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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Los Angeles, CA, July 1, 2010

Beginning this summer... a new podcast series titled Adventure Lab will be a major destination for fantasy fans around the world focusing on story development as it relates to pop culture and fantasy entertainment. The studio for Adventure Lab will be provided by View Digital Media who’s designer, Will Keown, is also co-host on the show. The new video podcast will be produced by

Galatia Films in partnership with Academy Award winning special effects house Weta Workshop and top fantasy website Adventure Lab will be a weekly 10-minute episodic web TV show that will include news and interviews within the fantasy genre. View Digital’s Will Keown along with Galatia’s Rebekah Platt will be hosting. The show is created by Reclaiming the Blade director Daniel McNicoll and is produced by editor in chief Michael Regina.

Will Keown


Rebekah Platt


he Adventure Lab team: Galatia

Avatar, is no stranger to the genre, being

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widely recognized as a top fantasy movie

Workshop, each hold strong fan

special effects company. Galatia Films,

connections to core fantasy audi-

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ers, producers, and technical people that

hensive Lord of the Rings fan site on the

have worked for various Hollywood stu-

web and thus one of the most trafficked in-

dios and TV production companies includ-

ternet portals for fantasy and film related

ing Warner Bros., the History Channel,

news. Weta Workshop, the visual effects

Sony, Disney and ABC. The company’s

company behind such key fantasy films

Reclaiming the Blade was a #1 on iTunes

as The Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and

and Netflix last summer.


Adventure Lab

The weekly video podcast will highlight

both the and Weta Workshop’s radio podcasts along with exclusive news on the LOTR film trilogy, and its newest installment, The Hobbit. With now the fan information center for the new Hobbit films, this is the perfect setting to launch the new fantasy driven web series. In addition to interviews with guests including top actors, writers, producers and game/movie designers, the podcast will feature news and other exclusive content such as live leaks and production details related to a wide variety of current and upcoming releases.


T editor in chief Michael Regina and co-producer of the show states, “Adventure Lab will work well with top web broadcasters and advertisers. We plan to have great tie-in giveaways and other

unique interactivity with the audience.” Creator Daniel McNicoll explains further, “We had great success working with Weta, and fantasy fans from around the globe and believe this new podcast series will be quite entertaining.” Starting in mid July, Adventure Lab episodes will be rolling out weekly and will include roving reporter segments at fan conventions and film sets this summer.

For More Information: ©2010 Galatia Films, LLC -ph. 864.650.7103 -fx. 854.654.8122 Video Graphics by Shawn Stevens Photography and Graphic Design by Dustin Crowther

Adventure Lab Media Kit  

Beginning this summer, a new podcast series titled Adventure Lab will be a major destination for fantasy fans around the world focusing on s...

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