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Attendee Feedback We estimate that around 330 students attended on March 2nd, 2013. We received 215 feedback forms from attendees. The following data is based on these.

Stalls missing:       

Surgery (35 comments): ENT, ophthalmology, cardiothoracic, plastics, maxfax, proctology Respiratory (7 comments) Palliative (5 comments) Haematology (3 comments) Postgrad research (2 comments) Geriatrics (2 comments) Medical education (2 comments, this is despite several university professors & the dean being in attendance)

        

Medical humanities (1 comment) Different things to do with a medical degree (1 comment) Neurophysiology (1 comment) MSF (1 comment) Transgender medicine (1 comment) Pre-hospital care (1 comment) Neonatology (1 comment) Rheumatology (1 comment) Tropical medicine (1 comment)

8. Did you have enough time to attend all the talks you wanted to? Enough Time



Preferred to have more time



9. Do you feel more informed/prepared regarding future career choices after attending the 2013 BMCF? I feel about the same/I do not feel any more prepared I feel better prepared

90 89

50% 50%

12. Things that were good about the 2013 BMCF? Themes: approachability of doctors, breadth & variety of doctors/specialties, the talks, the layout, the enthusiasm & excellence of the organisers, having senior doctors, having junior doctors, freebies & goody bags, the layout, leaflets, the location, the opportunity to ask questions. 13. Things that could be improved about the 2013 BMCF? Themes: nothing, drinks/food/more freebies, more doctors on stalls, more specialties, more talks (Also: posters & leaflets on stalls, longer, yearly, advertisement of talks, larger room, more focus on non medical student, more goody bags, workshops to improve practical skills) 14. Any other comments Mostly all positive! Some examples: AMAZING. Same league as RCP careers fair. Great job, guys. Excellent organisation. Thanks for organising it! FAB. Working abroad talk was FAB. Well done. Good overviews of training pathways. Great day out. It was good for thought. Senior Drs were good for what the job is like. Juniors were good for application process.

Make this an annual event! PLEASE DO (talks) AGAIN!!! Really good having a medical management stall. Really great event. So good. Very accessible. Very good. Very well organised.

2013 Bristol Medical Careers Fair: attendee feedback  

The results of attendee feedback from the 2013 Bristol Medical Careers Fair. For more information:

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