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The Glastonbury script will have a grand effect on screen. An original and engaging chronicle and a very promising idea and concept.”

- Chris Morley, Script Analyst-Jerry Bruckheimer Films

GLASTONBURY ISLE OF LIGHT “Great breadth to the story. It really was a pleasure to read which is often not the case!” -Robin Gurland, Star Wars Casting Director

Script Treatment


hile a minor character in the biblical records, Joseph of Arimathea achieves superstar status in the later medieval legends. Considered the original keeper of the Holy Grail and the ancestor of King Arthur and Sir Lancelot, no biblical figure other than Christ equaled the amount of popular press given to Joseph of Arimathea during the Middle Ages. Through the high-spirited trials of Joseph and Caractacus, Glastonbury, as Avalon, becomes a famous sanctuary of magic and legend rightfully earning its title from William Blake as England’s “Jerusalem”. GLASTONBURY: ISLE OF LIGHT is an epic tale of great conflict both within the human spirit and on the physical battlefield. A first-of-its-kind based on the authentic legends of Joseph of Arimathea and Prince Caractacus, GLASTONBURY is a unique narrative centering around the ancient inland island that once existed in southwest Britain. As Joseph returns to Britain he is reunited with the ancient Celtic kings and together

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they set out to rediscover the hidden island in the hopes of unlocking the power to redeem their nation. Both history and tradition teach that within the first century, Joseph of Arimathea along with twelve companions, journeyed to the most far-flung corner of the Roman Empire: the Island of Britain. It was said Joseph achieved wealth in the tin and iron trade within the mining districts of Cornwall and Somerset. As an unlikely character to cast as the founder of the Christian church in England, Joseph became one of the centerpieces of Medieval literature and Arthurian legend. While little is written about Joseph within biblical accounts, he was certainly a popular figure in both apocryphal writings and in numerous medieval Arthurian epics, including Mallory’s “Le Morte D’Arthur”, and Robert de Boron’s “Joseph d’Arimathie”.

“I think Glastonbury is a very praiseworthy production, and if I might add very professionally created.”

- Richard Bray, Cinematographer, BBC Early on, following imprisonment for “acts of sedition”, Joseph is taught the mysteries of the Grail by St. Peter, and so initially, Joseph’s mission is to protect the fabled Chalice. With Rome’s coming persecution and the Sanhedrin’s present antagonism, Joseph begins his quest by narrowly escaping to the safe shores of Britain. During this journey he doubts his ability to successfully complete his mission, feeling remorse for not fully committing to the message of the Way. Over time he begins to realize his mission is far greater than simply protecting the Holy Grail.


Soon he is introduced to the rebel leader Caractacus who appreciates his fondness for British independence but is skeptical of his new teachings. Caractcus became the king of the Catuvellauni during the Roman invasion in AD 43. He emerges from historical accounts as one of the few early Celtic Britons with a distinct personality. He and his brother, Guilderius, were said to be sons of the British king, Cunobelinus. After the king’s death, they become the leaders of the anti-Roman campaign.

“Glastonbury’s subject material is definitely original considering no other major studio has tackled this realm of human history in a feature film before, and this in turn bodes well for the international market because of the reach/accessibility of its core story.”

- Hollywood Reader

Over time Caractacus begins to learn from Joseph that the war for liberty is equally waged within the hearts and minds of the people. Unfortunately many, including one of Caractacus’ own brothers, Adminius, accept Roman rule in return for great wealth and power. As the war ensues, Caractacus’ father, older brother and uncle all die fighting Roman expansion leaving both he and Joseph alone to combat an army of legions.

History And Legend ”In books lies the soul of the past time; the articulate audible voice of the past, when the body and material substance of it has altogether vanished like a dream... All that mankind has done, thought, gained or been; it is lying as in magic preservation in the pages of Books. They are the chosen possession of men.” -Thomas Carlyle

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As an original epic, the fascinating events upon which Glastonbury is based surprisingly have not been made into a feature length film. While working with BBC cinematographer Richard Bray to produce a long overdue documentary on the early history of Glastonbury, writer/producer Daniel McNicoll (Reclaiming the Blade) was inspired to write a narrative screenplay on the same history and time period. This story follows the historical character Joseph of Arimathea and his companions as they flee a hostile Jerusalem only to find themselves on the other side of the globe facing a more extreme enemy. Upon their arrival in Britain, which is on the edge of war with Rome, they implore the help of the warrior-prince Caractacus in an effort to defend their sacred customs and ancient ways. Amidst the ensuing battle, fought to guarantee the freedoms of the Celtic tribes, Joseph and Caractacus must face the harsh realities of both betrayal and defeat, as Caractacus’ final fate seems to fall into the hands of the brutal Emperor.

“The script does well to show how Joseph gradually finds his faith, great internal conflict.”

-Oxygen Network

Glastonbury has been called the Bethlehem of Britain and is the actual burial ground of numerous kings and saints. The Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset England, traditionally the oldest above ground Christian church in the world, sees visitors from over seventy countries (con’t next page)


“A bold and massive work, a script of beauty, action,

passion and very intricate character connections; a great story -

(con’t from History and Legend) each year. It has become a most sacred place due to the rich history that surrounds it. Historians regard the Battle of the Medway between the Romans and the Celts led by Caractacus in AD 43 as the second most decisive event in British history. It is clearly one of the most significant battles ever fought on British soil. Despite this, its achievement and romance remain least known in Britain’s colorful history. Decades of research have gone into writing GLASTONBURY, with the development team devoting many years to the study of first century historical records of Britain. From classical historians including Herodotus and Josephus, the birth of Glastonbury presents a tale that would give inspiration to any great fantasy writer. Copies of the script are available to industry professionals.

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of Good, epochal cinema here. The characters breathe, live and give meaning to this wonderful, exciting story which I never knew!” - Peter Belsito, Film Finders, IMdB

Epic Environment


o me historical epics, if they are great enough stories, bounce back into our lives and into cinemas every forty years or so. From Cleopatra to the Alamo, some legends of history never seem to leave us. However, in an age where it seems new ideas are scarce, people are often looking for fresh and perhaps even familiar stories that they have not yet witnessed on the silver-screen. In an effort to keep up with audience imagination, studios are actively seeking forgotten yet significant tales of history, which ultimately translate into prime Hollywood ‘real estate’. From this perspective, GLASTONBURY: ISLE OF LIGHT is a magnificent discovery. “Strong target audience. The historical nature of the story transcends religion… it presents a lush and intriguing idea to build a story around.”

- Jackie Ingles – Yale University, Film Study Center

Vast amounts of historical writings, poems, and even music exist that are based upon the legends of Glastonbury. One of many examples is England’s most cherished patriotic poem turned anthem, William Blake’s, “Jerusalem”. Truly Glastonbury has inspired some of the highest forms of art, but within all this, the cinematic experience of Glastonbury has yet to be explored. Variety magazine acknowledges that the studios “will continue to mine history in hopes of finding a blast from the past”. The legends of Glastonbury have gone unnoticed long enough. The developers of this project are ecstatic to have found an untapped story of such adventure and profound historical significance. 7

Partial Bibliography

Story based on historical records between AD 36 to AD 50

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Classical Reference Works

Josephus, Herodotus, Virgil, Martial, Tacitus, Juvenal, Caesar.

“The main character, Caractacus, has great internal as well as external battles, and that’s the best part! There’s an abundance of rich material to be found here, indeed this is a sweeping epic. The words spoken by all the characters create a certain kind of poetry.”

- Baseline StudioSystems

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excited to hear of your efforts toward the preservation of the Welsh language through

“I am very


- David Salo, Tolkien Linguist

Language Element There is a very strong Welsh language element within the film. While the main dialog of GLASTONBURY will be in English, some prose will be delivered in ancient Welsh. It will be the first movie of its kind to include spoken ancient Welsh, or to be more technical, Brythonic, the language that would eventually evolve into modern day Welsh. Project ambitions will be to revive interest in a dying yet very beautiful language and to help preserve the cherished language of many writers and admirers of its culture. From one of the earliest Welsh language writers, Maelgwyn of Llandaff, who recorded the burial of Joseph of Arimathea, to J.R.R. Tolkein, who was inspired by the phonetics of the language, GLASTONBURY will deliver an insightful look at this romantic language reminiscent of a bygone age. Support from the film will go to the Welsh Language Board, which endeavors to keep the modern language of Welsh alive. 9

The Team Galatia Films, LLC

Based on the East Coast, Galatia Films includes writers, producers, and technical people that have worked for various Hollywood studios and TV production companies including Warner Bros., the BBC, the History Channel, ESPN, Sony, Disney and ABC. Galatia Films’ scope includes both history and fantasy, bringing legends from the past vividly into the forefront of audience imaginations. Galatia’s team includes acclaimed writers and a top-notch creative group that is capable of all aspects of production. The company’s commercial clients include, BMW, International Paper and Clemson University.

David Mickey Evans - Writer/Director, DGA

An established director, Evans wrote and co-directed the classic film Radio Flier for Columbia Pictures staring Elijah Wood and Adam Baldwin. The following year he went on to write and direct The Sandlot. Cherished by audiences and critics alike, Sandlot was produced by 20th Century Fox staring Dennis Leary and James Earl Jones. Recently David directed The Final Season for Yari Film Group staring Sean Astin, Larry Miller, Rachael Leigh Cook, and Michael Angarano. A director with a keen eye and vision, Evans’ catalog includes films for Universal, Sony, and Disney.

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Ned Dowd - Producer, PGA

Hollywood producer, Dowd possesses a great deal of experience in every aspect and stage of film production. He has held the role of producer, executive producer, line producer on some of the biggest epic period-films over the last three decades including, Last of the Mohicans, Count of Monte Cristo, Apocalypto, Reign of Fire, King Arthur, 13th Warrior and Veronica Guerin. Working out of Ardmore Studios in Ireland but available for worldwide production, Ned Dowd is conveniently located near a few famous Irish actors, such as Peter O’Toole, who are interested taking roles in the epic feature.

Richard Taylor - FX, Weta Workshop

Drawing on more than 20 years of filmmaking experience, five-time Oscar-winning Design and Effects Supervisor Richard Taylor will be intimately involved in the Glastonbury projects from concept through to delivery. Richard is the creator and Director of the film prop and special effects company, Weta Workshop. Founded in 1987 by Taylor and his partner, Tania Rodger, Weta Workshop has produced physical effects for Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Chronicles of Narnia, King Kong and The Legend of Zorro.


Jim Cardwell CEO & Chairman of WR Films Jim Cardwell served as the president, from 20022005, of Warner Home Video. His remarkable career with Warner Bros. started in 1977 as he was responsible for WHV’s operations in the US and Canada for over 20 years, before assuming worldwide responsibilities as President in 2002. He was instrumental in WHV’s purchase of well-known movie libraries, such as MGM-UA, Cannon and Thorn EMI. Leveraging on his formidable industry experience, Jim is now expanding to the content production end of the entertainment industry with a special focus on strategic financing. Jim executive produced David Mickey Evans last film THE FINAL SEASON, for Yari Film Group and Sony Pictures.

IDW Publishing Hollywood comic book publishers IDW (Transformers, Star Trek, G.I. Joe) wish to make Glastonbury their next big comic book. Working with Richard Taylor of Weta (Avatar, King Kong) and acclaimed conceptual designer John Howe (Narnia, Lord of the Rings), IDW and Galatia Films will launch the new graphic novel based on the Glastonbury screenplay at Comic-Con 2012. IDW Publishing is the fifth largest publisher of American comic books.

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Daniel McNicoll - Writer/Producer

Daniel McNicoll’s first film Reclaiming the Blade (#1 on iTunes/Netflix and highly rated by IGN, New York Post and AMC Film Critic) featured Viggo Mortensen (Lord of the Rings) Karl Urban (Star Trek) Bob Anderson (Star Wars), John How (Narnia), Richard Taylor (X-Men) and John Rhys-Davies (Indian Jones). As a screenwriter the LA based ScriptShark has described his writing as both “original and engaging with strong market value”. Current projects include a new documentary with the Batman Begins and Dark Knight stunt coordinators. He is the Chief Creative Officer of Galatia Films, LLC and a sales rep to Apple iTunes.

Michael C. Donaldson, ESQ

For more than thirty years, Michael Donaldson has been an entertainment lawyer. Previously, he was president of the International Documentary Association (IDA) and is currently general counsel to the Independent Feature Project/ West (IFP/W) and Writers Guilds of America/ West Foundation. He is the author of several best selling books including Negotiating for Dummies and Clearance & Copyright.


Nuala Barton - Producer

President of Hollywood Company Mania Entertainment Nuala is proud to be part of this project and brings to the table her passion and expertise with over twenty years of experience in Film and Theatrical Finance and Talent Management. Past Films include ‘Homecoming’ and ‘The Sibling’., in pre-production ‘Apartment 1303 3D’. and in active development “Goodbye Christopher Robin”, “Kingdom of the Spiders 11 3D” and the Musicals ‘Jailhouse Rock’, Ray Charles ”Unchain my Heart”, and ‘La Bamba’ for both stage and screen.

John Howe - Conceptual Design

John was a lead artist for Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy and illustrated for books such as Beowulf and Robin Hood. He also contributed to the film adaptation of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. Other notable work includes his storyboard development and design for Jackson’s King Kong and Del Toro’s The Hobbit due 2011.

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Mark Cole, ESQ

Mark is a business lawyer and serves as Vice President and General Counsel to U.S. Development Group LLC. An active political leader, he has been involved in numerous political campaigns and has served as a director of several non-profit organizations. He has earned degrees from Baylor, Yale Divinity School, Notre Dame Law School and the University of Houston Law Center.

Robin Gurland - Casting Agent

Beginning her film casting career working with Francis Ford Coppola, Robin worked as a local casting director on over a dozen features including The Joy Luck Club. Her first feature as Casting Director was on James and The Giant Peach. In 1995, Gurland was hired by George Lucas as Casting Director for his latest installments to the Star Wars series. Gurland worked for George Lucas until 2000 assembling an international cast of actors from Los Angeles to New Zealand. While at Lucasfilm, she also worked on special projects for Lucasfilm and ILM. Gurland continued as an independent Casting Director with Bee Season starring Richard Gere and Juliette Binoche for Fox Searchlight and has been very busy ever since.


John Rhys-Davies - Producer

A Welsh actor and vocal artist, John is perhaps best known for playing the charismatic excavator Sallah in the Indiana Jones films and Gimli from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, in which he also voiced Treebeard. He also played Agent Michael Malone in the 1993 remake of the 1950s television series The Untouchables, as well as portraying Professor Maximillian Arturo in Sliders, General Leonid Pushkin in the James Bond film The Living Daylights, and Macro in I, Claudius. Additionally, he provided the voices of Cassim in Disney’s Aladdin and the King of Thieves.

Kent Sparling - Skywalker Sound

As a visual and recording artist living in Northern California, Kent works in the world of motion pictures at Skywalker Sound. Most notable films include Lost in Translation, Titanic, and Star Wars Episode I and II.

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More Quotes and Reviews “The dialogue and settings are rich and well thought out… no doubt about it, dialogue is a standout element”

-Original Films

“The fact that one of Caractacus’ brother kills their uncle and accepts Roman rule is amazing in terms of its stakes, not only for their family but also for their whole country. The stakes don’t get much higher than that. Stakes is one of the key elements in any script but in a historical epic, they are super paramount. The stakes are so high for everyone in this script”

-Script Shark

“I LOVE the Glastonbury script! This is really a sweeping and mystical historical epic.”

-Kent Sparling, Skywalker Sound, Lucas Film Ltd.

“I really liked the script and I’m eager to start. I think it has the bones of a great production, I really enjoyed reading it.”

-John Howe, Conceptual Designer, Lord of the Rings

“Certainly wets the appetite… a milieu and an environment that is most intriguing.” -Michael Donaldson, International Documentary Association, President

“An AMAZING script! A major motion picture that we will all be watching in just a few years time.”

-John Rhys-Davies, Actor

“Our congratulations to you for your Glastonbury project. It’s a wonderful package and we very much look forward to working on it!”

-Richard Taylor, Weta Workshop 17

Graphic Design and


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Glastonbury: Isle of Light Media Kit  

Media Kit for the highly anticipated Glastonbury: Isle of Light

Glastonbury: Isle of Light Media Kit  

Media Kit for the highly anticipated Glastonbury: Isle of Light