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MENOROT (7-BRANCHED CANDELABRAS) JJMC017-00 M Menorah, Temple Style, SSilver Plated, 8” | $89.00

JMC020-00 Classic Temp Temple Style Menorah Silver Silv & Gold Plated, 17” | $300.00

JMC016-00 16-00 Menorah, rah “Prime”, “Prime” 24kg plated, 12” | $349.00

JMC018-00 Menorah, “Royal” Silver & Gold plated, 11.5” | $139.00


JMC012-00 Menorah, Enamel, Twelve Tribes Brass, Large, 9.6” | $69.00

JMC001-00 Menorah, Twelve Tribes Brass, Giant, 18.4” | $179.00

JMC014-00 Menorah, Arch/Twelve Tribes/Grafted-in Brass, Giant, 16.8” | $149.00

JMS010-00 Menorah, Antiq Antique Style Brass, Giant, 16” 1 | $135.00

YMG005-00 Menorah, Twelve Tribes Brass, Large, 6.4” | $29.00

J JMM002-00 M Menorah, “Yeshua” in Hebrew C Cast silver, Gold plated hig highlights, 7.2” High | $39.00


JMO002-00 Menorah, Temple Style Brass, Small, 3.6” | $9.00 JMO001-00 e Menorah, Temple Style 29.00 Brass, Large, 8.0” | $29.00

Including new collection


MENOROT (7-BRANCHED CANDELABRAS) MEK001-00 Menorah, Beautiful Intricate design with Enamel Highlights and stones, 8” | $149.00

MSK001-00 Small Menorah, 4.5”x3.5” x3.5” | $12.00

MSK002-00 0 Small Shalom om Menorah silver color, r, 4.5” | $12.00 2.00

MSK003-00 MSK 00 Small Shalom Sma alom Menorah Gold color, Gol or, 4.5” | $12.00 4.5 2.00

MSK006-00 Small Jerusalem Enamel namel Menorah Gold Color, r, 4.5” | $12.00

JMC007-00 Menorah, Star of David Brass, Regular, Regular 6.8” | $49.00

MSK004-00 MSK004 0 Menorah Small Shalom Sh copper ccolor, $12.00 4.5” | $

JMC009-00 Menorah, Grafted-in Brass, Regular, 6.5” | $56.00

MSK005-00 Menorah, Patina (aged ( Copper) style, 8” | $39.00


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"SHABBAT" (SABBATH) SABBATH CANDLE HOLDERS AND CANDLES HCK008-00 Colorful Jerusalem Salt & Pepper shakers, 3” High | $15.00

JCA015-00 Colorful Jerusalem Cup up With Plate, 6” High | $25.00

HCK007-00 Colorful Jerusalem Candle Holders, 4.5” High | $19.00

HCK005-00 HCK0 White Whit Jerusalem ceramic Cup with plate, cera 6” High | $25.00 H HCK004-00 Portable Jerusalem Shabat at Candle set 925.Silver (Complete with two Candles) | $49.00

HCK006-00 White Jerusalem ceramic Candle holders, 4.5”High | $19.00

HCK001-00 Classic Silver Silv Candle Holders without tray, tra 7” High | $23.00 HCK002-00 H Classic Silver Candle Holders/ C With Tray, 12” Long | $39.00 W

JSK002-00 “Jerusalem Walls” Candle Ca dle Holders olde s | $29.00 $ 9.00

HCK003-00 HCK Brass Bras Safardic Candle Holders ,9.5” ,9.5 High | $29.00

JJSK012-00 SStar of David Candle Holders, Gold and Silver Highlights, 7” | $49.00 G

JSC010-00 Star Of David, Silver Plated 0 Candle Holders, 7” | $44.00

JSC011-00 JS Olive-wood Candle O holders, 10” | $34.00 h

JSC007-00 Candlesticks, “Grafted-in”, n”, Brass, 6.0” | $50.00


JSK015-00 Candlesticks, Grape Leaf, Silver ver Plate, 6.0” | $50.00 50.00

New to our collection "SHABBAT"

"SHABBAT" (SABBATH) "KIDDUSH" (BLESSING) CUPS AND COMMUNION SETS YHS015-00 rape Leaf, Silver Cup w. Plate, Grape gh | $34.00 Plated, 6.3” High

YHS01 YHS019-00 “Royal” Cup w. Plate, Sterling Sil“Roya ver, G Gold Highlights Cup 6” High, Plate 5.5” dia. | $119.00

JKA007-00 Communion Set, 7 pieces es Silver Plated, 3.4” High,, 11.0” Plate | $43.00

JJKA023-00 Communion Set, “Jerusalem C Walls” Silver Plated | $55.00 W

JCS001-00 Candles, Handmade, Dripless, 10.0” Colors vary | $7.00/Pair

JJCS003-00 Sabbath Candle Set (12 pieces), 5.5” | $15.50

JSC004-00 Shabbat Candle Set (4 candles) 6.5” | $5.50 JCA014-00 Challa (Sabbath Bread) Cover, Wine/Grapes, Embroidered 16” high. |$17.00

JSC005-00 Shabbat Candle Set (72 candles) 4” | $32.00


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BIBLICAL/JEWISH HOLIDAYS "HAVDALA" (END OF SABBATH) LINE JHS002-00 Havdala Candle #2 w. 00 Fragrance, 10” | $15.00 JHA002-00 Havdala Set, 4 Pcs., Silver-plated, plated, 9” High, 7” Dia. | $83.00 JH JHS001-00 Havdala Candle #1 w. Ha Fragrance, 10” | $15.00 Fr

"CHANUKAH" (FEAST OF DEDICATION, JOHN 10:22)) YHH003-00 Chanukah Candles, 45 , Gold or Silver Design | $9.00

YHH002-00 Chanukah Candle set oose Blue/ (45 Candles), 5.5” Choose white or Multicolor | $9.00

JCO001-00 C Chanukiah, Classic, Brass, 17.2” | $167.00

JCO002-00 Chanukiah, Chanukiah Classic, Brass, Silver Colo Color. 17.2” | $167.00

"PESACH" (PASSOVER) JCA017-00 Matza cover, Embroidered, Jerusalem City | $45.00

JCA016-00 Afikoman Cover , Embroidered Jerusalem City | $20.00

JSC009-00 Chanukiah, Antique, Pewter, 8.0” | $29.00

BPS0 BPS004-00 “Hag “Haggadah for Passover” Hebrew & Engl English Hard Cover 127pp | $80.00

BBR001-00 Messianic Hagada booklet | $6.00

YHP003-00 Passover Plate, Bronzetone, 12” | $35.00 YHP010-00 “Elijah’s” Cup, Ceramic, 6” | $14.00


JP JPA001-00 Pa Passover Plate, Nickel,12” | $41.00


New to our collection

HAND-CRAFTED CERAMICS SHT007-00 7pce Passover Set, 12” Diameter | $49.00

SMT006-00 Ceramic Mezuzah | $7.00

SP SPT005-00 Ho land plate, Holy 10 10.5” Diameter | $12.00

SPT002-00 The Lord’s Prayer, 10.5” Diameter | $12.00 SPT003-00 5 Loaves and 2 Fish plate, 10.5” Diameter | $12.00

SPT004-00 Shalom plate, 10.5” Diameter | $12.00

SPT001-00 Jerusalem plate, plate 10.5” Diameter | $12.00

SGT001-00 Fish & Loaves Goblet small, 5.5” High | $10.00 SGT002-00 Jerusalem Goblet, blet, 6” High | $15.00 .00 SHT001-00 Shabbat set. Candle sticks with plate | $20.00

ANCIENT LAMP REPLICAS ALK004-00 Byzantine Lamp #1 | $6.00

ALK007-00 Davidic Lamp | $6.00

ALK003-00 Herodian Lamp | $6.00

ALK005-00 Byzantine Lamp #2 | $6.00

ALK001-00 Canaanite Lamp | $6.00 ALK002-00 Samaritan Lamp | $6.00

ALK001-11 Set of all 6 lamps | $29.00

ALK006-00 10 Extra wicks. | $6.00


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OWN001-00 Olive Wood Nativity Set 3.5” (9cm) | $24.00 OWC001 OWC001-00 Olive Wood Wo Cross 2” (5cm) | $1.00

OWN002-00 Olive Wood Nativity Set 6.5”x9” (32cm x 16 cm) | $41.00

OWF001-00 “Shepherd & Sheep” Olive Wood Figure 6 ¾” (17cm) | $46.00

OWB002-00 OWB002 Olive Wood Wo Praying Hands 6 ¼” (16cm) | $24.00 OWB001-00 Olive Wood Praying Hands with King James Bible 7” (18cm) | $98.00

OWF003-00 Joshua & Caleb Olive Wood Figure 8” (20cm) | $162.00

OWP001-00 “Jesus” Olive ve Wood Plaque | $17.00



New to our collection

AMY SHEETREET CAS003-02 Butterfly Mosaic Greetings Cards, Set of 4 | $10.00

CAS003-00 For unto us a Child is Born Mosaic Greetings Cards, Set of 4 | $10.00

CAS003-05 God So Loved The World g Cards,, Set of 4 | $10.00 $ Mosaic Greetings

CAS003-03 S003-03 The e God Who Sees Mosaic Greetings Cards, Set of 4 | $10.00

CAS003-06 Creation Menorah Mosaic Greetings Cards, Set of 4 | $10.00

CAS003-07 07 Thank You u Mosaic Greetings Cards, Set of 4 | $10.00

PAS001-02 New Creation Butterfly, Mosaic Print 9.5”x13.5” | $9.00

PAS001-01 Five Sparrows, Mosaic Print 9.5”x13.5” | $9.00

PAS001-03 Ruth, Mosaic Print 9.5”x13.5” | $9.00


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PRINTS PBL012-01 Blessing for the House Medium 11” x 14”, gold embossed | $17.50

PBL012-00 Blessing for the House Small 9” x 11”, gold embossed | $12.00

PBL006-00 Reunite Our People 9” x 11”, gold embossed | $12.00

PBL001-00 Pray for the Peace 9” x 11”, gold embossed | $12.00

PBL019-00 Sunset over Israel 9” x 11”, gold embossed | $12.00

PBL008-00 The Old City 9” x 11”, gold embossed | $12.00

PBL009-00 The Year of the Dove 9” x 11”, gold embossed | $12.00


PBL009-01 The Year of the Dove Medium 11” x 14”, gold embossed | $17.50

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New to our collection


MSI002-00 Bumper Sticker (“I love Israel”) | $0.99

MSI001-00 Bumper Sticker (“Be Strong and Courageous”) | $0.99

MSI003-00 Bumper Sticker (“Am Israel Chai”) | $0.99

COP001-00 Letter Opener, Olive Wood, Star of David/Cross, 9” | $14.00 COP002-00 Letter Opener, Olive Wood, “Grafted-In,” 9” | $14.00

COP003-00 Letter Opener, Olive Wood, Menorah, 9” | $14.00

W WHD004-00 W Hang, Grafted –In, Wall M Maroon, 17”x12” | $29.00

STO001-00 Genuine Printed Torah Scroll Olive Wood Handles, 18” Total | $99.00

WHD003-00 Wall Hang, Grafted –In,, Navy | $29.00

GSB003-00 Page Marker, David’s Harp 24k Gold-plated, 1.7” | $12.00 GSB004-00 Page Marker, Menorah 24k Gold-plated, 1.7” | $12.00

GSB002-00 Page Marker, 12 Spies 24k Gold-plated, 1.9” | $12.00 GSB001-00 Page Marker, “Grafted-in,” 24k Gold-plated, 2.2” | $12.00

PPL001-00 Poster, “Adam to Jesus Family Tree”, 27”x 38” | $14.00

SMS001-00 Israel Satellite Map two-sided 14x40 laminated | $14.00

MESSIANIC KETUBAH (JEWISH MARRIAGE CONTRACT) PPK001-00 Gorgeous Messianic Ketubah, Hebrew/English Hand finished with 14k Gold by artist Hanna Wills, 12.5” x 18.0” | $89.00

PPK002-00 Ketubah as in PPK001, customized by artist in Hebrew and English Your names, dates, witnesses, etc. | $110.00


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MAGNETS S AND KEY CH CHAINS 0 CMT003-00 Magnet, 12 Spies, 00 2.7” | $4.00

CMT001-00 Magnet, Jerusalem at Night, 3.8” | $4.00 .00 CMT002-00 Magnet, Modern Jerusalem, 3.9” | $4.00

CMT005-00 Magnet, Noah’ss Ark, 2.5” | $4.00

CMT006-00 CM Magnet, Israel M Map, 2.6” | $4.00 M

C CMT004-00 M Magnet, Hebrew A Alphabet, 2.5” | $4.00

CMT011-00 Magnet, Grafted-In, 3.8” | $4.00

CMT007-00 Magnet, Sea Of Galilee, 3” | $4.50

CMT010-00 Magnet, Shalom/ Doves, 3” | $4.00

CMT014-00 Magnet, Menorah/ Israel | $4.00

CMT012-00 Magnet, Fish & Loaves, 3.9” | $4.00 0

CMT013-00 Magnet, Star of David/ Israel, 3.8” | $4.00

CMT016-00 Magnet Last Supper 3.8” 3.8 | $4.00

CMT015-00 CM Magnet, Jerusalem Ma Arch, 3.8” | $4.00 Ar

CMT017-00 Magnet, Galilee/ Holyland | $4.00

OWM001-00 O Magnet, “God Bless Our M Home”, Olive Wood | $4.00 H

OWM003-00 O Magnet, “Israel” Olive Wood | $4.00 M



New to our collection

KEY CHAINS CKT007-00 “I love Israel”, Enamel Key Chain | $4.00 CKT006-00 Fish & Loaves Mosaic, Mosaic Enamel Key Chain | $4.00

CKT001-00 Grafted-in, Enamel Key Chain | $5.00

CKT005-00 CKT00 “Galilee “Galile Experience”, Enamel Ename Key Chain | $5.00

CKT003-00 “Menorah”, Enamel Key Chain | $5.00 5.00

back bac side

CKT009-00 Lion of Judah Jerusalem Key Chain | $5.00

CKT002-00 Israel, Enamel Key Chain | $5.00

GKS001 GKS0 Key Chain ,“Grafted-in”, Pewter, Pewt Spinner | $4.00

CKT004-00 Key Chain, “Star of David” | $5.00 GSK001-01 GSK001-04 Key Chain , “Grafted-in” Red | $2.50 Key Chain , “Grafted-in” Purple | $2.50

CKT010-00 Fish Key Chain | $5.00 0

GSK001-03 Key Chain , “Grafted-in” Blue | $2.50

CKT011-00 Grafted-In Jerusalem Key Chain | $5.00

GSK001-02 Key Chain , “Grafted-in” Green | $2.50

PINS PLA006-00 Lapel Pin USA/Israel | $3.00

PLA012-00 Lapel Pin Germany/Israel /I l | $3.00 $3 0

PLA010-00 Lapel Pin UK/Israel srael | $3.00 $3 00 PLA008-00 Lapel Pin Finland/Israel | $3.00

PLA014-00 Lapel Pin France/Israel La /I l | $3.00 $3 00

PLA013-00 Lapel Pin Netherlands/Israel | $3.00

PLA007-00 PL Lapel Pin Israel | $3.00 La

PLA011-00 Lapel Pin Norway/Israel | $3.00

PLA017-00 Lapel Pin Australia/Israel | $3.00

PLA025-00 Lapel Pin Canada/Israel | $3.00

PLA022-00 Lapel Pin Jerusalem Lion Seal | $3.00

PLA024-00 Lapel Pin, I love Israel | $3.00

CLG001-00 Grafted in Lapel Pin,, Gold or Silver, 1.25” | $2.50

If you can’t see your country here please visit our website for more lapel pins (Souvenirs category, Lapell Pins subcategory). b

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GJF001-00 Jerusalem Flag, 32” x 24” | $7.00

GSF002-00 Israel Flag on Stand, 9” high, 6.5” wide | $4.50 4.50

GJF003-00 Jerusalem Flag with Pole 18” high 12” wide | $5.50

GJF002-00 Jerusalem Flag, 44” x 32” | $11.00

GSF007-00 Israel Flag, 44” x 32” | $10.00

GSF008-00 Israel Flag, 60” x 44” | $13.00

GSF009-00 Israel Flag, 88” x 60” | $29.00

GSF006-00 Israel Flag, 32” x 24” | $5.50

BEAUTIFUL PURE SILK, HAND DYED WORSHIP STREAMERS WSS002-00 Kingdom of God (“Malchut Elohim”) 76” long | $22.00

WSS001-00 River of Life (“Nahal Chaim”), $2 76” long | $22.00

WSS003-00 Fire of the Spirit (“Esh haRuach”), 76” long | $22.00

WSS004-00 Holiness (“Kadusha”), 76 long | $22.00 76”

WSS005-00 Lion of Judah (“Arie Yehudah”), 76” long | $22.00 WSS006-00 The Heavens (“HaShamayim”), 76” long | $22.00

W WTS001-00 T Tambourine Star of David, Wood, S Streamers, 12”| $29.00 WTS002-00 6.50 Tambourine Fish 12” Purple | $36.50 WTS002-01 6.50 Tambourine Fish 12” White | $36.50


New to our collection


THE BELIEVERS MRB001-00 “Ancient Gates”, Music CD | $18.00 Avner and Rachel Boskey live in the Negev desert of Israel, near biblical Beersheva. Their music reflects ancient and modern Middle Eastern sounds, and focuses on intercessory prayer with a strong prophetic element.

MDC001-00 “The Fisherman from Galilee”, Music CD | $18.00

MDC002-00 “Sailing on Faith” Music CD | $24.00

Daniel Carmel is a native-born (Sabra) Israeli believer who came to the Lord taking Christian tour groups on the Sea of Galilee, as a boat captain. Daniel began leading worship on the boats, and this CD is a compilation of his best songs, many of them famous Christian songs translated into Hebrew. Daniel now has his own boat company called Galilee Worship Boats. He is the only believing captain on the Sea of Galilee. On your next trip to Israel be sure to ask for Daniel’s boat.

Irit Iffert is a young Israeli singer, a believer in Yeshua since 1999, living in Jerusalem. Some of the lyrics grew out of pain, sadness and confusion, others are the fruit of joy and submission to the Lord, and all are according to God’s will and direction and for His glory. Irit’s vision is to keep singing, both at live concerts and on CDs, and to be a tool used by God to reach and direct people to Yeshua and to encourage them to walk with Him daily by faith.

MSA001-00 “Melodies of the Kingdom” Instrumental Music | $26.00

MSA002-00 “Seek His Face Continually” Instrumental CD | $18.00

MRB002-00 “Old and New” Music CD | $18.00

MII001-00 “The Sound I’ve Been Looking For,” Music CD | $18.00

MII003-00 “Reflection” Music CD | $18.00

Sasha and Anya Povarshni live in the town of Carmiel in the Galilee area. They are the worship leaders for “Haderech” (The Way) Congregation. They have recorded five CDs in Russian and Hebrew. Their main focus is to bring the Children of God to a closer relationship with him through music and worship.

Branch of Israel is a believer family owned business in the heart of the Galilee. The Boer family made “Aliyah” (coming home to Israel) from America in early 2006. In their fascination with Israel, one of the things they fell in love with were the olive trees. This new-found love, and an old one of herbs, blossomed into a lovely union of herbal olive oil products. This ointment has shown itself to have amazing healing properties in numerous cases already, for cuts, bites, rashes and all kinds of injuries. “When you purchase our products you can be assured that it is pure, truly natural and made with the finest ingredients. In addition, every purchase of Branch of Israel products helps to support believers in the land.” See Page 14 for other Branch of Israel products.


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THE BELIEVERS JKE001-00 Hand-written Mezuzah Klaf | $70.00

Eliezer Malachi was trained as a Scribe under Rabbinical authority, but it has been decreed by the Chief Rabbi of Beersheva that he is forbidden to sell his work because of expressing his faith in Yeshua HaMeshiach. His work is hand copied on parchment. This Mezuzah “Klaf” scroll goes inside your mezuzah and puts the Word of God on your doorpost as commanded in Deuteronomy 6:4-9.

Tina Nagar, Moshav Bustan HaGalil. Tina was living in Gaza until the “Expulsion.” These photos were taken in her garden in Gaza. Tina says: “I always loved photography and thought how nice it would be to take pictures and write scripture and other inspirational verses on them. I even had a name for the business - Nomad! Today this is a reality; but the journey is not at all what I expected. These photographs are a sampling of the flowers which grew in the garden of our home, formerly located in Nisanit; a community in the Northern Gaza Strip. I hope that these pictures will be seen as a reflection of G-d’s faithfulness. He who builds anew from the broken pieces--the G-d of “Beauty for Ashes.”

CCN001-00 Photo Greeting Cards, Set of 8 | $18.00

Amy Sheetreet is a Jewish believer in Yeshua, living in Israel. Amy uses watercolor in her original designs, drawing inspiration from biblical scenes and Scripture verses. These cards are based on mosaic designs, as used in ancient times in Israel.

CAS001-00 “Halleluah” Mosaic Greetings Cards, Set of 8 | $16.00

CAS002-00 CA “Names of God” Mosaic “N Greetings Cards, Set of 8 | $16.00 Gr CAS003-00 “God’s Chosen People” Mosaic Greeting Cards, Set of 8 | $16.00

Hanna Wills is a Jewish believer who had a supernatural encounter with the Lord, after which she and her husband made “Aliyah” (Jewish people returning to their homeland). While studying Hebrew calligraphy with a Torah scribe in Jerusalem, Hannah founded “BERESHEET” meaning “in the beginning” (the Hebrew name for the book of Genesis). The company logo declares “in the beginning was the WORD” (John 1:1) Hannah’s desire is to develop designs that would encourage people to REALLY BELIEVE His Word and act upon it. See Page 29 for more products by Hanna Wills.

PHW003-00 “Aaharonic Blessing” Print on Art Paper, 18” | $15.00

Sharon and Neta live in Israel and are part of Carmel Congregation in the Haifa area. Each one of these banners has been carefully hand made by believers in the Land of Israel to bring glory to Yeshua. Each banner is unique and is created from carefully selected fabrics.

WBT001-00 WB Red Banner | $33.00 Re

WBT002-00 Blue Banner | $33.00 0


WBT003-00 Gold Banner | $33.00

New to our collection

MGN001-00 Kol Ba’Midbar | Mixing modern Messianic worship with traditional Jewish praise, Jonathan’s powerful, compassionate and soothing vocals call the listener into the presence of God, to worship the Holy One of Israel. Includes “Jerusalem of Gold” & “Kadosh” | $19.95

MGN002-00 The Restoration of Israel | Joel Chernoff, (of Lamb), the pioneer of messianic praise & worship creates a musical & lyrical longing in your heart to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the Restoration of Israel. Includes “Jew & Gentile” & “Holy Unto You” | $19.95

MGN003-00 Come Dance with Me | By Joel Chernoff (of Lamb) Messianic music pioneer, brings both Jewish & Gentile believers back to the roots of their faith to worship at the feet of Yeshua. Includes “Baruch Adonai” & the messianic classic “The Sacrifice Lamb” | $19.95

MGN004-00 Worship in Jerusalem | By King of Kings Assembly. Recorded live in the heart of the ancient city of Jerusalem. Features worship leaders Chuck King and Ann Hilsden. Includes “Mi Kamocha Adonai”, “Kol Dodi” & “Out of Our Hearts” | $19.95

MGN005-00 Festival of Lights | By Marty Goetz Hear the soothing vocals of Messianic Psalmist Marty Goetz, as he celebrates our Messiah’s birth, the ultimate festival of light at this special time of year. | $19.95

MGN006-00 GoThroughtheGates|ByBarry&Batya Segal. This follow-up to “Sh’ma Yisrael blends ancient sounds and ethnic rhythms with modern messianic worship in both Hebrew and English. The music draws the listener to the Messiah Yeshua. Includes “On Your Walls O Jerusalem” & “Go Through the Gates” | $19.95

MGN007-00 Heart for Israel Worship | Vol. 3 by Various Galilee Artists Features 17 favorite Galilee of the Nations Messianic Praise and Worship songs, over 70 minutes of Music. Includes the top Heart for Israel recording artists in the world. Includes “Zealous Over Zion”, “Lay Your Hands on Me” & “Bless the Name Yeshua” | $19.95

MGN008-00 For Zion’s Sake I Will Not Be Silent | By Various Galilee Artists From the producers of “Adonai” & “Elohim” this CD includes 10 Galilee Artists, 19 songs and 78 minutes of music. Also included is a DVD of the powerful Holocaust Remembrance Anthem, “The Forgotten People”. Also includes “For Zion’s Sake”, “I Will Not be Silent”, “Your Name” & “Shalom” CD/DVD | $19.95

MGN009-00 The Road to Jerusalem | By Various Galilee Artists Celebrate with us as both Jew and Gentile worship the Lord as one new man in Messiah! Features the top Messianic Artists in the world including; Paul Wilbur, Marty Goetz, Joel Chernoff, Ted Pearce and Karen Davis. 19 sons include “The Road to Jerusalem”, “Praise Adonai” & “Wherever You Go (The Vow of Ruth)” | $19.95

MGN012-00 Messianic Violin | By Les Morrison This CD is a timeless collection of Messianic Praise & Worship from Galilee of Nations. Messianicclassicslike“Kadosh”,“Baruch Adonai”, “Jew and Gentile” and “Ma Navu” all played on violin with beautiful music production. You will be ushered into the presence of Adonai, the God of Israel. | $19.95

MGN013-00 Son of David | (Follow-up to ADONAI) Various Galilee Artists Experience the “Culture of Heaven” with worship from the believers living in the Land of Israel today. “Son of David” celebrates Israel’s 60th Anniversary as the follow up to the Internationally acclaimed CD from the LandofIsrael,“Adonai”whichcelebrated Israel Jubilee (Israel’s 50th Anniversary in 1998) | $19.95

MGN014-00 Hallelu Et Adonai | Praise the Lord by Ted Pearce and Be’er Sheva Ted Pearce and worship band Be’er Sheva have come together on this CD bringing an international blend of worship with a heart for Israel, in the Hebrew & English languages. You will be encouraged to pray for Israel while being taken to the feet of Yeshua (Jesus), the Holy One of Israel. | $19.95

MGN015-00 Israel My Beloved| Songs from the Secret Place by Karen Davis. This CD by Karen Davis (Yeshua, Sar Shalom) draws the believer into the shelter of the Almighty, that intimate place to seek Him with unveiled face, where the listener can experience the love and spiritual longing the Bridegroom has for His Bride. From the Land of Israel recorded in both the English and Hebrew languages. Karen David is the worship leader of Carmel Assembly (Kehilat HaCarmel) a Messianic congregation located on the top of Mount Carmel in Haifa Israel | $19.95

MGN016-00 Adonai: The Power of Worship from the Land of Israel | Various Artists. Blending English and Hebrew, ADONAI weaves modern world music with the history and the culture of Israel, taking you on a journey of powerful worship. ADONAI is the first album ever recorded by believers in the Land of Israel with worldwide distribution. Many of these songs are sung weekly in Messianic Jewish congregations across the Holy Land | $19.95

MGN017-00 Zealous Over Zion | Ted Pearce. Musician Ted Pearce, a Gentile believer, is an unlikely servant of God. A devout atheist, Ted grew up playing in rock bands and mocking God. In order to refute the claims of Christianity, he plunged into the Scriptures, only to be transformed by the accuracy of prophecy and the compassion of Yeshua (Jesus) who Ted recognized as the Jewish Messiah and Savior of the world. Now, Ted’s music celebrates God’s miraculous triumph over His enemies as he offers worship and praise to the Holy One of Israel. | $19.95




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THE BEST MESSIANIC MUSIC MGN018-00 The Feast of Tabernacles | Chuck King. Recorded LIVE in Jerusalem during the Feast of Tabernacles this music brings the believer back to the ancient Jewish roots of the Christian faith. Passionate worship in Hebrew & English mixed with the history and culture of Israel reflect the heart of His remnant towards the Messiah, Yeshua! (Jesus). | $19.95

MGN019-00 The Lord Roars From Zion | Songs of the Warrior Bride by Karen David. International recording artist Karen Davis brings forth a vibrant blend of Messianic Praise & Worship, recorded in the Holy Land in the Hebrew and English languages (one song includes Arabic as well). Much of the music was born on the top of Mount Carmel in northern Israel during the Nation’s 60th Anniversary year. These “Songs of the Warrior Bride” reflect the heart & soul of the believers living in Israel today. | $19.95

MGN020-00 Yeshua: Experience Worship from the Galilee of Israel | Karen Davis. As you listen and worship with the music of Karen Davis (recorded in the land of Israel, in both English and Hebrew), remember the words of YESHUA, as her songs share His living water with you. | $19.95

WORSHIP MUSIC FROM MESSIANIC ARTISTS IN THE LAND OF ISRAEL MJM001-00 “Bo Yeshua”, Messianic Artist Joshua Manarchuck | $18.00

MRS001-00 “Songs of the Bride,” Israeli Messianic Artist Ronen Shalom | $18.00

MFH001-00 “Sounds Of The Wellspring,” Messianic Artist Edi Michaescu Pan flute Instrumental | $18.00

MYT001 -00 “Yerubilee,”Messianic Roots Reggae from Jerusalem | $18.00

MMS001-00 Hebrew Messianic Songbook 230 songs w. Music, Hebrew, English Translation & Transliteration | $64.00

MMS011-00 2006 Messianic Song Book 173 New Songs in Hebrew and English | $29.00

MMS002-00 Same as MMS001 plus CD with 35 songs | $74.00

MRS002-00 “Mainrah” Music by Messianic artist Ronen Shalom | $24.00

MMS010-00 “Fruit of Zion” Messianic Songbook CD Set, 8 CDs with all 230 songs from MMS001 Songbook | $199.00

MCH003-00 “Fine Linen” by Carolyn Hyde, Music CD | $22.00

MCH002-00 Some of the Best of Carolyn Hyde, Music CD | $22.00

MCH004-00 “The Latter Rain” by Carolyn Hyde, Music CD | $22.00

ISRAELI FOLK MUSIC MID001-00 “Israel,” 26 All-time Greatest Israeli songs | $18.00

MID002-00 “Hava Nagila,” Hebrew Folk Music from the Sea of Galilee | $18.00

42 Visit our website to hear music samples

New to our collection


DVDs DID002-00 In The Footsteps of Jesus | $24.00

DJD002-00 Jewish Life Cycle | $24.00

DSD001-00 Seven Keys to Jewish life | $24.00

DJD001-00 Jesus According to the Gospel of John | $24.00

DSD002-00 The Story of the Dead Sea Scrolls | $24.00

DMD001-00 Masada | $24.00

DID001-00 Israel in 100 Minutes | $24.00

DHD001-00 History Of Jerusalem | $24.00

DBD001-00 Birth of the Nation | $24.00

DSD003-00 The Story of the Six Day War | $25.00

DAD001-00 Armagedon | $24.00

DTD001-00 Temple In Jerusalem | $24.00

DYD001-00 Yom Kipper War DVD | $25.00

DGE001-00 “The Galilee Experience” DVD Version 12 Languages, 38 Min, NTSC only | $11.00

DCD001-00 Clear Skies | $24.00

DHA004-00 Wars Of Israel DVD Take a Comprehensive look at Israel’s War-torn History Narration in 7 Languages, Running time 60 minutes | $24.00

DHA011-00 “Israel, Aerial Odyssey” Gorgeous aerial tour of the Land, 24 Min, NTSC only | $29.00


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LEARNING HEBREW HBG007-00 “Hebrew/English Transliterated Bible” Reach 90% Proficiency In reading Hebrew In one hour !!! | $49.95

HBG008-00 Transliterated New Testament The Greek and Hebrew Texts, Spelled with English Letters | $49.95

HBG006-00 “One Year Through The Torah,” John J. Parsons, Excellent study of weekly Torah Portions, with CD, 320pp | $39.95

HBG002-00 “Living Israeli Hebrew,” he Dr. Danny Ben-Gigi, For the d very beginner, with CD and 5 flash cards, 50pp | $39.95

HBG004-00 “First Steps in Hebrew Prayer,” Dr. Danny Ben-Gigi, For the very beginner, with CD, 90pp | $39.95 HBG001-00 Hebrew World, Dr. Danny Ben-Gigi Excellent Multimedia Course for the Beginner and Beyond | $39.95

HBG005-00 “Hebrew Word Pictures,” Dr. Danny Ben-Gigi, Does the Hebrew alphabet reveal prophetic truths?, with CD, 170pp | $39.95 HBG003-00 “Psalms of the Heart,” Dr. Danny Ben-Gigi, Intimate touch of Hebrew Psalms, with CD, 122pp | $39.95

BAS001-00 “Carta Bible Atlas,” Aharoni, Avi-Yonah, Rainey, Safrai Excellent Atlas, 271 Maps | $75.00


DVDAB-11 Complete Hebrew “Alef-Bet” DVD Series. Lifts up Yeshua HaMashiach as the “Alef” and the “Tav,” and the fullness of every letter in between, Volumes 1-6. | $75.00 BCN001-00 “Simply Israel,” T. Levine Recipes from Israel, 185pp | $25.00


New to our collection

BOOKS FROM THE LAND BES001-00 “Our Man in Damascus,” Eli Ben-Hanan The Story of Eli Cohen, Soft, 143pp | $17.00

BWP001-00 “Women at the Time of the Bile,” Miriam Feinberg Vamosh, Soft, 104 pp | $22.00

BHA003-00 “Life at the Time of Jesus,” Miriam Feinberg Vamosh, Soft, 104 pp | $25.00

BPS001-00 “The Book of Blessings” Includes Passover Haggadah.. Hebrew & English. Hard, 264pp | $40.00

GORGEOUS COFFEE TABLE BOOKS BDT001-00 “Flights into Biblical Archaeology” Albatross Aerial Photography, Hard. 255pp | $56.00

BAR005-00 “The Quest,” Leen Ritmeyer Illustrated study of the Temple Mount, Hard, 440pp | $75.00

BAR002-00 12 beautiful wall maps Covering the entire Bible epoch | $64.00

BAR004-00 Illustrated Calendar of Biblical Times 3000 B.CA.D.150 | $38.00

BAR001-00 Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Holy Temple Lavishly illustrated, comprehensive, Hard, 270pp | $75.00

PERENNIAL BEST SELLERS BCD001-00 “Miracles Among Muslims,” Christine Darg Muslims are receiving dreams and visions of Yeshua, Soft, 208pp | $15.00

BPT001-00 “God’s Tsunami,” Peter Tsukahira, Published prophetically BEFORE the great tsunami of 2005.| $16.00

BSM001-00 “Enter His Gates,” Susan Marcus Lavishly illustrated source on Jewish roots. Soft, 94pp | $20.00

BBS001-00 “Mountains of Israel,” Norma Archbold. Classic study of Ezekiel 35 & 36. Soft, 124pp | $12.00


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BOOKS FROM THE LAND BOOKS BY Messianic Believer, Bob Fisher. BCB001-00 Children of God, book by Bob Fisher | $16.50

BTB006-00 The Ways of the Way by Bob Fisher, Hard Cover | $24.00

BFB003-00 Full Circle, Book by Bob Fisher | $16.50

BDB004-00 The Door Where It Began, Book by Bob Fisher | $16.50

BPB005-00 Provision, Book by Bob Fisher | $12.00

BMB001-00 Messianic Seal, Book by Bob Fisher | $10.00

BIBLES HBB00 HBB004-00 Hebre Hebrew/English New Testa Testament- Hard Cover | $29.00

HBB001-00 Complete Hebrew/English Bible, Bonded Leather Cover Original Hebrew OT, Hebrew Translation NT, NKJV English | $145.00

HBB003-00 Hebrew/English New Covenant (New Testament) Prophecy Edition, Indicates the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies throughout text | $35.00

HBB002-00 Complete Hebrew/English Bible, Hard Cover, Original Hebrew OT, Hebrew Translation NT, NKJV English | $95.00

HBB005-00 Complete English King James Hardcover Bible with color photos from the Holy Land | $38.00

JYT002-00 er (Yad). Torah Pointer lver. 3.5” | $54.00 Solid 925 Silver. JYT001-00 The Torah Pointer ( ) Jerusalem. 9 $ . (Yad) 9.4” | $35.00

STO001-00 croll Complete Printed Hebrew torah Scroll Olive Wood Handles, 18” | $99.00


New to our collection Silk T-shirts

SILK T-SHIRTS The Best Selection of Silk T-shirts anywhere in Israel

M, TGS001-01 | L , TGS001-02 XL, TGS001-03 | XXL, TGS001-04 Species T-Shirt | $39.90

M, TGS003-01 | L, TGS003-02 XL, TGS003-03 | XXL, TGS003-04 Jerusalem T-Shirt | $39.90

M, TGS006-01 | L, TGS006-02 XL,TGS006-03 | XXL, TGS006-04 Pomegranates T-Shirt | $39.90

M, TGS002-01 | L, TGS002-02 XL, TGS002-03 | XXL, TGS002-04 Song of Solomon T-Shirt | $39.90

M, TGS007-01 | L , TGS007-02 XL TGS007-03 | XXL, TGS007-04 David’s Harp T-Shirt | $39.90

M, TGS004-01 | L, TGS004-02 XL, TGS004-03 | XXL, TGS004-04 Antique Pottery T-Shirt | $39.90

M, TGS005-01 | L, TGS005-02 XL,TGS005-03 | XXL, TGS005-04 Doves of Peace T-Shirt | $39.90


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SILK SCARVES AND TIES JSB002-00 nza Grafted in” Silk organza Scarf Blue | $19.00

JSB003-00 “Grafted in” Silk organza anza Scarf pearl | $19.00

JSB001-00 “Grafted in” Silk organza Scarf Purple | $19.00

Ask for Color Availability

BSS001 “Grafted-in” Biblical Scarf Available in Pearl (01), Purple (02), .00 Blue (03), Peach (04), and White (05) | $19.00

BS BSS003 Pr Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” Biblical Scarf Av Available in Pearl (01), Purple (02), Blue (03), Pe Peach (04), White (05) and Pink (06) | $19.00

NTE001-00 Pray for Jerusalem/Flag Necktie | $22.00


BSS002 “I am my Beloved’s” Biblical Scarf Available in Pearl (01), Purple (02), Blue (03), Peach (04), White (05) and Pink (06) | $19.00

NTE002-00 Pray for Jerusalem/Menorah Necktie | $22.00


New to our collection


M TAL001-01 | L, TAL001-02 M, XL, TAL001-03 | XXL, TAL001-04 X JJerusalem Of Peace T-shirt | $15.00 0 02-02 M, TAL002-01 | L, TAL002-02 L002-04 XL, TAL002-03 | XXL, TAL002-04 9 Grafted-In – Roman 11:19 T-Shirt | $15.00

M, TAL003-01 | L, TAL003-02 XL, TAL003-03 | XXL, TAL003-04 Israel Dove with Olive Branch | $15.00

M, TAL005-01 | L, TAL005-02 XL, TAL005-03 | XXL, TAL005-04 Israel/Jerusalem (Flag with Menorah) T-Shirt | $15.00

M, TAL0 TAL004-01 | L, TAL004-02 XL, TAL0 TAL004-03 | XXL, TAL004-04 Taste of Israel T-shirt | $15.00

TAL006-01 | L, TAL006-02 M, TAL TAL006-03 | XXL, TAL006-04 XL, TA of Peace T-shirt | $15.00 Dove o

M, TAL007-01 | L, TAL007-02 XL, TAL007-03 | XXL, TAL007-04 Lion & The Lamb T-shirt | $15.00 Back

M, FTM007-01 | L, FTM007-02 M 7-02 XL, FTM007-03 | XXL, FTM007-04 X M007 04 Tzahal (I.D.F) T-shirt | $15.00 T

M, FTA024-01 | L, FTA024-02 02 XL, FTA024-03 | XXL, FTA024-04 24-04 Lion of Judah T-shirt | $15.00 .00

M, FTA026-01 | L, FTA026-02 -02 XL, FTA026-03 | XXL, FTA026-04 026-04 Tabgha T-shirt | $15.00 | L, FTA027-02 M, FTA027-01 FTA0 FTA027-03 | XXL, FTA027-04 XL, FTA Hebrew Alphabet T-Shirt | $15.00

M, TAL014-01 | L, TAL014-02 XL, TAL014-03 | XXL, TAL014-04 Tabgha Embroidered T-shirt | $17.00

M, M TAL013-01 | L, TAL013-02 XL, X TAL013-03 | XXL, TAL013-04 Israel/Menorah Embroidered T-shirt | $17.00 T

M, TAL015-01 | L, TAL015-02 XL, TAL015-03 | XXL, TAL015-04 X I.D.F Embroidered T-shirt | $17.00 00

M, TAL016-01 | L, TAL016-02 02 XL, TAL016-03 | XXL, TAL016-04 016-04 Jerusalem/Camels Embroidered T-shirt | $17.00 7.00

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FCD002-00 Elite Instant Coffee, 7.0 oz. or 200gr. | $16.00

FCD001-00 Elite Turkish Coffee Mix, 3.5 oz. or 100gr. | $5.50

FTW002-00 Wissotzky Red Tea with Cinnamon & Vanilla (25 tea bags) caffeine free | $14.00

FTW001-00 Wissotzky Tea 100g (100 bags) | $17.00

FTW004-00 Wissotzky Passion Fruit & Mango Tea (25 tea bags) caffeine free | $14.00

FTW003 FTW003-00 00 Wissotzky Wild Berries Tea (25 tea bags) caffeine free | $14.00

FTW006-00 Wissotzky Peppermint Tea ( g ) caffeine free | $14.00 $ (25 tea bags)

FTW005-00 Wissotzky Strawberry & Banana Tea (25 bags) caffeine free | $14.00



New to our collection

FOOD AND CONDIMENTS FROM ISRAEL CONDIMENTS PRODUCED IN THE GALILEE FJA002-00 Pomegranate Delight , More fruit/less sugar, All natural (8.4 oz. or 240gr.) | $9.00

FJA004-00 Mango Preserves, More fruit/less sugar, All natural (8.4 oz. or 240gr.) | $9.00

FJA003-00 Fig Preserves , More fruit/less sugar, All natural (8.4 oz. or 240gr.) | $9.00

FJA006-00 Kiwi & Mango Preserves , More fruit/less sugar, All natural (8.4 oz. or 240gr.) | $9.00

FJA005-00 Strawberry Preserves , More fruit/less sugar, All natural (8.4 oz. or 240gr.) | $9.00

OTHER FOOD PRODUCTS FROM THE LAND FTD001-00 Tehina Mix, Middle-eastern n Sesame seed Dip. 17 oz. or 500gr. | $9.00 FHD001-00 Honey from the Golan, 7.0 oz. or 350gr. | $9.00

FFO001-00 Instant Felafel Mix, 6.3 oz. or 180gr. | $7.20

FSS001-00 Sea Salt, 7.0 oz. or 200gr | $4.50 FSZ001-00 Zatar Spice (Hyssop & Sesame Seeds), 3.5 oz. or 100gr. | $6.00

OLV008-00 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml (4.0 fl. oz.) | $15.00

OLV009-00 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Can 400 ml (@6.4 fl. oz.) | $17.00 OLV010-00 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750 ml (4.0 fl. oz.) | $24.00

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FOOD FDT005-00 Mustard Seeds, 120gr. | $4.50

FDT006-00 Pure Date Spread, ad, 450gr. | $5.00

FDT003-00 Pure Date Honey from 0 the Galilee, 370gr. | $6.00 0 FDT004-00 Dried Figs From the Galilee, 400gr. | $15.00

FDT002-00 m Fresh Dates from 0gr) | $11.00 the Galilee (250gr)

FDT001-00 Fresh dated from the Galilee (500gr) | $15.00

F FHD005-00 H Halva, 400gr | $5.00

FHA001-00 100gr. Halve Bar (Sesame seed snack bar) | $1.99



PLS047-00 The “Rivers of Living Water” 16 month Hebrew calendar. Rivers, Streams & Springs of Israel. Some of the most Beautiful photography of water sources in Israel. and scriptures | $11.95

PLS046-00 The “Biblical Art” 16 month Hebrew calendar. Classic Biblical art from Israel. See Israel through the eyes of an artist. | $13.95

The 2010/11 calendars at a discounted price of 50% off. These calendars are good through all of 2011.

PLS042-00 The Art calendar “Names of God” | $7.00 PLS045-00 The Photo calendar “Fortresses of Israel” | $6.00

Calendars Feature: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

All dates on the Jewish/Lunar and Gregorian/Solar calendar systems All major Biblical/Jewish and Israeli holidays marked and explained Weekly Torah and Haftarah Scripture portion references read in synagogues worldwide Calendars feature beautiful paintings or photographs from Israel based on Scriptures All pages are frameable Scripture art prints Large daily boxes for appointments, etc. Highest-quality design and printing PRODUCED AND PRINTED IN ISRAEL

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