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Understanding the Special Mind Know how to deal with children with special needs and make learning possible Discover books, apps, and Galileo promos inside!

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• Make Learning Special for Students with Special Needs • From the Office of the Galileo Center Director

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Phil’s Workshop • Tips to Overcoming Challenging Behaviors in Special Children • Family Feature • Brain Buzzer

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• Featured Book: Big Brother by Grace Chong • Featured App: See.Touch.Learn by Brain Parade • Quest for Answers

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Wiz’s Wisdom Corner

MAKE LEARNING SPECIAL FOR STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS Managing a Galileo center with diverse personalities and levels may be challenging but possible through proper time management and developed study skills. It is even more challenging when a student with special needs come to the center to seek enrichment and further learning. While Galileo does not specialize in providing therapy for students with special needs, Galileo still aims to tailor fit the program to their learning needs and academic development. Highly trained specialists and teachers are highly required in dealing with children with special needs. However isolation in special education classes are no longer the norm. Inclusion pose many advantages for both the special child and the regular students. How can teachers create a learning environment that can accommodate regular students as well as students will special needs? Below are some strategies in managing the behavior of your student with special needs: 1. Make the classroom rules visible. Let your students know that there are rules to be followed so that the center will be orderly and everyone will have a productive time. Review them regularly and make sure that they are easily understandable by all students. 2. Keep it simple. Keep instructions, cues, and rules simple for everyone to understand. Too many of them might cause stress and anxiety in the child and lead to disruptions in center operations. 3. Be consistent. Inclusion means that rules apply to all students, special or regular students alike. 4. Teach visually. Use charts, pictures, and graphs when teaching concepts to students with special needs.

5. Take breaks. Provide opportunities to take a breather from center activities. Read a story to them, let them stretch, play a short game, or have simple conversations. Academic activities may be overwhelming for special students, and a breather will allow them to recharge and get back to the learning mood. 6. Allow interaction. Teach the special students with social skills such as hand raising, taking turns, and sharing. Be patient, interact, and have polite conversations with them even if they do not respond right away. Special students may even exhibit unusual behavior such as rocking and hand flapping. It helps that the regular students also learn to understand the behaviors of their classmate and know not to copy them.

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10. Stay positive. Believe that you can do it. All it takes is a compassion and love for children to be able to connect with students with special needs. If they see that you believe in them, then they, too, will believe in themselves in accomplishing the tasks. Create a positive atmosphere in the center so that everyone will act harmoniously even with diverse behaviors and personalities.

7. Observe. Be on the lookout for behavior that would translate into communication. Sometimes unusual gestures mean that they are verbalizing something else that are not normal communication cues for other students. 8. Be flexible. Galileo boasts of having tailor-fit activities for the different strengths of the students. This works with special students too. Find their strengths and work that to their advantage. If the student has difficulty in motor skills, use visual materials in teaching a concept. 9. Have a Plan B and C. Accept that as nonspecialists, regular teachers cannot magically teach the special students. Ask help from a caregiver or a parent in accompanying a special child during center days, especially if he or she is new to the program. Eventually, the student will warm up to the teacher and be used to the center routines.



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Wiz’s Wisdom Corner


Behind every success of a Galileo learner are the teachers who ensure learning achievement and the leadership of the Center Directors. The Galileo Center Directors are considered to be the leaders of education in their respective centers, as they took initiative to share Galileo’s mission of providing excellent programs and services in developing a child’s learning potential. For every issue, Galileo will feature a Center Director to take a glimpse into their world as an educator.

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Wiz’s Wisdom Corner teachers, is patience. We understand that every child is different, as some are quick to learn while others take time before they understand a concept. However, when we run out of ideas in teaching and the student still hasn’t grasped the concept, frustration kicks in. I always have to remind myself and my teachers to treat each student equally, to give them the same attention and value, and to always find ways to help them. Parents put their trust in us to help their children learn, and we have to take that responsibility to help them improve no matter what it takes. How do you keep a good relationship with your teachers, parents, and students? I always remind my teachers, parents and students to have an open communication with me. I make it a point that they tell me their concerns so we can act on it right away rather than hear the negative reviews from others and let it affect center operations. I keep a close relationship with the parents by constantly giving feedback on their child’s progress in Galileo. I also keep tabs on how our students are doing in school so that I can take an active role in helping their child whether school-related or not.

Paula Nicole Lamagna Center Director, Galileo Madrigal

Why did you choose to franchise a Galileo center? My heart and passion has always been in the field of education. My love for teaching pushed me to explore franchise options and Galileo was the brand that shared my desire and advocacy to make learning fun for students. It being a homegrown brand also highlighted a level of cultural understanding, that appreciates the Filipino education system while at the same time promotes changes towards the improvement of the system.


What are the challenges you have experienced as an educator and teacher in Galileo? How were you able to overcome them? The biggest challenge that I face along with my Copyright © 2017 Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, Inc. All rights reserved.

Wiz’s Wisdom Corner turned out to be a key in opening a new educational advocacy. I was amazed on how Galileo focuses on Math and English -- which are the basic foundations in any academic program -- while teaching it in ways that are fun and enjoyable for the kids. I thought it was a good idea to share the fun in learning to other children in our province. Being an educator by profession, I was looking for a franchise that shares my passion of making a difference in the lives of children in our community. I was looking for something that would supplement the basic rudiments being taught in school and Galileo Enrichment is a perfect fit for it.

Thomas Christopher T. Balmater Center Director, Galileo Olongapo

Why did you choose to franchise a Galileo center? It all started when I attended the 2nd Singapore Math Learning Festival a few years ago. What should have been an enrichment seminar

What are the challenges you have experienced as an educator and teacher in Galileo? How were you able to overcome them? In Olongapo, the greatest challenge of being a Center Director is to establish a network of friends and acquaintances to help you build the brand in the city and promote awareness, I being not a native of the city. Social media has

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Wiz’s Wisdom Corner been an effective tool for me in order to reach out to a large audience as possible and make them aware that Galileo Enrichment can provide an alternative enrichment learning program for children. Having a good relationship with the initial batch of parents was also helpful in spreading the word through referrals. Another challenge was to introduce enrichment learning as being different from a regular tutorial program and to highlight its benefits. Conducting Parent Orientation regularly helps educate the parents of the benefits of an enrichment program. How do you keep a good relationship with your teachers, parents, and students? For parents, one of the most important thing is to be able to see and have a little chat with them at least on a weekly basis. You have to keep them updated with their child’s progress in the center as well as areas of concerns where they can be a partner in helping the child to do more in Galileo Enrichment. For teachers, treating them as a family helps in maintaining a good working relationship with them. When we do our work during class hours and enrichment sessions, we mean business however, after work and during breaks I try to reach out to them as an advisor, counselor, shoulder to cry on and elder brother. For our students, I interact with them whenever I am at the center, play with them during their break time and having little chats with them. I give my resounding appreciation whenever they have completed their tasks promptly.


Ma. Eufemia Lobo

Teacher-Facilitator, Galileo Legaspi How did you become a Galileo teacher? I initially applied as an instructional materials developer. However, there was an opening as a teacher and the Center Director (T. Rowena Palma) encouraged me to try the position. As she was explaining to me what Galileo is, I became interested in Galileo’s way of teaching. I wanted to challenge myself and explore non-traditional ways of teaching concepts. What is a day like in your life as a teacher? Each day is always different from the

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Wiz’s Wisdom Corner others. It is never the same. It has its ups and downs. Sometimes, it is rewarding and exciting. Sometimes, it feels monotonous and tiring (especially when the students feel tired and uninspired). However, whenever I feel down I always remember that I am the source of inspiration and happiness of the students. Then I pick myself up and face my tasks with a smile as I prepare the students’ materials, teach them using creative methods, participate in Galileo activities, check the students’ work, and organize my tasks for the following day. How has Galileo helped you as an individual? What has changed in your life since you became a Galileo teacher? Galileo helped me to enhance my knowledge and improve broaden my relationship with other people, especially with my students and their parents. Becoming a Galileo teacher added a new perspective in my life. It made me strive to become a better person and a better teacher for my students. Roslyn Eneco Teacher-Facilitator, Galileo Legaspi How did you become a Galileo teacher? The position was recommended by my friend who happened to be a Galileo Teacher as well. I was interested at the teaching strategies that Galileo was offering their students and I decided to give it a try.

What is a day like in your life as a teacher? It is always exciting to teach the students new concepts and learning strategies to the students. It is also fulfilling when I see them have fun and excel in school. How has Galileo helped you as an individual? What has changed in your life since you became a Galileo teacher? I have learned to be patient when teaching students with various personalities and levels. Not all students understand a concept on the first try, that is why I have to be patient with them and find many ways to be creative in teaching. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about our Center Directors and teachers.

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Phil’s Workshop

TIPS TO OVERCOMING CHALLENGING BEHAVIORS IN SPECIAL CHILDREN To be a parent, one does not need a degree in parenting or a certificate in child management. There is no training to be a perfect parent, nor is there a perfect formula to dealing with child behavior. Parents learn how to be parents as their child grows up and their parenting skills adjust according to their child’s learning development. But how do parents adjust when their children require special attention? According to the Department of Education, 13% of the total population of children have special needs (PhilStar, 2014) which means parents of those 13% have to learn how to provide extra care once their children leave therapy centers and SpEd classes. Parents of children with special needs initially face this challenge with denial but in time, they learn to accept their children’s strengths and weaknesses. It becomes easier and more manageable to figure out strategies and plans inhelping their children develop in their own special way. Understanding and managing the behavior of children with special needs are the top concerns of parents. It may be easy for therapists and SpEd specialists to provide strategies to deal with these concerns because they are trained in the field, but for parents, these strategies do not often come naturally to them.


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Phil’s Workshop The following tips are from parents on how to manage challenging behaviors in special children. 1. Keep a journal to monitor behavior. Record incidents in a journal to keep track of recurring behaviors. Also note down the factors that may have contributed to a certain behavior so that when you meet with a specialist, he or she may suggest proper management strategies that you can apply at home. 2. Make time and space in your home. Organizing your home is not just for your benefit, but for your special child as well. Place objects that your child can use in accessible areas to promote independence. Set family routines that your child can easily follow and master. This reduces stress and discomfort in your child.

3. Listen. Oftentimes, challenging behaviors stem from miscommunication. For some children with special needs, challenging behavior is a way for them to communicate. They cannot communicate regularly like other children so they compensate in other ways such as exhibiting unruly behavior. It is important that parents understand that their child is trying to say something. Be calm but assertive in communicating with your special child. Also lower the volume of your voice when your child starts to exhibit aggressive behavior. 4. Play and have fun with your child. Most of the time, work takes over the schedule of parents. Remember that first and foremost, you are the parent of the child and spending quality time with them is

your top priority. Special children need your attention and they will remember the happy times you spent with them rather than all the sessions they spent in therapy. Family play can be a form of therapy and it does not cost as much. 5. Take care of yourself. You are the parent of your child and not the others, therefore, do not compare yourself to other parents, or your child with other children. All kids are different and they learn in their own ways, even with special children. Do not let the comments of other parents get you down, instead surround yourself with parents and specialists who are willing to help you overcome the challenges of managing a child with special needs. Make time to destress and relaxed. Having a positive outlook as a parent may empower your child to overcome his own behavioral obstacles.

Source: special-needs-parenting-12-tips-for-managingchallenging-behavior/ html

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Phil’s Workshop


The success of every student lies not only with the teachers but with the parents as well. Parents are the people who put their trust in Galileo and help cultivate a community of learning in their children. The Galileo learners are the testament of the hard work that parents and teachers put into them. Hear success stories from Galileo parents and students and see how Galileo has created a community of independent and lifelong learners. Mylene M. Dela Cruz Mom of Yuan Rey M. Dela Cruz, a grade 2 English Student from Galileo Guiguinto Why did you choose Galileo over other afterschool enrichment programs? We chose Galileo over other programs because of its kid-friendly approach in learning. They learn without being deprived of fun. The lessons are also aligned with the school curriculum so Galileo serves as an overview for upcoming lessons and advancement for previously learned concepts.


What improvements have you seen in your child ever since he enrolled in Galileo? Aside from improvements in his school grades, I saw that Yuan is more disciplined in managing his time. He knows that there is a time for studying and also a time for playing. Copyright Š 2017 Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, Inc. All rights reserved.

Phil’s Workshop Would you recommend Galileo to other parents? Yes. Galileo believes on the importance of giving our children the best education possible in Math and English, which are considered to be the most soughtafter skills and competencies in this highly-global economy. Their kid-friendly approach, only proves that they treat each student as an individual with differences and needs.

very happy. I also became more confident and ready to do any challenges in school. To my Galileo teachers, thank you very much for the patience and understanding. Thank you so much for valuing my talents and skills; for nurturing it and for always bringing out the best in me. I will treasure it forever. Thank you so much, teachers.

Ethan Luis R. Santiago Student, Galileo Guiguinto Math and English (Grade 2) Why do you like going to Galileo? I get to learn and play at the same time. I enjoy my sessions with my Galileo teacher. I also gained a lot of friends and studymates in the center, and being with them made learning Math and English more fun and easier for me. How has Galileo helped you? I have become advanced in learning Math concepts ever since I enrolled in Galileo. Because of Galileo, I was chosen to be our school’s representative in Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP). This made me, my Mommy, and my Daddy Copyright © 2017 Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, Inc. All rights reserved.


Phil’s Workshop

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Bling’s Discoveries

FEATURED BOOKS AND APP Book Title: Big Brother Author: Grace Chong Illustrator: Bru Sim-Nada Publisher: OMF Literature, Inc. Recommended age: 6+

Summary: Bunsoy is an exemplary student. He excels in school and is in line to be the school valedictorian. However besides studying, he has the role of taking care of his brother who is way older than him but does not act his age. This book teaches children how to be compassionate and understanding towards people with special needs.

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Bling’s Discoveries


Name: See.Touch.Learn Price: Free for first module, starts at $0.99 for succeeding modules Recommended age: 4 and above Description: See.Touch.Learn an award-winning app that offers visual learning for students with special needs. Recommended and created by professionals, the app teaches vocabulary, visual cues, and self-expression for students who have difficulty in communicating.


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Bling’s Discoveries




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Travel with Galileo Celebrate learning through the different activities that our centers have organized for the Galileo community. Recognition Activities

Galileo Cagayan de Oro and Kauswagan Date: March 25, 2017 Venue: LimKetKai Mall Center Directors: Mr. Uriel J. Ancheta and Ms. Hyacent D. Villanueva

Galileo Pulilan Date: April 1, 2017 Venue: Robinsons Pulilan Center Director: Ms. Fina Castro

Galileo Guiguinto and Malolos Date: April 1, 2017 Venue: Robinsons Malolos Center Directors: Dr. Gerry Cruz, Ms. Vi Cruz

Galileo Mabalacat Date: May 27, 2017 Venue: Park Inn Hotel Center Director: Ms. Janelle Bansil

Travel with Galileo Galileo Olongapo Date: June 2, 2017 Venue: Harbor Point Center Director: Mr. Thomas Balmater

Galileo Pasong Tamo Date: May 27, 2017 Venue: Jollibee PRC Center Director: Ms. Miriam Macalintal

Galileo Subic Town Date: May 29, 2017 Venue: Harbor Point Center Director: Ms. Christina Nira

Galileo Parada Date: June 3 Venue: St. Mary’s Angels of Valenzuela Center Director: Ms. Sheila Dayrit

Summer Culminating Events Galileo Caloocan and Valenzuela Date: May 24, 2017 Venue: Sacred Heart School Malabon Center Director: Ms. Rose Cortel Galileo Malolos Date: May 26, 2017 Venue: RedMix Restaurant, Malolos

Travel with Galileo Galileo Balanga Date: May 29, 2017 Venue: Crown Royale Center Directors: Dr. Paulita Pingul and Dr. Jocelyn Ilaya

Center Directors: Ms. Vi and Dr. Gerry Cruz Galileo Guiguinto Date: May 26, 2017 Venue: Shakey’s Malolos Center Directors: Ms. Vi and Dr. Gerry Cruz Galileo Better Living Date: June 2, 2017 Venue: McDonald’s Dona Soledad Center Director: Ms. Cheryl Nasol

Galileo Lipa Date: May 26, 2017 Venue: McDonald’s JP Laurel Center Directors: Ms. Carmela Castillo - Dy

Galileo Pulilan Date: June 2, 2017 Venue: Galileo Pulilan Center Center Director: Ms. Fina Castro

Travel with Galileo Partnerships Assumption College Family Day Date: April 8, 2017 Venue: Assumption College Partner Center: Galileo Head Office Galileo joined the festivities by providing interactive educational games for AC kids.

School Hunt Date: April 8, 2017 Venue: Robinsons Lipa Partner Center: Galileo Lipa Center Director: Ms. Carmella Castillo-Dy Galileo was one of the exhibitors in an Educational Fair. It was attended by educational institutions such as schools, learning programs, and other offerings for students.

International Preschool Forum Date: April 21, 2017 Venue: City Club Alphaland Makati Place Partner Center: Galileo Head Office Cyberland Singapore hosted a forum to tackle trends in the preschool industry and childhood development. It was attended by parents and educators alike.

Child Learning Center Mother’s Day Event Date: May 12, 2017 Venue: Child Learning Center Partner Center: Galileo Head Office Galileo joined the celebration in recognizing the efforts and contributions of mothers to society.

Kneeling Carabao Festival Date: May 14, 2017 Partner center: Galileo Pulilan Center Director: Ms. Fina Castro Galileo Pulilan joined the parade to celebrate the annual Kneeling Carabo Festival.

Travel with Galileo Watch out for fun and exciting events in store for the Galileo community in 2017. Center Opening Galileo Iloilo Date: July 1, 2017 Center Director: Ms. Sheryl Ong

Center Activities Easter Safari Date: April 16, 2017 Venue: The Palms Country Club Partner Center: Galileo Madrigal Center Director: Ms. Paula Nicole Lamagna The students of Galileo Madrigal enjoyed a morning of egg hunting and games to celebrate Easter Sunday.

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Teachers’ Enrichment Training This training aims to help and educate our teachers on the following: • Identify the characteristics of the 21st Century learners • Identify ways to motivate, teach, and assess 21st Century learners • Understand the individual differences • Know the learners’ red flags and special needs • Manage challenging behaviors in the center

Follow Wick and Whirl

The Galileo Little Explorers The Galileo Little Explorers is an introductory learning program for toddlers aged 1.5 to 3. Anchored on a play-based learning approach, the program rears a young learner to develop an awareness of himself, his immediate surroundings, his community, and the world he lives in while establishing fundamental skills in gross motor, fine motor, language, cognitive, and social skills. Enrich your child’s learning experience and prepare him for life through the Galileo Little Explorers.

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