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Nestled in the Agterkliphoogte Valley lies Windfall, a small boutique wine farm and one of South Africa’s best kept secrets. Windfall took its name from South African cricketing legend, Eddie Barlow, who noticed the mist cascading down the surrounding mountains of Robertson, or “The Valley of Wine and Roses” as it’s come to be known.

Gerrit Maritz (founder) and founding partner Albert Ahrens consider themselves as boutique Cap Classique bubbly-makers. Ever since Gerrit’s university days, he discovered an appreciation for wine, which led to his own annual spring day “champagne” breakfast, a tradition and a celebration day he and his wife Ingrid and bubbly friends, still honor on the 1st of September at 06h15 every year.

Sauvignon Blanc R140.00

Chenin Blanc R130.00

Grenache Rose R130.00

Pinot Noir R210.00

Cabernet Sauvignon

Shiraz R160.00

Kibali R290.00

Barrel 41 R210.00

Mendola MCC R250.00

The Hunter R660.00

Agrandi R680.00

Vintage Cuvee 4 yrs R680.00

Vintage III



In a hidden valley at the Southern tip of the new world lies a winery that combines the best of the old ways with a streak of innovation and creativity. Established in 1989, Bouchard Finlayson is located in the internationally acclaimed wine region of Walker Bay in the Western Cape. The 125-hectare property has only 22 hectares under vine with the rest left wild as a conservancy of pristine indigenous Fynbos flora.

A sparkling jewel protected by the hills of the Marca Trevigiana, Villa Sandi is a Palladian style masterpiece dating back to 1622, and it is also the main office of the company. The Villa rises from a fertile countryside in which fields and farms, nowadays as well as in the past, pay homage to the local history.

Blanc De Mere R165.00

Sauvinon Blanc Sauvinon Blanc Res. R190.00 R250.00

Sans Barrique R235.00

Missionvale R350.00

Hannibal R410.00

Galpin Peak R495.00

Tete De Cuvee R1150.00

Il Fresco R240.00

Valdobbiadene R285.00





Kaaimansgat R250.00

Uva Mira Mountain Vineyards is situated in the coastal region of South Africa, an area that boasts some of the oldest soils in the world. Evidence of this lies in the tall, weathered mountains that grace the surrounding landscape and the Helderberg Mountain Range against which our vineyards nestle.

Paserene is a small, family operated winery owned by Martin Smith and Ndabe Mareda, the sole purpose of which is to produce high-end, luxury wines. Great care was given to ensure that the wines produced, and artwork on the labels, are truly authentic to its “sense of place and people� and will guarantee a lasting legacy.

The Mira Sauvignon Blanc R200.00

Sing a Wing Sauvignon Blanc R275.00

The Mira Chardonnay R290.00

Single Tree Chardonnay R550.00

Uva Mira Chardonnay R850.00

The Mira Merlot R260.00

The Mira Cab Sauv R290.00

The Mira Shiraz R310.00

The Dance Cab Franc R730.00

Uva Mira O.T.V R1200.00

Chardonnay R410.00

Union R410.00


Shiner Red


R170.00 45 Glenara Avenue Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe

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