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Hello again! I hope you are finding these newsletters both interesting and informative. We’d like to hear back from you so that we can try to include more articles that are relevant to you. Please contact us directly on our website through the contacts page or by responding to a blog. Alternatively, we can be found on twitter @gal_education and on Facebook. If you’re new to GAL Friends, please login to download our previous newsletters and don’t forget all of our other free downloads and discounts available.

 Education: High Expectations, No Excuses: A review of Sir Michael Wilshaw’s first speech by Liz Greensides

HEAD lines by Kel Greensides The National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) is the first choice qualification for anyone aspiring to be a headteacher or principal, though no longer mandatory. Designed in collaboration with some of the country’s leading head teachers and academics, NPQH will develop talented leaders from all backgrounds who can deliver educational excellence in a self-improving system, and high quality outcomes for pupils and students. The redesigned NPQH follows a modular curriculum based on Master’s level criteria and focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and attributes of a successful headteacher.

Elective modules This collection of elective modules can be combined to meet the specific needs of participants and cover a range of areas, from the leadership of curriculum reform, to leadership in specific contexts (such as small schools, challenging schools, free schools or faith schools). Modules on the new-look NPQH: Essential

Leading and improving teaching Leading an effective school Succeeding in headship


Curriculum development Achievement for all Closing the gap Using data and evidence to improve performance Leading staff and effective teams Leading change for improvement Leadership in diverse contexts School improvement through effective partnerships

Walk on the wild side with Maths by Steve Humble (aka Dr Maths) To achieve the NPQH qualification you’ll need to successfully complete three essential and two elective modules involving extended case studies and related in-school assignments with a stronger focus on leading teaching, behaviour and performance management. You will also complete a placement of a minimum of nine days at another school. Essential modules These modules cover the core leadership knowledge, skills and qualities required in all schools and academies. In particular, essential modules will cover leading teaching, managing the organisation and developing personal leadership.

‘Do you know what my worst lesson is? It’s maths…but I really like doing maths when it’s outdoors!’ ‘My favourite bit this week was the maths trail because it’s outside and you get to do more things.’ The above sentiments were expressed by children, who had just completed a maths trail as part of their school’s mathematics week.

There are numerous mathematically rich examples, living and non-living, that can be found in the school playground, the local shopping centre, the neighbourhood park, the local sports ground, and the city museum/art gallery, to name a few. Take a walk on the wild side and create a math trail. The trail consists of a sequence of designated sites along a planned route where students stop to explore mathematics in the environment. Creating your own Math Trail I recommend introducing children to math trails by having them explore, in small groups, 4-5 areas of interest within their own classroom. Writing a maths question for the area they are in. Following several of these classroom explorations and follow-up class discussions, children could venture outside to create maths questions at 45 named locations. These questions can then be discussed and developed into your very own maths trail. It is good to have a range of question starting points, such as:  Look at that. Look around you. What can you see?  How many?  How far or near?  How long, short, tall, high, deep, heavy?  How much do you see? How much more is hidden?  Estimate the size, height, length, weight of …….?  Can you continue this pattern?  What is the chance of that?  What kind of shape? What shapes do you see? Draw them. Steve has developed a range of exciting Maths training days that can be delivered as INSET or during term time to involve the children. For more information visit our website

 @gal_education: Meet the Team We receive lots of emails and phone calls from you during the year, so we thought you might like to know a bit more about us... Tom: Business Manager Hi I’m Tom! After pursuing a career in teaching for almost 10 years, I began looking for my first deputy headship and this job came along instead. I jumped at the opportunity and haven’t looked back. I’m responsible for communicating with schools to ensure they get what they want; I write articles, blogs and newsletters; I’m responsible for the design and branding on all of our publications and marketing and try to keep our consultants in check! ; ) Russell: Marketing and Resources Manager Hi I’m Russell Dale and I’ve been the Marketing and Resources Manager here at GAL Education for almost 5 years. I am responsible for marketing, website population, producing CD ROMs and reports etc. I also organise the conferences you attend, negotiating contracts with the venues and making sure you have a “good day out”. Barbara: Office Manager Hi I’m Barbara Hardie and I recently took over the role of office manager in our GAL office in Huddersfield. I’m responsible for producing delegate packs, sending out information to schools and much more! My background is in education. I trained as a teacher in Bradford, specialising in multicultural education and taught in primary school. In later years I worked in secondary school with students who had special needs.

Carol: Finance Manager

We are always willing to help in any way they can. Drop us a line to discuss any query or concern...

Finally - It’s Here!

 compare the new data in RAISE to the school’s own data  evaluate achievement outcomes against the school’s own provision  interpret the new 2011 data and evaluating outcomes against Ofsted’s new framework  ensure accurate, consistent and robust analysis and evaluation of key outcomes  become proficient at evaluating and analysing provision against outcomes Implications for Self Evaluation With the retraction of an ‘official’ SEF and more additions to RAISE this year, evidencing positive changes might prove more difficult to some schools without the use of contextualised data. This publication will support those schools where the use of contextualised data has had a major part to play in self evaluation in previous years and where that can no longer be the case … and will also develop the understanding of those who make good use of RAISE, but who want a ‘heads up’ on the new content.

Analysis Reports RAISE Expectations : Great Expectations Price: £99.95 – 10% for GFs!

With the implications of the new RAISE Online report and the new Ofsted Framework, Liz Greensides developed a publication that is designed to guide leaders through the new data and links closely with the Ofsted framework to help you identify the key issues affecting your school presented in your report and other school data. The publication will help you to:  consider achievement as Ofsted perceives it  make judgements on achievement  pay attention to variations in achievement between different groups and subjects

You will have heard of our FREE GAL SEF template, but GAL also offers a service to evaluate the effectiveness of your SEF against your RAISE data. Submit your completed GAL SEF along with your most recent RAISE Online summary and we will evaluate your evaluation! A trained Ofsted consultant will use both documents to analyse and evaluate your judgements and supporting statements to ensure that your Self Evaluation covers all areas and that it is accurate and complete in all of its evaluations, the questions that it poses and the summary areas for development it reaches. Price: Only £275 with 5% discount for all GAL Friends

Newsletter Spring 2012  


Newsletter Spring 2012