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BEHAVIOR STANDARDS Students will actively pursue and apply self-management, organizational skills and learning as a lifelong process. Students will be ready to learn by: • Entering the classroom on time • Having necessary supplies • Having appropriate materials out and ready • Rarely being absent from school • Obtaining missed assignments if absent • Taking responsibility for their own learning • Beginning independent learning activities without prompting Students will show effort and participation by: • Demonstrating their BEST effort on every assignment • Participating actively in their own learning • Following directions • Listening with respect to their teachers and peers • Sharing information and opinions during class discussions • Completing assignments to the best of their ability and turning in assignments on time • Reviewing their work and asking themselves or others how they can do better Students will show respect by: • Speaking and acting in a respectful and caring way • Encouraging and helping others to be successful • Following classroom and school rules • Respecting school, community and personal property • Using speech free of profanity • Acting in a polite and appropriate manner at all times Students will handle their problems by: • Setting up a time to meet with someone who can help • Asking for help in a calm way, when feeling frustrated • Waiting patiently if help isn’t immediately available • Taking responsibility for their own actions