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April 2018

M A ST E R I N D E TA I L S Galia Lahav’s Fashion House masters the art of creating high-end custom made gowns and evening wear. With the brand’s famous illusion backs, cascading silk tulle skirts, exclusive blended fabrics and it’s art of bodycontouring, Galia Lahav has created a brand, which is a household name in the fashion industry. Hand made by the top seamstresses in TLV, using the finest and most innovative sewing techniques. Find us in over 60 stores around the world, in the best boutique and department stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman-Marcus, Printemps, Browns, etc... that are known as great couture sellers.

PEOPLE BEHIND THE BRAND Galia Lahav is a world-renowned designer with over 30 years of establishment in haute couture dresses. Galia was born in Russia into a family of seamstresses. From a young age she has had a strong passion for sewing and designing. Through many years of teaching art she developed the desire to turn her artwork into fashion and soon after created her brand. She is presently considered to be one of world’s leading designers customizing lavish gowns for high profile celebrities and aristocratic women abroad. As her name is recognized worldwide, she always remains true to her origins as a designer showcasing romantic and dramatic elements through each captivating gown.

Sharon Sever, Galia Lahav's home designer, is a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Graduate and Fashion Diploma holder from the Paris American Academy. Sever Studied Art And Fashion In Paris and apprenticed in High Fashion (Haute Couture) in leading Parisian Fashion Houses, such as – Christian Lacroix, Pierre Balmain, Carven, Alaia, Balenciaga and others... Since this Millenniums’ early years he designed the Bridal Haute Couture line for the Spanish fashion house of Model Novias and from 2007 he and Lahav are working as a power design couple at the Galia Lahav house of couture.

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COUTURE EVENING Defining a couture collection to be high-end fashion with our signature sexy and delicate touch. We present two collections per year, during the Paris Couture fashion weeks. Don't Call Me Sugar Debut in Paris’ couture fashion week, January 2018. Cabinet De Curiosite Debut in Paris’ couture fashion week, July 2017. Victorian Affair Debut in Paris’ couture fashion week, January 2017. Previous evening couture wear collections: Nigh Flare Black Pearl Moonstruck

Victorian Affair P a r i s J a n u a r y 2 017

Grand Palais “Victorian Affair” was inspired by the Victorian era in England and by its parallel phase in france, “Le Belle Epoque”. These periods were characterized by changes and innovations in various fields, such as the Industrial Revolution. The day to day atmosphere was recognized with optimism and national security. In this context our collection is undoubtedly and proudly characterizing the Victorian era’s fashion, with a range of signature Victorian motifs dresses that involves as well, modern, innovative techniques, lines and figures to fit the contemporary fashion lover. You’ll find a handful of high collars, medallions, puffed sleeves, dramatic cuts, special adorned corsets, extremely long trains (1-3 feet!) and skirts rich in fabrics, mixture of laces, ornaments and careful details. We also gathered a few “tea gowns” inspired gowns which are sheer and transparent, and gowns which are solely dedicated to designer JeanMarjane Lacroix, that challenged the victorian style and made a change of how we perceive femininity through clothes. The color pallette is of deep colors such as Black, “shades of Black”, warm Gold and Bronze, Hot Red, various antique Pinks and smokey Purples, most of which are hand dyed to emphasize the depth of the century. We have integrated fabric dyeing techniques and implementation embossed silicone, alongside the use of antique, original embroidery, from the 1890’s, made by Lesage.

Cabinet De Curiosite P a r i s J u l y 2 017

Lycée Henri IV Before modern science, specimens of all types went undefined, collected loosely in cabinet de curiosités; A veritablewonderland, these collections were composed of elements of the sea and wonders of the Earth. Science sought to organize the chaos, aiming to categorize each and every new discovery and place them in pristineglass boxes. Today, with much already labeled and learned, we're set to create our own cabinets of curiosity, and hearken back to the joy of discovery that once was. This season, Galia Lahav Couture Evening couples clinical inspirations with innovation, and employs new techniques with an inherent savoir-faire, for a range of pieces that hint at these otherworldly wonders. The designs portray a mix of elements drawn from the ocean’s depth, as well as a variety of artistic object. Galia Lahav seek to blur boundaries, redefine terminology, and reconsider fashion's key categories, while maintaining a logical flow between casual garments, cocktail dresses and luxurious gowns. Our collection of curiosities includes unconventional silhouettes– from voluminous trousers and billowing sleeves to new takes on pleating. Expect colors such as deep blues, hues of poppy, soft nudes and touches of elemental metallics. Expect the unexpected.

Don't Call Me Sugar P a r i s J u l y 2 017

Palais des Beaux-Arts Empowering the female body and spirit is what inspired Galia Lahav & Sharon Sever in developing Don’t Call Me Sugar 2018. The collection is designed for the feminine, glamorous and effortlessly cool girl. Galia Lahav, for all women, redefines the term ‘sensuality’, by glittering elegance of silhouettes, plunging necklines, cutouts, shocking colors, all used with high-end fabrics and details as key. For today, what we wear won’t wear us, but will be revived by our personas. Don’t Call Me Sugar includes looks for the modern and charismatic, young woman who wants to transcend trends and create her own statement. You’ll find a range of lengths, brining the strapless minis back, asymmetrical & dramatic necklines, plunging V’s, cutouts and sexy backs in glittering tones of silver, burgundy, blue and black. All garments are handmade with an uncompromising sense of style. Much emphasis was put on a light, effortless yet daring look and also on the details; “Light like this does not exist, but we wish it did. We wish the sun could make us young and beautiful, we wish our clothes could glisten and ripple against our skins, most of all, we wish that everyone we knew could be brightened simply by our looking at them...” - Susanna Kaysen To Be Worn With Charisma

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G A L I A L A H AV X P a r i s M a r k e t Recent collaboration: Work with Maison Lesage Work with Atelier Caraco French PR & Showroom- Totem PR French distributor- Printemps, since April 2017 Future plans: Continuous work with Maison Lesage for next collection Establish a workshop in Paris Continuous work with French PR & Showroom- Totem PR Continuous work with French distributor- Printemps, and search for more couture carriers. Open a Galia Lahav flagship boutique in Paris- Work in progress

M o r e o f t h e b r a n d ’s c o l l e c t i o n s Couture Bridal Est. in 1984 in Tel-Aviv GALA by Galia Lahav Est. in 2015, Made-to-order Bridal line.

Couture Bridal 19 8 4 - 2 016

Our couture bridal is unique by it’s p.o.v and has a spectacular modern style. Small details are emphasized, and the sewing quality is uncompromised, sewn by luxurious fabrics made especially for us, featuring stunning silks, tulle and exquisite lace, setting new standards in high-end fashion. Recent Bridal Collections: Queen of Hearts - April 2018 Florance by Night - October 2017 Victorian Affinity - April 2017 Le Secret Royal Part II - October 2016 Le Secret Royal Part I - April 2016 Ivory Tower - October 2015 Les Reves Bohemians- April 2015 La Dolce Vita- October 2014 and more‌

GALA by GALIA LAHAV GALA line is created for brides who prefer dresses which are subtle but have a fine cut and chic. You’ll find trendy wedding dresses that blend prèt a porter with pure handmade craftsmanship. Lightweight, delicate, and "balletic" silks are paired with the house's trademarked hand-made embroideries, using special techniques developed by Galia. Recent Bridal Collections: Collection No. VI - April 2018 Collection No. V - October 2017 Collection No. IV - April 2017 Collection No. III - October 2016 Collection No. II - April 2016 Collection No. I - October 2015



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