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Galileo Parent Teacher Organizational Planning Meeting #1 6p on Thursday, September 25, 2008 Brief Notes Attendees: Don Richie, Joe Barrera, Vanessa Long, Katherine Leyba, June, Kim Weaver, Toni Rezuto, Esther Mueller 1.

Group decided to hold one more meeting to make sure we captured all interested before finalizing decisions. Next meeting set for 10/9. (This was changed to 10/16).


Those present volunteered for the following positions: President: Esther Mueller Treasurer: Kim Weaver Secretary: Toni Rezuto


At this meeting we discussed PTA vs PTO. At this meeting, we were leaning toward PTO as many of the PTA start-up perks had passed. Basic difference was thought to be insurance protection from officers misusing funds.


We generally discussed potential fund raisers and needed projects with the overall them of bringing our community together.


Some items this group might address: acknowledgement of businesses and business partnerships, Thanksgiving baskets, Christmas baskets, Skate City Party (as related to a donation), Xeriscape Project (to eliminate sprinkling—from Rusty Moomey), triathlon related equipment, zero zap reward party refreshments .


Potential fund raisers/activities mentioned: Carnival, class plates, chocolate art night with live auction, recycling, printer cartridge recycling program, rock-a-thon, dance-a-thon, Mr. Biggs, Chipotle’s. Recorded by Esther Mueller, Issued 10/20/08