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Student Shatters School Record

Jaqueline Levine Features Editor

The day was finally here… a very important Spanish River Cross Country race, the Spanish River Invitational. It was Spanish River’s first home game and all the runners were pumped to host this race. It was held at South County Regional Park and the course was a 5k (3.11 miles). There were four races to compete with: Boys Varsity and J.V and Girls Varsity and J.V. There were many personal records (p.r’s) scored at this race for river runners. One varsity male beat the entire

Varsity girls track team after running the 5k.

school record. He is a senior named Sam Jaramillo, and he progressed tremendously through his high school years. Starting on J.V freshman year he made his way to varsity where he broke the school’s record, with a time of 15 minutes and 57 seconds, for the fastest time running a 5k. He explains how he progressively got better training with the cross country coaches throughout high school. “Doug had us run and train throughout the summer making sure we got the workout in for preparation for races”, expressed Senior, Sam Jaramillo. “I learned to pace my race and pick it up at the end.” Team Captain Justin Spleha of the Spanish River Cross Country team elaborates on how hard the school runners prepared and how the hard work impacted the school’s ranking. “We have been training for several months now throughout the summer to prepare for our own invitational and we really came out with a strong showing, ‘’ described Senior, Justin Spleha. “Spanish River came up third place to the top teams in the

Senior, Sam Jaramillo running in the Spanish River Invitational.

state and we are really happy with how we performed and look forward to the rest of the season for the state meet.” Justin Spleha elaborates on how the importance of working together as a team contributed to the school’s success. “Cross country is a team sport,” says Justin. “If you don’t have that team dynamic running with your teammates creating that bond, you are not going to be successful.” He also illustrates what being on the Cross Country team since freshman year has taught him.

“I have been running for four years now as captain of the team and I have really gotten into a rhythm of what my race strategy is and what I do to prepare. I keep doing the same thing and just look for more improvements every race.” Spanish River’s Cross Country Team is continuing to practice every day, and we look forward to hearing more about their successes and what comes next for our talented runners! PHOTO COURTESY ALEXA BISHOP AND SAM JARAMILLO


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Technology Shapes Our “New Normal”


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learning, we weren’t comfortable with technology because our class is about activity, so we want kids to be active,” says Physical Education Instructor and Coach Lori Eaton. Nevertheless, even the realm of physical activity is not untouched by technology, as coaches have been able to find the perfect niche for new devices in their classrooms. “Now, we like using the SMART board because we can show the announcements to the whole class,” adds Eaton. Beyond all the adjustments teachers have had to face, certain courses have been attuned to technology since their



With in-person school back in session, it seems that the “new normal” the world has been striving for has finally arrived. But, just as the tide rolls in and leaves its pearls behind, this past school year has left its own gems in its wake. The technology students have grown accustomed to has permeated computer screens and the walls of classrooms. As a new school year begins at River, so has a new technological tradition. Though distance learning was a new arrangement for teachers and students alike, both found ways to adapt to the ever-updating Google Meets and applications. In an exceptional turn of events, last year’s digital media literacy skills are not to be wasted this year. “Teachers are still using the technology that helped them to continue to educate students at Spanish River while on lockdown,” says Technology Support Specialist Eric Tobias. “What is great is that teachers are using old school practices (e.g. pencil/ paper tasks, group projects, etc) alongside technology,” adds Tobias. Many teachers who consider themselves more ‘techy’ than the years before virtual learning have created a hybrid learning environment of their own. This allows students to have a refreshing break from fifty-minute intervals in front of a computer screen, whilst utilizing their technical knowledge in the classroom. With this advanced manner of teaching, teachers are not only able to prepare their students in this ongoing digital age, but also practice the necessary stamina for paper and pencil tests (such as AP exams). Some teachers, however, fully welcome an organized and paperless classroom. “I use Google Classroom as much as I did last semester when we were

half virtual and half in-person. I find it inception. helpful to have all the contents where “There have been so many advanceeveryone can access them at any time. ments in technology since I took over It also makes my life easier without the Tiburon in 2005. From the way we having to collect papers and know that actually make the book to the way we all assignments are in one area,” says market and sell, it has changed drastheatre teacher Pattically, and we try W h it e u s e s h i s S MA ra i g C r R rick Watkins. to take advantage of e T ch While various this new technology courses value the simas much as possible,” plicity of a fully digisays Yearbook advisor tal classroom, others Sean Delaney. are still keen on traJust as the yearbook ditional, hands-on has advanced, so have learning. the devices and appli“During distance cations that are used


News Editor


Amelie La-Branche

to produce these hard-cover collections of memories. These technologies have been especially fruitful when marketing the yearbook. “Today, we rely heavily on social media and direct email, as well as WSRH, to market the Tiburon to our River families and we use Yearbook Order Center, online ordering, for 100% of our sales. I think that all of the advancements in technology have made for a more productive output from the yearbook staff and have streamlined the sales process,” adds Delaney. Though technologies from last year are valuable additions to the classroom, they play an even greater role in allow-

ing quarantining students to remain engaged and well-informed of assignments, despite their absence. “Being comfortable with Google Meets after spending a year teaching via them, I have no trouble logging in through my SMART board and letting it run in the background this year so that students out on quarantine can listen in and see and hear the notes from class. I feel this will be a great help to students who are out for extended periods due to quarantine as it will minimize the learning and make-up work they will need to complete and catchup on when they return,” says AICE Math and Calculus teacher Maura Sullivan. Though in quarantine, students are still able to remain aware of developments in their courses, a considerable upgrade from the learning loss that occurred in distance learning. This new resource for those in quarantine also allows a greater avenue for student and teacher communication, offsetting any educational disadvantages that have persisted from last year. “Teachers have been more responsive to checking and responding to emails from students who are learning from home and have demonstrated a willingness to make sure students are on track,” Tobias said. In-person learning with distance learning technology may seem a Frankenstonion combination; however, these technologies allow us to be optimistic in sifting through the positives of an abnormal past year. They allow us to look to the future, assured of our ability to recover and seek “new normals” along the way.


New Clubs Vow to Give Back Daria Borisova News Editor

Safe School Ambassadors Club is for students who wish to stand against violence. These students advocate that violence is not the answer by taking action. Dr. Vassel is currently the sponsor for the club. You may contact her by the following email: rose., if you have interest in joining, or you may find her in suite silver.

Venezuelan Club was established to provide Venezuelan students with the opportunity to share and express their culture. They participate in food drives and fundraisers specifically for the Venezuelan community. This club not only offers fun, but also provides an opportunity for students to earn community service hours. Mrs. Contreras is currently the sponsor of this club. If you would like to join the club you can easily do so by joining the google classroom: T6PD7KV, or via remind: VZLASRHS. You may also find Mrs. Contreras in room 1145.

WSRH after dark is an intriguing club that gets students that are not in the TV production class involved in TV production. They service other clubs and organizations to create videos and short movies for them. This club was created during COVID-19, when the SRHS staff was brainstorming how to get students involved in community service. The current sponsor for the club is Mrs. Brewer, you can find her in room 3104. You may join this club through google classroom: SQUL6GM, or via remind: WSRHAFTER.

Joe Dimaggio’s Children’s Hospital is an AS program that provides aid for hospitalized children. The program participates in fundraisers aimed at collecting money to donate to children’s hospitals.. The club also does toy drives around Christmas time to give a little surprise to the kids. This club not only does good deeds for the hospital, but it also includes community service hours. The current sponsor is Mrs. Davidson, and you can find her in room 8164. If you would like to join the club. you may do so by joining the google classroom: ORVHCMR.

Joe Dimggio’s Children’s Hospital

The Safe School Ambassadors Club

The Venezuelan Club

The After Dark WSRH Club





Sharks Return to a New Home Duru Boronalp News Editor

Thanks to Principal Allison Castellano, Spanish River High School is seen to be improving every day. Specifically, Castellano has been working on refining the campus for the students and staff. Throughout this year, she has made drastic changes to the appearance of the school and continues to do so daily.

There are new and improved portables

For instance, all of the restrooms have been remodeled and revamped this year as the restrooms were all gutted out and upgraded. The bathrooms were a significant change done to the campus, which overall helped them seem to be more sanitary and is believed to be appreciated by students and staff. Senior Sara Leon says, “The bathrooms are much nicer, and now that they are renovated I use them rather than avoid them.” As Castellano’s renovations are in the students’ favor, she has repaved the student parking lot with what appears to be wider and repainted spots, which will hopefully make parking less difficult and more convenient. Principal Castellano states, “The gym floor is being painted/ updated with our new logo.” Castellano seems to be proud of her Sharks, with this, she has attempted to flaunt the infamous Spanish River shark anywhere it seems appropriate

to show the school’s spirit. Additionally, classrooms now have dimmable, motion sensored LED lights as well as new desks for students, teachers, and the art and science departments. Due to all the changes that are being implemented, The “Welsome to Shark Country sign gets a new paint it appears to be seen that safety is Castellano’s top job priority. rooms are also getting repainted “Some new security on campus are for the gym students, and the gym the new security cameras and the floor is being refinished. Upgrading single point of entry along with the school and adding new and the buzzer system for on-campus improved touches helps the campus entrance,” states Castellano. stay new, sanitary, and safe. There are still a good deal of Principal Castellano has executed improvements to come, such as the a variety of changes to amplify gym being resurfaced and Stucco the campus for students and staff, Design over old brown tile areas and there continues to be more around the school. Stucco design is changes as the year proceeds to a rough finish created with two coats help accommodate everyone’s that hardens to a very dense solid. needs. Castellano further mentions that classrooms with windows will soon PHOTO COURTESY OF DURU BORANALP get new window treatments. Locker


September 15th was chosen as the starting point for the commemoration because it is the anniversary of the start for independence of Hispanic countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, who all finally became independent from Spain in 1821. Check out the Hispanic Heritage celebration on October 7th during both lunches.




Should Schools Go Paperless?

Lyndsey Roth Editor in Chief

In Generation Z, the era of technology, it is apparent that schools should utilize the opportunity to go paperless. The environmental impact of paper is widely ignored. For instance, the process of producing paper involves cutting down trees from forests. Subsequently, the trees cut down could poten tially be the homes of animals living within these forests. As these trees are being dismantled, they are also burned within the paper-making process, emitting carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Usually, the most destructive material for the environment is believed to be plastic. However, there are thousands of schools in each district, and every school around the world is overusing paper. For example, a teacher has to write a note, so they use paper. A teacher has to print out 100 or more copies of a test, so they use paper. Homework is assigned to be printed out or handwritten, so they use paper and the list continues. Most of the time, students are instructed to specifically avoid typing on computers and instead asked to use mass amounts of paper each week. The question stands: Should schools go paperless? Could teachers and staff be educated to update their technological knowledge in order to save the environment? Most believe it is recognizable that going paperless can make assignments easier to flow from student to teacher. Also, this is an advantage to teachers as the students have no more “my dog ate my homework,” excuse or the classic “I left it at home.” Additionally, if the transmission was contactless, it would lessen the spread of possible viruses. “I remember my freshman year where at least one student was out of class each week due to common colds,” said Junior Dani Asseraf. “If we were to go paperless, I think it would help avoid the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses as each student is touching the same pieces of paper. ” In regards to the environmental problems caused by the overuse of paper, AP Environmental Science teacher, Mrs. Nicole Susil shares her opinion in correspondence with her beliefs on this issue: that paper used on campus should be recycled for the very last time and should not return. Susil says, “First of all, every student currently has a school-issued chromebook, which allows students to view and download assignments online through Google Classroom without requiring paper copies.” With this, as COVID-19 brought forth the use of technology, Spanish River as well as other schools in the Palm Beach County school district utilized online classes via Google Meet. As schools can not expect all students to have a computer on hand, chromebooks were given to each student upon request. This led to what I believe was the school year with the least amount of paper used, and I am sure the environment appreciated it. “Secondly, trees play a vital role in mitigating climate change by absorbing CO2 directly from the atmosphere,” said Susil. “These carbon sinks are necessary as we continue to burn fossil fuels which can contribute to the rise in the Earth’s temperature.” Consequently, this ongoing cycle of increasing temperatures occurs, and destroys the Earth’s existence even more. Overall, schools should go paperless for a multitude of reasons. It is unnecessary and can be avoided as teachers can be educated to be more “tech friendly” when assigning work.

Fingertip Tyranny

Brooke Styka Editor in Chief

the hallways by a staff member, or be teaching students to cover up glared at because my shoulders peak or change in fear of those who are through the tank top underneath my unable to control themselves. “Boys will be boys.” zip-up jacket, is a completely differThe three B’s. Boobs. Butt. ent story. I truly can not fathom how Something I have noticed during Belly. Body parts that should be the showing of my shoulder, bra my years at Spanish River, and known as such and nothing else. strap, thighs, or belly button would any other school I’ve attended for What distinguishes the three significantly distract any students or that matter, is that there is rarely a B’s from the rest of the female faculty to the point where our edu- situation in which a male student is body? They are just as useful, vi- cation is disrupted entirely. Nor do I disciplined for their dress. They’re tal, and normal as anything else. perceive it to be my responsibility to never told that their legs or shoulI specify “female’’ considering ensure that other students are able ders are a distraction, nor are they that the three B’s rule predomito concentrate on their schoolwork. hardly ever seen as means of a sexual nantly applies to females, right? Yet, this system has influenced me exploit. I’ve seen countless shoulders, “Did your mother let you out to dress in what you may consider upper thighs, nipples, and stomachs of the house like that?” “baggy” clothes because I feel guilty of male students at River who are I attend school every day in for having a normal, female body. To yet to receive the same degree of hopes of receiving an education imply that students’ natural bodies discipline that a female student here that will ultimately lead to my has endured. It begs the question of are considered an obstruction to success, not to be sexualized the quality of our education baffles why a male and a female student are or looked down upon for the treated differently in regards to dress me. What’s an impediment to our way my body looks in a cereducation is being disrupted in the code, and whether it’s literally the tain outfit. Do I need to worry hallway and being obligated to waste physical aspect of women that makes about being thought of as less time receiving a disciplinary conse- them so much more “distracting” or than other students if my belly quence or having to change clothes the sexualization of them. shows through the bottom of my because the School Board does not “Where are your clothes?” shirt? I understand that school We live in South Florida where agree with how I dress. Although is a professional environment for the first half of the school year I admit that school dress code is and that students should dress the average temperature is around necessary for extreme, obviously accordingly, but to be scolded in inappropriate cases, we shouldn’t or exceeding 80 degrees. It should

be okay for females to wear shorts or tank tops where they don’t have to worry about being soaked in sweat as they stroll from class to class. Instead of humiliating students for wearing typical summer attire, why don’t we teach others that females aren’t sexual objects? What we call dress code is a sexist means of perpetuating rape culture. How are we supposed to feel comfortable with ourselves when confidence is shunned and our natural bodies are shamed? If I’m too young to be wearing what you may consider “provocative” clothing, then I’m too young to be sexualized. As I strut through the crowded hallways attempting to pull down my shorts step after step, I wonder whether or not the discomfort I feel is a figure of my own insecure mind or influenced by the systematic sexism that urges me to “cover up.”




Does Social Media Unite or Divide Us? Social Media is more than a Dopamine Effect Ana Perez Associate Editor

Almost every teen has Snapchat, Instagram or TikTok, or sometimes all three, and spends ungodly amounts of time on these apps. Students’ lives revolve around social media, hence why we are always taught the dangers that go along with it, such as cyber bullying or human trafficking. But what about the benefits? The way that teens communicate is unique to our generation. The fast pace of texting from memes to random pictures over Snapchat confuses our parents to no end. We can talk to our friends at every hour of the day, and it brings us together in more ways than one. “One of the biggest benefits of social media is it provides support groups -- whether it’s physical health, mental health, or coping with loss,” said psychology teacher Samantha Hernandez. “I just think it’s an amazing opportunity for support, because a lot of the time you don’t know anything that has gone through the same thing as you.” Social media allows us to socialize with like-minded people. So, in the event the worst happens, you have the ability to seek refuge online. Another example of social media providing community is with fandoms: a fandom is a group of people that all follow the same TV shows, movies, series, or books. Personally, I love reading, and oftentimes, I will go on Instagram in order to talk about my excitement surrounding the book with someone who also loves books. There are endless fan accounts that provide a community for those fans called fandoms. “I follow accounts related to specific shows and movies or books like My Hero Academia, Haikyu!!, and Avengers,” said sophomore Jeric Lubag. Someone on the other side of the world is only a click away because social media gives us the ability to break down the boundaries between countries. “[Social media] allows people to connect globally in a way that raises people’s cultural awareness,”

said Herdandez. “Having an appreciation for a culture you would have otherwise had a harsher opinion of or just not really cared about. That’s really, really cool in that sense it can improve tolerance. You tend to be more tolerant of people you have relationships with.” “I have been adopted into a group of Canadian people online,” said Lubag. “I have their Snaps and everything.” Personally, I talk with people from other countries over Instagram quite often in which we share our experiences of how our lives are. Over the summer, I spoke with a person over Instagram who lived in Egypt, and I learned about how different their life is compared to mine. Things that I don’t even think about, such as not being religious, is something considered atrocious in Egypt -- an extremely conservative Muslim country. Social media gives a platform to voices otherwise silenced. Black Lives Matter gained a ton of traction as a result of social media in the summer of 2020. LGBT+ people often are left out of the narrative in Hollywood, so they have created spaces online for each other. Accounts created on every platform share LGBT+ memes or positivity posts and help to make a safe space for LGBT+ people who can’t express themselves in the real world. Through my experience running one of these such accounts, I have heard from so many people that seeing the posts from our account and interacting over DM made them feel less alone. This is especially true for individuals that are in the LGBT+ community in the closet who cannot talk about this essential part of themselves anywhere but online. Someone said to me that I made them feel “seen,” which really hit home and reminded me that there is good that comes from social media. Social media is what we make of it. It can be used for great hate, but there is so much good in it that we don’t ever talk about in school. The communication we get from social media only scratches the surface of what’s possible. Gen Z and their ingenuity can make social media better and the world a better place for it.

Social Media is Creating Civil War Aiden Rubinstein Face-off editor Social media, the newest, most in demand, most sought after entertainment of the 21st century has helped shape what our world is today. Popular social media platforms, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, Twitter, and Facebook, were created in order to urge humans to communicate with one another in many different forms. However, while we all may love our time on social media, can we honestly say it’s good for us as a society? Social media divides society largely through the thought of being left out. Imagine all the times that you were at home and scrolling through social media, only to see that your friends are spending time together without you. This can cause a detriment to one’s selfesteem, as it creates the belief that you are not good enough or that those you consider your closest friends may not view you the same way. While this may not happen to everyone, when it does occur, it can really poorly impact one’s life and potentially divide them from their social group. “While I may love my time on social media, its negative effects have presented themselves more and more as time went on,” said Joseph Santone. “My least favorite feature of social media is how it can really alter relationships, and can change people or how they see themselves.”. Social media’s division of society continues through its creation of a social ranking, especially among teenagers and young adults. It can make or break one’s social status. Similar to the thought of being left out, it can also lead to many people feeling less than others, damaging

their sense of self worth.. An additional way social media divides and harms our community is through being addicted to screen time, where kids’ tend to have phones always glued to their hands. “Nearly 62% [of youth] spend more than four hours a day on screen media and 29% use screens more than eight hours a day,” said CNN reporter, Kristen Rogers. Devoting this much time to digital devices and social media is damaging to teens’health, physically and mentally, and can completely disrupt real-life interactions with friends and family. “Social media apps, such as TikTok, can be addicting, as they are short and enjoyable to watch,” said Abi Adler. “Apps like TikTok take up lots of time that could be used in order to complete productive tasks like homework, exercise, time with friends or family, and more. Using social media for long hours in a day causes more kids to stay at home rather than socialize in real life, which can really affect real-life exchanges.” Overall, while social media may be considered enjoyable, it splits society in extreme ways. Not only does it contribute to thoughts of being excluded, creating a social ranking in the community, but it can be addictive and ultimately take away time from real-life interaction.

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October 2021

Arts and Entertainment

Outer Banks: Outstanding or Overrated?

Beaquam quidel magnatium, ilici dolor aligend entibusae. Puditia estrum eatur? Em aperem am repro mod qui sendent. Dolore et, qui volorias reicit autecti nctatibea nient di deris ipsus.

Elle Borstelmann

Arts and Entertainment Editor The “Outer Banks:” a popular Netflix original series in which follows the lives of John B. and his friends Pope, JJ, and Kiara, on the coast of North Carolina. The island of the Outer Banks holds an extremely visible class divide: the locals refer to the rich as Kooks and the poor as Pogues. John B. and his friends are considered Pogues and live difficult lives trying to get by financially. The writers incorporated the juxtaposition of the struggling poor and the glorified rich in a suitable way for the viewer to grasp the lives of both a Kook and a Pogue while they are watching the show. The first season explored a bland, dragged out mystery in which John B. and his friends go on a journey to discover the $400 million treasure from the sunken Royal Merchant ship. Due to the plot being simply boring, there were many dramatic scenes thrown into the midst of these episodes. It was heavily obvious that the show attempted to include as many dramatic

events as possible to keep the viewer watching. The mysteries of the show were not intriguing and the show relied on fight scenes, murders, and an abundance of crimes to make the show bearable enough to watch the next episode. The plot containing the mystery of the Royal Merchant and its treasure did not meet sufficient expectations. In the end, they were unable to obtain the treasure and it became a problem of the past. Due to the horrendous writing and plot, the writers placed emphasis on including unnecessary dramatic events and side conflicts. It was frustrating to watch because many of the problems that the Pogues experienced could have easily been avoided because their actions caused most of their problems. When the plot for the actual mystery did not work out the show turned its focus towards multiple murder mysteries centered around John. B. The first season ends with a cliffhanger when John B. leaves the Island as a wanted man for the wrongful murder of Sheriff Peterkins. Since the show deviated from

the original mystery plot, it started to become confusing as to why and how everything was occurring leaving multiple plot holes and heavy plot armor. “I tried to watch ‘Outer Banks’ because I heard multiple people liked the show,” said senior Xavier Brooks. “Unfortunately, I had to stop watching the show two episodes in because it made me want to fall asleep.” The second season was slightly more interesting than the first and followed another mystery for the Pogues to discover. The second season begins with John B. now a fugitive, on the run from the police in the Bahamas but then makes his way back home to Outer Banks. The Pogues all get together to try to solve the mystery of the Cross of Santo Domingo, which belonged to Pope’s distant relative. However, all the murders, fistfights, and drama between the Pogue members overshadow what the show was all about once again. At this point, it became repetitive and seemed as if the writers were rewriting the plot of

season one. In the end, the Pogues did not acquire possession of the treasure for a second time and were forced to retreat leaving an unsatisfying ending to the show. Overall,“Outer Banks” lacked a plot with interesting characters, and the bad writing made this show frankly boring to watch. The only way that the Outer Banks could have been able to draw in viewers was by making the show as shocking as possible by adding cliffhangers to keep them wanting more. “I think it was interesting to see how different types of people come together to solve a mystery,” said junior Priya Salas. “It was suspenseful and there was so much going on, I never knew what would happen next.” There were some redeeming qualities of the show such as the close friendship between John B. and his friends as well as the dramatic wild goose chase for John B, however, it was not enough to make the show up to par.


Soul Shoo Shoots ts fo for the Stars actors and actresses also did a stellar ¨The Great Beyond,” where souls job bringing life to the characters, go to pass on, but he does not want Guest Writer with a standout job from Rachel to die so he jumps off and lands in The original trailer for Soul was House as the antagonist, Terry. The the ¨Great Beginning,¨ where new released on November 7, 2019, animation is the shining grace of souls are prepared to inhabit a body recieving a stream of curiosity and the movie, though, with rich and on earth. He tries to get back to his excitement from its audience. In a decade where most of Pixar’s success sparks from spin-offs and sequels, the quirky and artsy tone that Souls original trailer gave off garnered much anticipation for the movie. I myself was very excited for its premiere, and much to my disappointment, I along with many others had to wait an extra five months for the movie to debut. Like most Summer 2020 films, Soul’s launch was moved to November, with an option to stream it on Disney Plus; so, on a cold November night, my mom and I sat down and Poster from Disney and Pixar’s Soul displaying characters Joe Garderner and 22. watched Soul from the comfort of my sofa, and experienced one of the vibrant texture in every scene. Every planet and get a second chance at best animated movies I´ve ever seen. location in this movie looks perfect life. Along his journey, he meets a There are so many elements of and the characters look even better. new friend, troubled soul 22, and The plot, also, is striking. The teaches her to appreciate the value the movie that work. To start, all of main character is a struggling of living. The themes of self-love the voice acting is supreme. Jamie Foxx’s vocals for the lead were some pianist who falls into a manhole on and the beauty of life are some of the of his best voice acting. The other the day of his big break. He enters most acknowledged in any movie

Logan Adelstein

I´ve ever seen. Just like in all great Pixar movies, Soul encompasses a number of emotional and tearjerking scenes. The ending of the movie in particular is intensely satisfying and intriguing, and it is almost impossible to not be smiling from ear to ear when the credits roll. I had very, very few issues with the movie and it is almost perfect for me. I do think that a little bit of the world-building of the ¨Great Beginning¨ is clumsy and the exposition that is required throughout the time spent in that particular location can get dragged out. However, that is my only real gripe with the movie. Overall, Soul was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time and I loved practically everything about it. It deserves 4.5 out of 5 sharks.


Arts and Entertainment

THE GALLEON October 2021


Squirrel Girl Goes to College Synopsis Doreen arrives at Empire State University to

make new friends - and protect them from super villians - by keeping her super hero identity a secret. But when a beloved computer science professor suddenly disappears, can Doreen trust her friends with her inner squirrel so she can save the day? Photo of the cast for “Squirrel Girl Goes to College.”

Monday, October 18th at 7pm Thursday, October 21st at 7 pm Sunday, October 24th at 3 pm

Wednesday, October 20th at 10 am Friday, October 22nd at 10 am Friday, October 29th at 7 pm

Thursday, October 21st at 10 am Saturday, October 23rd at 3 pm Saturday, October 30th at 7 pm


Youtube: Spanish River Theatre Department


Kanye west shocks with donda London Bedell

Arts and Entertainment Editor On August 29th, Kanye West released Donda, his highly anticipated tenth studio album. The album is titled after West’s mother, Donda West, who passed away in 2007. Donda kicks off with “Donda Chant”, a 52 second introduction to the album. In the song, listeners hear R&B singer Syleena Johnson repeating “Donda” numerous times to the pattern of his mothers final heartbeats before her death. Listeners are speculating that Kanye West’s goal with this album was to create music similar to his past successful album “JESUS IS KING”. In a 2020 interview, West said that he wanted to continue incorporating Christianity in his rap music influenced by the gospel. There were many alterations during the production of Donda. On Kanye’s social media accounts, he posted multiple photos of album covers for Donda, yet the final product ended up being a solid black background. “I thought the first two covers were really nice, I wish he kept one of those instead,” Freshman Alyssa Perez says. “The album is still enjoyable, I like a few songs on there.” Prerelease, Kanye posted snippets of several songs; upon releasing the album, many lyrics were changed or completely scrapped. There may be slight confusion on

why West decided to go through with certain things on Donda, but fans are thrilled nonetheless. With 27 songs in total, Donda is the longest album from West’s entire discography; totaling 1 hour and 48 minutes. After months of teasing the new album, fans are ecstatic to finally listen to new music

critics and fans had mixed reviews once it came out. Annette Jordan says, “I remember how excited I was when I first heard a snippet of the album; now that I’ve actually heard the final version, I love it even more!” The album’s release date had been set back multiple times before it was eventually put onto streaming

Kanye West’s cover for Donda on the streaming platform Spotify.

from West. In the time leading up to Donda’s release, West had multiple listening parties, which he encouraged fans to attend. While the album was not officially finished yet, fans were already looking forward to hearing the final version of Donda. Although Donda received countless uplifting comments pre-release,

platforms. Many fans were overall let down after seeing that Donda’s songs had no other artists’ names on them besides West himself. This would not be a downside of the album, however, West has previously announced on his social media that there would be numerous collaborations on Donda, including

DaBaby, Travis Scott, Jay Z and others. “I was really looking forward to hearing new collaborations with Kayne, but I don’t even hear anyone else in the tracks,” Connelly Wallace says. Although there are vocals from some of these artists in the background, their names are not featured in the titles and fans say they can barely hear them in the tracks. So far, some of the most popular songs off Donda are “Jail”, ”Hurricane”, ”No Child Left Behind” and ”Off The Grid”. Since the release of Donda, Kanye West has not said much about his experience making the album or hidden meanings behind the songs, leaving fans to perceive the tracks however they wanted. Listeners are currently raving over “Hurricane”, as The Weeknd and Lil Baby collaborate with Kanye West. After only some hours of Donda being released, the album has already broken the record for the second biggest Spotify debut album of all time. West received over 100 million streams in the first 24 hours, along with thousands of fans telling him about their appreciation for the album. Since the release of his debut album, “The College Dropout” (2004), West has evolved into one of the most popular and influential artists to emerge from hip-hop and rap music.





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Born on December 2, 1981 in McComb, Mississippi, Spears began her career in The All-New Mickey Mouse Club at the age of 11. Her music career launched after the release of her notable single, “... Baby One More Time,” in 1998, which led to the start of her persona as a pop-singer phenomenon. Amongst incredible success and overwhelming popularity, Spears experienced a manic episode in early 2007, in which she shaved her head at a hair salon in front of paparazzi cameras, sparking gossip in the media about her apparent unstable mental health. From that point on, Spears was obligated to a conservatorship, which involves the legal appointment of a guardian by a court judge. Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, was declared conservator in which he was granted authority over decisions pertaining to her estate and mental health, along with business negotiations and restrictions regarding who was allowed to see her. Over the course of 13 years, Britney was subjugated and endured abuse that almost made her lose control of her life completely. Since the beginning of Britney’s conservatorship in 2008, fans have long questioned its terms and expressed concern regarding Britney’s well-being, which eventually influenced the creation of in 2009. Since then, social media platforms, such as TikTok, have been utilized as outlets to shine light upon Britney’s conservatorship and inspire efforts that would ultimately lead to her freedom.

Five months after the conservatorship was put into motion in February of 2008, Spears’ court judge, Reva Goetz, ruled that Jamie Spears will remain conservator for an indefinite period of time. Year after year, the conservatorship was extended amidst music album releases and live performances, putting a strain on Britney’s relationship with her father, Jamie. Britney’s engagement with actor Jason Trawick in 2012 leads to him becoming co-conservator with Britney’s father, in which he is able to participate in the decision making aspect of Britney’s life, aside from handling her assets. In 2016, Britney openly addresses her conservatorship for the first time during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, in which she expresses how she feels like for the past few years she was unable to partake in a lot of decisions that were relevant to her and, therefore, was working very strategically on perfecting her new album at the time, Glory, according to Pop Crush contributor Grace Medford.

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BRITNEY In early 2019, Britney unfortunately cancelled her second Domination show in Las Vegas due to her father’s hospitalization and her desire to prioritize her family. Due to recent health troubles and accusations stating Jamie Spears physically abused Britney’s 14-year-old son, Sean Preston, in 2020, he stepped down as primary conservator granting control to Jodi Montgomery, Britney’s longtime career manager. Shortly after, in April of 2019, Britney entered a mental facility in efforts to treat her maental struggles and focus on herself, giving rise to much speculation and adding fire to the #FreeBritney trend. About two months following her release, Britney’s brother, Bryan Spears, speaks out during an interview with the As Not Seen on TV Podcast regarding how although their father, Jamie Spears, has done the best he can to help Britney given the circumstances, Britney has always mentioned that she hoped to opt out of the conservatorship and that it has taken a toll on the Spears family. With Jodi Montgomery now being Britney’s primary conservator, she jumps at the opportunity to give Montgomery official, permanent control as Britney’s “caretaker.”

In August of 2020, Britney demonstrated opposition to her father’s involvement in the conservatorship by filing to have him removed from it entirely, and ordered that her case be made public, hinting at her advocation of the #FreeBritney movement. Spears’ uses support from fans and social media to her advantage by finally urging for her father’s permanent replacement, which had been reinforced by claims from those close to her that Jamie’s control is a detriment to Britney’s well-being. On February 5, 2021, the documentary “Framing Britney Spears” debuted, drawing immense attention. Finally, in March of 2021, Jamie Spears declared his desire to eliminate the conservatorship, leading to the request that Montgomery remain official conservator. In April of 2021, Britney addresses the court in which she reveals the horrors of her conservatorship by describing it as “oppressive” and stating that she felt taken advantage of. After many court pleas, many resignations of lawyers and conservators, and many cries for help, Jamie Spears eventually agreed to step down as conservator on August 12, 2021, granting Britney her freedom. PHOTO COURTESY OF GOOGLE IMAGES




Students Enjoy Summer Adventures! peoples houses, built a structure around a 15 foot deep hole and put Features Editor together a wooden structure making a door with hinges“, stated senior Many sharks had an amazing Nikki Apgar. summer full of events and adventures; “ We had to stay in a church from visiting family to going to the which had six rooms and no central Dominican Republic, students made air.” “ This meant that the doors and the most out of their short summer. windows had to be open at all times Many students traveled, attended so there were always hot, huge bugs camps and made amazing memories. in the room.I slept like I was camping Other students went to visit family with a mosquito net every night,” and friends that they haven’t seen adds Nikki Apgar. in a long time due to COVID. This Nikki really learned valuable skills summer, Student Jenna Lui got to see on the trip and how appreciative she her family and friends and make new is of her life. memories and fond experiences. “It was one of the most beautiful “I went to unique Georgia on a things I’ve friends and ever done“, family trip for said senior the first time, it Nikki gave me tons of Apgar. “ I bonding time learned so with my best much I feel friends and like I might family as well sound as some time cliché, outdoors. It was but not definitely one of only was the best summers it so eyeever,” says opening Student Nikki Apgar in Dominican Republic. freshman Jenna because you Lui. were helping people and making a Another student realized and difference; but I feel like they kind of lived through the hardships in the impacted me more than I impacted Dominican Republic. them. The people seemed like they “ I threw cement floors, hiked to had nothing, but they knew how to be

Jacqueline Levine

happy without materialistic things,” Adirondacks, it was so beautiful, I Some students really got to spend think I could retire where I stayed. I time with their loved ones over the hope I can go again next year,” said summer; Many had to travel a long senior Jean Swack. distance to visit their families, but Other students enjoyed their students explained how it was worth summer vacation by spending it in the end. time with their friends far away “This from home. summer I Having a very went up to my fun experience grandparents in taking in in Indiana activities and to go fishing fun events, like and ride four color war,which is wheelers almost where your camp everyday”, is split up and expressed assigned different Marko Vuletic. colors,whoever “It was a fun wins the most time to get to activities wins the View of mountains in Pennylvania. visit my grandparents war. Some students even and hang out with my cousins all in attended religious camps. They were one week.” able to share a sense of community Another student had fun with their and have fun with friends. family while doing activities such as “I went to sleepaway camp at fishing. She had the time of her life Camp Stone in Pennsylvania for the with her grandparents. first time in two years”, stated junior “This summer I traveled to Dafna Saketkhou. “It was a program Pennsylvania on a trip with my that gave me life experiences I would grandparents.” I did a lot of fishing, have not gotten being in Florida,” tubing, and my favorite hiking. The adds Saketkhou. most memorable thing I did was Many students had fulfilling catch the sunset with my cousins,” summers and were able to make new says freshman Riley Heck. friends, explore new places in the Some students visited foreign world, and visit family! countries that they had never heard of before, such as the Adirondacks. PHOTO COURTESY OF NIKKI APGAR AND “ I had a wonderful time up in the RYLIE HECK.

How to Be the Best Shark in the River! Lyndsey Roth Editor in Chief

As students return to Spanish River, some might have forgotten the purpose of the rules implemented on campus. New regulations as well as old ones are to be practiced amongst all the returning to River. Staff members like Mrs. Castellano, Dr. Allen, Mr. Sollod, and Mr. Wade discussed what is to be followed and will remind all students once more as they welcome all students back on campus. “We wanted to share the expectations/rules but also show students how to get help when struggling so they don’t ever need to receive negative consequences”, said Principal Allison Castellano as she shares an overview of our assembly held the second week on campus. The staff believes the top five rules on campus would be to remember our epigram: S.H.A.R.K. To be the best shark at school you are expected to be: “Safe, Honest, Accountable, Respectful, and Kind,” says

Principal Castellano. Castellano. “Staying home when The importance of this you’re not feeling well and socially mnemonic device helps students distancing whenever you can is always remember what they should extremely important.” be Social distancing may be hard, practicing, even when no one is but to continue returning to school watching. Something to remember everyday and enjoying the inis that there is always someone to guide you into the next activity at Spanish River whether it’s the college counselor, Dr. Keller, the Mental Health counselor, Dr. Vassal, and the assigned guidance counselors person located in Suites Blue How to Be A Good Shark Sign atmosphere, students and Silver. may be encouraged to When going back to school, safety lead by example. Another is always the utmost priority. In safety procedure to remember is correspondence with COVID-19, our new single point of entry. masks are a necessity. Spanish River staff like Dr. Wade “Another added concern is of wishes to educate students to not course Covid, and our students and open staff have done the best they can to the doors to anyone that wishes remain safe during this time,” said to enter the school even if it’s not

convenient or easy for the people wishing to enter. Dresscode is another important thing to keep in mind. Dr. Allen refers to this as ‘The 3 B’s’: Breasts, Buttox, and Belly’s. Despite popular belief, the dress code is not set in place to degrade and humiliate young adults, but it is meant to create a professional atmosphere in school. At some point, most students will enter the corporate workforce that does not involve “casual attire”. To summarize, students should anticipate to focus more on school and less on impressing their peers. Overall, it is believed that these guidelines are not meant to make students’ lives difficult, but to essentially help everyone be successful in their experience at River. “We shared all the support that we have on campus to help our students excel,” said Castellano. “Come to us so we can help you have the BEST FOUR years possible!








The United States Removes Troops from Afghanistan Ana Perez Associate Editor

interpreters that helped the U.S. military in Afghanistan now stuck in the country. A lot of people believe that the U.S. exit was not the best way to handle the situation. “People are getting hurt and it’s kind of a mess,” said junior Miriam Waltzer. “Our country kind of prides itself on freedom, but when we were given a choice we took away the freedom of the people who needed it,” said junior Natalie Salvador. “We told them we would help them, and now they are on their own, and no one else wants to help them.” “The current administration was more aggressive than they needed to be,” said Hager. “It makes us look weak,” said Waltzer. “We are seeing the country we live in letting people suffer, causing people to suffer,” said Salvador. A Spanish River senior has personal connections to the area. “I was born here but my parents were born in Pakistan then migrated to New York,” said the anonymous senior. “The entirety of my mom’s side still lives in Pakistan.” Life in the Middle East is quite different from what students at Spanish River see regularly in South Florida. “The Afghani people are by

themselves, they don’t have anything, they a lot of times are dirt poor,” she said. “They have nobody. They’ve been abandoned”. Those left in Afghanistan now live in fear and have made desperate decisions in order to survive. People in dire need to flee have gone so far as to cling to the airplanes taking off, and some have died in the process, according to Now This News. “I’m worried about my relatives [in Pakistan] all the time. My parents are trying to bring as many people as they can to the US but it’s so expensive and it’s not easy.” Being far away from the hardship in Afghanistan can make it seem unreal. The loss of hope and a bleak outlook on Afghanistan are common reactions among students and staff. “You don’t want anyone to die in the end but what can you do?” said the anonymous senior. Students may feel that this is out of their hands but there are little ways that Spanish River students can help. “Thank a veteran,” said Daub “Raise awareness,” said the anonymous senior “Everything is related to everything else,” said Turner. Events across the globe can impact us all in big and small ways. Even the smallest acts can have a positive impact.

Several individuals from Spanish remained their main concern”. River High School have family and Senior Derline Desjardins friends in Haiti: Senior Sebastin reports her grandmother with Pean’s aunt in Haiti unfortunately visual disabilities to be struggling On August 14, the lives of had a seizure because of ther. Bazalie organizimmensely during this ed time of crisis. people in Haiti took a dramatic turn traumatic event and lost M dr Unfortunately, the ability to use her left i when a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hand and leg. their towns hit, killing 2,200 and injuring over “But besides have been 12,000 individuals. Significant flooded damage occurred across the island that,” Pean states, “they are handling with water, nation, with over 53,000 homes it fine.” His other making destroyed. The cities most affected friends seem to t h e s e were Le Cayes and Jeremic. difficult The Republic of Haiti is a country be having minute inconveniences like times more in the Caribbean Sea on the island electricity issues etc. dreadful . of Hispaniola with a population Junior Amelie “They feel of about 11.26 million on , a w n K d has afraid, upset, let Lily Branche ie people. The country mm L an immediate down, discouraged, a e v is almost 5 times ,S family residing and depressed with the smaller than in the epicenter of disasters that they are encountering”, the size of the earthquake, Desjandris says. Florida, without any On the other hand, organizations making aid from the like the Red Cross have made Haiti one government of remarkable efforts to provide of the most Haiti. Thankfully, help to people in Haiti, including densely those whose supplying food, water, medical care, populated homes were emergency shelter, cash grants, and countries. not destroyed other essentials. With this, the Red Three have welcomed Cross has funded more than 50 days after the neighbors, offered hospitals and clinics, helped more earthquake, on shelter to the strangers, than 164,800 people with house August 17, the and shared their local recovery, and supplied medical country’s situation got facilities to injured individuals. worse due to the heavy storms of possessions. Furthermore, Branche states, Mr. Riedel and Ms. Collins led tropical depression Grace. “Rebuilding from scratch has the Haiti relief program which is

making significant efforts to help the people in Haiti by supplying essential supplies such as canned foods, soaps, baby needs, and more. These donations are then dropped off at the Spanish River Church. The Church further transports the items to Haiti, providing aid to those in need. Not only has the earthquake affected Haitians but also individuals globally as the disaster evokes terror and insecurity as these events could likely occur anywhere unexpectedly. Disasters like this give students insight on what could potentially happen to individuals at any minute of their lives, which makes the youth appreciate the comfort this generation has. Sometimes people are so engrossed in their “problems” that they forget to embrace a ‘disasterfree’ life, with no inconveniences and difficulties, only until they are hit by one.

For the last twenty years, the United States has been fighting a losing war. The U.S. went in with noble goals, and now they’re withdrawing with a demoralizing defeat. The past has been a prelude to the future. “As far as history goes, I was worried when we first tried to go [to Afghanistan] because in the 1800s the British had to fight three wars there trying to colonize [Afghanistan], and they ended up failing,” said U.S. history teacher Bradley Daub. “The British were successful colonizers everywhere. I felt like if they failed, how were we gonna have a chance.” Despite the intentions of the United States with the War on Terror, it seems that the U.S. was always fighting a losing game. Britain is also not the only country that has tried to invade Afghanistan. “Same with the Russians, they invaded in 1979, and they failed, too,” said Daub. The Soviet Union ended up fighting a ten-year war that drained their resources, and that war was one of the reasons the Soviet Union fell. Now, the government that is left

is the Taliban, an Islamist religious and political movement that follows a strict interpretation of sharia law, otherwise known as Islamic law. “The United States toppled the Taliban-led government in 2001 and after there was a US supported government that has now collapsed and the Taliban has returned,” said human geography teacher Kevin Turner. The U.S. pulled out and left people behind in the wake of its exit. “The U.S. citizens need to be prioritized [in getting out of the country] and not be suicide bombed at the airport,” said junior Kayla Hager. On August 26, 2021, a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the Kabul airport. The attack killed 13 U.S service members and at least 90 Afghanis, according to CNN. ISIS-K claimed responsibility. “ISIS-K is a faction of ISIS in Afghanistan that is more extreme,” said Turner. “ISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. I would imagine that the Taliban views ISIS-K as enemies. The Taliban see themselves as the legitimate government.” As a result of the United State’s quick exit, American citizens were stuck in Afghanistan. Some have since been able to get out, not including the many Afghani

Haiti Devastated by Earthquake

Madeeha Naqvi Currents Editor

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“I believe this [drive] is an amazing way to get involved and give back”. - organizer Lily Levine PHOTOS COURTSEY OF LILY LEVINE





Jobs in Desperate Need of Hire =

Dominic D’Arelli Associate Editor

additional people to apply for jobs. Small businesses are not the When taking a glance around only ones in desperate need of local businesses it is very evident employees, big chains such as that they are in desperate need of McDonald’s have gone to the workers; the absurd amount of extreme. One McDonald’s in “help wanted” signs filled up to the Oregon hung a giant sign outside brim with every position reflects of their restaurant that reads: “Now the dire circumstances. The spike Hiring 14 and 15 years olds.” Business Insider interviewed of unemployed individuals in the United States is linked to the Heather Coleman, whose family spread of COVID-19; most small has been operating McDonald’s businesses have not recovered locations for 40-years. “There are always staffing from the shut down in 2020. Popular job sites, such as Indeed, issues, but this is unheard of,” said have begun advertising their site Coleman. She also reported that the raise more and more in an attempt to get of the minimum wage did not bring in as many new applicants as she had hoped, but once they began advertising work to young teens, an overflow in applications flooded in. Earlier in the year, a sign was posted on a Burger King in Ohio stating, “Do you have a 14 or 15-year-old? Do they need a job?? We will hire them!” Big corporations have the ability to advance their Sign sits outside Forever 21 in Town Center Mall.

advertising through online networks, while small businesses unfortunately do not have the same advantage; several small businesses have put up the old-school help wanted signs in their windows. These businesses have resorted to shortening their hours due to being so low on staff. “As a small business it is very difficult to compete with restaurant chains because they have the ability to give incentives, such as signing bonuses; we do not have the same advantage unfortunately,” says Frank Crupi, owner of Pizzeria Sophia. Some businesses have also begun offering incentives for new applicants. In Savannah, Georgia, they recently announced they were beginning a $2,000 remote worker incentive program. “If a technology company opens a small office in Savannah, I’ve always been able to give that company relocation fees of up to $2,000 per person,” said Jennifer Bonnett, vice president of innovation and entrepreneurship for the Savannah Economic Development Authority. “All we really did was disconnect the need for the company to move here.” She explains that cities, like Savannah, can also benefit in the same way from incentivizing well-

paid remote workers. Businesses have also been faced with the difficult decision on whether or not to require masks; since the new DELTA variant has made the cases begin to rise again. Some hospitals around the U.S. had to let go of thousands of staff members due to a lack of funding. The scarcity of workers is definitely not helping when there is a surplus of patients coming into hospitals due to the pandemic. The shut-down last year obligated many small businesses to permanently close, forcing hundreds of employees to lose their jobs and source of income. As a result of the pandemic, the U.S. government gave aid to unemployed individuals, for instance, stimulus checks. Although the stimulus checks were originally given to those in need of money from losing their jobs, some people are still collecting unemployment while there is a surplus of jobs in desperate need. Since the government-aid is predicted to end on September 4th of this year, it might influence people to begin looking for jobs, which would help local businesses get back on their feet. PHOTO COURTESY ANA PEREZ

As Earth Heats, Our World Depletes choosing the right candidates. “I think we can solve climate change through education,” said Fish. “If we’re more aware of what we’re doing and our resources, then we are automatically one step closer. Be aware of who and what you’re voting for.” The growth of climate change, or global warming, has resulted in wildfires, earthquakes, and hurricanes. While much damage has been done, it luckily is not too late to turn back. By changing to a clean, renewable energy, education, and voting wisely, climate change can still be turned around.

The warmer seas have also resulted in more precipitation, leading to hurricanes that make landfall to have lots of additional rain. One hurricane that has been subject to these qualities is Hurricane Ida, which took place from August 26th - September 4th, 2021.At one point, it resulted in nearly a foot of rain, created horrible flooding, destroyed many homes and businesses, and resulted in around 82 fatalities. Ida was one of the worst, most destructive hurricanes in recent years, which definitely had some climate change contribution to it. While climate change may be at its worst, there still is hope. One way we can prevent climate change is through finding a reusable and clean energy source. For example, nuclear power has been found to be a good substitute for fossil fuels. Nuclear power offers a lowcarbon energy source which would E supply the world with clean, reliable, PH IV H OT and affordable energy. Spanish River O RC CO NA O U RT E S High School Biology teacher, Ms. Marry E L Y GAL Fish, believes that we can solve climate change through education and through

more hurricanes, but has also made them much worse and more damaging. This is primarily due to climate change making the sea surface temperatures warmer, which intensifies the storm’s winds.

One of the world’s biggest, scariest problems to this day is climate change. Climate change describes how Earth’s temperature is rising and what happens because of it. While there are many sources of climate change, the main cause is due to the burning of fossil fuels. During this process, fossil fuels release carbon dioxide, which overall heats up the planet. Throughout the 20 and 21 century, natural disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, have all been surfacing much more frequently. While these disasters are completely natural, their increased occurrence is seen to be caused by climate change. An example of natural disaster as a result of climate change are wildfires. Wildfires have been occuring extremely often throughout the world, but specifically in California. In 2020, nearly 59,000 wildfires took place and 5.1 million acres of land were burnt down, which is 400,000 more acres than last year. In California, over 10,000 buildings were destroyed and 33 lives were lost. As the years have gone on, the amount of fires have increased substantially. In 2019, there were only 50,000 fires, compared to the 59,000 in 2020. These fires have also led to extreme drought in California.

Drought leads to an entire new set of downsides such as harm in agriculture, harm to certain animal species, and very hot and dry weather. Another natural disaster as a result of climate change is earthquakes. Just recently, in August, Haiti had one of the worst earthquakes that the world has seen in years. The earthquake had a recorded magnitude of 7.2, which is towards the higher-end of the scale. This took roughly 2,200 lives and injured about 12,200 people. It also destroyed nearly 61,000 homes, damaged nearly 76,000, and has left up to 650,000 people in need of some kind of assistance. Haiti also had a much worse earthquake in 2010, with hundreds of thousands of injuries and lives taken, as well as an estimated 300,000 homes and buildings destroyed. While earthquakes are unpreventable, their growing frequency can be pinned on climate change. Hurricanes, another natural phenomenon, are also affected by climate change. However, in contrast to wildfires and earthquakes, climate change not only creates more hurricanes but also makes them worse. “Hurricanes have become stronger worldwide during the past four decades…” said Henry Fountain, a writer for the New York Times. “Climate change is making these storms more intense and destructive.” Climate change has not only created

Face off editor

Aiden Rubinstein




Hispanic-American Athletes Changing the Game

Dominic D’Arelli Co-Editor In Chief

Marta Vieira de Silva Laurie Hernandez

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Born February 19th, 1986, the 35 year old Brasilian soccer holds the record for most goals scored in the FIFA World Cup for both men and women. Silva has joint citizenship in both Sweden and in Brasil; she has played on multiple differnt Swedish soccer teams. Silva began playing for the Orlando Pride in 2017 and is still playing currently. She has been named FIFA World Player of the Year six times, five of them being consecutive, from 2006 through 2010.

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Emanuel Ginóbili



Born July 28th, 1977; the 6’6 Argentinian basketball player started his career with the San Antonio Spurs in 2002 and played with them until retiring in 2017, when he became the teams special advisor. During his career Ginobili averaged 13.3pts per game and 3.5 rebounds. Ginobili was nicknamed Manu, which is short for his first name, Emanuel. He is one of only two players to have won a EuroLeague title, an NBA championship, and an Olympic gold medal.




Born May 6th, 1990; the Venezuelan second baseman started his career with the Huston Asteros in 2011and is currently still playing. Compared to many other baseball players his height, 5’6, makes him look like a little kid. He was coined the nickname “giante”, meaning giant in spanish. Altuve has played for the Asteros for 11 seasons; his career batting average is .308 and his total homeruns is at 163. Since joining the Asteros is 2011, they have made it to the allstars seven times.

José Altuve

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Born June 9th, 2000, the 21 year old Puerto Rican gymnast was on the USA gymnastics team from 2012-2016. Hernandez decided to take a break from performing after the 2016 Olympics, where she finished in the Final five. Hernandez later returned for the 2021 U.S. Championship, during her performance she injured her knee and was unable to finish her routine. Recetly she has stared on Dacing with the Stars and even hosted American Ninja Warrior.




NBA Offseason Recap Matthew Portmess Sports Editor

The NBA draft is a draft where all the best college players are chosen in 2 rounds of 60 picks, and the free agency is where the best players go out and search for a new team for a short period of time. Post-NBA free agency and draft, many new rosters have strengthened their team by acquiring strong and talented new veterans and rookies. The draft began July 29 and the first overall pick was held by the Detroit Pistons; the Pistons took point guard/ small forward, Cade Cunningham of Oklahoma State. Most NBA scouts have seen Cunningham as one of the best prospects, many compare him to Shooting Guard Luka Doncic. Next pick, after his summer league performance, many believed he should have been the first pick instead of second. “However, as we inch closer and closer to the official pre-draft process, I can’t help but think we’re leaving out one name out of the consensus top of this draft: Jalen Green” said Micheal Saenz. The Rockets took NBA G league Shooting Guard Jalen Green, scouts compared him to Bradly Beal, an elite scorer for the Washington Wizards. With the third pick, the Cleveland Cavs took power forward/ center, Evan Mobely of USC. Mobely has been widely known for his frame of being seven feet tall and

having the skill set of a guard. His NBA comparison is Joel Embid, “both are strong defenders and can shoot lights out”- The Philadelphia Inquirer. With the 4th pick the Toronto Raptors took small forward/ power forward Scottie Barnes of Florida State University. Barnes, known as a defensive player, was the sixth man of his team this year. Nba draft room compared him to a taller Golden State Warrior power forward, Draymond Green. The Orlando Magic held the 5th pick, which was Jalen Suggs Shooting Guard from Gonzaga. In the March Madness tournament against UCLA, the score was 90-90 with less than three seconds left, Jalen

offseason was more than the draft, NBA free agency came around for next season. Big names like Kyle Lowry, Demar Derozan, Kawhi Leonard, Chris Paul, John Collins, Victor Olidpo, Lonzo Ball, Mike Conley, and more. Plethora teams are supposedly rising to the top, numerous teams have acquired new players and improved their roster. For instance, the Chicago Bulls are one of the top teams to improve their roster. In free agency they got small forward/ power forward Demar Derozen, who averaged 21 points and 7 assists a game, the leader of his former team, the San Antonio Spurs. The Bulls also got passer Point Guard Lonzo Ball, who averaged

NBA Free Agents: (In Order) Victor Oladipo, Kemba Walker, Kawhi Leonard, Demar Derozen, Chris Paul

Suggs shot it, inches ahead of the half court line, nailed it sending Gonzaga to the Championship. Jalen Sugg’s NBA comparison is Jrue Holiday, shooting guard for the Milwaukee Bucks. NBA’s

15 points and 6 assists. Chicago also picked up bench player Alex Caruso, a decent bench player who will be a solid bench player at Shooting Guard. Moving onto more improved teams the Los

“We both danced at studios but ended up focusing on the dance team because of the workload of school but especially because of how much of a family our team is,” said captain, Marlie Freidman. These dancers prioritize their academics, yet, these ladies can also have some fun. Sleepovers and baking are just a glimpse into the out-of-school activities that come with joining the dance team. The dance team does not only offer the chance to spread your wings and leap into the arts, it allows you to form friendships with people you may not have. For

Marlie, she gained a best friend. “Sammie is my best friend in the whole world and I met her through this team- you make so many friends and you have a safe place to go to when you don’t feel like you can go anywhere else”, said Marlie. The dance team has stayed resilient through the COVID-19 pandemic, dancers have adapted to virtual learning by using video clips for the virtual pep rallies and announcements, Even with the unusual circumstances,they were still able to come together and put on quite a show. A true


Angeles Lakers, they started off early by trading for fromer MVP and 8- time all star Russel Westbrook. Westbrook averaged a triple double with 22 points per game, 12 assists, and 12 rebounds. L.A. shipped off Montrezl Harrell, Kentavious-Caldwell-Pope, Kyle Kuzma, and the Lakers’ No. 22 pick in this year’s draft for Westbrook and 2 second round picks . They also signed older veterans like Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, Wayne Ellington, Trevor Ariza, Rojon Rondo, and Kent Bazemore. Many fans are “clowning” the Lakers for getting the older bunch of players, but they also got a few younger guys. For instance, they also got 27 year old Malik Monk as well as TalenHorton Tucker. They also signed former Miami Heat rookie of the year candidate Kendrick Nunn. In correspondence with the Miami Heat, they were one of those top free agency teams that really shined this offseason. To further explain, they signed Kyle Lowry, one of the main guys this offseason. Lowry averaged 17 points, 7 assists, and 5 rebounds, playing for the Toronto Raptors and is a 6 time all star. Heat also re-signed Victor Oldipo, and Duncan Robinson. Robinson is the highest paid undrafted player ever at 5 years 90 million. They signed Veteran Pj Tucker who’s known as a great leader and defender. Now knowing about the 2021 NBA offseason, will these additions thrive with their new teams?

Dance Team Leaps Into A a New Season


Sophia DiFusco Sports Editor

Five, six, seven, eight, Spanish River’s dance team is great! The dance team is starting their 20212022 season off with a bang… or rather a leap. The team is led by seniors Sammie Kwon and Marlie Friedman. A sense of community is a number one priority for the team. “Yes! I was on the dance team and a big tradition that I carry on is the teambuilding and camaraderie among the members; we really are like one big family,” said dance team coach Faith Collins. From a young age, these girls have had a special passion for dance.

Spanish River High pep rally is not complete without a ground breaking performance from the dance team, followed by a standing ovation from every shark in the stands. Whether your passion is dance, tennis, or anything in between, these captains urge you to get involved in sports and make new friends, or rather your family for life. Your best friend may just be one club away.

PHOTO COURTESY Marlie Friedman


Ethan Schwartz

River’s Star Pole Vaulter

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Remind: text @hhflag to 81010

Tryouts: October 18th

Athletic packet MUST be handed in to Coach Mac in order to try-out! Email for information.

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The Galleon Issue 1 (2021-2022)  


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