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Work is in progress for the 51st edition of Il Saloni. Confirming Milan as viceroy in the field of international furnishings, this design show is a veritable aggregate of fairs packed with thousands of high end quality products from the markets of the world. 2500 exhibitors occupy a stage whose scope and category comprehensively announce the latest designs from fabric to flooring to furniture to special detail and accessory for home and commercial applications with specializations that

address home furnishings, lighting, kitchen, the office, the bathroom, and even an overview of prototypes by designers under 35. 300,000 visitors are expected to pour into Milan this April in attendance. This year’s Il Saloni will occupy 209,000 m2 of exhibition space and will also accommodate the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Salon del Complemento D’Arredo, Euroluce, Eruocucina running in concert with FTK Technology for the Kitchen, SaloneEufficio, Salone Interanzionale del Bagno, and SaleonSatellite. In parallel with this exhibition of design and fancy will be a competition to honor the 3 best products for the kitchen and the bath, as well as a number of events to carry forward the fair’s mandate to promote the theme of man’s development through a unique focus on design. This event includes the project Design Dance by Michela Marelli and Francesca Molteni [verify correct names]at the Teatro dell’Arte of the Milan Triennale, a show that will make the works of the protagonists of design speak, act and even dance. So don your most comfortable of footwear; this one is more than a “light trundle”.

Canadian born Frank O. Gehry is arguably one of today's most important postmodern architects. Over the years Gehry has developed a refined style of Deconstructivism which speaks to his tendency to use unusual materials and shape for his architecture and furniture. Gehry’s masterpieces include the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the Walt Disney Concert hall in Los Angeles, 8 Spruce Street Tower in Lower Manhattan, and, my personal favorite, the Dancing House in Prague. His unique vision and innovative use of materials has prompted criticism and controversy, as well as professional recognition and honor. From 1969 to 1973, the architect conceived a series of furniture called "Easy Edges” using corrugated cardboard as a new aesthetic dimension. Shortly thereafter, the notion of supporting the furniture line was abandoned owing mostly to Gehry’s aversion to the role of furniture designer as opposed to architect. Nevertheless, these pieces are unbelievably robust in their construction and just plain neat in their feature of Gehry’s hallmark “twist” in conventional design. Approximately 60 layers of laminated cardboard are held together by hidden screws with a fibreboard edging. Vitra AG has re-launched four models from the series and are producing Side Chair, Wiggle Side Chair, Dining Table and Low Table Set. Who says cardboard’s just for boxes?

CuoreBosco Fuorisalone/Ephemeral Installation at Milan Design Week by Attilio Stocchi

GEHRY WIGGLE CHAIR Design Frank Gehry, 1972. Cardboard layers, fibreboard edging. Made in Germany by Vitra.

GOING GREEN THE SONGJIANG SUSTAINABLE HOTEL IN CHINA Just a metro ride away from Shanghai, the Songjiang district is a popular weekend destination with its natural beauty and sprawling landscapes; however, like most green space these days, it is not without its “man scars”. Still the notion of somehow making the best out of old wounds has attracted the architectural and design considerations of the Atkins firm. This firm, which has realized buildings such as Tianjin’s Pile of Boxes and the Bahrain World Trade Center, is planning to turn the 100m escarpment and lake of an abandoned quarry into a 400 bed, five star hotel complete with restaurants, cafes, sport facilities, and underwater public areas! Water and green space will be recurring themes in and around the hotel. Geothermal energy will provide the Hotel’s heat and electrical energy and green roofing will top the structure to further blend man-made with the existing landscape. Finally, for those who are so inclined, the Hotel will also offer a number of activities including bungee jumping! So how does one say BANZAI in Shanghainese?


MARIOUCHE - Harricana

DIY or “do-it-yourself” solutions sometimes result in the most oddly intrinsic use of whatever satisfies the need. Duct tape and spray paint aside, an example is the use of old bicycles. It has been my experience that they often find their way onto a front lawn as whitewashed plant holders. Nothing so pedestrian would do for the New Orleans-based crafter and decorator Benjamin Bullins. In his hands, vintage twowheelers become hand-crafted vanity and sink. Of course, the picture says it all since words cannot possibly approach just how super clever this great piece of décor is for those who love to bike or not. I wonder if it comes with a flat kit?

In 1964 Jackie Kennedy was spotted in New York City wearing a Cassini leopard coat. The subsequent craze, for lack of foresight and common sense, threw the fashion world and the big cat population into a consumptive spiral ending with the virtual mothballing of the entire fur industry. From this, the sense of simple, gracious glamour accented by fur garment never recovered. So in the closets and cedar trunks of our mothers and aunties the lush apparel of “a day gone by” were laid to rest, effects too dear to toss out and too politically incorrect to wear. Recently, Mariouche has appeared on the fashion scene as one of the first eco-friendly designers. Her concept of using recycled fur was conceived at a design competition in Milan when she opted to use her mother’s old fur coat to create her garment. This initiative proved to be the creative impetus behind Harricana, a brand of ready-to-wear fashions and accessories produced from recycled materials. The era in which fortunes were made and frontiers were breached in the name of fur are long gone. Bravo, for the resurrection of such a versatile and elegant fashion statement! • Charlotte Hosten necklace Black linen - Dark mink

HERMÈS - Petit h The concept is brilliant and totally in keeping with the signs of the times. Whether borne out of necessity or a company mandate seeking to maximize shareholders ROI, but imagine having your very own coffee cup holder made out of crocodile leather from Hermes. Talk about a status symbol! From the house that launched a thousand Birkins has spun off the "Petit h" collection: a series of unlikely poetic objects conceived from defective inventory and factory floor leftovers. Under the direction of Pascale Mussard, the great-great-great-grand daughter of Thierry Hermès, the founder who made a name for himself fashioning equine tack, Hermès artisans transform castoff teapot spouts into jewelry hangers, flawed crystal tableware into a set of dumbbells, and leather scraps into stunning accessories. Talk about the efficient use of “leftovers” to create new products. How sensible.

STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY Victorinox has developed the world's smallest laser pointer and incorporated it in the key ring sized Classic. Advanced Power Control (APC) microprocessors ensure that the maximum output is kept 20 percent below the power rating permitted for laser class 2. This intelligent power control increases the service life of both the Laser Pointer and the battery. For those not otherwise “in the know” of revised laser classification, class 2 means that the amount of energy produced by this pointer is considered “safe” to view as long as the viewer can rely on his or her blink reflex and look somewhere else. In fact, most pointers and measuring devices are Class 2 and they carry that “Laser Radiation Do Not Stare into Beam” warning. So read the warning on the box before use because it will likely be too small to read on the device. Certainly a wonderfully discrete tool for your business

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