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Increase Social Media Traffic: Free Giveaways with Hashtags Social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram now use hashtags to maintain organization. It is important to incorporate this into your campaign to increase your presence. Along with this, you will find an increase of traffic to your social media pages and home landing page. The quickest way to improve your traffic is to offer what people cannot resist: free giveaways. When someone uses a particular hashtag, it should put him into a drawing to win a promotional product. This type of marketing campaign increases your social media traffic and presence along with your brand. Track Your Campaign The reason for the hashtag is simple: it allows you to track your campaign. When you choose the hashtag to put in your giveaway, it sends all traffic to a specific page. You can watch the landing page and identify the audience that is interested in your product. There is also an opportunity to search for related hashtags or ones that you did not start. This gives you more features for tracking and finding your target audience. Once the giveaway ends, you can enter the hashtag to search all people who entered and analyze how successful the promotional gifts campaign was. Use of Social Media and Giveaways You want to use social media as a marketing tool because you can reach over 1.1 billion people. That is over 15 percent of the world’s population. No other marketing tool gives you this reach. People are immediately drawn to free items and by offering customized promotional items, winners are likely to become customers. The Law of Reciprocity states that when given something free, people feel pressured to make a purchase from you. As they then use your product, they begin to recognize its value and then become returning customers. Use of Promotional Products Companies spend over 20 billion dollars giving away promotional products each year proving it a successful venture. When a mailing company, for example, sends out a letter for contributions it receives 18 percent return rate. With the Law of Reciprocity, though, the same company offers personalized address labels for eight cents more to each letter. People feel obligated to give back and the return rate almost doubled to 35 percent. Studies also show that people who participated in free giveaways with promotional products had better brand awareness. If you choose imprinted promotional products, not only are you going to get a return rate, but an increase in exposure as well. Deciding on Your Hashtag and Product Choosing the best hashtag is important because it decides how your giveaway and brand are seen. A tweet or update that includes a hashtag gets two times more engagement than others. When your followers see that a promotion is linked to your hashtag, 51 percent will repost it. This is an extremely high success rate when it comes to marketing your brand. Your increase in traffic from mobile users will also increase because 71 percent of people who participate with hashtags do so from a mobile device. Use the hashtag to get your current audience talking and the promotion to bring in a new audience. The increase in your social media traffic will help with new customers and a positive experience. If you choose imprinted promotional products, not only are you going to get a return rate, but an increase in exposure as well. This means offering a product that is not disposable so that your logo and brand are showcased longer.

Hashtags and social media are no longer for the younger generations, either. In fact, 55-71 is the fastest growing age group to join meaning that any age audience can now be reached through social media. Take this opportunity to offer promotional gifts and increase your online presence. About Gallant Gifts: Gallant Gifts has been offering whole promotional products and developing merchandise from conception to launch for almost 20 years. The first promotional product company on the web, Gallant Gifts offers superior service and knowledge along with their lowest price guarantee. Summary: Increase your social media and web traffic by utilizing hashtags and free giveaways of promotional products. When you utilize this marketing strategy, you gain more traffic and increase your brand exposure through creating conversation and new customers.

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Increase Social Media Traffic