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YEAR 1 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2012

Welcome to the second issue of ‘The G-Post’ , a quarterly newsletter of Galgotias University. After the successful launch of our first issue in January 2012, it undeniably excites us to stay all geared up to bring to you the second edition which will serve as a knowledge capsule that would recharge your mind. Technology and Creative Arts do not run transverse to each other in the present world. Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple Inc., once said, “Apple has always been at the intersection of technology and liberal arts. And that, many people think, is the single greatest factor differentiating Apple from its competitors.” The technology with which Apple created products such as iPad, iPod, Mac and the concepts that had gone behind Genius Bars, WWDC, etc. were all driven by focusing on what resonates with humans.

Dr. D. K. Jha Dr. P.K.S. Nain Dr. A.K.Jain Dr. Bhim Singh Dr. Ankit Gandhi Ms. Anita Charles Ms. Vinnie Mathur Dr. Ekta Srivastava Ms. Anshima P. Srivastava Ms. Anindita Sahoo Mr. Nihar Ranjan Roy Mr. Kiran Verma Dr. Hemraj Verma Mr. Ayush Balooni - B. Tech Ms. Vertika Anand - MCA Mr. Rahul Kapoor - B.Tech Mr. Prakhar Mathur - B. Tech Ms. Niharika Singh - B. Tech Mr. Kantinath Bannerjee - MBA

This is precisely the reason with publication of this newsletter that is a humble endeavor on our part to make people aware and known with all probity and sincerity about the various activities we and our students are engaged in, also gives space to express creative abilities of our students and faculty members. Imagination and creativity also play a vital role in identifying areas where technological developments could bring maximum benefits to the society and bridge the huge gap that exists between the haves and the have-nots. It is great therefore that our students are getting trained early in their career in blending together creative arts and technology in their mind. The second issue is coming out with more strength and more support from the students and my colleagues. I congratulate all those whose efforts have helped produce the current issue of ‘The GPost’ and wish happy reading. Dr. Deependra K. Jha

YEAR 1 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2012


A 5-day Mission 10X Faculty Empowerment Workshop was organized from 21st to 25th February, 2012 at GCET campus in collaboration with WIPRO Technologies. 20 faculties from Galgotias Universities and 8 from Ideal Institute of Technology participated in the said workshop. The objective of the workshop was to supplement faculties’ existing facilitation skills and enable them nurture student’s innovation, higher level of understanding of the subject being taught while developing key technical and behavioral skills in parallel. It helped to unleash faculty’s full potential and gave insight into Interactive Teaching Methodology & teaching aids. It also aimed to develop key employability skills in students. Mission 10X portal is a faculty community portal exclusively built for Indian engineering faculty that provides many learning material and continuous engagement plan. It also provides interaction forum and gives opportunity to share their experience. Inaugural session of the workshop was held on 21st at 9:30 AM and valedictory session was organized on 25th at 2:00 PM. Mr. Aaditya Sharma head WIPRO Technologies’ Academic Initiative (north India) was the chief guest of the valedictory session and Prof. D.K. Jha, Dean GU presided over the session. Certificates were distributed jointly by Dean GU and Mr. Aaditya Sharma to all the participants. Faculties also shared their 5 day experience and were delighted to be the part of the workshop. All participants enjoyed the workshop and it was a great learning experience for all of them. This 5 -day workshop will be followed by advanced workshop of 2 day duration for practice of the innovative approaches in subjects of one’s interest by the end of the current semester or early next semester.

Workshop on ‘Leadership Management and Total Personality Development’….3

Know Your Teacher...4

Global Pursuit………….5

Participation in EDEX-2012, Sri Lanka ………..6

Is it always rude to say 'No'?...................................7

Science & Technology…..8

Orientation of PhD Programme………………8

Cool Apps to hang out with ...powered by Android…………………...8

Launching of book on Anna………………………..9

FACEBOOK :The other side !...................................10

Importance of Lean in Building Professionals….10

Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s Teacher…...11

One Wish…………………...11


Academic Excellence …..13

“Sometimes you have to stand alone to prove that you can stand”…………….14


Inaugration of Clubs at Galgotias University…...15

Can Linguistics be considered as a Science?...16

Life under flyovers ……….17

Green World Green Talk….18

Winning doesn’t always mean being first, Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before. - Bonnie Blair


‘Leadership Management and Total Personality Development’ CEL ‘ Centre for Evolutionary Learning’ a non-profit global research network organized a workshop on ‘Leadership Management and Total Personality Development’ for faculty members at Galgotias University from January 10 - 18, 2012. The programme kicked off on January 10, 2012 in the presence of Prof.(Dr.) K.N. Tripathi, Vice Chancellor, Prof.(Dr.) D. K. Jha, Dean, and Mr. Dhruv Galgotia, CEO, Galgotias University. Prof.(Dr.) Jha, welcomed and introduced the speakers, Mr. Dinesh Rai a retd. IAS officer working as Chairman, Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority (WDRA), Col K.S. Mohan, Head –Research, Analytics and Innovation at the AIBS, Mrs. Neeta Rai , founding member on Leadership Board of CEL International, India Chapter and Mr. Nischal Kapoor, IBM’s Worldwide Insurance Industry Leader. The workshop was conducted through four sessions of 90 minutes each. In this interactive workshop, the role of leadership along with research was emphasized through various exercises, so that teachers can provide encouraging, empowering and supporting learning environment to the students and enhance their performance in various fields. The programme aimed at total personality development through self -awareness, self-confidence, self-control, empathy, motivation and social-competency. The valedictory session on 18th January witnessed the faculty members discussing with the key speakers of the workshop. Faculties also shared their experience of participation in the workshop and expressed that they were looking forward to more of such interactive and learning workshops.

YEAR 1 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2012


What constitutes a university ? A University is recognized by the students it produces, who spread the light of their Alma Mater with their achievements in the world. But more importantly they throw a light on the talent of the torch bearers of their institute, their faculty members who nurture them. Galgotias University is reputed to have the most deemed faculty members. In continuation to our efforts of introducing these torch bearers, we are presenting another four faculty members in this issue to our readers viz. Prof. (Dr.) S.K.Sinha, Research Coordinator, Prof. ( Dr.) Babita Tyagi, Head Department of Mathematics, Dr. Ramarcha Kumar and Dr. Dhiraj Sinha. received his B.Sc Engineering (Electrical) from M.I.T Muzzaffarpur, Bihar , M.Tech from RIT Jamshedpur (Now NIT Jamshedpur) and Ph.D. from IIT Roorkee with specialization in Power System. He has 18 years of teaching, research and industrial experience. Presently, he is professor in the Electrical Engineering Department. He is also coordinating the research activities at Galgotias University. Dr. Sinha started his career in industry and after working for 8 years he switched over to academics. During his academic and industrial career he held various key administrative positions. As a convener he has organized several workshops and lectures. His research interests include Automatic Generation Control, Power System Stability, Power System Transients, Power System Operation & Control etc. He has published several research papers in reputed international journals and conferences. He is an active researcher and has research interactions with the faculty of IIT Roorkee. He has delivered several lectures related to his research area during his academic career.

received her M.Sc ( Applied Mathematics) from University of Roorkee (Now IIT Roorkee) . After qualifying NET exam in 1989, she joined the department of Mathematics , University of Roorkee as JRF and availed the fellowship by CSIR. She was later promoted to SRF and obtained her PhD degree in Mathematics from the same university in 1997. Dr. Tyagi was elected President of mathematical colloquium in the academic year 1990-91. She has been a bright student since childhood and availed the merit scholarship and national scholarship during her schooling and graduation. She has hold various administrative position including Dean (Academics) , Dean (Students) and Controller of Examination in various academic institute of repute in NCR region . Her area of research interest is mathematical modeling . She has published a number of papers in reputed national and international journals including the journal of Elsevier science and Institution of engineers, UK. One of her papers got merit certificate from institution of civil engineers and one another got the prestigious Nawab Zain Yar Jung Bahadur memorial prize for the paper published in the Journal of Institution during 2007-08.

obtained his Ph. D. in Economics from University of California (Irvine). He received “Social Science Merit Fellowship” from the School of Social Science, University of California (Irvine), M.A. in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, and B.A. in Economics from Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi. During his M.A he was awarded the “Manmohan Singh Fellowship” and he was the first recipient of this scholarship. He did his schooling from Netarhat School, Jharkhand. He was the second rank holder in the Bihar School Examination Board (All over state) for class Xth. Currently he is working as an Associate Professor in the School of Business at Galgotias University. He worked as research associate in the Institute for Human Development, Delhi , as a lecturer at Zakir Husain (Evening) College, Delhi, and as a guest lecturer at Miranda House, Delhi. His areas of research are Political Economics, International Trade, Development Economics and Game Theory. At Institute of Human Development, he has worked on various projects like ‘Rural Urban Migration’ & Bihar Development Report’. His book ‘Essays on the economics of conflict’ is recently published by Proquest, University of Michigan. This book explores the use of contest success function and metagame theory to solve problems related to conflict.


2012 is a year of new beginnings for the Galgotias University. The month of January and February saw a series of international visitors and the month of March, a new international partner. True to its vision of providing a high quality, research driven, globally oriented educational experience that enriches students, the university invited Prof.(Dr.) Markus W. Exler from the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences, Austria, to deliver a short course on ‘Mergers and Acquisitions’ to the students of MBA from 12th -18th February.

A group of 24 German students from the Wurzburg University, Germany, visited Galgotias University on 24th February and had a lively interaction with the students. A warm traditional welcome was given to them and students from both the Universities had an opportunity to exchange information on the cultural, social and educational systems of both the countries. This interaction provided a great opportunity for Galgotias University’s students to network and socialize with students from Germany.

YEAR 1 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2012


In the month of March, Galgotias University achieved yet another first. Galgotias University and Northern Illinois University (NIU) located in DeKalb, Illinois, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 6th March to expand academic ties and promote closer cooperation and collaboration. Galgotias University is now partnered with NIU to bring exciting academic programmes and scholastic activities to its students. Apart from this, delegations from the University of Toronto, Canada and University of North America, also visited the campus. These were the first exploratory visits and discussions are underway in making collaborations with these universities. Galgotias University is also on its way towards bringing an international student community to its campus. Several foreign students have already expressed their interest in seeking admissions from the coming academic session. Galgotias University is making its way to becoming a top-rated international University.

Galgotias University participated in the International education exhibition on Education & Careers (EDEX) held at Colombo, Sri Lanka. EDEX is a platform that provides Srilankan students information about reputed institutions of higher learning all over the world and helps them connect with these Universities. Around 210 universities both national and international participated in the expo. A total of 90,000 students and parents attended the event, from 20 th - 22nd January in Colombo and 27th -28th January in Kandy. Galgotias University was represented at the EDEX by Prof.(Dr.) D. K. Jha, Dean of School of Engineering & Technology and Mrs. Anita Charles, Head – International Relations. Prof. Jha also visited The University of Colombo to meet with Prof. (Dr.) T. R. Ariyaratne, Dean of Faculty of Sciences to discuss the areas of mutual cooperation.

The consequences of today are determined by the actions of the past. To change your future, alter your decisions today. -Anonymous


Will you do me a favour? ... May I request you to kindly do this for me? … I know I am troubling you, but will you help me in fixing this problem? … These are a few familiar questions/requests that we often come across in our life. And even if we don’t feel like accepting many of these requests, we end up saying “yes, sure”! We are taught since childhood that it’s bad or rude to say ‘no’ to someone’s request and hence, we often respond by saying ‘yes’ even when we don’t have enough time, intention or motivation to do the very thing that matters least to have us say yes. How wise is it to leap upon something which we don’t want to? By always being agreeable and nice to everyone, we are subjected to ‘work overload’ and ‘anxiety’. We often fail to justify our personal and family commitments due to time mismanagement. Is saying ‘no’ always rude? How should we deal with the unwanted requests without sacrificing our personal and professional goals? The putative, if not well understood, fact is that we all have some personal ambitions and professional goals. On top of that, we need to manage our time and resources properly in life in order to accomplish our family responsibilities and professional commitments. By agreeing to all the requests, sometimes, we may be risking our performance quality. Saying ‘yes’ to someone else’s request may mean saying ‘no’ to some of our own necessities. In such a case, it is certainly not a matter of maintaining a balance sheet otherwise the ‘yes’s will cancel out the ‘no’s. And we will be left with nothing to push for. This needs a bit of thinking. The real question is: why do we agree to something despite being not mentally prepared for it? What are we afraid of? Do we fear losing friends or being rude to relatives? At work place, we often refrain from saying ‘no’ to our managers or fellow colleagues because we fear that it will convey a wrong impression that we are either incompetent or not committed to the job. The reason seems valid at the first glance! But the ramifications go deeper.

Elizabeth Bakken et al.) and I would like to share it with you all.

Don't automatically say 'yes': When someone asks you for your time, don't immediately say 'yes' in response. Take some extra time to think and review your schedule. You should carefully analyze your priorities and give an honest answer about your availability. However, just be sure to follow up with your response.

Be honest, direct and firm: Don't say 'yes' when you feel like 'no', and never say 'may be' just to put off saying 'no' until later. Statements like 'I already have plans for this weekend' make your position clear.

Be brief: The longer you talk, the more you open yourself to giving in and accepting additional responsibility. Statements like 'I have to move now. Lets meet some other day' are handy in this regard.

Use non-verbal language: Avoid sending signals of defensiveness or wavering in your body language, by looking down or bowing your head. Have a relaxed body and be confident. However, avoid confrontational postures like finger-pointing.

Add a positive spin to 'no': Instead of saying just 'no, I can't do it', add a positive statement to it. Statement like 'I am really interested in doing this project but I would like to help you once you have narrowed down your choices' adds a positive spin to 'no'.

Find a 'third right answer': Sometimes the best answer is neither 'yes' nor 'no'. Try to come up with some alternative suggestion that can save you from taking some extra unwanted responsibility.

Personally, I often find it difficult to turn down a request made by friends, colleagues or relatives. However, there are people who believe in being ‘practical’ and don’t mind refusing someone’s request. Many emphasize that learning to say ‘no’ without being rude is one of the most challenging lessons in our life. And I must confess that I have not been able to ‘learn’ this important lesson yet! How about you?

People say that saying ‘no’ tactfully is an art. It’s possible to politely refuse someone’s request. The idea is to give an impression that we can manage our time well despite being helpful when time and other things permit. I found some interesting tips for saying 'no' wisely (in Dr. Deependra Kumar Jha the book 'Ten ways to overcome overload' by

The Dream is NOT what you see in sleep......Dream is which does not let you sleep. -Dr. Abdul Kalam

YEAR 1 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2012


This adage well relates man and science: I like my new cell phone, my calculator works fine. My laptop is perfect but OH LORD!! I miss my mind... Science can amuse and fascinate us all But it is the technology that shapes the world. The two have taught mankind at least one lesson, Nothing is impossible with technological action. Science and technology multiplies around us, Our way of life has influenced the way technology has developed. The world without technology would be prey to something worse, But if undirected it would have been a momentum of curse. Technology while adding to our physical ease, Has pulverized everything from our basic amenities to our breeze. All the biggest technological inventions of man, From the computers, automobile to nuclear plans. All the above say little about his intelligence, But speak volumes about his laziness and negligence. Technology when misused, Poisons air, soil and water whereas lives are destruct. The fact is that science is the acquisition of knowledge, Whereas technology is the utilization of processes and products. Today the scenario is such that, Man is witnessed as slave of science. If the same continues for years, Who the hell is responsible for this reliance ? By:Baljeet Kaur Bisla, B.Tech(EEE)

h The Orientation of the first batch of PhD program was held on 13th February 2012 in order to provide the scholars some useful reference information and to help them settle in their Ph.D program smoothly as early as possible. The University offers Ph.D program in various disciplines like Engineering, Basic and Applied Sciences, Library Science, Humanities and Management. The Vice Chancellor, Prof K N Tripathi welcomed and congratulated the newly admitted scholars on being a part this program and informed them about the university and its key people. He also told the scholars what the university expects from them over the next few years as a PhD scholar. The Dean, Prof D K Jha informed the scholars about the nitty-gritty of the program. He also elaborated on the requirements of minimum and maximum numbers of credits that they have to earn for their respective programs. Apart from that, he did emphasize on the quality of research at Galgotias University and encouraged the scholars to publish their research work in the leading journals across the world.

Gone are the days when the platform Java Micro Edition was widely used in mobile phones. Newer platforms with better features and relative ease of using are catching up quite fast. One of the front runners when it comes to popular mobile phone platforms is Android. A good majority of the students in our campus use Android phones and this is a good case in point to understand the reach and success of the Android platform. Android is a Linux based operating system developed by Open Handset Alliance (OHA) led by Google. With over 4 lacs applications available in Android Market till January’12, a plethora of choices are left for the users providing them a friendly mobile interface. The applications fall into many categories like messaging, health, entertainment, gaming, office work, to mention just a few. In messaging, WAY2SMS allows selection of multiple phone contacts for messaging ensuring fast delivery of SMS. Its counterpart, GO-SMS allows allocation of text colour, scheduled message delivery and different SMS ringtones for specific contacts. In the category of entertainment, applications such as PVR cinemas, INOX, BOOK MY SHOW allow booking movie tickets through multiple payment options with desired seat selection. The ‘YOU TUBE’ application is to be used for watching videos and the RAAGA& SAAVN is used for listening to music across genres and languages. Apps like ANGRY BIRDS, GTA III, NFS SHIFT3D and so on are apt for gaming enthusiasts. WIKIDROID powered by voice search and GOOGLE TRANSLATOR are applications that are used by people to communicate in different languages. Photos can be edited through applications like PICSAY and CAMERA 360 in the most accurate way as done on computers. POLARIS OFFICE allows document viewing in all formats while a TORRENT enables downloading big files. Applications like THE TIMES OF INDIA and THE HINDU help the users get updated on current happenings from around the globe. Also the SCREEN CAPTURE SHORTCUT which helps to take a screenshot of the current screen like the print screen key in Windows. Next is the ULYSSE SPEEDOMETER. Using this one can get the speed of any vehicle (in which one is travelling, of course) using the GPS of your phone. One of the most popular applications these days is WHATSAPP. It is a messenger which is very light and lets you share files, images as other messengers do. Another one is VLINGO which is a personal assistant that enables the users to send messages without typing, through voice command. The current version of Androidis 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and versions like2.3 and 3.0 are still in use by many companies. It stands today as leader in its segment and has indeed paved the way for a new phase in mobile technology. By : Rahul Kapoor, B.Tech(CSE)


The audience waited, and as an indication goes, guests entered the stage. The entire crowd started with a loud eulogy directed at the author. And then the author, Mr. Ashutosh who is a TV journalist from a renowned news channel IBN7 comes on stage along with Dr. Kumar Vishwas, who, besides being a known face among Hindiknowing people across the world as a poet, has been involved in several social works and has been an integral part of veteran social leader Anna Hazare's 'India against corruption' team. People were in a frenzy mixed with reverence and suspense for what is to come aplenty for them in the forthcoming minutes. More than 200 people gathered in the auditorium on 27th march 2012. Soaring excitement filled the hall with unfathomable presence of something that can only be appreciated, if not deeply understood. The copies of the book were to be sought; but not a trace of tantalizing experiences of a book launch was felt all over. Some were, of course, complaisant and some were puzzled as to how to see through the whole thing. The lighting of lamp by our guests formally kicked the event off. Marching reticence began to pervade the hall as the author started speaking about his book. The author has penned his first book on Anna’s agitation which has been recently published by Harper Collins Publishers India. The book is an attempt to re-construct the Anna movement rather than Anna, the individual. The book titled ‘13 days that awakened India’ brings back the memories of days when the whole nation was unit-

ed in one cause to fight for strong Lokpal bill and this movement actually shook the nation. It awakened, much less galvanized, the country soul slumbering in the blanket of corruption. The author discusses, with a chiselled enthusiasm, the national spirit that has been there inside every individual but still hidden because of the fear of being trodden away by a strong political trap and inability to put their view point. What came afterwards chilled the serious environment when Dr. Kumar Vishwas peppered the excited moments with his famous poems and shyaris. He even made the environment more vibrant with his small gig and gags between the conversations that lightened the whole atmosphere. He shared with the audience his indelible experience and some special moments from the journey that he actually lived with Anna. This was followed by a brainstorming question hour session that was most awaited by the students as well as by our respected guests who were more anxious to offer answers to this young generation as they are the pillars of future society. The event ended up with signing of few books by our special guests leading to hustling of crowds to get those selected copies of books marked the end of a beautiful evening. The crowd dispersed slowly. But perhaps there was a sensation of a change—a feeling of being shadowed under the new canopy of democratic restructuring- a feeling deep enough but not even too strong to be etched on the surface of our own ignorance confused with effrontery.

YEAR 1 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2012


The impact of Facebook on the people is immense and is still on the Facebook hampers the overall development of the children. rise. No one will deny the benefits of being able to keep track of the Children do not play outdoor games or enjoy the beauty of latest happenings and interact with friends or family but as each environment. coin has two faces, Facebook has also got a darker side. Phishers and spammers have also appeared on the site and are a Facebook, the most successful social networking site in the world, severe threat to personal information. The amount of personal has sadly become an addiction for the major portion of the society, information on Facebook is a point of huge concern and thus especially the youth. About 350 million people privacy has become an enormous matter to think are on Facebook, out of which 70% are between about. Someone may extract your personal and the ages of 13 -25.People update every minute professional information and use it to do harm to details of their daily activities on the site. you. Pictures and videos are created just for the sake Several instances of cyber bullying have also been of uploading on Facebook. Hours are spent recorded in many places of the world. Cyber bulthinking about the status to be updated and lying may not be physical but becoming emoseveral more hours are spent updating the tional and psychological its effects are devasstatus and checking the “likes” and “comments” tating for the victim and can often lead to suicide and depression. on it. Facebook commonly acronymed as FB is accessible through The term social networking to me is misleading. People ‘believe’ mobile phones and millions of users remain active on the site through their cell phones. More than 50% of these people use Face- that they are social but are they? No, the contact is minimal and impersonal. People know what their friends and family are doing book on their computers as well as mobile phones. The obsession just by looking at the “News Feed”, so why meet or call? The way of of these people with FB is such that they can’t stay away from it. communication has changed completely and people prefer chatting Facebook has become a drug for many! online to talking face to face. Another important ill effect of Facebook is the negative exposure to One thing that is for certain is that presently the better side of FB kids. Kids lack the maturity and are vulnerable to predators on has overshadowed the darker side but only time will tell how FaceFacebook who are ready to grasp and influence the young minds. book will be in the future. Children below a certain age shouldn’t be allowed to use FB as apart from these ill effects, the prolonged increased usage of By: Naman Agrawal, B.Tech (CSE)

Lean is a manufacturing philosophy which eliminates all types of waste; on the other hand, it adds more value to the final product or service. Waste, according to lean, is a non value added activity for which the end customer is not willing to pay. As far as lean is concerned, the organizational activities are broadly classified into three categories and they are: (a) Value adding activities- The activities that add value to the final product or service and required to be performed. (b) Non value adding activities- The activities that add no value to the final product or service but act as source of huge waste. (c) Necessary but non value adding activitiesThe activities that add no value to the final product or service but sometimes, it is necessary to perform these activities for the completion of the task. A research is being carried out at Lean Enterprise Research Center, UK to identify the contribution of various activities and it is found that: (i) 5% of the total activities are value adding activities. (ii) 60% of the total activities are non value adding activities.

(iii) 35 % remaining are necessary non value adding activities. Lean is a plethora of tools and techniques such as 5-S, Kaizen, Six Sigma, Value stream Mapping , Total Productive Maintenance, Andons, Kanban, Line Stop Authority, Low Cost Automation, Poka- Yoke, Production Leveling, Quality Circle, Single Minutes Exchange of Die, Total Quality Management, Visual Control etc. Instead of going into the details of these tools and techniques of lean, here, I would like to discuss how you can apply the philosophy of lean for the betterment of our professional life. Here, I would give a list of activities to clarify the concept of lean. (i) Take a piece of paper and on the top of it, write down ‘why you are here in Galgotias University’ and you get the main purpose of your stay at this place. (ii) Write down all the activities we perform during the whole day. (iii) Be honest and apply the philosophy of lean to segregate value adding and non value adding activities on the basis of our main purpose. Now, I would suggest you how to segregate your routine activities into value added and non value added activities.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Attending a lecture carefully →Value added activity. Self study at library in free lecture →Value added activity. Gossiping with friends by bunking lecture→ Non value added activity. Travelling from one lecture hall to another for Lecture→Necessary but non valve added Activity. Any other activity →

By this way, you can map your routine activities and would get to know the utility percentage of the day. The non value added activities identified here are all waste and consuming your resources and time. This compels you to think and find out ways and means to curtail these activities. You should try your best to devote more time on the value added activities and these activities will help you to reach your objective in a smooth and hassle free manner. By: Prof. (Dr.) Bhim Singh, Department of Mechanincal Engineering


Respected Teacher My son will have to learn I know that all men are not just, all men are not true. But teach him also that for every scoundrel there is a hero; that for every selfish politician, there is a dedicated leader. Teach him that for every enemy there is a friend. It will take time, I know; but teach him, if you can, that a dollar earned is far more valuable than five found. Teach him to learn to lose and also to enjoy winning. Steer him away from envy, if you can. Teach him the secret of quite laughter. Let him learn early that the bullies are the easiest to tick. Teach him, if you can, the wonder of books…but also give him quiet time to ponder over the eternal mystery of birds in the sky, bees in the sun, and flowers on a green hill–side. In school teach him it is far more honourable to fail than to cheat. Teach him to have faith in his own ideas, even if everyone tells him they are wrong. Teach him to be gentle with gentle people and tough with the tough. Try to give my son the strength not to follow the crowd when everyone is getting on the bandwagon. Teach him to listen to all men but teach him also to filter all he hears on a screen of truth and take only the good that comes through. Teach him, if you can, how to laugh when he is sad. Teach him there is no shame in tears. Teach him to scoff at cynics and to beware of too much sweetness. Teach him to sell his brawn and brain to the highest bidders; but never to put a price tag on his heart and soul. Teach him to close his ears to a howling mob… and to stand and fight if he thinks he’s right. Treat him gently; but do not cuddle him because only the test of fire makes fine steel. Let him have the courage to be impatient, let him have the patience to be brave. Teach him always to have sublime faith in himself because then he will always have sublime faith in mankind. This is a big order; but see what you can do. He is such a fine little fellow, my son.

Looking up in the sky, I noticed the cheerful birds that fly, Neither the regrets for the days that passed, Nor the plans for the days that would be last, No borders for them to cross, No money for them to lose. I wish if I could be one of those, Leaving all worries behind, Just flying in rows. I wish to fly with them in air,

There is no cast creed where, Where speech of silence is the master, Which can never scatter, Where there is no place for jealousy and hatred, Just what they know is to make “love portrait”. By: Rahool Kapoor, B.Tech (CSE)

YEAR 1 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2012


G-Quasar- the name is itself explanatory for what it means. From Three days of fun with the evenings adorned with the glitterati/ the past few years the G-Quasar has become an inseparable part of celebrities from the Music World made for a complete change in the Galgotias Educational Institutes. Galgotias enriches, perhaps in a experiences of the days we pass. The first day started with the tremendous way, the future of India by providing excellent quality inauguration by Mr. Dhruv Galgotia – the CEO of Galgotias Educaeducation to the emerging youth generation. Galgotias Educational tional Institutions with Dr. D. K. Jha- the dean, Galgotias University Institutions is known not only for its high ranking in academics, and Dr. Kumar Vishwas – a great Hindi poet who made the day more intellect and active participation in games and sports but also for exuberant- present there. The inaugural function saw metrist G-Quasar that has been making waves everywhere and has touched Kumar Vishwas entertaining the audience with his witty composithe life of every student in Galgotias and also other students all over tions on the current political and social scenario. Various heads of India. In short, G-Quasar has been the most eagerly awaited marked institutions addressed the audience and conveyed their wishes for a event of the calendar. The G-Quasar is the most renowned event not memorable Uni-fest. This was the second time when Galgotias Eduonly for Galgotians but also for cational Institutions had a Quasar students from other colleges Uni-Fest and the first time when who, with stunning eagerness, Galgotias University participated. Quasar or quasi-stellar radio source is the hold back for the fest of The inaugural function marked most radiant source of energy in the Galgotias. the formal commencement of universe; in other words, it is the brightest events and after the ceremony object of the universe. When quasar was From this backdrop it can be was over, parallel events began discovered it was deduced that it’s just a safely said that March 2nd to on the formal and informal stagstar like object but with higher radiation. The closest quasars are 4th were the most happening es. The environment breathed out about 28 to 600 billion light years away! (This means if you were days for students and faculty enthusiasm and zeal. Participants there it would take me 600 billion years to see you from here). members of the Galgotias Eduand organisers hustled about cational Institutions in 2012. hurriedly to take care of their events. Dance, drama, songs, quizzes Months of preparations and wait culminated in the G-Quasar 2012. and so many other events were on the list. The three day fest conThe annual fest of the GEI was no less bright than the name it carsisted of about 100 events which were running parallel in auditoriried. It shone like a bright star in the neighbourhood of Knowledge ums, fields and several class rooms. It was a haven for the entertainPark II with different participating colleges adding to the glamour. ment enthusiasts.

13 Besides the entertainment and literary events, the audience of GQuasar has also witnessed quite a few worth-experiencing technical events. These technical events include Robotron Events, Aquabot, Stalker, Robowars, Electronics Squad, Tom Chase, Brand Busterz, Web Ace, Moto Quest and Code Quest. The participants of these events entertained the audience with their scientific skills and novel technical approach.

life they are not going to have this opportunity. If someone is not dancing, then he/she is busy capturing in snapshots the guest, Mika. His songs were amazing and are still on everybody’s mouth.

By the third day, signs of weariness started appearing on the students’ faces who had been working to make this event a success. Their planning and hard work had borne fruit and now the time to relax was approaching fast. But the organizing committee had All the days commenced with events and ended with a special pack- already arranged for something exuberant to revive the lost energy age for the audience. The first day had an eye-treat of Fashion Show levels. The night of the final day saw not one but two celebrities perfor its zealots. The fashion show saw many colleges participating for forming to cheer up the audience. First to arrive on stage was the ‘Yo the Best Fashion Show Award. Bhopal enthusiasts won the treat -Yo’ Honey Singh. By the time audience could bounce back from the there giving tough competition to the Galgotias University and Shar- first performance, popular band RDB was there to take the fun da University participants who stood second and third respectively. ahead. The audience’s glee knew no boundaries and it danced to the Also, in the evening dance program, performances took the audience tunes of RDB’s famous songs. The crowd was flowing in as it became to a height of excitement making them dance on their seats. Celebri- an ocean of fan-followings-- if one or two groups had gone out, it ty nights ensured that the days end just with the right amount of would have certainly felt like drops of water taken out of the ocean. zeal. The first day of G-Quasar also covered dramatic events like The fest concluded with this performance but left behind memories stand-up comedy and nukkad natak. to cherish for the continuing year. Some would bid goodbye to the These events took the audience to old days when people used to GEIs this year with the memories to remain with them lifelong, while watch nukad nataks on television. Then came the literary events. some would concentrate on how to fix the faults next year. However, The highlight of the literary event consisted of RJ hunt and from-the- at the end there was a proud smile on the face of every Galgotian. poet’s heart. The second day concluded with the power packed per- With these ‘some’, we stand and wait for the next G-Quasar when formance by Mika. The audience went ga-ga over his melodies and GEIs will shine like the most luminous object in the galaxy of this danced to each tune. . People were dancing again in their neighbourhood.

Papers Published by Galgotias University Faculty members (Jan-March, 2012) 

Chaudhary, Nipun (2012) “Cross Culture Trauma: A Brief Overview on Henry James’ Novels’ “National Seminar on ‘Urban Catharsis: The Psycho-Moral Cleansing Effects of Literature in English’, Lingyas University, Faridabad on 3-4 Feb. 2012.

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Rohatgi, Anjana (2012) “Urban Catharsis in the poetry of Nissim Ezekiel”, National Seminar on ‘Urban Catharsis: The Psycho-Moral Cleansing Effects of Literature in English,’ Lingyas University, Faridabad on 3-4 Feb. 2012.

Sharma S K, and Singh, Bhim, “Proactive Approach to Ergonomic Processes: A Lean Thinking “ National conference on Advances in Manufacturing Technology, NITTTR Chandigarh, 15-16 March , 2012, pp 217-220.

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YEAR 1 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2012

One bright morning when I woke up, I looked around myself, there wasn’t anybody and there was a pin drop silence all over. I sat beside a window and found myself lonely. Sometimes I felt kind of lost. I felt like everyone around me is going somewhere, doing something and always with someone and I felt like I was all alone to share good moments with. Hey buddies! I would like to share few words with you. Friends, life’s challenges are only there to show you that you are stronger, more capable and more creative then you ever thought. Sometimes situations are like when you’re all alone, feeling like someone has left you in a dark room and there is no light which can show you the right path. All dreams and hopes just go on drowning and the darkness just covers all your dreams with negative thoughts. This is the fact of life! My granny is my ideal person and she used to say two things to me: “you were born alone and you’ll die alone” and “the only thing I have to do is stay back and die”. Those two sayings are pertinent in my message and making me remind of her, because they support my view that you’ve to stand alone. The choice is not always made because you want to, but because it’s absolutely necessary to take the right decision in your life. She used to say that man is his own master. He is only responsible for good or bad things happening around him as the cause of his deeds. The only person who has to support you is ‘you’ and he who knows how to glow light even in darkness is the real survivor.


sions in life based on our own experiences of what works and what doesn’t. Doing the right things can sometimes harm you and can be painful but it has to be done. Nobody can go back and start a new beginning but anyone can start today and make a new ending. There is no person in the world capable of flawlessly handling every punch thrown at them. We aren’t supposed to be able to instantly solve the problems but we had to face them head on. Sometimes you find your life flowing in directions that you haven’t anticipated. You may feel depressed about something that happened in the past or anxious about something that may yet happen. You may find yourself feeling lonely even when you’re not alone, unsuccessful although you’ve tried hard, lacking confidence although you lack no resources, broken-hearted because someone left you, or even worse, feeling bad without knowing why. Whenever loneliness pinches you, make her your friend and think for yourself what you want to do in your upcoming future by making the correct decisions. It might be difficult and painful in the beginning; it would take time but things get settled on and you’ll freshen yourself up with new hopes and aspirations. The human being is like an ultimate machine, if you know how to use it; you’ll be able to control on your life instead of letting it control you. You’ll be able to live a happy life.

Here I end up saying that whatever the situation may be, admit it the way it is, face it and just wait for something good. I just want to give a message to all those people who feel lonely in their life and hurt themselves. I want to say that when life brings you in darkness, Here is a question I would like to ask you all. We often hold ourdon’t do anything. Just wait because a surprise is waiting for you. selves back by waiting for the approval and support of others. Well, God is planning something better for you. Now, I am happy because but what will you do if that support never comes to you or the parGod enlightened me with His blessings and had introduced me with ents never approve of the career choice you want to make, mate you the fact of life. want to marry or a dream you want to pursue? What will you do at “Life is a challenge, meet it! Life is a dream, realize it! Life is a game, that moment when your partner is waiting for you on one side and play it! Life is love, enjoy it!” on the other side is your family who is responsible for your upbringThat’s what life is! ing and by whom you are blessed? This is really a hard decision to take. Just believe in you and Him… Our friends and family have a funny way of innocently condemning our choices, but holding themselves back out of fear as well. Just By: Megha Sengar, B.Tech (ECE) forget and leave, put yourself first. We need to take the right deci-

People with clear, written goals accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them can ever imagine. - Anonymous


The fact underlying the existing shallow empathies and callousness of the modern society is both tragic and agonizing. Every year, a great number of elderly people are abandoned by their families, their careers and their societies and are forced to live in elderly homes. Abandoned by society and without a voice these people are left at the mercy of fate. Their silent cries and misery, though unheard by the world, reflect on those gleamy eyes. These people had been deserted when they become too much of a burden for their families to take care of. They were sent off, dismissed as burden? People may disagree but I feel that we are the burden on the society and not them.

value of sitting around the table with the family or playing with the grandchildren. By sending them away, we are depriving them of their last desires. After years of sacrificing everything for our sake, don’t we deserve that much? I find it unbearably sad to watch the elders of our community be degraded and treated like vermin. Aging is eternal and they have no control over the weakening body or a dwindling memory. Isn’t that already enough for them to deal with? No, we give them more. They not only lose health but also lose the respect, care and concern they deserve. We can change all this. Look at them with kind eyes. Ask them about their lives. Get involved. Tell them you care. Go give them a well deserved hug. It’s a simple act but one that speaks a thousand words. Remember what goes around comes around. Treat them the way you want to be treated. What you do to them is what you will become.

Our attitude and ethics are a disgrace. Those hands held our finger and taught us to walk and the moment they need a walking stick, we call them weak. We feel irritated and sigh in exasperation when “Act now and remember the past, they do things slowly and don’t remember everything we said. Or be ready to be an outcast…” What kind of people are we? We are egoistic and selfish. We are the burden. Many would argue that there is nothing wrong with By: Naman Agrawal, B.Tech (CSE) elderly homes but they are just not home. Nothing can equal the

The afternoon of April 13,2012 witnessed the inauguration of various clubs at the Galgotias University. Amidst the razzmatazz, the clubs were inaugurated, the chief guests being Mr. Dhruv Galgotia, (CEO, Galgotias Educational Institutions), Dr. D.K Jha (Dean, Galgotias University) and Ms. Vinnie Mathur (Head, Student Club Affairs). The clubs namely Q-Bits (for computer wizards), Enthiraan (for robotics), Lingo Freaks (for the literary freaks), Aero modelling club, HR club, Finance club and Marketing club were inaugurated as the excited Galgotians ushered in these clubs in their professional lives. The ceremony was full of excitement from the word ‘go’. The band performance gave a feet tapping start to the event. The mellifluous environment was intensified as the singers soothed the ears of many. Be it the performance of Shammya Madan of M.B.A or Gaurav from B.B.A, the crowd cheered to the melodious rhythm. The dance performance by Gaurav Nagrani and group not only entertained but made one think “Its time to buckle up the dancing shoes!” However, needless to say the latter performance by Studio D i.e. the girl’s dance troop won great accolades. The poetry recital by Priyanka

was applauded by the audience as it highlighted the nitty-gritty details of college life. The musical show put up by Shreya Srivastava of CSE-05, Mansi Bansal of ECE-02, drummist Ankit Godle and guitarist Aman Agrawal was enjoyed to the core by the audience. Their very first song “Haye mera dil” did capture the hearts of many. It was with the blessings of Dean Sir and Vinnie ma’am, that the responsibilities were bestowed upon the Head Co-ordinators and the Co-ordinators of the various clubs. The clubs viz. management, technical and cultural heralded a new enthusiasm of co-curricular activities that every Galgotian has been awaiting. However, at the end of the ceremony one of our reporters overheard a student talking to his friend “Did you get the book issued from the library?” confirming the dedication of students towards their studies. The various clubs aim to ease out the pressure of studies and help develop the overall personality of the student. May the journey of these clubs be a successful one. Bon Voyage! By: Vindhya Singh, B.Tech (CSE)

YEAR 1 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2012


Can linguistics be a science? This question has been argued on since the time language studies came into existence. Linguistics is a science that studies human language, both spoken and written. It can be broadly broken into three categories or subfields of study: language form, language meaning, and language in context. Most of the linguists subscribe to a perspective on/in their discipline that consists in/of defining linguistics as the scientific study of language as they have certain ideas/notions about doing things scientifically or non-scientifically. While differentiating between the scientific and the non-scientific study of language we can begin with two major points of agreement. The first and most important point is that linguistics is empirical, rather than speculative or intuitive, as John Lyons, a well-known linguist argues. It operates with publicly verifiable data obtained by experiment or observation. As empirical nature is the hallmark of a rational discourse of science, most people will believe that the nature of language studies can include linguistics in the category of sciences. Another property which is closely related to being empirical is objectivity. In a narrower perspective, objectivity demands that some terms like ‘purist’ and ‘primitive’ etc. have to be clearly defined or else completely rejected. This issue has broader repercussions, even if linguistics has a kind of equivocal relationship with what is called traditional grammar taught at school. In its own way, the foundations of traditional grammar rooted in philology that used to be practiced in before the advent of modern linguistics gave way to a secure anchoring to modern linguistics which is considered to be a science. But ironically enough, when traditional grammar in being prescriptive ceased to be any more than purist wrangling which is of meagre interest in any scientific discourse, it is traditional grammar in its barest possible form that paved the way for a scientific linguistics not so much by ushering in it as by consolidating the rational foundations of what we see now as scientific linguistics.

scientific methodology in that there is no widely accepted view of what science is or what a scientific methodology consists in/of. This is still a moot point that spills over into linguistics too. Just data collection or inductive method or empirical criteria cannot make linguistics a science. One has to go deeper than this, perhaps. This is important because one can, for example, follow an inductive method of collection of data about the number of stars in the visible sky. This does not thereby make counting stars a science. In fact, the issue has connections to what we think science can provide us with. We may not go into talks about value-free science or discussions on whether science can be theory-neutral. At least in linguistics, linguistic model construction is hardly theoryneutral. Schools of linguistics that have developed over a period of time are all jostling with each other with varied criteria of scientific tenor to be pursued in linguistics. To give a good example, modern generative grammar has changed the terrain of linguistic study by pushing linguistics into the mental or the cognitive. Linguistics is no longer an intellectual enterprise that concerns social practices. Rather language provides a window onto the operations and structures of the human mind viewed as a machine composed of modules. Linguistics has thus become a branch of cognitive science as linguists are currently preoccupied with rules, mental structures and representations. The object of linguistics has thus changed too. Linguistics now looks inside the mind of the native speaker rather than outside in the stream of corpus data or speech events. This is significant for two reasons here in this context. One has to do with the methodology of linguistics which has become more and more deductive by stretching from a hypothesis down to the data. The second has to do with the positing mental structures underlying linguistic rules as the object of study. This has created a neverbefore-seen confluence between disciplines as diverse as biology, anthropology, computer science and mathematics in connection with linguistics as a science which comes out to be rational and objective but has a human dimension.

The often discussed but much less appreciated fact is that linguistics does not become a science by just following a so-called By: Anindita Sahoo, Asst. Professor (Dept. of English)

Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions. – Oliver Wendell Holmes


It was a clear, bright Sunday morning of Lucknow when I decided to acquaint myself with the people who live under the flyovers. I set out and came across this 10 year old girl named Suniya. “Do you live under this flyover?” I asked. “Yes. Why? Will you ask us to move away from here?” she asked, her worried black eyes meeting mine. I noticed her tattered clothes and the filthy state of her hair. “No. I would like to talk to you for a few minutes.” “I can’t. I have to help my mother sell those vegetables.” she pointed at her mother who was a frail woman, “but if you can wait for some time, we can talk.” I agreed and strolled past them for a few minutes when Suniya arrived. “Do you go to school?” I began my questions. “Do you think so? We can barely manage a two time meal and you ask about school.” she gave a short laugh, that was sheer mockery. “So what do you do all day? Sell vegetables?”

get trained in the household chores, as her mother tells her, as has been the custom for centuries. One can not question the norms that have been laid by our society. And of course, the society! The so called society that treats Suniya and her likes as ‘unwanted weeds’. Why bother about those who do not care about your existence? But will she understand it? I look at her dark, black eyes. My thoughts are interrupted by Suniya, “Are you listening?” “Yes.” “You know what? We used to live over there on that side of the road. But when this flyover was constructed, our huts were demolished and there was a big man who told my father that we will soon have a ‘roof’ above our heads.” she stopped, looked at the flyover above her head and then looked down at her bare feet, “we did get this ‘roof’ above our heads but there are no walls, no floor, nothing.” I saw a tear roll down her cheeks. She sulked and then continued, “That was warmer in winters and even the wind seems not that harsh, as it seems now. It was so much comfortable. But father says that we will have to adjust. We are poor and we have no choice. You are educated; will you tell me why it has to happen with us?”

“Yes, in the early morning and in the evening. During the day when there are fewer customers, my mother sits at the shop and I cook the Her dark, enquiring eyes, full of tears, were searching for answers as they looked up at me. I gazed down, dumbstruck. The questions meal.” I looked around her ‘house’. It was between the pillars of the flyover. seemed to have died away. I asked her no more. ‘Why it has to happen with us?’ her question echoed in my ears. ‘I don’t know’ I wantThere were rolled mattresses on one side, a few utensils lay by its side (that I assumed was her kitchen) and then there was her moth- ed to tell her, but I kept quiet. I smiled an unconfident smile, placed my hand on her shoulder then hastily stepped away from there. er and the vegetable shop in front of her. “And the rest of the day?” “I play. You want to play too?” “No.” She stuck out her lips and I consoled her saying, “but I will some other day.” She smiled and looked up at me, I continued, “Suniya, so tell me something about yourself.” “I am Suniya and that is my mother over there, you already know now. My father has a tea stall over there, next to that repairing shop,” she pointed out in that direction, then continued, “and I have a brother, he is younger than me and yes, he goes to school, because they offer mid-day meal there and we have one mouth less to feed. But it depends on how much my father can save to pay his fees. So, for most of the days of the year, he stays at home.” “Why don’t you go to school?” “I told you. There is no money. Besides, I am a girl. I am supposed to know all the household chores, that’s what my mother says. What will I do if I get educated?”

On my way back home, as the car passed from the flyover, I gazed out of the window. There was a new flyover coming up in the city. There were families like Suniya’s that would get that ‘roof’ above their heads. ‘Why it has to happen with us?’ Suniya’s question came back in my mind. An uneducated girl’s simple question had left me speechless. What could I have possibly replied to her? That I didn’t know as we were not taught this question or maybe it has been the custom since ages or possibly she would discover the answer herself when she grows old enough or maybe it is because she was poor. We take the poor people for granted-hardly bothering about their lives as if they are not humans. Science has given us many gifts; however, the problem lies not in the pace of scientific developments but in the poor ground level management. Science does its duty of making our lives simpler. However we fail to manage things the right way. I had passed that flyover many times, hardly bothering about the life that ‘flies under’ that mammoth civil construction-the flyover. However, a simple question left me wondering how the things are turning up with the advanced pace of science and what needs to be done for sustainable development.

Suniya continued speaking but I was lost in a train of thoughts. Despite efforts, girls are still denied education. I thanked God that I could enjoy this basic right. And what to do with education? ‘You can change your life with education’, I wanted to tell her. But no, she will By –vindhya singh,B.Tech(CSE)

YEAR 1 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2012


We all live in the environment but do we know what environment means to us? Do we actually know the real meaning of environment…….. The natural environment comprises of all living and non -living things that occur naturally on the earth. There is an urgent need to conserve our environment which is depleting at a rapid rate. The key word today is RECYCLING. We should follow the recycling mantra-the 3 R’s-REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE. The success of creation of public awareness and involvement in environmental conservation efforts will depend upon how best we can relate the environment to matters of personal concern of the individual. By the year 2025 use of paper as well as recycling and reusing of paper without waste will go a long way in preventing immense forests being out. Save all your waste paper and sell it to your kabadi wallah. Did you know that every 1,000 kgs of recycled paper spares the lives of 17 trees? Use both sides on a sheet of paper. If you ruin a sheet of paper because you wrote or printed something incorrect on it, don't throw it away. Save it and use the other side for taking messages, making notes and lists etc Wildlife conservation is another important area of environmental conservation. Refrain from hunting animals and birds for your pleasure or past time. Do not buy articles made of the skins of endangered animals such as fur, coats, bags, purses and shoes made of skin of such animals. Plastics do us a lot of harm. Most plastic materials are nonbiodegradable and add to the garbage problem. So by 2015 we will see everyone carrying their own cloth bag or jute bag while shopping. We should reduce noise at home and workplaces and hence prevent noise pollution. Do not play Radio and TV at loud pitch. Don’t honk unnecessarily while driving. Excessive noise can cause hearing impairment and irritation. Last but not the least, keep your eyes open: Report any environment violation you see to the appropriate authorities and also use your influence to prevent environmental damage. Form environment clubs in your schools, colleges or neighborhood. Join the Kitchen Garden Associations and learn how to plant trees and about the types of trees. Also ask yourself can I recycle this? Look at any thing that you are about to discard and ask yourself how it can be recycled.

Here are some tips on how to slow mankind’s adverse impact on the earth. 1. Heater and air conditioner: Use thermostat to regulate temperatures. Seal windows and doors. 2. Light bulbs: Fluorescent light bulbs last longer, use less energy, and produce more light. 3. Refrigerator: Turn the thermostat up one degree to make it more energy – efficient. 4. Washing machines: Hand wash clothes/ dishes to reduce loads. Wash clothes in warm water. Avoid dryers. 5. Green is clean: Promote renewable energy resources like solar and wind power. 6. Buy recycled: It takes less energy to manufacture a recycled product than a brand new one. 7. Go organic: Chemical pesticides keep carbon contained in soil, releasing carbon into the atmosphere and making the soil unfertile. 8. Cars: Drive less. Improve your car’s fuel efficiency. Use public transport. 9. Turn off lights, fans and all other electricity switches when not in use or when you leave a room. 10. Use public transportation. Use your bicycle, or walk. The extra exercise will do you good. 11. Fix leaking taps. Even a slowly dripping tap can waste between 55 to 140 liters a day. That's like pouring 10 buckets of perfectly good buckets of water down the drain. Don't leave the tap on unnecessary. When you are brushing your teeth turn the tap on only when you need the water. Do not keep the water flowing throughout. 12. Use reusable bags for shopping. It isn't too much extra work to carry a shopping bag with you from home to the market; you just need to form the habit. 13. Make and distribute cloth and paper shopping bags for your near and dear ones. 14. Join or start eco- clubs in your societies and college. On the occasion of World Earth Day on 22nd April, we invite everyone to come and join the launching of Galgotias Green Club!! By: Vinnie Mathur, H.O.D. ( Student Affairs & Student Clubs)

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. - Pablo Picasso


Congratulations TOPPERS !!! Galgotias University congratulates following students for securing 1st position in their respective programmes. We are sure they will further excel in their grade points going forward. At the same time we believe that other students will make it little difficult for them in maintaining their positions.

Tarun Gupta Enroll.No:1101301046 SGPA: 8.96 B.Tech (Civil Engg.)

Vindhya Singh Enroll.No:1101101168 SGPA: 9.22 B.Tech (CSE)

Abhishek Ranjan Enroll.No:1101501048 SGPA: 9.0 B.Tech (ECE)

Palash Singh Enroll.No:1101401005 SGPA: 8.83 B.Tech (EEE)

Abhishek Jain Enroll.No:1101201005 SGPA: 9.08 B.Tech (ME)

Kamal Upreti Enroll.No:1101102002 SGPA: 8.61 M.Tech (CSE)

Smrati Singh Enroll.No:1101402002 SGPA: 7.61 M.Tech ( Power Elec. & Drives)

Anupriya Ashthana Enroll.No:1101502013 SGPA: 7.56 M.Tech (Comm. Engg.)

Richa Pathak Enroll.No:1103102156 SGPA: 9.0 MBA

Parul Teotia Enroll.No:1102101010 SGPA: 8.10 BCA

Asha Kumari Enroll.No:1103101002 SGPA: 9.0 BBA

Nishu Pandey Enoll.No:1102102163 SGPA: 9.09 MCA

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