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7th Grade Math TUESDAY

Aug 17

Aug 18

District / Bui lding Meeting Day

First Day for Students




Aug 19

Aug 20

Aug 21

Compare & order integers

Absolute Value Benchmark 1: integers

Basic Facts Skills Assessments

Read, Write Locate integers on a number line

“Cause & Effect”

Aug 24

Aug 25

Aug 26

Aug 27

Aug 28

Absolute Value

Adding Integers Benchmark 2: Absolute Value

Subtracting Integers

Adding/Subtracting Integers Benchmark 3: Adding Integers

Aug 31

Sep 1

Sep 2

Sep 3

Subtracting & Multiplying Integers

Multiplying & Dividing Integers Benchmark 4:Subtracting Integers

Dividing Integers Benchmark 5:Multiplying Integers

Review decimals: Add, Subtract, & multiply Benchmark 6:Dividing Integers

Sep 7

Sep 8

Sep 9

Sep 10

Sep 11

Dividing decimal by whole number

Dividing decimal by decimal

Scientific Notation Benchmark 7:Dividing decimals

Progress grades posted “Cause & Effect”

Sep 15

Sep 16

Sep 17

Sep 18

Assessment Day (no students)

Sep 4 “Cause & Effect”

Labor Day (no school)

Sep 14

Progress Reports Out Read, write & locate rational numbers on a number line (Conversions)

District Assessment: Integers

Compare & order rational numbers Benchmark 8:Read, write & locate rational numbers on number line

Sep 21

Sep 22

Sep 23

Subtracting Fractions with regrouping

Multiplying Fraction by a whole number Benchmark 10:Subtracting fractions w/ Regrouping

Multiplying fractions by a fraction

Sep 28

Sep 29

Sep 30

Professional Development Day (no students)

Saturday School on Sept 19 Review Fractions: (add/sub) Benchmark 9:Compare & order rational numbers

“Cause & Effect”

Sep 24

Sep 25

MAP Testing Oct 1

Oct 2

Official Student Count Day Dividing whole numbers by fractions Benchmark 11:Multiplying fractions by whole numbers & fractions

Proportions Benchmark 12:Dividing whole numbers by a fraction

Oct 5

Oct 6

Oct 7

Oct 8

Similar figures, bar models & ratio tables Benchmark 13:Finding missing value in proportions

Similar figures, bar models & ratio tables

Distance formula Benchmark 14:Model proportional relationships

Distance formula

Oct 12

Oct 13

Oct 14

Oct 15

Unit Rates Benchmark 15:Distance formula

“Cause & Effect”

Unit Rates

Ratios, rates, unit rates Benchmark 16:Unit rates

District Assessment: Decimals & Fractions

“Cause & Effect”

Oct 9 “Cause & Effect”

District Assessment: Rates, ratio & proportions

Oct 16 End of Quarter 1 Work Day (no students)