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1. Status  Quo   installation,  4  wooden  tables,  5  wooden  banks,  7  games   variable  dimensions,  2016   A  series  of  games  that  try  to  establish  a  perspective  on  the  recurrent  struggles  over  the  inBluence  of  power.   Proposing  a  route  that  crosses  from  the  social  history,  through  coups  in  the  region,  to  its  currency  Bluctuations.   Games  we  all  daily  play  in  the  negotiations  on  our  own  strengths.  

2. Museo  La  Ene     2010-­‐2016     La  Ene  was  founded  in  august  2010  and  came  up  as  a  platform  for  the  critique  of  the  institutional  ways  in  which   art  is  currently  produced,  legitimized,  distributed  and  marketed.  Being  the  Birst  contemporary  arts  museum  in   Buenos  Aires,  La  Ene  develops  a  radical  intervention  on  its  very  environment,  renewing  the  ways  in  which  we  see   museums  while  questioning  the  arguable  opposition  between  alternative  and  institutional;  boosting  and   promoting  a  space  for  critical  thought  on  arts  and  becoming  an  open,  Blexible,  dynamic,  expansive  and  chévere   museum.  

3. Las  Puertas     Ink,  plastic  &  tourists,  sunken  &  demolished  buildings’  façades  of  Mexico  DF  traced  in  nylon,  relocated  afterwards   in  Acapulco  hotels.     variable  dimensions,    2013-­‐2015  

4. Cypher     Benzacar  gallery  collection  installed  in  garage,  includes  pieces  of  Juan  Carlos  Romero,  Antonio  Berni,  Pat  Andrea,   Daniel  Garcia,  Marcelo  Pombo  and  Eduardo  Sivori     variable  dimensions,  2014  

5. Shadow     Sound  machines  of  the  Di  Tella  Institute  1968     200  x  340  x  140  cm,    2013     There  is  a  history  of  computing  that  seems  built  in  its  linearity  and  in  the  protagonist  of  the  developed  countries,   the  image  and  likeness  of  the  canonical  narrative  of  modernity.  However,  both  constructions  fade  to  Bind  the   edges  of  this  imposed  map,  there,  where  ephemeral  and  sporadic  meet,  unthinkable  technical  appropriations   occur.  Far  from  garage  recurring  image  in  Silicon  Valley,  Berger  intends  to  develop  her  exhibition  in  the  same  way   that  these  other  stories,  based  on  the  unexpected  links  between  Biction,  technology  and  political  utopias.  Thus,  in   a  Birst  instance,  the  devices  that  once  formed  the  Di  Tella  Institute’s  Electronic  Music  Lab  now  rebuild  its   relationship  with  the  atomic  project  Huemul,  the  epic  failure  of  the  Austrian  physicist  Roland  Richter  during   Peronism.  Extracted  from  the  exhibition  text  by  Agustin  Diez  Fisher  

6. Availability  in  Risk     Gelatinas  de  papel  de  productoras  de  Tv  cable  y  luces
 dimensiones  variables,    2013  

7. The  Line,  The  Cross  and  The  Curve     Steel  wire,  nylon  and  toilet  paper     variable  dimensions,  2012-­‐2013  

8. The  Stone  that  Changed  Things     Collection  bills  on  wood    variable  dimensions,  2013     The  constructions  from  The  Stone  that  Changed  Things,  2013-­‐2014  series,  made  from  wood  and  uncirculated   banknotes  from  various  countries,  seem  to  be  part  of  an  old  photo  album.  These  currencies  from  Paraguay,   Argentina,  Uruguay,  United  States,  Bolivia  and  Brazil  may  be  more  valuable  to  collectors  than  have  any  actual   market  value.  The  bills  feature  a  careful  selection  of  buildings,  historical  Bigures,  national  landscapes  and  dated   heroic  deeds.  This  kind  of  portrait  of  the  national  character  of  the  people  is  as  changeable  as  the  stock  market,   the  interests  of  the  World  Bank  and  the  fall  of  the  dictatorships  that  once  plagued  the  continent.  Now  there  is  a   National  Institute  of  Argentine  Historical  Revisionism  and  in  recent  years,  Argentine  bills  have  become,  even   more  because  of  their  novelty,  an  ideological  object:  in  the  hundred  peso  bill,  Julio  Roca  was  replaced  by  Eva   Perón  and  now,  instead  of  Domingo  Faustino  Sarmiento,  the  Bifty  peso  bill  reclaims  the  Malvinas  [otherwise   known  as  the  Falkland  Islands]  Islands  for  Argentina.  

9. Chinese  for  Beginners     Watercolors  on  Mao  Benzhi  paper     21,59  x  35,56  cm,    2010  /  2011  /  2012   Series  of  300  drawings  are  made  on  traditional  Chinese  calligraphy  paper.  

10. Pollo  Frito     Performance-­‐installation  to  walk  through  wearing  a  mask  provided  at  the  entrance     variable  duration,  2011  

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