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NEWS River Recycling: Environmental Club seeks new partner Kelsey Spyker News Editor

Every Friday, groups of Environmental Club goers could be spotted collecting recycling from various classrooms, but between the last week of January and February 21, this was not the case. Choice Environmental Service, located in Fort Lauderdale, was the corporate partner the club used to dispose recycled materials. After seven years of partnership, the company was bought out by Waste Services, Inc. This company chose not to continue services with the club, thus leaving River overflowing with bottles and papers. “They [WSI] extended their services to River but would require the Environmental Club to pay for pickup and equipment,” biology teacher and Environmental Club sponsor Corrine Jobe said. The new company in Miami does not collaborate with non-profit organizations which left Jobe in a scramble to find a new partner.   “I was in contact with Palm Beach County representatives, fellow green schools within the county, private corporations, and even friends of River in order to create a new partnership program,” Jobe said. The Environmental Club, founded by Stewart Klager, is responsible for collecting recycling from classrooms then transferring it to an appointed area on campus to be picked up by the recycling company. The company allowed River to gather large amounts of materials such as

paper and plastic every week. Since weeks of trash piled up in classrooms, many teachers had to deal with recycled materials spilling over bins. “I tried to set a good example for my students, but the bins were overflowing,” Early Childhood teacher Margaret Engelhardt said. “My next step was to take the trash home and put it in my own recycling bins.” The problem did not just affect teachers, but also students. “Half of my classrooms’ recycling bins were overflowing, so I ended up throwing items that I should be recycling into regular trash cans,” junior Britany Shipman said. “It made our school look like a pig-pen,” Shipman said. “I am eager to see the bins empty again so our school can show we care about the environment and make River clean.” Although a new company will be used, Friday collections will remain the same, as for the means by which the materials are collected, that is subject to change. “Most of the changes will affect the method of collection rather than the recycling practices of all students,” Jobe said. Paper is collected through a partnership with Palm Beach County School District, it is the aluminum and plastic for which a partner is required.

March 2014 The Galleon

Holocaust Remembrance Day

On February 19th, River sophomores attended a Holocaust memorial event in the theatre. Holocaust survivors spoke about their experiences during World War II and their survival stories. After the presentation, survivors went back to classrooms to answer personal questions and enjoyed lunch in the library. Left: Students talk with a survivor in the library during a luncheon in the libray.

Right: Survivor uses a powerpoint to explain the magnitude of the event.

Deb Carter awarded Career and Technical Education High School Teacher of the Year “Quote from Carter”

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