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1. By - Pradeep Gupta Title - My Path to top the Class in MGM Related Personnel(s) - Santosh Nair, Raghu Tag Line - Work towards only one goal. Story In the month of June 1992 When I got the admission in class 7th in MGM after some struggles on getting TC from my previous school 'Pushpanjali'. Before taking admission, I only knew two persons, who will be becoming my future classmates in MGM - one, Santosh Nair, who is my very close friend at that time and even now, & the other person, Prajot Helkar. Both was staying in the same colony, ShaktiNagar (near Gupteshwar), during those days. On the first day, when I went to the MGM School, I met some of my classmates, and I got to know that everybody was saying that 'Raghu ka competitor aa gaya'. In my previous school, I was the only topper in my class always in all the years. So, I was very curious to know 'Who is Raghu'. But that day I am unable to met Raghu. I am not remembering whether Raghu came to school that day. But I got to know Raghu was the topper of the class in all the years in MGM like I was in 'Pushpanjali' From the first day onwards, I became the envy and I decided to give very tough competition to Raghu in studies. Seriously, it is very true and I decided it to reveal in this story. But then I got to know slowly that I am not the only one who is giving competition to Raghu, In fact there are many naming few 'Hemant Pillai', 'Anuja Soni', 'Iti Sur', 'Ranjit Nair' etc. So, I was in the very long queue. But that does not matter to me as my only target is to go ahead and beat Raghu in the scorecard. But that was very-very tough and to my badness till class 10th half yearly, I was not having position in the top 5 itself. But I was not fearing, in fact I was looking to top the class in the 10th Board Exams. And when the result of board exams announce, I was the topper along with Raghu with 80.4%. Finally I top the class but I could not able to beat Raghu. In fact, by this time he became one of my best friends and now my envies towards him have gone away.

2. By – Ravi Kumar Title – Transition from Ratofying to Samjhofying Related Personnel(s) – My Teacher in School Tag Line – Just bother about 2 W’s and you will get A’s for anything ! Story Since childhood (from 4th Class) i use to be an average student who just manages to be a 1st division student . If you talk about rank in the class usually between 11-25 rank in the class . The major problem I use to face to mug / ratofy stuff thanks to our education system and so called ‘Fantastic Teachers’ we had . I use to struggle a lot as I could not be able to remember anything whenever I mug up stuff . As they say “Every problem in this world comes with a solution” and there comes the solution Sakhshi mam (name changed) our geography teacher. She joined our school and that was my first class and it was amazing. Her first class was my life changing moment. I still remember she said “ You don’t have to mug up stuff , you just understand and write in your own words eg. Q. What is the cause of ‘Rain Shadow Area’ for this you don’t have to give me book definition, just write in your words explaining the cause that will suffice. In a school where teachers demanding exact definitions from book whatever subject it may be (like in hindi movie 3 idiots) , Sakshi mam seems to me like a ‘silver lining’ .This practice also helped me in managing my favourite subjects (Physics, Mathematics) to boring subjects (History, Civics , Biology) . Since then I never bothered about mugging up & ranks in the class , what I always bothered about in my life (School , Engg. , MBA ....... till today) :

1. 2.

What is this? (WHAT) Its application? (WHY)

In Engg. this concept helped me so much that I never mugged up formulas , I always use to derive formulas. I can never forget my teacher who guided me & paved the way to actually reach light of ‘gyan’ & would like to “Thank” my best teacher ever Moral of the story : In life whatever task/ work (at personnel /professional front) you do ask What & Why , see the results

About the Author : Author had written many romantic poems which were never published. He works with world renowned MNC FMCG Co. He has persuaded his graduation in Mech. Engg and done his MBA in Marketing & Operations Management. He loves to spend time with his family , friends & love to interact with people from diversified fields. He likes to read non-fiction books, play badminton, Table Tennis & Cricket

3. By: Smitha Kandarpa Title :Funny but Memorable Dance performance Related Personnels : Me n Myself Tagline: chhoti si chhoti cheezein bhi yaadein ban jaati hai..... Myself that tym D.Smita who joined the skul from L.K.G.... who was there till class 10th , I was one of most disciplined student (hahahaha). today when I look at the previous phase of my life I feel too much surprised for myself that how can I could be like that. Inspite of all these facts I had really enjoyed my M.G.M as well with very small small but sweet memories which will be through out my life...I take M.G .M as my first step for achieving success........ The story/ Incident which I want to share is about Class 9th Annual Function... In that Annual function I had given my dance performance, which was the Bengali Dance namely "Dheetang Dheetang Bole"lead by our 10th class senior..for that dance performance I was too excited...Atlast the Final day(Annual function day came...Every thing was ready my saree, bangles and all....But when I came to know that we have to tie a "Juuda" for the hair, My all excitement was just off,and that too on the left side of the head with extra burden of " Mogra Flowers". It was just too difficult for me to have the balance of my own head and in real life also I just hate putting on "Juudas" Because it causes headache to me due to length and thickness of the hair... On that day we get ready before one hour of our dance performance, It was just seeming to me as I kept a Bouquet on my head because Our teachers had used dozens n dozens of pins on my head to make my "Juuda " stiff.. It was a great punishment for me , but became a good n golden memory for me.... Atlast we did our performance well (for me it was really difficult) and every one praised our dance....... Friends if any one you have a Annual functions photos of that particular dance you can see my tilted head because of which I haven't purchased the photos at that time But today I need it desp.... It will be funny incident for you all but a sweet n unforgettable memory to me.....

4. By - Vishwanathan T Title - Journey of MGM Related Personnel(s) - Raghu and Manisha Tag Line - Zindagi na milegi dobaara. Story “AHHHHH HELP” I yell on my way to school.You see every day on my way to school I get half way before some dogs start chasing me and I’m sick of it, every day it happens and I’m tired of it and now I'm going to put a stop to it. So the next day I have a plan to wear protective armour made out of bubble wrap. After that day I decided to make something bigger,stronger and better.So in the end I came up with two friends who were staying near my home both of them were class monitor.One was boys monitor and other was girls monitor and other one a sweet girl. Each and everyday while going back to home I used to share color chalks with them. I used to get care from two of them not have ice cream from outside. The next morning I couldn’t bear to go to school without any protection. When suddenly I had it I’d simply go a different way to school by passing through small lake with them .Each and everyday by passing days by copying notes I used to get inspire from them. He used to be icon for every parents . Every parents use to say “ beta thujhe issi ke tarah banna hai” both of them. The next day I gave up for good and decided just to go to school . So I did and when I got these three friends and I used wait for them always to go to school. In school there was a teacher, who was very strict but knew a lot about reading and language.The children in her class called her “Miss” and went around calling “Miss, Miss!!” any time they wanted something. In her class the strength of boys was more than girls, and although the boys usually made more noise, normally everyone behaved very well. While passing each and everyday we use to meet on community hall where ayyapa poojas use to happen every year. We got a chance to know each other well by spending more time with each other on that particular occasion . I hadn’t seen them since 8th standard, when I changed school. Even though, they stayed couple of few km from my place, we kind of drifted apart after I moved to new school. We were good friends .

I don’t know and still can’t figure it out that if they were my best friend. But, things went normal again. I didn’t see much of them again, other than the few moments of me passing on the same road I could feel the moments we had. The last time I heard about them they were in college. And now I am excited to met them again after a long gap of 15yrs.

5. By - B.Raghavendra Sharma (Raghu) Title - THE RACE - yahan jeetna zaroori hai......... Related Personnel(s) - Myself(Green House Captain) , Anuja Soni (Green House Captain), Shikha Mishra(Jr.) and Sumita Sukumaran(Jr.- opponent house) Tag Line - Sooner or later those who WIN are those who think they CAN & WILL!!!!! Story Nov 1996 , nice winter season of Jbp, today MGM H S School , Hathital Colony was ready to celebrate "Annual Sports Day"...Green House Captain(Girls). We both strived hard to prepare our Jr. & classmates , motivated them to our level best to ensure offer a big fight to our opponent houses : Blue house & Red House. Amongst the lot ...we were the underdog..... I practised lot for my events 100 mt flat race , relay race, long jump/high jump...There was my Jr. called Shikha Mishra, short highted, swift, active representing my house - green for flat race event...her competitor champion for 3 yrs was Sumita Sukumaran....very fair, pretty, proud girl from Blue house...Initailly Shikha Mishra backed out saying she dont want to run as she knows she will loose as Sumitha was a CHAMP! ..I asked 5 min permission from my PET Madam...she said ok hurry 5 min RACE.........will be onn..... now here comes me..the self motivated leader give tonic to Shikha ...I took Shikha to one side and asked her .... ...Then I asked her ...Do u beleive in Me...She replied Bhaiya ! U r toh BEST! Give Sumitha a good fight alteast.........She took a long breathe..and said ..bhaiya aap yahin rahiye main jeet ke aati hoon............She WON ...that too by some 20 mts .........I was into tears waiting for her in start line....she ran back and then hugged me tightly ....said ...WE DID IT!!!!!! that day my green house must have come Third .........but Raghu ...Won!! I proved myself a responsible , committed & dediacted leader by banging 3 gold medals and 1 silver my events..... This story taught me one thing - that people who look upto u in their life can sometime blindly follow u So be reponsible LEADER......last one quote I remeber I used to tell in my lectures of personality develpoment classes in Mumbai .... "Sooner or later, those who WIN are those who think they CAN!!!!!!

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