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a-10 american deluxe

a-10 american standard

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Trade your used guns fo A-10 American Deluxe starting at $4,995* *if all discounts apply

The A-10 American™ shotgun epitomizes what a truly fine shotgun should be. In designing the A-10 American™, the only thing more important than the aesthetic beauty was the superb feel and functionality.

A-10 American Features:

Choice of gauge - 12, 20, 28. All barrels fit on the same 12 gauge frame. (20 gauge frame available for additional cost.) Barrels have a weight system for balance and weight distribution. Barrels are interchangeable without fitting. Multi-gauge and multi-barrel sets are available for order. Choice of barrel length - 26”, 28”, 30”, 32” Five TruLock choke tubes. Skeet, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified, and full with wrench Ventilated rib 2x American Black Walnut Receiver machined from a solid stainless steel forging. Steel shot compatible Barrels feature internal parts which have our Hard GoldTM coating Barrels are TuffboreTM coated so they are steel shot compatible Barrels are CryopatternTM for optimum shooting performance Pistol grip or Straight grip stock Classic 2 point cut checkering The very highest quality dual handle impact case Single selective trigger Auto ejector Barrel weight system Butt stock weight system that regulates the weight and balance of the gun Galazan Pad

The Deluxe model engraving showcases a pointer and pheasants engraved on one lock and a setter with a pheasant on the other, all executed in Bulino style and surrounded by an extensive and intricate pattern of scroll and bouquets. Even the internal sidelock is engraved and the forend features the Connecticut Shotgun A-10 American solid gold eagle escutcheon perfectly inlayed in the wood.

The A-10 American™ is incredibly unique because it is crafted with many of Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co.’s proprietary techniques. One of these techniques is our trademarked Hard Gold™ system which we use on internal components that are subject to wear. The gold prevents corrosion and the parts have a special hardening processes that will add many years to the life of the A-10 American™. The barrels undergo our trademarked Cryo Pattern™ process which deep freezes the barrel to remove stress. The bores are then coated with our trademarked Tuff Bore™ process, allowing you to shoot steel shot or any other shot that we know of. These are some of the reasons we offer a limited five year warranty on the A-10 American™ Deluxe.

The A-10 American™ is a shallow frame full sidelock over and under (not a box lock gun with side plates), this is the highest form of the gunmaker’s art. Some benefits of a hand detatchable sidelock gun are perfect trigger pulls, intercepting safety sears, an easily removable action for cleaning and service, and a large surface area for the outstanding engraving.

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*if all discounts apply


A-10 American Standard starting at $3,995*

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or a new A-10 American

The A-10 American™ standard engraving features very tasteful scroll and bouquet engraving.

This gun is produced in our facility, in New Britain, CT, and is carried out to the highest world standards. We do not know of another gun that is stronger, or made at a higher level then the A-10 American™. This gun is handmade and exhibits the highest level of the gunmaker’s art. This is a very limited production gun. For the initial group of people that order this fine shotgun, we are offering a special introductory price; and to thank all of our loyal customers, we are offering an additional price consideration for anyone that is a current patron of Connecticut Shotgun.

Optional features: 1. 20 Gauge Frame: $500 2. Wood upgrades available: - 3x upgrade: $350 - 4x upgrade: $600 - Exhibition upgrade: $900

3. Match pairs available: $600 4. Extra barrels no fitting required: - $2,200, 20ga, 28ga, 12ga - 2 sets of barrels: 2 barrel case - 3 sets of barrels: 3 barrel case

Discounts Available for the purchase of an A-10 American* *$2,000 - Discount if in first ordering group (very limited time) *$1,000 - CT Shotgun customer loyatly discount *$1,000 - Discount if prepaid in full (very limited time) *Discounts will end without notice

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A-10 American Order Form 12 ga.*

20 ga.

12 Gauge Frame

28 ga.

20 Gauge Frame

Standard model Deluxe Model Pistol Grip Straight Grip Wood Upgrade 3X Wood Upgrade 4X Exhibition Wood 26"


Extra Set of Barrels

Introductory Discount $500

Customer Loyalty Discount -$1000

$7995 $8995

Pay in Full Discount

Subtotal of Options $350 $600 $900 30"


Gauge/Length_______ $2200

*Only available on 12 gauge frame


Base Price


Name Address City State Phone #

Discount Deposit


Payment Enclosed or VISA M/C AMEX

Shipping &Handling


Total Price


Total Exp.

rbl shotguns rbl-12 round action 12 gauge available for ordering

starting at $2,950


round action scaled frame 16 gauge available for ordering

starting at $2,950


round action game gun 20 gauge many configurations available immediately.

starting at $2,799


round action 28 gauge many configurations available immediately.

starting at $3,650

sold out

for ordering, please call our used gun department for availablilty

rbl professional 20 gauge double rifled sabot slug gun

starting at $3,995 for more information or to place an order call 860-225-6581 or visit our website:

galazan high grade shotgun accessories Gamekeeper Slip-in Case $75.00

Gamekeeper Traditional English Speed Bag $189.00 Canvas Trunk Case Single Case $199.99

Shooting Glasses with 13 Pairs of Lenses $115.00

Deluxe Snap Caps $30.00

Deluxe Accessory Kit $495.00

“Crystal” Shot Paperweight $35.00

Brown Leather Shooting Gloves $50.00 Handy Model Chamber Length Gauge $39.00

Key Ring Choke Gauge $20.00 Shotshell Tuxedo Set $50.00

Shotshell Cuff Links $28.00

Hardstahl Screwdriver Set $195.00

Brass Choke Gauge $35.00

Shotgunner’s Fantasy Bracelet $199.00

Shotgunner’s Fantasy Necklace $299.00 Elephant Hair Bracelet $99.00

Men’s Elephant Hair Set $165.00

Women’s Elephant Hair Set $195.00

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Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co. P.O. Box 1692 New Britain, CT 06053



the a-10 american hand detachable full sidelock over & under starting at $3,995* * For Standard Model if all discounts apply.

2010 CSMC Brochure  

The 2010 CSMC Brochure with the A-10 American.