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September 1 2003

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A word from the President... Athletics Union President Tom Brown welcomes the new sporting year

As A.U. President 200304 I am proud to welcome each and every student to the Cardiff University Athletic Union. The A.U. currently operates 51 different clubs covering a whole range of sports from mainstream team sports such as rugby and football to more diverse individual activities such as surfing and sub aqua. Every sports club is supported financially and structurally by the Athletic Union, who have a strong commitment to promoting sport within Cardiff University. The sports that the A.U. offer are not only geared towards those students who want to play competitively, but for all levels of ability from absolute beginner to highly experienced elite athletes. University sport is unique in that whilst the AU help provide clubs with facilities and guidance, they are

all run by individual Cardiff Student Committees, who are in charge of developing and managing their own clubs success. Not only is managing a club a great practical experience to have it is also an impressive asset on your CV. The AU is proud of the diversity of sports that it offers our students, especially when you consider that Cardiff does not teach sports as a degree. Yet year after year our clubs produce outstanding results and continue to represent Cardiff in such a positive light through their commitment to sport. As A.U. President I urge all freshers to join and become active members of A.U. clubs and I promise you that joining a sports club will make you friends, keep you fit and most certainly enrich your experience at Cardiff University. I look forward to seeing you at the

Sports Fair! Here are some dates to look out for:

well as A.U. members encouraged to attend morning lectures wearing whatever sports kit they wish. This campaign is to promote the awareness of sport in the university as well as support for the Global Football Challenge in aid of the Red Cross Disaster Fund. The day will end up with raffle prizes and fun in Solus. Annual



Wednesday 12th November 2003 (TBC). Organised by the two A.U. Vice Presidents. Clubs are expected to volunteer members to put up for auc-

tion as well as submitting themselves to public displays of humiliation by demonstrating your talents in dancing and singing!!! The Search For The Baylord Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd November 2003. An awesome windsurfing weekend of fun and frolics in the bay attended by hundreds of students from universities across the UK. Organised by Cardiff University Windsurf Club.

VARSITY - Wednesday 18th February 2004. The annual sporting clash between Cardiff University and Swansea University. The finale of this event is the battle of the rugby teams at Bridgend Rugby Stadium. Last year over 4000 people watched a triumphant Cardiff take the crown. An event not to be missed! A.U. Awards Ball — Saturday 13th March 2004 (TBC). Date for the annual awards ball held in the Great Hall. A spectacular black tie evening where the successes and achievements of A.U. clubs and members are recognised and rewarded. Get Your Kit ON Wednesday 22nd October 2003. All students as

The Varsity team celebrate their unexpected victory

A whole different ball game Last year’s IMG Chairman Billy Lee looks forward to another year of the University’s inter-department sports competition AS A NEW academic year approaches, the realisation dawns that something far more important is in the offing. That, of course, is the impending start of IMG 2003/4. For those who are unaware, IMG stands for Inter Mural Games and involves a yearlong competition in both football and netball for Cardiff University departments and groups of friends to enjoy Wednesday afternoons. As last year s IMG Chair I thought it would be worth giving you all a quick preview of the season as I see it panning out. Of course, what must be considered is which of the 32 football teams and

To register a team in this year s IMG competitions or sign up with the Athletic Union, go to the Sports Fair in the Great Hall in the Student s Union on Friday, September 26th between 10am and 4pm. It s first come, first served so turn up early with your chequebooks. If you need any further information, contact this year s IMG Chair Beca Murphy on or phone on 02920 781439 from 22 September onwards. 18 netball teams will be celebrating when the trophies are handed out in early April.

Football Life will be tough for defending football champions Accountancy, who have seen many of their formidable squad finish their degrees and go in search of real jobs. Former dominating factors of

IMG, Jomec and Carbs A will be eager to put to rights poor seasons last year. Law A, under the captaincy of last season s IMG Player of the Year Marc Cahill, may be a good outside bet for glory. Then, of course, there s the team everyone loves to hate, Momed. They may not be the most popular team out there but they play good football. Don t rule them out.

Netball Defending netball champions Carbs A go into the new season with much the same squad as last year and will fancy their chances of repeating last year s success when they finally broke UWC A s monopoly. However, if I were a betting man I would put my money on Psychology to claim the crown this year. They finished the season the strongest of all their competitors last year and claimed the consolation prize of the Knockout Cup. As an outside bet I might fancy Pharmacy. They are always there or thereabouts at the end of the season, maybe this is the year they will end up

with something to show for their efforts. Finally I cannot talk about IMG Netball without mentioning Phist. They won t win anything but they do

have, without rival, the best name. Surely that counts for something. Remember, to quote a very cheesy gameshow line, you ve gotta be in it to win it .

gair rhydd - Issue 742  

gair rhydd - Issue 742

gair rhydd - Issue 742  

gair rhydd - Issue 742