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For some, the words Mineral Makeup don’t yet mean anything. That’s why we’re here, to outline exactly why we think mineral makeup and natural cosmetics are almost a lifestyle change rather than just a trend. Mineral makeup has shaken up the cosmetics market over the past few years, and we have made discovering the benefits a joy – our online shop is easy to use, with detailed images and full ingredients lists. Our eye shadows, blushes and other products are totally free from harsh chemicals, parabens, dyes, fillers and nano-particles that may be controversially added to the majority of high street and some branded cosmetics.

 We supply only 100% natural products  We limit the amount of packaging used  We choose silky, gentle natural ingredients  We select creamy true to skin tone foundations

With a growing awareness of the exact ingredients that are injected into the products we use – toothpaste, deodorant, perfumes and even baby products – more and more people are becoming savvy on the products used in cosmetic products. As cosmetic products are used to enhance the skins appearance or odour, the products applied to the skin should be as natural as possible so that our bodies don’t absorb the harsh parabens, SLS, synthetics and petrochemicals that are found in the majority of popular makeup. If we have managed to convince you that selecting gentle products for your sensitive skin is beneficial to your health, or you need to take a closer look, we invite you to visit our online shop. We package our products in our perfectly sized jars that come with a sifter so that you only use what you want to – no waste and long lasting products. Samples are available too, so you can try before you commit to buying the whole product.

Mineral Makeup has the ability to enhance your looks without the need to sacrifice the quality of your skin. Traditional makeup relies heavily on additives and preservatives which have been known to cause a nasty reaction in a lot people. Skin breakouts, blocked pores even rashes. Minerals are different because they contain only the most natural ingredients that are actually good for your skin. They won’t block pores and each mineral used in the whole formulation has their own properties. Mineral makeup is anti-inflammatory, water resistant, gives sun protection and great coverage for problem areas such as rosacea and acne & the most sensitive of skin. Skin friendly its what is left out of them that makes a difference. Skin irritants such as artificial fragrances, colours, and preservatives aren’t included in the ingredients.

Mineral foundation looks and feels very natural, with superb coverage. It smoothes and evens out skin tone, giving the look of airbrushed, naturally flawless skin as though you don’t have any makeup on. It is the only cosmetic product approved for use after cosmetic procedures such as skin re-surfacing or peels as it does not contain any parabens or harsh chemicals. Our Mineral Foundation contains Zinc Oxide which has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with your skins natural healing process following these various treatments. One of the reasons mineral makeup has become so popular is the versatility they offer. You can use minerals how-ever you like and mix them up to your own preference. Pigment powders in clear nail polish & lip glosses for example to make your own custom shades. Mineral make-up is often described as make-up you can sleep in, which is a great way of explaining just how beneficial the ingredients are for your skin although good skin care is very important so although you can sleep in it, ideally you should still cleanse before bed to get your complexion in perfect condition with the help of your new skin friendly makeup.

Mineral Makeup is  Non-comedogenic & oil free, will not block pores  Low allergy risk with no harmful chemicals, talc, dyes or alcohol  Broad-spectrum UVB and UVA protection  Anti-inflammatory, helps to calm and soothe irritated skin  Very water resistant, rarely a need to reapply  Provide complete coverage for spider veins, freckles, blemishes and hyper-pigmentation  Won’t irritate the face following a salon treatment  Excellent for skin conditions such as acne, rosacea  Can use after chemical peels and laser resurfacing  No alcohol or chemicals  Less expensive and all natural because it’s made with minerals  Composed of inert minerals that cannot support bacteria  Environmentally aware and not tested on animals

Enjoy your new natural cosmetics experience and visit our online website for more ideas.

JMMinerals Mineral Foundation Cosmetics effectively evening out your skin tone and providing a smooth matte base without leaving a mask effect between your jawline & face, finding the right shade of foundation can be done easily by following these simple guidelines. Try out your foundation in natural daylight on your face not your wrist as your face is exposed to different conditions. You can try different shades next to each other to get the very best match as a lot of women choose shades that are too dark for them.


a good place to start as this has balanced tones of red/yellow or peach undertones and is somewhere between warm & cool


has obvious rose pink undertones or may be categorised as having a red undertone but not to be confused with skin conditions that cause redness e.g. rosacea


has golden/yellow undertones Try choosing a shade that you think matches then one lighter and one darker from the samples first before buying a full size jar to see which is best suited

Mineral Loose Powder Foundation is best applied with a tightly packed kabuki or face powder brush. Just tip some of the product into the lid and dip your brush in, gently. Next tap the base of your brush on your dressing table to load the brush and then apply in light circular motions. Do Not Over Apply! Use your brush to polish your skin adding more product if necessary in small amounts only. Build up several light layers to achieve a more natural, flawless finish.

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