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BLISS A state of complete eternal happiness Here at Bliss, we feel eternal happiness in our purpose of existence. For us, our blissful moment is when we see how women are transforming their lives, their worlds, and the world around them, despite all the odds. Bliss is a social enterprise brand, in which women cooperatives produce premium fashion accessories. We believe that every woman is valuable and creative in her own way. That is why we help them discover themselves through business and traditional crafts & design. The women involved in each of the projects work collaboratively to produce, manage, market their products, and decide how to distribute and invest revenues to support their families and communities.

OUR DESIGNS Our products are more than just products. In them, there is love, creativity, and uniqueness. And that shows.

UNIQUE The ascendancy of a chain-store culture and global manufacturing has left us dressing, furnishing, and decorating alike. We are encouraged to be consumers, not producers, of our own culture, paying the utmost attention to detail and quality. We believe in producing designs that are very personal not only to buyer, but to the maker as well. With interesting designs and beautiful colors, our products will redefine beauty, opening a new window to your persona. That is why our products hold a promise to make you stand out in the crowd. ETERNAL At Bliss, we produce a timeless luxury by fusing the finest age old hand-crafting techniques with modern trends. The designs and patterns are inspired hues and creations by nature and the world around us. We combine natural materials such as gemstones, pearls, and corals with leathers and metals like sterling silver & rustic metal. Our classic designs help to reconnect with the roots of cultural heritage and are always in style because of their versatile quality, and thus can be treasured by generations to come. WOMEN-MADE The women involved in each of the projects work collaboratively to produce, manage, market their products, and decide how to distribute and invest revenues. When women are economically empowered and earning, they do not fall victim to violence. Their families become healthier, their incomes increase, they become capable of opening their own savings accounts, their children get a better chance to go to school, and their community values change, which ultimately help break the cycle of gender violence and poverty.


“Everybody wishes for a second chance, I didn’t believe my luck when I was introduced to the Women Empowerment Program. I am now the bread winner of the family, a hero to my household and children. I am Patcharee and I am delighted to create this Jewelry for you.”

THE BOHEMIAN ROYALS COLLECTION Graciously handcrafted golden leaf pendants, with a combination of white coral, red coral and turquoise flower petals. Can be paired with red coral beaded ring, red cuff bracelet and a dangling beaded necklace. A rare eye stopper !

SOUL FANTASY COLLECTION A tasteful combination of gold and ivory. A real epitome of style. Paired with Flower Petal Bracelet, Spiral chip earrings, and a graceful white petal ring.


“ I am so glad that you like my jewelry. I make these pieces of art with a great passion and a promise to stand you out in the crowd. Be rest assured, this is a uniquely handcrafted for you. Moreover, your purchase helps bring a change in my life and my community.� - Banthom Suebsai Bliss Woman Artisan


MOTHER OF PEARLS COLLECTION Available in a unique combination of Coral and Fresh Pearls. Paired with Brown Beaded Bracelet, Flower Petal Coral Ring, available in Coral-Turquoise too.

“I’m Charoensri Somwan. I make this jewelry for you. My main occupation is farming, but due to water issues, I was facing severe hardships. Because of the Women Empowerment Program, now I am able to support my family of 7. I’m glad to be a part of this program, it definitely did give me hope and strength to live with respect. ”

TURQUOISE EUPHORIA COLLECTION: Available in a unique combination of Coral-Red-Turquoise. Paired with Turquoise Flower pendent, also available in Coral-Red-White, Flower Petal Coral Ring (left), Red-White-Turquoise Bracelet, available in Coral-Turquoise too.


“We are proud to give you something which you will cherish for years to come. Your belief in our products drives us to create fantastic handmade designs. Thanks to you, our kids are going to school now and we have a future to look ahead. We are empowered to make the right decision�.


TURQUOISE GOLDEN LEAF BRACELETS: Floral bracelet embedded with golden leaves is a statement of elegance for those with style. An organic design to brighten your day. Available in Midnight Blue. Paired with Turquoise Dolphin Ring.


“I have survived violence and got to know about this women empowerment program. I discovered a new route to survive and live a better life.I can now dream about future and sending my children to school soon. I am Dome Sarasee. I have five members in my family who I support with your help. I am so happy to make this piece of jewelry for you�.

TURQUOISE EUPHORIA COLLECTION: Available in a unique combination of Coral-Red-Turquoise. Paired with Turquoise Flower pendent, also available in Coral-Red-White, Flower Petal Coral Ring (left), Red-White-Turquoise Bracelet, available in Coral-Turquoise too.


THE VINTAGE COLLECTION: Earthy colors, dangling stones and golden beads make it a perfect vintage combination of classic style for any season. The dazzling ring comprises of a combination of tiger eye beads and mother of pearl in the center. Also comes in unique blues and coral reds.

THE VINTAGE COLLECTION: Comes in a charming necklace and a fabulous statement ring that would add a great style to your ensemble. Available in a range of multicolored combinations.


THE BOLD COLLECTION An elongated neck piece with beautiful twirls of the string and white floral petals is for the bold and experimental you. The pearls in the center add ĂŠlan to the necklace. Comes in a rare collection of Mother of Pearl ring and Red & White Coral Bead ring.

FULL BLOOM, SIMPLE AND CHIRPY. THE BLOOM COLLECTION: Comes in a charming necklace with three hand-made shell flower petals with bright beads in the center, available in orange, turquoise and black beads, A statement floral cuff bracelet and a beaded colorful ring, available in orange, yellow, red, green and black.

VIBRANT, MULTI-COLORED & STYLISH. THE MOSAIC COLLECTION: Comes in a Beaded Cuff Bracelet made with stones of all colors and sizes: a boho chic bracelet. It adds a bohemian spirit to your styling. Paired with Lovely parrot green crochet hoop earrings available in Red, Pink and Dark Green.


THE AQUA COLLECTION: This Turquoise Floral Pendant statement neckpiece with adjustable ends is a delightful product that is paired with Butterfly Turquoise beaded earrings.

THE WHY BEHIND THE BRAND Bliss is the ground-work of Fashion-for-Empowerment Program by Voice for Earth International, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, and their commitment to fight gender based violence and poverty through women empowerment. It is a global initiative with the collaboration of their partner organizations. This project empowers women for new beginnings, choice, dignity, and opportunity by preserving ancestral and handcrafted arts & designs and by discovering talents and developing life skills through vocational opportunities and entrepreneurial education. The women are provided a global-marketing platform in order to bring them in the mainstream economy through a world-wide collaboration with creatives of the fashion industry, who essentially help them through the process. In a nutshell, the project exists to fight social stigma of gender based violence through women economic empowerment.

BLISS is a Social Enterprise, committed to fight gender based Violence and poverty through women economic empowerment. Join us to become a BLISS STYLIST or host your own TRUNK SHOW. Visit

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