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Increase Your Social Media Traffic with FREE Branded Giveaways using #Hashtag Mentions

Hashtag Campaigns It’s safe to say that hashtags have revolutionized internet marketing campaigns. Hashtags are a way for companies to track the people who tag them and spread around their brand to several different social media websites. Hashtags have become so popular that they’ve been adopted by other media networks sites such as: • • • • •

Facebook Pinterest Google+ YouTube Tumblr

What Can You Give Away? Hashtags not only direct people to different companies and brands, they can also be used to give away branded promotional products to raise awareness about a certain company. There is basically no end to things you can give away using hashtags on various social media networking sites. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can give away: • • • • • •

Water bottles Sports equipment Clothes Watches Lanyards Bags/Totes

The Benefit of a Free Giveaway Giving away promotional items means you’ll lose money, but you’ll gain social media traffic in return.

Unlike giving away free merchandise at your company store, you will be guaranteed to get recognition for all of your merchandise online.

This is because in order to get the free merchandise, customers and potential customers must put a hashtag in their posts, which will direct attention to your company.

When to Use Branded Merchandise You don’t want to lose a ton of money and not get the traffic you need, which is why you should only give away free branded merchandise during specific events and times of the year. Big holidays are a good idea, and so are company events. Every time you have a really big sale, consider giving away branded merchandise through your social media accounts. Some big events can include:

• • • • • • •

Christmas Sales President’s Day Clearance Sales Liquidation Sales Moving Sales Grand Opening Sales Inventory Reductions

Best Social Media Platforms A lot of different social media networks use hashtags now because of their popularity on Twitter.

You can choose to use your hashtag giveaway on all of your social media sites, but there are a few that always get the most traffic. These include: • • • • •

Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram Pinterest

Keep Your Demographic Group in Mind The social media sites and products you select should reflect your demographic group.

This should be fairly easy to do since there are probably hundreds of different products you can give away. However, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that your campaign will probably do better if you’re giving away things that your demographic will actually use, and if your campaign is done on social media sites your demographic visits frequently.

Place Your Order Today!

Once you know your demographic and have chosen suitable merchandise to give away during your branded hashtag event, it’s time to place your order. Don’t waste time, order today and see your traffic increase.

Gallant Gifts Address: Gallant, Inc. - 775 S. Kirkman Road #117 Orlando, Fl. 32811 Phone Numbers: 1-800-GALLANT or 407-856-4288

1-407-856-2991 Email:

Presentation Summary Need to increase your social media traffic? Use a hashtag campaign with free branded merchandise to draw in more clients.

Increase Your Social Media traffic with FREE Branded Giveaways using #Hashtag Mentions | Need to increase your social media traffic? Use a hashtag campaign with free branded merchandise to draw in mo...

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