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Galileo Parent Teacher Organizational Planning Meeting #2 6p on Thursday, October 16, 2008 Brief Notes Attendees: Don Richie, Joe Barrera, Stacy Brisben, Bertha Modina, Maureen Scheuer, Esther Mueller, and Coyrie Dantzler via speakerphone (Kim Weaver (in WY) & Toni Rezuto (ill) contacted prior to this meeting.) 1.

This meeting was inadvertently scheduled at the same time as the D11 DAAC. First agreement was for fixed meeting day and time. All were available to meet at 7p on the second Tuesday of the month (after the 6p BAAC meetings). November meeting scheduled for 11/18 due to Holiday. (Esther will confirm this with Dana Long.)


From internet research and from discussion with Tami Hasling (School Board President and Program Director of PTA), Esther reopened discussion regarding PTA vs PTO based on new information. PTA affiliation gives us non-profit status, help with tax forms, EIN for setting up bank account, discount for activity insurance, a recognized name for soliciting donations for the school, and lots of informational and program support, in addition to coverage against misuse of funds. We will now join PTA to get the above benefits. Coyrie suggested that we be sure to keep the quorum number required to a minimum as funds were frozen due to low attendance at her previous school.


We named our group GS2 which stands for Galileo Support Squad.


We have the following PTA BOARD: President: Esther Mueller st 1 Vice President: Coyrie Dantzler 2nd Vice President: Rusty Moomey Secretary: Toni Rezuto Treasurer: Kim Weaver Newsletter: Maureen Scheuer Note that all positions except Treasurer can be “co� positions, where two people share the duties. It is understood that not everyone may be able to attend every meeting, so we will be flexible in using technology (e-mails, calls, etc.) to keep our projects moving forward. We can also double up on positions and may need Membership and Volunteer Services

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We set dues as $7 for individual and $13 for family. $5.75 of this goes to the PTA organization. [Note: PTA membership is per person; a family membership would mean two adult members, as Tami explained to Esther after the meeting.]


We have a sense of urgency to get set up so we can start a membership drive at the 10/27 Community Project Night, plus we have the following items in progress: boxtops, Campbell’s labels, Cartridges for Kids, Thanksgiving basket donations.


We ran out of time before we fully figured out the 11/18 meeting agenda and if we wanted Tami Hasling to present a program.

ACTION ITEMS: Esther: Set up PTA with Tami; Flyer for 10/27, Survey for 10/27 – Joe will translate into Spanish on the back, survey ideas might include volunteers for running a trading card club (or other) and an English/Spanish Lunch n Learn; calls/e-mails as needed to stay on track for 10/27 and Thanksgiving baskets; set & e-mail agenda for 11/18 meeting Don: Starbucks, BJ or Jessie’s giveaway item for a drawing on 10/27; identify number of Thanksgiving baskets needed Joe: Set up & “man” a table w/Don at front & cafeteria on 10/27 Stacy: Check w/Derek Swanson about a PTA site on the website Kim: Check w/Derek Swanson for class project to make boxtop, etc. flyers; pick up forms at ENT or bank of her choice to set up an account with four authorized signatures & two required on any check Maureen: Check w/Derek Swanson regarding set up for Newsletter and posting on website; Rusty & Nan review prior to posting NEXT MEETING: tentative for 7p on Tuesday, November 18, 2008 Recorded by Esther Mueller, Issued 10/20/08