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Galaxy Transfer Dumpsters: FAQ About Dumpster Rentals Whether you are working on landscaping your yard, or you are building a new home, dumpster rentals may prove to be your best friend when the time comes to dispose of the trash that has been left behind by your project. Dumpster rentals are an easy solution to the removal of many different forms of trash, regardless of its source, so when you are in need of a reliable dumpster service in DC, turn to Galaxy Transfer Dumpsters for the best options on the market today. Who We Are and What We Do At Galaxy Transfer Dumpsters we are committed to providing the best solutions for waste disposal, adapted to your needs and requirements, with state of the art technology and the most modern techniques. Our mission is to develop a long term relationship with our clients as we strive to provide dumpster rentals that will ensure their complete satisfaction. As a division of EnviroSolutions, Inc., we service the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. area, and can provide different types of dumpsters to fit all your needs. Our roll off dumpsters come in three different sizes, including 15, 20, and 30 yard dumpsters, and use the latest technology for removal. We offer long and short term rentals, as well as recycling and removal options designed for your special project. What Can Be Placed In Our Dumpsters Our dumpsters can be used for the disposal of many different types of refuse, but in certain cases they must be used exclusively for particular materials. If your project calls for the collection of different types of waste, our experts will be happy to help you select the options that best fit your specific needs. Materials such as scrap wood, shingles, dry wall, debris, and furniture can be placed in a single dumpster, but others, including concrete, bricks, dirt, and other heavy materials, will require an exclusive dumpster. Similarly, regular trash (MSW) is not permitted in the roll-off dumpsters. We can handle the removal of industrial, commercial and residential waste, so feel free to give us a call so we can offer a well-planned solution to your needs. Where Can You Place Our Dumpsters The specific placement for your dumpster rentals will depend exclusively on the location of your project. Most residential projects will require the dumpster be placed on a well-supported driveway. The driveway must have a solid foundation, or the weight of the dumpster as it fills

can risk damage to the supporting ground. If you require that your dumpster service to be placed in the street, you will have to check with your municipality for any permits that may be required. Because of this, it is of extreme importance that you call us when you require a dumpster service DC, as we can help you gather the information you require to determine the best location for your dumpster rentals. Our experts are standing by, with all the information you will need to select the proper dumpster, location, and rental option for your project. No disposal job is too big or too small, so give us a call and allow us to provide you with the service that has made us the best in the industry.

Galaxy transfer dumpsters faq about dumpster rentals  

Whether you are working on landscaping your yard, or you are building a new home, dumpster rentals may prove to be your best friend when the...

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