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March 2014 The Galleon

F e AT U R E S

SAT or AC T? P ick you r p oi s on. Ashley Roth Features Editor Junior year is a compilation of two main aspects: stress and preparing for either the SAT or the ACT. Both tests are requirements in order to successfully apply to college. The scores are ultimately as important as grade point average and rigorous extra-curricular activities are. One standardized test score can determine your entire future. With that being said, the pressure is on to out-do one’s peers and obtain a satisfying score. To clear up the confusion, the SAT and ACT are both accepted at most any university in the country. Therefore, opting to take one over the other is not going to hinder the chances of receiving that desired acceptance letter. However, choosing the right test for oneself is the ultimate gamble. The SAT and the ACT are different in

their entirety. quote from Rockwell The SAT consists of three different sections: math, reading, and writing. The test totals up to ten sections including three math sections, three reading sections, and two writing sections in addition to an essay. Each of the three categories is given a score between 0 and 800, 800 being the best. Finally, these three raw scores are added together to reach a final score that is

out o f 2400. The ACT, on the other hand, consists of four sections: math, reading, writing, and science. These four sections are each scored on a scale of 36. Then, each of the four individual scores are averaged together to form an overall score out of

36. The ACT is a much faster test and is commonly referred to as the “endurance test.” “In my opinion, the ACT is generally an easier test than the SAT,” junior Jordan Brown said. “The only thing you really have to be careful of is pacing yourself throughout the test to make sure you have enough time to finish each section.” Staggering differences b e tween

t h e t w o tests inthe

clude fact that the SAT has designated vocabulary sections, which many students find difficult, and the ACT does not. However, whereas the ACT math sec-

tion is heavily focused on geometry and does not come with a formula sheet, the SAT is more critical thinking and provides those necessary formulas. A common method among River students to achieve the score they are most capable of is through tutoring. “Tutoring can get expensive,” junior Emma Cynor said. “However, it is extremely beneficial in order to get your desired score.” Having a tutor tends to aid in making the process easier through repetitious practice and key tricks used to help solve difficult questions. So how does one pick which test is right for them? Many students opt to take a practice test of each prior to investing in tutoring so that time is used efficiently and each session focuses on the test that received the higher score in practice. In the end, the differences between the tests do not differentiate one from another in terms of its level of difficulty. Based on various students’ learning styles and test taking skills, one of the two tests will essentially be the best fit and will hopefully bring a desired score for one to send to colleges during the admissions process.

Valedictorian Salutatorian Jessica Rose

Cindy Niu

GPA: 4.0


HPA: 5.3


I wake up, get ready, and have a hearty breakfast of Fruit Loops and Coke Zero. I head off to first period to begin the daily Spanish River grind. Once school is over, I go to sports practice, but only after meeting with a representative from Congress to discuss potential modern cures for global hunger. At practice, I apply my knowledge of physics to the game; every shot must be perfectly calculated. Then, I head home and end my day with 7 hours of Netflix and the weekly Modern Family, Scandal, and The Bachelor. Coke Zero and Netflix: the keys to high school success.

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Extra Curriculars:

Extra Curriculars:

SRHS Girls’ Lacrosse, Basketball, and Golf; Academic Team 2012-2013; Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization, Buddy Walk volunteer; Parkland Dance Theatre Volunteer Dance Buddy for children with special needs

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Intended Career:

Intended Career:

Biomedical engineer or Intellectual Property Theft Lawyer

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