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Increase Your Social Media Traffic Using Branded Free Giveaways of Promotional Products with #Hashtag Mentions Social media seems to appear in every corner these days, from friends and colleagues reaching out via LinkedIn, to celebrity Twitter feuds, to your local TV station encouraging you to follow them on Facebook. Small wonder, then, that over 93% of marketers incorporate social media into their strategies and are constantly on the lookout for ways to drive traffic to businesses’ websites and blogs, and to boost their numbers of online followers. One exceedingly effective way to increase social media traffic is by using branded, free giveaways of promotional products that are tied to a specific hashtag for that promotion, such as #freeappleswag. Everyone Loves a Contest It seems to be a universal truth that everyone loves the idea of winning something for free. That’s why offering a free giveaway is a great way to build excitement and positivity about your business or your current campaign. It also prompts current social media followers to promote you to their own followers and friends, because they feel like they’re doing them a favor by giving them an opportunity to win something. They may not think, “I should tell everyone how great Bob’s Company is,” on an ordinary day, but they will be much more likely to think, “I should tell everyone to try to win these free promotional gifts from Bob’s Company!” Hashtags Reinforce Branded Merchandise Internet Relay Chats and Twitter used to be the only social media that really used hashtags, but as marketers saw the potential for increased SEO and brand visibility, they quickly became popular on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook, as well. Technically speaking, these are metadata tags, which allow users to quickly search for content and join in discussions about a particular topic, but, from a marketing perspective, they allow you to reinforce your company brand, a particular tag line or marketing campaign, or link your company to a topic that is trending. Think of them like corporate gifts; a good social media campaign would be like offering favorite clients a lovely pen set for the holidays, but an exceptional social media campaign using hashtags would be like making sure that lovely pen set has your company logo on it somewhere. Choose the right hashtag to reinforce the message behind the free promotional items you are giving away, like those available from Gallant Gifts. If your business name is common, you may want to choose an SEO term or related phrase, instead. For example, if you run a clothing store called the Lady’s Boutique, but you specialize in bargain-priced designer clothing, you might be better off using #LBdiscountdesigns instead of #LadysBoutique. Before selecting any hashtag, search for it using Google and on various social media platforms to see if it’s already being used, which will just confuse your social media followers. For a contest where you’re giving away branded merchandise like a tote bag with your “Bob’s Company” logo on it, you might choose #FreeBobCoTote or #BCtotesmagotesFREE (which also ties it in to an on-trend phrase). Remember that using the word “free” will help drive home the idea that you’re offering a giveaway. Keep Your Giveaway On-Point What are your goals for your giveaway? If you want to drive traffic to your website or are looking for sales leads, a sweepstakes-style contest makes the most sense, since you can route them to your website to fill out a form, provide contact information, and inform them of general rules. But if you want to capitalize on the social media experience, to become engaged with your followers, you may consider

making the contest more spirited. Some popular promotional item giveaways include creative caption contests, asking followers to upload photos of them using your brand in real life, and other interactive options that generate conversations and encourage followers to revisit your website or the giveaway campaign page. Bio: One of the first promotional products companies on the web, Gallant Gifts draws from years of experience and close association with manufacturers to offer over 700,000 different personalized promotional items. More than that, Gallant Gifts is a full-service promotional agency focused on creating long-term relationships with clients by helping them promote their businesses and increase sales, and their team takes pride in offering quality promotions, unsurpassed value, and reliable service. Article Summary: Social media is at the forefront of many businesses’ marketing strategies. Learn how branded, free giveaways designated with specific #hashtags can quickly and effectively boost your social media traffic. Tags: promotional products, promotional gifts, branded merchandise, corporate gifts

Increase your social media traffic using branded free giveaways of promotional products with #hashta  
Increase your social media traffic using branded free giveaways of promotional products with #hashta | Social media is at the forefront of many businesses’ marketing strategies. Learn how branded, free giveaways d...