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Galaxy Transfer Dumpsters: Garbage Management Tips When Hosting An Event Hosting an event is an enormous amount of pressure for any organization, no matter the size of the event. With proper planning, the pressure can be reduced by saving time, money, and resources. This is not only important to your organization but to event sponsors, city staff, vendors, contractors, volunteers, and event attendees. So if you are hosting a grand opening of a new office or presenting a newly remodeled apartment complex, here are a few garbage management tips when hosting your event: Ensure the site is clean and free from litter. Before the event is ready to begin, you can ensure a clean site by having a dumpster ready to haul off rubbish from your area such as wood, asphalt, brick, glass, plastics, trees, and rocks. Let a professional dumpster rental provider company worry about disposing of it properly. Rent equipment. Make it a habit to purchase the minimum amount of equipment as you can. Some believe that if you purchase equipment, that’s less money to deal with for future events. However, the less you have to keep, the less storage space that’s needed, and the less likely you will be to dispose of items in the future (thus producing more waste). Good items to rent are tableware, carpeting, linens, computer equipment, and projectors. Talk to vendors and service providers. To make a community-friendly event, be socially aware and responsible by asking vendors and exhibitors to participate in a recycling program. Things they can do are to use recyclable cans and bottles as opposed to disposable cups, and donating leftover food items to local organizations. Gifts and prizes. Choose gifts and prizes that don’t require packaging such as tickets or online gift vouchers. Reduce waste. Reduce the waste before it generates. Additional waste can cost an organization tons of money with the need to have your staff work overtime to dispose and clean up and the purchase of additional paper items. A few tips are: 

Set up a communication and organizational platform online for event participants to coordinate on. This not only eliminates the need for additional paperwork but will keep everything in one location for anyone to access anytime they need. If security is a problem, it would be easy enough to set it up so that only a limited number of people that you designate have access to the online platform. Sign contracts electronically and keep as a PDF file.

 

Use reusable items such as cleaning towels and washable dishware for staff and volunteers. If you plan on having itineraries or program packages, distribute USB Flash Drives when possible. You can place your company’s logo on the outside, and include PowerPoint presentations and PDF creations for participants to view at home.

Recycle waste products. Instead of throwing away items and having them hauled to landfills, seek out volunteers to help recycle wastes. Groups such as the Girl and Boy Scouts, high schools, and university students are always willing to help at events and point to the attendees where to place their garbage properly. Dispense in bulk. Instead of condiment packages, serve condiments in bulk, such as relish, ketchup, and mustard bottles. Volunteers can help serve guests for sanitary purposes. For additional advice on how to properly dispose of your garbage at an event or any other project, or find out more about dumpster rentals, contact Galaxy Transfer Dumpsters today.

Galaxy transfer dumpsters garbage management tips when hosting an event