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Communication Theory Communication, the ability to understand and carry out verbal and written instructions accurately, lies at the heart of the most basic job role. Employees must be able to communicate effectively with many different stakeholders including colleagues, supervisors, subordinates and customers. Successful communication includes written, electronic and verbal communication both within and outside of the business.

What is body language? What role does it play during presentations? Body language includes all the non-verbal communications people use, such as gestures, poses, movements and facial expressions. These may or may not be intentional. Body language can both help and hinder verbal communications, for example, certain gestures can unintentionally convey nerves.

How can you make meeting more effective in organizations? Suggest five measures that can be adopted to ensure concrete results. 1. Add graphs and charts; 2. Production drawings; 3. On- screen graphics; 4. Posters and advertisements; 5. Catalogues and brochures. Communication Theory

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What is “e-mail etiquette”? “Email etiquette” is a set of rules or guidelines that help to avoid mistakes (e.g. offending someone when you don't mean to) and misunderstandings (e.g. being offended when you're not meant to). These core rules of “email etiquette” help us to communicate better via email.

What are the characteristics of a good report?  Information collected in the report must be relevant and focused;  Report should follow the exact predefined goals and objectives;  The report should always contain the executive summary of the work;  It should also contain the methodology of the research;  The report should contain the description of the questionnaires;  The report should be flexible enough to be changed accordingly;  It would be better if the report contains some kinds of visual communications.

Communication Theory

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Comment on silence as a means of communication. Staying in silence is the worst thing to do, except situations where the logical pause is really needed.

Are all listeners motivated by the same things? How can you tell? An average person when he/she asked how to motivate someone will tell you what motivates him or her. Unfortunately, everyone is different and what motivates one employee may only make another one angry. The method we use to motivate each worker must be tailored to the individual employee. A good leader has to find out a key for each of his/her employees’ lock to make them work together.

A successful, midsize firm that you have admired for some time has asked you back for a second interview. Lunch is included in the interview and several executives from the firm join you and the recruiter. When the server arrives at your table, three of the four people at your table order either a drink or wine with their lunch. What do you do? First of all I would act naturally. In case of food it would be better to order food in the same manner as executives did. I definitely will not order any alcoholic drinks, even for the second interview. An abandon is not the best quality.

Communication Theory

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Is it permissible for you to lie during business negotiations? Are you obliged to tell your opponent exactly how you feel about each proposal as it is put on the table? Everyone knows that lying is not a good base for making relationship, but still, if you think that the proposal is absolutely rubbish, you can say it politely with giving straight arguments for your decision, or even refrain from answering.

Is it ethical to inflate information on a resume? Explain. In my opinion any notification that is stored in a resume automatically becomes visible for the executives, so it is not a secret, except for contact information such as telephone number, or an address.

Using an example from your own experience or imagination, describe an example of miscommunication because of differing interpretation of words. Many unfortunate situations can occur when a company crosses cultures and fails to recognize the meaning of a particular symbol or symbols. “A nice cross cultural example of the fact that all pictures or symbols are not interpreted the same across the world: staff at the African port of Stevedores saw the “internationally recognised” symbol for “fragile” (i.e. broken wine glass) and presumed it was a box of broken glass. Rather than waste space they threw all the boxes into the sea”. Communication Theory

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Name three ways of cutting the cost of communication? 1. Use computer instead of a phone (Skype, Email etc.) 2. Pick the best network. When you are abroad, mobile phones automatically connect to the network with the strongest signal, which may not be the cheapest. Switch your settings to manual and choose the right provider for your contract 3. Text, don’t call. Unlike calls, you will not pay to receive texts abroad.

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Communication Theory

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