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Introduction and Welcome Dear Scholars and Parents, Welcome to Galileo Math and Science Magnet School You are a part of our Galileo community. We are excited for the upcoming 2009-2010 school year and look forward to working with each and every one of you. The mission of Galileo Math and Science Magnet School is to establish an integrated, creative, technology-enriched, and interdisciplinary learning environment in which students attain their highest academic and character potential. Galileo School of Math and Science will provide opportunities to recognize the individual talents, abilities, skills, creativity, and potential of its students while promoting cultural responsiveness. This mission will be accomplished through academically rigorous, standardsbased educational programs in the context of discipline, respect, and a high degree of community involvement. With this mission in mind, we are certain it will be an exciting and challenging year. We will need everyone’s best efforts to make it a successful school year. In addition to our academic rigor, we have many opportunities to be involved in our Encore program, as well as our clubs and activities. We invite each of you to become involved in our community in a positive way. The agenda has been prepared to help students experience a successful year. The purpose of the agenda is to serve as a tool for organization and communication. We expect students and parents to read and use this agenda. It contains our expectations, procedures and policies, and serves as a guide for helping students and parents understand the overall expectations that exist to support our learning environment. Parents are invited to support the school by getting involved, communicating with their child and the school, and sending their child ready to learn. In order to maintain the integrity of our learning environment, students are expected to demonstrate a healthy attitude and work ethic in their endeavors. When school, home, and the student work as a team, the mission of student achievement will be realized. We look forward to working with you and believe that all students can learn and be successful at Galileo School of Math and Science. Put forth your best effort, work hard, be positive, and have a great year. The Galileo Staff

Galileo School of Math and Science A Continuous Quality Improvement School Where the students are stars!

Rusty Moomey, Principal Mary Ley, Project Director Stacy Brisben, Curriculum Director Mission Statement The mission of Galileo School of Math and Science is to establish an integrated, creative, technology-enriched, and interdisciplinary learning environment in which students attain their highest academic and character potential. Galileo School of Math and Science will provide opportunities to recognize the individual talents, abilities, skills, creativity, and potential of its students while promoting cultural responsiveness. This mission will be accomplished through academically rigorous, standards-based educational programs in the context of discipline, respect, and a high degree of community involvement.

Vision Statement Galileo School of Math and Science School will provide a safe, positive, 21st century technology rich environment where all students are valued and will be empowered to achieve success in all areas and become effective and responsible citizens contributing to our global society.

BEHAVIOR STANDARDS Students will actively pursue and apply self-management, organizational skills and learning as a lifelong process. Students will be ready to learn by: • Entering the classroom on time • Having necessary supplies • Having appropriate materials out and ready • Rarely being absent from school • Obtaining missed assignments if absent • Taking responsibility for their own learning • Beginning independent learning activities without prompting Students will show effort and participation by: • Demonstrating their BEST effort on every assignment • Participating actively in their own learning • Following directions • Listening with respect to their teachers and peers • Sharing information and opinions during class discussions • Completing assignments to the best of their ability and turning in assignments on time • Reviewing their work and asking themselves or others how they can do better Students will show respect by: • Speaking and acting in a respectful and caring way • Encouraging and helping others to be successful • Following classroom and school rules • Respecting school, community and personal property • Using speech free of profanity • Acting in a polite and appropriate manner at all times Students will handle their problems by: • Setting up a time to meet with someone who can help • Asking for help in a calm way, when feeling frustrated • Waiting patiently if help isn’t immediately available • Taking responsibility for their own actions

NONDISCRIMINATION STATEMENT School District 11 is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in relation to race, creed, color, sex (gender), ancestry, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age and/or disability. Discrimination and/or harassment based on the aforementioned areas will not be tolerated and must be brought to the immediate attention of the school principal or D11 nondiscrimination compliance coordinator: Marvin R. Adams, Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and Ombudservices, 1115 N. El Paso Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, Phone: 520-2271, FAX: 520-2442, EMAIL:

DECLARACIÓN DE NO DISCRIMINACIÓN El Distrito Escolar 11 de Colorado Springs está comprometido a una política de no discriminación en cuanto a raza, credo, color, sexo, ascendencia, orientación sexual, religión, origen nacional, edad, y/o impedimento. La discriminación y/o el acosamiento que sucedan a base de factores arriba mencionados no se tolerarán y deben ser denunciados de inmediato al director de la escuela o al coordinador de cumplimiento con la no discriminación en D11: Marvin R. Adams, Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and Ombudservices, 1115 N. El Paso Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. Teléfono: 520-2271, FAX: 520-2442, Correo electrónico:

OFFICE STAFF 2009 - 2010 ADMINISTRATORS Rusty Moomey Stacy Brisben Mary Ley Vanessa Vatalaro

Principal Curriculum Coordinator Project Director Coordinator Student Services

OFFICE STAFF Nan Cornella Michelle Perez Besheviah Smith

Administrative Assistant Attendance Secretary Registrar/Data

SCHOOL HOURS School hours at Galileo School of Math and Science this year are 8:40 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

ATTENDANCE Excused Absence – If you miss school because of illness, or you are participating in a schoolapproved activity, or bad weather, your parent/guardian must call the school (328-2213) to excuse your absence. If no call is received within 48 hours, the absence becomes a truancy (unexcused absence). It is your responsibility to ask for make-up work that was missed during the absence. Other absences must be prearranged through the counseling office at least three days in advance. Parents will be notified of unexcused absences. A court referral may be made should unexcused absences become excessive. Tardies – If you are not seated in your assigned seat at the start of class, you are considered tardy. Teachers will give consequences for being tardy. If a student is tardy repeatedly, they will be referred to the office for discipline. Tardiness over 10 minutes is considered truancy (unexcused absence). Any excused tardy must be signed in or called in by the parent. Release From School During the Day – If your child must leave school during the day (doctor’s appointments, etc.), please send a note or call the office in advance. A parent must sign the child in/out of the office before he/she is excused from school. Your child will be called from class to meet you at the office. No students will be excused directly from the classroom.

SCHOOL WORK SCHOOL SUPPLIES Textbooks are loaned to you by the school. You are expected to have textbooks covered at all times. If books are damaged or lost, you are required to pay for repair or a new book. You are expected to bring all necessary supplies required by the teacher to each class. You are also required to purchase a student planner to write down all assignments.

CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS 1. Be in your assigned seat ready to begin at the time class starts. Stay in your seat unless you have permission to move. 2. Have all materials you need. Get your materials out and be ready for class to start. 3. Speak only when you have raised your hand and the teacher has called on you. 4. Your attention should be on the teacher or the person speaking at all times. 5. You should begin your work right away when the teacher gives an assignment. Continue working until you are finished. After your work is finished, remain quiet so that other students can work without distraction. 6. If a teacher corrects your behavior, do not argue. Simply change the behavior so that the class can continue. 7. Personal notes should not be written or passed during classes. 8. No toys are allowed, no loud noises, no throwing things. HOMEWORK School District 11 policy says that no more than four hours a week of homework may be given for 6th and 7th grade students and no more than six hours a week for 8th grade students. Here at Galileo Homework is given as needed. Most homework will be for unfinished class work. You are required to use your student planner to keep track of all assignments. A $5 fee will be charged to cover the cost of your initial planner and student ID. A replacement planner will cost $5. GRADES Grades are given at the end of each quarter (9 weeks). You will be given your report card and you are expected to take it home to show your parents. These grades are kept in your school file and are sent to the high school. A progress report is sent home in the middle of each quarter to show how you are doing. The progress report grades are not final grades. By calling your counselor, your parents can also ask for a grade check to be sent home every Friday. Students who have good grades are recognized during assemblies each quarter. SCHEDULE CHANGES Schedule changes are not made unless other solutions have been tried. The student support center has a step-by-step policy for schedule changes. If you want a change, see your counselor for information. LIBRARY PROCEDURES General Rules: 1. You are allowed to check out two items at a time. 2. If you have an overdue or late book, you may not check out another until the overdue items are returned. 3. A pass is needed in order to use the library during school hours (except when the whole class is escorted by their teacher). 4. You must work quietly while in the media center. 5. No food or drink is allowed in the library. 6. You must attend classes and pass a test to get a technology license. A technology license is needed for you to use the computers, modem or CD-ROMs in the library. An Acceptable Use Agreement must be signed by students and their parents before Internet use is permitted. 7. Only two students at a time are allowed on a computer. 8. Copies on the computer or photocopier are 10¢ per black and white copy and 50¢ per color copy.

RULES AND DISCIPLINE A complete copy of the discipline rules for the school district will be sent home or given to you and your parents. You and your parents are responsible for reading this and knowing the rules. STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES FOR BEHAVIOR ON SCHOOL GROUNDS AND AT SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: 1. Follow directions of all staff; do not talk back or argue. This includes any staff member who is not your teacher. 2. Treat adults and other students with respect and courtesy. Physical harassment, verbal harassment, and threats are not allowed. 3. Behave in a way that doesn’t interfere with anyone’s education or safety, including your own. 4. Respect each other’s property, respect school and community property. 5. Use appropriate, polite language and speak in a normal volume; do not make loud noises. 6. Leave snow, rocks, and any other items you might throw on the ground. 7. Do not leave class without teacher permission and a pass. 8. Do not leave school grounds unless parent permission has been received by an office staff member and you have signed out in the front office. 9. Public display of affection (holding hands, hugging, kissing, etc.) is not appropriate at school and is not allowed. HALLWAY BEHAVIOR The purpose for passing period is to move from one classroom to another, to get any supplies you need out of your locker, and to quickly use the restroom or get a drink of water. This is not the time to stand around and talk. Be courteous and use good manners in the hall. No running, no pushing, no shoving, no littering, keep your hands to yourself. LUNCH BEHAVIOR 1. You should get your lunch or money and your coat before going to lunch. You may use the restrooms near the cafeteria. 2. No cutting in line or passing money to others in line. 3. Use good table manners while eating lunch; you must stay seated. 4. Eating is allowed only in the cafeteria. Food should not be taken out to the basketball court/track/field play area. 5. If you are not eating, you will be asked to go outside. The cafeteria must be cleaned up for the next group coming to lunch. 6. All students are responsible for helping to keep the cafeteria clean. You may be asked to pick up litter in your surrounding area. 7. Once you leave the cafeteria, you must stay outside and not come back into the cafeteria. Make sure you are dressed to go outside. Stay within the boundaries until the bell rings to return to class. 8. District 11 and Galileo School of Math and Science have a closed campus policy. This means you may not leave school grounds at lunchtime unless you are with a parent or guardian and have signed out in the front office.

BUS BEHAVIOR Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. You must have your student ID card with you everyday to ride the bus. Inappropriate behavior may cause you to lose your privilege to ride the bus. Be at your bus stop 10 minutes before the pick up time. Ride only the bus you are assigned to ride. Obey all District 11 bus rules for behavior. DISCIPLINE Galileo School of Math and Science uses a discipline system of consequences for inappropriate behavior and for breaking rules. Specific consequences depend on the investigation of the situation and the student’s history of breaking rules. Consequences that might be used are: reprimand, parent phone call or meeting, detention during lunch or before/after school, in-school suspension, cleaning up, apology (written or verbal), suspension, and referral for expulsion. Parents will be notified by phone prior to a student serving detention outside school hours. At that time, students will make arrangements for transportation with their parents. Note: District policy indicates that detention is not to exceed 60 minutes in duration. BULLYING No form of bullying is tolerated at Galileo School of Math and Science and will result in disciplinary action, which may include suspension. SEXUAL HARASSMENT Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination. It is a violation of District 11 policy for any student to harass another student or staff though behavior or communication (verbal or written) of a sexual nature. Students will be disciplined for sexually harassing another student. It is a possibility that criminal charges could be filed in cases of sexual harassment. PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION Students shall refrain from displays of affection in the school setting. Physical display of affection that is determined to be inappropriate by staff members or serves as a distraction to the learning environment (distracts students or adults) will not be tolerated. ITEMS NOT ALLOWED AT SCHOOL – any items that disrupt the learning environment as determined by the principal or his designee. All district policies will apply and include: 1. Personal electronics such as iPods, cell phones, CD players, Video Games, pagers, laser pointers etc. 2. Games, toys, and hobby items such as dice, trading cards (except in after-school clubs), balloons, water squirters, cap-firing devices, etc. 3. Skateboards, scooters, and in-line skates are not permitted at Galileo. 4. Flammable items such as firecrackers, matches, cigarette lighters, or any item that could be considered dangerous. 5. Footballs, basketballs, etc. (school provides these during lunch break for recreational use).

CELL PHONES and ELECTRONICS Galileo School of Math and Science understands that cell phones are a vital communication and safety link between students and their families. Students who have cell phones in their possession at school are required to keep ringers turned off and phones put away at all times. Students who need to contact parents regarding illness or school business are required to utilize school telephones for this purpose. The Galileo policy regarding cell phones which ring inside the building, as well as phones which are out during school hours is as follows: 9 1st time phone is confiscated: turned in to the main office and can be picked by the student at the end of the day 9 2nd time phone is confiscated: turned in to the main office, phone call home by the teacher, and student can pick it up at the end of the day 9 3rd time phone is confiscated: turned in to the main office, phone call home by the teacher, and a parent will need to pick the phone up from the main office. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR WEAPONS, DRUGS AND ALCOHOL Any student found to be in possession of a deadly weapon or look-alike weapon including guns, knives, martial arts equipment, clubs and canes or controlled substances including tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, etc. will be automatically suspended from school with a possibility of referral to central administration and/or police involvement.

GENERAL INFORMATION BICYCLES Bicycles may be parked and locked up in the bike rack. We recommend that students use a lock to secure their bikes. The school is not responsible for damage or theft of bicycles or parts. You may not ride bikes on school grounds for safety reasons. Student Services Each student has a counselor assigned according to grade level. Counselors can help you in a variety of ways to be successful in school. Counselors work with students in classrooms, in small groups or individually. If you need to see a counselor, come to the student support center and sign up for an appointment. This should be done during times that do not interfere with class.

DRESS CODE Students should use good judgment in their choice of clothes for school. Students’ choice of clothing should not interfere with work or study or cause disorder in the classroom. Clothing deemed inappropriate by school officials will not be allowed, regardless of whether it causes a disruption. You may not wear the following during regular school hours: short running or athletic shorts • muscle shirts as outer wear • sleeveless shirts with shoulders narrower than two inches • cut-off T-shirts or half-shirts • fishnet tops unless worn over a T-shirt • halters, midriffs and see-through tops (as outerwear) • sunglasses or hats • non-ear piercings (e.g. lip, nose, facial piercings) • cut-offs • rubber flip-flop shoes • bedroom slippers or pajamas or loungewear • spandex or similar tight outfits as outerwear • no “unnatural” hair color (blue, green, etc.) • no distracting haircuts, (e.g. Mohawks, spikes longer than 1 inch, etc.) • sagging or backless clothes • outfits that inappropriately bare or expose traditionally private parts of the body including but not limited to stomach, buttocks, and breasts • clothes, paraphernalia, jewelry, or body adornment that contain advertisements, symbols, words, slogans, patches or pictures that are sexually suggestive; gang, drug, or alcohol related; obscene, profane, promote hate, or are disruptive to the learning environment • outfits that expose underwear (bra straps, boxer shorts) • to determine appropriate length for skirts and shorts, let your arms rest at your sides. The clothing item must be no shorter than the reach of your longest finger. Occasionally, dress code concerns arise which are not directly addressed in the school rules. School administrators will review such concerns individually and will make a decision as to the appropriateness of a clothing item or accessory. FOOD AND DRINK Food and drink are allowed only in the cafeteria during breakfast and lunch unless special permission has been given. Food and drink are not to be taken outside to the playground after lunch. Food and drink are prohibited inside the building except when kept in a lunch bag/box and when a teacher sponsors and supervises lunch/snacks in the classroom. IDENTIFICATION CARDS (I.D.) You will be given an ID card when your school picture is taken. This is used for checking out library books, riding the bus, purchasing lunch and for half-price admission for school events. You should have it with you and visible at all times. The replacement cost is $5.00 per ID.

ILLNESS If you are sick, get a pass from your teacher and come to the main office. Staying in the restroom when you are sick is not allowed. You may lie down for up to ten minutes, then you must return to class or go home. If you are going home, office staff must talk with a parent to get permission to let you go home and you must sign out in the main office. Do not call home from a classroom or a cell phone when you are sick!

INTRAMURAL ACTIVITIES AND SPORTS (before and after school) Chess Club Yearbook Honor Society Science Olympiad Triathlon Club Basketball Arts and Crafts Trading Card Clubs

Student Council History Day Math Meets Science Bowl Battle of the Books Board Games Golf Club

All Stars Graphic Novel Writing Math Counts Science Fair Study Lab Floor Hockey Bicycling Club

LOST AND FOUND If you lose something, report it to your teacher immediately and check with the front office. You should not bring valuable items or large amounts of money to school. LOCKERS Lockers are the property of the school. Students will be given a locker to share for coats and lunches only. Students will need a backpack (without wheels) for carrying books from class to class. BREAKFAST / LUNCH Galileo serves breakfast each day, beginning 30 minutes before school starts. Breakfast is $1.15. You may bring your own lunch or buy lunch in the cafeteria. Hot lunch costs $2.10. Lunches may be bought in advance for a week or month, etc. Free and reduced-price lunches are available for those who qualify. Forms to apply for free and reduced-price meals are available in the counseling center. New free/reduced meal applications must be filled out at the beginning of each school year. Your must have your ID to purchase food in the cafeteria. MEDICATION If you have prescription medicine that must be taken during school hours, the medicine should be left in the main office in the original bottle with the prescription information and the doctor’s name on it. A permission form must be signed by your parent and your doctor to give the school staff permission to give you the medicine. If you will be taking medication at school, the doctor’s order and the medication must be left in the main office. School staff are not allowed to give any other medicines to students, including pain relievers, cold medicine.

SNOW DAYS If school is closed or on a late start because of weather, it will be announced on all radio and television stations. If you do not hear about School District 11 on the radio or television (Adelphia Channel 16), we will be having school at the regular time. If weather conditions cause school to be closed early, it will be announced on the radio and television. Students will be sent home two hours early. You should have already made a plan with your parents about what to do when there is an early dismissal; this plan should be written on the “Early Dismissal” form and will be kept by your homeroom teacher. Any updates to the District’s Inclement Weather policy will be published in the school newsletter. SPORTS Students are expected to show courteous behavior while participating in any sport. Students are also expected to show manners at any athletic event they are watching. TELEPHONE Office phones are for school-related business only. If you are sick or injured, you must use the phone in the main office to call a parent. Arranging rides home, or getting permission to go to a friend’s house, etc. should be done before you get to school. Please keep your call short to be courteous to other students. VISITORS Parent/guardians are welcome to visit any time after first checking in at the main office. Students from other schools are not allowed to visit unless they have their parent/guardian with them. WALKING TO AND FROM SCHOOL You are expected to obey all traffic signals and signs and use the crosswalks. Do not walk in the street. Please be courteous and respectful of our neighbors’ property.

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