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Laska is a mouth-watering

cuisine of Singapore with a combination of Malaysia and Chinese cuisines. It gives more satisfaction to the visitors that consists spicy curry of with a mix flavour of fish, spicy soup, rice with chicken or rice noodles. In Singapore you will find cafes serving Laska with steamed chicken that are really delicious in taste. The major component of this cuisine is the noodle soup as long queues can be seen at the stalls serving Laska.

Wonton Mee is the

delicious cuisine with the mixture of honey, noodles, spices, oyster sauce and other secret ingredients with the strips of boneless pork. The cuisine is sweet, salty and sticky in taste is mixed completely with some spicy sauces that increase the taste. The sauces adds some homemade cuisines that gives a special savour. It is served in Dry or soupy form as for the dry dish soup is served separately in a bowl.

Prawn Mee is one of

the favourite hawker’s Singaporean food in the flavour of soup. This Singaporean cuisine is generally a piping hot spicy noodle based soup with a mixture of boiled Prawn shells and Pork bones surely increases your excitement. One of the mouth-watering cuisine that increase its taste by adding some chilli powder in it. This delicacy is sweet in taste but for the spicy food lover’s chilli powder can be added.

Bak Chor Mee is a unique

flavoured dish that is prepared with a mixture of noodles, soup, pork and sauces. This is the most popular dish in Singapore that takes vinegar, ketchup and especially mushroom sauce id added in this to increase the taste. Bak Chor Mee is one of the Chinese dishes with a savour of piping hot noodles that tastes really yummy when it’s mixed with black vinegar and mushroom sauces.

Chilli crab is the mouth-

watering cuisine with the mix taste of sweet, saucy and tangy as it is stirred with a chilli sauce, tomato sauce and also consists ingredients like sambal, egg, vinegar. It’s a heavenly mixture of Chinese cuisine and this seafood is the best rendition a delicious culinary export. Traditionally steamed and deep fried gives you anecdotal experience that will force you to lick your fingers. Most famous culinary export in Singapore while dipped into the sauce that takes you to the exposition of the flavours.

Fluffy Pratas cooked with

cheese, onion, banana, chocolate, mushroom and egg. A delicious treat offers a wonderful experience of the sweet and savoury toppings. A dish of South India is cooked over a flat grill served with vegetable curry and meat based curry. A perfect supper in Singapore where you will be overwhelmed by the myriad choices that strikes your tastes. An Indian flatbread that is soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. One of the most liked local foods of Singapore.

A unique dish in Singapore that is prepared with the head of a fish in the spicy curry. An appetising fish usually eaten with rice by soaking in the fragrant curry with the savour of properly mixed spices of south India. Bulging eyes of a fish can be see surrounding in red gravy. A dish with the savour of Kerala style curry that is prepared with vegetables such as okra and eggplants. Most talked dish is probably with intense flavours that provide delicious taste to the customers.

Chicken Rice is a

flavoured dish served in Singapore served with white rice is really a secret that increase the taste by adding chilli sauce, ginger, soya sauce and vinegar. It is considered as one of the best dishes associated with Singaporean, Chinese and Malaysian cuisines. A national dish of Singapore is also available at many Chinese outlets. In this chicken is boiled over or can be roasted then dipped into the red chilli sauce. The dish has a right perfect savour of spicy and sourness.

BBQ chicken wings is a

special recipe that can be easily found in the Hawker’s centre. It is grilled over in the hot charcoal flame that gives incredible smoky flavour. It is slightly crispy from the outside and juicy from inside. Singapore’s flavoured chicken is easily available almost at all the stalls and served with homemade chilli and lime sauce. Defrosted chicken can be easily prepared in the oven or grilled properly with tastes of garlic and honey.

A sweet and tender flesh with gentle smoky flavour need not so hot surface to cook. Wrapped with banana leaves is a beautiful synthesis of flavour and textures. A mouth-watering dish that can be eaten with rice the Samabl paste is prepared of the spices, Indian walnuts with many other ingredients such as Sambal paste with the blend of garlic, tamarind, dried chilly & more. The paste then spread over the fins of the stingrays is Sour in taste as it is commonly accompanied with lime.


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