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YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013

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YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013


Launch of GU窶的BM Collaborative Programme in B. Tech (CSE).........4 Galgotias University signs MoU with National Board of Accreditation (NBA)....6 NBA Workshop on New Outcome Based Education system and Accreditation Process ........7 MoU with Anglia Ruskin University, UK .................11

Book Review Is Destiny a Superstition? Do we have a free will? ..13 That girl with a cute smile.......14 THE IMMORTALS OF MELUHA: A Book Review..17 Bestest Part Of My Life....28 Nepal, the land of wonders and joy!!.....31

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Guru Dr. Maya Rao performs at G-Quasar 2013.......21 The nights with the stars......22 WALTZ with him.....23 Fashion Show..........................24 FRAG :The Region of Gamers...............26 Techno Quasars-2013....27

Entrepreneurship with Dr. ARJUN MALHOTRA.......................8 Union Budget 2013: A Panel Discussion at Galgotias University....20 Representing Development: Photo Competition.......28 Inter-College Debate Competition......29 Law, Development & Social Transformation in India: Issues & Challenges : Seminar organized by SOL....30

Bidding Adieu: The end that promises a new beginning...18

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Panel discussion with Cambridge Graduate University Professors ....33

The story of a Dreamer...19

University in NEWS...38

Pic on the Cover page includes: Top, L to R: Mr. Suneel Galgotia, Chancellor, Galgotias University and Professor Michael Thorne, Vice Chancellor of Anglia Ruskin University during singing of MoU between the two universities.

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013

What you are reading now actually marks the first substantial make-over of the Galgotias University Newsletter – The G-Post. We have grown with you, learning along the way, as happens in every great adventure, and I think you all will love the changes you see – new voices, new ideas, and new layout. Its existence has made sure that you all have a convenient way to give voice to your feelings, share ideas, report events and, exchange opinions on various issues. It's been little over a year and half when its first issue was published. The G-Post may have been started by a handful of enthusiastic faculty members but in a fairly short period it has become a medium to convey and exchange the feelings and ideas of the student fraternity at Galgotias. It gives us immense satisfaction having reached this small milestone in this journey of The G-Post. And, your precious company provides us with a reason to look beyond. We treasure this feeling of togetherness. We have tried to share opinions and ideas on different topics through this newsletter in addition to the reporting of various activities happening at Galgotias University. In a way, The G-Post has been like the journal of our journey - a journey full of life and fun! There have been quite a few ups and downs while coming all the way down to this issue, and there is no doubt that it will continue to be so in accordance with what we feel and how we respond to our emotions. But one thing is pretty sure: through this platform we have managed to rediscover and showcase our hidden talents. As The G-Post strives to achieve excellence, it always encourages the student to come up with something innovative. We believe that an open door policy is the only way forward. However, if there is no willingness or enthusiasm, there’s no point. The G-Post once again urges all the students and faculty members to submit their creative ideas in whatever form possible. In this context, let me share with you few lines from one of my poems: Today may start without you but tomorrow shouldn't People always look forward to waking up the next day

Dr. D. K. Jha

Ms. Vinnie Mathur

Dr. Ankit Gandhi

Ms. Anita Charles

Dr. Ekta Srivastava

Dr. Sanjeev K. Singh

Dr. Anshima P. Srivastava

Ms. Anindita Sahoo

Mr. Nihar Ranjan Roy

Ms. Sakshi Kapoor

Mr. Ankit Srivastava, B.Tech (Mech.)

We hope that you like the new updated look of the cover page of this issue. While The G-Post writers and their articles form the foundation of our newsletter, the editorial team wants to ensure that our readers receive this information in the most exciting, aesthetically appealing, and informative way possible. We endeavor to maintain the rich tradition and history of The G-Post by always putting the content of our articles first. We have maintained a focus on reporting various activities happening in and about Galgotias University, explored areas of student interest and kept features like ‘Know Your Teacher’ and ‘Global Pursuit’ that have long been present in the newsletter. In this issue, we are introducing three new features called ‘Featured Story’, ’Honor Role’, and ‘Book Review’. If it is your first time reading this newsletter, we would like to welcome you. Please take a look of the archives (online) and browse through the write-ups. We believe that you will find the stuff interesting and informative. And if you’re a regular reader, thank you so much for your loyal support because The G-Post would not have existed without you. Cheers! Prof. (Dr.) Deependra Kumar Jha

Ms. Gayatri Talukdar, B.A.(H) Eco.

Mr. Rahul Kapoor, B.Tech (CSE)

Mr. Raman Thukral, B.Tech (CSE)

Ms. Sakshi Nigam, B.A.(H) Eco.

Mr. Sumit Kumar Singh, B.Tech (ME)

Ms. Vindhya Singh, B.Tech (CSE)

Mr. Vikas, B.Tech (CSE)

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013


Launch of GU–IBM Collaborative Programme in B. Tech (CSE) Galgotias University yet again moves a step ahead in providing technological and updated education to its students. This time it is the IBM-GU collaboration for B.Tech (CSE) Program. The inauguration towards this initiative took place at the lawns of Galgotias University on 25th February, 2013.This collaborative program is intended to impart quality education to our students keeping in mind the requirements of both the academia and industry in the field of computing discipline for the socio economic development. The curriculum for the program has been arrived at jointly through brain storming sessions spread over several days. The existing GU B. Tech. (CSE) program is being suitably dovetailed with the curricular component developed at IBM ICE (Innovation Centre for Education) with emphasis on either futuristic technology such as Cloud Computing and Virtualization, Open Source Software and Open Standards or industry domain areas such as Healthcare Informatics, Telecom Informatics, Retail Informatics. A collaborative Online Learning Platform iCos (Innovation Centre for Open Standards) under the scheme is being provided to facilitate interaction among the community of students, faculty, IBM Subject Matter Experts and other professionals from computing industry. Talking about this initiative towards a new education paradigm, Mr. Phil Tasker, World Wide Director IBM, chief guest of the ceremony discussed about how the subjects like ‘Cloud Computing and Virtualisation’ and ‘Open Source Software and Open Standards’ will foster the B.Tech (Computer Science) students in defining their career. The other dignitaries present were Mr. Suneel Galgotia, Mr. Dhruv Galgotia, Prof.(Dr.) Ashok Saxena, Prof.(Dr.) Balaji Rajagopalan, Prof. M. Khalid and Prof. Shyam Tickoo. The ceremony started with welcoming of the chief guest and his IBM team, followed by lighting of the lamp. The prizes were distributed to the winners of the poster competition which was based on ‘Cloud Computing and Virtualization’ and ‘Open Source Software and Open Standards’. The event concluded with the vote of thanks given by Dr. Avadhesh Kumar, Dean Planning, Galgotias University.


We value your feedback In a rather short period G-post has blazed a trail by tearing apart the prosaic boundaries of just a newsletter. It has achieved this by filling the vacuum of a space long felt to be justified for the canonically preserved window onto the world of Galgotias University. G-post has found its own niche in the academic spheres of our activities and engagements. we think that one need not just write and read stuff for readers, readers, by virtue of being readers, may also contribute to the entire process of writing, reading, understanding, sharing and dissemination of ideas. The fact that this has been possible thanks to the endeavours of so many minds strung out on flattened line is something to be welcome and appreciated. We strongly hope that G-post will continue to cater and be conducive to the growth of fine creative writing adventures.

We are always interested in your views about your experience of reading The G-Post. Your comments and suggestions on various articles will help us provide you the best reading experience. We welcome your feedback and expect you to write at newsletter@galgotiasunivrsity.edu.in. We are also pleased to share some of the observations of our readers about previous issue of the newsletter. The G-Post has been disseminating very valuable information about GU. The pics are very thought provoking and interesting. Dr. Pradeep Kulshrestha, Professor, School of Law, Galgotias University The G– Post captures current trends, issues and activities (workshops, celebrations, interviews, industrial visits, international students events, various students clubs, and even examination!!). It helps to keep us updated with GU activities for planning in advance, the academic calendar and curriculum planning. Malti Thomas, Principal, School of Nursing, Galgotias University The G-Post is a very informative Magazine. Is not only encourages the faculty and students to showcase their literary talents but also their academic achievements. It is also a very successful medium to highlight the achievements of the University. It could be very useful if it finds a little more, wider circulation. Probably it could be also posted in our website/face book/youtube as an e-magazine as well. Prof .(Dr.) Sally Lukose, Division Chair, Division of Forensic Science, Galgotias University It acts just like an awareness alarm for the students and helps a lot to be aware of what is going on and what’s going to happen around us. Anurag Singh, B.Tech (CSE) It is the best objective format to extract and to create and develop a lot of talent from us and for us. Particularly I loved nihar’s sir column the most .It was fun with awareness. Nikta Arya, B.B.A I have read The G-Post it’s was really very helpful for me regarding my career and it helped me a lot to attain in depth knowledge about my own university. Piyush Chaturvedi, B.Tech(M.E)

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013


Galgotias University signs MoU with National Board of Accreditation (NBA) It was a day of another achievement for Galgotias University on 25 th April 2013. Galgotias University (GU) and National Board of Accreditation (NBA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with an objective to facilitate improvement in the quality and relevance of technical education through accreditation of programs in Engineering and Technology. Through this strategic alliance, NBA recognizes the capabilities of GU for creating awareness and conducting training on Outcome Based Education (OBE) and Outcome Based Accreditation (OBA), Faculty Development Program (FDP) for identification and training of resource persons and evaluators and other education and training programs of NBA in the areas of Engineering & Technology. During the MoU signing ceremony at the NBA Central Office, New Delhi, the dignitaries present were Dr. D K Paliwal (Member Secretary, NBA), Dr. Ashok Saxena (Vice Chancellor, GU), Dr. D K Jha (Senior Dean, GU), and Mr. A S Mathur (Registrar, GU) among others. During the occasion, both NBA and GU expressed their desire to collaborate in promoting specific training programs/faculty development programs based on the new Outcome based Education and Accreditation. NBA has declared Galgotias University as one of its Nodal Centers. This MoU is going to be significant for capacity building for OBA and OBE as envisaged by the NBA as it strives to become the permanent signatory of the Washington Accord.

Left to right: Dr. D K Jha (Senior Dean, Galgotias University), Dr. D K Paliwal (Member Secretary, National Board of Accreditation), Dr. Ashok Saxena (Vice Chancellor, Galgotias University) and Mr. A S Mathur (Registrar, Galgotias University)

School of Law, Galgotias University, Organised its first ever Delhi-NCR Moot Court Competition on 28Feb-01 March 2013


NBA Workshop on New Outcome Based Education system and Accreditation Process (Phase-I) th Date: 29 April 2013; Venue: Galgotias University A webinar on ‘Training and Identification of Resource Persons and Evaluators for Outcome Based Accreditation’ (Phase-I) was conducted on 29th of April 2013 at Galgotias University which is one of the Nodal Centers of the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), New Delhi. Dr. Ashok Saxena (Vice Chancellor, Galgotias University), Dr. Renu Luthra and Dr. Balaji Rajagopalan (Pro-Vice Chancellors, Galgotias University), Dr. Dhirendra Mishra (Resource Person of NBA) and Dr. D. K. Jha (Senior Dean and Coordinator of NBA Nodal Center, Galgotias University) were among the dignitaries present at the occasion. About 65 faculty members from various institutions participated in the workshop. The group had representations from institutions like MANIT Bhopal, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar (Haryana), College of Technology, GBPUAT Pantnagar, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, Galgotias College of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida and Galgotias University. The workshop was coordinated by Dr. D. K. Jha, Coordinator of the Nodal Center, Galgotias University. The inaugural session began with the lighting of lamp by the dignitaries and was followed by a floral welcome of the resource person from NBA. Dr. Renu Luthra (Pro Vice Chancellor, Galgotias University) welcomed the participants. Dr. Ashok Saxena (Vice Chancellor, Galgotias University) who is also a serving member of the ABET Board USA, shared his views on the outcomes based accreditation policy adopted by the NBA. He also explained the significance of outcomes based education to promote quality education. The session ended with remarks by Dr. Dhirendra Mishra (NBA resource person) on the role played by NBA to promote outcome based education and accreditation in the country. Altogether four sessions were conducted giving detailed information about the new outcome based education system and accreditation process. The first speaker, Dr. D. K. Paliwal, Member Secretary of NBA, explained the New Outcome Based Education System and Accreditation Process. He highlighted the objectives, teaching practices, assessment tools, and faculty development programmes through the Outcome Based Accreditation, which focus on improvement of quality education. Dr. Ranjan Bhattacharya (Professor, Jadhavpur University) was the next speaker on the panel. He presented his views on the outcomes based education system in regard to Vision, Mission and Program Education Objectives (PEOs). He also emphasized on the assessment and review process to be adopted in outcomes based accreditation. Dr. A. Koteshwar Rao was the speaker in the third session who explained Program Outcomes in detail including establishment, contribution for attainment, assessment and review process to be adopted. It was followed by a questionanswer session. Next speaker was Dr. D. V. Pathak who discussed in detail regarding Program specific criteria with a focus on curriculum and faculty competency. It was once again followed by a question answer session and distribution of assignments to the participants. The workshop ended with a vote of thanks presented by Dr. D. K. Jha, Coordinator of the Nodal Center, Galgotias University.

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013


ENTREPRENEURSHIP WITH DR. ARJUN MALHOTRA Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't. With the sun heading west, glowing red at 4pm, the pioneer of Indian IT industry Dr. Arjun Malhotra stepped upon the podium in the Galgotias University. The auditorium was packed to its full capacity with students flooding in to gain as much as possible out of this lifetime opportunity. Dr. Malhotra had co-founded HCL group in 1975, taking it from a six person in grandmother’s bar sati, to a US $6 billion IT corporation. Being the master of his field, and after getting funding from Goldman Sachs he founded Techspan in 1998 and soon became CEO of Headstrong and thus merging Headstrong and Techspan. An eminent engineering name, the epitome for entrepreneurs, stepped forward to share his experiences and wisdom with the students. The down to earth and informally clad personality had enough charisma about him to make the audience spellbound and wondering. He gave his mantra, “I want you to become entrepreneur then have passion, earning at that point doesn’t matter at all”. He defined entrepreneurship as not simply a rational journey but as one that is defined by passion and personal satisfaction that transcends purely financial analysis and, of course, there is always the hope for the big payout, no matter how long the odds are. Talking about entrepreneurships, the Albert Einstein Technology medal awardee, talks about the guts and passion of doing it. He emphasized on the fact that one needs to have an “I can change the World” attitude, unwavering optimism and the creativity in order to make it worthy. Answering the questions of students, he remembered the days when he had to spend nights at Dhanbad Railway Station and iterated that the challenges will always be there, what’s required is a strong heart which can bear them. The 64 year old gentleman, unfolded many chapters of his life and ignited a spark among the students for doing something different, something that’s not too mainstream. As 6 new steps in the market in 1975 made US $100 million avenues and grew HCL operations in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, he is very sure that in upcoming year many such steps would take strides long enough to make India a global leader. By: Sumit Kumar Singh & Abdul Azeem Khan, B.Tech (M.E), 1st Year

Galgotians got an excellent oppurtunity of meeting with the top 4 Movie Directors- Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap and Divakar Banerjee of the movie- 'Bombay Talkies'- A movie which marks the celebration of 100 years of Indian cinema. Students had an interaction with these Directors on a live show on Zee News aired on 27 April.


What constitutes a university ? A University is recognized by the students it produces, who spread the light of their Alma Mater with their achievements in the world. But more importantly they throw a light on the talent of the torch bearers of their institute, their faculty members who nurture them. Galgotias University is reputed to have the most deemed faculty members. In continuation to our efforts of introducing these torch bearers, we are presenting another four faculty members in this issue to our readers viz. Prof. (Dr.) Renu Luthra, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) M Khalid, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academics), Prof. (Dr.) Jeehye You , chairperson of the Center for Global Law Initiatives & Prof. (Dr.) Shibaram Khara , Dean of School of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering . received MBA & Ph.D from Lucknow University and is an alumnus of Centre of Executive Education ISB, Hyderabad. She serves as Pro-Vice Chancellor of Galgotias University. Prof. Luthra has an illustrious career with 24 years of academic experience in the area of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior. Prior to the current position she was the Director of Galgotias Business School since May 2008. Prior to this assignment of Director, GBS, Prof. Luthra was a Professor with Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow where she served 13 years. Her career began as a Lecturer in the Department of Business Administration, Lucknow University. Prof. Luthra has to her credit many in-house and external Management Development Programmes. Some of the prominent firms in which she conducted MDPs were SIFPSA, NTPC, OBC, SBI, PNB, BOB, LICI, RDSO, TELCO, IMDUP, Geological Survey of India, Mahindra & Mahindra, Paharpur 3P Industries, HAL, SGPGI, etc. She has played an active role in generating interest amongst the corporate in the MDPs of the institute. She was the resource person for Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy, Mussoorie for imparting training to IAS Officers. Prof. Luthra has to her credit more than two dozen research papers published in national journals and international publications. She has received numerous awards and distinctions in her academic career. specializes in corporate governance, white-collar crime, business law, comparative law, sustainable development and the legal perspectives on corporate social responsibility (CSR). In her doctoral dissertation, Prof. You examined CSR laws in the United States and Korea, and proposed CSR law reforms in Korea. She is the author of numerous articles on corporate governance reforms in comparative perspective. Prof. You also has written on North Korean business law issues in her article “Legislative Reform of the Kaesong Industrial Complex in North Korea, 29 UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal 36 (2011).” Her recent scholarship provided a comprehensive comparative analysis of climate change legislation in India in her book, “Comparative Legal Analysis on India’s Green Growth Legislation (2012).” As a founder and chairperson of the Center for Global Law Initiatives (CGLI) at Galgotias University School of Law, Prof. You encourages advanced research and education to address global legal challenges by initiating a creative dialog among faculty, students, and legal experts in the world, facilitating the Center’s innovative and cooperative research. Before joining the Galgotias University School of Law faculty, she has been a visiting scholar at University of Delhi, and a Research Fellow of Global Legislation Research Center at Korea Legislation Research Institute (KLRI). Prof. You earned a J.S.D. (Doctor of Law) from Washington University School of Law (USA), a LL.M. from The George Washington University Law School (USA), and a LL.B. and a LL.M. from Ajou University (Korea). She was awarded Chancellor’s Prize for graduate who attained the highest grade in undergraduate program and Marion C. Early Scholarship in her doctorate program.

received his Ph. D. (1981) and M. Tech. (1977) degrees from IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi respectively. He is an Engineering graduate (1974) from Aligarh Muslim University, India. Currently, he serves as Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academics) of Galgotias University. Prior to joining the University, he has been a faculty member at various cadres in Computer Science and Engineering Department, IIT Bombay from 1981 to 1998. He then took up assignments in a number of Universities abroad for about ten years. He served VIT University Vellore as a Professor and Dean (2007-11) of School of Computing Science and Engineering (SCSE). He also served as a Pro-Vice Chancellor of KIIT University, Bhubaneswar (June 2012- December 2012). He has been in several academic bodies at other Institutions including Senate Curriculum Committee at IIT Bombay. He is now striving to contribute significantly in the Institution building of Galgotias University. He has been instrumental in establishing partnership between GU and IBM to launch joint B. Tech. (CSE) program with industry vertical & technology specializations. His research areas include High Speed Computer Networks, Design and Analysis of Protocols, Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems and Fast Packet Switch Architecture. He has published numerous papers in International/ National Journals and Conferences. He has supervised and examined many Ph. D. Theses. received Ph.D. in engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata and Master of Engineering (ME) from National Institute of Technology, Allahabad. He completed Electronics and Communication Engineering from Institution of Engineers (Govt. of India), Kolkata. His industry and teaching experience expands in wide areas of communication and networking engineering. He successfully completed the project enhancing the automation of Terminal Equipment of Message Switching network for efficient information management for defense services. At present, he serves as the Dean of School of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering at Galgotias University. Prior to joining Galgotias University, he served as the Professor and Division Chair of Communication Engineering Division and officiating Program Chair in the school of Electronics Engineering at VIT University, Vellore. Dr. Khara received a couple of the best paper awards for his analytical model of 3G/WiFi system (IEEE ADCOM 2008 MIT Chennai and IEEE EWT 2004 (1st), I2IT Pune (3rd)). He presented research papers in various conferences organized by many countries. To name a few, WEAS’02 Athens, IEEE VTC’06 Melbourne, IEEE PWC’07 Prague, IEEE/ACM SAC’10 Switzerland, etc. His major research interests cover the areas of cluster based wireless sensor networks, spectrum mobility in cognitive radio system, call admission control in heterogeneous network and carrier aggregation in LTE-A technology. He has published number of research papers in reputed international journals and conferences.

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013


From the Office of the International Relations ‌‌ Galgotias University from its inception has a strong focus to internationalise the University through not only admitting foreign students, but also build up strong academic partnerships between GU and institutions abroad for developing need based and innovative programs and research to meet the global challenges. These activities have resulted in strategic international partnerships with reputed higher education institutions in other countries that not only assist in creating a distinctive international educational experience for our students, but also allow the University to maintain an active presence in the international academic community. During the months of April and May a few more such strategic partnerships have been forged with the following universities: The University of Maryland - Smith School of Business. Through this MoU Galgotias University and the University of Maryland have agreed on the following1. A semester of study for GU students at UMD and vice versa for students of UMD. 2. The second specific agreement with the Smith school of Business at UMD is for MBA students wherein the students would complete the 1st year of their Galgotias MBA program in India, then go to the Smith School for one year to receive their MSB – Masters in Supply Chain Management, and finally finish the 2nd year of their Galgotias MBA program back in India. 3. This MoU also involves faculty exchange and exchange in research areas. Georgia Tech,Atlanta,Georgia, USA-: The MoU with Georgia Tech is to enable GU students to study at Georgia Tech for a semester and for Georgia Tech students to attend classes in GU. Also Georgia Tech would provide consulting services to Galgotias in developing academic programs and obtaining accreditation and short term faculty exchanges. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, USA The MoU with the University of Arkansa, USA, is for Exchange of Faculty, Exchange of Students, Collaborative Programs and seminars and research activities. The two universities have agreed to encourage research collaboration in the areas of mutual interest through a program of visiting faculty and graduate student exchange for periods of up to one year. The two institutions will also co-operate on exchanging academic, research and other educational materials. InterNapa College Cyprus. InterNapa College is a college in Cyprus and is registered with the Cyprus Ministry of Education and authorized to offer Certificates, Diploma and Bachelor Level Degrees. GU students from Hospitality and Business Administration will have the opportunity to transfer to InterNapa College to complete 1 or 2 years of their course. The memorandum also calls for collaboration in research, instruction, and faculty exchange between both the universities.


Anglia Ruskin University, UK -Another MoU with the Anglia Ruskin University was signed specifically for the students of Civil Engineering to provide them an opportunity to study in the UK . Under this arrangement students will study three years of the B Tech Civil Engineering programme at Galgotias University and will be transferred to the third year of a BEng Civil Engineering at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK. On successful completion of the third year, Anglia Ruskin University will award them a BEng Civil Engineering Degree which will immediately give them an Incorporated Engineer status with the Institution of Civil Engineers – the association which qualifies professionals engaged in civil engineering. The MOU was signed by the Vice Chancellors of both the universities -Professor Michael Thorne, Vice Chancellor of Anglia Ruskin University and Professor Ashok Saxena, Vice Chancellor, Galgotias University in the presence of Mr. Suneel Galgotia, Chancellor, Galgotias University. All these strategic partnerships will assist in creating a distinctive international educational experience for GU students and the international office invites everyone to take advantage of such opportunities and make full use of them.

Faculty & Students of SOL,GU, in the Supreme Court of India with Faculty & Students of SOL, GU, with Mr. M. N. Krishnamani, Justice Fakhruddin, Former Judge, MP & Chattisgarh High Court . President, Supreme Court Bar Association, 12 March 2013

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013


Placement Season at Galgotias University Galgotias University has closed its final placement process for the first batch of 2011-13 MBA students of the School of Business, successfully, for everyone participating in the process. The recruiters have placed continued trust in the brand Galgotias as a preferred destination for talent sourcing. The placement period has been a hectic flurry of organized action. About 125 companies visited the campus for the placement process. Recruiters enthusiastically participated in the process and offered diversified profiles to the students. This is due to the consistent efforts put in by everyone in the Placements Team, coupled with the unparalleled support from the Management and its members. The size of the graduating batch was 272 and the students were placed across consulting, BFSI and IB, FMCG and Pharmaceutical, Retail and E-Commerce, Manufacturing and Conglomerates, Tnd telecom and IT companies. The placements season also saw active participation from several of the mid-cap and small-cap companies, with students taking greater interest in exploring opportunities with such organizations offering challenging roles. The banks and financial institutions which recruited the students included ICICI Securities, IndusInd Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, RBS, American Express, Indiabulls, India Infoline and Fidelity, from real estate sector like Supertech, PropTiger, Earth Infrastructures Ltd, Cosmic Group etc, from retail like Vishal Mega Mart, V-Mart, Vero Moda etc, from travel and tourism sector like Country Club, Design My Holidays, Holiday India Destination, Laurent and Benon, Savoy Suites, Radisson Blu etc, from education & training sector like Jaro Education, Alert Knowledge, Hindustan Times Learning Centre, ICE etc. The credit for the excellent placement goes to the Galgotias Advantage . In the very initial years of its existence, Galgotias University has developed its own unique culture. The university culture is such that it accelerates the members’ passion for achieving excellence in everything that they do. The hall mark of this identity is, not to walk on the beaten path but to strike new chords, to be second to none but to be the first to respond to the needs of the people and the nation, by taking up tasks which are bold and which nobody has hitherto taken up. The academic curriculum is structured to address the needs of the industry and is aligned towards imparting contemporary knowledge to the students. An optimal mix of learning methods ensures a holistic personality development of the students. The curriculum encourages students to become industry ready professionals.


Is Destiny a Superstition? Do we have a free will? It was the second week of August 2008 when I received an award "Best student of the Year" at Hiroshima University Japan, thanks to my overall performance in the academic year 2007/08. As I was selected for this award among several 'deserving' candidates both from Japan and other foreign countries, I was obviously delighted. Moreover, I was complimented by many friends. Few of them added: "I know you have worked hard, but you are also lucky, mate!" Yesterday, I was talking to one of my friends who is now a permanent resident of the USA by virtue of the DV (Diversity Visa) lottery scheme. He said "No matter how hard you try, the outcome is not in your control. What and how we get things are actually predetermined". He just gave the example of how he got the DV lottery. And there are several examples. Though there is a difference between the two abovementioned instances, both have been associated with a term called 'luck'. So the question is can

Take a look at the following conversation: Morpheus: "Do you believe in fate, Neo?" Neo: "No." Morpheus: "Why not?" Neo: "Because I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life" Morpheus: "I know exactly what you mean." The above conversation explains most people's perspectives on fate or destiny. They simply don't want to believe in it. This line of thought exists mostly in those people who are considered to be 'successful' in the society and those who have hardly faced any 'failure' in their lives.

However, this school of thought leaves several questions of life unanswered. For instance: why are some people born to rich 'every' event in human life parents and others to the poor? Why are some people healthy be governed by 'destiny'? and some handicapped by birth? Answers to these queries Why do the terms like are obviously inconclusive. luck, fortune, fate, kismet, destiny etc. overshadow Those who think that destiny is a mere superstition take for our achievements and granted the fact that they have the 'free will' to make conactivities? Why does scious decisions to choose between various possible courses 'destiny', which is the of action. However, recent experiments at the Max Planck most super-natural thing, institute in Germany on the functioning of human brain cast appear so natural? Do we doubts on this prehave any free will or not? I don't have a concrete answer to sumption. The experithese questions. Do you have one? mental results suggest that our subconscious In a bid to understand 'destiny' in a greater detail, I first saw mind decides on and the definition of it that says: "An event (or a course of events) dictates our action that will inevitably happen in the future". The role of 'destiny' long before our conin human beings has always been a debatable issue ever since scious mind actually the evolution of the society. Astrology, particularly in the realises it. On our abileast, is considered to be a science. Destiny as a concept lost ity to decide and act some weight with the advancement in modern science and I independently, one of have seen many people considering 'destiny' to be a mere the researchers writes superstition, they believe that there is nothing called destiny "...little more than automatons, mere machines, pieces of bioor fate as all our successes and failures are actually the result logical clock-work that have no more free will than a Swiss of our own activities. watch".

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013


So what's the indication of the research results? Does it suggest that an unseen supernatural power exists, who thinks of us and decides our course of action? If yes, then it may encourage inactiveness and pessimism in most of the people. Don't we have even some limited free will/choice? The existence of this limited free will gives rise to another school of thought: "neither is everything predestined, nor do we have the free will in everything". It says that we are free to

“ That girl with a cute smile...” I was passing the corridor When saw her first time picking up her scarf from the floor Her teeth biting the pin & hands handling hair She gave me a look which was very fair I looked into her round black eyes but she stole the glare I moved towards her and she started walking with fear I stopped and looked down, she paused and turned around Her eyes looking at me & my heart rolling down Her lips going wide & my heart rolling down She came towards me & my heart rolling down She passed my side giving me a huge smile My heart beat fast as never happened before I felt something different & I was not myself anymore I wanted to move but went motionless

take the first decision; but as soon as we take it, our next step becomes inevitable and predictable. We are bound by the laws of life which govern the outcome of an act. For example: if we decide to plant an apple tree in our garden and once we do it, no matter what we do, we cannot get any other fruit from the tree. So after the first action (i.e. decision to plant the apple tree) our choice becomes limited and our freedom is curtailed. Also, we have to keep our fingers crossed such that even after planting the apple tree, whether we will be able to eat the fruit from the tree or not! The Hindu or Buddhist philosophy says that the cycle of birth and death has been continuing since eternity and will keep on repeating itself till a human body attains 'enlightenment', which has been termed 'self-realization' or Moksha or nirvana. This is the concept of "Law of Karma". This law says that everything that happens in our life is the result of our own activities and we have to bear the result of such activities someday even in our next life. So out of these three schools of thoughts: (i.e. 1. There is nothing called destiny and it's a mere superstition; 2. Everything is controlled by some super-natural power and we are just like puppets; and 3. Nothing is predestined and we choose our own courses of action, however, the outcome is not in our control) which one do you believe in? Have you ever felt that something was destined to happen? Or do you think that you are in full control of what you are doing? Or is the word 'destiny' just a psychological defence system to cover our failures in life? Dr. Deependra Kumar Jha, Senior Dean

I wanted to talk but went speechless My soul going up and my senses going down I cried and laughed at the same time While I will never forget that girl...that girl with a cute smile... By: Raman Thukral , B.tech , batch 7 , 1st year.

Ms Anupama Jha, Executive Director, Transparency International (India Chapter) delivering a Guest lecture on 20 Feb 2013 on ‘Transparency & Accountability in Governance in India’, at School of Law, Galgotias University


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                

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013

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"Enhanced One Dimensional Modeling for DO Prediction in Rivers" Ritu Malik, Babita Tyagi, Deepa Sinha and D S Bhargava, Presented in National Conference on Contemporary Developments in Mathematical Sciences and Computing-2nd -3rd Feb, 2013, Galgotias University, India. "Modeling Biochemical Oxygen Demand in a River with Scattered Storage Zones", Nitash Kaushik, Babita Tyagi and Girija Jayaraman" Applied Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 7, 2013, no. 29, 1429 – 1437. "The Intellectual Property Rights & its Impact on TRIPS Agreement", B R Bishnoi and Parul Goyal, In International Research Journal of Arts, Science & Commerce, USA, June 2013 (To appear). "Research Scholar – An International Refereed e-Journal on Literary Explorations", Nipun Chaudhary, ISSN: 2320-2101, Vol.1, Issue 1, June 2013. (Accepted) "Vulnerable semi-literate women of Alice Walker", Nipun Chaudhary, The literati, journal of language & literature, ISSN: 2248-9576, Vol.2, Issue 2, December 2012. "Talent Management and Employee Engagement: Insights From InfoTech Enterprises Ltd", Vinne Jauhari, Pooja Sehgal , Journal of Services Research (JSR), April 2013. "An Analysis of FDI in Retail Industry: A Critique?", Harjit Singh and Jitin Gambhir, IIMT Management Journal, Meerut, Vol 5, No.1, pp 5-25, Jan-June2013. "Testing of Weak Form Market Hypothesis in Indian Stock Market", Jitin Gambhir and Harjit Singh, Annual conference organised by IIMT Greater Noida, Feb 2013. "An econometrics analysis of E7 stock markets", Jitin Gambhir, Presented at Ansal University International conference on Global competitiveness and corporate governance in emerging economies, held on 15 -16 Feb 2013. "Forecasting Volatility in Indian Stock Market", Harjit Singh and Jitin Gambhir, PIMT Journal of Research, Punjab, Vol 6, No3, pp 1-10. "Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through Elevating Socio-economic Status", Harjit Singh, Emerald Emerging Marketing Case Studies Collection, United Kingdom. (Accepted) "Determinants of Expected Stock Returns: Evidence from the Indian Stock Market", Harjit Singh and Jitin Gambhir, Inder-science Journal, 2013. (Accepted). "Maintaining The Repository of Search Engine Freshness Using Mobile Crawler", Md. Abu Kausar, Md. Nasar and Sanjeev Kumar Singh, In Proc. of IEEE International Conference AICERA: ICMiCR 2013, June 4-6, 2013, Kanjirappally, India. (To appear) "An Effective Parallel Web Crawler based on Mobile Agent and Incremental Crawling" , Md. Abu Kausar, V. S. Dhaka and Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Journal of Industrial and Intelligent Information (JII), SAN JOSE, CA, USA, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp. 86-90, March 2013, ISSN 2301-3745. "Information Retrieval using Soft Computing: An Overview", Md. Abu Kausar, Md. Nasar and Sanjeev Kumar Singh, International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research (IJSER), Houston, USA, Volume 4, Issue 4, pp. 388-395, April 2013, ISSN 2229-5518. "Web Crawler: A Review", Md. Abu Kausar, V S Dhaka and Sanjeev Kumar Singh, International Journal of Computer Applications 63(2):31-36, February 2013. "Parallel Mobile Crawler Implementation Using Aglets", Md. Abu Kausar, V. S. Dhaka and Sanjeev Kumar Singh, International Conference on Emerging Trends and Developments in Science, Management and Technology March 11-12, 2013 at Raj Kumar Goel Institute Of Technology, Ghaziabad, UP, India. Page No. 462 "Parallel Web Crawler based on Mobile Agent", Md. Abu Kausar, Md. Nasar and Sanjeev Kumar Singh, 2nd National Conference on Recent Advances in Technology and Engineering, March 15-17, 2013 organized by Institute of Engineering and Technology, Mangalayatan University, Aligarh, India. Page No. 26-17. "Satire on Aimlessness and Alienation in Evelyn Waugh’s Vile Bodies", Ashima Saxena, The Literati- Journal of Language & Literature -ISSN 2248-9576 pp – 106-111, Feb 2013 "A Comparative Study of Dr. Dharamvir Bharti’s ‘Andha Yug’ and its Translation in English by Alok Bhalla", Ashima Saxena, Nation Translation and Bhasha Literatures published by Sarup & Sons New Delhi ISBN – 978-81-7625-908-8, Feb 2013. "Evelyn Waugh’s ‘The Loved One’ - A satire on the modern life", Ashima Saxena, The International Journal of Culture, Literature and Criticism, ISSN: 0976-1608 pp – 8 -17, April 2013. "Natural convection heat transfer of nanofluids along a vertical plate embedded in porous medium", Ziya Uddin and Souad Harmand, Nanoscale Researc Letters, Springer 8:64, 2013 doi:10.1186/1556-276X-8-64 "Hall and ion-slip effect on MHD boundary layer flow of a Micro polar fluid past a wedge", Ziya Uddin and Manoj Kumar, Scientia Iranica, Transaction B: Mechanical Engineering, Elseviers, doi: 10.1016/j.scient.2013.02.013

Books  "Treatment of Christianity and Paganism, Myth and Folklore in the Plays of John Millington Synge", Ruchika Singh, Lambert Academic Publishing. 2013. Germany.


Book Review

THE IMMORTALS OF MELUHA A Book Review Are you ready to enter the world of immortals? Do you want to experience the wisdom of the Gods? Westland publishers has made a gem of discovery in Amish Tripathi, a 36 year IIM graduate who was previously associated with the banking sector. ‘The Immortal of Meluha’ his first book is a part sequel of the series, Shiva Triology. The second book being the ‘Secret of The Nagas’, and the third sequel that ends it, ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras’.

He has opened the aspect of actually making it possible for all his readers to imagine as if the great lords of today were only human who also felt all the normalcy of life.

The story that Amish has chosen has been a very risky selection specially in India but he did not let down his readers.

The journey of the protagonist is filled with wisdom and rationality, something that is rare to find in today’s societies.

The ideology of societies has been of vast importance in making the story. The facts that he has enlightened us with, actually turn this fiction into a genre, based on the understanding of the readers.

Shiva, the protagonist of the story was the chief of the Gunas, a tribe that lived in Mount Kailash by the Amish’s story telling makes you want more. It is sure to be holy lake Mansarover. He was invited to the city, the kingdom able to give you chills. The action sequence, the romance, the of Meluha only to realize that journey to Meluha was just a humour, all have been distributed to provide a book with all beginning to a more longer journey. the ammunition, to a well developed and a completely The Suryavanshi’s were inhabitants of Meluha who believed entertaining book. in a prophecy. A prophecy of the Neelkanth. ‘The destroyer of The first book gives the Shiva’s Trilogy a base, a concrete evil’. All were awaiting the saviour. base, to the story line. It equips the reader with the knowledge which will then be useful in his next book ‘The Amish’s ability to involve all the aspects to make it look as Secret of The Nagas’. though it was never separate is amazing. He deals with history, geography, philosophy etc. He emphasizes how the values of the people back then were strong, rigid and respected.

Prof. (Dr.) G. S. Bajpai ,Advisor School of Law Galgotias University, Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Kulshrestha and Prof. Saurabh Chandra, School of Law, Galgotias University

By: Akivito G Chishi, BJ&MC,1st Year

Padam Shri Prof. N.R. Madhav Menon, Father of modern legal education along with Dr. Pradeep Kulshrestha.

During National Law Fest, Bhopal on 09-10 February 2013.

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013


Bidding Adieu: The end that promises a new beginning Bidding adieu has always been difficult for anyone at any phase of life. For the Galgotians also, it was no different. 25th April was the day when the juniors bid adieu to their seniors who are the first batch of MBA and M. Tech in Galgotias University. It was a day of pride and joy for the senior passing out students as they were going to mark a new phase of their life through venturing into a professional domain. On their honour G-Farewell was organized in GU campus. Young men and women dressed in formals portrayed the combination of knowledge and entrepreneurship that has

been instilled in them during their course at Galgotias University. The event experienced the mixed feelings of joy and sorrow. The celebration brought joy and the very thought of separation bought sorrow to the Galgotians. The very beginning of the G-Farewell exhibited a grand vibe. The event had quite a few remarkable and enjoyable performances. Other than the normal proceedings of the event, entertainment packed performances by students were delivered , some being acoustically chromatic music performance by Galgotia University bands ‘Crescendo’ and ‘JR7’ , and the ultra co-ordinated dance performance by Studio D (Dance club at Galgotias University ). Besides that, there was the live performance of ‘Eka’, the famous Indian band which energised the crowd to a new high. With the natural lights dimmed, students bid each other and their alma mater a final goodbye as they exit, on their final day, through the very gates of the university that brought them in at day one. Finally, since the seniors set sail on a new chapter in their lives, the juniors wished them all the best for their future endeavour. By: Ankit Srivastava, B.Tech (M.E.), 1st Year

s r o i n e S t s e B e h All T


Tips & Tricks: How to Increase the Virtual Memory of Your PC? 1.

Click the Start button, right-click ‘Computer’ and select ‘Properties’.


Click ‘Advanced System Settings’ from the left pane. You may be asked for administrative credentials or confirmation, if you are non administrative user.




Click ‘Settings’ under the Performance field, then click ‘Advanced’, followed by ‘Change’ under the Virtual Memory field. Toggle the check box labeled ‘Automatically Manage Paging File Size for all Drives.’ otherwise, disable this check box and highlight the drive to which you wish to add more memory.


Click the ‘Custom Size’ radio button and input the desired amount of memory (in megabytes) into the Initial Size and Maximum Size fields. Click ‘Set’ to apply the selected sizes. Click “OK” to exit the menu.

By: Nihar Ranjan Roy, Assistant Professor, School of CSE

Honor Role

The story of a Dreamer “Yes, I am a dreamer, a dreamer is one who can only find his way by the moonlight and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” These are the words of Shubham Mahendrawal (Mr. Delhi-NCR 2013). Further Mr. Mahendrawal adds, “I have worked with one of India's leading modelling agency 'Glambirds Entertainment'. It provided me a platform into my dream world of modelling I always aspired for. 'Mr and Miss Delhi-NCR 2013’ mega model hunt where I was short listed amongst the top finalists and had gone under a training and grooming session for a month, where I learned basics of acting, ramp walk, styling and different aspects of fashion industry. Soon approached the grand finale, the heart throbbing moment when I was declared the winner and won the supreme title of ''Mr. Delhi NCR 2013'' and it was the most cherishable moment of my life. Being the winner I was awarded with my title trophy and certificate, endorsement for a brand, a series of ramp walk events, cover page model for an international magazine ‘La-Fiesta’. I love the kingdom of stardom, and aspire to be a supermodel one day and indeed I'm gonna be one for sure.” Galgotias University Fashion Club Co-ordinator, Shubham Mahendrawal wins Mr Delhi NCR 2013!! He's been featured on the cover page of an International Magazine ‘La-Fiesta ‘.

The G-Post wishes Shubham Mahendrawal a wonderful and glittering career ahead and we all hope he would achieve that he deserves and would reach the new heights in his modelling and acting career.

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013


Go Green Initiative by Galgotias Students 22nd of April (Earth day ) was celebrated with a determined intention, to designate India's most sought after university, as India's greenest. A green week agenda was introduced and implemented to prohibit the use of poly bags. Students and faculty members adopted the eco friendly jute bag alternative provided at the university at different student initiated outlets, the collections of which were later given to an NGO working for a good cause. The team of "eco-soc" (the Ecological and Social club of GU) introduced the "Nurture your sapling program"

where the team arranged 70 saplings of evergreen species, and each plant was then allowed to be adopted by a student for sustained growth. Each student involved in the sapling plantation was "eco marked" with a "eco-soc" green stamp and was provided with a free band. Students proudly flashed their Green bands signifying their pledge to develop a more cleaner environment. By: Ankit Srivastava , B.Tech (ME), 1st year

Union Budget 2013: A Panel Discussion at Galgotias University Galgotias University’s School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences held a panel discussion on the Union Budget 2013-2014 on 5th of March 2013. The Union Budget discussion was moderated by Prof. Prem Vashistha, Dean, School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The panelists for the discussion were Dr. Charan D. Wadhva (Former President & Chief Executive, CPR), Dr. Mahesh Purohit (Director of FPEPR) and Dr. Kanhaiya Singh (Senior Fellow of NCAER). These panelists gave a very thoughtful and analytic perception of what the Union Budget had to offer India. For the opening of the discussion, the B.A. Economics Honors students gave a brief and to the point introduction allowing the panelists as well as the audience to get a head start of what the highlights of the Budget were. This move by the students was appreciated by the panelists. The discussion focused on the 2013-14 union budget and what it had to offer to the common man. The virtues and shortcomings of the budget were discussed in detail which proved very informative to the faculty members and students in the audience. By: Gayatri Talukdar,B.A (Hons. Economics), 1st Year


r o t dS e ur

t a Fe


Guru Dr. Maya Rao performs at G-Quasar 2013 The very first day of Galgotias University's Unifest ‘G-Quasar 2013’ accelerated from the zero to infinity within a short time since its inauguration, overcoming the inertia of stagnation. Unlike most events where the ‘first day’ is all about getting started with , G Quasar's Day 1 was all about energy from the very beginning, and why would it not be ? With the day 1 coinciding with Womens’ Day, it wasn't just about promoting a ‘fest’, it was about supporting a ‘cause’.

The plethora of events that dazzled the audience had their very beginning with internationally reputed Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, Writer, Academician & Dance Curator, Dr Maya Rao's enthralling solo performance, which was followed by an encouraging session where students/faculty members/esteemed attendees were allowed to seek honest answers that were closely related to the roots of the environment we live in. Dr. Rao answered questions related to women's safety and questions related to the unfortunate case of December 16 gang rape, urging the society to wake up and take responsibility of their own safety. She specially urged the young attendees to respect, protect and understand their responsibilities towards women empowerment and safety. Dr. Rao is the recipient of several awards including the National Award (President of India Award) for Choreography, the Karnataka State Award, the prestigious Shantala Award from the Govt. of Karnataka, the Emeritus Fellowship from the H.R.D. Govt. of India and an honorary doctorate from Bangalore University. Dr. Rao has aslo led cultural delegations to over 30 countries, creating awareness and sharing the rich dance heritage of India worldwide. Padmasri Shri Shambu Maharaj of the Lucknow Gharana and Shri Sunderprasad of the Jaipur Gharana were her Kathak Gurus. Her solo recitals and dance dramas imbibed both the styles, winning much acclaim in India and Overseas. Dr. Rao has earned her Post Graduate certificate in Choreography from the former USSR. She is a consultant choreographer and a Jury member for international projects regularly. She runs India's only degree college of choreography- The Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography. Maya Rao was made the Chairperson of the Karnataka State Sangeet Nritya Academy (1987 – 1990) during which period she initiated National Performing Arts Festivals at Heritage Monuments – Somanathapura (1988), Pattadakkal (1989) and Halebid (1990).

Galgotians at the Dance Marathon at Blue Frog organised by Rotaract Club Southend Generation Next


d re

for the films like ‘Kai Po Che’, ‘Kurbaan’ and ‘Fashion’, sung entertaining item numbers and many popular songs like ‘Chikani Chameli’, ‘Gal Mithi Mithi’, ‘Tum hi ho bandhu’ etc. Her melodious voice and live performance was as good as in the albums. After setting fire to the stage, Vishal-Shekhar took to the stage and it was only the start of an exciting ride reserved for the audience. The evening had truly reached the crescendo when the duo took the charge . They were welcomed by falling confetti and colourful strobe lights. They simply achieved the top notch level of excitement with their first song ‘Dus Bahane’. There was electricity in the air, people went gaga and their feet started thumping involuntarily. To build the mood of the evening, they even at one point jestingly asked the ‘Principal’ to permit the crowd to cheer for them their hearts out in lieu of extra marks! They sung the foot tapping blockbuster songs like ‘Radha’, ‘Dard-eDisco’, ‘Salaam Namaste’ and many others. They were later accompanied by Shruti Pathak which was the icing on the cake as they sung heart warming songs like ‘mujhe rula diya’ and cracking ones like ‘anjana anjani’ etc, which the students couldn’t help but sing along with them. They were not able to hold themselves from thanking the wonderful and immensely enthusiastic audience after their “When I say ‘POP IT’, You say ‘ROCK IT’ ” every song for its mighty support and praises. So immersed were ‘POP IT, ROCK IT!!’ they, along with the audience, that all of them lost the track of time ‘POP IT, ROCK IT!! ‘ and their performance well exceeded the scheduled time. At last they introduced and acknowledged their band members for their hard work and effort to make their performance a great success. The These may sound as mere words now but they were indeed the end of the evening left the crowd delirious and crying out for more. ‘anthem’ of the night when thousands of people were singing the verse in tune. The hosts of the evening played their part with superb The night, indeed was the Star Factor of the whole G-Quasar! efficiency and did not let the energy level dip even for a fraction of second throughout the event. Amid the cheering crowd, they By: Sumit Kumar Singh & Rajat Durgapal performed some of their chartbusters like ‘Rock the Party’, ‘Sexy Mama’ and ‘Ari Ari’ from their album ‘Introducing’ which has gone five times platinum. The performance was outstanding as evinced by the thrilled reaction of the audience. Young and adults alike were enthralled and captivated by the groovy beats and enjoyable harmonies. The songs had instant impact on the students, who started dancing spontaneously to the peppy beats. The whole campus was indeed swinging with bliss. Apart from performing their songs, they also shared their inspiration of writing some of their songs with the audience. They appeared extremely pleased by the huge admiration of the crowd. The exhilaration was not yet over though, and more entertainment was still in store for the students. On 10th March G Quasar welcomed new guests, singer ‘Shruti Pathak’ and the singers and composers ‘Vishal Dadlani’ and ‘Shekhar Ravjiani’ . The first one on stage was Shruti Pathak, the Filmfare nominated singer who has sung hit songs

y or St

Finally, G-Quasar’13 was there in the campus. The long wait was over. The preparations have come to the final stage. Everyone associated with G-Quasar was striving hard to make it an ultra-successful event. 8th to 10th March were the most happening days for Galgotians since GQuasar’13 was scheduled on these days. The students were in a dreamy world. The days were full of celebrations and the nights were full of excitement. The highly anticipated CELEBRITY NIGHT, for which crowd had emerged in numbers and waited for hours in everlasting queues, did not get disappointed a bit. It surpassed all our anticipations, and turned out to be a stunning and spectacular display of talents by some of the biggest and gifted stars of our music industry. The array of events started on 8th of March and 9th March was the first day of the celebrity night, a huge multitude from the whole Delhi-NCR was gathered to witness the band ‘Bombay Rockers’. The excitement of the audience was sky high and they were waiting with closed breath to see the celebrities on the stage. The band was introduced when the excitement of the crowd was at its peak.

u at Fe

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013


r o t dS e ur




Waltz With Him Jiff, second, minute, days, months, years decay as the clock ticks, but few memories, few moments, few things which we share with our love wrapped in our arms, especially in dance with soft music and romantic pink light will always be an unforgettable sweet memory. In those moments of closeness, we forget who we are and where we are. What relationship this is we don’t know… only this dance is our relation and silence, our speech. The most exciting and much awaited event of Galgotias University came alive during G-Quasar. The Annual fest G-Quasar'13, was a 3 days event. The first day was a ball dance party (Waltz with him), an amazing exquisite kaleidoscope of dance, music and lots of fun

and frolic. The term 'ballroom dancing' is derived from the word ball, which in turn originates from the Latin word ballare which means 'to dance' (Source- Wikipedia). It depicts the bonding between the dancing partners through body language that shows their compatibility. Students who were eagerly waiting to flaunt their passionate dance moves were given a brief training session which helped them a great deal in putting up the show on the final day. Guys and girls shook their legs on the famous ball room music. This event brought back the memories of the ball dance scene from the famous movie Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. 50 couples were allowed in this event and marking was being done on the basis of their dressing style, body language, moves and clarity judged by the members of Coreotheque Dance Academy. Boys were dressed in black suit while the girls stole the limelight by being dressed in beautiful red gowns. This year’s fest was one of its kind as the students enjoyed and relished each moment right from the training session till late night dinner which followed the ball. By: Ravendra Ratan Singh, M. Tech (CSE) 1st Year, Kiran Jain, M. Tech (CSE ) 1st Year, Rahul Kapoor, B.Tech (CSE), 2nd Year, Anjali Gupta, B.Tech, (CSE), 1st Year

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013



G-QUASAR 2013, started with a bang on 8th march. It was a marvellous show with all kinds of events and programmes. From singing and dancing of celebrities to serious drama and romantic ball dance by the students, it was a complete package. An overall hit.

ed r u

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But expectedly fashion show on first night surprised everyone. Earlier the sizzling Sonal Chauhan and ‘Johny Gaddar’ Neil Nitin Mukesh entertained the crowd by promoting their upcoming movie, 3G. Tremendous crowd showed up for the Fashion Event. Total of seven teams participated in the event. They were Amity Noida, Amity Law School, G.L. Bajaj, Magnum Opus Roorkee, Roorkee Engineering College, IILM and our home team of Galgotias- Scintillations. The scene was set, lights were lit, and announcements were made, everyone's eyes were on stage, just waiting for the sizzling models to appear on stage. Soon, the waiting time was over and fun time came gushing down. It was the beginning of the first event, beginning of fest, beginning of G-QUASAR 2013. All teams performed well. Everyone gave their 100 % to add to the entertainment. But Amity and Galgotias were outstanding. Their performances were amazing. In other words, we can call them ‘paisa vasool’. Beautiful girls, handsome boys, nice outfits, classic face expressions and the moves, it was just perfect. No doubt, a ramp walk competition on the very first night of the fest was a hit. Each one of us was thrilled. The excitement was not yet over. After the fashion event, an outstanding dance performance by Akhil of GU, enthralled the audience and the applause that followed drowned all noise in the vicinity and his dance made the audience move their body with him. His moves invited shouts of encore by the audience. After all the thrill and fun, was the time for the results. However, everyone knew the results. Mrs. Vinnie Mathur declared the winners. The second runner up was Magnum Opus from Roorkee. Amity International University from Noida grabbed the first runner up place. Scintillations from GU was adjudged the winner. The best part was yet to come. Among guys Nitin Tyagi of GCET was chosen the best male model & Shatrupa Das of GU was chosen as the best female model, who with her personality and moves, wooed everyone and captured this position. By: Raman Thukral, B.Tech


YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013




tur ed Sto r


A world of passion, a world far away from reality, which seems more real than reality. The same spirit was there on the floor of Galgotias Campus One when more than 380 players filled their participation forms for different categories. This was the greatest number of participants in any of the events, taking place under the flag of our University Fest the G-Quasar.

The glory of making this event a grand success was shared by many, but the flag bearer was Lehri Malik, the chief coordinator of all the events of FRAG. Money is a necessary thing for every event of this reputation, and if sponsors like Steel Series, a Multi-National Company, comes forward to ’sponsor’ the gaming equipment, the enthusiasm level of the organizers and the participants rises all the more high. The games under FRAG were: 

CoD (Call of Duty): A game based on army combat- a real thriller - and the winner under this category was Shubham Kanojia, a student from Delhi University.

Counter Strike: The game, reputed to give gamers sleepless nights, was a hit at G-Quasar and saw tough competition. The winner of this game was a team named Lions with team members Vaibhav, Tushar and Gaurav.

DOTA: A strategy game which can teach lessons in planning not only in the virtual world but also in the real world, also saw a good number of participation. The first prize in this series went to a group named Crazy.

NFS: The name stands for need for speed, of course not needed to be mentioned, the most common racing game. The fastest racer was Shivam Singh.

FIFA: No gamer is complete without playing this game on his playstation. In G-Quasar this gave the real feel of the field. The winner in this field was Astitva from GNIT.

All these games were held in different computer labs of the Galgotias Group of Institutions, Campus 1 and all ended with prize distribution on the main stage of G-Quasar. The event was real and rare soul food for a gamer whose religion is games. It really looked like a region of gaming. By: Vikash, B.Tech (CSE)



Techno Quasars-2013:

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A Glimpse on the technical events in G-Quasar-2013

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G-QUASAR 2013, had an exciting start on 8th March, 2013. It was a marvelous show with all kinds of events and programmes. From singing and dancing of celebrities to serious drama and romantic ball dance by the students, it was a complete package. An overall hit. With some entertainment and fun factor G-Quasar,13 also included events that were academic in nature, but provided some really high adrenaline moments and some great belly laughs. Technical events were one of them. GEEK LOVER It is a very interesting game to show your love to your friends, lover or teacher or anyone you admire. Just write a letter or poem to show your love but with a twist. The twist is just that you have to show your love, but with a twist. This event attracted huge crowd. Despite of pre-registrations, many on the spot registrations took place. Unexpectedly 150 participants competed and among various other technical events this one was tremendously successful. Winner: Pawan Upadhyay ( GCET) 1 Runner up: Mukul Gavri (GCET) 2 Runner up: Divya Juneja (GU) LOGO MANIA The game of mind and memory! It’s about how many company symbols you can recognize. Different logos were shown to the participants of software's, industries and companies. Participants were supposed to identify the logo and face the question related to that specific logo. It was a group game which included 2 members in each team. 80 teams came forward for the event. Winner: Abhishek Jain & Vishal Singh 1 Runner up: Jayant Gupta & Anurag Sharma 2 Runner up: Abhay Gupta & Utkarsh BRAIN BASHERS Technical events are incomplete without test of brain. No matter how many marks you score but your IQ only symbolises your intelligence. Brain bashers is a collection of interesting brain teasers which test your IQ level. Logical and analytical reasoning, mental ability and general aptitude were on the cards. Again a team event of 2 members in a team. For this event 80 students took on the challenge.

1 Runner up: Archit & Mohan (GU) 2 Runner up: Prashant & Praduman Tiwari( GCET) PACE MAN Gaming fever is something that will not leave us till our old age. Even scientists are struggling and are searching for its remedy so that mothers of many children could get relief. Eat the dots and avoid the ghosts. Simple childish games but no lack of entertainment. After all, games are for fun. It attracted 90 participants. Winner: Swati Sachan(GCET) 1 Runner up: Ashwani Agarwal(GCET) FIX IT A simple test of C-programming skills. The aim of this test is to remove the bugs in the code and write the code. This event provided a platform to the sharp brains of the academia who love to take on challenges that whet their cerebral ability. It gathered 55 participants. Winner: Shweta Tiwari & Sumiran Das(GCET) 1 Runner up: Anurag Awasthi(VIET) 2 Runner up: Deepak Kumar Maurya (GCET) By: Raman Thukral, B.Tech

Winner: Deepak Tiwari & Prashant Sahu(JSS)


YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013

Bestest Part Of My Life Neither the sun nor the rain Can understand my pain The feelings that I have Are so much true That even God can’t point them Because I only loved you Say it a passion or a hobby To care for you is my first priority I don’t know about others As for me they are minority I don’t compare you with moon As it’s far away I want you to live in my heart That’s the best place where you can stay I promise Your lips will never get down Your smile will never fade You will be in my arms I will protect you in my shade All I need is you As good people in my life are few When you stand by my side I really feel the pride To say that You are the bestest part of my life… By: Raman Thukral, B.Tech ( CSE ),




Representing Development: Photo Competition In February 2013, a photography competition was held as part of a one day interdisciplinary conference on ‘Representing Development: The process and role of informalisation’ organised by the Galgotias University’s School of Business and School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The conference raised some important issues regarding the idea of development with respect to the informal space of our economy. The students sent in their best photographs that captured the informal space comprising of the people who surround us in our day to day life. People who migrate from their hometowns and villages in search of livelihood and settle in urban areas like street vendors are the ones who constitute the informal sector. Their pictures captured the highs and lows, trials and tribulations of lives in the cities and also highlighted the contradictions between migration and displacement. The best photographs were displayed in the foyer near the Block A cafeteria where visitors gave their feedback and words of encouragement to the participants. Photographs by Achyut Misra, Akanksha Bisht and Kantinath Banerjee were judged as the top four photos by the judges. Here are a few glimpses (pic below). By: Sakshi Kapoor, Assistant Professor, School of Media and Communication Studies

Submitted Pics for the Competition :’Representing Development: The process and role of informalisation’


INTER-COLLEGE DEBATE COMPETITION School of Business & Commerce and School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Galgotias University, organized an Inter-College Debate Competition on 7th Feb 2013. The theme of the debate competition was “Representing Development: The Process and Role of Informalisation”. The participating business schools were: Amity Business School, Galgotias University, Galgotias Business School and Galgotias Institute of Management and Technology. The debate competition consisted of two semi-finals and one final round, each of 50 minutes duration. Each team consisted of four members including a group leader. The motion for semi-finals were chosen through lottery 48 hours prior to the day of the competition (5th February, 2013) and the team leaders were informed about their stand. The Debate Competition started with Vice Chancellor, GU, Prof. Ashok Saxena’s welcome address and Pro VC, GU, Prof. Balajirajgopalan’s motivating words to the participants. The panel of the Judges for the Competition comprised of (i) Mr. R. K. Verma, Dean, School of Business Studies, Sharda University (ii) Mr. Atul Kumar, Co-Chair, PGDBM, Galgotias Business School and (iii) Dr. Shalini Sharma, Professor, Department of Economics, Galgotias University. Student volunteers presented the Judges with potted plants as gifts instead of traditional bouquet, laying emphasis on the Go-Green campaign of GU.

The second Semi-final between Amity Business School and Galgotias Business School had the motion ‘Presence of Child and Female Labour in the Informal Sector is Conducive to Economic Growth in India’. The arguments and counter-arguments presented by both the team made us ponder upon the issues of female and child labour in the informal sector of India. Amity Business School and Galgotias University reached the final which was held after the lunch and the motion for the final was “India has successfully met the Challenges of Global Slowdown”. The participants from both Amity Business School and Galgotias University presented their thoughts for and against the motion respectively, in a very professional and candid approach, making the judgement a little difficult. The debate competition was won by Amity Business School, and the winners were awarded a cheque of Rs 2500/- by Vice Chancellor, GU, Prof. Ashok Saxena. The runners up for the event were given gift vouchers as a token of appreciation and all the participants were given participation certificates.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks by the faculty coordinators and a few words about the event from the judges and faculty members from within and outside Galgotias University who were present throughout the day to guide and support the students. Vice Chancellor, GU, Prof Ashok Saxena mentioned in his valedictory speech the significance of such competitions saying that such events should be conducted on The first semi-final was between Galgotias University (GU) regular basis. He said that the debate process nurtured an and Galgotias Institute of Management & Technology (GIMT). interest in current events and the political, social and The motion for the first Semi-final was ‘The Large Informal economic issues of today’s world among the students. Skills Sector is an Obstacle to Economic Growth in India’. Particideveloped during the entire debate experience add to the pants from both GU and GIMT presented wonderful points, student’s ‘competitive edge’. directing the attention of the audience to the emerging issues By– Asst. Prof. Smita Sona, School of Business, GU and concerns for the Informal sector of India.

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013


Law, Development & Social Transformation in India: Issues & Challenges National Seminar organized by School of Law, Saturday, 02 February 2013

Floral Welcome of Honorable Justice Gyan Sudha Misra, Judge Supreme Court of India by Prof Parul Goyal

The School of Law, Galgotias University aims to focus on overall development of its students. Here the students have the privilege of academic pursuits along with clinical training. All efforts are made to equip them with skills to deliver the best in profession. They are also nurtured with social and human values. With this objective a National Seminar on Law, Development and Social Transformation in India: Issues and Challenges was organized by the School of Law, Galgotias University on February 2, 2013. The seminar witnessed the presence of Honorable Justice Gyan Sudha Misra, Judge Supreme Court , as chief guest,Mr. Sunil Galgotia, Chancellor, Galgotias University as the Patron-in-chief and that of Prof.(Dr.) Ashok Saxena, Vice-Chancellor, Mr. A. S. Mathur, Registrar and Prof.(Dr.) G. S. Bajpai, Advisor as the patrons. This seminar provided a platform to the young brains of India and attracted the students, young researchers, law teachers, members of the bar and bench alike. The seminar boasts the presence of almost one hundred and fifty participants.

It was a breath taking experience to witness dynamic brain storming sessions delivered by the panellists to identify the causes of disconnection between government policies and goal of the constitution framers, to examine and evaluate the existing legislation and policies to assure the stake holders and suggest a viable policy and mechanism. The panellists discussed that in more recent times, the legal reforms have been at the centre of the agenda for rendering justice so that it could minimise the conflict of interest of various class and group of the society. Now policy framers on their official agenda have put forward goals to ensure strengthening access to justice to vulnerable class of the society and emphasise on the efficacy of law and legal reforms to initiate changes in the social order towards a gender just and egalitarian society. It is felt that legislation could act directly as a norm setter, or indirectly, providing institutions which accelerate social change Honorable Justice Gyan Sudha Misra,Judge Supreme Court of India Chief by making it more acceptable. The seminar ended Guest along with Shri Suneel Galgotia,Chancellor, Galgotias University. with a valedictory address given by Prof.(Dr.) Pradeep Kulshreshtha. The event was definitely a success as it provided ample knowledge and a direction to all its participants and audience alike.

Galgotias Journal of Legal Studies

thoughts, opinions, ideas, concepts and suggestions from School of Law, Galgotias University, has successfully launched various fields and sections of people. The idea of launching such a journal at this early stage of the Law School was its online journal ‘Galgotias Journal of Legal Studies’ along conceived by some of our faculty members which with ISSN registration. The Journal aims to focus on the dynamic role and effect of law on the society and how it helps subsequently became a reality due to the enthusiasm and cooperation of all the other faculty members along with the to engineer the changes within the society. It has an dedicated and sincere efforts of Ms. Debdatta Das and Ms. interdisciplinary approach and provides a platform for Parul Goyal who are the coordinators of this journal.


International Student Corner

Nepal, the land of wonders and joy!! I am Manish Kumar Gupta enrolled in the BBA program of Galgotias University. I am from Nepal and have completed my high school from GCE A’ LEVELS board in Nepal. Through this article I want to give you a small glimpse of Nepal and some of its interesting features. Nepal is a small country situated in the heart of SAARC nations with a total area of 147,181 km2. It is a landlocked country surrounded by India on three sides that is east, west and south whereas the northern side is surrounded by China. It boasts of eight of the world’s top ten highest mountains, including Mount Everest on the border with China. Nepal is the only country in the world which has not been ruled by any foreign authority. Nepal was declared a republic country on 28th May, 2008.The present president of Nepal is Dr. Rambaran Yadav. The currency of Nepal is Nepalese rupees(NPR).The total population of Nepal is 26,500,504. It is a country of Hindu origin due to which the majority of the population follows Hinduism though every religion is equally respected and welcomed in Nepal. Nepal has both Nepalese and foreign boards of education at higher secondary level, Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) and GCE A LEVELS by Cambridge University being more popular than others. At graduate and post graduate levels Nepal has total five universities among them three are government and the rest two are private. Tourism is a major source of economy in Nepal as Nepal has many religious Hindu and Buddhist heritage sites. ‘Swyambhunath’ the famous Buddhist temple which is also known as Monkey Temple is located to the west of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Nepal being the birthplace of Lord Buddha, sees every year thousands of tourists from all over the world coming to visit this pilgrimage. Reaching Kathmandu takes half an hour from New Delhi by air. Apart from the religious aspect of tourism, Nepal also offers an

astonishing diversity of sightseeing attractions popularly known as ‘SEVEN WONDERS OF NEPAL’. Out of these seven wonders, the first is the Mount Everest which is the highest peak in the world with an elevation of 8848 meters above the sea level. The second is known as ‘Panch Pokhari’. It is a group of three sacred lakes located about 6 kilometers east of Ama Dablam mountain in Nepal. The main lake is at 5,414 meters; the other two lakes are at 5430m and 5494m. Panch Pokhri at 5494m is the highest named lake in the world. It is about 700 meters long and 400 meters wide. The third is Tilicho lake. Tilicho lake is one of the highest lakes in the world. It is 4,949 meters high in the Annapurna range of Nepal. Annapurna, a series of peaks in the Himalayas is a 55 km long massif of which the highest point, Annapurna I, stands at 8091m, making it the 10th-highest summit in the world After the Annapurna range comes the Kali Gandaki gorge. It is the deepest gorge in the world. The sixth is Mount Makalu. Makalu is the fifth highest mountain in the world with an elevation of 8,481 meters above sea level Makalu is an isolated peak whose shape is a four-sided pyramid. And the seventh wonder of Nepal is the Fishtail mountain. This mountain combined with its steep, pointed profile, makes it a particularly striking peak, despite a lower elevation than some of its neighbors. Its double summit resembles the tail of a fish, hence, the name meaning "Fish's Tail" in Nepali language. I believe the information I shared in this article will encourage you to visit Nepal and in closing I want to welcome everybody to this land of wonders.

By: Manish Kumar Gupta, BBA, 1st Year, Native of Nepal

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013


Dena Bank ATM Inauguration 23rd April was another remarkable day for Galgotias University. On this day, Dena Bank, Greater Noida branch inaugurated its ATM in the campus of Galgotias University. It was a pleasant afternoon and almost 100 people attended the inauguration programme. The entire university campus was decorated. The stage in the front lawn was all set to welcome the dignitaries. Among the dignitaries were, Mr. Ashwini Kumar, the Chief Managing Director, Mr. M. K Sharma, General Manager, North India operations, Mr. Dhananjay Kumar, Asst. General Manager and Saurabh Singh, Branch Manager, Greater Noida Branch, Dena Bank. The ATM inauguration ceremony started around at 3 pm with welcoming the guests in the presence of Mr. Suneel Galgotia, Chairman, Mr. Dhruv Galgotia, CEO, Prof. Ashok Saxena, Vice Chancellor and Mr. J S Arora, Director Finance, Galgotias University. Followed by the inauguration ceremony, there was an interactive session where the invited dignitaries of Dena Bank and the organizers at Galgotias University briefed about their future endeavours. The ceremony started with beautiful Saraswati vandana sung by a student. After that the dignitaries were introduced to the audience and were welcome by the Galgotians warm heartedly and they were presented bouquets and monuments as a token of gift. Mr. Suneel Galgotia presided over the meeting and through his speech he discussed how Dena bank had been a close companion of Galgotias University for a long time. He wished these long association between Dena Bank and GU would further be longer and stronger. Mr. Ashwini Kumar, the Chief Managing Director, Dena Bank focussed on the future plans of the bank and emphasized on taking forward the GU-Dena Bank association to the next level. Other invited dignitaries also gave some relevant information about the bank and they wished Galgotias University a great future ahead. After the proceedings got over there was arrangement of high tea for the guests, organisers as well as the audience. The day ended with a positive note with hoping for something more to come in future. By: Anindita Sahoo, Asst. Professor, Dept. of English


Panel discussion with Cambridge Graduate University Professors A panel discussion with Cambridge Graduate University Professors was organised by the Galgotias University on April 12, 2013. The VC, Prof. Ashok Saxena, welcomed the august gathering and in his speech opined that post discussion everyone will definitely emerge a lot wiser and have a better understanding of various issues in the global perspective. Panel Discussion-I focused on the theme of Strategic Planning for Successful Indian Leadership in the 21st Century. The speakers for session I were Dr. Tim Howard, former faculty & visiting Scholar at Boston University and Dr. Karen Maze, former faculty at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University & Harvard University. Prof. Balaji Rajagopalan, Pro V.C , Galgotias University moderated the session. The panelists discussed the major challenges that confront leaders in the 21st century and what new practices have emerged in response to the shifting landscape. The theme for Panel Discussion-II was India at the Crossroads- Global Outreach and Sustainable Development. The speakers for this session were Dr. Karen Maze and Prof. Dale Weeks, former faculty at University of Minnesota, Florida State University and University of St. Thomas. Prof. Sham Tickoo acted as the moderator. The audience got an opportunity to witness an interesting session in which the panelists discussed the nuances of sustainable development. The theme for Panel Discussion-III was Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty. The speakers for this session were – Dr. Tim Lynch, former faculty at Florida State University and Prof. Bill Carter, former faculty at Suffolk University, Wheaton College, Northeastern University, Howard University and Laselle College. The panelists made an effort to understand the economic and psychological aspects in the lives of people below poverty line. Each of the panel discussion was followed by the Question and Answer session in which the students and faculty members posed quick and smart questions. In the valedictory session all the dignitaries were thanked for the excellent exposition of the discussion and the deliberations made thereon. Over all, the session succeeded in achieving its goal to an extent possible. By: Ekta Srivastava, Assistant Prof., School of Business

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013


Saraswati Vandana On 14th February, Galgotias University saw a brief celebration in the Campus. The readers are requested not to get confused reading the date. This year, 14 th February played host to another event, than its regular St. Valentine’s Day. This year, Basant Panchami or Saraswati Pooja, happened to fall on 14th February and this called for a small function where Basant Ritu, the Spring season, was welcomed after the harsh Sharad Ritu, the winter season, retired. The function was organized by the SAHSS to celebrate the day associated with learning and knowledge. The function also sought to inform our foreign students about the rituals of India, and what importance these had in the Indian culture. India is one of very few countries which is blessed with four seasons, and the arrival of Basant is celebrated in India, especially North India, because, immediately following the winters, Spring stands in sharp contrast with the cold, dry winter season. Nowadays, Basant Panchami is also synonymous with Saraswati Pooja, or the worship of Goddess Saraswati, the deity of wisdom, knowledge and learning. Leaflets, announcing the function with an introduction about the ritual were pasted on all the notice boards a day before, ensuring that the event sees a huge turn-out of students and faculty members. Sure enough, everybody reached the venue on time. The ‘stage’ was adorned by the VC, GU, Prof. Ashok Saxena, Pro VCs Prof. Balaji Rajagopalan, Prof. Sham Tickoo, Prof Khalid, Senior Dean & Editor-in-Chief G-Post, Prof. D. K Jha and Dean, SAHSS, Prof. Prem Vashishtha. All the dignitaries spoke a few words about the importance of the day, and how they’ve been celebrating it since childhood. After this interaction was the time for ceremonial closing of the ritual. Hindu rituals are usually brought to a formal end by offering ‘aahuti’ to the Gods through worshipping the Fire God. Everybody came forward to participate in the offering. Later on Prasad was distributed to everybody in the campus.


Rotaract Events

Samvedna : home for special children

Blood donation camp

Pediatric dialysis centre : SPARSH at Siri Fort

Say no to crackers

Celebrating International book giving day

Dance marathon by rotary Delhi southend : Fund raiser for Sparsh

Galgotias Club Events

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013



Learning and Fun Experience For Media Students The students in MJMC programme in Galgotias University participated in Two Day Workshop on ‘Sound Forge’ organised by School of Mass Communication during Technical Fest ‘Praudyogiki’ (22-23 February 2013) at Chitkara University, Chandigarh. Mr. Nitin Sharma, Radio Jockey and Director Media Myth Solutions Pvt. Ltd was the resource person. The students were made familiar with the working of sound editing software, Sound Forge 10.0. As said by the students, the workshop was a knowledgeable experience for them as they got acquainted with sound recording and mixing techniques. Also, they enjoyed the practical experience of being on-air. They were accompanied by Mrs. Nitasha S Babbar, faculty of Media and Communication Department. In all it was thoroughly a fun and knowledge gaining experience for the students as such workshops focuses more towards practical approach of their curriculum.


Answers to published in last issue




By: Nihar Ranjan Roy, Asst. Prof., School of CSE

























YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013




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