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==== ==== Attention Home Owners Is it that time again to clean out the rain gutters of built up debris. Spending a day up on a ladder. Check out this high tech tool that crawls the gutters for you. ==== ====

The advice from professionals in regards to rain gutter maintenance is to have a professional inspect and clean your rain gutters once or twice a year. But, if you're like most, you may not have the time or the motivation to climb up to your gutters. The good news is that cleaning it on your own is not as hard as it seems, considering your rain gutter is on a roof and possibly very, very high off the ground. In order to follow these DIY tips make sure you have a very sturdy latter and know how to set it up properly. Even then, keep in mind that latter accidents take place in tens of thousands of homes each year. Tips and Quick Fixes

Clear away leaves and other free flowing debris. Flush gutters with your hose to clean out lodged material. Inspect your downspouts with a stream of water from your hose to make sure the water is flowing away from your house. This will also clear any clogged waist. Check to make sure gutter slopes are positioned correctly and keeping water in as opposed to splashing down the side of your home. Installing a mesh screen or leaf protection kit can help keep your rain gutters much cleaner throughout the year. You can find these easily at Home Depot. Check to see that your downspouts are not rusting, flaking, peeling, or leaking. They need to be affixed tightly to fascia boards in order to work.

If you live somewhere that gets a lot of rainfall pure year you may want to consider investing in a dry well that is connected to your downspout. This will keep water away from the foundation of your home and avoid water erosion.

Call a Utah rain gutter expert for any questions. Shannon Egan

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