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Introduction : Galaxy Web Links Inc is a new generation e-Business solutions providing enterprise. We develop robust web solutions that transform businesses into online management tools. From startups to established businesses, we help people transform their web presence into an Asset by creating competitive advantages through e-strategy, development, rapid deployment, and continuous management. Technologies we specialize in : PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JSP & Servlets, .NET, Flash Action Script, XML Cold Fusion, Joomla, Perl and HTML.

Web Analytics Consulting Services Website analytics tools like Google analytics provide you with huge volume of data about traffic on your website. But it fails to show you any insight about visitor's behaviour that can help you measure your return on investment (ROI) and take informed business decisions to achieve your overall goals.

What analytics tools provide you? Page views Average time on the site

Unique views

Bounce rate

Traffic Source


What you do not have is the answer to the questions like these       

Which traffic source gives you maximum revenue? (Google, Adwords, email campaign, blog, Facebook etc)? How many people left the site from the checkout page without completing the order after adding products into the cart? What are the keywords that give you max & min ROI? What is the average size of the order? After how many visits before a person completes the sale? What percentage of visitors returned to the site but did not buy? Were people able to find what they were looking for when they came to your website?

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These are just few examples of custom reports that can be created. Our team of analytics consultants have years of experience in analyzing the raw data and creating such unique reports that are customized for your business needs. We will recommend actionable items, design and implement tests to support our hypothesis. There are indeed loads of other details that are vital for improving your ROI?

Our Process We have a pre-defined process in place for analytics consulting. Below is a walk-through of the steps. Step 1 Understanding your business objectives and goals - A detailed gap analysis on your current implementation and data tracking plans. - Review and impart the best analytics strategy for your business. - Analyse your traffic channels in place to ensure perfect and best practices for market segmentation. Example of business goals: make money, increase sales, increase registrations, increase leads

Step 2 Assessment of website's architecture and traffic Analyse and assess the current website to find any pitfalls or wrong practices. - We analyse the current aesthetics and design pattern of your website. - Assess the intellectual discipline of the web content used. - Keyword optimization and usability of the website. - Collate the right information to tap the website traffic. - Check for proper social media strategies. - Analyze current traffic and present general behaviour of the visitor.

Step 3 Identifying the KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) KPI is a metric that helps you understand how you are doing against your predetermined goals & objectives. - Categorizing the KPIs based on quantitative, practical, directional, actionable and financial metrics. - Applying a balance scorecard concept to effectively identify the KPIs for your organisation. - Analyse your business requirements initially to ease the process of KPI identification. - Based on goals set, we analyse both quantitative and qualitative measures of results. Example of KPI: Average order size, Cost per acquisition, checkout abandonment rate Developed by Galaxy Weblinks Call Now US & Canada 888-666-4316

Step 4 Setup and Configuration of Google Analytics - Setup an account on Google analytics. - Implement filters to exclude misleading data. - Set up multiple/custom accounts/profiles. - Set up tracking for e-commerce site to get better insights about prospective buyers. - Custom dashboard and custom tracking variables are defined. - Funnel set up and analysis of the same. - Goals and events (macro and micro) set up within Google Analytics based on your business objectives and KPIs. - Audience segmentation to separate users and traffic to make most important improvements to your website.

Step 5 Outcome and Reporting - Show weekly and monthly reports which are uniquely customized based on your original goals. - Customized reports on the actionable insights to analyse and understand your website traffic/revenue generating model - Visitor profiling/behaviour & trend analysis - Landing page optimizing suggestions - Competitive data analysis - Interpretation of the reports with action-able items.

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Web Analytics Consultant | Website Analytics Services  
Web Analytics Consultant | Website Analytics Services  

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