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MONTEVERDI VINI: SEVEN GENERATIONS OF VINTNERS According to legend, Napoleon Bonaparte took a break from chasing the Austrians and stopped at the Lampugnani estate, present-day Casalpusterlengo, asking for some good food and wine. It seems that the wine was so good that Napoleon not only drank in abundance but also expressed a desire to meet the

expert vintner who put so much care into it. It was May 10, 1796. Angelo Maria Monteverdi, then barely 24-years-old, had passed the first tough test of what was subsequently to become a long and brilliant winemaking career. In the

late 18th-century, good Master Angelo could not have every imagined that, 212 years later, his descendents would still be handing down a centuries-old tradition from father to son. Today, the 9 brothers of the Monteverdi Group, the natural heirs of this tradition, are an important force in the sector, bottling a series of wines of great value and quality. In its aging cellar in Rovescala castle, Monteverdi selects and gathers together the most prestigious DOC wines from every region of Italy that, after careful aging, are made available to its demanding clientele in Italy and abroad. “We need to look at the foreign market,” explains Francesco Monteverdi, who has been associated with Lodi Export for ten years and who served as President for one, “because there is risk of finding increasingly less oxygen to breathe in Italy. Optimist? Certainly: we’re not an ‘air craft carrier’ but a fleet of nimble destroyers that are able to carve out their own territory.” Confidence that comes from experience: “The problem is that businesses often go abroad alone while, with the consortium, we have been able to network with others who have my same needs and find adequate support, in addition to leveraging off of the power of group buying.”

Contacts: Monteverdi Vini Srl Via A. Moro, 19 26851 Borgo San Giovanni  (Lo) Tel.: 0371 – 97032; fax: 0371 - 97092 E - mail:

MOLINO PAGANI: TRADITION AND QUALITY SINCE 1803 An old heritage of long experience enriched by original contributions and developed from generation to generation: this is the primary value that characterizes the history of Molino Pagani.

The first historical reference to the production center that eventually became the company dates from 1400 when Cistercian monks constructed four waterpowered mills in the town of Borghetto Lodigiano: one of these was destined to become the Pagani mill. The Pagani made its first appearance at the mill called Molino Rusca (because it was, at that time, the property of Rusca Marquises) in 1790. Since then, there have been seven generations of millers in the history of this company, which is one of the oldest in Italy

Giuseppe Pagani left a definitive mark: it is due to this able businessman’s contribution that, in the 1950s, Molino Pagani, transformed itself from a craft company to an industrial company operating throughout Italy. Today, Molino Pagani covers an area of 25,000 m² (of which 6,000 m² under roof on several floors), has a production capacity of over 5,000 quintals a day, state-of-the-art equipment and a well-organized and efficient sales force. In 1994, the company’s commitment to continuous research into new products led to the creation of a line called Ecogran “only grain and nature,” to meet the needs of modern dietology and to promote the consumption of products from the best Mediterranean cultural traditions in the huge bread-baking sector. Giovanni Battista Pagani, who is continuing Molino Pagani’s centuries-old tradition, expresses his pride for “a company that creates jobs for its employees, an agricultural sector that provides grain, a craft industry that transforms that grain into bread and many other products that come to the tables of every family, every day and for the food processing and confectionary industry. A complex of activities that, starting with agricultural

resources that are the feather in Italy’s cap, have created an economic engine that creates jobs and well-being in one of the most important sectors of the Italian economy.”

Contacts: Molino Pagani Spa Via dei Molini, 38 26812 Borghetto Lodigiano Fraz. Casoni (Lo) Tel.: 0371 – 29011; fax: 0371 - 899035 E - mail:

AMARETTI NOSOTTI, AN EXCLUSIVE SPECIALTY OF PASTICCERIA CERRI Based on an original recipe from 1833, Amaretto unites the sweetness of sugar and the bitterness of apricot pits in a

combination of flavors that includes hints of cacao and natural aromas that personalize the product and make it unique of its kind. Amaretto is a typically Italian taste that brings to mind the glass containers in which the product was preserved. Gene-

rally kept in the living room cabinet with the liquor glasses and silver table service, it was only placed on the table in the presence of important guests. Even abroad, the word Amaretto is never translated or modified: it is like a brand, a touch of Made in Italy. Amaretti Nosotti are protected by patented and the trademark is registered to guarantee their uniqueness. They are marvelous with highly-structured wines like raisin wines. In the kitchen, they lend themselves to the composition of unique dishes and deserts with strong personalities. Contacts: Pasticceria Cerri di Cerri Paolo Via Diaz, 39 26866 Sant’Angelo Lodigiano (Lo) Tel.: 0371 – 210192; fax: 0371 – 210192

GALLETTI: OLD ARTISAN-VINEGAR FACTORY The company Galletti boasts the claim of old artisan-vinegar factory since 1871, as it has been producing wine-vinegar for 5 generations.

The founder Francesco Galletti had moved from Modena to the surroundings of Cremona; there he bought a food & rest point both for the small village of San Daniele Po and for anyone passing on barges the Po river. He exchanged typical products of Cremona with dressed pork products from Parma and wines

from Modena. In addition to these activities, he thought to start the production of vinegar, since in his land there were no quality grapes, and wines had a low alcohol level, which means they were prone to weaken and impair. In order not to lose them, they were turned into vinegar. In this way, in 1871 the Old Vinegar Factory was born. In the course of the years, the Galletti Company has grown, passing from 1 to 3 plants: two of them are located in San Daniele Po, Cremona, for the production of wine-vinegar, flavored vinegars, lemon juice, applevinegar and dressings. One is located in Modena, for the production of balsamic vinegar of Modena. Even if it is a family business, the company can offer the highest guarantee to the consumer, as it utilizes the most advanced technologies for the production and the processing of the product (from the fermentation in sterile air, to the micro filtration, the pasteurisation and the sterile bottling), and a consistent quality control of the various production batches (using a highly equipped internal laboratory, and the assistance of qualified international laboratories).

Contacts: Galletti di Galletti Aurelio & C. snc Via Faverzani, 13 26046 San Daniele Po (Cr) Tel.: 0372 – 65544; fax: 0372 - 65082 E - mail:

RISO DELLA MONSIGNORA, THE REAL ITALIAN RICE. FROM ORGANIC AGRICULTURE. Rice has many therapeutic values: it is an antianemic, emollient, nutrient and remineralizer, nutritive, depurative and detoxicant. The fields of Monsignora, which are located near Lardirago, are cultivated following the most rigorous standards for organic agriculture (Reg. CEE 2092/91),

i.e., without the use of chemical fertilizers, weed-killers or pesticides. The technique of crop rotation, used since ancient Roman times, allows controlling the growth of weeds and, at the same time, naturally enriches the soil. This system guarantees product quality and safety, protects the environment and shows

respect for life itself. Contacts: Azienda Agricola Tavazzani 27016 Lardirago Cascina Colombara (Pv) Tel.: 0382 - 953093 E - mail:

SALUMIFICIO CASTOLDI This family-run craft company was founded in 1957. Today, the company continues its craft traditions in a modern industrial plant; the introduction of modern technologies for the control and verification of productive processes has allowed obtaining recognition of suitability from the EEC, under ISO 9001/2000 and certification of the entire production chain under the UNI 10939 standard. Certification of the Lodigiano Terra Buo-

na brand completes the picture. Castoldi has recently added an innovative Bresaolino to its extensive portfolio of products: a pure beef salami, with no gluten or lactose and little fat that is highly digestible even for persons with food intolerances: it is ideal for consumers who are attentive to quality and diet but who don’t want to sacrifice good taste.

Contacts: Salumificio Castoldi srl Via Troglio, 55 26812 Borghetto Lodigiano (Lo) Tel.: 0371 – 80323; fax: 0371 – 80732 E- mail:


Founded in 1973 in Graffignana, a small village in the province of Lodi, Salumificio Bertoletti have become an innovative modern industry that hasn’t forgotten its origin, the traditional recipes and the ability to offer healthy and tasty products. The processed pigs come from primary farms where they have been grown in the best conditions and most of all fed with genuine and healthy food. Even today, the founder, Piero Bertoletti,

follows personally the pig farm and chooses the best animals to butcher, helped by his three sons that follow the family tradition.

The strict respect of the disciplinary rules (HACCP) and the operative units all located in the same factory guarantee a constant control of the various manufacture phases that gives all the products quality and reliability.

Contacts: Salumificio Bertoletti Srl Via delle Boschine, 6 26831 Graffignana (Lo) Tel.: 0371 – 88846 fax: 0371 – 203719


QuiLatte is Galeatica’s innovative project for milk producers that includes a full promotional KITT and a brand that includes a complete service and even distribution. QuiLatte’s objective is to help milk producers sell fresh milk direct to the public through refrigerated, coin-operated vending machines that are already in use in

quality and safety while reviving an ancient tradition. Quilatte makes the distance between producer and consumer as short as possible, guaranteeing families the best product at a very modest price while guaranteeing farmers fair value for their work.

Austria and Germany. QuiLatte brings all the goodness of fresh milk directly from the farm to the home. In fact, the fresh milk is whole and has not been skimmed, homogenized, pasteurized, etc. The vending machines, which are distributed through the production area, or in the city, meet all the hygiene standards required by local health departments and Italian law, thus guaranteeing the highest

Contacts: Galeatica sas di Buttà Francesco & C. Pubblicità Promozione Marketing Via Lodivecchio, 39 26900 Lodi (Lo) Tel.: 0371 417281 fax: 0371 417258


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