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Minimalist environment and contemporary space design™

ART & DESIGN There is an “art” to the combination of Art and Design that molds the flexible aspects of a project in order to realize a desired result and theme. From one project to the next, space, light, location, materials and users’ taste understandably will vary. From the mundane of electrical outlets to the ornate of luxurious fabrics rich with deep hues and texture, a skilled designer working with common aspects can bring them into the recognizable continuum. It is this innate mastery that blends artistic expression with a good eye and lends theme to space. Design is very much like art in that there is a deliberate arrangement of elements so as to appeal to senses or emotions. Just as a work of art may stir a completely different set of emotions from one viewer to the next, so may the design of a piece of furniture or space, for example. The trend towards comfort or ergonomics may or may not be a consideration. The senses or emotions being appealed to may be the focus, and, in that, the driving force behind how or why something is designed the way it is. NuEdge Design specializes in minimalistic environments and clean space design. ABOUT AMEL CHAMANDY, DESIGNER Amel’s designs combine aspects that she finds appealing and know will realize the envisioned end result. In these designs there is a deliberate weave of aspects that have a classic appeal, sound intent and impeccable workmanship. With this, Amel has the confidence that her designs have a lasting and impeccable presence. This presence it serves basic needs in a gracious and uncluttered manner allowing the user to feel unconfined and able to breathe in the surrounding space. Combined with the practical comfort and contemporary line of her design are select pieces of art, sometimes used to change the project’s dimensions of time and space. The overall feel has the signature of “minimalism with warmth™ ”.












Montreal designer Marie Saint Pierre has launched two fragrances, B and C. Inspired by the scenery of Montreal, personal travel memoirs and the cosmic palette of garden aromas, B and C are two classic and chic fragrances worthy of a prestigious fashion Drinking red wine from an


anatomicallyinspired heart-shaped glass seems a bit creepy. But artist Etienne Meneaus’ “Petit Coeur” new limited-edition line of wine glasses, comprised of glass tubes that are meant to evoke the main arteries in the heart, are actually elegant and quite pretty. This very unique glass stands at a tall 20 cm and is made of borosilicate glass. Extremely limited quantities of the new Little Heart “Petit Coeur” have been produced.

1480, rue Sherbrooke ouest Montréal Qc Canada H3G 1L3 t: 514 934 3343 f: 514 934 6138 e:

During the thirties in Paris, Salvador Dali surrounded himself with a circle of friends involved in the application of art to varied disciplines, above and beyond the study of pure pictorial art. Jean-Michel Frank, a furniture maker and decorator of recognized prestige in the Paris of those years, was on very good terms with Dali and together they worked on several ideas. In the 1990s a group of experts, led by Oscar Tusquets, set themselves the task of turning the furniture Dali had drawn for Jean-Michel Frank into reality. Amongst these items were the Leda chair and low table taken from the painting “Femme à la tête rose” (1935). The prototypes were made by the sculptor Joaquim Camps. The Dali furniture collection is on sale exclusively at Galerie NuEdge. For information call +1 514 934 3343.

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NuEdge Newsletter, Spring 2011

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