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The NBA in the 21st Century After the end of the Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls era the Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs took over during the early 21st century, they combined for eight titles in 11 years. The Spurs won the first title in 1999 with the Twin Towers, David Robinson and Tim Duncan, however the Los Angeles Lakers won the next three with Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. This exchange would occur the rest of the decade as the San Antonio Spurs would win the next title and the Lakers the next. The World Basketball has become such an international sport that almost every country has a player playing in the NBA. The NBA is shown on TV in 212 countries in 42 different languages. Players such as Steve Nash, from Canada has been awarded the NBA MVP in 2005 and 2006, Yao Ming from China has been to the NBA All-Star game seven times and many more players who have had a significant impact on the league. Other Interesting Bits of History 2001 - The NBA developed a league call the National Basketball Development League , also known as the D-League, as a minor league farm system for the NBA with 15 teams. 2006 – The NBA tried to replace the traditional leather ball with a new manufactured ball supplied by Spalding, but many players voiced their concerns about the feel of the ball, so Commissioner David Stern reverted and instituted the old leather ball. 2007 – Tim Donagy a NBA referee was charged by federal investigators with tampering with some of the games he refereed in to change the outcome of the game for point manipulation. August 15, 2007 he plead guilty to two federal charges and might face jail time. 2009 – Before the 2009 preseason game the contract between the NBA and the referees expired. The two parties have not reached an agreement yet and the preseason has been played with replacement referees. The NBA’s referee’s union spokesperson has been quoted in saying the lockout appears to be “imminent and unavoidable.”

The NBA in the 21st Century