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The True Story of Humpty Dumpty A Documentary

Kory Prince Dedicated to all those who seek the truth.

Copyright Š 2009 by Kory Prince In association with the HWboy Foundation

UMPTY Dumpty sits on a wall. Humpty Dumpty, has a great fall. All the king's horses and all the king's men can't put Humpty back together again. 1

The sun bakes Humpty into a large omelet on the concrete. The cry of the eggs is heard throughout the kingdom, and a day of mourning is set aside.

Humpty's son, Humpty Jr, organizes a charity marathon in remembrance of his father. In the first year, many eggs are injured after falling in the race. The charity is postponed indefinitely.



More laws are put in place taking away the rights of the eggs. Eventually the eggs organize a revolt, and all around the kingdom, buildings are destroyed. The king's guard is called in to suppress the violence. The city is covered in shells, and the remaining few eggs who are alive are herded outside the city to an abandoned farm. 5 4

A new law is established in the land that eggs will not be allowed in high places. Immediately egg's rights activists are outraged. There are protests all over the city, and a group of protesters outside the palace is killed, angering eggdom all over the land.

The eggs are each studied by physicians, and are one by one murdered by the firing squad. Only the one's deemed mentally insufficient are left alive.


The eggs are left in a place in the wilderness called Dixie and are forgotten about. Over several years they become as wild beasts, until one day a group of hunters come upon them. 7

Several are killed and taken back to the city where they are prepared and served to the noblemen of the area. They instantly become a huge success, and the Dixie Egg company is formed. To produce a monopoly, the origin of the eggs is kept a secret, instead the rumor is spread that they are produced from chickens. 8

Over many generations it is found that the smaller eggs have a better taste, and the larger breeds are slowly worked out. When the Americas are discovered, the Dixie company sends along a dozen eggs to the Roanoke colony. A violent uprising of the eggs destroys the colony and the eggs are released into the wild. There they mate with local breeds and produce tribes such as the green egg tribe. 9

The Dixie Company establishes egg farms in the wilderness under the guise of chicken farms, and the eggs are once again made into an ignorant group. When narcotics are discovered, they are widely used in these camps to suppress the eggs. Soon, these drugs are released into the American market by the Dixie Company under a 10 daughter company, Mary Jane inc. 11

After the success of several colonies in the Americas, the Dixie Company employs the British army to capture and secure the militant eggs. They manage to do so, but not before starting a war with the Americans.

The story of Humpty Dumpty was The Dixie company pays off the government, and the truth has been made into a fairy tale, and the truth was all but forgotten... Until now... kept from the Public since then. Several times, the truth has nearly been let out: Area 51, a breakout was narrowly covered in New Mexico with Atomic Bomb testing and the attack on Pearl Harbor, an egg testing facility. 12


The True Story of Humpty Dumpty  

A documentary on Humpty Dumpty and the true history of eggs in America and the world.

The True Story of Humpty Dumpty  

A documentary on Humpty Dumpty and the true history of eggs in America and the world.