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YEAR 2 | ISSUE 1 | JANUARY, 2013

I feel thrilled and proud, as I write this editorial for The G-Post, as we have completed one year of its publication. During the last one year we got tremendous response from our readers and I fall shorts of words in expressing our gratitude for their support. Time flies when you are having fun. But the past year has also been a truly learning experience for all of us. As we embark upon the journey for the second year, let me thank each one of you for making all the four issues of the first year most memorable ones. The G-Post has an incredibly cohesive team that includes some ignited and enlighten people. The first step to creating an excellent publication is having a good editorial team. Prof. P K S Nain has undoubtedly been successful in coordinating the proceedings of The G-Post right from collecting articles to proof reading of the final version. Ms Vinnie Mathur has been the point person for The G-Post and the glue that kept all of us together. She is always enthusiastically on board to handle things like social media, student affairs, event organization etc. In addition, Mr. Nihar Ranjan Roy and Dr. Ankit Gandhi have been instrumental in maintaining the publication standards of The G-Post that is easy on the eyes and convenient to navigate. Dr. Bhim Singh, Dr. A K Jain, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Ms. Anita Charles, Ms. Anindita Sahoo, Dr. Anshima Srivastava, Dr. Ekta Srivastava deserve special acknowledgement for their contributions that gave a remarkable shape to the newsletter. And, you would agree with me that the team of student volunteer has been phenomenal in delivering the vision of The G-Post in an unbiased and objectively relevant manner. Last but not the least a special mention of our readers who have always enjoyed reading these issues and have provided their valuable feedback to us. None of what we do would have been possible without the relentless support of our Hon’ble Chancellor Mr. Suneel Galgotia and CEO Mr. Dhruv Galgotia. The success of this newsletter is a result of their belief and trust in what we do. I also would like to express my gratitude to Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice Chancellors for their unprecedented support. Please join me in thanking them for supporting our vision to create The G-Post. Another new year has just begun. I bank upon each one’s support and look forward to further engagement in making this newsletter a pleasant reading experience for everyone. As memories of the year-end celebrations fade, the time has come to think about what the coming year may have in store for us. Let me share few lines from one of my poems: Each day is a little life to live, to breathe, to wonder and desire don't wait for a special day to feel, to celebrate, to ponder and aspire For many of us a new year allows us a chance to change the things we want, revisit relationships and strengthen friendships as we move into a new year. And most importantly our promise to keep New Year’s resolutions. Do not hesitate to let me know what you would like to see in the upcoming issues of The G -Post or if there is anything you think could be done in a better way. Sincerely, Prof. (Dr.) Deependra K. Jha

Dr. D. K. Jha Dr. P.K.S. Nain Dr. A.K. Jain Dr. Bhim Singh Dr. Ankit Gandhi Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh Ms. Anita Charles Ms. Vinnie Mathur Dr. Ekta Srivastava Ms. Anshima P. Srivastava Ms. Anindita Sahoo Mr. Nihar Ranjan Roy Ms. Akshita Raghuvanshi, B.Tech(CSE) Ms. Anjali Gupta, B.Tech(CSE) Mr. Ankit Srivastava, B.Tech(Mech) Mr. Ashish Bhati, B.Tech(Mech) Ms. Gayatri Talukdar, B.A.(H)Eco Mr. Naman Agrawal, B.Tech(CSE) Ms. Priya Verma, B.Tech(CSE) Mr. Rahul Kapoor, B.Tech(CSE) Mr. Raman Thukral, B.Tech( CSE) Mr. Ravendra R. Singh, M.Tech(CSE) Ms. Sakshi Nigam, B.A.(H)Eco Mr. Sumit Kumar Singh, B.Tech(ME) Ms. Vindhya Singh, B.Tech(CSE)

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 1 | JANUARY, 2013



Santana Concert......3

Reader’s Corner...........4


How to Keep New Year's Resolutions..............................5

National Seminar on Meditation..............................6

IYF: Preparing Youth for Better Tomorrow...........................6

Know your teacher...........7

Why regret?............................8

Daro nahi betiyo ko bacho..8

Global pursuit.........................9

Christmas Celebrations ....10

Letter to the Nation from a Slain Woman.....................................11

Annual Fest of Galgotias :THE G-QUASAR.....................12

An Interactive Session with Dr. Ashok Saxena..............................12

Academic Excellence................13

Are we on the right track...???....................................14

Legal Aid Camp........................15

Lecture on ‘CONSTUTUTIONAL AND LEGAL POSITION OF LEGAL AID’...............................16

A day with An Industry Expert at Galgotias University.................16

The Festival of Light: Celebration at GU........................................17

IIE Club Inauguration ..............17

Placement Season at GU...18

Faculty Development Programs..................................19

In the end, Ms.Rashmi Kumari, branch counselor, IEEE student chapter offered a vote of thanks to the dignitries, faculty members and students. She also motivated the students to be an active member of the student chapter and advised them to join IEEE spectrum, IEEE Delhi section and IEEE India on facebook and other social media so that they are informed about the current activities of other branch chapter and recent technological developments.

Parliament of India: Live Experience.............................19

Sports Meet...........................20

An Extensive Workshop on Case Based Teaching............................22

The entire day was full of student activities which included research paper presentation, poster presentation, quiz on computer programming languages (C and C++) and Audio- Visual quiz (Quizzaire- a quiz based on tagline and logos and Discoverer and Discovery). Students also enjoyed some fun activities like IN-WIN-OUT and Not Walk. An event-Mah!! Souvineers was held for the students to show their special collections, technical projects and creativity. Finally the day was ended with the certificate and prize distributions to the winners by Dr. D.K. Jha, Dr. S.K. Sinha, Dr. Vinod Yadav and Rashmi Kumari.

Ethical corporate behavior with sustainable development........23

BUSINESS FEST-2012...............24

IBM-GU MBA Program in Business Analytics...............24

Workshop on ‘Training and Identification of Master Trainers’ ..25

University in NEWS..............26

The Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), student branch chapter at Galgotias University was inaugurated on 7th of December, 2012. This chapter comes under IEEE Delhi Section. IEEE is a worldwide organization consisting of ten regions in which Delhi Section falls under region 10 along with Asia Pacific countries like China, Japan etc. Anupriya Asthana, student chair formally welcomed all the dignitaries on the dais. She made audience aware about the significance, objectives and benefits of IEEE organization. The inaugural ceremony commenced with the lighting of the lamp by a group of dignified persons - Honourable V.C. Dr. Ashok Saxena, Pro V.Cs Dr. Balaji Rajagopalan and Prof. Sham Tickoo, Dean SET Dr. Deependra Kumar Jha, HOD Computer Science Dr. Awadhesh Kumar and Branch counselor Ms. Rashmi Kumari. The IEEE student chapter was declared open by the Honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ashok Saxena. He inspired the students to seize every opportunity offered at the branch chapter. Prof. Sham Tickoo, Pro Vice Chancellor suggested the students to remain focused on research and development. Dr. Deependra Kumar Jha unfolded the importance of the IEEE branch chapter and encouraged the students to become a member of the chapter and participate actively in all activities. He also encouraged students to form groups of researchers of similar area of interest. Dr. Avadhesh Kumar addressed the students and discussed about various technical societies and how IEEE is playing an active role in technical publications, conferences and humanity works.

By: Rashmi Kumari, Branch Counselor


The God of guitar sets foot on Galgotias University grounds to rock the F1 after party concert. He won over the hearts of people with his amazing talent and left the crowd spellbound. The pioneer of Latin music, rock and jazz fusion, Carlos Santana, picks up his iconic Paul Reed Smith Santana 3, to take centre stage at Galgotias University on October 28. The ones present were treated to some luscious guitar riffs and the sound of Shillong-based blues-rock band, Soulmate. Members of the band with Rudy Wallang on lead guitar, Tipriti ‘Tips’ Kharbangar on vocals and rhythm guitar, Leon Wallang on bass, Shaun Nonghulu on drums and Raveen Panday on Hammond are known for their blazing vocals and scorching guitar riffs, that recently had the audience asking for more. What started with a hardworking day ended up being one of the best rock concerts. Carlos Santana swept the crowd off its feet with his evergreen numbers -'Black Magic Woman', 'Maria Maria' and 'Smooth'. When you are in the presence of rock divinity, words fail you. Simply magnificent would just about describe the 65-year-old's age-defying, energy packed performance. Santana, dressed in all white, also used the occasion to speak about world peace. He recalled the brilliance of John Lennon's immortal peace anthem 'Imagine' and his 'All You Need is Love', which Paul McCartney rendered in his ageless voice to. It takes a master to recognise the greatness of others. Santana even ensured that all members of his entourage got their individual moments under the spotlight -very rarely do singing stars make such a gesture. And the band member who was impossible to miss was Cindy Lackman, Santana's wife and rock drummer. Santana left the crowd in one of it 'aww' moments when he shared his affection for his wife. By the end of the night Santana had won over the hearts of all the crowd and left them spellbound with an unforgettable experience. Selected students from GEI were chosen as co-ordinators and volunteers. They were trained to manage the event. According to some students namely Faizan, Kartik, Shivam, Nitish, “Santana Concert gave us a great on the job training to learn the art of managing events” By: Ms Vinnie Mathur Director- Student Affairs & Clubs Faculty Co-ordinator- Santana Concert Raunaq Aggarwal,II Year Student Co-ordinator- Santana Concert

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 1 | JANUARY, 2013


We value your feedback In a rather short period G-post has blazed a trail by tearing apart the prosaic boundaries of just a newsletter. It has achieved this by filling the vacuum of a space long felt to be justified for the canonically preserved window onto the world of Galgotias University. G-post has found its own niche in the academic spheres of our activities and engagements. we think that one need not just write and read stuff for readers, readers, by virtue of being readers, may also contribute to the entire process of writing, reading, understanding, sharing and dissemination of ideas. The fact that this has been possible thanks to the endeavours of so many minds strung out on flattened line is something to be welcome and appreciated. We strongly hope that G-post will continue to cater and be conducive to the growth of fine creative writing adventures.

We are always interested in your views about your experience of reading The G-Post. Your comments and suggestions on various articles will help us provide you the best reading experience. We welcome your feedback and expect you to write at newsletter@galgotiasunivrsity.edu.in. We are also pleased to share some of the observations of our readers about last issue of the newsletter. Prof. Ashok Saxena: I just read several articles in the latest G-Post. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for a job well done! This issue of G-Post is informative and does a very good job of letting people know about GU and what good things are happening on our campus. Thank you for your service to GU. Thanks are also due to our student volunteers who have also contributed in many ways.

Prof. Sham Tickoo: I would like to take this opportunity to CONGRATULATE the Editors and the Student Volunteers who put together the G-Post magazine. Some of the news items like "The examination System at GU", "ESOL Training Program", "Admissions", "Making a decision and regretting it", "In Pursuit of Excellence" were very informative articles. Keep up the great work.

Prof. Vashishtha: G-post team has done an excellent job.

“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”

– Theodore Roosevelt


when the going gets tough – no matter how many hurdles. At the same time, it is also important that you make our resolution realistic and attainable. You can also make a pro and con list for the same. 2. Be Exact and Plan Ahead. Another important thing for a resolution to remain stick is to make it specific. Resolutions to ‘eat better, get fitter, be happier, relax more or have better life balance’ are doomed for failure because they lack specificity. The more specific you are, the more likely you will be able to succeed. It is also important that your resolution is planned well before. 3. Do not Just Think It, Ink it! A Stanford University study has found that when people wrote down their goals, it increased the probability of achieving them by over 70%. But just writing down the specific goal will not suffice; you also need to write down how you will feel when you’ve accomplished it. When you have finished penning your desires, jot down on sticky pads the words that inspire you most about your goal and put them around your home/office to remind you of why you are committed to doing what it takes to bring your goal into reality. At the same time it is also important that you describe your goals and resolutions in ways that allow you to track your progress and measure your success. For instance, if you’re committed to a better health and exercise regime, you must schedule how many workouts you will fit into each week. 4. Design Your Surroundings. You should never underestimate the power of your environment to support or sabotage your success. You (Doesn't this pretty much sums up everyone's New Year's Resolution?) must design your environment so that it’s hard NOT to do what you resolved. Create a progress chart, recruit a cheer squad among your The onset of a New Year is always a time—time to start rolling out the family and friends, find someone to hold you accountable, hire a trainer, New Year’s resolutions. It is time to reflect on the changes we want (or join a group, create a blog and likewise. Similarly, if there are people or need) to make and resolve to follow in the years to come. But sadly, like things in your life that pull you down or off track, address them directly our personal goals, we often make them (year after year) with sincere and set whatever boundaries you know you will need up front. It is also intent only to see them quickly fall by the wayside, as we revert to (bad) necessary that you decide how you will deal with the temptation to skip habits that we have vowed to break. But what about the most successful for example to have one more cigarette. people and their resolutions? Have you noticed how the most accom5. Focus Your Efforts. Trying to do too many things at once can make plished people just seem to make right resolutions and consistently folyou so unfocused that you just bounce around like Tiger on Red Bull, not low them? quite sure which direction you are going. What is needed is set yourself Research has found that people who make resolutions are 10 times up for success and start with JUST ONE MAJOR UNDERTAKING come more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make January 1st. Then break that goal down into small bite size steps. Small them. So the importance of New Year resolutions can never be underessteps, strong start! timated and now comes a million dollar question of remaining stick to 6. Monitor The Progress. It is easy to get caught up in an initial wave them. As we all know, it is not so easy to keep your resolve as life returns of enthusiasm, only to come crashing down when your initial efforts to normal and your old habits of mind and action start testing your redon’t produce immediate and amazing results. So focus on the process solve and pulling you away from the new ones you resolved to create. itself, and develop greater competence of the actual activity, habit or Though change is difficult and hard to accept yet everyone has the abilskill you want to acquire. Keep track of each small success you make ity to make and keep meaningful changes in their life, regardless of their toward reaching your larger goal. Short-term goals are easier to keep, age, or how well worn their habitual ways of engaging in the world. Inand small accomplishments will help keep you motivated. For instance, deed there’s a science to success when it comes to achieving goals and if you want to become fit, focus on being able to jog a little bit further st making life changes – whether on January 1 or any other time of every time you go for a walk, rather than being able to run 5 miles withyear. Seven strategies are given below to help you make the changes you in a week. PERSISTENCE ALWAYS PAYS OFF. want in the year ahead. These strategies will help in understanding of 7. Forgive Your Failures. Your setbacks and failures will not define how to keep and prosper from the New Year resolution. I hope you will your success in the year ahead or any year. HOW YOU RESPOND WILL. If read it, but more so, I hope you will apply them so that 2013 will truly be you happen to mess up, lose your resolve, press the snooze button or the best year of your life. revert to a familiar well-practiced behavior, don’t beat up on your1. Know Your Why, Not Just What. First and a foremost thing for a self. Okay, so you didn’t get to the gym like you had planned. How about resolution to be a permanent habit is to discover yourself. For making 5 minutes of stretching? Just don’t let your mishaps, setbacks and failyour resolution indissoluble, it is important that you alien this with your ures mean more than they do. Reflect on the lessons they hold, make core values. You all want to look better or get richer, but your resoluadjustments accordingly, then get back to the journey called life. Life tions have to go beyond superficial desires and connect with what truly rewards those who work at it. Indeed you should reward yourself and matters most to you. In other words, you have to “Know your why” and celebrate your success. feel truly passionate about the goals you set for yourself. If you don’t, So make a resolution, keep it, not because everything will go as you then when the going gets tough or your alarm goes off at 5:30am, you want, but because you will be firmly at the helm of your own life – living won’t have the resolve to stick to your plan. In other words you have to by design rather than by default. connect your resolutions to those things that give you a deeper sense of purpose and align with your core values. It goes without saying that By: Dr. Ankit Gandhi,Training and Placement Officer when your resolutions connect to a deeper sense of purpose, it compels you not to think small or play safe, but to dig deep and stay the course

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 1 | JANUARY, 2013


NATIONAL SEMINAR ON MEDIATION The Mediation and Conciliation Project Committee (MCPC), Supreme Court of India conducted aNational Conference on Mediation on 7th and 8th of July, 2012 at New Delhi in which selected delegates of the various colleges attended the event. The enthusiasm shown by the students was commendable and the feedback received by us indicates that it was of much help to them. MCPC also convened a ‘National, District Level Seminar on Mediation’ on 10th November, 2012 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi which was inaugurated by His Excellency, the President of India. Hon'ble Chief Justice of India presided and was attended by the Hon'ble Judges of the Supreme Court, Chief Justices of various states and other delegates. The Seminar was followed by two technical sessions. The Law students understood Alternate Dispute Resolution which is also a part of curriculum and were genuinely interested in and participated with great zeal.

Hundreds of school and college students, including from countries like South Korea, Japan, Thailand, France, South Africa and almost all states of India, had descended at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex to participate in the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) camp which was hosting a range of educational, sporting and cultural programmes. The four-day camp was formally inaugurated by Delhi’s CM on November 5, though the activities had already begun a couple of days prior. The inauguration was followed by a cultural programme, which included Korean actress and singer Choi Eun Hye, singer Julio Goncalves, the Gracias Music Preparatory School choir, a Korean fan dance, a martial arts dance and a performance by a University. But the visitors won the hearts of Indians when a Korean choir sang popular Hindi film songs like Yeh dosti hum nahin torenge and Aashaayen dil ki. ‘Youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. So, they cannot remain disconnected from all that is happening. This IYF camp aimed to bring about challenge, change and cohesion through cultural programmes which include music, folk dances, mind lectures (about understanding each other),even fun and games like scavenger hunts and a marathon on the last day. Around 2300 Indian students and 300 foreign students were participating,” said Hong In Ki from South Korea, director, IYF

camp. “The focus of this camp is on sports and cultural activities but the central theme is on team building activities. Mind lectures are a very important part. They help students think in the direction of how to control and motivate their minds. After spending some days together, the young brains become such good friends that they visit the countries their friends have come from,” he added. During these four days, the students took part in competitive and non-competitive events like Scavenger Hunt, Mini Olympics and other games, mind lectures by Pastor Ock Soo Park, who founded the IYF in 2001. The camp also aims at connecting youngsters from across the world.11 Students of Galgotias University participated in IYF camp. Bhagya Shree Bhansali , student of Galgotias University was elected as ’ All India Student President ’ for IYF India . It was the vision of VC Sir and the able guidance of Vinnie Mathur Maam that it was made possible for us to have this kind of an enriching experience. By: Imran Khan


What constitutes a university ? A University is recognized by the students it produces, who spread the light of their Alma Mater with their achievements in the world. But more importantly they throw a light on the talent of the torch bearers of their institute, their faculty members who nurture them. Galgotias University is reputed to have the most deemed faculty members. In continuation to our efforts of introducing these torch bearers, we are presenting another four faculty members in this issue to our readers viz. Prof. Pramod Kumar Sharma, Dean, School of Medical and Allied Science, Dr. Sanjoy Das, Asst. Prof., Department of CSE, Dr. C. Varalakshmi, Department of Chemistry, & Prof. Pradeep Kulshrestha, HOD, School of Law .

received the B. Pharmacy degree from Delhi University and M. Pharm Degree in Pharmaceutics and PhD degree in Pharmacy from Jadhavpur University, Kolkatta, India in 1989, 1991 and 1996 respectively. Dr. Sharma joined Galgotias University in September 2012 as Professor and Dean, School of Medical and Allied Science. He had published 210 research papers in International / national journals and conferences and also authored 8 books. He has guided 140 M. Pharm and 12 Ph D scholars. He has nearly 21 years of teaching and research experience at various levels. His past position include Director University Institute of Pharmacy, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi. He had also served various private / government institutes like KIET, MIET, SGRRIT etc at the level of Director and developed various pharmacy institutes right from the scratch to best known research centers. He is member of IHPA, IPA, ISTE and fellow member of Institution of chemist. Dr. Sharma is a member of many high level committee of government of India like, AICTE, PCI, State government, and RDC, BOS etc of various universities. His research interest include development of oral drug delivery system, drug excipients. , has nearly two decades of teaching and research experiences in India and abroad. She obtained her PhD in 1999 from National Institute of Technology, Warangal as a full time research scholar investigating the effect of corrosion on copper in aqueous and marine environments. Her proffered philosophy has immense engineering applications in finding solutions to corrosion related problems that impact large-scale manufacturing processes in heavy industries. She was the founding Head of Chemistry Department at SKIET in Kurukshetra, Haryana. Later, she joined the Chemistry Department at University of Botswana at Gaborone. This international stint during which she worked with colleagues from more than 25 countries gave her exposure to newer teaching and laboratory methods. She visited several countries like South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and United Arab Emirates. She returned to India to join VIT University, Vellore, and taught the finest of graduate engineering and postgraduate students from every part of India adopting education technology methods. She was actively involved in research as a member of doctoral committees and in-charge of postgraduate research projects. She has successfully supervised PhD and MPhil scholars and guided 19 M.Sc. research projects during her tenure at VIT University. She has published research papers in peer-reviewed international and national journals.

received his B. E. and M. Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College, Pauri-Garhwal, Uttarakhand, and Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences, U.P. He did his Ph.D in Computer Science & Technology, from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Before joining Department of CSE as asst. prof. at GU, he worked in G. B. Pant Engineering College (Government of Uttrakhand), Assam University (A Central University), and Amity University. He has published more than 25 research papers in various reputed International Journals and Conferences proceedings. He has received best paper award in International Conference IGNGC2S-10. He is an active reviewer of reputed International Journals like Wireless Personnel Communication, KSII TIIS, ETASR, and AIRCC. He is a member of Editorial Board of International Journals;IJANS, IJCCMS,& IJASSNS. He was member of program committee of International Conference ITCS-2012. He is an active external reviewer of GRAPH-HOC2012. He is a member of organizing committee of the National Conference NCM2C-2008, 2009, 2010, in JNU, New Delhi. He has delivered expert lectures on Network Simulator in various Workshops. He has more than seven years of teaching and four years of research experience. His current research interest includes MANET, VANET, WSN, and Distributed Systems.

joined Galgtotias Business School in June 2008. He joined Galgotias University in January 2012 as Professor & HOD, School of Law. He graduated in Law from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. Prof Kulshrestha received Masters in Law and Ph D degrees from Jodhpur University, Jodhpur. He obtained Masters in Arts (Political Science) from Punjab University, Chandigarh. Dr Pradeep Kulshrestha received merit scholarship from the Government of Uttar Pradesh. He has published ‘Constitutional Law of India’ and ‘Law of Tort’ for the Law students and his another academic work ‘Criminal Justice in India: Maladies, Challenges and Recourse’ is under print. He has also been extended the privilege of reviewing ‘Legal Aspects of Business’, Oxford, Delhi, 2011, ‘Mercantile Law’: Tata McGraw Hill, Delhi, 2012 & Albuquerque Daniel, Legal Aspects of Business, Oxford, Delhi, 2012. He has also published numerous research paper and conference papers. He is the resource person for National Centre for Innovations in Distance Education (NCIDE), IGNOU. He also had the honour of being a Judge in the Inter University Moot Court Competition, 2010 organised by the Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi. His teaching and research interests include Constitutional Law of India, Law of Tort, Consumer Protection Laws, Labour Laws and Industrial Relations.

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 1 | JANUARY, 2013


Why Regret? Z NEWS organized a ‘live show’ on the Delhi gang rape topic on 19th December at 8 pm as an awareness program to save the girls from these type of inhuman crimes. In the show three guests Mr.Tejinder Singh Luthra, Jt. Commissioner, Delhi Police and Principal, Hindu College, DU along with an eminent psychiatrist were invited to share their views along with lots of college students so as to create an awareness among people to raise their voice against the crimes in the society. Galgotias University also actively participated in the show with 30 representatives from different courses of Management Club.

I've been dwelling around life for years giving fake smiles and hiding tears while searching for the miracle rays got sleepless nights and restless days I've been spending way too long trying to figure out what went wrong If I could re-live my past again I would plan things to avoid the pain I've been asking time after time why my heart is not always mine why at times, my head hangs low why do I cry, I fail to know I've been wondering if I know what to say as years go by and time fades away If all is in the future we can't see yet for whatever we did, why regret ? By: Dr. Deependra Kumar Jha

Various topics were raised there like ‘gender inequality’, family moral values & teachings and the image of the girl in the society as weak and helpless .Students raised their voice in favor that the image of girl needs change in the society as well as the mindset of the people should also change to see the girl with respect as a strong part of the society not a helpless girl. Various students also shared their experience of “eve teasing” in autos, buses and even in metro. The students also questioned the commissioner for not having proper system on police or lack of proper law implementation because of which girls still feel insecure while travelling. All the students raised their voice to make a strict law against rape cases as well as culprit should given hard punishment along with a proper implication of law & order in the society so that girls can feel free & safe. At last all the students, Z News team along with the guest member took an oath that they will not remain silent if they will see crime in the society & they will raise their voice to make people aware about the safety of the girls so that a change can be brought in the society & to change the image of a girl in the society.


From the Office of the International Relations …… December is the season of good tidings and great joy…and the season to be jolly!! The International Office had many reasons to celebrate...One was the signing of the MOU between GU and Anglia Ruskin University, UK at the University campus. On the 29th November, a three-member delegation from Anglia Ruskin University headed by their Pro ViceChancellor Sandra Hollis accompanied by Mr.Austin Brown, Regional Director, South East Asia and Mr.RohitVerma, Manager International Admissions visited the University and after a series of discussions signed the MoU .This new collaboration will open the way for learning, teaching, and research activities between the two universities and will also give GU students an opportunity to study in the UK. It may be noted that Galgotias University has already entered into international collaborations with 3 universities in the USA viz Northern Illinois University, USA, Purdue University, Calumet Campus, USA, University of North America, Vienna, Virginia, USA. On the 5th December, 2012 a delegation from the School of Management and Law, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland, visited Galgotias University to discuss collaboration to promote joint study programs between the two Universities. The daylong discussion was very exciting and interesting and opened up many avenues for both the universities to collaborate in the future. The members of the delegation were Mr.Waseem Hussain, Project Manager India, Mr.Stephan Loretan, Director, Department of General Management, Mr. G P Chandra Kumar, Chairman & CEO SkillSonics, Banglore. At the end of the year, the international students brought cheer to the University through a Christmas Programme. A band from the NCAG Church, Noida brought the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ with the lively singing of many Christmas carols including Mary’s Boy child Jesus, Feliz Navidad and Jingle Bells. Our Vice Chancellor Dr.Ashok Saxena and Director Students Welfare, Ms.Vinnie Mathur joined the singing.. The event witnessed a wonderful view of interfaith harmony with students from different communities and countries uniting together.. And with the arrival of the New Year 2013, the International Office looks forward to new happenings in the New year…not only for us but each one of you..Happy New Year and a Big God Bless..

MOU signing ceremony between GU and Anglia Ruskin University

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 1 | JANUARY, 2013


Discussion with delegation from Zurich University of Applied Sciences,Switzerland

Christmas Celebrations with the students of the International Students Club.

Christmas Celebrations with the students of the International Students Club University, Anita Charles, Head-International Relations and Vinnie Mathur, Director-Student Affairs and Clubs at GU also joined the students in singing the Christmas carols. While closing the show, Iglu Kingsley, a member of the band said that they had come to bring the good news The International Students Club invited a 5 of the birth of Jesus to Galgotias University. Dr. member band from Noida City Assembly of Ashok Saxena,VC and Dr.Avadesh Kumar, God (NCAG) to spread the Christmas Cheer by Dean-School of Computer and Information singing Christmas carols. Mr.Mubwangolo Sciences, GU, appreciated the efforts of Nehemie, student of I year BCA, welcomed students and thanked NCAG members for everyone.The members of the NCAG Church spreading the message of peace and happiness. introduced themselves and conducted a small The event witnessed a wonderful view of game to break the ice and make the audience interfaith harmony with students from more interactive. A short video on the birth of different communities, performing together. Jesus was screened.This was followed by a welcome singing and sharing the joys of the lively session of carol singing. Popular carols occasion . The celebration started with a short like Marys boy child Jesus Christ and Feliz introduction about who is Jesus. A short Navidad, Jingle bells etc were sung by the band. video about the birth and early life of Lord Dr. Ashok Saxena, Vice-Chancellor-Galgotias Jesus was also shown during the celebration.

By: Poonam Chhabra, Office of Dean

Christmas is the season to be jolly!!! The International students of Galgotias University celebrated Christmas- the festival of the birth of Jesus Christ on the 21st Dec 2012 with a joyful noise ...


December 29, 2012 Dear Indian Protestors This is your very own "Nirbhaya, a slain woman!" Thanks for rechristening and revering a woman's privacy! I yearned to live but had I lived I would have seldom earned so many honorary sobriquet that I am posthumously accorded with. Cessation of life has drastically remodeled my status from just being a student of physiotherapy to a symbol of national protest. Now I am being hailed as 'Nirbhaya', 'Amanat' and a 'Daughter of the nation.' I awfully wonder what my fellow citizens would have called me or thought of me had I not succumbed. Since December 16, the day of my ideological and inner death till December 29, when all five elements left me in the lurch, I have been striving hard to see this brutal and obnoxious world again but I failed miserably. Life has been snuffed out. No more I am to behold this Indian soil again! Far away in this ethereal and unknown world, I could witness you all, your prayers, your condolences, your protests, and your outrage. However judicious and sagacious, I am way appalled and astonished at your selective and singular prayers directed towards me. You are demonstrating at key symbols of sovereign and independent India and further afield women's modesty, their dignity is still being ravaged and persecuted. It's deafening. I can listen to those mute sufferings and anguish but you cannot. You are too engrossed in your protest to take cognizance of it. Thus I am propelled in protest against you. Asphyxiated as I am, you too are! I am assaulted with a few questions.... Why this empathy cannot be extended to the victims all and sundry? Why does it take every another annihilation in mobilizing you to grieve and protest? Why did the nation never witness any condolences from pillars of democracy while several women were raped, lynched, and burnt alive? Will I too have been dismissed and submerged in the savage and uncouth history against women in India? Dispensing these questions for you to inquire and answer. Memories of pain are still alive and blatant within. Being a woman I was a spectator to sheer antipathy, repugnance, acrimony and venom towards me. You demand death for these six men but what about those who still roam and rear their heads freely nurturing this abomination towards women? Killing them will not end the injustice meted out unless the very seed, that allows and authorizes violence against women, is aborted. You kill one, another will be spawned. Because the seed is still out for incubation. It's the seed of culturally ingrained and socially sanctioned violence against women. It's the seed of relegating a woman to an object. And it's a seed of not recognizing her as anything leave alone human being. Neutralize this seed if you can. You will embark upon a better and liveable world for women. Bequeathing agony and introspection. Nirbhaya By: Vibha Khajanchi, Asst Prof,Dept of English

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 1 | JANUARY, 2013


ANNUAL FEST OF GALGOTIAS-THE G-QUASAR Quasar, which means a kind of galaxy which gives off enormous amounts of energy, is an apt title for the energy-filled, high spirited annual fest of the galgotias educational institutions. With fun and frolic in the atmosphere, the saga that continues for a stretch of three to four days is an experience worth living and cherishing.


The Faculty & Students of ‘School of Law’ had a privilege of an interactive session with the Prof. Ashok Saxena, Vice If the dance performances leave you wanting to jump in your dancing shoes and hit the Chancellor, GU of an dance floor, the fashion fiesta keeps the ‘full of life atmosphere’ soaring new heights. Battle hour duration from 03.00 to 04.00 pm on 17 of Bands is a sure treat for the music lovers, the technical competitive events set the brains December 2012. of the brainier amongst us rattling. And to top it all, the celebrity performances leave the The following topics interalia were audience asking for an encore. covered during course of session. Come to G-Quasar, and you will witness some unbelievable moves, feet grooving with the 1. Value of Education rhythm of the music and dance performances that rejuvenate the entire atmosphere. They 2. Importance of learning say, “Dance, as if no one is watching you.” Surely while a gaping crowd watches on, the 3. The difference between Indian and US dancers seem to be left unaware of their presence. The combination of the western moves Judicial System with the adroit postures of the Indian classical is surely an eye-treat. 4. The Jury System The wardrobe of a person may earn one some praise but what bring laurels is the correct know-how of fashion and the attitude that one wears. The young blood has always been a trend setter. And they definitely set new standards of fashion at the G-Quasar. The grandeur, the charisma, the grandiose of the fashion show at the G-Quasar makes the audience avid. As the years have passed by, the ‘battle of bands’ has gone from being moderate to vigorous. The chords of the guitar and the drumsticks create a magic of melodies, the rhythm of which every heart enjoys. At G-Quasar, there is something for everyone. The most awaited part of the fest is the celebrity performances. Through the years the premises of Galgotias have welcomed, witnessed and have been enthralled by many celebrity guests. The rapper Honey Singh or the band RDB or the famous poet Dr.Kumar Vishwas are a few names in a list of many.


Qualification required to be a Juror (Jury Member) 6. Disqualification in respect of a Juror Case discussion, where the VC Sir was a Jury Member The session was very interesting and also valuable as students were exposed to the US Judicial System and understood composition and functioning of the Jury System. During next such session Prof. Saxena shall discuss a case of divorce under Common Law, where he was a Jury Member.

The theme for this year’s annual fest of Galgotias Educational Institutions is ‘Glance at the Future’. It has been the unfailing desire of man, since time immemorial to sneak peek into the future. The inquisitive Galgotians are no far behind. Their enthusiasm and zeal to unravel the mysteries that lie hidden in the labyrinth of future has been the source of inspiration for this year’s theme. We promise to open a new chapter of thrill, pleasure and a lot more with this year’s G-Quasar. A single event where imagination thrives and innovation is God, where the gen-x plans to prepare for future, where the future engineers and entrepreneurs jangle their brains to combat the problems of energy-crisis etc, where there is fun and competition. So buckle up your seat- belts and brace yourself for there awaits on the other side, a whole new plethora of excitement-The G-Quasar 2013. By: Vindhya Singh, B.Tech, C.S.E



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R. Muthukumaran, Computational continuum mechanics and the evolution of OpenFOAM as a free, flexible and popular CFD tool, (keynote speech), National Conference on Frontiers in Aerospace, Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering, March 2-3, 2013, Noorul Islam University, Tamilnadu, India. (accepted).

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 1 | JANUARY, 2013

The meaning of education has changed a lot in the recent times. Not only has the meaning changed but also the purpose of education that has got scattered. In today’s world, education is directly linked with marks and scores. Your score indicates how educated you are! The more score you have the more you are educated, the more you are intelligent & the more you have a better knowledge of the world you have. Getting good marks and admission in a good institution is the benchmark of good education. What a crap! Sometimes I wonder, what has happened to the minds of the people? Do they have some psychiatric problem? Education should be a holistic knowledge of everything meaningful. It should be about how to live, how to behave, how to react, how to participate, how to initiate, how to perform and how to respect. Education is complete package of the way you live. It’s an umbrella term which includes social, ethical and moral education too. Learning something new every day subsumes education. Without learning anything we should not boast ourselves as knowledgeable ones.


dramatically changed. As has been said earlier, education system has lost its value. Firstly, India’s education system is a filtering system that conducts an entrance exam with the aim of selecting only 2-3 % of students for the best colleges of the country; but what about the rest of the 96-97 % crowd? For a holistic development, the full 100% have to come together and work efficiently for the betterment. Secondly, our education system lays emphasis on cramming not on learning. Teachers should be taught to teach the students how to relate things to how inventions of past are useful for us in the present and the future or how this topic is going to help us in our practical life. But the main concern of today’s teachers is to complete syllabus or to just tell the students what is important in helping them secure better marks for their exams. I know it’s very easy to blame others but somewhere and somehow we are also responsible for this. Parental pressure & pressure from society, competition from classmates, goals to have a studious image in public- all these things take us down and hinder our country’s development.

We have to start with our selves and feel that firstly we have to change our own mindset towards our goals and achievements i.e. we have to follow our heart and do things which are good for us and our country too. We have to be confident for what we are going to do. After all we are the future for our country and only we have to serve it, no one India, our motherland, is a country which is developing fast. from outside is going to do things for us. If we have faith, we The young mass in this country are the real torch bearers of can move mountains; but if we have doubts then we create our growth and development. For the outsiders, our youth mountains for ourselves. We just have to concentrate on our contribute a lot to this growth; we have a huge youth resource goals. We just have to follow the channel of our heart - what which leads our country towards development. Having a we want to do for ourselves, because if we do things which youth is, however, not important , having an educated youth make us delighted then those things are definitely going to is important. But what is this youth doing ?? Just spending serve for our country as well. At last I would like to conclude their time on Facebook or Twitter, talking every time about that success is not given, it is earned. So we have to focus on making money or how to get a good job abroad; killing their our ideas in the right fashion and have to create the right precious time and so on. This time if used can take INDIA to a track. very high positing making India into a super power. By: Raman Thukral, B.Tech, Batch 7 , 1st year Hence, for the educated youth, we should have quality education. But in our country education norms have Gaining knowledge does not have anything to do with scoring good marks. Similarly scoring of good marks has no connection with education. It only depends on how you have prepared for that subject and how you are mentally prepared for that damn test.


Visit of Dean - School of Engineering & Technology to New Zealand (Auckland, 30 October - 03 November 2012) Dr. Deependra Kumar Jha, Dean of School of Engineering & Technology visited The University of Auckland, New Zealand to attend ‘The 2012 IEEE International Conference on Power System Technology - (POWERCON 2012)’. During his visit, he also presented his paper entitled "A Multi Criteria DEA Approach to Performance Evaluation of Indian Thermal Power Plants".

power system technology and provides an open forum for participants from academia and industry to exchange innovative ideas and solutions. The theme of this conference was 'Towards Smarter, Resilient and Economic Power Systems'. At the conference, high quality papers were presented in the area of emerging trends of Smart Grids, Resilience of Electricity Infrastructure to Recent Earthquakes, Floods, Nuclear-Meltdown in the Asia-Pacific region, and trends towards Emission Trading Scheme : The seminar also discussed increased participation of private players into electricity generation. The conference was attended by delegates from 35 countries.

POWERCON is a premier biennial conference in the area of


‘School of Law’ organized a Legal Aid Camp, as part of Clinical Legal Aid programme at Village Bisrakh, Gautam Budgh Nagar, on Friday, 23 November 2012. Advocates from the District Court along with Faculty & Students of ‘School of Law’ interacted with the persons residing in Bisrakh. The students conducted legal mapping in respect of legal issues being faced by the residents and same shall be conveyed to the District Legal Aid Authority for appropriate remedial action. It was a unique experience for our students, to have such a wonderful camp, which not only help the people of the region but provided confidence and live experience to our students.

A few heart-whole, sincere, and energetic men and women can do more in a year than a mob in a century. Swami Vivekananda

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 1 | JANUARY, 2013


LECTURE ON ‘CONSTUTUTIONAL AND LEGAL POSITION OF LEGAL AID’ Additional District and Session Judge, Ghaziabad, Sri Anil Kumar Gupta delivered a talk on Constitutional and Legal Position of Legal Aid, on 19 December 2012 at 12.30 PM. The Faculty and students of School of Law attended this talk. During the course of this session following topics were discussed. 1. Directive Principle Article 39 A of the Indian Constitution providing for Equal Justice & Free Legal Aid. 2. The Ratio of the Hussainara Khatoon and Ors v Home Secretary, State Of Bihar, on 9 March, 1979 Equivalent citations: 1979 AIR 1369, 1979 SCR (3) 532, Bench: Bhagwati, P.N. 3. The Objects and Main provisions of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987. The Session was of great importance as the students became aware of the constitutional obligations for making provisions for the legal aid to the accused and the decision of the Supreme Court for ensuring legal aid to the accused as well as the beneficial aspects of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987. Sri Anil Kumar Gupta, being a judge, also shared facts and decision of few cases he heard and pronounced judgment.

A day with An Industry Expert at Galgotias University The last week before the study break for fall semester exams was the eventful for the students of Galgotias School of Business, there were 8 companies that stopped over our campus for the placement of final year MBA Students, juniors were engaged with Industry Experts and Business Fest throughout the week. Mrs. Rita Laurel from the United States was our guest during the week; the last day of that week was very special for us when she shared her 27 years Industry experience in US with all the students of BBA and MBA. It was a treat to listen to her and the meeting turned into an immediate success when the audience started chipping in spontaneously. We found a great teacher inside her who can connect immediately with anyone. Her motherly figure was so influential that the cross cultural differences mitigated immediately.

most off all broader mind that can grasp all the good things around. Mrs. Laurel shared her experience with Hewitt and Packard as an Organizational Manager where she solved various managerial problems and shared the tricks and tips behind the solution of those problems. We also came to know how she managed more than 300 people who were working under her and how she connected with them both professionally and personally to yield a better output as a whole team. Our respected Pro Vice chancellor, Prof. Balaji was also present there encouraging the students along with Mrs. Swati Priya madam from Business Communication department. The hour passed in no time when she concluded that learning should be the first priority than any other thing after entering in the corporate world.

We, the students felt exalted when she said “I found the stuShe talked about the role of modern day managers with a dents bright, engaging and enthusiastic as a listener and global perspective, their cross functional role and quick learner”. In my part it was a wonderful experience in responsibilities and her personal insights to how to be a good such a time when I am on the threshold of entering into the manager. We came to know about the huge scope of IT and corporate world from my 22 years of apprentice life. Business analytics in today’s scenario. She talked about cerBy: Kanti nath Banerjee, MBA, 2nd year tain attributes that one should possess being a Management student like Multi-tasking, Hardworking, Positive attitude and


The Festival of Light: Celebration at GU Something new was launched for those X-minds who were neither a musician, dancer, scholar nor a writer, those whose minds were not in textbooks but in experiencing that is written in them. And on 7th Dec, 2012, a dream came true. A

Diwali celebration in Galgotias University was a splendid affair. As we celebrated Diwali here, we see refulgent colors all glaring inside us; Diwali invited us to home in on everything that can be eradicated with the incandescent power of light. Happiness glistening all around and going deep down our hearts came as a surge of beaming delights. We felt at home with people coming from whatever corner they actually emerged. It is with this sinewy zeal we went on to wallow in the vivacious cascades of fun filled performances. The celebration started with our Vice chancellor Prof. Ashok Saxena’s welcome address followed by various performances of both teaching and non-teaching staff of Galgotias University. The performers were Prof. Sham Tickoo, Prof. Balaji, Dr. Deependra Jha, Prof. Vashishth, Mrs. Vinnie Mathur, Prof. M. T. M. Khan (Chief Librarian, GU), Mr. A. G. Mathur (Registrar, GU), Prof. A. K. Jain, Prof. Bhim Singh, Dr. Dheeraj Sinha and Ms. Ruchi. The celebration ended with a fabulous performance given by Dr. Avadhesh Gupta. His comic poetry tickled the funny bone of the audience. Happiness was all around. Waves of delight spread all over, streaming along the flow of events as we took part in them. The fun and enjoyment quotient in the entire celebration was so high that everybody was seen in a jovial mood while wishing each other ‘A VERY HAPPY DIWALI!’. Diwali makes us latch on to is something that can only be contemplated beneath the shallow depths of our own effervescence. By: Anindita Sahoo, Assitant Professor, Dept. of English

story was given a fresh start when Pro-VC Prof Tickoo and Senior Dean Dr Jha inaugurated IIE Club (Innovators, Inventors and Entrepreneurs club) where enthusiastic Galgotians follow their heart. Both the teachers and the students were excited as they were provided a platform to discover their interest and desire. Prof. Sham Tickoo, Pro Vice-Chancellor, delivered a speech in order to encourage club members where he emphasized on the exposure of the student to the global world, roles and responsibilities in growth of their aims. An inspiring and motivational speech was also given by Vice Chancellor of Galgotias University where he focused on development of this club which poses remarkable effect on Galgotians. The inauguration of the club held under the supervision of Ms.Vinnie Mathur, Director-Student Affairs & Clubs. The head coordinators of club who are expected to bring glorious results are Bivya Singh, Shivam Fanda, B.Tech followed by coordinators Himanshu Gupta and Vishwajeet, B.Tech 2nd yr. Additionally, the credit of narrating of whole event goes to Vindhya Singh, B.Tech 2nd yr. Hence, the club will transform the students of today to the innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs of the future. And they are the students who will make Galgotias University proud through achieving success across the seas. The knowledge acquired by them will break the barriers of world and zeal of success will leave a mark. By: Anjali Gupta, B. Tech, CSE

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 1 | JANUARY, 2013

Galgotias Group of Institutions has an excellent track record in placing students in reputed companies. The placement season at the Galgotias University (GU) for the first graduating MBA batch has also begun on a positive note with the university putting all efforts to place each and every student. The University has encouraging response from the corporate for hiring . So far 136 management students have bagged good offers, even before the commencement of final semester of the graduating batch. Top recruiters include companies from BFSI sectors like ICICI Securities, IIFL, Unicon Investment Solutions, Reliance Life etc, from real estate sector like Supertech, PropTiger, Villa Realtors, Cosmic Group etc, from retail like Vishal Mega Mart, V-Mart, Vero Moda etc, from travel and tourism sector like Country Club, Design My Holidays, Holiday India Destination, Laurent and Benon, Savoy Suites etc, from education and training sector like Jaro Education, Alert Knowledge, Hindustan Times Learning Centre, ICE etc. Besides this, students also got opportunity to be interviewed by prominent companies like Dabur, Havells, Fidelity Investments, Samsung, Global Logic, Box Beat Technologies among others. A number of other reputed companies have shown their interest to visit the campus in the coming weeks, prominent among them are NetAmbit, Earth Infrastructure, Radisson Blue, GetIt, HDFC Life, India Mart e.t.c. Other than inviting companies for interviews, the department of training and placement is also making all efforts in preparing students as competitive as possible. The university boasts of having senior professionals from industry and academia in the training and placement cell and poised to set benchmark of 100% placement of its students right from the first graduating batch.



Fridays have grown synonymous for interesting and informative hours, the GU faculty members experience towards the end of the day. Healthy discussions are held on topics of use to the faculty members and it acts like a stimulant, stimulating everyone into participation and leaving them to ponder on the points of wisdom shared by the panel members. Recent FDPs have focussed on the qualities contributing towards making a good and ethical academician. FDPs on writing and publishing papers and the fine demarcation between source sharing and source lifting have triggered a debate about right and wrong, about the giant of Plagiarism. Being in academics, writing and publishing papers is an activity which keeps us research oriented and continuously enhances our knowledge level. While writing can be a result of thorough research or an analysis of several other articles available on the topic, it is considered a good article only if it has been published in a peer-reviewed journal. Peer-Review is a term which is used to define the reviewing of articles submitted for publication. This activity ensures that the content of the article is not plagiarised and is upto the mark of the standard of the journal. Before it is accepted for publication, an article may be reviewed, revised, re-submitted and then finally accepted for publication. This process takes

months but the end result is a research backed paper which does contribute something to the field it belongs to. Plagiarism is a threat which is prevalent in India and the rest of the world alike. While we write and quote sources for the information shared we, very often, forget to give credit to information we have acquired from internet or even newspapers. The FDP on plagiarism threw light on the meaning and possible expanse of plagiarism. The panel made clear that Plagiarism was not just lifting some others material verbatim and using it, rather, using some other person’s idea, or thought and using it or paraphrasing some other’s quotes without giving due credit to the person also constituted plagiarism. The rise in Plagiarism has also given rise to computer softwares which catch plagiarised material in an article as soon as some key words are typed. This ensures originality in written work. The discussions were healthy and informative. The animated discussions left the minds of even the quietest observers intrigued. The VC, Prof. Ashok Saxena summed up with a friendly advice saying that while writing and publishing papers, one should never think one won’t get caught. So be honest with your work and acknowledge sources wherever required .

Students accompanied by the Faculty members observed the proceedings of the Lok Sabha on 4th November 2012. Students observed the ongoing debate in the Lok Sabha on the topic of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Retail sector. Students got the opportunity to hear the speech made by Honorable Leader of Opposition Lok Sabha, initiating the debate in the Lok Sabha on FDI in retail, the Leader of opposition claimed that the statements given by the government with regard to benefits of FDI in retail are myth. While the counter statements were made by the Cabinet Minister of the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology & Cabinet Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Students were very excited after observing the proceedings of the Lok Sabha. It was very beneficial for the students to hear and observe the Law making process of the Parliament.

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 1 | JANUARY, 2013

Sports are essential for a person’s overall personality development. An old saying goes, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Truly, to distress your body and to activate your cells, nothing can be better than sports. If we want to learn something new in life, the best track is sports.


Aditya Gautam, sports head coordinator at GU, MCA MCA, Nitya Singhal and other Sports Co-ordinators under the support and guidance of Ms Vinnie Mathur, Head- Student Affairs & Clubs,GU with Prof Achal, GBS.

Just two weeks before the commencement of the semester exams , Galgotias University finally had its Sports fest. The fine sunny morning of Friday 7th December was chosen for this programme. The two day event was successfully held by the enthusiastic students of Galgotias University. The programme started with the Lamp Lightening ceremony by

The game of boards was thrilling and interesting. 20 players came forward for the game but only 5 of them made it for the qualifying event from GU. The list of the students who qualified are: Nihal Bhandari (1st yr, batch 7 CS) Surabhi gupta (Ist year,batch 1 EC) Gautam (IInd year,batch 2 EC) Nikhil anand (IInd year, ME 2) Dilnawaz (2nd year, batch 3 CS)

Vice Chancellor, GU Prof. Ashok Saxena, both the Pro Vice Chancellors Prof. Sham Tickoo and Prof. Balaji Rajagopalan, the But only Surabhi , Dilnawaz & Gautam made it to the finals. Dilnawaz Dean, Prof. D.K. Jha , GBS Director Prof. Renu Luthra and the Head of won the match and won a gold medal followed by Surabhi winning a Student Affairs, Mrs. Vinnie Mathur, followed by a speech of VC Sir. silver and Gautam winning bronze. The ever energetic Prof. Sham Tickoo inaugurated the IEEE Club. For adding more fun to the already rocked atmosphere sweet Shreya Shrivastva in her melodious voice sang ‘wakka – wakka’, which filled The fast game of table attracted almost 40 players. All of them were the GU sports lawn with rejoice. full in talent but certainly only one can be at first position. All the games were successfully conducted under the supervision of In singles, the cool guy Mayank Singh grabbed the winning spot by defeating Mohammad Salman. Rajeshwar Rudra became the second runner-up of the game. In doubles, again the duet Mayank and Piyush (GCET) grabbed the winning position by playing against Salman and Akhilesh. The winners got gold medals.

21 The winners won the gold medal. The ketchup game of cricket was the most interesting and thrilling one. No one could resist themselves from watching and cheering the teams. A friendly match was also conducted between faculty of GU and GBS , in which GBS won the match. In cricket, we had 16 teams registered for the event. The final match was played by ECE 2nd year and BBA 2nd year students. ECE won the toss and choose to bowl first. BBA played tremendously well and targeted ECE a score of 71 runs. It was heart beat stealing match & in return ECE showed their excellence .ECE won this nail biting match by 4 wickets.

The two teams from Galgotias i.e. GU & GBS had the battle of football. It was interesting to watch this football match because out team of GU didn’t give a single chance to GBS team to even keep the ball with them. GU played tremendously well. Every spectator appreciated the GU game & their support only made their way to the glory. The shining GU players are: Shubham Sharma ,Aman Munjal , Umar , Peeyush , Anmol , Amitabh , Amir Lanker , Aijaz Beigh , Yathart & Mohammed . Gold silver and bronze medals were given to the winners .

The winners of the match are: Roshan Chauhan (c) , Mayank Sharma , Anmol Dutta , Shivam , Pradeep , Shubham, Sanjeev , Ravi and Ritesh .


The Killers got gold medal for their victory.

Achal. The Sports Meet was a great success and saw culmination of ten sports in two days. There was immense participation in all the sports events.

Chess is considered mind game and students of GU participated in this with great vivacity. Around 35 students took part in some good matches. The fierce battle of 16 squares was intense and interesting. The carom champion Dilnawaj Warsi also snatched the winning spot It was a knockout tournament. 4 teams participated in it. in chess. He won gold medal followed by Nikhil Anand, winning silCS Killers, Civil 1ST Year, GBS & CS 1ST Year were the teams. CS Killers ver and Ankur Dhingra, a bronze. & Civil 1st year faced each other in the finals. Among the first three All these events changed the environment of GU. It was nice to see sets, the Killers took the first two sets with a score of 24-18 & 24-19, such a great talent under one roof and too competing with not for heading towards victory and the Killers are : Hemant(C) , Manoj , winning, just for enjoyment and fun. Winners were awarded Kishore , Vinay , Binoy , Mridul , Rohit . Trophies and Medals by Dr Jha, Dr Avadesh,Ms Mathur and Prof

The game of basketball attracted a huge audience. Three teams, one from GBS , second of GU 1st year and third one of GU 2nd year competed among themselves. Both the teams of GU faced each other in the finals, i.e. again seniors v/s juniors. It was a close match where seniors made it only by 6 points .The captain, Suraj Joshi projected 16 balls in the basket leading his team towards victory with a score of 36-30. The winners are : Shubham Gautam , Suraj Joshi , Puneet Tyagi , Dheeraj Singh , Vishwajeet Dogra , Abhishek , Aayush & Rahul Sharma .

By: Raman Thukral ,B.Tech (1st year) CSE , batch 7

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 1 | JANUARY, 2013


Instructor: Prof. Thomas Lauer, Oakland University Workshop conducted at: School of Business, Galgotias University 10th, 12th & 14th Dec, 2012

Case Based Learning, a catalyst for class discussion and lectures, is an important way that helps in providing the students with a vast range of opportunities for richer and, deeper exploration of concepts and ideas. The method also helps them to experience and analyze ideas and apply the concepts to solve problems. In a way making the students prolific and proficient to think out of the box and gain handful knowledge of the outer world.

scenario. The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks by Prof. Sushil Dixit, HOD School of Business where he expressed his gratitude for Prof. Lauer for taking out his time and obliging the faculty members with some valuable tips on Case Based Teaching.

Keeping the aforesaid ideas in mind and in an effort to make Galgotias University a better place to live in, School of Business organized a week long Workshop on Cased Based Teaching for the Teachers by Prof. Thomas Lauer. The motive for having such workshop was mainly to help faculty members stay motivated and professionally sound in today’s business environment. Also to make them aware of the ways and methods of teaching through cases and how much beneficial and effective it can be for the students.

The session was really insightful and informative as it gave us a new dimension of teaching. Though as faculty members we were practicing cases with the students, but definitely the workshop gave us a right guidance and path where we all can walk to excel and nurture the bright minds of Galgotias University. Prof. Lauer, an eminent personality from Oakland University, having vast knowledge on various subjects and an extensive track record in the field of Academics, was introduced to the faculty members of School of Business by Prof. Balaji, Dean School of Business. He gave a brief introduction about Prof. Lauer and also about the session to be followed. The workshop was divided into three sessions to be conducted on 10th, 12th & 14th December, 2012. The first two sessions were devoted to cases, importance of cases, ways of teaching the students through cases and what are the precautions a faculty should take while implementing case based teaching. The concluding session, a pretty short session as compared to the earlier ones, was devoted to Research and its significance in the current

Case Based Learning is deemed to provide opportunities for richer, profound exploration of concepts and ideas through which learners obtain experience with analyzing ideas and solving problems rather than acquiring knowledge. To excel in the field of academics and train the students in a better way, more of such workshops should be conducted. And rightly put by Prof. Balaji “such opportunities can be very valuable only if we put these ideas and suggestions to practice. The significance is so much that overtime all courses in MBA program will use the case based learning and case based teaching”. By: Dr. Ekta Srivastava, Asst. Prof., SOB.


ETHICAL COORPORATE BEHAVIOUR WITH SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Guest Lecture by Mr. Narendra Ambwani Mr. Narendra Ambwani, Non-Executive Independent Director of Agro Tech Foods Limited delivered a guest lecture to the students of School of Business on 12th, Dec. Mr. Narendra Ambwani is a Member of the Boards of Corporations and social organizations and supports them with his experience and technical mastery accumulated over 25 years in his leadership role at Johnson and Johnson Limited. He retired from Johnson and Johnson Limited as its Managing Director. He was on the Board of Governors of the Advertising Standards Council of India, on the Executive Council of the Indian Society of Advertisers and Member – National and Western Region FMCG Committee of CII. In this talk he discussed recent issues like the failure of SATYAM, CWG , 2G scam etc in India and the basic reasons for their failure. He emphasized on the fact that these companies did not focus on long term goals. They focused on short term goals & profit maximization. He told the students that for starting a business one needs to focus on its shareholders & the consumer satisfaction to maximize the

business profit. He emphasized that for an emerging company one needs to focus on its channel of distribution & the profit margin. He ranked the priority of the organization as: Consumer Employee Society Shareholder He stressed that a manager should always focus on sustainable success of the company & should do the things that puts consumer satisfaction in the first place. He told students that a company must check the ethical issues related with its product and the job of a manager is to take the decisions that in the long run accelerate the profit of the company along with the sustainable development .

Prerequisite: Knowledge about programming in C


1. It is not fixed. 3. Takes initial information before proceeding further. 5. Heterogeneity is possible. 9. Until attitude. 10. Consumes source code. 11. Speak and move away to next row. 13. Ready to execute. 17. Cannot go both ways. 18. Come back empty handed.


2. Leave it here. 4. Who will do it if you don't. 6. Can stay here if you are like others already here. 7. Only one of us can stay here. 8. Repeat. 12. Who gets the thing done 14. Announce. 15 Put all your commands here. 16. Check every one and default those which are not in the list. By: Nihar Ranjan Roy, Asst. Prof., CSE Check the next issue for answers

YEAR 2 | ISSUE 1 | JANUARY, 2013


BUSINESS FEST-2012 The Management Club of Galgotias University organised a Business Fest on 7th December,2012. The cold morning breeze was accompanied by a great bustle in the corridors as budding entrepreneurs were enthused to portray their respective innovations on such an encouraging platform. The main objective of the fest was to engross the students in exploring their surroundings and discover a passionate and dynamic human being breathing inside them. The fest aimed to introduce the students to competitive professional era and to inculcate leadership ability to face the same. The commencement of the fest in the presence of some of the eminent Galgotian personalities such as Vice Chancellor Dr. Ashok Saxena, Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Sham Tickoo, Pro Vice Chancellor & Dean Prof. Balaji and Head of student affairs Ms. Vinnie Mathur charged up and raised the spirits of participants to the 7th cloud. The arrangements were sincerely performed by the students of management club and they made sure that the fest was carried out in a hygienic and amiable environment. The promotion of the fest and endorsements of its services and products started a week earlier, so that their fellow mates pulled up socks to witness the same with loads of excitement. The students as well as the faculty members were hooked as the fest was a bundle of surprises such as gambling , confectionary , delicious and mouth watering dishes , clothes, exam-

ining ones's creativity etc. This fest was surely a tough competition for the students but there were no winners or losers as having the experience of promoting and running a stall, made everybody a winner. Though the environment of fest was professional but Galgotians ensured to maintain their legacy with an entertainment blast. It was over whelming to evidence the scenario as Galgotians not only organized the business fest like true professionals but they emerged as perfect entertainers as well. The enraptured souls did a way ahead higher than expected. Copious amount of energy was consumed for building up this event as a benchmark in the history of Galgotias Educational Institutions. With weary bodies and exhausted minds Galgotians made their way back with praises, flaws and bunch of realistic experiences. Business Fest proved the fact that enormous amount of talent and creativity is filled in the core of every Galgotian. If these human endowments are utilized and channelized carefully and with awareness we will successfully put up a " Better India". As it is rightly said by Abrahim Lincoln"Give me time, let me talk and I will conquer the universe. " -By Sakshi Nigam, BA(hons) Economics

IBM-GU MBA Program in Business Analytics

Galgotias University embarked on a number of initiatives recently to enhance the quality of education and research to globally recognized standards. One such initiative was to offer a cutting edge program in partnership with IBM. Galgotias University’s School of Business has launched the IBM-GU MBA program in Business Analytics.The Program has been collaboratively designed with IBM and the delivery and Assessment will also be done collaboratively by GU and IBM. This initiative will help the next generation of business managers to learn Analytics and use it to make sound business decisions. Developing Analytics as a capability will help the students become more employable in the industry as most of the Indian and global businesses have a high demand for these capabilities. Companies like Reliance, Bharti, HDFC, BSE, HSBC, Flipkart, are a few examples that have high demand for graduates with business analytics skills. Some of the benefits of the program are: Study Innovative curriculum jointly developed by IBM and GU on Business Analytics that is based on the skill requirements by various organizations across the world including Banks, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Education and other industries. Learn from IBM certified faculty who will teach using Live Industry cases Use Licensed IBM software tools for training as part of the program (for education purposes) Courseware including books and material for each student from IBM Professional certification by IBM





wal’s talk and a cup of hot tea/coffee. After this there was four simultaneous interactive sessions on training and identification of master trainers. The participants interacted with the experts with a keen interest and zealous enthusiasm. They asked questions on learning outputs, outcome based teaching and faculty contribution etc. The entire day was a rigorous training session for the participants. The day ended with a It was a sunny winter morning on 19th January 2013. People in GCET bunch of assignments and everybody was happy that it was a day auditorium were in high spirit. The weekend was not the reason for well-spent. relaxing and rejoicing at home. Rather everybody was keen to learn, Day 2 (20th January 2013) started with the discussion about the to interact and to participate in an event which was exclusively vision and mission of NBA from the NBA master trainers’ meant for the academicians. perspective. It was followed by the participants’ presentations on The National Workshop on Outcomes Based Accreditation Processes the assignments that they got the previous day. The presentations & Parameters organized by the National Board of Accreditation were on various topics like experiments, transport engineering, (NBA) was a-one-of-a-kind event which was hosted by Galgotias assessment tools and rubrics etc. With the end of the presentations University. It attracted an audience of approximately hundred highly there came the sumptuous lunch. skilled professionals in academics. Among the delegates were Dr. The valedictory session on 20th January happened with Dr. Paliwal, Member Secretary, NBA and his team and the GU officials like Prof. Ashok Saksena, Prof. Sham Tickoo, Prof. Renu Luthra, Prof. Bhattacharya’s closing remarks and Prof. Jha’s thanks giving speech. The participants were happy that this two days workshop was D.K. Jha, Prof. Avadhesh Kumar among others. A few faculty members from Galgotias University were also there to have the first worth attending. The workshop ended with the opinion that the integration of teaching, learning and creative inquiry that can evenhand information about NBA and its working procedure. The participants were from various engineering colleges and universities tually lead to this outcome based learning. across the country. They were interested in knowing the nitty-gritty By: Anindita Sahoo, Asst. Prof, Dept. of English details of the outcome based quality teaching. The workshop started with Prof. Tickoo’s welcome address. The students greeted the delegates those were there on the dais by presenting bouquet. The welcome address was followed by Prof. Saksena’s key note address. In his speech, Prof. Saksena emphasized on accredited courses, recognized universities and outcome based teaching. His opinion was that Indian students though extremely witty and brilliant lag behind in the global platform due to the lack of information about quality teaching and accredited institutions. Dr. Paliwal’s (Member Secretary, NBA) speech was quite informative as he gave a detailed description about how NBA functions in India and what it aims at. Dr. Paliwal also elaborately talked about the process of accreditation. He said that accreditation is a well defined process and pre-defined parameter which helps us to improve continuously. He also emphasized on the difference between institutional accreditation and programme accreditation. NBA, presently works for programme accreditation and its aim is to make India a permanent member of the Washington Accord. He specifically emphasised on outcome based learning and during his speech he discussed what the expected outcomes are as far as an engineering programme is concerned and he also gave his view whether the program is churned out to make the students able to have expected outcomes. In the later part of his discussion he talked about the continuous improvement and the assessment tools that should be used by the faculty. Dr. Paliwal gave the participants an idea about Rubrics also. The first session of the workshop ended with Dr. Pali-

Oral Advocacy and Communications Skills: American Perspective

School of Law participated in Two Days Workshop ‘Oral Advocacy and Communications Skills: American Perspective’ and 'Moot Court: Writing a Winning Brief' on January 17-18, 2013 respectively by Prof. Jennifer Copland, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law, Michigan State University School of Law, MichiganUSA.The agenda of the Workshop on January 17, 2013 included the following aspect of oral communication skills: History of skills training in American law schools; Overview of skills training at Michigan State University College of Law; Aristotle's Rhetorical Principles as applied in oral advocacy; Critique of oral advocacy skills using clips from American films. The agenda of the Workshop on January 18, 2013 included detailed discussion on the following aspects of Writing Skills: Persuasive v. Objective writing; Theme; Using the facts to tell a persuasive story; Effective headings; Organization; and Tips and tricks to maximize your brief score. Prof. Jennifer Copland at present is associated with Michigan State University College of Law as Assistant Clinical Professor of Law teaching courses including- Moot Court Competition Class; Appellate Advocacy; Advocacy for Foreign-Educated Lawyers; Research, Writing, and Analysis; Communications Skills for Lawyers and Online Global Food Law (Administrative Law). Before this, she was Adjunct Professor at University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, Detroit, MI teaching Administrative Law.

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