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Grade Intro to Computers

• Week • • • •

1: Introduction to Computers Physical systems Parts Why is typing important? Intro to keyboard. ◦ Activities: Find the keys---emphasis on four finger touch ◦ intro to Excel to track typing speed Assess: Initial typing speed test on

• Week • • • •

2: Into to Office Applications Daily typing tests and practice, Word pre-test Intro to Word Creating documents (Culturally Sensitive Topics) Assess: Basic Word Quiz

• Week • • • •

3: Continued Word and Typing Practice Paragraphs Using styles Creating templates creating and using tables

• Week • • • •

4: Word Advanced Features/Continued Typing Practice Page layouts, sections, columns Drawings, graphics Extra features Assess: Create a Newsletter with all taught features

• Week • • • • •

5: Intro to Power Point /Continued Typing Practice PowerPoint Dos and Don'ts Creating presentations Drawing and formatting objects Slide animations, object animations Making text object works for you

• Week • • •

6: Power Point Advanced Features/Continued Typing Practice Creating charts, tables, diagrams Adding useful sound and movies Assess: Create presentation with taught features about subject they are currently learning about in Core Class • Present Presentation

• Week 7: Taking it to the Web: The Next Gen of Office Applications • Google Docs • Google Sites • Weeks 8 & 9: Quarter End Assessment Project Talk about how they have progressed and what they have learned in this class, including computer components, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, typing speed Write out in Word what they're going to say Create Graph in Excel showing their typing speed improving Making a ppt with impact

Final Typing Test

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