electoral College’s “all or nothing” approach is an asset that allows for the greater stability and legitimacy of an election. By magnifying the margin of victory in elections, the Electoral College avoids the need for tedious recounts. In contrast, presidential candidates in popular vote elections would win by smaller victory margins, which could trigger division and chaos. Every vote could mark the difference between winning and losing an election, which would encourage vote recounts on a national level if any

suspicious activity occurs in a single district. For example, the massive vote recount in Florida during the 2000 presidential election was a time-consuming and costly process. A national vote recount would only exacerbate these issues. This uncertainty in elections poses an even greater threat when the legitimacy of the elected president is called into question, as the president’s mandate to govern does not have a stable foundation. The Electoral College’s “all or nothing” approach also discourages voter fraud. The current system isolates the impact of fraudulent votes, as these votes may affect the electoral

Associate Editor Created in 1788, the ever-so controversial Electoral College came into being with the ratification of the Constitution. Today, the Electoral College is not simply harmless. It is a corruption of the democratic process, and a departure from key values that the American government was founded upon. It should be abolished, and replaced with a national popular vote system. The reason that the framers of the Constitution favored the Electoral College was to protect against masses of uneducated voters choosing a poor president. Looking retrospectively, this

In America’s history, presidential candidates have won the popular vote but lost in the Electoral College a total of five times.


process of one state, not the national outcome. If the election were based on popular votes, illegitimate votes would affect the national total, wreaking havoc on the legitimacy of the election and undermining the authority of the president. The Electoral College’s invaluableness may seem overshadowed by its complexity, but the founding fathers did not create a method to elect the president haphazardly, by a roll of the dice. No, deliberateness and care were given to this vital process in American democracy. The Electoral College exists fundamentally as a guardian for the freedom we hold so dear, as a protector of the democracy in which we take pride. The United States government is one built to be secure and long-lasting, one that protects against tyranny and the inherent dangers of democracy, and the Electoral College helps ensure that the United States does not crumble, but continues to rise to any challenges it faces.

sentiment was questionable and its validity has decreased over the years. For one thing, the advent of political parties has made it easier for parties to explain to people of their party exactly what a candidate stands for. The bottom line is this: the Electoral College was undemocratic when it was created, and it poses a larger danger to democracy today. One of the principal issues with the Electoral College system is that power is taken away from individuals. The only thing that matters is the votes of the electors, which are not even required to reflect the vote of their respective state. In the 2016 election, President Trump won Florida and Pennsylvania by a combined margin of 200,000 votes, netting him 49 Electoral College votes. By contrast, Hilary Clinton won Massachusetts by over one million votes, netting her a grand total of 11 Electoral College votes. The glaring issue here is that those 200,000 votes for Trump were over four times more important than the million votes for Clinton. Few people would challenge


the notion that some votes counting more than others’ is an undemocratic idea, and yet the Electoral College has gone unchallenged for most of the nation’s history. Among the many arguments for the abolition of the Electoral College are the advantages proposed by a popular vote system. The most important would be that every single vote, no matter where it came from, would carry just as much weight as every other vote. Votes in battleground states with considerable Electoral College votes would no longer weaken the votes coming in from clearly blue or red states. Another benefit of a popular vote system would be the possibility of increased voter turnout. One of the many reasons for the low turnout rate for presidential elections is the way the Electoral College has affected the perceptions of voters. People in solidly red states, such as Oklahoma, and blue states, such as California, might think that their vote does not matter because their vote does not reflect the majority party affiliation of their state. A popular vote system would rectify this, letting their vote matter as much as everyone else’s despite their party affiliation. One of the main arguments for the Electoral College is to provide a check against the “tyranny of the majority.” A more sensible argument arises for saying the body of 538 electors is not more competent in choosing a president than the entire body of America. After all, they are not chosen for intelligence or insight, but for their loyalty to a party. They do not, nor have they ever, represented the interests of the people. Another argument against the abolition of the Electoral College is the notion that small states and rural areas would be underrepresented in the election. At this, a blunt truth must be aimed: in any scenario, rural Americans are underrepresented. Of course, candidates like Donald Trump appeal to small-town voters because of his policies concerning immigration and the economy. But in the months close to the 2020 election, he was not spending his time in Utah or Idaho, and neither was Joe Biden. They spent the bulk of their time in urban and suburban centers within swing states that contain a significant amount of Electoral College votes. The only change to this under a popular vote system would perhaps be candidates focusing their attention on coastal cities with large populations. In either scenario, rural America is at least partially disregarded. And, as it is, smaller states are already overrepresented. Unfortunately, reform of the Electoral College is not high on the national policy agenda and an opportunity for abolition most likely will not present itself for quite a while, But when it does, the Electoral College should be abolished for the sake of American democracy and the principles the government stands upon.




Be Generous This Holiday Season Brianna Levine Editor-in-Chief

The holiday season is here and that means it’s time to exchange gifts, get together with family, and delve into the holiday spirit. For many, it also magnifies the struggles that we are presented with. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused financial stress on numerous families around the globe and has restricted family gatherings. Even when overlooking the pandemic, an estimate of almost 554,000 people in the United States are homeless, and about 443,000 children are in the foster care system. That being said, the important theme of not taking things for granted comes to mind. I, personally, am thankful for being part of a family unit that has not experienced any hardships over the years. For this, I apply the “Pay It Forward” principle each and every year by giving back to the community. I started off with small tasks, such as tutoring elementary school kids in an after school program and then on to animal fostering. I would take in kittens that are too young for adoption. This year, I have elected to monetarily contribute to my community by purchasing toys for the less fortunate children. This act made me feel good about myself, and it made me happy knowing that these children will be able to experience some joy. What I realized is that the act of giving has to

come from the heart, and that you want to do it. Just this past week, I enrolled in a non-profit organization named Personal Ponies Florida. National Honors Society director, Ms. Angela Donnino, had informed me of this organization, which provided children and adults with varying disabilities, special needs, and or Alzheimer’s disease, a form of therapy in which they i nt e r a c t w i t h ponies. There is so much more that I can be doing, a n d the same may apply to you. Though we may be content with enjoying our daily lives as we enter the holidays, others may not be as fortunate to experience the same joy as you do. My experience and interactions throughout my high school years have led me to develop a general idea that numerous people lack the motivation to give back to the community. Although there are those who are not

able to due to varying, unfavorable circumstances, there are many people in schools who are fully capable to provide for the needy. I believe that schools should raise the minimum required community service hours, but I also believe students and adults alike should volunteer for the sole reason of supporting good causes. Volunteering comes in many forms. It can be done by volunteering at a library, serving food at a soup kitchen, donating money to charitable organizations, or dropping spare change into the bucket of a Salvation Army volunteer. Helping those in need is more accessible than ever. There have indeed been alterations to the ways in which people participate in such actions due to the pandemic, but generosity has continued to persevere with volunteer rates increasing in 2020. On numerous occasions working as a Publix cashier, I have been required to ask customers if they would like to donate to whichever organization the company was currently sponsoring. I

have heard various excuses as to why one prefers not to donate (the best is when they say “I donated yesterday,” even though it is the first day of accepting donations), and I have also received a few large sums of donations. One time, a generous man donated 50 dollars, an impressive amount to say the least. On another note, I have been able to earn a plentiful amount of money over the year and a half I have had my job, and this is one thing that has led me to donate my money to those in need whenever possible. I have been fortunate enough to have favorable living conditions and a steady future on the way, so I have a desire to help those who are not fortunate enough to be where I am. This is something I suggest you do as well because you never know if you will end up in a difficult situation and you may have an immense impact on someone’s life without knowing it. If you are unable to, then try to appreciate the small things in life. On the whole, take some time this holiday season to give back to your loved ones, and, if you are feeling extra generous, give to someone in need. Because if you do this, you are empowered to bring hope to those who need it.


COVID’s Impact On The Holiday Season Julia Horn

Editor-in-Chief Every year on Thanksgiving I wake up at around 6 am and head over to race in the Turkey Trot with my dad. As soon as that tradition concludes, I move on to the next, which is baking my famous apple crisp and begging my mom to let me bake about four additional desserts. We then head to my Aunt’s house where I patiently wait for my napping cousin to come downstairs after he spent three straight days cooking the most remarkable Thanksgiving feast. However, this year that was not the case. Rather than spending my Thursday waiting to indulge in the gourmet dishes, I spent all day preparing for what may have been the lamest Thanksgiving I have ever experienced. Don’t get me wrong, I was with my immediate family and we made the most of the holiday, but it just was not the same. Instead of a 15 dish meal, I cooked three dishes that were not quite Thanksgiving themed. We had no turkey and no extravagant family gathering. This year’s Thanksgiving

could barely be compared to my previous experiences. While I was glad to have been safe over the holiday break, I wish that my last high school Thanksgiving would have lived up to tradition. That being said, I did attempt t o maintain s o m e of the traditions I have shared with my family. My dad and I actually ran to the Turkey Trot and watched some of our friends compete. Although the race was not the same as previous years because of social distancing regulations, I was grateful to have been able to continue this annual tradition. When it came to cooking, I reached out to my cousin who has cooked our

entire Thanksgiving meal since he was 16. He sent me his recipes for mac and cheese and his famous apple pie. I was devastated after hearing he couldn’t make it from New York for the holiday, but he was definitely there in spirit as I attempted to do his recipes justice. I even kept his tradition of taking so long to make the apple pie that it isn’t fully cooled and ready until the morning. I realize that this holiday season has been and will be difficult for everyone. Just as I couldn’t spend it with my extended family, neither could others, and some had it even worse by not being financially able to put food on the table. Now approaching the winter

holidays, I understand how lucky I am to be able to stay safe and still celebrate this time with my immediate family. I know that everything is not as planned and I just have to roll with the punches, but I am excited to see what this break and holiday season has to offer. With 2021 right around the corner, I am hoping that this new year will be a new beginning for everyone. Hopefully we will all be able to safely reunite with family and friends. In the meantime, we just have to take what we get and make the best of it.



To All Future Seniors, Brayant Polonco Editor-in-Chief

Approximately two weeks ago, I received an email from Rice University titled “Schedule for Early Decision notifications”, the Early Decision admissions would be released at 6:00 PM EST on Thursday, December 10. It would be an understatement to say that I was just thinking about the decision. I went to sleep and thought about the decision; I did homework and thought about the decision; I took a shower and thought about the decision; I prayed and thought about the decision. Although I was good at hiding my stress and anxiety, I was in a constant state of self-doubt and anticipation. What was supposed to be one week turned into a grueling month in my head. Maybe the source of my stress and anxiety was the fact that I was basing my self-worth off my potential acceptance or rejection. While many told me that I was going to “end up where I was meant to be” or that I would “end up at a good school no matter what”, to me, it was more personal than that. If I got in, it meant that all of my hard work and sacrifice was worth it. The hours I spent studying, taking dual



enrollment classes, and participating in extracurriculars would have been worth it because I would end up at my

dream; that all of my hard work was worth it; that my parent’s sacrifice in giving me an education in the United

constantly anxious about my grades or getting leadership positions in clubs that I missed the whole point of it:

dream school, where I would get the chance of studying and participating in all I ever dreamt of. If I got rejected, it would have just denied all of that work, or at least that is how I viewed it. Five minutes prior to the decision, my mind and life became an incoherent mess. I did not want to disappoint my parents, Mrs. Delaney, my friends, or myself. I wanted to prove that I was capable of making it, and achieving success. Then, came the time to view my status update. I stood still for a minute, afraid of the words that would show up once I clicked on the link. And then, “Congratulations”. Those are the first few words that I could read out amongst the confetti and all of the mumbled thoughts going through my head. The realization that I had achieved my

States came to fruition. It was the best feeling in the world. But I also realize I am one of the estimated 15% who made it in. This is why I have to offer some advice to those future seniors who will find themselves in this process: I want to remind you why my mentality was toxic. You cannot base your achievements or the entirety of your life on an institution - four walls and a roof. Yes, I understand it has been what you have dreamt of ever since you started finding out about college. But it is not too late to prepare yourself for this process next year. I spent too much time stressing about minuscule things. Sophomore year, when I first found out about the college application process as a whole, the pressure took on new levels. I was

making memories. Although I’m not saying to just throw your grades out the window, the only things I truly remember from these past four years were those moments I had fun with my friends. Whether it was hanging out at Orlando for the annual HOSA competition or just being collectively dumb enough to almost fail an escape room, the memories that have stuck with me are those fun moments I spent with my friends, not the A’s I got in AP Chemistry (sorry Dybas). What I am trying to say is that while you should care about your grades and school, do not let it completely consume you to the point it is all you think about. After all, the college or institution you attend will not even matter later on your deathbed, as Delaney has been telling me for all these years. For now, you will find me enjoying these last few months as a high school senior until I move on to Houston, trying to make up for those moments where I stayed at home studying rather than going out with friends. And so with that, go Owls! ART COURTESY OF BRAYANT POLONCO

6 Arts and Entertainment Harry Styles Challenges Clothing Standards THE GALLEON December 2020

Elle Borstelmann

known as nonbinary, which has caught femininity in their clothing choices. the attention of many supporters as well However, toxic masculinity has arisen Arts & Entertainment Editor as some backlash. Candace Owens, a as a result. Men who feel the need to conservative political activist, spoke be more masculine and deny, or be Societal constructs of gendered out negatively against the cover photo, disgusted by, any form of femininity clothing have been accepted for ages. saying that society should “bring back in a male are considered to be toxic. But in recent times, these constructs manly men.” Similarly, Ben Shapiro, a Toxic masculinity is harmful because it are being torn down. conservative political commentator, puts down men who are interested in Traditional clothing standards for women are dresses and skirts, while for men it is pants and shirts. However, both men and women have combined both standards to create a style that does not conform to a single-gender. Harry styles, former member of the internationally successful band One Direction, and now solo pop singer, has challenged these gender standards along with toxic masculinity through his androgynous wardrobe choices. Harry styles’ career took off after he competed on The X Factor, a British competitive singing After performing as one of the Harry Styles wearing light blue ruffled dress for Vogue cover photo. five members of One Direction for years, Styles parted from the band and responded strongly against Styles exploring or embracing their feminine started a solo singing career with the side or wanting their style to be genderwearing a dress as a man. release of two highly successful “Anyone who pretends that it is not neutral. albums: Fine Line and Harry Styles. The guidelines of masculinity that a referendum on masculinity for men Released in 2019, “Watermelon Sugar”, to don floofy dresses is treating you as once gave rise to the fear of rebelling a song of his that blew up on TikTok a full-on idiot,” said Shapiro. against it are now obstructed. Those earlier this year, reached number seven The statement that Shapiro delivered who are opposed to the destruction on the Billboard Top Charts. supports toxic masculinity and is a clear of traditional gender constructs will Styles was featured on the cover of example of men invalidating men. Due voice protest against it. However, many Vogue Magazine as their first-ever male to advancing times and an increase in praise, support, and welcome men cover star in their December 2020 Issue acceptance of diversity, many men dressing how they want. Influencers wearing a light blue ruffled gown with a have strayed from masculine standards and celebrities who continue to push black blazer. Styles has previously worn and feel they are at liberty to approach the narrative that it is okay to dress androgynous clothes and his style is

Troupe 3963 Triumphs

Elle Borstelmann

categories. This year the competition was Arts & Entertainment Editor virtual but we tried to make it as ‘live’ as possible, as in no editing or anything Spanish Rivers theatre department has like that,” President of Rivers thespian been excelling in their achievements troupe senior Leah Davidowitz said. this year, especially with the premiere After submitting their raw video of the Halloween production Ghouls footage into their respective categories, Night Out and the students are given recognition at the a score based on Regional Individual their performance. Events competition. The scoring ranges Each year our from poor, fair, good, theatre department excellent, and superior physically competes with superior being in the Regional the highest scoring. IE competition Critics choice and Top with other schools Honors are additional however, due to special awards that the pandemic, the can be received entire competition along with the basic was conducted scoring. Rivers very virtually. Each Toni Sales own Troupe 3963 had participant prepared a 23 participants, usually three to five video showcasing their talents and they students per category, with an overall of certainly did not disappoint. 15 students scoring excellents and nine The Regional IE competition is an students scoring superiors. Students annual theatre competition in which were able to participate in a maximum thespian troupes from different high of three categories of their choosing schools compete in multiple categories with a time limit of five minutes per including monologues, acting, large video, except for Monologues which group musicals, choreography, makeup could be 3 minutes long and Technical design, publicity and many more Events which could be 10 minutes in categories within acting and stagecraft. duration. Despite the new approach to the The students who scored superior in competition, the theatre department their categories were: Maya Fuchs and persevered and excelled in many Toni Sales for costume design; Ashley

anyway regardless of gender or sexuality are helping and supporting those who want to. A major way in which the issue has been addressed is through TikTok, where these celebrities showcase their support for the elimination of gender constructs in clothing. “I think it’s really amazing that someone with such a big following like Harry Styles is out there representing that because there’s probably a lot of young people out there who really needed to see that,” said the CoPresident of the Gay-Straight Alliance club, junior Hannah Gelfand. Styles’ wide range of wardrobe choices allow him to express himself, be bold and experiment with fashion. The clothing he chooses does not define his gender nor does it make him any less of a man. Members of the LGBTQ community are often subjected to toxic masculinity and have risen against it. This has introduced numerous opportunities for people worldwide who have a desire to express themselves and disregard what others think of them. It is not unlikely that more and more activists will rise and bring awareness to the effects of toxic masculinity, as well as the breakage of gender roles and barriers.


Lavalle for acting monologues; Valeria prided myself In creating my best Illan for musical theatre solos; Shaiden possible work,” senior Fuchs said. “I’m Tamim for acting monologues; Leah so ecstatic that for the third year in a Davidowitz for acting monologues row I have received a perfume score and duet acting; Morgan Rotman for superior as well as now top honors!” This competition is hosted by the duet acting; Maria Viloria for makeup design; Valeria Illan, Thomas Maher, Florida State Thespians, a group who also holds the Florida State Alex Bernstein, Thespian Festival where Adam Davis, Regionals are typically and William held. The competition Folchetti for did its best to implement Musical Theatre rules that would keep the Small Group. competition fair and real Toni Sales and regardless of the obstacle Maya Fuchs of the pandemic. received a “I’m extremely proud special award of my troupe for taking of Top Honors on this challenge and for scoring the being able to keep things highest in their positive during this time,” categories for said Davidowitz. costume design. Maya Fuchs The Regional IE competition was “I honestly feel like I’m in a state of shock,” junior Sales said. “I had a great opportunity for the thespian never used my art or love of costumes students to showcase their skills and in a way that’s competitive, and the receive feedback on their performance. fact that I got both a Superior and Top The remarkable pieces that participants Honor is insane. Maya and everyone put together is a result of the hard else did incredible, and I wouldn’t be work and passion that the River theatre here in this competition if it wasn’t for department holds as they continue to succeed. The students who scored high all of them.” The thespian students have worked will be moving onto states in March, diligently in order to succeed in the and will also be held virtually. annual competition and it has certainly paid off. IMAGES COURTESY OF TONI SALES AND MAYA FUCHS “For the last three years I have been doing thespian competitions and have

Arts and Entertainment

THE GALLEON December 2020


The Galleon Watchlist Wishlist Brianna Levine

Arts and Entertainment Editor and Co-Editor-In-Chief It is that time of year again. The Christmas decorations are going up, the holiday playlists are making their way onto the radio, and the holiday wish lists are being written. That’s right, the holiday season has arrived. With preparation for the holidays beginning as soon as two-to-three months in advance, it is not a surprise that Netflix has delved into the holiday spirit by releasing new movies and series that revolve around these joyful times. First on the watchlist is Dash and Lily. The eight-episode series deviates from the typical Christmas movie in the sense that its episodes each end on cliffhangers. Dash and Lilly is a romantic comedy as well as a slice of life show that seems to be geared towards teenagers. The two protagonists, Dash and Lily, find themselves communicating through a notebook that Lilly placed in a local bookstore. They go for a while without knowing each other’s names or appearance, and later on, conflict arises in their individual love lives. They gradually fall in love with each other, even with the limited knowledge of their pen pal. The plot was developed fairly well executed but had a few cheesy moments. But what’s a romantic comedy without those cringey scenes? One aspect of this show that was delightful to see was the incorporation of Jewish heritage in the form of two Jewish boys that are in a band called the “Challah Back Boys”, which plays Hebrew music with a twist, and references the origin of Hanukkah. Overall, the show was short enough to quickly binge, but may not be worth the time if you are not one to enjoy cheesy romances. For those who are fans of baking shows, baking, or eating sweets, Sugar Rush Christmas, the holiday

spinoff of the Netflix original, will be a perfect choice. Sugar Rush Christmas features baking competitions with different holiday themes in each episode. It starts with four pairs of contestants competing in the first round- the cupcake round. A firstplace winner is selected and whoever comes in last is eliminated. Then, the competitors move on to round two - the confection round, where they are typically asked to make themed brownies or similar desserts. Another pair of contestants is eliminated and the final two pairs move on to the final round - the cake round, where they bake and decorate extravagant cakes. This show is enjoyable to watch and is sure to make one crave a sweet or two.

Next up on the watch list is Operation Christmas Drop. The holiday romance movie has a feel-good plot that deviates from typical Christmas romance movies. When the assistant to a Washington D.C. congresswoman arrives at an Air Force base Christmas Drop, where they drop boxes of essential supplies and gifts over impovertous islands on Christmas. Even though Erica is at risk of losing her job if she fails to report inefficiency, she begins to fall in love with the generosity of the Air Force base and Captain Andrew. On the whole, this was an enjoyable movie that highlights the importance of giving to others, especially during this time of year.

Subsequently on the watchlist is the movie Jingle Jangle. This by far was the most captivating of the new Netflix films released. The movie can be categorized as a live-action animated film because it integrates talented actors with trinkets and inventions that were created by animators. The movie revolves around a successful inventor who was robbed of his book of inventions and stripped of credit. After becoming colder and losing belief, he becomes disconnected from his daughter, who later bears her child. The daughter sends her daughter, named Journey, to visit her grandfather she has not contacted, and the action picks up from there. Right away the audience can identify the immense racial diversity with almost the entire lead cast being African American. At first glance, Jingle Jangle gives off steampunk vibes by its attire, and this adds to the uniqueness of the story. The musical numbers were beyond eye-catching with melodious tunes. Overall, Jingle Jangle is highly recommended for people of all ages to enjoy.

The last show on the watchlist is The Holiday Movies That Made Us. This is a two-episode documentary-style series that delves into the story behind iconic Christmas movies, specifically The Nightmare Before Christmas and Elf. The series provides insight into the actors’ experiences and the directors’ visions. For the fellow lovers of Christmas movies, this documentar y might just be the perfect fit. For those who are not much of a holiday movie person, here are some show suggestions. First up is The Queen’s Gambit. This show revolves around an orphan girl named Beth who showcases an immense talent for chess. She is categorized as the odd one out when she is growing up, even developing a drug addiction

to mysterious green pills. There is a noticeable disconnection between Beth and her adoptive mother, but she is able to hone her chess skills and gain many titles and awards regardless of her obstacles. Another h i g h l y suggested series is The Haunting of Bly Manor. As a horror drama, The Haunting of Bly Manor slowly builds up the suspense throughout its long episodes. In short, the show focuses on an estranged family and their employees that live in the manor, which is ultimately haunted by vengeful spirits. One thing that continues to be unsettling, however, is the lack of movies embodying the traditions and joy of other holidays, such as Hanukkah or Kwanza. There should be equal representation of religion, even in the cinema. All in all, the final verdict is that all holiday movies are enjoyable and give you a sense of nostalgia. But, in reality, no new movie can top the classics such as Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone, The Polar Express, Elf, It’s a Wonderful Life; and classic animated and stop motion films such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the grinch, and Frosty the Snowman. These movies are the epitome of holiday spirit, filling anyone and everyone with the joy that comes with the winter season. So sit back with family, some hot cocoa,and have a wonderful holiday break - of course, all while staying safe!





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Climate Change Activitst


Vice President-Elect of the United States

Greta Thunberg was about 15 years old when she Kamala Harris has certainly been one of the most recent female figbecame an avid advocate for action against climate ures to reach the spotlight. Serving as California’s Attorney General change. Thunberg harshly criticized world leaders for from 2011 to 2017 and U.S Senator from 2017 to the present, Harris their inaction against climate change at the United Nacreated an extensive, yet controversial, career record which landed tions Climate Action Summit, which is where she inher in a prominent position during the Democratic presidential stantly became a global sensation for her eloquent and primaries. powerful words. During the Democratic presidential primaries, Democratic Thunberg’s journey to becoming a climate change activcandidate Tulsi Gabbard exposed Harris’ positions regarding ist started when she organized protests outside the Swedish the death penalty and criminal incarcerations which lead h unberg T a t parliament for more action on climate change. This moveto a decrease in the polls favoring Harris. On December e Gr ment quickly gained traction, with students all over the world 3, 2019, Harris withdrew from her candidacy citing joining Thunberg in her efforts, effectively creating the Fridays “lack of funds” as the reason. for Future student protest. In March of 2020, Harris endorsed demoGreta has since then received numerous awards such as the cratic candidate Joseph R. Biden for the presiInternational Children’s Peace Prize, Time Person of the Year for dency. Biden would later go on to ask Harris 2019, Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Scottish Society, and two to become his running mate for the 2020 nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. Presidential Election. On November 7, 2020, With these awards, however, also came the arrival of various with Biden’s electoral votes passing the 270 critics, who believed Greta Thunberg to be too radical, young and inthresholds required to win, Harris and experienced to have any say in climate change policy. President DonBiden became the Vice-President and ald Trump also jumped on the criticism, citing that Greta Thunberg President-Elect respectivelly, effecneeded to calm down and work on her “anger management problem.” tively making Harris not only the Of course, this has not stopped Thunberg as she has continued working first female Vice President, but also ousafzai Y on climate change activism and is regularly attending events to talk about a the first to be African-American l a l Ma climate change and what steps should be taken for the future of the planet. and Asian-American. After 244 Most surprisingly, Thunberg has been diagnosed with Asperger synyears of United States history, drome, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and selective mutism. ThunHarris is the highest-rankberg has not allowed these challenges to interfere with her cause, serving as ing female elected official an example not only to young girls and women, but to society as a whole, that in United States history. nothing can stop one from achieving change. She has advocated for unity amongst the American people following the elecFemale Education Advocate and Activist tion and is asAt a time when the Taliban prohibited females from being educated, Malala sumed to take Yousafzai chose to pursue her education and wrote under the alias of BBC Urdu for office along the advocacy of female education even though she faced constant danger. with Joe Eventually, after Yousafzai gained attention and received awards for her activs a i c o Biden in O C orte ism, a Pakistani talib shot her and her friend in the back of a bus. Yousafzai was then dr i a z n January a immediately taken to the Rawalpindi Institute of Technology and later transferred to lex 2021. A the Queen Elizabeth Hospital located in the United Kingdom. Ironically, surviving the bullet is what sparked Malala’s rise to fame, which she utilized to advocate for education with a primary focus on girls in Pakistan and other third-world countries. After her assassination attempt, Malala continued being an activist, co-authoring I am Malala, which became an international bestseller. Malala also created her own non-profit organization, the Malala Fund. Categorized as one of the most innovative and influential people in the world by Time Magazine, Malala became the youngest-ever Nobel Prize recipient, allowing her to address the United Nations and become the first recipient of Pakistan’s National Youth Peace Prize. Malala just recently graduated from Oxford University, studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE). Yousafzai continues being an activist, addressing and teaching girls all over the world about the power of education. It is clear that she will continue to have a great impact in the fight for education all over the world, inspiring thousands of girls and women to pursue an education.



ALEXANDRIA OCASIO CORTEZ United States Representative for 14th District in New York

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, popularly known as AOC, is a democratic-socialist serving as the United States Representative for New York’s 14th Congressional District. Defeating 10-year term democratic incumbent Joe Crowley, who was predicted to succeed Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, in the biggest upset in history, AOC declared herself as a candidate dedicated to changing the healthcare system, economic inequality, and climate change. Due to her vastly progressive and democratic-socialist views, AOC has been harshly criticized by Republicans and even moderate Democrats. This has led to her gaining popularity on the national stage, where she now finds herself having the same reputation as long-running politicians such as Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris. AOC, with her vast knowledge of technology and social media, has become an inspiring figure for young liberals. Often having comedic and intelligent comebacks to her harsh conservative critics, AOC has asserted her place in U.S politics as one of the first female progressive democrats. AOC was one of the co-sponsor of the Green New Deal, a set of legislation that focuses on combating climate change. Although the bill has acquired several critiques from conservatives, who believe it to be too expensive, President-elect Joe Biden sees it as an essential component in the fight against climate change. Weeks before the election, Cortez, along with democratic socialist Ilhan Omar, streamed on the popular platform Twitch as they played the video game Among Us to drive younger people to vote and become more involved in politics. In a speech towards Representative Ted Yoho, who made disparaging remarks regarding AOC, she became a viral sensation on platforms like TikTok and Instagram as she addressed the verbal abuse women face in society and how men should be held accountable for their actions.

Women, through thousands of ly underrepresented and affected ety. Be it politics or the workforc en were allowed to vote in the Un the 19th Amendment, and it was of World War II, that women beg jobs. Even today, in the age of th in support for the feminist movem tries are still held back by patriarc holds. However, not all hope is lo standing up every single day to that women are capable, and to a women. The women discussed light to fight for women’s oppor tions that women are just as capa

Brayant Co-Editor-in-Chie Feature Fo

FOCUS AMY CONEY BARRET United States Supreme Court Justice


Dr. Angela Merk el


ANGELA MERKEL Chancellor of Germany

Angela Merkel has been the Chancellor of GerAmy Coney Barret has certainly become one of the most controversial pubmany since 2005. After studying quantum chemislic female figures to reach the spotlight during 2020. After the death of Sutry and earning her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), preme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Barret was nominated by PresMerkel joined politics after the fall of the Berlin Wall ident Donald Trump to replace her, weeks before the 2020 presidential in 1989. Merkel quickly grew attention in the Christian election. This angered many Democratic representatives and senators, Democratic Union (CDU) party, getting appointed to who believed that a Supreme Court Justice nomination should’ve been the position of chairwoman. Following the 2005 nationhandled after the election. al elections in Germany, Merkel became the first female Despite intense protest from Democratic senators, the Senate, which had a Republican majority, was quick to confirm Barret in chancellor of Germany and a prominent leader in the Eua 52-48 vote - with every Democratic senator and Republican ropean Union. senator Susan Collins denying the confirmation. Merkel is considered by some to me the most powero C Although harshly criticized by progressives and the Demon y e ful woman in the world, which is to be expected, as she has y m Bar A ret cratic party, Barret became the first justice to be confirmed served as chancellor for 14 consecutive years. Prior to her role without a single vote from a Senate minority party and as Chancellor, Merkel had a long political history, serving as was a fast favorite among conservatives with her origithe Minister for Women and Youth in 1991, Minister for the nalist interpretation of the Constitution. Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear safety in 1994, Barret proved, with her vast experience as a and CDU General Secretary in 1998. circuit judge for the United States Court of ApMerkel, as President of the European Council, has emphasized peals for the Seventh Circuit and a law professor the need for international cooperation and climate change. at Notre Dame Law School, that she was more Her energy transition program focused on changing to a more than capable of becoming a Supreme Court renewable source of energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and Justice. Even among difficult questioning providing jobs for those who would otherwise lose their jobs in the by Democratic senators, Barret stood her transition. ground and was able to pass through During the COVID-19 pandemic, Merkel has listened to scientists and the questioning phase. experts, following the appropriate steps to manage the crisis. After being Amy Coney Barret still remains criticized for being too cautious and analytical, her response to the pannda Ardern a fairly controversial choice for the Jaci demic is now one of her successes, and she is often praised internationalSupreme Court Justice among lyby her swift action. Merkel has stated that she does not intend to seek a democrats and progressives fifth term as Chancellor, and that she may return to academia. Regardless of due to her public anti-aborher future plans, Merkel has become an inspiring female role model for thoution stance. Regardless of sands of girls in the world. As the most powerful woman in the world, Merkel these many controversies, has certainly held up her end of the bargain. however, Barret has certainly become one of the women to watch out for following Prime Minister of New Zealand her nomination Jacinda Ardern is now the 40th prime minister of New Zealand and the current and confirLeader of the Labor Party. In March 2017, Ardern became the deputy leader of the mation as a Supreme Labor Party and then ran unopposed for the running of the Leader of the Labor C o u r t Party after her opponent had historically low polls. She gained her party 14 seats and Dr. Jill Biden Justice became the new prime minister after various negotiations. On October 26 of 2017, during Ardern was sworn in as prime minister at age 37, becoming the youngest female head 2020. of government. In her first term as prime minister, Ardern found herself amidst controversy because of her pregnancy. Many - predominantly men - started to doubt Ardern’s ability to lead as the hormones and side effects that come with pregnancies would affect her leadership. Ardern responded to these critics, stating that she is “pregnant, not incapacitated.” In January 2018, Ardern took maternity leave. When Ardern returned from her maternity leave in August 2018, she focused on the New Zealand housing crisis and child poverty. In 2019, after the Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand, Ardern’s prompt action and grief for the death of the victims acquired international praise. Ardern immediately introduced stricter gun laws, banning most semi-automatic weapons, assault rifles, parts for constructing semi-automatic guns, and higher capacity magazines. Currently, in 2020, Ardern has been praised around the world for her swift response to the COVID-19 pandemic in New Zealand. Ardern immediately closed the country and required all citizens to self-isolate, effectively making New Zealand the country with the toughest border restricgenerations, have been historicaltions. Since then, the country has found itself with minimal cases. Even amongst the most troubling d by patriarchal traditions in socitimes, Ardern has proved to the rest of the world that women can be active and swift leaders.



ce, it was not until 1919 that womnited States through the passing of not until the 1960s, the beginning gan to get hired for ‘male-centered’ he #MeToo movement and the rise ment, women in third-world counchal rules that bind them to houseost. Powerful and brave women are fight for women’s rights, to prove achieve equality between men and here have jumped into the spotrtunities and to tell future generaable of holding their own in society.

t Polanco ef, Head Features & Focus Editor

JILL BIDEN Incoming First Lady of the United States

With Joe Biden’s win in the Presidential election of 2020, Jill Biden is set to become the first lady in January 2021. Jill Biden will be the first Italian-American first lady and the first educator with a paying job outside of the White House. Jill Biden has a bachelor’s and doctoral degree from the University of Delaware, and she is a professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College. Dr. Biden founded the non-profit organization Biden Breast Health Initiative, co-founded the Biden Foundation, and actively participates in Delaware Boots in the Ground, all which help lower class communities and veterans throughout the United States. Acting as one of the key factors in Joe Biden’s decision to run for President, Dr. Biden accompanied her husband on the campaign trail, all while grading research papers for her college class. Dr. Biden took a more active stance on politics than ever, giving out her email to voters to ask her questions. She has become an advocate for education, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Biden has openly criticized the opening of schools by the Trump administration as being politically motivated, and has openly announced that Joe Biden will fire the current Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, once he becomes President. Her passionate remarks towards education and the future of the United States have truly set Dr. Jill Biden apart from other first ladies. Despite controversial claims of election fraud by the Trump administration, Dr. Jill Biden is set to become the first lady, serving as an inspiration to thousands of people throughout the U.S. to pursue an education and to advocate for national unity. PHOTO COURTESY OF GOOGLE IMAGES ART COURTESY OF GOOGLE IMAGES




Ways Sharks Can Make a Difference Ethan C


service Pa community sse o p p o r t u n i t i e s s

are available, due to safety risks. With Covid-19, rates of community service have gone down

ie yg aH

o a Recipient Kit t ne

said freshman Abi Adler “Also, helping others not only benefits your community, but it benefits yourself at the end of the day. Community service makes me feel like I accomplished something bigger than myself, Hydropo nic a n d Ha rve makes st V me feel like I made a difference in the world” Regardless of how many hours you need, you should get started now! The community is in need of your help, and for seniors, the community service deadline is right around the corner! “Community service is important because it shows that anyone in the community can do things to help, no matter how big or small,” said freshman Cody Zamat. “It also provides people with ways to help others, most of whom unfortunately can’t provide for themselves. Community service overall makes me feel like a better person while helping others, so it’s really a win-win.” Unfortunately now that we are in the pandemic, not as many traditional rs C tee un ol

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h eir Hydrop ing T on uild i c Sys nB ko tem or W

and 1330 on the SAT. Bright Futures mainly applies towards Seniors, but it Aiden Rubenstein is something all students should take Staff Reporter advantage of and work towards. Bright For students from around the world Futures, if the requirements are met, and Spanish River alike, community allows students to go to a public college service is an essential. As a student, in Florida for 100% free, and it provides taking part in community service is other benefits as well. In relation not only required, but it is also a great to college, not all schools require way to support and give back to the community service on an application, community. Community service can although some do. Whether it’s range from raising money for a charity, required or not, it does look good and to something as small as walking in will definitely give you a the name of an organization, or even little bonus, as it shows just packaging some food for those that you give back who can’t afford it. to the community “Community service is an act that and help those is helpful for the person who is doing in need. The the service, as well as the person or more hours, people who are the recipients of the the better, service,” said Mara Goron, the head of as it shows community service at Spanish River. commitment, In the Palm Beach School District, shows the one is required to have at least 20 college that you hours of community service in order are a good person to graduate. For Bright Futures, for all around, and the first level, one must have at least most importantly, 75 hours of community Hydroponic Harvest itgives you a Vol un better service, a 3.0 GPA, chance tee rs for a scholarship. and a minimum score of 25 on “I think the ACT and community 1210 on the service is SAT. The important 2nd level because in requires at order for least 100 communities hours, a to thrive 3.5 GPA, around us we as well as a all have to help minimum of out, and put in our a 29 on the ACT fair share of work,”

astronomically. With lower rates of volunteers, the community really needs help, and a lot of it. Now that we are further along quarantine, our community has safely found new ways for students and other volunteers to come back and assist those in need. For those who are in need of hours, safe and socially distanced community service opportunities can be found on the school’s website. For those who have questions about community service, you can contact Ms. Goron, the head of community service. Community service is not just a requirement, but it’s also a wonderful way for people around the world to give back to their community. Community involvement helps improve oneself, as well as helping others, so it really is such an important and valuable activity, one that everyone should contribute to and be thankful for.





Spreading Holiday Joy Throughout the World Duru Boranalp Features Editor The winter holidays are one of the most exciting times of the year. Winter break consists of many holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. All of these celebrations consist of exciting traditions and many memories. Christmas is celebrated on December 25th of every year. Christmas consists of decorations, setting up a Christmas tree, gift-giving, and social gatherings. Christmas is a time where families can be together and create joyful memories they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Christmas has a different meaning for everyone, and there are different ways in which each family and individual celebrates it. “We never open presents in the morning,” said junior Gavin McCarthy. “It is our family tradition, we like to open presents with the whole family at 12 the night of Christmas Eve. Me and my family do a gift exchange and we always choose who gets to be Santa and pass out the presents.” Another upcoming holiday to celebrate this year is Hanukkah. The exact dates for Hanukkah change

every year, but this year Hanukkah takes place from December 10th to December 18th. Hanukkah is the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire. It is a Jewish celebration which takes eight days. Hanukkah gelt is usually chocolate coins while Christmas is money. “My family and I light the menorah every day, spin dreidels, and exchange gifts,” said junior Mitch Ku-

ly takes place every year between December 26th and January 1st. There are 7 symbols of Kwanzaa which include a mat, fruit and vegetables, ears of corn, a candleholder, the seven candles, the unity cups, and

My favorite part christmas is seeing my whole family under the same roof. I have always loved family events because you are closest to the ones you love and they always make anything fun.

- Gavin McCarthy priyanov. “We also eat traditional foods dedicated to Hannukah which includes foods fried in oil such as Latkes.” The menorah, which is lit every single day for 8 consecutive days, symbolizes the seven days with the center light symbolizing Sabbath. Every celebration also consists of special foods that have cultural significance and sentimentality. Kwanzaa is another celebration that takes place for a week and celebrates African American culture. It usual-

the gifts. Kwanzaa is the celebration of life and a ritual to welcome the first harvests. These all have a significant meaning for the culture. Significance of this celebration is unity and the African American


Homemade Peppermint Patties Ingredients: Betty Crocker supreme brownie mix, vegetable oil, water, 1 egg, miniature candy canes, 2 drops of green food coloring, Vanilla frosting from Betty Crocker, and anything else you might want to decorate. Prep Time: 3 hours Serving: 15 people Instructions: 1. Heat your oven to 350 degrees and on a 9 inch square baking pan line it with foil and grease the sides and bottom. 2. Make brownie mix and spread batter in pan evenly. 3. Bake 28-31 minutes until it is ready 4. Cool for 1.5 hrs. Freeze for about 15 minutes. 5. Cut them into a triangle shape and break off the curved end of the candy cane; insert into bottom of Brownie.

Benne Seed Cookies

heritage. Kwanzaa is a Swahili word that means “first” and signifies the first fruits of the harvest.Some celebrations of Kwanzaa include dancing, songs, African drums, poetry reading, story telling, and a traditional meal. Every culture has different ways and traditions in which they celebrate the upcoming year. New Years is another special celebration that takes place on the 31st of December every year. New Years marks the ending of the previous year and welcomes the start of the new year with celebration. The midnight of the 31st people wait for the clock to turn 12 which is usually greeted with counting backwards from 10. New Years is celebrated across the world. Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa are one of the most popular celebrations that are celebrated among various people.


Mashmallows Dreidels

Ingredients: 1 cup sesame seeds toasted, 1 stick unsalted butter, 1 1/4 cup light brown sugar, 1 egg lightly beaten, 3/4 cup flour, 1/8 tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp salt, 1 tsp vanilla extract.


Prep Time: 50 minutes Serving: 10 people Instructions: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In an ungreased sheet place your seeds until lightly brown. 2. Add egg and mix thoroughly. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix. When your dough forms, insert Benne seeds. 3. Form ball dough with hands with a ½ tsp and place on a baking sheet with parchment paper. 4.Reduce temperature to 275 degrees and place the cookies in the oven for about 6-8 min. 5. After the cookies have baked, remove from oven and cool for about 5-10 minutes

Prep Time: 2 hours Serving: 12 people Instructions: 1. Use parchment paper or wax paper to line your baking sheet. 2. Melt your chocolate chips or candy melts in a microwave safe bowl. 3. Insert a pretzel stick into each marshmallow and dip the bottom into chocolate and place to cool. 4. For 10-15 minute place in fridge to cool and harden. 5. Decorate as you want with any Hebrew letters with icing.

1 1/4 cups chocolate chips, dark or milk chocolate, or 1 1/4 cups blue-toned candy melts,12 jumbo marshmallows, 12 thin 3-4 inch long pretzel sticks, 12 chocolate kisses or nonpareils, 1 tube white icing





COVID Vaccines Provide Hope to Millions Nashki Joesph Associate Editor Two American companies, Pfizer Inc. and Moderna, received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for their respective COVID-19 vaccines in December. Both companies boast efficacy rates of roughly 95%. As the U.S. leaps over 14 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, the arrival of these potential vaccines are a ray of hope for the nation. On November 9, Pfizer, in partnership with German biotechnology company BioNTech, announced that an early analysis of its study, which included over 40,000 participants, revealed that its vaccine treatment was 90% effective in preventing symptomatic illness. The press release also claimed that “30% of U.S. participants have racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds,” addressing concerns that COVID-19 has unique effects on members of certain minority groups. On November 18, after the companies finished the efficacy portion of their study, they said that the vaccine was 95% effective. Announced exactly a week later, Moderna reported that an early analysis of its own trial, consisting of 30,000 participants, concluded that its vaccine was 94.5% effective. Moderna also

studied its effect on racial minorities and said that its study included data on elderly people, who are at a heightened risk for severe illness when they develop COVID-19. Both companies are using relatively new mRNA technology to develop their vaccines. They use genetic material to make the body produce a protein from the coronavirus. The body then recognizes the virus, and

plans on producing 20 million. Both companies plan on producing up to 1 billion doses in 2021. The vaccines most likely won’t be available to the general public until the Spring, at the earliest. The vaccine trials do pose certain issues, however. For one thing, it is not known how long the vaccines will be effective. Vaccines vary widely in their durability; the measles vaccine

Vaccines from Pfizer: the company expects to manufacture up to 1 billion doses in 2021.

the immune system creates a response to defend against it. The federal government has indicated that since only a limited supply will be available, priority will be given to frontline workers and those who are susceptible to severe illness due to COVID-19. Pfizer has said it plans to produce up to 50 million doses before the end of the year, while Moderna

lasts decades, while the flu vaccine lasts about a year. The vaccines for both companies already consist of two doses and may require booster shots, depending on how long they last. Other issues involve a lack of data on vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, young children, people with immune system issues. Clarity in these areas is key for vaccines to be effective

for all who take them. The Pfizer vaccine, in particular, suffers from a unique problem: its vaccine must be stored at minus 70 degrees celsius until shortly before it is used. Experts have warned that this could be incredibly taxing to an already untested distribution chain for vaccines. Urban hospitals may be able to afford the technology to store vaccines, but hospitals in rural areas could struggle. Health experts have stressed that a vaccine will not end the pandemic without continued use of facial masks and social distancing. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has repeatedly stressed this point. “Obviously, with a 90-plus percent effective vaccine, you could feel much more confident,” he said in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. “But I would recommend to people not to abandon all public health measures just because you have been vaccinated, because even though, for the general population, it might be 90 to 95 percent effective, you don’t necessarily know, for you, how effective it is.” As is typical for all medical developments, a skeptic’s eye is needed. But the vaccines could immunize most of the U.S. by the end of 2021 -- something that is critical in ending COVID-19’s stay in the U.S. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE BBC

President-Elect Biden’s Cabinet Appointments Secretary of Health & Human Services Xavier Becerra Attorney General of California

Secretary of Housing & Ubran Development Marcia Fudge Joe Biden addressed the nation following the Electoral College affirming his victory in December.

Vice President Kamala Harris

Senator from California

Secretary of State Antony Blinken

Former Deputy Secretary of State

Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen

Former Chair of Federal Reserve Board

Secretary of Defense

Gen. Lloyd Austin Former Four Star General

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack

Former Agriculture Secretary

U.S Representative for Ohio

Secretary of Transportation

Pete Buttigieg Former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana

Secretary of Energy

Jennifer Granholm Former governor of Michigan

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Dennis McDonough Former Chief of Staff

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas Former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines Former Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Positions not yet filled: • Attorney General • Secretary of the Interior • Secretary of Commerce • Secretary of Labor • Secretary of Education PHOTO COURTESY OF TRUTHOUT.ORG




Holiday Gatherings Cancelled or Postponed Due to COVID Lyndsey Roth Currents Editor

Throughout the years, there have been holiday traditions such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, the New Year’s Time Square Ball Drop, and various other events. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, however, things must be planned differently to ensure safety for all. That includes cancelling or adjusting said events, and requiring social distancing as well as enforcing the use of face masks. The winter holiday season involves many events that include the whole family. Thanksgiving is a celebration to give gratitude and show appreciation. With Thanksgiving, there are often large feasts with those you appreciate and wish to show gratitude. For instance, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has restricted New York’s Thanksgiving table to 10 people or less. Even so, state sheriff ’s say it is none of their business, and they will not be enforcing this. A New York sheriff stated his officers would not be “peeking in your window” to count the faces around a table. This holiday also includes the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving parade that has been a tradition since 1924. This parade is loved by many, and although it is not cancelled this year, there will be

some noticeable adjustments. This will include a shorter route and the absence of the 25-block march, but featured balloons, floats, and performances will still be included. Black Friday is another event during the holidays that could be considered unsafe during the pandemic as stores are filled with customers waiting for sales, and most suggested social distancing

the safer option as the winter holiday season approaches. The main concern regarding Christmas and Hanukkah would be religious ceremonies held in churches and temples. However, it is expected of them to hold online ceremonies and limited seating for inperson worship. Counting down the days of 2020 is something many are excited about.

The New York Times Square Ball Drop event in January -- weeks before COVID arrived in the U.S.

guidelines will be ignored. Some states like California and Washington have taken precautions by reducing in-store capacity by 25%. In this case, Cyber Monday is preferred and will be

Nonetheless, many that are used to traveling to Times Square to watch the ball drop and watching various artists perform on stage will be celebrating differently since there is an extremely

limited amount of people prohibited to ensure safety. According to Tim Tompkins, president of the Times Square Alliance, “One thing that will never change is the ticking of time and the arrival of a New Year at midnight on December 31st,” said Tompkins.” With this, many New Years celebrations have been cancelled such as the Mummers Parade in Philadelphia where citizens dress up as in colorful costumes and parade themselves down the main streets of the city. The New York Temple Bazaar party to celebrate the Lunar New Year is also said to be cancelled. “We couldn’t go on and have a party while there is still so much happening in China,” said Mr. Zhao, night manager at SkyFoods. Overall, most annual holiday parties will be cancelled or postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. The safety of others is something everyone should consider, even if it halts original holiday plans. Hopefully with the implemented rules and regulations many can plan to resume normalcy by the next holiday season. Nevertheless, for now, people must abstain from big crowds until it is safer to do so.


From COVID to Commerce: Biden’s 100 Days Plan Nashki Joseph Associate Editor

With Joe Biden slated to become the next President of The United States, he will face powerful pressure to live up to his many campaign promises and his various policy initiatives. One thing is clear, though: he is looking for a clear departure from the politics of President Donald Trump. President-elect Biden has already begun assembling a COVID-19 task force. Notable members include Luciana Borio, a former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) official; Vivek Murthy, a former surgeon General; and Rick Bright, a whistleblower who resigned from his post at the Department of Health and Human Services after raising concerns about the Trump Administration’s response to the pandemic. Bright’s inclusion on the task force is a very direct signal that Biden’s approach to handling the pandemic would be very different to President Trump’s. Soon after being inaugurated, Biden has promised to support immediate legislation concerning the distribution of aid to the states and various localities in order to fight the pandemic. He has also called for the expansion of COVID-19 testing and additional funding towards the production of personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as an economic relief package, which would include canceling at least $10,000 in student loan debt for all

Americans. On providing a COVID-19 vaccine, he has promised to begin working on distribution plans the first day he is in office. Over the course of his campaign, Biden has also proposed several economic policies. The most prominent of them is his tax plan. He would increase the corporate tax rate t0 28% after Republicans lowered it to 21% in 2017.

of the plan is to increase the demand for and viability of buying Americanmade products, and it hopes to create 5 million jobs. On healthcare, Biden plans to expand upon the Affordable Care Act by creating a public health insurance plan and increasing coverage for lowincome Americans. Biden has also proposed heavy

Biden accepted the Democratic presidential nomination in August, earlier this year.

His tax plan also calls for raising taxes on Americans making over $400,000 a year, as well as providing more tax credits to working-class families. Adding to his ambitious plans for the economy, Biden’s “Made In America” plan calls for pouring $400 billion into domestic manufacturing, as well as an additional $300 into research and development. The general goal

criminal justice reform. He claims that he will call for the immediate passage of the SAFE Justice Act, proposed by Representative Bobby Scott, a Democrat from Virginia. The bill would cut back on mandatory minimum sentencing and create a policy that reduces the rate at which convicted criminals re-offend. He has also promised to establish a national police oversight commission

and increase investments in community policing measures and task the Justice Department with overseeing cases of police misconduct. On immigration, he has promised to do away with many of the policies used by the Trump administration. His plans call for creating a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants, as well as people part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivers program (DACA). In response to President Trump’s numerous efforts to end DACA, Biden has said he will make the program permanent. He has also promised to halt funding for continued construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, as well as end family separations at the border. Biden has also drafted a plan for the U.S. to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 through a $2 trillion climate plan that would encourage sustainable practices and the use of clean energy sources. In addition, he would rejoin the Paris Climate Accord after President Trump announced that the U.S. would leave the agreement in 2017. Realistically, there is a very good chance that a Biden presidency would face a divided Congress and a certainty that it would face a deeply divided nation. Many of his policies will require immense effort and compromise to push through -- especially as fast as he has promised to.


14 SPORTS COVID’s Catastrophes Continue Leagues Ringing in 2021 THE GALLEON DECEMBER 2020

Elijah Levine

Sports Reporter Being a pro athlete in 2020 has been challenging mentally as a result of the pandemic. Coaches and players have traveled away from their family and friends just to be able to put on a season. The COVID-19 pandemic caused changes to schedules and routines to which no player has ever had to adjust. Practices were cut short and players were obligated to follow strict guidelines - on and off the field. But the physical challenges have been even more apparent. In 2020, the rate of injuries has skyrocketed, causing problems for teams around the country. Injuries happen and factor into all sports, but with the pandemic causing less practice time, the injuries have dramatically increased. For example, when the NFL

we’ve seen today.” Another sport dealing with the injury problem was Major League Baseball MLB was preparing for a normal season in March but was quickly shut down when the virus began entering the U.S. With a four-month layoff and a shortened preseason, the rate of injuries had a 22 percent increase from 2019. The MLB also has reported the total number of times a player has landed on the injured list in 2020 as 181 times in a span of only 60 games, while last year the total was 148 players in a span of 162 games. One of the hardesthit positions, in terms of the number of injuries, was pitchers, with a 45 percent increase in injuries from 2019. Many of those injuries were long term. “In a regular year-and this is far from that-there are essentially two injury seasons,” said pitching injury expert Glenn Fleisig. “One is spring training/

Dak Prescott heading to the locker room after a devastating ankle injury. football season began, there was no preseason and limited practice reps which ultimately caused a higher than normal high rate of injuries for all teams. Preseason is when teams get together before the season, practice with teammates, and play scrimmages against other NFL teams. These games help the players adjust to the rigor of the season after taking an extended offseason break from the previous year. Without the preseason, players had no time to adjust to in-game situations. Although this season has been difficult for all teams, it has affected the San Francisco 49ers particularly hard, with the team suffering an excessive amount of injuries this year. Kyle Shanahan, 49ers head coach, has said that injuries are part of the game, but also complained about the turf at Metlife stadium, where the 49ers racked up numerous injuries when playing both the Jets and the Giants, who share the stadium for their home games. Numerous 49er players also had the same reaction regarding the turf at Metlife. “It’s always pretty tricky to play on until it’s nice and worn and broken in,” offensive linemen Trent Williams said. “You never want to blame the injuries on that, but you kind of put your foot down in the ground in the natural grass, it gives a little bit. But the turf, it gets stuck. If your weight gets going the wrong way, things can happen like

beginning of regular season, and the other one is end of regular season. The second spike is the guys who are essentially running out of gas and fatiguing over the season, whereas the March/April injuries have to do with ramping up and lack of preparation.” All sports leagues have been trying to create a better environment and more safety protocols for their players. Both the NFL and NCAA have created new rules to protect players from getting hit in the head. The new rule focuses on disciplining players for hitting a defenseless receiver in the head or neck area. As the nation heads into a new year with a hope that life will slowly return to normal, more teams will be able to get these players in the right conditions to prevent injuries. The hope for the future is that teams will be able to grasp the reasons for these injuries and fix whatever the problem might be, but for now, players and coaches alike must protect each other.


Murray Litman

Anthony Edwards from Georgia went to the Timberwolves for the first pick, joining Karl Anthony Towns and The NBA is beginning its new season D’angelo Russell. The Warriors selected amidst a resurgence of COVID-19 James Wiseman from Memphis with cases in the United States. Last the second pick. Wiseman is a great season, the NBA scrambled after the addition to the Warriors, joining Steph postponement of the 2019-20 season Curry, Kelly Oubre, and Draymond in March, but managed to finish the Green. Unfortunately, Golden State’s season at ESPN Wide World of Sports star sharp-shooter, Klay Thompson in Orlando, where the players, coaching has sustained a season ending Achilles staff and referees had to be isolated injury in practice and will miss the from the outside world and tested for entirety of the 2020-21 season. COVID-19 regularly. At third, the Charlotte Hornets selected Melo Ball, who played in the NBL in Australia last season. Ball, (who previously garnered viral media attention through his stellar performances at Chino Hills High School in California) is expected to make big strides for Buzz City, joining newly The LA Lakers celebrating after winning the NBA Finals. acquired Gordon Hayward. Since the season ended at a very unusual Like the NBA, the NHL is also gearing time due to COVID-19 (in September), up for its next season. Its Deputy the schedule for the offseason and the Commissioner, Bill Daly, hopes to start 2020-21 season had to change. This the next season as early as January 14, season will begin on December 22, and 2021. Last season, the NHL hosted the it will be held in mostly empty arenas, Stanley Cup Playoffs in bubble settings with some teams occupying only suites. located in Toronto and Edmonton. The Phoenix Suns have already At this year’s NHL Draft (which was acquired Chris Paul from the held virtually), the New York Rangers selected Alexis Lafreniere from Quebec with the first pick. Notably, this year’s 2021 NHL All-Star Game (which was going to be hosted by the Florida FC Bayern celebrates after winning the Champions League Final Panthers at The BB&T Center) Oklahoma City Thunder in a trade will be cancelled. However, South package. Additionally, with the Florida plans to host the All-Star Game constant shortcomings of the Houston in 2022. Rockets, the team’s cornerstones, Across the pond in Europe, the Russell Westbrook and James Harden, 2020-21 Champions League is already are demanding trades. underway. As of the end of matchday “Harden wants to move on from the three, Bayern, Manchester City, Rockets…,” said Adrian Wojnarowski Liverpool, and FC Barcelona are the and other ESPN analysts in an article only undefeated teams left in the group featured on SB Nation. “The Chronicle stage. At last season’s Champions League has been informed, and is trying to Final held in Portugal, no fans were in force his way via trade to Brooklyn, attendance for one of the biggest yearly allowing The Beard to form the NBA’s sporting events in Europe and arguably next superteam and rejoin forces with in the world. The final was contested former OKC teammate Kevin Durant.” by Neymar and PSG, & Lewandowski While trying to push for a trade to and Bayern Munich. In a tight match the Brooklyn Nets, Harden rejected a throughout, Bayern prevailed 1-0 to $50 million per year extension on his win one of Europe’s most coveted titles. contract. This would have made him With professional sports back in the first player to make $50+ million full swing, fans around the world will per year in NBA history. be able to see their favorite stars in In other news, many teams gained action once again. While stadiums and many important pieces at the draft. arenas limit or prohibit the presence of This draft featured many talents such spectators, the passion and excitement as James Wiseman, Anthony Edwards, for sports will continue to live on. and Melo Ball, the brother of Lonzo Ball of the New Orleans Pelicans.

Sports Reporter




Guard It Like Gorbell Brooke Styka

less work during the day. The only downside is that they have school all Features Editor year round.” On the field, he and his teammates undergo a series of training sessions In 2019, Inter Miami CF, also known as Club Internacional that involve strengthening and de Fútbol Miami, welcomed conditioning, as well as injury sophomore Kevin Gorbell to its prevention exercises. As additional newly established youth academy. training, Gorbell likes to go to Gorbell was invited to a series of South County Regional Park 2 to tryouts that allowed him to earn 3 times a week to work on things his spot as the center-back on the he feels he should improve on. U15 team. His acceptance was Gorbell practices his running form acknowledged via a personal video and footwork to improve his speed sent by famous soccer player, and agility. In efforts to maintain D a v i d Beckham, who is the himself off the field, Gorbell strives owner and president of Inter Miami. to maintain a healthy diet, which Now, Gorbell balances the struggles allows him to perform effectively of a high school sophomore and the on the field. He also follows specific life of a practically full-time athlete. routines as preparation for his Along with his typical school games. “I typically like to eat a carb-loaded schedule, Gorbell endures 2 hours of dinner the night practice 4 or 5 days before a game,” a week, followed by said Gorbell. “This a game during the allows me to eat weekend. a light breakfast, “Considering while still having how much of my enough energy to free time is devoted play my best during to soccer, it has the day.” gotten in the way Additionally, the of schoolwork by team as a whole giving me less time is obligated to in the day to finish Gorbell evades the defense. conduct a video my homework and analysis, which study,” said Gorbell. involves watching “Personally, the interference hasn’t been so bad for their previous games to better me. I know other players who really understand their faults and identify struggle to balance the time, so they ways they can perform better next choose to do online school with a time. Due to COVID-19 and new flexible schedule so that they have


safety provisions, Inter Miami long before the opportunity at Inter decided to postpone the beginning Miami was available. At the age of the season. As a result, the teams of 4, he joined the game and has weren’t able to meet until dedicated his about a month and a half time to being later than the intended the best kick-off date. To take into player he can account the well-being be ever since. of the staff and players, “I love the teams were required playing with to meet via zoom calls, Inter not only where training took place because of live, before being allowed their training to meet at their training techniques facility in-person. but also Gorbell focuses on the ball and “During the off-season, contemplates his next move. because I trained by myself every of their day to stay in shape, professional whether it was at the gym or the environment and the way in which fields at South County,” said Gorbell. they challenge each player on the Currently, the team is free field,” said Gorbell. “Every day I feel to practice face to face, with a like a pro on their field, and it makes few exceptions. When training me strive to work harder and want inside Inter Miami’s facility, every to be better when constantly being individual is required to wear a mask surrounded by other hard-working and must complete a COVID-19 players.” questionnaire before practice. In the future, Gorbell fully Each player now must bring their intends to pursue a career related training materials, remain a good to professional soccer following distance from each other, and they high school. Gorbell serves as an are no longer permitted to travel example to all that determination together when participating in away and dedication are the key to games. achieving success. “At first it was difficult to adjust, between being separated from my team and being forced to conform to such different conditions,” explained Gorbell. “But things have started to fall into place for us, and we are slowly making our way back to normal, better than before.” PHOTO COURTESY OF KEVIN GORBELL ART COURTESY OF GOOGLE IMAGES Gorbell’s love for soccer existed

River Basketball Tips Off a New Season Kylie Brooks Sports Editor

The basketball team is getting ready to start their season. The basketball team contains many seniors this year. Which is super excited for the Spanish Ruver Basketball because since they are order theu should be wiser. After their winning season last year, the players are super excited to see what this season holds for them. “I am expecting our team to be very mature throughout this upcoming season,” stated senior Jeremiah Martin. The basketball team is an older group with 10 seniors on the team. Having an older team the season should be a success. The experience of the older players on the team should have a connection that other teams might not have. These 10 seniors have played basketball together for three years which will push themselves to be better for each other. The upperclassmen

The 2021 Spanish River Basketball team

should help the younger students improve their game in order to help them win more games as well as help them become better athletes. “I’m really excited to play with a group of guys that wants to win so bad. Even though it is my first year at River the guys welcomed me with open arms,” said Hantzy Auguste. He is so excited to play with a team that wants to win. The leadership on this team is unmatchable. This basketball team understand what they need to do to win at a very competetive level. This year’s basketball team want to win so bad. Overall, the basketball team is very excited to start their season because of all the upperclassmen that will help teach the younger players. The basketball team has a lot of experienced players which will help them win games because they will have more experience over younger teams with their main core being underclassmen. PHOTO COURTESY OF JEREMIAH MARTIN


December 2020 Volume XXXVII Issue III

New Facilities Await Students

The newly paved basketball courts. With Spanish River’s campus closing in on four decades, the time for updates to the recreational fields and courts has come. The basketball and tennis courts have been renovated, and the track has been reconditioned. River’s athletes are beyond ready to utilize these new utilities. “I am super excited to hear that our tennis courts are being redone because we needed it. Our tennis program is really good, so I feel that it is well deserved,” said senior Akhil Kancherla. Our tennis program deserved these new courts after all the hard work they have put into working at being the best. Not many people know about the tennis team and its success the past few years. They tend to go to regionals almost every year, yet our student body usually does not hear about it. Mrs. Castellano is super excited about the track being reconditioned as well as the bleachers being fixed. “We are excited that our track is being reconditioned, the bleachers are being structurally updated where needed, and the field house Rest Rooms are being totally redone,” said Mrs. Castellano. The basketball courts now have new pavement as well as the tennis courts. The PE coaches are ecstatic to have new facilities for their students to play on.

The newly conditioned track for the cross county and track and field season.

New tennis courts awaiting tennis season.